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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               



                                                                                  I am The Eternity, The Infinity, The Perfect Justice, The Infallible Rectitude, The Immutable Love, The Creator, The Guardian, The Preserver, The Supreme Governor, The Supreme Judge. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
                                            From THE COVENANT GOD, PAGE 3.
 I have tried my best to make you understand that God alone is Holy and Righteous. When a Holy God comes into a family, mountain, Church, etc; that place becomes holy.
Just like a man that is blessed of God, whatever he touches is blessed but a man that is cursed of God, whatever he touches is cursed.
It is in this forthcoming branch that all God’s people must put their faith and trust if they really want to be righteous in God’s sight.                       –The Son of Man
(THE GREAT SERMON: “The Righteous Branch—Mystery to the Bride of Christ”)

You are all welcome to this tabernacle that is called by His name. Today is a wonderful day, a day the Lord has made for us to rejoice exceedingly in, and worship Him lavishly because He has given us a place in the land of the living.
2.           Too many people are in the mortuaries, some are in the hospitals, some are in their homes lying hopeless and helpless. However, you are with sound health, sound mind, bubbling in the Lord. Wonderful, marvellous are the works of my God, praise be Thy Name.
3.           Is Owerri in the in this fellowship? Anybody from Owerri in the in this fellowship? Because you were indicted, you heard my word. You Deacon Sam heard my voice. Shame on you, you are not worthy to work with me; I said it and I am not withdrawing it.
4.           We have come to the end of all things, there is no need fooling anybody. If you are with me I know, if you are not with me I know.
5.           Feel free everybody. I can remember the song that went forth on the 7th of April, I mean that was the first day we heard it in this ministry. Deacon Dan Chukwuemeka testified to Me recently before witnesses, that he missed God demonstrations by two day. The photograph was taken on the 7th of April, and Deacon Dan was enlisted into the faith on the 9th of April. What a narrow missing.
6.           The same thing was applicable to Bishop Isaac Igwe and too many other big names in this Faith. That is how God wanted it that time.
7.           “I am He that liveth and was dead, and behold I am alive forever more, come unto Me all ye nations and be saved, for I am He that liveth and was dead, somebody say Amen.”
8.           7th of April was the first day this song was heard in the Bride and it was unknown to all. Some sang it with me as a new song; some sang it with me by revelation, while majority sang it with me because it was nice, But He that sang it knew where He is standing.
9.           I am He that liveth and was dead, and behold am alive forever more, come unto Me all ye nations and be saved, for I am He that liveth and was dead. Somebody say Amen.
10.        Remember the Message said, “I am giving it no other title than THE RESURRECTED BODY.” Furthermore, He said, “Marvel not at this topic. When Jesus resurrected from the dead, Jesus the Christ, He appeared in human form; people were scared. He said touch Me, I Am He! I am not a spirit, for spirit has no flesh and blood, but I have flesh and blood, yet I Am He that resurrected from the dead without spot of wrinkle.”
11.        “I am born a pilgrim here, I am going home,” that was the first day we heard this song also for the first time. I Am born a pilgrim here am going home, one day I will take my cross, go home to God, and with the angels, there, we will sing redemption song, all that overcome, I am going home. Somebody amen! Amen.
12.        Blessed be the Name of the Lord forever and ever. I am really very grateful to God and to all of you that have believed God in their day. You have gathered in His Presence this day to express your faith in Him. If not that is why you are His Presence, you are coming to this fellowship (in His Presence) in vain.
13.        Deacon Sam, if I were in your shoes, I will started going back. The blindest Bishop is Bishop Isaac, who reason with Me amidst witnesses and told Me plainly that he must be in the fellowship this day. He went back, and negotiated my Word with some people; it now produced another result.
14.        Because you were asked to go, and you said you will never go, you had your engagements, go and continue with your engagements. However, looking at it from the other side, I will rather say “Come back for you are the one that has fulfilled the Father’s Will.”
15.        You said, you will not go, and you are in the fellowship. But the Bishop said he will be in the fellowship, but he did not come. Who fulfilled the Father’s Will?  
16.        Feel free, I know many are in this fellowship because of the testimony they heard; yes! You acted it in the right direction. Anybody who heard that testimony and stayed at home should be queried. I expected that the fellowship hall will not accommodate souls this day, those that really want to be saved. I am also sure some people heard that I travelled and they decided not to come.
17.        However, they do not know the mind of God concerning the Son of Man. You may know the mind of God concerning yourself through the Son of Man, but you can never till eternity know the mind of God concerning the Son of Man.
18.        Well, to God be the glory. Something happened at Mbaise, not the burial side. I saw something that made Me to begin to think twice, and I am not qualified to share the testimony. I thank God Brother Joe from Mbaise is in the fellowship.
19.         What we witnessed at Mbaise on Friday morning during the family altar will remain evergreen in the hearts of all that attended that early morning fellowship service in my house. Though I have seen signs of that thing in my house, but I have not seen it that way; that is, in that magnitude.
20.        God ministered to the full house using an ass, using the mouth of the suckling to perfect His praise; to the astonishment of everybody including myself. It sends shivers into the spines of all over there. Till now they are still trembling there; I am also trembling. If not for one thing I would have placed him in the pulpit, but let me withhold it. God be the glory.
21.        Apostle Kelechi I know you are in good form, I did not say I know you are in form. I said I know you are in good form, I believe you are in the spirit of the hour. When I heard the voice of your baby around you yesterday, I was bad, because I never expected anybody to mill around you; for you knew the commission and the source.
22.        Wisdom should have told you to warn everybody to steer clear from you, because you were standing before Hell and Heaven. You allowed them to be milling around you, even visitors. Well, let Me hold my peace.  
23.        I invite Apostle Kelechi personally to the pulpit to come and bear witness of what he saw with his eyes, heard with his eyes, handled with his hands. Amen.
Remain blessed brethren. We are very grateful to God Who before the world began has purposed to save us in these last days we are living in. He Himself purposed it, He Himself planned it; when we have not come into existence in this world, He planned the whole thing and in the dispensation of time He made all of us to manifest and He Himself equally manifested.
2.           We thank God for from the inception of this ministry, from the day God met us and promised to be with us till now, He has not left us. Many do not know how this ministry took off, some have heard our testimony.
3.           I want you to take note carefully for God do not do anything without a witness. Besides, not everybody will be there to be a witness. He must choose those that will be there ahead of time, those He has foreknew, those  He has foreordained for that particular purpose; for them to be witnesses that He has done such a thing for a particular purpose. If you do not pay attention to those that heard with their ears, saw with their eyes, handled with their hands, the word of life, it means you are not ordained for what God is doing in that day.
4.           Proverbs 19: 5, “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.” KJV.
5.           Proverbs 21 : 28 “A false witness shall perish: but the man that heareth speaketh constantly.” KJV.
6.           Proverbs 6: 16 - 19 “These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” KJV.
7.           when we talk about BEING A witness, before you become a false witness, you witness something you are not sure of or something you are sure of for base gain, THUS you twist it, you turn it upside down. You make what you sAW to be true, you are certain about it, you turn it upside down. You say THAT it Is not true, That is a false witness: One that will see THE truth, the real thing that happened before him, HE is callED upon to testify about it; he SAYS it did nOt happen like that, THAT is a false witness.
8.           A True witness is one that is there when THE event took place or happenED, YOU call him at any MOMENT IN time concerning that particular event, whether it concernED him or not, he must surely say exact HOW THAT thing happenED, Not fearing any man OR woman. NOTE, HE IS not to CURRYING favour but he WANTS the truth to stand.
9.           God has been having witnesses in everything He has been doing, And our own day will not be AN exception.
10.        Let me move backward a little before I will come where we are now for that you will understand the hour we are in and what is before us.
11.        Far back in 1987, this Bridal Ministry you see now, no man ever came down to Onitsha to make a crusade or to gather a people. It was not so. Rather, God Himself picked people, His own people from all walks of life, bringing them together—that we were in end time. In fact, we continued.
12.        You have heard the testimony of how the Son of Man can down into our midst by hearing the audible Voice that said that He should go to Nkpor Church when there was no place called “Nkpor Church.” When He (The Son of Man) came into our midst that time, young men were many in our midst. Of a truth, we did not know that He that created the Heavens and Earth is in our midst. But there are some dreams and vision many of us had that time but we could not understand. In short, we continued.
13.        It came to a point, there was a prayer that was going on among us then for we want God to be real, original, the experience to take place in our midst. That was the prayer every one of us were praying, for we need to see God in our midst, not a fake experience. He came, joined us in that prayer.
14.        We continued moving, on 30th December, 1992, when we were having our little camp meeting, that was the time God came down in our midst fully. Though many of us were rejoicing of what God did, by 1993, we continued, the visions, the dreams have been moving around the whole congregation, even illiterate mothers among us saw vision that the Son of Man was an Apostle when He has never opened His mouth for one day to tell anybody that His mission or commission was an Apostle. The old-timers that were in our midst can bear witness of what I am saying. We continued.
15.        The day God called us to have fellowship with Him before 3rd March 1993; 2nd March 1993 was the day we gather which was our fellowship day. That day, the Message that went forth was “God Rebuilds Nkpor Church.” That was the day the tape ministry was instituted.
16.        Then at the end of the whole thing he said that we should come tomorrow, being 3rd March to receive the Message God has given to us. We came before two O’clock in the afternoon. The fellowship hall was filled to the brim, we all gathered. That was the time the Message titled “Mixed Multitude” part one was preached.
17.        Towards the end of the ministration in that little parlour we are staying, I was at the back with our former Bishop, our Pastor then, Okey Nwanpa. We all were all sitting at the back, that day the Pillar of Cloud came down, everybody was feeling the impact of the Pillar of Cloud. I was sitting at the back with our former Pastor and Bishop, Okey Nwanpa.
18.        Text Box:  
 Prophet William Branham with a HALO over his headWhere we were sitting down, the thing was so much upon us. I looked towards the pulpit, the Son of Man was there ministering and I saw His shadow on the wall. I thought it was evening sun. You know, in the evening when the sun is going down (at sunset), the sun will be large. I thought it was the sun, I looked out, lo and behold everywhere was dark. It was when Okey Nwanpa was called upon to come and close the fellowship that, that great prophecy we received came forth: “When people saw me in the Prophet, they will not know that I am the One that is doing all those things in the Prophet. Instead they will terrify the man, and that is what they have done to my servant Branham.” That is the part of the prophecy.  
19.        You know I was once in end time as a librarian in the Eastern Zone of Nigeria. I studied the book of Prophet William Branham so much that he told me that you see this little HALO over his head (Prophet William Branham’s head) was a sign that God called him. That he received a ministry to forerun the second coming of Christ, which is true!
20.        But when He who he (Prophet William Branham) is forerunning will come, this HALO, the Pillar of Cloud will go round Him fully. The Mighty Angel quoted Revelation chapter 10.
21.        “And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire.” Rev 10:1 (KJV)
22.        In addition, he said, “Wherever the Word of God is preached unadulterated; God will come and vindicate it with the Pillar of Cloud proving He is the One.” There the Word of God went forth discerning the hearts of all.
23.        Let me move back again, many of us that are still alive till today can still remember, we called to mind things you did when nobody knew you, only you knew that thing; if there is any other person that knew that thing, none of them is around you there. Before you know it, the whole thing will come out—the Mighty Angel revealed them all.
24.        What you did some years ago, only you knew the thing, and God through a Man will discern it, tells you everything and you confirmed it to be true. It will take a blind man, a blind people, a fool to say it is not true.  
25.        We continued this journey. That time God said that if you do not understand anything, continue following, continue moving, towards the end you will understand. We continued. 
26.        That same 1993 we came down at GTC, before we came down to GTC, remember God said that our days at Nkpor area are over. That He will keep us in Onitsha, in a place where He will prepare us very well; there, He will take us home. That we should go out and look for a place of fellowship. Before then, there is one woman that came down there and paid a lot of money; Awunrika something or Zoe something, in the same compound disturbing us. Then we had to pack out, went down to our homes, having fellowship. Then we continued looking for a place where we will make our worship ground.
27.        When we came down to GTC, we did not come down to GTC just like that, God Himself revealed it through a vision, through our Pastor Christian Dike. That time he was staying at Old Cemetery by Dumumodu in Onitsha.
28.        I came to his office; he was telling me the dream he had, where we all gathered looking for a place. He said that the place is a school place, that there was bushes everywhere. We all came down the valley. When we came, we were watching a very big Rock. Before then God has given us a Message titled, “The Establishment of the Church.” How the Rock was following them. As the Rock was moving, we all were standing at the back of the Rock, the Rock was rolling down through that hill down into that hall in our former place. Moved to the pulpit, stood there and became a pulpit. All of us have to rush down there. The dream left him.
29.        I went down to Benjamin and told hHim (the Son of Man) and He said that is God. The day we came down to GTC to see the principal that was overseeing the school, he was afraid. He asked us to choose one of the halls where the students used to stay and we said, “No! Is there no other hall? If it will be possible to stay inside the wilderness where we will worship our God.” He said, “How will you people make converts?” We said that we are not interested in converts that God adds to His Church daily as much to be saved.
30.        He pleaded with us to put our sign board where the sign board of the school is, we said no. I say sir where ever you show us to stay that is where we are going to stay we are not going to move an inch. Then we located that hall down there.
31.        I remember the day I, the Pastor and some brethren, even the Son of Man and Sister Odoemena; the first day we came down to GTC to inspect that hall, really God has been with us till now. Then God continued seeing that there was doubt, that there was misunderstanding. Doubt in the sense that, why should it be this man?
32.        You see, God told us that if you want to be something, you tell us why you want to be something. So we continued. I remember the dream I had some years ago, that is why I strongly believe that God must make a choice on Whom He will use at every dispensation. It is in Himself He will make that choice.
33.        In that dream I was coming down from Nkpor along Awka Road with the whole Church following me at the back. Then we were going to meet him who we have been worshiping all this years in that my experience. I and our former Bishop Okey Nwanpa. You see, Okey Nwanpa has gone ahead of time in front. I was coming with all the brethren, like I said earlier on, they were coming behind me.
34.        I was given an immaculate white cloths for brethren to put on, and I do not want to give it to them to put it on ahead of time, for I know very well if I give it to them to put it on ahead of time, by the time we reach, He Whom we have been worshiping, they must have stained many of them. By the time I reached Iseogwe, I found out that the white was stained and I begin to think how come this garment got stained and what I can do to make it white the way it was before.
35.        While I was thinking former Bishop Okey Nwanpa was coming with the Son of Man, so Okey Nwanpa approached me asking me how the garments managed to stain. While we were talking, the Son of Man came and collected the garments from me and sprinkled Olive oil on them and the garments became immaculate white the way it was before, and He said that I should give them to the brethren to put it on. After brethren put the garment on, everybody turned to a lady putting on white garment.   
36.        A lot of murmuring, a lot of challenges were coming out against the Son of Man. The Pillar of Cloud came when God was talking to us about the masquerade in the Message titled “The Apostle Reveals Himself to His Brethren;” there, our eyes opened.
37.        We continued moving. God has helped me a lot and He will help me to the end. The first excommunication that took place in our midst is through prophecy, and the person involved was our former Brother Emmanuel Ejinkonye. The love among us that time was so much that we do not want to depart, that all the End-timers heard about the Church at Nkpor.
38.        If you are a minister if you have come down there you are not a minister. There was one man that came down all the way from the North into our midst, saw with his eyes and was weeping. He said, “Lord, I heard it that there is a Church at Nkpor, that the love of the brethren was so strong that they can hardly depart.”
39.        Then God with His mighty hand through prophecy excommunicated Emmanuel Ejinkonye. What did he do? The previous day being Saturday, he went to his friend house to watch blue film. His friend was asking him, “Emma, have you left that Church?” He said, “Forget that thing!”
40.        Then the following morning we all gathered in the fellowship, even our late Brother Ferdinand who was living with him in the yard did not see him that night. We all met ourselves in the fellowship. During the worship hour, that prophecy went forth: “Who is that man, who is that man defiling my camp? Who is that man defiling my camp? Emmanuel Ejinkonye you are defiling my camp, you should go out.”
41.        At the end of the meeting, he was the one that went and collected the tape down to his house and listened to the whole thing. That is how excommunication started; He said we must obey the Word of God.
42.        Then as we continued, there was an event that happened to me some years ago. That time the Son of Man has not come into our midst. When he came, this ministry was just coming out. Then I was involved personally. I was put out of the fellowship. I knew what I did, I knew I was wrong. Why did it happen like that? There was a time we have national confession in our midst.
43.        Note, this ministry came to a point, that the sincerity in our heart, at a glance you will see the heart of your brother; you will see the heart of your sister. We have national confession, you will hide nothing. That I travel to Kwara State with our Brother Deacon Mike for Waco ministry.
44.        I was not in the fellowship the day the national confession took place. The Son of Man travel on his own work. He was not in the fellowship that day. However, do you know what the Devil did to me in particular? I said, “Well, I am not there, others have confessed.” The Pastor, Okey Nwanpa was the first person that made that confession and others followed.
45.        When I came back, those that are not there when the thing took off, when you come back you will confess your own. I played smartness; I am the only person that knew that I played smartness. Then God picked it, put me out of the fellowship, I went out.
46.        Let me tell you brethren, if we are told that we will still be here till today none of us would believe it. I am telling you the truth, for we saw God Himself the same it was written in the book of Acts, the same way it happened in William Branham tabernacle; we saw it double among us.
47.        You see, I was praying, meditating, weeping, praying and crying. What is more, I had an experience that made me to know that the whole thing is over.
48.        Then, my father I were living with him at number 4 Umaguna Street. My father knew us very well. When he noticed that I was not going to fellowship, he called saying, “Edozie, why are you not going to fellowship again?” I said, “Well, you will not understand for it is between me and God. He said, “Have they dis-fellowshiped you? What did you do?”
49.        I said, “Well, you will not understand.” I didn’t tell him because one; he is not among us. He kept silent.
50.        On that day, I was in a dream, the whole ministers in this Faith that time filed with a basin. Every one of them was having a basin in his hand. The Son of Man was inspecting the vessels of all them that filed. Ben Okeyzue was there, all of them I knew them that time, all of them in that dream coming. If you see their basin, it is immaculate—no stain in all of them. They were coming, the Son of Man was passing them and I have my own basin filled with filthiness.
51.        I was weeping and crying, saying, “What can I do to clean this basin?” Immediately I approached the Son of Man, He said, “Brother Kelechi, look, your basin is filled with filthiness!” He took it from me with his hand, He cleaned it, gave it back to me, that is, in a twinkle of an eye he handed it over to me and said, “Join them” and I joined them. The dream left me.
52.        After that dream I was reconciled, brought back to the Body of Christ. That was the time we used to stay in families. We continued.
53.        When God started dealing with us, the Son of Man revealed Himself to His brethren, the Apostle revealed Himself to His brethren, telling us concerning this masquerade, explained the whole thing before us. It was during the explanation of this masquerade; He told us everything about He that is in the mask, that the mask can do nothing of itself.
54.        You can go to the market, there are many of them there, they can do nothing of themselves. You buy anyone (mask) you want, when you put it on, the person in the mask (masquerade) is the one doing what the masquerade is doing, not the mask.
55.        You see, before 7th March, 1996; the last Sunday before 7th April was March. The day we heard the footprints of God in our midst. A lot of prophecies went forth in our midst.
56.        We continued. We were praying that Sunday before 7th April, 1996; remember the last Sunday, the day the Lord walked in our midst was on March which is the last Sunday of March. The first Sunday of April was 7th.  
57.        That day we gathered, praying, many that were there then, not all of them were in this most holy Faith today.
58.        The day we heard the footprints of God in our midst, we thought it was one of our elderly brothers that uses to come from Onitsha that has walked into the fellowship hall. When he is walking, you will be hearing the sound of his footsteps. Everybody was bowing down, because God brought us to a point where when we come to fellowship, there must be silence, no sensation in anybody. Hence, whatever happens, we know it is God—supernatural.
59.        We have pregnant Sisters that time: Sister Odoemena is there, Sister Moses is there, and many of them. When the thing will rest upon them, you will see how the spirit will carry them all the way from the back and throw them down in the front before the prophecy will come out. What is more, in all nobody sustained injury nor the baby in the womb wounded. We saw great things, and our joy is that is not fake. It’s original! Real!
60.        We continued, then we were praying, the Son of Man was on the pulpit announcing, “Christ is here, He has come into His congregation, see Him walking sideways admiring His congregation. He is looking to this side, looking to this side, He is walking, inspecting the congregation, admiring His Church, admiring His people.”
61.        We were hearing the footprints of a man, and it was so marvellous that so many as are sitting in the middle of the seats, everybody felt His Presence that He walked behind Him, He walk behind her. We were wondering who was the person walking in our midst that moment.
62.        At the end of the whole thing, the Pastor mounted the pulpit and was asking question and rebuking. Then God told, “Next Sunday come with your camera for you to see He that has been having dealings with you all these years to banish unbelief.”
63.        That day we came, our Deacon Mike was with his camera with another photographer we called for pay. The worship was going on, after the prayer line in the morning, brethren that have the gift of vision, narrated their visions of the Pillar of Cloud that came into the congregation.
64.        One of those that saw the vision of the Pillar of Cloud is no more among us; that is our former interpreter, Charles Nwonbia. Another person among that saw the vision of the Pillar of Cloud is our Brother Earnest Agada, now at Enugu (Nmaya), and the third person was Bishop Ebenezer.
65.        They narrated their experiences and we placed them (those visions) where them belong, continued our worship, praising God.
66.        the photographers were snapping, taking their shotS without instruction. When the thing was going on, when it come to the point where the picture will be taken, the son of Man saID, “NOW IS THE TIME I WANT THE PhotographerS to snap. All they you have taken so far, you wasted your films. If there is any film remaining, finish all.” And the only film that remains was our Deacon’s own. The photographer we invited, all of his own have finished. The photographs were taken that day. The topic of the Message on that day was “the Resurrected Body.”
67.        When these photographs were taken, we did not know what was in those photographs. We did not see it, they have not been developed. It was after that day that our former Bishop Okey and Deacon Mike went out and develop the film, brought photographs and showed us what was there, then we knew that really God is in our midst. For God can never deny Himself.
68.        Like I said earlier on, the Message that was given to us that day was titled “The Resurrected Body.”
69.        It was the Pillar of Cloud that has been moving, started this ministry from the very onset. God so kind, to make sure that we know that He is the One allowing Himself to be caught with the pinhole camera.
70.        Let me show you something from the book William Branham concerning the Angel that visited him. William Branham book called, “Footprint on the sand of the time,” is a compilation of Messages: “how The Message Came to Me” and “The Commission of the Angel.”
71.        Note, this Pillar of Cloud we are talking about, the same appeared to Moses all through his days. The same appeared to St. Paul continually.

72.        Let me show you something in the Message, “How the Angel Came to Me and His Commission,” page 73, from second to the last paragraph. “I say that I look you, I don’t want to go to Hell. What is the use of me preaching, crying and putting my effort forth? If I am wrong, and am not only taking myself to Hell, I am misleading thousands of others or hundreds of others in their days. And I said, I heard a big ministry. And I said well, I don’t ever wanted it to happen to me again.
73.        This was when people were saying that William Branham was a false Prophet; they are saying a lot of things about him. Then he recoiled, he went back to his house, trying to enquire, to know if what is happening around him is from God or not.
74.        And I sat down on this little stool, and I am just sitting in this kind of this position just like that, and all at once, I saw a light flattened in the room. And I thought that somebody was coming up with a flashlight. And I look around and I thought, well, and here it was right here in front of me; an old wooden board on the floor and there it was right in front of me.
75.        And a little old drum stool sitting in the corner. The top was tore out of it. And right here, there was a light on the floor and I thought well, what is that? Well, that couldn’t be coming. I looked around and here it was above me, this very same light right there above me, hanging right like that, circling around like a fire kind of an imaculate colour going hush, hush like that just above me like that. And I look like that, and I thought, what is that? Now it scared me.
76.        Note, I am trying to bring out something, for we are the children of the Prophets and of the Promise that was made unto the fathers. William Branham was narrating how the Angel came to him, he say it scared him.
77.        Now I heard somebody coming, just walking only it was barefooted and I saw a foot of a man coming in. that in the room all but right here where it was shining right down, and I see the foot of a man coming in. When he came into the room, walked on up, he was a man. Look at the weight, about 200 pounds. He had his hand folded like this. Now I have seen him in a whirlwind, I have heard it talk to me and see it in the form of a light. But the first time I ever see the image of it, it walked up to me and real close.
78.        he said, “I have seen this Pillar of Cloud, for it is a man. I have heard Him speak to me, I have seen Him in a whirlwind, but for the first time in my life, I saw him as a being coming close to me.”
79.        We are not following cunningly devised fables.
80.        Now, I have seen it in a whirlwind, I have heard it talk to me, and see it in the form of a light, but the first time I ever see the image of it, it walked up to me real close.
81.        Well, honest friends, I thought my heart will fail me just imagine putting yourself there, it will make you feel the same way. You are maybe farther along the road than I am. May have been a Christian longer, but it could make you feel that way. Cause after hundreds and hundreds of time of visitations, it paralyzes me when He comes near.
82.        It sometimes even make me I all must completely pass out just so, so weak when I leave the platform many times. If I stay too long I will go completely out. I heard them round me around for hours not even know where I was at. And I can’t explain it. Pin down here in the Bible and it will explain it, for the scripture says so.
83.        So I was sitting there and looking at him, I kind of hang my hand up like that; he was looking right at me just as pleasant. Then He had a real deep voice, He said, ‘Do not fear, I am sent from the presence of the Almighty God.’ And when He spoke, that Voice, that was the same Voice that spoke to me when I was two years old.
84.        God told us that in our day, that everything in God can change, He can change His mask but He cannot change His Voice.
85.        William Branham said, “When He spoke, it was the same Voice that spoke to me when I was two years old.”  The same Voice has never changed.
86.        “...And when He spoke, that Voice was the same Voice that spoke to me when I am two years old. All the way up I know that it was Him
87.        I told it the best I can know word by word, because I hardly remember look at him like that, said do not fear just as quiet said I am sent from the presence of the Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar part as you know what my part was up there. That same light hang over me when I was first born and so he said you peculiar part and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you are to go to all the world and pray for the sick people. And said regardless of what they have and he designated God who is my judge knows that the designated cancer said if you get the people to believe you and be sincere when you pray nothing shall before your prayers not even cancer. See, if you cause the people to believe you, and I see he wasn’t my enemy, he was my friend and I didn’t know whether I was dying or what was happening when he was coming to me like that.
88.        I say, Well, Sir, I know about the healing. He said as the Prophet Moses was given two gifts, sign rather to vindicate his ministry so will you give it two. So are you given two stick to vindicate your ministry. He says one of them will be that you will take the person that you are praying for by the hand with your left hand and there right and say then show stand quiet and I have.
89.        There will be a physical effect that will happen on your body and say then you pray if it leaves the disease is gone from the person. If it doesn’t leave just ask a blessing and walk away.
90.        What am I doing? I am trying to let you know what is in our midst is no other person, but Christ Himself, the Being that has been among us. This same Resurrected Body, this same Pillar of Cloud has been among us till this very moment. What is more, He has a purpose to achieve.
91.        n the time of Prophet William Branham, he told him what he came to pray for the sick and heal them, that is his own(Prophet William Branham’s) commission.
92.        HOWEVER, the commission we have today with this same Christ himself, is to gather his Church, perfect his bride and take his bride home.
93.        If there is a time you will stop playing, it is now, for the whole thing has come to an end. “The Resurrected Body,” volume 1, page 10 verse 6 to 7: “The hour has come when I will not pray in Jesus name again, rather I will declare it.
94.        Note it, those of you that still find it very difficult to accept our teaching, to accept the revealed Word God has given to us: “God has a purpose for choosing a vessel in every age and have a work assigned to that particular vessel.”
95.        This Message titled “The Resurrected Body” was preached on 7th April 1997. “How the angel came to me and his commission,” which I have shown you from William Branham’s message was preached on January 17th, 1955.
2.          Verse 7, “When you read it in your Bible where Jesus said, “The hour cometh when you will not pray even in my name,” you think it will happen in another world, no! It is this same Ministry and this is the hour because it is at the end of the Ministry. Just stand upon the Rock and declare it! That is all.”
96.        The same Pillar of Cloud, the same Being says, “The hour has come, and it is now that I will not pray in the name of Jesus.” God has a work He assigns to all His messengers in all the ages. When you recognise this fact, happy are you. He (God) has a work He assigned to all of them, for the Scriptures say that all the Prophets of old have the Spirit of Christ in them.
97.        All the Prophets of old before Jesus was born, have the Spirit of Christ in them; and they were searching saying what manner the spirit of Christ in them was searching what will happen to Christ and the grace that will be revealed unto us.
98.        Jesus was particularly designed for the purpose of paying the price of sin, paying the penalty of sin. The works of salvation continued, then He is the one that said it. If you think that we do not know what we are saying, you are just deceiving yourself. Amen.

The testimony of a true witness is one that was there when everything happened. He came out to testify of what he saw with his eyes as a true witness who is not sleeping, he was awake, and he knew what happened.
2.           When that prophecy went forth on 3RD March 1993, saying that the Lord of Hosts is among us, when He was talking about He that is among us, The Son of Man, He said, “Speak my Word,” I have anointed you with my Spirit, I have anointed you with unction, speak my Word, fear them not.”
3.           When William Branham was talking about the man, he said that the way of a true Prophet is that he comes with “THUS SAITH THE LORD,” he does not fear anybody.
4.           “Blow the Trumpet in Zion,” page 11 from verse 8: “Let me tell you the plain truth, the whole periods God allotted to the Gentiles are over. Only few days are left in it...
5.           Who is saying this? The resurrected body! When we talk about the Gentiles, we are talking about “we” (those of us) in the Gentile world. The only nation that is not a Gentile nation in the sight of God is Israel. God deals with them as a nation, and to the Gentile, He deals with us through the Church (as a Church).  
6.           “… In this Message, I will be reminding you of the things you heard in the time past to help you to prepare your mind ahead of time for 10 days great tribulation of the saints, which is about to unfold; and in the midst of that tribulation, you will be translated. It is hard to believe but the ancient people know the truth.
7.           I have never fooled you for one day. When you thought you were flying away in the year 2000, I told you the plain truth. I told you that it would not happen for whatever God promised is unknown to the world. The world will never know anything about that thing; only the Elect will know it. As a result, this Message is for a purpose, which is to remind you of some truths (not all of them), which we heard from the very beginning.
8.           You see, it easy for people to believe that somebody saw an evil spirit, come out and testify what the evil spirit told them and people will believe it. They will start fearing the person, because he put some white powder in his eyes or red powder and put palm frond in the mouth, dress anyhow, you start fearing it.
9.           They believe what one told them that he saw an evil spirit, but to believe that a man can see Him (God), it is hard for them to believe. That is why when Paul was talking to Agrippa, defending himself, he said, “Agrippa, is it incredible to believe that God can raise the dead?”
10.        To you that find it difficult to accept that that the Pillar of Cloud can be in a man, is it incredible to believe that the Supreme Deity that created the Heavens and the Earth can condescend Himself into a man? It is not incredible. FOR THAT IS WHY WE CALLED HIM ALMIGHTY. 
11.        “The Resurrected Body,” I want you to open your eyes to see that there is no more time remaineth for us. If you do not believe till now, forget about it, God did not give you the heart of believing it.
12.        When Paul was talking, he said that this man Jesus, believing in the name of this man Jesus, you have your forgiveness of sin. Believing this man Jesus, you have your forgiveness of sin; things the Law of Moses cannot justify you, but accepting this man Jesus, you have your forgiveness of sin.”
13.        Why do they accept Jesus today? It is because it is writing in the Bible. What of those people God sent, God used after Jesus? Many of them in their dispensations.
14.        The same way today, if that same Christ; that same being that was in Jesus for a particular purpose and He is the one among us, told us clearly that the hour has come and it is now, when none of us will pray in the name of Jesus. Remember God said that the whole world is pro-Jesus, but the world is antichrist.
15.        We are the only people that ARE holding the name of the supreme being in our own day. We are the only people that hold the Name of Almighty God.
16.        When you go to the market, in your town, there are different masquerades and they have different names. That same one that is in one that called Otuiche, what we call the person is Otuiche that was the name of the masquerade.
17.        Remember that the masquerade is not a mask; the masquerade is one (the person) that is inside the mask. When he leaves that one, he can take another vessel and answer another name—the same person.
18.        If you go through the Message titled “Revelation of the Church,” when God was talking about the revelation of the Church, He told us the importance of the Church; God planning to build His Church. He has been using a man. When He uses this person continue, continue, He will drop the person because of old age, because of limited time He assign to the person, He leaves the person and takes another person, the same God.
19.        Now, we are at the end of the whole thing. The same God in the Gentile’s world, the same God among us.
20.        Let me show you something William Branham’s Message: “Recognise Your Day and Its Own Message.” This Message was preached on July 26th, 1964; page 25 verse 122, “If Israel have recognise their Messiah, the Promised Sign, they wouldn’t have been where they are today. But why didn’t they do it? It is a pitiful. Why didn’t they do it? It is because God said they wouldn’t do it. How many believe that?
21.        God said they wouldn’t do it, and it is the same God has said in the Laodicea Church Age this will happen and here it is before them. How can they do anything but do it? If they only recognised the Promised Sign of the Messiah. Now the sign of the Son of Man, He comes in the Name of the Son of Man...
22.        Notice very carefully that the Pillar of Cloud, the Self-Existing One COMES IN THE NAME OF THE SON OF MAN.
23.        “...He comes in the Name of Son of Man. He was in the name through the Pentecostal Age, in the Holy Spirit, Son of God. Now the next thing is the melieno the Son of David, same God, same Father, Son, Holy Ghost, same God, Son of David, Son of God, Son of Man, Son of God. It is the same God all the time, just in three different offices.”
24.        It was in this ministry, when the Son of Man was handling “The Revelation of The Seven Seals,” when He got to the sixth seal, the light in the day came in, we all saw it with our eyes. We saw the Pillar of Cloud. This was not that God purposely opened the eyes of our Brother Wisdom to see it and close the eyes of the other, no. It is one in that God opened the eyes of the whole congregation in the day.
25.        We saw it coming, and immediately it came and hang on the pulpit, the whole PA system ceased, all light quenched. What we heard is, “It behoves the Son of Man to fulfil all righteousness.”
26.        Here the Prophet says he comes in the name of the Son of Man. That time we have never known anything concerning the Son of Man. From that day, we started mentioning “Son of Man,” for we know who he was referring to. The whole congregation caught the revelation, that no other person but He that spoke. However, a time came when our Brother Peter Odoemena went home to prepare a Message. The same God stopped Him, showed Him, nobody call you, we did not call you, God Himself, the Resurrected Body called Him. The Prophet said He will come in the Name of the Son of Man. Is he talking to himself?
27.        The Prophet said He will come in the name of the Son of Man. Is he talking to himself? Is he referring to himself?
28.        “Recognise Your Day and Its Own Message” from William Branham page 38 verse 192: “The Church has not recognise her day, like Israel back in her promised land she don’t know how she got back there. She was just automatically put back there, why? National force put her in her place. Now I am going to say something, national force put Israel in her homeland, national force will put the Church in the world Council of Churches, but the power of God will put the people in the Bride.
29.        The world forces this way, and the world forces that way. But God forces upward, the Spirit of God which is the word of God will put the Bride there. Christ will put her in her place; no national force will do it. But the nation force which drives Israel to her homeland, the national force of the Council of Churches will drag every organisation into it but the power of God will rise the Bride into glory.”  
30.        That you are in this Faith is not by accident. Nobody can come into this Faith and sit down comfortably if not the Father brings him.
31.        “The Anointed Ones in the End time” preached by William Branham, July 7th 1955; page 63 verse 269, “Now, I want you to know this is sure. And you that listen to this thing you might have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself. Saying that I was packing this Message. I have no more to do with it, that is nothing. No more than just a voice, and my voice even I gave my personal judgment, I wanted to do a prapa.
32.        But it is the will of God, the will of my Father that I will be here to do. And I am determined to do it. I wasn’t the one that appeared down on the river, I was only standing there when He appeared. I am not the one that performs these things, and foretells these things that happened. It is as perfect as they are. I am only one that is near when He does this.
33.        I was only a voice that he will use to say it, it wasn’t what I know, it is what I surrender myself to that he spoke through. It isn’t me; it wasn’t the seventh angel which is William Branham, Oh no! it was the manifestation of the Son of Man. It wasn’t the angel and his Message it was the mystery that God unfold. It is not man it is God. The angel was not the Son of Man; he was a messenger from the Son of Man. That angel that visited was a messenger from the Son of Man. The Son of Man is Christ. He will be called in the name of the Son of Man, and the Son of Man is Christ.”
34.        Thus it behoves the Son of Man to fulfil all righteousness. Then who is that? Christ!
35.        Now, the Son of Man is Christ, He is the one you are feeding on. You are not feeding on any man, a man’s word will fail. But you are feeding on the unfailing body the Word of the Son of Man.”
36.        You are feeding on the unfailing body of the Word of the Son of Man which is Christ. That is why sometimes, many brethren in our midst that do not walk by revelation hang themselves. You hang yourself. You see, the Devil will always like to come in a flamboyant way, in a very colourful way with big glory coming, people will be shivering, people will be fearing; but when He, the Eternal, God, comes, He comes in a simple way. Why we are not deceived?
37.        “As I Walk with Moses So Will I Be with You,” preached by William Branham September 11th, 1960, page 24 verse 186, “I will draw you near with my finger, a rainbow, that is, a covenant God made with people. He made a covenant with the human realm that He will not destroy the world no more with water. He made a covenant with each one of His Apostles, He made a covenant with His Prophets
38.        Note, He made a covenant with each one of His Apostles.
39.               “The Covenant God,” page 77 verse 31-34: “Once God comes down, once God appears, once God is revealed, He must make a Covenant with people that He appeared to.  We must show them a sign of the Covenant—something He will see and remember what He has promised them.
40.        But God said that His Presence can never depart from among us till eternity and we all said, ‘Amen,’ and God showed us a sign; He made it an everlasting Covenant. If peradventure we think that God is not there, we will say; “God, remember your Covenant.” We will not even remind Him; He will see it because each time we gather in the Fellowship, He will look round then He will remember what He promised.
41.        The evil man will be taken away, for the camp of my people must be separated from the camp of the ungodly.’ When the ungodly man is being separated, we put our hands together because God is keeping His Covenant.
42.        Our fellowship in the Faith is fellowship under the Cloud. Each time people appear and God reveals Himself to them, their must be Covenant with them: our own can never be an exception.
43.        You see why we must pay heed to Hi Word. If you are playing in time pass, today is a new day. That God made you to be alive today is for a purpose that you will straighten those things that have not been straightened in your life.  
“The Covenant God,” page 80 verse 5 to 6: “Who is earnestly mindful of His Covenant? God. Before He can be mindful of His Covenant; He must have made a Covenant. The most important thing is making a Covenant with God; and once the Covenant is made, finish!
44.        God takes the Covenant to heart and He is mindful of the Covenant. God can never reveal Himself in vain; God has never appeared before any people in vain, He does not make a show with the Pillar of Cloud or Rainbow. God has never done that before and will never do that. God does not come to frighten people with that; when He comes, He comes for a purpose and when the purpose is achieved, He goes away”.
45.        In other words, He has a purpose. These Covenant we are talking about is very important. You see why William Branham said that, that Covenant in Rainbow is Christ. It is a covenant and He made it with each of His Apostles, each of His Prophets. He made the covenant with them all.
46.        In our own day it will not be an exception. The same RESURRECTED BODY (Christ) is on the scene talking to us, speaking to us that He had a covenant with us. That is why each time I look at the Pillar of Cloud photograph, I glorify God that I, Brother Kelechi is not worshiping God in vain—An everlasting covenant and He has vowed through that covenant that as long as I am faithful to Him, He can never destroy me, He will save us to the end.
47.        In this Bridal Ministry we pay serious attention that we are not exaggerating anything but we tell you the truth. What we are saying is what is real. That the Supreme God called it not robbery identify among us as a human being walking on two feet.
48.        There are many, many places this Christ has visited in the person of Apostle Peter Odoemena. There are many, many gathering of people, this Supreme Intelligence in the person of Apostle Peter Odoemena has visited to see if He can stay among them and give them eternal life before ever He venture into our midst. It seems you don’t get me. There are many, many places he visited, when He reach there, they will not accept Him. He went to deeper life they rejected Him, He went to Baptist they rejected Him, many places. Until He decided to come to our midst. And He is the one that place us here and gather us. Amen. Its unmerited God has shown to us.
49.        Blow the trumpet in Zion page 20 verse 24 to 29 “What is the matter at stake? I had a dream which I will narrate to you here in the fear of the Lord. This is my experience: I was in a dream, yet it is real. The voice came through my mouth saying, “arise, blow the trumpet in Zion. Tell my people and your people, time is finished. The bride has made herself ready. Thrust in the sickle and harvest the Earth. The thing shifted again: the month of nisan shall not pass away; I will turn the attention of the world to the event. In the midst of the trouble, the saints shall be translated”. Pay attention, pay attention, that the month of nisan shall not pass away when he will turn the attention of people to that event. And we know that when God told us these things, April has not reached the whole thing started. The trouble started from the month of February.
50.        …There, the book of Isaiah chapter 42: 1-6 flashed across: Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon Him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles. He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street. A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not break, and shall bring forth judgment unto truth. He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the Earth: and the isles shall wait for His law. Thus saith God the Lord, he that created the Heavens, and stretched them out, he that spread forth the Earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein: I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles.” (KJV). I then screamed we are trapped! The entire world has been trapped. The world has missed it all, but God help us. This period is a very delicate period. If you do not intervene, no flesh shall be saved. The world is doomed already and this horrible matter is unknown in all the Churches. It is unknown throughout the entire world. Even the forth-coming matter is unknown, but they were predicted in the scriptures.”
51.        Let me go a little bit in this resurrected body volume 2 follow me. I want to start from resurrected body part 1. Pg. 48 volume 2 of resurrected body “if you receive Him whom He has sent you receive He that sent Him. What is required of you? Only believe! Only believe all things are possible Only believe. Son of Man. Now we open the Bible leave me alone! I want to be here with Christ. Where am going to show for now in the bible, for now do not let it trouble you. I will open, show you the scripture and then close the Bible; and then show it to you from another topic and from that topic, I will talk to you. Nevertheless, where am going to show you now, do not trouble yourself so much. I will show it to you and then close the Bible. Zachariah 4: 10-14 “For who have despises the day of small things? For they shall rejoice and shall see the plummet in the land of Zerubbabel with those seven they are the eyes of the Lord which run to and fro through the whole Earth. And by the two Olive trees, the two anointed ones.Then answered I and say onto him, what are these two Olive Tress upon the right side of the candle sticks and upon the left side thereof? And I answered again and say unto him what bid these two Olive Branches which through the two golden types empty the Olive Oil out of themselves? And he answered me and said, knowest thou not these be? And I said, No, my Lord. Then said he, this are the two anointed one that stand by the Lord of the whole Earth
52.        Zachariah 7: 11-12 “But they refuse to harken and pull away the soldier and stop their ears that they should not here. Ye they made their hearts as an adamant to less they should hear the Lord and the words which the Lord of host has sent in his spirit by the former Prophet therefore came a great wrath from the Lord of host” Zachariah 8: 20-23 remember he say He will open the scripture read it, close it open another one from that one He will open He will speak to us in another topic “Thus sayeth the Lord of host, it shall yet come to pass that there shall come people and inhabitants of many cities and inhabitant of one city shall go to another saying, let us go evening to pray before the Lord and to seek the Lord of Host I will go also. Ye many people and strong nations shall come to seek the Lord od Host in Jerusalem and to pray before the Lord thus sayeth the Lord of Host in those days it shall come to pass that ten men shall take hold out of all the languages of the nation’s even shall take hold of skeet of him that is a Jew saying we will go with you for we have heard that God is with you” Almighty God bless your people for your name sake and bless your word forever in Christ name. Amen.
53.        Now I want to talk to you from the text. I know somebody has already reasoned and said maybe Brother is going to speak on the anointed ones in the end time. No. Saint John Chapter 8 verse 12 - 31 “Then came Jesus again unto them saying, I am the light of the world, he that followed me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life. The Pharisees there for said unto him, thy bear records of thyself thy record is not true. Jesus answered and said unto them though I bear record of myself yet my record is true for I know whence I came and whether I go but you cannot tell whence I come and where I go. He judge after the flesh I judge no man and yet if I judge my judgment is true; for I am not alone but I and the father that sent me. I am not alone but I and the Father that sent me. It also written in your Law, that the testimony of two men is true I am one that bear witness of myself and the father that sent me bear witness of me. Then say they unto him where is thy father Jesus answered you neither know me nor my father, if you have known me you should have known my father also. These words spake Jesus in the treasury as he thought in the temple, and no man lays hand on him for his hours was not yet come. then Jesus said again unto them I go my way ye shall seek me and shall die in your sins were I go you cannot come. Then said the Jews will he kill himself? Because he say where I you cannot come and he say unto them ye are from beneath I am from above ye are of this world, I am not of this world. I said therefore unto you that ye shall die in your sins, for ye believe not that I am He ye shall die in your sins. Then say they unto him, who are thou? And Jesus say unto them, even the same I say unto you from the beginning, I have many things to say and to judge of you but he that sent me is true and I speak to the world those things which I have had of him. They understood not that he spake to them of the father. Then said Jesus unto them when ye have lifted up the Son of Man then shall ye know that I am He. And I do nothing of myself. But as my father has thought me I speak this things and he that sent me is with me the father has not left me alone. For I do those things that always please him. As he spake this words many believed on him. Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed on him, if you continue in my word then ye are my disciples
54.        May God bless us as we consider this word in Christ name. Amen. until we know the deity, I won’t speak, until what? until we know thr deity i will not speak. who say so? the resurrected. This resurrected body now is speaking to his disciple; remember the same thing He spoke to the Jews is what He is speaking to His disciples now. There you will who the Deity is. No man knoweth the Father but the son, no man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whom so ever the Son shall chose to reveal. St. John 14: 1-7 “Let not your heart be troubled ye believe in God believe also in me. In my father’s house there are many mansions if it were not so, I would have told you. If go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself that where I am there you will be also. And where I go ye know and the way ye know. Thomas said unto him Lord we know not where you go, and how can we know the way? Jesus unto him, I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me. If you have known me you should have known my father also and now from henceforth you know Him
55.        Note, and now from henceforth, you know him and have seen him. Did he present the father to them? No! What did he present? Himself! Now you say he present Himself the same way the Son of Man is standing before us speaking to us the same way Jesus was speaking to His disciple. I don’t know if you are getting me? Jesus was telling his disciples that if they have known him, they will know the father. But from now henceforth, you have known the Father, you have seen the Father. Now did Jesus reveal another person to them? No! That is why when Son of Man was standing here he was telling us that the father that sent me is in me. That same Father, that same being see it there as the pillar of cloud. That same being Christ Himself. He did not present any other person. The son of Man the Prophet said is Christ. We read it from His Message; he did not present any other person. Thus it beholds on the Son of Man to fulfil all righteousness. He did not present any other person but He that is speaking. That is the God we are talking about, that is the Father. Amen.   If you have known me you should have known my father also and now from henceforth you know Him” Who was speaking? Jesus the Christ, the masquerade. Who was speaking? The Son of Man, Peter Odoemena the masquerade. Eh! Rewind! Who was speaking? Jesus the Christ! The masquerade, who was speaking? The Son of Man, Peter Odoemena the masquerade! Until you know the Deity I will not speak …you have known me you would have known my father also now have you know Him and have seen Him” who was speaking? Jesus the Christ! The masquerade. Who was speaking? The masquerade! What were they seeing? The masquerade! What was standing before them as a being? The masquerade! Who was introducing Himself? The masquerade! Who was the masquerade introducing? He that was in him! Christ the cloud.
56.        Let me tell you, if after today; after going through this resurrected Christ. This Message was the Message that was preached after this picture was taken. Everything was there. if after today, if after this Message you are you are real sure like St. Paul in time pass I see Jesus as a mere man, but now how different I am. How different I see him now! Because there is something he pass through that make him to feel the different, not the way he saw Jesus is the way he is seeing him now. If after this Message your vision did not change do not bother yourself is not meant for you. “Who was speaking? Peter Odoemena! The masquerade. Who was speaking? The masquerade! What were they seeing? The masquerade! What was standing before them as a being? The masquerade! Who was introducing Himself? The masquerade! Who was the masquerade introducing? He that was in him! The Christ! The Son of Man!” The Prophet said, He will come in the name of the Son of Man and Son of Man is Christ!
57.        Is the Message clear? Have you seen the deity? Yes sir! Have you seen the deity? Yes sir!!! If Apostle is a sent one who sent him? The deity! Whose will is he coming to do? The will of He that sent him.” there is no Message that is clearer than this, no Message is as clearer than this. Very much clearer than the day. Just like Martin Luther was call upon to deny what he believe that is against the Roman Catholic he ask them a question: how do you want me to deny something that is clearer than the day before me? Let me tell you, when this revelation strikes you, you feel on top of the world. There is nothing that is happening around you in the world that will bother you a second. Nothing! Let them preached anything concerning the world it does not concern you, because you are secure and sealed in Christ. …Is that Bible? Yes sir! In other words He has no words of his own. He is speaking the words of He that sent him. He has no works of his own; he that believeth in me will do His own works. Is that Bible? No! He that believeth in me the works I do is he shall ye do. Amen.” When you recognise the Deity, the Deity is no more in the cloud, the Deity is no more in the sky, the Deity is in the bride. Is here with you and me. In the Peter of Peter Odoemena is the Deity. When the Pharisees arrested Peter and John and the rest of them and warn them seriously, that they should not preach in the name of Jesus again. Then they came out and told them judge for yourself, is it good to obey God or men? For we can never fail to preach what our eyes have seen, our ears have heard, our hand has handled. Then if they are not afraid to say that in the name of Jesus believing in me you receive forgiveness of sin they are not afraid. It came to a point Paul said you Gentile believers are sanctified by my own faith. Is it different from Christ in our own day? He just changed the bagger skin that same Christ that was in them speaking authoritatively is the same one here now. The reason why you believe is because; it is written call the Bible. You believe it so much because; it is written in the book called Bible. Nature speak louder than voice, what I am telling you, that it is incredible for the great Jehovah, that self-existing one come through a man for Himself where He will dwell say I Kelechi is not incredible. Amen.
58.        Let’s go down a little bit “Until I establish the Deity fully I will not speak.” Here lies the translation. St. John 6: 28-29 …Then say they unto him, what shall we do that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them this is the work of God that ye believe on him whom He has sent” is that Bible? Is there anything required there? Verse 38-40, “For I came down from Heaven, not to do my own will but the will of He that sent me. And this is the father’s will which has sent me, that of all which He has given me I should lose nothing; but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of He that sent me. That everyone which seeth the son and believeth on Him may have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last day if you receive him whom He has sent you receive He that sent him” if you receive Him whom He has sent you receive He that sent Him. What is required of you? Only believe! Only believe all things are possible Only believe. This is the time I want that camera, every other shots you took was just useless. Lord I believe Lord I believe all things are Possible Lord I believe. Christ is here, Christ is here all things are possible Christ is here. God is in his Holy sanctuary. See, in every age God can never do without a man, and that man becomes God’s mask. Becomes the mask God will hide himself for God is a spirit and no man can see a spirit and for God to be known by man, He has to cover with something; so that man will see him and live. Because man cannot see him in his spirit nature and then believe. Thus, He will come low” He will come low! He will come! Becoming low more than the angels!
59.         …Thus, He will come low and then mask Himself very well and be a blessing to his people. Now it requires God also to gather people for himself and those people automatically becomes his people. Because he gather them; no man gather them; and in his name He will keep them together. His name is the only cord He will use in binding them together and all their gathering will be in his name. In addition, whatever they will do, they will do in his name; outside his name they will do nothing. All of them will be called by His name, all their families will be called by His name they don’t have any other thing than that name. In other words that name becomes a family name. Colossian 3 verse 17,And whatsoever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.(KJV) there is no exception whatever you do in word or in deed do all in the name of the Lord, because it is a family name. Every family Heaven and on Earth must be named after Christ our Lord. I want to give you a word of comfort. For the Bible say comfort ye, comfort ye my people. In addition, every quarrelling that is going on in your midst, it is just a matter of the flesh.” Eh! Every quarrelling that is going on in your midst it is just a matter of the flesh.
60.        Whatever thing that is troubling you, the moment the Apostle of the Lord tells you what to do just do it; it is for your own good. The moment you do it the tempest will come down, the storm will come down” Who is talking the resurrected body! “You know there is a storm in your life; a time will come when your life will be having some storms. However, when you hear please be still, just be still. When you hear relax your mind my sister, relax your mind my Brother take that word and relax. But unfortunately many don’t relax. Many heard that word of comfort from my mouth and they never believed it. How are you going to do the work of God, to do that which God will approve? Believe Him whom He has sent, that is all. If you know you can’t believe why are you here? Are we beating band here? Are we sharing any other thing in this faith? If you can’t believe why are you in this faith? If you have not believed why do you baptize? As many that have baptized are they not baptize into him? They have baptized into Christ. For that reason, any day Christ perishes is the day you will perish. Amen. Christ has resurrected in the newness of life. In other words, I am speaking to the rest of the dead bodies so that those that live now will not die again” Let’s go back to the Bible again; I want to comfort you a little by speaking on the RESURRECTED BOBY. The resurrected body. That is the body in resurrection. The body in resurrection. Now I have succeeded in establishing the Deity that you will see no other person than the person who is still speaking to you”. get me the Message Lo, I am with you always volume 2 page 132 verse 37 “All eyes will see him and everybody is fixing their eyes even the Hausas knows more than I mean the deserted Hausas people that are constantly gazing at the sky until they will become blind you better go to Rome and worship the sun god. maybe you don’t know the deity is no longer there, the deity is no longer there, the deity is in the Church the deity is in Heaven for the Bible said that Heaven must hold him captive till the time of restitution of all thing then he shall be reveal to the worldNow I have succeeded in establishing the Deity that you will see no other person than the person who is still speaking to you, maybe you don’t know the deity is no longer there, the deity is no longer there, the deity is in the Church the deity is in Heaven for the Bible said that Heaven must hold him captive on till the time of restitution of all thing then he shall be reveal to the world. When all things shall be restored then he shall reveal himself to the world then he will go on with the righteousness”. Is this not the Church? Don’t you know that he is now revealing Himself to the world? Amen.
61.        However, what is standing before you is a mask, and that mask is Brother Odoemena in your day. He is the mask for the scripture says that God has veiled himself in a flesh not counting it robbery”. Have you seen the deity? Have you now believed? Yes sir! “God didn’t steal; He created that vessel, so he has taken his own vessel also. He is hiding Himself in His own vessel. The workmanship of his own hand. Did he rob? No! Did he use devil’s property? He is using His property. Why the unbelief then? Doesn’t he have the right to use His property the way He likes? Then, why the unbelief? Here what is happening in town, but something is taken place in the wilderness. God is preparing a little group in the wilderness feeding her there, adoring her, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well. Feeding her, developing wings in the wilderness, when the sea will be trouble then he will fly. When your parents will be expecting you to come home, with your luggage because of the trouble after one week they couldn’t see you they will be thinking that they have killed you in the town not knowing that you are have been rescued up. Anywhere you are when it starts from there you will go.
62.         Let he that is on the mounting never come down. If you are in the market don’t say let me rush back and get something” To some brethren that use to have those dreams where they saw where we gather before you know it they will say let me go and get something before they will come back the whole thing has gone. Pay attention! Who is talking to us? The Deity! This is the voice of the Deity. This is the beginning and ending of the bridal faith. If you don’t have your copy, whatever that happen to you, you blame yourself. We don’t need your money, if your salvation is important to you, get the two copies the resurrected body is only on, but our brother divided it into two because of the volume. The Message went forth the same day. So not volume one and volume two, he divided it. Is one direct Message. And everything there is not what you can begin to reason with. Is direct from the Deity. And you know your salvation is tied there. Why should I plead with you after all if you like buy, if you don’t like don’t buy.
63.        Let he that is on the mounting never come down If you are in the market don’t say let me rush back and get something that is why while traveling to Lagos this week, am traveling to Lagos with Christ. I will live my family with Christ. If it occur while am in Lagos we are meeting there that is all. My brethren, if the Deity is not clear to you, meet me in my private place”. Who is saying so? The Deity “I will speak to you concerning the photograph not now. That maybe after. This day even if we dismiss and you want to take photograph with me or with any of your brethren, man or woman feel free take it to your satisfaction within and without. Finish your films for you will never bring these films here again. Finish your films”. If you look from that day till today He has not commanded anybody to come with any camera again
64.        “First Corinthians15: 11-14 “therefore whether it were I or they, so we preached and so ye believe. Now if the Christ we preach rose from the dead how say some among you there is no resurrection? Of the dead but if there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ been not rising and then if Christ not rising, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is also vain I am speaking on the Resurrected Body. The Body that have Resurrected already and He is yet to be glorified”. Halleluiah! The body that has resurrected already and He is yet to be glorified. That is why the Bible said Son of Man I have glorified you before I will glorified you again for the conclusion. “I am speaking on the Resurrected Body. The Body that have Resurrected already and He is yet to be glorified the body have resurrected, but he has not yet being glorified for He has not ascended to my father The Body has been Resurrected already but He has not yet ascended to the Father. That is the body am speaking to. the Resurrected Body”.
65.        He has not ascended to the father is still with you, a little while the world will see me no more but you will see me because where I am you will be also. So I will not leave you comfortless I will come again and I will be with you.St. Paul said “I was crucified with Christ. In addition, and all that are baptize into Christ, where baptize into his death”. That has Christ resurrected, the same way you resurrected in new less of life in other words I am speaking to the rest of the dead body. So that those that live now, will not die again. Because in Christ I live, in Christ I move, so that I will have my peace. In Christ you live in, in Christ you move, so that you will have your peace. Christ in you the hope of glory. The idea of heal fire is not here. You are baptized into his death and you become a partaker of His resurrection into newness of life. Yet this corporal body is still waiting. This corporal body is still waiting because the resurrection is in order: Christ the first and then those that believe in him. Have you not believed in Him? We have! Comfort ye, comfort ye my people the resurrected body, awaiting something. You are waiting for wait? For the body to be glorified! Whether you are laid into the grave, whether you are in the flesh, you are waiting for the Body to be glorified. Now, if we were in Him from the foundation of the world, according to the Bible, that he called us from the foundation of the world, He knew us from the foundation of the world, we were in Him, we were in His loins, in His own womb from the foundation of the world, in other words when He went to the cross, we went to the cross with Him. When they slap Christ, they slap me in Christ, they spat at Him they spat at me in Christ. I have never been without Christ; Christ has never being without me. Is that Bible? I am pointing you to something. Be spiritual enough, I will not stay long, the moment you get the revelation I will come down. I say the moment you get the revelation I will come down and then go home. However, until somebody caches it, I will not come down. Remember what he said, this is the will of my father all you have given me I loose nothing and I will give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no man cometh unto the father except by me and no man can come to me also except the father brings him to me. THE END OF SIDE A TAPE 2.
66.        ….Then the question arises: who is the father? They said say show us the father, He is the one that is speaking to you. Before you didn’t know me, now you have known me and because you do not believe that I am He you will die in your sins. Now you believe that I am He, there is no sin in you. Because sin is nothing but unbelief”. This is the summery of the whole thing. They couldn’t enter paradise although everything was made so from the foundation of the world. What was the reason they could not enter? Unbelief! …It is because of unbelief that rejected He that he has sent, not that they have hated He that sent him. Whosoever welcomes me welcomes the father; he welcomes the Son He welcomes the Holy Spirit. Whoever rejects me reject the father reject the Son reject the Holy Spirit because in him dwelleth the fullness of the God-head bodily. Because He is the express image of the Deity. The Deity tabernacle in Him”. How people miss Him in all the ages.