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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               

As I Thought On My Ways Volume One

I have told you time without number that nobody should panic in this Faith. Be rest assured, TIME WILL VINDICATE WHO I AM. Whether you like it or not, as long as God liveth and I live, every tongue must confess it: THAT TRULY THE ELOHIM DWELLS IN THE SON OF MAN

Wise men write many books, in words too hard to understand. But this, the purpose of our lives, the end of all our struggle, is beyond all human wisdom.
 He that is with you now is the only “Key” that can “unlock” the unknown (the end of all our struggles). Believe it if you can.

This book should be read in all the Local Assemblies from time to time as constant reminder against false anointing, rebellion and rampant outgrowth of stubbornness against some Ministers in this Faith of Christ.
A word from the Author
Some of you do not know what we passed through before we got to where we are now. Christian lifestyle is a recommended lifestyle. But we have grown above Christianity. Christianity is nothing but an acquired habit; but serving the Lord or being a child of God is natural.
In Christianity, you learn how to behave, even if it is against your nature. Christianity is a moral struggle; it is not an easy task. That is why it is full of “rises and falls.” Christianity is a habit that is against nature. God is nature. God operates in nature but Satan works in acquired habits. Christianity is opposed to nature, and nature is opposed to Christianity.
Those that say they follow Jesus have qualifications to attain. If the devil can keep those Christian rules, then it means Satan is also a Christian. Christianity is a Roman Catholic work.
        What and what are the qualifications of a child of God? What will you do to be a child of your father and your mother? In time past, we were learning how to be Christians. Nobody teaches an Abriba man to sow or teach an Anam man to swim. All you have to do is to recognise who you are.
For example, you will discover that the maidservant always struggles to adapt to the family’s lifestyle. However, any day the maidservant gets into her family, she will fit in easily.
See, no matter how poor your parents are, you still believe that they are the best family you can be in. No matter how long the bush-fowl has mingled with the house-fowl, once it hears the sound of another bush-fowl, it is recognises it immediately.
There are things you must do to be a Christian. Nevertheless, Satan is keeping the rules more than the Christians are. That is why they are one.
There are no rules and regulations for the children of God. That is why, if you are finding it difficult to bear or cope with this Faith, you are a stranger, a maidservant.
Rebuke or punish your child and he will remain in the family. But rebuke your maid; she will feel like flying away out of your family. It’s like forcing somebody to obey rules and regulations.
A maid is not an indispensable person in a family; but a daughter, a son, is indispensable in the family. The son needs the father the same way the father needs the son.
You do not know who you are that is why you are not always happy coming here. If you know He that has sealed you, you will walk on earth as kings. You are what you are not because you are a Christian. You are what you are because you are a child of God.
A Certificate is acquired. That is why it is not transferable from father to son or daughter. Can your child backslide from being your child? No! But a Christian can backslide from being a Christian. It is “acquired knowledge” versus “natural knowledge.” Can a fowl mingle with the dog? If you are not born in this Family, you cannot be comfortable with the Family.
The essence of the preaching of this Message is for the people to trace back their origin. There is nothing a child of God could do to make him a child of the devil; and there is nothing a child of the devil will do to be a child of God. We have passed the stage of walking towards imprisonment because we were working for Christianity or Jesus.
 We are from God and we will go back to Him. The problem you are having is that you mix with strangers. You almost lost your identity. Now, the light is being shone and you have recognised yourself.
There is nothing like “eternal God.” However, there is a “dispensational God.” The earlier you recognise the Message of your day and the God of your day, the better for you. People believe things they do not investigate. 
The number of excommunications that you are given is noted by God and the reasons why. A wise fellow will like to earn an “enviable record.” Make sure that you are faithful to the Faith. All queries; both written and unwritten are being noted. There is a day your file will be opened. Do not follow those that their cases have already been concluded and set aside.
For example, it is not the day a criminal is condemned to death that he is killed. Even in the Bible, it is on record that there were angels God chained waiting for judgement.
Your problem cannot be solved until it is identified. There is nobody who is intelligent that does not know the strength of this Message.
If you are coming to Onitsha and your mind is not right with the Son of Man, do not come. I believe that a word is enough for the wise.
Finally, if you want to be a Christian today, it is in your hands. If you want to reposition yourself, it is all in your hands.
Remain in your sanctified estate as we continue in Him. I love you all. Remain blessed.
-      Son of Man
(Apostle Peter Odoemena)

Chapter One

Remain blessed Brethren. Please, if you want to go home for Christmas, you are permitted to go. Anywhere you want to go, go. There is no hypocrisy in my tune. God is my witness. When I mean “yes,” I’ll say “yes;” if I mean “no,” I say “no.” if I tell you I am not happy, search Me, I’m not happy. If I tell you I am happy, search Me, I am happy. With all my heart, I liberated everybody recognising the Hour; it is not good to cage you here. Anywhere you want to go, go. If we see you when you come back, fine; if we don’t see you, better. Because, the moment we keep on gathering here, surely there must be something.  
2.  I am sure and certain that when you were coming here, you were coming with strong foreboding, I mean strong fears. Many of you even could not express your joy. Some just joined for joining sake, because deep in them, until today’s Fellowship is over, they won’t know their fate. Nevertheless, how I wish you came by faith instead of fear, because innocent or guilty, He must destroy. There is one thing that is always in my heart: If God will ask Me a question, to choose His punishment and the punishment of the world, I will choose God’s punishment, because He is God that will hear “I am sorry.” But if the world is punishing Me, there is no mercy in the world. That is why David was wise enough.
4. But there is something we were doing before which we are no longer doing. When I was preaching the Message on “Marriage,” I said there is a “little thing” that causes trouble in the marriage once it is absent. If husband and wife will like to use that “little thing,” there will be peace in their home, and it works like magic. I said, “Either party can be wrong, let there be the ‘willingness’ to say, ‘I am sorry,’ and let there be the ‘willingness’ to say, ‘I have forgiven,’ and then there’ll be peace in marriage.” That is why the relationship between Christ and the Church is the relationship between a man and his wife.
6. There is one thing God delights in. What is that thing? God delights in facing challenges. Check from Genesis to Revelation, God loves facing challenges – that is His nature. Otherwise, He won’t answer “Jehovah Nisi.” — Jehovah Man of war. When God is all out, simply go and arm yourselves. One must defeat or be defeated. But why should I provoke God to the extent that He should go and “arm” Himself and come out for me? —Maggot like me. I say a mere maggot.
7. As I was listening to Network News this morning, I said glory be to God who has saved Me and my family from the spirit of Christmas. Can you imagine, a whole bus, fully loaded along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway had a head-on collision with one Trailer carrying loads and human beings altogether. On a spot, one hundred and fifty persons died. This thing happened last night; it was covered in the Radio Network News this morning.
8. There at Osun also, another Luxury bus from Lagos fell into the ditch and then all passengers on-board, 42 of them perished. Remember the one I told you last week that happened at Ore and then one at Agbor. Now, Aba bound Luxury bus from Abuja had a head-on collision along Aba-Owerrinta, and then roasted all the passengers on-board; that is the word the News used this morning. It said, “Roasted all the passengers on-board.” They mentioned places where some vehicle fell into the ditch.
9. These are human beings like us who just used their money and “prepared” themselves to die because of a ceremony they cannot even tell its history. They can never detect the origin of Christmas. Ask somebody; what do you derive from Christmas? There is no reasonable answer. Why do you rush home, lavish your money because of Christmas? No reason. What do you derive from Christmas after the celebration? No reason. If it is eating and drinking, have you not been eating and drinking? Have you ever seen somebody that enlarged his/her stomach because of Christmas? Your stomach remains the same.
10. To show you how foolish people are, I have been hearing reports from Main Market that it has come to a point where Main Market has become “impenetrable.” In addition, one foolish woman tied her baby on the back, came to market and the baby suffocated in the Main Market. That’s Christmas! She has purchased items with the life of her baby — madwoman! In another report, a pregnant woman fainted in the market, because of pressure, people have to come to her aid. What took the pregnant woman to the market during this period? Christmas!
11. And they don’t know, by tomorrow it is over; I mean even today, it’s over. Few hours you wake up, before you know it, we will be saying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday again – people can hardly reason. Go to Upper-Iweka and see the way they are pilling up their properties there.
12. One came all the way from Calabar on Friday, getting to Upper-Iweka, robbers carried her luggage. Foolishly, she came to my office begging for alms: “I am Mrs. so-so and so, your colleague at Jos.” I said, “Madam, I cannot help you in this regard, meet your people.” Full stop! And I went my way, no sympathy there. There is no sympathy there!
13. At times, I start wondering: What is wrong with human beings? What has deluded their mental reasoning? In spite of all these horrible reports, this is the report we are still hearing, by the time they will be going back, the same rush. That somebody is paying as much as three thousand four hundred naira from Lagos to Aba; I said, “My friend, assuming you are ten in number, you want to go home, you pay three thousand four for ten, while going back, the fare will remain high.” Because, while they will be going back, there will be rush in the South, so they will still pay very highly. Now, in the end, what will you say you have achieved in this Christmas? Yet, you pay all these things to visit friends and well-wishers.
14. I thank God who has saved us from all these things. The same way, I believe He is going to save us from His wrath to come. He that can deliver me from the spirit of this Hour will also deliver me from the spirit of destruction – He is able. See Pentecostals, they are joining in the “rush.” Watch the Pentecostals, the way they talk about Christmas, somebody who is not knowledgeable in the Scripture may think that the Hand of God is there, or that it is Scriptural. Christmas is nowhere in the Bible, and Christmas is never associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. Please underline that in your heart. Don’t allow any man to fool you. If you know Bible, happy are you. Meet students of Theology, they will tell you the origin of Christmas.
15. Maybe one day, if there’ll be one day, if not here, it will be somewhere else. I will go into certain things to help you understand that anything that is not from God should not even give us any concern. Keep your mind and heart away from it. Don’t lavish your money simply because heathens are lavishing their money. Get to the market, the price of everything has soared very high. The little bag I purchased many, many weeks ago at about two thousand one hundred naira is being sold two thousand eight hundred and people still rush it. Children dresses are very high. Why must you provide dresses for your children at this time? What were you doing between January and August? From January to August, you must have provided dresses for your children enough to see them through in that year. Nevertheless, after getting your money, you just enter Main Market to “squeeze” and “compete” with millionaires, I call it madness. Maybe you don’t know the value of money. If you don’t know the value, please, parcel the money to Me. I say, parcel the money to Me, and I’ll do something I meaningful with it. I am telling you the truth.
16 I don’t believe I can labour to get money and then lavish it in a feast that I don’t know the origin. Pagan feast for that matter: We all joining together to worship the “god of Mass.” I cannot do that. It’s the “god of Mass” that is being worshiped in December according to Roman Calendar. And now, because they recognised that there was an “order” that all the Jews must go home and be numbered during that period Jesus was born, so they tried to bring their own festival and place the name of Jesus there giving the impression that Augustus Caesar gave the order in the month of December which is wrong. It is very wrong. If you go through European history, you will see that the order was given according to Roman Calendar in the month of April. According to the Jewish Calendar, the order was given in the month of “Nisan.” Therefore, by then, we can then know that Jesus was not born during winter. I say, Jesus was not born during winter. The Bible said that Jesus was born at a time crops were sprouting in the farms, everywhere looking green. Then, there were shepherds in the wilderness. I think there is nothing as clear as that. You know the time you normally plant your crops, you know the time they normally sprout (grow), its between March and April. Therefore, from weather, we can get something. Amen.

I have watched for some time and have noticed that some have remained extravagant. I appreciate Thanks Giving, but not all Thanks Giving that I appreciate. God is not obligated to accept all sacrifices. God can never accept any sacrifice from somebody that has impure heart. If you want to sacrifice, find out His delight.
     The same way, I am not regretting my services to you. Sacrifice to God has remained a personal conviction, not that God is demanding it or expecting it, but in appreciation of God’s work to you. What I am saying is that anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you are convinced to render sacrifice to God, your sacrifice must please God. Don’t come to the Son of Man with what He hates.

Chapter Two
Please bear with Me today, I will hurt many, I will also hurt myself, because if I hurt you, I’m hurting myself. You are my joy, you are my consolation. The same way, I am your Joy, I am your Consolation. If I should make you sad, who then gives Me joy? But knowing that it is a strict obligation on my side to preach the gospel without fear or favour; if it’s not the Lord’s Command, I think I should have had many more things to do. But seeing that necessity is laid on Me to preach this gospel, I do not shrink by day or by night. So, I am a debtor to all of you this morning.
2. When I see you straying away, if I am a Good Shepherd, I will bring you back. In addition, if you become too “uncontrollable,” I will break your legs, because if you watch a good shepherd, if a sheep wants to be stubborn, becomes uncontrollable and the man is desirous of saving that sheep, he will break one of the legs. That is the only way to bring the sheep into the fold. So, while limping, it can never give the man trouble again. If walking with your two feet will give Me “wahala,” I’ll break one of your legs, so that you limp with Me.
3. You know why we come here, if we have wanted, if we wanted to play “religion,” we won’t be here. Let Me tell you something: If I have wanted to play “religion,” I will never be in this Faith. I was very comfortable in Roman Catholic as far as religion is concerned. I think I should have everything to boast of there. In terms of “materialism,” it is there. They owned the wealth of the world. In terms of “popularity,” there is no Church that can equal Roman Catholic in size, in number, in everything.
4. The same way it is with Anglican Church, so it is with so many Pentecostal Churches. If I wanted to play “religion,” I should have been there. There is no need associating myself with a “splinter group” like this.
5.  We are now too many, but at the first time I got in touch with this Faith or this Church, we were not up to this number. We were very few occupying the little space at Ugumba Street. Like I keep on telling you here, some of you that have come newly, you have been so much indoctrinated that you think that Bro. Odoemena started a Church and then people started baptising into His Church — nothing like that. The same way, you were baptised into this Church, the same way I was baptised into it. My joy is that the people that baptised Me and my family are still here. The people we met in the Church are still here.
6. Some have left, some have died, but many are still here even till this day. This morning they are here. I can mention some of their names. I will start with Brother Emma Ejinkonye, Brother Dan Nwadike, Brother Christian Dike, Brother John the Teacher, Brother Okey Paul, Brother Kelechi, Brother Amankem, Sister Uk, Brother Ferdinand, Sister Ngozi, Sister Nonye, Brother Goddy Tobechukwu, these are the survivors. I met all of them in the Church. So, if you do not know the background of the Church, please enquire.
7. So, I am just a privileged Man that the Lord called; it pleased Him that the most stupid and most foolish person like Me; the worst Man that ever lived should be called His Servant. And I thank God that nobody at any time at all came to Me to discuss anything Ministration. I was not a Minister in their fold for one day. You can enquire from them. I was an ordinary worshiper with my family and that was what I appreciated. So, if you don’t know about Me, please enquire. I have always told you here that the only thing that gives Me the joy I am desiring is to be an “ordinary worshiper” that will only support the Church. If there is activity in the Church, anywhere you want to go, come and take the money, but I will not go. That was why all their outings, including marriages, meetings, even Bro. Mike who came after Me was privileged to follow them to Ilorin, I didn’t go. I never knew any other Local Church in End-time except that same Church at Nkpor. I remained there for two years, and nobody knew who “Odoemena” was.
8. That was why when this Faith started, the whole End-time Message were astonished: “Where this Man did came from? He has been silent all these years, nobody knew anything about ‘Odoemena,’

how did He come out like this, so abruptly. We must go and find out.” And they were coming from East and West. Don’t blame them. Somebody who wasn’t in the Five-fold Ministry, I wasn’t a Minister. All of a sudden like that, something took place.
9. I am going to rehearse few things. I would have come here with my file, but I regretted that I send the file to Lokoja for your own good; it will be back very soon. There are too many things I would have loved to read out from that file. Some of them might have been or would be personal letters from many of you here. I dare not read letters from other Local Churches, I mean; I will read from you here.
10. I thank God that these “witnesses” that are still alive till today, they were there; I wasn’t there. Here is Sister Nonye Paul who was privileged to have that vision. You can go to her at your convenient time: When there was a mighty wind in their Church, and that wind was so great that it blew all their Ministers out of the Church – threw all out. So, they were astonished at that dream or vision. We continued praying, we were watching. Things were happening here and there, and we were not moved.
11. Some Ministers that were going to that place to pray at their own private time, they had their “supernatural experiences.” From time to time, God showed them things that would come here, and we never knew the way it would come.
12. Bro. Kelechi had his own experience even that time. He narrated it to many of you here. The experience, I think, is what is holding him till today. I wasn’t a Minister and I wasn’t in their band. He had his dream where he was walking along Awka Road and he was given some white garments to distribute to the Church. He was also wearing white garment. A little while, he discovered that he messed up his garment and those garments he was given to hand over to the Churches, he soiled all of them. So, he lifted up his eyes and saw Brother Okechukwu Paul, and was telling him about the situation. They were looking at the dress, they couldn’t do anything, they were lamenting. He said, from nowhere, he saw Bro. Odoemena coming. Immediately He got there, He was carrying one olive oil bottle in His hand and He started dropping the droplets on those spots. All those dresses, he said, before his eyes, all the spots vanished. Then to his greatest surprise: Instead of reaching Bro. Odoemena, He vanished and the dream left him.
13. I wasn’t a Minister; I’ve never ministered in their pulpit even as at that time. Bro Kelechi, am I telling lies? Am I bearing false witness? When he came into this Faith or when this Faith actually came up, he was grafted in; he was number one that was having many, many doubts. Doubts, because he has been an “ancient man.” He (Bro Kelechi) prayed a prayer, saying, “God, I want you to deal with me personally. Convince me, do something in me that will get me convinced.” The Lord answered his prayers; the same way he placed it, the same way the Lord answered it.
14. He saw himself outside the Church. He was praying outside for many months, one day he had a dream. He said he saw Ministers and they were filing in a straight line, everybody holding white basin and Bro. Okechukwu Paul was in front. They were heading to the Son of Man who was standing still watching all of them. As they were coming in with white garments, He (the Son of Man) was ushering all of them in. So He (the Son of Man) looked into his (Bro Kelechi) own basin, it was very dirty. When he got to the Son of Man, the Son of Man looked at his face and then said, ‘will you give Me that plate?’ And he surrendered the plate. The Son of Man lifted it up and gave it to him, and it became immaculate white, and said, ‘Okay, join them.’ He joined the Ministers and the dream left him.” Lo and behold, it fulfilled the same way.
15.    On the day he was restored; the same way the whole thing happened, He went to the Pastor at Umuoji Road and the Pastor directed him to Benjamin, there, he heard My Voice. Amen.

Without God coming again, we are lost. Looking at the Bible where Moses numbered Israel at the Command of the Lord. There was no problem there because David numbered Israel quiet all right. The Bible said, “At the command of the Lord.” The same Bible also said, “At the command of the devil.”  The question before everyone is: “Who was the ‘One’ that commanded David to number Israel? There is one lesson we must learn even if David did it on his own looking at Moses, and he numbered Israel.  I think David could have used Moses as a defence but God was not happy.
 Before you do anything, find out the acceptable Will of God at that time. God may love something today, that does not mean that tomorrow He will love that thing. He may ask you to do something today; it is for today, today requires it, but tomorrow, He may not want it. It may be good today, that does not mean that it will be good tomorrow. That is why in every day, the people of God must first find out the acceptable Will of God of that day. An excerpt from: “Perfect Love.”

Chapter Three

I thank God for what He is doing. When you hear this Church is excommunicating people, excommunicating people; the first excommunication that was done in this Church was done by Almighty God Himself, by Audible Voice. And the number one victim was Brother Emma Ejinkonye. Nobody knew that there was something going on.
2. The prophecy went forth: “Who is this man defiling My Camp? Who is this man defiling My Camp? Emma Ejinkonye, Emma Ejinkonye, will you get out!”
3. We as the Congregation were very much afraid because of prophecy, so we couldn’t hear. We never knew he heard it. At the end of the Service, he called for the tape, went home with it. Later on, he informed the Ministers what was in the tape. The Ministers went to him to ask what happened. He said, “Really, I have now believed that God is in this Church.” That we preach against television, but a night before that Sunday morning, he went and watched television in his friend’s house. And they were watching “nude photographs” and so on — these pornographic films. And somebody who knew him looked at him and said, “My friend, don’t you go to the Church again? Do you now watch television?” and he replied, “Forget about those things, forget about those things.” And this thing happened in the mid-night. There was no Brother, no Sister, he was not living with any Brother, and it didn’t happen in his house. Coming into the Church the following morning, God picked it. And that was how excommunication started in this Church.
4. Those I met in this Faith or in this Church, am I bearing false witness? You can verify from Brother Emma Ejinkonye. So, if you don’t know where you are, please, ask question(s). Please, ask question(s); because, the earlier you know where you are, the better for you.
5. Things we are seeing now, we were not seeing them in the beginning, but I have my own personal consolation if others have forgotten. We were told in the Message, “Mixed Multitude” part two and part three, what we should expect towards the “tail end of the Ministry.” He said, “Now, people are scared by this Ministry, towards the tail end, there will be a great rush.” He said, “You will gather every Tom, Dick and Harry, unrepentant souls.” Said, “Get ready to face their trouble(s) for they will upset your Faith.” As many as were here from the beginning, am I bearing false witness? Didn’t we hear them here? I thank God that we heard that, “The Camp of my people must be separated from the camp of the ungodly.” But My Joy today is that the same vessel (Bro. Okechukwu Paul) who prophesied, the same vessel is the one who has become blind.

I will read many more things in this little book that will help Me to talk to you today. One thing is for a prophet to prophesy, another thing is for that Prophet to recognise what has come out of his mouth. More especially when you see the fulfilment.
7. I have told you time without number that this Boat is over-loaded; that I am not happy that we are so great in number. I keep on telling you that I am lamenting here. But of my own, I cannot drive somebody out like that. I cannot because I know it will be the  greatest risk.  After all, nobody wants to die, everybody wants to be saved.
8. You were all here. There was a time we were commanded to replay prophecies. Within that week, we played so many prophecies. Some of you that were baptised new, you heard so many things we heard in the very beginning, even at the middle of the road. It is just like in 1993, when we never knew anything called “Son of Man.” The same vessel God has been using that time, Bishop Okey Paul, was the one God used to prophesy, saying, “Why are you despising the Son of Man? Why?” We heard it even here: “Why are you despising the Son of Man? Why are you despising the Son of Man?” – We heard it here. Nobody knew who the “Son of Man” was then.
9. By 1994 Meeting, we heard another Voice: “Thus, it behoved the Son of Man to fulfil all righteousness.” Yet, there was no “Son of Man,” we never knew any – no sign. We continued forging ahead. Nobody even preached “Son of Man” in the pulpit. Nobody! I can’t start rehearsing prophecies. But I want you to understand that if we can go back to prophecies, dreams, visions, trances (spiritual medium's states) that have been recorded and filed in our files, we will see that we have actually broken the “barn,” and we have allowed “wild animals”(unbelievers) to enter. So, whatever we are crying against now, whatever we are suffering, we are the “architect” (cause) of our own woes, due to loss of memory(forgetful spirit), I’ll call it,  “Spiritual Amnesia.”
10. There is nothing we are passing through now we were never told A to Z, if only we can go back. There is a Message titled, “Be Careful that You Do Not Forget What God Has Done In Your Eyes, lest the Fear of God Leaves You and You Are Destroyed.” I want to tell you that we have forgotten what the Lord has done in our eyes. The only thing we know the Lord has done is: He has given us the “Message of Grace” — that’s the only thing anybody can remember. What has the Lord done? Grace! So, besides Grace, the Lord has not done anything. The only Message, the only Doctrine of Christ, the only doctrine we’ve been preaching from the beginning till now, what we are preaching is, Grace. Amen.

We have stepped into God’s own day. His calendar remains His calendar. We have finished our own two days. We are now living in His own remaining one day.  Since we know we are in His own day, He will stop that day at a time nobody expects. That is why we must make sure that we are standing on our Sanctified Estate. When you are sure you are standing on your Sanctified Estate, the time the clock will stop means nothing to you.
          However, if you are not standing there, your life is in danger because God can stop it anytime. Nobody tells the referee when to stop the match; the referee has the power to stop the match any time. If you are fixing your eyes on the clock, the referee may stop the match before that time. He may stop the match after that time. The time is in the hands of the referee, so it is with our God. The time we are living in is in the Hands of the Almighty God. He will dictate how everything must go and He will stop the age at the appointed time, which He has kept secret to Himself. No man knows that one; no angel has grown to that stage. It is a top secret kept in His Mind.

Chapter Four
I have heard many say that in this dispensation, that Ministers can never make shipwreck of their “calling” again. I said, “Well, it is unscriptural because Demas made shipwreck of his ministry under Grace. Judas made shipwreck under Grace. Philetus, Amenius, Alexander, Deotriphes, too many of them; they all made shipwreck under Grace. Saphira and Annanias who were husband and wife died in the Church for telling lies under Grace all in the New Testament.” Has God changed?  
2. The same way also, I have heard that some of you now say, “The time has gone when we use to say that women can pull Ministers down.” Well, if you are saying so, you are deluded (deceived). I say you are deluded; you are out of the way. Because, maybe the only thing you know about women is “sexual intercourse.”
3. Sexual intercourse is a “natural act.” I say it is a “natural act.” I have taught you there, nobody can impute sin on you there. Like I was talking to our Pastor, I said, “My joy all these while is this: From 1998 that I have been preaching this Message till now, I’ve never received a single report of a Sister that said a Brother raped her or a Brother that said a Sister raped her” — so that’s my joy. So, I now believe they understood what it is all about because I did not hide anything. I revealed everything A to Z. Therefore, it requires no further interpretation.
4. If the only thing you know that can pull you down is sexual intercourse, I want to tell you it is a natural act, and has never pulled anybody down.
5. But women have a great influence. What Jezebel used in pulling people down, was it sexual intercourse?  Unless you are blind and deluded, I mean, you are also out of the way. There are still three (3) things that kill every Minister, every man of God: Number one is, “woman;” number two is “money;” number three is, “popularity.” I repeat: Three (3) things that kill every Minister, every man of God. Number one is, “woman;” number two is “money;” number three is, “popularity.”  These three things go together – women, money, and popularity.
6. Let Me tell you something, when you watch John the Baptist, his association with Herod, his preaching, what was the problem? What was the problem? He said to Herod, “As long as this man is alive, you have no right to marry his wife. If you do that, you are committing adultery.” And he so stamped his feet on the ground and he Herod was very much provoked, though he knew John the Baptist was speaking the truth.
7. Watch Neboth; was it sexual intercourse that killed Neboth?  A woman that took it upon herself, said, “My husband, don’t worry, what is keeping you sad? This little man (Neboth) there, what has he to offer? Sir, relax, eat and rejoice. I’ll get rid of him within twenty-four hours and you posses the land,” and she succeeded.
8. Go round, even in your day, you will see litany of men that have fallen victims because of women. I have seen a place where a young man was gunned down simply because he was interfering with another person’s girlfriend, here in Onitsha. I have seen places, even families, where women set ablaze.
9. Every true man of God must know how to handle women. Women troubled God even from the wilderness, I mean in the Garden of Eden. Women gave God real trouble. And God had to devise a way of handling women by placing them under men so that they can be subdued. But initially, they were equal. I say from the beginning, they were equal, until that “incident” took place.
10. I will show you warnings in the Bible concerning women; if you read the book of Proverbs from chapter one to chapter six, it discussed no other thing but women: Solomon warning his children concerning women. Go there and read it. I don’t need to tell you the havoc women can cause both in the Church, in the society, in the country at large — I don’t need to tell you, if you are wise.
11. But does it mean that women are devils? God forbid. Women are not devils. But let Me tell you, the Prophet William Branham said that, “The greatest instrument in the hand of Satan to destroy a nation is a woman that has not the Spirit of God.” The most powerful instrument in the hand of Satan to destroy a nation, he said, is a woman that has not the Holy Ghost. That is why an English adage says, “Where Satan is afraid to go, he sends a woman.” There are too many places, you as a man can never enter, but little, little girls can go there and come out, to show you how powerful they are — this is what nature embedded in them.
12. When you hear Obasanjo making noise, he is making noise to the nation, I tell you, a sixteen-year-old girl can pin Obasanjo down. I mean pin Obasanjo down. That’s why, if you watch all Pentecostal Churches that are under the Laws of Moses, their General Superintendents (GS) and Pastors, they are just there as ordinary “flags.”  They are as mere “flags.” Because all they are preaching against according to the Laws of Moses, in less than twenty-four hours, they will fall victim of it with their members.  You know, if I should preach that you shouldn’t fornicate, you shouldn’t have sexual intercourse with any lady or any woman and this and that and so on, do you know that God will hear it? And Satan will hear it? The whole Congregation will watch Me there. Are you getting what I am saying? Any day I do it, I will loose my boldness. Are you getting what I am saying? Because I have broken My Message. Somebody will now accuse Me saying, “You said you don’t do this, but you’ve done it now.” Members of the Church will loose their confidence in me.
13. But if my Message permits Me to do it and I do it, I will retain my boldness, I committed no sin, and you committed no sin, so there’s nothing to accuse Me of. If in the beginning I told you, “I don’t try it, God forbid,” and then you see Me do it, then you’ll be offended, say, “Ah-ah, this Man is a hypocrite.” Is that not true? Amen.

I want to talk to you this very morning because I love you. And the love I have for you is not “religious love.” I have tried to differentiate between “love” and “Christian love.” The Bible recorded that to love is to hate evil. Moreover, every true seed of God takes side with God. If I love you, I love you with the Love of God and the Love of God is “corrective.” The Bible said, “Whosoever the Lord loveth, him He corrects. As a father corrects his dear son when he goes into error, the same way the Lord corrects whosoever He loves.” The idea is not to “kill” but to “correct.” That is why Solomon said, “My son, don’t be angry when the Lord chastises you but accept the simple correction, it’s for your own good, it’s a sign of love.”
15. If God hates you, He won’t correct you. He will close His eyes against you, after all, He knows more than you. Have you ever gone this way before? That was the warning we got before: “Behold My own Angel I give you — I send Him before you. He will go with Me and My name is upon Him. I will show Him the way to go. Follow Him, don’t go to the right, don’t go to the left. Remember you have never gone ‘this way’ before. Don’t provoke Him to wrath for He will never, never pardon your transgressions.” We all heard all these things here.
16. Since that day we have been going, have you been defeated for one day? He that has been fighting the battle from 1992, 30th December up till today, the same is still fighting. I say the same is still fighting.
17. We have crossed so many “nations” (battles) since then. I say we have crossed so many “nations,” trampled upon them. Not even one; there was nobody we lost in any battle. Don’t think we lost anybody. Amen.

We are in this Faith to choose the way we shall live, the way we shall walk and the way we shall die. Once a man has chosen the way he wants to walk, he has chosen the way he wants to die.
If you choose the path of unrighteousness, you die in the path unrighteousness. If you choose the path of righteousness, you die in path of righteousness. You choose the path of wisdom; you die in the path of wisdom. You choose the path of foolishness; you die in the path of foolishness. You choose the path of poverty; you die in the path poverty. You choose the path of wealth; you die in the path of wealth.
The way you choose to live is the way you choose to die — the choice is yours. 
An excerpt from: Repositioning Yourself for a Better Tomorrow.

Chapter Five
Let Me tell you one thing: Unless we forget things, Bro. Ebenezer, pray very hard. I love Bro. Ebenezer for one thing: He recognizes when another spirit has crept into his life. He has not committed any iniquity now, no, but I want to say something to help him. What is sustaining Bro. Ebenezer was the way he came in.
2. I want to say one thing here. If you know the way you were living your life under the Law, that’s the way you’ll live now.
3. If while we were under the Law and we were preaching hard, following the Laws of Moses, and you were unfaithful, you were a hypocrite, and you were living secret life, that is how you will live under Grace. You know the Law was against anybody we caught, but anybody we did not catch, we say nothing. Then, anybody that is living, indulging in secret life contrary to our Faith, when he comes to this Faith, don’t expect him to perform miracle. He will now be worse. I say, he will now be worse because there in no moral discipline in him under the Law. He will always over-do things.
4. A true Christian does things moderately. Bible said, “Everything must be done decently and in order. Let your moderation be seen by all men, for Christ is coming soon.” No true child of God does anything to the extreme. No! That is why, when this Message came forth, the Message Voiced out saying, “I have used the Law on you all these years to instil moral discipline in you so that you will not abuse this Grace anytime it shall be revealed.” As many as could not inculcate that moral discipline then, these are the people that still abuse Grace.
5. You have to be very clear on these matters. Let no man fool you. We have come to the end of the battle. Personally, I have won the battle. I have fought a good fight, I have kept the Faith, He has already bear Me witness that I have finished my course with joy, for I lost nobody, except those He decided that must be lost. Don’t sympathise with any of them.
6. If you don’t know, I want to remind you of something. I am not going to say anything here to weaken you, but I want to say it to help you so that if after this Message of today, if you have a problem, please come to Me. Don’t go to any other person, please come to Me. If after my Message today and you feel troubled, please come to Me. I have come to the end of my Ministry. I have brought you to where He said I should place you, what is left is something that will take place in “a second.” And as many as are abiding there are the beneficiaries. I say as many as are abiding there are the beneficiaries.
7. Now watch: Let it not sound a strange thing to you when you hear that our former Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu; he has been my friend and will remain my friend. He helped Me a lot. He helped this Ministry; there was a time we were running up and down with him. There was a time I even entrusted my whole family into his care, then, I will be going out like that, he was taking my family to Fellowship and taking them back. You are living witnesses. At times, to help my suffering, he will even come to Mbaise to collect Me and my family from time to time. The same thing he was doing to some others here. So, he laboured with us. But unfortunately, he married a bad woman who couldn’t give him a breathing space. Moreover, it was the woman that helped him to know this Faith by revelation. You know her testimony how she came.
8. She was in her house, she had her vision, and the Lord showed her a man who gave her a copy of the Bible. She woke up and called the husband. The following day Alfor went to them and preached this gospel to them, brought them to Nkpor. Even, Alfor never brought them, he gave them the address. So one day, the woman alone came. I saw her sitting; I was calling her “mama.” I never knew she was a young lady that time because my eyes were blind; veiled by the Law, so I could not behold your faces.
9. Truly speaking, my eyes were “smoking” that time. How many were seeing Me anyhow? Today, you can embrace the Son of Man, you can touch Me. How many were touching Me that time? Even when I preached the Message, “Why Avoiding Me?” Many of you including Ministers were avoiding Me. Women dare not come near Me. What was scaring them away? Before you could even come, I will tell you why you’re coming, tell you what you did in time past, tell you the present thing, tell you what awaits you and reveal even the most secret you cannot tell your husband, which nearly ruined your ministry and you knew it not, you gave false testimonies the more you knew.
10.  You were all there at Amazu Oil when the matter came up. P-i-a-a-ah! You wept, wept and climbed upstairs. Wept, wept, wept, and wept. I consoled you again because it is always in the habit of women to keep secret (s). Whatever a woman doesn’t want to tell you, she will never tell you. That is their nature, don’t blame them.
11. Whatever you see God has placed in anybody, cherish it. God made it so. That is why, in the Message, “Marriage,” I told you that women love privacy. So, if you are living in one room, try to get a second room where your wife can just go in and change her dress (es). Women love privacy. She cannot display her under wears in the parlour, impossible.
12. I think the Lord has done too many things around us here, especially the “ancient men,” where we anchored our hope. Then the Word went forth. Amen.

The greatest confusion about God is created by the Bible; for the Bible created the impression that God is a Human Being and went on to say that God is an unseen Spirit, that no eyes will see God and survive. So, seeing God means death.
If you see God, you will die, yet everybody is praying that he/ or she should see God and dwell with God. You see, it then means that you are expecting another God. It cannot be the God your eyes cannot see, which if your eyes see, you will die.
Believe it if you can, God is a Human being and He took His origin from Africa. 

Chapter Six
Today is my battle with Ministers because once the Ministers are right, the entire Church will be right. Do not think I am clamping on the Church, no. How can I clamp down on the Church when you are the one guilty? You Ministers are guilty. You have to accept it.
2. See what the Lord is doing. Bro. Ebenezer had a dream: It was a vehicle that was moving. Looking at the body of the vehicle, it was too old but the engine was very strong. So, the vehicle, the driver was sound, the engine sound, but the body was looking somehow weak and feeble. So, when they got to a rough road, lo and behold, only Brethren filled the vehicle. Because of the way the vehicle was just “meandering” on the rocks, Bro. Ebenezer jumped down. Immediately he jumped down, the dream vanished.
3. He came here, gave us that dream in writing. After reading the dream, he fell to the altar holding this Sacred Pulpit. That is where we got our language, say: “God show me mercy for no man is above false anointing.” And we all prayed for him. Can you remember? Now, no matter how we prayed, Bro. Ebenezer first of all consulted Me and I told him, “Go and find out what is happening in you because this is where the problem lies.”
4. It is what happens in a man that takes him out of the Faith. There is always something that happens inside somebody which you cannot see. Only the person knows what he is passing through. It is suppressed. He can laugh, he can drink, he can have everything, but when he gets back to his house, the thing is there. These are the things that stifle out the Holy Spirit in a man. And these are the things that take people out of the Faith. Holy Ghost called those things Hidden Agenda – Hidden agenda. Amen. You know “the heart is very deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it?” The Bible said so.
5. You see this heart; it is very, very deceitful, desperately wicked. Nobody can know what is in it, it requires God. That’s why, when the Sword of God which is the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit, as double edged Sword, pierces the heart asunder. From the Word, the contents of the heart are emptied. You see people getting troubled on their seats, some going to the altar, some weeping.
6.  So, I gave that little encouragement, our Brother went through, searched his conscience, searched his heart and then he saw there was a problem somewhere, he had to correct it. I think that is why he is still here.
7. Within that period, there was another dream we had. I don’t know the Sister or Brother that had that dream. And that dream, we read it where they saw Bishop Okey Paul dividing the Church into two – sheep and goat, and he was leading one group (goat group); myself and Bro. Kelechi were in one group(sheep group). But there was something in that group he was leading: The group he was leading was made up of excommunicated people. When it was read, Bishop Okey rushed to the pulpit here and knelt down. How many were here that time? Am I bearing false witness? Now, if that dream is from God and Bro. Okey didn’t do his “homework” very well, surely before your eyes, it will come to pass.
8. What I see is that dream coming to pass already, I mean right now, I see it fulfilling now. Not that I am wishing him evil; it is fulfilling because he didn’t do what he supposed to do.
9. There were some other dreams we had that time. Now, I want to mention another dream also. Brother Joe “New-parts” had a dream some years ago. I am going to mention this dream because he knows about it very well, and it troubled him to the point that he narrated it to almost all that came his way, but he didn’t do his “home work” well, but you have to watch for it. He had that dream himself in his own house.
10. He said he was in the Church one day with the whole Brethren, and there came a very “heavy woman” into the Church. He said the woman, to his surprise abandoned every other person, and then was facing him. While he wondered to know why the woman was facing him, the woman opened her mouth and “swallowed” him, and the dream left.
11. After he had the dream, the dream troubled him for many years. Please, please, I am not mad this morning. If you are a Christian, I am a Christian. Do you love God? I love God. Do you want to go to heaven? I want to go to heaven. I am here not to destroy but I am here to save.    
12. We have so many other dreams. There is one I wrote something concerning Sister Nkechi. Because I know that the Lord who started this “work” is the One that will complete it. I remembered I gave a warning. I told you here that everybody should be very careful, if you are not very careful, watchful, the way you started in this Ministry is the way you are going to end it. That was the day I was indicting Brother Kelechi. I said, “Bro Kelechi, remember the problem you had in the beginning. Pray that it will not recur in the end.” That was the way I picked on Bishop Okey Paul also. I said, “Bishop Okey Paul, remember in the beginning you denied Me, you denied this Faith before many witnesses, even at a time the situation calls for defence. You denied Me, you denied this Faith.” I said, “Be very careful that you do not deny this faith in the end and also deny Me. Remember what happened that time, instead of amending it, you went to erase the ‘magnetic tape’ where what you said was recorded and then caused more havoc. Even if you succeeded in erasing it, you have not erased it from the Book of Records of the Almighty God. It remains there.”
13. Please, we have had so many dreams concerning ourselves here, there are too many concerning Me which you all know also, but I thank God that I’m still marching on. I am still marching on; not without troubles, not without problems, but I have always identified my problem at every given time. And I’ve always addressed my problem. I have never attributed my problem to any man. Once it comes my way, I will settle down and face it, I don’t blame Brother A or Brother B or Sister this and this for causing trouble, no! Why? It is because I recognised my problem, and I go to God immediately until I am through.
14. An “evil wind” is blowing in the Church at Onitsha and that “evil wind” will only blow away those that are destined to be blown away. Because the Lord will shake the Camp so that every shakeable thing will go out, so that those things that are not shakeable can now stand.  
15. Nnamdi Ogbogu and the wife and Mrs. Ike, if you can remember very well, there was a problem between Nnamdi Ogbogu, Mrs. Ike, our late Sister Elizabeth, Mrs. Nnamdi Ogbogu, Sister Nkechi and our former Sister Njom Bene. You know the problem, it lingered, the Elders handled it, and I was not among the Elders. It was recorded in the magnetic tape; the tape is still in the library till today. If Sister Nkechi presented her book, she recorded it in her book, which she read here in the Church on the same issue. Am I bearing false witness? Now, I want to say something.
16. You remember they were excommunicated. Few days after that excommunication, there was a dream where there was a vehicle that loaded members of the Church and they were chanting praises as the vehicle continued moving. While the vehicle was moving, all of a sudden, it negotiated a sharp bend. So, while the vehicle negotiated, Nnamdi fell off, the wife fell off, Mrs. Ike fell off, that was three, the dream vanished. When you watch this Faith, which we were crossing from the Law to Grace, I told you we are negotiating a “curve,” a sharp curve and not all will follow.
17. You will bear Me witness that it was exactly at that sharp curve that three of them fell off. Now, they are saying that God has left us. Today, God is with them. Somebody also is going to say God has left us. Somebody is going to join them. It is a revival. Every revival must produce twins. So, they have been leaving, they have been coming but I thank God, those that are destined to live to share the testimony unto the end, surely must live. But I thank God who has always vowed a vow that He keeps His eyes on the remnant.
18. So, follow God strictly. At times, we behave as if God is no longer mindful of His statements, no. There is nothing God is doing now that is not being revealed ahead of time in one way or the other. Only we have “forgetful spirits” as human beings. If we can remember all these dreams, there are too many of them I have shared with Apostle Kelechi. The dreams he had, which even there are some I said, “keep it to yourself.” Said, “I want to write;” Said, “Don’t write, just keep watch and don’t talk.” There are some I shared with him, I said, “I am sharing these dreams with you because that is what I ought to, but keep it to yourself, don’t voice it out.” Even if it is not a dream, I have the right to call anybody I want and hiss (whisper) something into his ears, even my own secret plan. I don’t think Moses can withhold anything from Joshua more especially at a time he’s about to give way, so there is nothing secret here which I’ve not known.
19. The problem we have is that we think that the same God who is leading from the very beginning is no longer leading. Look at Brother Mike, he is my own Brother; he was the one that God used to help some people’s faith. There was an incidence that occurred that time, it was wrecked up: He went to his bed inside his bedroom with his wife and then spoke against Me. The same way they spoke the matter, the same way the Lord just played it in the loudspeaker. I monitored everything A to Z. I came and reported it to their Pastors; they summoned them, all of them knelt down and said it is true.
20. They are too many of you here I fear, especially among the new ones. I fear you because you were not in the beginning. I call you children begotten in the wilderness. Our duty is to keep on pampering you to see whether we can pamper you at last into Paradise. If we should clamp down on you, to give you “cost of discipleship” as we got it from the very beginning, nobody will be here – you all perish. I think that is one of the reasons. The only thing they met is dancing, “O mmamma, o mmamma, o mmamma.” Nobody met God wearing a Veil. Today, people can eat, drink, and rejoice, was it so in the beginning? But it is improper for us to take them there, it is injustice, because they couldn’t have come at any other time than the time they have come. So, God allotted the time anybody will come in, both those that will abide and those that will not abide. Amen.

If what makes you great is money, you are not great. What makes a man great is the quality, the level and the magnitude of innovative ideas he has translated into reality for the benefit of all mankind. That man is great. 
Watch all the authors of the textbooks you read in schools and colleges, most of them died in penury. Yet they made the world great with what came out of their brains. Do you not know that?
When you are thinking, do not think of how you are going to build skyscraper and ride a very nice car that will drive itself and fly on top of the river. Tomorrow, you lie silent in the grave leaving nothing behind, nothing to be remembered if not your wickedness, because money engenders pride in the heart of a foolish man.

Chapter Seven
This morning, my heart is very much pleased; very much pleased because I believe I am in my best form now. If you’ve known Me, when you see Me travelling up and down, if there’s anything you want to know about this Faith, come to Me that time, because whoever that is taking Me out is the one that will keep on going up and down with Me until the time I will finally settle down. And until I settle down, my wife will never know anything called “love” from the husband. Right in my house, I have been a “stranger” for weeks now. As many as have known Me and known my family for sometime, they will know that I have been a “stranger” in my family for weeks now. Even up till this very day, because I am on a “strict mission,” which is greater than marriage. I say it is greater than marriage. Something greater than sexual intercourse is here.
2. There is something I believe about sexual intercourse: I don’t believe its expression of love. If its expression of love, why do people quarrel even after having it? People in the world do have it. Every other person does have it. So, I don’t believe its expression of love and the Bible didn’t say it is expression of love. But what God did was to remove that thing which Satan will always use to accuse you because of the weakness of the flesh. No more, no less. Then place it where it belongs to – it is a natural act, which you have the power to control, you have the power to say “no.” Nobody queries you; nobody disturbs you there, but let us face the “stark realities” of the Faith and stop pursuing the shadow; because all things will perish one day.
3. If I die now, whatever that makes Odoemena in the flesh will be buried. Within four days, decomposition will set in, both my body, my penis, all of them will rotten, so it is with every flesh (human being) here. Now, why then should something that will perish with the world give us any concern?
4. If there be a Brother or Sister whose concern and interest in this Faith is based on satisfying his/her body, let it be known to you that you can never please God. You can never please God. You can never please God because it is a spirit. Once you are engulfed by it, it will trouble you. Every hour you are upset, you can never do anything meaningful. In your work place, once you remember it, you rush home. Anywhere you are, you will be restless, because it is a spirit.
5. That’s why I am telling you to understand what God is looking at and then give priority to that which is very, very important and forget everything about all these nonsenses. I call them nonsenses. Even heathens get tired of it. I say heathens get tired of it, and then tell yourself the naked truth. If we say we are Christians and then in that wise we cannot even be more “moderate” than heathens, it means our testimonies cannot be believed. I say, our testimonies must be doubted – really doubted.

Speak the Truth in Love (Love One Another)
I believe there is real love in the heart, which expresses itself in things that are edifying, things that are honest, things that are of good report, which exhibits itself even in correction and rendering help where possible, without demanding for another thing in return.
7. When you know the love of God for us, happy are you. Unless love has lost it’s meaning to you, but not to the Church. We are here because God loves us.  So, we have to reciprocate it.
8. Please pay attention this morning. I am talking to you directly from the Throne of Mercy. Because while I am here, I am your Mercy Seat, but I know one day, I will change Position. He that has brought you so far is the same One you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other Person otherwise the person would have appeared by now or you would have even been prepared to wait for the man. You must have heard about him and what he will do when he will appear so that you will be in the right mind to receive him. Amen
9. Now, I have always told you here, once you are a Christian please do yourself a favour, even if you are guilty of anything, speak the truth thereof. And you must tell the truth in love not with malice or envy or hatred. Don’t tell the truth because you hate somebody, no, you spoil it. Speak the truth in love. The Bible said so. Everything must be done in love; even correction must be done in love not in hatred. Don’t say, “I hate Brother, I hate Sister,” for that reason you correct the person harshly in a way to discourage the person, no. You are wicked. It is unscriptural. Everything must be done in love. That is all.
10. What am I saying? We are called for the defence of this Gospel Truth. Don’t pervert the truth, because, if I am wise, I will understand something mysterious. When you tell somebody lies so that you make friend with that person, the person may love you for a while, but the moment he discovers that you told him lies, he will hate you more than he loved you.  
11. If you tell somebody the truth; you know truth is very bitter, truth is very bitter. If you tell somebody the truth in love and he hates you for telling him the truth, it will be for a while. The moment he discovers that you told him the truth, the love he will have for you will be hundred times more than the hatred he had for you.
12.  So for that reason, aim at telling everybody the truth. Truth will always save your life. I say truth will always save your life and save the life of others. Let Me tell you something: If I am your Brother, you are my Sister, and you tell Me lies, I don’t believe you can tell Me lies because I know you’re a Christian. I will act on your statement and I will be defending your course.
13. What if I am killed only to discover that I’m in error, that you fooled Me by telling Me lies? Have I not died in vain? Is there any good way of doing a wrong thing? That’s why the Bible said, “Lie not one to another, because you are Brethren.”
14. What am I trying to say Brethren? I say we should love one another. When Jesus came, He came with Grace and truth. No matter how the Jewish people hated him and his Faith, he maintained, he sticked to the truth. He never shivered. You know, when you hold the truth you are bold. Amen.

Too many people are thanking God for our Messages. Many have benefited from our Messages, yet nobody has ever accepted you as a child of God. To them, you are still a reprobate. Have you wondered why?
There is only but one “bone of contention” in every dispensation. What is your guilt? What is your offence? What is the crime you have committed for which tongues are wagging? Only one offence: you are worshiping a man as God. You are preaching that God is a human being. Is there any other thing? They say you are deceived.
How can you say that God is a human being? How can you worship your fellow human being and say you are worshiping God? You are deceived. You are devils. It is a secret cult. If you have not heard it, it then means, you are not with us.  An extract from: Re-Examine Your Faith

Chapter Eight
You see, I have taken you back to the beginning and you as ancient men; you should have been in a position to tell the congregation how this Faith started. You let them know that the Spirit we have is a “shivering Spirit,” which hates distraction; that any little distraction, He recoils. You know that very well, you followed from the beginning. Has He changed? 
2. Your problem is that you don’t even study the Man of God. You don’t know when to approach the Man of God and how to approach Him. There is a time the Man of God is always at home with His Father, and He doesn’t want interaction with anybody. He cuts everybody off. There is a time He is disposed to His Brethren. There is a time He cuts all heathens off, no discussion, no work, nothing.
3. You don’t know His mood when He is pleased. You don’t know His mood when He’s about to make war. I have always told you here that God loves challenges. My greatest joy is this: Men and women have risen in this Faith claiming to be one thing or the other. They detached from the Tree and they withered. Because, I am the true Vine, you are my branches. Without Me, you cannot bear any fruit. Detach from Me, you wither and end it in the fire. If it doesn’t fulfil that way, the Lord never sent Me.
4. From the beginning you know how we started this Message. I had one who was in my bosom, Bon Duka. I cursed Satan who is cursed already from the beginning, for snatching Bon from Me. He fought the war with Me and many others here. Took the risk, withstood the crowd with every amount of boldness. Preached hot, hot messages that turned the world upside down, he was prepared to fight physically, to make sure that the truth of the gospel continued. We were sleeping together, eating together, having everything until “pride” set in. He wanted to exalt himself. His position, he was no longer feeling comfortable with it. He started wrecking up accusations here and there, first against the Pastor. In my attempt to save the Pastor who was accused, he then turned and accused Me. Because I wasn’t the one that was accused, he first of all found fault with the Faith. He said, “How can the Pastor, Pastor Abagana, pastor Nkpor. That he will pastor Abagana, let Okey pastor there.” I said, “Did you discuss it with him? He said, “No, that I should go and tell him.” I said, “No it’s not the way.” I never knew they had already written a lengthy letter, telling us they have separated.
5. All I am trying to say is this: Bon walked with Me, saw great things around Me, preached and defended the Message. But one day he led his own rebellion. The Lord permitted it and gave him enough people so that he will start his movement. Where is Bon today? Where is he today? You all know. The same people he was to lead, the same accused him, called him all manner of names. Even the person he said God told him that he has now become Apostle, and then he made Alfor another thing altogether, the two quarrelled and also parted calling themselves different names and that was the end of that “movement.”
6.  We are still watching. Our Pastor at Abuja rose up, printed his booklets, and then circulated it everywhere thinking I will reply, no. I said, “Let my enemies live and let Me live also, so that they will see what will be the end of my life. I don’t pray that My enemy will die. Let my enemy live, let Me live, so that he will live to see what will be the end of my life. This is my prayer for all of them.
7. He rebelled and resigned, he said the Lord made him “Son of Man” and so on. Where is he today? The movement fizzled out.
8. Weston Fihala rose up to draw men unto himself, where is his movement? He fizzled out.
9. Up till this moment, nobody heard about Ben Adiukwu again. It is all over with that revival. Who knows who will bid (propose) another revival? Maybe at the end of every year, there will be a revival. I say maybe, I don’t know.
10. But let Me tell you something about Me: If you are the worst in the Camp, I’ll still show you godly love with all my heart. Even if you are the most wicked here, I will still show you godly love, unless you don’t know Me. Try Me, prove Me, enquire about Me. I can be harsh on you, rebuke you, indict you; deep in Me, I don’t have any spirit to hurt you there. But I want to stop your “excesses” so that you can come back. But if I see you cannot recognise the finger of the Lord, I’ll let you loose so that, that which you want to do, you will do it quickly so that all eyes will see your foolishness. This is my nature.
11. There is nobody here I cannot tell how he is going to end his ministry; A to Z, the whole Ministers I ordained. If I ordained you, I saw your end before I ordained you. I may even bring you in to help Me to achieve something. Once it is achieved, I will “park” you, and then continue with my journey because when He called Me, He called Me alone. When He called Me, He did not invite you, He never reasoned with you. You were there, He saw you and then He made His choice.
12. The prophecy said, “Why are you quarrelling over my choice? Have I no right to choose from my own vessel, the vessel I will use? I have made my choice and my choice is perfect. Because my choice does not agree with your choice, is that why you rebel and murmur? Am I not the porter? Have I no right to mould my own vessel and use it the way I want?” We have this prophecy here, and that was the time too many leaders wanted to emerge, too many counsellors, everybody, because of little gift.
13. Let Me just say one thing here, why is it that people cannot even stop and think. Who preached that Message, “Why not stop and think?” it is Bon Duka. Before Bon Duka left, I summoned him personally as a Brother, as a friend and as a co-labourer. I told him what he is going to face. There, while he was interpreting for Me at Amazu, before all of you, I turned towards him under a very high anointing, “You Bon will deny Me.” Before everybody, I said, “You are going to fulfil the ministry of Judas or Barnabas if you are not careful.” At a little time, I called him “Demas.”
14. The other time I said, “Come to my house with your wife.” He came and I placed the card(s) before him, he was weeping on the floor in my room the wife was weeping. I can save you if you want Me to save you, but things happening in you cannot allow you to be controllable, so I will allow you to have your way. So, immediately I had a serious accident and was hospitalised, he cashed in on that. The same day I was discharged from the hospital was the day he came with his team to give Me their write-up. Brethren said I should read it, I said, “No, keep it there; they are going to write another one.” Two days after, he wrote another one. I know more than that. I know the type of people that can war, not that type. But I thank God I was able to tell him the end of his ministry.
15. There are too many of you here I have written friendly letters, some I wrote to warning them concerning certain things. It is in love because I don’t want you to perish. Go and enquire from those that have left us. I thank God I will use one that somebody knows here.
16. Some years ago, I wrote a letter. I gave it to Mrs. Ike, I said, “Madam, you are free to publish your own book against Me, that which you wants to do, do it hastily.” I gave it to her. She took it to Bishop Okey Paul, from there she took it to NITEL to show Nnamdi Ogbogu and the wife, getting there, they presented their own. Just a year and eight months after, they left the Faith.
17. I can see you afar off, even things you cannot even imagine that will happen in you, I will see you struggling with it, but my problem is how to put the thing across so that you will not be offended; so that you will not misunderstand Me. Because man by nature is the most “intricate (complex) animal you cannot predict. You tell him, “Brother, watch against this thing,” he will think you are suspecting him or you want to destroy him, no, I love you. He will say, “But I’ve checked myself, nothing is happening.” But a wise man will always pray, say, “God please don’t allow this to happen peradventure your Servant has seen it afar off.” Amen.
18. Frankly speaking, it is not the wish of the Lord that anybody should perish. If it is the wish of God that any one should perish, He cannot love us and continue to love us till today. We have committed atrocities that warrant us to die, we have done things that no human being can imagine we can do, yet His love has sustained us. A sure sign He is not willing that we should die. I am telling you God’s truth.
19. But there is something we have to do: What is that thing? The Lord is looking for somebody who will always take side with Him. Somebody that will be so strongly devoted to His course that he can be worthy of His Confidence. Somebody He can trust in and rely on at any given time. Somebody who will be guilty and will also condemn himself, say, “This thing I have done, I am not suppose to do it,” that is what God is looking for. Somebody that will look at his wife and say, “My wife, any further thing like this, I will punish you severely. Please don’t ever try this thing again if you want us to live in peace in this house.” Not somebody who will go to the wife and tell her lies.
20. You know what you did, you know the implications, trouble has come out of it, save yourself, save your face by telling your wife the truth. Not when you tell your wife lies, you come to this person and you tell him another thing, you go this way, you tell the person another thing and your wife will be acting on what you told her not knowing that you deceived her, when the truth is somewhere. This is what is killing many of us here. Amen.

When God is chastising and warning us through His Word. He does this to enable us profit ourselves, so that we will be partakers of God’s Holiness, so that we shall inherit Eternal Life which God gives to as many as obey His Word. 
God knows that chastising one is very painful, that is why He said, “Let none of us be weary because God deals with him in a hard manner. Don’t be disheartened; don’t be weary of worshipping God because when this is over, it manifests itself in peace, which shows itself in righteousness.”
We don’t understand God’s purpose in correcting us but after sometime, a little while when some days are gone by, our eyes will be opened to see God’s purpose for us, that it will profit us because it is already well with God. God does not sin; God does not die. God does not need eternal life in the end – for He is the very eternal life Himself. An excerpt from: “The Chastening of the Lord”

Chapter Nine
Before I go to the Word, I want to talk to you because many of you have already lifted your “axe” against Sister Chukwudi. Myself, I have my “axe” also against her. Hear Me very well: It is your right, but the Lord does not condemn a man without hearing him, do you know that? But on my part, I don’t need to hear you. If I want to give you a “sense of belonging,” I will give you “hearing,” but if I want to exercise authority over you, I will investigate every thing about you without consulting you. And I know my findings will be perfect. To show you it is perfect, I will even tell you things you nursed in your heart, which you never voiced out to any man. And that will make you believe that the result of my investigation on the matter is perfect.
2. The reason why I don’t frighten many is to avoid causing trouble in the Church. I know you talk too much. I know you have too many friends, and flippancy is always in the heart of man. You can say many, many things whether they are honest or not honest, even to the point that you may not even remember the much you have said. To the point that if somebody will remind you, you will start denying. But if you’re a Christian, you will bridle your tongue. Let your words be few so that if you are called upon to talk, you can stand and say, “Look at what we discussed, look at what I told you,” full stop. Not talking and cross-examining and cross-examining, endless stories like that. It is not the habit of a Christian.
3. For you to understand my Message, I must remove every obstacle. If I don’t remove the obstacles, my Message can never pass through. I want you to hear this Message without fear. It is not a strange Message. It is meant for our peace, if really we want peace. There can never be peace without trouble, and now trouble has come so that there will be peace in the end. Amen.
4. So, the trouble that happened here last week, I wasn’t here physically, Bro. Kelechi wasn’t here. Some of you saw it; some of you heard it and so on. Relax your mind. I have traced it to its finality. Don’t ever think I respect faces while handling matters. I don’t know the face I respect other than Christ. Hear Me very well: I only respect Christ in a man or in a woman. If I don’t see Christ in you, you loose my respect.
5. In this Church, we are strongly against anybody transacting business here. Whatever might be your occupation, your trading and so on, you have the right to tell your fellow Brethren. You can as well tell us to announce it from the pulpit; we will do it, but don’t ever bring your goods here to transact that business here. Because it will be the height of injustice if a Brother or a Sister dealing on any material, which we need, and we don’t alert the Church. Or we have some who have occupations that can help us here, let Me use one example: “Sisters that sew our dresses, we have to alert you, or Brothers, see this people, look at their occupation in case you have any work, go to them.” It is normal, there is no sin there. But the business will not be transacted in the Church, because that business is purely a private affair between you and the Brother or Sister.  
6. As long as buying and selling is concerned, there must be “bidding.” I say there must be “bidding.” There is no control price for any item. Government has never fixed any control price, so you are free, you are at liberty. The seller also is at liberty, whether the person is a Brother or a Sister. Go to the shop; go to the house, select whatever you want, bid your price. As long as it is bidding, whoever that is selling that thing whether a Sister or a Brother is at liberty. I use Sister Chukwudi who has a case concerning buying and selling in the Church.
7. She has the right to sell that shoe or any other material at any price she wants.  If Sister Blessing goes to her and purchase a shoe at three hundred naira (N300.00), Sister Vin goes to her and then purchased the same shoe at two thousand naira (N200.00), there is no sin there. I say there is no sin there. I see nothing wrong. It is “bidding.” If it is not done that way, how can there be profit? I am saying that there is no uniformity of invoice in any particular item in the market. Somebody can come from the North and purchase one item at one thousand naira (N1000.00); and another person will come from Aba and purchase it five hundred naira (N500.00), the same item, the same quantity. I am trying to say that the only Brotherhood you will enjoy there is: Even if you don’t have the money to pay, she can allow you (giving you the item on credit), pending when you will bring the money. This is the Brotherhood, this is the Sisterhood.
8. She also has the right to say, “Sister, don’t pay me, take and go.” So, does it mean that every other Sister will go to her and say, “Oh, why did you give to Sister Blessing and then you failed to give me?” Is she manufacturing shoes? Even if she is manufacturing shoes, is she the producer of the leather?
9. If we can understand this Message, happy are we. I have earlier treated this matter in the Message titled, CHURCH ORDER. I handled this Message in CHURCH ORDER, I preached it in Igbo language. So, I’ve handled this thing, placed it in tape. It is in your library. It is because you forget too easily — too easily.
10. The same way, she is your Sister; you have the right to go to her and negotiate her goods and then be her distributor provided you will render returns to her, there is no evil there. It is still in line with our Message. If you loose any item, she has to “sub-charge” you, because if she is not strict in her business, she will collapse and then, the money will go, that’s all. Who then will help her again?
11. Pay attention to what I am saying, otherwise, you will misunderstand Me along the way. Now, conversely, that a Sister is doing business in the Church does not remove her from being a Sister in the Church, she is a Christian. The customer is always right. I say, the customer is always right. If you listen to all that customers are saying, you will drive all of them away from your shade. I say, you’ll drive all of them away from your shade. You see where annoyance comes. If this business was done in her house, anybody is free to talk to her anyhow. If they wish to fight over business, let them fight there. It is because it is brought into the Church you see the Name of God being ridiculed – the Church has been messed up!
12. So, because she was provoked by the statements her customers made, because if I should handle this matter strictly, I will excommunicate her and the customers from the Church. Did you get what I am saying? If there is no buyer, there won’t be seller.
13. I have always told you that the way you see things are not the way I see things. The way you judge things are not the way I judge things. I open my heart free; I don’t take side with any party.
14. Hear Me very well, both the buyers and the seller, if I do not tamper justice with mercy, I will put all of them out of this Body completely from this day. I am not saying I will not put them out; I say if I do not tamper justice with mercy; because there is no good way of doing a wrong thing. I have told you time without number that where two persons fought, it is just like two vehicles having head-on collision; the two drivers are guilty, because they knew what to do, and they couldn’t do it. But supposing they did that, it could have been avoided. So, taking it to Court will end at: “Go and repair your vehicles.” That’s all. You fought, two of you go to Court, you will be asked, “did you fight?” You said, “Yes.” You will pay penalty, the other opponent will pay penalty, and then you go away for disturbing the peace of the community. Because you knew what you should have done, you should have made a formal report to Law Enforcement Agencies, but you took law into your hands and executed judgement wrongly. So, for disturbing the peace of the community you will be penalised, you’ll be sentenced to three months imprisonment or a fine of three hundred naira or both. So, you pay the fine and go away. Or if the magistrate is harsh, he will “remand” you in custody for at least one week, then your brain will cool down.
15. So please, pay attention to Me now. I heard the report that it was quoted that Sister Chukwudi was angered so much that she started casting aspersion on her Sisters, started making some “offensive” remarks on all our Sisters calling them half-women. Since they are half-women, we are also half-men. Are you hearing what I am saying? What makes them half-women? Is it because they are not all businesswomen like you? Is it because you consider them poor and feeble? It was an “over-statement,” very ungodly. I say very ungodly. Such statements should not even be heard in the Body of Christ, it is not even mentioned outside even among the heathens. The Bible said we should have our conservation honest among the heathens whom we have to do with everyday. And our conversation must be seasoned with salt. Our words should be such as will minister grace to the hearers. Is it not Bible?
16. This thing happened at a time when I warned you seriously to be very careful on how you behave in the Body of Christ — The Church. Why should you call our Sisters half-women? We equally are half-men. Could it be we have ridiculed ourselves before you or we have ridiculed our wives before you? May be we couldn’t clothe them or buy shoes for them, may be we purchase credits from you and you bear us, for that, we debase them before you. No,no,no,no,no!! I say no, and I will always continue saying no.
17. Whoever that tells you anything contrary, run away from that person, for he hates you. I say he hates you. This is the Church of God. I say this is the Church of God. It’s not your kitchen or your parlour. Even if it’s your kitchen, you’ll observe some reservations while talking to your fellow women. So, I underlined that statement. It is not good at all, its not good at all. In addition, the type of noise you were making in the Church, which attracted the attention of the Ministers, it was un-becoming of a Christian. Why? What should cause it? Why not forfeit the shoe? Why not forfeit the money or wait until I come back?
18. When the person is not paying you, why not make a “formal report” to the Elders? Even if you heard some statements that infuriated you, why not hold your temper? For the Bible says, “A wise person controls his temper.” If the shoes belong to you, even if the shoes, somebody collected them without paying you, won’t you survive? You will survive.
19. I believe you were making the statement because somebody is guilty of “energizing” you. Somebody is not telling you the truth. Somebody is comforting you in error. Because, if somebody who is comforting you is telling you the truth, surely you would have made everything right by now. You wouldn’t have waited until I come here to visit this matter.
20. I don’t think there is a husband here that will be happy to see his wife insulted. Yet, we are not defending our wives, we are defending our Faith, that this statement is very ungodly, un-Christian. It is never heard in the Congregation of the Saints come what may, all hands are not equal. Must we all be rich? Must we all be rulers? If we all were rulers, who shall we rule?
21. There is one thing I believe in life: I believe that courtesy demands that we respect every human being. A human being is a human being. No matter his/her position, accord him/her that respect for God who permitted him/her to live didn’t make a mistake. God gave him/her that benefit. He/she has the right of existence; give him/her that benefit.
22. But I didn’t blame you for making such statements; I will rather say that we husbands are guilty. We debased our wives before you. Maybe we ridiculed ourselves before you by making such remarks on them, you were indirectly pointing to us. For the husband and wife are one.
23. So, what am I trying to say? I will keep that matter hanging there and whosoever that gave that information gave it in good faith, there was nothing wrong there. I have enquired, and I saw what transpired. A Sister bought a shoe and it was exactly the same thing with the other Sister, she enquired, “How much did you bought your own?” Seeing it’s the same, said, “Look at amount I bought it.” This one said, “Okay, why selling me this one.” You shouldn’t say so. She has the right to sell it five thousand naira even. If you don’t want, give it back to her. No quarrel.
24. And then another person intruded, busybody in another man’s affairs. Somebody who was there, instead of going your way, she opened her mouth and say, “Yes, Sister Chukwudi’s items are very expensive.” How many have you purchased from her? I say how many items have you purchased from her? If they are highly expensive, has she ever forced you to come and patronise her? Is there any law here that says you must purchase whatever you want from Brethren? You are at liberty if you wish to purchase from her, go. If you don’t wish, go to the open market. So, if you feel her goods are highly expensive, go to open market where you can pick it at any prize.
25. The Sister who gave the information how much she purchased her own never made a mistake, she said it with open heart. No evil thought, not intending to cause trouble. Even the one that was enquiring, you know it’s the habit of women, “Look at my bag,” “Oh, it’s exactly like my own oo, how much did you bought your own?” –It’s common, I don’t see any evil in that enquiry. Amen.RICHES

Riches that do not come from God can hardly last. Good and enduring riches can only come from the Almighty God. Riches that do not come from God are destructive; they can lead you to premature death.  
Wealth that has no source has no foundation and cannot pass from generation to generation. That is why when you see wealthy people dying, whatever they called their wealth will varnish immediately they die. It goes to confirm that their wealth has no solid foundation. God is now teaching us in His own way, so that we can lay a formidable foundation.
That is why I say Son of Man is the Greatest; the only Personality that has gathered “nonentities,” people that has “lost bearing in life,” people that has no foundation at all and He started to mould them, intending to make them “something.”
It would take the Almighty God alone to make something out of nothing. And that’s what the Son of Man is doing. Nobody identified with this Faith as a rich fellow. From: “Wedding Update”