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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 7TH APRIL, 1996 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute” At BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE
There is nothing good in Me that can attract the World; a Man of sorrow, a Man that is misunderstood by allexcept the Elect. Many shall be offended by Me, but blessed is he or she that will not be offended by Me. The greatest Gift God has given to this generation is the Son of Man.  Any spirit you yield to is the spirit that will possess you. Believe it if you can… –The Son of Man
9th November, 2008.
The rapture is with us. You are all sitting down in your glorified bodies but you do not know. The journey that started thousands and thousands of years ago is about to come to an end.

If there is a Prophet that gave us the impression that the world will not come to an end, we will be doubting it. However, all the Prophets have spoken that the world one day must come to an end and that God must surely judge this world’s unrighteousness.
I have nothing to do with the Devil, he has no part in me for he never created me nor did he form me.    
2.         The hour has come, for all the children of God to hear the Voice of God. We do not need any telephone again. If you are a child of God and I want to see you, I do not need to write you a letter again, I do not need to phone you for you have to obey the Voice.
3.         Remember, He told us at the beginning of this Ministry saying, “If you want to see the Apostle, you that do not want to believe that God sent Him, you do not need to write or panic, all He has to do is to go to a corner, if you are at peace with God you must link up, He will come.
4.         If He (the Apostle ) wants to see you, He does not need to write you a note; no, all He has to do is to go to a corner, as long as you are at peace with God He will surely link you up, you will come to Him. No matter how you will like to put on resistance, you must surely come. No matter how you struggle to resist, it will press hard on you that you must leave and nothing will hold you back because no man can resist the Voice of God.
5.         We are in the last part of the Ministry, and the last part of Ministry which is the prophetic part of the Ministry is the time where you will speak things into existence. It is not when it will tarry.
6.         This time around, I do not have to pray in the name of Jesus Christ for the hour has come when I will not pray in his name (Jesus’ name) again rather I will declare it.
7.         When you read it in your Bible where Jesus said, “The hour cometh when you will not pray even in my name,” you think it will happen in another world, no! It is this same Ministry and this is the hour because it is at the end of the Ministry. Just stand upon the Rock and declare it! That is all.
8.         A time came when Moses needed not to strike the Rock; all he had to do was to speak the word. When he foolishly, instead of speaking the word he struck the Rock; the Rock knew that the man had missed the real action.
9.         We are in the Spoken Word Ministry. What you saw as a dove was just the breaking of the iceberg. Now is the fullness of the Ministry come. Watch out from now, this is the hour where if you are in this Ministry proper you will tell a man stand there and get dried up and he will dry up. Speak to a living tree say, “This tree, I am placing a curse upon you in the Name of Christ our Lord, you will not bear fruit from now and you will wither.” Watch that tree, it must surely wither.
10.     The same way, if you are for rapture, nobody will tell you about it for it will be real. You will see enough evidence that you are the rapture yourself. You will see enough evidence.
11.     I thank God for everything, so Brother Obadiah you are welcome in the Name of Christ our Lord. You are my joy in this Church because your face is before Me, I can now declare the counsel.
12.     Brethren, actually for sometime now, things have been going the way they have been going and we are watching the way we are watching. I came to fellowship this morning, a Brother saw Me and said, “Brother, did anything happen to your face?”
13.     I said, “My friend, go your way. Why are you looking at my face? Why should you look at my face? Have you any business with my face? If something happened to my face, is it your business? Does it concern you? Is it your face? Mind your own business.” That is what I said: “Go your way!” Moreover, the voice was not friendly.
14.     How will you feel if you were the Brother? You met your fellow Brother, looked at his face and said, “Brother, your face is not well, did anything happen to your face?” Instead of replying in a friendly way, he said, “My friend go your way.” Can you take it lightly? Maybe that will stumble you. Yet it happened this morning.
15.     I am very much at home with my God. If God will come to this Church to reveal Himself, He will come in any mood He wants to come. If God is partly happy and partly sad, it will reflect in the badger skin. If there be any badger skin that harbours such a Spirit, he will be partly happy, he will be partly sad.
16.     I thank God the interaction went forth before the praises. I really thank God for what He is doing now. You do not need to ask any further question. I equally thank God who has already decided to obey His Voice.
17.     If you know that when you heard the Voice, you heard the explanation, the same Spirit explained it and you did not want to be stiff-necked; you left the Church and you parked yourself outside the little hut there; please nobody asked you to come back.
18.     A structure wanted to disturb me during worship service, I felt somebody was standing before Me for I could feel the breathe of that person around and I knew it was another spirit, it was not God. I could not open my eyes for I remained where I was until the prayer line was over. Lo and behold, I saw somebody lying flat. In fact because of the breathe that was coming to me, and the attack I was receiving I had to draw back and I drew back. I gave a little distance away from that structure. It is difficult to believe that some were sent expressly to come to the Church and destroy the Apostle.
19.     There is no way you can destroy the Church until you destroy the overseer of that Church. Get rid of the Apostle you have gotten rid of all the ministers, you have gotten rid of the Church.
20.     If Satan wants to kill you, he will kill you through the Apostle. He will anoint him falsely to inject poison into your hearts and all of you will perish. In addition, there is no way to get all of you defiled except through the Apostle. That is why every effort Satan has been making individually has been failing. If Satan gets an individual, the Apostle will spot it out, fish him out, cast out the anointing and bring him back.
21.     However, what if the Apostle is anointed, who has the anointing that will take away that false anointing? Who among you in this Faith will detect it and say, “Kneel down let me cast the Devil out of you”? That is why it requires the Almighty God to preserve His own Vessel because He has placed His Name on Him.
22.     Many, many forces are in our midst, for that reason I could not announce the deliverance service. If I had announced it earlier, I would have died before now. They are not stopping in the fellowship; they are trailing Me even in the highways. You heard my testimonies how the spirit started attacking Me from the fellowship. Some trailed me down to my own family yet they are in the fellowship. We eat together and fellowship together. I know them one after the other. Thus, I looked beyond the vessel and saw what was in the vessel.
23.     I thank God for what He is doing especially in these last days. I never purposed to come and tell you, “Leave this church, leave this church,” but I know very well that if the Lord will help Me to speak this day, I will come to a level where somebody will carry his bag and leave the Church without receiving any marching order. Something will keep on happening in him until he feels like committing suicide.
24.     My friend by the window, anytime I look at you I remember Linus. Did you see him? You do not know the man Linus? After service ask your brethren about the man called Linus.
25.     I really thank God for what He is doing and I will keep on thanking Him and praising Him. An event took place in my family recently and I told my wife something. You know there is a reason why I do not normally call my wife to come and help me bear witness because it is not acceptable in the law court.
26.     In the national law court, your wife can never be accepted as a good witness in any matter concerning you. For that reason, I try to avoid her because your wife cannot speak against you for she will only testify in your favour. As a result, I try to fish out other people that will come and bear witness.
27.     You know Satan is very tricky. He can anoint you, instead of believing the truth, you will say, “Well, if I were in her shoes I will equally support my husband’s ministry. Maybe she is supporting her husband’s Ministry so that the whole world will know it.”
28.     I have no Ministry but I am in the Ministry of Christ our Lord. I do not have any Ministry but there are people that have ministries. You can hear them even in the radio. Have you not heard about Kenneth Hagen’s Ministry? Kenneth Copeland’s ministries, Billy Graham’s Ministry, Oral Robert’s Ministry, Paul Nweke’s Ministry, Kumuyi’s Ministry, Zoe’s Ministry. They are all there.
29.     I do not have any Ministry but I am in the Ministry of Christ our Lord; I am called into the Ministry. Hence, I do not sponsor any Ministry, I do not have one and I do not intend to have one. God never ordained Me to start up a movement or to run a Ministry. If God ordained Me that way, He bestowed enough gifts in Me that will make the whole world follow Me. I am telling you the truth. You are yet to see the fullness. It is a question of yielding to Satan and then start using those things in the wrong way. The whole world will follow it and nobody will hear the voice of Kumuyi, Paul Nweke and all other people for they will all sink.
30.     Like I told you during my school days, a young boy that was making a hell of noise in the school because they appointed him the captain in one way or the other in football field. They could not allow us to have rest in the dormitories. Every time football, football, football and I was there very speechless and quiet until one day I was tempted beyond measure.
31.     I told the captain something, I said, “My friend, allow us to read; we have come here to study and not to show our pride in the football field.” I am saying that he became arrogant and stubborn until I opened my mouth. I said, “Panza, any day I will lace up my football boot in this school, nobody will recognize you again.”
32.     He said, “What!” I said, “Let me tell you, any day I lace up my football boot and enter the pitch, nobody will ever recognize you in this school again.”
33.     He thought I was joking until one evening, I was moved to enter the pitch, just ordinarily I made a little demonstration, not knowing that the game master was in the upstairs watching, I never knew the principal was somewhere, somebody that has not for one day practised with the players for one day, nobody has ever heard it from my mouth that I have even for one day laced up with football boot.
34.     Before we knew it, somebody ran into the field, lo and behold it was the game master, touched me on the shoulder and then halted the little casual playing we were doing. The man became interested; took up the whistle with an assistant who happened to be another senior tutor in the school by the name Nwagbo from Nnewi. Before we knew it, the man started apportioning players say: “This one this way, this one that way. Where is the goalkeeper?” Then he became interested; so the thing started.
35.     When I saw that man had become interested and I had finished my exams, no other trouble, I had to demonstrate it further. After the whole thing the following morning, we heard another whistle. I was dying in my bed; you know the muscles were paining me, because it had taken a very long time I played football last.
36.     While I was there, the man just called, “Where is Boniface? Where is Boniface?” They said that I was resting in the dormitory. He said, “Go and call him immediately.”
37.     The people came and I told them clearly that I came to study and not to play football. They said that the game master wanted to see me now. I said, “Go and tell him I am not coming.” The man came and I said, “Sir, all my muscles are weak. I have never played before.”  He said, “No, by the time you run round the field three times, it will clear.”
38.     I knew he was speaking the truth. I checked myself and said, “Well, the exams are over. We are just waiting for some of the fellows to finish their own so that we will go home.”  Thus, I got myself to run round the pitch three times and the muscles and everything stretched again.
39.     Lo and behold, it was real intensive practice. This time, it was not casually. It was first eleven versus second eleven—real star players including some masters. I beat them hollow in the pitch as I combined everything. Even the game master joined the other side and I beat him up: I just dribbled him to his shame because I was very short and could make rapid movements.
40.     You know that is a spirit. I was telling my younger brother saying, “I remember those good old days. Let me tell you football is a spirit and many things follow it. If you are a real footballer, note one thing, many things follow it. Many, many gift will accompany it until they get you destroyed.”
41.     There are a lot of experiences I cannot forget but God helped me. What am I saying? I am trying to type something.
42.     That time there was a match that was coming up between our school and the National High School, Aba and we knew National High School players to be very rough players. Others were competing for their jersey, I have already settled on one with number nine imprinted on it. I told them that only one practice I would earn a jersey. I practised one evening; before I knew it I got number nine jersey and I pocketed the thing.
43.     On the day of the match at Aba Stadium, and it was raining heavily, we played that first half and they cancelled the whole thing and rescheduled it.
44.     Another time we came, I was putting on number nine jersey. For the first time, before the whole students for all eyes were on Boniface, both the girls and everybody. Somebody that was imported. I said I was imported. I made flashing movements in the field; right from the left flank to the middle until I had the opportunity to beat the two back men hollow, then face to face with the goalkeeper, I faked him with my leg pretending  I was playing the ball to the right direction and he dived to that direction, not knowing that the ball was still there on my leg. Gently I just pushed the ball into the net.
45.     There and then nobody recognized who Panza (the school captain) was again throughout my stay. All those star players all sank. Envy and hatred came, as a result of it I was poisoned.
46.     After winning a trophy at Owerri when we played Arugo, and that time I was playing for “Greater Tomorrow” under East Central State. We played Arugo; we played DMGS (Denis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha) hollow. Played for Greater Tomorrow, far back in 1975. I passed out in 1977.
47.     What am I saying, I love coming number one in everything. If the Lord wanted me to run a Ministry with the gifts He has bestowed on me, I would have commanded the whole world. By now maybe I won’t be in Nigeria. I will be traveling and coming back with fleets of security men and so on.
48.     I may be privileged to be the youngest reverend doctor so, so, and so. It is very easy! Just lower down the Message; tell the people what they want and they will follow you. However, I thank God He never ordained Me that way. Rather He ordained Me a special vessel, preserved me somewhere, and sent me in this Laodicea generation to wind up the Church in the Gentiles. Amen.

Very soon, the mystery of the Earthly Messenger will be over. We are now entering into another Ministry, that is the Angelic Ministry and that Angelic Ministry is not an Earthly Ministry but a Heavenly Angelic Ministry.
2.         Heavenly Angels, the Angels that will pour in the wrath of God from the vials, they are angels from Heaven and they are very many. They are innumerable; you cannot count them, one after the other. Some have their ministries for one day, some have their ministries for five hours, and some have for seven hours, that is, at intervals.
3.         At intervals one angel will come, pour in something, something will happen and he will go. Another one will come, pour in something, all the Lord’s anger and indignation. They are there, reserved for that purpose. They are just angels of punishment; AND THAT IS WHEN THE ANGEL AT THE ALTAR HAS BEEN REMOVED TOGETHER WITH THE CHURCH.
4.         That is the next Ministry you should expect ministry of the heavenly angels. It is not for the Church, it is for the disobedient. Pray that the Lord will not allow you to roll into it because of unbelief.
5.         I know many of you have come to fellowship with your cameras, if you are led to flash your camera, feel free and flash but do not allow your attention to be distracted. There is a reason why it is permitted this day. Outside today, you pocket it. Another time it will come again will be if you miss rapture; then you may come in with it, you take photographs of whatever you see on the floor of the Church. I repeat: YOU TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS OF WHATEVER YOU SEE ON THE FLOOR OF THE CHURCH, YOU THEN GO FROM FAMILY TO FAMILY AND THEN TAKE CERTAIN PHOTOGRAPHS.
6.         We have some dreams, I will read these dreams; say few things before I make my announcement proper. Let me not fool you, but tell you what it contained therein. This one was on 4th of April not february1996, by our Brother Kinsley.
7.         It is a vision: he was among the people that went to Awka and right there in the house of our Sister Ike, they were praying in the family altar and he was caught up in the spirit. Lo and behold, he saw a vision of a wall clock that was shining very brightly and the hands of that clock were moving very swiftly. He wondered why the hands of the clock were moving very furiously; so he rushed to the clock at the wall intending to hold the hands but he could not hold the hands.
8.         He said that the hand became powerful and swifter that no man born of a woman could grip it. He was thinking about it until he heard a voice that said, “Be fast, time is no more,” and the vision left.
9.         He did not come to me, nobody read it to me, I have not heard it before. You said you shared it here in the Church? Maybe I was not in the fellowship that day. How many have heard it in the Church as it was being read? Brother, are you sure you are not referring to the family altar? Okay, only few hands indicated, maybe it was not on a fellowship day because I cannot remember the number of days I have absented myself from fellowship this year, yet I have not heard it.
10.     Then how did I get it? The Lord wanted Me to see it. Nobody ever read it to Me, so it entered my hands mysteriously and that was on Friday night. I looked at it and said, “Maybe God wanted Me to lay hands on it and read it.”
11.     I saw another one also, I dropped it on the pulpit and it was a dream. Our Brother, the same source, had that dream. That is our Brother John the Beloved (John Abazie); He said he dreamt a dream where rapture occurred, it is a lengthy dream. He described the events that were happening before that rapture took place. Note, one frightening feature there is that he made a prayer request after. He said that he saw the entire Church being taken into glory.
12.     Surprisingly, he said that he saw himself walking in the Jerusalem  fellowship hall picking up the dresses of brethren that went to rapture and then was asking himself the question: why brethren left and their dresses were lying down in the fellowship hall. The dream left him. In addition, he said that the Church should pray for him that he should not miss rapture; and for that cause, I decided to bring these dreams to the pulpit so that the pastor will read them clearly to your hearing.
13.      It is frightening, who will like to be picking dresses after rapture? In other words, you will be going about telling people that rapture has occurred. It is a horrible experience. I say God forbid that it will be so to my Brothers or any of my sisters even. Rather I am looking forward to a day God will close His eyes and wipe away every transgression and take everybody home except those that have decided to come to the Church to trouble this Church and to tempt men of God.
14.     They do not know where they are. If you know where you are, you will know you cannot get away with it. In this Message, I will tell you what God’s servants are. You know they are flaming fires according to the book of Psalms but they are more than flaming fires in the eyes of God. I will tell you what they are.
15.     If God has saved you, you must rejoice always. You see there must be joy in your heart because you have been saved. Even when God is rebuking and rebuking and rebuking, you still have your joy because He knows He is rebuking but not in vain. Moreover, to show that you have been rebuked, you will join hands with God to rebuke those people.
16.     In a family, if your own brother in the flesh does something that is wrong and he is being flogged by your parents, you take side with your parents to bring the child back and then rebuke the child, tell him, “My friend, are you a goat? Every time you are the talk of the day. Don’t you see what you have done? Is it good?” Then you still commend your parents that they have done very well.
17.     That is why when you come to His Presence in the fellowship, you rejoice; it is a family. There is no way rebuke will not go out to erring Brethren. God must surely rebuke every error in the Camp. It will come to a point where you are asked to leave this family: “I do not want to see your face again,” because their faces will always be provoking God.
18.     Any child that commits iniquity will get to a point where his presence before you disgusts you, making you angry each time you see him. The only way you can stay without anger is to cast him out for a while: “Get away from my face, I do not want to see you now!. A sinner provokes God to anger continually every day. As it is naturally, so it is spiritually.
19.     I thank God who has delivered many of us from every unclean spirit. I am sure many had total deliverance while some had partial deliverance because of something which I will tell them now.
20.     You know there are many things that are hard to say, God decided to reveal those ones they could not even say. Discernment was not on all of them. God discerned those hearts and revealed those things that if they were allowed to say, they will hide them. God brought them up. Yet there are some, God decided to place before them and leave it there. Even till this hour, it is still there.
21.     Who is to regret, is it God? I know some people might be weak, maybe we were among the people because we came and we were not even praying the second time. You were given your opportunities; you only confessed the ones you wanted to confess and then went back with the rest. Some could not even come out because of fear and you know if you have love for Christ, that love will drive away all fears. When sin enters into a man, the result is fear.
22.     I do not want to accuse anybody. I heard the same Holy Ghost’s Voice you heard. I will share some testimonies as I continue gradually. There is one Scripture that flashed across my eyes and flashed across a Sister’s eyes. What is more, that Scripture changed my mood. All that slept in my house can bear witness that they could not see my face—since morning from A to Z. Even my own wife could not see my face; my face was hidden from all and I decided to open up. I opened up a little and then closed the chapter, then went my way.
23.     In fact, they saw a different being altogether, it was unbelievable. Some even started thinking whether Brother will not be going to fellowship. It was very unusual and I told my wife that there is trouble; right from the house I said that there is trouble. She said, “Darling,” and I replied that there is trouble.
24.     As I was continuing in my testimony, I wanted to see Brother Ojiakor for specific reason, that was, immediately we left here at about 10:30am precisely in the morning. I wanted to see him by all means, so I decided to give myself over to prayer. I said, “If he is still with us, the same spirit, now go there, get him arrested, bring him here, I want to see him.”
25.     I continued bearing the thing and watching. My wife went out, came back and I called her saying, “I am praying that God will bring Brother Ojiakor here;” so we continued.
26.     In the afternoon, between  two to three pm, I saw somebody that quietly breezed in, very unusual, it was not the time. He said, “Sister, God bless you.” Even the whole children quietly come in and they breezed in.
27.     I just saw him from the curtain, then I said, “Brother Ojiakor, come in.” He wanted to say “Brother shalom” but I gave him a sign and he sat down. Our Sister was there, Brother Maduabuchi was there, so we talked a little.
28.     I dismissed Brother Christian and Brother Maduabuchi because he wanted to talk and talk I said, “Wait, I do not want to have any discussion with you.”
29.     I asked Brother Nathaniel to stay at Npor because he will trouble Me. I want to stay alone before and I have dismissed Brother Christian and Brother Maduabuchi because I wanted to stay alone. Yet, I continued being troubled.
30.     I opened my mouth the second time and said, “Did you hear anything about Brother …? He says Brother … should have been here with you. In fact Brother Ifeanyi told me that he will come and I have been praying, expecting that he will be here—unless Brother Ifeanyi never told him what has happened and what I was saying concerning him and his wife. I said, “I wonder why they decided to take him off at these closing hours. Okay, let me keep my fingers crossed!”
31.     We were waiting outside praying, discussing and sharing testimonies. We were very much in the spirit because many things were transpiring before that time. Almost after eight o’clock, lo and behold we saw something like a ghost and nepa took light that time. I called Brother Ojiakor and said, “Look at Brother Ifeanyi,” he said, “Look at Brother Ifeanyi, as if he heard that still small voice.”
32.     He was coming very fearfully, he was very much afraid. He gave us a little distance and stood before us speechless, we were all so speechless. Brother looked at me, I looked at him and we maintained calmness. Nobody said, “Brother how are you?” Or “Brother you are welcome!” We were just speechless for over five minutes.
33.     He could not open his mouth, nobody said, “Brother welcome,” there was nothing until after a while, I told Brother, “This is Brother Ifeanyi. It is not his ghost.”
34.     I said, “Brother Ifeanyi,” and he answered Sir. “Is it Brother Ifeanyi or his ghost?” I said again and he said it is Brother Ifeanyi and not his ghost.
35.     “Why are you fearfully coming and standing speechless?  No ambition, no want? Is it well with you?” I asked and he became speechless. A little while I asked, “Why coming late?”
36.     He said, “Sir, I have decided not to come late again.” “When did you decide?” I asked. “This night because we had a bad experience on the way”. He replied.  “That is why you have decided this night? Your last visit, what did I tell you? Did I not warn you seriously about it? Yet you decided to offend God again.  Tell us what was that experience you had?”
37.     He said, “Armed robbers!” I said, “Yes! That is what you deserved. Moreover, it was between Umune and Ogbunike.” He said yes!
38.     “Tell me, what if they succeeded, you that have no money?” They just saw them; people were running helter-skelter by foot, abandoning their vehicles where they parked, ran into the village and from the village they found their way here. What if the vehicle spoiled in the bush? To God be the glory.
39.     Many things happened, that was my last discussion with him until now. He did not see my face again. We never sat down even to say “how was this one or that.” I vanished, nobody ever saw Me.
40.     I was inside hearing them praying in the parlour last night, nobody saw me. Until the time I came out with my bag, intending to come to fellowship not even one person in their midst said he saw my face. If you see me transfigured, take it that way. That is how Almighty God has decided to do it. Maybe that might be the reason why you are asked to come with your camera. I said maybe so that you will see a different face.
41.     I thank God for everything, by and by we have brightened up. As I continue, I will keep on telling you certain things. I gave our Pastor a note but he delayed me here. I discovered that he was operating in a very high realm. I told him to share testimonies and collect offerings, and then let me go.
42.     Another note came saying, “I have informed so, so and so and we are in a great temptation now.” I folded it and threw it away for I am not in the fellowship  to come and exchange notes, if I wanted to exchange note I would have started it long ago.
43.     Many might be wondering why I did that. I threw it away angrily. Somebody might be thinking Brother was provoked by his family. Let me tell you, nobody born of a woman can provoke Me!  
44.     This morning I saw our Brother the Apostle in a dream, why I saw him I do not know because it was on the road and that road was very narrow. He stopped, greeted me and told me to go through this place to his house but is not at 20 Benjamin with my child Chisom in my hand.
45.     Coming to fellowship this morning, I saw what happened to us as a Church and I have to put it down to Sister Elizabeth. Sister Elizabeth did you see me yesterday? Did you come to my house yesterday? She said no.
46.     The woman you said you saw when you watched yourself carrying a bucket, was the same woman you saw also the time the Voice rebuked you. The time you saw a woman, and you could not recognise that woman. Do you remember? It was your testimony. I think we have it here in tape here also? It was the same woman also that you saw but this time you did not see her alone, there are many witnesses. I will tell you the woman also.
47.     I saw that same woman on Friday night, I was having some discussions with her; I blamed her, I said, “Do you know why I picked two of you before the Church and announced it?” Yet there are others I am still handling quietly. I pray that this spirit will just warn the two of you because I will not talk to you again. It is this same spirit that will be talking to you; and I know if I speak to you in the same way the same spirit that has been speaking to you in dream, in vision, directly, audibly, you would have hated Me to the core. Now, this spirit is your destroyer. It will destroy you if you are not careful because it will not show you mercy.
48.      If I come to this sister and I want to pray a little while the mind will say, “I do not know why I am not led to pray for you,” and I prayed for another people there, do you think that sister will be happy? No! Nevertheless, if it happens in a vision accompanied by a voice, I think that is the best way.
49.     Now if I will tell you, “I know why I did not visit you, I will visit other brethren but not in your house. I will not come to your house, will you be happy with me? However, when you hear it in a vision or a voice speaks to you or somebody had it in a dream and tell you that so, so and so happened, that he saw Apostle visiting so many people, when He came to you, He said, “No go and tell your mother I am not coming to her house, and will never tried it, look at the reason; then whatever you want to do, do.”
50.     You are certain that the Apostle was not in your house, the congregation was not with you and Apostle, if you come to the Church and hear it naturally coming out, you will know what happened before. Then the problem has shifted, not between you and Apostle again.
51.     I told that same woman saying, “Hear me, you are perishing. Look at the woman that has the same problem with you at the same time, gradually she is rolling into the Ark,” and I mentioned Sister Elizabeth. I thank God that woman is in this Church this day.
52.     After today’s service, go and see Sister Ike, she will tell you what I told her. I said gradually she is rolling into the Ark and gradually you are stepping your feet into a place where you will be finally destroyed. Where angels fly millions and millions miles away from is where you are stepping your feet into. You know there is a place you will step your feet into and you get destroyed at an instant, no mercy will be shown.
53.     I love the testimony of the Brother that left this Ministry because he finds it very difficult that time. He wrote letter to his Pastor, “I am sorry that I happened to find myself in this type of Holy Ghost Ministry and I do not want to reproach it in any way”. Then he withdrew from fellowship. He thought he will make money in the world, he got there, God arrested him and tormented him.
54.     The Police carried him and placed him in the cell. The sickness God healed came back. His family wanted to say he was destabilised, running everywhere until the Lord ministered to him why he was suffering. He wept sore and he was running up and down until he eventually travelled all the way from Eha-Amufu to my house one afternoon. Brother Kelechi saw him too.
55.     We came back from Mbaise that day...his testimony now is edifying. Is his brother in the Church or his in-law? His in-law came to my house yesterday, is he in the Church? He is in the Church. I will talk to you maybe from this pulpit.
56.     In this Church, we do not ask you to close your mouth, criticize us for it is your right. As long as you are not part of us, or you have come to witness what we are saying or what we are doing, it is your right. Sit down and witness, draw your own conclusion for it is your right. If we are not certain of where we are, we will be pleading with you to cover us. We do not hide our identity.
57.     A manufacturer that trusts his goods does not go about looking for distributors. However, when he places his form, he tells you, “Pay none refundable fee of five hundred thousand Naira.”. People that know the worth of the goods will place five hundred thousand Naira or more and say, “Even if I do not get it, I can forfeit it because of you, I will not regret, I will try again.”
58.     If a man knows the quality of his goods, there is a ready-made market for it. Moreover, he can fix any price. Before we know where we are, we can make laws, regulate how people can enter into this Body, and magnify it to our taste in order to decree out all unbelief and get a people preserved unto holiness.
59.     The Scripture permits me to raise up a standard. I said the Holy Scriptures you are holding permits me to raise up a standard. From the Old Testament, all men of God were commanded to raise up a standard of Holiness among God’s people.
60.     If you are a part and parcel of this most holy Faith, you won’t be afraid by day or by night, you will not be afraid of any terror. You are not amazed because you are the Ministry yourself. However, watch observers: if the players keep on playing and playing, and the game came to a point where they cannot score any goal and you see that the referee hands are up, you will see them gradually leaving. They feel disappointed that they paid the gate fee in vain.
61.     However, if they are a part and parcel of the match, they are looking for a winner, if we do not get a winner today and they say that tomorrow or next tomorrow they are repeating the match, they will pay another money, sit down quietly until they see the cup being carried.
62.     You know the people that enjoy the match are not the players. There are people that have no hand in the trophy. They will give the whole money they have to transport players there. Somebody can be supporting Rangers football club of Enugu, and be transporting himself there. Whether they will win or not he will keep on paying fare for that. Before you know it he will say, “It is my team.” Yet he has never played there one day. Management of Rangers football club do not know him.
63.     I do not want to be their supporter; I want to be in the team fully. Then everybody will know that I am a part and parcel of the team. When they put on their uniform, I put on the same uniform.
64.     Our God is good. The children of God must surely rejoice, those the Lord has redeemed. You that have been redeemed, that is my joy for I cannot perish. When you come to the altar in the morning, he said come with gladness of heart, come with a new song come with praises. And then we never know the people that were here, that they were quenching the fire and now they have left. The camp is cleansed once again, we will meet them beyond the Camp.
65.     Remember no sympathy for Esau. If you have sympathy for Esau, you make God a wicked God. Do not try to show sympathy for God is God. Whatever seemeth right in His eyes He will do.
66.     God is good, is it not wonderful brethren? It is! Church of Christ is a noise making Church. Yes sir! That is why Stephen was arrested in Rome. He shook the hour. Brethren, we are holding the power that is shaking the hour. The moment evil depart from the camp, the camp is cleansed. The Holy Ghost will have His way, then the people of God will rejoice.
67.     The Bible said, “Rejoice” and I say rejoice, never be sad or sorrowful. You are a redeemed people, a peculiar people. Brethren rejoice for we are in the world of our own. The world are in their own; we are in our own world. Somebody asked, “Why are you always rejoicing and cheerful?” I said, “My friend leave me alone for you cannot understand!” You can see why I am happy, is it the song? Because my face is bright, we are happy.
68.     When you have a masquerade, the masquerade will demonstrate in the spirit of the flute. The masquerade will not rejoice more than the person putting on the masquerade. What is inside the masquerade shows the attitude and behaviour through the mask. If the masquerade beats somebody, what beats that person was not the mask, it was something that was inside the mask.
69.     Whatever the masquerade does, that is what, what is inside does. Whatever the masquerade utters is what whatever that is inside utters. In other words, whatever that is inside the masquerade must know the masquerade. Moreover, the masquerade cannot speak, unless what is inside speaks. Is that the message?
70.     If you want to see what is inside, look at the masquerade. If you cannot recognize the mask, you cannot recognise what is inside. The works the masquerade is doing is not the masquerade but what is in the mask because whatever that is in the masquerade is greater than the masquerade. That is why the masquerade will dance to the tune of what is inside. Is that not the message of the hour? Yes sir! That is the revelation of the hour.
71.     If you want to know Him, you will know Him. I will show you something because I will place a sign that will stumble all. Except He that is in Him from the foundation of the world and then you will know that, that day that I am He. Glory be to God because He is just winding up His program and He cannot do it without Himself.
72.     Anytime what is inside the mask put his hand on the ground and put his leg upwards, you will see the masquerade demonstrate underground. If what is inside somersaults, you will see the masquerade somersaulting. The people there will be saying “this is wonderful, this is wonderful!”  What is wonderful is inside.
73.     I am sure it is in the Scripture but will you understand? A Sister came bothered with the problem of her relations; she was praying. While she was praying, something woke her up and God spoke to her ear saying, “Go and read Jeremiah 7 verse 16.” She was shocked and quickly ran in and told me that.
74.     I said, “Hold it to yourself, go back to the Church,” and that was exactly the Scripture.
75.     The same Voice that roared on them, Brother saw me outside. Because I never knew I could sit inside today. I never knew I could stay in the Fellowship and worship God today. I thought I would be outside this place. No matter how I try to adjust, no way. But the voice was just scaring me the more. Then I halted again because when He speaks I will know.
76.      If you have read it keep it to yourself for it is not what I am going to preach on if I will preach. All of you are coming to the Church with ears wide open, eyes wide open, with some new jotters and new pen. Some came with cassette.  Today is today. The Apostle announced it and the Pastor confirmed it. They came to the Church but the Lord went in another way, and from the way it was going, there is only but one person here that is not surprised and that is why the spirit is nearer to her.
77.     Our Brother Ojiakor has witnessed something. He started misbehaving. If it were ordinarily somewhere, I would have slapped him out of my office. Because if you are privileged to come very close to a man of God whom you are watching closely, even by day or by night, the whole Church must hold you responsible. Any day they look for him and they did not see him, and they have not obtained the last word from him, they will come to you. If you disappoint them that time, they can stone you to death and God will close His eyes and put you in the bottomless pit.
78.     Because a man of God must utter his last word someday. Whatever he has uttered and nobody sees him again, that is his last word. Then if you come out and then, maybe in ministration they were asking you to say what he said and you bent down, is that not a disappointment? There was even one Sister that will not even utter one word and that is Sister Ojiakor. The discussion that will last for over one hour thirty minutes she could not remember even a little from what was uttered out. That is an empty barrel and it will end today. Stupid empty barrel. Thank God the barrel came down to the faith.
79.     I will talk to the Church. I am not talking to people outside, I am talking to the Church. There is anointing in every man’s face. That is why it is not good to be a witch; they could not lift up their eyes. You know at my command they were going to the front, because they have seen supernatural powers being displayed.
80.     Brethren I would have started another thing. Since we cannot respond in this place let us act this way and the Lord hindered it. I was completely there. I knew what was going out here last night.
81.     If not Almighty God driving them away, by now you would have recorded nothing less than four cases of excommunication this day. Dangerous spirits leaving from these doors, but the Lord made a way of exit. “Let us tear him I know you are coming, let us tear him,” this are spirits they are going out because you are just new in the Faith, we that have been in the faith, we are witnesses at Amazu Oil.
82.     I remember one night, it caused the whole Church to sleep except Apostle at Abagana and it was the meeting of ministers, no member was there. I recorded the highest meeting of ministers from all the Local Churches; all slept except the Apostle. The only person that was awake in the anointing was the Apostle. That was Brother Kelechi in the pulpit. For the message that lasted for eight hours, the tape minister could not bear it and the thing spoiled our message.
83.     At Amazu Oil, we were in the meeting during midnight, casting out devils. We could hear the noise of a devil and people thought a little baby was crying. We looked round, lo and behold we had no little baby and it was far, far deep in the night about 2:00am. A little while, the thing changed and it was making a hell of noise both in the decking and everywhere. Then the Voice told the whole Church to come inside, they continued roaring outside.
84.     At Eha-Amufu it happened until a wicked spirit broke off the window. There was no wind, nothing. They were all gathered inside. A little while it went to the PA system, destroy all, both the loud speaker and the microphone, everything got destroyed. Yet we were there. The Voice told us, “Nobody will be harmed. It is roaring outside. Until you jump outside it cannot harm you. Remain inside.”
85.     Spirits are very dangerous. That is why if you are anointed with one, you start behaving like a little baby. You lose your senses. What if you are possessed with seven or eight or twelve evil spirits? There are many dangerous evil spirits, not one.
86.     Jesus told the man that was delivered of evil spirits, “Do not ever stay alone, pray and be filled otherwise the devil will come back one day to search and know whether there is space. If he discovers that you are empty, he will go out and bring more seven dangerous spirits and they will tabernacle.” In other words, eight dangerous spirits are now living in one man and the condition of that man will be worse. What of Mary Magdalene, how many spirits? Seven  wicked spirits at a time.  
87.     Do not be afraid of spirits, God has given you the victory. Recognise what you are. Any moment from now I will open the Word.