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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


I am the Supreme Thought, The Supreme Wisdom, The Absolute One, The Eternal Father, The Divine Mystery which is beyond all Reason. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man

You can walk with the Son of Man from the very beginning and He will be calling you His “beloved;” that does not mean He will love you to the end. You will remain “beloved” as long as you are continuing in Him. But any day you derail and start following the wrong way, you hang yourself in the end.

- The Son of Man


If you know you are for fellowship, please come inside. If you want to watch the environment, you can stay wherever you want but let it not be in this Hall.
1.           I hope somebody is taking note of this? If you are here for fellowship, come to the place of fellowship, but if you are here to admire the environment, it is your right, you can do that but it cannot be while you are here.
2.          So, you had better go outside and do that, nobody charges you anything for that.
3.          The Message I preached on Saturday, 16th June, 2001 at Obiakpu-Egbema, the God I introduced to them, I want that tape to be played here on Sunday morning. We will use it as our Sunday school. It will help you. Amen.

We thank God that we are in the Fellowship to share our experiences. We gathered during the missionary trip.
2.          Before we share our experiences, let us consider this because once we start sharing our testimonies, it will be to your homes after the testimonies. I do not want us to pay our transport fare only to come and share testimonies. I want us to hear few Words before we start inviting you for testimonies.
3.          The greatest testimony I know is the testimony of the Word of God and the testimony of what God has done in your life. I do not want us to hear what God did at Obiakpu-Egbema.
4.          Let me ask again, how many will like to hear our testimonies? But before you hear our testimonies, I have one word of advice for all of you.
5.          All that went with Me, please take anti-malaria drugs. I do not mean you are suffering from malaria already, but the level of mosquito bite there was very high. I can say that we were besieged by mosquito.
6.          Where we passed the night, the wall was filled with blood, even the mosquitoes we killed contained enough blood. So, you that passed two days there, you need some anti-malaria drugs at least for preventive purposes.
7.          Moreover, let Me recommend this one to all of you that will like to take it; if it disturbs you consult Me. Take nivaquine 2-2-1. it will take care of whatever malaria parasite that will be in your blood.
8.          If you notice that since that day you have remained weak, you have not worked the way you should and you compared it with the level of work you carried out there, and you see that the level of work does not warrant the level of weakness, that goes to show that something has started attacking your blood and you are being weakened.
9.          If you go to bed, maybe by eight or nine, in the next three minutes, you sleep off, you will be dreaming and seeing the whole world; you remain there until about 6.30am, until somebody will be waking you up, it goes to show that something is attacking your body.
10.      Maybe in the next four days — one week from now — if you do not prevent it, you may break down. I said you “may,” I did not say you “must” break down.
11.      God bless you all. I thank God we have arrived.
12.      Brother Amankem please come forward, hear this little experience. Share your experience with us; that is, Sister Charity Njoku’s experience. As many that were with Me on Sunday and some that were with Me last night also, and some I spoke in the afternoon yesterday and somebody who has heard this voice and has been warned over and over, over this voice I think sudden destruction will over take that person. He dies because of his wilful refusal to obey.
13.      When I came back in the afternoon, Sister Charity called me. She said she wanted to ask me some questions that I will clear her from the Bible.

She said that she had an experience last night. She was in a deep meditation; I do not know whether it was a dream, vision or trance.
15.      She said it was very clear; that it was the Voice of the Son of Man. He came to her and called her by her name and said to her that it is finished, work straight. So, she started thinking about her children — which of them she will take and which of them she will leave. It was these things she was thinking when she woke up.
16.      I know some have heard this dream. There is no need asking if you have heard it or not. Many have heard it at one time or the other if not hearing from Me directly.
17.      They have heard it at one time or the other during an encounter somewhere, somehow, keep it to yourself wherever you hear it. After all, the Kingdom of God is not for everybody. It has never been for everybody and it will never be for everybody but whosoever God loveth — I believe with all my heart — He must bring him in. I say He must bring him.
18.      If you love me and put me into hell, do you love me? No! I do not think there is love there if you put me into hell.
19.      Let us go home with what God has done in our lives this day. Something we can hold very tangible, nobody can take it away from us; that will not stop us from hearing other people’s experiences. Amen.



Christ is the Word of God. Once you betray this Faith, you are betraying Christ. You think you are betraying Brother Odoemena or your ministers, no! You are equally betraying your soul, for you have placed your soul in an unsaveable condition.
Remember we are on a rescue mission. And once we are on rescue mission we do not look at the pains in your body. I do not look at the injury you are sustaining. Once I succeed in bringing you out on the land, I will nurse your wound. I will bind your wound. With time, your wound will heal. My target is to save you. If in attempt of saving you I give you serious wound, I will do that.               -Son of Man


Whenever you come to the Fellowship, you are going to be under strict control. This is a Family that is under somebody’s care. I say it is a Family, a Household under somebody’s care. Somebody is the caretaker and He must give account of it to the owner one of these days.
2.          On that day, when salvation shall be made complete. The Son shall deliver the Kingdom unto the Father. On that day, we shall know Who the Father is, we shall know Who the Son is, we shall know Who the Holy Spirit is.
3.          But for now, it is not yet clear to some people, but on that day, we shall see everything in plain view.
4.          Pray that we will be there to tell the story. Who will tell the battle story? It is one who survived it. Who is a warrior? Is it one who fought and died? No.
5.          A gallant solider is one who went to war and came back alive. Even if he did not shoot out one bullet, even if he did not go to the war front, provided he puts on that uniform and was walking about, even if it is in the barracks and he survived the war, he is a gallant solider. He will tell people how the war was fought.
6.          But he that went to the front and came back with seven heads of his slaughter, everyday he must come back with seven heads and one day somebody ran away with his head and eventually the war ends one day, will he tell the story?
7.          Let me be a run away solider, let me work in the kitchen, but let me survive the war. I am a gallant solider in my uniform. If I survive, I will be telling the battalions that I spearheaded the war.
8.          Even if I did not spearhead anyone, but he that spearheaded a battalion or a platoon and died there, is not a gallant solider. He perished with the world, he could not tell the story, and he has no reward.
9.          Do you want to collect anything from this Faith? Just like a woman that was making a pertinent request from the king. Every time, she will continue to pester the man and the man knew he would not have rest until he solves that problem.
10.      He said, “Well, woman, what do you want me to do for you?” “Please avenge me of my enemies,” the woman replied. And the man solved the problem, and that is all. And the king had rest.
11.      Hence, if we allow the boy to remain weeping and nodding his head like that, we will not be comfortable in the pulpit.
12.      Once you are uncomfortable, you are unprofitable. But when you are relaxed, you can be useful.

God bless you Brethren. I am very grateful to all of you. I have to thank you for the prayers you made on our behalf during the time we went on our Missionary outing. It is very much thrilling, though it is very much short-lived.
14.      It was so because some of the young men that went with us for the first time witnessed a battlefront. It was their first experience. It was thrilling to us because we have stopped fighting such wars.
15.      We wanted to use that opportunity to shake our bodies again but we could not see anything to burn down because, the much we saw, only a company of soldiers removed the thing.
16.      When I noticed that I had earlier captured the gods of the land and I had by so doing weakened his subjects, I had to go away because staying there was unnecessary.
17.      Check your Bible. Before God first of all delivered the people of Israel from the hand of Egyptians, He dealt with their god. He disarmed the god of the Egyptians. And then He was able to take away His people.
18.      When you enter into any city, truly speaking, do not aim at fighting individuals for no man wants to perish.
19.      Let me show you one illustration. If you see some ants in your house, maybe because they are disturbing you over your sugar and so on, drop some droplets of kerosene around that area. Watch all of them, they will start running because by nature no living thing wants to die. I hope you get what I am saying?
20.      These are instincts God placed in man — the instinct to dodge danger. Even the little baby you are carrying, the instinct is there to dodge danger. There are some other instincts.
21.      That is something no human being can teach anybody. They are there from Creation. Let us halt there. Amen.