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If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? Every Messenger of God in every age has always been God-man. As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and reject Him. Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
  God’s plan is that you should soar like eagle. Thus, you must refuse to die like a chicken. Have expectation for good success. Do not be self-defeated. Work hard; pray well and expect a good turnaround. It is your turn to laugh. It is your turn to sing songs of joy. It is your turn to get good and profitable employment. It is your turn to get married and have a happy family. It is your turn to succeed.
As you move forward with confidence and faith in God, you will surely make
it and succeed in life. I wish you a great success.

You can control your future if you want to.  This is so because you have the power to control and manage your thoughts to your own advantage or disadvantage.  As you think in your heart, so you are. 
2.         Honestly speaking, you can change the direction of your whole life if you wish.  You are your own self driver with your brain as your steering and your mind as your eyes.  Just like the vehicle driver, if you lose consciousness of yourself or lose control of your steering, you are bound to crash. 
3.         As the sole driver, you will either drive yourself to safety or to destruction, to success or to failure.  The choice is yours. 
4.         A good driver that is determined to reach his destination on time and alive too. In addition, he must be very careful to avoid all avoidable obstacles and distractions along the way and focus all his attention on his destination.
5.         For that reason, you can therefore effect a positive change in your life by thinking success, dreaming dreams bigger than your present condition, being diligent, having a strong belief in yourself to succeed come what may, striving earnestly to be above average, inculcating and developing the right attitude to life’s situations and circumstances.
6.         Truly speaking, you can change your situations from bad to good, worse to better and better to best.
7.         The Almighty God created you in His own image and likeness and commanded you to subdue the world and occupy.  He therefore endowed you with specific talents, abilities and capabilities that will make you achieve fuller success in life if they are properly harnessed and put into use.  As you discover these God-given gifts and talents, develop and employ them to better your lot and that of other people, you are already in-charge and control of your future.  The fear of failure automatically vanishes away from you.
8.         To be in control of your future requires that you do not only think success, but you also act success.  Successful people are not only those that think success but those who do what the average people are afraid to do.
9.         One of the secrets of success is hard work.  No matter how you pray to God, if you refuse to work after praying, till eternity, you will never realize your goal in life.  If you refuse to do what you are supposed to do, you can never be what you want to be.  Those that really desire and want to control their future are men and women that work very hard. 
10.     The surest way to climb the ladder of success is by being diligent at work.  Lazy people can never succeed in anything in life except failure.  Indolent set of people and sluggards have no bright future to enjoy and control. Be lazy and remain indigent.  Be diligent and have a bright future.
11.     If you lack vision, you cannot control your future effectively.  If you cannot dream big dreams, your future is bleak. 
12.     People with vision, passion and commitment are the people that create good destinies for themselves and enjoy good and happy days in their lifetime.  The lazy ones end their lives in despair, sorrow, frustration, anguish and disaster.  What a horrifying self-disappointment! 
13.     It is high time we started having a firm grip and control of our future.  The future and the picture you have painted for yourself must eventually come to you if you do what you are supposed to do.  Your future, to a very large extent, lies in your hands. 
14.     God has given you all that you need to make life whatever you want it to be, even your good health.  You are therefore without excuse, because every excuse is a part of your problem.  Your future, therefore, is in your hands to control.  You can now choose the life you desire to live.  If you want to be pauper, a criminal, an average man, which is a decorated poor man or a king or slave to the society, all are in your hands. 
15.      Nobody is born a failure, the same way, nobody is born a success.  If you succeed, people will celebrate you but if you fail they will mourn you alive.  The world is waiting for you.  Any type of life you want to live is a matter of choice because life is nothing but what you make it.
16.     To help you further, I wish to share with you, how you can control your future to your own advantage.  Your future depends on many things, but mostly you.  You may succeed even if nobody believes in you to succeed, but you will never succeed if you do not believe in yourself to succeed. 
17.     Any picture you have for yourself in your mind and in your heart is what you must accomplish at last.  Do not build obstacles in your imaginations against your future.  Do not constitute your own self enemy.  Always note that it is impossible for man to be defeated until he has defeated himself.  The same way, it is impossible for man to succeed when he has already failed himself within. 
18.     A man that doubts his integrity is like one that carries arms against himself.  Give up all the doubts as to whether you will make it or not and begin now to celebrate your future.  You are the architect of your own life whether it be good or miserable.  You can create your own hell or paradise you will like to live in here on Earth.  As you make your bed, so will you lie on it.
19.     As a student, you can decide the type of course you will pursue, the grades you will make, the type of job you will apply for based on your excellent certificates, the type of place you will stay and the type of house you will live. 
20.     To have a happy, joyful and successful marital life is also a choice one makes; vice versa.  I see a brighter future ahead of you if only you can create time to evaluate your time and life. 
21.     Ask yourself questions which you alone need to provide answers to such as; What kind of decisions have I taken that always set me back in life?  How can I make a better use of my time, energy and resources?  Am I lazy?  Have I discovered my talents? Have I come to the climax of my achievements in life?  What I am doing now, is it all that this life will offer me?  Why am I trailing behind my mates?  Am I happy with my present job?  Who placed me in this work or business; God or myself?  The answers you supply to these questions will help you to reason on how effectively you can control your future to your own advantage.
22.     Life is designed to be happy and fulfilled.  Business is supposed to yield reasonable profit.  Marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured.  All professional careers are supposed to bring alongside with their fulfillments.  Examinations are to be passed.  Families are designed to be happy.  All aspects of man’s life are designed to be successful.
23.     I am afraid that some people, in spite of the fact that they are not getting good results in what they are doing, still carry on with their fruitless efforts the same way, the same place and at the same pace without a change of either the environment or the activities and yet expecting to have a bright future.  Such people work without accomplishing anything in life.
24.     If your life is stagnant, if you retrogress instead of progressing, if you always fail in your examinations, if your business is not moving as you desire, if your marriage is not as peaceful as you desire, if nothing is working well with you at all times, the first thing is to stop and check what is wrong.  You may be amazed that the solution to the so-called unsolvable problem will be CHANGE.
25.     For example, a student that constantly fails in his examination may discover that what he or she needs is a change of attitude towards his or her studies by embracing diligence, remaining focused and concentrate in his or her academic work instead of being lazy and lousy.
26.     If you desire to control your future, please, embrace change.  Nothing in this life is permanent except change.  The remarkable difference between the rich and the poor is the ability to change from unfavourable to a favourable pursuit in life.  The easiest way to lose control of your future is by remaining in whatever you are doing even when it is not yielding the desired results. 
27.     To be in control of your future, you must break your old unprofitable habits, stop being self opinionated and holding very firmly to your long established system of doing things.  You cannot sit down on a chair and lift it up at the same time.  You must leave where you are for you to be where you want.  Any step taken in the right direction, reduces the distance between where you are and where you are going. 
28.     You must challenge yourself now and stop sympathizing with your condition.  If you hate change, you cannot control your future to your own advantage. 
29.     The world will leave to celebrate you if you succeed, but where you fail, the same world will mourn you alive.  The world is waiting for you very anxiously.  Do not disappoint their expectations. 
30.     I will love to celebrate your future with you.  Do not fail to invite me as your special guest of honour tomorrow.  Strive to make it a reality.  Remain blessed.
Apostle Peter Odoemena
The Son of Man
If you go to one of our Messages titled “Discover and Develop Your Potentials as a Youth,” it says that in your youthful stage of life you try to discover and develop your potentials.
2.         Note, it says, “DISCOVER and DEVELOP your POTENTIALS.”
3.         When you are in a class where a teacher is teaching, do not write too much but pay much attention to what the teacher is saying for too much writing may spoil you. A good student is not one that writes verbatim while the teacher is teaching, but one that is paying rapt attention.
4.         If you can grasp what the teacher is giving to you, you can even make your notes; but when you are busy trying to record every word that proceeds out of his mouth, you are bound to miss the purpose for the lecture.
5.         For sometime now, I have not spoken to the youth in their class and I believe there is no better time I should give you this Message than this time around you are rounding off your holiday programmes. Those that are in the Universities will be going back any time from now to joining their course-mates in their various schools.
6.         Those that are vying for admission into the Universities, your minds are filled with uncertainties for the whole situation appears to be very, very precarious and unpredictable; for nobody knows the system the authorities will use in offering admission. As a result, many of you are not too sure whether you will be admitted or not. But simply believe in yourself that you will be there and you will be there.
7.         Note, simply believe in yourself that you will be there, even if others do not believe in you, believe in yourself that you will be there and surely, you will be there. How long it takes does not matter, but getting there is the most important thing. Whether it takes you one year or two years, that is not the most important thing.
8.         The most important thing is getting there at last and I am betting that all of you that are really focused, if you have it as your target, time will vindicate what I am going to say in this Message.
9.         Yes! Whatever that may pose as an obstacle on your way to getting admission into the University or any higher institution of learning will only pose a temporary delay and not a permanent denial.
10.     Note, delay cannot be denial unless you give up along the way. For that reason, I want you to consider this Godly Message you are holding in my own way as I am being led by the Spirit of God; be considerate in your way.
11.     Just as I earlier on said in the beginning of this Message, the Message titled “Discover and Develop Your Potentials as a Youth,” says that in your youthful stage of life you try to discover and develop your potentials.
12.     I do not know how many of you that have ever come across the Message or that have taken time to read it.
13.     In the beginning of the Message, it opened up with this phrase: “A word from the author; Put Your Name Here.”
14.     Let me see if we have some good historians, or social scientists or social critics in our midst. Each time you hear the name, Late Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe, the Owelle of Onitsha, what really comes to your mind?
15.     Firstly, you can say it reminds you of the Nigerian Independence. Now, what do you mean by Nigerian Independence? Okay, is he the only one that fought for Nigerian Independence? The answer is no. But he was one of those that fought for the independence of this nation called Nigeria. He was one out of hundred, it was a collective effort.
16.     Also, note, for the fact that the name was mentioned around the Independence does not mean that he was the one that spearheaded it, no! Too many people spearheaded it.
17.     There is one thing I want you to grasp. Is it that he was a great man? No! That is not what I want you to grasp. If I may ask, what made him great? Somebody might say because he made impact in the society. Then the question arises: name one of the impacts he made? I can hear somebody say that he was among those that fought for the independence of this nation called Nigeria. That is true, but I want you to get something higher than that.
18.     You see, if you do not know about those names that were mentioned in the Message titled “Discover and Develop Your Potentials as a Youth,” you might not know why your name should be included there.
19.     Late Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe is an Igbo man; a native of Onitsha that had a chequered history. I mean most of his materials are around you. Even if you have not read his works, you have heard too many things about him.
20.     Even if you say that Late Doctor Nnamdi Azikiwe had an ambition despite the fact that he was from a poor family; what was that ambition? Some may say, “To elevate the nation.” But that was not his ambition when he joined the Police in Ghana. Before he even enlisted into the Army under the West African Frontier Force, he developed a newspaper in those days called “The National Pilot.”
21.     This was the newspaper he used together with his compatriots to solicit for the sovereignty of this nation called Nigeria from the hands of the Britons.
22.     However, that was not what I was aiming at. Do we say that he spearheaded the independence of some Sovereign States in the Western Coast of Africa? The answer is no for he never spearheaded their Independence. The man that spearheaded the independence of some Sovereign States in the Western Coast of Africa was not even a Nigerian. It was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, a Pan Africanist of the last order.
23.     For that reason, you must understand that Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe just followed suit. Thus, the man that spearheaded the revolution that led to the independence of some Sovereign States in the Western Coast of Africa was Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and he paid dearly for it.
24.     Let me just tell you what I want you to understand. The moment you hear the name “Late Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe,” what will flash across your mind is that he was the first President of this great nation called Nigeria. He was the first President, whether ceremonial President, parliamentary or whatever you may call it; as long as Nigeria lives as a sovereign nation, the first President of this nation was Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, while the Prime Minister was Late Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, a Pan-Africanist also, who joined in the race.
25.     Now, you must know what Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was before he became the President. He was born in Onitsha in Anambra State; note that Onitsha was too backward that time. He came from one of the least privileged families and he made up his mind that he must be a great man.
26.     He took a decision and he never resigned on that decision. He set a goal for himself, as time passed on, he pursued his goal vigorously; this was the goal he set when he was born, that culminated into him becoming the Governor-General of Nigeria in 1960 and the President in 1963; from nothing to something.
27.     When you hear the name Abraham Lincoln of America, what comes across your mind? Abraham Lincoln is one of the great minds that we stand quoting. Up till today, we are still quoting his works, just like the way we quote Socrates, Aristotle and those like that.
28.     Note that Abraham Lincoln of America was the first person that attempted to be the President of America for ten times and then won it on the eleventh attempt.
29.     Abraham Lincoln of America came from a very poor family and through his self-striving; he attained a height in education. By self-striving, I mean that he sponsored himself to great heights and then joined the right political party, called the Democrat. He then contested in the American presidential election ten consecutive times and he failed ten times.
30.     But did he give up? No! He did not give up for he had already placed it as a goal that come what may, his name must be imprinted in the White House as one of the people that ruled America. At the eleventh time, Abraham Lincoln contested and won the Presidential election. Is it not wonderful? Is it not glorious? What can you catch from the little history I have just narrated?
31.     He never relented; although, his target was delayed. However, he got there at last because he had already made up his mind that only death would stop him from getting there.
32.     What can you say about the young man called Philip Emeagwali of Nigeria? You have been hearing about Philip Emeagwali, Philip Emeagwali, yet he is not a doctorate degree holder. He only holds his master’s degree in Computer Science, which he obtained in California, now celebrated in San Francisco. He is not a PhD holder, but he has too many aggregates in computer programming.
33.     When you hear the name Philip Emeagwali, what runs across your mind? Somebody said that Philip Emeagwali is the man that programmed the fastest computer in America, while another said that he was referred to as the father of the Internet. But I disagree.
34.     Some of you that are acquainted with names behind the computer and the Internet, is Philip Emeagwali there? No African name is there. Please, try to crosscheck information, lest you go out and disgrace yourself.
35.     Philip Emeagwali has actually become a force to reckon with worldwide as far as computer programming is very much concerned, but look at what I want you to get there: Philip Emeagwali was born in Onitsha, at Umu-Asele village, in the poorest family behind the Egbuna’s (one of our Brother’s) house. People that accompanied us during the burial of the Late Egbuna, I pointed at the house where Philip Emeagwali was born for them to see.
36.     Philip Emeagwali’s younger brother, called Francis is my schoolmate; we went to school together, and worked together also. We are still friends till today. I know the entire family, from their father to their mother. He came from the most wretched family in Onitsha in Anambra State. Up till today, the shanty or ordinary batcher where Philip was born is still in that compound (as at the time of this publication).
37.     His father was a nurse. He went to Warri and was working there in the Welfare Hospital where Philip had the opportunity to go to school. While at Warri, he made up his mind that he must study Mathematics and Sciences. There was nothing called computer that time.
38.     From Philip Emeagwali’s statement the day we were eating in my house, he was in my house. My wife served us food and all us were eating. I interviewed him seriously before his brothers. He told me that he had something in mind and that was to challenge his cousin, Chike Obi the Mathematician.
39.     He said that they were calling Chike Obi the best Mathematician in Africa, that he was wondering what could make Chike Obi become the best Mathematician in Africa. As a result, he decided to give himself over to Mathematics until they nicknamed him “calculus.”
40.     Actually, he succeeded in outwitting Chike Obi within a very short period. How did he go to America? It was courtesy of his cousin; that was all. He had not anything computer in mind.
41.     You know, computer is a latter-day development. As a result, when he got to America with the ambition to become the best Mathematician, not only in Africa, but the entire world; he associated himself with the Mathematics Club in San Francisco from where he was transferred to Harvard.
42.     Later, he became the president of Mathematics Club in Harvard. Note his target: to become the best Mathematician in the whole world.
43.     While he was working for that club, he was instrumental to the first IBM calculator, not digital, but manual. That was the type you just log in the data and then you pull out the information; it uses paper. Philip was instrumental to it, but his name was not recorded because he was a black (an African).
44.     That time, racial discrimination was very high. The Whites refused to recognize whatever a black man invented or spearheaded until Martin Luther King Junior paved way for the recognition of the blacks in the white man’s school. Philip then came into limelight that time. He was hired to run a programme by the IBM, which means International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computers and a leading provider of computer-related products and services worldwide today.
45.     Philip Emeagwali then decided in himself to become a part of the IBM fully. What happened next? He programmed the fastest computer not for the Americans, but for a club, just like you have the Paris Club. The Paris Club does not represent America or London; it is just a club.
46.     On the other hand, what shoot him up was not that programme. It was his enlistment into the IBM crew. He is now the second in command or you can call him the Vice President of IBM and IBM just like I said earlier, is known as provider of almost all the computers in the whole world.
47.     There is none to compare to IBM, but what I am trying to strike is this. He first of all had an ambition to accomplish and he set a goal for himself. He was all out to challenge one (a mathematician) that was already on the scene and he has achieved it at last.
48.     Today, when you mention Chike Obi, we will say he is of the primitive generation, not of this present generation. There are too many names that are in the Message titled “Discover and Develop Your Potentials”.
49.     Look at Mary Onyali. The name Mary Onyali rings bell worldwide. She has represented not only Nigeria but also the whole African Continent in too many tournaments.
50.     What do you know her for? Mary Onyali remains the only Nigerian athlete that has won a gold medal in the Olympic Games and she is still participating till today.
51.     How did she start? She started her career right from secondary school in the Eastern Nigeria. It was in Owerri Girls’ Secondary School, Owerri in Imo State. She fixed a goal that she would stop at nothing until she had become a star. She continued developing herself until she became an international star.
52.     Furthermore, during the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia in the United States, she won a gold medal in long jump event, the first gold medal a Nigerian has ever won since the history of Olympic Games. Today, she has become a force to reckon with in athletics worldwide.
53.     What can you say about Michael Jackson? Note, I am not encouraging you to become musicians, but I want you to have a goal and walk towards it. Amen.