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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


 Sunday, 3rd April, 2011 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN
“Truth has no substitute”
Nobody can avoid the Son of Man. If you avoid my face while you are alive, you will see my face in death. Believe it if you can…                                                                            -The Son of Man

  Any moment from now, the Son of Man shall be glorified again for the last time. When He shall be glorified, you shall be glorified with Him. He shall be glorified in the midst of the saints. He shall not be glorified in the world; He shall be glorified in the midst of the saints. When you exalt the Son of Man, He will draw many souls unto Himself.
The greatest wedding is about to unfold. Anybody that is not a part of this wedding
must regret the day he or she is born on this Earth for no being can bear the trouble of that day.
        –Son of Man. (WE ARE ALMOST THERE; Page 64. VS 14 & 15)


William Branham said, “I wish to show you a sign by which you will see and know precisely when the Bride has attained perfection. Anytime they come together they can hardly part, the joy and the love among them will be so strong that they will be wishing that it will be like that till eternity. When it comes to this height, know that of a truth the Bride has attained perfection.”
2.         Note, at that time, every make-up must be identified at a glance. There is a great difference between “Holy Ghost joy” and “manufactured joy.” The same way also, there is great difference between Holy Ghost peace and manufactured peace: one is Christ while the other one is man-made.
3.         While you are in this Faith rejoicing, the whole world is sorrowing because of the recent election in Nigeria because they have their representatives whom they want electoral victory for.
4.         Do you know how many angels that voted for you? Salvation is by Election because many are called but few are chosen. If everybody will be saved, then there is no need for Election, because many are called but few are chosen; for that reason, Election is necessary.
5.         Thus, the hosts of Heaven gathered to cast votes for those that will represent each town and village, and eventually you were chosen. When it comes to Election, a woman can be chosen as a Senate. You were elected by God and the hosts of Heaven, so you will be foolish to allow yourself to be impeached.
6.         If you commit any impeachable offence, the hosts of Heaven will gather and vote against you and you will be impeached, then another person will be elected in your position because that seat will never be vacant.
7.         Everywhere is in chaos, yes, when God comes to save; He will stir up trouble in the city and will only save His own in the midst of the trouble.
8.         Though Daniel, Job, Elijah will be there, they will only save themselves and not any member of their families.
9.         When God announced this salvation by Grace and Election, the angels were wondering who would be the beneficiaries of this salvation. Those are the people that will appear with the Son of Man.
10.     Watch an eagle, no bird created by God can fly as high as the eagle. You can put any other bird in a cage; after some time, it gets accustomed to staying in the cage. However, if you dare put an eagle in a cage, within twenty-four hours, the eagle will kill itself there, for nobody can cage an eagle. Why? An eagle is the most restive creature God ever made. If you want the eagle to live, set the eagle free.
11.     Look at another feature of the eagle: other birds can come down, scratch the ground and eat whatever they see, but it is not so with the eagle. The eagle perches at the topmost part of the tree and feeds on seeds alone. It does not feed on contaminated food. What’s more, it is the neatest bird God ever made. An eagle is very neat and it has no bile. That is why the strength is renewed from generation to generation.
12.     Hence, when you have strength like an eagle, you are already there. In other words, when you are reading, read with understanding.
13.     You see, all that God ordained to be with Me in this Faith are restive human beings that hate any kind of bondage. Put them in bondage, they will die; liberate them, the best in them will come out.
14.     In the Message titled “Random Comments from the Son of Man,” God said that the pope would visit Israel. You see, I want to tell you that it has fulfilled to the letter.
15.     Recently (three weeks ago), the pope went to Israel and declared his stand on what is going on in the Middle East. He told the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu that the time is ripe for Palestine to become a State of her own and there is no going back.
16.     The greatest battle before you and Me, before everybody, is the battle against compromise with the heathens. God can overlook every other thing, but He can never overlook your compromise with the heathens. For that reason, know your limitations; know the boundaries of your Faith.
17.     If you want to know more about what God said about COMPROMISE with the heathen, get a copy of the Message titled “Random Comments from the Son of Man” (volume two), therein you will get what God said concerning this matter.
18.     When you hear His Word, do not harden your heart as in the day of provocation.  If you are outside, struggle to come inside. If you labour to hear from Him (the Son of Man, the Elohim on two feet) directly (live), I want to say that you have chosen a good path which no man can take it away from you.
19.     Martha and Mary were of the same father and mother. Lazarus, their Brother, was the only son of their father. He was called the friend of Jesus, the Christ in his day. Anyway, I do not know why he was called a friend of Jesus.
20.     A Message came to Jesus telling him that: “Lazarus your friend, whom you loved so much is dead.”
21.     Note, there is no record in the Bible where Lazarus served God. I have been wondering why the name “Lazarus” featured in many places. For instance, when an illustration was made about a rich man (a king) and a poor man, Lazarus’ name was used; telling us about how he was suffering with maggots coming out of his legs and the rich man was enjoying life.
22.     According to the story, Lazarus begged alms from the rich man but he did not give him. At another time, Lazarus was seen in the bosom of Abraham enjoying life and the rich man was seen in Hellfire begging Lazarus to give him just a drop of water to quench his thirst.
23.     At another place, Lazarus whom Jesus loved most died. Jesus was invited to come and see for himself that his friend was dead. Now, why did the name Lazarus feature in many places in the Bible? Was there no other name that would have been used?
24.     I remember that Jesus was quoted to be a friend of Mary and Martha also. He was familiar with the family. That was why when people saw him on the way coming, they went and told Mary and Martha, “Your friend Jesus, whom you invited four days ago, is on his way to your house.” Martha rushed without invitation and engaged him in a discussion while Mary sat down at his feet listening.
25.     To surprise everybody that he was the resurrection and life, he said, “Martha, pay attention to Me. Lazarus, your Brother is dead, but he will rise up again. Do you believe that?”
26.     Martha said, “I believe, but that will be on the last day.”
27.     You see, Martha believed but that will not be for that day; she believed it would happen in the future, that is, in the last day. However, before her eyes, Jesus made a statement to prove that he was the resurrection and life: “Roll away the stone.”
28.     Notice one thing there; Martha was the one that complained, “Why should you command us to roll away the stone four days after his death? Decomposition must have taken place; the stench coming out from the grave will scar everybody out.”
29.     Still, Jesus said, “Roll away the stone.” The Voice said, “Lazarus, come forth!”Lazarus came out. Then Jesus said, “Loose him. Remove the cloths which you used in binding him. Remove everything.” Lazarus stood on his feet and went back to the house.
30.     You see, Martha was expecting the promise to come to pass on the last day, but the promise came to pass instantly there. Did he promise resurrection on the last day? Yes. What was Martha’s problem? Martha never knew that she was already in the last day.
31.     Are you among those that are expecting the promises to come to pass on the last day?  Always postponing whatever God is saying to the future? Be very careful, lest you postpone the day of your salvation. That is why when you hear His Voice, harden not your heart as in the day of provocation.
32.     Today is the acceptable day of the Lord. Today is a day of salvation. By this I mean, that which was wrong in your life yesterday can be corrected today. The flaws of yesterday can be removed today.
33.     It will take the MYSTERY OF THE BLOOD to take away the MISERY OF LIFE, for life is in the blood. Without the blood, there is no life. Atonement is in the blood. Amen.