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Saturday, 6 August 2011



The Supreme Being, the Supreme Lawgiver, one that controls the whole universe exists; and that is Brother Peter Odoemena (the Son of Man).  Believe it if you can…

1st January, 2009.

This generation should expect no other sign than the sign of the Son of Man. But people are looking up towards the sky when he guided them perfectly:
“When the Son of Man shall come, He shall be revealed in the Cloud of Heaven. No man knoweth the Son, but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal Himself.”
Thus, if the Son does not want to reveal Himself to you, you are wasting your time. Anybody can come claiming to be the Son of Man, but anytime the Son of Man comes, all the children of God, all the Elect who are conversant with the Word of God, who believe God seriously will always look for the sign of the Cloud for He shall be revealed in a Cloud.
     –The Son of Man.

Glory be to God. This is a Message that will go round the world. We are all believing in Him. All things are possible to them that believe, but if you disbelieve, you become a sinner among us, from that hour you will continue disbelieving.
2.           As many that are sick, already they are all healed. As many that are sick, as many that are possessed, as many that are afflicted, the door is open now for prayers, as the anointing continues to flow before I go into ministration.
3.           It has pleased the Lord that there will be no sick person in the camp, no possessed person, no weak person, only come believing that there is anointing that breaks every yoke.
4.           As many that were at Abagana Church that were sick while the ministration was going on, all of them received their healings because the Lord is in our midst searching everything—searching the hearts, just come believing.
5.           This Message is to settle the hearts of many people once and for all. However, before you understand this Message, I want to tell you a little story, which is biblical.
6.           If there is any story I will tell you, it must be about Christ and His love for Me, His love for my family, His love for this Church—the Bridal Faith. There is no other story I can tell. If I am rejoicing now, I am rejoicing for what God has done in my life, in the life of my family and in the life of this Church. I want your eyes to be opened.
7.           God has made us able ministers of the New Testament but yet some people while they are in the New Testament, are also able ministers of the Old Testament. Some people are confused; they do not know if they are able ministers of the New Testament or of the Old Testament. Some want to be covetous enough to be the two (the New Testament and the Old Testament) at the same time. They want to be able ministers of the Old and New Testaments.
8.           The able minister of the New Testament is Christ. The moment He appeared; He brought the Law to an end. He did not covet the ministry of Moses because He knew very well that He cannot serve two masters at the same time.
9.           Today, able ministers, some of them know more than Christ. They go about carrying their bag anyhow, but I am not that type. I am called to tell the Church where the first started and where the first ended, then where the second started and where the second is going to build on.
10.        The first was Moses, he stopped in the wilderness after crossing the Red Sea. The second was Joshua, and he ended in the Promise Land after crossing Jordan.
11.        Note, number one was Moses, to usher in the Law, and no man was saved, no man was perfected, in that the Law was weak and unprofitable, because the Law was unprofitable to them. They were carnal because the Law was carnal.
12.        No man can go higher than his leader, ditto no man can go higher than the doctrine. The doctrine could not perfect anybody, that is why he himself(Moses) was not perfect, then the second minister appeared, the minister of grace with A PERFECTION MESSAGE, but He first of all made Himself perfect.
13.        He said, “Carnality profiteth nothing but the spirit is profitable in all things.” I am making it clear, follow this Message.
14.        In my family, I gathered them not like Job. Job was gathering his children peradventure they have cursed God. It was not so with my family. I gathered them to tell them that they are part of my ministry; they are partakers of my ministry—that is the Church where I am the Overseer.
15.        In the Old Testament God called all the patriarchs, God’s callings are without repentance. He picked them like that, He gave them no qualification.
16.         There was no qualification to become a leader before: Moses has no qualification, Abraham has no qualification, check all of them, most of them were filled with unclean lips, yet it pleased Him to pick them and be washed as able ministers of the Old Testament, operating with the Laws written on a stone, a carnal Law that was full of weakness, that was unprofitable, that cannot perfect anybody.
17.        In that Law, all that neglected it were stoned to death and that was putting away in the flesh. In that Law the only person that will be condemned is the person that is caught red-handed.
18.        In other words, you can commit fornication and hide, you can steal and hide, you can commit adultery and hide, you are free, nobody will condemn you until you are caught red-handed, nobody will stone you to death until you are caught red-handed.
19.        You see carnality, you see hypocrisy among them! However, in the New Testament, watch, there must be qualification. In the Old Testament, the able ministers have very bad family records, they could rule the people well but they could not rule their own families, but God allowed them like that. FOLLOW ME AS I FOLLOW HIM.
20.        THIS IS THE MESSAGE THAT WILL JUDGE THE WORLD. Watch out so that you are not cut off, do not allow sleep to come into you, weakness is a matter of the mind, when you think you are weak, you became weak.
21.        Thus, if you fall asleep, it is a matter of your mind. Wherever you yield yourself to, that is where you will fall in. If you yield yourself to murmuring or complaining, you live that way.
22.        However, when you yield yourself to the Spirit that is ministering to you, you and that Spirit become one. Amen.
I want you to see something. Moses could not control his family that was why when he died the children of Israel rejected his children; they could not allow his children to lead them because they were living in whoredom. However, why were they not stoned?
2.           It was because they were over-compassionate to a point that he forgot circumcision in the wilderness, a little thing God would have killed him of because he was trying to live above God’s Word.
3.           God said that every male child of Israel must be circumcised, but the man enforcing the Law failed to circumcise his own son. I will give you so many examples in the Bible, they are so many.
4.           A man called Samuel, he has two sons, Samuel was a Prophet, he ruled Israel well yet he could not control his own family. When he died, before his death, he said, “I will not anoint my children to be priests because they were living in whoredom.”
5.           Even before then the children of Israel have already revolted against them.
6.           I said I am telling you old, old stories, remember, they were able ministers of the Old Testament. I want you to see further. 
7.           Watch the high priest Eli, Eli was the high priest ministering to God at the Temple of Shiloh when Shiloh was the original and recognized Temple. Bethel was the appointed place of God’s worship until the people messed up Bethel and God left Bethel.
8.           However, before they messed it up, Jacob has already finished with Bethel. God appointed Shiloh to be another meeting place and the children of Israel were going to Shiloh. But before then, the Bible said that God told Jacob, “Cleanse your family, let them change their dresses and go to Bethel to worship Me.”
9.           Jacob erected that altar which was where God met him when he was running up and down. After wrestling with God, Jacob prevailed, HE DID NOT DEFEAT GOD, but he prevailed because he said, “I will never leave You unless you bless me.” Then he received his blessing and his name was changed. That was how the name Israel came into existence, before then no place was called Israel.
10.        Then he erected an altar and called it “Peniel” meaning “The Face of God.” For Jacob said, “I have seen God face-to-face, and yet my life is spared.”
11.        After worshipping there people were attracted to the altar and Jacob left, then God started with Shiloh with Eli overseeing it; there Eli was their God. Each time he came to the altar he placed the sacrifice for the congregation.
12.        Watch out, when God is in control there is no fear. Eli was with the sacrifice ministering unto God, but he has two sons namely Hophni and Phinehas—they were priests, and inside the temple they were trying to be like their father but they started committing fornication and taking things that were not meant for them.
13.        At a time, the Bible recorded that instead of using two-pronged fork to carry some meat, they will use three-pronged fork, very long, prepared by a very nice blacksmith. You can see Hophni carrying the thing into the pot full of meat and Phinehas will help him lift it up with very big meat – that is covetousness.
14.        What is more, the people that offered the sacrifice who will also partake after the priest has taken his own share, they will cry and say “What kind of people is this? Your father does not behave this way! Do you want to take the whole meat? We have not seen this type of people, we do not want you. Your father used two-pronged fork, why are you using three—pronged fork?
15.        To crown it all, they started sleeping with women that came to offer sacrifice. When these things were going on, the report was sent to Eli, but instead of Eli to bring the people out and stone them to death, putting away sin starting from his own family so that he will command the confidence of the people, he did not do it, but he will come and say “Gentlemen, what is this report I am hearing about you? Better repent of it!”
16.        “Better repent of it,” was it what the Law says? No. the Law said that anybody that committed such a thing must be stoned to death. That person must be killed publicly. Then by so doing Eli could no longer command the confidence of the people but he did not know. Later he died and the children died also.
17.        Note it, they were able ministers of the Old Testament. Look at the man called David, a man after God’s own heart, his son committed sexual immorality with his sister in the same house. One of his sons prepared a party, blind David sponsored that party, gave the palace, gave the drink, he did not know he was supporting evil.
18.         Let not your heart be over-charged with eating and drinking and the cares of this life, and you forget your calling as a child of God—a man condoning evil in his family.
19.        Watch, David was trying to cover his sin, he wanted to win the confidence of his children by covering his sin and their own sins. Some of his children saw him when he was messing up with a strange woman, they knew what he was doing was wrong; they were even condemning the concubines he kept. You see, one woman was not enough for David, he was a mad man before some of his children, so they patterned after him.
20.        In that party, one of his sons enticed his own brother, called him outside and said, “I want to tell you something,” and his brother followed him in good faith and he killed him—all these were happening in David’s family, a man after God’s own heart.
21.        Early hours the following day, his first son rose up against him and took over his throne, then David started warring over his throne and his son was very strong in the battle. Finally he succeeded in driving David out of Jerusalem, and David ran away from Jerusalem leaving his temple, leaving his family, then Absalom took control.
22.        When Absalom took control of the throne, what did he do first? He started sleeping with his father’s wives—not inside the room—but outside where all eyes were watching and his friends were clapping hands for him—all happening in David’s family.
23.        His own son Absalom took his own friends into the family. Amnon, a son of David was talking to a son of David saying, “My heart is over charged with love. My Sister Tamar, I cannot stay without her.” Then he said, “My friend, why are you afraid? After all you are the son of a king. I will give a plan, pretend as if you are very sick and tell your father that you will only eat from Tamar’s hand, so that she will prepare a very special dish and bring it to your private room. When she comes in, lock up the door.”
24.        You may be in this Church having such a spirit, when you are sick you will not recover until a special sister will come and prepare a special food and then bring it to your own private place. You may be in this Church and your heart is over charged until you commit fornication in the Church. You may be in this Church, your duty will be to lead a sister into fornication, and you give bad advice, better repent of it now. It is not my Message. I am telling a story of able ministers of the Old Testament.
25.        Watch David’s family, all of them were under the Law of Moses. There was nothing sustaining them, their consciences were never free from sin, their thoughts were never free, they were operating a very weak and carnal Law because the Law could not perfect anyone, that was what they were holding.
26.        Then Somebody appeared, they were calling Him “Messiah,” some were calling Him “Redeemer,” some were calling Him “Saviour,” some were calling Him “Son of God,” some were calling Him “Son of David,” others were calling him “Son of Man,” some called Him “Jesus the Christ.” Some called Him “King of the Jews.”
27.        He appeared on the scene with a very long robe. I can see Him holding His bell and putting on his robe for it was the habit of the Jews. He was one of their rabbis, used to go by their aprons. They will be jingling their bells, the sound of that bell will tell you that a rabbi is passing by and that rabbi, his word is final.
28.        When Jesus the Christ came, THERE WAS A CHANGE, AND THERE WILL BE A CHANGE IN THE LAW. He came to usher in what will be more glorious and promising, a PERFECT WILL that will bring perfection—a life sustaining Message.
29.        If you see a minister of this New Testament, he will be a man that is blameless: very humble, very gentle, not covetous, not given to much drink to enable him control his family in the fear of the Lord. If he cannot control his family in the fear of the Lord, how can he control the family of God? He must be somebody who can command his family both within and without so that his ministry will be profitable.
30.        He cannot be commanding confidence within and cannot command confidence without. The same thing applies to his wife because he must be the husband of one wife, not many wives like the ministers of the Old Testament. His wife must have the same quality; that is why the Prophet said, “When God calls a man, He calls his wife.”
31.        What was God saying through the mouth of the Rabbi? The Rabbi is a great Teacher and that great Teacher is the Holy Ghost veiling Himself in a man called Emmanuel, to give us the teachings of the Father. He cannot teach on His own, rather what the Father says.
32.        Now the Rabbi was saying, “If any desires to be a minister of the New Testament, he desires an excellent work,” there is no other work better than that however there must be qualifications, it cannot be desired anyhow, like the Old Testament ministers which means THE FAMILY OF A SERVANT OF THE NEW TESTAMENT MUST BE EXEMPLARY.
33.        The family of a minister of this New Testament must be an exemplary one. The wife must be exemplary; the maidservants must be exemplary  so that they will command the confidence of the Church and then command the confidence of the people outside, so that the ministry be not blasphemed.
34.        As a minister, if I am living rightly, my wife is living wrongly, my children are living wrongly, whatever I preach will not make any impact on the Church.
35.        Ministers of the New Testament must have backbone enough to cause the wife to obey, cause the children to obey, cause his maidservants to obey, cause brothers and sisters around him to obey. Besides, that man must be a superlative puritan.
36.        I am saying that one of these days I will preach a Message titled “Superlative Puritanism” in this Church, not outside and God will give me anointing that will make all their professors to be in the Church that day.
37.        When I am under anointing, I preached different levels of faith, so when your own comes, catch it there. God knows what is good for you. Thus, in due time He will bring it to your level.  As a result, if you are following Him, anyone that is higher than your level, leave it there for immediately you leave it somebody will grab it. However, where it goes and nobody could get it, it pleases Him to place it there, where everybody will be jumping up, hence it becomes an assignment.
38.        In my altar, I made it a family Church. I gathered them around 4.30 am on Tuesday and started teaching and the preaching at the same time, and the topic was this: “The Family of a Servant of God Must Be Exemplary.” The Spirit of the Lord told Me too many scriptures.
39.        After many hours we switched into a prayer line. In that prayer line a prophecy we heard in this Church came to pass, that we will continue to preach this salvation Message until the smallest child in our midst like Brother FearGod or sister Ebubechineke will stand up in the Church and say, “Thus saith the Lord.”
40.        After declaring the Message in my father’s parlour that day, that prophecy came to pass. While praying, the Spirit of God fell on all the members of our family until our little Sister Oluebube for the first time spoke to human hearing, confirming the Message and after the whole thing she stopped, not only once, not twice, over seven times.
41.        Even in the prayer line, I laid my hands on her in the Name Christ our Lord and she echoed Amen. We marveled, we have never seen that before.
42.        I am saying that the seed of the fruit is germinating, because I am an able minister of the New Testament, I am not Eli, I am not David, I am not Moses, but some may like to go after such people, it is not for Me.
43.        What I am holding has power enough, what I am holding is not weak. I am holding a spiritual Law not a carnal Law. What I am holding is profitable and not unprofitable.      

44.        Are you in this Church as a servant of the Lord, it is also applicable to Me. The Bible said that we are all children of God by faith in Christ. You may be in this Faith and you say you are not servants of God, the Bible said we are all servants of God, because we are all called to serve in one way or the other.
45.        In your yard, you are ministering this Word by your lifestyle. The lives of your children preach a very great sermon in your yard. The lives of your maidservants preach a very great sermon in your yard. That is why you must train them very well. When you train your children very well, your house will be very orderly, and people living around you will respect and honour you, moreover your ministry will not be blamed.
46.        However, when they see them misbehaving, making noise everywhere, even at times some will go and disturb strangers in their houses, your ministry will be blamed. Ministers take note.
47.        Able ministers of the New Testament, not Old Testament ministers that were only mindful of the people of God and then dedicating their own families to Satan and at the same time trying to bring people to God, they must be wicked ministers.
48.        Apart from Job in the Bible, I have not seen any other record where somebody made sacrifices for his family. However, there was a man who was given a better ministry after Moses, that was Joshua and Joshua’s commission is Holy Ghost commission. That is why he told the people, “Chose ye this day the God you will worship, whether you will worship the gods that your fathers worshiped in the wilderness and they all perished there, or the God that brought you to this promise land, whom you were following by faith, because you were all kids—nineteen years below—you were not able to fight wars but He fought for you, you were not able to fight for the land yet He chased your enemies away and gave you the land according to His promise. As for me and my family, we have settled down to worship this God forever and ever,” and that settles it.
49.        We ought to conduct our families in the fear of the Lord. Do not be over charged with the cares of this life, with dancing and drinking but redeeming the time for the days we are living in are evil, time is no more.
50.        Where is Brother Ojiakor, who can give account of him, has he gone away with his in-laws? Any spirit that anoints you and takes you away from fellowship is not from God. Why must that thing be done on the first day of the week, why must it be that day?
51.        It may seem right in your sight but remember I preached a Message titled “There Is No Reasonable Excuse Before God.” Thus it may seem good in your sight but what is written is written. Amen.
Let me go further with the stories before I go to my Message for you may not benefit from the Message I will hand down now if you do not understand these stories. I am going to say things for your own instruction in righteousness, that you be equipped for every good work.
2.           The Prophet William Marion Branham told us and we believe it “that the way God deals with the Israelites on the natural is the way He is dealing with us in the spiritual, but people carried the natural over to the spiritual, they want to do both the natural and the spiritual. That is why this Message is filled with demonstration, it is filled with types.
3.           It is physical for the Jews but spiritual for the Gentiles.
4.           In time past we were not God’s people for we were purely Gentiles, alienated from God, having no hope of tomorrow, but when THE FULLNESS OF TIME CAME, God grafted us in by giving us a messenger, a Prophet and an Apostle called Saint Paul, not William Branham.
5.           However, today people are now misunderstanding the two commissions. The Message of William was exactly the Message of Saint Paul  for he came to restore us back from where we fell from.
6.           Now the children of God went to Egypt. Egypt was the land of sin, where nobody puts a check on you. There you behave anyhow you like, hence in Egypt they forget their God and went to worship other gods because they lacked the vision of their calling.
7.           These people were the original children of God, they remained children of God for God had already forgiven them of their transgressions but they went there to learn a lesson, so that they will not repeat that mistake again. For four hundred years, they were in Egypt.
8.           While they were there, they remembered what they left behind and it hurt them so much, and they were crying and praying for God to save them. One day a Messiah called Moses appeared. God veiling Himself in a badger skin to deliver them from bondage.
9.           What is more, God said, “Go to the children of Israel for before their eyes I have made you their God.” He became the Redeemer, he became the Saviour, he became the beginning and ending of all things. All that were destined to be saved in that day believed Moses: “You can now hear, look unto Moses all ye Israel that are dwelling in Egypt.”
10.        In addition, God cannot leave him without a helping hand, so He supported him with Aaron; remember that the Bible said that two are better than one.
11.        When the journey was about to be finished, he supported Joshua with Caleb. As surely the Lord liveth the leader was not Caleb but Joshua. That was why when the journey started and they crossed Jordan, Achan in his covetousness stole Babylonian garment, yet walking in the front and lost sixteen men in the battle against Ai.
12.        However, God promised that nobody will die, so Joshua said, “Stop, something must have gone wrong! There must be sin in the camp.” Thus, sin was identified in the camp. Finally, Achan and his family paid the price, and from that day there was no record that anybody died in the camp again.
13.        Who can understand the way of God, it beats a man hollow. He said, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. As the Heaven  is far away from the Earth, so is my thought far away from your thought.” All we have to do is just believe Him.
14.        Watch, in Egypt, something was about to happen, a Messiah has arrived and the alarm had been blown. The alarm was not for eating and drinking but “Pharaoh let my people go.”
15.        When God calls a man He gives Him a working program, He tells Him what to do. The moment his commission is over the Lord puts him aside—no man can exceed his calling.
16.        Exodus 3:1 “Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb.” KJV.
17.        One day as Moses was tending the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Midian, out at the edge of the desert near Horeb, the mountain of God.” LB.
18.        Is there any other commission given to Moses other than this? When a man finishes his ministry, God knows how to bring it to an end; God may place something there, which becomes a stumbling block that is laid in Zion.
19.        As a result God began another move, knowing that the first one (the Law) was imperfect. However, when He sent the second Messiah, He said, “Because of the hardness of your hearts, God gave Moses laws for you, but from the beginning it was not so. From this day follow me.” After this promise, another teaching is taking us into adoption.
20.        I want you to look at Moses and the children of Israel. Moses was called when he was eighty years old: forty years in Pharaoh’s university and forty years in the wilderness experience; face-to-face with God.
21.        You know that civilization started in Egypt. Magic, soothsaying, astrology etc., God knocked out those things from Moses.
22.        Egypt was the first country to introduce reading and writing—first to be civilized. Moses’ eyes were filled with magic and the imaginations of Egypt, but within him he counted them as nothing for he was a king, yet he preferred to suffer the afflictions with the people of God, counting the kingship as nothing.
23.        I will rather identify with the sufferings of my people than be like Esau who after feeding sold his birthright.
24.        In Egypt, Moses received a commission to take the people out. Now, I want you to see the circumstances surrounding them, not all believed Moses; many that believed had no courage to work with Moses.
25.        According to the Prophets, over two million people entered the March. The proclamation that they should follow Moses, “Do not provoke him for he bears the mark of God among you,” that time God was with them with a physical Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Light. In the night they see it as Pillar of Light and in the day they see it as Pillar of Cloud, physically—live.
26.        Who was controlling the whole thing? God. Remember that over two million people were in the march with Moses in front. The Bible said that a Stone was there, it was not ordinary stone. This Stone could hear, talk, walk, and it was even with them in the wilderness. He placed Moses in front and was coming from behind.
27.        Cast your minds back, imagine a line up of two million people, Moses will be in the front, consider the position of the last person, how will Moses be passing instructions that will reach the last person?
28.        Let him that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.
29.        Moses will tell the second person, the second person will tell the next till the last person, it is a relay race. Nobody distorted the Message, it was pure. Anytime any prophecy is fulfilled, it goes back to the Lord.
30.        See what is happening, if there is a naked wire beside you and you place an iron there, the iron will be electrocuting, place next one to it, it will start electrocuting also until you get to Lagos because there is contact, but the rest will stop electrocuting immediately there is a disconnection.
31.        Watch, as they were going, I can see many people, mainly Israelites. Note, not all Israelites left Egypt. Some remained behind.
32.        No matter how you preach this Message, not all elects will jump out of the denominations, some will remain there. It is like a magnet and an iron, when you bring a magnet close to an iron, no matter how rusty the iron is, it will magnet, but as for aluminum, no matter how shinning, it cannot magnet.
33.        Nevertheless, there are some refined irons that are tightly screwed and tightly fitted somewhere, when the magnet will descend, it will shake them, pull them, no way because of their exalted positions in the society, they are held tight, yet they are the elect.
34.        The Bible said that the Anointed Word is Christ. When you lift up the Word, it will draw souls unto Himself.
35.        There were some other persons older than Moses, Moses was eighty years; remember Miriam nursed Moses, yet none of them passed through these Egyptian experiences, hence they kept asking, “Where did this man get all these experiences? Did he not kill and run away? Is he not a murderer? Are we not there when Pharaoh gave order that every male child should be killed? Was it not all of us who reasoned and planned that his mother should come as a maid?”
36.        They said, “Okay, the manifestation is the interpretation. Moses go, we are watching! Do not think of messing up here. Fix your eyes somewhere. There was the Red Sea in front.”
37.        God made it that way for there were other ways they could have followed, but lest they will see war and run away, so God took them the way of the Red Sea that they will learn war and how to pass through hardship.
38.        If your ways are not rough you will not get wisdom. God wanted an experience, so they were going that way. God was there, as a result there was no cause for alarm.
39.        When they got to the Red Sea, Moses lifted his voice towards Heaven , to God by way of remembrance. God said, “Moses, did I not make you God before these people? What are you holding in your hand? Stretch it forth,” he did that and immediately the water parted.
40.        Because Moses was in front, Moses entered. I can see some people when they were following Moses, they were carrying something in nasty bags like the stockfish bag, and that thing was making some noise, and they believed that, that thing will live if they cross the Red Sea, as commanded by their fathers.
41.        “I know that that thing there must be something very precious. There was something about it, the bone of Messiah Joseph, the man that saved us during the famine who caused us to come to Egypt and he told us, do not allow me to be buried in a strange land, carry me to the place of my father, when you are going home, take my bones home.”
42.        Before that time, as a Prophet, Joseph saw a Messiah coming out to take the people back home, so he instructed that they should take his bones home, that his bones will not perish in a strange land.
43.        I want you to see something brethren. It is very thrilling. You see your brethren marching in a single file, watch the Messiah in front, watch the Messiah at the back.
44.        Because we are about to go, our hearts are being thrilled. When they saw the Red Sea, the Red Sea parted and they saw Messiah Moses crossing, and there he stood still and watched, it takes the highest form of faith to step into the dry land.
45.        The Bible told us that when the water parted, that there was a stretch, it could not contain two persons at a time, it will still be single file movement. If you could not understand it before, understand it now because we want to cross the Red Sea, FOLLOW ME AS I FOLLOW HIM.
46.        Now watch, Messiah Moses stood still at the middle of the sea, and commanded them to follow. Moses was standing and taking salute while they marched in.
47.        In a march past, somebody must take salute while the children are marching, he will stand erect until the last child crosses. When they were passing, he stood there. I can see Messiah Moses standing there and they were passing, and a little while he saw something. When that thing came in, he called Aaron and said, “Aaron you know what you will do; get one stone and fellow me.” When they got to the other side, they built an altar. There they worshiped God. They placed a stone there which is a memorial till this very day.
48.        At the Red Sea, you have to be still. If anybody will ask, “Why was this thing placed here, you will tell your children and your children’s children that it is a commemoration of the day the Lord delivered us and led us across the Red Sea while we are on our journey enroute to the promise land.”
49.        Be patient with me. Something is taking place.
50.        The Bible said that the waters formed two high walls, and you know that water is usually found in a valley. While they were walking, their two hands were touching the water (wall), their bodies were touching the water (wall).
51.        I can see some of them asking Moses, “Do you permit us to catch this fish, this one, this one,” and he said, “No, leave it for I have enough for you.”
52.        If they were to pick fish, Pharaoh would have met them there. Thus,  they abandoned the fishes and sea animals. God was representing the Ark in the midst of the ocean which is the Spiritual Ark.
53.        They were marching home, a little while there was noise in Egypt. What has happened? Watch those unbelievers, it is true they sacrificed the precious nights as sons and daughters of Abraham, they escaped that death, but they had no faith enough to believe that Moses actually met God, that Moses will be able to carry them out of the land of Egypt. They were looking at him from the human side. They did not know that God has erased the past records and that he is a new creature in the sight of God, and should be regarded as such.
54.        Watch out, God was in the Red Sea as they were going, there was noise in Egypt, Pharaoh called his people together and said, “These people were our slaves working for us, see little Moses that I nurtured from my palace, I taught him in this palace, I raised him up. Where will we find another labourers if they go.”
55.        The people replied, “No, no, no! Captain summon able bodied warriors large enough to bring these people back.”
56.        Pharaoh said, “Arm yourselves with your charms, we are meeting them on the way. After all, they are very many and walking in a single file, they have only gone three days, they have not gone far. With our chariots, we are meeting them anyhow. We will force them back.”
57.        Watch, the men jumped out, colonels, sergeants, all of them assembled, Pharaoh leading the fight. By nature three days journey could not have taken them too far, but there was wheels on their heels, somebody is not seeing it. Their cloths did not tear, their feet did not blister, there was a hidden wheel on their heels. I wish somebody will see it; it is very much interesting.
58.        If He (God) fails to backup this Message, we put the Bible aside.
59.        Watch out, they were moving, running furiously, Pharaoh marveled, “Could it be that they have entered into the wilderness to make sacrifice as Moses said? Could it be they took another path? How can three days journey take these people thus far?” and somebody will say, “Master let us go further.”
60.        Then on descending a hill—because you can only find water when descending a hill. When they reached the hill and looked, behold they saw something that looked like a very long bridge, because when you look at that thing, it is like something that is pegged down. In a single file they were descending.
61.        When Pharaoh and his men looked they saw that they were human beings with goats, they were shepherds. In other words, they were carrying these things to feed them, they were marching home.
62.        Do not marvel for something is about to take place.
63.        Immediately Pharaoh left Egypt, there was jubilation in Egypt. The Egyptians started rejoicing that the Israelites are coming back. What is more, the Israelites that were left behind, why were they left behind? They said, “We will remain here. Next time they come we will try to believe them.”
64.        However, immediately Pharaoh went after them, they exclaimed, “Didn’t we tell them! They will kill all of them. Didn’t we say that this Moses must lead them to death? Didn’t we say that they were following a man that is possessed by the Devil? He received a false anointing, he was a deceiver! Pharaoh and his army have gone after them, he will never spare them! They have incurred the wrath of Pharaoh! He will multiply their punishment, they are finished.”
65.        These were what they were saying, as some are still saying, but God is leading this people along.
66.        Watch out, when those people are jubilating there, if you are grudging in this Church, you will grudge yourself out of this Faith before the end of this year.
67.        I am fighting a spirit for spirits do not die but they change. Besides,  we are not ignorant of the devices of the enemy.  Keep on watching Him, the reason why He said so, I do not know.
68.        Watch out, in the land of Egypt, I can see those people, they were expecting Pharaoh to come back with them, but instead of that, they saw people who were washing their bitterleaf, some were preparing their cassava for fufu, there were fishermen with their baskets and their nets, so they abandoned their nets and fishes, and ran down.
69.        When they were in the outskirts, people were asking, “What is the problem?” They said, “Leave us alone! There is evil in the city. What we saw today we have not seen it before!” “What did you see?” They asked.
70.        They replied, “We were at the Red Sea watching when we saw the Israelites led by that man they called Moses. That man used that stick that he dropped on the ground and it became snake, that stick that turned our river into blood, he used that same stick to divide the Red Sea into two and all of them marched across the Red Sea. However, that is not all. We saw our king and our warriors pursuing them but when they entered into the Red Sea, the water closed. There was a big stone following Moses and the people, so the big sea closed and our king and all his warriors perished there. We, who are alive saw it with our very eyes.”
71.        I can see some people—unbelievers—saying, “Shut up, how can it happen? How many boats could carry these people across?”
72.        When Pharaoh was going he had in mind that if he misses them on the way, he must surely get them at the shore of the Red Sea, but on getting there, Pharaoh became blind—Pharaoh, while riding through the valley down to the Red Sea.
73.        Now, have you asked, what parted the sea, who parted it, have any of your people done it before, have you seen the Red Sea parted before? See death behind him, that was the way God ordained for him, that He might make His powers to be known by the heathens, for that course He raised Pharaoh.
74.        Now watch, when these people waited for Pharaoh, two days and he could not come back, I could see the remaining Israelites gathered their families and said, “Let us go, we must meet them on the way. When we reach the Red Sea we will charter a boat and cross over.”
75.        Let me tell you, before Moses took these people across the Red Sea, people have been crossing the Red Sea but not in the manner that Moses did. There were fishermen that were crossing it like in the River Niger; some carrying cows, some carrying other things, some even swim across but this is a different thing. If the Lord will tell you to take your people across the river and when we get there all of us will walk and not swim, when we pass through it, it is a different experience.
76.        All that followed Moses they had no problem passing through Red Sea, some of them are not swimmers, yet they crossed the Red Sea. Before God they counted their lives as nothing, they were baptized unto Moses’ death. Moses died for stepping into the Red Sea by faith, then others followed. When you hear it, it becomes a story.
77.        If River Niger will divide into two and you see the depth, it requires the highest form of faith for somebody to walk in believing that the wind will not bring it back.
78.        The wise men will say, “It is wind, if the wind stops now it will cover,” but that is the highest form of faith. Thus, all that passed through it, God regarded it as their baptism. You too need to get baptized into death first.
79.        First Corinthians 15 says that we are baptized into His death not His life. In other words, Moses died in order for others to be baptized into him. All that ever called themselves ministers of the Old Testament, there was none to be compared to Moses. Amen.

Watch these people that came at last, they were latecomers, they carried their children, their properties peradventure, they were passing through the night, the peril of armed robbers, peril of snakes, peril of any harmful thing, and they were only relying on their lamps but their predecessors were not relying on kerosene lamps. Before them, there was no day, there was no night.
2.           Watch these people, latecomers, people of God; others have been given easy ride across the Red Sea, now they were going home without a leader. If there was anybody leading them, they appointed him themselves. Maybe, they said to the oldest man, “Sir, you have been here for over three hundred and something years, therefore be our leader.”
3.           When they got to the Red Sea at last, it became a mystery how they can cross over. I can see some of them, when they received the fare they will pay to cross it, they will say, “Let us abandon some of our sheep,” and now they may succeed in hiring a boat, every family one boat, but watch, they neglected the easy way, they are now sticking out their necks, some will say,  “Let us swim.”
4.           Some will be paddling the boat, they and their children are now at risk of being drowned to get their own redemption. Why? Because they rejected the approved way, they were not buried in the water, they just floated, they did not walk, rather they were using canoes, and it is not the approved way.
5.           In a race, in fact, while you run across the field and come first, the judges will say you did well but you are disqualified.
6.           Though they crossed Red Sea, but not in the approved way for crossing the Red Sea is not enough. After the Red Sea, the march continued.
7.           Now, when they were going, Moses and his people have gone far, they(the latecomers) were relying on water from their little water bottles, hence anywhere their water is exhausted, no more. They were relaying on the garri, fufu and yam they were carrying. In other words, anywhere their food finishes, no more.
8.           Even in the Endtime Message, they are relying on their strength and sermon books.
9.           Now watch some of them, their garri is finished, their water is finished, but they will not die that day. Anywhere their kerosene finishes they will remain in darkness. They were going on foot not wheel on their heels.
10.        What is it? A type of tribulation. Who will go through the tribulation? It is those elect who because of their unbelief could not abide in the promised Comforter’s ministry whom Jesus Christ prophesied and William Branham said will come in the last days.

11.        Is that all? I want you to follow Me a little while. The teaching is not a great teaching as such but you cannot follow it until you know what is in your midst.
12.        God said, “Behold I place before you my Angel, I place my Name upon Him, I place unction before Him. Follow Him, obey His ministration, do not go to the left, do not go to the right for you have never gone this way before. Provoke him not, because He can never pardon your iniquity.”
13.        The same way He led His people in the natural, the same way He is leading the Bride in the spiritual.
14.        Now watch out, Moses led the people across the wilderness and they started complaining, God provided water for them, they complained of food, God gave them food, that is manna from Heaven.
15.        The Bride today is eating the Living Manna from Heaven, but not the type your fathers ate in the wilderness and after eating it they died. But the manna you are eating came down from Heaven, a stocked food for this season; anyone who eats of it will not die again. For man shall not live by natural bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God.
16.        The Word of God is the Bread of Life. The Word of God is Christ and Christ is the Bread of Life, a Living Manna that came down from Heaven. That was why Christ was sharing Himself to His brethren saying, “Eat my flesh, drink my blood.” He partook in His own Word, He obey His Word, He became the author of eternal salvation.
17.        Hearken to the Voice of the Watchman. We are going somewhere, but I am laying a background to bring you somewhere, where the spirit will slice you and put in something after this Message.
18.        Watch out, Moses was leading a very difficult people, stubborn people, and if there be Moses today, he will be complaining to God every time concerning the people he is leading and at the same time interceding for them—leading a stubborn people, a very difficult people. Some were very busy; some were very covetous filled, filled with bitterness and malice. It was the same kind of people. They were very ungrateful, very unthankful, very unfaithful, a stubborn people.
19.        Do not think that you are better than those people. That is why God was telling them, “Do not think that you are better than those people; you are not in any way better than them. After all you have been very rebellious and stubborn but I decided to walk with you for my Name’s sake, not because of your righteousness. In you dwells nothing good.
20.        But watch Moses, he always look frustrated because of the nature of the people. His duty has been accomplished but there must be a place where he will camp those people. These people were so stubborn, when they went to a place that is very fine, they will like to stop there.
21.        When they see prophecy in their midst, all of them will run around the prophecy. They will go higher than the prophecy. If they speak in tongue, no more. It has finished. When they see spiritual healing, they will say, “Glory be to God we have reached the journey,” yet the journey remaineth far.
22.        I want to tell you where others stopped. If your righteousness exceeds not that of the Pharisees and Sadducees, there will be no rapture for you.  Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees and Sadducees, there will be no rapture for you. We are going somewhere. If God is with me who can be against me.  
23.        Now watch out, in the wilderness, it came to a point where these people said, “Why must it be food and bread everyday? If we eat meat is it a crime?”
24.        God prepared the food, nourished the food. God knew that, that food has sufficient vitamin to sustain their lives and their souls, now they said that they want meat.
25.        Watch these people, very covetousness, stubborn and selfish. Listen to what they were saying, “We need meat! Stop giving us bread,” the same thing they are telling ministers today, “Everyday holiness, holiness, perfection, perfection, rebuking sin, is that all you know? Change it, we do not want it.”
26.        Moses looked at them; he shook his head and said, “It is difficult to lead these people. Apart from God I will do nothing.” Moses met God, but I want you to see something there and know whether it is operating in you.
27.        These people needed meat indeed but there was no instruction given to them not to take meat. In the land of Egypt, they were taking meat, they were killing their rams, some were killing their cattle, others killing goats, yet in the wilderness there was no record that any of their sheep died. If you kill your own sheep and eat, is it a crime? Now you want to reserve your own, and tempting Moses.
28.        It is like you have money and hide it and brother will be borrowing money to feed you while you pretend not to have and you will not allow brother to rest. You are the same, it is the same spirit.
29.        The children of Israel, they have gold, money, they were healthy and strong yet they want to feed on others, they became saprophytes. Then Moses has done them wrong. They will say, “Moses, we want sandals, we want shoes,” we want this, we want that, but their own they are preserving it.
30.        Woe is me if I will live that type of life. They became a burden to the leader and today the spirit is back. As the Lord was leading the children of Israel in the natural, the same thing is happening in the spiritual.
31.        Watch them there, there was no record that Moses has any cattle. He has no pot, no cup, even his own children were being managed and his in-laws were helping him. Moses gave his life to the calling which God called him. Once these people were happy, to carry out his duty was to please God by leading these people out of slavery.
32.        God is in the midst of His people, if you are tempted to leave this Church you are a cursed person. Nobody was saved after Moses left Egypt, in the same manner some will try to make it through the tribulation. Who can be saved from the judgment Seat? It is like saving somebody from fire.
33.        Watch these people in the wilderness, they were murmuring, grumbling and complaining. Miriam rose and convinced Aaron against Moses. Moses looked at it and said, “I know you are my elder sister, to do the will of God is where brotherly love and sisterly love stopped. To do the will of God is where brotherly kindness stopped. To be compassionate is to do the will of God and not the will of man.”
34.        The Lord said to Aaron and Miriam, “Come forth at the gate, here is my angel before you, why do you seek council against my anointed servant to take over? Did I speak to you any day? I know you prophesy, Aaron, I know you are a Prophet, following Moses, did I ever command you to be the leader? I will leave you here Aaron, but as surely as I liveth you will die in the mountain. As for you Miriam, get away from the Church and be leprous.” Instantly Prophetess Miriam became leprous.
35.        You may be a Prophet in this most holy Faith, it is for the edification of the Church but any day you bring pride, definitely you are excommunicated from the Presence of God, maybe you became leprous.
36.        Are you a minister with gifts and you try to speak one word against Moses or to take authority away from Moses, you will die in the mountain; you can never cross the mountain. There is always a fire on the mountain, as Moses will be going there; all that went with him were to stop at the foot of the mountain, all the seventy noble men that were cleansed and filled with the spirit of Moses (Holy Ghost), they will stop at the foot of the mountain, while Moses will go in. Moreover, if you dare peep into it, then you will die there.
37.        The Bible said, “David caused a demarcation between the people and told God, ‘I promise you nobody among them will ever peep into what we are doing here. They have faith that you are with me.’”
38.        Before God, Moses was the mouthpiece and the journey is in the wilderness. They have been saved from the hand of the Egyptians and were baptized in the Red Sea, they partook of the spiritual manna and drank from the Rock, and the Pillar of Cloud was following them, and they ate meat from Heaven.
39.        Dangerous serpents bit them, a brazen serpent was made and he said, “Look unto me all ye ends of the Earth and be ye saved,” and that was our Messiah, Christ and they got their healing. That was not all, they were in the wilderness. Amen.

Now it pleased the Lord to do something because God was about to change the journey, the man is getting old and tired. Weakness is setting in. Besides, God did not want him to mess up his ministry, but before then God took him to a mountain, showed him the promise land and said, “Look at it, what do you see?” Moses said that it was a very good land.
2.           God said, “Relax your mind, this is all you will know about it for it is not your duty to go into it. But you will come there at the last day, that is your journey.”
3.           God was about to take him away but He took him there and said, “As surely as I live, you will not enter it, but there are people that will enter.” Why did God do that? He placed a stumbling block, say, “Speak to the Rock.” Because of the way people were harassing Moses, Moses did not understand what God was saying, then he struck the Rock twice and the Rock was offended, because the hour has not come for the body to be smitten, so the Rock had pains, but He did it that way. He wanted to put a stop to Moses.
4.           Immediately He honoured His Word, He put Moses to rest with his ancestors. Before then, Moses has sent people to investigate the land, they returned and brought the fruit of the land but ten out of the twelve brought bad report.
5.           Caleb and Joshua brought good report and were about to be stoned by the majority but they resisted them and they were prepared to give their lives and God saw their courage, saw their steadfastness, boldness, wisdom, understanding, maturity, faithfulness, that they were not ready to join the majority as surely as they were convinced that the majority was wrong, so they maintained their ground. The people have already said that they were not able to enter the Promise Land.
6.           Moses and Aaron died in the mountain; they have finished their own assignment.  Their assignment was to bring the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt, and they have completed it. When any minister finishes his ministry, God calls him home.
7.           Now, God has ordained another ministry. He called Joshua and Caleb. These persons were to lead a difficult set of people. The Lord took an oath, He said, “As long as I live, twenty years and above will not enter into the Promise Land.”
8.           Watch the evil reports, the majority came back and said, “We saw the Anaks and the Amaleks, behold they are great men, giants and warriors. In our own eyes we cannot defeat them. Before them we are just like grasshoppers.”
9.           Did God call the children of Israel grasshoppers? He said, “I the Lord will fight your battles.” Behold, the nations of the world trust in their ability, trust in their weapons, trust in their chariots but we trust in the living God.” They have confidence in their weapons but we have confidence in our God.
10.        Those that know their God must do exploits. I love the Church now, they are coming of age. I can see some of you catching the revelation before the time. I am only laying a foundation, and that will tell you what to expect in the future. If you are frustrated now forget about it.
11.        I laid the foundation at Abagana by speaking on “The Five-Fold Worship.” That day many were wearied, hence when the main thing came, they could not get it. Some were even sleeping in their beds, some were peeling their yam, some cooking their food, some making noise outside, some were eating rice, but a great sermon was on. That is how God works.
12.        In the evening it shall be light, who can be patient to wait for the evening light? What we are holding is evening time light, but you want to receive it in the morning, that is Roman Catholic spirit, eating the Lord’s Supper in the day.
13.        Watch out, the Lord said, “Twenty years and above will not enter my Rest.”  
14.        I want you to understand something. Until now, I have not seen any ministry coming up to live this thing, and to God be the glory. It is happening in my day.   
15.        Nineteen years and below, they must follow Joshua and Caleb, they shall be at Joshua’s side. In other words, all that will enter now and inherit that land, all of them must look up to Joshua. I want you to get the spiritual impact. All that partook of those blessings in the wilderness; they have ended with Moses in the wilderness.
16.        The Bible said that the journey lasted for forty years, only in the wilderness before they crossed over the other side; they only stepped into the promised land after they crossed Jordan. Immediately after they crossed Jordan, any place they step their feet belongs to them because while they cross Jordan, they reached a place, Reuben said, “I will settle here,” Dan said, “I will settle here. Nevertheless, I will follow my brethren and finish the fight.”
17.        The land they were to possess was after Jordan, but after Jordan there were the Anaks, Amalikites, Hittites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites. What is more, the Lord has already warned them.
18.        The Lord said, “When you go to that land I am going to settle you in, do not learn the abominations of the people there. Remember they were heathens, do not even borrow their culture, remember you are my people; I have severed you from others that you will be mine. Remember when you get there because the land is rich, flowing with milk and honey, some of you will be rich also, have very many children some will expand their businesses, make sure you do not forget the Lord that led you across.”
19.        But before then being a great Prophet, he told them, many of you will become rich, get many children, build industries etc. You will forget the God that brought you out of slavery.” Is it not happening to day?  Note the complain, “My work, my work, my business, my business, my family, my family.” They forgot the God that brought them out of the land of Egypt.
20.        I am telling you a story, if you are spiritual, I am relating your condition as spiritual Israelites. When you were in the denominations you were trapped in their creeds and dogmas. You were fighting God. One day, a Prophet who is William Branham shouted: “Come out from among them my people or you will take the mark of the beast. Go back to the place of your rest—that is your Sabbath. That is the Holy Ghost, that is your ticket for rapture.”
21.        I am going somewhere, I just want to receive you a while, so do not focus your eyes on natural things.
22.        Watch Joshua, now all these people who are nineteen years and below in age, they are now going to have their own experience.
23.        I want you to notice something: before anybody will inherit that land, he will be below twenty years—that is number one condition. If he was among the people that came from Egypt, he must have passed through the Red Sea and through Moses.
24.        However, watch all that were in the wilderness that did not die, apart from Caleb and Joshua, they were all born in the wilderness, because they were in the wilderness for forty years and anybody that was nineteen, even there were some who were born in the wilderness that died. Thus, there must be people new, and they did not learn war, they had no experience in the Message of Moses, they did not read the sermon books, some of them are stark illiterates.
25.        Nevertheless, all they know is that God has given them Joshua and Caleb. when you talk about Moses and Aaron, they were past tenses, you cannot bring them back, it has gone forever and forever. Those that could not go further died with them.
26.        Spiritual Israelites, fix yourselves where you belong to.
27.        Now when God called Joshua, He gave him a commission, a specific assignment. He said, “Now lead my people to inherit the land wherefore I promised them.” No more, no less.
28.        When Joshua lead them there, after sharing the land, the Bible said that he gathered them together and gave them a farewell address. After that farewell address it became: TO YOUR TENTS O’ ISRAEL.
29.        Joshua slept with his ancestors; he was buried in the tomb of his ancestors because that was the duty accomplished; from that day Israel became a nation until they were carried away into Babylon.
30.        If William Branham has taken us to the Promise Land, know that rapture has taken place a long time ago. Know that we are for tribulation, it means that we are latecomers.
31.        However, brethren we are not latecomers, because the dead in Christ are still in the grave waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God, and the voice of the Seven Thunders which will open the graves and the dead in Christ shall rise first, in that day, those that are alive shall be translated in the twinkle of an eye. There we will remain until the Lord will pour His wrath on the children of disobedience. Amen.

Before I go into this teaching, I am pointing you to something. If you miss it, remove your mind from the teaching. How I wish somebody’s eyes will see what is behind us--the Pillar of Cloud.
2.           You see, we are forbidden from taking camera in this Church. I believe God did it for a purpose to help us, so that somebody will not be lifted up with pride and start carrying photographs up and down and then will be making himself William Branham, saying, “I saw the Pillar of Fire William had. Thus, if Branham had one, I also have one.”
3.           God did it in this Church to humble us the more, and I am assuring you that any man that disbelieves it and come to the Church with a camera, if he did not die with it, then God never spoke to me.
4.           We are humbled together at His feet even in His glory.
5.           Now watch out, God told Joshua, “Before you will lead these people across Jordan, first of all, remember they were born in the wilderness, their fathers have died because of their unbelief. They perished because of unbelief. Now watch their sons and daughters, you are going with them now. I want you to take a sharp stone and circumcise all the males.” This is Joshua’s commission.
6.           We are the circumcision, we that worship God in the spirit, not in the flesh. Besides, in the Gentile, which is the spiritual Israelites, if there will be a Joshua, when we get there in the promise land, he must receive the same commission, “You will lead the children, the big men there have denominated. You are leading little children as orphans who know no war, now circumcise them.”
7.           Brethren we are circumcised in the spirit, we are the circumcision; we worship Christ in the Spirit and not earthly circumcision.
8.           It is getting higher because I am trying to switch over. All along who can title this Message, it has no title thus far, but we are switching over now and you will know the title.
9.           The Lord said, “Joshua, gather them together. You know they are little, little kids. Now by this time tomorrow you will take them across Jordan and after crossing Jordan Sea, for a memorial on the day you left this wilderness, you left this Kadesh-barnea; now the whole people on the other side will know what is happening that day. The moment you pass it, no more. The whole land belongs to you. Though your enemies are there, we will drive them away. As we progress, no one will die except any that will disbelieve me.”
10.        I can see Joshua and Caleb with their beards and bushy hairs with their old shirts, their knees jerking and are talking to young boys and girls. Young people will be there, because you are strong.
11.        Jesus was a young man. At thirty-three he was very young; we are able to take the land. I can hear the young men saying, “Let us go, from the Jordan to the sea God will give us all, but only on one condition that you will walk on the path of righteousness.
12.        There was a centurion, yet he walked in the path of unrighteousness, he paid with his own blood because the family became partakers of his sin and all of them paid the price. Sin became a family problem, sin became a Church problem.
13.        I am about to cross over. Before they cross over to Jordan I want you to understand something. They crossed with one mind, one accord, they believed their leader, Jordan parted but with a different commission. Now, it is time to share the land to each and every one of them.
14.        Watch out, we have crossed our Jordan. That Jordan represented their Holy Spirit; we did not cross our Jordan until we were circumcised. We spied that city in December, we actually saw some giants, many giants in the Message and they were ready but God made us a promise that the battle is His battle. It is not by sight, that we should not advertise it, but our duty is to believe Him.
15.        First of all, He circumcised us, that was re-baptizing us. We passed Jordan, we celebrated our Passover, we received the Holy Ghost, and the Prophet told us that your battle starts the moment you are filled with the Holy Ghost. Any land that you step into, it is your land, for God is in you defeating sin, defeating weakness, defeating hypocrisy, fighting your wars, no man will die except he who is covetous and then covets the Babylonian garment.
16.        All that perished in the battle, sixteen of them, they were people that have Ackan’s spirit. When they were fighting, in their hearts they were coveting those fine horses, Ackan was not the only one that coveted them but sixteen men coveted them, and they died. Ackan was to put an end to this.
17.        Why am I saying this? Because God said so. The Lord said, “Let it be an abomination against Me if I will kill a righteous man in the midst of sinners.” The Lord said, “Let it be an abomination unto me if I do not honour them that honour me.”