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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


I am the greatest, He that challenged the whole world, powers and came out unhurt. Believe it if you can....
–Son of Man
  Religion pegs God. Religion limits God to certain things but you should know that God is not limited to anything at all. As long as you are in this faith, which comes from God, I want to raise your awareness about God to the point where you will go beyond the Christian awareness.

                        –Son of Man


If you are an Apostle, a Pastor, a Bishop, an Evangelist, a Deacon, name it, God is not interested. Nobody is saved because of his position. Please fill all the gaps on the front seats. We want to make a demarcation so that we can see that cankerworm, hypocrite at a glance.
2. Tell Me, is there any excuse anybody in the whole of Anambra State will give if Deacon Samuel all the way of from Eha-Amufu is in the Fellowship?
3. Brother Anayo from Enugu is in the Fellowship also. Can anybody living in Anambra State give excuse let alone somebody living in Onitsha?
3. If you are living at Nkpor, Bro Mike Nwanga and family are in the Fellowship. If you are living at Omagba (phase two), our Pastors are in the Fellowship. Bro. Onyema and family are all in the Fellowship. Mike Udor and the rest of them are in the Fellowship too.
4. Is there any other person living at any other farther distance? If you are living at Nsugbe, you see Mama Nzegwu is in the Fellowship all the way from Anam; she is in the Fellowship even at her age.
5. You are living at Obosi; you see Brother James Nnaemeka is in the Fellowship with his family. Sister Ebele is also in the Fellowship.
6. If you are living at Oba, I mean the Tape Minister, Brother Philip and his family are all in the Fellowship. Any excuse?
7. I want you to see the people that are troubling us. Somebody from Opi is in the Fellowship. Even somebody from Aba, Brother Mantu is in the Fellowship this day.
8. Okay, look at Brother James Ugwueze who even went to Enugu yesterday and back to Nsukka.
9.  I telephoned him yesterday about ten o’clock, he was talking to Me from Nsukka, but today, he is in the Fellowship. Does somebody in Onitsha have any excuse? We want to see all the strangers and the offices they are occupying amongst us.
10.     The hour has come when we will no longer count the living amongst the dead. When we started this Ministry in 1992, I thank God our Pastors are ancient men, I mean the two Pastors we have in this Fellowship. They were in the Faith before I came in.
11. I met them in the Faith and some Sisters also. When we took off in 1992, we did not have up to the number now present.
12. Even from 1992 up till today, is there any End-time group that can boast of having this crowd? Not even anywhere in the globe. So, we were very few!
13.     Bro Chime, you remember the little parlour we were gathering at Nkpor-Umuoji Road? Bro Mike you were there. Were we up to this size; I mean this middle seat? I am saying that we are too many, too much.
14. That is why we cannot worship God the way we want, for there are too many strangers always grumbling against God. Hypocrites—liars! We want to identify all of them. 
15. They are the people laying bad examples. Yet they will come and report to the Elders those they think that are bad after they must have spoiled them. We want to recognize all!
16.     Those that came late standing outside should go home. Even if they are coming again, let them go home for today.
17. Since this place is not benefiting you, why are you hanging about? Have you not seen many Churches around? How many of them locked people outside?
18. Demonstrate your anger and go to any other place. I want you to be very, very annoyed. Then, in your annoyance go away.
19.     There is one Church very close to Inland Town Police. You can go there. There is one in the Local Government Office, go to any of them, or go home and rest. We are enough in this Fellowship.
20.     Note, how many are we in the Fellowship today? Pastors, take note. By God’s grace on Wednesday, all the people that are outside, they may continue staying outside for too long.
21. Even if it is only two minutes I will use in ministering to you, if it is possible I would have switched-off all the microphones because I do not want those outside to get a share from what I am about to say.
22. Even if they come to Fellowship on Wednesday, they may not step into this ground. I will not use microphone to handle the matter I want to handle now.
23. Give Me olive oil.  Apostle Kelechi, come closer. Today na today. 
24. The reason why I leave for the meeting earlier is to enable me get a very nice and comfortable seat.
25. Another reason is for me to follow in eating what is used in open the meeting.
26.     Pastor Dan, come closer. Bring olive oil also and anoint the whole camp for Me. Amen.

         I am handling these Messages to liberate you. It is not easy to liberate a man. You can have Bible liberation, yet it is different from God’s liberation. God’s liberation can only come through God’s education. God has to educate and enlighten you for you to be liberated.
    If you are enjoying Bible liberation, you are still in bondage for you are not sure of what you are doing, especially when you have doubts about the Bible. You do not know the extent of your liberation.                      Son of Man


BEWARE OF ESOTERIC LANGUAGES. If you bend down you will see afar. If the kid bends down, it will be able to suck the mother’s breast. Let us bow down for God. You ought to bow for Him because He has done that to show that He is God.
2. We are supposed to give glory to God because that is the only thing you can give to Him. You cannot present money to Him, nor house, car etc., you can only give Him glory and obey His Word.
3.       If you have not been to the land of the spirits, you do not know what the Lord is doing. If you have not seen someone that came back from the land of the spirits, you do not know what God is doing. He that did not see with his eyes will hear with his ear.
4.       There are some things you will tell the deaf and blind, but it is not about harmathan. Anybody that is in this city today, breathing and eating, does not need someone to tell him that the Devil has put on the flesh of human being. Do you understand what I am saying?
5. If you do not see with your eyes, it will touch you or get to your body. Anybody breathing and eating should not wait until somebody will come and tell him that the Devil now owns the whole World.
6.       When Jesus told His followers that destruction is coming but His happiness is that He will not get a share of it, it made us to understand that we are the children of God, that the whole World is against us through the Devil, do you think that is a lie?
7. If until you see with your eyes before you believe, that goes to show that you are foolish.
12.     I really thank God. If not for God, our own would have been over, we would have been destroyed. What I am telling you is nothing but the absolute truth.
If you think that what we are saying is for you to remain in this Faith, come closer. The Devil is now holding the whole World in his hand. Where did he get hold of the whole World? The Devil has left the shrines, left the herbalists’ places and put on the uniform of the Church. Are you getting what I am saying?
9.       The Devil has left concoction for the Bible and Koran. This is hard to believe. Nevertheless, come closer to God so that your eyes will be opened so that you will understand what I am saying.
10.     Gone are the days when if the Devil sees “Jesus,” he would run back. Now, if you call “Jesus,” the Devil will reply, “Praise the Lord!”
11. Follow Me strictly.
12.     Where we are standing now requires God’s wisdom to save a human being from the destructive hands of the devil.
13. You are living with them everywhere you go, in your yards, in your work places, in the market places, even in the vehicles you enter. You shake hands with them everyday. You call them human beings because they look like human beings. But they are not.
14. I have told you before, and I will keep on reminding you, this is a secret, many have not found it. Once you discover the secret, you have victory.
15.     You cannot be victorious until you discover these things, the powerful forces operating, using human beings.
16. I am saying that Satan has abandoned the use of fowl, sheep and other animals. Satan now uses human beings to work.
17. In time past when Satan was in Amadioha, Ogwugwu Akpu, Iyi oji, Omaliko, Alusi, Ikuku, Amadioha, Arochukwu, Shango, Agbu etc.—it is no longer like that today.
18.     When Satan was using them, Satan was using goats, fowls and other animals. Now, Satan has left all those places. Satan is now occupying the “high places.”
There was a time when mere opening of the Bible scared Satan away. But today, Satan is carrying the Bible, reading the Bible, preaching the Bible.
20. You call the name of Jesus; Satan will call Him twenty times. You call, “Holy Ghost!” Satan will say, “Fire!” That is to show you that those things do not scare Satan anymore.
21.     Then the question arises: Where lies the hidden Power, the overcoming Power of the Almighty God? Where do we find it, so that we may immerse ourselves into that Power, as the Power that is above all powers in the whole Universe—the only power that can give us victory over the hour we are living in?
22.     Maybe you do not know that Satan has come so low that he now possesses even infants. So low the Satan can now penetrate into the unborn children in the womb. This is hard to believe. But you have to believe it because you know the Personality that is talking to you, who is the Almighty God, the Supreme Intelligence Himself.
23.     Believe it if you have the faith, it is only the Son of Man that went to the land of the spirit and came back victorious—unhurt.
24. Only eternity will be enough to praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy to His sons and daughters. If it had not been the Lord that has been keeping us all these years, we would have perished.
25.     Life has taught Me too many lessons. I have learnt so much. No man can harm you until he befriends you.
26. So, do not be careful of your enemies, but be careful of your friends. I repeat: No man can harm you until he befriends you. Do not be afraid of your enemies, but be afraid of your friends. Amen.

It is because man does not know what he is being saved from, or what he is going to be saved from that makes him develop a carefree attitude towards every glamour, every preaching, and every Propaganda of salvation all in the name of religion.
            You say propaganda? Yes! There are too many propaganda in religion as far as salvation is concerned. That is why there is no particular religious group that has the approved pattern of this salvation. It varies from one group to another and from individual to individual. Examine all the patterns of salvation and you will discover that it is just a matter of one’s opinion.
            What are you being saved from? Who has ever been a victim of that thing which you are afraid of, for which cause a saviour is needed? These are thought provoking questions.  Son of Man


If you want to survive, you have to pay attention to the “words of life.” I have seen many things with my eyes. I am not here to tell stories. BEWARE OF ESOTERIC LANGUAGES.
2. Esoteric language means: A spiritual language that cannot be understood by any other person except he or one that is initiated into “the system.”
3. The languages were the “hidden secret” of “initiated members”—the language that is used to “exclude all non-initiates.” A language Satan is using now amongst the sons and daughters of men to   worship himself thinking they are worshipping God.

Some years ago, I told you that you should not go to any group where you will see people clapping their hands, calling the name of “Jesus” or “Jehovah.”
5. You see them shouting, making a hell of noise here and there—claiming to possess powers that may cause even the dead to rise up, advertising such powers—do not go there. Do not ever go there.
6. Wherever you see people advertising signs and wonders, miracles that do not take place except amongst the initiated members, do not ever run to those places. THEY ARE PLACES OF DEATH.
7. Anywhere you see people making a noise, asking you to come if you are not doing well, that you will prosper; if you have been finding it difficult to eat, that you will become a millionaire by a praying or anointing, please do not go there. It is a place of death.
8. I will reveal these things ahead of time so that you can be alert because Satan cannot attract your attention without using your desire and the problem you are passing through.
First of all, understand this, that there is no human being without a problem. Even the man that is inviting you so that he will make you a millionaire, has he become a millionaire? Have his relations become millionaires? I believe that charity begins at home.
10. That millionaire-ship which he possess the power to  give people should have started from his father’s compound, extended to his community so that it will be credited to him for generation to come as the only one man that transformed his community into another “London” or another “United State of America.”
11. Would it not be a thing of glory? Would it not be credited to him? But why abandon that?
12.     Life situation has taught me that, it is very difficult for a man to see a good thing that will benefit him in life and introduce some other person to it. It is very difficult for somebody who has seen a good thing that will prosper him in life to introduce somebody else to it.
13. That is why traders in this Faith, you know what is happening along your side? Once one meets good luck somewhere, instead of allowing others to come there, he will go there and dominate it so that only him will be carrying goods from there. He will make sure that no other person has access to that place.
14.     Now, for this millionaire-ship, which they are promising you on the crusade ground, and the special prayers they will pray for you after collecting your money, subjecting you to fasting and praying, to do so many rituals, you have to be very careful.
Maybe you do not know that fasting and praying is a way of torture and ritual. Do not go there.
16. If you watch, it’s recorded in the Bible that Satan used material things of the World to test Jesus: “Only if you can bow down and worship me, I will surrender the whole World and the things of the World to you.”
17. In other words, these things are in the hands of Satan. Did Jesus bow down? He refused because; He knew very well that “the life of a man is not dependent on the abundance of wealth he possesses.”
18.     A man’s life is never tied to his wealth. That is why a man’s wealth, his academic standard, the position he occupies in the society, World can never save him at the point of death. Is that not true?
19. Your wealth, certificate and position in the society can never save you when death comes. I will say few things to buttress these facts. Amen.

            All these years, I have tried my best to get people grounded in the knowledge of the truth about God, how God has been appearing in every dispensation and the reasons for His appearance. I have sighted the Bible, many other books, and nature. I warned people not to listen to fables. Almighty God exists, but how He exists is beyond the knowledge of man.
            The problem with mankind is that they tried to establish the Deity and His existence to no avail. Since they failed, they established their human opinions which differ from one another thereby causing confusion, but God’s people know that there is a Supreme God who controls the Universe and reveals Himself only to His own any time He wishes to, period                   –Son of Man

Please be careful the way you follow Me. Follow Me spiritually.
2. You see the name Sharma, Huri, Shankar, Gimoro, Yasha, Zaki, Wormwood, Gabriel and Michael—this is the greatest stumbling block today.
34. I still have more. I will line them up to twelve. But I will take them one by one.
3. Before you understand Me, take note of the last two names: Gabriel and Michael. 
4.       These esoteric names are nine in number, namely: Sharma, Huri, Shankar, Gimoro, Yasha, Zaki, Wormwood, Gabriel and Michael.
5.       Let Me start with the last two—Gabriel and Michael.
6. Follow Me strictly.
7. If I scratch the last two, I would handle the rest some other time.
I want you to know what the Bible you are holding, which people call the Word of God is, and the extent it is the Word of God. I do not want to revisit it again.
9.       Trace the history of the Jews; you watch that the whole of the Old Testament has the account of the Jews. Can you get Me?
10. Let me tell you what I mean. If my name is Anthony, if I get to America, I will be called Anthony. If I go to Britain, I will be called Anthony. If there will be a problem, it will be the problem of pronunciation. But it must be Anthony. Did you get the message? I can never be called John. Anywhere I go, I must retain my name.
11.     If you watch the word “Michael,” you will notice one thing there; it is not a Jewish name.  Since it is not a Jewish name, and Daniel was a Jew, Isaiah was a Jew; watch Gabriel, it is not a Jewish name.
12. If the “god” they were worshipping is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, they are worshipping the Jewish God. The “god” that introduced himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, was the God of the Jews. Did you get the message?
13.     Remember the encounter between Pilate and Jesus—“He is the God of the Jews.” And the Jews said, “No! Write that He said He is.” And Pilate said, “What I have written, I have written.” Did he say He is the “god” of another nation?
14.     Please follow me gradually.
15. If Gabriel is not a Jewish name, Michael is not a Jewish name; I hope somebody is taking note?
16. In the beginning, if we want to use the account of the Bible, God was there with the host of His angels, but they had no names.
17.     Then, the question is: Who named them? How many angels were there? Even the word “Lucifer” is not a Jewish name. Are you getting what I am saying?
18.     It is very easy to notice Lucifer, but very difficult to notice the rest, because every havoc is attributed to Lucifer.
19.     The question arises: Does Lucifer operate alone? In that rebellion—as recorded in the book of Genesis—was he alone? If it was recorded that he drew the two-third majority against the Almighty, why is Lucifer only known? Where are the rest? By what names were they called?
20. If God’s Name was hidden from human beings, tell Me who then revealed the names of the angels? 
21.     Please follow Me spiritually.
When you hear Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel, Angel Wormwood, be very careful. You cannot have the whole angels all lined up at the same time. It is in the power of your hands to select the one you want.
22. Let me put it this way, no human being can initiate himself into the whole secret societies in the World.
23. In addition, I want you to know that every secret society is governed by a god. And that god is called “angel” or “the high priest or chief priest.” I do not know whether somebody is getting what I am saying? 
24.     Hear me very well. If somebody says he belongs to Ogboni Movement, or Ogboni Fraternity, people are scared. But when they hear that somebody belongs to St. John’s Society or St. Michael’s Society, they rejoice. Why?
25. Because the word “Saint” is applied; moreover, that name is an English name, which agrees with some of the names they have in their religion. Are you getting me?
26.     Do you know that in the Bible you are holding, the New Testament is the continuation of the Holy Koran? From Genesis to Malachi are all contained in the Holy Koran. The only thing that is not found there is the New Testament.
27. Please come closer spiritually.
28. I want you to be delivered. Understand that from the beginning of the World, Satan has been doing everything to cause human beings to worship him as God. He has been contending with the Almighty God in every aspect of life.
29. When the Almighty displays His Power, Satan will also display his to contradict what the Almighty God is doing so as to divert the attention of people to himself, for he wants to be worshipped as the Almighty God.
30.     Watch Almighty God; watch Satan, what will help you to identify either are their characteristics, for a man is nothing but his character. By your character, I will know the type of material you are made up of. I know the type of person you are. I can say that by your character I can give you a name. By my character, you can give me a name.
31.     Please narrow the thing down.
32. Many people must have heard about Shankara.  Some might have heard about Huri. Some might have heard about Gimoro. Now, I will show you the ones that operate within the Church arena and the ones that operate outside the Church arena.
33.     Remember we have black and white magic. But in all, they are called “magic,” and they are all sinful before God. You will see the ones that operate within the Church. I will show you something in this “revelation.”
34. These names—Sharma, Huri, Shankar, Gimoro, Yasha, Zaki, Wormwood, Gabriel and Michael—are the popular ones you know. We call them the Fraternity. They claimed to be friendly, but they are deadly. Nevertheless, it is within this fraternity that you will see the “Lodge,” the “Ogboni” etc. You see the Freemason and the rest of them.

If any spirit is not revealed, you cannot escape it. I will not talk about Jesus. You have known much about Jesus.
36.     Have you wondered why in all the occult groups today, they use Bible, they use the name Jesus? In every 419, they use Bible, they use Jesus and they succeed. Have you wondered why?
37. You see all these ones—Sharma,      Huri, Shankar, Gimoro, Yasha, Zaki, Wormwood, Gabriel and Michael, operate within the Church because they are all angels. However, they are destructive angels. Are you getting what I am saying?
38.     People worship them thinking they are worshipping the Almighty God. Most of the powers they claim they have in all the Churches come from these angels.
39.     Some worship them as individuals. Some General Superintendents have shrines in their bedrooms where they do verifications from these spirits.
40.     From time to time, they gather their members to teach them on how to worship these things. Ignorantly, they think they are worshipping God. How does it happen? They call it “speaking in tongue.”
41. If they do not use Sharma, they use Huri. If they do not use Huri, they use Shankar, Shankar. They are invoking these spirits. I do not know whether somebody is catching the message? Amen.

        How many have discovered God? You may call God a devil, because His ways, views, and character do not agree with yours. “If He is God why should He try this?” you say. “If He is God, He should have done it this way; He should have done it the other way.” You are a religionist!
      A religionist limits God and directs God. He dictates to God and tells him what He should do for he knows more than God. A religionist is a narrow-minded fellow. His mind is not liberalized. In fact, narrow mindedness makes him rebel.                                 Son of Man

Since Satan has come very low to wearing human flesh, to do destructive acts amongst human beings, God has decided to come low also to put on human veil so as to expose all his plans, all his secret ways of operation, so that all the sons and daughters of God will escape. 
2. The greatest deceit today is found in the Church. Anybody going to Church to look for God has already missed it. You will see something that resembles God, but it is not God.
3. You see why we are not a Church? Moreover, we can never be a Church. And nothing will ever make us to be a Church. Let it be known to you.

Permit Me to ask questions to many that read the Bible and quote the Bible: Is Pentecost a New Testament feast or an Old Testament feast? Were people celebrating Pentecost before Jesus was born or did it start after Jesus was born?
5.       If you trace your Bible, you will see that Pentecost existed thousands of years before Jesus was born. Hence, it is not a Christian feast.
6. Another thing you will notice there is that people that attended that feast came from all parts of the World. In addition, they did not go there to worship God. They went there for a ceremony.
7. Then the question arises: How did the so called Apostles—one hundred and twenty—find themselves in the arena where the ceremony was going on since the whole World gathered? Did you get what I am saying?
8. Have a picture of a stadium, or even a village square where a ceremony is going on and attracted everybody from every part of the World including Africa. And there was a great noise; you know how a noise comes: inside the market you may not hear a noise; but if you stay away from the market you will be hearing great noise as the noise of the sea.
9. How does it come? It is through negotiations, exchange of greetings: “Nna, how are you? How much are you selling these things? I will pay ten naira.” Then the thing will form a volume of noise, which you that is in the market will not hear. But people away from the market will hear a great noise. Do you get the message?
10. You that is in the market will not hear somebody saying, “Come, this is where I am.” But one that is away from the market will hear it.
11.     Where were the      Apostles located? Where was that Upper Room? Which house? At what point was that house located? How could that house attract the attention of all that attended the yearly ceremony? Maybe you have not understood what I am saying?
12. You have to survey the surroundings. There can never be an event without circumstances surrounding it.
13.     Now, what were they hearing? That is if they heard anything at all.
14. It was written in the Scripture that all of them that gathered there were hearing the people speaking; every man was hearing his own language. They were not speaking in an “unknown language.”
15. So, they were not practicing esotericism. They were speaking the languages that were in use in the World. Human beings understood them. So there was no magic there. There was no miracle there. Do you understand what I am saying?
But if I come here now and somebody flies in, before you know it, he rolls on the ground, closes his eyes, shakes himself and then that is the Holy Spirit; you begin to hear Zaki, Huri, Shankar, Shankar, and things like that, a foolish man, a foolish woman, an ignorant fellow who does not know what is happening will be saying, “Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!—So be it Lord. So be it Lord. So be it Father.”
17.     You are echoing “amen” to something you do not know. You do not know that you are ignorantly being initiated to something that is greater than you.
18. Furthermore, for saying, “So be it Lord, Amen,” you become a partaker and a member. Will you be surprised when the angel will be demanding something from you? You will be shocked!
19.     The same person who initiated you ignorantly will be the one that will know what is happening and will tell you that you need deliverance.
20. Besides, he will tell you how much you will bring for your deliverance. But the truth is that he does not deliver you, he only appeases that god, for you cannot use devil to deliver devil. But you can appease the devil. This is hard to believe.
21. Also, I will tell you why the so-called Church superintendents, overseers and things like that initiated themselves into those societies, which operate in Churches and destroy ignorant members, because they have studied the World and seen that people now walk by sight.
22. What they are looking for is “power:” When he speaks, the land will tremble. When he commands, the buildings will fall. When he shouts, people will fall down.
23. People are looking for such things and when they are displayed, the displayer will not stop there. He will now bring you into bondage by making a pronouncement you can never avoid.
Whether it is true or false, you are bound to believe it or else you will be destroyed. Surely, you will be destroyed because he has succeeded in making you an “initiate.”
24.     You do not know what I am saying. Nobody knows when he is initiated into amosu or witchcraft. If you do not believe that there are witches and wizards, do not ever believe that there is God.
25. There is witchcraft and as we continue, I will even show you the point at which people become witches and wizards and start operating spiritually; attacking their fellow human beings and that is exactly what they needed.
26.     People get immersed into higher realms so as to wreck havoc especially on their enemies. There were many things you heard before and you said that they do not exist. But they exist.
27. Many are barren today because of spiritual attack. Many are sick, running from one hospital to another, from one lab to another. Whatever is their problem, they will never notice.
28.     There are some today; there is no any other thing they know other than every month that they must transfuse. What is draining their blood? We will touch on those things so that we can escape troubles of the devil especially the ones amongst us who are in this Faith trying to study the secret of our Power so that they can attack us.
29.     I thank God for this day.
Sometime ago, Brethren were in my house. They washed my vehicle and locked everywhere. But the follow morning, an unknown spirit opened the car and then placed one concoction on my seat, used something like oil and splashed all over the body of my car, and then locked the door very well. I just laughed.
31.     My daughter saw the whole thing and raised alarm. She carried it in a plate and then we placed it inside the car. She washed one of the mats and then allowed the rest to remain.
32. I invited Bro Thomas, Bro Okey Ibeh who walked on the vehicle. And they were shocked! Then I brought out the thing. I said, “Look at what we brought out from this seat.”
33.     Sometimes, they would just open all the doors of the two cars. All these meant nothing to Me because once I spot the person—if I want to—he knows where he is going to. That is all.
34. Can these things happen? Yes! Anything I am preaching in the Fellowship, you had better pay attention, I know I must be tried.
35.     They are never tired. Anything they get newly, they try to experiment it. If you are not strong enough, well embedded in the Almighty God and His Powers, surely, you must fall victim.
36. If not today, it may be tomorrow, for these spirits operate in the Church and they know those that are hypocrites, nominal Churchgoers. What is more, they know those that are serious with their commitment with the Almighty God.  I say they know them. 
37. If you watch all the problems people are having—especially amongst the students—they are the problems they are initiated into unawares. Even amongst traders, maidservants; I mean your maid servant can be a torment to you and even to your children. Maybe you do not know that your maidservant can close your womb—close the thing one way!
38. Ordinary maidservant you kept in your house, as small as she is, can close your womb. And that ends everything.
39. If you have attended all those Churches, prayer houses—how I wish you could contact Bishop Obadiah; he would have confirmed certain things to you.
If you have ever attended Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (Olumba, Olumba), if you have been  there or to Celestial Church, CAC, you will be approving what I am saying because I will get to a point where I will tell you what you must look out for—all in the name of Jesus.
41.     Then the question arises: How can God use Jesus and the Devil use Jesus? Has God actually used Jesus? If the answer is yes; tell Me how, when and what for? Then, if Satan is now using Jesus; tell Me who surrendered Jesus to Satan?
42.     Seeing that God has been using that one, how do we now know when God is using Jesus and when Satan is using Jesus since it is written in the Bible that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that He is the Lord?
43.     What if Satan is using Jesus and you bow down and confess that he is Lord?  The power of his lordship is over you.
44.     People can worship the Devil ignorantly, and many are already worshipping the Devil ignorantly. Many things you see people even pass through in their businesses is as a result of this. Maybe you do not know.
When I will be talking to you on those spirits, I will touch on one that does not allow husband and wife to live in peace.
46. When the General Superintendents and pastors operate in that one, every family in their Church—including their own—will be having the problem so that their attention will be invited. I do not know whether you are getting what I am saying?
47.     When they are invited into that family problem or whahala, they now see it as an opportunity to make money, get material things and favour from that family. Yet, they are the people that instigated the trouble.
48.     Immediately they come in, they know how to appease that spirit which is the angel they invoked so that members of that Church will know that they are great men of God that have power even to unite families.
49.     I will show you one that has no other thing than to make people popular. They are all operating in the Church—Bible-carrying angels.
50. Their spirits are being invoked every now and then upon ignorant people who know nothing about spirits and their operations; and they will be busy saying, “Amen! Amen! Amen! Lord I believe. Amen! Amen! Lord I believe.”
51. Believe what? What do you believe? When you believe, when he—the angel—will be coming to you as a believer, why do you complain? Because that which you believe must surely come to you. Do not complain.
Many have children today giving them headache; they do not know what is happening. They do not know that they themselves as parents are the people tormenting their children using this popular one we call “witchcraft.”
53. A wicked person can ignorantly give it to you, if you are a mother or a father so as to use you against your family. You destroy your children and their destinies.
54.     You destroy your marriage because a wicked woman, your own friend, planted it there for you, and ignorantly you took it in. Before you know it, it starts operation. You can even kill your husband with that thing.
55. Only few people are initiated into witchcraft willingly. Majority enters into it ignorantly and they are never told the havoc it will cause.
56.     Sometimes, they will tell you that it is for your protection. Na lie! How can the Devil protect you?
57.     Can God use the Devil to protect you? Satan does not protect. Satan destroys. These people that came late to Fellowship, will you be surprised if we spot such angels amongst them? Do not worry; a day is coming when God will expose them in this Faith.
58.     Something will happen and they will open their mouths and start confessing the evils they have done in this Faith and the evils they have planned to do amongst the sons and daughters of God, which God will say no to. One day it will happen in this Faith. Let us continue. It is a matter of time.
59. Such people, I do not beg them to come; I do not beg them to go away. Nonetheless, I am waiting for them and they know that I am now ready for them than before. Some of them are even scared of Me, that is what it should be.

The hour we are in is very delicate. Last week—many of you must have heard it, some saw it with their eyes.
61. A young man who was doing business in front of my house with one man they call “Okwute;” later, he left and opened his own along Nwokedi Street in Onitsha, and was doing marvellously well, I mean before many witnesses.
62.     Since last week, people have been going there to see. What happened? God exposed him.
63. All the charms, which he prepared for his business, the ones he has been using even to spoil peoples business, the ones he has been using to spoil peoples stars and destiny, rendering many people useless so that he will become a millionaire, he has brought all those things out and gone naked, confessing on the streets the evils he has done.
64.     Who said there is no God? God exists. Who can save us from such people? I want to tell you, that man is just one in a million. Too many people here in their businesses know nothing but charms.
65. Additionally, there is no charm that does not hurt somebody. For any charm to work, somebody must suffer for it.
66.     You never had a charm without including a man’s name that you are aiming at rendering useless. And it is no other person than your opponent in that business—the person you feel that is challenging you in that business. If you can name him, there will be no more problem. He is always your number one victim.
67. It can be all that are in the line. What you will do is to stop them from moving forward and then drag the whole customers to your shop. Then, all of them will go back to village.

Many that bought goods on credits, remember that I warned you many years ago on credit purchase. Some thought I was crazy.
69. If you are not careful, you will remain a slave to your fellow trader by carrying credit from his shed. He may not need money from you. You remain a debtor for life.
70. You can never move forward. That is the end of your business. You will be labouring for him year in year out. And he will be happy because he has used a spirit to pin you down.
71. The same way, I warned you before about the person you collect money from.
72.     The money you collected and put into your business can send you home. Get spiritual money, and you put it into your business, everything you have there will dry up. Before you know it, you pack home as a debtor. Your fellow human being has destroyed your future.
I will reveal many things as we continue. I will come up with an expository on such spirits, especially those that are operating within the Church so that you watch out for so-called Brothers and Sisters in this Faith who come into our midst claiming to be one of us, aiming only at initiating us into that Spirit World ignorantly. They come also to initiate without our knowledge.
74.     Maybe you do not know what Satan is doing. He knows where to find people. He knows that the World has changed so much. Nobody goes to shrine these days. Almost everybody is now in the Church. So, he follows them there. That is where they are.
75.     Watch, no man has ever married a miniature human being from the street. All that married women that turned out to be spirit-women married from the Church.  Nobody married them from the street or from the hotel even. They were from the Church crying: “Holy Ghost fire!”
76.     Watch men that entice women away from God, they are never on the street. They come to Church. Such spirit men can follow a woman for years, changing from one Church to another.
77. Anywhere that lady goes, within one week the man will land there. He may not go to the woman one day asking for friendship. And the woman may not know that somebody who is like a human being is trailing her about until one day she settles down with the man. Before you know it, the package will be opened.
78. Can a man bear children and destroy them? Yes! Can a woman bear children and destroy them? Yes!
79. Where a woman can open her mouth and tell her husband that he is wasting time keeping her at home. That she will never have any child alive in his house. The man will think the woman is crazy.
80. Before his eyes, the first one will die, the second one will die, and the third will also die. Does he require a prophet again? Let me hold my peace.
81. May the Almighty God shield you from the attacks of the enemy. Amen.



Let us always commit the keeping of our lives into the hands of the Almighty God.
2. We really thank God for the young men that are standing before us in this Fellowship. At least, that they are alive though they entered into the wrong hands. 
3. If it is not Amazing Grace, we would have been talking another thing altogether.
4. Let Me tell you something, true riches can only come from the Almighty God. Moreover, He adds no sorrow to it. When God blesses a man or a woman, He does so unconditionally. God does not rob Peter to pay Paul so that another person will go on rejoicing.
5.       Nobody gets anything free from the Devil. You see these young men—standing before us—they are still too tender. They do not know anything about life.
6. It is unfortunate that their father who warned them against idols was the one also that nearly helped them to be destroyed. The Devil will give you money, no doubt, but when he is coming to take his share, he will not take money. He will take something greater than money.
7. In the beginning, he will tell you it is a small thing. It does not matter. It is a matter of coming with a jar of palm wine and maybe one fowl or one goat at the end of the year to come and thank God who has prospered you.
8. When you come, he will be happy. He will tell you another thing. From one year, he will reduce it to six months and then tell you, “Now, you have seen that I have started my work, if you want the thing to continue, I will magnify it. This is what I need.”
9. The demands will now change. It will increase from goat to cow, and from cow to human being. What is more, once it enters into human being, the number of human beings you will sacrifice will determine the extent you will grow wealthy.
10. It will start with those that will benefit from that money. Your sacrifice will begin with those people who would have benefited from your wealth. Then, if you destroy the people that will benefit, who are you labouring for?
11. It will begin with your relations, your father or mother, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your nephews, your uncles and people like that. It will now come to people outside—to your best friends and well wishers, beginning with your best friend—man or woman—because blood has entered your brain and eyes. Killing becomes nothing to you.
12.     Thus, once human rituals are concerned; you will not mind bringing your whole community because you are not the one doing it. You are now a powerful instrument of something that is greater than you.
13. But when you started, you did not know that it will get to that extent. It will get to a point where you will marry and the thing will change.
14. Once you marry, the demands will change. It is either marry and collapse or marry and use your offspring—male and female—including your own wife as the sacrifice.  By and by, once you get tired, he will demand your own head. And once it gets to your turn, he will only give you four market days.
15.     So, the Devil operates in market days: Oye, Afor, Nkwo, Eke. He will narrow your days to four. Besides, it is there and then that you will know that the whole thing is VANITY.
16. You will be looking for deliverance, deliverance will be too far. You would not remember money again. Money will pursue you out of your house.
18.     You want to become the youngest millionaire in your community? You do not know the mind of God.  You do not know the will of God. Nobody has ever collected anything free from Satan. Never! Never! And you will neither succeed.
19. If you collect two from Satan, you will pay with six. Your payment must be in triple. You collect in single, you pay in triple.
20.     Look at one funny thing about Satan, once you invite him into your family and he begins “his work,” he will begin with the notable people in your family—the pillars of the family as a sign that with time, grasses will dominate your father’s compound.
21.     Do you know that people that go after wealth do not enjoy the wealth? Some people that go for wealth do not enjoy the wealth.
I was telling a man where we met; I said, “Sir, I will tell you something that will frighten you. But after telling you this, I would not come near you again. Do you want Me to tell you?” He said, “Yes!”
23. I said, “Let Me tell you, after telling you this truth I will not come near you again.”   He said, “No, you will come.”
24. I said, “Okay, I will tell you something. You were very violent in your youth and you made money by all means. The hour is drawing nearer for you to pay the price. One of your sons will kill you.” He said, “Come ooh! Sit down.” I sat down watching his countenance.
25.     He said, “Say it again.” I said it. He said, “Have I ever shared my experiences with you?” I said, “No.” He said, “Of course, it is God that brought you to me. My son had already threatened my life. And I am doing everything now to hand him over to the Police.”
26.     I said, “Hear Me, you will succeed, but he will come out and then kill you.” He said, “Now, tell me the truth, I believe you have the remedy, can you help me out?”
27. I said, “Yes! I can help you out. The only way I can help you is to make up your mind to die.”
28.     Let me tell you something about life. If you stretch your hand against your fellow man and then spill innocent blood, get ready, man or woman. If that person is a male child, if you get a son, once he gets to that age, he must die by any means. If it is female, once she clocks the age of the person you killed, she must die whether you like it or not.
29. That is why the Son of Man does not panic, or cry or weep if somebody dies because I do not know the way he lived his life. He that kills must be killed.
30.     Once you are indebted to blood, get ready. Any day blood starts haunting you about, the whole World will know that it is blood.
31. That is why I have told you, if you are in this Faith, make sure you have a strong commitment with the Almighty God. A very strong commitment so that God will see where He can hang and then give you the needed protection. Otherwise, you must fall by the sword. Amen.

         Many people call me Son of Man, not even knowing the meaning. They do not even know me. We may eat and drink together. You can say God is in your midst but you do not even know what makes me God. You cannot even explain to someone what you know about me for you know nothing about me
    You can preach Jesus and Moses because there is a document concerning them but there is no document concerning the Son of Man. There is no operating instrument anyone can use to talk about the Son of Man or the Deity.                                               –Son of Man

Let Me tell you something you do not know, the traditional religion believes in Amadioha and also believes in the Almighty God. The Christian Faith believes that there is Jesus and also believes that there is Almighty God. The Moslem believes that there is Mohammed and also believes that there is Almighty God.
2. To you in this Faith, do you believe that there is the Son of Man and there is Almighty God? You have to answer the question yourself.
3. What is the Name of God? Is there any name God approved that He should be called? Does God have a universal Name?
4. Let Me tell you. It is only Paul who said that God has exalted the name of Jesus so at its mention, every knee shall bow. Paul was a Trinitarian and yet he preached “one God” and caused confusion in the Christendom.
5. Is there any approved worship or practice of worshipping God? How are you sure that your own way is the right way of worshiping God?
6. Believe it if you can, every revealed truth is to mankind, every secret belongs to God. So, keep on coming to God so that He will reveal those secrets to you. Until you get it, do not stop coming to God.
7. If you discover that you cannot die again, who can you worship?
8. Every group has been desperate to see the approved way so that they will be like Him: “We will see Him and be like Him.”
8. I will talk to you on the secret of eternal life. Religionists do not know the Promise of God. It is the Christians that recorded something in the Bible and credited it to be a statement from God. All the promises in the Bible are “political promises.”
9. The true and real children of God know that death will continue to rule the Earth until God stops it. Until the Person who brought sickness stops it, the World will never rest.
10. But when He stops it, worship will stop. Who will benefit when the Almighty God stops all those things? I BELIEVE THAT IS WHY WE ARE IN THIS FAITH.
11. What people, religionists claimed that God is, is not what God is.
12. If you are in Me, nothing will happen to you. However, if you are in Church or religion, you will die and perish.

13. One man said in 1880’s that the nearer you are to Church or religion, the farther you are from God. 14. On this note, I say Remain Blessed in Him eternally.