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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirst again, but have evalasting life. Believe it if you can…
-Son of Man.
To be like God is to be faithful like God, to be straightforward like God. If God is reliable, you must be reliable. If He is dependable, you must be dependable. Whatever God is, is what have the Spirit of God in you. Thus, all the attributes of God must be made visible in your daily life. This is where poverty has emanated. Poverty is a sign of unfaithfulness. Your faithfulness must be visible before God and before man. —Son of man. SEVEN STEPS TO REALIZING THE PROMISES OF GOD. PG. 121 VS 47.

you should be because you are a child of God. You
Remain blessed Brethren. We give God the entire glory, honour, thanksgiving and praise for sustaining our lives all through these evil times. We will ever remain grateful to God for all we have been enjoying in His Presence. We have reasons why we must praise and worship Him.  
2.         Please, let it be known to all in the Bridal Faith that any Pastor in the Faith that is not keeping pace with this Faith must be benched. If by my honest assessment, a Pastor is found wanting in this Faith no matter the Local Assembly, that Pastor automatically must be benched. The time when we paraded Pastors that do not have the capacity even to run their families well is over.
3.         Every Pastor must be prepared now to fulfill all that are stipulated in his office both spiritually and morally. Any Pastor that is found to be morally bankrupt, is not worthy to go by the title “pastor.” The time Pastor was seen as a title is over; the time it was seen as a mere office for recognition is over. We are now in the era where every minister will be prepared to prove and defend his Ministry in the Bride of Christ.
4.         You are a minister, you cannot come and tell us that you have a Ministry or you are a minister orally like that, no, you have to make full proof of your Ministry, convince all of us and then defend it. That is why Saint Paul enjoined Timothy to strive at all times to make his calling and election stand sure.  To Titus he said, “Strive to make full proof of your Ministry.”
5.         I am not addressing Jerusalem alone. I am using this medium to address all other Local Assemblies that makeup this Bridal Faith in this part of the world.
6.         I was discussing with my wife recently concerning Brethren, wonderful Brethren indeed. Wonderful in the sense that they made a great sacrifice coming down to the East to worship God, to learn of God because they have really believed that they are not being deceived. 
7.         I said, “This is one of the things I consider and then open my doors to receive them and make them feel very comfortable even before I will post them out to anywhere they will pass the night.
8.         I consider the distance; I consider the troubles they normally go through. Imagine somebody who came down from Bayelsa State, the troubles it took him to be in Jerusalem.  Imagine somebody who came from Lagos the troubles it took him to be in Jerusalem.  It is not easy. Even those that traveled from the South East to worship with us in Jerusalem, it is not easy.
9.         But from time to time, when we look around and we cannot see any of them, some of you appear to blaming them for one reason or the other. Put yourselves in their shoes, can you make it?
10.     If God is stationed in Lagos, do you think you can volunteer to go to Lagos to hear from Him? What of those that came from the North and still, when they take all these troubles to come down to Jerusalem, Brethren can never extend their affection to them. Some of you avoid them; some of you cannot even extend your hand of fellowship to them. Some of you cannot be liberally minded even to stay with them for few minutes and have interaction with them.
11.     Sometimes you regard them as beggars. What are they begging from you? Do you think they are coming down to Jerusalem because of your food and drink? The transport fare they paid alone, is it not enough to take good care of them?  The transport fare they paid alone can make them feel comfortable in any hotel: eat and drink to their satisfaction.
12.     Mere mentioning that you are a member of the Bridal Ministry cannot save you. Please take note of what I am saying. Merely embracing the Son of Man and His Ministry can never offer you the desired salvation.  Merely sitting down in the fellowship worshiping with the saints of God can never offer you the desired salvation. The only thing I believe that can offer you that desired salvation is your attitudinal change.
13.     You have to change your attitude towards God, towards one another, and towards the Ministry where you say you own your commitments.
14.     There are too many of you that came into the Faith without having any commitment with this Ministry. If you are committed to this Ministry, your attitude will reflect it, everything around you must reflect your commitment to the Ministry.
15.     But because you are not committed to the cause of Christ, to the cause of His Ministry, your attitude towards one another has become everything but good. Because you do not have personal commitment, individual commitment and revelation to the cause of Christ, to the Ministry that is committed into our hands your attitude towards God, towards the fellowship of the Saints, and towards your fellow Brethren within and without has become everything but good.
16.     That is why when you begin to cry, you begin to shout expecting God’s blessings and I begin to wonder how God can shower you with His blessings in your naked unfaithfulness to the Ministry. How can God shower you with the desired blessings when you are manifesting unbelief?
17.     There is intolerance among you.  There is envy, there is jealousy, there are words of scandal, words of malice; words of discomfort emanating from your thoughts, your eyes are filled with hatred.
18.     I begin to wonder whether you are really sincere even to whatever you may have called your covenant with God—that is if you have any. I have been meditating for sometime now concerning this Faith and the number of people that are likely to be saved in this Ministry—if at all somebody will be saved.  I have been wondering whether the problem is with the Message or with the people that claimed to be the receivers of the Message.
19.     I have scrutinized this Ministry, I have scrutinized all the Messages that proceeded out of my mouth backed up by the Holy Spirit, there is not even one that can be faulted. But there is something wrong in the recipients. The people that receive this Word do not manifest the Word; the level of hypocrisy in you is very, very high.
20.     Why hypocrisy? It is better you leave us and then live your life the way you want than for you to come into the Faith without having rest even in the midst of God’s children.
21.     If you are not having rest in this Faith, the truth is this: you are not a part of what is happening in this Faith. Look for that place where you can find that comfort.
22.     Merely coming to fellowship, merely establishing a system of worship, a system of doing this and that can never give us the desired salvation from God; the desired blessing from God can never be attracted.
23.     However, the only thing I know that will do the miracle is our change of attitude.  The moment you change your mind for the better, your attitude will change for the better.  You cannot change your mind and remain where you are, impossible! There must be a move either forward or backwards.
24.     If you have no commitment to your family, it must reflect in the lifestyle of your family. A man that is not committed to the welfare of his family, that man is not even worthy to be called a husband.  A wife that is not committed to the welfare of the family is not qualified to answer a wife.  A child that is not committed to the welfare of his or her family is a bastard, he or she is not qualified to answer a son or a daughter in that family.
25.     To what extent are you committed to your family? If this Family (the Bridal Faith) belongs to you, if you believe that God has only but one Family on Earth and you are a member of that highly cherished Family, highly valued Family, to what extent are you committed to the welfare of that Family?
26.      I want to let all the Pastors in this Faith know that enormous responsibilities are vested on them to save these souls that are looking unto you for salvation but first, your own salvation must be guaranteed. If you are not saved you cannot offer salvation to others.
See all the Messages recently published, emphasis has been laid on the need for Pastors to feed the flock with the right food, to organize and administer the affairs of the flock in a manner that would be pleasing to God.
28.     What is your target concerning your fellowship? What type of Brethren do you want to raise? What picture do you have in mind concerning the fellowship that is entrusted into your care?  For every man must have a picture of what he wants his family to look like.  A man that does not have such a vision concerning his family; somebody beating about the bush, for your family to be reckoned among good families you must have good pictures, good photograph of the type of family you want to present to the world.
29.     If you have not painted a family picture before, it is not yet too late. Begin to paint one now, the type of family you would like to present to the society, you would like to present to God whether it is going to be a loose family, a reckless family, a disorganized family, a useless family filled with nonentities and hooligans, half-baked materials or you want to raise a formidable family, a family full of honour, full of integrity, full of respect, a family that will be a prime mover.
30.     Whatever picture you are painting is what you must reproduce. But where you have no picture, you have nothing to reproduce, anything goes.  The same thing is applicable to all the Pastors in this Faith. You must have a picture in your mind what you want your congregation to look like, but where you have nothing in mind, you have nothing to achieve; so it is in every day life.
31.     A man without a picture of tomorrow has nothing to achieve. For you to achieve something you must paint a picture of the future and then begin to work towards it.
32.     I was discussing with Brethren in my house recently and I discovered that many of them are just moving about without any lively program that can sustain life and I wonder what life means to that person who has just come out into the world attaining the age of adolescence without having any program for himself. I wonder whether that person is a human being at all.
In the Message titled “Faithfulness,” I believe that God did not give it to us just for us to use it as mere cosmetic to oil our lips,  I believe that God had already made us to understand that He is a faithful God. If He is not faithful, He cannot demand faithfulness from us.
34.     Besides, in everything you do in this life, faithfulness is very, very essential. If you are not faithful to your commitment, to your academic works as a student, as a pupil, if you are not faithful to the instruction you received from your teachers, from your lecturers even at the university level, surely, you can never perform well.
35.     Once you are faithful to whatsoever that is entrusted to your care, surely, the result will give you joy. The result can be published wide. But when somebody is unfaithful, expect no good result at all.  If you are faithful to your marriage, you are committed to the success of your marriage; all that come to your house will glorify the Name of the Lord because of your family.
36.     If you are unfaithful to your family, automatically, your family becomes a curse, the greatest abomination of all mankind. As many as will come into your family will regret even having been acquainted with you. They will even go out and say , “If this is all marriage entails, bye, bye to marriage.”
37.     I will use our Brother Emmanuel Agu. Recently, when I saw him in the company of some Elders looking very much refreshed and happy in a mood he has never found himself even when he was living with a woman called a wife, his children also looking very good in appearance than they looked when they were having somebody around them called a mother, that goes show that the young man never enjoyed his family until now. He was merely dying in silence.
38.     Too many of you are dying in silence both man and woman. What is the reason? If there is unfaithfulness in your family, it is either the husband is unfaithful to the commitment he said he has with his family or the woman is unfaithful to her commitment.  Let Me tell you what I mean.  If you do not know that there is a commitment know it now. Marital Conjugation is a commitment.
39.     You saw a Sister and then solicited for her hand in marriage and she accepted or volunteered to live with you in marital relationship, a commitment has been entered into. That agreement is nothing but a commitment. You are now committed to one another, you are committed to the success of that conjugation otherwise it will turn out to be the greatest abomination of all mankind.
40.     If you are committed to it actually, either party will be struggling to see the commitment succeed; to make the agreement succeed, nobody will walk contrary to that agreement. Everybody will be walking towards strengthening the tie that binds the two together. You are either walking towards strengthening the tie that binds you to your commitment or you are walking towards weakening it.
41.     The tie can be weakened, it can be strengthened. That is what God is saying. Do we have any tie binding us with God? Our relationship with God is likened to a marital conjugation. The Almighty God is our Husband, do you believe that? If we are what we claimed to be, the Family of God, then God is our Leader, God is our Head, the very Christ is our Head and our Husbandman.
42.     Remember, to Israel God Almighty was their Husband. Is it not true?  When Israel became unfaithful to God by giving their allegiance to so-called gods, was God happy with them? When Israel could not strengthen their commitment with God, was He happy with them?
43.     Do we have any commitment with God at all? If the answer is yes, how sincere are we to that commitment, how are we walking towards strengthening that commitment, that agreement or are we walking towards weakening it everyday? Unfaithfulness weakens love while faithfulness strengthens love.
44.     As we remain faithful to God He will continue to multiply His love towards us. But as we continue to manifest naked unfaithfulness, surely, we may not be surprise when He will withdraw His love from us completely. Moreover, when God withdraws His love from His people, it is likened to a situation where a man withdraws his love from his wife.
45.     If a man is forced to the wall to the point where he withdraws his love from his wife, definitely, noise making can never stop in that house, rioting can never stop in that house, every kind of evil will have its home in that house. Nobody will find rest in that house again—both the man and woman. Even the children born in that family will be left in a confused condition.
46.     You see why we have to be sincere to what we say we believe. If we believe that God is our Maker, that God is our all and all, and He has given us His Word to obey and we know actually that whatsoever God will do in our midst is by our strict obedience to His Word, what will be our reasons for not being obedient to His Word?
47.     In the Message titled “Examine your family Relationship,” it was written that there can never be peace in any family where the woman finds it very difficult to obey the words of her husband quickly and quietly.
48.     Now, why not place God, Christ, the Almighty God as the Husbandman, for there can never be peace, for there can never be God’s blessing in a family, in a Local Assembly where the members find it very difficult to obey the Words of God quickly and quietly without grumbling, without murmuring, without giving it any undue personal interpretation.
49.     We have to be very, very careful from now. If I am to say, I would rather say it without mincing words that the axe is now lying on the bottom of the tree. From now, any tree that does not produce good fruits will be hewed down so that the rest may thrive.
I have searched all our Messages, you can hardly get a Message where God is not hammering on the presence of strangers, foreigners, mixed-multitudes, hypocrites in our midst. What is more, God has been saying that they (strangers) are greatly found among our ministers. This is the most touchy side of it. I am not surprise. God said partial obedience is no obedience.
51.     Do you know that the worst example that annoyed God most is devilish examples that are being laid down by the ministers, for the congregation look up to the ministers.
52.     The moment it is discovered that the ministers are not serious with what they are professing, the congregation can never be serious anymore. The seriousness by which the congregation embraces the Word of God is dictated by the seriousness of the ministers in implementing what they believe and preach in their personal lives.
53.     I remember the word that I said in some of My Messages: “If you find it very difficult to obey as a minister, who do you want to obey then? Do you preach because you believe or you preach because that is what they say they believe? Having the head-knowledge of the Faith without a reflection of the Faith in your character is useless.  That is why I hammer on academic attainment.  I keep on telling my children that the driver of your academic attainment is your character.
54.     Whatever might be the hardware (e.g printer) you have installed in your so-called computer, if there is no driver in that computer, the hardware (e.g printer) is useless.  Academic excellence without good morals, or academic excellence with moral depravity leads to both moral and academic bankruptcy.
55.     Acquire your PhD in any discipline when you are morally bankrupt, you will discover that it will lead you to nothing. You end it at nothing, you become an academic fool.
56.     There are too many academic fools in the society. You can be a millionaire, you can be the biggest importer of goods in Nigeria, own everything you want to own, when you are morally bankrupt you are a wealthy fool—money miss road
57.     In other words, our character remains the driver that drives whatever might be our achievements in life. Whatever you think is your achievement, you need a driver and that driver remains your character.  That is why when character is lost; your achievements are all completely lost.  For that reason, if you are intelligent, blend your character with whatever might be your achievement in life and then you will never regret.
58.     How faithful are we to what is committed into our hands as children of God?  Do we have real interest in the affairs of our Family (God’s Household)?  Do we show interest in things that can promote the good image of our Family? 
59.     Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any nation; that is the popular adage written in the Scriptures. Good character exalts an individual. Good character, good report exalts the reputation of every family but evil reports, bad conducts debase the reputation of any individual, debase the reputation of any family.
60.     Moreover, once the problem starts from the head it flows down stream. The moment water gets contaminated at the source, it flows down stream.  This is why there is wide spread of profligacy in our families: naked manifestation of rebellion, of hypocrisy in too many families. The heads of all our families are not dependable. I owe nobody any apology on this matter.  You can prove Me wrong tomorrow but for today, it is impossible for you to prove Me wrong.
61.     Ninety-nine percent of the heads of our families are not dependable, they are not reliable, they are unbelievers to the teachings of the Son of Man more especially on family matters, and the water spoils at the source and flows down stream.  You will not know the havoc you are causing to yourself until your children will clock 10 and 15 years, and then they begin to manifest that which they emulated from you;  it is that time you will realize that you have caused yourself great havoc.
62.     Sin is entertainment; evil is entertainment to anybody that is not a child of God. Evil is a very nice entertainment to anybody that is destitute of truth.  But every true seed of God can never play with evil. No intelligent fellow is given a choice to make and he chooses disaster.
63.     It will take a fool to choose disaster and call it pleasure.  Something you know that has disastrous consequences in your family, in your own individual life and you gain nothing from it, you harden yourself and then continue in it anyhow. Why? Simply because you have the power to do it.
64.     After all, you are the king of the house; you are the queen of the house, who comes into your house to police you? What is more, at the end of the whole thing you will come down to fellowship to sit down as angels. I say no! Do not ever try it! Do not ever give us that impression unless you want to die prematurely.
I said in the beginning that membership of this place is not physical; it is purely spiritual. Membership of this Bridal Faith is not physical but purely spiritual. That is why you might be in our midst physically yet, spiritually you are not with us.  Too many people are within this category: physically they are with us but spiritually they are not with us.  Furthermore, anybody who is not in the Faith spiritually with us does not belong to us.
66.     The same way, people make physical appearance in their family without any spiritual impact. You can make physical appearance in your family by claiming to be the head of the family. Simply because they see you everyday, occasionally you provide for their physical needs but spiritually speaking you have nothing to offer your family. Once somebody is spiritually barren, he is barren in all things. He can never be fruitful.
67.     If you go to the book of Peter, when he was talking to his congregation, he told them, “If all these virtues be in you, they will make you to be fruitful and not to be a barren.  You will not be found wanting in anything pertaining to life and godliness.”
68.     You will be up-to-date.  It is only there and then that you fulfill a very nice Scripture where God said that you have the unction, you have the spirit and you know all things. You do not have the need for anybody to come to buffet you about again; for the Spirit of God in you discerns between God and the Devil. The Spirit of God discerns between good and bad, the Spirit discerns between dishonest and rightful living. If you do not have that Spirit of God, everything is right in your sight. 
69.     Another spirit I have noticed that is killing many of you is the spirit of: “It does not matter. God has saved us. Nothing is wrong. I know I am saved.” For every evil character, there is a quote an evil fellow will use to back it up.
70.     William Branham said, “Watch the evil man, watch the evil woman, he or she has a defense in every evil conduct.”
71.     Evil men and evil women, if they do not quote William Branham’s Message, they know the Scriptures they will quote. If they do not quote that one, they know the Message of the Son of Man they will quote.
72.     Watch all evil fellows among us—men and women alike—the quotes they will memorize are quotes that will cement them in unbelief. They can never memorize quotes that are challenging to them; quotes that will keep them away from error, keep them away from evil, but any quote that is credited to their wives, they will say Amen and have it.
73.     Quotes credited to backup their excessive drinking like Brother Shedrach and he will say Amen.  Any quote that is detrimental to the welfare of their families, they will always be quoting that one.  If I should go the other way round, you will see somebody that will say, “Son of Man said that in the house of a king every kind of character is there; both good and bad, they are all children of the king.”
74.     Then a foolish fellow will prefer to be that wicked and evil fellow in the house of a king who will always bring shame, dishonour, and disrepute to his parents.
75.     A good child brings honour to the parents but a bad child brings humiliation, disappointment to the parents.  A good child is always a blessing to the parents and receives blessing also from the parents, while a bad child is accursed. Even, the day a bad child is born is a cursed day.  How many believe that the day a bad child is born in a family is a cursed day?
76.     In the House of God there are objects of praise and there are objects of anger. Yes! But which one do you want to be? The Scriptures said that God has made us objects of praise.  If God made an evil day for an evil man, why must you be that evil man for an evil day? 
77.     That was why I said that Judas Iscariot was stupid. If my master says that one of us must betray him, I do not need to begin to ask question like “is it I?” I will simply knee down and say, “God, may it never be me, even if it is anointing, let it never rest on me.” Amen.