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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               



I am your “Mercy Seat.” However, I know that one day I will change position and sit on the “Judgment Seat.” He that has brought you thus far is the same “One” you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other person other than He that is with you now. Believe it if you can
— The Son of Man
Believe it if you can, you will be judged according to the Message of the Messenger of your day. As long as you have accepted and believed in He that is sent to you, it shall be counted unto you as your righteousness.

We are now at the Gate. What it takes to open the Gate is to put my hand behind, that is all. It does not require much effort. I have been labouring all these years, I am not labouring again. This is the time I should be drinking, making myself happy. A TOUCH ON THE DOOR BRINGS ETERNITY. All the toils and labours in this world is about to come to an end we are entering the city of unending days. We have arrived.
If there is a figment of Law in your heart, a figment of unbelief to the Word that has proceeded out from the Son of Man, the Gate can never open for you. You will stop your journey at the Gate. Salvation is by faith in Christ and Christ alone. 45 VS 4
                                                         –Son of Man.

Whoever that comes across this Message should place anything that is striking to him or her in his or her heart, FOR I AM ABOUT TO MAKE A PROCLAMATION. It may come out in types, in figures or in metaphor. It may even come out in any form or shape.
2.          If you go to the Message titled random comments volume 3, it was clearly written there that the secret announcement has been made: That the Son of Man has made the announcement. Unfortunately, many have missed it all. He (God) said that to help your faith more the pronouncement was made in the Message titled: ONLY GOD’S NATURE IS YOUR TICKET TO THE PARADISE. GO THERE, IN-BETWEEN THE LINES YOU WILL SEE THE SECRET ANNOUNCEMENT, EVEN THE DATE OF YOUR DEPARTURE IS THERE. For the Scripture said, “Let he that has an understanding, let him calculate the number for this number stands for the name of a man.”
4.          Let me tell you the truth finally: THE MYSTERY OF YOUR DEPARTURE IS HIDDEN IN NUMBERS. Hence, you could hear that any moment from now, just like play, play you will see countdown 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0; the end. Let he that has the understanding, the intelligence—the mystery is there in the numbers—calculate for the number is the number of your departure. If you can get it accurately: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, there is no need wasting your time. It is already there. I am talking about something there.
5.          You follow me gradually as I go to the written Word that has stayed with you all these years, for I wish to speak on something whatever the thing might be, may God help you to understand it. I am speaking on a very dicey and terrific but greatly misunderstood matter. You can title it any way you want to titled it. The title will change as I continue.
6.                 Put it as your title before I will introduce it. The title of the Message is: THE PAINS OF LABOUR AND THE JOY OF DELIVERY.
7.          Blessed be the name of the Lord.
8.          If there is a mystery all eyes see almost every day, it is the mystery of conception and delivery. In other words, if there is mystery or a wonder, I can call it one of the wonders of the world. The greatest wonder of the world is the wonder that is associated with conception and delivery. Whether it pertains to lower animals or human beings, I do not care.
9.          That a human being can carry a fellow human being in her belly for nine (9) months; sometimes ten (10) months; some times twelve (12) and even beyond and she will be moving about with a fellow human being right inside the belly, full of all the attributes of a human being.
10.      While she is carrying it, she is indulging in every kind of manual labour, walking about, farming, cooking; sometimes eating more than people that are very hungry. Then you begin to wonder where the food is entering. With the big stomach you might be sympathizing with the woman but before you know it she will be joggling. She does not seem to feel the heaviness of the protruding stomach. Is it not a wonder? Even the process is also a wonder, that is, human being forming out of nothing.
11.      The Almighty God Who is the Author of all wonders in the world, the Author of all mysterious wonders in the world is the Great Jehovah, the Supreme God, the Creator, the Supreme Intelligence that controls the whole Universe; He is behind all astonishing wonders we see with our eyes and embrace on a daily basis.
12.      In the olden days, or in the primitive days, when knowledge was just very little, our parents knew that the maximum number of months a woman will carry her pregnancy, even according to the Bible, if you go to Genesis, the report said nine (9) months. Our parent concluded that after nine (9) months a new baby would be added to their families.
13.      As they journeyed along, they began to see or notice that some pregnancies usually over stayed. Some go beyond nine months;  while some go beyond one year. In their fetish way of reasoning, they began to seek solutions by inquiring from their oracles what might be responsible for the abnormal delay in the delivery of the baby. Sometimes there could be nothing wrong externally. It could be some changes in the body. Anything can delay delivery. However, it is expected that from nine (9) months or from the first day of the nine (9) months a new baby is likely to come out.
14.      As we advanced, the idea of operation was introduced scientifically, and it was a wonder too. This wonder also emanated from the Almighty, for He was the first to carry out a surgical operation by sedating Adam. Adam was sedated and a surgical operation took place. Then the outcome became the formulation of a woman. That is the Good News account. Is it not true?
15.      In other words, the act of surgical operation is not science as far as God is concerned. You can trace every science to God. He caused a deep sleep to befall a man and the man was incised without feeling the pain for whatever He used in sedating the man was not alien to Him. I believe He collected the materials from the herbs, for as at that time human beings were vegetarians. The idea of eating meat was introduced after the deluge.
16.      Immediately God destroyed everything on Earth, Noah survived. God commanded that since there was no food and everything; He said that from the animals you have in the ark, kill and use as meat. That was the origin of man eating flesh, but until then, human beings were given the green leaves for food that is, human beings were vegetarians. I hope you are following me?
17.      Those I placed in front of the fellowship hall, rejoice exceedingly that you are in the Church this day. I will tell you why you are in front. I may not tell you but you will catch it along the way. It is not a ticket into Paradise!
18.      Because I remember the Message God gave us titled, “The Investigative Judgment before the Catching Away of the Saints.” God called all the Elders who were with Him from the very beginning to come in front. He Himself used His lantern to search to know if there could be any that does not have the Spirit of God.
19.      As He continued to move around them, the fire fell. About ninety percent (90%) of the so-called Elders who were sitting in front of Him are not having the Spirit of God, they were politicians, politicizing the Message but they were answering Elders. Thus, if you are in front happy are you but it is not a ticket to Paradise.
20.            Note what I am going to say: THE PAINS OF LABOUR AND THE JOY OF DELIVERY.
21.      There can never be joy without pains; the same way, there can never be pains without joy. In everything in this life, pains precede joy. The moment you see yourself having great pains, few steps after the pains will be Joy, Joy, Joy all through. Take note of what I am saying.
22.      The moment the day becomes terribly dark or the night is about to unfold into a day, it will become terribly dark that even to peep outside will be very fearful, but in less than thirty minutes you see the thick darkness vanish! Then the day will unfold.
23.      I want to say that gross darkness has covered the whole Earth. When the Scripture said that in the endtime before God will wind up His program from the Earth that gross darkness shall cover the Earth, people were thinking that God’s meaning is of the sky. They were looking for a day when the moon will eclipse the sun and everywhere will be darkness.
24.      Note, what God was referring to was not the physical darkness but the same darkness that covers the whole Earth in the days of Noah. Darkness covered the Earth and the Earth was filled with violence. Christ is the Light of the whole world. Once Christ is taken out of the world, the world is in total darkness.
25.      Let me take you back to the period of the INQUISITION. During the period of inquisition, it was recorded in the “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs  by John Foxe (1517-1587), and many other historical books that the entire world rolled into the period of darkness. Hence, we refer that era as period of Dark Age.
26.      Does it mean it was a period of unending night? No! There was day and night but everything came to a halt. All things pertaining to advanced knowledge, spiritual upliftment, academic upliftment and everything came to a standstill. Hence, there was other periods that followed and they called it “The Period of RENAISSANCE,” that is, the period of spiritual re-awakening.
27.      As many of you as were adults during the Nigerian civil war, it was referred to as a period of darkness in Nigeria. Gross darkness covered the whole Nigeria for everything about academic pursuit came to a standstill. There was nothing called Church anymore. Business activities halted. Immediately after the war, there was a call for a renaissance. That was why the first newspaper that was published immediately after the civil war in 1970 by late Dr. Ukpabi Asika was titled THE Renaissance. This means another time for spiritual re-awakening.
28.      I am saying that right now as I am talking to you, you are the only human beings that are still in the light, walking in the light. The entire world is groping in abject darkness, being blinded both by the madness of materialism, madness that is associated with political popularity.
29.      God has been politicized throughout the whole Earth. People simply make a fake show of the Name of God.
30.      The pains of labour and the joy of delivery. Whether delivery by natural system or by scientific system which is CS or operation, delivery is delivery. What gives the joy is the product of the delivery. Whatever that comes out of that delivery erases the pains, the agonies in one second. Once the woman opens her eyes and catches a glimpse of what is in the manger, she forgets all the pains she went through.
31.      I am laying a little foundation that will make you to understand Me when I go to the Scripture.
32.      Our fathers knew about this because God has already made it so that after nine months or within nine months a woman that is pregnant must deliver her baby. However, not without pains. As a result, there are pains that are associated with conception, labour and delivery. Nevertheless, once the delivery takes place, all these things will become stories of the past. That is, the pains of labour in one second, become a testimony of victory. Is it not true?
33.      Note, natural things type spiritual things for I am going into the Scriptures very soon. No matter the educational background of a physician or a medical doctor, no matter the equipment, whether you call it stereoscope or ultrasound, X-ray, even if he uses ultrasonic monitoring machine that can print out every information from the woman’s womb, note, there is not one that we can lay hands and say it gives us one hundred percent (100%) accuracy, not even one.
34.      Some even give misleading information that often times put doctors into trouble. Some do not even give the right information of the nature of the baby in the womb. For whatever it sees in the womb it labels a human being, but some of them turn out to be something like human beings but they are not and will never be, which we have seen happen in many places even among us.
35.      However, it took God with His natural eyes to say, “Brother, come o, what do you call this thing? Do you call it pregnancy? What this your wife is harbouring is not a human being. Make haste, and tell doctor that I said so; that he should open the womb, bring out this thing. She can carry this thing till eternity for it is not a human being. Any way, go. What will come out will surprise you.”
36.      Our Brother rushed to the hospital with some Brethren. Getting there the womb was opened. When he saw what came out, he ran away but the ultrasound has already written a singleton, mobile, this and that, mentioning length, but God said, “Do not listen to this nonsense. See! What is inside that womb is not a human being. I want you to begin to rejoice exceedingly for the Prophet made a statement.”
37.      How do you know that a Prophet has appeared on the scene? He said, “He would even begin to discern the thoughts of men. He will begin to reveal the secrets of the heart. Revealing things even scientific machine can never do.” I want to say that there is no wonder, at least for now, that is serious to wonder, if not conception and delivery.  
38.      Do you know that it is a wonder that a woman does not know what she is caring in her womb but she believes that something that is a human being, which may come out to be a tortoise, some snake, some monkey, some pussycat, is what she is carrying.  Try to understand Me.
39.      The only person who is sure and certain of the day the woman will deliver that baby is the Almighty God and He knows the way the baby will come out. Until then nothing happens; all predictions are useless.
40.      Sometimes, human beings by intuition and knowledge can make predictions that can clash with that of God accurately. Do you believe that? This is true! They can say sister, “You will deliver tomorrow,” and that one agrees with what God has in mind. Can you get it? The same way God can move that manmade machine—sometimes, not always—to pick that date and that is what is in the mind of God. God will not change it because it agrees with His, no.
41.      That the children of the prophets that were trained in the prophetic colleges, who were not a part of God’s program, that they could through the study of the Scriptures, the writeups of the astrologers and philosophers, intercept the day of departure of Elijah which was not a public announcement. Did that compel God to change it? No!
42.      They got it right. They told Elisha and he said, “I know about it.” Were they part of the program? No. It is through a thorough in-depth study of the ancient write-ups, what God will do, they intercepted the figures, calculated the numbers and they got that day accurately well.
43.      I am talking to the people I believe that are intelligent. If you are not intelligent, remain a fool.
44.      Whatever has a beginning must have an end. There is a day of conception and there is also a day of delivery. Moreover, the entire world will live to say what is contained in that Word.
45.      Note, only God knows the accurate date, time, hour, that a woman will deliver and in what form she will deliver, for delivery is like conception. Conception comes in different forms. Delivery also comes in different forms. Yet there can be artificial conception and there can also be a supernatural conception. There can also be natural conception. In all, they are all conception. Whether through supernatural or natural, she will deliver a human being.

46.      Of all men that liveth on Earth, only two individuals take note of that conception. Apart from Mary and Joseph, no other person fixed his or her eyes on that pregnancy than the wise men from the East. East means the place of the rising of the sun. The wise men saw Mary, they saw the pregnancy. Remember what the Prophet foretold to them. It was not ordinary pregnancy but natural and supernatural timetable. It was a timetable for a great event that has already been foretold.
47.      I am saying that Mary’s conception was tied to a very big event for without the conception there would not be a Messiah called Emmanuel, that a Deliverer will come from Zion, that a virgin will conceive and give birth to a child, a son and Emmanuel shall be the name. There must be conception first.
48.      Immediately the conception took place, the conception became a timetable. All wise men were looking away from the pregnancy. They were looking forward to the delivery day; and being wise men, they concluded many things: “Maximum number of period this lady will carry this pregnancy must be one year. Let us allot twelve-calendar months but we are sure she will deliver before the twelve-calendar months, so we must patiently follow and wait.”
49.      Their ears were open everyday; they remembered the words of the Prophets which made them to understand that there is going to appear in the East, a great Star. That the moment they see the Star they should know, and move there! They should use it as a guide to see the baby in the manger called King of kings and Lord of lords.
50.      In every generation, a star is sent to guide the people. Do not be afraid, do not be dismayed, your Prophet sleeps but not dead. The Word (Christ) is in the Bride.
51.      In the beginning was the Word the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is in the Bride in the last days, the Elohim will appear in human form, but you must see Him in His Church which is the Bride. As a result, do not ever look for Him among the clergy of that day, for He is not there. He is not appearing as a clergyman, no.
52.      He is not numbered among the clergy. You see why it will take the Elect to spot Him out. It will take the Elect and the children of the Prophets, who study the write-ups of the Prophets to Spot Him. I am going to somewhere.
53.      The wise men, through the study of the Scriptures, Prophetic write-ups, were able to notice the appearance of the Star. Before the angels made the announcement that, in the city of David, a Messiah was born; they had already seen the Star. Who made the announcement? Angels! Who where the angels? Human beings! Messengers. I say God’s Messengers that came with the glad tiding, published it to the shepherds in the wilderness, who turned out to be wise men waiting for the consolation of Israel.
54.      They moved immediately. When they got there, they said, “We have seen the Star, we have come to worship Him.” No more, no less. Now, when the information got to Herod, he summoned all the priests, astrologers and philosophers around him and brought out all the books of the Prophets and commanded them to begin to search and to study to know the foretold sign by the Prophets which they should see and then conclude that the Messiah has come.
55.      In other words, through the study of the Scripture, a wise and intelligent man of God, one that fears the Lord and avoids evil, can hook up even with the correct date God has intended to do all things, for God works with time. For everything under the Heaven, there is a time.
56.      You can even know the day you will die and how you will die. How do you know it? If you can search and study, you may discover what has already been written concerning you.
57.      When Jesus Christ was given the scroll, He opened it and read the portion that was written concerning Him. When they were afraid, panicking, He was dying, He said, “Don’t you believe all that the Scripture foretold and written concerning the Messiah: how He will come, what He will suffer and how He will be handed over to the heathen and how He will be killed?” Am I making sense at all?
58.      If you are in the front, happy are you. This day is not a day of madness. Everyone of you must give account why you have chosen to go the mad way. You will tell God what made you mad.

59.      If you watch a woman that is pregnant, even from the time of old, you watch animals that are pregnant also, with the little knowledge God has given to them, they normally watch out for signs. There are signs we call early labour signs. There are signs we will see and we will say that these are real labour sign.
60.      When Jesus appeared and told His disciples, “You will hear about wars and rumours of wars, pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places, nation rising against nation; these are signs of the end time, but the end is not yet come”.
61.      It is like the woman coming from the kitchen or from the compound, with the big belly and said, “My husband, I do not know, water is coming out of my leg. Call Daddy, the Son of Man! Place your hand here, the way it is making, my waist! my waist! my waist!” You will hear, “These are early signs of labour or false labour; you will deliver but not this morning. Make you dey enjoy, time still remain.”
62.      However, there is one thing clear: labour has started gradually and there is no going back. Life is about to come out and the most painful of all labour pains is one minute to the delivery of life. That one minute, is a “do or die affair.”
63.      At this point, a good medical doctor or a good midwife will tell the woman, “Muster all your strength now. Make no mistake about it. I am holding the head. You see the shoulders, well, unless you do not want to carry your baby alive. If you want to carry your baby alive, look at the baby coming out. Do not ever make a mistake. At the count of one, simply give the child to me. If you do not, you see this knife I am carrying, I will circumcise you, the second time is operation. No mercy! I do not want the death of the child to be blamed on me.”
64.      With her knife, peradventure you will not give the baby at once, she will cut—e piaa; second circumcision, after which she will begin to stitch it, but the joy is that life has come out. I am typing something.
65.      We are standing on number one, we have counted 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2; we are now standing on one (1), behind us is zero (0) which is the end. That is where we are now. Of course, you know that. No mistake about it.
66.      Note, the moment a woman is under labour step number one, whether the midwife is there or not, the membrane is already ruptured, blood has started coming out showing that she will not come down from that labour table again. If she must come down, know she will be carried in the stretcher to the theatre. Finish! However, to walk with your leg again, never, never.
67.      I am describing something which if we understand; passing on my message becomes very easy. I do not want anybody to complain, to murmur or to look sideways. Amen.

This place you are standing now is the most delicate, the most precarious, the most painful, the most troublesome, the most dangerous because life is about to be born into the Kingdom. Unfortunately, sorry to say it, not everybody is standing on countdown one.
2.          If I did not call your name among those that are in the Church, or among those that ought to be in the fellowship but are not in fellowship this day, please bear with Me. It does not mean I hate you, but re-examine yourself to know whether you are still with Me or you had drifted back, not knowing.
3.          You know it is a delicate Faith where you can fall away without knowing. You can fall out without knowing and still be jubilating. I want to say something here: about this great pains and the joy of delivery.
4.          There can never be delivery without signs and in every delivery; there is always the last sign. Remember delivery is a sort of exodus. The baby in the womb is no longer comfortable staying in the womb. The baby wants to come out; a sort of exodus.
5.          There is always the last sign, which the woman will see, the midwife will see it, the doctor will see it, and they know it is all over. In addition, once it gets to that point, the woman does not recognize anybody again. She does not know whether she is naked or not. Even covering her becomes useless. If you cover her, she will throw everything away. She is now one hundred and fifty percent mad woman. It is hard to believe. Go back to the mothers and doctors and enquire about this.
6.          At that point, they are more violent than a mad lion, their eyes are red, their fingers are stiff; anything they grip, it will be difficult to release!  If you are the husband, you stay by the side. It is no longer, “Touching me here, touching me,” no. When you are touching and touching, delivery has not yet come. When the time for delivery comes, you do not touch her anymore. Sometimes, if you are not courageous you think she is dying. She is not dying. She is living. You look at her face; you might faint thinking its death. It is not death. It is life.
7.          I am telling you where you are. You are not dying, nothing is devouring you here, but it is not an easy place. How long will a woman stay in that place? It is the shortest period, because if she stays longer than necessary, the baby will die and we will not allow that.
8.          For the sake of the life of the baby, the pain must be cut short in righteousness. Otherwise all the efforts, all the labour, all the expenses must be wasted. To avoid sorrow, to avoid regrets, it must be cut short whether the husband is there or not.
9.          Sometimes, we have stubborn husbands who do not know the value of life. They may not even show interest in whatever their wives are passing through during pregnancy. On the day of delivery, they may even walk away and feign ignorance as if it is very easy. You do not know that going into the labour room and coming out means resurrection from the dead.
10.      That is why when you meet that woman, the highest greeting is, “Welcome to the land of the living once again.” It is like somebody who entered the theatre for surgical operation. You say “welcome to the land of the living.”
11.      However, wicked husbands that do not know the value of life can hardly appreciate it. You can hardly hear the word of comfort coming out of their mouth, comforting the woman. Some even take it as their right: “What is there? Is she the only woman that is delivering? Some people are delivering every day. Some even deliver four, some deliver five. Simply because you delivered one.”
12.      You see, to a fool who lacks understanding, he does not know the value of life. I must continue to use this labour pains from now.
13.      THE PAINS OF LABOUR AND THE JOY OF DELIVERY. The reason why the woman endures all those things, even if she hears that she will be operated on is the joy that will be associated with the delivery when she shall begin to see her baby. The baby becomes her consolation. One glimpse of her dear child, all sorrows will vanish. Thus, she will bravely enter the theatre room, that is, bravely enter the labour room for the pains of labour are nothing to be compared with the joy of the life that is delivered.
14.      I am laying a foundation, which if you will understand, happy are you.
15.      Now, anybody can be in the dark concerning the day of the delivery of the woman, but not the husband, if he is indeed the husband. One; the Doctors will begin by giving predictions, the nurses will also make their own predictions. Science, through ultrasound will make its own prediction.
16.      Remember all predictions are pointing towards one thing: The day of delivery. If you do not know the day of conception, calculating the day of the delivery becomes very difficult. Thus, you must be sure of your last date of your menstrual period. From there, calculation takes off.
17.      When we say ultrasound, ultrasound, you supply the information, then ultrasound gives you the answer. You supply the medical doctor the information, he makes the prediction. The same is applicable to midwife.
18.      I am not throwing you back, but let me stand where I am standing. Anybody can feign ignorance of the delivery of the woman that is pregnant, not the husband, if he is actually the husband.
19.      Now, from the predicted date, which will always be within the same range; they must be within the same range for no one can exceed the other by more than seven days. They normally give their dates no matter how different they might be they are within the same range. If this one does not happen, the other will happen.
20.      What will be the next thing? From that day predictions started, the husband and the wife will be asked, advised to go and buy one Ghana must go bag. We call it preparation for delivery.
21.      You get the bag, put dettol, put soap, put napkin, put Vaseline, put hand glove, put everything important, all that will help the nurse or the doctor to administer a very safe delivery. They will list the items and hand the list over to the couples. Pack your bag and with specific instructions; “Any time you see so, so, and so, if you are in the market, come back carry, this bag and run to this hospital”.
22.      The bag is not something you begin to pack when the labour starts for you do not know how rapid the labour will be. The labour may start sluggishly. In less than ten minutes, it becomes very rapid. That is why sometimes, you see the women delivering the baby inside the car, some in the parlour, some at the gate of the hospital. Why? Because they were underestimating the rate of the labour.
23.      Remember, God is behind the labour, whether to hasten action or to delay action. What if He has decided to hasten the day, that is, He has decided to beat your imagination hollow by hastening the rate of the labour? Maybe you are having it in mind that you could go to Main Market and come back, purchase few things, prepare food so that your children will eat, and maybe in the night your husband will begin to eat.
24.      Before you know it, you see water coming out. Few seconds later you see blood.
25.      Remember that I told you that I would talk to you in types, in figures, in parables, metaphors and often times in plain language. Remember the hour we are in, remember where we are standing and I am describing events that must happen where we are now: cutting it in righteousness means hastening up action.
26.      If the midwife does not want to suffer herself too much, there are certain steroids she will use; like Pitocin. Administer the hot drip at once and the labour will be hastened. With this she has hastened action. If the doctor is so busy that he does not want to wait, he carries her into the theatre, in less than thirty minutes; he dresses himself and goes away. I don’t know whether somebody is getting the message?

27.      Do you know whether He (God) is no longer comfortable with you here? Have you not heard that He has over stayed, that He has sojourned with men longer than necessary? (check the message titled THE KINSMAN  REDEEMER, page 32, verses 25 & 26 for reference purpose).
28.      If He has been told that He will stay up till today, He would have refused to come. He would have said, “Father, make another choice”. No! You do not know this faith. Do you know the evil that started in the Garden of Eden climaxed in this age? The evil that started from the Garden of Eden, evil of all the generations, the Bible said that the blood of all the Prophets, including Abel, who was slain by Cain in the Garden of Eden must be required from the heads of the people of this generation. Is it not Bible? It is!
29.      In other words, the Son of Man is in trouble. The accumulated judgment of God will break forth upon the people of this generation. You see why it is not possible to live a godly life as is desired, for you are passing through too many things.
30.      If Michael the Arch Angel did not come, we are lost, for it requires the Elohim Himself to appear and redeem mankind. Otherwise, no hope. Hence, we can rightly say that God is our Saviour. God is our Saviour and our Redeemer. No more, no less.
31.      Give Him the whole glory, look away from what is happening now and face the woman that is delivering. The whole signs are around us. We sang it in our song; we have seen it in the Scriptures. From our coarse study of the Scriptures, we have come to realize that we are at the end time. For all the foretold events that will mark the end time are now here with us and by these we can stand and declare: “Thus saith The Lord of Host, the end is here”, for Thus Saith the Lord can never fail. The same way it remaineth one day.
32.      That day the woman started packing her luggage, the Ghana must go bag in preparation for delivery might be some months, weeks or days far away from the day of delivery and when the woman is absolutely ready, joyfully ready, especially a first timer, she prays God should hasten the day. Not knowing the pains she will pass through.
33.      I cannot forget our first experience when my wife conceived. We were expecting our first child, then I went to Lagos, bought sterilizing unit, super class from Leventis stores. I was making sure my wife will never use anything imitation to nurture my first baby.
34.      I bought disposable napkins in cartons; everything. I packed about three bags. Whatever the nurses required, I set one for them and two for my house. We were praying for the day for my mother-in-law was alive and that one happened to be her first grandchild coming from her daughter. Although she had grandchildren from her sons but that one will be number one.
35.      She came down a month before the delivery and hastened us up everyday: “Son-in-law, go and buy castor oil.” I bought castor oil for my wife to drink, yet no way. We went to the doctor and he gave injection, yet no way. We were praying that the delivery will come not knowing that there will be pains. Even my wife never knew that there must be pains. We thought it would be joy, joy carrying the bag there, carrying the baby and coming out just like that.
36.      Thus, anytime she said that she saw little sign we would carry the bag to hospital. After two hours, they will tell us to carry the bag and go back. We carried it three times, and the fourth time I said that I would not go again. The nurse said no and then seized the bag. The midwife has to hide the bag in her house—a very nice woman—and commanded two of us to go as she said, “Odoemena, you can travel to Lagos if you can commit your wife into my hands.” I said no that I want to be there.
37.      We continued but do you know the day the labour came; well to God be the glory.

38.      What am I saying, when you have made yourself ready, your prayer will be that God should hasten the time, but when you are sure you are not ready you will be reluctantly wishing that God should please have mercy and delay for sometime.
39.      If I continue to wait until all of you will agree with Me in one mind and say, “Let it happen,” we will remain here till eternity for among you are people that are not willing to go anywhere for now, for God has started visiting them in a very wonderful way. They have started enjoying the life they could not enjoy for sometime now, and they are wishing they should be allowed one year, two or three to enjoy it more.
40.      While there are some who will because of trouble they are in: they cannot feed themselves, they have no work, they are looking confused, they are saying, “God, let it be now.” Note, not that they are ready, but they want to go away so as to run away from trouble.  You see, the other one will say, “God delay it, let me enjoy life a little! All these years I have been suffering. Now you have come my way, please if it is two years or three you can now come.”
41.      However, there is another group, they are very comfortable, they are eating, they are drinking, they are healthy only that they are passing trouble like every other person in the flesh, by passing or being subject to diverse temptation and trials. They are fed up with what is happening in the world which they are not the cause. They can see everything around and predict a hopeless future awaiting mankind for that reason they say, “God, it is better to depart than to stay here to witness all these mess.” They are being troubled daily by the atrocities; evils that are being perpetrated in the world by fellow humankind and this are the right people God has come to save.
42.      When He said, “Investigate and number those that are being perplexed as a result of troubles and evils that are widespread in the land;  they do not want to be partakers,” remember, these are the categories that are qualified to cross my Gate.
43.      Where do you belong to taking into account the three kinds of believers as we stand at the Gate? These type of believers have emerged in the Bridal Faith: “Wait a little;” “Please do it now, am dying. No food, no money, no enjoyment. No, no, no. I feel like dying.”
44.      To another group, this world is a hopeless world, and they say, “God, there is no need leaving this world. There is no need allowing this world this way. Destroy this world and start all over again even if am not going to be saved,” and these are the group God is looking for.
45.      If you do not belong to this category, even as I am talking to you now, pray that I will not open the Gate even this day. What if I open it now, will you stop Me? Did I not say that God would hit you below the belt, not the way you think but the way He wants? For He said you should not tie Him to any date or time or program Him. Does it mean He does not have a date in His mind?

46.      Even the Bible said it in the Acts of the Apostle chapter 17 that He has fixed a day in which He is going to judge the world in righteousness. THROUGH THE SEARCHING OF THE SCRIPTURES, SOMEBODY MUST HOOK UP WITH THAT DATE. Yes sir!
47.      Do you know that it was through the searching of the Scriptures that Daniel discovered how many years to go? Is it not true? Through the searching of the Scriptures the wise men know the day and where Jesus Christ, the Messiah of his day was born. Is it not true?  Through the searching of the Scriptures even Moses discovered the appointed day he meets the people at Goshen. Through the searching of the Scriptures St. Paul discovered that he and all that believed God could not be saved by obeying Law of Moses. Am I making sense at all?
48.      Note it very well, it is through the searching and in-depth study of the Scriptures that we have come to believe and to proclaim that the very Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is the very anti-Christ as documented in the Book of Revelation. It is through the searching of the Scriptures the calculation there off that we emphatically stand and proclaim that America featured in Revelation 13 for she is that woman. Leave Me alone!
49.      Note, where we are, does not give you time again to go and think of it and come back. It is like sending Jonah to Nineveh to go and proclaim to the land of Nineveh that within forty days that if they do not repent that they will be overthrown by the sword. Moreover, Nineveh, the commercial city has the population of over four million people and Jonah was the only messenger that was sent. Tell me how he can evangelize to the whole of Nineveh in forty days.
50.      If baptism is a condition, how many years will it take to baptize all of them? Tell me the type of repentance and restitution they will make within forty days! Now note. Only one thing was required of them: A CHANGE OF MIND. Hallelujah! Amen.
51.      It was through the searching of the Scriptures that we came to realize that the two angels of destruction documented in the Bible that went to Jericho where Joshua and Caleb. Bible said that God sent two angels of destruction to go and destroy the nation of Jericho. Then the two angels became Joshua and Caleb.
52.      Well, to God be the glory. What took Rehab and those that were in her house to be saved from the destruction is having faith in the message of the messengers. They believed and they acted. No more, no less. There was no instruction that said that Rehab stopped her business or that Rehab repented, baptized and then baptized the rest that came to her house.
53.      What can you say about the first exodus? Only one thing was required? Express your faith. Apply the blood on the lintel of the door. At that sixth-hour, begin to leave the city of Goshen and head toward the Red Sea, finish. The whole preparation for departure were made before the atonement was made. The atonement was the lamb: “When I see the blood I will pass over you.”
54.      Moses said, “Early hours of the morning begin to head to the road leading to the Red Sea for I have taken permission from Pharaoh to permit us to go and worship our own God in the wilderness in our own way.” Did they go to worship? Amen.
Now I am going to the word. The pains of labour and the joy of delivery. We are having our labour, the labour has started whether you call it early sign or first labour, labour has started. Will it go back again?
2.          In other words, we are now counting in days and no longer in months. I do not know whether somebody has gotten the message. The moment labour signs begin, a pregnant woman does not count in months again.
3.          She now counts in days: from days to hours, from hours to minutes, from minutes to secondS, from secondS to in a twinkling of an eye
4.          Many do not know why we are in this wilderness. Some do not even know the meaning of this our ground of worship called Jerusalem, the Valley of Decision. Have you wondered why many Churches have attempted to be here even before your eyes they could not succeed? Each time they come, God will say, “Do not trouble them, they are packing away.”
5.          God has isolated us in this wilderness. God quarantined us in this wilderness and nobody can contaminate us. This is where God has placed a pure virgin.
6.          Do not worry, any moment from now, what happened before will happen again. In the attempt to kill the Messiah in the days of Herod, innocent people perished and they never knew that the Messiah and the family has taken their flight.
7.          There is a big lion that is moving around this pregnant woman. A big lion is moving around this pregnant woman, aiming at killing the baby once it is delivered. However, God has taken the woman to the wilderness.
8.          In the attempt to devour the baby and the mother, many will die, sorrow will fill everywhere while the woman and the baby have taken their flight.
9.          Get ready for your flight for your flight is near. It is nearer than you least expected. For there is no period in the history of mankind when prophecies from the Spoken Word of the Messenger of God are fulfilling so rapidly than they are fulfilling now.
10.      Hence, the time when we shifted the fulfillment of prophecies, Spoken Word to the future are completely over.
11.      If you are fond of postponing the fulfillment of prophecy to the future, I bet you, you will postpone your salvation into the greatest horror in this generation which is the great tribulation where no flesh is saved.
12.      You will be numbered among the foolish virgins; so it is with people who procrastinate, who come late to meeting, people like Apostle Orjiakor and the family, John Ekwueme, Shedrack Onah, and the rest of them. Who can hardly do things according to time. Get ready that you will not be numbered among the foolish virgins. Even Deacon Vin Obidinma habitual late comer in everything.
Pray hard that you will never come late that day only to see the door closed. Not that you committed sin but you came late. Amen.

The book of Amos 3 : 7, Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” KJV.
2.          “But all way first of all I warn you through my Prophets this is how I have done.”LB. 
3.          “The Sovereign Lord never does anything without revealing his mind to his servants the Prophets.” GNB. 
4.          “Surely the Lord God will do nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the Prophets.” Amplified.
5.          William Branham the Prophet said, “Do not be afraid, do not be dismayed, your Prophet is asleep and not dead.” The Prophet predicted the hour we are in. The hour we are in can be a secret to everybody, in William Branham’s day, was it a secret? No. He knew that if he tarries in this flesh, he must meet it. If he dies, the living must meet it. To him it was a reality.
6.          The word of God is of no private interpretation. God is ever behind his word.  He made it clear and said behold I will do a new thing, before they will come forth I will declare them unto you. Is it Scriptures? That God promised that He will do a thing and before that thing will come, He will first of all tell you about it. He equally went further to say, “I will do a new thing which if people are told they will not believe.”
7.          A new thing I will do in your day, even if it is explained to people they will never believe. Has He not been doing it in your day, things that are unbelievable to the heathen? Tell them that God is on the scene, will they believe? Tell them that Christ has appeared in power and great glory as He promised, will they believe? To them it is a strange phenomenon to us also it is strange but we were taught that was why we are able to believe.
8.          “I will declare, I will declare, I will declare,” “Will they believe?” “Yes!” “Are you sure?” “Yes!” “Why are you saying yes?” “Because I have taught them.”
9.          No mistake about it at all. So follow me gradually. The Scripture said the Lord our God will do nothing but he revealeth his secret to his servant the Prophet. In other words if you are serving God, the Most High God in His own chosen place of worship, note, there can never be God’s chosen place of worship without a Prophet.
10.      Wherever there is a chosen place of worship, a Prophet must be stationed there who will always declare the mind of God to the people. For the fact that we can stand boldly, as many has been with me in this faith even till today, events are made clear by prophecy. We can boldly now announce to the whole world that there is a Prophet of God in our midst. For He has spoken in the Name of the Lord on so many occasions and before our eyes they have come to pass.
11.      In other words, if we are the people of God of course you know we are, there is no secret between God and us for He said that He will do nothing but revealeth all His secrets to His Servants the Prophets. What will the Prophets do? They will announce those things to the people of God: “Thus saith the Lord.”
12.      Do you believe Moses to be the Prophet in Egypt? The mind of God was revealed to Moses and Moses revealed it to the people. The mind of God was revealed to Joshua and Joshua revealed it to the people. The mind of God was equally revealed to Jesus and Jesus revealed it to the people.
13.      In the Gentile, He revealed His mind to Paul and Paul revealed it to the people. Even the mind of God was revealed to Agabus and  Agabus revealed it to Paul and too many others. For in the Church of God there are Prophets, Apostles and things like that. What a wonderful privilege we are enjoying serving God in the midst of His own chosen Prophets and Apostles.
14.      You see why mystery, secrets that is hidden, unknown to our fathers, He has now made known to us through the ministry of His chosen Prophets and Apostles. What a privilege we are enjoying!
15.      Our song said believe the message you have heard, stay with the message you have heard for thus saith the Lord can never fail. Has it failed before? No!
16.      The pains of labour is about to be over. The pains of labour is about to be over, the next thing will be the joy of having a brand new baby for life is born. When life is coming out, the face of a woman is never a human face. When this happens, life is coming out.
17.      The Lord our God will do nothing but revealeth His secrets to His Servants the Prophets.

18.      Second Peter 3 : 10-14, “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
19.      Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?
20.      Nevertheless we, according to his promise…”
21.      Nevertheless, we, according to His Promise, not the entire world that is about to be burnt off, but we according to God’s promise. Remember this promise was given before the Law came. The Law that came four hundred and thirty (430) years after the Promise can never in any way cancel the Promise or make it of none effect. Thus, Law or no Law the Promise stands there.
22.      “….Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. …”
23.       Note, a new Heaven and a new Earth. Remember the message, “Lo, I Make All Things New.” A brand new fellow, a brand new Earth, a brand new Heaven. For God has earlier promised in the book of Ezekiel chapter 36 that He is going to give you a new heart and a new Heaven. He also promised to transform your mortal body and give you a new body. Therefore, it becomes a new spirit, a new heart, a new body, a new Earth and a new Heaven in keeping with His Promise “Lo, I make all things new.”
24.      Then shall come to pass our song that used to say: “Am a new creation, am a brand new man, old things are passed away, am born again, more than a conqueror, that is what I am. Am a new creation, am a brand new man!”
25.      God is making all things new; note, all things means all things. Do not allow the Devil to explain it away from your heart. It is not this your own mortal body now, not this your mortal cloth that tear into shred. Do not worry am coming to something.
26.      “…Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent …”
27.      Since that we look for such thing, are you looking for such a thing?
28.      “…Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.”  KJV.
29.      Did he say, “Found of him in pieces?” However, up till today people that are looking for this type of promise are still quarrelling among themselves. Ministers quarrelling among ministers, husbands quarrelling with their wives, children quarrelling in the families; the center cannot hold. Yet we are standing at the Gate.
30.      Well, God said that this thing that sound like a story today will be a testimony tomorrow. For no Prophet of God ever contradicted it. No Prophet contradicts each other as far as this matter is concerned.
31.      Do you know John the Revelator saw this new Heaven and new Earth in the book of Revelation? Is it not true? Who will be partakers or heirs to this Promise? It is you and I. that is where we are now! The rapture is with Me! What will carry Me is here.
32.      Remember our song: “Swing low, sweet chariot coming forth to carry me home, swing low, swing chariot coming forth to carry me home!
33.      He has swung low, we are only expecting Him to go back. He has come very low, see how lo He has come, we are now waiting for the day He will go back and He will go back with whatever He has collected so far.

34.      You cannot be more wretched in sin than Mary Magdalene or the criminal that was nailed at the cross. Can you be corrupt more than Zacchaeus? No! You cannot be a murderer more than St. Paul who even murdered Stephen and conceded to his death. However, he was an elect.
35.      Can you be bloodier than David? Can you be bloodier than Moses? Going by the deeds of the Law no man should shed blood.
37.      Lord I believe all things are possible, Lord I believe. I believe, Lord I believe, Lord I believe all things are possible, Lord I believe.”
38.      The Bride is holding the power that is shaking the hour. Outside this Bridal Faith, everywhere is dryness. Go to anywhere you want to, fly to the moon, fly to the sky, go into the ocean, the Voice will say, “Go back, He is there in your midst.”
39.      You want to wonder away, you will hear a still small voice saying, “This is the way, walk therein.” Is that for everybody? This is a way for well fairing men. It is not meant for everybody. No!
40.      Now you see what God said about their destruction. When you hear THE DAY OF THE LORD, do not pray for the day of the Lord. It is a day of horror, a day of great distress. I have taught you that in the Message titled “God’s Prophecies are tied to Time.”
41.      This is what is going to take the entire world by surprise. For it will come to them just like a thief takes it victims unawares in the night. When they are going everywhere saying peace and safety, politicking, before they will know it sudden destruction will come. However, we have escaped, remember they were in the dark. That is why they cannot notice any sign in Heaven and on Earth. They do not know the Scriptures nor the power of God and they die, perish because of IGNORANCE which God has told us to be a deliberate misfortune and a self-inflicted injury.
42.      They had enough time but they have devoted that time to useless nonsense, to things that have no lasting value. If you must covet anything, if anything must trouble, you pass sleepless nights because of something, let that thing be something that has eternal value. Anything that does not have eternal value, please give its own place for it is temporary, it is perishing with this perishing world.
43.      That is where I talked to my Brethren say, “Borrow a cue from me.” Borrow a cue from me, that is, follow my example. As many that have been following me, they know what I have been telling them. God said, “You should disentangle yourself from any earthly tie. Place things where they belong.”
44.      I told them loud and clear with all my heart that my whole house which I am constructing at the command of the Lord is a sign, and it is a deceitful house; very, very deceitful for it will deceive many. For I placed it there, work in it gradually, step by step, but never giving my time or attention to it, and I am never attached to it no matter how beautiful for it is placed as a sign, a deceitful sign.
45.      Idiots who lack wisdom may die while building mansion. God said, “If you want to build, build, but build in the fear of the Lord and regard it as one of those temporary acquisitions that belong to this world, that will perish with the user.”
46.      Whatever might be your acquisition in this world, that house, even if it is one million storey building, whether you like it or not, you must pack away from it one day. If you do not pack away while you are alive through rapture, you will pack away through death. The highest honour you will get is that the living will open one room and bury you there, floor it and stay there to entertain people. All your vehicles, I do not care their brands, they are fine, the highest honour you will receive is to convert one as ambulance, temporarily to carry your corpse to the grave and it is brought back.
47.      When we bury you, the living will be riding the vehicles. Your most beautiful bed will only serve one purpose: stretching you there. Sometimes it can be removed and Sister Egbuna will use blocks to construct one that will be hard, lie you there after which we will remove the blocks.
48.      Tell me, is it your position in your office? Are you the first person that has been there? Do you think you are the last? Tell me that your profession and I will tell you people that were there before you were born who are no more.
49.       Is it your certificate, it is not transferable, the highest honour it will receive is to place it inside your casket, bury it the day you are buried. Mention what that thing looks like, I do not care.
50.      I was talking to a Brother, I said, “Look at, do you know that the presidential jet that carries only eight persons was purchased for President Goodluck Jonathan at sixteen point two billion Naira (16.2000, 000,000. 00) from America and I do not know if there is any house anybody can build that will cost that amount. Yet that same aircraft came to Nigeria and became faulty. Today it is reported to be lying idle there.
51.      Sometimes it can catch fire, it is scrap, it is not good for a house. Nobody can live there, it is good for nothing. That thing which is disturbing you, does it worth more than a brand new luxury bus which Chisco bought and it fell into the river at Ore or the ones that caught fire along the high ways and got destroyed?
52.            Tell me, poor people like us, millionaires of this world, wealthy people of this world, may be justified if theIR wealth TRAPPED them here. Poor people like you, What is your justification IF YOU ARE TRAPPED?
53.      That thing which you are not prepared to forfeit for the sake of eternal life, is what will hinder you from getting eternal life and also put you into perpetual torment in Hell.
54.      Do you know that when the judgment of God strikes, nobody will enjoy the wealth of the world again? People that built great mansions in Kaduna, they called those houses “Paradise on Earth,” but they lost them in the inferno during the political riot. Some built in kafachan but they lost them through riot, so it is everywhere. What is that thing? Tell me what that thing is which you can look back and consider say, “God, please delay?”
55.      What do you think you will be tomorrow? Which nobody has never been. The highest is to be the president of Nigeria or secretary of UN just like Koffi Annan.
56.      If you do not know who you are and what you are made up of, your life is in danger. Do you know where you took off? Do you know where you are going? Do you know those things that will help you to get there and things that will hinder you from getting there? Note, there is a great folly in sophistication. Our present generation is being deceived by the follies of sophistication. Everybody wants to be synthetic.
57.      Do not worry whether synthetic or not, fire will try all things. God said that we should never allow our heart to be tied to any of these manmade temporary achievements which eyes can see. Anything which eyes can see is temporary, what eyes cannot see is eternal.
58.      There is no house that has eternal value. It can even collapse on its own, when it expires it will collapse. There is no vehicle, no ship that has any eternal value. Some do not even believe in eternal life. Eternal life is such a clear matter that has been demonstrated in many ways even physically, so doubting it makes you the greatest unbeliever in the whole world.
59.       The world is groping in darkness but you are not in the dark. First Thessalonians 5 : 4 -11, “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief…
60.      Remember we are talking about Peter. Peter has written and Paul is confirming. They were all Prophets, they were Apostles, they were messengers of the same Message. Any contradiction? No.
61.      Verse 5: Ye are all the children of light…”
62.      Ye are all the children of what? Light!
63.      Verse 5-9, “Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.
64.      Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night.
65.      But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love; and for a helmet, the hope of salvation.
66.      For God hath not appointed us to wrath…
67.      If God has not appointed me to His wrath, who are you to push me there?  If God has called me not to receive His wrath, are you the one to push me there? Did God send you to arrest me? You must know who you are, know where you are, know where you are heading to, know why we are ready to die in defence of this Gospel truth, more so, as we are counting one (1), we are no longer counting two (2), we have passed two (2), now one step forward, you are already there. Finish.
68.      Do not worry things are coming up.
69.      Verse 9-11, “…For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,
70.      Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.” KJV.
71.       “But, dear brothers, you are not in the dark about these things, and you won't be surprised as by a thief when that day of the Lord comes. For you are all children of the light and of the day, and do not belong to darkness and night.
72.      So be on your guard, not asleep like the others. Watch for his return and stay sober. Night is the time for sleep and the time when people get drunk.
73.      But let us who live in the light keep sober, protected by the armor of faith and love, and wearing as our helmet the happy hope of salvation. For God has not chosen to pour out his anger upon us but to save us through our Lord Jesus Christ; he died for us so that we can live with him forever, whether we are dead or alive at the time of his return.
74.      So encourage each other to build each other up, just as you are already doing.” LB.
75.      For God has not appointed us to incur His wrath, He did not select us to condemn us. That is all I want you to know. God did not select us to turn around to condemn us. You see why I said that of all people on Earth we are the most privileged. These awareness is never seen anywhere for people no longer go to Churches because of eternal life, they go to Churches because of pseudo-psychological religious promises that are being offered to them by sycophants and nonentities whose gods are their own belly, who extort money from their members, enriching themselves by saying things God never said.
76.      You see why I took my time and I am still taking my time to make sure nobody in this Faith ever taste Hellfire. What am I doing? I aim at disabusing the mind of my disciples of everything called theological salvation which is no salvation in the sight of God. For all the Churches have their theologies about salvation things their members can do and then be saved. Some have some prayers they called “special prayers” they would offer to their members and their names will be canceled from the Book of Death and be transferred to the Book of Life. Rubbish!
77.      Some have set rules and regulations their members must observe and then get saved—theological salvation.
78.      We are talking about Christ salvation. No more, no less. For outside Christ, there is no salvation. Remember I told you—and you know I cannot deceive you—that the entire Church world, the heathen world and the Muslims, they are all pro-Jesus, no anti-Jesus again.
79.      When you mention “Jesus,” everybody is pro-Jesus: cultists are pro-Jesus, secret societies are pro-Jesus, the whole Churches are pro-Jesus, native doctors are pro-Jesus, every kind of fellow is pro-Jesus; yet you can never see Pro-Christ rather you see Anti-Christ for there is no Anti-Jesus.
80.      Everybody is subscribing to Jesus subscribing to Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost power, Holy Ghost pursue them, Holy Ghost this, Holy Ghost that, no Anti-Holy Ghost. We are talking about Christ and His salvation but we are not talking about what you know or what you do not know. Amen.