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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dispute Among Brethren

Chapter One
I am glad to have you and I believe God is equally glad having people like you who can match on in spite of all the troubles.
2. Don’t be tempted to think that there is no difference between what you are doing and what others are doing. Others gather for selfish interest, but we gather to worship the Lord. Underline it in your heart; I don’t care about the Assembly or Ministry. People just gather there for selfish interest.
3. I saw one banner along D.M.G.S and they said they are calling everybody at St. Marks Anglican Church, Omagba and it was titled: “Freedom from Poverty.”
4. That when you attend that their meeting today or anytime, you won’t be poor again.
5. Now, if anybody remains poor after attending that meeting, both the man of God there, the prayer and every other thing; where do we place such things? I don’t think God ever made such invitation.  
6. Thus, anybody going there, is he going to worship the Lord? The truth is that he is going there so that he will not be poor — God is not considered, you see, it is selfish interest.
7. We are in the Fellowship to worship God, whether we are alive or dead. When we are alive, we belong to God. When we die, we die in God — we have great gain.
8. But watch every other place; they keep on running up and down because they are looking for something. Anywhere that thing is promised them, they will go there. And when they are disappointed, they will run away, find another place.
9. This is to prove that people gather here and there for selfish interest. However, the Bridal Faith is the only “place” under the sun where you come, having no other thing in mind than to serve your Creator and your Maker—to worship Him and no other thing.
10. Watch all those places where they are being promised all these things, nobody goes there empty handed. Something must be demanded in return. If one must benefit from whatever they are saying, there are certain things they must demand from you; and normally, you know it is money.
11. You cannot get that their blessing without paying for it. Every special prayer offered, they must charge money. Every deliverance they made, they must charge money. Everywhere, you will see banners, banners, banners. All the walls in the streets are littered with posters. You will see posters everywhere, banners everywhere, calling people for “Financial Liberation;” for Deliverance from this and that, all in the attempt to make money.
12. The Bridal Faith is the only place you come—whether you die here or not, that is not your business—to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth—unconditionally—believing that the Lord who knows that you belong to Him, He knows what is best for you at all times. If He wants to bless you, He will bless you, if He doesn’t want, you can’t slap Him. That’s all!
13. But you know He must bless you—you know that.
14. As long as you belong to Him, you are sure you are a member of His Family. He thinks about you like your earthly father thinks about you.
15. Every true father, no matter the number of children he has, he knows them by their names, he knows their troubles, he knows what they are passing through, he thinks about them. How to establish them in one thing or the other, that’s what gives him sleepless nights and no man rests until he settles his sons because they are the people that will take after him, they are the people who will represent him. They are the one that will further the family, so he must establish them.
16. If it is so with our earthly parents, how are you sure that God is not having more interest than your earthly fathers?
17. Let me tell you one thing, not because it is written in the Scriptures that “God is very much concerned with what we are passing through.” I don’t believe it because it is written in the Scriptures. I believe it because I know He is a living God.
18. And as a Father who cares, His thought towards me must be the thought of good and not of evil, for no father wishes his son evil.
19. The thoughts of every father towards his children are thoughts of good and not of evil. Even if that one is a stubborn child, the father will never be wishing the boy’s death. He still wishes him good. He must be trying, looking forward to a day when the boy will become a matured individual with human sense, and then he will come home and settle. Are you getting Me?
20. If your earthly father is patient with you, God is more patient, that is what makes Him the Almighty. If He cannot outclass me in patience, it then means He is not Almighty.
21. So, God is watching all of us, He knows what we need at any moment; He knows the time to come our ways with one thing or the other. There is a particular period in a man’s life where the Almighty knows very well that what suits him in that condition is nothing but sickness.
22. I say, God will permit sickness to befall him, for that’s what he needs that time, and that sickness must achieve a purpose in the life of that person.
23. There is a time God will permit sound health and that’s what the person needs that time.
24.        Nonetheless, let Me tell you one thing with God. At a time when you as a human being needs sound health, God will give you sound health, for He knows what is best for you at every moment. God knows the time He will permit you to have plenty money in your hand. He knows the time He will only give you the little that will sustain your life — you won’t have even enough to throw away.
25. There are some people in this Faith, even this very day, if God will give them plenty money, they will run mad. I mean sitting down in the Fellowship this day, give them that money, they will run mad; they will run away from the Presence of God. They will insult all the elders in the land. All the prostitutes in town will belong to them. Every beer parlour belongs to them and God won’t be a foolish Father to bestow you with riches that you will lavish because you don’t know the value.
26. I know some people in this Faith who are always praying everyday that if in this life, God should permit them to have money, “If I do money what I will do money ehn!, if I do money what I will do money ehn!” I say, you are still a boy, for you do not know the meaning of money.
27. You see, you do not know the meaning of money. You do not know the value and because of the negative thought you have on how you are going to expend the money if you should get it, God will not allow the money to come your way when you will have the strength.
28. You want to deal with money, what will you do to money? The highest thing you will do with money is to feed yourself, then when you feel satisfied, you begin to give to other people—spending it anyhow.
29. There is nothing you will do to money. That goes to show that you are not of age yet, you do not know the meaning of money, you don’t know the value of money. You don’t even know why money should come into your hand.
30. If I should call somebody up now and say, “My friend, should God make you a millionaire tomorrow, what are you going to do with your wealth?” If I should ask someone to answer that question now, you will confirm what I am saying.
30. Okay. My friend, rise up there. This is one of the millionaire aspirants. My friend, if you become a millionaire today, tell Me what you are going to do with the money? (Answer - I will use money to clean my buttocks).
31. You see what he had just answered. He said that he will use it to make toilet roll. You see, number one priority why he is looking for money is to use money as toilet roll. Then, if after using money as toilet roll, will money cry? Will that be the end of money? Have you tortured money? Money still dey.
32.  This is all you can do with money. Will you use it to sew any cloth? Will you use it to carpet your room? What else will you use money to do? Amen.

Chapter Two

Nobody has rest more than a poor man. Nobody has rest or peace more than a poor man.  You are poor because you think you are poor. If you know the meaning of poverty, you will realize that you are not poor.
2. What can you say about the cripple people at the market place who do not have the hope of marrying a wife or building a house or buying a car tomorrow? They are depending on the goodwill of their fellow human beings. Some are being pushed in barrow; I mean they are human beings. If you are poor, how can you describe their conditions?
3. If you know you are poor in this Fellowship, raise up your hand. Are you trying to tell Me that nobody is poor again? So, you don’t need deliverance from poverty?
4.  If you know you are poor in this Fellowship, show by raising up your hand. Be sincere, if you know you are poor, show by raising your hand.
5. Stand up! I want to see you that poor man.
6. Okay wait. Can you imagine a student—you see, he is still a student. He is still on his way to attaining greatness, because when you are in the school, you are on your way to attaining greatness. You are not a failure until you have become a man and after you have tried your luck, that is when you start writing yourself off.
7. My friend, you are on your way to greatness. You are not poor, you are on the right way, you are on the right track. You are heading to greatness, so you can’t be poor now.
8. I want to look at your father, whether your father is poor.
9. Bro. Nnachor, are you poor? You are poor, but you have one, there is one on the way to greatness, who is your son, how can you be poor then?
10. Now please, let Me give you a little assignment: when at home, take any dictionary you want, look for the word “poor” and “poverty,” see what dictionary gave as the meaning of “poor” and “poverty.” After finding out, it is then that you will begin to appreciate what God is doing for you.
11. Bro. Nnachor, if you are poor, let Me tell you, you will not even be living in a house. Are you getting Me? You will not even have a cloth; I mean any cloth to put on. A poor man is one that is living on the goodwill of his fellow human being.
12. But Bro. Nnachor, are you living through the goodwill of your fellow human being? Are you begging? Have you ever sent your children begging for one day? So, they do eat always. But you say you are poor. I have not seen a poor person in this Fellowship.
13. You are poor because the level of wealth you want to acquire has not come to you, for that reason, you think you are poor. Maybe, there is one in your community you want to compete with, and this point where you think you are poor, there is somebody who is praying that God will make him to come to where you are, and that is all he needs in this life.
14. I am saying that nobody is poor in this Faith. Nobody, not even one.
15. Once you are healthy, and your hands are strong, having no deformity, you are not a beggar, you are not poor.
16. Now, another meaning of “poor” is a lazy fellow. One that refuses to work is a poor fellow. Hence, as long as you are not lazy, you are willing to work, you are not poor.
17. If you ask Me what a poor fellow is in My own way, I will say that a poor man is a failure in life and that is a thief, that is a criminal.
18. It is when a man becomes a failure that he indulges in criminal acts. Did you get what I am saying?
19. Don’t you know that laziness leads to robbery? It is laziness that leads people to make rituals because of money. They don’t want to labour to make money, they now want to relax in their parlour and the money will be coming anyhow. That’s a lazy man.
20. An industrious man cannot fold his hands at the parlour and wait for a human being to be vomiting naira inside his bedroom.  That’s why those that make money in an ungodly way do not live long. Amen.

Chapter Three
We have come to something this hour. The Spirit is very much willing this day, but the flesh is weak.
2. My little exhortation is titled: DISPUTE AMONG THE BRETHREN, A SIGN OF DEFEAT.
3. I will take this as a teaching.
4. Some years ago, I handled a Message in this Faith titled: CHRISTIAN ATTITUDES TOWARDS DISPUTES. From all indications, “grace” has carried that one away from the hearts of many people in this Faith. Well, a wise man can never permit “grace” to erode that Message.
5.         I will define two words here:
i) Dispute
ii) Brethren

6.         If you do not know the meaning of these two words, you will not know what will be the right attitude towards them.
7.         To begin with, what is a dispute?
8.         Dispute means conflict. Dispute means misunderstanding or sharp disagreement — I mean strife.
9.         Wherever there is dispute, there must be anger, there must be malice, there must be hatred and falsehood.
10.        You know that dispute is all about a man and a man quarrelling. You may not fight on the street, you may not fight in the yard, you may not push yourselves, yet, you have dispute with your Brother or your neighbour.
11.        First, for there to be dispute between two persons, “love” must be stamped out of their hearts. For where there is “real love” in their hearts; we can disagree over a certain thing but it can never bring dispute because there is real love in our hearts. Where there are two persons or more, disagreement is sure to occur.
12.        It can be disagreement over management; it can be disagreement over policy, it can be disagreement over lifestyle. It can even be disagreement over expression of opinion. Did you get what I am saying? It can be disagreement even over money, but it will never result to strife or fighting as long as the “love of God” is in their hearts. 
13. Hear Me very well. We will go to “Brethren.” From time to time, we hear ourselves making references to our Brethren— “My Brethren.”
14. You see, Brethren means Brothers and Sisters. The general term put together for all of them is Brethren. Hence, when I say, “I salute you Brethren,” I am referring to both Brothers and Sisters. Are you getting what I am saying?
15. Brethren, if I say, “I salute you Brothers,” it means that Sisters are not there. The same way, when I say, “I salute you Sisters,” it means I have excluded Brothers. But when I say, “I salute you Brethren,” I have now embraced all of you—male and female alike. 16. Please follow Me strictly.
17. Who is your Brother? Who is your Sister? Because it will take Brother and Sister to make up Brethren.  
18. I know that in Igboland, there are too many things we use that have no place at all; you say: “My cousin, my uncle, my nephew, my niece,” this and that.  All these don’t have a good place in Igboland. We generalize all of them by calling them either by “My brother” or by “My sister.”
19. It is when one wants to know the extent of that brotherhood that you begin to explain that it’s my father’s so, so and so, “He is my sister’s so, so and so.” But as long as nobody asks that question, nobody will know.
20. Let Me say that your sister’s son is your brother, is that not right? Even a daughter to your mother’s relation is your sister. It is applicable to your father’s brother. But when you begin to differentiate with uncle, cousin, nephew, niece, it will be because people are asking you the extent you are related to that person.
21. How are you related to this man  seeing that you are from this village or this town or this state and that one is from another state?
22. For example, I married from Anambra State in Nsugbe. Now, I am from Imo State, my children have their maternal home at Nsugbe. I hope it is clear?
23. Thus, somebody in Nsugbe from my in-law’s compound can call any of my daughters his sister, though they are at Mbaise. Are you getting the Message?
24. And somebody who knows the man at Nsugbe very well, but doesn’t know the one at Mbaise may begin to query: “How comes that you from Anambra State is calling somebody from Mbaise your sister?” That is where explanation will start. But as long as nobody enquires about it, that is my sister; that is my brother.
25. Listen to Me. Your brother and sister is the one from the same lineage with you. Anybody from the same lineage with you is either your brother or your sister. Did you get the Message now?
26. Your mother may come from Mbaise and you are from Aguleri. As long as your father married your mother from Mbaise, the lineage of your mother automatically becomes your lineage because you came from your mother.
27. And the lineage of your father also automatically becomes your lineage.
28. Hence, you can claim your relation from either side, where you want to say your relations are now from. They may be drawn from your mother’s side and your father’s side. You are now of the same lineage.
29. That is why it is not out of place for a woman that is married from Imo State, resident here in Onitsha, with the husband, to conceive and give birth to a child that is a carbon-copy of her father or mother or relation at Imo State, who never knew about her pregnancy from the first day.
30. Why is that possible? It is because they are of the same lineage. At least I have one in my family right now.
31. If you know My Sister in-law, if you know her very well, if she comes to you and one of my daughters comes out, you don’t need to query again, you will close your mouth.
32. So also, once one of my daughters gets there, there are some other ones from the same family with the same stature and every other thing; if she enters there, I would find it difficult to claim her. Did you get the Message?
33. There is nothing wrong there because it is the same lineage.
34. When you understand this: What do I mean by lineage? Once you talk of lineage, you talk of “blood relationship” for there can never be genes without blood and there can never be blood without genes.
35. That is why people from the same lineage do not behave alike. You may have your son resembling you, but the character will be that of your father. I don’t know whether you are getting Me?
36. You may have a son that resemble you in appearance or resembles your wife, but in character, he will manifest the character of a member of your family, either from your wife’s side or from your side who was not even there when the child was born. Do not doubt Me. It is possible! Amen.

Chapter Four
1. Now, I am narrowing the thing down for you to understand what I mean by “Dispute.”
2. This Dispute I am talking about among the Brethren, means somebody having a sharp quarrel that may even lead to death.
3. Because, when there is a quarrel, nobody knows the extent it can get. You might be thinking you are playing, before you know it, somebody will slump down and that becomes death.
4. I have seen situation where people quarrel, one slapped the other—ordinary slap—and the boy fell down and died. It can even result in serious fight where one uses Police to arrest the other. There in the cell, before morning, the one that was locked died.
5. Please, follow Me strictly.
6. By Dispute among the Brethren, I mean quarrelling, strife among people of the same blood lineage, people of the same family, people that claim to have one man as their father and one woman as their mother having disagreement, quarrel, and strife.
7. If it is possible, if it could happen in this Faith, then I call it: “A defeat.” Because when a family wants to scatter, there is one thing they should do, they should begin to quarrel among themselves and that automatically will create room for their enemies who have been wishing that they would scatter to now come into work in them and among them so as to achieve their aim.
8. Any family that does not want to scatter must maintain strong tie among themselves to the point that not even one outsider should have room to come in to deliberate over their family affairs. It is like husband and wife.
9. Number one step into disintegrating your family is by inviting an outsider into your case. When you have a little misunderstanding, you invite an outsider, you disintegrate the family immediately because the person you might be inviting might be the one that is instigating the trouble in your home. That person might be the one that has been wishing you and your family to scatter.
10. You do not know because he works very close to you or pretends to be a friend—not until he comes in.
11. Once he comes in, he will pair up with the party that is very, very boisterous or violent.
12. When invited, instead of solving the problem, he will compound the problem. Because once he comes in, he will take side with one that is on the wrong side so that there will be strength on that one. 13. After joining the man on the wrong side, the man will lose his grip and the family is gone. Why? Because once one that is on the wrong side gets a supporter, the trouble escalates.
14. I repeat: once there is a problem in the family, bringing in an outsider, do you know where he will pitch his tent? Because he is an outsider, he must take side with one that is in error and condemn the innocent. By so doing, it will be impossible for the little problem to be solved and the family scatters.
15. If such should be found among us, I call it: “A sign of defeat.”  If Brethren cannot understand themselves, how can an outsider create an understanding among them? Can an outsider create understanding between my wife and I, between my Brother and I?
16. If I am having problem with my Brothers, I know they are my Brothers; we have to sit down and then resolve it.
17. But once we bring in an outsider, he will go to that my Brother who is guilty and he will harden up and refuse correction; he will support him so that he will set the Family ablaze and then no more progress because, in any family where there is disunity, where there is dispute.; where there is quarrel, there can never be progress there.
18. The reason is that the brethren cannot reason together again—no meeting, no discussion, no fellowship—every man now works after the imagination of his heart, and then the enemy has achieved his target.
19. Now, once there is dispute, nobody benefits from each other again.  If I am quarrelling with Bro. John Ekwueme now, I won’t be useful to him again; he in turn will not be useful to Me too. Did you get it?
20. I have narrowed it down in the way I feel everybody will understand what it takes to be Brethren. Maybe you do not know, even the Igbo people use to say it that “The annoyance of brothers does not reach the bone marrow, because if it does, there will be division among them.”
21. That is why when you see brothers disagreeing; if you are an outsider, you hold your peace.
22. It is like a case of a man disagreeing with his wife, if you are wise as an outsider, you hold your peace, you don’t talk anyhow, otherwise, when they reconcile, you will be their greatest enemy. They will reconcile without you. Amen.

Chapter Five
1. Please, follow Me strictly. I am not talking to you because I wanted to, but I am talking to you because I believe it is necessary.
2. What and what are likely to cause dispute among Brethren?
3. Let us consider the following causes of dispute among Brethren:

4. Every family has a legal order. Once somebody strays away from that family order, he is bound to cause dispute.
5. for example, if your family is known for peace and quietness, you love to live alone with your family, if a member of that family goes away and entangles himself with an outsider, he learns their habits, if he comes home to introduce it, surely, it will cause trouble, for many are bound to say no.
6. In other words, for a man to rise up against a member of the family, he must have been indoctrinated against the family order. In other words, he has started associating with evil people who do not like the peace the family is enjoying.
7. Remember, if your family is known for peace, it may attract the envy of your neighbours. Some other people may not like it, especially those that are having troubled homes. They will like your own home to be like their own.
8. Once one is having a troubled home, such a fellow is not having peace. If he sees a family that is living peacefully, he feels very uncomfortable. If he tries to look into the secret of their peace, and he couldn’t see it, he will try to come up with a “device” to destabilize that peace.
9. Nothing attracts the attention of the enemy more than a quiet and a peaceful home. You may have money, have everything, yet, there is no peace and quietness in your family.
10. So, money or wealth can never make for peace in the home.
11. PEACE and QUIETNESS, I call both a very big treasure, which cannot be purchased with money. You can never purchase peace and quietness with money. It is a big treasure from God and not everybody appreciates it.
12. Now, we have known what it takes to be Brethren, the same way, we have also known what it takes to have dispute and I have told you number one thing that causes dispute.

13. Once one is feeling cheated in the family and he does not know how to communicate with his brethren, he becomes very violent.
14. In other words, if he has the love of God, he is calling for a meeting, that is why he is making the noise. Intelligent people will now call him to order: “My friend come, what is your problem? May we know why you are disturbing everybody?”
15. That goes to show that he wants a hearing. He is not disturbing outsiders, he is disturbing his fellow brethren so that they can give him hearingit is not yet time for outsiders. Then, at what point can they invite an outsider?
16. Among the heathens in the villages in various families where they want to live in peace, there is always a “legal order.” It is a punishable offence for a member of the community to invite Police for a member of that community without allowing the members of the community, the elders of the land to look into the matter.
17. I mean among the heathens, it is a serious offence, it is a punishable offence.
18. Sometimes, when one does it because he feels he has the means to do it, it may even make the elders to go to the Police Station to testify against the man that invited the Police, even if he is right.
19. The whole community will troop down there to tell the Law Enforcement Agents that they know this man: “He is our son, he is a criminal and we want to tell you all his criminal activities; and look at the efforts we have been making but he is threatening everybody because he has the money to take people to the Police.
20. Even the traditional ruler of the community will be there also. Why? Because he jumped all the avenues of peaceful redress as laid down by the community. It is an insult to the elders of the land, a big insult.
21. At another point also, the Police can even come on invitation. The community leader will take note of their coming and ask the Police to go that he would produce the person within the time limit. After then, he would summon the man to know the offence he committed for which cause the Police are looking for him.
22. When he is satisfied with his findings, he will allow some elders to take him to the Police. When they finish with him there at the Police, they will invite the man who took him to the Police to know why he felt it necessary to go to the Police even when the community has not heard about it or discussed it.
23. Another causes of dispute among Brethren is INSINCERITY.
24. When you believe that someone is your Brother, or your Sister, and you are having honest dealing with that person, suspecting nothing, but all of a sudden, the person you trusted, confided in as your own Brother whom you can rely on, turns round to treat you as a stranger, as an outsider by telling you lies, by dealing with you in falsehood—it can cause dispute.
25. If we are Brethren, it is just like the Bible said that “we should be one another’s keeper.” We can’t be spoilers. No Brother should aim at pulling his Brother’s business down.
26. When you see your Brother’s business as your own business also, you will protect it because it belongs to your Brother, it belongs to you. If he allows you to be there and even have charge over outsiders, you should see it as your personal property and give it the “strict attention.” Your Brother who reposes such a confidence in you will also give to that business, the same attention assuming he is there.
27. This is where I love the Hausas most. Watch all the Hausas that sell their goods along the streets, any time they want to go home, they don’t take stock of anything; one will call his brother and hand over the shop to him without taking any inventory as to know how many goods; I mean how many cartons and things like that or the amount he is leaving behind.
28. He will go home, and his brother will manage the business. When he comes back, nobody will render account, and the business will be flourishing—watch the Hausas.
29. Now, this is the spirit God is expecting to operate among us. This is why it becomes very difficult for us to help one another. When you do not see my business as your own, you do not protect my interest, I do not protect your own, we are not Brethren, we are outsiders.
30. Let us face this reality: As long as my interest is not your interest, you are looking for a way of destroying me, pulling me down, I am looking for a way of cheating you, destroying you, pulling you down, we are not Brethren.  
31. What is the meaning of brethren?
32. Like I told you before, brethren are nothing but people that are abound together by common interest.
33. What brings about quarrel is when we have another spirit other then the Spirit of the Family. If we operate in the same Spirit of God, nobody will envy one another, nobody will be covetous. You cannot covert your Brother’s property. You cannot covert your own because your Brother’s property is your own.
34. Because you are showing interest in protecting it, you will have the boldness even to go to your Brother for help and he will have no excuse than to help you, because you are a part of that business, you are showing interest in its progress.
35. However, if while you see your Brother prospering; instead of helping and supporting, you are busy devising a way to pull him down so that all of you will be on equal grounds; that goes to show that:
i. you are not a Brother;
ii. you are wicked;
iii. to begin with, you shouldn’t even have any dealings with member of this Family because you are hindering that Brother from helping others.
36. If I should say who my Brother is, I would say it is one that I can confide in, one I can even put my head on his bed and then have a quiet sleep—that’s my Brother, that’s my Sister. 37. If you are walking on the way with somebody that is called your Brother and you are afraid, you are always looking back and looking side ways because that person is not your Brother. Why? Because your mind is not at rest. 38. When one is working with his Brother or his Sister, his mind is always at rest—he rests. You can only be troubled when you step into the house that is not your own.
39. Let Me tell you what I mean. No matter how decorated a heathen’s house might be, and you force me to pass a night there, you have put me into compulsory night vigil. The bed may be better than my bed, the food that is offered there may be better than the one I have in my house.
40. One thing is this: I will never feel hungry.
41. Two: That bed will be pinching me. It will be uncomfortable for it’s not my house.
42. But, put me in a Brother’s house, even if I am sitting on the ground or inside the chair, I will be in another world because I am not afraid. What keeps one awake in a friend’s house? It is that suspicion that your life is unsafe. That your interest might not be protected.
43. Now, if you are feeling that way in the house of your Brother, then that is a defeat.
44. Tell me, he that can call Police for me, can I feel comfortable in his house? If you can call Police for me and also have the gut to detaining me in the Police cell for one day, two, three days, if you release me the following day, will I have the gut to sit down in your parlour to drink water? The answer is No!
45. That is why your ways are not God ways. “There is a way that seems right in eyes of a man, but the end of it is destruction.”
46. Before you do anything, find out what the Message says about it. Have I not been saying it? Ask yourself: “What will God say if He hears about it? For I believe He is not too far from me, He is seeing me, He knows everything. What will be His reaction as a result of this my action?

47. This is another cause of dispute among Brethren. Retaliation is the habit of the heathens. He that calls for meeting is calling for peace.  Whomever that calls for meeting is calling for peace. But whoever that invites Police is inviting trouble.
48. Then the question arises: Can you call the Police without money? Can the person that is detained come out without money?  
49. Sometimes, you discover that the expenses incurred by both parties at the Police might be higher than what they are looking for.
50. Now, let me tell you what I mean. Watch out, anytime somebody calls Police over a dispute—no matter how small—the aim is to exercise authority. I say, the aim is to exercise authority. If it is not, the matter could have been discussed amicably at home.
51. That is why the Police from time to time, after collecting money from the people, recognizing that it was just based on the exercise of authority, will ask the two to go home and settle it: “Go home and settle.”
52. Then, if that is where you have come out at last, the question arises: What have you achieved? You achieved something; you have shown him your power, your authority over him. After showing that, what next?
53. After showing him that power, it is right; wait and allow God Almighty to exercise His own Power. It is the turn of God.
54. No matter how bad a Brother is, no matter how fraudulent he might be, as long as it happened among us in this Faith, the matter must first of all be tabled to the Elders for deliberation. It is where the Elders failed that they can now permit whosoever that is concerned to take any other action he deems fit.
55. You know that by inviting outsiders, especially, inviting the Police in disputes among Brethren, that you are canceling your “professed faith.” You have cancelled your testimony. You have developed suspicion even among your members. How can that police respect your members again? You have ridiculed your members, of which you are equally one of.
56. Furthermore, while you are bringing them to shame, ridicule and  contempt, you are also bringing yourself to the same level of shame, ridicule and contempt, for they now believe you are not what you claimed to be. If you are, nothing will ever make you invite the Police for them, especially against your fellow Brother.
57. Let Me use my case for example. I cannot forget the day I was in the pulpit, some policemen came from Lagos, they wanted to arrest Me, Bro. James and some others who are in the Fellowship for offence we knew nothing about. They respected us; they listened to the Elders, went back to the Police Station and asked us to report there.
58. When I finished my Message that day, we dismissed. I myself went straight to the Police with My Brethren to report myself and they respected us.
59. They did not say that they will wait under the mango tree or they will wait up hill near the Police Station. I mean they took things easy when they came to arrest me and some of the Brethren.
60. I cannot imagine myself coming on the main road on a Fellowship day and I see Pastor Christian or Bro. Silas with policemen, and they say, “Look at Him, look at Him.” Who is an enemy if not that man? You are the greatest enemy of the Brethren, because nothing is as embarrassing as that.
61. “Look at him,” that is the hand of a traitor, it would take a Judas to do that. There is nobody who is a seed of God with the fear and love of God in his heart that can ever attempt that.
62. There are too many ways to follow. After all, what and what are involved? If it is not money, it is land.
63. And these things were on Earth before we came, and they will be here after we have gone.
64. If you look into what is involved, it’s not even up to something heathen friends could use to settle some of their friends. They are nothing to write home about. I don’t know whether you are getting what I’m saying? Amen.

Chapter Six
1. In the days of Saint Paul—remember Saint Paul died some thousands of years ago, and today, we have advanced from there. If we begin to live the life they lived that primitive period, we should be blamed.
2. So, there were mistakes they made which we could not even attempt now because we have advanced very far. And yet, it is not preaching, it is living the life.
3. St. Paul stressed on the need for tolerance, on the need for Brethren to accommodate each other in love, he also stressed on the need for peace, saying: “You should follow peace with all men.” He also went ahead and said that “As long as it lieth within your power, live peaceably with all men.”
4. To stress the importance of this peace in a Family, he condemned the Family at Corinth, where they formed the habit of even taken their Brethren to the Police; he said, “How comes it that I hear that when you have dispute, you take your Brethren to the Police; does it mean that you do not have wise Elders among you who can look into such matters?”
5. If you cannot judge these little things among you, it is a sign of defeat. Bringing in an outsider into your case that involved you—not with an outsider, but you and your fellow member of your Family—your Brother, your Sister, I say it is a defeat.
6. Don’t you know that you have been given the power to judge even the angels and judge the world too? How comes it that you can not even judge mere trivial matters that came up among the Brethren?
7. I wasn’t here last Wednesday, but I got the report of what happened on the main road where our Brother Emeka was arrested by Brother Ik.
8. In spite of all the efforts Brethren made to stop him, he was over angered and over reacted. The matter came to Me, coupled with the matter of Brother Victor, whom he arrested from Egbema last Sunday—brought him down to Onitsha. All of them are all in Police cell at Ogidi.
9. When the matter came to Me, I told the Elders not to interfere, that they should steer clear and allow him to finish all his arrests. “Let Me see all that are involved, and let nobody go there too.”
10. Brethren from Egbema made attempt to come down, but I said No!

11. Yesterday, I had an encounter with Bro. Ik in my house with some other Elders.
12. Being a young man who does not know Me and my manner of life. He doesn’t know when I am provoked; he doesn’t know when I am with him and when I am against him. He watches my face, but he doesn’t watch my eyes. He only watches my face.
13. If you look at my face, you will kill yourself. I can never wear a sad face unless I want. That I have a bright face, wear a smiling face is not a sign that I am happy or not. Try to see whether you can see my eyes.
14. However, if you cannot succeed in seeing My eyes, better forget about it. That’s why if you know Me, My eyes will tell you every thing about Me.
15. So, he told us everything and I told him: “Aah! Why putting Brother Victor behind the counter? No! He merited staying in the cell, unless he didn’t commit any offence—he is the one that should be there. Put him inside the cell; separate them if possible.”
16. He told Me how he came with handcuffs and things like, that they are over. But My own command is: “Put him inside the cell and let see the man that will come and bail them.”
17. I was even prepared to keep Brethren away from my house yesterday. That was why I listened to him to know the point of his own accusation so that I will hand them over.
18. But when I noticed that it was nothing, and they wanted to talk, I waved everybody saying: “No discussion on that. Let Me never hear him for I want more people to be arrested and detained there.”
19. I even went further to show Bro. Ik to know how I’m feeling saying that: “You are innocent. Bro
victor should thank his God with Emeka that they never mentioned my name in anything. If my name was mentioned there, the matter would have been worse —any day I will step my feet into MR. PHONES, I will reveal all their criminal activities, A to Z, that they could be innocent before themselves, not before Me.”
20. I then asked a question: “How can you ascertain the innocence of the remaining workers you have especially, Bro. Clement and Williams?”
21. He said that he can attest for Bro. Clement, but he is watching over Williams.
22. I said, “With this statement, is it not enough?”

23. You see, I don’t care about the fraudulent behaviour of a Brother. If a Brother is fraudulent and it comes to our notice, we will know how to handle him as a member of the Family, so that he will not be discouraged. It doesn’t mean that we are encouraging fraudulent acts, we are against it. Are you getting Me?
24. We would give him instructions, which he must carry out. It can come to a point where we may even tax ourselves collectively. Have we not done it before? You remember the case of Bro. Philip. I was threatened to be arrested by our former Sister Obasanya because Bro. Philip was owing her which even led her to harassed Bro. Philip.
25. When I heard about it, I called the Elders and we raised the money and finally gave it to Bro. Philip with Bro. Ik. They went and gave it to the woman and she was happy.
26. Another case was that of our former Bro. Okey Paul in the same hand of Sis. Obasanya. The money she gave him to repair the motorcycle, about six thousand naira that was left.
27. I called Bro. Nnachor that day, “How much do we have?” We looked into our purse, and we raised the money under the mango tree towards the hill of G.T.C. We gave Mama the money, saying: “Mama, give this money to your daughter,” and that was all.
28. Bro. Nnachor, am I telling lies?
29. Anyway, let Me hold my peace because more things are still unfolding. Because I have said that everybody should steer clear. They should steer clear and let Me see how many people that are involved. It will also help Me to know the strangers in our midst. The earlier I identify them, the better.
30. It does not mean that I am encouraging evil. I am not encouraging evil act, the same way; I don’t encourage disputes among the Brethren also. Nevertheless, let us know why the dispute.
31. It was yesterday that I knew that even the so-called bail, which Bro. Emeka jumped, that it was also Bro. Ik that put him into that cell.
32. It is now two times, the same person, yet, nobody in the Faith knew about it. Moreover, since we were not contacted, Emeka’s parents are not in Onitsha; we are his brothers and sisters. We are his parents and he was locked in the cell without our knowledge.
33. How can we bail him? Who do we expect to bail him? This is wickedness. This can only be heard among the heathens and not among Brethren.
34. I could understand Bro. Ik more than any other person in this Faith. He said he went there as early as 4 o’clock and he was watching to see the person that would come to bail him.
35. In other words, the person would be locked also, and Arinze came and ran away. Maybe they threatened to lock Arinze.
36. How I wish somebody who didn’t hear my Instruction had been there for the Police to carry out your instruction to lock up anybody that came to bail Emeka or Victor. That would have been better so that we would ask you questions if we want.
37. But where we don’t want, we will allow you to continue with your authority and God will continue with His own Authority. And that is all.
38. What am I trying to say Brethren? I am saying that let nobody be on the toes of his fellow Brethren. Don’t carry Brotherhood too far. Don’t carry Sisterhood too far.

39. Narrow it down to your relationship with your immediate elder or younger brother. For you can never be elder and younger at the same time. That person you are having problems with of which you know you cannot bear, place him either as your elder brother or as younger brother.
40. In many ways, things you said about your fellow Brethren are things that are not convenient. Sometimes, you tell great lies against your fellow Brethren.
41. Let Me ask you this question: Among the heathens, whoever invites the Police and arrests his friends, will the relationship remain the same?
42. Let Me tell you what I believe: forgiveness can heal a wound but it can never remove the scar. I repeat: “I have forgiven” you can heal the wound, but it can never remove the scar.
43. I am still of the opinion that general pardon is not general forgetfulness.  I can forgive you, but I cannot forget. I have forgiven you, but I cannot forget what I passed through. If I forget it, I am bound to run into that problem again. I have forgiven, but the experience still lingers.
44. Thus, I am now trying to bring something home because I have taught you. Cast your mind back. That you are no longer holding the Bible doesn’t mean that you have forgotten all that I taught you. I believe you are now living higher than the Bible.
45. If they accommodated themselves 10%, we will accommodate ourselves 100%. This is the time we should exhibit maturity among ourselves.
46. You may say, “I am sorry;” you are forgiven, but the scar is still there. I am not afraid of any wound, but I am afraid of the scar. Don’t say: “Brother, what are you saying? Can’t you forgive and forget?”
47. If you go by what is written in the Bible even concerning Jesus, it is written of Him that when He shall turn to the Jews, He will show them the scar, He will show them the wound they gave Him and they would now weep as a woman that lost her only son.
48. Has Jesus not forgiven? Why was the scar still there? Jesus has forgiven, but the scar still remains there. So, anytime Jesus looks at the scars, He will remember who gave Him the scars. Is that not true?  
49. Therefore, what we should be afraid of is not the wound but the scar, the scar is what is left after the wound. After the wound cometh the scar.
50. Thus, when you are having dealings with anybody, whatever you might be saying, whatever you might be doing, remember the scar.
51. You can use the words of your mouth to wound somebody, give somebody a serious wound. Do you still remember the scar?

52. Another question: What makes us a Family? If we cannot protect the interest of one another, if there is envy, hatred, jealous and malice among us; if there is intimidation among us, what then makes us Brethren? What makes us a Family?
53. If any matter pertaining to us will not be heard among us, rather, we would be hearing the thing outside; people embarrassing us, even quoting our Brethren as source of the information, what then is the Family made up of? If not strangers who are looking for the downfall of one another.
54. Let Me tell you what I mean. No Brother looks for a fault among his Brothers. If you are looking for your Brother’s fault, what are you going to do with it in this Faith? It is a stranger that will look for fault so that he can see something he can capitalize on and then make his case.
55. Somebody might be trailing you all in the name of Brotherhood, waiting for you to make a little slip. Once you make that little slip, he capitalizes on that, aiming at finishing your records once and for all. Is he a Brother? He is not a Brother. A Brother overlooks faults.
56. If God is to find fault with us  in this Faith, who can be innocent before Him? Tell Me?
57. If God will now settle down to look for fault among us, is there anybody in this Faith that will be faultless? Surely, nobody.
58. I believe that  there is no way a young man will learn business from his master without being privileged to know some of the secrets of the business of his master.
58. Nobody learns a business successfully without being privileged to know, to discover some of the wayo, wayo things that are accompanying the business of the master. He learns the good side, he also learns bad side. When he comes out to practice that which he learnt, he will practice the good and bad side.
59. I am saying that I can only condemn somebody if I live above him. Anything I know I am guilty of, I don’t condemn a Brother who fell into that trap; rather, I will encourage him to cheer up. Because if I condemn him, my conscience will never spare me. If I do what I learn from you, what is my offence? I am saying something.
60. If you have ever seen people that do 419 and  they raise some people, the joy is always there that this boy passed through them and the boy does his 419 with assurance that while his master is there, no trouble. When he does that which the master did, which the master taught him and runs into trouble, he sends for the master, and the master knows what he has done because he taught him that. He will come to his rescue, he dare not say kill him. No!
61. Let Me tell you what I mean. If the work you are doing is the type that will put you into trouble with people from time to time; I am learning a job from you from time to time, people will be making trouble with you, sometimes, they will call Police, sometimes Police will arrest you; whether you have somebody with Police or not, whether somebody bailed you or not, if I graduate from you, I will never escape from those troubles.
62. The troubles will come to me, Police will also come and they will arrest me. Because that was how I was brought up. What I learnt is what I am practicing.
63. Now, does it mean that I am justifying them? Woe is me if I justify evil. Evil is evil, no matter where it is seen. Even if it is seen in the high place, it is evil. That is why I keep on saying: “Let nobody intervene in this matter yet. steer clear. Let the strangers reveal themselves for I am of the opinion that no Brother in the Faith of the Son of Man can call Police for his fellow Brother. It can never happen.” Are you getting Me?
64. It has happened this way for us to know who the strangers are and why they are quarrelling, for the whole thing centered on material things, not on spiritual things. We are watching events.
65. Let Me tell you what I mean. Last week, I was told that our former Brother Paul Anah went to Bro. Shed and told him to go to Bro. Emma Agu if he loved him and asked him to pack away from his compound latest Friday last week.
66. Then, he went to Bro. Modestus again, reporting the same thing. Lastly, the matter came to Me, and I said no problem. What is more, it happened the same day I spoke to Bro. Emma, telling him to look for accommodation with immediate effect, not knowing that there was trouble looming in the yard.
67. When I sat with Bro Emma, he didn’t want to tell Me about the notice. I opened up with the notice only to discover that he paid Paul Anah up to December, and now he wants him to pack away Friday last week.
68. Anyway, no problem! Bro. Emma, sit where you are sitting, for you are now a mad man.
69. Until you kill a mad man, you won’t know whether he has relatives or not because he threatened that he will invite the Police to arrest Bro Emma’s wife. And if Bro. Ema comes out, he will lock him up in the cell without anybody to bail him.
70. I said fine! Until you kill a mad man, you would not know whether he has somebody or not.
71. Bro. Emma, look for a house, but stay with Paul Anah as a mad man who has nobody while he is alive. That’s all.
72. You see, there is one thing I hate, if you want to threaten somebody, threaten that person within your capacity. Don’t ever threaten him beyond your capacity. In addition, be very careful about the individual you are using as your godfather. Because I believe one thing: Every incumbency has a limit. The same way, every power has a limit. The only Person that has limitless power is the Almighty God.
73. I have seen a situation where even the poorest man in the community caused the dismissal of the Commissioner of Police. I mean the poorest man who had nothing to boast of, but his God intervened for him and dismissed the highest police officer from his office. Because I believe we are serving the God who avenges for His people.
74. When you are exercising authority over anybody, find out why?   Amen.

Chapter Seven
If you are an adult, take note. This matter concerns you, it concerns Me. You are involved, I am involved. The way I am sounding now may not be the way it will happen to you.
2. Your own case may not be inviting the Police. Your own may mean inviting heathens round about you. Your own may mean inviting even your relations who are heathens to look into a case between you and your fellow Brother.
3. When you are boasting, who are you boasting of? Who is the source of your boast? Some can boast with their relations who are millionaires, while some can boast with their money. Some can boast with their charms, but as true seeds of God, we boast with God.
4. Look into your life, any little problem among the Brethren, how do you handle it? When you are disturbed by your fellow Brother, how do you feel? Because the way you feel towards a Brother will determine the scope of action you will take against him. I say God help Me.
5. If I want to take a severe action against anybody, it will not be somebody I know I am above. I mean in many ways, if I want to fight a fight, I will consider fighting a giant. Because, if I fight a rat, I have no records, I have no achievement.
6. I am likened to a soldier that went to war and came out rejoicing that he killed ten women.  He gunned down ten women. “I saw them farming and I shot them,” that’s what it looks like.
7. Yes. I cannot imagine an elephant fighting with a rat, that is what it looks like. It is no achievement.
8. If you are to give the records of your achievements, your bravity, your strength as a millionaire, you won’t start telling us how you locked a labourer at Ogbommanu for one year and imprisoned the painter that painted your house for life; imprisoned your watchman or security man — and that is your achievements.
9. You should have told us how you slapped EkeneDiliChukwu, slapped the D.P.O and got away with it.
10. You should have also told us how you kidnapped the Head of State and removed him from office. It is then we will know you are a “great man.” Are you getting Me?  
11. I cannot imagine a great man who believes he is one of the pillars of Nigeria, naming his achievements, and he says that he locked his security man and imprisoned his driver for life, and that’s achievement. Has he achieved anything?
12. Even by taking legal action against such poor people, he brings himself open to ridicule. People will see that he has no sense of reasoning. It is wickedness, he should know more than that.
13. So, Brother IK, you have become a “great man” by locking up the boy that served you. Two of them served you. Even if they duped you, and carried your properties and things like that, you have done very well!
14. Yes. If you had locked them up when they are serving, it would have been better. But now that they are trying to stand on their own, you locked them up in the cell, and you carried the Police from Onitsha to Egbema to and fro, paying thousands of Naira to show them power—a great achievement.  
15. As an Elder in the Family, and a Teacher over them; who should know more as their master. Who should have protected their interest. Give a clap, a very big clap, a very big applause!
16. Please, please, hear Me very well. No matter how great a man is, no man has been greater than his family. You can never be greater than your family.
17. That is why, no matter the person’s wealth, position in the society, there is something that he will do and the family will summon him and call him to order. More especially, when he is trying to damage the reputation of the family by dragging brother’s dispute beyond the circle it should be.
18. Do you know that from time to time, heathens have even traced our Brethren to Fellowship grounds because of one thing or the other and they respected us. They did not come with Police, they just sat down outside, the Elders will meet them, and discuss with them, asking them to go, telling them when to come back.  And before they will be back, we had already resolved the trouble.
19. Let Me give you a case of Bro. Solomon who damaged one coloured television when he was working somewhere, and the owner traced him down to the Fellowship ground. The Elders reported the matter to Me, calling my attention to it. I summoned the boy and we discussed with them.
20. First of all, I told them that Bro. Solomon is my Brother, that I will see him and know his involvement with your television. If it is what you have told Me, come exactly in two weeks time, and you will have your television either from here or in your shop before that day. 21. I came to Bro. Solomon, he confirmed it, and I ordered him to go to Lagos where he kept it. And he obeyed. He went there at Lagos, brought the thing down here and carried it to my house. When he brought it to my house, I said, “No! Bring it to the fellowship.” And he brought it to the Fellowship.
22. You could see that from time to time, even those that came looking for James Elum, nobody came to the Fellowship with Police, they respected us. They were there waiting, they told us what happened, and we interviewed them. We asked our Brother to go and settled with them and they settled it.
23. Now, why can’t our own Brother bear with us? Even if the business is transacted in your name; exercise authority over your business by owning the business.
24. Yes! You would have simply told those customers: “Fear not, MR. PHONES is involved. I am not packing away from here. That boy served me quite alright. I will look for it, don’t worry, just give me little time; I would know how to go about it.”
25. If I call the boy and discovered that it will strain our relationship, I will invite the person.
26. “Please come, how much is that telephone? Please tell me! After all, line is now very, very cheap. Okay, take your MTN Line, it is N4, 000.00. Is it your handset? Pick any one from here.”
27. Then, I will come to the Elders and tell them my experience. Now I have saved my face, saved my Brother, saved my business. They will see how sincere I am in my business. Whatever that might be the case, the case is in the Family now.
28. “Elders, look at the business my Brother did in my name. Look at the trouble that came out of it and look at the way I handled it. Please, ask him why?”

29.  I thank God for everything. What am I trying to hammer on? The time has come for us to recognize who we are. We are rejected everywhere, hated everywhere; how can we now turn round to start fighting ourselves, hating ourselves, giving room for the enemies to destroy us?
30. I don’t know how I will feel seeing my Brother in the Police cell. I don’t know how I will feel; talkless of mentioning my name that I was the one that put him there—not a heathen.
31. If a heathen had put him there, it would have been better because, once a heathen puts him there, he will give us a message through the Police. He wouldn’t have been there more than 24 hours for we would bail him immediately and then the case will commence. 32. But seeing that a Brother puts him there; let nobody go there. Let him go ahead to arrest more of us, and put us there. The one in the counter, I say, put him inside the cell, he shouldn’t be behind the counter, put him inside the cell. If he is along the counter or beside the counter, it then means he committed no crime. Put him inside the cell. Separate two of them in two different cells, so that they will never hold meeting.
33. Yes! Then any day they come out you will come to the pulpit to preach LOVE: “Halleluiah. I want to teach ‘Love,’ I want to teach ‘Respect!’”
34. Hear me well, God did it that way, even if you have come to arrest your Brother, you met him there with your Pastor, that is where you will stop. No more, no less.
34. Automatically, you know you have not misfired. But for going ahead to implement the arrest in the midst of the Brethren and even your Pastor there, saying you arrested them on the main road; well, praise God for that. I believe that God who owns this place owns the main road.
35. I will talk to them, but not now, let Me pray that they will come out alive and all of you will hear them. You will know my reaction fully that day.
36. But let Me say, if we are members of one Family, it is our duty to protect the interest of every member born in that Family. If you do not have that spirit of protecting the interest and reputation of your fellow Brethren, you are a stranger. Are you getting me?
37. How I wish you watch my attitude. I cannot be in a place where you are discussing Bro. Joe, I must know why, and I will try to know your interest in discussing him with that group.
38. I will know where you are pointing everybody to, whether you are pointing them to hatred or to love. Because what you say to somebody can influence his decision and his attitude towards the person. There is a way you can paint this Brother now; everybody will be looking at him suspiciously. Are you getting Me?
39. It is because of the way you are painting his picture in the hearts of the people, and the picture you painted about someone depends on what you want to achieve.
40. If you cannot talk good of one another, you can never wish your fellow human being good.
41. If I can never talk good of you, I will never wish you good, for what I wish you is what I will say about you.
42. After all, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.
43. I cannot talk evil of you and wish you good, never, never! What I say about you is what I am wishing you. Believe it if you can.
44. In order words, if we belong to the same Family, and we say we are Brethren, what do we talk about ourselves? What do we wish ourselves? Why then do we laugh when evil befalls one of us? Why do we love our Brethren putting their hands on their cheeks? Always in sorrow.
45. Why do we rejoice when we see them in pains, in agony, in anguish? If I am wishing you well, I won’t like to see you wearing a very bad face, I will say, “Brother, what is wrong? Brother, you are not looking good, what is wrong? Sister, you are not looking good, what is wrong?”
46. If you cannot notice the change in your Brother’s face, the change in your Sister’s face, you are not Brethren. If we are Brethren, I should know my Brother’s behaviour, My Sister’s behaviour.
47. When she will look at me; I will ask her: “Are you okay at all? Your eyes are not okay; your face is very dull, what is the problem?” Why, because we are members of the same Family.
48. If I see somebody outside, who doesn’t belong to this Family, can I ask him a similar question? Never, never. Not even my neighbour: “There is a way you are looking, are you okay or not?” No! I know more than that.
49. You see, if you are fond of asking that question, get ready to be misunderstood, get ready to be misunderstood, some might be thinking you are bewitching the person and come back to ask him how he is looking like.
50. Listen to me, even if it is your neighbour, within you, you have nothing in mind, but because he doesn’t have the Spirit of God, he may misunderstand you. He might think that you are the one responsible for his problem, only to come and see his face, how his countenance is. It is better you do not ask, but it is not so with your Brethren.
51. Why not narrow it down to your own children in your family. Don’t you know them? Don’t you know their appearances? Their behaviours? When you notice one moving very dull, what do you do? Sometimes, you don’t even ask, you go closer and touch the person.
52. Just like this Sister now, I do not need a prophet to tell me that she is not feeling fine because, she is wearing another look already and since she has been in the Fellowship, she has been having something in her mouth, which is not her habit. Are you getting Me? So, I don’t need a prophet.
53. But if I see somebody else on the street or even my neighbour whose appearances has changed like that, no matter how I love the person, I dare not say it, I may have it as a feeling that this woman is not okay, but it will never come out of my mouth, for fear of being misunderstood. Amen.