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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached 31st December, 2010 At the Household of God Onitsha By  APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute” at BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

If I say that Almighty God will not slaughter Me, who is the Almighty to begin with? If I am afraid that God will slaughter Me, which God will slaughter Me?
Let me tell you, I am the only Being that can lay down His life and pick it. Believe it if you can…
— The Son of Man  

I am the Compass Director. You should focus your eyes on the compass. If it is moving North West, steer your ship to the North West direction. If it is North East, steer your ship to North East direction. The road from Egypt to Canaan is not a straightforward one.
Anywhere there is danger on the line, if your eyes are on the compass, it will flash red. Then you will know that there is problem.
...I do not want to see a feeble Church in this Faith. Everybody should be strongly connected to the Head from where the entire Body is nourished. I have equal love for all the Churches.  However, it pleased the Lord that the pillars of the Church be placed at Jerusalem. It is scriptural.      
 –Son of Man. (YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE PROPHETS VOL. 1. PPS 50 &52. VS 22,23,29,30 &31)

…You Are Shepherds
Everything has been accomplished before the foundation of the world. I have to be very sincere about this matter. Innocent or guilty, God must surely destroy.
2.          Unto you is given to understand the mystery of the kingdom but to them that are without (in the world), everything is spoken to them in parable lest they will hear, understand and be saved.
3.          Who made it impossible for them to hear and understand? It is God. Who placed them outside? It is God. Who placed you inside? It is God. Who hardened their hearts that they will not hear? It is God. Who made it impossible for them to understand? It is God. Is there any injustice with God?
4.          What have you contributed to your being in this Faith? Tell me what you offered God that made Him to include you among the people that will be in this Faith. If He had locked you out like He locked them out there in the world, so that they will not know and understand the mystery of the Kingdom, would you have dragged Him to court? You see why you should not in any way go about bragging.
5.          God is not saving you because you are righteous, or because you have performed creditably well or better than any other person, no! God is not saving you because of your efforts. Of all people on Earth, you are the most rebellious. God is saving you because this is His eternal purpose, which He purposed in Himself concerning you and I before the world began. This is why all things work together for good to those that know God, who are called according to His purpose.
6.          He called some to believe, He called some not to believe. Even when Jesus was talking to them, he knew those that would believe and those that will not believe. God has made it possible for us to believe Him, out of His own good pleasure, He has revealed to us the mystery of the Kingdom of God, the mystery of the kingdom of Heaven, which is kept secret.
7.          Kings and rulers of this Earth have been desiring to know this secret but they could not. However, it pleased Almighty God to reveal this secret to babes like us. Not because we are better than any other person, no, it is simply because He wanted to.
8.          Nobody is saved and nobody is going to be saved except those people whose names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, slained from the foundation of the world.

9.          For some time now, many Local Assemblies have ceased from collecting tapes from Onitsha. Why? The reason is best known to you. If you continiue to wait until the publications will come out, the Message that solved your problem may not be printed till eternity.
10.       As a result, if you are wise as ministers, like I told you that your fellowship is incomplete until you have connected yourself to seasoned, trust worthy ministers in Onitsha to know exactly what transpired in Onitsha, for this is our Headquarters where the Word first goes out. Whatever you are holding is stalled manna, fresh manna comes from Onitsha.
11.       In many Local Assemblies, Messages that were preached in Onitsha Household stay up to three months before getting to you. Do you blame the Son of Man? No, rather blame yourself.  Many of you do not maintain real contact with Onitsha over the phone. Some find it difficult to come to Jerusalem and you do not play tapes. Thus, you are trailing very much behind.
12.       How do you know that your name is documented in the Lamb’s Book of Life? This question I have asked is already in the tape, so I cannot come and repeat it again. My duty is to stay in the pulpit and dish out the Word. If you want to collect the Message, up to you. If you do not want to collect the Message, up to you.
13.       If you wait until I will transcribe the Messages, print the Messages, you are going to get lost. Yes, not all the children of God will be saved. Remember the parable of the foolish virgins. Were they virgins? Yes. Did they bow down to the wicked woman? No. Did they pollute themselves with false doctrines? No. Yet they got lost.
14.       Some got lost in Babylon while some got lost in Egypt. In every Exodus, some people must be trapped. Please take note of what I am saying.
15.       While I was talking about Lot’s wife, I told you that she never died in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, she died outside the city, and the husband never knew that the wife was not following him until he got there, because the command said, “Run and don’t look back.” As a result he started running, the wife equally started running, but when he got there, the man looked around but could not see the wife. Whatever that made the wife to stop midway only God could say. The man has escaped. It is individual race.
16.       What if the man had looked back and noticed that the woman was not running maybe to assist the woman, both the man and the wife would have also perished because that will be a sign of unbelief.
17.       When you are talking about your wife, your wife, be very careful because you do not know whether your wife is in the race or not.
18.       I am a Master Builder. There may be too many other masters elsewhere, but God is about to vindicate the right person. That is why I have not been quick in my selection. I select the materials I use according to the revealed standard.
19.       The showdown is already here for fire will reveal all things. Anyone that fire could not consume automatically is approved of God. Nevertheless, looking at the whole thing, if fire will consume my own works, which one will escape then? Is it the Catholics, the Anglicans or the denominations? If I am on the wrong side, who then is on the right side?
20.       If I am the anti-Christ, let it be known to you that nobody is troubling the world. If I am the anti-Christ, it then means that you are the Babylon that is guilty of the blood of the saints which were slain for the Gospel of Christ. Are you the people? It then means that you are the people that are drunk with the blood of the Martyrs if I am the anti-Christ.
21.       Of course, you know who is drunk with the blood of the Martyrs slain for the Gospel of Christ. The rest are her daughters, and they have carried all of them into the World Council of Churches (WCC), which is the very express image of the beast.
22.       For the sake of the elects, this horrible period that we have rolled into must be cut short. If it is not cut short, I bet you, no flesh shall be saved. It must be cut short. If the days we are living is not cut short, we must become victims.
23.       Look at where we are now. The year 2011 has already unfolded. Engrave it in your heart; THE YEAR 2011 IS THE MOST HORRIBLE YEAR in the history of this country called Nigeria. Do you know the number of people that will lose their lives from this moment? Do you know how many houses that will be burnt?
24.       You do not know that the heart of the people is set to do evil continually. You do not know that we have rolled into a period where the wicked will continiue in his wickedness.
25.       God finished everything about salvation in the year 1996. It is hard to believe. From 1996 till now, no Church is seen with any revival again. What they are calling revival now is end-time movement that saves nobody. It is a false revival.
26.       William Branham said, “When you see the Orthodox Churches going Pentecostal, it is all over.” Today, all of them have fused together, they are now one. Maybe you do not know that the Pope is now giving them a hand of fellowship. That is where we are now. All the Pentecostals are now in agreement with the Catholics.
27.       If you escape from the wrath of God in this generation, you need to thank God. Who will escape if not God that will help us to escape.
28.        Revelation 3:10 “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” KJV.
29.       What if you are not holding unto the Word of His Patience? For God to help you out, you and the word must be one. The trial is going to come in various forms. In short, the shaking is on already. It will come in different ways, the way it will come to me will be different from the way it is going to come to Brother Emmanuel.
30.       In all, these are trials, these are temptations, permitted by Almighty God to try the inhabitants of the Earth, and the only people that will escape are those people who are upholding the Word of His patience. The rest must be victims.
31.       Nobody should make pretence of believing the Word. Anything you say you believe and you cannot practice it, have you believed it? Many of you are even ashamed of professing your faith to people outside, and now the Lord has said, “Keep your mouth shut.”
32.       Remember when the Message of escape reached Rehab, the instruction was to keep her mouth shut: “If you divulge this information, we are not under obligation to save you and members of your family, the only people you are commanded to bring in are you, and your relations, if you bring any other persons, definitely we are wiping you out.” The woman obeyed. Amen.

Now we are talking about the immediate catching away of the saints which will cumulate into eternity; various preachers are giving us the impression that the day will not be announced but William Branham said that it must be announced. It can be a secret to the world but not to the Bride. Just like we fellowship in the wilderness, who knows we are in this wilderness. The entire Nigeria does not know that we are in this wilderness. Do you believe that to be true?
2.          The day Enoch was translated was a secret to everybody, but was it a secret to Enoch? The day Elijah was translated was a secret to everybody, but was it a secret to Elijah? Was it a secret to Elisha? The day Noah entered the Ark was a secret to the people around, but was it a secret to Noah and his family? The day Lot escaped was a secret to everybody, but was it a secret to Lot and his family? What can you say about Rehab, it was a secret to everybody, but was it a secret to Rehab?
3.          The Exodus in Egypt was a secret to the Egyptians but was it a secret to the people living in Goshen. What can you say about Jesus? His Ascension into Heaven was a secret to everybody, but was it a secret to him. Was he not the one who commanded them to go there and wait for him? He told them the time. How then do you think the Lord will do something in Sodom and Gomorrah without informing Abraham? It must be shepherds.
4.          Abraham was a shepherd, Lot was a shepherd. David was equally a shepherd. Who saw the star when Jesus was born, it was shepherds. Is that not right. If you are not a shepherd, one that is prepared to lay down your life for the sake of your brethren, forget about it.
5.          A selfish fellow will not be there, a wicked fellow will not be there, a mocker will not be there, one that makes pretence of believing the Son of Man will not be there. A politician is out of the way. When I am talking about politician, William Branham said that it is an abomination for politics to be associated with a child of God.
6.          If the world was created by the Spoken Word and the first world was destroyed by the Spoken Word and this present world is being preserved by the Spoken Word, let it be known to you that this present world will be destroyed by the Spoken Word like others.
7.          What I am saying is this: RAPTURE IS A SECRET THAT IS HIDDEN IN THE SPOKEN WORD.
8.          The translation of your mortal body is a secret that is embedded in the Spoken Word. I am saying that the power of the Word translates your mortal bodies. It is a matter of making a proclamation but this will not happen until the appointed time. Many of you must have hooked up with many periodicals and some newspaper predictions. A man (Harold Camping of America), he said that he is a teacher of the Word and not a prophet.
9.          He said he has done his own arithmetic. If you have in one way or the other hooked up with him, you have read his messages or come into contact with him. Please note, I am not jealous neither am I envious of anybody’s calling or ministry. When God called Me he called Me alone.  
10.       The Lord has not revealed to Me any specific date that you are going to be raptured away. I said that Almighty God who called Me and commissioned Me to this work, has not at this very moment revealed to Me any date that He is going to catch all of you away. If He has, I will tell you but for now, He has not. However, I have heard with my ears that I have come to the end of all things.
11.       Please take note of what I am saying. He has instructed Me to blow the trumpet in Zion. If you have not collected a copy of the Message titled “Blow the Trumpet in Zion,” please try to have yours. I will not repeat it. Keep that trumpet within your family only until the day you will hear, “Go and tell your friends and well-wishers,” until then, keep it to yourself.
12.       From the calculations and teachings of the man, he said that rapture is taking place on the 21st of May, 2011. According to him, the number is two million. He equally said that on that same day, the entire world will roll into God’s judgment, and the entire world will be destroyed by a supernatural fire precisely by 21st of October, 2011.
13.       Now my problem is this: why are all these things coinciding with the time when I am making my final touch in the Bride?
14.       On my own side, the Voice that spoke to Me said that I should thrust in the sickle and harvest the Earth that the Bride has made herself ready.
15.       The instruction that I am giving to all of you to pass across to your Local Assemblies is this:   BE READY AT ALL TIMES, even from this very moment, anything can take place. The most important thing is to have your ticket okay. Once your ticket is okay, any day the aeroplane wants to take off is not your business. That too many people are in the airport is not even your business because you are holding your ticket.
16.       Once you are ready at all times, whether rapture is taking place in the morning or in the night, it is not your business. Anywhere you are whether you are in the farm, it means nothing. That is why my instruction is this: whatever you are doing to earn your living, go ahead and do it. Do it in the Lord.
17.       Are you a student, go ahead, study in the Lord. Are you a trader, go ahead in your business, trade in the Lord. Are you a craft man, continiue in your craft but fear and honour the Lord, watching unto prayer.
18.       When Jesus resurrected, he presented himself to his disciples, didn’t they recognize him? To prove that he was a supernatural being, each time they gathered, from nowhere, he will appear to them and this is where we are standing now.
19.       Let nothing rob you of this wonderful privilege. No earthly tie should cause this glorious package to elude you. Until this takes place, your salvation is incomplete. This is our destination point. This is the only point we will get to and then we say it is all over. It is at this point that death will be swallowed up.
20.       Immortality will swallow death, swallow sorrow, swallow pain, swallow anguish, swallow troubles and everything.
21.       No sickness will be associated with immortality. It will swallow unemployment. This is exactly why Satan is not giving us a breathing space because this was exactly what he missed.
22.       I want to tell you that whatever you are passing through now is nothing to be compared with this glorious Promise. As a result, we had better get ourselves ready. All the Prophets foretold about it. Not even one contradicted the other concerning this everlasting Promise.
23.       I am on my way home. Who will go with me only God knows. How can you go with me, do you know where I am going to. Nothing is found there (Paradise) except perfect love. Love not doctrine. Not your repentance or unrepentnace. Nothing is found there except perfect love. Anybody that does not have the nature of God cannot be there. All that will be there are made up of people that have the nature of God, for if you do not have the nature of God you will give Him headache there.
24.       Where we are going to is where we shall reign in righteousness. Nobody will find fault with his Brother or with his Sister. No death, no trouble no cause for any alarm. The world will know no more war. Therefore, anybody that has a violent spirit cannot be there. If you have not purchased your ticket, go to the booking office, peradventure, there may be some ticket left. Or there may be somebody who is not willing to go.
25.       Let him that have ears hear what the Spirit is saying, that it is all over. Time is finished. We have rolled into extra time. The extra time is always in the hand of the referee. You may not know the number of minutes he will allot to the extra time. It may be ten minutes, it may be fifteen minutes. Once a team is one goal up, that is the end, he blows the whistle.
26.       Who knows whether the last Elect we are waiting for is already preparing to jump into the Ark. Since you do not know who the person is and when he is going to come in, your duty is to make sure you hold unto the profession of your faith without wavering unto the end. He that endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved.
27.       What am I saying, if you have been joking with this Faith, please stop it. If you have been making pretence of believing this Faith, when you have not, I bet you, you will regret it in the end.
28.       The last action Israel will take against Palestine will involve the whole world, and that will be world war III which is the Armageddon. However, off your eyes from there.
29.       The wrath of God will not come upon the Earth when we are still in this flesh and God knows how to hide away the righteous in the day of destruction.
30.       In every dispensation, God has always first removed the righteous before punishing the unrighteous. In our day, how do you think God will punish the ungodly while we are still here? You are the only people that are seeing the handwriting on the wall, the rest are blinded. The god of this evil age has blinded their eyes. Thus, happy are you if you pay heed to His Word. Amen.

I know that we have rolled into the New Year already, and Brethren from the East and West will be coming to join you in this meeting. My idea is to get all of you well settled so that you will know exactly why you spent your time coming down for the meeting. We are not in this meeting for a child’s play. That is why you should pray that God would give you spiritual insight of why you are in this meeting. This is beyond your normal congregational preaching or congregational testimony. Your life and the life of all your members are at stake. You must know the hour we are in.
2.          The idea of bringing ministers for this meeting is to remind us of the Messages and prophetic statements that were made by the Prophets, pertaining to the hour we are in.
3.          If you like set your family ablaze, that is your own cup of tea. If you like drive your wife away, drive your children away, it is not my business. It is even better for you to drive away your wife and get to Heaven than for you to keep your wife and perish.
4.          The Prophet said, “If your wife is not willing to go, you go yourself. If your children are not willing to go, you go yourself.” The day you came into this world, you came alone and you are going back alone.
5.          Jesus in his own parable said, “If your finger is what will make you to stumble, cut it off,” for it is better you enter there with four fingers than having five fingers and perish. If it is your eye, plug it out.
6.          In other words, there should not be anything at all in between you and this eternal life. If it is your wife, she is an obstacle that must be crushed. After all, the day you were born, you did not come into the world with your wife. Thus, if you like set your family ablaze, that is not my business. I am on a salvation mission. I told you the other time that I am about landing, the Lord willing, I am landing all of you safely.
7.          Saint Paul called himself a master builder, but believe it if you can, greater than Saint Paul is in your midst, for the light by which he walked with, was a mere shadow.
8.          AD 70, whatever Paul documented, we use it to build faith in you to believe in Him whom He has sent. The messenger of your day is your justifier.
9.          I am not walking with the light of Saint Paul. Saint Paul is too far away even from William Branham. If I am not walking with the light of William Branham, can you now see where Saint Paul is from where I am?
10.       When Saint Paul met with the Pillar of Cloud, the Great Light, he did not confide with flesh and blood, he went straight away to Saudi Arabia   to proclaim the Message.
11.       Please take note, Saudi Arabia has had her Pentecost before she turned into idolatry. Today, it is an abomination to enter Saudi Arabia with a copy of the Bible. Their Pentecost is over, that was in AD 70.
12.       If you do not take note of all these things, you will not know when the last elect has come in. Until the complete number of the Gentiles designated to be saved come in, rapture will not take place. Do you know who will complete the number? Do you know how many God has made up his mind to save? Do you know whether the number will be complete by this night? Do you know where the person will come from?
13.       Please pay spiritual attention to this Message. The most important thing is getting yourself in to the Ark. Maybe somehow you must have forgotten. The day Noah entered the ark, who locked up the ark making it impossible for them to came out? It was the Lord. He made it even impossible for friends and well-wishers to enter.
14.       Do you think they were not quarrelling inside the ark, do you think members of Noah’s family were happy with Noah for locking them up in the ark when there was no rain? The ark was locked, first day, second day, third day, fourth day, fifth day, do you think they were happy with Noah? I can imagine them asking him if he is sure that God actually commanded them to be locked up in the ark.
15.       Noah was embarking on his experience that He that commanded him to get into the ark cannot disappoint him. More so, when the villagers were coming round the ark, mocking by saying, “Noah, you want to commit suicide; you want to kill yourself and members of your family. However, whatever they were saying, they were saying it inside, not outside. Were they quarreling with their father, that was inside. Were they murmuring and complaining, that was inside. The boat had already been locked.
16.       The most important thing is making sure that you have received the Mark of Christ, which is the mark of ownership. If you like drive away your family, up to you. Get in to the Ark, that is the most important thing.
17.       We have journeyed all these years to a point where we cannot draw back anymore. We are not numbered among those that draw back unto perdition. We are among the people that look forward to the saving of their souls, for if we draw back, the Spirit of God shall not be pleased with us. Thus, we have come to the end of almost everything. Amen.
God according to the Prophet, God works with one man. Has he gotten one in our day? What then must I do that I may do the works of God? It is simple. Simply believe in Him whom He has sent. If you receive whosoever that God sent, you have received God. If you reject whosoever that God sent, you have rejected God.
2.          God is looking for one man who will be courageous to speak the truth without looking at anybody’s face. When God sends a man; one, He vindicates that man before many witnesses; two, He will give him people that will believe him.
3.          I repeat: When God sends a man; one, He backs him up by vindicating him with the signs of the supernatural so that people can believe him; two, He will give him people that will believe him.
4.          You see why everybody will not believe Me. Only people that were fore-ordained for the Son of Man will believe the Son of Man, the rest will not. Thus, if you have believed, it is not of your own making. It is God’s own making. The Scriptures said that this your believing is not of you own making, it is also a gift from God. It is God who has given you a believing heart to believe in Him. I will still show you something.
5.          Ministers, if you are not fully informed, all your flock are bound to perish, and I will require their blood from your hands. I am rounding off my programme. If I do not revisit it, it will be very difficult for you to be saved. If it will be difficult for you to be saved, what do you think will be the fate of the people outside who do not know God and they do not know what is happening?
6.          I am saying that if the righteous can hardly be saved, what is the position of those out there. You see why you have to take this Message seriously by repositioning your mind, by coming back to the Word, the Message of your day.
7.          This is not the time anybody will begin to give the Message private interpretation. This is not the time anybody will bargain for selfish gain, to dislocate the Message. This is the end and at the end, we expect nothing but our rewards. Every man must be rewarded according to his works.
8.          You are a privileged people. The Message you have believed is not meant for natural minded people. This Message is the Message that came down from Heaven, it is meant for heavenly bound people only.
9.          John 7: 3-4: “His brethren therefore said unto him, Depart hence, and go into Judea, that thy disciples also may see the works that thou doest.
10.       For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, show thyself to the world.” KJV.
11.       My doctrines are not mine but that of Him that has sent Me. If I have been claiming anything which God never made Me, by now my foolishness would have been made manifest. I know the source of my Message. My disciples know that my Message came from no other person than Christ Himself. Saint Paul equally made that statement that his Message had a source and that source was Christ.
12.       If the doctrines I have given to you all these years are man-made, how do you think Almighty God will vindicate it with sign of the supernatural? Can God vindicate anything that is in error? Any day God begins to vindicate something that is wrong, it then means God Himself has gone wrong. Please take note of it.
13.       Anybody rebelling against my teachings is doing himself more harm than good, and you are indirectly destroying your flock and destroying your stewardship. You know all of you are stewards, and as stewards, whether you like it or not, one day you must be called upon to give account of your stewardship.
14.       If you cannot give account of your stewardship before God, forget about the reward. God will not reward an idle fellow. God will not reward a non-performer. One that wears the tag “minister” as a title but he is not performing will not be rewarded.

15.       You are shepherds and the Word of God has always been directed to shepherds. Shepherds are those that lay down their lives for the flock. Shepherds are those that give the flock food. What if you are empty, can somebody give what he does not have? The situation of most of you prove that you are empty barrel that makes the greatest noise. What will be the condition of the flock that is entrusted to your care?
16.       God said to the shepherd to take heed of the flock that is entrusted to his custody making sure they are well taken care of. Have you seen yourself in such a challenging position? Do you at all realize that too many people pin their hope on you? Your flock is looking up to you at all times, and if you disappoint them, it is going to be very disastrous.
17.       They believe in you to tell them the truth. They believe in you to bring them back. They believe in you to the point of even defending their course. For if you are truly a good shepherd, you cannot live to see grievous wolves coming to take away your flock. Nevertheless, are you sure you are not that grievous wolf that is devouring your flock?
18.       Some of you do not believe this Gospel and you hinder your flock from believing. You are not working and you do not want them to work. There are some agents among us sent in by the Devil operating in many Local Assemblies whose work is to destabilize the peace we are enjoying in the Local Assemblies; they are troublemakers, who specialize in finding faults with their fellow Brethren.
19.       A faultfinder is a troublemaker and he is a non-performer. One thing common with all faultfinders is that they think they can perform but they do not perform. They think and assume, they have the feeling that they can do even better but put them there, they can hardly perform. Such people are not pursuing a noble objective in the Faith; rather they are the destroyers of the Faith. I call such people fire extinguishers.
20.       If you are a good shepherd, you are the consoler of your flock. You are their comforter. They take refuge in you. If your presence is not comforting to your flock, something is wrong with you.
21.       Ministers in this Faith, I wish to say that you should be careful. I remember in the Great Sermon, God said that the greatest unbelief is made manifest among the ministers and their families, that in every Local Assembly the mixed multitudes there are in the majority and they greatly found among the ministers and their families. What an awful statement!  What a horrifying statement, that when God is fishing out mixed multitude from among his people, you as a Bishop, as an Apostle, as a minister, will be the number one mixed multitude together with your entire family. What a shameful thing!
22.       As we journeyed along, we heard a Voice, that big names, prominent names can hardly make it. How does it sound in your ears? These stories I am telling from the beginning of this Message, will become testimonies by tomorrow. If you are intelligent, understand what the Spirit is saying.
23.       People can hardly take God seriously when He is sounding on a lighter mood, but when God is coming with thundering voice, maybe with fire from the sky, people will pay attention. However, if He comes in a very humble way, people can hardly pay attention.
24.       You know this is ministers’ meeting. Consider what you were eleven years ago, when the last meeting of the ministers was held, a child that was born eleven years ago, is he a small child?
25.       Many of you have not come into this Faith about eleven years ago, while some were in the Faith from the very official beginning. Some have left the Faith and you are still continuing.
26.       If gold can rust, what can you say about iron? If ministers could wander away from the truth, do you know the extent your members have wandered away? More so, when your Local Assemblies have been greatly politicized by their members to the point that they now belong to different  groups. There are ministers that will come to the pulpit and people will begin to sigh, there are ministers that will come to the pulpit and they begin to feel happy. It goes to show that they have divided themselves into groups.
27.       When you spurn the written Word and you spurn the Spoken Word, you are lost. When you spurn the Law and spurn Grace, you are also lost. If the Law does not save you and Grace cannot save you, are you not in the region of the lost. The Law does not make anything perfect but the coming in of a better hope does that, because it is established on a better Promise.

28.       If I should say that this would be the last ministers’ meeting in the Bride of Christ Ministry, I believe I am not making a mistake. Whatever might befall me today or tomorrow has already been predicted.
29.       I know that time is finished. I know that very well. There is no more time. Woe unto that man, woe unto that woman, woe unto that family that will conspire against the Son of Man and then take side against Him; and hand Him over to the heathens to be killed. Woe unto that man or woman that will even be in the place where the counsel will be taken, where the meeting will be held to kill an innocent man.
30.       There is what we call individual sin which will affect only the individual and there is what we call family sin. Family sin will wipe away the whole linage.
31.       I am the Messenger of your day. You are not Wesley’s disciples. You are not even Branham’s disciples. If all the disciples will line behind their own messenger, you will line up behind Me. You are privileged to be in a ministry which will perfect all that were before Me. I am running a perfection ministry.
32.       I was talking to Brother Abu recently telling him that forgetting God means forgetting about eternal life. I remember what he was when I met him in Abuja in those days. He could not even maintain his old motorcycle. Today, if money is your problem it is not to him. If woman is your problem, it is not to him.
33.       The Lord said to David that if he felt the women he had were not enough, that he should have applied to Him and he would have surrendered to him all Saul’s wives and concubines instead of taking Bath-sheba and killing the husband. The sin was not taking Bath-sheba; the sin was killing the husband who had already been marked for killing being a Hittite. If David was wise, he would have waited for the war to take the life of the husband.
34.       A Pharisee is one who is a womanizer in the secret. A Pharisee is a womanizer in secret but a true elect of God is a womanizer in opendential. William Branham said that women are the pacifiers of the world, that God made them from the beginning of the world to cool down the temper of the man. Every other animal in the world has a season for sex but a woman has no season. Pregnant or no pregnant, menstruation or no menstruation, she is always holding her legs up.
35.       Now I want to ask you a question. You know we are under His Canopy. You have read the Scriptures; have you ever read about the sons and daughters of King Solomon. If you know you have read any record of the sons and daughters credited to Solomon, who had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines; and he was the one that built the temple of God where the glory of God came down, if you know the names of his first son, first daughter, wife and the people Solomon left behind, if you know you have read about them, in the Chronicles or in the book of the Kings in any place or even in the Psalms, please show by raising your hand and I will resign from the pulpit right now.
36.       Apostle Kelechi? You were an Apostle before I came into this Ministry. Note, you are not an Apostle today, you have been an Apostle right from your mother’s womb. Do you mean to say that this man that married seven hundred wives, three hundred concubines has no child? Do you mean that there was not even one to his credit?
37.       Don’t be afraid, this is the interactive section of the meeting where everybody should be on a lighter mood so that you will know that I am HE.  GREATER THAN SOLOMON IS HERE.
38.       The people that troubled Me, they know I am permitting them in their weakness when they know that they have offended Me. They know I am not happy with them and they themselves are not happy with Me. They know that I know all things. The owl said that it knows that the child belongs to it but that it is afraid of the head. The owl said that it is afraid of the head of its child but that it is the one that gave birth to that baby owl. In other words, the owl is afraid of the size of the head of its child.
39.       You see, you are my friends. If I should deal with you according to the level of your transgressions, I bet you, you will draw back.
40.       Do you know what I told you from the beginning, if pleasing God means slaughtering all of you, I will do it. No matter your friendship with me, be very careful. God’s simplicity can never overlap His Lordship over us. That you ate and drank with Him, shook His hands, slept with Him and things like that, be very careful. It is a privilege and not a right.  Don’t go about bragging because you have not done anything to deserve it.
41.       I told you that nobody has ever read about Solomon’s family. It was recorded in the Scriptures that he married seven hundred wives even from forbidden places, and when they came, they came with the idols of their nations; and they established those shrines within Solomon’s domain. Do you want to tell Me that out of all these women, not even one had a child for Solomon?
42.       If you know the name of the first son of Solomon please tell me. Tell me who took over from Solomon.  Apostle Kelechi and Apostle Ojiakor, do you know? Who succeeded Solomon on the throne? Do you know the person that succeeded Solomon on the throne, because after David cometh Solomon.
43.       It was recorded that Solomon married seven hundred wives with three hundred concubines. All of them came in with the gods of their nations. They established the shrine in Solomon’s kingdom. Solomon from time to time will go to their altars with his wives, dance around them and worship. After, he will enter the temple of God and the glory of God will still come down.
44.       If you know any Scripture, if you have come across anywhere where God called Solomon to judgment for idolatory, please tell me. Was Solomon called an idolater? Did God call him to question for practicing idolatary with his wives? Did God even frown at it? Did God call him a sinner?
45.       What can you say about God and Solomon, a man that had seven hundred wives, three hundred concubines, all living with him? Do you want to tell Me that he did not serve God? However, the Scripture recorded that each time he entered the temple, the glory of God will come down and fill the temple in form of a Thick Smoke.
46.       Who can tell me how Solomon died, if he actually died. You have been reading the Scriptures everyday, have you ever read a Scripture which said that Solomon will live forever. We are all ministers in the same vineyard, we are joint heirs to the Kingdom. I am saying that both He that sanctifies and they that are sanctified, they are all one, for which cause He is not ashamed calling them His Brethren.
47.       You are my Brethren. I am not talking to you as strangers for there is no stranger here. These things are food for thought. Since you have been serving God, have you ever paused to think about these things.  Are they so insignificant that they should be neglected, that Solomon played an insignificant role that should be neglected?
48.       I remember the day I baptized Brother Mike Nwanga at the bank of the river together with Sister Chineye. There are too many things I dare not share with you.
49.       Jesus came not to do the will of himself but to do the will of his Father who sent him; and he said to the people that he came from Heaven and that he will be going back to Heaven. They said he is out of his senses, “How can he tell us he came from Heaven? After all, we know his family, we know where he is living, his brothers and sisters are very much around us. How can he be telling us that he came down from Heaven to do the will of his Father, who is that Father? He is out of his senses.”
50.       What if I tell you that I came down from Heaven, not to do my will but the will of He that sent Me and to complete it with joy? Many may begin to say, “We know his family, we know his father, his father died last year, how can he now begin to tell us that he came from Heaven?”
51.       Where do you think the cloud came down from? When we are in a ministers’ meeting like this, it is not a congregational meeting. It is an elevated meeting that calls for serious thoughts.
52.       What is the position of Solomon in Christ? What is the position of King Solomon in Paradise? Do you think he is among the unbelievers? Where do you place him? I do not know what you are preaching in your Local Assemblies, whether you are preaching Christ or you are preaching yourselves. I do not know whether you gather to make trouble. I do not know whether you gather to play politics or you gather for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ in humility, in meekness, in sincerity and in love.
53.       Fostering the cause of Christ in humility, in meekness, in sincerity and in love; if this is not the motive behind your gathering; something is wrong somewhere and must be addressed.

54.       God is the strength of His people. Count it not against Me. If I had a better place, I would have lodged all of you there. If I had the facility, I would have asked more people to join. If I have the food, I will give but where I do not have, I am assuring you of one thing: till the day you will leave, nobody will look lean.
55.       You are all soldiers of Christ. You remember the way I brought you up, I gave you real rough training and I told you that you are all infantries. An infantry can be deployed anywhere. Once you are brought there, anything can serve as food. Once you are an infantry you behave like an infantry. An infantry is a voracious eater. He is not glued to a particular brand of food. Anything can serve as food. Cocoanut is food to an infantry.
56.       Do not mind Brother Ugonna, who is very drifty and crafty. Brother Ugonna is drifty and crafty. Where is your Pastor, Rotimi? Check these two spirits in Brother Ugonna. He is drifty and crafty like his father. In other words, like father like son. If he must be saved, he must be completely separated from the spirit of his father. Thus, pastor him very well.
57.       Today you are staying in an air-conditioned office as a banker. Yes! I know that but you must be cautioned. To save somebody who knows the value of money more than the people around him is by amazing Grace. The worst spirit anybody can contact in this life is money spirit. The moment you know the value of money more than any other thing, you are perishing. Money now becomes your god. This is why it is very difficult for an accountant to be saved. To save an accountant is by amazing grace.
58.       Of course, you know what I am saying. Your father happens to be an accountant. He values money more than his life. Does it mean that I am condemning the profession? No. Neither do I condemn a banker but if you are banking, bank in Christ. If you are accounting, account in Christ. Whatever you want to do, do it in the fear of the Lord. 
59.       Recognize who you are. Do not be tied to a system you know that will jeopardize your future record with God. Even if others are moving to the right, you move to the left.
60.       Let me tell you the truth I know in Christ because I do not want to fool anybody. When an individual is asked to measure the height of a man, he measures from head to toe but God measures the heart. Unless you are liberally minded, you are lost. If you are not liberally minded, I say you are totally lost. Make no mistake about it!
61.       If you go to the book of James, it explained it more than any other thing.  A liberally minded fellow is all that God needs. Take note of all these truths. Amen.

This moment calls for sober reflection. Let it be known to you that any mistake anybody is making now is the greatest mistake. I do not know how that mistake can be remedied.
2.          All these years, truly speaking many of us have manifested great shortcomings. Now that we are almost at the end of everything, let us learn from our experiences.
3.          Happy New Year to all of you. We have to be grateful to Almighty God, who in his infinite mercy, has kept all of us alive and has brought us into the New Year: a very bloody year, a hopeless and useless year. Let Me hold my peace for now.
4.          Now this is the interactive section of the meeting. You are being fed with the Word of God and you remained feeding till now. You are indeed a wonderful people!
5.          This is now the interactive section. You talk to Me, I talk back to you. It is affording all of us the opportunity to share in common, our various experiences from almost all the Local Assemblies.
6.          So far, I wish to entertain few questions from you. It is now open, fear not. You have questions relating to the hour, this is the time to ask those questions. If you miss this opportunity, you may not have it again.
7.          Question:  “You gave us a puzzle about Solomon but you did not give us the answer.” 
8.          Answer:  If I give you a puzzle and supply you with the answer, I have made you an indolent student. If I as your Teacher will give you a question, I expect you to attempt the question but where you do not attempt it and you want the answer to be given to you, you are a lazy student. It is when you have tried and failed that I can now accept that you have not mastered it. In other words, try to solve it first, it is within your reach. It is not even a question.
9.          Another question. It may not be a question, it may be your experiences in your Local Assemblies which you may like to share with Me, or your own personal experience as it pertains to your ministry.
10.       I hope nobody is afraid. I do not have any other private time where you can meet Me than now. I need your questions. You mean to tell Me that you have no questions to ask Me, but when you get to your Local Assemblies you begin to phone Me asking Me questions. That which you will like to telephone, say it here so that others may benefit from it.
11.       Question:  “In first John, it said that anybody that did not confirm that Jesus has come in the flesh is an anti-Christ. Then it should have been anti-Jesus because the whole denominations confirm that Jesus has come in the flesh.” 
12.       Answer:  He did not ask a question. In his own opinion, he feels that maybe the writers made a mistake. He said, “It should have been,” which means he attempted correcting them but unfortunately he could not. I have  handled this matter in one of my Messages recently. I said the entire world is PRO-JESUS. Nobody is ANTI-JESUS. The Devil is also pro-Jesus. All of them conform with Jesus but not even one conform with Christ.
13.       Of course, you should know that there is a great difference between Jesus and Christ. There is a great difference between Brother Peter Odoemena and Christ. Jesus was a mask which Christ used in that day. As Moses was a mask which Christ used in Moses’ day. Saint Paul was a mask Christ used in Paul’s day. David was a mask, Solomon was a mask. All the Prophets were masks which God used at one time or the other.
14.       All the prophets of God had the spirit of Christ in them, for which cause they were persecuted without measure. They were not persecuted as individuals, what was persecuted was Christ in them. Today, nobody is persecuting  you, they are persecuting Christ in you.
15.       As a result, Jesus was born like any other person, but it pleased the Almighty God that the Sovereign Spirit called Christ should make him (Jesus) His (Christ’s) abode in his (Jesus’) day. Just like I am on the scene now, I was born in the same manner all of you were born. The only difference between you and I is that the Elohim dwealleth in Me. That is why you can call Me the revealed Christ in your day.
16.       Until this development took place, I was a friend of everybody but immediately Christ tabernacled  in Me, I became the enemy of all. Nobody was calling for my head when I was an ordinary man but from the day Christ tabernacled in Me, everybody is calling for my head. Therefore, the problem people are having has always been: believing that God has appeared as a human being.
17.       Now to you Bishop Nnachor, Saint Paul said that it was because he preached that Christ came as a human being, that was why he was maltreated. He was beaten, sent out as a criminal and was imprisoned. Now, was he imprisoned because of Jesus? You said no. Good, you asked the question and you answered it.
18.       Question:  “During the course of the Message, you said that we are now in the uniting time. … Sir should your children join in any union maybe…”
19.       Answer: Thank you! I know where you are heading to. If you go the Message William Branham preached many years ago titled “The Uniting Time of The End,” he said that when the world is about to get to an end, there will be false unity everywhere.
20.       This issue of “union” has been a thing of controversy everywhere. If they are uniting according to their occupations, so as to be in good condition of service, it has nothing to do with religion, there is nothing wrong about it.
21.       Take for instance, if the drivers will form a union, that is, a forum whereby they can come together to better the lots of the drivers, that is their welfare, as long as it is not attached to anything religion, there is nothing wrong there. However, the moment it is attached to religion, something is wrong.
22.       Nevertheless, I have to tell you the whole truth. There is no union today without religious undertone. Investigate it seriously; you will see religion under it. This is where you must be very careful. Before you enlist in any union, please make your faith known to them. If you do not reveal your faith, you will be in bondage. If after revealing your faith, they say that they will not like you to be in their union, you operate alone. Because I am sure and certain that membership of any union in Nigeria and in the world over is never mandatory, it is optional. In other words, you can check in and check out. The constitution guarantees freedom of operation.
23.       Do not allow anybody to fool you into thinking that if you do not belong to so so and so union, you will not get so so and so benefit. Let me use the case of the drivers’ union for instance.
24.       If it says that when you die they will come and bury you, if your wife will deliver, they will come and help you, if you get involved in an accident, they will come and help you, if you are in prison they will come and be giving you food; of course you know more than that. A sensible and intelligent fellow should not subscribe to such union, you operate alone.
25.       I still need questions that are related to the hour. That reminds me. Obosima Pastor stand up there. A Brother was phoning Me from your Local Assembly, telling me you excommunicated him from the fellowship. I was impatient with him because he misdirected his call.
26.       Nevertheless, there was one statement he made when I referred him back to his Elders to go and resolve it with them. He said that he will never get justice from them, that you have been on his throat for a very long time. In other words, you have been intimidating, harassing and embarrassing him, making it very impossible for him to settle down very well in the Faith. Take note of this.
27.       I am calling for question. Why not ask me questions that are relevant to the hour. 
28.       Okay let me ask you this question:  How do you know that you are saved from the wrath of God? How are you sure you will not be destroyed with the ungodly people in the world?
29.       You see, everywhere is quiet! Okay you can now ask Me questions. If you have no question, I will assume that you have known everything.
30.       Question:  “Has any Brother any right to take a Sister as a wife without doing the necessary rites to the parents no matter the situation he found himself, maybe the Sister took in for him.” 
31.       Answer:  Thank you. Well, let Me answer this question for now, and I WILL TELL YOU SOMETHING BEYOND THE CURTAIN OF TIME.
32.       Now, if a Brother is in love with a Sister and the parents of the Sister are aware, and two of them have come to a point where they have concluded to marry each other, and this their agreement has been made known to the parents of the girl, and the parents gave their consent, peradventure the Sister is pregnant and her parents are happy, whether the Brother has paid the dowry or not, it is not our business. It is a business between the Brother and the parents of the Sister.
33.       If the parents of the Sister so-called decide to give the Sister to the Brother as free gift, we will not challenge it. Is it clear?
34.       Now note, a certain Pharisee came to the Lord Jesus Christ with a question bothering on marriage. He said, “A particular woman got married to a man and the man died without having any issue with the woman. She got married to the second, he died also. The woman re-married to the third. So the woman continued to re-marry until she married the seventh one, and out of the seven, not even one had an issue with the woman until the seventh died also.”
35.       Then the question went like this, “Since the resurrection of the dead is real, the dead will surely rise. When this woman will rise, who among the seven will be her husband?”
36.       Is it not a very intelligent question? Jesus said that in the resurrection, you do not talk of husband and wife there. All angels have bodies. Apart from this Faith, there is no other place you will go and hear that angels are human beings. Angels are human beings.
37.       Jesus resurrected from the dead and it was from that day he resurrected from the dead that he became an angel. Before that time, Jesus was not an angel but he became an angel with angelic body after the resurrection. He resurrected with a body that could not die again with all the features of a man.
38.       This is a mystery. My joy is that you have been forbidden from going about preaching it. This mystery is to you and to you alone. In the beginning, God never intended that a man should marry a woman. God intended that a man a woman should reproduce and fill the Earth.
39.       Immediately after the destruction of the first world, whatever was left, Noah and his family, they started reproducing again according to the injunction. It was when they were building the Tower of Babel that confusion set in and they went to different places. That was the origin of different languages.
40.       In the resurrection, you will not answer husband and wife because you are now immortal beings. It does not mean that the male will become a female or that the female will become a male. For the fact that the people that will survive will be few, and God created this Earth to be inhabited, sons and daughters of God will fill this Earth. They will be given the same charge to reproduce and replenish the Earth. Everything will be made anew.
41.       Look at the way you are going to reproduce. All animals reproduce sexually, plants reproduce asexually. A he-goat has no wife, a male dog has no wife, there is no animal that can point to its own wife not even a chimpanzee. Do you know that a man has no wife? There is no man that has a wife. If you know you have a wife, show by raising your hand.
42.       That was how God made it from the beginning until iniquity was found in man. Man started coveting but in that place where we are going. It will not be so again.
43.       Yes, I need your questions. If you know all the whole mysteries, that is not a ticket to Paradise. You may know the whole mysteries and still perish.
44.       Question:  “I wish that God would help us to know how we can know that our names are written.” 
45.       Answer:  Thank you for creating more work for Me. The matter has already been handled in the tape.  Somebody that will help us by copying the message out from the magnetic tape. Instead of our Brother volunteering to help he is creating more work for Me so that when he gets to the Kingdom of Heaven, he will carry Me on his back. Well, I have answered the question let me stop there.
46.       Questions from the floor. Let Me say that I have not entertained any single question.
47.       Question: “Sir, in time past you told us that you will select some trustworthy Elders and take them to a place.”
48.       Answer:  Thank you for reminding Me of the promise I made. Do you know whether it has taken place now? I have not entertained a single question.
49.       Question:  “During the course of the ministration, you said, woe unto that man, that family that will conspire against the Son of Man to hand Him over to the heathens to be killed. What do you mean by that?” 
50.       Answer:  Okay. The Son of Man is mortal man. For now, what is in me is immortal. I am still passing through troubles in this flesh, I am likely to die. If the time for us to put up our immortal bodies has not yet come, I am likely to die like any other person. I will also resurrect like other people for I will not die twice.
51.       Jesus died and resurrected. He will not die again. Do we expect Elijah to come and die again? He will not die again. I am not talking about re-incarnation, I am talking about that same old Elijah. Catch me along the way, this same body is the same body you are going to put on but the only difference is that it will never taste of death again.
52.       The Bible said you are gods though you die like mortal men. Until the time everybody that will not die will be clothed with the body that will not die again, we will continued to die. That is all. I have not entertained a single question.
53.       Question: “Who are those the saints will rule in the Millennium?”