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Saturday, 27 August 2011


MAN PROPOSES BUT GOD DISPOSES By The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena)

Every good thing comes from the Lord. And whatever God has designated to you, there is no amount of obstacle, even old age is immaterial.
        If God has designated a gift to you, and said you must receive it while you are alive, He doesn’t take your age into consideration.
        If God said it, He watches over it. He said you must have it, surely, you must get it.

        All you have to do is just relax your mind, go home and rest, stop running up and down. At the appointed time, He will come your way and then you will praise Him the more.                        –The Son of Man
From the message: THE IMAGE OF GOD.

MAN PROPOSES  BUT GOD DISPOSES Preached on SUNDAY, 1st February, 2004.
By THE SON OF MAN (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD
I am the Spirit of Truth, the Light of the world. Without Me, there is no salvation. Without Me, there is no life.
–The Son of Man
Whoever that is planning for success is at the same time planning for failure. Failure does not mean death. It means growth.

Always recognize this fact that the distance a man can walk in life is determined by four cardinal points: One, space; two, time; three, energy; four, desire to walk.

These four cardinal factors will determine the distance you can cover—space, time, ability; I mean strength, and then desire. The first three might be there, but if the desire is not there, you are not making any headway. These four must combine. These four must combine for you to move.                                       –The Son of Man
From the message: Cosmic Consciousness.


Remain blessed Brethren. I thank God for what He is doing in our lives—in this faith. Let me inform you that God has blessed us last week in a very tremendous way.
2. On Wednesday last week, Sister Paul Anah nearly lost her life. In obedience to the Message of the hour, Bro Paul Anah rushed the wife to my house. Two of them came on the same motorcycle because our Sister was shivering greatly.
3. By God’s grace, she obeyed the command of the Lord concerning the situation.
4. Any situation you find yourself in attracts a commandment. Commandment is given according to one’s situation. I can give you more than ten commandments at a time concerning your situation. I can give another person one or two. To the third person I may not give any.
5. She obeyed instantly and she was healed.
6. The following day being Thursday, it became the turn of Bro Paul Anah. He went to work in the morning. In his workplace at the park, he developed acute stomach problem, slumped down there, and they rushed him to my house and from my house to his house.

Upon examination, I discovered that it was acute appendicitis. So, I phoned our Brethren.
8. In short, we saw the necessity of having telephone. With the use of telephone, I summoned our Pastors, together with Bro Emma Agu, and we rushed him to hospital.
9. Then rushed for our Sister Onyema—I thank God for her. She responded immediately like a man, for she was off that day. Her presence helped us a lot. We were all there, battling.
10. Finally, the operation was carried out. We were watching the situation, negative forces were at work, and God was combating all.
11. Generally, I want to conclude it by saying that we pushed Brother Anah back from the way to mortuary. We asked him whether there is anything good in the grave, and he said no. For that reason, he is alive till today.
12. Thus, I want to thank all the Brethren who co-operated with me, who rushed to meet that emergency: Pastor Dan Nwadike, Pastor Chidimma Dike, Ifeomaputaife Paul Agubalu—“we have removed Paul from Ifeomaputaife”—Bro. Emma Agu, Sister Chika.
13. I do not know any other Sister; Sister Paul Anah, my very Self, the Son of Man and my wife.
14. As many as slept there that night, I am very grateful to all of you.
15. Bro. Agubalu in particular, who passed the night there; Brother Victor who followed suit, and all that have been there, comforting and consoling, including Brother Shed who restored the light.
16. What happened there was a message itself, and that message is being noised about in the whole of the hospital.
17. Even if our Brother is discharged, that message lingers in that hospital. If you get there anytime, you will still be a part of that message. 
18. That notwithstanding, Bro Emma Iwuno acted the way I do not like, for he behaved like an enemy even up till yesterday. Whatever might be his reasons I am yet to know. But I am not considering that one. I am only considering one thing—the life of our Brother.
19. Emergency can come to anybody. It was an emergency because it gave no notice.
20. All the Brethren who rallied round me, I gave them no notice. I did not even go to work because we were battling to save life. Everybody was showing interest. If it were possible to gather everybody, I would have done that.
21. Pastor Dan abandoned everything at Bridgehead, rushed there three times, to and fro and supplied all that was needed.
22. Pastor Dike was running up and down like that. Sister Chika never rested, moving from one room to the other calling doctors. Everybody was busy until we brought him out from the theatre and then placed him in the bed.
23. What is more, only one nurse was around. I, Pastor Dike and Brother Agubalu helped the nurse to carry him to bed. He started vomiting, another problem.
24. As God would have it, Sister Chika was around. Not minding that she was not on duty, she was giving instructions. Finally, she left.
25. We came back again in the evening, he started vomiting again and the temperature was very high; high blood pressure, ranging from 160–100mmhg. Even the nurses were afraid.
26. There was a time the nurse sensed danger. She drove my wife and Sister Agubalu away. Only I and Bro Paul Agubalu were there. But we were sure nothing will happen.
27. Today he is rejoicing, and we are rejoicing for it is a complete victory for us. If he had died, all of us would have been in sorrow. Now, he has survived, he is happy, we are also happy.
28. Is he feeding any of us? Why are we happy? Because he is alive. He is a member of the family.
29. If you are not happy that he is alive, well, when you get home, use acid and kill one of your children and then start rejoicing. If you cannot do that, you should join us and be happy that our Brother came back from the way to the mortuary.
30. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

The same weekend also, the life of the son of Brother Mike, that is Miracle, was saved. When they came, I was very weak. I directed them on what to do. The boy was taken to Sister Chika, and God used her in a miraculous way to arrest the situation. She came yesterday to give me the feedback. The boy is healthy now.
32. So, Sister Chika, I am here confirming the same old Voice: “Sister Chika, God will use you.” That Voice is still going and will continue to be magnified.
33. Let me tell you, if it is not God, there is nothing in this life that will compel a nurse, a married woman, to abandon her children when she is off duty and respond to the needs of the Brethren.
34. It is God, and I believe it is a gift God gave her, not for her to profit thereof. That gift has been a blessing to this Ministry.
35. From the day God included her in this Ministry, nobody has ever died in that little clinic over there. God has used her hands to handle serious cases and nobody’s case has been ignored either in her home or in the hospital.
36. The husband is a great man also by giving the wife such a support. If he is not, if he does not love the Brethren, as a man, he has the right to stop the wife.

There are some of you in this Faith who will not permit their wives to that extent; people like Emma Iwuno, who is opposed to that type of thing. Can he permit his own wife? The same is applicable to some Sisters.
38. Some in this Faith are praiseworthy. There are some Sisters in this Faith that cannot even permit their husbands to go and stay with Brother Paul in the hospital till daybreak.
39. She will be enquiring, “Is he not married? Has he no children? Are some Brethren not there? What of Sister Chika? He has relations. Why must you go there and sleep? You have not told me why you are going. You have another thing in mind.”
40. There are many Sisters in this Faith who will nurse such devilish beliefs. But the Brothers were there “by revelation” of what that place is all about.
41. Do you think it was easy to abandon a man in such a hall as the only patient in the whole ward without light in the night? The nurses would go to the halls where there was light and the man would be abandoned there.
42. Do you think it was easy for a woman to be there with the man alone? Besides, there are some of you in this Faith—women—with devilish hearts. Because whatever one is, one believes everybody is that thing.
43. There are some of you in this Faith who might be there, after seeing such a place, how lonely and so on, would say, “I know why you are there, your interest is Sister Paul.”
44. I am telling you, many of you in this Faith might not believe that these Brethren went there in love, to stay around the Brother because anything could happen in the night. Anything could happen. Their minds will wander off.
45. As you think, so you are, and so you feel everybody is.
46. Do you know that a mad man feels that everybody is mad? This is the problem we are having among you in this Faith.
47. Many of you were brought up in a very loose way, you lack discipline.
48.  All of the Brethren who rallied round to save this horrible situation which is being noised abroad in that hospital by the doctors and nurses for good and not for evil, see, your reward is great. Keep it up. No preaching is greater than that. That is all we need; manifesting the love of God, the love of the Brethren, not only when the situation is good but when the situation is bad.
49. Gradually, God will permit many things to happen around us as a test of what we claim we are.
50. So, I felt very happy with our Pastors.
51. Pastor Dike never wasted even five minutes; he met me in the house of Bro Paul Anah. Bro Emma Agu who came in did not waste time in rushing to Omagba to get Sister Chika because “the available should be the desirable.”
52. We mobilised all that we had there at the hospital. We did everything to pay the deposit, purchased some drugs and immediately put him in the bed and then phoned Pastor Dan: “Look at what is happening, come with so and so drugs.” He came down, the doctor gave another recommendation, and he rushed back again.
53. Is Bro Paul Anah his elder brother? Are they from the same place? Will Pastor Dan inherit his property? What is his interest if it is not God?
54. I want to show you how sweet and how tight the love of God in the hearts of Brethren should be.
55. Yet there are some people around who were laughing and saying in their hearts, “That is what the Brother deserved.”

Well, we thank God, but bear it in mind that sickness does not give any notice. It can be your turn today; it can be my turn tomorrow. It comes in different ways.
57. If you find it difficult to respond when duty calls for you, pray that it will never be your turn. On that day, we will ask you to wait until we meet and discuss, and it may even take us two days before we can meet, discuss and arrive at a conclusion.
58. What am I saying? The offence Brother Emma Iwuno committed was very great. He made it greater by voicing it out even in my Presence with a violent mind before Elders, because I ordered him to go and sleep with Bro Paul so that Bro Agubalu would go home, take bath and rest.
59. He joined us from six o’clock in the morning. He came to my house to purchase card for phone. He met me on the way, joined me from there in my car to the hospital and remained there till night came; something he never planned.
60. I sent somebody who went to the market (Emma Iwuno), when he must have finished his business for the day, to go there and stay with our Brother till morning. He said he would not go, that he never discussed it with anybody.
61. Yesterday, he repeated the same thing, he said, “Over my dead body,” that we should have discussed it with him before.
62. On the day you will die, we will discuss it with you. I am going to document it.
63. Bro Amaobi, document it fully and put it inside my file. This is my habit in this year 2004.
64. I disclosed my mind to Brethren recently:  “This is the year of ‘no nonsense.’ All these years I staked my life for the sake of Brethren, but this year henceforth, no. Before you finish planning, I have already picked you there—straight away.”
65. I can pick you in any form, any shape, and any way I want it.

Another notice I want to give to you is that since Wednesday last week Brother I.K Nwobodo has been in the police cell at Enugu for an offence he committed. He committed a serious offence at Enugu and ran down to Onitsha, and had been hiding.
67. The report came to me, I summoned him over and asked him to go back to Enugu and make things right. He continued dodging, carrying women about.
68. Last Sunday, arrangement was concluded by the wife of the Police Commissioner who was defrauded by I.K Nwobodo.
69. Besides, arrangement was concluded to come and arrest me in this Fellowship and arrest Sister Rose Ekwe also.
70. Pastor Ejike came and told me. I said no problem. I will like to be arrested and punished because of I.K Nwobodo. What was my offence? I gave him a vehicle to drive so that he would become a man. I gave him a motor tanker that was given to me on trust. That was my crime. I was prepared then to suffer.
71. I called him before Pastor Ejike. He talked blah blah blah. I ordered him to follow Pastor Ejike to Enugu, he dodged it.
72. I got home and my God answered my prayers; the woman phoned me from Enugu and told me everything and what she has concluded. I told her I was not afraid, that she should grant me two days for me to track down I.K.
73. On Tuesday, I phoned Pastor to go and fetch I.K. They went there and were told he went to Enugu.
74. The whole Tuesday he was seen at Enugu leading one girl about and refused to listen to that call.
75. On Wednesday morning, he was hiding from one place to another at Enugu until nine o’clock in the night. That was the time he went to Pastor Ejike. They phoned me and I gave instruction that he should be handed over to the woman immediately.
76. So, when he got there, the Police were already waiting. They carried him and placed him inside the cell.
77. On Thursday, I wasted all my money phoning Abuja and Gombe because the owner of the vehicle is a Police Commissioner based in Gombe; phoning the wife, phoning Brother Okoh and others.
78. I.K cost me over three thousand naira on phone calls alone, to stop further arrests. I thank God I succeeded.
79. Instead of our Elders to go to the commissioner’s house and first find out where he was locked, they were going from one Station to another and they could not see him until I contacted the woman again and the son at Abuja.
80. Then the woman told me everything and disclosed to me where they kept him. I ordered them to go there and they went there and saw him.

So, what am I saying? If you are crying that you have no job and we give you a job to help you and your family, and you just go there and make up your mind to cause trouble so that we shall be punished for helping you, it will never be well with you. You will never prosper.
82. God will not permit it because I do not think we have committed a crime by helping you to secure a job. Instead of doing it diligently in accordance with our Faith, you just go there to steal.
83. While I was battling with that problem, on Friday, I received another phone call from Abuja.
84. Anybody from Enugu in this Fellowship? Is Martins O. in Fellowship? Martins O., when did you come in? Have you been here since morning? Praise God for that. Come out and take my position.
85. Sit very close to Bro Silas. Elders, make sure that he does not escape, yes, because throughout yesterday I was handling his case.
86. On Friday, Brethren were in my house when I got a phone call in the afternoon from Abuja that Martins O. ran away with another man’s vehicle.
87. He went to work with his conductor, they filled the tank and the conductor helped him to reverse the vehicle after which the conductor wanted to enter; he zoomed off and headed towards Onitsha road.
88. They waited until evening. The woman phoned his son at Abuja. The son phoned me. I asked her to wait till six o’clock. I phoned again and the woman told me that he was just driving in at that time. I told her I had already set down my dragnets, waiting for him because he had done it before.
89. Last Sunday, he quarrelled with me and  Brother Ogbonna because I gave instruction that Brother Ogbonna should use his salary to open up bank account so that his salaries will be paid into his bank account to enable him learn how to save money.
90. He flared up there, demonstrating against my instruction, and in anger, he refused to go back to Enugu; he parked another man’s vehicle and went to 3-3 to sleep with his girlfriend.
91. In the morning, he came to my office on Monday to tell me lies. I ordered him back to Enugu. This man did not go; a Sister informed me he was still at Ose Okwodu.
92. Lastly, they phoned me from Enugu that he was withholding the key to the vehicle, which he abandoned.
93. By half past nine in the night I phoned again, Pastor Ejike was there. The woman said that Martins was just walking in with his bag. Tell me where he went to from eight o’clock in the morning till half past nine in the night.
94. While we were trying to grapple with that one, the girlfriend, the daughter and the elder sister came to me yesterday, all because of Martins O.

Do not worry, we are matching on. When they come into this Faith, they pretend to be more spiritual than us. They will give us testimonies of the various Churches they attended, the climax with Deeper Life. But when they start behaving you will not see any sign of Pentecostal life in them because if they attended Pentecostal Churches, to walk in line with our Message will be very, very easy for them. They are as wild as wild can be.
 96. Up till this very moment, Martins O is still smoking. There was a day he was smoking and went to Brother Joshua there at Marine. Bro Joshua ordered him out with a serious warning.
97. Till now, he still keeps late at night; eleven o’clock in the night he is still outside. I do not know how they manage to fly into this Faith. These are the people that come begging and weeping, telling me how they have been suffering.
98. When they first come into this Faith, they claim to be master of all jobs.
99. There is another one. Pastor Dan gave him a little work the other day and gave him some money. He has never accounted for that money, he has vanished.
100. The one that came from Abuja; you do not know whether he is living in Asaba or Mammy Market. He has vanished without accounting for the money he collected. Criminals! The earlier I begin to hand them over to the Police, the better.

So, instead of you to humiliate me because I gave you a job, I will humiliate you by exposing you and then putting you on trial. You then go to prison and suffer for the offence you have committed.
102. Since you do not want to repent; leave, you do not want to leave; obey our Message, you do not want to obey. You keep on lamenting; you are a single child, the only son of your parents; that you have no father, you have no mother, you have no brother, you have no sister.
103. Somebody wants to make you a human being. You lack counsel; somebody volunteers to counsel you in the right way, give you refuge and protection and make you a man so that somebody will be left in your compound, yet you are heading towards destruction everyday.
104. Anywhere Martins O. went; he must have a baby there and run away to another place. Any woman he meets, he must promise her marriage. Are you not ashamed of yourself?
105. All drinking bars, secret, secret places, are your comfortable places. You will be moving from one to another. At the end of it all, you come to Fellowship and sing special numbers to praise the Son of Man and share false testimonies.
106. If not for the owner of the vehicle, I would have used that vehicle to teach you a lesson you will never forget in your life.
107. Criminals flying into the Faith, claiming to be one thing or the other only to cause trouble and havoc to dent our image.
108. Only yesterday, I was handling the case of Nwobodo. It was revealed to me that the present woman he wants to marry is his seventh wife. I was counting four, not knowing it was the seventh, yet he is not living with any. Who knows how many Martins O. has married?
109. Now please, if any Brother comes to you from any Local Assembly, or comes to stay in Onitsha and you ask him whether he knows Onitsha very well and he says no, that he is just new, send him back to his station. He is a liar. I say he is a liar. He is a criminal.
110. You will not know that he knows Onitsha very well until he causes havoc. When he commits crime, you will not find him anywhere again.
111. Watch the one that collected money from Pastor Dan and ran away; he told me that he never knew anywhere in Onitsha, that was why he was staying in Asaba.
112. But today, he is “son of the soil” in Onitsha; there is no lane or street he does not know. He even knows Army Barracks.
113. Is that how God is going to prosper such people? They will witness God’s blessings but they will never be partakers, they will not be beneficiaries.
114. No criminal in this Faith will benefit from God’s blessings. I am telling you God’s Truth. God will find it difficult to bless His enemies.
115. Once you are criminally minded, you are God’s greatest enemy because you want His Name to be blasphemed among the heathens. You want the Faith to be evil spoken of.
116. James Elum, are you still having dealings with our former Sister Charity Njoku? No, sir or yes, sir? Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
117. It is for your own good because God cannot save anybody that is on the contrary side.
118. This Sister that normally comes from Utu, I mean Sister Grace from Utu, is she in the Fellowship? Okay. What of Izuchukwu? Is there any way we can contact him with phone number? Nobody. Okay, let me wait for them next week. Let me withhold that part. Praise the Lord.
119. Anybody from Umuokanne in this Fellowship? The problem of Umuokanne is a light thing, but I deemed it fit to say few words around it before making my general announcement.
120. At about half-past-ten yesterday, Pastor Emeka Umana phoned me from Umuokanne. It was not my habit to answer phone calls in the night, but I answered last night.
121. You know it is easier to dodge you physically than to dodge your telephone. Amen.
When you consider life and what life is all about; only have this thing in mind that you are just here for a “period,” to get your own little share and then give way for others. The same way also, others that came before you took their little share and they give way and you appeared, take your own share; one day, you must give way, whether you like it or not.
        But sometimes, our minds are deluded, completely blinded, we think we are here to stay till eternity. All the people you met here, people that were here before you came; are all of them still here today? Where are they? They went where others went. Son of Man
From the message: THE IMAGE OF GOD.


All my strength is from God. Man proposes but God disposes. To plan is man but to establish is God. It is in the hand of man to plan, but it is in the hand of the Almighty to establish the plan, for if the Lord does not establish the plan, it can never stand.
2. Let me tell you something about this life which you do not know; when a man sees himself in a position of greatness he thinks he has attained it, that others are wasting their time. He never attained it, God placed him there. There are too many people that made similar efforts he made—even more than he made—but they got nothing in return.
3. Many will join the Army, get promoted in the Army and be successful in their careers, but only one will be the Head of State or the Governor. Are the rest not qualified? Are they not soldiers? Will they not receive the same training? Will they not labour?
4. In Nigeria, what we need is only thirty-six governors and one president, no more, no less. Thus, you are not there as the President because you worked for it: No; neither are you there because you have experience more than others. I say no. Why are you there? God placed you there above others. He wants you to be there. Finish!
5. I will speak to you on the secrets of success and why people do not attain success so that you do not die before your time.
6. Do not rush into this Message. If you rush into it, you will mess it up. You will give it “Pentecostal impression” and many people will become armed robbers. They will start doing many unimaginable things. Then they will be competing with the world, competing with their neighbours. Some will even write themselves off and pack down to the village when it is not the will of God.
7. Therefore, no matter the inspiration you have, keep it under strict control until you get the fullness of the revelation of what the Son of Man is saying. Do not try to pry into it for you will cause havoc.
8. I believe that it is in the hand of man to plan but it will take Almighty God to establish whatever you are planning because He is Supreme.

I will tell you what I mean by humiliation so that you will understand what humiliation is all about; I mean in the light of the Message of the hour. I am not talking about the dictionary meaning.
10. You see, humiliation is not a good thing. If your fellow man humiliates you, do you feel happy? You feel like retaliating; you are angry, you are sad. You can humiliate yourself also by doing that which you are not supposed to do.
11. Do you feel good when you recognise the extent you have gone and you know you could have performed better? You see, you humiliated yourself.
12. Now, there is what I call true humiliation in the context of the Message. That is, seeing yourself from the point God is seeing you; seeing yourself from the angle God is seeing you.
13. Stop priding yourself on anything you can do or cannot do. Start seeing God as Supreme and then start seeing yourself as mere instrument in His hand.
14. No matter how highly placed you might be in the world, you have the vision but it is the Supreme God that placed you there, and it is for a particular purpose which you may not know.
15. Thus, I am not much interested in where I am; I am interested in God’s purpose in placing me there. 16. If things do not happen the way we planned or thought, is it a crime? If they do not happen the way we planned, it is not a crime. The worst crime is: not thinking or planning at all.
17. If you do not plan at all, it is iniquity. However, if it does not happen the way you thought or planned it, it is not iniquity.
18. A man is not known for what is in his mind, because while he is thinking about what he will do, his “god” is busy thinking about something else.
19. That is why, when you are humble before God, what you will be saying is that God is thinking or planning for me. I am not the one thinking or planning, but it is God that is thinking or planning for me, because it will not be as you thought or planned.
20. Life’s situation is just like death; nobody is given an option and he chooses death. Nobody is given a choice to make and he decides to choose death. No! Even lower animals do not want to die.

I am saying that we are living in a world that is extremely capitalistic by nature, that is, without money you have no say. No matter your wisdom and your understanding, no matter your certificate in the best university in the world, if you cannot back it up with money, it is useless nonsense.
22. I told you my experience on a launching occasion. When I was in the school, I attended a launching somewhere in a village. Something happened there. The headmaster of that community happened to be the most educated person and he was also the counsellor of the whole community. They loved and trusted him. With his biro pen, he got so many developmental projects for the community.
23. However, a time came when they wanted to build their community hall. Before then, this man had used pen to get secondary school for them. By attracting government presence, he got a primary school and a basic health-care centre for the community—using his pen alone.
24. But when it came to the time of building the community hall, their youths appeared, everybody appeared for it was launching time. As a result, they were giving so many thousands of Naira as donations. Little, little boys from Onitsha were giving ten thousand naira, twenty thousand naira, fifty thousand naira.
25. After they gave everything, the headmaster had nothing to offer—being a village headmaster who could boast of nothing but his pen and, who found himself in a community where majority of them were stark illiterates.
26. You see, an illiterate values money more than any other thing. An illiterate values money more than life. To the illiterate, life means nothing other than money.
27. However, somebody who has a sound mind knows that money means death. Money means death. Knowledge means life. If you have money without knowledge, you are in a mortuary but you do not know.
 28. When the hour came, the man gathered courage; watching young boys, he stood up: “Em, my fellow townsmen, you know very well, I believe in using my pen. I have done great things for this community, which you are eyewitnesses. I am prepared also to do more as long as I am alive and my pen is still flowing. Em, it is action time. I know everybody is expecting me to announce my donation. Well, I am promising this community that as long as I live and this project continues, I will continue to give my ‘moral support.’”
29. There was great applause. The noise that greeted the man’s statement, of all that gave huge amount of money, nobody clapped for them to that extent.
30. One boy got offended. He said he wanted to say something. They gave him the microphone. He said, “Despite the fact that I came out of apprenticeship two years ago; gave twenty thousand to support the building of this hall; why is it that nobody clapped for me whereas a common headmaster said he will give ‘moral support’ and everybody rejoiced? I want to know how much moral support will cost; what is the value of moral support? Is it fifty or hundred thousand naira? Is it because I did not go to school?”
31. Then another person said, “Well, I have something to say. I want to ask a question. If everybody will give ‘moral support,’ will moral support build this hall?”

here do you expect to see this kind of thing? It is in the company of fools. If I were a man that time, I would have courageously asked this question: “If everybody will dump millions of naira and go away, will the money coordinate and build the house?”
33. When you come, you drop the money on the table. I will drop mine and everybody will go away. Will that money coordinate itself and build the community hall?
34. He that gave the money and he that coordinated the work so that the money will achieve its purpose, who did the greater work? It is the man that gave the moral support, and this can only be acknowledged by an enlightened society.
35. You see why I want you to be enlightened so that you do not see money from the angle the world sees it and misplace money from its position.
36. Money has a position God allotted to it. If you misplace it, it will lead you into dubious activities to the hurt of your soul and to the hurt of those living around you.
37. What do you want to gain? You want to boost your self-ego and self-recognition? That is where money will end you. You will answer “Onyiri onwu 1” – “Never say die 1.”
38. You see why we are sons and daughters of God. We do not see money in that light at all. We place money at its original setup. Money is nothing but your servant, your messenger.
39. Any day you become messenger to money, you will even die while searching for money. You will not get it because it has made you its servant. Whatever money asks you to do, you will do.
40. That is why no seed of God in the Spirit of Truth, in the Spirit of God stands up to say, “I must do this.” Never, never. Rather, always say, “I will do this if God permits,” because you can say, “I must” now, before evening, you are in the mortuary.
41. The question then will be: “Have you done it?” You become Bible believer who was on his way to paradise and died on the way; and by faith, he was in paradise. That is Bible believer who was on his way to Canaan—on his way to the Promised Land—which he never saw; he died while going.
42. However, the Bible says, “By faith he possessed it.” Na lie.

In everything, just understand that the most important thing is not how much you have acquired as money.
44. The worth of a man is not in his bank account. The worth of a man is in his brain. That is why we are having too many “money-miss-roads.” The only thing they know about money is to build twenty houses in about one week, buy one million cars, aeroplanes, and then hand over to the Police anybody who speaks the truth.
45. They will control the Police, control the Army—control everybody. Anybody they want to kill, they will kill him that same day. They will never use their money to help humanity. They can only support government when they are looking for contracts.
46. When you see a rich man donating money to the government, announcing his name, he is soliciting for contracts. If he is not soliciting for contract, it is a matter of signing a cheque, send it there, telling government what they should do with it. Quietly, he will go away and nobody will know about it.

When a fool, an ungodly man acquires money, his community is put into fear. Any land he steps on becomes his own because he is a “Jew.”
48. However, when a child of God gets money, everybody rejoices because the money is not his own. It is a gift from God, and when God gives you a gift, it is not for you to profit thereby.
49. When a seed of God gets money, he starts thinking on what he will do so that everybody will benefit and praise God for raising him in that community.
50. In a nutshell, when a seed of God gets money, he gets himself settled down in that community as far as social amenities are concerned.
51. However, when a “big man,” an ungodly man gets money, he will make his home—his family—a paradise. Every other person will be serving him like Pharaoh.
52. Every morning, they will carry bucket and line up at his gate. Every passer-by will know that he is the one giving them water. What stops him from sinking borehole in more than four places in the community so that people will go to the place nearest to them?
53. What is more, before you know it, the community will crown him king. He becomes “Ochiri ozuo.
54.  If your aim is to build a skyscraper, you have a good aim. But you can never sleep in two rooms at a time in one night. You can never occupy two beds at a time. If you sleep in two beds at a time, you sleep in two rooms at a time; it then means you are a watch night. You did not sleep that night because if you slept, if you were comfortable, one bed would have been enough.
55. On the day you will die, we will lay you straight in one bed. No matter your number of vehicles, only one ambulance will carry you. We can never make two graves for you. Only one! Once we put you in to the grave, the world will continue without you. When you die, you join your ancestors.

Watch the Jews, it is documented in the Holy Bible that anyone who dies, they said he joins his ancestors. But watch the Gentiles; they say anybody who dies goes to heaven.
57. When a Jew dies, they say he joins his ancestors. On the other hand, a Gentile who says he is a Christian, if you ask him who his ancestors are, he will begin to call Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
58. Then the question arises: when you die, will you be there? When a Jew dies, he joins his ancestors: When a Gentile dies, he goes to heaven. Amen.

The Law of Premuse Occupantis, I believe it with all my heart. The law states that: “You are what you are today, why you are occupying the position you are occupying today is because you were the first to have come and met that position in your own day.”     If you happened to be the first son, it is because you were the number one that opened the womb, is that not true? The second cannot be there because you were the first. But when you give way, the second becomes the first.                 Son of Man

From the message: THE IMAGE OF GOD.

God has appeared just for one purpose: to comfort His people, otherwise, things you have encountered here on Earth would have enslaved you.
2. There is one that is ruling the world, whose influence is felt by everybody. Who is that man, what is his name? M-O-N-E-Y; money—the root of all evil.
3. Is the plant separated from the root? Every plant sprang from the root.
4. The Bible said that money is the root of all evil. Hence, if there is an entity called “Devil,” it is “money.”
5. Now, are you surprised that everything you call evil is associated with money, and without money, you cannot import evil? Anything you call evil, whatever you call bad thing must be gotten with money.
6. See, you must know the truth. Your condition is the worst.
7. You know, what made the world nice and unique is that if you think that yours is the worst, when you go outside you will see those you are better than. Your problem is lack of contentment.
8. That is what brings about competition. That is what brings about disagreement. It is what makes blood brothers not to be in good terms.
9. What brought money brought sickness because when there was no money, there was no thinking or worrying. You cannot fall sick if you do not worry.
10. Over-thinking or worry brings about sickness. Every sickness in your body must be traced back to your brain, because the brain is functioning everyday above its installed capacity.
11. Every machine has installed capacity. Let me just tell you what I mean: if you have a power-generating set that has installed capacity of 2800 watts, an allowance is made for an extra 100 watts because you may plug in something ignorantly that will be above 2800 watts. When you are making your installations, you check the type of bulbs you are using, you check the charging system you are using and know their wattages.
12. If you do not calculate them, you may not know when you have over-loaded the machine. In other words, it is functioning above its installed capacity. What will happen? If you use it under a normal condition and it is supposed to last for ten years, this time it will not last for one month because it is being overworked. Did you get the message?
13. The human brain is loaded in the skull of every human being. The skull is the house where the brain is installed.
14. Let me use what you can see to illustrate this. This is beyond the knowledge of any doctor, even a psychiatrist does not know about it. There is something I will tell you here and you cannot find it in any book.
15. Now, using the ceiling fan for example, there are two things that will determine the amount of air a ceiling fan will generate. Number one is the level or capacity of the coil. Because, it is the coil that carries every other thing.
16. Number two is the size of the blade. If the blades are wide enough and have the approved weight that suits the capacity and weight of the coil, just one single rotation, everywhere will make brrrr.
17. That is why when you look at industrial fan, it has two blades, yet it generates more air than a hundred ceiling fans put together. I mean an industrial fan with two blades only. The air it generates in one second is more than the air thirty ceiling fans will generate in one hour.

I am coming to something. One with small eyeballs, his vision, and focal length is by far higher than that of one who has very large eyeballs.
19. The size of your eyeballs will determine the amount of light that will focus in your eyes. The greater the light focused in your eyes, the shorter and narrower your vision.
20. When you are driving and the sun is radiating from the opposite side, do you see clearly? That is what happens in the human eye.
21. That is why when we were practising shooting in the Army—we were calling it “marking and shooting”—you will close one eye. Normally, you close either the left or the right eye according to the command so that you can focus very well and not miss it. But when your two eyes are open, you will miss it. Did you get the message?  
22. Now, I am coming to the human brain. Look at the human head, the brain is in the skull. The amount of brain that is loaded in ones skull depends on the size of ones skull. If we can open our heads now and bring out our brains, you will notice that they are not of the same size.
23. I will tell you something about “vision.” There is something they call the “vision field.”
24. In physics, we call it the “magnetic field.” The point of greatest performance—that is the vision field. We have what we call the “brain field” and that is the point where it will operate to its highest point.
25. If the brain which is installed in ones skull has a capacity of 2500, compare it with generating set. Do all generators have the same capacity? Are they of the same capacity? You can have one, which is 2.8kva, which is about 2800 watts—maximum 2800 watts. We have 3kva, 10kva, 30kva and so on and so forth.
26. If Bro. Kelechi’s brain is 500 watts and he wants to wire his house with his brain as the generator, and he wires 1000 watts, what will happen? Everything will crash.
27. This is why in science and psychology, we call it Intelligent Quotient (IQ). Human beings do not have the same IQ. That is why some can be good at calculation while some can be good at Arts. We call it literary works—they can tell stories, memorize many things and recite them over and over.
28. One that is science inclined does not memorize anything because he believes that everything should be “practicalised.” He believes in experiment; what he will get out of his experiment. So, he can only calculate whatever that is set before his eyes.
29. However, one who is literarily inclined, that is where his IQ stops. He can read one passage and memorize all of them in two minutes and carry them in his brain till the day he will die. You ask him, “When did you learn this short song?” “I learnt it in 1932,” he will reply. That is the characteristic of a literary man.

Inderstand me very well; do not blame your children if they do not perform very well in the school. Try to find out where they are talented, their areas of proficiency. That is why it is too bad for parents to dictate to their children what they will be.
31. “You will be a doctor, you will be an engineer.” No! You can only be that which your brain can carry you through.
32. You may wish to be a medical doctor, you may wish to be the best engineer; but unfortunately, you are not Maths inclined, you are not science inclined, you are an expert in literary works. All your dreams are mere mirage.
33. In other words, what God placed in you cannot make you a doctor; neither can it make your dream come true. You have proposed, but God has disposed.
34. Such is life. That is why when you go to school, you see some soaring very high, and you see some looking very dormant without finding out their talents. The installed brain capacity may be only 20 watts, which can only lead him to little things so that he will live long. Any attempt to force him to do otherwise, he will become a nuisance.
35. I repeat: any attempt to force him to do anything contrary, instead of achieving anything, he would become a nuisance. What will it result in? He will try one thing, no way: Try another thing, no way. Try this one, no way: try that one, no way. He will become a never-do-well.
36. Nobody was born a never-do-well. The truth is this: you have not allowed what God placed in you to come out.
37. You watch your child, he has done his best. Try him in all aspects, he has done his best. He has reached the brain field limit. That is the point of maximum performance.
38. This is why a lot of young men and young ladies are pushed into higher institutions with money by their parents.
39. Before now, before money started controlling everybody, higher institutions were made for highly brilliant ones. It was not meant for everybody. Everybody must know about your brilliance before you think about the university or polytechnic. It must be noised abroad.
40. That was why sometimes when such a person come from a poor home where the parents could not sponsor him, the entire community would come and mortgage their land and their palm fruits and everything to sponsor him because the brain was there. They would not want that brain to waste. 
41. You must be taught right. If you are not taught right, you will kill yourself before your time. Not everybody has the brain for business. This is what is killing many.
42. “Errr, there is one boy from my town; he is running from Cotonou to Liberia. He has built this and that.” Now, you want your child to follow him.
43. Does your child have such brain? Can his brain function like the young man’s brain? If the answer is yes, can his health see him through? Because sometimes the brain may be alert but the body is weak because it is diseased.
44. When you die, the business will continue because capital is still in that line. It will not fold up because you have died. You met it there, you will go and the thing will remain.

This is why the place where Mr A will go and prosper, Mr B will even go with higher deposit and fail. What I mean is this; Bro Silas may be in the business of okrika with Thirty thousand naira and may be riding a car. Bro Kelechi will say, “Well, okrika is giving money.”
46. He will go with One hundred and twenty thousand naira and come out empty handed.
47. However, before he would go there he must have evaluated Brother Silas business: “Okay, Thirty thousand naira; if I go with One hundred and twenty thousand naira, I will beat Bro Silas four times.”
48. It is not how much you invested in a business that determines your profit. You may invest more and get nothing; I will invest less and get more. Nevertheless, it depends on the brain. Try to find out the extent your brain will carry you.
49. When men were sincere, there are certain jobs you expose one to, he will say, “I beg, my sense no reach this one. I beg this one pass me o. I no go try this type of thing o.”
50. But when you try to force yourself into that thing, you want to do it anyhow, well; you are coming out covering your face in shame anyhow.
51. Nobody is born a never-do-well but sometimes parents mount undue pressure on their children, expecting too much, expecting more than human beings will expect from a child.
52. A generator has a fixed installed capacity. If you want to increase the wattage, you buy a supporting machine; use one from 6am to 6pm, the other one from 6pm to 6am or you change it entirely. But any attempt to do otherwise, you come out a failure and disgraced. Amen.

Who will attract God’s favour to himself? Will God send it? You will attract it to yourself. Vibrations from God, you will attract God’s favour. God will not just wake up and start showing you favour. You have to attract it.
        Maybe you do not know that it is darkness that attracts the light. The same way the positive attracts the negative. You have to attract these vibrations.
          You have to raise your consciousness above human level, where you will stop reasoning like primitive people. Raise yourself above anti-progressive ideas and opinions that crop up in your mind from time to time, hindering you from attaining fuller success in life.                                           Son of Man

I want to show you something. God has promised to bless us. Has He not been blessing us even before now? It depends on what you call God’s blessings.
2. I know; to a heathen, a pagan, an ignorant fellow, a fool, whatever you give him, if money is not included, he does not appreciate it. Whatever thing you give him, no matter the way you bless him, he wants to be “Ekene Dili Chukwu.”
3. Let me ask one question: if everybody will own a car, which road shall we ply? Where are we going to park the vehicles?
4. If it is possible, I will say, “God, grant that everybody will own a car.” Let me see whether we will ride it in the sky. If by now when about eighty percent of Nigerians do not have cars; yet, from Onitsha to Owerri sometimes will take you four hours, what if fifty percent own cars?
5. Go to Ose Okwodu, (a market in Onitsha) you can never see where to park your vehicle. Yet all the people that come to Ose Okwodu, less than 0.5 percent came with cars.
6. I am saying that if up to three thousand people came to Ose okwodu, the vehicles that came to Ose Okwodu may not be up to one hundred. Yet there is no space to park. Maybe some will park inside River Niger.
7. Let me ask another question; is it compulsory that everybody must build a house? If everybody builds a house, will there be space for us to walk?
8. Granted that everyone living in Onitsha will build one house each in Onitsha; will there be a single space where you can come out? How I wish it would be possible for everybody to build at least one house each. Let that house be one room. One room each on the land. One room each for everybody. Then we look at Onitsha.

What I am saying? Whoever wants to boast should be mindful of not boasting of material things.
10. When I will be speaking to you about success of life, I will show you that there can be success without money. You can be successful, yet you are without money. You are successful and you are poor— successful and poor as far as material things are concerned.
11. It is possible for a man to be successful in his endeavours and yet have no money.
12.        If a scientist is embarking on a research, he is measuring his success in his ability in coming out with something, which is the purpose of his labour, the purpose of the research. He is investing money, time and everything, aiming at coming out with something.
13. When he comes out with that thing, it becomes his success though he may have no house, vehicle or bicycle, he is moving with L-E-G, sometimes, begging food. But he has achieved greatness by inventing something nobody has ever invented. It is his success. 
14. What can you say about a student who goes to school? He has an aim. The aim is nothing but to pass. If he passes, has he not achieved success? Has that made him a millionaire?
15. Have you not seen a lot of people with PH.D even without kobo in their pockets? Yet there are doctors riding okada. Some do not even ride okada. They are just walking like that. He that has Masters’ Degree, has he not achieved success? Yet he has no money. Can you say he is a failure? You can only call him a failure if you are ignorant, unlearned, uneducated and unexposed.
16. What can you say about a politician? A politician is nobody but a man of many words. He is judged by his ability to use empty words—oratory—to win the crowd to himself.
17. If he does that, he has achieved success for he has succeeded in using his oratory and the empty political manifestoes, political slogans to command influence and win the society. Yet in his pocket, you cannot see Ten naira for banana.
18. What can you say about a musician who has even released some records, some plates that are prime movers? By the time he dies, no house is in his compound. He may not even marry. Has he not achieved success?
19. You see, success is measured by your career, by your field of endeavour.
20. Just like Brother I.K. Obasanya, I have told him; “Do not limit yourself, and do not be myopic in that business because somebody invented that communication system. Try to be innovative. That is where your success is going to be measured so that one day we shall see one GSM handset written ‘I.K’or ‘Mr Phones.’”
21. Anyone who goes anywhere to buy handset will say, “I want Mr Phones.” This is a great success. Mr Phones reigning everywhere, yet in his pocket, no One naira. Is he not successful?

I am coming to something. I told you the package God has for us this year is a condensed package. It can never be unfolded in any straightforward Message. It is going to be unfolded bit by bit—gradually.
23. For that reason, we are going to pause at different points. However, let it be known to you, this year is not a year of mystery or revelation. No! It is a year of REALITY. Everything shall be made plain.
24. If you are having pain on your knee, and you hear it has vanished, make a movement with the knee to make sure that the pain has disappeared. If nobody will believe, you who suffered the pain will know that it is no longer there.
25. I was taking bath with my wife recently, and she was bubbling with strength. I looked at her and said, “Woman, haa, you look more or less like a man now o.” She said, “Daddy, that is why whenever I come to Fellowship I do not even remember that there is somebody around. When you see me praising God, somebody might be thinking that I have eaten too much; I am blessed. It is when I remember my past, how weak I was; how I was near to my grave.”
26. She continued, “Daddy, do you know that sometimes I refused to tell you what I was passing through, because I thought I was troubling you too much. Sometimes, I would come out from the kitchen because I am not getting enough air again. I would simply walk straight to the bed for hours.”
27. Since that thing left, she has been extremely happy. She could move her hands again. We could now open our windows all through the night allowing air to flow in, no pains anywhere.
28. Hence, I do not believe in telling you, “By faith, go, believe it is cured.” That is not what I am saying. No. If I tell you to go like that, say, “Brother, I am not going anywhere.” Amen.

We have to praise God. You see, it is in man to desire to be great, but it is God that makes a man great. There is nobody who does not desire to be great in his community, to be numbered while numbering Nigerians.
2. You know there are people we call Nigerians. I think you know that. There are people we call Nigerians. Some are Nigerians, some are living in Nigeria. We are living in Nigeria. Did you get the message?
3. There are those who are Nigerians, there are also those who are living in Nigeria. If sanitation is mentioned, it is for us; if tax payment is mentioned, it is for us; if it calls for arresting those that parked by the road, it is for us; Public Holiday, it is for us.
4. I am saying that there are some who are living while some are existing. You can exist, it is your right, but to live is not your right. To “live” is a “privilege,” but to “exist” is a “right.”
5. Every human being has the right of existence but not every human being has the right to live. You do not have the right of living because there are certain things that entail for good living and you cannot get them anyhow. They are in the house of somebody, and somebody has to programme them to suit his convenience, for them to enjoy  life to a certain limit.
6. Let me tell you what I mean, the people you say are great are not great. I disagree with what Brother Silas said. He does not know how his townsman managed to get wealth.
7. No matter how friendly you are with somebody, he cannot reveal to you the secret of his wealth until you are prepared to be initiated into it. As long as you do not want to be initiated into it, you will never know it. Once you are initiated into it, it will be disclosed to you and you cannot go back again because you were already initiated into it before it was disclosed.
9. I was telling a Brother recently, I said, “Brother, look at me, you see that business you are doing, if I want to make you a millionaire in six months, very easy. But I will not be part of it. I will not join you to enjoy it for I will tell you what will follow you.”
There was no evil in the world until money was invented. From the day money was invented, Satan came into focus. There was no visible Devil until money was invented. From that day, Satan or Devil came into human beings. This is hard to believe.
11. Even among the Jews who have Jehovah or Jesus as their God, they know because it is written down in their Bible that money is the root of all evils.
12. Do you know what root is? When you want to kill a plant, what do you do? If you remove it from the root, you have killed that plant. So, anybody fighting the Devil when money is still there, and he desires it, is he sincere? He is merely supporting the cause of Satan.
13. That is why I told you that all religious groups in the world today are all worshipping Satan and not God. There is no religious group in the world that is not worshipping money. The brain behind the establishment of any Church, any Mosque, or any religious movement is nothing but money. M-O-N-E-Y—ego, owo, kudi.

Why do we have first-class and second-class citizens? Even, there are third-class and fourth-class. Who graded human beings?
15. Without money, everybody is equal. When God created human beings, did He grade them? Did He say this one is grade one, grade two, second-class, third-class? Did God do so?
16. Every man was born equal, and all remained equal, moving together. There was no schism, no quarrel, no competition, no politics, and envy. You can only envy when somebody is living a life higher than you, then envy will come in.
17. Before the advent of money, nobody was living a life higher than the other, because there was no money. When money came, grading came in. People were graded according to their capabilities.
18. Till today, whoever that has more money by selling his brothers as slaves, or possessing their lands, he becomes the chief over them. Anyone that comes second becomes second-class.
19. That is why we have Igwe and Onowu. After the Ozo title, then we have those that are not graded. We call them the “ungraded” human beings. There is nowhere they belong. They are the general group.
20. When you understand these things, you will always be happy. Anybody who says he is fighting Satan, casting out Devil, binding Devil, but is not preaching against money is fooling himself.
21. How can you charge money and cast out Satan when money is the Satan you want to cast out? You are collecting money from the person because he is ignorant of what you are doing.
22. That is why you see people capitalizing on the ignorance of others to take money from them and point them to one Lucifer somewhere. They will point them to one Lucifer somewhere, one Satan somewhere, one familiar spirit somewhere which they are not ready to present.
23. Why not call Lucifer to come, present Lucifer to the world? If Lucifer is not money, then I am a liar.
24. Why are some people feeling inferior to others? What makes them look inferior? They have the brain. They are healthy. They are not deformed. If given equal privileges, they can make it.
25. However, privileges are not equal. Why? With money, there is no more equality. Money removes equality, hence we can say, “All heads are one but all heads are not equal.” Why are all heads not equal? Have you seen why?

AS LONG AS GOD LIVES AND I LIVE, THE GRAVE WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED AND WILL NEVER LOSE ITS TERROR. FOR THAT IS WHERE ALL HUMAN BEINGS WILL BECOME EQUAL. THE GRAVE MAKES EVERY HUMAN BEING EQUAL. So that after your roaring and hollering, after your boast and pride, after subjecting men to servitude and slavery, one day you will come there. One day I will be there—six-feet; everything will end there.
27. “Kati kati kati. Gbogo gbogo gbogo.” All the chaos, struggles, shootings and killings: “If you talk, I give you a position. Do you know us? We are Nigeria.” It will all end there.
28. I remember in those days when we were having NPN and NPP political campaigns. At Osuma, there was one rich man—Aba based businessman—who was working with Doctor K.O Mbadiwe (late). When I went there with a friend, the young man whose father was also a politician from Oguta; I do not need to mention his name, you know him well.
29. We drove down there because his father and Chief Ugochukwu belonged to NPN and were behind K.O Mbadiwe and his son, Kingsley junior. We were watching the drama in the village arena. This rich man came out, and one boy who was from the opposing party was making a lot of noise over the ballot box.
30. This rich man gave instruction to the poll clerk there, after which he ordered the Police who were standing by: “Gun him down for we own Nigeria, we own Nigeria.” The young Police officer obeyed:Twa! Twa! That was the end of the young man. They carried him into their van straight to the nearest police station.
31. Papers wrote about it, people voiced it out. At the end, what happened? Finally, Chief Mbadiwe died and went where the boy went. Then politics continued in the grave. Nigeria continued. Politics continued. The young man is no more, Mbadiwe is no more.

Great men come and go, what makes them great? If what makes you great is money, you are not great.
33. What makes a man great is the quality, the level and the magnitude of innovative ideas he has translated into reality for the benefit of all mankind. That man is great.
34. Watch all the authors of the textbooks you read in schools and colleges, most of them died in penury. Yet they made the world great with what came out of their brains. Do you not know that?
 35. So, when you are thinking, do not think of how you are going to build skyscraper and ride a very nice car that will drive itself and fly on top of the river. Tomorrow, you lie silent in the grave leaving nothing behind, nothing to be remembered for, if not your wickedness, because money engenders pride in the heart of a foolish man.

When a foolish man has money, he makes a great noise. When a seed of God has money, he becomes more humble. The more he has money, the more he will be humble to God and mankind. But the more a foolish man has money, the more he will be useless. I say useless and wicked to mankind.
37. He will become a threat to life. He will become a threat to everybody around him. Then everybody will run away, because if you dare speak, you go to prison.
38. There was a traditional ruler in Isialangwa, whom I greatly feared. If your subjects fear you, how can you solve their problems? Everybody is afraid of going to the traditional ruler, then how can the man be useful to the community he is serving?
39. Watch all that have money in your community who are not seeds of God, do you feel free when you enter their compounds? Can you boast of sitting down with them to eat or drink? Unless you are ready to be committed to the source of their wealth. Only on that ground, you can sit down and enjoy.
40. Yet, when you are there, one leg in, one leg out because “there is fire on the mountain.” If he starts going inside and coming out of the room, automatically the wine you have taken vanishes. You will be watching the window—the point of escape— because anything can come out of the room.
41. So please, I do not measure God’s blessings with money.
42. There is one thing I want you to understand. When God makes a man rich, He does not add any sorrow, and He makes him to be more and more humble, respectful and obedient to God more and more. The money will even make him to serve God more.
43. But if you get it by your effort, you will like everybody to pass through rigor. You will be puffed up with pride. Even while sharing your testimony, it will be how you pushed barrow and no longer truck; how you carried timber, after timber, you carried cement bag and suffered more than night soil men; I mean you can tell us you suffered more than him.
44. Is there any work harder than night soil work? After night soil, the next is prostitution.
45. It is not easy to be a prostitute. I say it is not easy to be a prostitute, submitting yourself to everybody, “Come in, chance dey inside, I am ready,” until daybreak—everybody, continuously.
46. Any day people refuse to come she will say there is no business for that day. Do you think it is not a big business? How many can try it? So when you see people that are in that business, I beg, fear them o, they are higher than human beings. Married men and women, you know what I am saying. Amen.

Anything that is from God, it is the right of God to give it to anybody He wants to give it to. It shouldn’t make anybody to pass sleepless night.
        Because it is in the Hands of God to give to anybody He wants to give. You cannot get it because you have prayed more than anybody else. Pray from now till the next world, if He doesn’t want to give you, He will not give you. You weep and weep and weep; you are wasting your time. 
        You give Him offering that will fill the whole world, He will eat and rejoice, but as long as He doesn’t want to give you that thing, He will never give it to you.         Son of Man
From the message: THE IMAGE OF GOD.


To God be the glory. God has been blessing us, and He has promised to bless us more.
2. As we continue to obey Him more and more, and walk with Him, abiding in His love, surely, He will continue to bless us.
3. Moreover, you do not have to start measuring the blessing with money. If you are sick, will money take away the sickness?
4. You are sick; you do not know what to do. The money is there, you have tried with your money, but you are dying. God says, “No, you will not die,” and takes away the sickness. Has He not blessed you?
5. You are looking for a child; God knows you are doing everything without success. Then God gives you a child. You are looking for work, and God knows you are desperate, for you must eat. Then He provides a work for you, has He not blessed you?
6. There are many ways God can bless you. If God makes your children intelligent and useful, has He not blessed you? You are pregnant, and you know that some are dying during delivery, you delivered yours safely and your child is very healthy, has God not blessed you? Even to go to bed and come out, is it not a blessing? To enter a vehicle, go somewhere and come back, has He not blessed you? Is it not a blessing?

You are not cursed because you have no money in your hand, because in life situation, nothing is permanent but death. Death means grave. Nothing is permanent but death. Life is not permanent. I am saying that while we are on Earth, life turns a man up and down. A man on top today can be on the ground tomorrow. A beggar today can be a provider tomorrow.
8. A provider today can be a beggar tomorrow. One that is walking with his limbs today can be crippled tomorrow, yet he is still living. You may have two hands today, before this month runs out one may be amputated; not even by accident, it can be diseased. It can be diseased in a manner that the only remedy is to cut it off. That is why you must know about this life.
9. Do not kill yourself before your time, and do not kill yourself because of what you have met in the world. That thing was there before you were born; it will remain there the day you will go away.
10. A lot of people have come, met that thing, took their own share and vanished away. The thing remained there. If you look at River Niger, you can never believe that some people have been drowned there. When you see somebody swimming you can hardly believe that there are some that jumped in but they did not come out, yet it is the same River Niger.

You must know about life. Do not ask yourself, “Em, why am I not making progress?” No! Find out the reason for your existence. Everything is created for a purpose. No man is born without a purpose. Moreover, you are on Earth to achieve that purpose.
12. Do you know that there is a child that might be born only to cause the parents sorrow? There is no other way God can bring them to sorrowful condition if not by giving them that child. Die, the child will not die. Live, the child will not live. Use the money to change the situation, no way.
13. Do you know that God can bring you nearer to Himself through sufferings? God can bring you nearer to Himself through sufferings. He will permit sufferings to come your way for that is the only thing, the only message you can hear.
14. God can permit sickness to attack you for a purpose you do not know. So, if you must concern yourself with something, concern yourself with the purpose of your existence; why you have found yourself in the position you are, why Sister Mike is not Madam Stella Obasanjo, why Sister Nzubechi is not Mrs Mbadinuju?
15. If any woman is asked to volunteer for the man that will marry her, everybody will take Arthur Nzeribe. Some will take Dantata, Dangote and such likes. Why? You do not boast with suffering. Nobody spits sugar out from his mouth.

It is not the way you think but the way God wants. Man proposes but God disposes. If God does not make you great, you can never be great. You may even have the money yet you will never achieve greatness with that money. You have the education and yet you will not achieve greatness.
17. But somebody can be poor, miserable, and God will raise him from the dustbin to greatness. Let me use this example.

One of our Brothers is “His Royal Majesty.” His Royal Majesty, Brother Celestine Odua, Ezeani I of Obiakpu-egbema, Umuoji-egbema. You have seen his letterhead from time to time with the crown. If he dresses in his chieftaincy regalia, you will be expecting one big jeep and escort to come down. But he has humbled himself in this Faith with ordinary dress like us, always sitting down with us during fellowship.
19. With all these titles and the height he has attained in the community, you will be expecting that the biggest house in that community will be his–His Royal Majesty–because he has attained greatness.
20. That is why his community recognised him and made him king. Yet, he has no big house or big lorry. Even in his one room apartment, he is a great man.
21. What do you think the people saw in him and crowned him king? Money?
22. So, there must be something in him greater than money?

You can achieve greatness without money? This is the greatness God honours. Greatness that is achieved by reputation; that is the greatness God approves.
24. Do not allow money to earn you greatness. Instead, allow your reputation to earn you greatness. If money earns man greatness, I will call it purchased, misguided and misplaced greatness. Anybody that attains greatness as a result of his wealth, it is a misguided, misplaced, arrogant and purchased greatness.
25. What should make a man great should be his reputation. That is why a lot of communities are de-emphasising on crowning “419 people,” kings.
26. So many communities have risen up against it—recognising “419 boys,” giving them places of recognition and authority over their elders; simply because they made money dubiously like that and are ready to kill anybody who opposes them; for that, out of fear, fear of death and intimidation, the communities will make them kings anyhow.
27. Some of them will even overthrow kings that are on the throne by threatening to kill them if they do not vacate the throne. Out of fear, the community will say, “Okay, take it and let us live.” Is that greatness? That is wickedness, arrogance, stupidity and display of unreasonable power.

What am I saying? I must not do anything except that thing which He wants me to do; that is all. I cannot promise to build skyscraper for them in order to rule. Neither do I promise to be great, but to be what He wants me to be.
29. If in everything, He wants me to remain a servant, with humility, I will be there. If in everything, He wants me to rise beyond servitude, with humility, I will be there, for no amount of hurry and complain will make a crooked tree straight. No amount of worry or displeasure can make a crooked tree straight.
30. Once you have hunchback, well, it can never be cured by surgical operation. No surgical operation will remove hunchback. The highest thing you can do is to construct the casket well. Amen.
31. If you want to make money by all means, you will die by all means because you will do everything money will ask you to do and that will influence you to listen to the voices of negative forces. Once you tilt towards the negative forces, you have tilted yourself towards the destructive side. You must change immediately.

Look at Jacob, he replaced his brother and placed himself, and that was the origin. From that day, the spirit of nepotism, the spirit of getting things by all means, the spirit of displacing others so as to place oneself started ruling.
33. You cannot place yourself until somebody is displaced. That is “remove and occupy.” From that time, everybody is looking for how to eliminate his or her brother or sister so as to acquire his or her property, acquire his children, his wife and everything.
34. Before you know it, some will not like the life their fellow human beings are living. They now want to use them for rituals, to appease opposing spirit and to meet the demands of the opposing powers so that they can get a little thing.
35. What you sacrificed is by far higher than what you got. If you sacrificed a human being to get money, what you have used as your sacrifice is higher than the money you have gotten. If you use your parents, the highest thing you can become in this world is a money magnet. That money can never give you your father or your mother again.
36. I am saying that the worth of your father or your mother is by far greater than the little you have acquired.
37. Money magnet, when you die, do you know where that money is again? Who then enjoys the money when you might have left?

I will tell you the point where people go to and hook up with those opposing spirits that demand rituals.
39. At this base level where you are operating now, nobody can do it. Even if you agree to it, it will reject you because you do not have the strength. You do not have the power. You are not prepared. You are merely playing. You are still at the base level.
40. To make it impossible for anybody to desire it God decided to place a seal on all his children so that anywhere you are presented, they ask you to go back, that you are not their material.; so that no matter how you desire it, to use your mother, your father, your brother, your children, or whoever, you are wasting your deposit. You must lose your deposit.
41. When your deposit is forfeited, you must come back to tell us what happened. If you like, capture somebody on the streets, go there, they will not look at you, they will ask you to take the child back, that two of you belong to the same group.
42. See, why did God do that and why is He still doing it? It is a security, because when God came and was revealed in the Pillar of Cloud, He was revealed as a security to all that would run to Him for refuge.
43. So, I really want to thank God for that. Amen.

I want you to understand this fact: You look at this planet Earth; you are not the first person that has walked on it. If we are to number the numbers of people that have walked on this Earth, there is no figure that will represent your own time. There is no Mathematician that can write your own number, since the Creation of the world. And nobody has ever removed anything from this Earth; it has not been moved from its position.
        Nobody has ever added to the size of the earth. You just come here; you take your own temporary portion. Nobody has any permanent portion here.                    Son of Man
From the message: THE IMAGE OF GOD.


Do you know it is in your hand to establish a business, but it is in the Power of God to create market for the business?
2. You may have goods more than the other people in the same line; customers will come and use your shop to do pricing, after which, they will go to another shop to buy the goods.
3. If you reduce the price so that you will sell at the cheapest cost, they will still abandon yours and say it is imitation, and buy from others. You raise the price; they will tell you: “yours is too costly.” What do you think? What will you say? This is why no man should boast.
4. The same market where a woman carried her okpa (beans meal) to, before she got there everything got finished, was where another woman was with a basin of okpa, and at the end of the day, she came back with one full basin.
 5. All I am trying to say is this: it is not by power or by might. If God does not want you to see, let your eyes be wider than a refrigerator, you will never see. In other words, you must come to the realisation that whatever any man wants to be in life depends on the Supreme Deity.
6. You cannot be faster than your shadow. You can only run faster than your buttocks. Run as you may, your buttocks are behind you. Can anybody come first in a race and his buttocks come last? Once you come first your buttocks are second. The legs will come first, the buttocks will come second.
7. Thus, first and second are in the hands of one man; the leg first, the buttocks second, the same person. If you doubt me, just run a short distance. You will come first, you can never come second. You are coming third and fourth. Your legs must come first and your buttocks will come second.
8. I am saying: do not try to think you can achieve anything without God. If greatness is achieved by human labour, no man can be greater than his fellow man. But God is going to help you in His own way.
9. We heard the Message that God is going to bless us this year in His own way. Not the way you think, but the way He wants. Was it not what we heard?
10. Hence, you may say you want a house, instead of a house God will give you twin children. By the time you finished looking after the twin children you will not have money for block. Every idea of building a skyscraper will be dashed.
11. You say, “Well, I do not want to have any child this year again till next three years, let me see what I can achieve.” What do you think you can achieve which you think having children will hinder? Be careful! God may even give you triplets.
12. That thing which you do not want might be what God wants; so take three-in-one, you have achieved triple progress.
13. Remember I told you some time ago in this Faith that there are people in this Faith and all over the world that God purposed that they must establish their children. There are some God purposed that their children will establish them.
14. You may not buy a car for your children, but your children may even buy a car for you. Did you get the message? That the only car you will enjoy will be bought for you by your son or your daughter, is it not a blessing? You may not build a skyscraper. It may be that the first upstairs that will be in your compound will be built by your son. Is it not a blessing?
15. The same way God can punish your children because of you. I believe that. If your children take side with your evil, they will suffer the same fate with you.
16. That is why a good number of fraudulent men who made money by all means can never boast of having reasonable children. All their children—male and female—are hooligans, people that can never look after their inheritance when their parents die.
17. Once their parents die, they will sell off their property. What do you call it? It is the punishment God decided to give out on them. 

I think I had better express my observation. We have been rejoicing all these years. You know why I fear you in this Faith; I do not know where many belong, and I do not know what they normally hear, or what they normally understand.
19. If somebody will come here now and say: “Let me tell you, this year, everybody will ride a car whether you like it or not. Everybody must go to Main Market tomorrow and come back to build skyscraper this year.” Everybody will jump up.
20. Another person will come and say, “Well, it is your right to go to Main Market, but it is not your right to come back with money. Not all that go there will come back with money. You may even go there and spend the one you have acquired somewhere, you regret even entering Main Market.” Some that have had the experience or have heard about something like that, will say, “Ah ah! Where do you belong?” I believe in all.
21. “We will fly away.” “Amen.” We will be here. “Amen.” Which one you dey? You are wonderful people.

You know, there are some people in this Faith that believe that once one has a bus like Bro Johnson; one has no problem again financially. One has become a millionaire. Tomorrow they will sell everything they have to buy a bus. That is foolishness.
23. Do you know what Brother Johnson is passing through? Have you enquired from him? See, you do not just enter into anything like that. If he borrows money to maintain his vehicle, will he tell you? Do you know whether Bro Johnson sleeps?
24. I put it to you that once you have a bus for transport, sleep vanishes from your eyes, and the more you get the vehicles the more you are bringing sleeping tablets around you because once any of the vehicles breaks down, your attitude must change.
25. You will become hostile. You may starve your family to make sure you put the vehicle back on the road. If anybody demands money from you, he is incurring your wrath.
26. That is why I hate anything “motor transport.” You know I have done it before. Even to maintain a private car, do you think it is easy? Sometimes you starve your family to make sure you activate your car, yet the vehicle does not fetch money for you. If you leave it there, your heart will not be happy, your mind will be restless.
27. Therefore, in this life we have to be very gentle and humble enough as children of God, to understand where God is pointing us to. Before you know it, you have achieved greatness.
28. Do you know there are some people who have the money yet they have no influence? When they get to the community, they can never speak. Even if they speak, nobody will pay attention.
29. But there is one who may not have the money, once it comes to decision taking, the community must send for him. When he speaks on any matter; that is the end. Yet he has no money.
30. So, be very careful the way you look at money. Do not look at money from the worldly angle. Consider money from the Godly angle and always bear it in mind that the only visible Lucifer or Devil is money.

The only visible evil on Earth is money. What do you think attracts robbers to your house, because birds of the same feather flock together? It is money. Satan is looking for his property and he knows who has his property. He knows who is holding it. Therefore, nothing attracts robbers to your house if not their property.
32. Why are you afraid when you are riding a costly car? You are looking for escorts. It is because you are holding the Devil’s property. Anywhere they see it they will go for it to get it back.
33. If you are holding Devil’s property, you are always in fear. There are certain places you dare not bring out your handsets. If your handset is costly, do you bring it out anyhow?
34. See, one pastor in the Anglican Church who is living near my house was coming back from fellowship one night with his wife in their V-boot and was answering a call in his car. It was around eight o’clock in the night and there was no light. He never knew that a young man saw him and followed the vehicle down to his yard.
35. As soon as he parked and came out of the car, the boy brought out his pistol and said, “Pastor, give me the handset.” The pastor handed it over to him; he put it inside his pocket and then went away. The wife shouted, “Thief, thief, he has snatched our handset.” The husband said, “Sshhh! Shut up!”
36. The boy went away quietly. Nobody went after him because he collected his property—the handset. It did not belong to the pastor. Such a thing should not be found in a pastor’s hand. So, Pastor Christian, take note.
37. When you have money, you are having the root of all evil.

There is one thing I want to reveal; you cannot have trouble until you keep money in your house. If you form the habit of keeping money in your house, you have formed the habit of keeping trouble in your house. Within that period the money is in your house, if you are not sick, your husband must be sick, your children must be sick to make sure that the little money goes away.
39. If you make soup, it will go sour. Many things will happen in that house just to make sure that the money goes away from that house. In other words, that money found itself in a misplaced position–it should not have been there.
40. Not every ground is ideal for water to percolate, not every ground is conducive for water to percolate; not everybody is adequate enough to control wealth. In other words, there is no way water can percolate there because that ground is not conducive.
41. There are certain people today, if water will percolate in there house, everybody will get drowned there. I am saying that there are certain people today, if they find wealth, if they find money in their hands, everybody will be in trouble. Such people cannot expect such a thing if they are found among us.
42. If you have that spirit, exhibiting wealth in such a way to humiliate your fellow Brethren, forget about it. You will be dreaming it in a dream. It will never be transformed into reality. Even if you leave this Faith so as to become rich, you will die a poor man.
43. If you abandon this Faith to go out to make money—unless you are not a seed of God, if you are a seed of God, with God’s seal on your forehead—you are dying outside in a poor and miserable state.
44. I am telling you the truth I have discovered in Him. He has promised to bless us. It is our duty to follow, obey and walk according to His precepts. Everybody is in bondage. If God dictates, everybody is set free.

Remember, money or value of money is measured by what money can produce at any given time. Accordingly, when you think you have money, tomorrow it may not be money at all.
46. If you were having two thousand naira two years ago, you were thinking that you had no money. But two years ago, two thousand naira could have given you about two bags of cement. Today, you are having four thousand naira, and you think you have money. The four thousand naira cannot give you four bags of cement.
47. If you are asked to say when you had money, will you say it was when you had four thousand naira or when you had two thousand naira? You have five thousand naira today; it provides two bags of cement. But you had two thousand naira two years ago, it provided you three bags. When will you say you had money?
48. The value of money is measured by what money can produce at any given time. If you happened to have money when the value or worth of money is useless, you have nothing but plain paper. If you go to market with ten thousand naira, you get back empty handed. But about two years ago, with about three thousand naira you were coming back from the market very happy. Did you get the message?
49. You know, sometimes women would go to market and come back thinking they had lost some money. Some might be thinking that maybe some small boys snatched some money from them, especially people that reason like my wife who is a mathematician. You know she is a mathematician.
50. Any day she comes back from the market, if I do not come out, that means headache will result. You will know that armed robbers have taken some money from her bag. By the time we settled down to check the amount she went to market with and what she bought, everything will be okay. We will be wondering the type of pickpocket that carried the money.
51. See; if you have that type of wife, always come to her rescue. Do not ask her to write list and check the amount. She should write the list to guide her. Do not allow her to check the amount. Give her the money. Because if you ask her to check the amount, if you want to help her, if she says one thousand naira, give her two thousand naira.
52. I know what I am saying, because by the time she does her own arithmetic, the thing will boil down to one thousand naira. If you rework it, it will be two thousand naira.
53. Any day your wife comes back from the market and tells you that she purchased something from her customer on credit; collect the list with which she went to the market, you will see error in calculation. That is what led to her purchasing on credit.
54. What am I saying? I am saying that what you call money now has lost its value. It has no value again. It makes everybody miserable.
55. When you are looking at money, do not look at it from the devilish angle, the way the world looks at money. Amen.

Every Message from God is aimed at regulating the habit of man. We come to God to be educated and to be enlightened by Him, so that we will behave rightly. It is only in that way that we can be useful to ourselves, to the society and to God.
        If you come to God and refuse His education, you are a useless fellow. You can never be useful to yourself, your society and to God. In other words, you are good for nothing.  Son of Man

From the message: Checkpoint Explained.

Why are we comfortable? We were told ahead of time that government would make things more difficult for us. That this problem can never excuse us. That it will be worse every passing year. That we should not complain but should pray to God to give us the money to enable us join others to purchase.
2. If they are selling a tin of milk at one hundred naira, that God will give us two hundred naira. That is the only way we can follow Him without complaining. I know that God has never failed anybody in this Faith. But we have been failing ourselves.
3. We have been failing ourselves by misplacing our priorities. Some of us do not know our needs. Need is not want. I do not know whether somebody is getting what I am saying?
4. During hot/dry or rainy season, umbrella is needed. Assuming in your house you need umbrella, and there is no umbrella in your house, is radio a necessity? But the umbrella is a necessity, and it is easier to buy umbrella than radio. If money comes into your hand, which one do you purchase first? I think it should be your need.
5. Let me give you another example. A man and his children are living in the Township, and they have a little house at home. If they want to make their dwelling a comfortable place, which one should be considered first: the place where they are dwelling in the township, or the home they visit occasionally?
6.  Is it where they are dwelling in the township that should be made comfortable or the place where they visit once in a while? I think it is where they are dwelling, because you must be alive before you visit home. When you want to visit home, you want to look nice, and you can only look nice if you are comfortable.
7. When you go home, you stay a while and come back. But you are here permanently. But if you deny yourself of the comfort here; to make your dwelling place a paradise, when you can only pass one night there, maybe once in a year, sometimes once in two years; by the time you get home, cockroaches, rats, lizards have vandalized the house and all those things you packed there.
8. Who is a wise man? Who is a foolish man? It is this misplacement of priority that is making people to feel that God is not helping them. God will come your way for you to meet your immediate need. You will use it to provide your want. Can you eat your bread and have it? Money expended can never be regained.
9. Another problem is misplacement of value.

To be ambitious is man but to achieve it is God. No man is un-ambitious, for that is the essence of coming to the township. Nobody ever came to the township to play.
11. All that are in the city, though we are privileged to have our children in the township, we are impacting the “township spirit” in them.
12. That is why they can never stay comfortable in the village until they meet the challenges of the township. Many of us that came to the city as adults, number one motive was to come and make money.
13. I am saying that every man or woman is ambitious. That is one thing. To achieve that ambition is in the hand of God.
14. You may have everything on your way to achieving that ambition; along the way, Almighty God will permit sickness to afflict you. That sickness will bring everything to a halt. Will you challenge God?
15. I know some traders that imported so many things, went about bragging that in the coming year, they will move mountains. Before there dreams could come true, they got phone calls that the cargo-ship carrying their goods has sunk. That was the end of their bragging, and that was the end of their road to prosperity.
16. Some picked rifle to snatch from those they thought had the money, on their way they were silenced. I said, on their way to greatness, on their way to achieving their targets they were silenced.

I Will talk to you about life and Godliness. That is why all the children of God must come to me so that I will teach them the ways of God.
18. The way of God’s prosperity is different from the way human beings think. Things do not work the way we think, and it is not a crime. However, it will be a crime if we do not think at all.
19. Man proposes but God disposes.
20. You do not know a man because of what he has on his mind. When one is thinking of what he will do, God will be thinking another thing for him. If you are told to think of what you will like to be tomorrow, you will say you will like to be like Obasanjo.
20. This matter is very, very important to me. Sometimes, people that are guilty do not bother when such matters are being treated.
21. You know, the atmosphere has been very warm since this Message started. If it becomes gloomy because of what I am going to reveal, that goes to show that from the beginning you were rejoicing hypocritically.
22. No matter the way I am tempted or led to reveal it, I will allow and permit the same joy to continue, trusting that you are only going to learn a lesson.
23. Come to me and I will teach you the way of God.
24. In every age, the Almighty Father has always raised One who is vested with the responsibility to teach others His ways.
25. In a family, it behoves on the first son to help his brothers and sisters know the way of their father.
26. On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.