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This piece is dedicated to all the youths that are full of drive, initiative and unassuming in their approaches to life to mark the 52ND Birthday of the Son of Man, the unrepentant advocate of youth empowerment.
The pillars of the nation are nothing but the youths of the nation. Anybody that is of the “productive age” in a family is a part of the pillars of the family. The strength of the family is measured by the quality of the youths in that family. The strength of the nation is measured by the quality of the youths that make up that nation.
We are likened to banana trees or plantain trees. Any plantain that does not have offspring, that is the end of its generation—that is what we are. I am talking to the youths that are taking after us. Son of Man.

A Practical Guide to Greatness

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Have you heard people’s names such as: Abiola MKO, Aboyade Oladunji, Achebe Chinua, Adebo Simeon, Adeboye Enoch, Adedoyin Samuel, Ade Ajayi, Samuel Aluko, Ayodele Awojobi, Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ayo Babalola, Tafawa Balewa, Mobolaji Bank Anthony, Dantata Aminu, Ekwensi Cyprain, Fagunwa Daniel, Fawehinmi Oyesola, Yakubu Gowon, Kumuyi William, Odutola Adeola, Okebukola Peter, Michael Imoudu, Soyinka Oluwole, David Oyedepo, Ebenezar Obey, Jakende Lateef, Charles Soludo, Sanusi Lambo, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Dora Akunyili, Ndu Okereke Onyuike, Cecilia Ibru, Alele Williams, Rotimi Williams, Mary Onyeali, Chinyere Onyenauche (Pilot) and so on?
These are just but few Nigerians who distinguished themselves in their chosen fields. These people have taken certain risks and broken new grounds. These people embraced success in their chosen careers. If they have succeeded you too can succeed.
It is your turn to succeed. Great achievers always emerge through demonstration of the ability to do what others say it is impossible. When the common people give up and quit, achievers press on to show their uncommon ability. You must move forward to do what others call the impossible to emerge as an uncommon achiever. You have in you God given ability to be a successful man and a successful woman.
If your desire is to be counted among the successful people. I need to tell you that success comes through doggedness in pursuing your goals without giving up. Movement in the way of success is a forward march. Great men and great women of history were single minded pursuers that made up their minds to achieve the goals of their dreams without giving up. You will surely succeed if you refuse to accept defeat and you press on in your success pursuit.
Desire is an essential key to success. It is the power in you that makes you strive to achieve your goal. Desiring the best is an inborn tendency of every person on Earth. Nobody prays for the “second best” in life. Desire is an important impetus and a good key to success. It makes success to become the cry of our lives, and the supreme yearning of the soul. It gives focus to where you direct and concentrate the powers and/or energies of your spirit, soul and body. You are limited in your success achievement by the depth of your desire. Desire big and achieve big.
Desire is a good thing for you on the track of success. As you pray, plan and pursue progress in your work, let desire ignite a sense of commitment and hardwork in you. Strong desire facilitates self-discipline which will make you to be conscious of your time for profitable utilization. This will in turn keep your heart and mind on your goals for success. When you desire for the best, you will surely work for excellence.
You must learn to see beyond what you are passing through at present and have a glimpse of what the Lord has promised to do. Are you passing through a difficult period? Don’t you know that it is the crushed grape that yields the wine? On many occasions, the fulfilment of the great promises of God are unpleasant circumstances. It is always darkest before dawn and the race for trophy is always fiercest just before the finishing line.
Experiences in life have shown that great achievements usually follow periods of great trials and difficulties. Showers of rain come after the very thick cloud and the shouts of joy over the delivery of a new baby come after the agonizing period of labour pains. The point I am making is that to succeed in life, you must be ready to tackle problems, fight a great battle, conquer laziness, be disciplined, add diligent to wisdom and be a man and/or a woman of honesty.
Completion of whatever we set out to do is in line with God’s way of working. He has no uncompleted projects! We too must work with the aim of having no uncompleted project. Therefore, face squarely what you have started which are good and profitable, that which you have left uncompleted for one flimsy reason or the other. Today, make a commitment to complete them. Your efforts should not be in vain. Pray and God will give you the needed grace and help.
To be successful, you need not to be dubious. Success achieved through falsehood, kick-backs, armed robbery, 419, stealing, engaging in any sinful habit, including looting, is not enduring success. Any success built on false foundation will surely collapse and such success cannot stand. It cannot endure till eternity. It has no backing of God and thus cannot be regarded as true success.
God Almighty is the giver of good success. His desire for man is to succeed. Only God has the key to success and He gives it to those that obey His commandments. To be successful is not only by being a successful businessman or businesswoman, possessing fleets of cars, building many mansions, having a street name; accumulating certificates, getting married and having children, living a sumptuous life. True success is the success that eventually makes one to live in Heaven with God for eternity. For what does it profit a man or woman if he gains the whole world and loses his or her soul?
Having money and great possession is not the ultimate. Money will buy a bed but not sleep; books but not brain; food but not appetite; finery but not beauty; a house but not a home; medicine but not health; luxuries but not satisfaction; amusements but not happiness; a crucifix but not a saviour; a Church pew but not Heaven.
God’s plan is that you should soar like eagle. Thus, you must refuse to die like a chicken. Have expectation for good success. Do not be self-defeated. Work hard; pray well and expect a good turnaround. It is your turn to laugh. It is your turn to sing songs of joy. It is your turn to get good and profitable employment. It is your turn to get married and have a happy family. It is your turn to succeed.
As you move forward with confidence and faith in God, you will surely make it and succeed in life. I wish you a great success.
May the year 2010, be your year of success as you abide in the Faith of Christ. 
Apostle Peter Odoemena
The Son of Man

Cosmic realization says that the level of expository of life situation will determine the level of spiritual height a man or a woman can attain, and will determine the level of latent spiritual strength a man or a woman will acquire. COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS pg 98

Every man has two creators; his God and himself. His first Creator furnishes him with the raw materials of his life and the guiding or regulatory principles or legal framework in conformity with which he can make that life what he will. His second creator, himself, has marvellous powers he rarely realizes. It is what a man makes of himself that counts most.
2. When a man fails in life, he usually says, “I am as God made me.” This is why the Scriptures even confirm that a man spoils his ways and blame it on DESTINY. When he succeeds he proudly says, “I am a self made man.”
3. Man is placed by God in this world not as a finality but as a possibility. Man’s greatest enemy ever is himself. Man in his weakness is the creature of circumstances while in his strength; he is a creator of circumstances. Whether he be VICTIM or VICTOR depends very largely on himself.
4. No man is ever truly great merely for what he is but ever for what he may become. Until a man is truly filled with the knowledge of the majesty of his possibility, until there comes to him the glow of realization of his privilege to live the life committed to him as an individual life for which he is individually responsible, he is merely groping through the years.
5. To see his life as he might make it, man must go up alone into the mountains of spiritual thoughts as Christ our Lord went alone to the Garden, leaving the world to get strength to live in the world. He must there, breathe in the fresh pure air of recognition of his divine importance as an individual and with purified mind, tingling with new strength he must approach the problems of his daily living.
You must have dynamic imagination, which will lead you into creative acts, for God made us to be creators. He that created ship, he that created aeroplane, he that created car, he that created motorcycle, is he not a human being? —Son of Man COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS pg 91

6. Man needs less of the “I am a mere feeble worm of the dust” idea in his theology and more of the conception: “I am a great human soul with marvellous possibilities,” as a vital element in his daily activities.
7. With this broadening, stimulating awareness and view of life, he sees how he may attain his kingship through self-control. This self-control that is seen in the simplest phases of daily living is precisely the same in kind and quality, differing only in degree of attainment. Any man can attain this self-control if he only will; it is but a matter of paying the price.
8. The power of self-control is one of the greatest qualities that differentiates man from the lower animals. This is why I maintain that any man without self-control is a miniature human being; one that operates below base levels of human behaviour or a beast. Man is the only animal capable of a moral struggle or moral conquest.
9. Every step in the progress of the world has a new “control.” It has always been escaping from the tyranny of a fact, to the understanding and mastery of that fact.
10. For ages, man looked in terror at the lightening flash but today, he understands it is electricity, a force he has mastered and made his slave. The million phases of electrical inventions, computers, communication gadgets etc., are manifestations of our control over a great force. But the greatest of all “Controls” is SELF-CONTROL.
For you to prosper materially, first, develop yourself spiritually. Develop yourself to such a height where your conscience will begin to resist negative impulses and emotions that will lead you to negative actions. —Son of Man STRIVE TO BE A STAR 38

11. At each moment of man’s life, he is either a King or a Slave. As he surrenders to a wrong appetite, to any human weakness, as he falls prostrate in hopeless subjection to any condition, to any environment, to any failure or habit, he becomes a slave.
12. As he day-to-day crushes out human weakness, masters opposing elements within him and day-by-day recreates a new self from the sin or ignorance and folly of the past, he is then a King. Every mistake is past. Every correction is for the future. Ruminate on the past for improvement but do not carry it forward for that will be anti-progressive.
13. It is a King that rules himself with wisdom. Do not be Alexander the Great who conquered the world but himself; an emperor over the Earth but a servile slave over his own passions.
14. Some people look with envy over the possession of others and wish they were the owners. Sometimes, they feel this is a vague, dreamy way with no thoughts of real attainments as when we wish to wear another man’s crown or self satisfaction.
15. Sometimes, however, we grow bitter, storm at the wrong distribution of the good things of life, and then relapse into a hopeless, fatalistic acceptance of our condition. We envy the success of others, when we should emulate the process by which the success came.
The first step to becoming responsible lies in organising one’s self; taking out time to have a comparative analysis of one’s capabilities. Analyse and compare things you know you can achieve as a human being without depending on somebody else. —Son of Man.  SELF-CONTROL EXPLAINED. PG. 19.

16. We see the splendid physical development of great men, yet we forget that they must have passed through difficulties in their childhood before attaining greatness. Sometimes, we talk about the power and spiritual strength of St. Paul without realizing the weak Saul of Tarsus from which he was transformed through his self-control.
17. We shut our eyes to the thousands of instances of the world’s success — mental, moral, physical, financial or spiritual, wherein the great final success came from, a beginning far weaker and poorer than our own.
18. Any man may attain self-control if he only will. He must not gain it except by long continued payment of the price in small progressive expenditures of energy.
19. Nature is a strong believer in the instalment plan in her relations with the individual. No man is so poor that he cannot begin to pay for what he wants and, every small individual payment that he makes, nature stores and accumulates for him a reserve fund.
20. The patience man extends in bearing the little trials of his daily life, nature stores for him in a wondrous reserve in a crisis of life. With nature, the moral, mental, physical or emotional energy he expends daily in right doing or living is all stored for him and transmitted into strength.
21. Nature never accepts a cash payment in full for anything; this would be an injustice to the poor and to the weak. It is only the progressive instalment plan that nature recognizes.
22. No man can make a habit in moment or break it in a moment. It is a matter of development of growth. But at any moment, man may begin to make or begin to break any habit. This view of the growth of character should serve as a mighty stimulus to any man who sincerely desires and determines to live nearer to the limit of his potentialities and to His Creator.
23. Self-control may be developed in precisely that same manner as we tone up a weak muscle, by little exercise day-by-day. Let us each day do as mere exercises of discipline in moral, mental and emotional gymnastic, a few acts that seem disagreeable to us, the doing of which will help us in instant action in hour of need. The exercises may be very simple with long-term rewards.
24. A man can attain self-control in great things only through self-control in little things. If a man is faithful over a small thing, he will be faithful over a big thing, vice versa.
25. A sensible and wise man must study himself to discover what is the weak point in his amour, what is the element in him that ever keeps him from the fullest success. This is the characteristic upon which a good fellow should begin his exercise in self-control.
26. Is it selfishness, vanity, cowardice, moodiness, temper, laziness, worry, anxiety, mind-wondering, lack of purpose, lack of motivation etc? Whatever form human weakness assumes in the masquerade of life he must discover.
27. He must live each day as if his whole exercise or activity were telescoped and monitored by a Supreme Intelligence down to the single day before him.
28. With no useless regret for the past, no useless worry for the future, he should live that day as if it were his only day. The only day left for him to assert all that is best in him, the only day left for him to conquer all that is worst in him.
29. He should master the weak element each slight manifestation from moment to moment. Each moment must then be victory for it or for him. Will he be king or will he be slave? The answer rests with man.
You must have dynamic thoughts, which will lead you into creative acts, for God made us to be creators. He that created ship, he that created aeroplane, he that created car, he that created motorcycle, is he not a human being? —Son of Man COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS pg 91

Self-control will always help a man to address the reality. It moves man from the dreamy world with limited opportunities into the real world full of opportunities. The end of one road marks the beginning of another for him. He does not panic or believe in self-defeatism. —Son of Man. SELF-CONTROL EXPLAINED. PG. 17.


Success is like a journey and not a destination.  Learn from your past mistakes, but do not dwell on them. —Son of Man.  EXAMINE YOUR FAITH PGS 156

There are too many trials in life. The way it comes to Mr. A differs from the way it comes to    Mr. B. In all, they are obstacles, which we must surmount. In all, develop enough courage to face the obstacles. —Son of Man STRIVE TO BE A STAR 95

We had waited with battered breath for this moment. At some point, it was like an impossibility. It appeared like the year was made to be doomed. The pall was thick; the uncertainty was constant reality. Troubles dogged our paths. Disappointment and discouragement became our daily companions. For a season it appeared we could not take the next step; but that was just a season.
2.              Sorrow, they say may endure for a night. Did you read that well or you read it like you have always read it? It says it is not compulsory for sorrow to come. Even when it does come, it is not compulsory for it to last all through the night. Read it again:
3.              “Sorrow MAY endure for a night. The real challenge we all know is that sorrow does come and that a night can be several years long. It seems to be a misnomer when you describe sorrows duration with a night of just about 12 hours.”
4.              I know people whose “night” has lasted muchlonger than a decade. Maybe this for you was one year that seemed like a long night of sorrows.
5.              Here is the good news:
A new season has come. The night is past; the dark is gone.
We stand on the verge of a new down; a new day where we are not searching for silver linings in the clouds, because our sky is bright.
We stand at the dawn of a new day, with a breath of fresh air,
We stand now because we did not give up yesterday.
6.              One reason God created time was so that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past standing here in the dying days of this year. We have come to the point where we must bury the travails of this year. This is a convenient grave for the disappointments we faced. This is the proper cemetery for the fears we combated. We take one last look and bury them with a long sigh.
7.              You know what? Your dreams may not have been birthed; that means your time is not due. If you have aborted a dream, there is the possibility of a new conception. If your project has been killed or you have lost a beloved one to the cold hands of death this year, reading this, I encourage you to dig a big grave in the plot of time called 2009.
8.              Hope is born afresh in our hearts for a new day has come. A chapter has closed, and now we have the privilege of starting a new one. Like we write a new history. We will redefine our destiny. We will build the future of our dreams. Our hopes shall become our self-fulfilling prophecy.
9.              It is our new season. We will sing a new song our hopes shall meet with fulfillment. Our aspirations shall become our reality. We look back with gratitude and look forward with fortitude.
10.        This is a good time to look around and thank the person sitting next to you. Go out of your way and appreciate your colleagues who walked the year with you. You were never alone. Often, we believe all they are leaders. Let us break the norm today. Send a small “thank you” mail to your leaders — your mum or your dad. Do not forget those friends that have been faithful to you as well.
11.        Remember the men and women that prayed for you in the Church, they too are bright spots we can appreciate. It was a difficult year all over the world and leadership/friendship made all the difference, all the way. Appreciate them.
12.        I appreciate you too. For me, you are the real heroes of this dying year. I appreciate you for keeping the vision alive. I appreciate the tremendous feedback I got from all and sundry. I thank you for making the many late nights and long boring researches count for something. There were times when I did not see any reason to put my pen to paper or sit in front of a computer.
13.        There were moments I was so overwhelmed by my little personal calamities. I did not see any reason to put up this Message. But somehow, at such moments a text or a call from one of you would reawaken me to the onerous responsibility I have been called to bear.
14.        Let tomorrow bring what it may, as long as we are together, we will conquer still! If I did not touch the sky yesterday, let me see what will stop me from touching it tomorrow.
15.        Welcome, land of our fulfillment. Welcome, tomorrow!
16.        We are living in the days when everybody is fighting for survival. The troubled times are here. These days, salary earners are crying for increase in salary in order to survive, the hired hard times. Business people are not spared; they complain of low sales, lack of patronage, low return on investment. Contractors are equally caught up in the race for survival.
17.        Besides lack of contracts, the few contracts gotten cannot be successfully executed due to insufficient mobilization fees and delay in payment for the award of contract.
18.        These days virtually everything is scarce; money, time and other resources. In fact, employment opportunities are scarce today than yesterday. With this scarcity, you must strive to survive. We are living in the era of survival for the fittest. My focus this time is to expose you to some survival strategies in this time of scarcity.
19.        My friend, you cannot really survive this period of scarcity if you fail to posses survival mentality. Without survival mentality, you cannot scale through this period of lack. If you believe you must survive this austere period you will definitely survive it.
20.        However, if you allow your thought to suggest to you that you cannot survive this period of scarcity you will definitely not. You must change your thought. Think great thoughts. The depth of your thought will determine whether you will survive this time of scarcity or you will sink in lack.
21.        Begin today to develop your resources. Resources abound in us and around us. Although, we possess resources meant for success in life but many fail to develop them and use them. We often show sign of real wealth, but it is lying underneath the roots and stumps and we refuse to develop them.
22.        One of the greatest discoveries you can make is to find out that you can do what you were afraid you could not do. This is one of the survival strategies in this time of scarcity.
23.        The human capacity for accomplishment is legendary. There are many things you are capable of doing, but which you have made to believe that you cannot do. Without exaggeration, we say there is virtually nothing a man sets his heart to do that he cannot do, once certain conditions are met.
24.        Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth, yet, man climbed it. The longest river too has been discovered. Man has even gone to the moon. Those men and women of renowned achievements are human beings like you. The only difference perhaps is that, they came in contact with certain realities which you probably lack.
25.        Dear Brethren, you can really survive this time of scarcity. If the government fails to provide employment for you, that is not the problem. You can create one for yourself. Do not wait for conducive environment. Even lack of infrastructure is not enough to determine your progress. There are opportunities locked up inside these problems.
26.        Do you know that opportunities lock up inside these problems? Do you know that opportunities most of the time wear the garments of problems? Opportunities often disguise in problems in the world that opportunities for survival will stop.
27.        I believe you can create employment for yourself. I believe you know you are greatly talented and richly endowed. You will never know it until you sit down, turn inward and examine yourself. Some things are natural with you. You do certain things with ease. Find out, discover and develop them. Your breakthrough and survival is along that line.
28.        I cannot imagine why a woman can complain of lack of job when she can plait hair, sell food, sweep, engage in day-care, do cleaning work, wash cloths and so on. How can a graduate say there is no work?
29.        I know that a reasonable, diligent and serious graduate from any tertiary institution should not wait endlessly for white-collar job, rather he or she should think of how to engage his or her brain and hands to profitable jobs.
30.        For me, I never waited for government employment. I have discovered for years now that what I need to survive is inside me, with me and around me. If you need further knowledge on how to create work and employment for yourself, call my number.
31.        It is high time you started thinking on what to do to survive this present economic meltdown. PRAY and ACT are the survival keys. If you cannot think the way out, you cannot pray through to taking action to succeed; it is your choice. If you like, you can remain in lack, poverty, destitution and scarcity.
32.        Fear of the unknown, laziness, inability to see opportunities, keeping wrong friends, inability to assume responsibilities, blaming others for one’s failure and many other factors make many people to remain at the bottom of the ladders for life.