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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 22ND MAY, 2011 at the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute” at BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

I am He, the Self-existing One, the beginning and the end. I am the only Being that can tell you the mysteries of life and death. Believe it if you can…
-Son of Man

God has suffered rebellion before and this time around, He is not ready to cherish any rebellion. Thus, He is now spending time to train His family so that He will dwell in eternal peace with them. Remember, when you enter into the millennium you have entered into your eternity.

Even during that predicted war, it will be supernatural warring with naturals. You will be flying like horses and chariots of fire, slaughtering and slaughtering, no man, no woman because you are now supernatural beings. They will be seeing you as chariots of fire. You will be everywhere until you subdue the entire Earth and then destroy the dragon.
  –Son of Man.


I want to speak to you ahead of time, knowing very well the world we are living in. I was going through a Nigerian newspaper recently and came across where the historians were talking about Harold Camping. They said that the man has predicted the end of the world in the year 1994, and the prediction failed. Now, he has come back again.
1.            In fact, people opened their mouths to talk many things about him, but as many of us that trusted in the Messenger of our day, The Son of Man, we are not moved!
2.            God has brought our minds back through the Message, “Ministers’ Meeting” we held between December 31st 2010 to 1st January 2011. There is no problem with God’s people. If there is any problem at all, it is caused by mixed-multitude because if you are from God, every attribute of God is in you. Now, whatever that is happening under the Heaven that is not from God cannot disturb them.
3.            Psalms 103: 1-7, “I bless the Holy name of God with all my heart. Yes, I will bless the Lord and not forget the glorious things He does for me. He forgives all my sin, He heals me. He ransoms me from hell. He surrounds me with loving kindness and tender mercies, He fills my life with good things my youth is renew like the eagle’s.
4.            He gives justice to all who are treated unfairly. He revealed His will and nature to Moses and the people of Israel.” LB
5.             Verse 7 again: “He revealed His way and nature to Moses and the people of Israel.” 
6.            He (God) reveals His will, His nature to Moses and the to people of Israel.
7.            Affectionately, gratefully praised, praise the Lord oh, my soul and all that is deepest within me bless his Holy Name.
8.            Bless affectionately, gratefully praise the Lord oh my soul and forget not one of all His benefits who forgives every one of all our iniquities who heals each one of all our diseases who redeems your life from the pit and corruption.
9.            Who beautifies, dignifies and crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies. Who satisfies your mouth, your necessity and desire at your personal age and situation with good so that your youth be renewed is like the eagles strong over coming, soaring.
10.         The Lord executes righteousness and justice not for me only, but for all who are oppressed. He made known his ways of righteousness and justice to Moses his heart to the children of Israel.” Amplified.
11.          This is God and His people. See, the same way Israel was in the whole world, God severing them to Himself, sent to them His Messengers, He reveals His will, His nature to Moses and to the people of Israel.
12.         Having forgiven all their sins, pardoned all their iniquities, taken good care of them, whatever that happens in the world does not concern God; but concerning His people Israel, He takes appropriate care and He reveals His will to Moses, He reveals His nature to Moses and to the people of Israel. That is why they do not take the words of Moses lightly. That is the same way God has been dealing with us in this Gentile world we are living in.
13.         God has purposely picked a Bride for Himself through the mouth of the Prophets, through the mouth of the Apostles. He severed them, reveals His will to the Apostles and Prophets and gave them His nature. As long as you are in this Bridal Ministry and you hear flying words from anywhere and you start panicking, it is a sure sign that you are not in the Faith of Son of Man.
14.         God revealed His nature to the Apostles and Prophets. That is why the Scripture says that the Lord God can do nothing until He reveals His will, His plan. Whatever He wants to do He will reveal it to His servants, the Prophets. In addition, who are the Prophets of God sent to? To God’s people.
15.         Watch this man called Harold Camping, he did not say that God spoke to him; he did not say that he dreamt a dream, he did not say he saw a vision but through in-depth study, his mathematical calculation, he is predicting day the world would end and whatever would happen after. However, to God’s people we have one Voice. The Prophet has told us that whatever God has for His own people is embedded in the Word of God.
16.         Second Corinthians 12 : 1-3, “This boasting is all so foolish, but let me go on. Let me tell about the visions I've had, and revelations from the Lord.
17.         Fourteen years ago I was taken up to heaven for a visit. Don't ask me whether my body was there or just my spirit, for I don't know; only God can answer that. But anyway, there I was in paradise.” LB.
18.         Note, there I was in Paradise. This was St. Paul talking about his experience, his vision, his experience with God. He said that let me leave away those boasting, let us go onto revelation. Remember, he bears the Name of God in his own dispensation and now he is going into revelation, his experience, what he saw.
19.         Verse 4-6: “and heard things so astounding that they are beyond a man's power to describe or put in words (and anyway I am not allowed to tell them to others). 5 That experience is something worth bragging about, but I am not going to do it. I am going to boast only about how weak I am and how great God is to use such weakness for his glory. 6 I have plenty to boast about and would be no fool in doing it, but I don't want anyone to think more highly of me than he should from what he can actually see in my life and my message.” LB.
20.         Now, see what St. Paul is talking about revelation from God; vision from God. Just like in this Bridal Ministry, from the time God spoke to the Son of Man to thrust in the sickle and harvest the Earth, for Him to blow the trumpet in Zion for the end of the whole thing is here, this is the Voice He (The Son of Man) heard and He spoke to us and started drawing our attention to the particular event that is before us.
21.         Now, if you can cast your minds back, you can see innumerous visions and dreams God has been giving and St. Paul said this is worth bragging about. For what we cannot do, God is doing it for us in this Bride Ministry. Everyone has to relax his mind for God is looking for one voice among His people and that is the One He will use to speak; for He has never changed it, for He cannot do anything without revealing it to His servant the Prophet.
22.         The Great Sermon, page 57. This place said, “We have a Man.” Let me refresh your minds again, “The consolation of the people of God in every dispensation is complete only when they find a man from God who can save them from their plights and guide them safely throughout their life here on Earth. A man that can reveal the mind of God to them.
23.         That is when the children of God will relax. That is when they have their full consolation in Him. They pin their hopes on that man from God. We have men that say they are from God, both women and men say that these men came from God, that God sent them. God’s people have their consolation complete when they have this man from God who will guide them, save them from their troubles, from the error that is in the land, pointing them to the right way whereby they will live their lives here on Earth pleasing to God. That is why they relax their minds.
24.         Now we are waiting at the gate. All predictions of men, remember they have right to predict whatever they want to predict, note, it is to upset the real thing, to shake your mind, to know whether you are standing firm.
25.         When I was going through the history concerning Joseph in one of the Psalms, it says that God took him down to Egypt, allowed the Egyptians to put him into chain until God tried the patience of Joseph. When He was satisfied, He set him free.
26.         Whatever you see happening, wait, for God told us that we must wait there patiently. That is why it disturbs me just like on Sundays, Brethren from other Local Assemblies will be in Jerusalem. I do not know what they usually hear. When the Son of Man makes a statement, when they go back to their various local Churches, the way they will present those things is million miles away from what the Son of Man said.
27.         I received phone calls from recently, Brethren asking me, “Did the Son of Man make any comment that nobody should come out on Saturday; that we should stay indoors?” I said, “What!”
28.         I started wondering where this statement comes from. Another person came and said, “Did He say the day the catching away will take place? Did He say it will take place on Saturday?”

29.         We have seen that the Spoken Word contains the secret of our rapture. The Spoken Word contains the catching away of the Saints unless you do not believe. All these people making predictions, they did not say that God told them. They did not say that they dreamt a dream. However, through their study, in order to make a name or to be known, they will just predict. However, watch God’s servants, all that God has used under the Heaven till this present age, they can never say anything which God has not told them to say. In addition, when God told them to say anything it was directly to His own people.
30.         This catching away we are talking about, is it for the whole world? It is for God’s people and it is directly to them. God has provided a speaker before them whom He will use to pass the information across.
31.         Watch Elijah and Elisha, Elisha knew very well that his master is going away and Elijah knew very well that he is also going away. All the children of the Prophets, it is through their study that they captured what is going to take place. When they confronted Elisha, Elisha had no need of discussing anything with them. There was no need for that.
32.         They said, “Do you know that your master will be taken away today?” He said, “Close your mouth. I know that he moves on his way.” He followed his master until the whole thing took place. Why?  Because he was sure and certain that his master was going away, he wanted to hear directly from his master and his master did not tell him anything until the last point when they crossed the River Jordan and now he(Elijah) said, “You can ask whatever you want to ask before I will be taken away from you.” Then his (Elisha) consolation was full.
33.         We are following a man sent by God and He has told us everything, for He is the one God has revealed His plan and His nature to. God revealed His plan and His nature to the Son of Man and He revealed them to us. If He did not reveal them to us, we will not have the nature of God today, we will not know the plan of God today; but He is the one that knows everything He is doing even the day the whole thing will take place for all God’s prophecies are tied to time.
34.         Great Sermon, page 157, verse 11-12: “The salvation God promised us has reached us because the obstacle which is the Law has been removed for us forever. We are no longer in doubt as to whether we shall be saved or not, we can publish it wide that we are the saved of this dispensation”.
35.         We can publish it wide that we are the saved of this dispensation because the obstacle has been removed. The plan God has for salvation, the nature God has for salvation, has been revealed to us as revealed to the Son of Man and He revealed it to us. However, to them in the world, they do not have the plan, they do not have the nature of God, and remember our Message says, “God’s nature is your ticket to Paradise;” and St. Paul says that in a vision fourteen years ago, he travelled to Paradise and he heard things that he was not permitted to say.
36.         The nature that God wants His people to have in Paradise has been given to us. The plan has been given to us. Outside the Bride, outside this circle, no other being under Heaven has the nature of God or the plan of God. That is why they are panicking. That is why they are afraid, but to the Bride, to as many as have anchored their faith in the Ministry we are in, in the Faith we have received from God, they have no problem.  We are the saved of this dispensation.
37.         “Facing The Fact of our Faith,” page 43 verse 14: let me repeat that prophecy again: “This prophecy, the Lord used Apostle Peter Odoemena, Voice of the Spirit which reads: “Will My people hear? Will they understand that I, The Sovereign Lord changeth not? I have chosen you and called you My people. It is not a guarantee that I will not punish you when you sin against Me and provoke My Spirit to jealousy by forsaking My Holy commandment. I warn all of you this day. If you must live with Me eternally, hearken and obey my Word. Keep my Holy commandments and instructions from My Servants. I the Lord have spoken and will perform the oath which I swore by My Name, that I will lead you safely to the end as long as you keep obeying Me.”
38.          What if you didn’t keep obeying Him? Will He save you to the end? It’s highly impossible. For God has revealed His nature, He has revealed His plan to His servant and to His people. That is why he did not choose us to receive His wrath. He did not call us to receive His judgment. If He has called us to receive His judgment, He will never reveal His nature to us neither will He reveal His plan to us.
39.         Hebrews 1 : 1-3, “Long ago God spoke in many different ways to our fathers through the prophets, in visions, dreams, and even face-to-face, telling them little by little about his plans.”
40.         Long ago God spoke to our fathers little by little in dreams, in visions, about His plan; the plan which He has revealed to His servant, His nature which He has revealed to His servant, that was what He was telling them little by little. Now let us see what He did now.
41.         …But now in these days he has spoken to us through his Son…
42.         Now in this day He has spoke to us through His dear Son. It is no longer through the Prophet, no longer through the vision, no longer through the dream, but through His own dear Son.
43.         “…to whom he has given everything…
44.         He has given everything for God is no longer judging anybody but He has committed the judgment into the hands of His Son for whoever the Son sets free is free; whosoever the Son condemns is condemned.
45.         “…And through whom he made the world and everything there is. God's Son shines out with God's glory, and all that God's Son is and does marks him as God. He regulates the universe by the mighty power of his command. He is the one who died to cleanse us and clear our record of all sin, and then sat down in highest honor beside the great God of heaven.” LB.
46.         God who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,
47.         Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;
48.         Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high.” KJV.
49.          In many separate revelations, each of which set forth the portion of the truth, and in different ways, God spoke of old to our forefathers through the Prophets, but in the last days of this age, He has spoken to us in the person of His Son. Amen.

Remain blessed, you pray for me while I pray for you. I am in the pulpit because He wants me to be in the pulpit otherwise the flesh is very weak.
2.            St. Paul said that it behoves on him to preach the Gospel both in evil and good reports, in health and in sickness, even in the face of death.
3.            If you are called to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ, definitely you must pass through all these experiences. I just want to put you in remembrance of the things you have heard in time past.
4.            The book of Isaiah the Prophet puts it clearly that wise men of this world, astrologers and philosophers of this world, that they can make their predictions but they must all fail. However, when my Servant makes a prediction, it must surely stand.
5.            Have you read the Scripture before? Have you read it in this Church before? We have read it over and over. To show you the predictions of men wise men of the world, Astrologers and Philosophers, even those that are gifted with the gift of finding out secret information; whatever might be your predictions, God said ahead of time that they must all fail but when His Servant whom He has ordained to bear His Name makes a prediction in His Name, speaks a word in His Name, it must surely come to pass. Though it tarries, it must surely come to pass.
6.            God spoke through the mouth of Elijah concerning Ahab, after many years; the Lord said, “What am I going to do now so that the words which my Prophet Elijah said concerning Ahab in My Name must come to pass?”
7.            You see, the Lord remembered that there was something Elijah said concerning Ahab in the Name of the Lord. Let me tell you something, God is not honoring you, He is not honoring me, He is honoring His Name.
8.            If the President and Commander-In-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces confers me with authority to bear his name in Anambra State, that is, if he sends me on a mission to represent him maybe in the opening of anything in Anambra State, where the President  was expected to be physically present, but due to his numerous assignments in the office, he sends me there in his name, the news everywhere will be how the President  declared the ceremony open.
9.            However,  the personality who went to the state in the name of the President , must be accorded all the Presidential honor: security wise, accommodation wise, everything; these are accorded to the personality that is in Anambra State not on his own name but in the name of the President . He is entitled to receive all the honor that are due to the President .
10.         If he is treated with regard or with disregard, it is the President  that is being treated with regard or disregard. Now in the name of the President, he can make a pledge for instance, he may say, “On behalf of the President  of Nigeria I am giving one billion Naira in support of this particular event.”
11.         Whether the President likes it or not, he must redeem the promise for the promise was made in his name. The Government of Anambra State will never say that the man who came promised them that amount. Rather the news will be that the President promised to give Anambra State one billion Naira. Then the question arises: will the President  honor it? Whether he likes it or not he must honour it. Anambra State will not say one Mr. Odoemena came, representing Nigeria and said that he will be giving them this, no, the President  must be quoted.
12.         Whatever is the stand of any ambassador representing Nigeria in any foreign country, is the stand of Nigeria. Whatever statement he made there is credited to Nigeria. You see what it takes to be a representative, one that bears the name.
13.         Do you know that whatever might be his offence there as an ambassador nobody will arrest him, nobody will drag him to any court. If anybody is persecuted in that country and he takes refuge in the Nigerian Embassy in that same country, nobody will touch that person. If they touch him it becomes war between the two countries.
14.         I want you to see diplomatic immunity. Diplomatic immunity, see how strong that thing is. Do you know that if you are privileged to be nominated among the Presidential entourage and you travel abroad with him, when you land at the airport, no security agent ever searches you, rather you are being escorted with your luggage even if you are carrying cocaine or human head for your luggage is labeled “diplomatic luggage”.
15.         In addition, the vehicles are already there marked C.V.U (conference visitors unit). No police ever waves at that vehicle. “Open your booth” is not there. Who are you? Am I making sense?
16.         I was just using the little trip I made recently to Umueze-Anam as example, when friends in my former office including the present controller of the state invited my attention to be with them while we go for his condolence visit at Umueze-Anam. I wanted to go with Bishop Nnachor, Brother Emmanuel Nnachor and one of my friends also who came from Anam, but when I got that invitation that the controller will be going with few staff and with official vehicles with green number, I was very, very happy to travel with the controller; and he made a provision where I sat side by side with him.
17.         What a big honor! From Onitsha till we got to Umueze-Anam, no police officer ever waved at the vehicle for it is a Federal Government vehicle with green number. Seat belt or no seat belt, no road safety marshal ever asked for anything.
18.         When we drove into that village, there were all eyes on the vehicle. We were coming out one by one as elite people representing Federal Government.
19.         Understand me very well, why God must honor the predictions of His Servants or Messengers who bear His Name. They make such predictions in His Name and He is the One that sent them. Hence, they are not representing their personal interest but they are representing the interest of God Himself. Whether right or wrong, He is bound to redeem it.
20.         If what the representative of the President promised Anambra State is too big or too small, he must redeem it for he is indebted to Anambra State until he has redeemed the pledge the representative made on his behalf.
21.         Do you know that the man can never commit any crime? Whatever crime he committed the President committed it. To God be the glory.
22.         The Prophet Isaiah said it ahead of time that all predictions of human being must fail. Have you seen it?
23.         Isaiah 44 : 25 -26 :“I make fools of fortune tellers…
24.         I make fools of fortunetellers, people that can predict the future events and they will come to pass; God says that He makes fool of them. Brother Akparanta, I hope you are taking note! If there is anytime you embraced this Faith fully, it is now because from your confession, you made us to understand that you know about the man called Harold Camping far back in the year 1998 when he was unknown to us. Besides, it happened you are his transcriber in Igbo language.
25.         As time went on and he was paying you between 6 and 8 dollars on every transcription, you said that before that time, that Brother Phinehas of Jos had already given you a book titled “Hard Truth” and many other publications and continued teaching you.  you said that it was when you read the “Hard Truth” and discover that what the man was saying never contradicted with what we were saying, and you noted that the Message you were reading never emanated from America. There was nothing suggesting that it was foreign and then you showed interest. Nevertheless, are you sure that when you showed interest you abandoned that man?
26.         No matter how what John the Baptist received resembles that of Jesus Christ,  immediately John the Baptist point them to Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God, the Messiah that taketh away the sins of the world, the Bible  said that they left John the Baptist and followed Jesus Christ, however, some never left John the Baptist and these people that never left John the Baptist, one day they saw Jesus Christ and His disciples baptizing some people, they now ran to John the Baptist and said, “The man you baptized in the Jordan’s sea  and  you pointed us to, we met him baptizing with his disciples somewhere else and many people are going to them.”
27.         John the Baptist said, “Yes, He is the Messiah, I am not the Messiah for He will increase while I will decrease. What did I tell you before? I am just His forerunner. He is the best man so He is the One. Anybody that wants life must go to Him, my own is over. My ministry is to point people to Him,” finish which is also William Branham’s ministry.
28.         William Branham pointed all that believe in him to the coming Messiah. We will still go back there. Things happen according to prophecy.
29.          “…I make fools of fortune tellers and frustrate the predictions of Astrologers…
30.         I will frustrate the predictions of Astrologers, philosophers, theologians, scientists, mathematicians, no matter how accurate they have been in time past. The book of Job asked a question: “Can a man discover God?” “Through much knowledge,” he said, “Nobody has ever discovered God through much knowledge for God reveals Himself to whosoever He willeth. For no man knoweth the Father but the Son. No man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal Him. Is it not scriptural?
31.          “The words of the wise I refute…” the words of the wise I refute, I nullify, I make of none effect and show that their wisdom is foolishness.
32.         According to First Corinthians chapter 1, I will set aside the understanding of the scholars and the wise men. “God said that He will set it aside the understanding of the scholars and the wise men.
33.         But when my servant makes a prediction…
34.         But when my servant, God’s own servant makes a prediction, the difference is there. Whenever God’s own servant makes a prediction… 
35.         When I send a Messenger to reveal my plan, I make those plans and predictions come true.
36.         Who confirms it? God. God is behind His Word, God watches over His Word bringing it to pass.
37.         Do you know why I love Harold Camping? Nobody should speak evil of the man for he exercised his right like any other person.
38.         Report I have heard concerning him and his voices, I heard over the radio on many occasions, he never made the mistake that the Lord spoke to him, no. He never said that the Lord sent him to go and tell the world, rather, he is a member of an association called The Family Radio Ministry.
39.         When their former President, late Dr. Spencer died, Harold Camping now became the President and then because that little organization has the money they went into the air using too many channels both in the short wave (SW) 1, 2 and 3 and open up too many websites, and then televisions and things like that followed because they had the money to finance it.
40.         God does not show regard for anybody’s speech. God does not choose a man or confirm the word of a man because of his age or experience, otherwise David would not have been prefered to the rest of the elder brothers.
41.         Remember the first son of Jesse, I mean Abinadab was there together with others, David was the least of the family; oh, glory be to God. God does not consider your grey hair or your thousands of years of experience in  your calling.
42.         God does not respect grey hair otherwise He would have respected the grey hair of Harold Camping who graduated as a civil engineer in 1942 and he is 89 years this year with strength of a lion. His eyes are still bright till today. He reads the Scriptures more than anybody in our midst at the age of 89 years. Thus, if God respects old age or uses old age in His predictions and things like that, He has no reason why He should say, “Harold Camping, please keep quiet!”
43.         You see why I have always warned you that you should speak where God speaks and be silent where God is silent lest you will be proved a liar. I warned all of you. I am not the one that is making such nonsense predictions. If I should speak hard against him, many might be thinking that I was jealous of him or envying him but I warned that God has given us one Man, the voice of God to the Bride is one. God has never used two mouthpieces at any given time. It must be one Voice in the particular dispensation. Until that Voice goes away, another voice will never be raised.
44.         Has God ever used two voices at an age or dispensation? Crosscheck history, crosscheck events, crosscheck Scriptures, it has never happened.
45.         In the year 2000, I warned you concerning millennium bug that nobody should mix it up with the Faith because of what you have read in the newspapers and magazines especially Times Magazine, and I have to reproduce that Times Magazine and then spoke the mind of God concerning it.
46.         What is more, I was thinking that my people will believe Me, instead of believing Me they believed the Times Magazine because it emanated from Europe and I have told you that it is easier to believe a white man than to believe a black man. If the Son of Man had appeared in America, it will be very easy for the world to believe.
47.         Number one, his ministry must be backed with money. You know all these capitalistic Churches are America oriented. Do you believe that? All Pentecostal Churches today in Nigeria are America oriented and they are all capitalistic. That is why they aim at making money by all means.
48.         Look at a common prediction a mathematician made, for a civil engineer is also a mathematician; here in Nigeria, preachers capitalized on it. My son came back from school one day and was saying that one of their students whose parents belong to Deeper Life Church came to school and announced to them that the world is coming to an end come May 21, 2011. That their  G.S has already told them to get ready that those that are owing tithe should pay their tithe and make sure they are not owing God any kobo.
49.         What is it? It is an opportunity to recover all past debts. You know some debts are past; it became an opportunity to recover past debts. As a result, many preachers started chipping the thing in.
50.         Chris Oyakilome of Christ Embassy in one of their usual tracks titled Rhapsody of Reality has predicted his own end of the world. One Professor Uzoma of Assembly of God, Enugu has predicted his own end of the world.
51.         In addition, you remember during the Ministers’ Meeting, the Voice said that of all the predictions, what has the Son of Man said on this matter? For there must be one Voice and I remember I made it clear to you that we have more than four hundred Nigerian Prophets but one Prophet of God.
52.         As it was in the land of Israel, in the day of Ahab and Jehoshaphat, Israel had four hundred (400) Prophets but there was only one Prophet of God named Micaiah whose voice was in the minority, very distinct for he does not share the views of other persons.
53.         When it is time to know the truth they must go to him but when they want to make politics, they know where to go.
54.         Just like this year 2011, the whole Nigerian Prophets, all men of God in Nigeria starting from 28 December to 31 December 2010, watch all their predictions for Nigeria, they said that in the year 2011, there will be peaceful election, holy election, everything peaceful all to please the ruling party. Because of the prophecy of Adeboye of the Redeemed Church, President  Jonathan has to go there to worship after which he doled out a huge some of Ten Million Naira for the expansion of the Church and the University for he prophesied good.
55.         Note another example, late President  Yara’dua came back from treatment in Europe and went to the synagogue of the nations with all his cabinets simply because T.B Joshua had already told him that God has declared him healed. He spoke good concerning the late President and  he doled out Ten Million Naira to him and then conferred him with the honor OFR—Nigerian Prophets.
56.         However, when we came down to fellowship in the Bride, the Lord spoke saying, “Watch him, he will soon go back. If he comes down from that bed, I will come down from the pulpit.”
57.         Concerning the predicted free and fair election, peaceful election, God said that it is a mere ruse.
58.         The rest of the prophets said good, good, good things but in our midst, the Voice said, “Don’t ever listen to such things for they are mere ruse and the worst election is the one that will take place if there will be an election at all; for the whole thing is fixed.
59.         He (the Voice, the Son of Man) said, “The greatest bloodbath shall be witnessed this time,” and He mentioned the cities, namely: Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Gombe, Jos, Suleja.
60.         You were in the Ministers’ Meeting. They said that Suleja has been in peace, that Kafachan has been in peace, the Voice said, “This time around there will be bloodbath in these two ends. If you have your relations in these two areas, tell them to come down to the East.”
61.         Did it fulfill? Yes! Who announced the next crime that will come to stay after kidnapping? God! Where? In the general hospital, the day Apostle Kelechi’s wife was in Labor, Brother Kelechi recorded it with his handset, went to the pulpit and announced it.
62.         He was in the general hospital with the Son of Man, Pastor Christian Dike and many others and the Son of Man said it.
63.         Watch, many of the secrets God released to His disciples, He did it in their private place, saying, “I want to tell all of you that another spate of crime is coming. From now there will be suicide bombing and all strategic places in Nigeria shall be bombed and once it starts, it will spread sporadically, beginning from Abuja, it will no longer be a Niger Delta affair alone; watch out,” and we left.
64.         It was when the prophecy fulfilled—I have already forgotten it—that Apostle Kelechi mounted the pulpit, scrolled his handset and read it to all of you. From that time till today, has bombing and suicide bombing not come to stay?
65.         I remember what I told Brother Okoh concerning Emene Enugu. I said, “Pray hard, Enugu is going to receive their share and it is Emene. Pray hard. We are praying for you because we have our Brethren there.”
66.         Less than two months later, report reached me and confirmed that one of our Brothers, Deacon Abraham was working along side with others and he uncovered bombs that were there. If the Lord had not intervened, who knows who would have become the first casualty? However, the Lord saw it ahead of time, the Lord God will do nothing but revealeth His secrets to His Servant the Prophet.  Will there be evil in the city and the Lord has not done it? He said, “Never, never.” Amen.

I am the Lord God Almighty, I make peace and I make war. Life and death are in the hands of Almighty God, what is your claim then? What can you claim to do? Can you save your life? Even if you want to commit suicide, if God does not sign it, you will not commit it. You will change your mind or somebody will redeem you. Whatever God has never approved will not happen.
2.          Now, not minding that many people must perish, God still honored the prediction of His Messenger which He made in His Name, the consequences not withstanding. I do not want to go further there.
3.          Remember Isaiah chapter 44 : 26-27 …God nullifies, making of none effect all the predictions of all astrologers, wise men and setting them aside. Proving them to be useless nonsense; but when a Servant of God, a Messenger from God makes a prediction, that God must bring it to pass for He has made the prediction in the Name of the Lord.
4.          That is why Psalms 115 said, “Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake.”
5.          “Glorify your name, not ours, O Lord! Cause everyone to praise your loving-kindness and your truth.” LB.
6.          “Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake.” KJV.
7.          God does not give glory to any man, God can never share His glory with any man. 
8.          I have told you time without number why you should relax with the Voice you are hearing in your own day. Remember you must recognize your own day and its own Message, and the Message of your day is in the heart of the Messenger of your day for there can never be a Message without a Messenger.
9.          The Messenger Himself is the Message. If you receive the Messenger, you have received His Message. When you reject the Messenger, you have rejected His Message.
10.       Is Harold Camping your Messenger? Who is sent to the Bride, is it Harold Camping from Oakland in California of America? You want to make William Branham a liar! William Branham said, “I can see Him as a black sheep lying in one of the jungles in Africa.”
11.       This will be the greatest stumbling block to the Americans for every other people will believe but America will not believe this one, that God could come from the blacks. Go back to the Message titled, “God in Despised Places.”
12.       He said, “Watch this Whitehouse, which caused them to kill a man of God called Martin Luther King (Jr); a Baptist, while he was preaching in the pulpit, against racial discrimination they shot him from the window, the man fell flat and died in the Church, instead of carrying the corpse away; his second mounted the pulpit with one leg on the corpse, another leg on the pulpit and press down the Message, hammered it, hammered it, brought back that dream: I see a dream, I have a dream, one of these days when my children will no longer be discriminated because of the color of their flesh. I have a dream, I have a dream!”
13.       Immediately Obama fulfilled the prophecy of the Son of Man, MTN network, worldwide used the words of Martin Luther Jr. “I have a dream” as a caller tone and it is ringing everywhere.
14.       If you are feeling sad that rapture did not take place as Harold Camping predicted it, on 21 May, 2011, it is a sure sign that you are a disciple of Harold Camping. In other words, you cannot be his disciple and Christ disciple at the same time, no, you must belong to one body for you can never be neutral on this matter.
15.       Publish it far and wide, if you are feeling disappointed, it goes to show you are stranger and a foreigner in our midst, who is merely making the pretence of believing the Son of Man. Have I ever pointed you to Harold Camping? Did God point you to Harold Camping? Did He say, “Look up to him”? Is he your Messenger?
16.       Let me tell you, he has no track record. One, he is not a shepherd. Two, he is not a Prophet. Three, he is not an Apostle. How can the secret of God’s plan be revealed to Mr. Camping? To crown it all, he has never come with the Spoken Word, which is the Original Seed. Thus, he only came with his own understanding and mathematical calculation and God said, “Lean not on your own understanding.” Do not lean on your own understanding but lean on God.
17.       I told you clearly, inasmuch as I am not setting it aside, because I know anything can happen anytime from now, I have not yet confirmed it, and until it is confirmed by the Son of Man, you have no right to pin your hope there. Let no man fix God to any time or day or year or month. So do not try it. Do not ever try it. Glory be to God in the highest.
18.       When we are talking about people that discovered the secret of Elijah’s departure, they were Prophets and children of the Prophets but Harold Camping is not a Prophet, neither is he one of the children of the Prophets and he has no covenant with God. He knows only the written Word. He does not know anything about the Spoken Word. In other words, he limits himself and limits God to what is written, which is insufficient, for if it is sufficient, there was no need for God to be sending, even till today, Prophets and Apostles.
19.       For the book of St. Luke made it clear from Jesus Christ’s mouth, “Thus saith the wisdom of the Lord, I will send to you Prophets and Apostles, some of them you will kill like your fathers did but the blood of all the saints shall be required of you.”
20.       If you limit yourself to the Bible , you will never believe “Thus sayeth the Lord”. Hence, your dream becomes useless. Your vision becomes useless. In other words, God cannot talk to you again for you have limited God to past events. To you, God is past event, but to every child of God, God is present tense. Not present tense only, present continuous tense, for what He did in time past, that is what He is repeating over and over again, that men will fear before Him. THUS, He is present continuous tense.
21.       If Harold Camping feels he is a teacher, I more. In addition, I made it clear that all human predictions and calculations, no matter how good they may sound, are subject to confirmation by the Son of Man. For now, I have not confirmed even one. Therefore, you can fix your date, it is your right.
22.       To God be the Glory for the great things He has done. I love you, but I believe God loves you more. William Branham made it clear in one of the prophecies, so we are not surprised in what is happening.
23.       He said, “All these phonies will come first to upset the real thing, before the real thing will appear.” Remember that phony means false, counterfeit. God is behind it so that unbelief will be hard in the hearts of the people of the world. He will harden them and blind them so much, so that when the real thing shall come, they will no longer believe. They will place it where they placed others that failed.
24.       Yes! The more human predictions are failing, the more mockers and scoffers are increasing, and the smaller the children of the Kingdom become in number. For the failure of every human prediction trims down the crowd.
25.       We do not know how many that have incurred debts and have decided to fly away last weekend. I do not know how many that have rolled themselves into one trouble or the other and they are desiring that the world will come to an end even last night. Nevertheless, God said, “If you are having such feelings, if it happens, you will not be there.”
26.       Who will be in paradise? Those whose hearts are clean, who are relaxed, who are desiring it not because they are owing debts they cannot pay, or they are in trouble in one way or the other, or they are having sicknesses, but they are tired of what is happening in the world.
27.       In terms of material possession, they are comfortable. They have mansions, they have money, they have remnant, they are blessed, but they are no longer desiring to stay in this world because of the wide spread of evil in the society.
28.       God said, “Go and number them. Put a mark on their foreheads, who are feeling troubled by the abominations of the whole Earth. As many as are desiring to remain here eternally, note them.”  
29.       The Apostles came to a point where the world was no longer safe for them to live because of wide spread evil.
30.       I went to Awka recently to be a part of a wedding ceremony that involved my brother-in-Law and his wife. At Canaan Hall, I observed too many things. In short, we learnt a lot. They ushered in the bride and the bridegroom as usual, ushered all that were to officiate. When it came to prayers, they asked a question, “Any reverend father here? Any Ukochukwu (priest) or knight here?” then my in-Law shouted saying, “We have Ukochukwu here! We have everything. Bring the microphone! We have a priest here!”
31.       The head of the family of the Ogwari rose up with his brothers, everybody scrambling for the microphone: “Give us the microphone, we have a priest here! What is knight? Give us the microphone. We have a priest who will pray for us;” and the chairman noticed what was happening and said, “Pastor, can you please come and help us now! Come and pray for us!”
32.       I stood up, looked round, went straight and collected the microphone, then I said, “Praise be to God!”
33.       Yes! God has placed Me where I will command the whole world to obey Me. It is not somebody praying and I will say Amen. I am now going to pray my own way, calling upon my own God and all of them will say Amen.
34.       Thus, I mounted the scene and said, “Let us give reverence to Almighty God. Switch off all the music and everything. I want real silence; every head MUST bow down and respect God on the Throne,” and every head bowed down.
35.       Then I first of all admired the large hall, the crowd, everybody bending down. I said, “Even if it does not happen again;” you see, Satan will rise to testify against this generation. Do not be among the people the Devil will testify against.
36.       At Aguleri, somebody you called a heathen, identified the gift of God to Aguleri and proclaimed, “Aguleri never knew what has visited this land today. The first God! The Almighty God!” and they thought he was crazy. He was not crazy. Revelation struck him.
37.       Surely, every knee must bow; every tongue must confess that the Son of Man is the Lord.
38.       He that Jesus promised would come is the Son of Man. He was there in their midst and He spoke to them thus I quote, “When the Son of Man shall come, shall He find faith among them?” Who is promised to come? The Son of Man. Who will judge the world? The Son of Man. Who is the Man that plants the good seed? Remember the parable of the Kingdom as it was written in the Scriptures. That is, the parable of the weeds.
39.       The man that planted the good seed is the Son of Man. It was a parable explained by Jesus Christ inside the house.
40.       St. Matthew 13: 24-30, “Jesus told them another parable. The Kingdom of God is like this; A man sowed good seeds in his field…”
41.       Note it, a MAN, not MEN sowed good seeds in His Kingdom and when he slept the enemy came and sowed his own. The Parable of the Kingdom.
42.       One night, when everyone was asleep, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the weed and went away. When the plant grew and the ears of corn began to form, then the weeds showed up.
43.       The man’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, it was good seeds that you sowed in your field, where did the weeds come from? It was some enemy who did this,’ he answered.
44.       ‘Do you want us to go and pull up the weeds?’ They asked him. ‘No,’ he answered, ‘because as you gather the weeds, you might pull up some of the weed along with them. Let the weed and the weeds all grow together until harvest.
45.       Then I will tell the harvest workers to pull up the weeds first, tie them in bundles and burn them, and then to gather in the weed and put it in my barn.” GNB.
46.        From verse 36, the parable is explained just like the parable of the sower.
47.       Verse 36, “When Jesus had left the crowd,” now Jesus has left the crowd.
48.       “…and gone indoor, his disciples came to him and said, ‘Tell us what the parable about the weeds in the field means…’
49.       Note, his disciples came to him. Remember he has spoken to the world in parables and fulfilled the word that said, “He spoke to them in the world in parable but to them that are within he spoke to them in plain language.”
50.        He spoke to the crowd in parable and went into the house but his disciples now went there with him and asked him a question.
51.       His disciples came to him and said, “Tell us the parables about the weed, the meaning. Please explain this parable to us.”
52.        “And Jesus answered, the man who sowed the good seed is the Son of Man…
53.       Note, the man who sowed the good seed is who? The Son of Man.
54.       The field is the world, the good seed is the people who belong to the Kingdom. The weeds are the people who belong to the Evil One, and the enemy who sowed the weed is the Devil, the harvest is the end of the age. And the harvest workers are angels.”
55.       The harvest is the end of the age. The harvest workers are who? Angels! Angels are ministers, angels are human beings, Messengers.
56.        “Just as the weed are gathered up and burnt in the fire so the same thing will happen at the end of the age.
57.       The Son of Man will send out his angels to gather up out of His Kingdom all those who cause people to sin and all others who do evil things and they will throw them into the fiery furnace where they will cry and grind their teeth. Then God’s people will shine like sun in their Father’s Kingdom.” LB.
58.       Who explain the parable? The same person. Did he explain the parable to the people outside? No.
59.       Listen, listen, then, if you have ears.” GNB.
60.       Listen then if you have ears, but where you claim to be ignorant, remain ignorant. In all the Messages, we hear, “Believe it if you can.” Nevertheless, where you cannot believe it, it can never change the truth. The highest thing you can say to the Voice of the Son of Man is that you do not believe. That you do not believe is your right. It is your right to believe, it is also your right not to believe.
61.       Whether you believe it or you disbelieve it, it can never change it. The truth remains the truth. Call me Devil; call me everything, still, I am what I am. You can do nothing against the truth rather we are for the truth.
62.       If you belong to Harold Camping, your doom has been published because you have come to the end of your career. Now his prediction has failed, you now have the right to behave the way you want because your Messenger has disappointed you.
63.       However, as many as are still with the Son of Man, who have believed the Son of Man, they are not making pretences that they believe, they have believed with all their hearts to the saving of their souls. They are grounded, rooted, immovable, unshaken with a vow that not even death can disarm them of the truth. That to live is Christ, to die is Christ and to die in Christ is great gain, no going back for we know where we are standing. We can see the Promise and as long as we see the Promise ahead, we must get it until we get it, no going back.
64.       If we have gotten it, we would have packed from this Faith but as long as the Promise is still there and our eyes are fixed there; we are running towards the mark.
65.       I told you I am the true Master Builder; go back to the Message titled “The Two Master Builders.” I am taking my time, I am not in a haste, I can never present to my Father half-baked bread. No! I bake my disciples the same way Jesus baked his disciples but he did not bake them too much for there was no time for him. Three years alone could not bake them. However, I have been baking you since the year 1992 up till today, I believe I have baked you enough—all round baking.
66.       I have baked you in suffering, I have baked you through hardship, I have baked you through sorrow, through pains, through sickness, through unemployment. I have baked you in the time of want, in time of everything. I am now baking you in the time when you are rejoicing.
67.       If you look outside and everywhere remember the Voice that said, “Within this short period the Lord is going to put smiles on your faces for you will never go to Heaven with sorrow or pain nor sadden faces. You are meeting Him in the air with joy, He said He is coming your way with mighty blessing and it will not last long. He said that He will cut it very short when it has become very sweet, otherwise you will not desire to go again and  the world will swallow all of you up.
68.       As at that time nobody was riding jeep among us, nobody was riding even costly cars but today watch what is happening, everybody is desiring to build skyscrapers, ride aeroplane; people can fly in the air, you have added weight. Women are more beautiful now than before. Brothers are more handsome than before, the students are pulling weight, everybody is feeling happy. Some will say, “Let us enjoy this thing a little,” but God is saying, “No, the end has come. No! You will be swallowed up.”
69.       Assuming you are building a new mansion like my own, if you go there and watch the thing round, if God is not with you, when you live there you will say, “God, withhold rapture for two years;” when women will open their boxes and watch the number of cloths they now have and the prospect of advancement, they will say, “Father, please another two years.”
70.       What of those that are not yet married. However, God is saying no, it is all over! He has fulfilled His Word. Even if He has used one man alone to fulfill it, it is all over.
71.       Bishop Okoh, that your name is there in the Whitehouse in Washington because of the art work you made for Obama, it is not salvation. It is mere popularity which is more dangerous than the art work you made, so take note of what I am saying for that is where your life is tied to. Nobody can redeem himself or his soul from Hell with his wealth, no. Amen.  

Harold Camping is my friend and will remain my friend. I love his boldness, I love his courage. Even last night his radio was still on, his voice was heard. I believe he will continue. Anybody condemning him is a fool. Yes! For he came out with his answer with his own arithmetic formula. You can come up with your own too.
2.            Yes! There are too many textbooks on every subject in the market. Some are superior to the others, so your dogmatic assertion depends on the one you are using. Based on the mathematical book he used, he made his own assertion, but the one God is using is higher than his own.
3.            Well, I will not speak much there now. Nevertheless, be very careful. Know who your Master is. Know who your leader is. Know who your instructor is. We have only but one Instructor. We are all Messengers of the same Message.
4.            When a Message goes forth, all instructors will hook up to the Messenger and then encourage their fellow brethren without contradiction. I am still affirming that we have come to the end of all things. Let Me just give you a little illustration.  
5.            As many as have handsets, once it is charged and the battery is full, you rejoice and you begin to use your phone. Watch the rate at which the battery bars vanish, sometimes it may be surprising, but when it gets to the last bar, that last bar may be there receiving and making calls for a long time. Sometimes, when you make a call it will read low battery and it will still be making calls yet the battery is low and it will stay there. Before it goes off, it will even take as much time as it took for the rest of the bars to come to one. Have you noticed it?
6.            However, when it wants to go off no further sign, it goes off piam! Black out. What it more, it might be when you are making a very important call. Am I making sense?
7.            If you are not observant to this, please try to be observant. I told you I will use everything to illustrate these things.
8.            The Voice said, “We have arrived at the Gate, what remains is one thing which is opening the gate,” but it is still locked even now. Nobody has been there. I am telling you the pure truth in Christ. Nobody is there but everything has been ready. I will show you the whole thing.
9.            Everything has been made ready, but nobody is there. The Voice said, “I don’t know how long we are going to stay at this gate: it can be one day, it can be ten days it can be one year, it can be one month I don’t know how long.
10.         What am I doing? I am putting finishing touches. I am facing you and you are facing Me. I am giving you the last minute instruction, the regulation on how you can enter the Kingdom undisturbed. I call it the last cleansing by the Word. Disarming you of your own self-initiated plans of salvation so that you can depend hundred percent (100%) on God’s own salvation. For many of you are holding God’s salvation plus your own salvation and I want to say it that the moment human beings reject God’s salvation, they are about to initiate their own plan.
11.         The way they think, the way they feel, things they ought to do in preparatory for the rapture; if I tell you to prepare, what are you going to do?
12.         When Moses told them to prepare in Goshen, he was the one that told them what to do. If I tell you prepare, I will tell you what to do. Who knows what it takes to prepare? It is God! That is why He is telling you that all these years, look at what I have used to bring you to this gate.
13.         Now, look at the qualification for entering to make sure everybody will enter at the same time.
14.         Let me tell you what I am trying to do: if it is an offence let me commit it. To all that believed in me with all their hearts, my idea is to do something: If there is a very big surge in the bank, a large crowd in the bank for banking business and it is discovered that allowing them to pass one by one may cause a dangerous delay, the security is disconnected. A security bar is introduced, the security man will hold the security bar and keep on passing people: oya, go in, oya, go in.” Hallelujah!
15.         The moment the crowd is reduced, he will rush there to reconnect the security door, it becomes one by one as many as the security door will release.
16.         Now, you will discover that many were allowed in with everything excluding rifle or short gun or dangerous weapon, you can enter with your handsets on, with your keys, with your bags and everything but the only person the security bar will make sound, vibrate and show light is somebody holding dangerous weapon, once the security bar makes a sound and vibrates, the security man will stop him.
17.         Now the moment the security door is reconnected again, the security searches everything metal and everything suspicion. What can you say concerning those who entered with everything? Grace ushered them in. Grace has ushered them in, in groups, both young and old, everybody is ushered in. Hallelujah!
18.         That is why God is saying, “Try to make use of this golden offer, this free offer of salvation God has offered to you through Christ. For you cannot make it on your own. Do not abuse this free offer for it is a free offer.”
19.         The security men will open the door like that, not suspecting any of the customer. However, before that is done, as intelligent and trained officials, they have used their eyes to assess the caliber of the customers, they know there can never be a harmful customer among these people that are flooded at the gate. Then they will begin to pass everybody into the bank: “Everybody, oya! Oya!”
20.         The moment the big people start coming, he will reconnect it so that the suit he cannot search, the man he cannot talk to, something will talk to him: “Oga, press am and enter.” The big man will say, “What, you mean I should press?” “Yes, I don connect am, press and enter,” the security man will say again.
21.         “What of those who entered free, or you hate me, are you suspecting me?” the big man will protest.  “Sir, I am not suspecting you, this is the Law guiding it. Or do you want my employer to sack me? No!”
22.         The big man will press the button and enter the court, then the door will blow alarm, kpim! kpim! kpim! and the security man will say, “Oga come out!” No respect for your suit, you will simply hear, 
“Oga come out. If you delay, others will drag you out.” Can you catch the show? Hallelujah!
23.         I have not gone back to the Word, I am still using the Spoken Word, I  am just using the Spoken Word. Of course you know the Spoken Word is the Original Seed for whosoever God sends speaks the Word of God. He does not read Bible , he speaks the Word of God for God is with him.
24.         Why should you panic? Why should you be afraid when God is with you? Do you really believe that God is with you? Now, God is with you while you are with Him. If you forsake Him, He must surely forsake you. When you draw near onto Him, He will draw near onto you. When you are far from God, He is also far from you. If you are far from God, you have already made your self a wicked man, for the Bible said that God is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayers of His Saints. He attends to their needs.
25.         If you make God your enemy, God has already made you to be His enemy. The same measure you measure unto God, the same thing shall be measured back unto you, for any seed a man soweth, that he must reap.
26.          “Sirs Is It The Time?”, page 45, last paragraph, preached on 30 December, 1962 by William Branham: “Now listen, this Angel came down from Heaven, see…
27.         Note, like I said earlier on and the Scriptures even confirmed it, angel means a messenger, a human being.
28.         Saint John 19 : 6, “When the chief priests therefore and officers saw him, they cried out, saying, Crucify him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Take ye him, and crucify him : for I find no fault in him.” KJV.
29.         At the sight of Him, the chief priest and his officials began to yell, ‘Crucify! Crucify!’ ‘You crucify Him’, Pilate said, ‘I find Him not guilty’.” LB. 
30.         If you go further, he was demanding why. They said, “By our Law, He ought to die”.
31.         Verse 7: “They replied, “By our Laws, He ought to die because he called Himself the Son of God.” LB.
32.         “The Jews answered him, We have a Law, and by our Law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.” KJV.  
33.         “The crowd answered back, ‘We have a Law that says He ought to die, because He claimed to be the Son of God”. GNB.
34.         Brethren you see, by the Law, all of you that are in this Faith you are condemned to die for you claim you are sons and daughters of God and that is what the Bible says you are. Are you not sons and daughters of God? Who made you sons and daughters of God? Who called you sons and daughters of God? God!  
35.         You see why the Law saves nobody alive. The Law dehumanizes God. The Law debases God. The Bible says you are sons and daughters of God, and the Law says if you dare say you are a son of God, you must be put to death. Well, I do not know what to say again. If people answer sons and daughters of God and my own is Son of Man, I don’t know which one is higher.
36.         If you go to another portion of the Bible, there they said he is worthy of death for he is a mere man but maketh himself God, by so doing they have understood that a Son of God is God. For saying he is a Son of God, they said he maketh himself equal to God. For that reason he must die. The Jews said, “That is what our Law says.”
37.         Without the Son of Man, all of you were totally lost. Completely lost. Without the Son of Man appearing you would have been judged guilty of crucifying Christ. The blood of Christ would have been required from your hands. For Christ is the Word of God and the Word of God is God Himself.
38.         At one time or the other, you crucified the Word of God. “By our Law, he ought to die.” Who gave them that Law? God gave them Law that will kill Him (God). Are these people not funny? God gave the Law to Moses, Moses handed the Law over to the people of the Jews; the Jews now used the Law to kill God. They used the Law against God the Lawgiver.
39.         They claimed to have knowledge of the Law more than the Initiator, the Giver, the Writer and Author of the Law. Don’t we have such people among us? We have such people among us who will like everything to go the way they see it and the way they think. If it does not go the line of their thinking, they will say no to it. I called them borderline believers.
40.         Are they believers? They are make-ups, tares whom the Son of Man will send the angels to gather first and put them in fiery furnace and this people are the cause of offence in the Bride, always upsetting the faith of our brethren. Always coming with damnable heresies trying to seduce the faith of people of God away from the truth. Strangers!
41.         That is why God warned: “Do not listen to the voice of a stranger.” Know your stand for God is not a white man.
42.         I want to ask this simple question. How many know that the Jews are blacks? You see, nobody knows that. Thus, you think the Jews are white? The Jews are not whites, the Jews are Africans. They are blacks. Do you know that Barack Obama is a black man?
43.         Please, go and read the Scriptures, read the whole of the Old Testament if you can, all the names of the Jews are the names of the blacks. No white man ever answers the name of a Jew unless he is re-baptized in the name of a Jew.
44.         You cannot see Harold Camping, you can never see Smith. Go and check it you can never see such. You see the name Ezekiel, you see the name Jeremiah, you see the name Aaron and many other names, they are all black people’s names for no white man answers the name Ezekiel, Jeremiah or Nehemiah. Never, never. Then if you are answering John, Peter, Boniface, Andrew, Mathias, you are answering Romans name.
45.         Are you surprised? Oh, you think God is a white man? God is not a white man, this is hard to believe. You know people narrow blacks to those whose skins are dark in complexion. Even if you are whiter than any other person in this Faith,  your skin, your eyes, your ears and your thick lips will all tell the whole world that you are a black man.
46.         Marry a white, let all your children be white, yet in that land that you marry your wife who is a white woman your children are regarded as blacks. Well, I do not know whether I am making a sense, but I believe am making a sense.
47.         “Sirs is It the Time?” Have we come to the end of all things?
48.         Now listen, this Angel came down from Heaven. See, the other seven angels of the seven Churches were Earthly Messengers…
49.         Do you now understand what I am saying? The other seven of the seven Church Ages, they were earthly messengers. In other words, ranging from the first angel Messenger which is Apostle Paul to William Branham the last Messenger to Laodicea Church Age, they were all earthly messengers;  men of the Earth.
50.         “…Now listen, this angel came down from Heaven see, the other seven angels of the seven Churches were Earthly Messengers…”
51.          Is this easy to believe? That somebody who was conceived by a woman whose house you could locate, came back and said, “I came down from Heaven not to do my will but the will of my Father who sent me;” is it easy to believe?
52.         Your own townsman, you know the father, you know the mother, you can say the day the mother was married, you saw the mother pregnant, then the boy came up one day to tell you that he is not earthly, that he came down from Heaven not to do his own will, but the will of his Father who sent him; can you believe that to be truth? Is it not a stumbling block especially when they could see his parents, his relations, they could point to his shop, they could see him eating corn with his followers, eating bread and fish on the main road, they could see him being carried by canoe, even when he slept the tide nearly swept him away; after the day’s activities he became tired and then he slept, can God be tired?
53.         How can he say he is God? Always laboring with us, you see him going to work and coming back everyday. If he is God, he should own everything, command and everything will be coming. However, he goes to work and comes back.
54.         Sometimes He will say, “Do not disturb me, I am tired.” They said, “See him, God indeed! Hungry God! See as he is eating corn with his disciples. See him plucking corncobs.”
55.         Let Me tell you, a mere man. Such a man they could say, “Look, this man is a vagabond. He mingles with prostitutes and notorious criminals. Besides, he drinks. He is a glutton and a drunkard. The whole criminals and prostitutes are all his friends. He said he is Almighty God. God welcome! He said that he came down from Heaven!”
56.         Do you think it is easy to believe God? You see why the Bible said, “This believing is not of your own effort or yourself striving. Believing is God’s free gift for if God is not with you, you can never, never believe. If  you are told that this man is the one that created  you, created both the Heaven and Earth, will  you believe?
57.         It will take God to make you believe a hungry man to be God. Sometimes, He could beg food from His disciples: “Yes! Brother Andrew, do you have a little bread or fish there?” A little while He will give them money to go to market and buy food and this is the man that said, “I am the Lord God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything thereof. I own everything.”
58.         “If I am hungry, I will never tell anybody,” and now He is hungry, He is asking for bread and fish. He is even giving money to go and buy food. They said, “The Law said, ‘When the Messiah shall come, when Christ shall come nobody will know where He is coming from or where He is going,’ but for this man we can tell about his genealogy.”
59.         Do you think it is easy? Harold Camping still believes that Jesus is coming soon to take the believers away. He is waiting to see Jesus but you know the person that is coming. He that is promised to come has come and He is in the Bride already, making the Bride ready for He alone knows how to put the Bride in rapturing order. The man said, “I am taking believers believing what you bring. Believe what? What have they believed?”
60.         I do not want to fool anybody, and I have never fooled you before. After all, I am inside the boat with you. However, Harold Camping is not in this boat. He is not captaining any boat. He has nobody that has pinned his hope on him. What is he then? Any day the catching away of the Saints becomes a radio issue, a worldwide issue, well, I will commit suicide. Has it happened that way before? Who can nullify the Word of God? Nobody!
61.         Are you Harold Camping disciples? Whosoever that ate all is food yesterday, drank all his wine, spent all his money will start afresh today. The rest of the Seven Messengers are Messengers from the Earth, Messengers of the Seven Church Ages which started from St. Paul to William Branham.
62.         “Now listen, this Angel came down from Heaven. The other seven angels of the Seven Churches were earthly messengers but with this Angel all the Message is finish. This angel winds up the whole thing. This angel comes not to the Earth.
63.         He comes not to the Earth means He is not a worldwide Messenger. “This angel comes not to the Earth…” not to the world “…He isn’t a man from the Earthlike the Messengers to the seven Church ages.
64.         Why not say Amen! Is Harold Camping among these angels? Somebody who does not believe in the Prophets for he said that the time of the Prophets are over and to him God is not doing any new thing again.
65.         This angel comes not to the Earth, he isn’t a man from the Earth like the Messengers to the Seven Church Ages.”
66.         Remember he must be a man, not a man from the Earth. Is it easy to believe such a person?
67.         This Angel brings the next announcement…
68.         This Angel brings what? The next announcement. He brings what? The next announcement.
69.         Note, not Harold Camping, not radio announcement or newspaper announcement.
70.         But this angel brings the next announcement. An angel means Messenger and he come down from Heaven in that Pillar of Light clothed in a Cloud with a Rainbow over His head.”
71.         Clothed with a Cloud and with a Rainbow over his head and a rainbow is a covenant, that is, a Rainbow signifies a covenant.
72.         It is Christ with one foot on the land and another one on the sea, and He swear that time will be no longer. Where are we sir? What are all of these about? I am asking you. Your other angels were your Messengers, men of the Earth, but this Angel was the One that spoke to the Church of Laodicea that spoke to the Church of Ephesians…
73.         This Angel is the one that moved in the midst of the Seven Candle Sticks gathering all the loose ends. That is the Root and offspring of Jesse. He that moved in the midst of the Seven Candle Sticks gathering all the loose ends to present them to Christ.
74.         …This Angel was the One that spoke to the Church of Laodicea, that spoke to the Church of Ephesians, Messengers of the Earth. See, men, Messengers, Prophets and so-called to the Churches. But this One didn’t come from the Earth, he came down from Heaven because the mystery is all finish. And when the mystery is finish the Angel say ‘time shall be no more’ and the seven thunders utter their voices. What if it is something that will make us know how to enter into rupturing faith?”
75.         What if it is something that will make us know how to enter into the rapturing faith? What if that thing is something that will teach us, let us know the way to enter into that rapturing faith?
76.         We are really blessed.
77.         What if it is something that will make us know how to enter into rupturing faith? Is it? Will we run and leave over world; is there something about to happen? And these hopeless vain bodies are going to be changed. Can I live to see it oh Lord? Is it so close that I will see it? Is this the generation?
78.         Sir, my brethren what time is it? Where have we come to? Let us look at the watch, the calendar, see what date we are living in.
79.         Israel is in Palestine, in her homeland the end sign is it.  The six-pointed star of David of two(2000) thousand years ago nearly two thousand five hundred years ago, the oldest flag is flying. Israel is back to her homeland when the fig tree put up its bud. This generation shall not die, shall not pass away until all things are fulfilled.
80.         It can be closer than you think it is. It has got me spare oh, I have not done enough. What time have we come to? Time shall be no more. He announced that time is over. What happen? Could that be so? Now, brethren seriously think if it is, then the pyramid caped by the seven thunders.” hallelujah!
81.         I hope nobody is confused about what the Prophet said. By the Prophet, the Lord brought out His people from the land of bondage in Egypt; and by the words of the Prophet He got them established.
82.         The Lord God will do nothing but revealeth His secrets to His servant the Prophets. Why are you panicking again? Why do you have two masters? Harold Camping in this camp, be very careful for after Harold Camping cometh another one. Of course, they will keep on coming. What is their aim? To upset the real thing. I called them the white horse riders who are holding the bow without the arrow.
83.         Happy are you if you are numbered among the children of the Prophets. A day is coming when I will be talking to you prophetically. If you want to understand, understand. If you do not understand, leave it there. All these phonies has to come first to upset the real thing. Amen.