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Thursday, 25 August 2011


Preached on 1st JUNE, 2008. by The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD
 “I am the Devil Nobody can avoid. The same way, I am the God nobody can avoid”.
Believe it if you can
-       The Son of Man
Marriage is not a bed of roses; marriage can only be a pleasurable journey through life if the couples are well informed.
-Son of Man
 Brethren, remain blessed. Please, there should be real quietness in the Camp. Our problem is that each time the Word of God is preached, we find it difficult to personalize what we hear; we try to shift the Message to some people as if all is well with us.
2. And the people that are really guilty that need to be pitied—families whose conditions were x-rayed and diagnosed—they are the very people that normally shift these Messages to somebody else. At the end of it all, you will go home with your problems unsolved.
3. To the youths, you don’t know where you are yet. But very soon, you will begin to recognize where you are. There must be a destination in life; life must take you somewhere and when you get there, you will know you have arrived there—whether you like it or not.
4. Many a time, I come here and wed couples before innumerable witnesses; I have never for one day seen them nagging in my presence. During their wedding, you simply look at their faces; you see smiles, everybody jubilating; witnesses jubilating. But one, two, three, four years from there, you begin to look at the people you joined in wedlock with their faces beaming with smiles, you cannot imagine what their faces look like anymore. Those smiles will vanish; apathy will set in—strong hatred for one another, intolerance, hostility, both parties becoming hostile to each other.
5. You come and see hot disputing, wild disagreements, reckless and unguided statements exchanged between them, provocative utterances all unchecked. You begin to wonder: “What is really wrong? Could it be that a girl and a boy came to the altar to declare themselves husband and wife?”
6.  Furthermore, I have looked into it seriously; I am not blaming God but blaming those people that are involved. Hear me very well; whatever ruins your ministry in the Faith of the Son of Man must ruin your ministry as a husband or as a wife.
7. How many know by revelation that marital life is a ministry? How many sees marriage—either man or woman—as a ministry that must be fulfilled with joy? If it is not a ministry, you don’t mention anything “shipwreck” around it.
8. Because marriage is a ministry, somebody is “bound to make a shipwreck” of his marital ministry—man or woman. Some are likely to make full proof of their ministries.
9. Saint Paul was encouraging Timothy to strive to make full proof of his ministry. The same way, if you see your marital relationship with your wife as a “ministry” and your wife sees it as her ministry, both of you will strive earnestly to do everything within your power to make full proof of your ministries, making sure that nobody will look down on you.
10. Nothing damages the reputation of a man more than shipwreck in his marital ministry. It is also applicable to a woman. How many by revelation, see marriage as “a calling” in Christ? If your marriage with your wife is not by election, it is by condition. Your marriage to your husband or wife must either be by election or by condition.
11. “Conditional marriages” do not last; they are human associations that are likely to break up any time; but “elected marriages” stand firm. How do you know an elected marriage? There must always be agreement in disagreement.
12. Once there is agreement in disagreement, that marriage is an elected marriage; but once there is disagreement in disagreement, it is a conditional marriage: “If there will be disagreement let there be; if we should part, let us part. The day you knew me was the day I knew you. Did I fall from the blues? You think I don’t have parents? You think I do not have pedigree?”
13. Once you begin to hear these vulgar statements, noxious comments, stinking and irritating utterances, it is a sure sign that the marriage is conditional. It’s never elected.
14. If your marriage is an elected marriage, it then means it is “a calling,” for there couldn’t be any other person that is fitted for that “calling” than you, whether man or woman. Once it is an elected marriage, no man is fitted to be the husband to that Sister or to that woman but you; no other woman is suitable to fill that gap except that woman you are living with.
15. Once you see it by revelation as “a calling” in Christ, you must constantly strive to make sure at all times that your “calling and election” stand sure.
16. When Saint Paul was talking about marriage— relationship between the Church and Christ—he likened it to a relationship between a man and his wife.
16. It is this non-recognition of marriage as a ministry from God, which you should be grateful to God who has found you worthy, putting you into that ministry, for there are so many that are desiring to be put into that ministry, but no way.
17. Physically, they are qualified; academically, they are qualified; socially, they are qualified, yet are not been put into that ministry. A CALL TO MARRIAGE IS A WORTHY CALLING.
18. Once you are called into marriage, it is a worthy calling. “Worthy is he that is counted worthy to be called into the marriage supper of the Lamb.”
19. Many dabbled into marriage without knowing what marriage is all about.
20. To you youths, see yourselves as privileged people that are being furnished ahead of time; your are being equipped, your minds being prepared, made ready for such a great task which has cost the lives of many.
21. Many have died because of marriage, both men and women. And the Lord is preparing you ahead of time, so that when you get into it, you will always be happy with God. There is no aspect of it that will put you off because you have been grounded and rooted in the truth about it before you ever ventured into it.
22. I thank God for our Pastor this morning. If I knew he will go to this extent, I would have come here with yesterday’s Vanguard Newspaper.
23. There is a column there in the Newspaper where a woman features every Saturday, and she talks to her fellow women concerning their relationships with their husbands. Her publications, that of yesterday was very, very interesting—a continuation of last two weeks’ publication.
24. The woman was commanding her womenfolk to check the foundation of their marriages; that most of the behaviour they manifest in their families can be traced to the foundations in their parental homes before they got married; that they simply inherited bad examples. Nevertheless, she made a suggestion, she said, “But prayer can break it.”
25. That habit which you take delight in, which is considered an abomination by your husband, prayer can break it. If you have that paper, you can go through it. I don’t normally read it, especially that column where they normally write “RELATIONSHIPS”—I don’t normally read it. But the caption yesterday attracted my attention.
26. Watch what we heard this morning, by way of putting us in remembrance; it is like what Bishop Nnachor, I mean under the anointing of the Holy Spirit aired here on Wednesday. He said that there is no aspect of our life activities God has not touched; that what He is doing now is putting us in remembrance, lest we forget and begin to make costly mistakes.
27. He wished that Brethren could use the “same zeal” they used in “studying” the Bible under the Law—both men and women alike—to study all the Messages to a point that whenever a statement is made, we will know where to get it in the Messages we are holding.
28. He used Apostle Kelechi and Brother Amamkem as examples. He said that nobody could make a statement from the Bible without these two Brothers telling you the quotation immediately, that is the same way we should handle our Messages and I said “Amen” to it. 
29. If these things we have been hearing from the beginning can be in us and abide, we shall be fruitful in all our ways. Our children will be fruitful; we won’t be having problems. Amen.

Whenever trouble sets into your marriage, remember the first day you married—what and what you discussed. Any day you forget “that day,” your marriage has crashed landed; that is if you are sincere that first day.            -Son of Man


I wish to read something there, but before then, I want to ask us questions, which we heard this morning: Are we really married to each other? How are we convinced that we are really married to each other? What and what are the reasons for which cause a man went and married a woman? What inspired a man to get married?  What was the intention of the man when he took people with his hard-earned money to marry a wife? This purpose for which the man has gotten himself into marriage, does he find it in his wife?
2. If the answer is “no,” did the man really marry a wife? You see, your answer is cold.
3. Let me repeat what I said: Why does a child go to school? Has he nothing in mind? If after going to school and he comes back empty-handed without the purpose for which he went to school, did that child actually go to school? One that didn’t go to school is even better than that child.
4. This is because that child has gone to lavish money in vain, wasted precious time and came out empty-handed. A man has purposes, which led him into marriage. Number one is FATIGUE— the man is tired of living alone. After daily activities, sometimes, he goes to bed with hunger. My people, am I telling lies?
5. If a man marries a wife and all the routine domestic chores he did as a bachelor remain, is he truly married? After his daily endeavour, if he comes back home and goes to bed on an empty stomach, does it make sense engaging marital affairs? Number one aim is completely defeated.
6. Number two is COMPANIONSHIP. The man wants somebody with whom he can share ideas and fellowship because it is not good for a man to stay alone.
7. Can a tree make a forest? If a man is married, he bears it in mind that he now has someone with whom he can share his daily experiences. If he then comes back home to meet the “unwelcome face” of his wife; he faces the wall at night, the wife also, in like manner, faces the wall; can we say that this man is married to a wife?
8. What he kept at home is a mere stone—a very big stone that always constitutes a stumbling to him. What should be done to it? It shall be lifted with two hands and carefully discarded into the oblivion.
9. Yes! Listen to me, in the time of ignorance God over looked. Who doesn’t know the state of affairs of his family? Our Brother made a statement through the Power of the Holy Ghost that what we do is deliberate. Nobody n this Faith will say that he is not conscious of his actions.
10. Do you normally place food on your head in order to feed your mouth? Don’t you know the position of your mouth? All we do is intentional, both man and woman. For that reason, there is no other excuse anybody can give that will be acceptable in the sight of God.
11. The only reason you can give is: if you know where you came from, kindly go back through the same way. Finish. Are you getting me?
12. If you are married to a man, it becomes clear to you that you are married; you came into the matrimonial home of the man and found out that you made a mistake, instead of wrecking havoc there, kindly go back to where you came from so that you will give the man a chance to find who is well fitted and best to fill the position.
13. By this, you will also find one fitted to you and peace will reign. It will be a very unpleasant situation for you to find yourself in a position whereby you don’t want to go, yet you don’t want to stay.
14. Stay, so that peace will reign, no! Leave, so that the man will have peace and find another wife, no! Will you refuse to go and at the same time refuse to stay? Amen.