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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 27TH MARCH, 2005 At the Household of God Onitsha by APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute” at BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE
I am sent that you may trace your source. If I did not come, you are completely lost. Believe it if you can…-The Son of Man
17th October, 2010 
The son of man has the aroma of death to those that want to die, but has an aroma of life to those that want to live. In Me lies the mystery of life and death.
        –Son of Man.
25th July, 2010
We thank God we are still alive and we are marching on. Also, glory be to God Almighty because He reveals everything ahead of time. Let no man fool you. God is with us. We were told that when a young man was born they called Him “Emmanuel,” meaning God with us. I believe that God is still with us and He is revealing everything to us even till this very hour.
2.          If we have a prophet of God among us, before anything shall come to pass He will proclaim it. However, if you play away your time without paying attention blame yourself.
3.          Note, I have earlier warned you seriously to refrain from making certain authoritative statements when you never knew the mind of the Almighty. Learn to bridle your tongue, more especially when you come before my Presence.  Sometimes I laugh at many of you when you come to Me. Who do you think you are? Where do you think you are? Who is the Personality sitting or standing before your eyes? Who do you think He is? That is the problem people are having, you are creating these problems for yourself.
4.          See, it is just by His Grace that we are still alive. If I say I am going to reward you according to your works, do you know the first reward I will give you? Do you know the first package you will receive? Surely, you do not know. What if I permit frustration to come your way, do you know the meaning of frustration? How I wish you search your dictionaries. Frustration means to subject a man to a state where he will regret his life and hate the day he was born. Hence, it is not hardship. Frustration is not hardship.
5.          You can have money and still be frustrated; God destroying a man’s ambition and withholding His promises. If there is anything we shall run away from, if we want to survive, let us run away from provoking the Lord to anger for He has endured enough. That is why He has started the rewarding.
6.          I love Jerusalem for one thing: the stubbornness of Jerusalem does not last long. That is why my Spirit abides in Jerusalem.
7.          I am really very grateful to God and I will continue to be grateful to God for He is doing a lot of things among us although we do not have the eyes to see them. Heathens appear to be wiser than us for they now appear to be recognizing what God is doing more than us.
8.          If you say that God is not with us, it is because God is not in you and He is not with you, thus you think it is so with every other person. God is with us and we are with God. We move about with Him, we can do nothing without Him, who can believe it? If you say that God is not with us it is because God is not with you and you think it is applicable to every other person.
9.          When we are rejoicing, many do not know why we are rejoicing because God is not with them and God is not dealing with them the same way He is dealing with us. Thus, they do not know why we are jumping about. If you do not know why we are jumping about pray that you will know. Pray that God will come your way so that you will have the same type of joy. I really thank God.
10.       Resist the temptation for to be tempted is not evil but yielding to the temptation is evil. To be tempted is not death but yielding to temptation is death.
11.       What is the greatest temptation that confronts a child of God? The greatest temptation that confronts every child of God is compromising with the heathens. It is written in the Scriptures: “You shall be holy unto me for I your God Am Holy. I have severed you from among other people that you will be mine alone. You will separate from among them, be mine and then I will be God over you.”
12.       Compromise, in the days of Saint Paul, look at the way he addressed the matter. No true soldier ever entangles himself with the affairs of civilian life. Every true soldier confines himself within the barracks. He can be sparingly seen on the street when he is on errand and he must go with his pass because if he is seen by any superior officer on the street, he must be arrested on the spot. Every true soldier does not mingle himself with the affairs of civilian life.
13.       From what is happening now, it seems I will preach the Message of “separation” again so that the people will begin to see their boundary lines: the extent this most holy Faith permits them to separate because many have misinterpreted Grace that there is no sin again, that God can no longer be offended. That God can no longer find fault with anybody. Thus, nobody can displease God anymore.
14.       This is the interpretation people now give it. People do not see the difference between their lives as children of God and their lives when they are not even in this Faith. Some do not even know what we say about family meeting; what we are standing for, some do not even know.
15.       Many have already mingled their faith even with Baal. This is a great temptation. Maybe you do not know that to be a child of God must cost you something. At a time when you never knew that you are a child of God you were doing whatever you like with anybody that comes your way but from the day you recognized who you are, where you come from, there must be a difference.
16.       Too many things you are indulging in that time will no longer be mentioned around you. Your views will change, your thoughts will change, everything in you must change because if any man is in Christ he becomes a new creature inwardly with a new desire and set of friends. Maybe you do not know that in a new association, everything is new.
17.       If you say you are in Christ and you still retain your old association you are a liar. For no man ever befriends a leper and refuses his handshake. You can never be a friend to a leper and avoid his handshake, can you? Nobody ever enters the sea with his legs free from water, is it possible? No.
18.       I have noticed also that so-called children of God are the people that meet with the heathens; the heathens do not meet them, they meet the heathens. I have noticed that. Let there be no pretences about this matter. You must declare your stand in this Faith. You must make your choice of either God and His people or your people and their god(s). You cannot serve the two at the same time.
19.       There is no way a true soldier can mingle himself with civilian life or affairs of the civilians without losing his honour and spotting himself. To begin with, before he sees himself there he had already concluded that anything could happen to him because he knows very well that he is walking contrary to the rules and regulations governing the Army.
20.       There is no soldier that is not exhorted on the “code of conduct” of the Army the moment he is enlisted. As a result, he cannot say that he is flaunting the rules and regulations ignorantly, he is doing it deliberately. Yet the questions arise: what attracts a soldier to the civilian? That thing that attracts that soldier to civilian, can it help his profession? It must be something that will weaken him, weaken his profession and then bring him into disrepute, mar his career and may even put him in dungeon because once he is arrested, he is brought straight to guardroom, and from guardroom he may be court marshalled and dismissed.
21.       If you are soldiers of Christ, on the day you enlisted into Christ’s Army, were you not told what you should avoid and what should be your delight? Why do you deem it possible to yoke Christ and Baal by eating in the altar of Baal and also eating in the Altar of Christ. It is lack of satisfaction.
22.       If you are satisfied with Christ, no temptation will lure you to Baal. If you are satisfied with Baal, no amount of promise will lure you to Christ. You cannot be Christ-Baal or Baal-Christ, NO! You will either be Baal or Christ. No more, no less.
23.       The greatest temptation that challenges every true seed of God is compromise with the heathens. God can overlook any other mistake but He does not overlook compromise with the heathens. Amen.
When we look at what is happening in the world today, we can see a lot of things that will even encourage us the more.
2.            You know Jesus resurrects every year, the same way he is crucified every year. The same people that crucified him, the same watched over the tomb. What is more, the same rejoice over his resurrection.
3.            Well, whether what they are saying is true of false, it is not my problem for now. Nevertheless, I will tell you the truth about the whole thing. Note, without the Bible nobody would have known what Easter means.
4.            If there were people that celebrate Easter without the Bible, they are the Europeans; prominent among them are the Romans. If you go by the events that surround Easter celebration, you will notice that Easter is an annual festival observed by the Jews which they called their Passover.
5.            The Romans also observe Easter but what I am trying to say is this: what the Jewish people observe was Passover, to them Easter was unknown. The Romans celebrated Easter as one of their festivals. I want you to note that Easter is a woman. Easter is a goddess, one of the goddesses of the ancient Roman Empire. I will name some of those goddesses as we continue.
6.            What is Easter? What is the reality behind Easter? Easter is a farce for it contains no truth. The whole stories that are associated with Easter, they are all false. They are all concocted stories and they contain no single truth believe it if you can. I will establish it before you.
7.            I do not celebrate Easter. I do not know what you call Easter Sunday, Easter Monday; I do not know all of them. Call them whatever you like. However, let it be known to you that Boniface is not an Igbo name. Luke is not an Igbo name; David is not an Igbo name. What I am saying is that all these names I have just mentioned are not Hausa names neither are they Nigerian names.
8.            Martin is not a Nigerian name. I am trying to say that there is no Jewish name like Paul, John, Matthew, Andrew, Matthias. No. No Jewish name like that for they are all European names and we know why those names are imposed on us.
9.            When our colonial masters could not pronounce our names very well they decided to give us names they could pronounce very easily. Can you imagine a white man who was calling Mr. Ibe, Mr. Ibu when we do not have Ibu in Nigeria. What we have is Ibe. Note also that we do not have Awka-tititi. We only have Awka-etiti. We do not have Awaka, it is Awka we have. We have to understand all these things.
10.         Also, remember that what you call Onitsha is not Onicha. It should be Onichado and not Onitsha. Onitsha is an English man’s language, that is what he called it so that it will be easy for him to pronounce.
11.         Thus, if you bear Igbo name, the Whiteman may not pronounce it very well. He will change your name and give you a name that will suit his convenience.
12.         I am trying to say that Okonkwo is not an English name, Chukwuka is not an English name; they are not European names.
13.         Now, if all the names in the New Testament Bible are European names, why do we ascribe it to the Jews? Let it be known to you that the first Bible that was written under the sun, which was written in Latin language was WRITTEN IN THE YEAR 1503 AD. Underline it. That is about five hundred and two years old. As a result, the Bible is five hundred and two years old. But the world has lasted for trillions of years.
14.         Underline the truth about this matter  for these things will help you. You will go a long way because only facts are convincing.

15.         You do not know the dangerous effect of colonization. When you colonize a people you colonize their god. Therefore, our gods were colonized, they (the whites) subdued us, our gods, our culture, our custom and our tradition.
16.         Let me tell you what I mean. You know it was a subtle plan that was aimed at subduing a people so that they will be exploited. This God, they painted Him with such a horrible picture to frighten the worshippers by telling them that no eyes will see Him and live; and that is the origin of “closing their eyes while praying.”
17.         Thus, when you want to pray, you close your eyes tightly lest you see God and die. If somebody is praying and you are opening your eyes, your life is in danger for they said that you might see God die.
18.         This is a white man’s trick. The Europeans, the early missionaries who brought Christianity to Nigeria, let us begin with Roman Catholic Mission which is called the RCM, the reverend fathers at the initial stage were backing the congregation while in the altar so that the congregation will not know what was happening in the altar, until Pope John Paul the second came not John Paul. I mean the second Pope Paul the second when he came; he changed it and said that all reverend fathers will be facing the congregation. Hence, they re-arranged the altar again. Reverend father will be inside the altar and then face the congregation. It is no longer the congregation watching his back.
19.         What is more, you will notice that there is something they call the “holy bell,” once that bell rings all eyes will be closed, all knees will be on the ground because God is moving so that nobody will see God and die. Also, you will notice that while the bell is ringing, the mass server are there with their eyes open, while the reverend father is busy at the altar eating many things, drinking many things, performing his rituals with his eyes wide open. But he has commanded all of you to close your eyes and kneel down so that you will not see what is happening at the altar.
20.         As a result, if he sees God he will live, if mass servers see God they will live but if the congregation see God they will die. After performing the whole rituals whatever that is left in the altar, he will gather it into a little cup they called “holy challis” cover it with sacred white cloth and then carried it while the mass server will be ringing the bell. While he is going back to the temple, everybody even if he meets you at the field, wherever you are, there you close your eyes, kneel down for God is passing. Nevertheless, if the reverend father closes his eyes, will he know where he is going? His eyes are open, the mass servers that are ringing the bell, they are seeing clearly, but they have forced you to close your eyes. Why? If you see God you will die.
21.         I am trying to bring out something, America has been described so much, Britain has been described so much, even Russia and other countries have been described so much to the point that we now begin to think that America is in the sky. It is only recently that people begin to believe that America is here on Earth and not in the sky. Once you talk of America, people will be looking at the sky. You talk of Britain, they will be looking at the sky simply because, people use aeroplane to go there. They do not believe that America is on the same planet Earth with the same soil like ours. The difference is only that it is far away from Nigeria; there is no other thing. No matter the height the aeroplane flies, it must land on the ground. Thus, America is still on the ground.  
22.         You talk about Heaven, everybody will be pointing at the sky to mean Heaven. If Heaven is up there in the sky, down here on Earth is Hell for up there in the sky cannot be Heaven and Hell at the same time. No. One is opposite to the other. Then if Heaven is above in the sky Hell is here on Earth, which means that all of us are in Hell. Amen.
Note, there are many propagandas that are associated with religion; too many thing are being propagated. When I look at the sky, I begin to wonder where people are heading to.
2.            Now this is a white man’s way of fooling you, telling you a story of an imaginary place in the sky where you will go when you die; note, the said you will not go there when you are alive, it is only when you die that you will go there. Who has ever seen a dead man flying into the sky?   What is he going there to do? We have been privileged, at one time or the other to see our loved ones that we buried resurfacing, we call it ghost. We see them; we recognize them, at one time or the other. However, we did not see them in the sky, we see them here on Earth.
3.            Believe it if you can, I have been privileged on so many occasions to see some of the loved ones. Some years ago, I told you the story of my friend called Sam, who was burnt to ashes where he was living with his wife. After three years, I was coming back from somewhere, along Old Hospital Road and I meet him face-to-face wearing bathroom slippers, looking very bad, his eyes pure red. I called him Sam and he responded. Then I began to ask him questions. He told me that he is now in Main Market but he his selling garments.
4.            I enquired about the shop and he said he has no shop that he is using a space on the ground in the market. I told him to tell me the line that that places he stays is located and he said that I would not be able locate it. While we were discussing he could not lift up his head.
5.            He continued looking on the ground using one leg to draw many things on the ground, but I pinned my eyes on his face because I believe in one thing: if I am more powerful than you here on Earth, no matter the realm I meet you, I will exercise authority over you. No matter the realm I meet you, if I have authority over you here on Earth, die and resurrect, I have authority over you. If I meet you in the grave I will command you. I meet you on Earth I will command you. Anywhere I meet you I will command you. That is why I do not fear the spirit of the dead. You should not fear the spirit of the dead unless that person is more powerful than you while he was alive.
6.             I am trying to say that we should not destroy ourselves before our time because of imaginary place where you will meet God. If it is when you die you will meet God there, which means when you are alive you are with Devil. Besides, look at one foolish thing we cannot understand, that there was war in Heaven high up in the sky. Now God is there and there was war there, between God and Devil, so the Devil was there with God and God overpowered him.
7.            How did He conquer him? It was recorded in the Bible that He pushed him down and the man landed here with all his angels and then started reproducing. Who were here on Earth before God pushed him down? When God pushed him down, the angels said, “Woe unto men that dwell upon the Earth for the enemy and accuser of the brethren has been cast down to Earth;” who were occupying the Earth before that Devil was pushed down? These are questions we have to answer.
8.             It was recorded that while Jesus was on the Cross, he said to the righteous thief: “Today, you will be with me in my Father’s paradise.” We believe that today, no problem. The other thief they did not say anything about him but they concluded he went to Hell while the other one went to Heaven. “Today you will be with me in my father’s paradise.” Let us examine the truth about that matter.
9.            When Jesus died, the man died also. Jesus was buried in a tomb and nobody gave account of how the man was buried. You know they were two and nobody told us how they were buried.
10.         Now, it was written that Jesus stayed three days in the grave and came out, but there was no record that the righteous thief came out. No record, only Jesus came out. The righteous thief was there, wherever he was buried there was no resurrection for him. Note what was recorded: Today you will be with me in my Father’s paradise.” It was recorded that Jesus went about the whole city and many eyes saw him for forty days but nobody saw the righteous thief; only Jesus moved about. The righteous thief was not there.
11.         “Today, you will be with me in my Father’s paradise.” On that day, they said Jesus assembled his people, developed wings and went into the sky until he varnished. The righteous thief was not there for nobody saw him. He did not say, “Master wait! We are going to your Father’s paradise you promised me.” Nobody saw the man. “Today, you will be with me in my father’s paradise.” Now Jesus has varnished into paradise, where is the man, the righteous thief? These are white man’s story.
12.         Now, we want to establish the reality of the Elohim, the very God, the Deity, the Supreme Intelligence that controls the Universe, the Author of all mankind, that is what we want to establish. What is more, we want to separate Him from all religious gods for every religious group espouses people to a god. Christianity espouses people to a god, Islam espouses people to a god, so it is to every other religions. There is no religion that will never point you to a god.  
13.         Some say that He is living in the sun where no man can approach, while another one said that He is living in a Heaven of Heavens; fifty Heaven. Some people said that He is a consuming fire, yes we believe He is. These are all imaginary stories.
14.         We are considering the Supreme Deity with His existence and what we shall do to be like Him because this is going to bring us to a message titled: “The Seven Radiations of The Deity” which man is a part of. Man is a part of the radiations of God for man illuminates light.
15.         Man vibrates. If there is no light in you I cannot see you. Equally, if there is no light in me you cannot see me. Because I am radiating and vibrant, I am at the same time vibrating. If do not vibrate, I cannot see you, you cannot see me, it means I am a mere inanimate object.
16.         I want to show you a link between you and the Deity so that the time your cord snaps, when your cord snaps, for there is always a cord that leads every man to vibrate. When the cord snaps that is the end of your life. Then I will tell you where you will go, why it is necessary for you to live a very nice life so that you do not become an ape. I will tell you why we are struggling to make sure we please God for the nearer we are, the closer we are coming to the fullness of the Deity. This is not a message for now but something prompted it.
17.         There is no place called Golgotha. If you know where it is, tell me. Nobody has ever seen any empty tomb anywhere from where Jesus came out and Arimathyer Joseph took over. There was no man called Nicodemus. Do not worry, we are coming to something. You say, “Brother, what are you trying to say?” I am trying to say something.
18.         God must rig away all traditions and religions. The Deity does not belong to any group or denomination, He stands alone. You cannot say this is His doctrine or this is His Church or this and that. The Deity established no Church. Church is of a human origin. If you know the Church He established, tell me the name and when He establish it.
19.         Remember, do not say Brother what are you saying? I am saying that what God vindicated among us was not the Bible. God never vindicated the Bible, God vindicated a Man that has been dealing with you all these years to banish unbelief.
20.           We have to understand the truth about the whole thing because we have to stop all these nonsenses we have stuffed ourselves with so that the reality can come in. There is no religion that contains the truth, not even one.
21.         Do you know that every religion will espouse you to a man? Christianity will espouse its followers to Jesus; Islam will espouse its people to Mohammed. You watch Amok and Olumba Olumba, they will espouse you to somebody. Grail message will espouse you to somebody. There is no religion whether Hindu, Krishna and Buddha, they must all espouse you to a man.
22.         Then the questions arise, of all these names, who is the real God? Or does it mean that the real God does not exist? How did the world come into existence? Why do we have day and night and one opposes the other? You see, everything moving in a legal order. Why can’t the river reverse its course? Watch everything; there is a legal order, that is, something controlling all of them.
23.         Well I thank God for everything. Whatever science or scientists want to say let them say. I know that an object cannot hang in the air for too long because the Law of Gravity cannot allow it to stay there, it must draw it down whether we like it or not.
24.         Thus, that place we want to go, let us first finish our existence here on Earth, live the life that is allotted to us here on Earth, when we get there whatever we see, we follow but nobody is going there.   
25.         If I cause you trouble by scattering your mind and everything, do not worry I will gather it together. If I do not scatter the thing, I will not gather it, hence let me scatter it. I will scatter it very well so that I can gather it together. If I do not scatter, I will not be able to gather it. If I leave it the way it is, nothing will enter it from God, thus I will scatter everything then I will begin to pick it gently and arrange it the way it should be for God. However, if you leave it, it will not know God. I have to scatter first, and arrange it back the way it should be, then you will know how God is.
26.         Without this Faith, you cannot know what you know now. You have carried a lot of fables all these years, both educated men and women, but God has come to remove those fables before His people to show them the reality.
27.         Every religion will point you to a god, but indirectly a man is presented before their adherents. They will be mentioning God, telling you that this man is a man of God. They are worshiping the man because the man has certain influence over them, the man has grown above their knowledge. He has succeeded in bringing them under subjection, under slavery; that is, he has succeeded in colonizing their mentality and brought them under himself. Thus, there is no religion that will not present a man before you.
28.          That is why there is no religion that will say that God established it. Besides, the Deity is free from every religion in the world. That is why you must pay strict attention that what you are hearing in this Faith is directly from the Deity. You cannot hear it any other place. It has been the manner of God, the Supreme Intelligence teaching His people.
29.         Watch, every religion claim that God is in their midst and believe that there is a Being called God: African religion, orthodox religion and every other religion believe that there is one Supreme Being that created the whole world and created mankind but His existence they do not know.  
30.         Now, when they started propagating their doctrine, they presented that there is one God. Note one thing, all of them have that doctrine that there is one God but the way of His existence they do not know.  
31.         Each of them holds fast to its teaching and doctrine and they can kill one another for it. This shows that God is not in their midst, the Deity is far away from them.
32.         Nothing makes your family to be peaceful than truth. It is the revelation of the present truth that will liberate you. We have heard a lot of misconceptions about God. Amen.

We will not die, but rather live to share the testimonies of the Lord’s goodness. If you do not want to be spoken against, you are not a candidate of this Ministry for we are told ahead of time, we were very small that time and we were encouraged to continue that towards the end people that do not believe in the beginning will believe in the end. What you are hearing in this Faith is not strange to you.
2.        Remember what happened some years back where He said, “I will declare, I will declare.” “Will you declare?” “I will declare.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I will declare.” “What if it is contrary to their nature?” “I will declare!” “Will they believe?” “They will.” “Are you sure?” “They will believe.” “Why are you speaking like this?” “I have taught them.”
3.        Really, I have taught you for the people of God must be taught by God, have Him in person as their Teacher.
4.        What you are hearing even now, if that was how the Ministry opened, do you think you will be in this Faith till now? Nobody will be in this Faith till now. It would have been one man’s affair because I took my time, leaving no stone unturned, unraveled the mystery—all that are intended to be religious.
5.        Not ordinary religion, but superlative Puritanism. I was a puritan (somebody who lives by a strict moral or religious code). I gave you maximum punishment, that is, all that religion entails. I was number one, first among all my equals. I have no rival. superlative Puritanism not ordinary. I never gave you comparative; I gave you superlative, why? I had an aim to establish you on a firm foundation.
6.        Remember that I told you I do not believe in giving out half-baked bread. I took my time to bake my bread because I am raising you as time-tested memorials (materials). I believe one thing, no man ever makes history by treading the path of his ancestors.  
7.          Also, I believe in something new. You are restive, hence, you cannot fit into the orthodox system. I know that very well for your restive condition, you want something new every time, hence you cannot glue to a system. That is why I love you most for you want to know more. Even, you never understood because any man that will not bring something new cannot win you. If he must carry you along, he must bring something new.
8.        I want you to know that apart from the Almighty God, no man can meet your condition. Note, there is no Pentecostal that is not running round. All of them are running round. It is only in our midst. God knows you, He knows your yearning! He is ready to meet with the challenges for you want something new.
9.        Everything in God is new. Every new day brings a new thing, a new life, a new revelation, this is a new gathering.
10.      You are restive because you are very inquisitive. It will take God to satisfy your curiosity, no other person can do that. That is why I believe God is in out midst, you are only seeing just a few mere figments, you have not come to the fullness because it has been a fight all these years to beat you off from the tracks your fathers trod. It has been a fight.
11.     This is the era of spiritual emancipation and not mere social or physical emancipation but purely spiritual emancipation because when I liberate you spiritually, you can fight your way through. You will not be in religious bondage any more. You will never live in fear for fear torments. Watch, as many as are fearful they are always in torment.  
12.      Have you tried God? Remember, the promises of God belong to His children for God’s children are children of promises.  If you are ashamed of your God, your God will be ashamed of you. 
13.     I will not die; I will rather live to declare the goodness of the Lord. We were promised in our New Year Message that, “ I have stepped down the tide of death, you will sorrow no more.” Let us worship the Lord, that is all. If you are proud of God, God will be proud of you. If you are sure you are in Him, He is also in you. You call upon Him in the time of trouble He must surely answer.
14.     There are challenges of the hour, there are challenges of the time and these challenges must be reviewed for they are beyond political solution. people are seeing the challenges on the political side, some are seeing it from the economy side but I know it is none of those areas. It is a religious challenge. Without religion, there is no corruption. Without religion there is nothing like immorality or indiscipline. It is religion that brings every kind of fight.
15.     When Church has not arrived here in Nigeria, adults, male and female alike were walking on the same road, sleeping on the same mat without having any sexual feeling or sexual urge towards one another. Nobody had any report of incest, that is, a brother impregnating his sister. It was unheard of.
16.     Nobody ever went to bed and locked his doors. People were free and they where moving freely with everybody. They were dying natural death but immediately religion appeared, people began to toe the line of David. We began to hear that from David that God has cut off the age limit to seventy years and if anybody should exceed seventy years, it will be in sorrows and in pains. Why? We have challenges of the hour.
17.     Before religion came, there was no sickness called stroke, there was no sickness called hypertension. All these diseases that are prevalent among human beings today, they were unknown. They were all introduced by religion. I will tell you how.
18.     There is no problem we are passing through today that cannot be traced to religion; this is a very hard statement.
19.     A writer said, “If you want the world to live in peace, banish all Churches and mosques, all religious gatherings and God will rule the world.” I believe it.
20.     Another writer said, “If you want to live a long life, live like a township guy. a township guy, he has no God nor does he have any Devil. He has no Hell nor Heaven. He does not know what intimidation is all about. He lives his free life and if you live this way you will live longer.”
21.     A township guy, why? What prompted the writer to say such a thing? He surveyed religion, he ex-rayed religion, he evaluated religion and he came to a point that religion has become the opium of the world; that is something that makes people mad and senseless.
22.     That is why, the nearer you are to religion, the more religious you are, the more you are removed from God, the more you are removed from the reality, and the more you are banished from success.   
23.     As a result, we are going to face some challenges from now, and the challenges vary from one individual to another. It varies from city to city, but in everything, God is in control. He is in our midst to impart into us the enabling power to be over comers no matter the troubles of life. That is why we gather in the fellowship to be encouraged by the Almighty Himself. Amen.
The book of John 16:1 “These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.” KJV.
2.          Anytime they are persecuting you, do not be offended; instead rejoice that God has answered your prayer. There is hope in your suffering.
3.          Verse 2: “They shall put you out of the synagogue…”
4.          They shall put you out of the synagogue; even any house where you find accommodation, they will drive you out. Just as we are here now, they will give order and drive us out. Wherever we gather, they will drive us out.
5.          “…They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.” KJV.
6.          A time cometh that whosoever kills you will think that he is doing God a service. In all these their programmes, they feel they are doing God a service like St. Paul when he was persecuting the Church with great zeal; he thought he was doing God a service. He did not know that he was persecuting God. The same thing is repeating today.
7.          Already the World Council of Churches (WCC) has come to stay. It is not something that will come. It has come already. When we were in Deeper Life Church, far back in the years 1983, 1984 and 1985, I remember in Lagos when Kumuyi was ministering, Kumuyi vowed never to join Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). Kumuyi vowed before us at the University of Lagos, Akoka. He said and I quote: “I will prefer to die than to get myself associated with Christian Association of Nigeria whose head is Archbishop Okojie. I will never ever try it!”
8.          However today, Kumuyi is there. Why is he a member? This is because CAN gave an order that any Church that goes by the name “Mission,” maybe “Grace of God Mission” or anything mission, that Church license will be revoked. For you to renew your license at the Internal Affairs Unit Abuja, you must go through CAN.
9.          You see, government registers Churches and gives them the license to operate. The only group of people that can never operate with license is this most holy group, the Bridal Faith. These Churches register their names in CAN. That is why if you write the “Grace of God” there, Paul Nweke and his men will sue you to court for using their name because it is a registered name.
10.       Before now, they were answering Grace of God Incorporated, which is a limited liability company. If you study Economics, “Incorporated” means “limited,” which means that the Church is an industry and then behind it, they list their registered trustees; that is the people that will take care of the Church incase everybody says they are no longer interested in coming to the Church, the owners will take back their property.
11.       That is to show you that the Church belongs to people: a group of people gathered together, pooled their money together and started a movement called “Church,” go to Abuja in the Internal Affairs Ministry, register it, the Internal Affairs Ministry will tell the public and published their objections. They would say, “We have given you thirty days, if you have anything against this organization, say it before the expiry of these thirty days or else we will give them license.”
12.       Then an order went forth: “We cannot renew your license with the name ‘Mission.’” All of them changed to Church. You can never see the phrase “Mission” attached to any Church again. They are now Grace of God Church, Deeper Life Church, Christian Pentecostal Church—all of them, bearing Church, Church. This is because that is the only form they are going to take to enable them come into the World Council of Churches.
13.       Government has already promulgated a decree which has established National Evangelical Commission under the law so that whatever they are saying now is a decree.
14.       The World Council of Churches (WCC) is not something that will come, you are with it already. WCC did not start today. It was WCC that helped Biafra during the civil war. All the relief materials come through WCC. These are the people that claimed they would eradicate poverty from the world.
15.       When all Churches bring food aid, they bring them under WCC. What is more, the government said, “Anybody that does not go to Bible College or has no university degree or has no Bible certificate awarded to him by a recognized Bible college in Nigeria, duly signed by the general superintendent of that Church or by any member Church in the WCC, whose head must be bishop or archbishop or pope, that man has no right to preach, either in the vehicle, in the open air or from house to house,” which means that what we are doing now is illegal.
16.       To them we are running illegal Church; to them we are doing illegal preaching. In Onitsha, they already have their chapter at Ugwunabamkpa Street. Their president is Deacon Oyoyo of Assemblies of God Church. They have identity cards; men and women alike. Deeper Life is there; Grace of God is equally there. Therefore, what we are saying is not what is going to come. You are here with it already.
17.       There is another law that is going to take off very soon. An ecumenical president is going to take over. It must be a civilian government. Watch out; just watch out. It will only take some time and then that law will go forth supporting ecumenical move.
18.       United Nations has already given a law that she will not recognize any government that is military. She said it is the time of the DEMILITARIZATION of governments and a TIME OF WAR DISARMAMENT. They will disarm the whole world. In addition, every weapon will be under the WCC. If you disarm America and Russia, where will you pack their weapons? They will surely go to Italy. That is why Russia must preserve a remnant. They are not Christians. They must bomb Italy.
19.       Russia must remember the havoc which Italy did to them during the Second World War. Then when every weapon of warfare is heaped in Italy, Russia will remember that thing and start entertaining some fears and THAT WILL BE THE POINT OF RETALIATION TO DESTROY THE WHOLE WORLD THROUGH ITALY.
20.       Note, the Pope is controlling the wealth of the whole world. Anywhere there is riot; anywhere there is fighting and quarrelling, it is because the Pope has not spoken. The moment the Pope goes to the Middle East, there will not be war anymore. He will go to Israel any moment from now.  He has decided to use somebody here as a forerunner there.
21.       He sent an apostolic delegate to Nigeria recently. What will he do? It is believed that he will go to Israel to prepare the way for the Pope to visit Israel.
22.       What we are saying is not something that is about to come; we are living with it already.
23.       At Abuja, government gave them over ten million Naira to construct their tower which is the highest in Nigeria. Babangida called it a tourist centre. What is it called? They call it the Christian Centre where all the denominations in Nigeria will gather. It is there at Abuja. Odoziobodo will be there; it has representatives under AIC (African Instituted Churches). My own personal friend Eliezar Agu of Sabbath is their national secretary. He gave Me all their programmes.
24.       Bible society of Nigeria is an anti-Christ body. Do not worry, I am going to tell you the Bible whose contents they altered and those they removed.
25.       Revised Standard Version Bible is no Bible. That is why they recommended it for all students. It has been tampered with.  Come to me with it and I will tell you things that have been greatly altered there. I will tell you things that have been removed there.
26.       After removing those things, they gave an order that it should be widely used in schools. Another Bible in the market with such alterations is Good News International American Version. It is not the same thing as Good News Bible. Good News International American Version of the Bible is America.
27.       Our own is the old edition Bible. How do you know it? When you go to the Main Market in Onitsha Anambra State, tell them that you want the Apocryphal Bible. You can never see that edition in the market again.
28.       Formerly, they used to call it the Catholic edition, but today, go and ask for the Catholic edition, anywhere you see it, what is written there is Apocryphal Bible. Not all of them are acceptable. All that came from the year 1991 do not have the book of Revelation in them.
29.       Not only that, the Book of Second Chronicles is completely removed. Go there and check for yourselves.
30.       Note also, every nation that has become a member of WCC, before they can receive Bible copies, they must come in the colour of their national flag. If Nigeria is green-white-green, every Bible that will come will carry that colour.
31.       America has her own colour, Britain has her own colour too. No wonder  Prophet William Branham told us that the mechanics are already here; it remains the dynamics and what is the dynamics? It is just only but one law empowering the Pope to oversee all the Churches under WCC by a decree. Let Me tell you, to find you out is very easy.
32.       By twelve o’clock, they will ring their bell, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, and then everybody will stand up for Angelus. Then if you ask the man how much he is selling an item, he will ignore you. After the whole thing, you will see the man running about looking for the customer.
33.       I want to show you a sign. This sign was what God revealed to Me and upon that sign, my mother surrendered everything Catholic. She was brought up by a reverend sister.
34.       I asked a question: When a man meets an elderly man, the first respect he will show is to remove his cap. If he is putting on eyeglass, he will remove it and then salute the elder. It is a mark of respect.  Even heathens; they know that when they come into the house of God, to show respect, if they are men, they will remove their caps without anybody commanding them to do so; it is a mark of respect.
35.       Nevertheless, there is only one person we know who will, while coming into the Church, put on a chieftaincy cloth with a canopy on his head. The Pope is a traditional ruler. Every bishop is a traditional ruler; the archbishop is a traditional ruler. He will put on one big gown with a golden-coloured strap on his waist and golden necklace. He will now cap it all with one big cap and big staff in his hand. They will prepare one chieftaincy seat and he will sit down at the altar. Two persons will carry the hem of the cloth from behind. He is making himself the King of kings. He will take the glory that is due to God Almighty.
36.       When you see this abomination being committed by these people in high places, flee from it. Then he taught others to behave like him. Are you in their midst and you witnessed all those rubbish and still remain there, run for your life; otherwise, you will perish.
37.       Like I said earlier on, the Pope is a traditional ruler. He brought paganism into the Church. That is why you see everybody today; every group manifest in the Church. A little while, you see women wearing knickers and playing football. Sometimes, they wear cloths that expose their bodies very well while the men will sit by the sides clapping for them.
38.       Let Me ask you this question: How will you feel if you see your own mother half-naked with pant playing football with men and somebody will be there watching your mother’s belly, laps and clapping?”
39.       If you are honest, you will feel bad. It is not those that are doing it that are guilty, but those that take pleasure in them that do those things. You may not drink alcohol, but you sell alcohol, you are guilty. You may not smoke cigarette, but once you sell cigarettes you are guilty. You may not bleach but once you sell bleaching agents, you are guilty. You are just like a man that gives an armed robber bullet to go robbing.
40.       Check the way you make your money, if you make your money by disobeying God’s Word, you can never prosper. You must deny God. It will be very hard for you to tell the truth. Any tailor that is sewing trousers for a woman is guilty. God said it is an abomination for a man to put on women’s cloths and a woman to put on men’s cloths.
41.       Imagine Me putting on a skirt and brassiere! It then means that I am now an effeminate. How will you look at it? Is it not a shameful sight? Imagine a woman putting on trousers, is it not a horrible sight?
42.       Before the war, how many women put on trousers?   You had better repent this day or you perish because we are going home.
43.       You will know the truth and the truth will set you free so that you will run away from this particular group or else you perish. Watch women everywhere; immorality everywhere yet they all go to Church. You see pastors fornicating here and there, making business with men. When their business in the market collapses, they will gather some people and say: “Glory be to God in the highest, hallelujah!”
44.       People will come because they have come to a point where they will believe everything provided prosperity and miracles are attached to the whole thing. Provided you preach prosperity, miracles, signs and wonders, deliverance, people will rush there. However, when you preach righteousness, purity of heart, Godly sincerity, meekness, that a child of God is Christ-like, they will go away. Amen.

Anything born of a goat is goat. Anything born of sheep is sheep likewise; anything born of God is god. The character of a child of God must represent God. A child of God is god himself.
2.          If Jesus Christ is the Father, He cannot produce nothing else, but Himself. The Words of the Father He must choose and preach in the world. They will say: “You have gone to the extreme. This is too hard. Why not; why not?”
3.          We do not paint it in this Faith. This is the only place where we do not invite you to come; rather, when you come, we ask you to go home, sit down and count the cost. It must cost you something. This eternal life must cost you something. You have to deny yourself of so many things. You deny your parents, you come inside.
4.          Very soon you will know what I am telling you. You will come to a point where you will only march along with somebody that is ready to take side with Christ. That will be the only friend you will have in this world. That will be your only father; your only brother and your only child. That man, whether he is a Greek or a Jew that is ready to take side with the Word of God, that becomes your only brother or relation.
5.          Why do they hate us?  It is just because we have the Kingdom and we are with the King.  At New Market Road, number 62, I was there recently. My neighbour came back with a giant goat and all their members were rejoicing. I called my wife and said: ‘I saw their poster. They said that today is their Allah thanksgiving service ’. The wife came out and said: ‘Brother, you made it with a goat this time around. In fact, you have tried; after all, our God is worthy to be given one goat this year.” That is blindness.
6.          I told My wife, “Is it not in the Scriptures? God said in Psalm 50: ‘I do not require anything from you. The Heavens and the Earth and the fullness thereof are Mine. Silver and gold belongeth unto Me; the fowls in the air; the beasts in the forest; ten thousand cattle on the hill; the goats and the sheep are all Mine. If I am hungry, I will not tell you. Do I eat the blood of bull? Do I eat the blood of goat? Do I take that incense you burn? The only sacrifice you can render to Me is thanksgiving and praises from a pure heart.”
7.          Watch those people in these Churches, they have been giving and giving; bazaar and every other thing, have they ever seen God dipping His hand to carry goats or fowls? No! Rather those things will cause confusion in the Church. That is what scattered the Church called Riches of Christ. It caused fighting there. 
8.          One woman came with her newly born baby together with the husband and one giant goat. One of the deacons said that they should sell the goat and keep the money in the purse but the other three said no; that they will slaughter the goat for it was the fruit of their ministry. Later on, majority carried the vote. Then our brother that time Forson said, “It is not killing the goat that matters but sharing it!” When they gathered to share it, what caused the problem? It was the head of the goat. Some said that the pastor will carry it while some said no that it is the deacons and some said no that it is the archbishop.
9.          A little while the pastor carried the goat head away. One of the deacons hit him with his fist. Before you knew it, one person pulled a bench and flung it. One carried the microphone; another one carried the amplifier electronic set while another one carried the band. That was how they shared the instruments amidst a fight. Tell me, is the Church a temple of confusion? Trace all of them, when they gather, a little while, somebody will rise up, find fault with that group and he will go somewhere and establish his. A little while, in the new group somebody will also find fault and go his way.
10.       Watch all that came out of Roman Catholic, formed CMS and condemned Roman Catholic, they have all gone back. They just exist in names, but they are united in system. Thus, separated by name and united in the system. All they condemned, they have gone back to doing them.
11.       Kumuyi told us in Deeper Life in those days that he can never have dealings with any other group, but surprisingly, I saw him with Umar Upka at CMS field. What is more, they even held hands together. That is ecumenical spirit.
12.       If you know where you are, then you must be very careful. You are on a dangerous ground. Any mistake you make in this Faith, I mean one step outside this truth, Hellfire is for you. There is no going back. Do you see the type of mystery you are into? The only hope this world has is this group. Without this group this world has no hope.
13.       Do not misunderstand Me if you are a stranger. This group is a non-denominational group and yet we are a Great Denomination. We are Christ’s Denomination; we are Holiness Denomination, Righteousness Denomination. This is why we are not this so-called Pentecostal denomination. We can be found in every city, worldwide in little, little gatherings like that. We can be in a mad family. We can be in the wilderness. When they chase us away, we will go to the other side according to the Scriptures.
14.       Jesus said, “When they drive you away from this city, go to another. If they drive you away from that city also move to yet another.” However, Roman Catholics came with their group and said, “We are going to build a synagogue.” They call it a house of God, but Isaiah the prophet told us, “Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, who can build a house where I will live?” He said, “A house have I prepared for Myself, whose house ye are.”
15.       Look at them; they are building synagogues. Of a truth we are marked. Do you know the day we were marked? First of all, I will tell you how it started.
16.       I had a vision where I was arrested, not very long ago. I saw Myself at Abuja to defend what I was telling the people concerning Christian Centre. The young man who asked Me the questions, I can recognize him if I see him; a very fine gentleman in suit, very humble in appearance; but I discerned wickedness in him. He was very soft while asking Me questions as if he was not heartless, but inside him, I could see bitterness. In fact, I cannot describe that man. 
17.       I said, “Sir, I owe you no apology. I have been going along condoning your attitude. Why should you devise a machine with a printed material in which you have names of all the people you levied?” What I saw in that machine was something like jumbo tissue which was fixed in a very mighty machine. Then the whole Churches were levied.
18.       For instance, Deeper Life Church will come now with the register of all that contributed money in support of Christian Centre, and when they bring that list, every name that is on the list will be transferred into that scroll. Everybody’s name will be there, even heathens; all that made donations. Thus, when that machine was rolling, it was reeling out names. They called that thing the book of records. That is what they called it. They said they kept it to know those that supported the building of the Centre.
19.       You see, it was at that point that the thing left Me. Now I am coming down to something.
20.       When I read in the Guardian Newspaper from Archbishop Galaga, the archbishop of Jos, who is a protagonist of WCC and CAN, concerning the Christian Centre, he said that every denomination in Nigeria must be given the chance, that is, a day to celebrate according to the Jewish tradition in Jerusalem; to go to Abuja once in a year to celebrate as Christians. In other words, he is enjoining the government to release another piece of land where the new structure will be erected or permit the removal of structures around that place so that the old one will be expanded.
21.       I marveled at that statement and I know that in their attempt to expand it or build one, all that will agree to go there and worship once in a year, they must contribute. Moreover, they will not go as individuals, they will go as a group and we will be the ones that will be left out.

22.       Do not be surprised at what you are hearing. If the spirit of the prophet is in Me, for every question from the congregation, I believe there must be a sermon. 
24.       When Jesus was arrested, they thought they arrested Jesus Christ but He asked, “Whom seek ye thou?” They replied, “Jesus Christ of Nazareth.” He said, “I am He.” All of them fell down almost collapsing. That was not Jesus; that was a supernatural sign. The second time He said, “I am He.” A little while, He said, “Cheer up. You said you want Jesus Christ, spare these flock. Take Me.”
25.       The Bible said that He did that that it might come to pass the word He spoke: “Upon all you gave Me, I lost none.” Be patient with Me. They arrested Him. God kept calm.
26.       The Ark was now in the hands of the enemy. The Glory has departed from Israel. It was now in the enemy’s hands. Then He kept calm. They smote Him. The only person that can endure such a thing must be God. When the crown of thorns came, they placed it on His head and He bled. He never wept. He never shouted. Can God feel pains? They tied Him to a stake and brought two gentlemen with whip, and smote Him with it but they were wasting their energy. He never shouted nor screamed and they marveled. They stripped Him naked. There was nothing like rag around His waist.
27.       The photographs you see in almanacs is just Roman Catholics’ impression. That is why they draw it in different shapes and in different colours. Bring the pictures together they are never the same. Some even have different faces; that is an artist work.
28.       They pushed Him along, carried the Cross and placed it on Him. He was going and trudging along. It was the way of the Cross; the way to Golgotha; the way to Calvary. It leads home. That is typing the way we are living; what the people of Christ are passing through. A little while, He would fall and rise again. He never said a word; He would just rise up again.
29.       That was why the Psalmist said, “A child of God is known by his ability to rise up each time he falls.” When you rise up, you are just like a soldier who is wounded yet he still rises up and keeps fighting. Jesus Christ continued that way and while He was going that way, He was expecting something. That thing was coming from the opposite direction. When that thing came, they looked round and said, “Gentleman, take up this cross so that this man does not suffer anymore.” That is Holy Ghost.
30.       That is why the Word went forth that the Promise will not come until we are sleeping, and where is He coming from? He will come from the land of the rising sun; from the East; from the opposite direction, at a time when there is much squeeze and oppression. When the thing is all over, He will come. Watch out; it is not yet. Something is about to take place. In all those things, He kept quiet.
31.       Remember, anywhere He went, they kicked Him. He was carrying timber, not the type that the mechanics use to work. It was pure timber joined together. You know what timber is. From there, they cut out two-by-four.
32.       Do not mind what the Roman Catholics draw and say that was what Jesus carried as cross. That is rubbish.
33.       Watch who was going then, Jesus Christ was never in the front. At the cross of Calvary, the same God was still there. However, a little while, God said that He decided to leave Jesus for him to feel death, the taste of death once and for all for all mankind. Hence, for him to feel the bitterness of death, The Father left him just a while. At that moment, his flesh took over. What happened? The next thing that was heard was: “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” When they were nailing him, he never cried. Therefore, the Father had to depart a little for his flesh to taste the sting of death.
34.       Now watch; from that time, the Bible said he bowed his head and gave up the ghost. Among those that gathered, an argument started, “He called Elijah;” he called this and that. They were now arguing among themselves: “The Sabbath is coming. Let us go and kill him before it is Sabbath day.” Before they got there, the man had already died. When did he die? The moment that shout: “Eloi, Eloi,” proceeded out of his mouth.
35.       As long as we are here, the rescuer will not come. Look at what I am saying. The moment the cap which is love joins the remaining part of the Stature of a Perfect Man; the triangle, which symbolizes the Stature of a Perfect Man, the whole thing becomes complete. Nevertheless, until then, we are still expecting it.
36.       In addition, when it joins, it is He that is going to be persecuted because it was the same Man that went up there that appeared to them on the Pentecost day and has remained till today and He has given up Himself to face persecution. It is the truth. That is why He said, “Without me, you can do nothing.”
37.       On this note I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.