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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               



There is the Supreme God; and He is a Being that took His origin from Black Africa. God is not found outside Africa. The influence of God is felt everywhere, but God is living in Africa. Believe it if you can…
-Son of Man
ou want to go, God bless you sir, you are free sir. You are free to go sir, God bless you so much. Yes, I will pray for you. Kneel down. God bless you for coming.
2. Almighty God seeing this grey hair people coming to the pulpit, Lord, to embrace your truth, it makes me marvel. Who can ever believe this, Lord, it is your own making. It is marvellous in my eye.
3. A young man like me, I am not worthy but seeing that in the last days that you must turn the hearts of the fathers to their Pentecostal children; Lord, that is what you are doing now, turning the hearts of our fathers to the Message of the hour.
4. Lord, may his coming never be in vain. He has come at the very day we are teaching a very old Message. And he is a witness, if what we are teaching is lies. Father, he knows if what we are teaching is
Truth, may he go out and preach this truth and tell people around this village that this group holds the truth.
5. Lord, forgive his sins and trespasses. If he is sick, heal him oh God, fill him with Thy Spirit, may he come back here next time. May he never be discouraged, make him to understand that we do not stay too long in the fellowship but we are staying long today because we are teaching.
6. Therefore, Lord, may your Spirit go with him; bless him with long life. When this life is over, remember him oh God in your
Kingdom. Thank you father Christ mighty Name I pray. God bless you.
8. Ushers let him out. That brethren we are still waiting for them. Any moment from now, I will leave you.

Brethren, henceforth, hold your papers and mind the type of papers you bring to the pulpit. Some papers are not desirable in the
pulpit. We are handling Teaching. Amen.
The Bible said that people err not knowing the Scriptures. How can God ordain marriage, come in one portion of the Bible, and say that if you marry you will not come into His Kingdom?

We are continuing with the Message titled: MARRIAGE—THE OLDEST
2. Now watch, in a family, God expects usto live in PEACE not in PIECES whether we are married or not married.
3. What I am teaching you in this Faith, come to my life, come to my family; if I preach a message I cannot live the life, there is a curse upon Me. God must surely cast Me out. It means I am a hypocrite.
4. In my own family, we are nine—five young men and four young ladies. The last of the ladies is married. I do not have any spinster except Ijeoma and co, the rest are married.
5. All the young men in my family, I am their most elder brother. I am married but none of them is married. They have reached the age of adolescence but they are not yet qualified to marry. My parents are all alive.
6. My mother will be in Onitsha soon for a medical check up. We would have come with her by now but we said that she should
come later.
7. Why? Because she was not prepared before now, we never knew, we never told her early enough.
8. But watch, as long as I am the head, others must learn from Me. I owe it as a duty to live by example. If I must command their respect, I must live above them.
9. If I must exercise authority over them, one; I must learn to honour my parents if I want them to honour my parents. But if I dishonour my parents, all of them must dishonour my parents. In addition, I cannot
rebuke any of them because they are toeing after Me. Did you get the Message?
10. I am testifying of my own family lest Satan will tempt you and you say, “You are married, do you do all these you are telling
me?” But because my life is exemplary, I will say, “Yes, I do more than that.” 11. I never taught my wife how to do it. But by revelation, she got it.
12. It pays to marry by revelation and to marry a virtuous woman. That is why I can boldly say like proverbs chapter 30: “Every
other surface of the Earth, my wife is the best.”
13. She was taught of the Lord, she prepares the food for the entire family. Any time we go home, my mother will start rejoicing, why? Because her (my mother’s) labour stops at my wife’s presence.
14. My wife prepares the food for the entire family. Even where the food is coming from, she does not care. It is not to my parents
alone, to the young men and women that are following me, all of them must pass through me.
15. And as long as I live, if any of them is marrying tomorrow, I will start the marriage; equally, I will end the marriage
also. The wife must come under my wife first, to learn how to live so that she will not break the harmony in the family.
16. And after learning from her, she will take the mantle of leadership. I can take my wife, and then we start our family. She now takes over.
17. It will continue that way until the last man takes the mantle. That one will publish our mother’s obituary.
18. Are you in this Faith, you are married, and you say your mother in-law is a witch, you do not see eye-to-eye with that woman; you cannot go home and prepare food for the entire family, that is number one
evidence that your Christianity is a makeup.
19. Even if your mother in-law is a heathen, yet it is your duty to prepare food for all of them so that our Message will not
be reproached.
20. If you do very well in your own family; they talk good of you in the township where you reside, but when you get home people
will not see Christ in you, you reproach this Message, you cannot win anybody in that family.
21. As children of God, our teaching is open. If I keep on sharing my testimony, the testimony of my family, somebody may think I am exaggerating it. But God is my witness. I have witnesses around Me. I
mean human witnesses—even my own father’s brothers and sisters.
22. The moment we come home, you see them rejoicing. Why? ecause they have seen their comfort.

Every true child of God maintains a public kitchen. If you do not maintain a public kitchen, you cannot entertain angels of God. You must learn these things—these are qualities you must learn.
24. If your kitchen is not open to visitors, you may miss rapture.
25. Remember, God said, “As it was in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah”—what happened? God first of all sent two angels, and these angels were going as human beings, they were received by a family with a very open heart.
26. Moreover, they offered them what they have; in return, the angels of the Lord told them their mission. That was how they got their salvation. Otherwise, they would have perished.
27. They did not stop at giving food; they offered protection to the angels of God. The angels of God came as angels; they were
angels in the sight of Lot. But they were ordinary men in the sight of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah.
28. Lot was a righteous man, the sight of evil was annoying his soul; he saw those people (angels of God) as an undefiled people. He saw what he was longing to see. He gave them protection in his family.
29. Even, when the people rushed to defile them, he said, “You cannot do it here. You can never try it; rather, take my daughters—up till today, they are still virgins.”
30. They said, “No, no, no, we want these people.” He said again, “Over my dead body,” because he was ready to die in the protection of the angels. The angels did not hide anything from him.
31. Are you prepared to die for the angels of God? You can never do it, unless your kitchen is open, your heart is open to the public. It does not make your house a public house.
32. I am still speaking on Genesis chapter two. Remember it is the beginning of marriage.

I am still introducing my topic titled:
MARRIAGE THE OLDEST INSTITUTION ORDAINED OF GOD IN THE WORLD. I want to hammer a little on something. You will see something that will frighten you.
34. Gospel according to St. Luke chapter 20 verse 27 through 36: “Then came to him certain of the Sadducees, which deny that there is any resurrection: and they asked him,
35. Saying, Master, Moses wrote unto us, If any man's brother die, having a
wife, and he die without children, that his brother should take his wife, and
raise up seed unto his brother.
36. There were therefore seven brethren: and the first took a wife, and
died without children.
37. And the second took her to wife, and he died childless.
38. And the third took her; and in like manner the seven also: and they left no children, and died.
39. Last of all the woman died also.
40. Therefore in the resurrection whose wife of them is she? for seven had her to wife.
41. And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry,
and are given in marriage:
42. But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the
resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage:” (KJV).
43. I want you to ponder a little on these Scriptures we were reading as ordinary letters. If marriage is of the world, and only people that are worldly marry and when they marry, and they die, they do not
resurrect because resurrection is for those that do not marry.
44. If you want to resurrect, do not marry. If you want to be in that “world to come” do not marry because all that will be there will not marry and they will resurrect from the dead.
45. Now that you are marrying and you are thinking that you are going to that world, are you trying to contradict God’s Word?
46. It is in your Bible that those that married will not be there, are you waiting for the resurrection of the dead?
47. But you are now married and the Bible said that no resurrection for such people. Does it mean you are worshiping God in vain? Does it mean there is no reward for you because you are married? If that is the
interpretation, marriage is a curse.
48. Haven’t you seen bachelors dying? If the Bible says that if you do not marry, you will not die, does it mean spiritual death? Does it mean if a man marries, he dies spiritually? There is truth there.
49. How I wish I am speaking on MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE.
50. Brother Ebenezer has rushed in; this one is very hard. He has not seen it this way before.
51. Many are afraid, many questions are coming up. More or less, when they have read it in the Bible and they are waiting for that rapture not knowing that they are waiting in vain, if that is the case, all of us that are married, let us allow Brother Igne to control the Church now.
52. The Bible said that people err not knowing the Scriptures. How can God ordain marriage, come in one portion of the Bible, and say that if you marry you will not come into His Kingdom?
53. Then, God ordained marriage, expecting you to marry; do you require to be a servant of God? The Bible says that you must be a married man. How can you serve God without being married? If you do not know how to control your family, how can you control the Family of God?
54. A servant must have a reward, don’t you know that?
55. What is the Bible telling us? The Bible did not say that you should not marry. Jesus Christ encouraged you to marry, but He is telling you not to live your life thinking about marriage. Do not allow marriage to
trouble you; upset you that you will be  thinking of marriage.
56. Why? Because there is no husband and wife in Heaven. Whether you marry or you do not marry, that does not make sense. On the resurrection day, you will come up asyou are. The wife will come up as she is.
57. We all appeared here and get together as husbands and wives just to fulfil God’s purpose: to bring forth children in the world. That is why we came.
58. So, when you read these Scriptures, do not think like the Roman Catholic Reverend Fathers. They were trying to twist the Gospel, yet they die.
59. Some said, “St. Paul said, ‘How I wish everybody will be like I am.’” Yet they can never live the life of St. Paul. Nevertheless, Saint Paul said, “To avoid fleshly lust, let every man have his own wife.”

Brethren, what is God’s purpose for marriage? Number one: to give a man
a helpmate; a woman is a helper. A helper  is a helper, and must never exceed helping hand.
61. But today some women go beyond that. Some men have taken the position of women, which is bad. If you are a man and you are in this Faith, I am giving you this warning: Do not allow yourself to be lazy.
62. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it
very well; you will earn a living from there.
Whatever your wife is giving you, it is to
help you. But when you come to the point because of your laziness, you expose your wife to danger; expose your wife to go about prostituting—just to find money for you to feed—God will judge you.
63. Some married men are guilty of this. A woman can now abandon the family, and say, “My darling, look after my children, let me go to Lagos and come back.” The man will say, “Okay; go in peace, safe journey.”
64. You do that, you are a sissified man. It is not the duty of a woman. Some will allow their women to run around some governors in search of one contract and another, go from office to office in search of contract,
and they defile them everywhere.
65. When a governor is visiting any state, they will go to “madam do good;” invite her to entertain the governor. That is madness. Do not ever allow your wife to be that way, God hates it. Be a man. No matter the
situation, be a man. Defend your personality and integrity.
66. Number two reason for allowing a man to marry is for procreation, to increase, multiply and fill the Earth. That is number two reason.
67. Number three reason for allowing a man to marry is to have mutual love and fellowship; having a companion that will discuss with him, pray with him, bringing down the hand of God. Because two are better than one. Remember the Scripture: “Where two or three are gathered in my
Name, I am there.”
68. Number four reason for allowing a man to marry is to avoid fleshly lust. But today, many marry because of number four (fleshy lust). Some marry because of number two (procreation or children). Nobody remembers number one (a helpmate). Nobody remembers number three (mutual
love and fellowship).
69. They marry because of the even numbers (numbers 2 and 4), because they marry to enjoy their lives. They want to get children that will take after them, so that when they die, they will publish their obituary. You see, when he dies, people will say: “Those that were left to mourn him are, four hundred children and one thousand grandchildren.”
70. Others marry to satisfy fleshly lust. And if you marry because of these two, you can never be satisfied with one woman. If you marry for the purpose of having children and eventually one comes, you have one
child and it stops, you will be tempted to marry another.
71. If you marry and you do not have, you will be tempted to marry more. If you marry and you are having male children only, and pregnancy stops, you will be tempted to marry to have a female child.
72. The same way, when you marry and you are having female children only, and pregnancy stops, you will be tempted to marry more to have a male child. You can never be satisfied.
73. If you marry to avoid fleshly lust, every woman will appear beautiful before you. You become Mr Test—testing every lady; you can never be satisfied with one woman.
74. If you are marrying because of these two, your motive is wrong; it means you are a sissified man; you are not qualified to marry.
75. If you are marrying to get somebody that will take after you so that when you go to Heaven he will look after the Earth, you are a madman.
76. How many people will like to be in Heaven and leave their children on Earth to face tribulation? But you want somebody that will take after you: “When I die. he will be here,” that is it poor revelation. Amen.

There is no mistake in marriage. You marry your character. If you do not
marry your character, what it will result to is DIVORCE. No matter the
way you will try to manage, it can never hold.

Choosing a partner, how do you choose your partner? That becomes a
question. Must I allow my parents to choose for me? Or, do I tell my friends to choose for me? This is where the greatest confusion
9. Any time a man wants to marry, he may get the money, he may be
independent, he may have every knowledge, “But how do I go about getting that wife?” That becomes a problem.
3. That is why you see some, they will go to hotel, and they will be drinking, shaking their legs, looking at women that come in.
If you select your wife in a hotel, you will bring “hotel life” into your family.
4. Some that do not go to Church before, when they want to marry, they will begin to go Church. They do not go to Church to worship God, they go to select wife.
5. It is applicable to some women; they go to Church because they want to select husbands. When they come in with that spirit, they will come with special numbers and special dancing styles.
6. When they are singing amazing grace, watch their dancing and shaking; raise any matter that is carnal, all of them will appear spiritual. Raise any matter that is spiritual, all of them will appear spiritual.
7. Let a Brother come to the congregation and confess carnality, a Sister that is in this Faith that is looking for a husband will pretend that she is not carnal. Even after judging the matter, she will say, “I have something to say! One thing I want to say is this, anyway, by way of advice.”
8. That is a carnal lady in the Church, giving the impression that she is spiritual. Then, after that advice, a carnal Brother will be looking at her and mutter to himself: “Maybe it is this one that hates carnality.
She hates carnality. Watch her advice, very good.” 9. But a little while, her confession will change. Brethren, have you stopped and  ask yourself this question: Who stopped Sisters from singing special numbers in this
Church? This is a vindication that all that were singing in the Church were either showing their voices, their open teeth, or they were coming to the Church to entice somebody.
10. What I am telling you is truth. Because when the Message went forth, they recoiled. If it was of God, the spirit will come out harder and harder to give God praise and glory. They recoiled because the spirit was not giving God any praise and glory; it was glorifying human beings.
11. That is why when the Word went forth, the Word was lifted up, instead of that thing following the Word, the thing dropped.
12. This is house of correction. I am looking forward to seeing rugged Sisters in the spirit, rugged Brothers in the spirit to give old rugged numbers to the praise and glory of God.
13. Brethren, how do we choose our companion becomes our problem. Do we choose from the End-Time-Message? If we must choose from the End-Time-Message, must the person come from the Bride Ministry or the denominations?
14. Are we permitted to choose from Roman Catholic, from Anglican or choose a heathen? How do we go about it? Where do we find that woman then? You see, it becomes a problem. I know some people have this problem in our midst. Even men and women, it is a big problem. But God is diagnosing it in this Message.
15. I am not preaching a message called choosing a bride, NO. But I said how do we choose our partner? First of all, ask yourself this question: Who is qualified to be a wife?
16. Some go about looking for women; nobody has ever gone to look for a wife. Wife is different from woman. Women are everywhere, but to get a wife is very hard.
17. You will not know what I am saying until you start looking for a wife. You can get many women, they will say, “I love you, I love you, darling, darling;” but when it comes to living with that woman in the same house, you will know that it is very hard to get one—very difficult.
18. If you tell your friends to help you, when they see one and nominate her, you will say no, you must find one comma. But if you are looking for a woman, any woman is okay.

Now, I want to give you advice. When you want to choose a wife, take these things into consideration: One, check your capabilities. What are you capable of doing? Check your family background, check your parents, check your responsibilities towards your brothers and sisters; because you can never forsake your brothers and sisters simply because you are marrying. You can never make them your enemies because
you are marrying. Consider them.
20. Two: What actually is motivating you to marry? Are you marrying because your brothers and sisters are disturbing you? Because many a time people feel they are being disturbed because they are not married. For that they will say, “Let me go and marry so that they will now know that I have responsibilities.”
21. If that is your motive, you are wrong. Your motive is wrong. You want to impart wickedness into your life and into the life of your wife. When you marry with that spirit, your wife will come in to safeguard you; safeguard everything, and all your brothers and sisters will be devils.
22. Now, who must be this woman that must suit my condition? The Bible said thewife must suit your condition. Before you get that woman, you must be certain about your condition—your condition will determine the type of wife you will need.
23. Some marry because they want to become millionaires through their wives. But when the woman comes in, and the money is not coming, quarrelling starts. That is a wrong motive. There is a Brother in this
Message that married because of such a motive.
24. When your expectation fails you, you say, “This woman actually was not God’s will for me. Her former husband that died was a very rich man and I felt if I marry this widow, the man’s wealth will automatically
be transferred to my house. But unfortunately, when this woman came into my house, she could not bring in those things. Everyday, my love for her is just waxing cold and cold.”
25. Brethren, you do not marry because your wife will make you a millionaire: “Let me go and marry from a rich family so that when my wife will be coming in, they will give us one vehicle or two vehicles, build
one upstairs for us.” That is wrong motive. Do not ever choose because of that.
26. The question still remains: How then must I choose my partner? You can ask your parents to choose for you; but the danger is still there that they will make their own choice and not your choice. They have their own standards; equally, you have your standards.

How do I choose my partner? Proverbs chapter 12 verse 4: “A virtuous
woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as
rottenness in his bones.” (KJV).
28. A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband. But she that maketh the husband to feel ashamed every time is like open wound that is resting in the bones of the man.
29. When you want to choose a wife, first of all, what do you want—a virtuous woman or a woman that will put you to shame?
30. Now, if you want a virtuous woman, the woman may not be attractive outside but she has a lot of virtues. However, one may be attractive outside, fair complexioned, pointed nose, flashy eyes; she becomes a
target for all men. That is everybody’s wife.
31. Anybody that sees that woman will say, “I would have married this lady. I missed her narrowly; nevertheless, I have not missed her completely. All of us will marry her.”
32. Who brought that trouble? It is you. You married carnally, you never wanted a virtuous woman. So, she must be putting you to shame every time.
33. You know, the greatest shame you will suffer is your friend befriending your wife. Because, such a woman presents herself in such a manner to entice everybody that comes into your house.
34. She will appear pleasing to all with her flashy eyes; besides, her tongue is always out, invitation to tender, opening her teeth every time, laughing when there is no cause for laughter. Invitation to tender, that is a public latrine, seducing spirit, enticing spirit.
35. You that want to marry, see what Proverbs 19 verse 14 said: “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD.”
36. A prudent wife is from the Lord. Your parents can build skyscrapers, mansions, that is all they can do. But a good wife, your parents can never give. You that want to go through your parents before you marry, you
see, you are going contrary to God’s Word. A prudent wife can only be found of God not by your parents.

Sometimes, parents say, “Anybody I want my son to marry, that is the
person he will marry. If he marries anybody I am not in support of, I will not support him. I will not even give him the nod.”
38. Brethren, let us be very careful. Where  must I choose my partner?
39. Second Corinthians chapter 6 verses 14and 15: “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with
unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
40. And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that
believeth with an infidel?” (KJV).
41. An infidel is an unbeliever. The Bible says, “What fellowship has a believer with an unbeliever?” And you are asking a question, “Where do I choose my partner?” You choose after your likeness. From your wife we know where you come from.
42. Thus, if you are a believer, your wife must be a believer. If you marry an unbeliever, and you say you are a believer, it is false, you are not a believer. You will see that there is no agreement in your  home; your home must be in trouble, that is why it requires believers to marry believers.
43. Other questions arise: must she become a believer in the Church before I marry her? Or, must I marry her as a stark unbeliever, and then preach to her? Or, who is a believer, and who is an unbeliever?
44. There is one teaching people hand down in this Ministry, which misleads a lot of people. For the fact that you carry our Messages, carry Bible, do praying and fasting, say shalom, plait your hair, tie
wrapper, it does not make you a believer in this Message.
45. Satan comes into our midst, dresses more than that, does more than that, yet without repenting.
46. Any woman that has her motive centred on marriage can only give up her last hope when the last Brother in our midst marries. But as long as there is a Brother that is not yet married in our midst, she must be around praying that God must divert that one.

Even if you call her devil, she will say, “Yes, I know that I am devil. But let me remain here.” We have many of them even sitting down in our midst, yet never repented.
48. They know they are not in this Faith. They are certain they are not in this Faith; they are just coming because they do not want people to say that they are discouraging themselves.
49. Are you in this Faith, hearing this Message indicting you, you will either
bundle yourself out alive or God will bundle you out dead.
50. That is why, when you are in this Ministry your motive must be to worship God; no more, no less.
51. If you marry somebody that is a heathen because you hid your identity; let me tell you, before a heathen, you must behave like a heathen. If you do not behave like a heathen, you will not marry a
52. If you are a child of God, He must direct you to His wish. How do we know an unbeliever? It is when this Message is presented, you do not judge an unbeliever by giving Pentecostal Message or by giving
sermon books. It is when you present this Word and she says no, do away with the woman. That is a stark unbeliever.
53. Nobody is called an unbeliever until she disbelieves the WORD. That is why I believe with all my heart, after praying, rely on God, go and speak to that woman you want to speak to, what comes after it will tell us
how you prayed, it will tell us who was leading you.
54. If passion was leading you, we will notice it, because you will be insincere in your prayers. If you are sincere in your
prayers and you are Godly, God will never
mislead you.
55. If God is leading you to a woman that perms her hair, with painted red lips, with all these things, God must have known that the devil covered her with that thing, the moment the Word is flashed, the Word will remove those things.
56. That was all our nature before we became what we are today. Nobody was born carrying Bible. All that were called children of God, first of all were stubborn, very loose. God never called us in our righteousness but it is in Him we attained our righteousness.
57. However, when we are living like other persons in the world, we behave like them. But when we received the Word we were like Christ.
58. That was why, when Isaac was sent forth, Isaac went somewhere, he tarried, prayed to God, gave God a sign and he stopped there. When others were coming carrying water and going away, eventually, Rebecca came.
59. All he (Isaac) said in his prayers, Rebecca did not know about it. The whole thing fulfilled on the head of Rebecca. 60. When Jacob married Rachael, Rachael went to Jacob’s house with her father’s god. The father, Laban was an idol worshiper. Worshiping Baal with the entire family.
When Rachael was going home, she stole her family’s god, intending to introduce it in her marriage home.
61. Let me tell you, there was no record that Jacob worshiped God in the house of Laban. Go and check your Bible. It was because Jacob was worshipping that god with them, that was what gave the wife the
boldness to go home with it. Because it was their household god. Jacob never condemned it.
62. Yet, God knew that Rachael and Leah will begot the twelve sons of Israel which represented the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
63. Don’t you know that Jacob is Israel? Jacob produced the twelve sons that represented Twelve Tribes of Israel. All of them did not come from Rachael.
64. Check the Old and New Testaments.
65. Brethren, you marry by revelation. That is why the Bible did not put any law down or any standard except that which has been read in the Bible: if you are a believer, it is compulsory that you will marry a believer. If you are an unbeliever, you marry an unbeliever.

If you marry before you repented, you will test the repentance with your wife also. If you marry before you repented and, when you repent, your wife could not repent with you, two things are there: number one, you
are either not living the life or; two, your repentance is not genuine.
67. There is no mistake in marriage. You marry your character. If you do not marry your character, what it will result to is DIVORCE. No matter the way you will try to manage, it can never hold. No matter the way you try, compromise even to the lowest degree, that woman can never stay.
68. That is to show you that you made a wrong choice. But if you can compromise so low, all of you will be staying together no matter the situation, you are staying. That will show you where you came from.
69. If you do not marry a believer, you marry a heathen; and you notice she is a heathen, you say, “Well, let me endure her anyhow,” you are going to produce children who will never speak the language of the
Kingdom. They will speak half-Greek and half-Jew, which means they will be half- Christians and half-devils in nature.
70. That is what filled the society today— half-Christians and half-devils. When they see a believer, they become believers; equally, when they see unbelievers, they become unbelievers.
71. Are you in this Ministry, when you go home, you mingle with your parents that are heathens, you mix with their traditions, you become like them, you come back to your township residence and identify with
the Brethren; that will show the tree you came from. No amount of rebuke will remove it.

Are you still confused on whom to choose in your marriage? How many
are still confused after this Teaching? The Word goes first before your marriage comes. Christ first before your marriage comes. If that woman accepts your Christ, accept her. If she does not accept your
Christ, leave her alone.
73. How must we know that she has accepted your Christ? By her conduct, by her fruit, we must know. When we see the fruit, we will join you in an holy wedlock because when we join you in an holy wedlock, we have become partakers of that marriage.
74. But until we see the fruit of that marriage, that fruit of repentance, no
Church has any right to join herself in that marriage. Because we are bearing witness with God that we are in support of that marriage, whether good or bad.
75. You see why we do not make mistake in wedding. The consent of that lady must be obtained. The same way, the consent of the parents must also be obtained.
76. The idea of somebody saying, “I placed money on her when she was young, and it is compulsory that I must marry her”—that is
not a Christian marriage. You never obtained her consent. You can only obtain the consent of an adult but not a baby.
77. As a result, that lady must first of all agree to marry you, not under compulsion.
78. Are you in this Faith, any moment a lady opens her mouth and says, “I will not marry you;” and by way of persuasion, through friends, through your Pastors or somebody else, you get the parents convinced to persuade that lady to marry you, you have erred. You married her against her will and against her consent.
79. As long as she is in your house, forget about God’s blessing because you never obtained her consent.
80. What is somebody’s consent? It is somebody’s approval without duress, not under obligation, not under force, not under persuasion; she gave her consent. Nobody forced her, her eyes were clear.
81. Are you in this Ministry, you married under this condition, maybe your wife said, “No, no, no,” and through gift, through money, you were lobbying, bribing your way through, through hard ministration: “Well,
the Sister said she will not marry you, maybe she is looking for a millionaire. Anyway, do not worry; I know what to do. Imagine in this Church, a Brother approached a Sister to marry her, the Sister said no because she is looking for a wealthy man, that is a devil, she is possessed!”
82. Later, during ministration, he will say, “Come out, I will pray for you.” Because of fear, the Sister will come to the altar. The following day she will say, “Brother, I am sorry.” You are making that woman to
marry under duress.
83. Some say, “I am a preacher, anybody I want to marry, I will marry. Anyone I want to marry, I know the way I will do it. See the way I will do it: anybody I want to marry, I will use ministration;” you are very, very wrong.

Are you in this Faith, I do not know how you married. You do not know how I married. Let me give you the testimony of my marriage, God is my witness; I lie not in the Holy Ghost.
85. I first of all obtained the consent of my wife, two of us agreed to marry each other. Then, we started our prayers.
86. We told God, “If you really want us to stay together as husband and wife, though we are from two different states, the same way, reveal this marriage to our brothers and sisters, both far and wide, both at home
and abroad; that by the time we will approach them and tell them our
agreement, that nobody will say no. If anybody says no—either from my own side or from my wife’s side—we will halt the marriage.”
87. We prayed earnestly, we prayed seriously. When we were certain we have prayed through, we broke the ice. And to prove that God answered our prayers, from A to Z—even one that came down from Russia, even the policeman that was at Ikeja in Lagos—gave their consent.
88. Even, the police officer that was at Ikeja in Lagos gave his consent even in writing. All said, “We have agreed.” Then we believed we prayed through.

Are you in this Ministry, you never obtained the genuine consent of the
woman before you married her and she is equally in this Faith with you, before it is too late, you have something to do.
90. Now that you have become a child of God, now that all of you have become children of God, if God is in you, go to her, privately—I do not care how long you have stayed with her— and ask her this question:
“My Sister, now that we are in this same Faith, and we have heard this Message, our minds have gone back to what happened that time; are you still of that same old opinion or are you now with conviction—without that of hypocrisy—given that consent? Forget about how long we have
stayed together; because all along we have been staying, we have been managing one another. And you do not manage marriage.”
91. As long as you are managing marriage, you are suppressing your feelings. Until you do this thing, your foolishness will be made known soon. Your nakedness must come forth very soon.
92. I do not care how long you have stayed in the marriage, go to your wife today, remind her by saying, “Now we have known the truth, if we knew up to this extent that time, you know we would not have done it,
but now that we have known, we know what transpired that time, we knew how I tried to convince you using people, soliciting through your parents and relations, and eventually we get married. Now that we
have known the truth, the truth will set us free. Are you now giving me your consent so that our marriage originally starts now?”
93. Whatever she tells you, that becomes the origin of your marriage.
94. While I was coming, I said if am lead to speak on MARRIAGE this day—maybe after speaking on MARRIAGE—the owner of the woman, maybe the father or the brother that will come may look at their in-laws and
say, “Let us go home and think twice.”
95. Then the man himself that married may look at the wife and say, “Darling, I think we better postpone the marriage until later date.”
96. No wonder, while I was praying our Lord said, “Go to your right hand side, I placed the Message titled ELECTION on the left, it is not necessary for this occasion. They came for the purpose of witnessing the marriage. Tell them a little of what MARRIAGE is all about so that in their private places, they that want to wait, they will sit back and think about their marriages lest they take heathens to the altar.”
97. If your wife is a heathen, by now you must have known. If she is a believer, by now you must have known lest you yoke yourself once and for all.
98. Since you have been living with her, you are having interaction with her. I know somebody is offended already: “Is Brother trying to stop my marriage or what?”
99. Yes, God must ordain it. If God never ordained it, God must be against it.
100. If you are living together, and yours is making a lot of noise, go back and check how you married; whether you obtained the genuine consent of that woman.
101. Because I believe with all my heart that no woman that gave her true consent ever regrets her marriage. Whatever she sees in her marriage, she gives God the glory.
102. Somebody may say, “Is it scriptural?” Let us look into the Bible.

Genesis chapter 24 verse 58: “And they called Rebekah, and said unto her,
Wilt thou go with this man? And she said, I will go.”
103. The parents called the woman before Isaac—not with force, not with
compulsion, not with the pulpit—and asked, “Will you like to marry this man—tell us?”
104. I love how my people give their daughters hands in marriage. I just love it. They will gather elders—men and women together—bring that lady secretly, even before the man comes; and tell her plainly,  “Even if we owe somebody, we never said we are going to use your dowry to pay back.”
105. Some will say, “We are not indebted to any man lest you will say we will get money from your marriage and then pay back our debts—far be it from us. Do you really mean to marry that man you told us? Remember, they are coming tomorrow, so that when they come, we will bring you out
and repeat this same question before them; so that the whole people will bear witness that nobody forced you into this marriage. You decided to go into it. We are only supporting it.” Full stop.
107. That was exactly what was done in the Scripture I have just shown you: “Rebecca, will you like to go with these people that have come here? Rebecca, your husband is Isaac; this is the man that is picking you. He is a servant; will you like to go with him?”
108. The Bible said, “The woman said, ‘I will.’” Her consent was hundred percent (100%) obtained. Is it in one day? No, for many days.
109. Rebecca first of all tarried with the parents. The day she was seen was not the day she was married. They took her to a private corner, interviewed her: “Do you know this man? Were you friends before, let
us know?”
110. Because it is very, very bad for a friend to marry a friend. Because if you go into marriage with the spirit of friendship, you mess marriage up. The way you handle your girlfriend is not the way you handle
your wife.
111. You make boyfriend, girlfriend with hypocrisy. Because you will be
changing your face anyhow. Even if it means entertaining your girlfriend in your friend’s house for two days, your friend is ready to co-operate. He will just leave that room or may even stay there, pretend as if he is a visitor, while the woman will not know that you are making use of his bed, his cushions, and his television to entertain her.
112. Sometimes, your friend will be there serving you. Provided meat is coming, wine is flowing; the young man is not worried. You are deceiving the woman.
113. Boyfriend, girlfriend is filled with lies. Filled with boast and empty promises: “I will buy you this, I will do that. There is no truth there. If you enter into marriage with that woman in that spirit, that marriage will not last. Amen.

Brethren, you are fortunate to have this Ministry in your midst before you venture into marriage. Otherwise, most of you would have messed yourselves up.

When you want to get the whole story on the marriage between Isaac and
Rebecca, consider verse 55 through 58, you will get enough there—what really transpired in the marriage.
2. There, you will also see some bridesmaids that escorted this woman
Rebecca with their chariots. But at last, Jacob went home with Rebecca alone, the rest were disappointed.
3. The Bible said that other damsels brought out their chariots and escorted her, they represented bridesmaids.
4. I want to show you something. Genesis chapter 24 verse 47 to 50: “And I asked her, and said, Whose daughter art thou? And she said, The daughter of
Bethuel, Nahor's son, whom Milcah bore unto him: and I put the earring
upon her face, and the bracelets upon her hands.
5. And I bowed down my head, and worshiped the LORD, and blessed the
LORD God of my master Abraham, which had led me in the right way to
take my master's brother's daughter unto his son.
6. And now if ye will deal kindly andtruly with my master, tell me: and if
not, tell me; that I may turn to the right hand, or to the left.
7. Then Laban and Bethuel answered and said, The thing proceedeth from
the LORD: we cannot speak unto thee bad or good.” (KJV).
8. They said, “The thing proceedeth from the Lord. This marriage is ordained of God. How can we say no,” because the lady came and testified how she got her husband. Rebecca narrated how the whole thing happened. They were certain it was God’s doing, they could not hinder it.
9. Anytime you are marrying, and your inlaws are saying, no, stop and think. If God is leading you, God must lead your in-laws. God knows that you must marry somebody’s daughter and it can never be by force, it can never be by quarrelling.
10. You do not go to marry somebody’s daughter to make trouble with him. That is why you do not go to Court to pay thedowry. You say, “I am going to pay in the Court,” that man has the right to kill you. That is unbelief in you. If you say that God is leading you and God is not leading your
in-laws, stop deceiving yourself. That is carnality.
11. Laban and the wife Bethuel said, “This is the hand of the Lord. How can we hinder it? We have heard our daughter’s testimony; we have heard your own testimony and no man can do this.”
12. Marriage is mystery; this mystery was revealed to Laban. The same way, your own mystery must be revealed to your own in-laws because marriage was ordained from the foundation of the world.

If there was any marriage that caused trouble in the Bible during the Church period, the Bible would have recorded it that: “Brother, so, so and so, in his marriage, the in-laws resisted him; so, so and so resisted him. Peter Prayed, this one prayed, so, so and so was cancelled.” The marriage was through, there was no such thing in the Bible.
14. There was always a mutual agreement. Marriage is based on mutual agreement because it is uniting two different families. The two families are not enemies, they must be friends.
15. However, when you see somebody, after his marriage, the two families start accusing each other, enmity come forth, well; we know where it comes from. You do not need any other interpretation.
16. Even if Brother says, “I want to marry,” and the Lord says, “I have told you,” we will say we are not arguing with you. But the manifestation is the interpretation.
17. When you are coming to marry and the in-laws are saying no, stop; do not go further! Come back. Find out where the whole problem lies.
18. Until you find it out, do not go further.
19. Verse 50 through 53 “Then Laban and Bethuel answered and said, The thing proceedeth from the LORD: we cannot speak unto thee bad or good.
20. Behold, Rebekah is before thee, take her , and go, and let her be thy
master's son's wife, as the LORD hath spoken.
21. And it came to pass, that, when Abraham's servant heard their words,
he worshiped the LORD, bowing himself to the earth.” (KJV).
22. Brethren, it was when this man said Amen that Abraham's servant worshiped God.
23. Because all he prayed for, God answered all that same way. Let me tell
you, it was when that happened that Abraham's servant believed that the whole thing was ordained of God.
24. That is why he bowed down and gave God the glory. But what if you will snatched another man’s wife, another man’s daughter, then you will be enjoying yourself, even in the Church, “Amazing grace, glory, glory;” any day you hear that your in-laws are coming, you will call emergency meeting in your house: “Darling, are you sure they are not coming
to make trouble? Must we take our children along with us.”
25. You start emergency meeting because you are a debtor. Nobody gave you your wife. You are a snatcher, you are a kidnapper, you kidnapped somebody’s daughter.
26. All that married without the consent of their in-laws, they are kidnappers. You kidnapped somebody’s daughter. If somebody will kidnap yours, how will you feel? You will call your daughter all kinds of names.
27. After labouring, the way Brother Okechukwu is labouring now; Ozioma
crying all the night, having sleepless night, Sister Nonye will just watch the man, seduce Ozioma away, then she will clap hands and say, “Glory be to God!” Brother Okechukwu will drive her away from the family.
28. That is why when you see a woman that runs to a man, who bears the
repercussion? The mother. The husband will accuse the woman: “You joined hands with that man, you ate rice, you drink Fanta drink, see what we are passing through after training our child. Look at what we got.”
29. The thing has become a reproach. Are you in this Ministry, do not ever try that. It is the way of the heathens. It is only heathens that can keep women in the house for many years until their sons and daughters will join hands, raise money to pay the dowry of their mother. Only heathens can do that.

f you are not ready to marry, do not go to marry. Truth is bitter. Young men that are in our midst, take instructions and you will live. Neglect instructions, you will die.
31. You are fortunate to have this Ministry in your midst before you venture into marriage. Otherwise, most of you would have messed yourselves up.
32. Let me tell you, if not this Faith, half of the Brethren would have married, because it came to a point when marriage became a competition. Brethren, am I telling lies?
33. Brother wants to go along with a Sister; believing that all that matter is a wife. One came to me recently, he said, “My Brother, I am married now.” I said, “You have wedded?” He said, “Yes, I have already wedded now.” I said, “Ah! ah! This time you left me shocked.” He said, “Well, that is how God wants it.” I said glory be to God.
34. One day, I met them along the road, and he said, “Brother, that is her.” I could not understand, and I asked, “What?” “That is her,” he replied. I said, “What is ‘that is her?’ Your own darling?” Looking at that
woman, her face died down. I said, “Sir, I have seen ‘the her.’”
35. A little while, my Spirit could not hold me. I said, “Sir, do not be offended, is there anybody that is her? He replied, “That is my wife now.” I said, “Okay, now I understand.”
36. He has no foundation, that is the level he has attained but we know more than that.

Now, I want to show you something. Genesis chapter 24 verse 65: “For
she had said unto the servant, What man is this that walketh in the field to
meet us? And the servant had said, It is my master: therefore she took a veil,
and covered herself.” (KJV).
38. All along, she never covered herself, until she saw her own husband. It was then that Abraham's servant recognized that he was the best man.
39. Abraham's servant recognized that all along that woman knew for certain that he was not the “he” (the bridegroom). So, she covered herself, because a woman is created to be shamefaced.
40. Now, when she came down from the horse and she was introduced to Isaac, her face remained covered. I can now see Isaac, he has authority to do that, and when that one is done, Abraham's servant moved back, “the story don change.”
41. It is only in this generation that I can see men, two, marrying one wife. From the beginning, it was not so. The moment the wife is introduced to the husband, every other person dresses back because the veil
must be unveiled.
42. Okay, I will show you something now. A secret meeting has started; Abraham's servant is no longer mentioned from here. My servant has stopped; he has gone to his servant’s position. This woman is now
higher than the servant.
43. Verse 67: “And Isaac brought her into his mother…”—did it say Isaac and
44. “…Sarah’s tent, and to Rebecca…”—where did Isaac take this
woman to? To Abraham? But remember before Abraham's servant left he was under oath, Abraham told him, “Take an oath before me that you must do as I command you.” He said, “I will do as you command me.”
45. When he came back, it was rightful for him to go to Abraham first; but he recognized that Abraham has nothing to do with the marriage. Seeing that the husband is here, he will never share his wife with his father.
46. “My father must see you first,” you are crazy. If there must be any person that must know your wife first, it must be your mother.
47. See where Isaac is leading his wife to: “…and Isaac brought her into his
mother Sarah’s tent and took Rebecca…”—you know what is tent. The
Scripture said, “Into her mother’s house, into her mother’s bosom, into her mother’s kitchen—that was where this woman (Rebecca) was led to.
48. First introduction, number one introduction was inside the woman’s
kitchen: “Enough is enough. I will not eat in the hotel again, whatever my mother was doing for me when I was alone, whatever my mother was doing for this family, you will do it from here.”
49. But today, when young men marry, Their mothers will not know, they will not take their wives to the kitchen. You ask, “Where are you wedding your wife?” He will reply, “I booked a hotel, a very nice hotel; that is the place we are going. From that place we will go somewhere to have our
‘book,’ another friend at Enugu, invited us to come and have our honeymoon for 14 days”—that is foolishness. That is what we met in this Ministry.
50. Take your wife home; she is now a village woman. Even if your mother is in the village, take that lady to the village— Agaracha must reach home. You must carryyour wife home. You must go home. Not township television—everything, township.
51. Many ladies enjoy their husbands only in the township. Any day their husbands mention that they are going home, their faces will change. If you have this spirit you better repent.
52. Some will give in, but it will be on conditions: “Okay, we are going, but we will stay two days only. Remember there is Fellowship;” even when she does not love Fellowship, she will say, “I do not want to stay away from Fellowship, we must go and come back on time for Fellowship,” as if she
is spiritual.
53. Another condition is this: “When we come back we must go to my mother’s place, it has taken a long time when we went there last.” You see, “return match”— that is foolishness.

Verse 67: “…and she became his wife; and he loved her: and Isaac
was comforted after his mother's death.”
55. Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death. You see the purpose of marriage: for the comfort of that man, after all the sorrows. Since his mother died, though Abraham was there, yet this young man
has never been comforted.
56. The Bible said from that day Rebecca came in, this man was comforted. But unfortunately today, instead of being a comfort to the man, the woman becomes a torn in the man’s flesh.
57. When the man remembers he is going home after work, he prefers to stay in the beer parlour because the woman is not a comfort. If you are not a comfort to your husband, and you are in this Faith, you are a heathen. Your stay in our midst is just useless.
58. Did Isaac send that woman to the kitchen to play? Did the Bible say, “Isaac was leading her to the kitchen with five maids?” Rebecca said, “Stay in the parlour, I do not want you to suffer.”
59. But watch, today, when a women comes into the house, she will begin to dish out commands: “Where are you, Maid A? Oya go and bring food. Maid B, oya get water. Maid C, prepare the bed.”
60. Isaac introduced this woman to his mother’s kitchen so that if she did not learn how to prepare food in her mother’s house, she will start to become ashamed of her marriage. She will betray her mother,
Bethuel. Amen.

The Words that you have heard from Me, the same must judge your marriage. The way your marriage is going today depends on the teaching you have received.
Some women that are in this Ministry, I will speak to your shame. If you do not know how to cook, you are in trouble. Let me tell you, you can please every Brother, a Brother will harbour you, if I come to your house, do not give me food. God will tell you that you do not want to give me food.
2. I think it is better you do not give me food. If you cook nonsense, that is for your husband. My wife is my witness.
3. If you prepare rubbish, your husband can take that one not for another person. Before you and your husband, I will tell you that you prepared mess. I will call you a bad cook. In addition, if I eat from your table two times, the third day, we will disfellowship you from the Church.
4. If you are a bad cook, you cannot stay in this Church; you will be upsetting our Brothers, upsetting the whole Brethren in this Faith. When we dis-fellowship you, you go and learn how to cook. After learning,
you come back. After your confession, we will take you back.
5. You must be a godly woman in everything. If you want to get your
husband, prepare delicious foods. What makes it delicious? Is it plenty of meat?
6. There are some women, give them one Nama (cow), the whole fowl, they will still cook mess. A bad woman that does not know how to cook, give her meat to prepare, that meat will come out alive (raw).
7. Ask her: “Is there no firewood?” she will say, “It is very soft in my teeth, it is soft, I do not like meat;” who are you deceiving? You are deceiving your husband and not Me. Unless you report yourself first; you will tell me first by saying, “Brother please, this one I prepared today, accept it I plea.”
8. But when you come to Me claiming and sweating, well, it shows you are a bad cook.
9. When you see a woman that does not know how to cook, watch her in the kitchen, where does she sweat most? In the Kitchen! And she remains very busy in the kitchen, sweating.
10. When you come into the house, she will serve you water to wash your hands, then you think food is coming. In the next three hours, food will not come.
11. Let me tell you, anytime this Message is preached, Sister Nath must be
remembered, Brethren, am I telling lies? This woman, in her pregnant condition attended to us, I have never seen this before, in fact it is a challenge to my wife.
12. The lady said, “Brother, why do you want to go? I am just coming out because of you.” I said, “Sister, do not worry yourself, let us eat this akara and go away.”
13. I left at exactly eight o’ clock. Brethren, before we finish our bath and dressed up, we ate the rice that was washed even by eight o’clock. Everything perfectly prepared. She never heard this communication there.
14. Subsequently, I said, “Sister, wherever this Message is being preached, your name must be remembered.” This is the type of Sister I would like to see in this Faith. Not the type that will take excuse by saying, “You see, my belly is too much. My leg is paining me. Brother, go in peace.”
15. Let me praise her, if you had been in her condition, would you have managed to prepare anything?
16. Even, when we reached there on Friday, this is being engraved in the tape. Wherever this tape is played, her name must appear and her deeds must come out too.
17. On Friday, in less than 30 minutes, we have already started eating yam with pepper soup. She did not know we were coming down. Because we said 3.00pm; within 3 minutes, she had finished peeling the yam with a very big belly, yet no maid.
18. But look at all of you in this Faith with many, many maids. When you want to prepare food, you will call this one, call the other one; something you know you can jump into the kitchen, do preparation and jump out.
19. Let me tell you, what five maids can do in one hour, a virtuous woman can do it in 10 minutes. Why? Because she knows what to do, she is the Head of State of that kitchen, she knows what to do.

I have never preached MARRIAGE, I only introduced MARRIAGE.
20. Brethren, you have seen a little concerning MARRIAGE—the oldest
institution God ordained on Earth and my aim is to bring you back to the old life, because you are worshiping the old God in the old-fashioned way, to produce the same old life which people dropped.
22. The same old life, which people dropped, that, we have picked up for our God is an old God and He is being worshiped in the old way.
23. I do not know how you have been treating you wife, I do not know how you have been living in your families, but you know yourselves.
24. Today is your day, concerning what you have heard, judge yourselves, but let it be known unto you that on the last day, the Word that you have heard in this Ministry, the same must judge you.
25. The Words that you have heard from Me, the same must judge your marriage. The way your marriage is going today depends on the teaching you have received.
26. Remain blessed.

By this song, you have told God to search you, to search me and to know
your thoughts today: how you thought before entering into marriage. How you thought trying to enter into marriage.
2. Now you are saying, 'God, if there is any sin in me, cleanse me from it'. We must go with this song in our hearts because God came to save us. If He did not love us, He will let us go that way.
3. Lord, we thank you this day, we worship you God because your Presence is made manifest in us. Thank you for your Word. It has gone down to reveal our secrets.
4. Where we have a little no matter how small; it may be wrong thought, wrong notion, wrong planning, wrong revelation, everything that Lord you never instituted, Lord, may we not carry it along.
5. Now Lord, as your Word said all that your Father never planted you came to uproot, so have you by your Word today; uprooted everything that has never planted by your Word.
6. Father, we confess our sins, we confess our shortcomings, we confess our misconducts in our homes, we confess everything that is ungodly in us.
7. Lord, we pray thee, oh God, that you that forgiveth sins, forgive us in Christ’s Name.
8. Lord, renew our marriage life. Renew oh God our Marriage relationship even with you oh God. That spiritually we become
faithful unto you.
9. Heavenly Father, from today, oh God, we obey the Voice of the Holy Ghost, those that have restitution to make and go back  to their partners, Lord, I confess to them sincerely.
10. All that ever said, all that ever thought before marrying them that are not scriptural, Lord, I say, do it and forgive them Lord. As they obey that voice, forgive them and may the foundation of marriage of your people be stable so that lord when we are stabilized in our families, the Church will be stabilized. Stabilize our homes.
11. For the families that are already in order, according to your will and by your will, strengthen them the more. Lord, uphold them more in your power, that they will continue to show forth you praise and
12. Heavenly Father, look at the soul kneeling before you, justify our Brother and forgive his sins oh Lord. Touch his marital life as well in Christ’s Name. Lord we commit your servant whom you have used
again into your hands. Thank you for using him from morning till night. Father, renew his strength, fill him with your holy spirit, have your way oh Lord.
13. Father, thank you for strengthening us up to this hour and Father, as we are about to go Lord, may your Presence go with us.
14. Father, if Christ tarries, let there be opportunity like this again so that we can have our fellowship together again. Lord, we thank you.
15. Renew our strength, renew the virtue of everybody, young and old. Our Children take care of them. Father, oh God, role away every wrong spirit.
16. Let your people stand oh God, faithful unto you till the end. Bless our visitors. Father, make them to continue to walk in this way. Many of them never be discouraged; Let them come more and more to receive your word so that their faith will be established.
17. Father, thank you for today, may your Name be blessed in Christ’s Name. Amen.

Mmm mmm, Amen, Amen, mmm, mmm, mmm, my children, my children, my children.
2. I have called you all to come here and be a witness for I have been dealing with this Church here for all these months, I have been dealing, I have been, I have been, I have been, I have been, I have been dealing with them, I have been dealing with them, for I have sent my angels, I have sent my angels here, I have sent my angels here, I have sent my angels here, I have called you to come and bear the witness to come here and bear the witness, to come here and bear witness. I have been here all
the while.
3. Yes, yes, yes. Behold I have placed my Angels here; I have placed my Angels here, I have placed him before the foundation of the world. I have placed him before the foundation of the world. I have sent him here for all to see. This is the end of the ministry to manifest.
4. Behold, fear him, fear him and obey his word, and obey his word. For I am with him, I have promised never to leave him, I am with him, I have promised never to leave him. I have gathered you here to come and
be the witness of what I have been doing here, of what I have been doing here, of what I have been doing here.
5. I am going to do a mighty work in the midst of my people and this is the final, I am going to do it, that’s my promise, that’s my promise, that’s my promise, that’s my promise. Behold that’s my angel I have placed him, I have placed him, I have placed him, I have placed him, I have placed him, I have placed him, I have placed him, says the Lord. All eyes closed, all heads bowed. The glory of God is still moving around.

Eee, Ece, Eee, Eee, are you still in doubt, there are many here that are still in doubt. Can’t you fear my name, can't you fear God, Can't you fear me? I am here, are you still in doubt?
2. There are many here that are in doubt of what I am doing, that’s my promise, that’s my promise. Why are you doubting? Why are you doubting? Is it my first one, is it my second one, is it my third, that is my
promise, why are you doubting? Why are you doubting?
3. There are many here that are still in doubt. You had better now have one mind that I am here, that’s my promise. Come back again, come back again, come back again, come back again, yes, yes, yes, I rebuked my people here on Tuesday, they were doubting, they were doubting, I
rebuked them again on Friday, and I called my angel, and they all were assembled, and they knelt down. I said, that is my call, I have called you to come and never be doubting. They will never doubt me again.
4. If you are still in doubt, wait you are going to see my hand once more, am moving in a mighty way once again to collect my children, I have promised it and I will do it. I have promised it and I will do it.
5. Brethren, I call Heaven and Earth to come and be witness this day that I will move once more in the midst of my people to comfort them by my Word, establishing them by my truth. Let Heaven and Earth bear witness. Thus saith the Holy Spirit!

Father, we thank you this very hour, we are blessed people because you blessed us, you are the only source of blessing. Father, we thank you. Our hearts are filled with joy. Thank you for comforting us even at a time
when we were looking hopeless, but it has pleased you to come back to establish your presence in our midst.
2. Father, we are grateful to you. For your words we have heard, thou knoweth our hearts, that are doubting your presence and Lord, you mercifully dealth with that heart. We thank you, oh Lord. May your
testimonies never leave our mouth. You have promised that you come down in our midst and you will ever remain with us.
3. Father, we are grateful though we may sin against thee you promised to chastise us - mark of correction - and said nevertheless I will never withdraw my hand from you. Because I have called you unto myself, for
my Name's sake, not because of your righteousness but that my own divine purpose and election might stand sure.
4. Father, that is our confidence, now that you have told us this that we should have confidence, that Christ whom we are serving continually is more than able to save us to the uttermost.
5. As many as will come to God through Him, because He ever liveth to make intercession for His people, and that he that have started this Good work in us will perform it until the day of Christ just to praise, glory and honour to His holy name.
6. Father, we are happy. Thank you that our gathering is the gathering of the Father, of the son and of the Holy Spirit, we are grateful that your presence is established here.
7. Have prominence over your children. We surrender every human intellect at thy feet, we surrender every human reasoning,
we surrender our pride, our greed, we surrender our doubt, our hypocrisy, our fruitlessness at thy feet. We humble ourselves at thy feet, that you may exalt us.
8. May your Name be exalted forever. Continue with us as we continue in this service. Direct the whole affair to your own glory. Thank you Father for having answered us. Feel free in our midst; get the little children under strict control. Glory be to your Holy Name, Christ our Lord we pray.

Today, let it be known to this Church that night vigil is not a compulsory matter, as  many as have the revelation, they are the people that are concerned.
2. Don’t ever go because your husband is going or your people are going. Do not ever do it, better stay in your house and have rest. It requires only two persons to form a Church, when they gather in the same mind in the same spirit, Holy Ghost come down.
3. What we need in this hour is quickening power of the Holy Ghost not congregational power. No. When you gather we count dead people among the living. No. I want to see the living only for our God is a God of the
living not God of the dead.
4. You husbands, be very careful the way you control your wife otherwise God must cast you away from His presence. How many know that every husband is answerable to God concerning his wife? Spiritually and physically, God must require you to answer.
5. If you believe in scripture today you are judged, know your duty. If your wife is not up and doing, you have tried your best to correct her weakness, she is not taking correction. Report her to your Apostle. Don’t go to the Pastor. Because she is unfit to be in the Church. The Pastor can accommodate her because pastors want membership. The
Apostle wants two or three that are filled with Holy Spirit.
6. God wants two or three, every shepherd, every pastor wants majority. No pastor believes that anybody must go to hell, no. That is why you see them dying in search of their flock, sticking their neck, some will prefer to die with them. Just to save them, even when they were declared nsavable. No pastor believes that anybody is lost until he sees that person lost. That’s God’s gift in them, it is not carnality. It is their nature.
7. That is why God has ordained five-fold ministries to redeem the pastors otherwise all of them will perish like those fetching flock. Some flocks are stubborn. Flog them, no way. Kick them, no way. Break their legs; others will still be living, stubbornness filling their hearts.

Almighty God, the hour has come and this is the hour because you promised to do this work in our midst. Lord once more you said I
am going to shake the Church. I believe that word is from thee.
2. Father see thy power manifesting in its fullness. People may think it is the first pull. It is never, I know we are being switched over to another message. You are only shaking the hour because we are being
restored back. And Lord we are given the quickening power of thy holy spirit.
3. Look at my Brother, I lay my hand upon him according to thy promise. Father, may his spirit be still in Christ’s Name. Amen.

Praise the Lord. We have played enough, we have laughed enough. We have asked stupid questions enough. Useless questions that only generated argument. Enough is enough.
2. Let me tell you, the last dreg is going to be poured out. It requires a courageous man to drink it. Only old men drink it. When they want to drink it they close their eyes. That is the stage of the ministry.
3. If you must drink of this cup, you must learn to close your eyes, clinch you teeth and in that dreg you have to tight your teeth very well to filter it. Brush doesn’t filter it, your teeth will filter it.
4. I love God’s doing in his Church, I love God’s doing.
5. Brother Emma, is there any reasonable EXCUSE BEFORE God? Here is your condemnation. Sister Nwankpa, do you have any excuse for coming to Church late? God bless you for saying the truth.
6. But you can give excuse God which He will accept. Do I tell you that excuse? Listen to me, are you hearing me from there? You know the excuse you must tell God. My husband is responsible. My husband is the
7. Let me tell you, even if we are meeting at Awka. From Monday till Saturday, you know you are meeting God in the meeting place with him on Sunday. From Monday till Saturday - six good days - you have enough
time to get ready for that day. Prepare yourself spiritually, prepare yourself physically. When you set off on time, by and by you must be there on time.
8. I decided to send people to go and look for you, until nine o’clock, yet you never reached Abagana. Even if you were traveling
with trailer.
9. Because it was not a serious matter, it doesn’t matter. We can come anyhow. You can leave your house by seven o’ clock or eight then you start coming down thinking that you will be here in five minutes time.
That is foolishness.
10. A wise man is wise in all God’s things. He takes consideration of the nature of the  roads, the nature of the drivers, the nature of the vehicles, the distance. He must check all these things and then wisdom teaches
him to start early. If it means going down there with that food when you get there you eat your food.
11. I had to tarry there for some minutes, waiting there for some brethren. But until I left Abangana market I only saw Brother Mike and the family. I stopped at a strategic point so that many will see me. So when there was no other person coming I started coming. Eventually Brother Ben met me on the road. I ordered him to go back to pick some other elders that we are starting worship service by nine.
12. There are many, many testimonies here. As many as are concerned, you will know why it is called sacred institution.
13. The oldest institution ordained by God here on Earth is marriage. See, I am still limping between two opinions here. Two things are standing before me. We will still have testimonies but until I make up my mind here, when the power has touched on something that will help us today concerning
the wedding ceremony.
14. And by my right hand side is marriage, the oldest institution ordained by God in the world. By my left hand side is election. I am now limping between two opinions with my Bible at the centre. But I am trusting God.
15. This ELECTION, I introduced the teaching at Onitsha Church. I gave them the introductory part of it. They said, continue, continue, continue, continue. I said no, I am with that introductory part that I am still
holding here. Because I am going to preach ELECTION in three parts. After the introduction, I will preach election, part two, election part three. Because in that part two part three, you will see called, you will see
chosen, you will see adoption, you will see predestination.
16. You can be called - that is a very fine thing. But can you answer the call? You can answer the call. It is very nice thing. Have you been chosen? For many are called few are chosen.
17. But do you know why you are being called? For Every calling there is a purpose. Find out the purpose of your calling so that you can now strive to make sure. Amen.
18. That you are called to the election. You can be called yet you are not elected. Amen. So you won’t be unsure that you are called and elected. You will strive to retain the head.
19. No more panel of investigation into June 12. The Head of State and
Commander-in-chief, even if it is for one day, Ernest Shonekan has become President of Nigeria in the history of the world. He has been attending commonwealth meeting or worldwide meetings on behalf of Nigeria, officiating. As far as we are concern, the Head of State of Nigeria is Ernest Shonekan. Full stop.
20. Whether you like it or not, he is the commander-in-Chief of Nigeria Armed forces. He can put army uniform, navy, police, custom any type of thing he can put on.
21. So when he was picked and placed there, he knew he never merited it, he never contested but election purchased it. He gathered forces around him to make sure that his calling and election is sure. Who called him? Babangida.
22. We never gave him the mandate, he didn’t merit it. So, we never gave him the mandate. The man was never voted for, campaign for any political party as head of state like some of us.
23. How I wish I can go there this afternoon. Keep on praying for this
24. ELECTION by my left hand, MARRIAGE by my right hand side. While you are still here, keep on praying.
25. Remain blessed in Him eternally.