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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               



Every man has two creators; his God and himself. His first Creator furnishes him with the raw materials of his life and the guiding or regulatory principles or legal frame work in conformity with which he can make that life what he will. His second creator, himself, has marvellous powers he rarely realizes. It is what a man makes of himself that counts most.

Do you have the “head knowledge” of the Faith or do you have a “deep-seated conviction” of the Faith? …What have I seen in this Man claiming to be God that is stumbling me?

-Son of Man
Undisputable fact about the Deity:
…When He is positive, He is God; when He is negative, He is Satan; when He is neutral, He is a Man…

A Word from the Author
We don’t obey the Word of God collectively, we obey it individually. You can only conspire to tell lies, but you can’t conspire to tell the truth.
          Until you obey the Message: “The Good Shepherd,” you will not reap a meaningful reward. A good Shepherd is like a good Father in the Family.
          Following a leader means surrendering to his instructions. For one to be a leader, he must be a tested material.
          It was written concerning Jesus that nobody was His counsellor/teacher—He has no teacher. When is a Leader needed? You need a Leader when you do not know the way.  The Ministry of the Son of Man is not Bible Ministry but a Spoken Word Ministry. Nobody can preach the Son of Man because there is nothing you can lay hand on and preach Him. The content of the Ministry of the Son of Man is embedded in the Son of Man Himself. It is not written anywhere; it is only coded in the Son of Man.
          If you come to the Son of Man and you do not go home happy, know that you have not met Him. A good leader is the one that leads by example. How do you know a Leader? He knows the length of the road, He knows the nature of the road, He knows what to use to travel on the road.
          A good Shepherd is divinely selected. Nobody does election to pick Him. By nature, everybody scramble to be a leader. Nobody contends with God’s own position. That is why the Vessel is divinely selected. What do you want to see before you will acknowledge that surely the good Shepherd is in our midst? If you do not love the truth you will never be happy with Me, but if you love the truth, no mater how “slashing” and “cutting,” my Word maybe, you will be happy with Me.
          How do you know that God loves you? He can never rebuke you without providing a remedy. If you are wise, you follow the Vessel ordained in your day – be a good follower if you want to finish the “race.”
          Today, too many forces are against us until we think that God is no longer with us. But I believe that God is with us. Some think that they are following God but they are not following God. They are not following because they don’t surrender to God fully. You may have your own idea, but these are the things that are working against you. What is working against you is that thing you are holding firmly which is not approved of God – many have not surrendered themselves. When you surrender to God, you will begin to reap the good benefits of God.
          Nobody knows more than the Almighty God. God created you to be wise, not to be selfish, crafty or subtle.  Flesh can never worship God. If you are told that you are very difficult to God, do not rejoice. For if you can not walk with God, who can you walk with? You are the greatest enemy of God. A wise fellow is always quiet. Who is intelligent? It is he/she that walks with God. He that wants to be wise walks with the elderly men. Don’t be wise in your own conceit!
          Shame and pride, coupled with fear, they fight against us. An unstabilized mind doesn’t serve God. I believe that God makes everything to work. That is why He wants to lead and everybody will follow. There is leadership and there is exaltation of the Leader. Cankerworm and obstacles are impediments to advancement. It is not just seeing yourself on the mirror and walk away, but removing that thing which you think is not good.  In every dispensation, there is always a “masterpiece.” Otherwise, leadership will be impossible. You cannot impersonate anything when there is no original.
          Man is the very visible devil you can see. Man is very wicked. From the time the Bridal for was filled with human beings, our problem increased greatly. Many have become lukewarm, neither cold nor hot. Pastors, Ministers, don’t beg anybody to believe. Don’t pamper anybody. Because we are overlooking a lot of things, things are turning bad. Do you know that it will take a godly woman to recognise the voice of the husbands as the Voice of God? Any woman that is godly will be godly all round. The same way also, any man that is godly will be godly all round. If we are not faulty in one thing, we will be faulty in another. Lack of dedication and devotion is what is disturbing many in our midst. Pastors, Bishops, Apostles, Deacons, Evangelists, Teachers, go back to your duty post.  
Many in this Faith could not tell how we get Heb. 13:8, 1 Thess. 2:4-5, and the Pillar of Cloud. It pays to be an eye witness. Every contributions, attitudes, God is taking note of them, they can never go unrewarded. This is a time tested Message. There are a lot of “fire extinguishers” in the Camp, many knew that the Message is Truth, but they choose to conspire against the Message.
Each time I am talking, I am not talking to everybody. I am only talking to those that are child of God. It is not all that are here are in the Faith of the Son of Man—many are called, few are chosen.
If there should be any time we should be afraid, it is now. If you are wise, talk to yourself. God told us ahead of time that it is better to die outside than to die here. If you are a hypocrite, let no man deceive you; because many are here because of what they are “getting” from here or what they “think” they can benefit from here. Ministers, rise up to your responsibilities. Remove your eyeglasses.
Don’t ever make friendship with the world. To love is to correct. To be compassionate is to do the will of the God. The Faith of the Son of Man is worth dying for. A Leader is always in front. Many came to Fellowship but never make up their minds, always limping between two opinions and it will reflect in their attitudes. Is this the interpretation of repositioning yourself for a better tomorrow?
I want a situation where parents will courageously come to Fellowship on time. You women, if your husbands are responsible for your lateness, break it by coming on time. The same way also, men, if your wives are responsible for your lateness, break it by coming on time; for every lateness has a “source.” The earlier you receive the truth the better for you. If you are being pushed to worship the Lord, you are a “wheel barrow worshipper.” Everything in the service of the Lord is through “personal conviction.” God works with time. He rewards every man, every woman according to his/her attitude.
Mixed-multitude weakens the Camp. That God called you an Elect does not mean that you should keep on committing iniquity; for He will punish you if you keep on disobeying Him. We must learn how to move forward. How do we move forward, first recognize that we are guilty, and then decide to change our attitudes. It is a matter of individual affair. The Lord can do everything but He can never bless you in unbelief. God is calling for total separation from unbelief.
By your fruits, we shall know you. Your character is going to prove what you are. You can claim that you are Abraham’s descendants, it is your right but your character will prove whether it is true or false. Loose yourself from the grip of unbelief, get yourself librated. If you are with God, His Presence is your security. What is eternal security? I will preach or scratch the Message: “Beyond the Curtain of Time.” If you cannot thank God for anything, thank God for delivering you from this sinful world. The Supreme God is too far from the gods of nations. We will come to the knowledge of the Full Truth with time.
Don’t emulate evil, but emulate good things; for there is no virtue in evil. There is no good way of doing a wrong thing. Let the fear of God be in your heart and you will receive His reward thereof. Remain in your Sanctified Estate as we continue in Him. I love you all, Remain Blessed in Him Eternally.
The Son of Man,
Apostle Peter Odoemena.

Chapter One

Remain blessed Brethren. We thank God for today. This is a day the Lord has made and we must rejoice exceedingly in it.
2. I was talking to our Brethren behind there this morning, telling them that if every man here on Earth will have the vision God gave Me about life here on Earth, surely, the world would be peaceful; nobody will be quarrelling with one another.
3. See, I want you to understand this fact: You look at this planet Earth; you are not the first person that has walked on it. If we are to count the numbers of people that have walked on this Earth, there is no figure that will represent your own time. There is no Mathematician that can write your own number, I mean since the Creation of the world. And nobody has ever removed anything from this Earth; it has not been moved from its position.
4. Nobody has ever added to the size of the Earth. You just come here, take your own temporary portion. I say, temporary, not permanent. Nobody has any permanent portion here.
5. Do you know that your grave is not your permanent portion? I can build a house on somebody’s grave and occupy it. Is it a permanent portion? In the burial ground, oh no! Go there; we just exhume bones of people that were buried there, and continue to bury more people there.
6. In other words, the grave is not your permanent portion. No matter how great you think you are, great men had walked on this Earth before you and they varnished away.
7. That little thing you have, you use to take out of the Earth for a temporary habitation; when you exhaust the time that is allotted to you by the Almighty, you abandon it. Then, you go back from where you were taken, to become part of the Earth again.
8. You were a part of the Earth before you were moulded into whatever you are. When you exhaust the time that is allotted to you, you will return to the Earth and become part and parcel of the Earth once more, for others to walk on you and take their own portion from you also.
9. There is nothing you think you can have here on Earth that will stop you from going back to where you came from. And if anybody is telling you that you came from somewhere outside the Earth, he is a liar. I say, he is a liar. You came from nowhere other than from the Earth.
10. That’s why, when you are dead, few weeks after, decomposition will put you back to where you belong to. Even if you are not buried, abandon that corpse there, in the next one month, it must go back to its original form. Is that not true?
11. Before you know it, fowls of the of the air will take their own portion out of the body. The soil will take its own portion; every other thing will take its own portion. But at the end of it all, both the fowls of the air, the animals from the forest, the air; they will return everything back to the Earth again — whether you like it or not.
12. Let me tell you: The whole thing is just like a “spiral cycle.” It is just like water: You pour water on the ground; you think the water is gone; it is not gone, the water is coming back to you. How? It must evaporate. Up there in the air, it will condense and still fall back as rain. You collect it back again. The same water you poured out, the same water you have collected, this is what man is just like and this is hard to believe. I say, this is hard to believe, yet it is true. Even your urine is part of the water you drink.
13. It is just like a human being who says he is not a cannibal. You are not a cannibal because you don’t kill your fellow human being and eat it raw, or cook it in the pot. But in one way or the other, you eat the flesh of your fellow human being ignorantly.
14. If you know you don’t take honey here, show by raising your hand. I say; if you know you don’t take honey, show by raising your hand. No hands up? Okay, it then means all of us take honey. Is that not true? All of us take honey and that concludes the whole matter: All of us are cannibals! I say, all of us are cannibal! Whether we like it or not, at one time or the other, you are privileged to lick your finger; it is nothing but a dead body. If it is not human being, it is of lower, lower animals; but human beings must be there.
15. Up there in the North, in some places there, they don’t bury human beings; especially in Dadinkowah lantan south, they don’t bury any human being. When someone dies, they will hang the corpse on a tree. I say, they will hang the corpse on a tree. What is the essence? It is so that the bees will feed on that corpse.
16. A little while, you will see honey combs on that fresh corpse. About a month after the thing, they will carry their jerry cans there and harvest the honey; carry the honey into the market. People will take it and say it is very sweet — very, very sweet.
There in my village then….
Let Me tell you: I am here to testify. I remembered when we were coming up. In my own area, if you know you are a young man and you are brave, we normally measure you with one thing.
18. There in my own town, let Me use that as an example: There was no mortuary at that time. Whenever a woman dies, a married woman, her corpse must be taken to her father’s home — that’s the custom of my people.
18. And my people will just frustrate everything until the corpse will remain on the ground for eight days. Sometimes, for fourteen days inside the wood casket, you will see water coming out from the casket.
19. And on the day they will come to carry the casket, young men from my own community will escort the corpse. To prove that you are a strong man, two young men will appear, carry the thing on their head, off!
20. And the water will be coming out, you continue running. When you get to a point, other young men from that community that has the corpse will put their head to carry it, off! If you see their body, completely drenched with water coming out from that corpse; and we normally boast of it. We normally boast of it.
21. When you come back like that, you will be bragging: “I carried that one. See, my friend, your mother was here for 14 days, decomposed. They were burning tyres to scare people and the odour away, I escorted it with my head.”
22. When you just offload the “thing,” you just embrace like ten plantain trees, used everything you lay hands on and then take your own fowl, pull off the head and use the blood, then you throw the thing away. After that, you take your bath and come out in the morning to boast; and nothing happened. I say, nothing happened.
23. Don’t mind this modernization, you can’t grow in my community that time, you clock l6years, and you are a man, you must tell us what makes you a man. There must be a day our own daughter will die maybe far away Ngwa, or Ngor Okpala; you go there and lift the corpse with your head down home.
24. We may exchange it up to four times before we get home, because our daughter can never be buried outside. We normally carry our daughters’ home. If you like price us anything, give us cow, her head must return to her father’s home — it is a must.
25. Sometimes, we go there to fight; we carry machetes, carry guns to scare people away and lift up the “thing.” Papa Uwakwe, you know what I am talking. Sometimes, we do lift some from your community across the river.
Understanding the mystery of life
I have examined this life, and have come to a conclusion that if there was a man that understood who God was in his own day, it was Solomon. If there was a man that scrutinised what life was all about in his day, it was Solomon.
27. No wonder he lived a peaceful life; just peaceful life. Nobody troubled him and he troubled nobody. In spite of his many wives, he was very happy. No record that he quarrelled with any of them, no record that any of them ran away. So, he maintained a big kingdom, a peaceful and quiet kingdom because he understood the “mystery of life.”
28. When you understand the “mystery of life,” nothing upsets you. The only thing that will upset you is when you see people acting and behaving otherwise because they don’t know what life is all about.
29. Even a tree, a tree is not permanent upon the Earth. I say a tree is never planted to be permanent. It can only occupy its position temporarily for a season. Oh no! Let Me tell you what I mean: You are occupying a position in this seat today, even this morning, but when you get away from there, another person will be there.
30. You see, whether we like it or not, there is one law I accept with all my heart, that is, the Law of  Premuse Occupantis. The Law of Premuse Occupantis, I believe it with all my heart.
31. The law states that: “You are what you are today, why you are occupying the position you are occupying today is because you were the first to have come and met that position in your own day.” If you happened to be the first son, it is because you were the number one that opened the womb, is that not true? The second cannot be there because you were the first. But when you give way, the second becomes the first.
32. So, when you consider life and what life is all about; only have this thing in mind that you are just here for a “period,” to get your own little share and then give way for others. The same way also, others that came before you took their little share, gave way and you appeared, take your own share; one day, you must give way, whether you like it or not.
33. But sometimes, our minds are deluded, completely blinded, we think we are here to stay till eternity. All the people you met here, people that were here before you; at least you met your forefathers, you met your father, you met your mother, are all of them still here today? Where are they? They went where others went.
34. If you have a father, your father had a father, that man had a father also. They have appeared here and they went away. One day, it will be your turn. I say, one day, it must be your turn. Whether you like it or not, you must go there to give way for others.

Reincarnation myth or reality?
What is the essence of cutting down an oak tree? You see, I think people didn’t understand what life is all about. Jesus in his day looked at the people he was talking to; he saw that they were ignorant, very stupid and lacked understanding.
36. He said, “Please, let me tell you the truth: Except a grain of corn falls down and dies, it cannot bear more fruit.” They did not understand the “language.” And till today, many do not understand. They said he shouldn’t die, he shouldn’t go away. But Jesus said, “No, don’t pray like that, don’t say I shouldn’t go away, don’t say I shouldn’t die; for if I do not go away, surely, you wouldn’t have power.”
37. So, he must give way. And actually, he gave way. “Soldier go, soldier come, or soldier come, soldier go.
We are seeds. I likened this planet Earth to barracks. It is like a barracks, soldier will come, they will go and barracks will remain the same.
38. The same thing I told my colleagues. I said, “let Me tell you: If you do not listen to Me and obey what l am saying, you are running a risk because you don’t know that one day you will become an ‘ex’ so, so and so. A lot of people have become ‘directors’ in this ministry; but today we call them ‘ex-directors’.”
39. “Ex-,” they cannot come to talk to us again. Why? They have already taken their own share and they have given way. It is now our turn. If any of them comes round, he has no authority over Me, he will only be pleading.
40. Whatever he wants to get, he will plead because he has taken his own tenure (share) and went away. He has no share again with us. We have waved him bye-bye. What am I saying? Every man here must receive a “send off” one day. It must take the living to say bye-bye to the dead.
41. So, there must be a day I must be “sent off.” You must be “sent off” and the Earth will remain here, and other people will walk on it. When you see a man talking, you see him blossoming and you think he will remain like that forever.
42. That’s why when you hear that somebody has died; people will start weeping because they never knew he would die. Amen.

Chapter Two

See, we have to know the basic truth. It is lack of understanding of what life is all about that make people to start thinking very much about this life. Little thing that do not need to disturb anybody, will keep on disturbing them until to praise God becomes very difficult. No! It shouldn’t be so.
2. Another thing I want you to understand this morning it this, please follow me gradually, I will soon go to my topic, which I will like to handle in “three minutes” by way of Sunday school. When I drop it, I will go back to my seat, and then we will praise God.
3. Now, understand this basic truth; it is very, very essential. Whatever we may think we are here on Earth, we must meditate on these basic facts: Since we know we came here and met the world like this, remember that the world you have met had remained the same world that was created from the very beginning.
4. Whatever you see that made it look different from the one your fathers saw, is nothing but the handiwork of mankind. The Earth was without form until human’ beings were created to live on it.
5. When human beings started living on Earth, they continued to develop the Earth by inventing many things, constructing structures until it has now reached our own age, our own time.
6. Everything is taking place here on Earth; the type of Earth we are standing on now was the same original Earth of old, no more, no less.
7. But if there were changes, what you call changes were mere “structural changes.” That is what we call human inputs upon the Earth, man’s handwork upon the face of the Earth, and it differs from generation to generation, depending on the level of exposure.
8. When the people were living animalistic life, wildlife, they only made things that resembled buildings. They used bamboos, they used palm fronds, they used elephant grasses to construct their own houses — that was their level of development.
9. It happened like that because human beings have not invented a better alternative ways. Maybe you do not know that this sophisticated iron sheets we are using today is one of the inventions of man. Zinc has been a part of the Earth; all these minerals have been a part of the Earth.
10. But God Himself never wreck up one. Human beings with the innovative ability God gave them developed these things. They were not developed in the days of our fore-fathers because of their level of exposure.
11. Now, when you consider buildings today, the types of construction we are making today are completely far away from the constructions our forefathers made in the 1950s, early 60s and even early 70s. You see, people are now pulling down the old building they made; reconstructing them to suit the taste of the age. Yet, the Earth remained the same.
12. What am I saying? Try to understand the fact that if there were anything changes, it is merely structural. Let it be known to you that whatever you are seeing upon the Earth, apart from these plants and trees, they are all works of mankind, human beings erected them. You see bridge, it looks as if God erected a bridge across the sea, it is not God, it is human beings and it is part of development.
13. Before the Iron Bridge was constructed, our fathers used bamboo; they used bamboo and raffia tree to construct their own bridges across streams.
14. Maybe you do not know that before any ship was constructed, our fathers made a prototype of a ship using bamboo and raffia palm. A little while, wooden bridges appeared. After sometime, we began to see Iron Bridges.
15. Now, in the Iron Age also, there are improvements. There was a time the Niger Bridge was the best in the whole of Africa; but today, it’s the worst in Nigeria. That’s why they want to pull it down because it was constructed in the olden days with the little knowledge they had. You cannot compare this Niger Bridge with the Fly-over in Lagos, do you? You don’t try it.
16. So please, these are man-made. Human beings constructed them upon the Earth, but the Earth has remained the same.

Human’s inventions causes of competition

I believe what is disturbing mankind is what human beings constructed. Every competition must be directed towards human achievements. No man can compete for the things of God. Look at air; it is a gift of God, do you compete for air?
17. That you are poor to the point that you cannot provide a ceiling fan in your house; but the air, which you are breathing in, is greater than that ceiling fan. Do you pay for it? Do you compete for it? I can deny you of everything, but I can’t deny you anything from God.
18. Please understand Me because God wants us to exhaust our days upon the Earth. He doesn’t want us to die prematurely because of what our eyes have seen. He wants to save us from this Competitive Age. It is a Competitive Age.
19. Nothing disturbs a man if not competition. I say, nothing disturbs man if not competition.
20. Go to the Main Market today, everybody is dying there because of competition. In every aspect of life, there is competition, even in education. That goes to show that these things are not from God; they are human inventions.
21. Anything human beings can compete for must be something human beings produced.
22. Let Me go to something now. Please, follow Me. Understand these Basic Truths and you will remain happy for life. If you understand these Basic Truths; I have told you that you are not the only person that has appeared on Earth. Many have appeared before you and they gave way. One day, you will give way also.
23. No matter what you think you are, no matter your achievement(s), you must give way. I say you must give way. When you exhaust the time that is allotted to you, you go back to where you came from. You become a part of the soil and the living will match on you again.
24. Underline this fact so that you will now operate between “two extremes.” Since I know that one day I will die and join my ancestors whether I like it or not, what is the essence of killing myself? I will do my best and then leave the rest to God, that’s all!
25. “My friend, over this land, I won’t scramble it with you, if you want to take, take.” That’s all. Before you know it, the man who is desirous of that land will be buried outside the land. You will come and farm on that land. I mean the competitive and controversial land becomes your own unconditionally.
26. Anything human beings can produce, can achieve, that is what makes a man pass sleepless night— in his bid to achieve it or get it like others. Amen.

Chapter Three

Now, understand this fact: Anything that is from God, and is from God alone; any gift that is from God, it is the right of God to give it to anybody He wants to give it to. It shouldn’t make anybody to pass sleepless night.
2. Because it is in the Hands of God to give to anybody He wants to give. You cannot get it because you have prayed more than anybody else. Pray from now till the next world, if He doesn’t want to give you, He will not give you. You weep and weep and weep; you are wasting your time.
3. You give Him offering that will fill the whole world, He will eat and rejoice, but as long as He doesn’t want to give you that thing, He will never give it to you. I hope somebody is taking note?
4. Then, what should be the right attitude towards gift(s) from God? Doesn’t God know that you have need of it? Is there any father that doesn’t know the needs of the children? He knows you have need of those things. He recognises all your efforts, but He doesn’t want to give you.
5. Will you take Him to court? Will you quarrel over it? If you kill yourself because of it, you have died in vain.
6. Something you know with your money you cannot get it; your love cannot get it for you, your labour is useless. It is in the Hands of the Almighty to give it to anybody He wants to, and at the “time” He wants to give it.
7. What should be your attitude? I will relax. I say, I will relax. Will I blame myself? No! — Will I blame anybody? No! — Will I blame the Almighty? No!
8. Because you don’t command a man to give you gift. Whatever God gives is free. Whatever God gives is free and He gives it out because He wants to give it out. So, you cannot challenge Him, that’s all.
9. What should be your attitude? Relax. R-e-l-a-x. If He remembers you, praise God! If He doesn’t remember you, praise God! Why? It is something you cannot even change.
10. If you found yourself in a situation where you cannot effect a change no matter your effort, no matter what you think human beings can do, you can never effect a change on that thing, what would you do?
11. Adjust yourself, accommodate it, be part of it. And by so doing, you live a longer life; you will exhaust the number of days that is allotted you.

Nothing can withhold that which God Himself has purposed to hand out to somebody
There is no disease that kills more than “worry.” The worst and the most dreaded disease I know is worry. If you worry yourself so much about anything, you will die without getting that thing. But if you relax and hand the whole thing over to the Almighty who owns it, who gives it, you relax.
13. At the time you do not expect, you may see the thing inside your parlour. I mean you just woke up one morning, you never have any dream of it, you never thought of it; you just woke up one morning only to see the thing, and you say, “Eehh! Is it for me or for somebody else? How manage? So, I am still in God’s program? So, this thing could be extended to me? It is unbelievable! Let me go and find out lest I make a mistake.” Getting there, you will hear, “It is your own.”
14. What am I saying? Every good thing cometh from the Lord. And whatever God has designated to you, there is no amount of obstacle, even old age is immaterial.
15. If God has designated a gift to you, and said you must receive it while you are alive, He doesn’t take your age into consideration.
16. If God said it, He watches over it. He said you must have it, surely, you must get it.
17. All you have to do is just relax your mind, go home and rest, stop running up and down. At the appointed time, He will come your way and then you will praise Him the more.
18. If God had already earmarked you that He is going to bless you in any form or shape, let the whole world gather against that Promise, God must over-come all those obstacles and carry the same blessing to you.
19. If your name is written on that blessing, if it is written Brother Emeka, it cannot be diverted to Bro Joe; it cannot be diverted to Bro Odoemena. God who has made that Promise and has packaged it, placed Brother Emeka’s name there, He knows where to find Brother Emeka at anytime. He must to make sure that He carries the package to Brother alone.
20. I am saying that nothing can withhold that which God Himself has purposed to hand out to somebody. If anybody is withholding it, it’s God Himself. Not any other condition but God Himself. Maybe He is watching over you, He knows the appointed time for anything.
21. If God wants you to become rich today, He fixes a “particular age” where He will come your way. Where those riches will benefit God, benefit you and benefit mankind.
22. He knows very well the right age you will attain and that blessing will come so that it would not be “abused.”
23. But before then, you may be passing through fire, from one thing to another in your honest effort to achieve it.
24. Nobody achieves something God has set for him.
Whatever God has set out for somebody, nobody struggles again to achieve it.
25. If you have children here, do you go about boasting that you have achieved it with your husband? Do you call having children achievement? Tell Me how you achieved it? You did not achieve it; I say you did not achieve it.
26. The only thing you can achieve is to marry a wife so that you can have children that will be called your own through that woman.
27. Even if you don’t marry that woman, if she wants, she can have her own children without being married. I said she could have her own children that could be called her own without entangling herself to any man.
28. She may have up to twenty. Then, what can you say about that woman? If you have achieved greatness because you have children, she also achieved greatness.
29. I am saying that blessings from God are not achieved. When you want to count on your achievements; discount blessings from God.
30. Let Me put it this way: No child of God achieves anything, but every child of God is blessed by God.
31. No child of God achieves anything; it must take God to stand by his side to give him that which he need at all times. Amen.

Chapter Four

Give Me your attention there. Brother Silas, where is your wife? She should be here this morning; she has no reason why she shouldn’t be here. Whatever may be your reason(s), keep it to yourself; because every excuse is part of the problem.
2. Just last Sunday, Bro Paul Annah decided not to come to Fellowship. But before last Sunday, I saw him in a Mechanic Workshop over three times. You don’t know that I move about the city at times. I can be in my parlour and still move about.
3. When you see Me lying inside that “bench” you call cushion; but I call it “bench.” Anytime you see Me lying there with my two legs on top of my centre table pretending to be sleeping, I am moving. And any moment, you see Me talk, after talking, you go away; my eyes will be tightly closed until I am tired. And if you know Me very well, when I come out, you see Me sweating as If I fell down from a tree; no matter the fan, no matter everything. That means there is something in Me feeling that heat.
4. You have no reason for keeping your wife at home. People form dangerous habits ignorantly. No matter your condition, if you are sick to the point that you cannot be here, you better enter mortuary.
5. No place revives the sick more than this place. I likened this place to that Nursery School environment.
6. If your child is always sick and it is disturbing you so much; one day, harden your heart, whether he eats or not, send that child to school. In the afternoon, this child will come back sweating. When he/she is in the school environment playing with school-mates, running round like that; nothing performs healing more than that.
7. If it comes to a point where that child doesn’t want to eat at home, or he/she is eating and vomiting, send that child to school. There in the school, he/she must finish all his/her candies, all the snacks, even eat more than any other person. When he/she comes back from school, feed him/her again and he/she will eat and will be rejoicing.
8. Nothing revives the sick more than the “gathering of the Saints.” When you subject yourself to a lonely environment, you have allowed all forces to act on you because you are there alone. You are there at the devil’s workshop; you are not praying, you are not meditating, you don’t know what is happening here, your mind will be wondering from pillar to post.
9. You will remember one that is owing you at Nkpor. Then, you will remember another that troubled you in your home town, you will remember a woman that said you will never marry in life. You will remember a man that said you will never conceive and have your child alive. You will be remembering evil, evil things.
10. A little while, you will say the thing is too much, I must revenge. Why are all these things happening? It is because you are not in a godly environment. But when you are here, mere hearing the Word of God, hearing inspired statements, you see yourself being revived. You won’t know when you will be dancing and clapping your hands and then laughing, amusing yourself with others — you are easing out tension.
11. Try it one day. On a Sunday like this, don’t go to Fellowship, go and lie down in the bed, you alone and lock up the door. I say, lock up the door. You are in hell. You have placed yourself in hellfire ignorantly.
12. No place is as reviving, and energizing as the congregation of God’s people. No matter the sickness, you must feel relieved here.

If you are not fore-ordained by God’s pre-knowlege and numberd among His people, surely you will follow the way of other people.

Animals know theire owner but My people do not know me, says the Lord God Almighty. I say I am the Son of Man and they got offended calling it blasphemy. Now answer this question: Son of Man and Son of God, which one is greater?

Without Me you can do Nothing. If you don’t believe I am He, you will die in your sins. Every dispensation must have an approved Vessel, unto God.

Go to Satan if you don’t know God Whom you have refused to listen to.

No man knoweth the SON but the FATHER and no man knoweth the FATHER  but the SON and those to whom the SON shall reveal Him.

-Son of Man

Chapter Five

I want to use this ancient book, which is the Bible. It is ancient because it was written in prehistoric times. It is a history book, whether it is true or false, it is not what I am trying to consider this morning. You know the reality about it. If there is any ancient book we can lay hand on, it is the Bible. So, let me consider “The Image of God.” You look into Genesis 1:26-27:
2. “And God said, let us make man in our own Image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea.” I hope somebody is taking note? I want to start afresh. If I fault something there, you must pause a little.
3. Gen 1:26-27: And God said — remember, God is one: “And God said, Let us, let us.” -- And for the first time, we have seen God addressing a collection of Beings. And I believe that these Beings had the same semblance with God, they were like God. With this same statement, “Let us,” that goes to show that He is addressing a collection of people. I don’t want to know whether they are two or three, but I know it is more than one. If it was God alone, it is very easy. It would have been: “Let me, let me create.”
4. You see, “come, let us create; come let us make man in our own image.” Let us go back there: “Come, let us make man,” — singular, not men, but man. Let us agree that this “man” was in a “plural sense,” but if it is in a “plural sense;” well, that goes to show that the Beings God was addressing were not men, they were not human beings. Did you get what I am saying?
5. If they were human beings, there was no need making man in their image. “Human beings come, let’s make man,” did you get the Message?
6. “Come let us make man in our own image.” Listen, I want to consider: “The Image of God.” “Come let us make man so that he will resemble us.” Remember that as of that time, man has not appeared. Man has not appeared.
7. So, the moment man was formed, or created or moulded. We could see a reflection of the “people” that came together to make man. Is a man’s appearance different from his picture? If you take a photograph now, what normally appears is your image. Then, with your image, I can identify you anywhere I see you, is that not true?
8. So, we don’t know the nature of God and the nature of “those people” or “those Spirits” He was addressing, I mean in the beginning.
9. But immediately something came out which they made in their “own image,” after their “own likeness,” underline the two things: IMAGE and LIKENESS. Immediately that “thing” appeared, anybody seeing that “thing;” automatically, had already seen what God and those Beings looked like in all respect. Why not put your hands together?
10. This is “one of the missing links,” and that is where everything revolves — “inability of man to recognise who he is.” We can now see man, and through man now, the picture of whomever that God is, and those people or Beings that He gathered around Himself and they moulded that “thing” through which we could see their picture.
11. Now, I can say that the “Act of Creation” was not the “single act” of “one Person,” it was a “collective effort.” “Let us,” people gathered to mould that man. Whether he was moulded from the dust, is not what I am interested in now, but people gathered, everybody contributing His own effort. Let us make something that resembles us. Let us present our picture to the world so that they will see what we looked like.
12. This was the origin of photography. I say, this was the origin of photography.
Man was moulded like an ordinary dry cell battery
We will now consider as we continue; the act of igniting a lifeless object and then make it lively. See what I mean: If you know something we call dry cell, that’s battery. After putting the circuits and the electrons together with the carbon to mould a dry cell, it contains no life; there is no life in that battery.
14. Before life can be ignited in that battery, you have to charge energy into it. The essence of the carbon and the electrons cathodes and the anodes is to retain the power that is charged into it for a period.
15. That is why, when the energy is exhausted, you say the battery is dead. And if you compare that battery facially, there is nothing that suggests that the battery is dead, the energy is exhausted.
16. I am talking of this dry cell you use in your torch and your radio. The one you use in your motors and other rechargeable lanterns are advanced batteries, depending on the nature of the electrodes and the level of the carbon sheet that was used in moulding the battery, which will determine the level of energy that is required to ignite or energise that battery. I don’t know if somebody is catching it?
17. Man was moulded like an ordinary dry cell; a charge has to pass through it by way of electrons. Let me go back.
18. Don’t worry, we will talk about Creation and I will tell you how many times a human being can “split” before he can go back to its “original form.” If elements can split, let me tell you: A man is an element. I say, man is an element. A man can conduct electricity.
19. Let me tell you: Man is a very nice conductor of electricity. Let me just demonstrate it here: If your radio battery is down; you see, the noise becomes very less. If you hold the antenna, the noise will be very loud. If you remove your hand, the noise will die again. If you carry the radio and place it on your laps or on your stomach, it will be very, very loud. If you take it away from your body, it will go down again. What do you think is happening?
20. If you are wearing a wristwatch that has battery, as long as the battery has a little strength, you see the hands will be moving.
21. It would come to a point where the whole energy is exhausted and the hands will stop moving. At that point where it stops moving, put the wrist watch on your hand, the hands will start moving again. In other words, man is a good conductor of electricity. This is why men feel sweat more than any other thing. There is a charge in man. I will speak on that.
22. Then, this will now help us to come closer in examining the quality of the materials God used in moulding a man, and that will help us to know what God is made up of and why no man can see God with his eyes.
23. But when you want to see God, you will see something God presented to the world that is not more or less than God. He is not more than, and he is not less than. We will go into that but not this morning. Amen.

Chapter Six

Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness. Now listen: “And let them” — plural, not one man: “And let these men, these human beings we would create, let them have dominion.” I think we are coming to the essence of man on Earth? — Why God created man: “Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air and over the cattle, and over all the Earth.”
2. Is it like that in your own? Let Me repeat: “Let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air and over the cattle, and over all the Earth and over every creeping thing that crepeth upon the Earth.”
3. You see the purpose why God created man. Of all these things God said man should have dominion over, is there anyone there that is man-made? Is there anyone there man is qualified to scramble over?
4. But you can now begin to see that man have decided to relegate that function and assume to himself other functions which God never allotted to him.
5. If it were in the civil service, man has committed a “dereliction” of duty. He has abandoned his duty and had assigned to himself a duty that was not meant for him. You see why we are dying.
6. Granted that man obeyed the purpose for which he was made and fixed his attention there, will there be quarrelling? Will there be competition? Will there be premature death? But I am coming to something.

The origin of scrambling
Now, forget about dominion and things like that; look at verse 27: “So, God created man.” You see, that’s where the problem lies. You see another contradiction. That’s why we cannot take the Bible serious. Bible has already contradicted the one it said in verse 27. Verse 27 has rendered verse 26 useless.
8. In other words, after succeeding in creating the “thing,” one “man” has now appeared to assume creating the man. We collectively achieved something, instead of all of us to take the glory; remember that the image was not that of God alone, it was the image of all that gathered to make the “thing.”
9. But after achieving success, one man appeared and then decided to relegate others, saying, “I am the achiever.”
10. You see the origin of scrambling. You and I did something, after finishing the succeeding in making the thing, and everybody liked it and said it was good, then you came out and said, “I am the one that did it.” Not that you are the one that brought the suggestion, but I am the one that did it; it is in my image and likeness.
11. What about our image and likeness? Don’t you know that there will be argument? This man will be saying that he was the one that called all of you to come and let us make it; I was the one. “But why did you call us? All of us achieved it, and now you are presenting yourself,” will be the reply of others.
12. “And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness and let them have dominion over all these things.’ So, God created man in His own image; in the image of God created He him.”
13. So, God made one. I say God made one. But the one that they made collectively, they were many. “Let them have dominion.” In His own image, He made one. But in their own image; they made many, and assign them to have dominion over the Earth and every thing. So, this man made one.
14. Well, I thank God the Bible is still there. If you want to quarrel, quarrel with the Bible. Don’t quarrel with the Son of Man, quarrel with the Bible.
15. Let Me read it again. Verse 27: “So, God created man in His own image. In the image of God created He him, male and female created He them.” Created He them. Let Me tell you: This is childish statement! You see, because He thought some people might frown at it — in the image of God created He them. He changed His mind again so that there will be no trouble.
16. Then a little while now, we see another place. We have seen God creating He them, and we saw where many people gathered to create many and He gave them charge. After that, He created one man, from one man, we saw a woman created.
17. If we should proceed now, we will see how He caused the man to sleep. Then from that man now, He carried out “surgical operation” and moulded another person. That one would be woman again, which He will present to a man called Adam.
18. Let Me tell you: From the very beginning, this is childish story. I say it is a story of Adam’s apple the gullet of a man, It is a story of Adam’s apple, which a man couldn’t swallow; it hung on the neck — Adam’s apple. So, every man has Adam’s apple. But a woman doesn’t have Adam’s apple. This is a story. Rubbish!!
19. We should know more than that. If you don’t know more than that, you are not supposed to be here. We want to hold on to the Reality and throw away all these childish stories.
20.  I am saying that the book you are holding, which people are lifting up saying, “The word of God, the word of God,” from the very beginning, from the opening passage, there is nothing that is reliable there. Nothing reliable there.
21. The conclusion you can draw from this passage is that it is a framed story that is good for the infants and the aged women, or you call it moonlight story. Amen.

Chapter Seven

Please take note. I am still using this Bible: “And God blessed them and said unto them, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth.”
2. Look at verse 29. If I read it, you will tell Me what man was: “And God said, ‘Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” -- You see what meat was? — “And to every beast of the Earth and to everything that crepeth upon the Earth wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat and it was so.”
3. What was the nature of man from the beginning? Herbs were meant for animals, fruits were meant for man. Herbs were meant for animals and fowls of the air and creeping things, but fruits were meant for man. What was man like?
4. A sure sign that in the beginning, man was a monkey or chimpanzee. Something that could climb from one tree to another tree in search of fruits, which he will use as food.
5. Brethren, why not put your hands together? Where lies the claim that you do not believe in “evolution”? From the advanced monkey; that is why monkey said that it is his enemy that called him “monkey,” that his name is “Michael.”  

The Bible is a scientific book
Now, I want you to believe with Me because I am going to use this Bible in another dimension, that there is no science without the Bible. That the Bible is a “scientific book,” which was later turned into a “religious book” for reasons I will make known to you with time.
7. Because the Law of Gravity; the Theory, the Law and the Hypothesis can be traced to the Bible. This Theory of Evolution emanated from the Bible. If man was created naked and he never knew he was naked, did you get what I am saying?
8. And was commissioned to have ordinary seed and fruit as food, you can now begin to see why chimpanzee is the greatest animal that dominates other animals. And the only animal that closely resembles man is a chimpanzee, and the only animal that climbs from one tree to another and it eats banana. Because what you call plantain is fruit bearing tree. Banana is a fruit bearing tree. It climbs from one tree to another in search of food, which was nothing but a fruit.
9. But other animals, He commanded to eat herbs. Animals were to eat herbs, but that the man He created was to eat fruits from every fruit bearing tree that he sees.  

We are the greatest
Let Me tell you: We are in a school. Remember we are not talking of salvation now; we are not talking of righteousness or baptism. All those things you know, you know more than that. That, we have exhausted.
11. So, we are now enriching ourselves with the knowledge about life and its existence. So, you will now know something that is beyond the reach of ordinary human being, so that when they make noise, you laugh at them.
12. And with what you are receiving here, you can fit into any place. If you go to Muslim side, you know more than that; you go to Grail Message, you laugh at them, you go to Ekancar, you laugh at them because you know more than that. There is nothing they will teach which you will not understand more than anybody.

Man is like a beast from the beginning
Man from the very beginning was commissioned to eat fruits, to have it as food or have it as meat. Is fruit meat? M-E-A-T.
14. If I tell you to give Me three examples of meat and you say, “Mango, paw-paw, coconut;” have you passed? I am of the opinion and view that meat is different from fruit. But if I say, “Give Me three examples of fruits you know?” You can give Me banana, orange, paw- paw, guava, mango and the rest of them.
15. Meat is not fruit and fruit is not meat. So, somebody should not misinterpret what is written there to mean that God was referring to meat. “Na lie!” When He wanted to make mention of meat, He told the people the meat they shouldn’t eat. Say, “don’t eat this type of meat, don’t eat this type for meat, don’t eat this type of fish.” He made regulations; He didn’t call them seeds or fruits.
16. So, what am I saying? Man was feeding on fruits and that will show you that man has advanced. You can now begin to know what man looked like that time. Why man could live longer then, for man had little or no trouble. And the earliest men were not competing for anything and they never developed beyond that.
17. They never knew how they could invent anything, I mean higher than what they inherited, did you get what I am saying? A man could walk about naked and never knew that he was naked. Man is a monkey. If I call you a “monkey” today, you will say it is an insult. Remember we are referring to man and woman here. Man and woman is what we are referring to here for the Bible said male and female.
18. Whether you are man or woman, you were “monkey” or “chimpanzee” climbing from one tree to another. As of that time, there was no barbing salon, there was no razor blade and there was no sharp knife. Now, what do you think man used in shaving? Man was not shaving then. Amen.

Chapter Eight

Once history is forgotten, the mistake of the past will be repeated; if we are not careful; we will repeat the mistake of the past. Man has creative and inventive virtue, ability that is embedded in him. I will equally come to the knowledge of circumcision which nobody taught our primitive women. No woman ever went anywhere to learn how to circumcise a baby.
2. Most of us here were not taken to any hospital. A primitive woman just came, gathered some leaves, boil them in water and used very sharp iron; they called it “Aguba;” metal that was beaten to shape and sharpened very well,
3. Then they started with men by holding what they call the “annual ring” of man. They will grip the thing round and then pull the excess flesh out and use that water with the leaves that was boiled there to soak the thing and use palm kernel oil. What do you call it? — “Okwuma.”
4. What do we call it? We call it “okwuma.” Do you know how we invented it? And no medicine is as effective as “okwuma.”
5. I hope we are catching on? Do you know how our people invented this palm kernel oil? We will tell you all these things as we progress.

The origin of light
If you believe the history of the ancient times, fire was not there. The earliest man invented fire by gathering dry leaves together and by bringing two heavy stones, they will knock on them and fire will spark, the dry leaves will catch fire, that was the origin of fire. If there was hellfire somewhere, they would have been going there to get a little fire.
7. Brethren, we have advanced. I say we have advanced. Now, it is this knowledge of knocking irons together, sharpening them together so that fire will be ignited. That was where the idea of invention of matches came about. From there, the idea of having something you can just jam together and light will ignite; that was where science started looking into the possibility and finally, matches was invented.
8. The oldest invention of man is light. If man could invent light or fire, we will still query many things about what was said in the beginning. Because at night, he knows how to gather things together, knock the things together to ignite fire that will illuminate his surroundings.
9. A time came, our people decided to preserve light. They now needed something they will carry out so that a man could go to his neighbour in the night. They started inventing something. They looked into nature and they discovered that there is something God placed in a tree — this pear tree. They will just use knife to open a part of the body and the sap will come out.
10. It’s gummy, very thick. Our people will gather it in a very large basin or tin. They will set fire on it. No matter the rain, it will not quench it. They carry it from one family to another. And with it, they can put on light in the night that will remain glowing till morning. And they use it to watch over their children.
11. A little while, they advanced again. They used the little cloth they used to wear and make it like rope, construct a tin, make little funnel out of it and pass the tread. After that, they put palm kernel oil, which they boiled, put it there and then set it fire. The thing will be burning with thick smoke. It will remain glowing till morning, and they carried it about.
12. This is where people started fabricating what they now call lantern or lamp. If you want to experiment what I am saying, if you get to your hometown, or anyone around this place, if you see any pear tree, use knife to scrape off part of the body and you will see what will come out in two days time. Gather it in a little cup and set it ablaze. With the little handle, you can go places with it even under the rain.
13. Man has been inventing something. With the help of the stars that appear in the night, man discovered something that could give light more than star. And they were wondering how they will make use of that thing. What is that thing?
14. Anywhere they tap palm wine and cut down the raffia palm, after some days, the sap will come out; very big and very thick. They will just go and gather the thing and spilt it into bits in the whole compound.
15. A man could make it up to twenty places in the compound. Every night, the whole compound will be illuminated with light: it will look like a compound with stars upon the Earth. It gives light more than diamond. We called it “primitive electricity.” You can even use it to read.

I remembered the day I wanted to frighten some people: I just went to a place where I saw that thing (gum), intending to collect it and use it to frighten one of my elder brothers who used to trouble Me so much that time — they went in group to draw water from the well.
17. The well was a little far away from our compound. And while coming back they could take a track road that night, and the moon was giving its light. They were about eight persons that went to the well. I went to the place where that gum came out from the raffia palm. I took the thing (gum) and placed four on my forehead and placed one on my jaw and all over my body, everywhere, even my legs.
18. So, I went and hid myself along the road leading to that little well, waiting for the time they will be coming back. While they were coming, they were talking and talking, sharing the experiences they had at the well; how too many people were at the well, how this man lost his drum there.
19. They were talking with the thing they were carrying and I was hearing them. All of a sudden, I decided to come out from where I was hiding; that is, a nearby farm where cocoyam was planted. I ran out like an animal — wooh wooh wooh wooh wooh wooh! — With that thing illuminating everywhere, my head, my legs, everywhere, they threw their buckets away and took to their heels.
20. While they were running, they were shouting. I ran back to the forest. Hurriedly, I started removing the thing, everywhere. Before they knew it, I had already rushed home and use water to wash up and then pretended as if nothing happened. We were waiting for them to come back.
21. After about two hours, some elderly men led them home through another road. Even the elderly people were afraid of using that track road. Both their buckets and their ropes were abandoned there.
22. When they brought them back, they said they saw something on the road, a very big devil. My father said he will like to see the place and he carried his gun. I said, “Papa, I will follow.” He said, “No, you will not follow.” I forced myself on him that I must be there. So, I followed them.
23. While they were going, they got to a point where they said they wouldn’t go any further. They were pointing far away and my father said they should continue that he is holding his gun. But they were not prepared to move an inch. I said, “Papa, keep that gun, I will go and get their buckets.” They asked Me, “Are you sure that if you get there you will get us our buckets?” I said everybody should wait, let Me go and get it. I moved because I knew what happened.
24. So, they were saying, “Sunday come back.” I said, “Nothing dey there.” I moved, gathered the whole buckets and my father was even afraid. I brought the thing to them and said, “Let us go, I saw nothing.”
25. So, we went home and they were praising Me. I said, “Yes, you know I am a strong man; that I was prepared to kill the animal.” They were shouting, elderly men like that. So, I allowed the thing to cool down.
26. First day, second day, third day, they provoked Me again. When they provoked Me, my mother equally joined them. In anger, I opened my mouth and said, “Okay, that thing that happened to you that day will happen again. This time around, I will not show you mercy. I won’t use that style I used, I will use another thing and you will run again.”
27. So, I never knew my mother noted it. Others didn’t know what I said. She called me and said, “What happened that day?” I said, “The day they threw away their buckets saying they saw devil, I was the devil they saw.” She said, “Eeh!” I said, “Look at the way I did it: I did it at night.”
28. All of them gathered and they brought Me out, I told them how I did it. I told them where it happened and what I used. They said it is true. You see, we could be very, very funny that time.  

There were so many things our people used that reflected enough light before electricity came into being. We will still speak on that. “Let us create man in our image and after our likeness and he will have dominion over everything.” And then, man was given charge over everything that was created. He was commissioned to feed on fruits and seeds. This will show you what man looked like.
30. Did you get what I am saying? Now, the type of man we are today, can we compare it with that man that received this commission? Then I will show you where the order was changed.
31. When they said God destroyed everything in the world, plant and everything, He ordered man to kill the animal that survived in the ark and use these animals as food. That was the origin of man eating flesh. Before then, man was strongly prohibited from eating flesh.
32. Now, can you see where the Vegetarians derived their doctrine? You see where the Vegetarians derived their teaching that from the beginning of Creation, God never intended that man should eat meat, so they decided to go on vegetable and yet they were wrong. Wrong that they didn’t know that vegetables were meant for animals and fruits were meant for man.
33. He didn’t say man should eat herbs; He said, “Every herbs bearing fruits. Seeds shall be for man to eat and herbs for animals.” If we are to feed on fruits today, how many of us here, especially, Sister Shed, can she climb from tree to tree?
34. Then you begin to wonder the type of woman, the type of female that appeared that time. Women, can you picture what you will look like when you will be climbing with the male monkeys from one tree to another in search of fruits?
35. If we are to continue to feed on fruits, my wife will die of starvation; she cannot climb any tree, jumping from one to another in search of food. I wonder how she will look like on top of a tree. This will show you the size of man that time; that the size of man that time was almost like the size of a monkey.
36. And if you watch the monkeys, the way the monkeys take care of their children; you know that monkey breast feeds. Monkey carries its baby on the back, and carries also in front. Are you getting what I am saying?
37. Human beings today carry in front and at the back, is that not true? Advanced monkeys are troubling the world. Advanced monkeys are the only animal that carries its young ones in front and at the back at the same time. The only animal that carries its young ones at the side is either a monkey or a human being.
38. The same way, chimpanzee carries by the side, and also carries on the back, they carry in front too. Can a monkey punish the younger ones? Yes, if one disturbs, he will give him a knock, sometimes it pulls them on their ear. It can even flog them. Monkey flogs. Monkey flogs even human beings. If you provoke monkey, it can use stone and throw it at you, it can knock you on the head.
39. Let Me tell you: Monkey is a human being, it can prepare tea, just give monkey tea, milk and sugar, monkey knows how to open bornvita and put water and prepare the thing and then drink it; I mean chimpanzee.
40. If you bring bread to chimpanzee or monkey, he will open the water-proof very well and take the quantity he wants, cover it and hang it on the roof. I mean hang the left-over on the roof against next time. If you bring banana, it will be very happy. It will pill it off very well as you do — advanced human beings.
41. We have advanced, so when you are calling monkey, monkey, it is “St. Michael.” Amen.

Chapter Nine

Please listen to Me: I want to trace something. If the first man or woman that had the express image of who the Deity looked like were Adam and Eve; I think that was the first name we were introduced to. The first being that was named, the first name we heard was Adam and secondly, Eve.
2. Granted that the Bible told the truth about Creation, they were created after the image of the Deity. And whosoever that was with the Deity, mere looking at whatever He created, his photograph, we could see His real nature, we could identify Him.
3. St Paul in his write-up said that Jesus Christ was the express image of God, the express image of the “invisible God.”
4. If Jesus Christ was the express image of the “invisible God” and Jesus was conceived in a woman’s womb, born as a baby and nurtured by a woman through breast feeding, grew up in stature, in knowledge, in wisdom, please note: If that is true, the same is true of Adam, for Adam had a mother.
5. If Jesus was the express image of the “invisible God” and Adam was created in the image and likeness of God, who then is the perfect picture of God?
6. Now, whether Adam or Eve is immaterial; but the truth of the matter is this: We didn’t see Adam, but some people saw Jesus. We didn’t see Adam, some people saw Jesus and handed the history over to us and they told us how he was born, how he grew up and how he died, so they painted no picture other than a picture of a full fledged man.
7. Then the question arises: Of all men that was born on Earth that was created by God, was Adam and Eve and Jesus the people that God referred to that will dominate the whole world, subdue the Earth occupy and have dominion over everything?
8. How many people do we have on Earth today? How many people have appeared on Earth? Those that appeared, were they anything less than the image of God, or were they more than the image of God?
9. We have to answer this question: Jesus, Adam and Eve, were they the only people that have the express image and likeness of God? Were they the people that were commissioned to subdue the Earth and have dominion over everything God created?
10. In other words, I wanted you to see that you are not one bit lower than Jesus and you are not one bit higher than Jesus. You are not one bit lower than Adam and Eve, and you are not one bit higher than Adam and Eve as far as the “image of God” is concerned. Why not put your hands together!!
11. You and l, including Jesus, Adam and Eve and those that died and passed away since the world began received the same “commission” because we are the express image and likeness of God.
12. And all of us were created with “innovative and inventive ability,” and that is the only way we can “subdue” the world.
13. Let Me stop here. I will handle it again, this is part one.
14. Remain blessed in Him eternally.