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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


I am the oldest man on Earth. I have reincarnated several times. I remain the only Being that can tell you how old the world is, believe it if you can…
An excerpt from the Message: EXALTATION AFTER TRIALS, PP. 3
We are almost there. Time and events will vindicate the Son of Man. I know that I make, from time to time, statements that are very hard to comprehend. I know that very well. Besides, I know that God is not saving you according to your level of comprehension. He will save you because He has already planned to save you. –Son of MAN

 If there is anything you can contribute to your salvation, God cannot save you. You contribute nothing to your salvation.

It will be very difficult for people to believe that God can save heathens even without commanding them to be baptized in the Name of Christ our Lord. If God does not save some heathens even without commanding them to pass through the blood of Jesus, something has gone wrong somewhere. If you really know who God is and the meaning of the Almighty , you will realize that He saves whosoever He willeth.
2.            Did the Prophet William Branham say that God will save some heathens? Yes. God will save whosoever He willeth. Do you know the number of people that were saved in Rehab’s house? Now, can’t you imagine that Rehab was commanded to take in as many as she wished: father, mother, relations and friends. If you were in her position and you received such supernatural command, who will you invite first? You know her business!
3.            Do you think that when she extended that invitation to her parents, they took the Message seriously? Who do you think will take her words seriously? Her parents? Check your Bible. As many as were found in that house, they were called members of Rehab’s household: those that heard Rehab and honoured her invitation. But that is not all.
4.            We will look into Scriptures in this Message and try to see what we can hold there. There is a face I have not seen here before. He may be the Ethiopian eunuch of our day. You know the history of the Ethiopian eunuch very well. All the way from East Africa across the Mediterranean Sea, across the Sahara desert. This is determination.
5.            Emergency puts a man in desperation. God saw the sincerity of that man and sent Philip to go and meet the man on the way to give the man Salvation before he could get to the land of the Law. If God did not save the man along the way, he could have entangled with the Law because Jerusalem was the centre and city of the Law.  All the efforts of the man would have been in vain. Knowing fully well that the man was a gentile and there was no way he could be saved by the Law, the Lord went ahead of time to wait for him.
6.            Truth is truth. Do not turn round to blaspheme it. Whenever you see truth, acknowledge it to be the truth, although you may not be a part of that truth. Do not call it false. You do not blaspheme it. Still stand there. Even if you do not move an inch, remain there.
7.            William Branham puts it this way that God will save some heathens for loving the people of God. God will save the heathens for loving the people of God, but if you hate God’s people, you have hated God.
8.            Thus, anybody that is thrown away out of this Faith as a disciplinary measure, the idea is not to kill but to correct. It is scriptural, although the presence of the blood is not covering the person anymore, yet there is a Mercy Seat. There is an Advocate also. As long as the Advocate is alive, and you do not blaspheme, there is a little opportunity.
9.            So far, I do not know any that is thrown away from the Faith, I can boldly proclaim that the person is lost, if not one or two, yet they are not completely lost. I know they are not yet completely lost. I know of that great Day when Salvation shall be made complete, somebody out of the lost might be or may be privileged to hear: “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they have done. They acted in ignorance.”
10.         If they had known that He was their very last hope, the Bible said that they would not have dealt with Him treacherously. They would not have nailed Him to the Cross. They did it in ignorance. They did it out of blindness, but in the end love projected.
11.         I think it is going to repeat in the Gentile land. That is why I have always told you: “Do not defend me anywhere. Whatever you hear people say about Me simply allow them to continue because it is their right. Constitutionally, it is their right. Say what you want to say, publish what you want to publish, I am the One to react. If I do not ask you to make a case for Me, remain still, for you are not wiser than I am. If I want to make a case, it is a matter of handing a document to a lawyer. If I do not want to go there, somebody may even like to show interest and that is useless nonsense.
12.         As long as we are in this Salvation mission, somebody is bound to misunderstand your actions. But our eyes must be fixed on our target to make sure we achieve our objective which is redeeming the Elect. As many as love the Lord, they will always gather to worship Him at the right place. There is something I believe.
13.         This promise God made which so many people have ridiculed will come at a time when nobody is expecting to hear anything. Everywhere is now calm. To some heathens in our midst, God has failed. To some heathens in our midst, there is no way we can be children of God hundred percent. It is a journey; an exodus.
14.         As we journey along, people will be coming. Any nation we cross, some people will be coming in while some will be dropping. It is this time that you can expect Me to say something and what I am going to say will not be too far from what I have already said. I know that very well because if there is one that believes the Scriptures very well, I am the One. Denying the Scriptures means denying Myself and denying My God.

15.         A believer believeth the promises of God, for in God, they are yea and amen. Though it tarries, wait for it. I do not know how many of you who heard it. Bishop S.K Maazi was announcing it on Minaj Radio station that no soul will be saved and that no Church will make rapture until there appear in their midst five-Fold Ministry and I said, amen.
16.         Paul Nwachukwu while ministering in “His Glory Cathedral” said, “I want to affirm it here that Salvation lies only in the Five-Fold Ministry.” They must acknowledge the truth when it is too late. Acknowledging it now when I am already on the scene is too late. It is last minute repentance. It saves nobody.
17.         The Message we are preaching now is the Message to the totally lost. The Bride has been completely sealed in. Let me tell you what I mean by the Bride being sealed in.
18.         You heard the testimony of Sister Charity. Something has already been sealed in her. In other words, her soul has already been raptured away, but the empty tabernacle is still somewhere there. When a man wants to get married, he runs mad. Many of you were finding it difficult to come to fellowship, especially in Onitsha. Other Churches outside Onitsha are better off than Onitsha Househld, for they have learnt to stay without My physical presence.  For that reason, they are better off than Onitsha Church. 
19.         Any day I do not come to fellowship in Onitsha, many people feel disappointed.   In other words, something is wrong with Onitsha Church.  We have to address it seriously. 
20.         When somebody is excommunicated from this Faith, no Brother, no Sister has a right to pay the person a visit.  This is because if you are visiting the person, you are comforting the person in unbelief. 
21.         I am aware that there are some in our midst that are wiser than the ministers that still pay nocturnal visits to such people.  They know themselves.  I will call your names the day I will throw you out.
22.         Apostle Paul said that we should give God the glory and strength.  Then the question arises: Can a man give God strength?  The answer is yes.  The Church is the strength of God.  Without the Church, God is weak.  He cannot perform.  You are the power of God.  You are the riches of Christ.  You are the power of God.  Without you, God is weak and can do nothing.  The only instrument in the hand of God here on Earth, which God can use to do mighty works and shake the heavens and the Earth, is the Church. That is why the Church is holding the power that is shaking the Earth.  As a result, you can give God strength.
23.         At times, I wonder what the Psalmist was having in mind when he said, “Lift yours hands and bless the Lord.”  I said what! A human being blessing the Lord? 
24.         Can a human being bless the Lord?  The answer is yes!  When we say, “Let us glorify the Lord,” understand that your glory gives God strength.  Let Me tell you what I mean. 
25.         The strength of the masquerade is in the flute.  If you want the masquerade to fly, give way for the flute.  Allow the man to dictate and call him all manner of names with the flute.  He will somersault.  He can kill for he runs mad; so it is with God.
26.         Even in the grave, Christ still remains the Lord.  When He went to Hell, they shouted, “Who is this that is coming?”  He said, “You do not need to shout. It is the King of kings.”  Maybe you do not know that Christ went to Hell.  Christ went to Hell and conquered.  He fought death.  Maybe, you do not know that it was for your sake that He tasted of death so that He might conquer death for you and Me. He suffered for you and Me so as to clear the way once and for all.  That which the first Adam could not do, the second Adam came and He overcame.
27.         Do not worry, I will be talking to you on “The Two Foundations Of Faith.”  I am not talking to you on the Old and New Testaments, but by and by, there are two Ancients of Days.  We will scratch them in this Message and know the Rock from where we are hewed.  If we can trace that, at the end of this Message, we will rest. If we can trace that to a conclusive end, will you not be happy?  I will be the happiest person so that I will be resting. I am telling you that a true seed of God rests; and the secret of his rest is this: he recognizes the Rock from where he was hewed.  In other words, if he is going back, he cannot fit into any other rock. 
28.         My Redeemer liveth and I know He shall come on the last day and stand here upon the Earth (Job 19:25). 
29.         Who said that God is not a man?  Maybe Job told lies that his Redeemer liveth, and he was sure and certain that He must surely come back here on Earth on the last day and stand here upon the Earth.  Since He is one, and His Name in one, who can locate Him if He comes back, since Job is no longer here on Earth? Who will introduce Him to us? Who will cause us to recognize Him?
30.         We must pray that God should forgive this generation.  Can you imagine a situation where God has confirmed that Satan will rise up in judgment against this generation? The Devil will testify against us for not recognizing our God in our day.

31.         Nigeria has become the headquarters of the World, the New Jerusalem, yet people do not know it. I am going to make ALL THINGS new.  The Bible did not say, minus this or that.  Is that Scripture? “Behold, I am going to make all things new.” 
32.         Revelation 21:5 “And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.” (KJV).
33.         In other words, everybody is watching.  If you are watching, expecting to see that which you read from the Bible, you may be fooled.  You see why it must take a spiritual man to understand the things of the Spirit.  God is no longer referring to Jerusalem as a physical Jerusalem.  That does not mean that He is not mindful of the physical Jerusalem.  He is no longer looking at the Jews from the outside.  He is not a Jew that is outside.  He is not a Jew because he was circumcised or he has obeyed the Laws of Moses.  What then makes Him a Jew? 
34.         Glory be to God that both the Jews and the Gentiles have one meeting point and when they come there, circumcision will be nonsense; nationality will be nonsense.  What now takes over is faith on the Cross of Calvary. No more, no less. 
35.         Nobody is charging you a kobo in this Faith.  If you come into this Faith, and after your proper investigation, you conclude that we are preaching error in this Faith, please, leave us. There are people that will be saved with this Message I am preaching that you call error.  I will keep on preaching this Message you call error, even till eternity. 
36.         If you know any other way you can device to be saved other than the way I have shown to you, which no preacher on Earth has ever discovered, leave us and go there. There is no preacher under the sun that has known this way.  They can scratch it a little like our Governor (Chinwoke Mbadinuju), who read our books and was with Me for at least three years.  Thus, he knows Me very well.  He knows My faith.  He acknowledges My faith, but the little he had before I left, that was where he stopped. 
37.         When you think you have gathered enough from Me, you can start a movement and break away.  I bet you, you can never go beyond that which you collected from Me.  What is more, if you are not careful, it may even slip away. 
38.         People that left us, immediately after the camp meeting, they thought that they have known everything,  that they had no need that anybody should teach them, but as we journeyed along, things you never knew, things that were not even revealed since the world began, were revealed to you. Many uncalled men of God, in short, all them, including St. Paul, created great hatred in the hearts of men against Esau. 
39.         Once Esau is mentioned, it will be associated with evil.  Once the word “Edom” is mentioned, some people will say, “Stop calling the enemy.”  You mention Leah, “Ah, the hated woman”, they will say; but as we journeyed along, things started coming out till our mouths were sealed. 
40.         God is doing all these things so that no flesh will come before Him and brag.  At a time when you think you have arrived, God is still laughing at you, that you do not know anything. 
41.         I thank God for what He is doing in the Bride.  Some people will just come up. They will forget what they were in the past.  The little they have gathered in this Faith will puff them up with pride.  They will be shaking their heads anyhow.  If you must shake your head and brag, I better hire an aeroplane then.
42.         I will be flying in the sky because you were nothing before you came to Me.  You knew nothing before you came to Me.  You were in error and you knew it not.  YOU HAD THE ZEAL, BUT WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE.  You were heading to perdition, but love projected.  I came your way.  You never sought Me for one day; I sought you.  I searched for you and I found you. 
43.         For iinstance, look at Sister Ozioma; when she heard about Me she ran away. She came face-to-face with Me at My command.  Since that day running away became very difficult.  She never asked for Me for one day.  I remember that good day I sent Brother Ben, who is her blood brother and Brother Okey and I said, “Whatever she is doing, simply tell her that that Man she heard of was inviting her.” That was the command. 
44.         When they went, they met her very busy and she gave reasons upon reasons. A little while, she entered her vehicle.  On the way, Satan spoke to her saying, “Run away from them.  Run away from these people; do not go with them.”
45.         A little while, she changed her mind and drove straight to GRA and since that day, if you put her away from this Church, she will commit suicide.  You see, things that were impossible for her to do have become very easy.
46.         I believe a song. If the song writer of that song was sincere: something has happened to me; things I loved before have vanished away.  Things I hated before have come to stay.  In other words, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.  I say, behold I make all things new.  That does not mean resurfacing the Earth. 
47.         I want to see a bright and healthy Church – every Brother, every Sister looking bright, simple, sober, ever young, always renewing the Spirit of God in you, meek and lowly; everyday young; with babyface for everybody. This is the hand of God. Of all people on Earth, we are privileged to have that nature.  Very soon Brethren that will be privileged to come to Church will be shocked when they see all grey-haired men turning young.
48.         In fact, the glory of the new temple is nothing to be compared with that of the first temple. What people see now and rejoice, ancient men saw it and weep.  Look at this beautiful number; while we are trying to adopt our children, we have forgotten the tone; even the wordings have vanished away. Why?  Through Grace, we have decided to adopt Sons and Daughters of God, even in their weakest estates, so as to identify their weakness and bring them in— that I have done now.
49.         This is because  every day, I want to remove that headache.  What is that headache? Let no Pastor make the Church to think that the Sisters and little children are his problem.  I decided to renew and refresh them to annoy some Pastors.  If you go to the podium, preach the Word. Remain true and faithful; forget about their weaknesses.  These things have been taken care of, but as for Me, no problem. 
50.         You know, I am easily accessible to them.  I know that I shake hands with over one hundred Brothers in a week; but I sparingly shake hands with Sisters.  I sparingly touch Sisters. They equally sparingly come to Me.  Thus, Brothers have no problems.  They are standing on a firm foundation.  if they should err, God has erred; so, you have no problems. 
51.         The Bible did not say that woman is the image of God, rather, the man is the image of God, but the woman is the image of the man. The covering of the woman is the husband. The Bible is as clear as the day. Why should you bother yourselves with ordinary image? I am not talking about the image; I am talking about the reality.  That is why we must cherish the images any how; love them anyhow.
52.         Anywhere I go, I must preach it, because, I have proved it with some other strong men in this Faith. Please, do not think I am funny. I am not. I want to bring out something.
53.         In every dispensation, each time God comes down, the people that identified God that day, wear His cloak in all respects. 
54.         Can you imagine, William Branham died in 1965, up till today, those that are still in his ministry are in a glare of another dispensation, yet they know it not.  Before William Branham died, he espoused all he was leaving behind to a Ministry, gave them indicators to identify that Ministry and even announced it loud and clear in his Message, saying, “You know we are no longer in the Laodicea Age; we are now in the Bridal Age; an age away from Laodicea, and there is a Ministry coming that will usher all of us into that bride.” 
55.         There was no mistake about it.  I am saying that he died in 1965, till today, those disciples of Moses still cherish his candy.  He had a special type of candy he was eating and the people loved William Branham and loved that candy.  Till today, they still send it even to Nigeria.  Ministers will gather and eat William Branham’s type of candy.  I now have gagaraga tea (alfalfa tea).  It is not found anyhow.
56.          You know, Brethren have so monitored my food that they can just run around and get it.  That was just why I went to Nsukka, they served Me with their tea, I said, “no.” They do not know what I drink these days.  That one will make Me weak.  Some people said that I was looking like a baby.  I said, yes that there was a secret behind it.  From now, you will not see grey hair on my head, no wrinkle, it is cheerful baby face from now; smooth body and all. 
57.         I am telling you the truth I know because if you are waiting on the Lord your strength will be renewed daily.  You can never be old. Age will never be telling on you because, age is a matter of the mind.  If you think you are old, you are old.  How can I be old when I am in Christ?  I cannot be old.  My strength will daily be renewed. 
58.         Onitsha Brethren will be looking strong always, but be careful when you are looking strong. 
59.         We now want to farm in His vineyard fully. You know I am a human being like you.  I cherish good things like you also.  If you are suffering; I am suffering also. If you are enjoying, I am enjoying too.  Whatever you think you are passing through, I am passing through the same experience.  There is nothing extraordinary about it, but some of you think you are the only people God has given the privilege to enjoy this life. No! The Son of Man has the right to enjoy the life also.  I am not telling lies. Unless you want Me to die quick.  That is wisdom.
60.         You know what I mean? Very soon, you are all going to wear a new look because, “Lo, I am going to make all things new.” Any moment from now, we shall all be putting on a new look.  It can be now, it can be tomorrow.  It can be any time, but I know it is closest to our door,  and you know what that new look will be with the eyes of faith. Somebody has peeped into it.  If it is not scriptural, there is no need waiting for it.  However, if the promise is in the Holy Scriptures, surely, we are not waiting in vain. 

61.         God is hastening up action. Bear with Me because I am going to sound foolish now to some people.   Let Me sound a warning here.  I am not trying to avoid any of you.  I love you. I cherish you.  If you hear that I am going to handle a Message and you know you are going to benefit from it, the only favour you will do Me is to keep away from Me within that period and hold your problems back, however, you can go to your Elders.
62.         If you feel your Elders cannot meet your demands except I intervene, hold it until that time is over.  When I am about handling a Message, I try to avoid even my own very wife.  I stay away for some time to enable Me recoil and you know I love you. 
63.         You cannot come to my house and I abandon you and go away.  My conscience will prick Me.  You cannot come with your problem and I order you out, no! It is not good.  When you are coming in and you are hovering around Me, surely, you are weakening Me.  We keep on romancing ourselves, day in, day out. The end result will be that the Message will not come up again. 
64.         There is no preacher that does not require a quiet hour.  Under the old dispensation, Martin Luther, John Wesley, William Branham and the rest of them, they were living in isolated areas.  William Branham had a cave where nobody enters.  His wife entered it once.  His own son, Billy Paul, entered it once.  The only time they saw it was the hour he died and the cave collapsed.  Everybody had access to the cave.  Those that were privileged to get his writing table immortalized it.    Some filed his holy Bible.  Even some scripts he placed on the table before he died, they filed them.  Some laid hands on them and immortalized them.  Thus every man of God, no matter how the Spirit of God is using that man requires a quiet hour. Amen.

Preached on 30th July, 2000 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN at RIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLDWIDE
For some time now, I do not have a single quiet hour.  Brethren were rushing from East and West, North and South; you know all I passed through.
2.            We have a book titled: “This Generation in Prophecy.” Somebody might be thinking that this book has lost its meaning. From the way I have been hearing some people talk; the way I have seen them react and behave, I feel very bad. I noticed that some have gone back into the world fully. They now have another spirit.
3.            Note, Heaven and Earth will pass away, but there is no word that proceeded out of My mouth in this book (This Generation in Prophecy) that will pass away without being fulfilled. I have lifted it up before you because it is going to condemn many of you. Some of you because of the troubles you have been having in the flesh; troubles you have been having in your homes: it could be financial problems, it could be sicknesses, it could be persecution or joblessness, you were praying that rapture will come and carry you to an unknown destination where the troubles will be over.
4.            You even believed more than what the Bible promised you. You were even expecting things I never taught you; things that are not even written in the Bible.
5.            Note, I am not going to sound strange; I am going to sound foolish. I noticed that this book was read by a lot of us in this Faith with strong anxiety because of the problems of that hour which was the wild orchestrated millennium bug, computer failure; and as many as were reading this book, instead of reading what the Holy Spirit inspired Me to tell the whole world, they were focusing their attention on newspaper excerpts. Many of you in this Faith did not go beyond newspaper excerpts. You were picking your interest areas, thereby bypassing and deliberately neglecting the Word of God that is meant for you.
6.            I want to show you something in that book. Before I will exhort you using the Bible, I will show you things you do not know. I will start with the introduction because we are approaching the end and because we are approaching the end, it is My duty to alert the Elect so that they will rally round those that have gone astray that they may have the opportunity to come back.
7.            I am sending my last signal to all the Elect. If there is anytime they should come back and line up with the revealed Word of their day, it is now. When you hear the word of God harden not your heart.
8.            I am starting with the caption: “The Voice of the Watchman,” from number one to number ten. “Fellow mortal men: do you know that this generation will come to an end?”
9.            Almost everything contained in that leaflet (book) there are all questions; unanswered questions which we attempted to answer, but I will repeat the questions because you know the answers.
10.         “A) Fellow mortal men, do you know that this generation will come to an end very soon?
B) Can it pass away without God passing judgement in favour or against this generation?
C) Are there generations that passed away before this our generation?
D) Did God pass judgement in favour or against those generations before they passed away?
E) Did all human race survive those generations that passed away or were only a few people saved?
F)Did God provide a place of safety for each of the past generations for the safety of His people?
G) Has He provided a place of safety for His people in this generation that is passing away?
H) What are the end time events that are made clear by prophecies by which we can lay hand and affirm that we have surely come to the end of this generation?
I) What will be the fate of mankind in this last generation?
J) The Truth about the predicted 72 hours of global darkness before the end of this generation.”  This Generation in Prophecy (page 4).
11.         Let us see the Introduction: “End time events prophesied. God has passed judgement against our generation. 72 Hours of Global Darkness before the End Of This Generation. God’s Chosen Place of Worship. Confirmation of the Church; Confirmation of Souls of the Members of the Church.  CIA predicts Global Systems’ Crash. 1999 the Beginning of the End. Final appeal. Is the End Of The Generation A Secret? A song to God’s Glory for His Great Move in Our Midst. Time magazine: Global Report.”
12.         Ponder here (This Generation in Prophecy, page 8): For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.
13.         I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form, and void; and the heavens, and they had no light. I beheld the mountains, and, lo, they trembled, and all the hills moved lightly.
14.         I beheld, and, lo, there was no man, and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the LORD, and by his fierce anger.” (Jeremiah 4:22-26 King James Version).
15.         We have a more sure word of prophecy. Since Jeremiah prophesied this Message from the Lord and died, has there been any event that has rendered the Earth desolate? No. Has this prophecy fulfilled? No. You see, by the time I will go back to the Scriptures to talk to you in this Message, you will know where you have left your God. The essence of talking to you is to bring you back.
16.         If I do not use the Bible, you will not know that you have left the Faith and the only thing you know is dancing and clapping hands. Yes, dancing and clapping hands are good, but you are a people of God as long as you continue in His Word, but the moment you are removed from His Word, God is removed from you. If you abide in His word, you are His disciples in deed.
17.         Really, I want to show you something. Once I make My mark in your soul, I will stop.

18.         Now, let us go over to the Introduction in the book titled THIS GENERATION IN PROPHECY. “Whatever has a beginning must have an end. Some years ago, people were thinking and seeing the year 2000 afar off. But today, it is only but a step between all mankind and the year 2000 which automatically marks the end of this generation. We are no longer counting in years but in months.
19.         In spite of this, it still baffles the Watchman that the whole human race still behave as if God will extend this generation for them. If we had no 2001 years B.C. , how do you think there will be 2001 years A.D.?  
20.         All true children of God know fully well that we have only but Seven Church Ages and not eight and we are living in the Seventh Church Age which is Laodicea. After the Seventh Church Age, the next thing according to the Holy Scriptures is the ushering of the Bride of Christ into Millennium (One full and complete Sabbath rest of the Lord with His people).   
21.         The fact that all Newscasters in the Radio, Television, Newspapers and all free thinkers, now point people to the next Millennium, is a sure indicator that the world has become apprehensive of the passing away of this generation.
22.         Let no man deceive you my friends, this generation will soon pass away like other previous ones but in a very disastrous and gloomy note like the previous ones.
23.         The entire human race is sitting on a time bomb that will explode at a time that beats the imagination of all mankind. In other previous generations, only very few survived and this our generation will not be an exception.
24.         The Almighty God provided a place of safety through the ordained Watchman for each generation that passed away and the same thing He has repeated again through His ordained Watchman for our generation.
25.         I want you to remember that the Watchman of each of the previous generations were despised, mocked, laughed at and treated with contempt and disrespect and the chosen place of safety was the greatest stumbling block hence many people could not believe they could find refuge in the Watchman and the place of Safety. But every Elect of God, who is always a part of what God is doing in his day, finds no difficulty in obeying God's Voice for his day.
26.         If after going through this Voice of the Watchman for the hour, you are convinced that is the Voice of God to all mankind, please, request for our free publications: “Cry out against the System,” “Hard Truth,” The Last Trumpet,” “Behold the Man of Sin,” and so many other books by the Bride of Christ Ministry worldwide. They will be mailed to you free of charge.
27.         May the God of revelation, reveal to you the hour we are living in so that you will escape His wrath.
28.         This is not the time to play religion or to be entangled with the politics that is associated with religion. It is a time for action.
29.         God is no respecter of persons or association. Your denomination is meaningless as far as this matter is concerned. There is no reasonable excuse before God. You cannot blame your Pastor or Overseer on this matter. This is purely a personal matter with your Maker Who has passed sentence on our generation because of widespread evil as He did to other past generations that existed before our own.
30.         This matter is not negotiable. There is fire on the mountain, The Lord is making a speedy riddance upon the Earth and no flesh shall be saved except those that have received Him Whom He has sent and have taken refuge in the only place of safety He has chosen for all His elect.
31.         Your position in the Society or Church means nothing in this matter. Your Silver and Gold will be useless nonsense. Whoever that is not found hiding in that chosen and approved place of safety, surely shall be destroyed whether great or small.
32.         Make haste. Do not resign your fate to nature. Believe the last Voice of the Watchman God has given to your generation. Although                                                                                                             he is despised and rejected by many, Yet he has remained the mouthpiece of God in these last days.—THE WATCHMAN.
33.         There is a reason why I revisited all these things in this Message. If you turn to page 20 of the publication, you will see prophecies relating to the future. There, you will notice prophecies that have not come to pass. It also continues in page 21.
34.         NOW, I AM SAYING AND COMMANDING AT THE SAME TIME THAT YOU SHOULD GO BACK TO “This Generation in Prophecy” without delay. Why? I have gone through it and prayed over and over and I am sure and certain we are at the end.
35.         “This Generation in Prophecy” page 18, verse 38: “God Himself investigated things for Himself and after His findings; the city of Sodom and Gomorrah were billed for destruction. However, one should note very well that God’s Messengers declared the end of the city even ahead of time to God’s own elect in that age before the destruction and end of that city came.”
36.         Is that true? It was supported by the Bible.
37.         Verse 41-43 : “I am saying that God in His Mercy and love had always announced the end of every passing generation to the people of that generation regardless whether they will pay heed to the warning Voice of God or not.
38.         Before the city of Jericho was brought to an end and destruction, the messengers of God equally announced to the elect of God in that city (Rehab and her father's house) as recorded in the book of Joshua chapter 2. God declared the end of very many nations in the Holy Bible because God hardly condemn any nation or individual without first of all warning that nation or individual.”
39.         Is that not true? Have you not read it in history? I will soon take you to William Branham to show you about the Roman Calendar and the Egyptian Calendar and then, I will take you into the Bible for you to see what God has always done every 2000 years.
40.         “Historians have always told us that every two thousand years there is always a great event upon the face of the Earth. My question is, what great event do you expect to happen during this fast approaching year 2000?
41.         We know that the World is about to reach her sixth thousand years since Creation. From Adam to Noah was two thousand years, and from the time of Noah to the time of Christ's first Advent was two thousand years. Now we are counting our dates within the year of the Lord (Christ) which is in Latin word "ANNO DOMINI" (A.D.) By our Calendar we have it that from the birth of our Lord Christ till date, the World has lasted 1999 years and some fractions of months. Can this Jesus’ generation come to an end without God passing judgement upon it?

42.         Another caption: “End Time Events Prophesied.” Did God prophesy of end time events; things we can see and believe that we are at the end or nearest to the end?
43.         “Let us look further into the Holy Bible and consider some events in this end time that will help open ones eyes of understanding to know that surely we have come to the end of this generation.
44.         Increase In Travelling And Education:“But Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal it up so that it will not be understood until the end times, when travel and education shall be vastly increased!" (Dan 12:4 LB).
45.         Now, hear the comment from the Watchman. Compare it with what is prophesied. ‘When Prophet Daniel inquired to know when the vision given to him will be fulfilled, the angel of God told him that it will happen at the end time. The angel gave a clear indication on how to know when the end time is come. He revealed that there will be increase in knowledge, education, science and increase of men travelling to and fro to various parts of the globe.
46.         Even the least learned person today knows very well that there has never been a time when men travelled round the globe than this generation,’ true or false? Did your fathers travel the way you are travelling today? Has there been any time in the history of mankind human beings travelled the way they are travelling today? Somebody can attend a wedding ceremony in London and come back to Nigeria the same day. In the days of your fathers was it so?
47.         “Quest for education has increased so much that provision has been made for adult education,” true or false? It is true. “We can now boast of teenage graduates,” true or false? Somebody can now graduate before the age of twenty. But in the days of your fathers, at the age of twenty they are just starting elementary one or standard one. Advance in science endeavour is very clear. Therefore, we can rightly say that knowledge has increased according to the holy Bible for we are at the end time.
48.         Is there any other time this prophecy of Daniel is coming to pass except in our day? It could not come to pass in Daniel’s day. When he inquired about the time we should expect these things, the Holy Spirit said: “Seal it up. Keep it as a secret until at the time of the end.”
49.         Now, we see these things coming to pass in our day. Where are we Church? Surely, we are at the end time. Can we rightly say that surely this prophecy has come to pass? I believe this prophecy has come to pass in my day. There is no other age I am expecting this prophecy to be fulfilled. At least, I am a beneficiary. I have one of my daughters that will enter Class 2 at the age of 9.
50.         At the age of 9, most of us did not know anything called primary education. But one of my daughters will be in class 2 at the age of 9. Somebody may doubt it, but I thank God that many of you know the year she was born. I call it education madness. But the Scripture fulfilled there. Your children now enter nursery school at the age of one year and one year and ten months. Some two years. Was it so in your early days? I mean at the age of three, your own child may be reciting ABC; counting 1,2,3 to 10 or 20. Was it so in your day?
51.         Many of you entered secondary school with grey hair. It is applicable to travelling, yet the generation has not come to an end, but the Bible said: “When you see all these things, know that you are already at the end of the age.”
52.         You are already at the end of the age. I told you that it is just like somebody watching a film. When you keep on watching the film, you will be shouting and screaming. At the time when the film is becoming interesting, you will see “The End” on the screen. The whole thing will become blank. This is what is about to roll on the spiritual screen.
53.         Anytime from now, the Church screen where we have been watching the whole thing as a drama will roll 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 so fast that it will not give you a breathing space.
54.         Now, you believe that events are made clear by prophecy and these Prophets of God had the Spirit of Christ in them. They did not tell lies. As many as were living in Daniel’s Age, they were thinking that these things will come to pass in their day.
55.         Note, any group of people that were privileged to live in the day of any prophecy was hopefully expecting the prophecies to come to pass in their day; so, it continued until the day of William Branham. All that were hearing St. Paul’s preaching were thinking that they and St. Paul will be caught up in the air, but St. Paul told them clearly that: “We that are alive will remain,” including himself. He went further to encourage them to hold on steadfast that their Salvation was nearer to them than when they first believed. Some were thinking that by the following week, the thing will be over.
56.         However, St. Paul was not the Bridegroom and he was not there when the Bridegroom appeared on the scene to decorate the Bride. You do not talk of wedding; forget about wedding.
57.         Can a woman wed herself? There was no way the Church could be wedded without the Bridegroom appearing. First of all I am expecting the wedding day song. Increase in population, crime and corruption, immorality, women preaching and social activities are rampant. You want to crosscheck it? Go to St Luke 17:26-35.
58.         As it was in the days of Noah and Lot so shall it be in our generation. There was a warning that says: “Remember Lot’s wife.” This has been ringing bell in the Church at Onitsha for some time now. Jesus likened this generation to Noah’s and Lot’s generations. For this reason, we have to go further and see some events that took place in both Noah’s and Lot’s day to ascertain whether the end time generation which Jesus likened to Noah’s and Lot’s generations have actually come.
59.         Now, if you go back to Genesis 6: 1-8, you will see Noah’s day: “When mankind spread all over the world, girls were being born…” Some of the heavenly beings saw that those girls were beautiful and there is no other age that has outclassed our age in beauty, for Satan has manufactured every kind of make-up. 
60.         The heavenly angels will start desiring them and will be taking them one by one as they wish. Somebody can be dark in the morning, white in the afternoon and red in the night.  Thus, they took delight in the ones they like. Then the Lord said, “I will not allow people to live forever; they are mortals. From now on they will live no longer than hundred and twenty years.”
61.         In those days and even later, there were giants on the Earth who were descendants of human women and the heavenly beings. They were great heroes and famous men of long ago. When the Lord saw how wicked everyone on Earth was and how evil their thoughts were all the time, He was sorry that He ever made them and put them on the Earth. He was so filled with regret that He said, “I will wipe out these people I have created and also the animals and the birds because I am sorry that I made any of them,” but the Lord was pleased with Noah.
62.         Did He wipe them off? Now this was the picture of Noah’s day. Men were following men anyhow as they wished because the women were extremely beautiful, very attractive and the anger of the Lord was kindled upon human beings.
63.         Concerning the days of Lot, before the guests went to bed the men of Sodom and Gomorrah surrounded the house; all the men of the city, both young and old were there. They called out to Lot and asked, “Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us, the men of Sodom want to have sex with them.” Gen. 19: 4 – 5 (GNB).
64.         Homosexuals! Do we have them around? Yes, more than in the days of Noah.  Now the Watchman went further to alert you. We can easily agree by the help of the Holy Scriptures that the end time, this generation must be like the days of Noah and Lot.
65.         We have population problems today as in Noah’s day, true or false? True. We have increase in violent crimes as in Noah’s day and Lot’s day. Our women today with the help of make-ups and other cosmetic appliances look very fair and beautiful as in the days of Noah and Lot. Social activities like marriage are very much pronounced.
66.         Please, please I want you to go back to the Message titled “This Generation in Prophecy” immediately. Another sure sign is the restoration of the fig tree, which is Israel, as one of the end time prophecies. These you will see and you will know that your redemption draweth near and it is even at your door step.
67.         Israel is now restored to their home town and now there is controversy over Jerusalem. When they were scattered to all other nations, was there any controversy about the Jerusalem? No. It is scriptural. It is only when Israel is restored as a nation fully and the streets of Jerusalem will be blossoming with activities again. Only then will Jerusalem be enviable; nations round about Jerusalem will now envy the beauty of Jerusalem and then nations will now gather together to move Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be a burden to many nations.
68.         When you see these prophecies coming to pass in your day, what do you do? First of all recognize what God said will be signs marking the end of your generation. Jesus prophesied and said that this generation will not pass away until all these things have come to pass.
69.         Speedily, we can see Scriptures fulfilling, but a blind man, a blind Christian may think that nothing is going on simply because the roof is not shaking. Nobody is pursuing him from one place to the other. He concludes that, “Well, nothing is taking place again.”
70.         If you are numbered among such people you are taking the greatest risk. Prophecies of God, William Branham said, never come to pass until they are being laughed at, until the Prophets are being mocked: “He promised that so, so and so will happen. Now, has it happened?”

71.         If there is any publication we flooded with Scriptures to convince mankind that we have come to the end of this generation, it is the book titled “This Generation in Prophecy.” There is no statement made in that book without scriptural backing. For that reason, when you think that the Word of God is no longer coming to pass, you are as well denying God. There is no need holding the Bible or our Message. You just resign from the Faith of Christ and have your rest.
72.         Another event you will see will be wars, rumours of wars, Earthquakes and pestilences. The re-emergence of the city of Jerusalem signals the end of the Gentile Dispensation. Is this Scripture? You can note it down.
73.         St. Luke 21: 24: “And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of all Gentiles, until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.” 
74.         If you read another translation, Living Bible said, “They will be brutally killed by enemy weapons or sent away as exiles or captives to all nations of the world and Jerusalem shall be conquered and trampled down by the Gentiles, until the period of Gentile triumph ends in God’s good time.”  
75.         Has Jerusalem been restored as a nation? Yes. Have you ever heard since 1948 that any Gentile nation has ever trampled upon Jerusalem? No. No heathen nation can ever boast of conquering the nation of Israel in any war since they became a nation of their own in 1948, May 14th, rather than being conquered, we witnessed Israel humiliating her foes. 
76.         The six days war in 1967 against the Arabs was an eye opener to the world. It is the Word of God fulfilling. The Gentile days are over. They can never succeed in trampling over Jerusalem again because they have returned according to the prophecy of the Word of God.  Many are not getting this Message.
77.         Note, I am even passing judgment against you. If you do not follow Prophetic events, you will not know exactly the hour you are living in and as long as you do not know the hour you are living in, you will not know how to conduct yourselves. You will be behaving like the heathens living round about you.

78.         Pentecostals have come to their end completely; there would not be any revival in the Pentecostal again. End time Message is no more. They just exist in a name; the centre can no longer hold, for there is no leadership. There is no Pentecostal preacher that will come up with any new Message again. Long, long time ago they have exhausted all they said they have. What they now do is formulation of ideas, racking of sense.
79.         This idea of calling Holy Ghost twenty times, “Holy Ghost Fire! Holy Ghost Fire! Holy Ghost Fire!” is racking sense. It is an idea. Whatever they want to say, they will be repeating it up to twenty times. Anything they want to say in their prayers, they will repeat it seven times; sometimes fourteen times. That is useless nonsense. It goes to show that they are empty.
80.         Tune in your radio set and hear them talk. They do not go beyond John 3: 16. The rest of the Scriptures will be the one you know before, showing you what the Bible said about your condition. How God will heal you; how God will make you the head and not the tail; how your enemies will be falling on the right hand and the left hand. That is all. Talk about the mystery of the Kingdom, they are blind to it. Talk of relating events with prophecies, they are blind to it.
81.         Is there any Apostle in their midst? Any Prophet among them? They are worshipping God in ignorance, in blindness. There is not even one that can hear from God and talk to them. Thus, they are racking sense, but in this Faith, we do not rack sense; we espouse everybody to the Word of God.
82.         If you are following events in your day and you are tying them with the prophecies in the Bible, you are keeping pace with God’s timetable. You are a wise man. That was exactly what the wise men did. They were following events, marrying them with prophecies. That was why immediately they saw the Star, without consultation, they headed the way of the Star.
83.         When they got there, they said, “We have seen the Star and we have come to worship the King.” When they got to Herod, Herod even enquired of them to search the Bible; to tell him what the Prophet said will be the sign of the Messiah. Herod, himself had forgotten. While Herod was busy searching the Scriptures, searching the Prophets, the wise men were already in fellowship with the baby lying in the manger. It is repeating again.
84.         Wise men among us are not sure that what we are saying is correct. They are still busy searching to know whether it is true, but the real Elect have been fellowshipping. They are fellowshipping with no other person than the person they have been espoused to. Not everybody is espoused to him.
85.         Immediately, John the Baptist introduced the very Messiah, the Elect left John the Baptist and followed the Messiah. That did not break their relationship or friendship. They still loved John the Baptist, but to the extent of introducing them to whosoever would be the Messiah, they were looking for the Messiah and not John the Baptist, and John the Baptist was the Law, the school master, that only served one useful purpose: To introduce them to the Messiah.
86.         Once John guided them to the Messiah, that was all they needed John for. The Law is holy, just and perfect only to the extent of guiding us as our school master to Christ. Once the Law has guided us to Christ, that is the end. It is no longer useful. It is discarded.
87.         There were some other people that were following John. They were claiming to be the Elect also. No matter how John spoke to them, telling them he was not the Messiah and was showing them the messiah, telling them that he was Earthly while the man was heavenly, that he (John) was not the Bridegroom, yet they followed him anyhow.
88.         When they were privileged to meet with the Elect worshipping with the Bridegroom, they ran back to John the Baptist, saying: “Sir, the same man you baptized; we were there when you baptized him, we met him baptizing some people that left us here again. Does it mean that the baptizing you gave us was not the real one? And they are telling us that their baptism with the man is better than the one we had with you. What can you say?”
89.         Sincerely, John asked them to follow the man. Did they follow Him? No. Instead of agreeing, they were turning the pages of the Holy Prophets to know what the Prophets said because according to them when the very Messiah will come, nobody will know where he is coming from, nobody will know where he is living, but for this man, they know his hometown, they know his parents, his relations, they know where He is dwelling.
90.         However, to the Elect, whether He came from Bethlehem, whether He is a son to Joseph or not, carpenter or not, to them, it is useless nonsense. They have seen what they are looking for; the only One that holds the Word of eternal life. They were sure and certain; not miracles, not thundering voices, not Earthquake, not wind, but One that will espouse them to the sacred Word; the only avenue whereby they can get a place among them that are sanctified.
91.         We have such people in this Faith holding on strongly to John, claiming they are one of us, and these are the people that are drawing the hand of the clock back because the murmuring and complaining have always been wearing the Elect down. 
92.         Now my word to the true Elect is this: “Turn your back once and forever.” I said, turn your back against John; even if you hear that John is in the prison, go not; if you hear that John is beheaded, go not. You do not love John the Baptist more than Christ, do you? You are not related to John the Baptist more than Christ, are you? After all, John foreran the ministry.
93.         Some of you think you believe William Branham more than Me. Some think they love William Branham more than Me. Some make noise about William Branham more than I do. They do not even know what he preached. They heard about Branham; they do not know we sat down and studied Branham. I am not telling a story, but I am trying to show you something. Amen.