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I am the highest Court. Nobody crosses over to the “other side” without passing through my Court. Believe it if you can…     -The Son of Man
I am a Son over His Father’s heritage, for God has transferred all of us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son where we now find ourselves and have the opportunity of calling Him Abba Father. Nobody knows about the Kingdom more than the Son.

Anybody that thinks he will be in paradise without Christ’s nature, his heart is being deceived by the thought of his own heart. That is, the feeling of your heart is deceiving you. Only one person will be in Paradise not two, and that is Christ.



The revealed Message of your day is the Masterpiece, the building plan; everybody has to pattern after it.  – The Son Of Man

Remain blessed brethren. Sometime ago, I preached a Message titled “Who Are You Patterning After?” Besides, there was another Message I preached which was titled “Who Is Influencing You?” For your life must influence somebody either to do good or to do evil. In the Message titled “Who are You Patterning After?” I remember the Holy Ghost said, “I am surprised and I can say without any apology that some people are patterning after unbelief.”
2.            Simply because, he sees people behaving or saying things that agree with their own personal philosophies, they then pattern after such people not knowing that such people are wrong. Now, if there was a place this Message fulfilled to the letter, it was at the Church at Jos, where the ministers ganged up together in the spirit and in the flesh and they were building outside the revealed pattern; they were building outside the Grace which is revealed.
3.            You know Grace is revealed! When Grace was revealed, instead of building according to the revealed Message, they were building outside the revealed Message.
4.            The revealed Message of your day is the Masterpiece, the building plan; everybody has to pattern after it. When you were under the Law, you have to pattern after the Law. When you come under Grace, you have to pattern after Grace. Remember, I preached the Message titled “Justification by Faith and “Salvation by Grace” in this most holy Faith. Do not try to muddle these things up.
5.            The last Message I have preached in this Faith is the Message of Grace which is the Message that will take you to rapture, which is what the Prophet said that it will be the last Message that will be on Earth before the Church will be taken away. Amen.
6.            Talk of Faith; He has already developed a little faith in you—look at it here. I am coming to something.
7.             I told you long, long time ago THAT the greatest stumbling block you must cross is LOVE. For you to cross over love, surely, there is water of separation; And that water of separation is THE Holy Spirit. HOWEVER, if THE Holy Spirit is not there, if you are not manifesting all these attributes, THAT IS: Brotherly kindness, Godliness, Patience, Temperance, Knowledge, Virtue and Faith, IF THESE ATTRIBUTES are lacking in your life, surely, Do not talk of the Holy Spirit. You measure the type of spirit you have with all these attributes.
8.            You do not need to start building faith, after faith, virtue, then knowledge; no, no. All you have to do is to pattern after the Message. When you believe the Message, you are still with the Holy Ghost of promise. When the Holy Ghost comes in, He comes with all His nature. BELIEVE IT IF YOU CAN, the Holy Ghost haS a nature, if youR nature is not reflecting all the seven nature of the Holy Spirit, surely you have a wrong spirit, you have a wrong encounter.
9.            William Branham said that there is the possibility that some people may have an encounter with a misleading spirit, the spirit that resembles the Spirit of Christ but it is not Christ. You have an encounter with religious spirit which is a gentleman’s spirit—it can be the nature of your family. Remember, there are certain traits of yours which you cannot even ignore; there are certain traits of your family which you must carry in your gene.
10.          For instance, if you come from a radical family, there is no way you can try to control it until Christ comes in. Without Christ you must remain a radical. If you come from an orderly family, surely your life will remain orderly to the point that people might be thinking that you are a believer when you are not. Your orderly living, your gentleman’s nature will be misleading people around you. Even if you say you are now born again, they will ask you: what do you repent of? You already have a clean record.
11.          They will say, “Were you a rogue before?  What were you doing before? After all we know you as a very good man all these years. How can you tell us you are repenting—repenting of what?”
12.          Glory be to God for He has already given us the correct definition of repentance through the holy Bible and the Spoken Word. Amplified version of the Bible said that it is a change of view. In other words, what St. Paul did was a mere change of view.
13.          If repentance means abstaining from fornication, adultery, idolatry drunkenness, all those things, St. Paul was not doing them. Concerning those things, he was perfect, upright, and blameless but yet he needed repentance. If what Pentecostals are preaching, what they call repentance is what Christ call repentance; St. Paul would not have repented. He was already in the mainstream. Hence, there is no need of preaching to St. Paul. St. Paul lived a life higher than Pentecostal life yet he never repented. He was following Jehovah-Yahweh, defending the course of Yahweh, but having a misdirected zeal, because Christ has been revealed in his day yet he did not know. Amen.
14.          I want you to see that the point of justification is completely outside what you are thinking, what Satan has been using to accuse many of you is exactly what he is using to accuse the Pentecostals. Whatever Pentecostals will see in you and call you an unbeliever is exactly what they are preaching against, and what they were preaching against, St. Paul was perfect concerning them, yet he was not perfect.
15.          Thus, if any Pentecostal can keep all his preaching from A-Z, we call him another St. Paul. It is just like somebody who says that he is innocent, this and that, quite alright I agree with you. You can be innocent in the Pentecostals, keep all these rules, believe in the name of Jesus, but the baptism you know is that of John the Baptist. John the Baptist in your day is William Branham.
16.          Even in St. John 3, John exonerated himself. He equally told everybody that he was baptising them with water, that there is One coming Who will baptise them with water and the Holy Ghost. That is why in that St. John baptism, nobody received Holy Ghost, it was mere outward manifestation of Faith by going for their free immersion. However, your immersion must be immersion in the Bridal Faith whether you like it or not, with a right motive, otherwise you go there to swim and come back.
17.          I am still saying something brethren that there is A SECRET OF RAPTURE, and the Lord revealed all these things all these years. I remember that I touched this secret of rapture, I have touched on this topic and that day I hammered on this LOVE.
18.          I said, “Look at the pyramid, look at the headstone, the headstone is what will pull all of us away.” You may have the gift of healing, speaking in tongue, gift of hospitality, you can do everything and can even give yourself to be killED because of this gospel but if this genuine love of God is not found in you, it is useless nonsense.
19.          Maybe somebody thinks that what I am saying is not scriptural, you can go to 1Conrinthians chapter 13 to the end. Give all you have to the poor dash him everything, do everything you can but this real love of God is not there, it is an empty waste, you have laboured in vain. Furthermore, this genuine love of God cannot be there except you are filled with the Holy Spirit.
20.          Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot condescend with men of low estate. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no humility in you; and without the Holy Spirit, you cannot render services to one another without grudging, without murmuring, without complaining. Without the Holy Spirit, you cannot esteem others higher than yourself. It is the Holy Spirit that will take away selfishness and self-pride. I mean what I am saying.
21.          That is why the Holy Spirit is the token, it is your transporter to this particular pyramid. If you watch this love ministry, it is a different ministry altogether it is complete—a complete pyramid, a different ministry altogether.
22.          Moreover, I told you from the very beginning that, this Faith is the Headstone Ministry. This is Christ, God is Love, love is of God; He that loveth is of God, so is His ministry, you cannot be ushered in there without the Holy Spirit. You must pass this water of separation.
23.          Also, I told you in that Message that the higher you go, the narrower it becomes. Hence, I should have been expecting a narrower congregation. But you are giving the impression that all of you are believing. Everywhere is filled. If you look at the Faith, look at the weed.
24.          Everyone accommodated in this Faith, who does not know there is God, who does not believe God. Even heathens believe that there is God, you talk of virtue they say they have it. Knowledge and temperance, the higher you go the narrower it becomes. It is narrowest at the peak, you can see that this love can only accommodate very few. Only very few will have the love of God, the rest can have human compassion which is contrary to God’s love.
25.          To be compassionate is to do the Will of God. You give me rice I give you beans, you come to my house, We stay together, we eat together, we drink together, they are all fine, I Do not condemn EVEN one. This God’s love is where he is looking at you: Love without hypocrisy, love that is corrective, Love that hates evil.
26.          This love accommodate everything but evil. This love rebukes evil, does not hidE his feelings towards one another. This love does not gossip, he does not backbite, he does not blackmail, this love is pure, immaculate, whiter than snow. That is how your heart should be before God and all men. Amen.

who is your Masterpiece? (1) The Messenger of your day holds the Message of your day. If I am sent to come and bring you home; it then means I am sent to come and guide you home.  – The Son Of Man
Now, this Message Masterpiece, William Branham said that in everything God is doing or He is going to do, He will always present a masterpiece. When God wanted a righteous priest, there was none on Earth. He looked down on Earth to see whether there could be a righteous one; there was none.
2.            It behoves on Him to come here and became the first high priest, the first Righteous Priest appeared on the scene Who had no father and mother; no beginning of days, no ending of days and He officiated as number one Righteous High Priest. His name was called Melchizedek. Then the foundation for Priesthood was laid.
3.            From there we could see the shadow of the Priesthood, which we could see from the tribe of Levi. An imperfect priesthood which was just for a temporary time, the Lord phased it out. Then when God required a righteous and permanent High Priest, He has to pattern—the High Priest after Melchizedek appeared.
4.            What is more, He will remain a Priest forever whose priest you are. That is why you are all called priest of the Most High God. That is why also you are able ministers of the New Testament, new agreement, new government, new order. We do not operate in the old order again; we are now in the new order.  
5.            Now, in the Message Masterpiece, the Lord has given a Masterpiece in our day. There can never be a ministry of the bride without the bridegroom. That is why the Prophet said the ministry of the bride, is the same ministry of the very Bridegroom. It is not two ministries; the ministry of the Bride is the ministry of the Bridegroom.
6.            That which the Bridegroom could not accomplish in His own advent because His time was very short, He has to accomplish, He has to complete in the ministry of the Church which is the Bride. The Church is to finish that which remaineth, and the Church cannot do it without the very Bridegroom in their midst.  
7.            In the Message titled “The Perfect Guide,” the Prophet made it clear, that for a guide to be a perfect guide, he must never be a novice to that road. He must be one that knows the road very well; he knows the ups and downs of that road. He knows the hazards, He knows the bus stop, He knows where there is a roundabout, where there is junction, he is the one that is seasoned with the road, one that is seasoned with the city.
8.            He used America as an example. He said, “If you are going to America and you have never been there before, you must be assigned to a guide who will drive you around and that guide must sign his life in, that whatever happens to you he must be held responsible. Besides, that guide knowing fully well that you are not conversant with the town, can never allow you to stray away.
9.            If by taking you around, if he wants to send you on an errand, he cannot send you beyond the scope he has already exposed you to. He said if you are found missing in that city, he must go and look for you. Government must surely ask him to go and account for you, and if he fails to bring you surely he is paying with his own life for he signed His life in.
10.          I thank God for this Message; this is why we are rejoicing today. If you watch the Pentecostals, they are walking without a guide. Even the so-called general superintendents of Pentecostal Churches, you do not call them perfect guides to their people because they never signed their lives in. They established their so-called Churches with wrong motives. Some are just there competing with one another. They just want to make a name.
11.          That is why you see competition among them, before you know it you start hearing horrible reports of some planning against themselves: So, so, and so Church planning against so, so, and so Church. You see occasional clashes among their members, because it is politics.
12.          People that belong to two opposing party one day must clash, because once there is clash of interest, surely they are going to clash one day and you know their interest is to make money. When they make money, they will make names.
13.          As a result, they never signed their lives in, they are not even preparing people for rapture. That is why, even till this very dying minute, you can still hear people saying they are praying for a breakthrough that the Lord is going to pour riches into the Churches.
14.           People are still expecting to be rich at this dying minute, when the Bride is preparing to leave the scene. People are still gathering to have night vigils that the Lord will prosper them to build houses, buy vehicles, and build industries—a breakthrough indeed. This is to show you that they are minding earthly things, because their ministers also mind earthly things. They are patterning after their GS, you do not blame them. Who does not like good thing? Amen. You must pattern after somebody.
15.          Now, who is your Masterpiece? This Message must ring bell in your hearts. This is the secret of rapture. I am not preaching William Branham’s Message. To those that believed here on Earth when William Branham was on the scene, before the advent of this Bride Ministry, they were duty bound to pattern after William Branham.
16.          In addition, that is why you see Endtime Message today; they never knew when their own day and Message expired. They are still continuing anyhow, worshipping God anyhow, in other words, they perish anyhow.
17.          All of them patterned after their Prophet, not knowing that the Prophet told them he was holding nothing but the shadow. What he was holding cannot perfect anybody, he was laying the platform for One that will come and stand there, not for William Branham.
18.          Now, I want to say that there is a Masterpiece in every dispensation. If we are preaching dispensational Message, that is, we are to recognise our own day, our own visitation and our own Message. If we do not do that, surely what happened to others will happen to us. So many Pentecostals do not know that they are even preaching the Message of Martin Luther—an expired Message. I am telling you God’s truth.
19.          Many Pentecostals do not know that they are still preaching the Message of Wesley—an expired Message. Why? Because of blindness. Some are even preaching the Message of Moses, a ministry that ended in the wilderness. They could not even crossover to Caleb and Joshua. Till today, some are still preaching Ten Commandments of Moses which was given at Mount Sinai in the wilderness, before even the children of Israel got to Jordan.
20.          People today, when we are about to enter and cross 21st-century, are preaching the Message of 10BC. Is it not ridiculous? That somebody will use the Message that was preached in the wilderness, and people that heard the Message died, yet the person is using it today to condemn you and you are paying heed to what he is saying, are you not blind?
21.          You must recognise the Messenger of your day, when you recognise the messenger of your day; it will be easy for you to recognise the Message of your day.
22.          Note it very well, the Messenger of your day holds the Message of your day, and the Messenger of your day is your Masterpiece.
23.          If I am sent to come and bring you home, it then means I am sent to come and guide you home. Remember Jesus Christ said in John 16:13 that when the Holy Spirit shall come, He shall guide us into all truth. Then the question arises: Can He guide you into all truth if He never knew the truth? No!
24.           If He came here for somebody to come and teach him, we will find it difficult to follow Him because His knowledge will be limited. I do not know whether someone is catching what I am saying? He that is teaching us has no need that any man should teach Him, and we know His record that there is no human being that will say he stood here one day to teach Him.
25.          However, He is to guide you into the knowledge of all truth, if He never knew all truth, do you think He could have been sent to come and guide you to all truth? Can a man give something he has not? Whatever you have is what you will give. If He does not know the way to Heaven, will He be sent to come and bring you back to Heaven?
26.          For instance, if I do not know the way leading to Kano, nobody will send me to come and take his brother to Kano; unless two of us will perish. Note, I am coming to something.
27.          The guide must know the way; He must not be a novice. he Must be seasoned, knows the hazards, the ups and downs of the way. He knows where there is a junction, He knows where there is valley, He knows where there is mountain, He knows dangerous spots, and if you want to survive, your duty is to fix your attention (eyes) on Him AND OBEY HIS INSTRUCTIONS.
28.          William Branham said in that Message, “If he gets to the wilderness and said, ‘Let us go to the left,’ and you said you must go to the right,” he said, “you perish. Because once you lose connection from the Guide you perish.”
29.          It is just like an aeroplane that loses connection from the radar, surely it will pieces in the air and disappear completely.  Amen.

Now we go a little into the Scriptures for I want to reveal few things to the entire Church—the Church universal. The secret of rapture—Who Is Your Masterpiece?
2.            First John 2 : 6, “Anyone who said he is a Christian should live as Christ deed.” LB.
3.            Anybody that says he or she is a Christian should live and conduct himself or herself the same way Christ lived and conducted Himself. Now we have seen our Masterpiece.
4.            Hebrews 12 : 2, “Keep your eyes on Christ our leader and instructor.” Keep your eyes on who? Christ! Our leader and what? Instructor! Let me tell you, William Branham is a Prophet. If you read it in King James Version, it said, “Look unto Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our Faith.”
5.            In other words we have now seen that God has assigned a Perfect Instructor and Leader to us and He said, “Whoever that said he believes Him, whoever believes Christ is called a Christian. If you say you believe Christ, that means you believe His teachings and follow His teachings then you are a Christian. Christian means Christ’s disciple, Christ’s follower, Christ’s believer.
6.            When you believe Christ, you are little Christs, you will resemble Him in everything. What am I trying to say, look unto Christ the Leader and your Guide, your Instructor, your Leader. Look unto Him FOR He is the author and finisher of your Faith.
7.            In time past you have no Faith, whatever you claim was your Faith was not Christ’S Faith. Because nobody can have Christ’S Faith until Christ APPEARS on the scene. NOTE IT, Christ is no other person but the anointed one. You Do not have the Faith of Christ in you until Christ revealS His Faith, Faith is always hidden until it is revealed. Even Moses’ Faith, nobody has it until Moses appeared on the scene and then revealed his faith.
8.            Besides, if you said you believe in Him, you are His disciple you have it as a duty to pattern after His life. In other words, you are a replica, a carbon copy of His life and of His testimony. Place Christ, place a Christian, place a believer, place a child of God, no difference.
9.            In Antioch, the Bible said they saw them moving, they were not talking and people studied their lives and said, “Behold these people are like Christ,” and there they were called Christians, that is, people that behave like Christ, they knew Christ, they saw Christ. They knew Him as a good man, they saw His way of life.
10.          When they saw people that behave like Him, they immediately identified them. We have come to the point where people can identify us today and say, “Really, they are like their leader.” People that know our leader, our instructor, they know Him, they know His manner of life, they know His doctrine, can they see somebody that said he has believed Him today and say, “In short, without anybody telling me, you are His disciples, you behave like Him.”
only one character will be found in paradise
11.          I am trying to bring back something, that even while we are at Amazu Oil, we were being accused that our Pastor has already put His saliva into our mouth, that we all patterned after our Pastor. That was why Endtime Message could not penetrate, for all the families they secretly visited, they were speaking the same thing.
12.          When they went to the Pastor, the Pastor will talk to them seriously on that matter. They will visit another person thinking they will convince the person; finally, when they get there, the same person without consultation will start from the very beginning and then they will be repelled. There, they were accusing us that we are one, at the beginning of the ministry that we are one.
13.          It was evident, it was noticed, it was proclaimed far and wide to the point that people heard it in Kaduna and they came down. They said that they have come to see the Church that was making such a noise when we are at Ugwumba. Then the Message went about that there is only one place in the whole Nigeria where Endtime is still alive and they are staying at Onitsha.
14.          They say that when you get there, the love in their midst alone is enough to move any ministry. Hence, they were flying in and flying out. I am trying to bring out your old record. Moreover, it was this your record that made me to abide in your midst, it was this your record that caused Me to settle down.
15.          However, today we continue to grow in number every day, as we grow in number we continue to stray away from the original foundation. We continue losing sight from where we started; we continue to spoil our old record until today that we have no record again, as if we are trying to rebuild again a demolished structure.
16.          How are the mighty fallen! Tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon; lest the daughters of the Philistines rejoice, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised triumph.
17.          At times when I sit down alone in my chair to meditate and cast my mind back, tears will start coming from my eyes. I said have I not made a mistake of making a stopover with this people? However, I thank God I still have few remaining that are called by My Name, who are trying every day to pattern after Me.
18.          I am trying to say something now. We have seen that the Bible said that Christ is the author and finisher of our Faith, our Instructor and Leader. The Bible said, “Look unto Christ the author and finisher of our Faith.” If any man said he is a disciple and he does not pattern after Him, he is deceiving himself, he cannot fit in; he is disapproved on trial.
19.          In other words, God is expecting everybody that is coming to show only but one character, only one character will be found in paradise. One character will enter paradise, not two characters, only one character.
20.          If the doctrine is one, the Faith is one, baptism is one, the Lord is one, paradise is one, character must be one. after all character is your doctrine reflected, for your doctrine reflects in your character. No man can live a life higher than his doctrine.
21.          If I have given you doctrine after Holiness, surely it must reflect in your character. If in this Faith we teach you how to fight, if it is our doctrine that we can fight or go to court or make trouble with anybody or even go to police, surely it will be reflecting in your character. Whatever you say you believe must reflect, it is your doctrine, it is your Faith.
22.          We see Christ as our example.
23.          Second Thessalonians 3 : 7, “For you well know that you ought to follow our example, you never saw us loafing...” LB.
24.           “For yourselves know how ye ought to follow us: for we behaved not ourselves disorderly among you;.” KJV.
25.          In other words, we have seen the Apostles, the word there is us, so the Lord commanded us. Note, the words was Plural! You ought to follow our examples, we never misbehaved ourselves before you; we never lived disorderly lives. In other words we have seen another masterpiece.
26.          Let me show you what I mean in first Corinthians 11 : 1, “And you should follow my example just as I follow Christ.” LB.
27.          “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” KJV.
28.          You see ,somebody said it vocally that he is talking to you without mincing words that you should follow Him; use Him as your example; for you know Him and you know His manner of life and doctrine. He is your Masterpiece. If now that He is commanding you to follow Him, He is being sent to you as your Teacher, Apostle and Prophet, to open your eyes and make your sacrifices acceptable unto God, which in time past were not acceptable. Drawing you away from dumb gods and then to point you to the living and true God, Who is Christ, the Anointed One.
29.          This man first of all patterned after the Christ, he is the messenger, he was sent to the Gentiles—a tested material. This was the reason why the Galatian Church received him even as Christ. He was the express image, mouthpiece and photograph. If he was not sure, he will not be pointing people to himself. I am saying that believers of every dispensation pattern after the messenger of that dispensation.
30.          Who is your Masterpiece? When St. Paul appeared on the scene, he did not go to any Bible College to know about Christ. He never went to Jerusalem to conform with Peter and John so that they will teach him. Straight away, by the power of the Holy Spirit he preceded to Saudi Arabia until after three years, he decided to go to Jerusalem to identify Himself with the so-called Apostles in Jerusalem.
31.          When he got there, the Bible said he was privileged to preach with Peter and James the Brother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluiah! Amen.
32.          Now we have a Masterpiece, we have an Instructor, we have a Leader. Without a Leader, surely we will not be in this Faith, you have been in this Faith and be put together because you have been following a leadership and that leadership has been centred around one man for God is not the author of confusion.
33.          William Branham said that God can never send two messengers on the land at the same time. The emergence of a messenger marks the end of the other one; that one that is fading away can never stay on the scene. There is no way Martin Luther can be on the scene before Wesley will come, two of them can never be on the land at the same time, it is impossible.
34.          I am saying something, though it means nothing to some—The secret of rapture.
35.           Philippians 3 : 17 “Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample.” KJV “Dear Brothers pattern your life after mine, and notice who else lives up to my example.” LB.
36.          Note it, and notice who else lives up to my example. Birds of the same feather flock together. He first of all gave his doctrine which was His life. What St. Paul gave as his doctrine was his life that was his Faith. The doctrine of St. Paul was St. Paul’s life, St. Paul’s Faith which when people believe they were sanctified by the Faith that was in him. They were sanctified by the Faith that was in him.
37.          All that believed William Branham when the Message was still effective, they were all sanctified by the faith that was in Branham. All that believed Martin Luther in his day were sanctified by the faith that was in Martin Luther.
38.          Now, a new ministry is on the land which has imparted a new faith, and this faith is no other faith but the Faith of Christ which we handle without respect of persons.
39.          If we are holding the ministry of perfection, and we are having a guide and that guide is our instructor; Maybe you do not know that the captain of our salvation has already been made perfect. This is where your problem lies. The captain of our salvation has already been made perfect, he is not struggling to be perfected.
40.          If He has not been made perfect, there is no way He could lead you to perfection because He does not know the way. As a result, the Captain of our salvation has already been made perfect; He was already filled with the Holy Spirit even right in His mother’s womb. Ordained for the cause which you now see Him operate. There is no other thing for which He came to this world than what He is doing now, and He was tested and proven before He was sent.
41.          You have to pattern after my own life, a man said so and that man was acknowledged as the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “Look unto me as your instructor, leader, author and finisher of your Faith.” St. Paul said, “Imitate me; follow my examples as I follow after Christ. Pattern your life after mine.”
42.          Now, which one do you take, St. Paul or Jesus? If you take Jesus and reject St. Paul, then you are guilty. I say you are guilty because Jesus was a minister of circumcision to confirm the promise that was made unto the fathers. He preached Christianity but he did not practice it. St. Paul was a Christian but Jesus was not a Christian.
43.          Jesus was born a Jew and lived under the Jewish Laws, to liberate them that was under the Jewish Laws. When a man is alive and makes a will, that will is ineffective until that man dies. A will is ineffective when a man is alive; THUS, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME JESUS CAN BECOME A CHRISTIAN TO BRING THE CHURCH TO PERFECTION.
44.          The world has never known the meaning of Christianity, they were seeing mere religion, receiving petitions here and there. Maybe you do not know that Jesus was a Sabbatarian, read your Bible. He was born a Jew and lived under the Jewish Laws, to liberate them that were under the Jewish Laws and then preached Christianity as a will.
45.          Moreover, a will can never be into effect until he that made the will dies, then the will takes effect. In other words, Jesus has to die for this Christianity to come up.
46.          The first Christ that came, that was witnessed in the Gentile was St. Paul. The people saw the thing; in Antioch they saw it quite alright, they behaved like Christ but they ended it compromising with the Jewish religion because Peter led them back. They went back to the temple carrying turtle dove.  
47.          If the whole thing was perfected in the beginning, God would not have sent Paul, God knew Jesus has been raising a ministry to the circumcision. Peter was given the ministry to the circumcised; Paul received a ministry to the uncircumcised. Jesus was a minister of circumcision to confirm the promise that was made unto the fathers. Read your Bible, maybe I will start afresh again. Amen.

The secret of rapture, who is your Masterpiece? Even if I keep it secret all these years, I think by now it has become plain, you Do not need anybody to come and tell you because I have instructed you all these years; guided you perfectly with the scriptures all these years until I have come to a point where I have placed you in a rapturing condition. you are all placed in Heavenly dignity.
2.            until now you were all lost, too far away from the promises. Then you DESIRED rapture, there was nothing in you that will make you easy to be lifted. Nothing! The power of translation was not in you. immortality is being brought into focus by the preaching of this gospel.