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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 25TH SEPTEMBER, 2005 At the  Household of God Onitsha  By  APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN  “Truth has no substitute” ©BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

I am the highest Court. Nobody crosses over to the “other side” without passing through my Court. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man
First of all, understand the God you are worshipping, then you will know how to please Him.
The Word of God is a purifier and a sanctifier; the Word of God is the Holy Ghost because.
 the Word of God is God Himself. When the Word of God dwells in you, you become a deity, you become god. When a woman obeys her husband, she becomes equal with that man. That man will not give her any command; no chastisement. If the Church obeys Christ, the Church becomes Christ

He that started the good work in us the same is still working in us till today and I believe one day He will bring the whole work to an end for whatsoever that has a beginning must surely have an end. If you have been in doubt all these years as to whether our testimonies are true, I believe God has used the experiences we passed through in this Faith from the beginning of this Ministry till now to clear that doubt.
2.          If after all these experiences you are still in doubt, you have no reason to be in this Faith. In other words, this Faith is not meant for you. All that should be in this Faith must be in the Faith by predestination or never.
3.           If you are not predestined to be in this Faith you cannot abide with us for we are selected people by the Almighty God for a special purpose.
4.          We have to be serious with God for the time of ignorance God over looked. I was going through so many Messages recently and at the end of my research I concluded that God is a merciful God for if He is to judge us from what He has handed over to us, no soul in the Bride Ministry will escape.
5.          See, many, many years ago our Bishop Isaac Igwe said that we have been over taught and that was in the year 1996. If we were over taught in the year 1996, I wonder what we shall be by now. Am really very grateful to Almighty God that I am still part of the Movement.
6.          Let us forget the past and press on to the future. I am laughing at some people. If you think you are worshiping the true God today; as long as you are not faithful He will disappoint you.
7.          When you hear God say,“Call me in the time of trouble and I will deliver you,” that is, if you are faithful but if you are not faithful and you call Me in the time of trouble I will laugh you to scorn. You will be disappointed.
8.          How I wish the living will learn a lesson from the dead. How I wish also that those that think that they are standing in this Faith can learn a lesson from what we have passed through.
9.          Some Sisters were discussing, I over heard them saying, “Sister, in fact we were just having the experience we had under the Law. In fact looking at the whole thing: I saw nothing but God working as He worked under the Law. God came inside the camp with the Pillar of Fire manifested it, human eyes saw God, the great light as we saw under the Law,” and that is true.
10.       I am a witness and many other people in this Faith. Any experience to gather that can sustain somebody even if you were not here and you heard the testimonies of those that were here, will the testimonies be enough to sustain you or do you still need something more?
11.       We have been rejoicing that God has set us free. Am equally rejoicing but have we taken precautions against a repeat occurrence or do we still have that intention to try God’s patience again? God decided to come that way because we tried His patience. I know it is not a good thing to try God’s patience.
12.       No true seed of God tries God’s patience. If God is patient with you do not see it as weakness. If you see it as weakness you are on your way to destruction. That God is patient with you is because He wants you to change your mind and attitude.
13.       I went through some messages titled LO, I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, and I saw many things that thrilled my heart. I do not need to rehearse them in this Message. I believe that the Words that came from the mouth of God are always alive and always active.    
14.       God told us something that happened in us and something that will take you away from this faith. It is not what you have done, but what is happening within. What is happening within you is what will take you out of this Faith. It is not what you have done that will take you out of this Faith but what is happening in you.
15.       Have you ever paused a little to ask yourself this question: WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN ME? This thing that is happening in me, is it against me or for me?” because if it is not against you it is for you. Anything that will take a seed of God away from the Presence of God is that thing for him or against him? That thing that will destroy you, is it against you or for you? Because whatever that takes a child of God away from God’s Presence has destroyed him.
16.       What is really happening in you? Is that thing for you or against you? Can that thing permit you to stay in God’s Presence? Or is that thing pulling you out of the Faith of Christ. This question goes to all of us man and woman alike, young and old including infants.
17.       Infants take note. We have reasons why from time to time we allow the infants to go to their classes; sometimes we allow them to stay with the adult class and hear what we are hearing for we believe that the leg of a small goat is also sold in the market.
18.       When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah He destroyed the infants there. When He destroyed Jericho He destroyed infants, so do not say, I am too small God will not destroy me.” No. God will destroy you if you do not pay attention and hear what your fathers and your mothers are hearing.
19.       I do not pray that somebody should die but there is no way we will stop death until the appointed time.

20.       I gave you a charge to go home and read OUR LINK, how many read it? I know you can recite the contents of the book. Now, as many that obey that command if you actually discovered something that helped your faith more and met the demands of the hour we are in, show by raising your hand. You read it you saw something that helped your faith inside it and something that meets the hour we are in, indicate!
21.       Is there any reason anybody can give for not going through that Message titled OUR LINK? Tell me, what is the Spoken Word? What does it take to break God’s command? What does it take to be a rebellious man or a disobedient fellow? Is unbelief a big thing?
22.       Suppose the Lord will say now, those that have read this book according to the command come over with the Son of Man, those that refused to read, go over there with Pastor Dan, will God be unjust? What if He says I should do it now, do you think the Lord gave us the command in vain?
23.       God commanded you to go and read the book; can God give an empty instruction? What if I open something now and read something you are guilty off and I ask you to get out will God be unjustified? Like the Pastor like the congregation.
24.       Pastor Dan do you aim at laying a good example to your flock or a bad example? If you do not obey the Voice of God, how can your flock obey your voice? I know I gave you that assignment or are you not a part of the congregation? Or you mean the assignment will be too much for you. Or he that commanded you to read that book did not know that he gave you that one?
25.       If the pastoral work is too much for you it then means you are about to leave this Faith because I will give you more including the ones you are handling before. I think I know what I will do. I will tamper with your business a little for it will help you; and you madam like husband like wife, what effort did you make? Even to put your husband in remembrance you cannot do that because you did not read and you saw no reason why you should read. Where then is the fear of God in the heart of His children?
26.       In other words, we only fear God once the Shekinah Light comes down in our midst. Once you see the Shekinah Light everybody will begin to shake, but few days after the whole thing it will vanish. How do you want me to believe that you really know He that is talking to you? How can you convince me that you know the Voice you are hearing even which many of you heard in your own privacies before you identified with this Faith?
27.       Many heard this Voice before they identified with this Faith. When they came into the Faith, they heard the same Voice. Thus, it was no longer a strange Voice to them; it is a Voice they are familiar with but to see the personality became a problem to them but talk of that Voice, it is distinct in their ears. In other word, it is not a new Voice. How Am I sure you are in the Faith by revelation, did God make any exemption in that order?
28.       If Brother Odoemena can go through the book in keeping with God’s command who has any reasonable excuse why he should not obey? Has anybody obtained God’s favour in disobedience? How do we want God to pardon us set us free and begin to bless us when we are in disobedience?
29.       I think we need repentance. Who among the parents that will give his/her child(ren) instructions/commands and he/she comes back to discover that those commands were not carried out, how will such a parent feel? How do you react to them more especially when you have a good intention in that command and you really want to speak to them using the same thing for their own good?
30.       Are we really sure we want to be saved? Let me tell you the truth I know. The great Light that is in our midst has enough strength to consume all of us in one second. The great Light that is in our midst has enough power to stop our breath in one second and nobody will drag Him to court this is because God will not continue to chide and will not continue to condone people blaspheming His Name. We have to be very careful. Amen.

It is written in the Scriptures that when Almighty God visited Adam’s grievous sin, Adam began to blame God say, “It is this woman you have given to me for a wife,” as if Adam never needed that woman. Was he not the one that said, “I have seen the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh?” Now, trouble has come, it then becomes: “It is this woman you have given to me for a wife.” The only way I can put it is that the fear of God is no longer in your hearts. 
2.          Even when God has reassured His Presence in our midst just recently, the memory is still fresh in the hearts of all the Elect.
3.          Well, there was something I saw and I told you that the person God is going to use in answering you may be your best minister. Did we not pray a prayer in this Faith that God should remove every make-believer? All the make-believers and mixed-multitude, we prayed that God should uproot them and show them the way out and then take us away.
4.          I told you that God is going to answer the prayer in all Churches that the person that may be affected may be your best minister, your best evangelist, your best Pastor. In addition, there should not be any sympathy for anybody that is affected.
5.          There is one I came across and I recorded it. I called it Brother Ferdinand’s prophecy. Brother Ferdinand preached a Message in this Faith: “Be very careful about influential men in the Church. People that are very popular in the Church that can easily win the hearts of the Brethren in the Church. A day is coming when all influential men will leave the Faith for God can never use a popular man in any revival.”
6.          Check Scriptures. Aaron became so popular among the people in the wilderness until he caused trouble that took him out of the ministry. Watch Miriam. Miriam was a great singer; she was very popular until she made a shipwreck.
7.          In another Message titled: “Lo, I Am With You Always,” The Lord said, “Note it in your jotters or in your hearts that big names will not make it in this faith.”
8.          We heard this frightening voice yet we cannot stop and think. Is it because your name is not mentioned? What if God will use you to fulfill it? It is because you are yielding towards it.
9.          I have come to the realization that God will not use a righteous man to fulfill a wicked thing rather God will use a hypocrite, a make-believer numbered among the mixed-multitude to fulfill everything that is ungodly. A righteous man can never fulfill a wicked side of the Scripture or prophecy.
10.       When God prophesy an evil thing, He knows where an evil man is. He knows where an evil woman is even if the person is not among His people He will bring one in from outside and use him to fulfill it.
11.       Almighty God told us that He can use somebody to achieve His purpose after which He will dump him. If you are a minister in this Faith that statement alone should give you concern as you will be moved to ask yourself: why did God co-opt me inside this ministry? Am I in this Faith to help Him do something and He will drop me on the way or am I in this Faith  to be a co-labourer with Him unto the end and receive the reward? I have told you to be very careful for we are in a dangerous ministry.
12.       Joshua warned his people in his day saying, “Be careful. This God you want to worship can destroy all of you if you fumble. He does not play, He does not jest, He is a consuming fire.” Maybe you do not know, you do not believe yet that we are not like other people. There is no gathering under the sun you can compare to the Bridal Faith; we are not in this Faith because we want to be in this Faith. No.  Somebody brought us into the Faith.
13.       We are not a denomination neither are we a big Church with general superintendent. We do not belong to the orthodox group. We do not even belong to this new generation group this is not a new generation gathering. We have new generation Churches but this Faith is not one of them. We have orthodox Churches. This Faith is not one of them, this one is away from all of them.
14.       You must know where you are. The problem many are having is that they say they have repented and they are still standing on the same ground they never made a shift. You cannot change your mind and remain where you were. No. There must be a shift. Once you change your mind, you change your vision, you change your stay, change your stand and not standing on the old ground and say, “I have repented, I changed my mind!” Na lie you are deceiving yourself. You have not shifted, you are still your old self.  
15.       I think it is better you go away than to meet the wrath of God. You saw what happen in the Wednesday fellowship recently. The congregation pulled away from the Pastor and the wrath of God came down. If not divine intervention, if there was no Intercessor, I told the Elders in my house. Look, let me just say what I want to say, I do not want to frighten anybody. Let us worship God with love.
16.       God is worshipped with love not by threat. Do not allow God to threaten you before you worship Him. The Lord threatened the people in the wilderness and it came to a point where He stopped threatening them. What happened next?  He dealt with them treacherously and their heart fainted.
17.       Let us worship God in love. Look at what I purposed there and that is the way it could have happened but I considered many, many things.
18.       Maybe God is going to use one person as example one day and it will be in a place where nobody will ask God why. God will permit that person to fall down there and die before many witnesses in less than three minutes the body will be swollen and the bowels will come out. You will see it there and nobody will be arrested. Examine the person no medical doctor will say that anybody touched him. They will see it as the hand of God because there is no way a living being can die and gets swollen in three minutes and then burst open. It is impossible. Everybody will believe it that this is the hand of God.
19.       Let us not provoke God to anger rather let us walk in a way God will be pleased with all of us, so that we can reap His manifold blessings.
20.       You say you were sorry that you have repented and God gave you assignment and you refused to do it. When you sing oh sing: oo oh mmama mmama in the fellowship, what is the assurance that what He will tell you, you will do it?
21.       Obedience in grudge is no obedience. You do not obey God grudgingly and nobody repents grudgingly.
22.       I know we are all guilty we do not have anything to say that will form your defense; you have no defense maybe you want us to try again and then God will be doing abracadabra with us. I think that is what people want. We will be gathering because of abracadabra. Abracadabra will take many corpses among us.
23.       When the people of God saw what happened in the wilderness they told Moses, everybody fell flat that from today, no more rebellion, no more disobedient. Moses, please we do not want to hear from Him again. Hear from Him and tell us. Whatever you tell us we will obey. Because it got to a point where Moses said, “God I have never seen a people like this. Let me give way. Reveal yourself to them so that they may know Who is guiding them here maybe my face is stumbling them and then Moses gave way.
24.       The next thing was that the great Light appeared and the people fell flat.
25.       Tell Me the experience you have not passed through that will convince you that you are not being misled or fooled by anybody. Simply because after everything somebody will say, “Father, please show mercy.”
26.       Nobody has hardened his heart one day and then one or two corpses are taken away. Maybe one day we will experiment death. We will experiment it instead of dying in this Faith, leave us, go away and remain alive.
27.       God has been begging us from the very official beginning why should you die, go away, remain alive and allow those that have that courage to follow God and continue with Him.
28.       Believe it if you can, there is no object of worship that is not destructive. If you worship amadioha; you see amadioha is destructive. There is no shrine, there is no idol that is not destructive. Even if you worship manmade spirit, it is destructive also. That is why once worship is concern the worshipper is always meticulous, extra careful, lest he will pay dearly with his life.
29.       Why am I happy? I am happy because I am worshipping the God that can hear “I am sorry.” That is my joy. The rest (other deities) can never hear “I am sorry” yet we try His patience so that every now and then we will be saying “I am sorry.”
30.       Note, one day God will be tired with “I am sorry.” If we have read that book it could have helped many in our midst because I believe God wants to join what happened in the fellowship before your eyes on Wednesday, God wanted to link up for you to see that God has always been on one side and the people on the other side for there has always been A LINK between God and man and that is THE SON OF MAN.
31.       That God has always been revealing Himself in human form, blinding the unbelievers. You would have heard many things that would have helped you to check whether you are numbered among the Elect or not because whatever you are manifesting now; you will be weighing it with what God said in “Our Link” to know whether what you are manifesting is in consonance with the Elect of God or with make-believers.

32.       Well, I will not go through it. If you want to read, read. If you do not want to read, do not read. If this small book is too much for you, what about the Message titled “Lo, I Am with You Always”?
33.       I handled this Message in one day. It is one of the biggest Messages I have handled. Another message is “God in Despised Places” then “As I Thought on My Ways.” There are some others that are not in print yet.
34.       Another lengthy Message that will help somebody if you can go back to your jotter is “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation.” If you have it in your jotter go through it, whatever that is happening in our midst now will not be a surprise to you. You will know that God summarized everything.
35.       “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation” is just like in Amazu Oil, God gave us the summary of what we will experience. He called it the highlight of the ministry: Number one is MIXED MULTITUDE Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3; number two is “From Jerusalem to Jericho;” number three is Faith. He said, “These are the highlights.” For the last Message that will be on this Earth will be the Message of faith.
36.       He said that faith is Grace. Faith is Christ. Go through that message for He said that if you come to the point where you appeared to be confused about any stage of the ministry as we progress, go back to the tapes.
37.       Before you listen to the news you must be acquainted with the headlines and that is the summary. At the end of the whole thing the summary will come up again. In other words, what the Lord did in Amazu Oil, if you can go through the messages you will see that they were already prophesied.
38.       We are following a divine pattern, a divine plan. After that, the Lord gave us a Message called “Building Plan.”
39.       If anybody should be disobedient, it should not be the Elders because you are the people that will strengthen your children. If anybody should be weak, the person should not be found among the ministers. From the time God declared war against the ministers, if you are a minister in this Faith what you have to do is to guard up your loins making sure no mistake any where.
40.       After all you know God’s aim but coming to fellowship, seeing Elders sitting down refusing to carry out God’s instruction. How can you lead these children along?
41.       Our Brother  phoned Me and said that he was thanking Me for making at least a little allowance for him, co-opting him into this costly ministry even at the time when the ministry has come to an end. That the Lord still made allowance for him to come in that he is ever grateful; that was the reason why he phoned and really he should be grateful.
42.       If you happened to find yourself in this most holy gathering, you have every cause to glorify God. This is the highest place of honour in Heaven and on Earth. You are in this Faith with the Almighty although your visible eyes, your human veil cannot allow you. That is why from time to time He will shift a little and then you will see the attributes.
43.       One day you will see the fullness of the Elohim just as He is. You will not be seeing His attribute, you will not be seeing His destructive powers.
44.       Tell me what your fathers saw in the wilderness which you have not witnessed in this Faith. They heard His footprint, they could not see Him. You heard His footprint. What is amazing?  When it came to your turn, you could not see Him. He invited them so that He will reveal Himself; the same way He invited you, He revealed himself, He manifested Himself to them in the form of Pillar of Cloud, that He has also manifested among you in the Pillar of Fire. He manifested Himself among you. Tell Me what God has not done in your midst confirming His Presence, I mean supernatural occurrences that are unbelievable by a natural man.
45.       A natural man can never believe our testimonies in this Faith. If one-tenth of what is happening in our midst can happen in any denomination, the whole world will hear about it. The Vessel God is using for that hour will be the talk of the day.
46.       I speak to your shame. Some ministers that were in my house recently, you saw a woman there you heard my discussion with her but you called her a heathen. You called her a heathen but to God she is not a heathen because she has recognized God and things God can do to the point of bringing her son all the way from Cameroon. After running to everywhere to and fro no other place than to God.
47.       She was asking Me a question saying, “Sir, why not organize a sort of crusade like others because people are dying, they are following counterfeits. Why not organize a sort of crusade then you will be helping people since you are charging them nothing.” I just laughed.
48.       She went further to say, “What is the name of this your Church?” I replied, “Mama, I have no Church.” “But they said you have a Church,” she asked again. I answered again,  “I have no Church.”       
49.       I thank God it is not happening among us only, it is also happening   with the heathens; God bringing them in so that they will be condemned in the end.
50.       If God can bring them in and do them favour, heal them and touch them, they have no reason, no excuse why they should not serve God. Amen

The Devil Will Testify Against This Generation.” This Message was preached many years ago in my family altar. It was preached on the 6th day of October 1995.
2.          You must have reason why you must praise God if something happened in your life. If you know you have benefited then you can praise God, that will stir you up to praise God not only for yourself for your brethren; for your children that will even affect you in giving your offering to support the work of the ministry that is taking good care of your soul, good care of your family.
3.          Without this Family that is called by God’s Name I wonder where we could have gotten the instruments we will have used to govern our families in the fear of God. If our children will rebel tomorrow we have the instrument to bring them to order.
4.          Who gave us the instrument? Almighty God.
5.          If you felt the way I felt when the message titled “The Devil Will Testify Against This Generation” is going on you will equally confirm with Me that the word of God is alive and active at all times.
6.          The Lord spoke to parents and spoke to the children as well. Thus, if you were not in this Faith in the year 1995 and now you have heard the Message you begin to wonder how we where feeling that time. When the Lord said that we have lowered the standard He knows what He is saying. If the family altar was like this over one hour, family altar, He that instituted the family altar, is He different from the one that is still with us till today?
7.          Now, if parents obey that Voice, sat down and did that work, do you think we will be having problems? Even if we will be having problems, the problems will just be very few manageable problems.
8.          I thank God that parents that have vision are growing from strength to strength. If this was my family Message that time and then my family was too tender when Onyedika was about five years old, what do you think my family Message will look like today? When I now have adults as my children I have only but one maid now who is equally an adult, what do you think my family Message will look like?
9.          What am I trying to say. The Holy Ghost said that if you are playing with your family you will reap the fruit thereof. You take time to look after your family pointing them to God’s Word correcting them and rebuking them aiming at instilling real godly righteousness in them you will reap the fruit thereof—that we should CATCH THEM YOUNG.
10.       We are in a prophetic ministry. When I heard the prophecy there as it affects Kerian, Mode and Lambert, well, I said, to God be the glory that this thing are fulfilling in my eyes. I had Tochukwu who was my aunt and today all that the Lord saw ahead of time have manifested on her Chinasa who goes about in Onitsha wearing trousers with other ladies because they neglected God’s counsels.
11.       You see, when you come face-to-face with the truth and you turn your back against the truth get ready I say get ready. Your wildlife will never be controlled in this life and the end thereof will be death.
12.       However, when you come face-to-face with the Word of God and you received it you will live a challenging life, you will be happy with yourself, you will be happy with God. All of them that came face-to-face with this truth and turned their backs against it, they are regretting their lives today.
13.       Look at God reminding Mode the time he abandoned the Faith with Lambert and went away only Kerian was with Me and Kerian was warned: “Any day you leave my house and go out, join your brethren, your relations that abandon the Faith, your condition must be worse. You will join them and taste the world, the pleasures of the world will be pulling you along and to restore you again will be impossible.”
14.       You see why it is very delicate to come to this ministry and play hypocrisy, if you are in a Faith like this Faith where God Himself is speaking to His children, pay attention and be serious with all you are hearing or else you will regret.
15.       Adults in this Faith that have been with us from the very official beginning, they are beating their chest in sorrow. Adults like Brother Ebenezer, there is nothing he is passing through now which was not told him concerning his sons. If he had taken his time seriously with them maybe he would have succeeded in getting at least one.
16.       Blessed be the Name of the Lord. If you have vision of your calling, you will be striving earnestly to make full proof of your ministry to make sure at all times that your calling and election stand sure. Nothing distracts your attention from your goal.
17.       Every wife should aim at helping her husband to make full-proof of his ministry because the success of your husband is your success; the same way the failure of your husband is your failure. If your husband is ridiculed out of his position you are also ridiculed out of your position. If your husband is crowned in his ministry, you are also crowned in that office. You cannot talk of the president without his wife, can you? Anywhere the president is honored, his wife is honored there. This is true.
18.       Deacons take note. It is only in Onitsha I have armchair         Deacons but go to other Local Assemblies you will see pulpit Deacons, administrative Deacons. Nobody even invite them to the pulpit. They know the right time they know when the situations calls for Deacon.
19.       As policemen in the Body, they know the time to arrest a situation not with your cane. No! Maybe you do not know that gallant police officers arrest their colleagues.
20.       If a police officer is erring now, an army officer will not arrest him his own colleague, a police officer will arrest him, put him in detention and even torture him. It is only in Onitsha that I have armchair Deacons.
21.       For a family to be strong, the head of the family must be on his duty position and all that labour with him must take their position. We are likened to athletes or footballers for you must maintain your wing, keep your wing hot or else you will be pulled out of the field and somebody will replace you.
22.       You go to your wing tread the hard tackles with your opponent because if you do not operate effectively in your wing, your opponent will cash in on the porous nature of your wing and wallop your team. If you lose the match, all of you will go home with your faces in shame. Besides, if the loss come from your wing, you are written off completely. As a result, maintain your wing. No matter the position you find yourself in the Body of Christ you are important man or woman.
23.       In every family, even a child that is one day old is very, very important if you feel that A-day old child is not important, he can cause you to pass sleepless nights. If you feel that that child is not important, if sickness attacks that child abandon him, go and rest, sleep then you have proven to us that the child is not important.
24.       I am saying that everybody is important. The family belongs to all of us. Every true seed in the family works toward protecting the interest of that family at all cost. It will take strangers to mess the family up.
25.       You can claim to be born in the family but your character will tell us who you are. Your character will tell us whether you are a foreigner or not. If you are not working towards the interest of the family where you claim you are born into, go and check your origin you are a foreigner. In that particular family you are a stranger because you do not have the interest of the family in your heart. Even if the situation in the family is getting worse you will even help to worsen the situation more. Thus, it goes to show that  you are a stranger.

26.       I really thank God. Happy is the man who the Lord corrects. It is better for a wise man to reprove me than for a fool to sing my praise. For that reason when you are being praised, when you are being exhorted, anywhere you pass by there will be great noise, people will be screaming your name, it means you are doomed because fools are singing your praise, fools are shouting on you, hailing you.
27.       It is better for a wise man to rebuke you than for fools to cheer you up and sing your praise. Let the righteous man smite me. Open rebuke is better than secret love because he that corrects you saves your life.
28.       Whoever that corrects you saves your life but who accepts correction? Only a seed of God accepts correction. If you are not a seed of God you can never accept any correction. If you are corrected, instead of being happy you will be offended.
29.       You had the prophecy that went forth in the Message titled “Do Not Follow the Error of the Wicked,” preached by our former Bishop Okey Paul. He said, “If you are a seed of God and you are corrected or rebuked, you will repent. However, if you are not you will rebel by saying that if you are excommunicated you will never come back.”
30.       If you are a seed of God, you must surely repent but if you are not you must surely rebel. He preached that message and he was making reference to the wife of Nnamdi Ogbogu, the Pastor; but he did not know when the prophecy will fulfill. It may have dual application because prophecies fulfill often and often.
31.       One prophecy can use over twenty persons to come to fulfillment. Every prophecy from God must fulfill in every dispensation using different individuals.
32.       I am very grateful to God. I believe that whatever that is good for my own nuclear family as Brother Odoemena, that thing is equally good for your own family because we come to fellowship together and make up that “Super Family” of God. The great family of God is composed of too many nuclear families of which I am a part and you are a part.
33.       Thus, whatever that is good for Me must be good for you unless you are a stranger or a foreigner.
34.       To little children, you correct your ways. To parents that do not know what to preach in the family altar because I believe that that is the reason why many do not have family altar. The reason why some do not have family altar at all, why some banished their own, that is if there was any time they have one, is not far-fetched. The head of the family does not know what to preach because there is nothing in him. Even if he is tempted to say something, his life will speak differently. He is guilty of whatever he will say so there is no need of talking because his life is not right.
35.       This is why many cannot have family altar. For instance, Mike Udor who is in the fellowship is looking sober now. May God help him to change his mind to know that nobody gains anything from evil ways rather you gain destruction.
36.       Assuming he is organizing family altar, what will Mike Udor tell the wife when his wicked way of living is naked before everybody. The wife knows that Mike has never obeyed the Gospel. What will Mike be telling the family more especially now you are blessed with two children?
37.       If you do not change your mind now and begin to tilt towards the right way your children are coming up. You will regret because without the Word of God I wonder what else that can train the children and put them together.
38.       I wonder any instrument parents can use to instill the right mind, the right character and attitude, the right sense, the right spirit into your children. I wonder what that thing could be. Could it be television or could it be VCD? I really do not know. Remember, every day new, new evils are coming in.
39.       There are many evils your children know now which you do not know. It will take God to save them. Why? They are more exposed to that evil than you. Your evil is limited to your surroundings but your children are surrounded by thousands of children from wicked families who experiment evil every day. Some of them will even come to school with pornographic magazine.    

40.       Blessed be the Name of the Lord we thank God that He loves us. I think there is a reason why God reserved this food. Do you know that there is a reason for that. He that preserved this food has good intentions but we are weak.
41.       If this Messages are benefiting us, Brothers and Sisters in our midst, why can’t you go to the library and collect some messages there, help us bring the Message out from magnetic tapes, we will print them because it is better to read the message in book form. Besides by printing them out they can go round the families: your children can even read the Messages on their own.
42.       Any amount spent in propagating this Message is never a waste. Any amount you spent in passing this Message across to your family, to your friends and well-wishers is never wasted.
43.       Who can help us? Who can take it up as challenge? People did this thing. Some never informed Me. To some Brethren, I never gave them the instruction and they carried it out because they were inspired to do so. Are you inspired to do it? Can you be inspired to do it? You are only inspired to do evil, to think evil, to reason evil. Any spirit you yield yourself to is the spirit that will control you. Wherever your mind is that is exactly where your desire will be, that is where your desire will be. Do you have the desire to propagate this truth which God has given to us for the foundations of many families? In what ways do you think you can be a blessing to many families?
44.       A woman can do it anybody can do it only if you surrender yourself to it. The extent you surrender yourself is the extent God is going to use you. The problem we are having is that the selfishness in us cannot permit us to be strongly devoted and dedicated in the Ministry of Christ, a priceless ministry of Christ.
45.       If it is difficult for you to get the tape and bring the messages out of the tapes using your exercise book and pen, if you have tape recorder in your house, the best use you can put it into is to use it to extract the Messages for us and I bet you God will never leave you unrewarded. I am assuring you that that particular gadget will not give you trouble because you are using it in the service of the Lord.
46.       However, many delight themselves in using it to play “Awilo” and every kind of music like that; even the ones that will corrupt you.
47.       You cannot extract the Message without enriching yourself because while you are listening to the Message and you are writing it, by the time you finish one cassette, oh no! you have towered above other persons. You simply go to your jotter and see whether there is any inspiring message in your jotter which you know you can bring out and print it out.
48.       All the sermon books you now read from Branham, Branham never printed even one. Somebody took the pain to extract the Message from the tape and another person volunteered to be printing them.
49.       Now we have computers here and there, have operators who can help us typeset them in a bigger way than before; tell me, what excuse can we give? I think it is better to keep ourselves busy with the things of God than being busy gossiping about. When you occupy yourself with messages like this Satan cannot anoint you to begin to wander from pillar to post.
50.       It is when you lie down and over relax, nothing paramount in your mind, nothing serious in your mind that your mind will be wandering about, your heart will be seeing things that are not convenient. You will begin to find fault where there is no fault. Why? Because you are lazy and idle.
51.       Some do not know where the library is. I mean young men in our midst do not know where the library is situated. I do not know if there is no one that do not have CD or compact disk player in his house. They play it in their homes but how many can go to the library and get a message. I do not mean that you should extract. I mean slot it in your CD player and listen to it. Never, never. Some are even ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. They do not want their neighbour to know what they believe.       
52.       If your neighbours know your faith, they will respect you. They will not talk to you anyhow, they will not approach you anyhow but when you hide your identity, you are in trouble with them and with God. When they know you, they know what you believe, before they will approach you they will think. Amen.