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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


PREACHED  27TH MARCH, 2011 At the  Household of God Onitsha By  APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute”  at  BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

If Saint Paul will resurrect this day or anytime, surely he will come and kneel at my feet.  You will hear Saint Paul saying, “My Lord and my God.”  If Peter will resurrect, he will do the same thing. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man
14th December, 2008)
Concerning the “Jewels of the Earth,” have I not been telling you? Don’t you know who the “Jewels of the Earth” are? Are you not those “handpicked minority?” Many are called but few are chosen.
Have I not been telling you that in every dispensation, God’s children have remained few? Have I not told you from the beginning that my boat is filled? My boat is filled. I have my reasons for saying, “Let Me collect the JEWELS and know those that are counterfeit.      
 –Son of Man.
 (UNTO YOU GOD FIRST APPEARED; PG. 92, VS 80, 81 & PG.119, VS 43)

We prayed for this atmosphere this morning before the Ancient of Days. The Bride is in a happy worshiping mood.
2.          When I got this picture this morning, I went naked, spreading my arms to see whether my two hands can reach the two ends of the Earth, all with joy.
3.          You see, I was sitting down on my bed and was beholding the beauty of the Bride, I mean in a special festive mood. I said, “Lord, can this be real? Can it happen?
4.          This morning I said, “Lord, cover Me so that my joy will be full.” Well, we know what we are doing. We are not crazy, we are not drunk, we know what we are doing.
5.          When you forget the truth that is preached to you, the tendency is there for you to blaspheme God. If you know you are in possession of the tape containing Messages, especially the Message titled “Events Are Made Clear by Prophecy,” please hasten up and send it to Me.
6.          Brother Philip, I believe you are the one holding it. Who is holding the Message titled “Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy”? Enugu Household, search yourselves! Who is holding the tape? Brother Anayo returned a tape about a month and some weeks ago without accomplishing anything. A useless man in God’s Family—very unfruitful because of his selfishness.
7.          He finds it very difficult to sacrifice time for God’s own work but he answers Evangelist. I wonder if I should send him outside to go and preach the Gospel whether he can go out. If you know you are in possession of these Messages, whether for translation or transcribing, hasten up immediately and send them to Me without delay.
8.          I would like to have the Messages that went forth from Jerusalem on 30th to 31st December, 2010 and 1st January 2011. Whoever that is holding this Messages should hasten up.
9.          I need these Messages very badly. Brother Solomon, who is holding the Message titled “Events Are Made Clear by Prophecy”? Brother Amakem, who is holding them? You should know. Why should he hold it he is having his handset, are you not recording?
10.       Anybody who is frustrating this ministry is God’s perpetual enemy. If we do not have these Messages, how can we put you in remembrance? Without these publications, we are totally lost for we might be rebelling against the truth without knowing it. We may even offend God in ignorance.
11.       In short, I will resign from the pulpit until you produce these Messages to Me. Deacons let your eyes be red, arrest everybody that is involved in all Local Assemblies. Pastors, Ministers search your Local Assemblies, find out the Messages they are holding, somebody is withholding them.
12.       Recently I was mad because I was not happy the way Messages are being handled. I called Nsukka and they told Me that the Message I handled at Enugu during Okechukwu Oleri’s wedding damaged along the way. In Onitsha it damaged also in the handset where Pastor Thomas recorded it. What is more, blind and useless Okechukwu Oleri could not record the message; blind Enugu Household could not record the Message either.
13.       Besides, that Message contains the beginning and ending of Okechukwu’s Oleri’s marriage with Sister Shade. Everything God said to Okechukwu Oleri, what he should do if the marriage must subsist, they are all contained in that tape, all of them are fulfilling today.
14.       Up till today Okechukwu Oleri is still existing courtesy of his wife. The wife will pay the house rent, feed him, take care of his transport fare. Even if he wants to go to Lagos, the wife will send money for that; and God warned against it on that wedding day.
15.       You cannot in this life depend on your wife and command her respect. God said that if Brother Okechukwu must marry that Sister and live in peace, he must struggle to get himself established, be a man enough to feed and clothe the wife. These are his responsibilities as a husband so that the wife will now begin to respect him, that he should strive to cause her to be transfered to Enugu so that they will live together for nobody can make a good home by doing a “visiting husband” or a “visiting wife.”
16.       Up till today Okechukwu is still visiting the wife in Lagos at the expense of the wife. If the wife comes to Enugu, she will feed Okey. If Okey goes to Lagos the wife will feed him also.
17.       What is more, God even warned Okey that if he wants to command the respect of his in-laws, that he should never make the mistake of going to their house to stay with his wife. God told him, “Simply look for a place where you will stay with your wife otherwise they will write you off.”
18.       Now, report reaching Me says that the in-laws have started ridiculing him, calling him a glutton and a drunkard.” Brother Okey, a lazy man, very lousy, depending on a woman’s income. Having no means of livelihood.
19.       I wish to get that Message by all means so that we can reproduce it in print lest tomorrow we begin to blame our Sister when Okechukwu has failed woefully to comply with God’s instruction. Note, the Message was titled “Coping with The Imperfect Creature.”
20.       Even heathen that attended that wedding, they were astonished and they wrote to exhaustion. Even the musicians, they recorded the Message but blind Enugu Household, they did not see the reason of recording the Message and Okechukwu who was after the wife’s money could not record what God was saying concerning his future.
21.       Let me tell you, there is something in your wedding Message. Your wedding Message contains the beginning and ending of your marriage. If it was not a wedding message, he would not have known or remembered that God knew that he married a stubborn woman and provided a remedy during that Message, that the remedy lies in having a Monday-hammer.
22.       Just like God told Martins Orji when he wedded the wife that he should use Monday-hammer on her, that any day he drops that Monday hammer, that the woman will rule over him and he will abandon the Faith. Did it fulfill? Yes, it fulfilled to the letter.
23.       Nobody knows the person you are dealing with more than God. God knows the end from the beginning.
24.       I am saying that I need that Message titled “Coping with the Imperfect Creature.”
25.       Brother Amakem, make sure you open a record from this day, 27th March 2011. Henceforth, do not give out any Message without knowing the person that collected it so that we will know the movement of our tapes so that we will know where to go.
26.       Nsukka Househod, I am suspecting that you are holding that Message preached during the Camp Meeting the same way I am holding Enugu Household guilty of holding “Event Are Made Clear by Prophecy.”
27.       Brother Philip, which one are you holding? Brethren, please, please go home and search yourselves. I need these Messages very badly. Act before trouble will come to you. I repeat: act before trouble will come to you. Amen.

Believe it if you can, you will be judged according to the Message of the messenger of your day. As long as you have accepted and believed in He that is sent to you, it shall be counted unto you as your righteousness. No more, no less.
2.          On that day, He (the Messenger of your day) will stay in front and you will line up behind him for God does not see any of you, He only sees the Messenger. It is the Messenger that confirms your faith. No more, no less.
3.          The Voice will say, “Son of Man, who are these people that are behind you?” The Son of Man will reply, “They are the people I have redeemed from Earth. “Have you confirmed them?” the Voice will ask again.
4.          The Son of Man will answer, “Yes, I am sure of all of them;” no more no less.
5.          Let Me tell you, you are all under the Blood. The Devil can hear your voice but he can never see you. Who will come before judgment of Almighty God and win? Who is going to be your solicitor? What will be your defence that will justify you? There is nothing, absolutely nothing. You just line up behind your Messenger, who is the Son of Man. finish.
6.          We have come to the point where we shall gather and praise the Lord, after which we will dismiss and go away to our various destinations. I repeat: We gather and praise the Lord, praise His holy Name, encourage one another to remain steadfast in the Faith, then we dismiss and go to our different destinations.
7.          We shall be celebrating His victory which He has conferred upon us. Nobody in this Faith can celebrate his own personal victory; we only celebrate God’s victory, Christ victory, Christ triumph over sin, over death, over the world, over temptations and trials.
8.          The Lord God has spoken: “Because I have overcome, you must overcome;” when God says it, it is guaranteed. Nothing in Heaven or on Earth can stop it for the mouth of the Lord has spoken and it shall come to pass.
9.          Life is very precious for nobody wants to die. If eternal life is not real, I would not have been here with you. Eternal life is real. There is life after this mortal death. A better life lies ahead.
10.       The Scripture said, “Untold and unheard of, terror, disaster awaits the disobedient people of the Earth.” The same Scripture also said, “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered the hearts of people, what God has prepared for those who love Him.”
11.       If you know the words of the Prophets, happy are you.
12.       We are on a rescue mission for it is not easy to save a human being. The anointing of the Devil that is at work is higher than any human being. That is why when you try to do good you see yourself doing evil. When you want to enjoy life you see sickness, when you want to be happy you will see sadness and you begin to ask why.
13.       Stop asking why? Simply say, “God, save me from this hour.” That should be your prayers. If not God, everybody shall become a victim of what is about to take place.
14.       I have not finished speaking to you. I will speak to you concerning the hour. Note it, our clock is moving rapidly, that is, faster than before. We have moved too far away from where we were last week. Many things have transpired since last week, all moving us forward.
15.       By moving forward, I mean confirming and consolidating our belief. No more, no less. You are facing me and I am facing you now for we have arrived at the Gate. Please note, not everybody has arrived at the Gate. Some are still coming while some are waiting.
16.       When I heard the news from the radio concerning an exiled Jew that was trapped in Libya, I then called my wife and said, “Can you see this stupid man! This man is trapped in Libya.”
17.       I am saying that a Jew was trapped in Libya and was lamenting. Who will like to be trapped in this world? Definitely nobody. A mad man is not happy with the present stage of things in this Faith. Nobody is happy there in Libya but they do not know what to do.
18.       However, we are sure and certain that we have found refuge in the Almighty and nothing can ever destroy us here on Earth: no atomic bomb, no nuclear weapon, no arsenal, no earthquake, no tsunami can destroy us here. We are completely secured, for we have run unto God. I am saying that what will kill us will first of all kill God. As God liveth we shall live also.

19.       When somebody that is stronger than you is pursuing you, what will you do? When the lizard leaves the tree, know that there is trouble; so hold on steadfastly. God has touched us and His hand will remain on us for eternity. I am the one that said it that the hand of God shall remain on His children from everlasting to everlasting.
20.       Far be it from God to forsake His own for it is easier for a woman to forsake her suckling baby than for God to forsake His own. The Lord cannot forsake His own for He said, “If it is possible for the course of the river to be reversed, let it be known to you that I would forsake my people. But if it is impossible, it is impossible for Me to forsake my own,” having loved His own that are in the world, God said, “In the end, as far as the East is from the West, so I have removed their transgressions for my Name’s sake,” for He knoweth our strength that we are ordinary dust.
21.       Can the Almighty wrestle with dust, a mere maggot? How can the Almighty wrestle with maggot? Is it possible? The Almighty, the immortal wrestling with mortals, is it possible? Does it not sound funny? It sounds funny. It is like an elephant wrestling with a rat. Is it not funny? It is funny.
22.       We are the only creatures on Earth that can pacify God in His anger. The Bride is the only people withholding God’s anger from coming upon the people on Earth but He will never destroy a single Elect. However, He will rather patiently wait for that Elect to come in. God is going to save even the weakest among you.
23.       Go to the market and buy mustard seed. Looking at mustard seed, some of you have seen it. Of course, it is the tiniest seed. If you can have faith like the size of a mustard seed, if you can exercise your faith upon the Son of Man to the size of a mustard seed, that is, when your faith is measured, it will be like the size of a mustard seed, that is, a grain of sand, I will guarantee my signature for your salvation.
24.       The Lord is good. Do you know that all that appeared in Jesus’ day, the only thing that it took to save them was to use their mouths and confess that Jesus is the Lord, finish. However, you are not of Jesus disciple. We are millions and millions of miles away from them.
25.       Simply have faith, simply be obedient every time, finish. Salvation is not a big deal for it is not depending on your goodness or your badness. Never, never. You are no longer going to be good enough for God to save you.
26.       People tried to be good enough and they missed it. All the denominations today are labouring to be good enough but they missed it.
27.       What am I doing? I am bringing you closest to everything. If you do not know about this Door and how it opens, go to Sister Mary Njom, she will tell you what the Door looks like.
28.       I am the Door! By Me, all will enter the Kingdom. Outside Me, nobody enters. I am the Door, I am the Good Shepherd.
29.       When you bypass Me, when you bypass God, you have counted yourself unworthy of everlasting life. Amen.


Since the world began, before the mountains came forth, before the Heavens and the Earth were created, before all the inhabitants therein were created, even from everlasting to everlasting, He (Almighty God) remaineth the same because we have known His Name for He promised that He will save us for His Name’s sake.
2.          Please, do not allow the Message titled “God’s Nature is Your Ticket to Paradise” sound like a music to your ears. That Message is not an ordinary teaching, it is a prophetic teaching that harbours (holds) the date of your departure.
3.          You want Me to give you the announcement? I have made the announcement. Your duty is to watch and pray. Thus, when Messages are being read, open your ears and mind very well to what is coming out in order to understand exactly what God is saying.
4.          There are too many things God put to His disciples in parables in time past, it is also applicable to us. Do not expect Me to mount the pulpit and begin to talk to you like kids. I believe you know what God told us concerning this year!
5.          Like I said earlier on, when you forget the truth that is preached to you, the tendency is there for you to blaspheme God.
6.          We are calm and watching. We are at the door step, we are at the Gate. Many do not know that less than seven days from 27th March 2011, takes you to the D-day, which is Nigerian election day. We are now counting in days: seven days from 27th March 2011, heads will be falling.
7.          Many that came to my house during the weekend, I showed them the spate of riot killing, arson, bomb blast throughout the nation during campaign. Parties clashed with each other. That is, opposing parties clashed, killing people, burning houses and things like that. If these are happening during campaign, begin to imagine what that day would look like.
8.          Please note, trouble has engulfed the whole world. Last week, trouble erupted in Togo. Civil revolt came up in Togo which resulted in killing too many innocent people, women and little children alike, and the trouble has escalated even till this day.
9.          What happened? All of them said that the President must go because of anti-democratic activities. Remember, Togo is in West Africa. Already, Ivory-Coast or Cote d’Ivoire is facing a serious problem.
10.       The man that won the election, Quattara said no to all the recommendations from African Unity (AU). ECOWAS recommended the use of force; asked the United Nations (UN) to force Gbagbo out of office. Early this morning, no less than twenty persons were killed in the new capital city, Abidjan. The same way, about thirty people were killed on 26th March, 2011 in Lome, the capital city of Togo.
11.       The trouble is getting out of hand everyday. You talk of Syria, no way. They are finishing almost everybody. Yemen the same thing. There is trouble in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eretria, Somalia and Mozambique. Everywhere, it is trouble, trouble, trouble.
12.       We are not talking about Japan again. There is another earthquake in Oman near India, 200 kilometers across the border. Another earthquake occurred in Haiti. Everywhere, there is trouble.
13.       What is more, the nuclear reactor in Japan has set a ship ablaze in the high sea. The intensity of the heat set a ship carrying plywood from Russia to Japan ablaze on the high sea.
14.       In Libya, the situation is uncontrollable. The Libyan leader, Muammar al-Qaddafi has vowed to fight with his last blood. On 26th March 2011, France used their warplanes—very powerful warplanes about seven in number—to destroy Libyan arms depots, killing people in hundreds.
15.       US is confused about the whole thing. Britain is equally confused. What is more, while they were battling with the problem; on 26th March, 2011 afternoon, trouble erupted in London, the capital city of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The trouble escalated so much that the Police used teargas to disperse the public and they refused. Then they started using bottles and stones on the Police. The Police then fired and killed nineteen people. The trouble has escalated into Manchester.
16.       Everywhere is in trouble. In other words, while Britain is in Libya, their home is ablaze.
17.       Brethren, the world is in trouble! The entire Middle East is in trouble. Israel is now having the greatest trouble ever in the history of the world. Palestine has bombed Israel, Israel is at war with Palestine. They are now at war in Tel Aviv, at war in Gaza Strip, at war in West Bank, even till this morning. Thus, everywhere is war, war, war.
18.       Civil unrest started in Russia on Wednesday last week over mass unemployment and fight against corruption. Well, we do not know to what extent that of Russia would go.

19.       Brethren where are we at? South Africa is not left out. Robert Mugabe arrested over 240 human right activists for no just cause and put them in jail without trial; accusing them of plotting against his government and refusing them trial. The President of Uganda has opted out of the Allied Forces. He said that he signed a war against Muammar al-Qaddafi by mistake, that he is no longer continuing.
20.       Now, US Assembly met on 26th March, 2011 to review the cost of the intervention in Libya and the bill amounted to 300 million US Dollars. Then the US congress said that it is a bill America government cannot bear, that the price is by far higher than the reward. They said that Barak Obama should think twice.
21.       When you look at the whole situation, it is very precarious.
22.       Down home in Nigeria, I do not need to say anything. You have heard it all. You are sitting on a time bomb that will explode with time; that what is happening elsewhere will come to Nigeria at last.
23.       On Friday 25th March, 2011, I bought a national newspaper and the columnist was warning President Goodluck Jonathan to be careful that what happened in Egypt will not happen in Nigeria.
24.       Let me tell you the truth, God has concluded judgment against the whole world. Remember God said, “Henceforth, expect nothing good from the world.” In December 31st, 2010, during the Ministers’ Meeting, He (God) said that whenever the trouble starts, that He is going to shake the whole nations. He went further to say that whenever the trouble starts, it will not end again. It will be spreading from one place to another until it will engulf the whole world.
25.       Do you remember the Message titled “Blow the Trumpet in Zion”? It said that the month of Nisan will not pass away. Note, the month of Nisan is the month of April. We are still in March. Note what that Message said, “God will turn the attention of the whole world to that event, and in the midst of the trouble, the Bride shall be caught up. How long will the trouble last? We do not know but in the middle of the trouble the Bride shall be caught up.
26.       Is Nigeria exempted from the trouble? From events around us, is it not clear that tomorrow is gloomy? What I am saying is not too far from you. I mean the week starts today, seven days from 27th March 2011, take you to the D-day proper. We will come face-to-face with anti-democratic forces, inspired by the Almighty God, to rig away all these human systems. When you know the hour you are in, happy are you.
27.       We are now at the Gate. What it takes to open the Gate is to put my hand behind, that is all. It does not require much effort. I have been labouring all these years, I am not labouring again. This is the time I should be drinking, making myself happy. A TOUCH ON THE DOOR BRINGS ETERNITY. I repeat: A TOUCH ON THE DOOR BRINGS ETERNITY.
28.       All the toils and labours in this world is about to come to an end we are entering the city of unending days. We have arrived. Like play, like play, we are now at the door. You know this flesh cannot allow you to see what I am saying or you want Me to open it?
29.       I opened it a little this morning, few saw it and I closed it. I thought I could walk in with my walking stick but my walking stick was removed. I came back again, I staggered and staggered, it was like a dream and I recollected myself that am still here, I am still here.
30.       We are already at the Gate for it is going to be operation SHOW YOUR TICKET. That is why I make sure everybody is anointed in the fellowship this day. I am not excluding those in other Local Assemblies I am making out time for them. They must come before Me, young and old, for they will be anointing at the dying minutes. However, happy are those that are anointed before the day. They will avoid scrambling, they will avoid last minute rush, that is, the scrambling. Amen.

Let me tell you the truth, the Message titled “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation” was preached in the year 1997. Check the date yourself.
2.          Do you know that the Message of Grace which ushered us into this salvation we are in now proper, came to us in the month of April 1998 after dedicating the   Message titled “Cry Out Against the System;” there was a Message I dedicated. I dedicated a Message before preaching that Grace;  it was the Message titled “Behold The Man Of Sin.”
3.          I am saying that the Message titled “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation” preceded the Message of Grace. You can see that there is no contradiction in what God is saying; that God has already laid Grace down as your only way of salvation. However, there is unbelief in the hearts of many even till now.
4.          If there is a figment of Law in your heart, a figment of unbelief to the Word that has proceeded out from the Son of Man, the Gate can never open for you. You will stop your journey at the Gate. Salvation is by faith in Christ and Christ alone.
5.          Salvation is given to you free not because you merited it, not because of what you have done and what you have not done; no. That is why it is amazing, for it was not given to the people that deserved it, but given to the people that do not deserve it simply because He (Almighty God) wants to.
6.          Nevertheless, you must come face-to-face with the Giver (the Son of Man) of the gift (salvation). For it can never be thrown down from the air. You will get it from somebody.
7.          Note it, any day my Message expires; the end of the world has come. For instance, when Obasanjo’s tenure expired, everything concerning Obasanjo and his reign also came to an end.
8.          We have come to the end of the show. If you are offended, charge the Son of Man to the court. I told you that play, play, play these things that seem to be a drama here may be switched off and it will be at a time it has become sweet, very much appealing to your eyes, and you will see the screen with the inscription (countdown): 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, the end.
9.          Let me tell you the truth I know in Christ. From the screen, that is, before Me, I am seeing one (1) [from the countdown, see verse 8], after one (1) the next thing is zero (0). Only one (1) is remaining there. I do not know how many minutes, how many days, how many years, how many months it will take. Whether you understood the Message or not, let the events around you alert you that danger is at hand.
10.       If you know where you are standing, say, “God, continue with what You are doing.” However, where you do not know your stand, well, be afraid of tomorrow. As many as know where they are standing, they are never afraid of tomorrow. Even if you step out, no shaking.
11.       What you are hearing in this Faith now is unknown everywhere. Nobody can believe that a little group like Bridal Faith can be blessed with this type of revelation.
12.       How many were in this Faith in the year 1997? From 1997, is the Message titled “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation” not sounding like it was preached now? Why is this Message (The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation) coming out in print now?
13.       Is there another appointed time for this Message to be released? By now it goes to show that everybody should be careful for we are at the Gate of the city of Heaven. God has brought us safely at the Gate. Do not allow anything to disturb your peace anymore. Anything that is disturbing you is what you are having in your mind, and it is your enemy. Be happy at all times. Rejoice exceedingly! You have escaped from the wrath of God and from the wrath of men, simply rejoice! I say rejoice!
14.       You know what you are hearing, many kings and rulers of the Earth long to hear what you are hearing and see what you are seeing but they could not.
15.       It is amazing Grace. Play, play, play, the Pillar of Cloud came down. The Pillar of Cloud came down, the audible Voice was heard, the foot prints were heard, our eyes saw Him coming out and coming back from His own Tabernacle.
16.       In other words, God is with us and that makes the total difference. The Message others heard and shook their heads in disagreement, they called it demon, but you heard it and then tied your life to it. To you, it is the Voice of God but to others it is the voice of the Devil. To you, you are seeing God; to another, he is seeing the Devil or a mere man. Is it not wonderful? It is wonderful. Let Me hold my peace. I know that that day, your joy will be uncontrollable.
17.       Do we know the song? It will worth it all. We have seen Christ, we have touched Him, we have heard Him speak, we have proved Him for He is the Message of life.
18.       Go for the Message titled “Random Comments from the Son of Man,” all the Messages that have been printed from January till now, make sure you have your personal copies. Whatever it will take you, you will never regret it. Your life is tied to the Message. Amen.

You should learn to blame  yourself for your shortcomings. God is the happiest person for so many reasons. The happiest people on Earth remained the children of God.
2.          Things have been difficult from the beginning of the world, God has never been comfortable and he will remain uncomfortable until the consolation of the world
3.          Every human being is a creator except in the case where your brain is not functioning properly. Note, I am the greatest intelligent network God created.
4.          God likes intertribal marriage. The best stage of uniting the people starts by making the language of the people. Begin to learn other languages. This is not an ordinary marriage but an extra-ordinary one.
5.          Real children of God follow the Word very strictly. If you believe, signs and wonders will follow you but if you do not believe, you will follow signs and wonders.
6.          Son of Man is the living Bible encyclopedia. God is not interested in anything but the state of my heart. If you believe in Christ and persecution does not follow you, stop and re-examine yourself. People no longer preach the Gospel of Christ but the gospel of prosperity, popularity e.t.c, the Gospel of Christ was watered completely. 
7.          Look at Sister Shade, her office never hindered her from serving the Lord; there is no reason why the Son of Man should not attend the wedding because of Sister’s faithfulness.
8.          God transferred the Sister to Igboland, the home of God. Sister is permanently welcomed to the home of God. Her security is guaranteed by God. It is in Christ that all the children of God that are scattered home and abroad are united.
9.          This is a very nice road (marriage) but you have never trod that road before. A car you buy may put you into trouble, and the only Bible you can read and understand remaineth my character.
10.       Experiences to marriage are foreign to Jesus and God is here to re-shape the two (2) of them.
11.       Note, somebody is happy when you are happy. Somebody is sad the moment you are sad. Recognizing this fact, do not make somebody unhappy because you want to be happy. Make your husband or wife happy and then continue in your trouble. If you buy a happy or a sad man, so you will remain. I make sure people around me are happy, for I will be happy.
12.       All that you accumulated all these years concerning marriage in this Faith, now is the time to implement them. You are the cynosure of all eyes. Somebody is watching, monitoring and accessing me, for that reason, marriage calls for a defence.
13.       Women do not resemble human beings but they are human beings. At the end you give yourself a name. From the beginning of creation, women have never been perfect. All that God created were perfect except woman.
14.       Marriage is never based on finding the right person but of being the right person. As long as God never declared the woman perfect, all the efforts she will make to attain perfection is useless nonsense.
15.       There is no human being that a woman can never bend. All your principles, idiosyncrasies are useless as long as she is concerned. Be ready to be bent now in order that peace will reign.
16.       When a man is called to an office, the wife is called too for behind every successful man of God there is a woman. Help your husband so that he will not make shipwreck of his ministry. Women do not talk but bend your knees, always pray for your husbands.
17.       Whatever you hate in life is all that you will see in your home. The weakest woman in the world is stronger than the strongest man. Do not underrate the power that is embedded in a woman because every woman is on the receiving end.
18.       Where there is positive there must be negative. Christ remains the light of the world and the light gives life.
19.       Compromise is the message for an ideal home and perfect home. Be ready to accept the guilt of the offence you never committed as a husband. When you say Devil, we are describing characters and situations. Whatever you call God depends on his manifestation to you. Man can riot over non-existing issues.
20.       If you are married, at one point in time in your life, your wife must call you a devil; you must be devil in the morning, human being in the afternoon and darling in the night.
21.       A man has no authority in the house for authority in the house is conferred in the woman. Note, simplicity makes a man great.
22.       As husband and wife, you must join your hearts together and not your hands, so that your reputation will not be dragged to the mud because no family is tested more than a family that respects God. Thus, close ranks immediately that your marriage will not be dragged to the mud.
23.       Once there is human relationship, disagreement is inevitable in the home because nothing exposes a man or a woman to ridicule more than a broken home. For that reason, no matter the situation, determine to stick together come what may.
24.       Once you run a peaceful home, you must raise peaceful children because nothing influences the children more than the atmosphere prevalent in the home.
25.       Husbands, be the first to forgive for women do not forgive anything rather, they only suppress their feelings. Apostle Okey, do not disappoint Sister Shade for she will never forgive you till eternity.
26.       As long as you are living with a woman, assume the position of a woman too. Select your words because words hurt a lot.
27.       Men love women, women admire men, love means sacrifice. In other to sustain the marriage, you have to make sacrifice. Love is beyond money.
28.       Give your husband verifiable evidence that when compared with other women, you are the best and he will give you the best.
29.       The life of a man is mortgaged into the hands of the woman. Women are now the strongest in the family.
30.       Sometimes, things we suspect do not exist. Sometimes it pays to hate, but do not hate.
31.       Families are measured by the quality of the inhabitants but not the quantity of children. Give your family qualitative training. The beauty of your life lies in your hands. Enter the kitchen and do what is right.
32.       In everything put God first. When you rely on the Word of God, your family will be in peace. The only way to walk out of an enemy is by using the Word. Your intelligence, wisdom and understanding will fail you except the Word of God.      
33.       To all that are married, live in peace with your wives and raise peaceful children. Better is the end of everything than its beginning.
34.       On this note I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.