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Sunday, 28 August 2011


Preached on Sunday 9th September, 2010 And WEDNESDAY 27TH JULY, 2011

I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink, shall never go thirst again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can...
-The Son of Man.
From The Message: Dangers of Over Pampering Children (pg: 3)

Let me see whether I will save some, not all, not many, but very few, for human beings are bad, really bad. You see this heart, very wicked, very deceitful, who can know it? Only the Almighty. The most deceitful thing is the heart and it is desperately wicked. Who can know it if not God?
Let me tell you the truth, there is nobody whose name is in that Book that does not know. There is nobody that will be left here after rapture that he will not know why he or she was left behind. There is nobody that is lame that does not know why. Even right now, few comments I have made right now, I made it in the air, they are captured by individuals.
On that day, many will not have the boldness to appear before the Throne of Grace because what will be revealed.

From: DOES YOUR LIFE REFLECT THIS FAITH? Page 49 & 50, verses 16 & 19)

Believe it if you can, as it was in days of Noah, as it was in the days Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man. If you like believe it; if you like throw it away. Thus, if I warn you to control your children, I know where I am standing.
2.           You are not in Christ simply because you are in our midst hearing the Message as it goes forth from Me. In every dispensation Christ appeared, many sat down at His feet hearing Him, at the end, they got lost. Hence, you can be in the Bride of Christ Ministry without Christ, you can be in the Church without being in Christ. Is it not true; is it not possible that somebody can be in the Church without being in Christ?
3.           Let me make it clearer. I am using being in the Church because that is the language you can understand. But the truth of the matter is that Christ is the Church and you cannot in Christ without being in the Church. However, you can be in the fellowship building in any of the local Assemblies, yet you are not in Christ.
4.           You can be in the fellowship of the Saints; you can be in the congregation of God’s people without being in the Church. For God will save as many as are in the Church. All that were in God, He emptied into Christ, all that were in Christ, He emptied into the Church. Thus, the Church is the Kingdom of the Faith and God adds daily to the Church as many as should be saved.
5.           Who added you into this Faith? You must know what the Church is. The Church is not a surgeon; it is not a name you answer. The Church is a spiritual organ. You can be in the fellowship, holding a position yet you are not in Christ.
6.           I was preaching a sermon at Mbaise because I saw too many people drawn from different denominations. I lifted up my eyes towards the sky and the Spirit pulled Me out immediately, and I began to nail down something very seriously. At the end of it all, it became clear to Me that I am harbouring such people in this Faith. I will confirm the Message we received by way of review.
7.           St. Luke 1:1-2 several biographies of Christ have already been written and other eye witnesses, however, it occurred to me that you could be well to recheck all these accounts from the first to last…
8.           Note, several biographies have been documented by too many people concerning Christ and salvation using materials they collected randomly from different individuals claiming to be Apostles or disciples. I hope you are understanding what I am saying. I hope you are not too far from me. Draw closer.
9.           Dear friends who loved God, St. Luke was describing two things: As his friends who were strongly devoted to the things of God, who loved God and all the things of God. There must be a reference point for a statement to be trustworthy, using too many materials as their reference point which they collected randomly.
10.       However it occurred to me that you could be well to recheck all this account.
11.        It is now dawned on me as one who was also there to document something to enable these people that say they are following God to recheck, crosscheck, review and re-examine.
12.       Why is it necessary? So that they will not believe in vain, that they may be sure and certain, so that your faith will not be hanging on mere tales of men but on the truth.
13.       You could be well to recheck all these accounts from first to last. From first to last, leaving no stone unturned: line by line, precept upon precept, a little here a little there.
14.       After thorough investigation of all these facts.
15.       After thorough investigation of the documents, after ascertaining the reports to be true and reliable.
16.       After every election, when voters must have cast their votes, there is always a count. After counting, it is not announced yet, the whole thing would be carried to another section for scrutiny; that is, the whole votes must be scrutinized to make sure no double voting. After the scrutinizing the votes, these votes are passed to another section for verification. It is after verification that the result is announced.
17.       That is why any electoral report whose verification was not ascertained by the returning officer will never be announced. Hence, there is always a verification section and those that verified it will sign in their names so that if there be problem tomorrow, if somebody should challenge, or charge a member to court, those that signed their names in must be summoned to appear before the court.
18.       Dear friends who loved God, several biographies of Christ have already been written....., however it occurred to me that you could be well to recheck all these accounts from first to last and after thorough investigation..., to reassure you of the truth.
19.       To reassure you. Note, after the thorough investigation, I now pass it unto you as a reassurance.
20.       “...To reassure you of the truth for all you were taught. What are we doing now, are we off the track? Tell me if there is any Church that can do it. Mention that Church. In other words, we do not want you to believe anyhow. We do not want you to believe because we said it, you have no right to believe until you are sure, certain and convinced as an individual, the Spirit of God in you bearing witness. However, if it is not so on you, you are just following us for following sake, saying what we are saying, not know why we are saying it.
21.       What is more, there are too many people like that are in this Faith, so are they in other Local Assemblies both men and women, no exception.
22.       By this review, backed up by the Scriptures, you should be in the position to defend your faith. You should be in the position to die for what you believe. Heathens die for what they believe, is it not true?
23.       Watch, when Ogwugwu Akpu of Okija was carried away, all the worshipers of that shrine fought with their last blood, hence they suffered imprisonment. To them, it meant nothing because it is not easy to disarm a man of his belief if he is convinced about it.
24.       Thus, if somebody will influence you contrary, know very well that from the beginning you were not convinced.
25.       St. Luke said that he was stressing this matter bothering on things that is commonly believed among us. We do not care about who will believe it or not, we only know of ourselves, things that are commonly believed among us.
26.       There are many things that are commonly believed among the Roman Catholics, that you say you do not believe cannot change their conviction. Cherubim and Seraphim have things they commonly believe among themselves, Sabbatarians. There is no denomination that does not have things they believe commonly, but this matter is one that is commonly believed among the sons and daughters of Christ only.
27.       As a result, if you say you are a child of God, we will test you by this one. For the Prophets said, “If a man claims he has the Holy Spirit, give him the word test, for if that spirit is of God, it must confirm everything from God. For nobody that speaketh with the Spirit of God calleth the things of God accursed.
28.       Then how do you say you are a child of God? You have the spirit of God and you cannot discern whether what you are hearing is true or false. It is because the spirit of God is not yet there. The anointing might be there but the spirit is yet to come in and will not come in because the way is already blocked. You have stayed too long among us that you have no excuse to give. Thus, the road is blocked.
29.       When you hear the truth and then refuse the truth, God will harden your heart and hand you over to the spirit of delusion to believe lies. From that time, when you hear the truth, you will call it a lie, when you hear a lie, you will call it truth. Amen.

Note, when Jesus Christ was talking to His people, the Jews and many other people there said it clearly that He never borrowed anybody’s opinion. That He was teaching them contrary to the teachings of the Jews, the scribes, the Sadducees and even the Sanhedrins. He was the greatest teacher of that day and they marvelled at His wisdom.
2.           When I breezed into the fellowship, I saw such a great crowd; I could not hold my peace. I summoned one of our Deacons with questions, “What is really wrong? Where did all these people come from to the point that all these seats were filled and jam-packed? This is not what I expected to see today. I expected to see empty seats in the Church today.”
3.           Of a truth, let heaven and earth bear me witness, I expected to see empty seats in this fellowship. I never expected such a big crowd in the Church today. I cannot be happy harbouring all these people. You must go to the people that believe what you believe, is it not our doctrine?
4.           The Prophet warned seriously about it. He said, “Do not join anyhow, you must go to the people that believe what you believe, so that when they say amen, you say amen too.”
5.           Go back to the message titled “Unity of the Faith”. Everything that works together must be one. Therefore, this Church is not a place you will come and sit down, after hearing the Word of God, you will say you will believe the one you want to believe. No, everybody must obey all.
6.           That there could be this number in the Church today, coming to the Church to do what? When I have used the glorious messages to show you your pictures, don’t you know where you belonged to?
7.           Didn’t you see yourself in the negative? Were your name not mentioned? When everything around you is described, is your name not there? Didn’t you hear your name? Don’t you know who you are? Why are you in the Church to tempt Me?
8.            Don’t worry; I will begin to tempt you henceforth. You have tempted Me enough; get ready for my own temptation. Yes! God tempted Abraham. Get ready for my own temptation. I have endured my temptation enough. I never expected to see a great crowd in the Church today. You are a burden I can no longer bear. I am referring to hypocrites and strangers in this Faith.
9.           God wants us to have total separation from unbelievers. Is it not true? There is no agreement between he that believeth and he that believeth not. You must know your stand.
10.       This issue of separation was initiated by Almighty God using nature: Separating darkness from light, separating the land from the sea; separating man from woman and many other things. He called his people out from among other people, making sure that they never had anything in common.
11.       The basis of rebellion emanated from carrying mixed-multitudes along who have never believed our message on separation, when you have not believed the message of separation, you have not even started your race. Hence, He said, “Come out from among them and be ye separate. I will be your God and you will be my people saith the Lord God Almighty from the very beginning.”
12.       God is God of separation. The matter was very serious. A man after God’s own heart said, “Oh God, have I not hated those that hated You with perfect hatred and make them my enemies?”
13.       It was serious in the days of the Apostles that they gave us a sanction, “If anybody should come to you without this Gospel of Christ, receive him not into your house and do not bid him God bless. For whosoever that bids him God bless or receive him will be a partaker of his sin.” The Apostles said, “Don’t even give him handshake.”
14.       In the days of the kings when God condemned Ahab, all that bid him Gods will, all that shook hands with him, did they escape the wrath of God? In our own day also, our own Prophet gave us a sanction, “Whosoever that hates your God, hate him.”
15.       Are you not children of the Prophets and of the promise that was made unto the fathers? If any man hates your God, does our Faith say you should love him? No, hate him. If anybody hates your God and you are a child of God, and that person hates you; this is where the greatest blindness is found.
16.       How can somebody hate your father and love you. How can somebody who is all out to kill your father spare your own life, is it possible? You mingle with people that hate your God, you say you love God, you are a people of God but you have chained yourselves with people that hate God. You have joined them in blaspheming God and still come to the Church to say “we are secured to do all these evils.”
17.       Cursed are all of you that practice all these things even in your secret places and still come down to this house that is called by the Name of the Lord and say “We are secured” to this abomination before the Presence of Almighty God.
18.       If you do not know what it takes to worship the Lord, go back to the very beginning. When Abraham was called out, did he go back to that land again? To look for what?
19.       Watch all that went to Egypt, immediately their minds went back to Egypt, their trouble started and it didn’t stop until all of them died. Are you wiser than God, do you know more than God? Has any of you ever come in contact with such people without contacting evil?
20.       Blasphemers of the faith, blasphemers of God, mockers of themselves. You think you are mocking God, you are mocking yourself. I am happy that the time of my departure has come at last, taking you at a time you least expected. God’s Judgement is already upon you for He told us that His judgement will start in the house, beginning with the Elders that do not have the Spirit of God. Is it not true? I thank God the long awaited Judgement is here with us.
21.       A man and his wife paid me a visit at home. I never knew them; I have never seen them before. I heard nothing about them. Thus, they came while we were having our family altar and they remained outside for about three hours waiting for us. At the end of everything, they were hearing my Voice from the outside. I allowed them to come in and they introduced themselves.
22.       I then called Pastor Obinna, Brother Joe and Brother I.K and asked them to sit down. I thought they were trying to ask for help from me. I never knew that they were coming for something very serious. Immediately, the dream I had on Thursday night flashed, but I thought they were enemies in that dream. Immediately they opened their mouth, the dream came back. I paid strict attention.
23.       They told me they were members of Assemblies of God Church at Mbaise. I said, “Okay, what can I do for you?” The woman opened the whole account: how she had series of dreams and she recalled all of them including the dates. Besides, the dreams started after the family attended the burial of my late father in October 2009. They said that they accompanied somebody who was a friend of my father to the burial of my father.
24.       The woman said that the preaching she heard at the Village Square touched her so much that she was querying the way we were serving people alcohol. Another thing that troubled her was how our women were having their head uncovered while the service was going on.
25.       At the end of the burial, they went home. That same night, she had a dream. She said in that dream that too many people were moving and they were carrying their cars; some were carrying motorcycles while some were trekking and they were moving like that. One surprising thing was that all of them were tied at a point. And at that point where all of them were tied, it was a very big mountain no vehicle could climb. No motorcycle, no bicycle no human being can even attempt climbing the mountain.
26.       She said that all the people that got there, every effort they were making to climb that mountain ended at scratching at the bottom of the mountain but to her surprise, she looked up, there were some people worshiping at that mountain but they were small in number. According to her she said that if she could number correctly, that they never exceeded twenty persons worship at the top of that mountain.
27.       She said that there was one funny thing about that worship. The whole songs she heard during the burial were what those at the top of the mountain were singing. The rest could not hear the song but she was hearing it. That she could identify some of the people she saw on the mountain on that burial day also. That while she was there, she saw the Aunty.
28.       Then I said, “Who is aunty?” She said, “Look at her,” that is, my wife. “She was the one that gave us food that day. And coming to your parlour now, immediately I saw the photograph, I recognised her. I saw her, she just climbed that mountain, descended the mountain, came through the crowd and then held my hand, led me back to the mountain again and added me to the group.”
29.       She continued, “When she came, I said, ‘Aunty, my children are there with my husband. She said, ‘Madam, this is your last favour. If you go down, you will not come up. My husband sent me to come and bring you up,” and that is all, the dream left her. That was her number one dream.
30.       She narrated the dream to her husband, went to their Church and narrated it to their pastor. The pastor gave her fasting and praying for five days. After five days, the pastor called prayer warriors and they came to pray for her. The day they finished the last prayer, she went to bed and another dream appeared. 
31.       She said that it was like the whole world joined hands together: Mr A will hold Mr B and B will hold C; so they were going and they formed a circle upon circle until the whole world joined hands together. Then two people were leading and the two people folded their hands at their back. That on her side, she gave only her left hand, the right hand was free. That they got to a place, it was as if the whole sand in the world was heaped there. That they said nobody should panic about the sand. That they will all climb it.
32.       Before her eyes, anybody that rested the hand or the leg will sink in the sand. She said that she saw people sinking and sinking, some withdrew, she joined people that withdrew and ran back. The husband attempted it and he sank into the sand. One leg was out. Immediately she ran and pulled the husband out of the sand. That was how the dream left her.
33.       She narrated it to her husband and then went to their pastor to narrate the dream. After narrating the dream, the pastor asked her to mention names she saw or the people she could recognise. The woman innocently said that she could notice the pastor and family there. The pastor said, “No! No! No! That goes to show it is devil. You need more prayers. I have been a man of God for many years before you were born. Because you saw me and my family there, it goes to show it is from devil.” They prayed for her and also prayed for the husband. The thing continued.
34.       Two weeks ago, she had another dream. And this one was very, very clear to her. She said that she was walking on a narrow path and was praying seriously in that dream that God should save her and her family. While she was praying, some other women met her along the way and also joined in the prayer. They got at a point; they descended to lay down under a tree to conclude their prayers.
35.       In that place they gathered, a photograph with a rope descended from the sky and stood in their midst. She saw the photograph, she could not understand it because the photograph was part of a man wearing safari, but the face of the man could not be seen for something blocked his face. In other words, his body could be seen but his face could not be seen.
36.       That while they were looking at the photograph, the photograph went up, came back again, the man became plain. That she now told the people around him, “This is the man that buried his father oh!” While she was talking to the women, the voice came to her directly: “This is the way, there is no other way, this is the point, there is no other point. This is the last time for I have numbered the days of mankind.” The dream left her.
37.       She said she remained shivering until her husband woke up from sleep. Then she went out, she came to my hometown to enquire about Me and how we fellowship.
38.       My mother sent for Pastor Obinna, and Pastor Obinna came. The woman narrated her experiences and then went back. She then left a message that any day I visit home that she should be informed—I never knew that. I never told anybody that I will be coming on Thursday. They knew I will be coming within the weekend, but the date was unknown to anybody. After all, the burial was to take place on Saturday.
39.       Thus, on Thursday, I went home with public transport. My people never knew I was at home. Brother Obinna never came until Friday morning. Nobody went to the woman’s place. The following day which was Saturday, the woman came.
40.       She said that she was in a dream and saw Me ministering to my people. That is not all, that she did not attend the fellowship, that while she was about to go, a voice spoke to her and said, “Go and tell your husband, if he thinks it remains six, what is left is three. If he thinks it remains four, what is left is two. If he thinks it remains two, what is left is one. Bye-bye.”
41.       She narrated the dream to her husband. Then her husband ordered her to go to my village to find out what was happening, whether I have already arrived. That Pastor Obinna might not come and really Pastor Obinna’s motorcycle spoiled; Brother I.K’s motorcycle spoiled. Brother Joe was nowhere to be found. Lo and behold, the family came and they met Me preaching. Their presence made my preaching longer. While we were talking, Brother I.k rushed into his house, came out with a photograph where the Pillar of Cloud blocked my eyes and then moved towards the sky. Immediately, the woman said, “Look at what I saw. This was the picture that was tied to a rope that descended and ascended, came back again as a plain picture.”
42.       As a result, I moved inside the house and brought two other photographs and said, “Madam, can you see these pictures?” She said, “If you had watched, since I came in my eyes had been at these pictures. And on your own.”
43.       You see, I am not narrating the experience because I am involved. You can see how God adds people to His family. God Himself meets people in their private places and bring them into His Kingdom. If God Himself did not bring you in this Faith, let it be known to you that the Devil brought you in this Faith. In other words, if you are not serving God’s interest, you are serving the Devil’s interest.
44.       And the spirit pulled Me high when I saw that too many pastors had already came from Warri, Ugheli and those that came from my own area. When they saw the inscription on my gate: The Son of Man, they started enquiring. Lo and behold, many were already in possession of our publication. Many had already heard much about the Son of Man.
45.       When I appeared, the stage comedian as the master of ceremony, who was very much aquatinted with me, he exposed Me, besides, the compound is next to my own. Those people that came from other places, that heard about the Son of Man, many had already seen my photograph but had not seen me face-to-face.
46.       Hence, on hearing what the man was saying, even many things he was exaggerating, preaching his own sermon, all to introduce the Son of Man, some people started clapping. The thing drew attention. In short the Reverend Father felt humiliated because the man was wondering, “Why should this young man, why should this noise from people when the Christian women were already dressed.” You know what it looks like for another person to come from nowhere and starts winning approval of the crowd including his members. Immediately the man collected the microphone, “Now, let us pray,” this and that—that day gave me opportunity.
47.       Note it; I am using these illustrations to confirm the Message. Your days are numbered. Your days are numbered. Whatever that has a beginning must have an end. I am the One that placed all of you in the waiting condition. I told you to wait: “This is where you will wait.” I have brought you where He said I should bring you and then ask you to wait for further instruction.
48.       In addition, I warned you seriously to be very careful while you are waiting because it has always been during the period of waiting that the hearts of people stray away. It is in this period of waiting that many leaders emerge. It is this period of waiting that even, graven images are moulded, false doctrines emerge. Because that period of waiting is a testing time. A trial of your obedience. You think God is somewhere, no! He is also waiting with you.
49.       Remember it was during the period of waiting that Aaron looked round with the people that do not know what was become of evil. It was when they fumbled, when they went into idolatry, immediately, Moses appeared; the damage has been done.
50.       It was during the period of waiting of forty days and forty nights that Saul performed the work of the priest leaving his own country. Immediately he fumbled, Samuel appeared. It was during the time of waiting that people began to think that the promise was of non-effect, simply because they were given the opportunity to marry and be given in to marriage, make money, build mansions if they like, buy aeroplane if they want; they now think that the end of the journey was just eating, drinking, die and go away. They think that the essence of God labouring means man die go.
51.       They do not know that God is ever mindful of His promise. That He that made the promise is more than able to keep His promise. That God made the promise with an oath and it is a perpetual promise.
52.       Watch what was happening in the Bride of Christ. From the year 2002, I asked you to wait till today. I placed you on hold since 2002 at His command. I had been watching on all of you. All that abandoned the Faith, abandoned from 2003, up till today. Even many that are still in our midst, they are still in our midst because they have no other place to go. They do not know what to do anymore. They do not know that God Who placed them on hold was supervising their activities, and every move.
53.       The essence of placing you on hold was to trim down the crowd. And within this period, almost all your ministers had become idolaters. Almost all your Elders have made themselves idolaters by creating many things before God. Almost all of them had indulged in slander, blasphemy and every kind of wild profligacy. Without restraint, many had even challenged God’s words. Many had mingled with God’s greatest enemies. Many had even indulged in practices capable of destabilizing the Faith.
54.       If not for the solid foundation where the Faith is standing, they would have destabilized it. Among them are Pastors, Apostles, Teachers, Deacons, Evangelists, Bishops and the likes. Who is then free? If you can go back to the Message titled ‘God Takes Record of Iniquities,” you search it in the library or in your jotters, you will get it. If you ever recorded such a thing, who is then free? Who has not blasphemed? Who has not ridiculed this Faith and ridiculed even the Son of Man? Who has not joined hands even with God’s greatest enemy to speak words of blasphemy? Let him speak and face the Son of Man.
55.       Were you not told ahead of time: “I am sending my Angel before you, He is bearing My Name, follow Him wherever He will lead you, for I am the One that is going before Him. Do not go to the right; do not go to the left Fix your eyes on Him for you had never gone this way before. Be careful that you do not provoke Him to anger, for He will never, never pardon your transgression.”
56.       When Jesus appeared, He said, “If you sin against the Father, you will be forgiven. You sin against the Son, you will be forgiven. But when He the (Holy Spirit) the Spirit of Truth shall come, you speak against Him, sin against Him, you will never, never be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come.” Is it not scriptural?
57.       Jesus Christ said, “I have many things I would have told you but you cannot bear them now, nevertheless, when He, the Spirit of Truth shall come, He shall lead you to all truths for He shall not speak of Himself but whatsoever He heareth from me that He will declare unto you.”
58.       Remember, “I will declare!” If you had known that what is allotted to you to bring you home is the Holy Ghost; what is a Ghost? Is a Ghost not visible? What is allotted to you is the Holy Ghost, to bring you home. What will wrap the programme up is the Holy Ghost. What God promised to bring you home is the Holy Ghost. Moreover, He knew ahead of time that the tendency is there that when He shall appear many are likely to offend Him, He warned ahead of time. Who is free? Because when we talk about people ridiculing, blaspheming the Faith, we have our eyes on some people.
59.       From 2002 He placed you on waiting place to hold on, you think the promise is of non-effect? What is more, God went ahead of time to tell you that between the promise and the fulfilment, there is always a period of waiting.
60.       I will not persuade you anymore. St. Paul in his day persuaded all men to believe him. I don’t persuade you to believe so as to escape the wrath of God for you are already living in the wrath of God. For the judgement of God must finish with you before it will extend to the world. For God’s judgement will start in His house, among those that said that they believe Him. Amen.
To what extent have you believed Him? Let me tell you what is happening now. If you catch the demonstration, better for you. Place yourself where you belong to; place yourself where you think you belong to, but do not allow your evil mind to deceive you.
2.           A farmer laboured to harvest the yam he planted in his farm, in order to preserve the yam tubers, he tied all of them in his barn. I am not Jesus Christ and there is no way I can pass this message across without using some illustrations. Even Jesus Christ used parables; call my own a parable also.
3.           In that barn where he tied the yams, from time to time, he could dash out some to some of his friends. From time to time, he could dry some, boil and eat. Take note, but before he does that he must first of all investigate, check all of them. Those ones he wants to use to reproduce, he will never touch it, and he will never dry them for food for they are precious. They are for reproduction.
4.           A woman that cultivates her corn or her maize in the farm about this time, people have started harvesting their maize, watch that intelligent woman that wants to preserve the maize, each time she enters the farm, she will carry stick and place in-between the roots. Anyone she does not want the children to pluck, she will place a stick there, even if that one is about to fall down, she will place harder stick to support it, tie it to a stake, and if any of the children tries to pluck that one she had already set aside, that child incurs the wrath of the mother. Am I making sense?
5.           The same way the man goes to the barn every day, every week, anyone that is rotten, he will single out. During the planting time, it is supposed that whatever that is left there will go back to the farm. You will notice one thing: Some will be producing their plumule while some will not.
6.           At the end of the day, all of them will be planted. There could be some small seed that might be omitted, that might be lying on the floor. They might be neglected. Notice one thing, after some weeks, he man will go round the farm. Only the tubers that are lively will sprout out. The rest will be trapped in the soil. Only those that are alive will produce their plumule while the rest will remain in the grave. In other words, the grave is holding them captive.
7.           No woman delivers a baby, rather, it delivers itself when the time comes. If you cut the bush in preparatory for your farming, the next thing will be burning of that bush. After burning the whole bush you will set out time to clear the bush, creating room for planting. As the rain falls on the ground, after sometime, you will notice one amazing thing: The bush was cut down, it was set ablaze, and heat killed everything. Heat killed whatever the knife could not kill. However, on the day you will be going there to do some planting, you will see some yam bringing out their plumule which you never planted. Yet they have been there for weeks, omitted by the farmer, the heat could not kill them.
8.           Clearing the bush meant nothing to it. The fire burnt everything, the land remained smoking, sometimes for days, yet the yam remained alive, for if it was not alive, the plumule would not have come out.
9.           What am I saying? You could be a very nice yam tuber, very beautiful in appearance, looking fat and you can bet on that one, that you could use it to reproduce. To your greatest surprise, after planting it, a month later, the plumule will not come out. After one month, notice one thing there, you open the land, you will see something rotten. While the plumule is up, whatever that was the yam will be something that looks black, rotten and smelly but the plumule is up.
10.       You open another one, you will see something rotten but there is no plumule, why? No matter how big, how beautiful or handsome, it contains no germ of life. It has no spirit, the spirit is not there. It is the Spirit that quickeneth but the flesh profiteth nothing.
11.       What am I saying; you watch that one left in your kitchen, you could eat the yam, the little head you cut off and threw away maybe lying somewhere under your bed or somewhere in the kitchen. You may not even pay attention to it, but you will see it producing plumule. But you see the big one at the backyard receiving air, receiving light, yet it is rotten. Can anybody catch this illustration?
12.       I told you that the only thing you will take from here to the next world, to eternity is CHRIST, no other thing. Apart from Christ there is no other thing. Once you have Christ, you have the Sovereign Spirit, no fire will destroy you. No heat will destroy you. Clear the bush, the germ of life is there, no matter the condition, the germ of life is there.
13.       Once it is there, the grave can never hold you captive. Whether it likes it or not, the land must crack, the grave must crack, and your grave must crack if only you go inside the grave with Christ. When you go inside grave with Christ the grave can never hold Christ captive because it is the Spirit that quickeneth. The flesh profiteth nothing.
14.       Then, if you are asked to nourish anything, what are you going to nourish? Is it the flesh or the spirit? If that same spirit that raised Christ from dead be in you, be in me, what will it do? It will quicken my mortal body so that the grave will never hold me captive, so that my body, although it will be sown in corruption, but it will be reaped in in-corruption.
15.       However, where that spirit is not there we may gather, sing and praise God, share testimonies, everything we can say about a sister, about a brother: precious brother, precious sister, that laboured this and that, God will say, “Useless people, go away!” Don’t you know that it is not ordinary yam that continued growing?
16.       Without Christ, how can the land crack? The land can never crack because the spirit is not there. Can you catch the message? No matter how small that yam might be, let it be the ordinary head that is left, let it be the tail that is left. The plumule can grow out from any side of the body provided that tuber is alive. This is my own parable.
17.       If the grave could not hold Christ captive and Christ has appeared again. If you are Christ, how can the grave hold you captive? Is it possible? If that same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwell in you, dwell in me, it will quicken my mortal body. Make no mistake about it.
18.       No man that had the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Christ ever mingles with enemies of God, ever places himself where God will ask him why. For the Spirit of Christ in you must make you envy, for God is a Jealous God. The Spirit cannot permit you. Even if you desire it, the Spirit will hold you captive.
19.       Place yourself where you belong to, don’t you know when the Spirit is in you and when it is not in you? If you don’t know if whether Christ is in you or not, well you are a hypocrite.

20.       I have now decided to give you this parable so that you can understand what the Scripture said, “Christ in You the Hope of Glory”. Thus, do not concern yourself with trying to know why people are behave the way they are behaving. No. Even the eye of the Omnipotent will grow thin while trying to trace it to its finality.
21.       However, try to concern yourself with knowing whether the Spirit of Christ is in you or not. For you must abandon everything here. Whatever eyes can see must perish with the user, but there is something, that is, Christ that can never perish. Even the parables and the illustrations I have used, HAVE MADE RESURRECTION A REALITY.
22.       No matter how long you are waiting, you are waiting in hope. You are waiting in hope, and the hope will not fail you for you are having what I will call rest assured. Not that people wrote randomly with the reports collected randomly as eyewitnesses; as eye and ear witnesses, we are sure and certain. That you must believe our report for our report is truth.
23.       Brother John, you might be my brother today, you might not be my brother tomorrow. Reports reaching me are confirming that you are blaspheming God, blaspheming the Faith, blaspheming the Son of Man. The Son of Man never drove your wife away and the Son of Man never for one day asked you to divorce to your wife. You were asked to go and settle your differences with your wife.
24.       Hence, The Son of Man never for one day divorced two of you. As a result, whatever you are telling your people at home for which cause they are blaspheming God and blaspheming the Faith, God will hold you guilty forever.
25.       With the mouth you told brethren that your wife does not want to see any of us, you accused her, you went back to your people and told them that your wife is innocent of whatever that happened to you. You go to your people; you armed them with the truth which you call truth. You give them money to go and worship idols with you. You come back to the Church to tell us another thing.
26.       We have prayed for you, your body is now normal. Whether your people will give God the glory or the idol of your people, it is up to you. Your people are saying that what you suffered, that John Ekwueme suffered it too. That any male child in your family must suffer it, and it does not kill. Moreover, they said that we are responsible for driving your wife away. That you want to bring your wife down to Nsukka but the Son of Man is the one hindering you.
27.       Thus, if what we had been hearing is truth, up to you. If it is falsehood, up to you. I am not excommunicating you. Why excommunicating you? By this illustration, already you know where you belong to. Judas was busy asking “Is it I? Is it I?” Jesus said, “One of you will betray me,” and Judas asked, “Is it I?”
28.       Whatever statement God will make here, somebody must be guilty of it. Somebody must fulfil it. Asking “Is it I,” is it not hypocrisy? Don’t you know yourself, don’t you know where you belong to, don’t you know what you are doing? Amen.



The Message titled “The Resurrected Body” is very serious and delicate. You can remember vividly the day the Message was preached. It was preached on 7th of April, 1996. That was the day the photographs of this Pillar of Cloud were taken.
2.          If you do not know where we are, better know it now. We are talking about the Resurrected Body. I believe that it is this same Resurrected Body that is still in our midst, talking to us and giving us the Word of life.
3.          This is what stumbled Martha. Jesus Christ said to Martha, “Your brother Lazarus is dead. But do you believe that he will resurrect again?”  Martha answered, “I believe he will resurrect and that will be on the last day”.
4.          Jesus Christ said, “Okay. Lazarus, come forth!” Remember Jesus Christ said, “If you believe in me, the work I do, you shall do and greater ones you shall do for receiving me”.
5.          Of a truth, we have seen nothing yet. Remember, the Message we are considering is “The Resurrected Body”. Have I not been telling you that I do not preach the crucified Christ? I am preaching the resurrected Christ. I am preaching the Christ that arose from death and not the one that was crucified, and He will remain alive forever and ever for He holds the key of Hell and Heaven.
6.          God put this song into the mouth of somebody “The Man Who I am telling you about, He is the Messiah”. Is it not the Son of Man we are talking about? Let them kill Jesus, it is their right, but have they killed Christ? No!
7.          A time came when Moses needed not to strike the Rock. All he had to do was to speak the word. Is it not true? A time came when He told Moses to strike the Rock in order to get water. Moses struck the Rock, water came out and they drank. However, it came to a point where God commanded Moses to SPEAK to the Rock in order to get water, but he angrily STRUCK the Rock three times and what was the result? Problem.
8.          Have you forgotten that it was in this ministry that God commanded our former Deacon Solomon to go and speak to a tap that has not been running for years? God allowed it to happen to know if unbelief would get out of our hearts.
9.          He said to Solomon, “Go to that tap over there, proclaim thus saith the Lord Almighty, give us water to drink else we will die of thirst”. Before we knew it, he carried a jerry can, went straight and said as he was commanded and before our eyes, we heard the sound of water running. Water started coming out. He filled the jerry can with water and immediately, the tap ceased from bring out water.
10.      Now, did Deacon Solomon command the tap in the name of Jesus? No! Let me tell you; unbelief is the worst sickness that can befall anybody in this Faith. The present stage of this ministry gives Me great joy. I don’t know if it is giving you joy as it is giving me.
11.      “The Resurrected Body,” page 10, verse 7-9: “When you read it in your Bible where Jesus said, ‘The hour cometh when you will not pray even in my name,’ you think it will happen in another world, no! It is this same Ministry and this is the hour because it is at the end of the Ministry. Just stand upon the Rock and declare it! That is all.
12.      A time came when Moses needed not to strike the Rock; all he had to do was to speak the word. When he foolishly, instead of speaking the word he struck the Rock; the Rock knew that the man had missed the real action.
13.      We are in the Spoken Word Ministry. What you saw as a dove was just the breaking of the iceberg. Now is the fullness of the Ministry come. Watch out from now, this is the hour where if you are in this Ministry proper you will tell a man stand there and get dried up and he will dry up. Speak to a living tree say, ‘This tree, I am placing a curse upon you in the Name of Christ our Lord...”
14.       In the name of who? If you are truly sure and convinced of the translation of the saints, nobody will tell you about it. If you are for rapture, nobody will tell you about it for it will be real. You will see enough evidence that you are the rapture yourself. Something in you lay credence to you that without you, that there is nothing like rapture; that without you, rapture is incomplete. In fact, that rapture can never occur. God is going the way He is going while some are watching the way they are watching.
15.      “The Resurrected Body,” page 12, verse 12-14: “Brethren, actually for sometime now, things have been going the way they have been going and we are watching the way we are watching. I came to fellowship this morning, a Brother saw Me and said, ‘Brother, did anything happen to your face?’
16.      I said, ‘My friend, go your way. Why are you looking at my face? Why should you look at my face? Have you any business with my face? If something happened to my face, is it your business? Does it concern you? Is it your face? Mind your own business.’ That is what I said: ‘Go your way!’ Moreover, the voice was not friendly.
17.      How will you feel if you were the Brother? You met your fellow Brother, looked at his face and said, ‘Brother, your face is not well, did anything happen to your face?’”
18.      If you were the person that met the Son of Man on the way while coming to fellowship and you looked at His face and say, “Brother, did anything happen to your face?” and He runs mad at you to the point of asking you all these questions, what will you do? You may be tempted to ask Him whether something annoyed Him or whether He came to fellowship with anger.
19.      Remember, that was the day we were asked to come so as to know who we are having dealings with. This young man had already discerned the face and knew that this is a different face; that the face was no longer the face that he knew.
20.       Were Jesus and Peter not friends? But Jesus made a statement and Peter said “no master, far be it from you.”  Jesus said to Peter, “Will you get away from me! Get behind me you Satan.”  Get behind me you what? Satan!  How will you feel? Were Jesus and Peter quarrelling before? However, immediately Peter heard, “Will you get behind me you Satan.”
21.      Which day was this happening? This was happening in the morning of 7th of April 1996. 
22.      I am very much at home with my God. Do you know what it means for a man to be at home with his God?  It is just like a married woman to declare   “I am at home with my husband”. Or a man to say, “I am at home with my family”?
23.      Verse 15: “I am very much at home with my God. If God will come to this Church to reveal Himself, He will come in any mood He wants to come...” 
24.       The matter is settled.  If God should come to reveal Himself to the fellowship, He will come in any mood He wants to. 
25.      Remember, by then fellowship had not yet started. No vision had been seen, photographs had not been taken yet, but there was someone God had revealed Himself to that today is not like other days; that “today is a different day”. 
26.      We are rehearsing these Messages for the newcomers and also to the ancient people that are still in this Faith, who still have unbelieving spirits in them.  Those ancient people who are still unbelievers may be waiting for us to preach the Message repent or you perish, but it is too late.
27.      Verse 15: “If God is partly happy and partly sad, it will reflect in the badger skin. If there be any badger skin (the body by which God uses to show himself) that harbours such a Spirit, He will be partly happy, He will be partly sad.” 
28.      If you want to know if God is happy or sad, you will know it through His badger skin for it will reflect in His character.
29.      If you want to know the mind of the masquerade, is it not through the masquerade’s character. Does a masquerade have any power to do anything? It must take the person inside the masquerade to make some movements for people to know that it is alive. Well, I am revealing these things to you but you refused to understand.
30.      What determines the Name of God in every dispensation is His dress. If Bishop Ebenezer will enter into Otuiche Masquerade, what people will call the masquerade is Otuiche Masquerade, but who is inside the Otuiche? It is Bishop Ebenezer. If he enters into Ijele, people will call it Ijele Masquerade, but who is inside the Ijele? Bishop Ebenezer. Does Otuiche Masquerade and Ijele masquerade have the same character? No!
31.      If he enters into Ulaga, it will be called Ulaga Masquerade, but who is inside it? Bishop Ebenezer. If he enters into Akunechenyi, it will be called Akunechenyi Masquerade but the person inside it is Bishop Ebenezer. I hope you are catching up something.
32.      If God enters into Isaiah, He becomes a Prophet. If God enters into David, David will become a king. If he enters into Paul, He will become an Apostle. If God enters into Elijah, He will become a high priest.
33.      Verse 15 again: “If God is partly happy and party sad, it will reflect in the badger skin”.
34.      If you want to know the mood of God at every given time, have discerning spirit. Watch the mood of the badger skin, I mean that temple templing Christ. If you want to know at every given time whether God is happy or sad with you, fix your eyes on His badger skin: His behaviour towards you, His words to you. Do not play with it one bit for it is God speaking to you.
35.      If Ulaga flogs you, who flogged you? It is somebody inside Ulaga that flogged you for Ulaga does not see. Akunechenyi does not see, Ijele does not see unless someone enters into it and begins to make a move.
36.      If you must know God’s mind for you, you better fix your eyes on His characteristics to know whether the finger He is pointing you is for good or as a warning.
37.      Let me ask: who is telling us all these things? I am saying that it is the Resurrected Body—the body that resurrected and was glorified. If there is any Message anyone should keep under the pillow while sleeping, it is “The Resurrected Body.”
38.      Verse 15-16: “If God is partly happy and partly sad, it will reflect in the badger skin. If there be any badger skin that harbours such a Spirit, he will be partly happy, he will be partly sad.
39.      I thank God the interaction went forth before the praises. I really thank God for what He is doing now. You do not need to ask any further question. I equally thank God who has already decided to obey His Voice.
40.      Who obeyed His Voice? God Himself obeyed His Voice. The Lord obeyed the Voice of the Lord—the Lord spoke to the Lord. No wonder God said that we should seriously look for this Message; that it did not end in taking photographs, that there was a Voice that followed it. Behind every sign, there must be a Voice.
41.      In the Message titled “Voice of the Sign”, if you see a sign and no voice follows it, please run away. The most important thing is not the sign. The sign said, “Stop”; when you stop, you will here a Voice. Is it not true? The sign means stop there.
42.      When St. Paul was on his way to Damascus, what did he see? He saw a sign and then, a Voice followed. When Moses was in the wilderness and saw a sign, what did he do? He stopped and then a Voice followed.
43.     Verse 17-18: “If you know that when you heard the Voice, you heard the explanation, the same Spirit explained it and you did not want to be stiff-necked; you left the Church and you parked yourself outside the little hut there; please nobody asked you to come back.
44.      A structure wanted to disturb me during worship service, I felt somebody was standing before Me for I could feel the breathe of that person around...”
45.      Brethren, what is happening? Did you really understand that verse? That was when worship service was going on; a structure stood before me.
46.      “...I could feel the structure’s breath, for it was standing opposite me for I know it was another spirit...”
47.      You see, battle of two spirits. Amen.

The Resurrected Body,” page 14, verse 18: “I could not open my eyes for I remained where I was until the prayer line was over. Lo and behold, I saw somebody lying flat. In fact because of the breathe that was coming to me, and the attack I was receiving I had to draw back and I drew back. I gave a little distance away from that structure. It is difficult to believe that some were sent expressly to come to the Church and destroy the Apostle.”
2.          This was happening that same day and no other day and the person was lying flat.
3.          Verse 19-20: “There is no way you can destroy the Church until you destroy the overseer of that Church. Get rid of the Apostle you have gotten rid of all the ministers, you have gotten rid of the Church.
4.          If Satan wants to kill you, he will kill you through the Apostle. He will anoint him falsely to inject poison into your hearts and all of you will perish…”
5.          Note; you know, at times, when we talk about Jesus, about how He went to marriage feast and did many things, there are many, many things that were spoken of Jesus, which are not even in the Bible. It was just like when He was a child, when He was playing with His fellow children; everything He did was different until people started to rumour that He was not an ordinary person.
6.          The wisdom of Jesus Christ had been known even before He began His ministry for there were many things He did, which were not written in the Bible. St. John said that if all that Jesus did should be written down that nobody can carry the book up.
7.          You better go to the Message titled “Knowing the Personality You are having Dealings with.” I told you that I was just a kid, very tender; if I should say, I was, maybe in primary one—that is if I had ever started school.
8.          However, I can remember vividly that I was eating that day, around 12 O’clock in the afternoon. I was eating with my maternal grandmother that day and there was a raffle draw that was going on in our village that time; and only one person was to win that draw, for they were looking for the money they would use to build a town hall.
9.          A big basket filled with paper was staged in the centre so that everybody would be coming and picking. Of all the papers in the basket, only one was containing something. So, one man ran into our compound and came where I was eating. He called my father’s mother and asked her to allow him to take me along.
10.      She asked the man where he was taking me to. The man said that he wanted me to pick a raffle for him. She refused and said that even if the man would take me along, he should wait so that I could finish my food. The man refused and immediately carried me up and left the compound. While we were going, he carried me on his shoulder and was running very fast to the village square.
11.      When we reached the village square, almost the entire village was there and they were still picking. When we got there, he asked me to dip my hand inside the big basket and pick out only one paper out of all. He carried me up and I dipped my hand inside the big basket, took one paper and gave the man. They collected the paper from the man and opened it, lo and behold, the man was the winner.
12.      I am saying these things because of those of you people who do not have believing heart, those of you who are still unbelievers and doubters.
13.      Bishop Ebenezer and Apostle Orjiakor made it to be a burden to them by going to our village; I mean our compound in order to write of my childhood life. Although Okey Nwamkpa burnt them, I am telling you now that this time, you have the chance and right to go and find out more and write about Me. You can go now.
14.      After all, they have known our Faith. There is no more interference. Go and verify about who you are having dealings with. Go and verify about who is in your midst. Verify how His mother was married; verify how he was born, how He grew up, how his mother abandoned him and ran away. Go and find out why He was abandoned by His mother and he was taken to another woman to take care of Him.
15.      Also, verify why His eyes are bent. Ask them what always chased Him, for that thing chased Him even in His bachelorhood. Ask them why He always ran away when He was playing football with His fellow children.
16.      I am saying that you should verify everything concerning the personality you are having dealings with and then put all of them down. If you put all of them down, you can then put down the ones you have witnessed with your eyes since you came into this Faith, for if you want to testify about somebody, you must testify from the onset to the end. If not, you don’t know that person.
17.      You have heard the ones we said concerning football. Well, keep quiet; don’t laugh, for the person testifying all these things is still the Resurrected Body. If you don’t know, know it that Jesus went to school in Egypt. The person testifying these things is testifying His life to you. He is telling you how it all started until it came to this point.
18.      Who do you think will have the kind of gift Jesus Christ had and resisted the temptation of seeing it as a means of making money? Who do you think can do that? It must take God to withhold such a person. Tell me somebody who sees a means of making money and resists it? It must take Jehovah to withhold that person from falling into such temptation. Without God, no other person can resist it.
19.      There was one flyer, which my wife brought home recently. I showed the flyer to some Elders that came to my house, saying, “See people that call themselves men of God – one Brother Nwachukwu, the son of Grace of God GS, his brother, Rema with another reverend.
20.      What are they doing? They called it Singles’ Seminar where they will feature dancers, singers, drama, riddles and jokes with other attractions.  These things are the only things that made them to be men of God.  They are calling for the use of those things for money. 
21.      However, see where we are, this kind of nonsense can never be heard in this Faith among us.  If we go from the Church after fellowship, will anybody outside us know?  When we reach our homes, there is none that will know that we came from God’s Presence. 
22.      Now, see God Himself is testifying about Himself in His own chosen Church to His people.  Jesus said, “No man can give testimony of himself; yet, I give testimony of myself and my testimony is true.  I still have one that beareth greater testimony concerning me”. 
23.      If you do not believe my testimony, of what use then is your coming to Me? If you don’t believe my testimony, which I testified with my mouth, believe then those ones you have seen with your eyes for those you see with your own eyes were not impersonation. 
24.      It happened in your own presence. There are people that will say that they were called anyhow, can we say that we were called anyhow or without a reason? We are the people which the Promise was made to.
25.      This is the foundation of anything we are saying. We believe because William Braham said, “Wherever the Word of God is preached unadulterated, the Pillar of Cloud must vindicate it.” 
26.      However, in our own day, the Pillar of Cloud did not vindicate it alone.  God Himself came down and vindicated Himself.  That is why that early morning He came, He was partly sad and partly happy.  One that had the eyes of seeing saw and discovered that this face is not an ordinary face.  That is why He asked him, “What is your business with my face?  Is it your own face?”
27.      Let me put it this way, Christ is identify by his characteristics.  Tell me is there any impersonation in this one? He that told us to come with our cameras to know the person we are having dealings with I mean, he is courageous enough for he knew His worth. 
28.      When the pictures were taken, did we know what was captured? Was it not later that we saw what we saw? Yet, the pictures are still intact in the camera even till today.  What we saw marveled all of us; even some could not withstand the sight for it was unbelievable. Some even regretted what they have been saying against Him that day for they saw something more than picture.
29.      We are talking about those that were not in this Faith when it happened and also those that were there that day who have not yet believed even up till this day; those the devil have deceived their minds.
30.      Have you seen it, wherever God dwells, Satan must come there. You can now see what God is trying to reveal to us. 
31.      When Jesus was on the scene, was Satan not on the scene? It came to a point where the temptation was too much and Jesus said to Satan “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God”. 
32.      Do you know that the day this Message was preached, that it came to a point where somebody packed his books in his bags and carried his bag out?  But now, if you come with bunches of sin, you will remain until the whole thing is over. If it was then, there was a point a Message would reach, you would see someone who would angrily carry his bag and walk out. Some could leave their wives while some wives could leave their husbands. 
33.      Do not think we picked this ministry on the main road. There was no time we picked this ministry on the highway.  This was God’s plan for us His children.  God planned it in the day of Abraham, revealed it in the wilderness in the day of Moses and then brought it into focus in the day of the Apostles. 
34.      To crown it all, today, we are the beneficiaries of the promises. You and I are the favoured beneficiaries.  This promise has been hidden all these years, but can you see in our own day the thing materialized? We are the children of the kingdom of God; this is the mystery of the Heavenly angels.
35.      “The Resurrected Body,” what ever you are doing in the school, in the market places, have this Message as your handbook.  There are Messages that can be delivered to you as a story, it is not this Message.
36.      In short, by the time you will finish the reading of the Message, we will know many things concerning the Pillar of Cloud because since the time the pictures were taken, none of us has ever been led back either to his jotter or to the tape to know what God said before and after these pictures were taken so as to know whether we have failed one of the commandments that were contained in the Message. None of us has done it, until the Holy Spirit directed Me to search my jotters.
37.      At least, if there is anywhere we have erred or failed, we can use this little time to amend and correct it for that means we have Chosen the Good Path.
38.      “Choosing the Good Path,” I will tell you where this Message was first preached. It was first preached in the house of our brother, Mike Immanuel. That day, I, Okey Nwankpa and Bon went to see Deacon Mike. When we got there, Deacon Mike was not yet at home. The wife was busy with her hair, for she was plaiting her hair. So, she abandoned us in the palour. We waited until the husband came back. When the husband came back, instead of welcoming us, he immediately ran inside the kitchen and started preparing two goat’s legs he bought, for he loves goat’s legs. He preoccupied his mind with the cooking of goat’s leg.
39.      We continued waiting for him. He finished cooking the goat’s legs and put all inside a tray and brought it out for us to eat. None of us touched the meat. I, immediately, searched for my bag and brought out my Bible.
40.      I quoted a scripture and began to tell them about Mary and Martha. The thing was too much; Sister Mike left the hair she was plaiting and ran inside with the Sister that was plaiting her. The husband abandoned the goat’s leg and ran inside, for he saw something greater than the goat’s leg. It got to a point everybody was kneeling down, both Bon, Bro Mike, Okey, all. I was the only one standing. The only regret we had was that we had no tape with us that day.
41.      Thus, on Sunday afternoon, God revisited the Message. Another place the Message was heard was at Enugu when Enugu Church was confirmed. That was the foundation Message so that their eyes would get away completely from eating and drinking for we didn’t come for eating and drinking.
42.      This made the preparation our former brother Umezulike and the wife made to be useless nonsense, for nobody saw the mouth he would use to eat. We couldn’t eat because the meeting continued throughout the day till the following day and from there, we left.