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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               



I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirst again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can...
                                                — The Son of Man.

God has purposely picked a Bride for Himself through the mouth of the Prophets, through the mouth of the Apostles. He severed them, reveals His will to the Apostles and Prophets and gave them His nature. As long as you are in this Bridal Ministry and you hear flying words from anywhere and you start panicking, it is a sure sign that you are not in the Faith of Son of Man. We can publish it wide that we are the saved of this dispensation because the obstacle has been removed. The plan God has for salvation, the nature God has for salvation, has been revealed to us as revealed to the Son of Man and He revealed it to us. –The Son of Man.

Father, we come before you oh God this day with all of our hearts. We are all filled with joy, praises and thanksgivings because of what You have been doing for us. We are in Your Presence this day to show appreciation to You Oh God. For it is not in a man’s hand to wake up from the bed. It is You that calleth a man up from the bed.
2.          Many are lying critically ill in their different beds this morning, but you woke us up as a proof of your love to each and everyone of us and even while coming to Your Presence, there are people that began a journey, but cannot finish it but, you granted us journey mercies from our homes to this Fellowship just to behold your majesty.
3.          Father Divine, may we never be disappointed in your Presence this day through Christ our Lord. You know our aim of coming, just to worship and to fellowship with You and with one another because You have been doing us good, that is why we have continued to come. Therefore, today, oh God, meet all of us at the points of our needs most especially spiritually, so we will know how to follow You in everything.
4.          My Lord and my God, some of our brethren are not in the Fellowship because they travelled. We pray that You grant them journey mercies, oh God while coming back. May You never allow any accident to occur on their way, may You never allow any obstruction to hinder them from coming to Fellowship this day oh God, even the Son of Man, our Brother Peter Odoemena travelled, we commit Him into your holy hand, grant Him journey mercies oh God, You that sustained Him all these days He went home, bring Him safely back here, oh God, so that He can be a blessing to all of us here this day.
5.          In all the places where your children have gathered this day, Father, I pray may your Presence be felt in their midst oh God. As many as are in the Fellowship with one problem or the other, may You never allow them to go back with all these problems, for we believe that in Your Presence, there is anointing, anointing that breaks every yoke of sickness, every yoke of trouble, every yoke of worries, every yoke of infertility, Father, you are more than able to see all us through this day; heal all of us, of our sicknesses and diseases through Christ our Lord.
6.          Father Divine, there is never a time we come before You and we are disappointed. And we don’t believe we can be disappointed this day because You have already prepared us. If you’ve never prepared us, you would have never allowed us to see this Message, for many are everywhere looking for this truth, but they have never gotten it, but You gave it to us when we never merited it, you gave it to us forever. We say, may all glory, all honour be ascribed unto your Name through Christ our Lord.
7.          Have your way in the midst of Your people oh God. As many as are going to stand behind the sacred pulpit  this day, to minister your Word of grace oh God, fill them with Your Spirit, fill them with Your anointing so that they will talk to us about the things you have taught us in time past. May they never derail, for once they miss the road, all of us will miss the road.
8.          Therefore, guide them, precept upon precept, line upon line so that they will give us that food which you have prepared for us. Bless every Brother and Sister here today, even those that came from other Local Assemblies, they have come for one thing or the other. Father Divine, meet their needs through Christ our Lord we pray.
9.          Many that are in the businesses and the businesses are not doing well, Father Divine, we lift all of them before You, encourage us by expanding our businesses. Give promotions to those working in government offices, help us oh God so that we will do our businesses without fear, believing that you will prosper us in your own time.
10.       Are there some in our midst that have not gotten any job, Father Divine, you are more than able to provide a job, we therefore pray, provide job for such people this day through Christ our Lord.
11.       Give comfort to the comfortless that are in Your Presence this day, give joy to people that do not have joy. May Your peace reign in our families, may Your love continue to grow higher and higher between husband and wife in this family, oh God, so that our homes will be paradise here on Earth as you have already prepared it to be.
12.       Anything that will bring trouble in our families, Father, we reject all of them this day through Christ our Lord. Take anything away that will bring separation between husband and wife. Take anything away that will bring stubbornness to the hearts of our children; in the hearts of our fathers and in the hearts of our mothers so that all of us must be as You have commanded us to be.
13.       Thank You for blessing us this day, thank you for hearing us. As we continue in this fellowship, may it please you oh God to continue with us. Anywhere Satan will rise up against us to bring destruction to this fellowship this day,  Father Divine, we render his power null and void.
14.       Lift us high so that sin will be under our footsteps. Thank You for hearing us, thank You for blessing us for this is our prayers through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

God’s Prophecies Are Tied to Time”, page 80 verse 61-64: “Thus, there is no reason why you should not pay attention. If you do not listen to our Message and obey, you have counted yourself unworthy of the everlasting life whether you like it or not, for God is going to judge the world, this generation according to My Gospel. 
2.            The Gospel of your age is what will be used in judging you. God cannot judge you with the Message of Moses, for you were not in Moses’ day.  It does not concern you; but He will judge you with the Message of your own Messenger, which is the Message of the Son of Man.  For your Messenger is the God of your dispensation.
3.            ‘Behold Your God Cometh’ is a Message I preached many years ago.  Brethren, the Son of Man has won the battle of the anti-Christ on the opposite side.  If there is any war left, it is the war between you and your family.  That is where the fight remains.
4.            The Son of Man has pushed unbelief away.  If there is unbelief, it is in your family, not in the Body of Christ; not in the Family of God.  Unbelief is nothing but detaching yourself from the Body of Christ, for in the Body of Christ, it must be believers.
5.             This is the particular area that has caught my attention for it says that God will judge you and I with the Message He has handed down to us. Note it, you and I must be judged, not with the Message of Moses or any other messenger but, the Message God delivered to us. Is He an unjust God if He does so? No.
6.            If a teacher examines his class with what he taught them, is it not proper? God has concluded this matter. There is no other thing you should be looking out to see which God is going to use in judging you than what He has already given to you. You must account for it.
7.            He equally went further to say, “Disobeying the Message, refusing the Message means detaching yourself from the Body of Christ,” and detaching yourself means removing your name from God’s Book of Life. Now the question arises: was your name there in the beginning? The answer is yes. We are almost there.
8.            God is already about rounding off His programme with mankind, but it is going to be on a very disastrous note. Disaster awaits all living human beings on Earth, nobody is exempted.
9.            On a Sunday in the Fellowship, we heard a frightening Voice that said, “About ninety-nine and half percent (99.5%) of the Sisters so-called in this Faith are wasting their time.”
10.         That statement touched some, some laughed at it and God has decided to reveal this matter more even to some individuals, and the brothers might be jumping up and down now.
11.         Now, it is your turn, that only about three percent (3%) of the brothers are saved. Then, what is the hope of the rest? Who and who are in that three percent? We heard the Voice saying, “Some have attained perfection already; but they are not going anywhere, they are waiting for some. Some are striving, some have given up.” I wish to stress it harder because I know it is pure truth and God has confirmed it.
12.         You can recant this Faith and still continue in fellowship with the Saints, having everything in common with the Saints, labouring, yet you have recanted the Faith.
13.         Let me give you another pointer, God said that He will never destroy us, rather we are going to destroy ourselves with our own hands. In other words, He God will not and never erase our names from His Book of Life, that we who have come to Him for salvation, will be the people that will delete our names by walking away from Him.
14.         What does walking away from God means? To walk away from God means walking away from His instructions, walking away from His precepts, walking away from the revealed teachings. The moment you walk away, your doom is sealed.
15.         It is not God’s intention that any should perish, if it is possible, He will save the entire world; but it is impossible.
16.         We have come to the end of all things, there is no need giving you the impression that you are there when you are too far away from the mind of God.
17.         It is unfortunate to say that about eighty percent (80%) of the people in the Bridal Faith do not believe the Message of the Son of Man, among them are ministers. In other words, only twenty percent (20%) are in the Faith because they believed; and out of the twenty percent, only three percent (3%) as I am standing here are sure of their salvation.
18.         If it is possible to mention names like Saint Paul did, I would have started mentioning names, but it is better to mention the names of those that have walked away, whose names have been erased so that they will stop troubling themselves of coming back to the Faith, they can find other places of comfort.
19.         However, if l should do it, won’t you call Me a wicked man? You will call Me a wicked fellow, but I am not responsible for your unbelief, I am not responsible for what is happening to you.
20.         Note it, God made it very clear and I have confirmed it “that the state of your heart determines where your are”. Many of you, your hearts are not right with God. Many of you, in short, let me say about ninety percent (90%) in this Faith, your hearts and not right with God. It will be very, very difficult for God to adopt you into His Holy Family.
21.         Many of you have stony hearts—very stony hearts, impenetrable hearts, hearts that recent the truth. However, my greatest joy is that those that are greatly despised are the people that are in the Kingdom. Those that are highly esteemed are the people that are operating outside. In other words, there is going to be surprises—real surprises.

22.         The book of Isaiah chapter 4 verse 2 to 6, “In that day shall the branch of the LORD be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel.
23.         And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem: When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning.
24.         And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defense.
25.         And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain.” KJV.
26.         Those whose names are written down to escape the destruction of Jerusalem will be washed and rinsed of all their moral filth by the horrors and the fire. They will be God’s Holy people, and the land will produce for them its lushest bounty and its richest fruit. Then, the Lord will provide shade on all Jerusalem  over every home and all its public grounds- a canopy of smoke and cloud through out the day, and clouds of fire at night, covering the glorious land protecting it from day time heat and from rains and storms” LB.
27.         Let it be known to you that only those that are destined for the final salvation shall be purified. Only those who are bonafide, destined for salvation shall be purified. The rest, no matter the way you present this Message shall never, never be purified, their hearts must remain filthy even if they eat and drink with the Son of Man, sleep in the same bed with Him; render Him all services in the world, their hearts must remain filthy.
29.         I am through with all you should know as far as preaching is concerned. What is waiting which is about to take place is just one thing: a proclamation and whatever may be the content of that proclamation, for now should not bother you. However, you know what it is, that the Son of Man has finished His fight with the anti-Christ, He has won the battle against His opponents.
30.         If there is any war left, it is now in your families, it is between you and your wife and your children and you are the one that will fight that anti-Christ in your family and win. It is no longer in the Body of Christ. It is now in your families, for God has pushed away unbelief from the hearts of those that have been earmarked for salvation.
31.         If there is unbelief, it is no longer in the Body of Christ, it is in your family. You are the one that will fight that one. Yes, why is it like that? If you have believed and your wife has believed what you have believed, everywhere will be quiet, it then means that salvation has entered that family and the war has ended.
32.         For the war that is still ragging in your family is the war against unbelief either in the man or in his wife or in the children. One is for God, another is against God and that is the reason for the war, one person must win. Amen.


This is not the time anybody should pat you at the back. Anybody patting you at the back is fooling you. I have been talking for some time now; but I did the greatest preaching recently and those with Me benefited immensely.
2.            I minced no words, then, it became a revelation to Me to stamp out too many names from my eyes and from my heart because they have removed themselves especially those that run independent and autonomous families; that will like to prove to Me that the mouth can exist outside the body, that the eyes can exist outside the body, that the hand can exist outside the body. Is it true? 
3.            How independent and autonomous is the hand that has detached from the body? You can cut off the hand from the body and that hand will exist alone. The mouth, your eyes, your ears, your hands and everything are attached to the body. You are all attached to the head.
4.            Note it, I made it clear and a Brother confirmed it. Some that noticed long ago that they are wasting their time are now all out to inject poison into your hearts through what you will hear from them which will remove your names from the list (the Book of Life) for words are spirits. Furthermore, these people that will give them these dangerous words (falsehood) are people you can hardly doubt because of their close association with the Son of Man.
5.            They will even tell you that they know everything about the Son of Man. That the Son of Man reveals everything to them; just to cause you to pay attention; and if you dare listen to them that is your doom.
6.            You see, the person has discovered that no matter how he tries to work himself into the Son of Man, that the Son of Man has already finished with him, judged him and set him aside so, he now devices a way of punishing too many people by injecting falsehood in them. This is the area where you must tightened-up now.
7.            Long ago, I made it clear that l am standing in your midst as a Tree in the midst of the Garden, that all of you have access to Me. Do not ask them, ask Me. Do not believe them, believe Me. If there is any doubt, clear it with Me. Do not say, “Brother so, so, so and so; sister so, so and so said.” NO! If it is not the Son of Man, it is not the Son of Man. If it is like the Voice of the Son of Man, it is not the Voice of the Son of Man.
8.            Now, let me just tell you, somebody traveled outside Nigeria, the person does not know where we are (the present stage of the Ministry), he does not know what is happening, that same day I was in the pulpit talking in the Fellowship, warning you concerning taking away your names from the Book of Life as I said, “Many of you hearing Me now had already erased your names! Your names have been removed, yet you know it not.”
9.            Can you believe that, that same day in a far country, somebody who was not praying, who was not sleeping, who was not dreaming, who was just sitting down, reached for her eyeglass, for she wanted to read something, then the Voice roared, very distinct Voice, the Voice of the Son of Man, and what she heard is, “Your name has been removed!”
10.         Immediately, she knelt down. This experience happened not in Nigeria, but far away country. This is a serious matter. Even now the Lord spoke on Earth, His Voice was heard from the Heavens.
11.         I told you that as we journeyed along from 2nd January 2011; the Lord Himself will be confirming to your hearts individually your positions in Him. If  by now your position is not yet known to you, if it has not been confirmed, keep on praying, keep on seeking the face of the Lord, there is no miracle there. No matter the way I encourage you, among us in this Faith, even sitting down in the Fellowship now are people who will help in telling the world what has taken place when rapture strikes.
12.         In no distant time, we will be saying bye-bye. That is why God said that there should not be any thing holding down any of us and do not ever fold your arms, continue in your work, continue in your marital plans, continue in your buildings, buy your cars, but do everything in Christ, in the fear of the Lord, being ready at all times.
13.         You follow my instructions; none of those things will stop you from taking off. What will stop you is unbelief. That is the only reason why they (our fathers) could not enter the Promise Land; it was as a result of unbelief.
14.         He (God) brought them out from Egypt, in the wilderness; He destroyed all that believed not. Does your life reflect your Faith? What you are hearing from God, does it bear witness in your heart that at least up to this very moment, you have no sign of unbelief in your heart, you have no rebellion in your heart, you have no doubt?
15.         Rebellion is very easy. The day I spoke about REBELLION, Elder Ugoala confirmed it to be true. How many knows that murmuring is rebellion?  Murmuring, complaining, grumbling is a naked manifestation of rebellion; and anybody that is guilty of these offences can hardly operate alone, he operates in a company. He must look for people he will share his unbelief with and if you are careless or blind, you did not notice it spiritually, and you join yourself into it the Lord will put asterisk or question mark on your name.
16.         That was how He marked all of them in the wilderness, all those people that murmured and complained against this Gospel; evil association, twenty years and above. Who initiated it? One person, gradually, it continued to spread  until the whole camp is filled.
17.         They began to question Moses, they started questioning all his utterances, all his activities, everything, trouble now came. When the trouble came, who was spared? Only those who have already made their minds that they will dwell with God eternally will be free from the last days’ pollution, every other heart must be polluted; except the true heart.
18.         You can go back to the Message preached by Apostle Kelechi many years ago titled “The True Heart.”
19.         God is looking for a true heart and not a false heart that will come to God with his lips when his heart is far away from God. With the heart he strangles God, with the mouth he praises God, rendering services, but with the heart he strangles God.
20.         Let us be very careful. I will challenge all of you, take this Message back to your families, to see whether there is any unbelief in your family. Go and search your families: man, know yourself, search yourself; woman, search yourself, husband and wife search your children.
21.         Another person called Me and said, “Daddy, forgive me all I have done in this life and this and that, please save me and my family at home and so on.”
22.         I said, “Okay, thank you. Those that are in the Presence of God have not been saved, you that are far-off, you are not only asking for your own salvation, but that of your entire family. Do you think it is going to work that way?”
23.         If the righteous can scarcely be saved, you think it is easy to save the righteous man in his righteousness? You think it is easy because you are righteous? Your righteousness can even end here: a very good man, a very good woman, very faithful to the Faith, very loyal, always serving the Son of Man’s interest, you end it here. The matter we are talking about goes beyond what you are thinking, otherwise the entire world would have been there.
24.         Some of you, well I don’t know how to say it so that you will understand, have you actually sat down one day to think about eternal life and eternal damnation or eternal suffering. In your private closets, look for the meaning of the word “eternal” in your Bible or dictionary. The word “eternal” means “endless.”
25.         If God said it is eternal, who will stop it? Everything about God is eternal. That is why Saint Paul said, “It is a fearful thing for one to roll into the indignation of God for God is a Consuming Fire. When we see the terror and anger of the Lord as it is being revealed to us, we persuade all men to obey the Word of God.” 
26.         God is accepting you, He is accepting me on the basis of the state of your heart and my heart.
27.         Thou Cain, if thy heart was right, couldn’t I have accepted you and your offerings? When God rejects a man, He rejects his offering for the offering of an ungodly man is an abomination before God. What God said you should offer Him is your heart.
28.         Is your heart right with God? Is your heart right with the Words you are hearing from God? It is not knowing the truth that matters. No. You can know the whole truth and still perish. We should think about this Message for we have come to the end of everything.
29.         At a time when nobody is repenting, you can sorrow without repenting. Many of you are sorrowing but you are not repenting. It is a delicate period we have rolled into.
30.         Do you know that this matter I am voicing out among us in this Faith, many do not believe? What is fooling them? what their eyes can see. Many do not believe it; some will only believe it when they have seen it happen. By then, it is late.
31.         I wish to announce to all of you that this catching away of the Saints has narrowed down very strictly. It is not what we used to think about it, no! Drop all those imaginations, the standard God set for it in our day as it has been revealed to Me, I wonder if anybody will be there without amazing grace, I do not know.
32.         I do not know what is causing it. Your hearts are too dirty—very, very dirty. Nothing good is proceeding out of your hearts. Our mouth, nothing good is coming out of it because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.
33.         From our mouth, we voice out what is conceived in the heart: words of envy, words of malice, words of hatred, words of anger, every kind of evil is fomented in the heart and is being displayed among the brethren.
34.         Wickedness is being spread in the families everyday. Everyday, parents are busy spreading wickedness; and you think you are getting saved? You can fool yourselves, but you cannot fool God.  You might say you have done your best, you are righteous, you are this, but is God convinced? Amen.

I was told a dream which I learned that Brother Chime had and the dream troubled him. He rushed to my house only to discover that I traveled. He now ran to Brother Kelechi to relay the dream. This is dreaming period.
2.            When we have neglected the Spoken Word, the written Word, God comes to us through dreams.
3.            After hearing the dream, I looked at Brother Kelechi because he wanted me to speak, but surprisingly I looked away. I don’t talk anyhow again! You can talk your blah blah blah, that is your own reason. I do not have time for that.
4.            I hope Pastor Isaac Monday is not in this camp because I ordered him to go, and he hardened his heart.  
5.            Let me be specific now, I picked one at Aba, I picked one at Obosima and these people that are picked, they are the people that are greatly despised. To the rest of the brethren in these Local Assemblies, they are troublemakers. Simply because he (the one picked) is standing against injustice because the Pastors and other ministers have compromised and that one said no!
6.            They said he is confronting the Pastor always, always confrontational; but  I looked into the matter at stake, I saw that they had already departed from the Faith many, many years ago. Only that man they said is confrontational is upholding the Faith of Christ. Is it not a surprising thing, despised and rejected by the Church and accepted by God—enemy of the Pastor but God’s fovourite.
7.            If not for one thing,  I would have narrated some of my experiences, but with time, you will hear them, not from Me, but somebody is coming to speak to you peradventure you will hear. However, on my side, it is all over.
8.            Another person had a dream and was driving the children in a motor car, only to get to the point where all the brethren were sitting in a sort of a court and she was commanding the children to make haste and rush inside; only for a Sister in the court to tell her that she came very late, that the Son of Man had already instructed that no other human being should enter the court and the dream left her, and this dream came from America. When l heard about it, I did not talk. I simply closed my mouth.
9.            We have come to the point where God Himself will speak to you as He did in the time of old. You must know your position.
10.         Note it, rapture is not by accident. There is no accident there; it is not an accidental departure, no! It is planned, it is worked out, it is prepared. I am the One telling you this truth.
11.         That people were thinking that God will come and take them anyhow, it is a lie! Those that were thinking that God will come and change them and take you anyhow, it is a lie!
12.         It is this same Message you are hearing that I am hearing and it is what others are hearing too. Why is it that the soap used by another person cannot remove your own stain? It shows that you have never made use of that soap for one day. Maybe, you kept it in your box.
13.         Go back to the Message, “God’s Prophecies Are Tied To Time,” for there is a prophecy there which is coming to pass anytime from now and that will expose all the hypocrites we have in this Faith, for we shall know who is who in the Bride of Christ, anytime from now.
14.         God Himself will publish it wide; that is an open spectacle. The whole world would see it.
15.         Am I saying it so that you will be afraid? No! I am not telling you this so that you will be afraid for I am equally involved. Nevertheless, I am lamenting like Saint Paul lamented that their desire was to see whether they could be saved. However, there was no way. Then, He narrowed it down, that he was preaching peradventure he will save some.
16.         Let me see whether I will save some, not all, not many, but very few, for human beings are bad, really bad. You see this heart, very wicked, very deceitful, who can know it? Only the Almighty. The most deceitful thing is the heart and it is desperately wicked. Who can know it if not God?
17.         Can you see how everybody is sitting down in the Fellowship, looking like angels? Place food on the table; let everybody dip his hand and be eating, you say that angels are eating.  Nobody knows what is in the heart of each other.
18.         When you will know what is in the heart is when you will get out of the Fellowship, then, you will hear, “Come and see what Brother Philip is saying!” Then, you will answer, “Is it Brother Philip which I ate with now, now, now? He is in our midst here; look at what he is saying.” What I am telling you is truth.
19.         Let me tell you the truth, there is nobody whose name is in that Book that does not know. There is nobody that will be left here after rapture that he will not know why he or she was left behind. There is nobody that is lame that does not know why. Even right now, few comments I have made right now, I made it in the air, they are captured by individuals.
20.         On that day, many will not have the boldness to appear before the Throne of Grace because what will be revealed, people that are there will say, “What! If not that it is God that said it, we won’t have believed.” This was what happened where I went at Mbaise.
21.         You look at a brother now, if you call him Brother Satan, he will be annoyed, he may even fight. However, if God calls you Satan, you will say that is what you are. I did not say you are Satan, but that is how the whole thing is if you are shown what is in the heart of man.
22.         Let me tell you, what I have noticed is that preaching is only helping to cause people to suppress some of their wickedness. Without the preaching of the Gospel, I wonder whether anybody can walk on the street, they are not going to Church that they might be saved or for eternal life, but to see whether they can at least use the Message to control themselves a little.
23.         Thus, there are people in this Faith that can use knife to cut off their brother’s head or sister’s head. They are in our midst. What I am telling you is pure truth. Many are among us even right now, I am afraid. The only consolation I have is this: what will kill Me has not come, that is, it cannot come.
24.         To eat with you now, in fact, it frightens Me. What I am telling you is the truth. Is it for me to follow you to dip hand in the same plate and eat or for Me to drink water with the same cup with you? You should pray that God should reveal to you what is in the heart of many people that are in this Faith, I am not talking of people that have left, people that are still remaining with us! Am I pointing outside? No, I am pointing inside.
25.         It pays to move out a little because when you move out a little, you get the revelation, you catch up revelations, say, “God, show me this congregation. Let me see what is happening,” come and see filthiness, come and see criminals of all sorts, wicked people, very wicked; then, the question arises: what is your profit at the end, when you will be given a portion among the heathens where you will be suffering the same fate they are suffering; in the eternal Hell?
26.         What has it profited you coming to fellowship, preaching, knowing the truth, going about parading yourself as a child of God and at the end, look at where you are, don’t you know that the heathens are better than you?  Amen.