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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on SUNDAY, 21st November, 2010. By THE SON OF MAN (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD Onitsha
When this life is over, you will know that I am HE.  Go anywhere you want, in search, you must be pointed back to this same person—The Son of MAN. Fly to the sky, you will be told, “Go down there; He is standing in your midst.” Believe it if you can… 
—The   Son of Man.  (THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD, PP. 3.)
Pray that we will be there to tell the story. Who will tell the battle
story? It is one who survived it. Who is a warrior or a gallant soldier? Is it one who fought and died? No. A gallant soldier is one who went to war and came back alive. Even if he did not shoot out one bullet, even if he did not go to the war front, provided he put on that uniform and was walking about, even if it is in the barracks and he survived the war, he is a gallant solider. He will tell people how the war was fought.    –Son of Man (YOU ARE MY FRIENDS. PP.18, VS 4-5. 4 )
1. The Bride Ministry is not made for the whole world. The Bride Ministry is meant for those that were chosen for Salvation before the world began. If you have examined yourself and you are sure and certain that you do not have the “Mark of Christ” upon your forehead, there is no need wasting your time in this Faith. Even if you stay till the next world, the Judgement of God must be revealed upon you. 
2. I am making you to understand that you are in this Faith only waiting for the wrath of God. For that reason, the earlier you know who you are and address the truth, the better for you. There is no more Salvation for any soul, except the Elects’ families. The Salvation Boat has been closed for whosoever willeth; it is now for the Elects and their families. 
3. I have closed the Books of the Chronicles of the Elects and I did not do it today. If you can remember well and accurately, I mean, recall back to the year 2007; there and then, I recorded the names of all the families, through the families’ heads. Whatever God commanded the Jews to do then was what we did that time and we did those things at His command.
 4. I have told you that the timetable of the world changed in the year 2000, but nobody knows this truth except in the midst of the Bride. The timetable changed; we are no longer in the year AD (Anno Domini), no! The year 2000 AD ended and then a new calendar opened, which the world does not know. However, in their own language, they call it millennium, but we are not in the millennium year. 
5. There can never be millennium without the judgment of God upon the Earth, for whosoever that will survive the wrath of God is the one that will enter the millennium. Look at the world that is in the millennium. 
6. In millennium, there will be no more death, no more war, no more sorrows, no more pains, no more crying, no more anguish and sin. God and His people will rule in righteousness. The whole nations upon the Earth will never have any knowledge of war again. Millennium means peace. If now we are in the millennium, it then means that this millennium is antiprophetic, anti-scripture, anti-history and anti-nature. This type of millennium the world is enjoying is making God a liar, but God is not a liar. This is not His promised millennium. 
7. Thus, we are not yet in the millennium, but we have a new timetable, a new record, a new calendar that was opened in the year 2000; and  you know that from the year 2000, you have been living in God’s own period and not your own time. 
8. Let me tell you the plain truth, the whole periods God allotted to the Gentiles are over. Only few days are left in it. 
9. In this Message, I will be reminding you of the things you heard in the time past to help you to prepare your mind ahead of time for 10 days great tribulation of the saints, which is about to unfold; and in the midst of that tribulation, you will be translated. It is hard to believe but the ancient people know the truth. 
10. I have never fooled you for one day. When you thought you were flying away in the year 2000, I told you the plain truth. I told you that it would not happen for whatever God promised is unknown to the world.  The world will never know anything about that thing; only the Elect will know it. As a result, this Message is for a purpose, which is to remind you of some truths (not all of them), which we heard from the very beginning. 
11. I Thank God that the Message I have been searching  for and have been saying that Brother Amankem should make haste and see whether we can trace the tape has already been documented. God has helped Me to know that I did not stop at preaching it into the tape only; I also documented it with my own hand. I used my own hand to write it, print it and hand it out to the whole world many years ago and that Message was titled: “Message from Hell”. It is contained in the magazine titled “The Last Trumpet,” and now in the reprinted Message titled “Behold the Man of Sin.”  Now we will first of all discover what blinded the Jews, why they could not recognize the hour of their visitation; why our Jewish brothers or counterparts failed to recognize the hour the Messiah visited them. Because every generation must have their own day of salvation. When that day is over, no flesh will be saved there again.  In the Gentiles’ world, we have our own time, we have the number, and we have our own day, when that day is over no more salvation for the Gentiles.   Now, the moment they (the Jews) became blind and were cut off, the Voice roared that: “Now, salvation is of the Gentiles.” But initially salvation was of the Jews but because of unbelief, they were blinded; and in order to provoke them to jealousy, Messiah crossed to the Gentiles using us as an instrument to provoke them to jealousy.  The Son of Man. –THE FOOLISHNESS OF GOD, PP. 25, VS. 49-52.10 
12. I equally came to know that the Message titled “How People Miss God in all the Ages” was documented comprehensively in  “The Last Trumpet”. Thus, the little we have in one of our Messages titled “Son of Man: Our Link to the Truth” is just an abridged one, but the comprehensive package is contained in “The Last Trumpet”. 
13. Finally, I came to realise, by searching the prophetic statements, that the Watchman had already blown the Trumpet before now. I mean that He has blown the Trumpet loud and clear as the Watchman, but only few people can remember the Voice of the Watchman.
14. “The Last Trumpet,” contained the Voice of the Watchman as was sounded by the Watchman of our day.  15. Many of our Brethren suffered great tribulations while circulating this Message titled “The Last Trumpet”. Some slept in the market places; some slept in the open places, while some were chased out of their houses. This Message went round the whole world; we posted it to all the whole corners of the world through their embassies. We posted it  to all corporate organisations, all communication networks and we got replies from almost all the countries in the world.
16. What is more, we alerted everybody about the impending danger. Too many Brethren have suffered terribly. They went without food, without water, without taking their baths and there was no money in their pockets for days. They took it to the mountains. I remember there was a day they nearly lost their lives somewhere at Awka, the capital of Anambra State. They had to sleep outside. Yet, even at that, the owners came and ordered them away.
17. What happened? They were given a place around the fence of the building. They used their books to make pillows. Those that went to Ihiala slept in the market under tight security; while some were flogged. Those that went to Nsulu in Aguleri, Umuleri, Otuocha, Anam, all suffered terribly. That is where I stand and say that God will save my mother-in-law to the utmost. Although she was not with us, but she loved the children of God and gave them a place in her house, fed them for almost a week and even helped them to preach the Gospel in Nkwelezunaka and all the neighbouring villages as well as towns there.
18. Many in this Faith are in the Faith enjoying the lives of their fellow
Brethren, but you do not know. Let me use the words of Mrs. Ike who was with us as she said it to the wife of Brother Goddy Ikechebere. 19. Recently, she saw the wife of Brother Goddy Ikechebere, after exchanging pleasantries, she said and I quote: “You are a blessed a woman; follow your husband. There is no other place where there is Salvation except in that Church at G.T.C. I was among the people who suffered for it, but today, some other people are enjoying it. I was there when it was hot—terribly hot. However, today, some other people there are enjoying it, but I sealed my fate with my mouth. I have gone to many places; there is no other place where there is life if not there. Therefore, follow your husband. On my side, I am only waiting, maybe God will save me at last.”
20. That made Me to remember the words of our Brother Goddy Ikechebere. When he was outside, he told Me clearly that he used to tell some of you that ran into him that you were better than all of them outside, that they were suffering there, but you might not know it until you come out.
21. How can somebody be happy outside Christ? Who does not know that God is always missed in every age He is revealed by almost everybody? How people do miss God.
22. When I was praying, because I was still wondering how a human being
could capture something that is happening in this Faith, but I resolved that matter recently. I got the answer recently and the man was not a churchman. He was not addressed as a pastor, a reverend, a bishop or anything. He was addressed as a master. The voice was scaring.
23. The voice alone was frightening, but I have never heard such a humble voice even when people wanted to provoke him. I have never heard such a humble voice. I called my wife and said, “Can you see! I hope you are paying attention. Do not ever sleep over this matter!” However, what surprised Me was that it appeared as if our Message was given to this man to start reading to the whole world, word for word. I was amazed.
24. What is the matter at stake? I had a dream which I will narrate to you here in the fear of the Lord. This is my experience: I was in a dream, yet it is real. The Voice came through my mouth saying, “ARISE, BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION. TELL MY PEOPLE AND YOUR PEOPLE, TIME IS FINISHED. THE BRIDE HAS MADE HERSELF READY. THRUST IN THE SICKLE, HARVEST THE EARTH”. The thing shifted again: “THE MONTH OF NISAN SHALL NOT PASS AWAY; I WILL TURN THE ATTENTION OF THE WORLD TO THE EVENT. IN THE MIDST OF THE TROUBLE, THE SAINTS SHALL BE TRANSLATED.”
25. There, the book of Isaiah chapter 42:1-6 flashed across: “Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles. He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street.
26. A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.
27. Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein: I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles.” (KJV).
28. I then screamed, “We are trapped! The entire world has been trapped. The world has missed it all, but God help us. This period is a very delicate period. If you do not intervene, no flesh shall be saved.”
29. The world is doomed already and this horrible matter is unknown in all the Churches. It is unknown throughout the entire world. Even the forthcoming matter is unknown, but they were predicted in the Scriptures.
30. I had earlier announced to you that very shortly, you will sell your property to procure a copy of “This Generation in Prophecy.” I said that as long as God lives and I live, no iota of that Message will go unfulfilled. As at that time, I was yet to hook up with this matter. Not until Brethren came with a little book, a pamphlet and I went through it as they marked it. They were Brother Chibuko and Brother Stephen.
31. I asked them why they marked some places. They said that they came across it and it became word for word the Message we have been receiving and they concluded that they must bring it to Me. Then, we started reading the thing.
32. After a short while, I called my wife and said to her: “Darling, come and see! The thing has come at last. This man’s arithmetic, I will not comment on it now. Let me inquire of the Lord more and more. I will speak last.”
33. As God could have it, I hooked up with the whole thing and from that Note: the month of Nisan is the 1st month of Jewish calendar: in the Jewish calendar, the first month of the religious year, lasting 30 days and falling about the same time as March to April day, I have been inquiring of many things: “How did this man manage to get my Message? Who is revealing these things to him? More so, when he is there at California in America and I am here in Nigeria?” Then, I began to wonder again: Why is it that the matter I spoke about and even documented many years ago fulfilled on Saturday morning, 20th November, 2010 in Israel and was contained in BBC News to the extent that BBC was probing the matter I spoke about, laid facts, documented and revisited even on Saturday morning, only for me to tune in the radio and hearing them fulfilling immediately in Israel? 
34. Who is not aware that Israel is our timetable? Ancient men in this Faith, don’t you know what I am saying? Rise up to your responsibilities! What is the timetable of the Gentiles? What did the Prophets say about this matter? Are you no longer the children of the Prophets and of the Promise that was made unto the fathers?
35. Why am I in your midst? Am I not in your midst as a sign of the Covenant, affirming the Promise that was made unto your fathers? Ancient men, ministers, rise up!
36. When you hear “ARISE, BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION”, ask yourself, where is the Zion? I said where is the Zion? Where did He say you should blow the trumpet? Or did He say you should blow it to the world? Who did He say you should tell? It is my people and your people: “Thrust in the sickle and harvest the Earth.”
37. Who is going to harvest the Earth? It is the Son of Man. Some people do not know that God does not judge anyone, but has committed judgement into the hands of His dear Son, for He is the Son of Man. Is it not scriptural?
38. “As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall be REVEALED.” Was he referring to Jesus? When Jesus came, was the world in Noah’s condition? Was the world in Sodomite condition? In addition, Jesus said, When the Son of Man shall appear, shall He find faith in the world?”
39. Was Jesus referring to himself? Who is that “Comforter whom the Father will send instead of me (Jesus)?” Amen. We have stepped into the Lord’s own year. His calendar remains His calendar. After two days, the third day, He will revive us and we shall live in Him.  We have finished our own two days. We are now living in His own remaining one-day. And since we know we are in His day, He will stop that day at a time nobody expects. That is why we must make sure that we are standing on our SANCTIFIED ESTATE.  When you are sure you are standing on your “sanctified estate,” the time the clock will stop means Nothing to you. Nevertheless, if you are not standing there, your life is in danger because God can stop it anytime. –The Son of Man.  (DISPUTE AMONG THE BRETHREN, VOL 1. PP. 10.)
I want us to look into some of our ancient manuscripts such as The Last Trumpet. I recognise the fact that the Vatican woman and her children will fill the streets, celebrating the so-called Corpus Christi meaning “body of Christ” and things like that. 
2. Moreover, allow the Spirit of God in you to minister to you the difference between them and you. Pentecostals now do the same thing. They hire band, fill the vehicles with their members and they will walk round the whole city, campaigning for membership. Deeper Life that condemned it is now leading. 
3. Once any group rises up, the next thing is to hire a big truck; musicians will be there, it will be entertainment everywhere. Some will even hire market women and men to follow the vehicle. Some do it on a daily basis like the B.C.M., Saint Peter’s Anglican Church and so many like them. Now, their other (Catholic) will do the biggest celebration. You will see Babylon religion at work. 
4. If what these people have been doing is what God has approved, the Spirit in you will bear witness. If that is what the Scriptures said that they should do, if that is how our fathers worshipped God, you will know, for by their fruits you shall know them. 
5. Looking at the publications, titled “The Last Trumpet,” “This Generation in Prophecy,” “Behold the Man of Sin” and some others, the Messages therein are a vindication that the Watchman is not  fast asleep. He that keepeth watch over Israel does not sleep, neither does He slumber. 
7. In compliance with this commandment, I am blowing the trumpet in Zion. He that has an ear, let him hear. He that has understanding, let him understand. He that has eyes, let him see the handwriting of the Lord that has been clearly written on the wall. TIME IS FINISHED. I want to put you in remembrance as we see the days approaching. 
8. Gross darkness has covered the Earth. In the Message titled “This Generation in Prophecy,” there is a global map on it, which it was written: “Gross darkness covers the Earth soon”. The Message people laughed at, blasphemed, scoffed at and ridiculed, it is that same Message that holds the key to their Salvation, for God will always laugh last. Promises of God never come to pass until they have been ridiculed, laughed at and set aside. 
9. In the year 2000, all the Churches were filled with human beings because some people thought the world would come to an end. When the time passed and nothing happened, they went away, everybody to his old habit again. The whole conditional or emergency children of God who were trying to escape the wrath of God went away too, but the real children of God remained behind. Strangers left, but some remained. 
10. Let us go to Noah’s day. There was population explosion in Noah’s day. Genesis chapter six from verse one. “Now a population explosion took place upon the earth…” (Gen 6:1, LB).  “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth…” (Gen 6:1, KJV).
11. Note, there was population explosion. The world was over-populated; this is the number one thing you must see that occurred in Noah’s day. 
12. Today again, the cry of every country now, is it not population explosion? Is there any country that is not crying that she is overpopulated? Because of overpopulation, some countries have introduced what they call “family planning.” Some countries like China have decreased hers to maximum of two issues. Some said four, while some said three. In Nigeria, it is the same thing. 
13. The talk of the day in every family, is it not family planning, why? Population explosion.  14. Let us go to the Scriptures again:  “When human race had spread all over the world, and daughters were being born.” (Gen 6:1, GNB). 
15. Did you get it? Daughters were being born, which means that girls were greater in number. Ladies became greater in number. There is no country in the whole world where the women are not greater in number. That is why Isaiah saw our day when he said that a day is coming when four ladies will run to one man and tell him to marry them that they will provide for all that they want if only he will permit them to answer his name in order to take away their reproach for not being married. Is it not fulfilling today? 
16. They will clothe themselves and bring money for everything today. All you need to do is to tell a lady that you want to marry her. She does not want to know whether you are married or not. She will just give her consent straight away, your age notwithstanding. Please, note the characteristics as we go into the Scriptures again. 
17. “When human race had spread all over the world, and daughters were being born, Some of the heavenly beings saw that these young women were beautiful, so, they took the ones they liked. 
18. Then, the Lord said, ‘I will not allow people to live forever, they are mortal. From now on they will live no longer than a hundred and twenty years.’” (Gen 6:1-3, GNB).
19. “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the  sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
20. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.” (Gen 6:1-3, KJV).
21. “Now a population explosion took place upon the earth. It was at this time that beings from the spirit world looked upon the beautiful earth women and took any they desired to be their wives. 
22. Then Jehovah said, 'My Spirit must not forever be  disgraced in man, wholly evil as he is. I will give him 120 years to mend his ways.'" (Gen 6:1-3 LB).
23. If you go further, you will see that God said that the whole Earth was filled with violence. In the days of Noah, watch; women/ladies/girls were extremely beautiful. They beautified themselves with various make-ups and attracted the attentions of the sons of God who started taking them as wives as they chose without God’s guidance. 
24. Today, watch; there has never been any other age where women have become extremely beautiful and attractive more than this age of ours. Watch all daughters of men that know not God; is there any virtue in them again? There is no make-up they do not have. There is no type of fashion they have not embraced. There is no type of cosmetics they do not apply starting from their hairs to their toes. They can change the colour of their skin overnight because they do not know God. They are daughters of men. 
25. Why are they dressing that way? It is to attract the attention of sons of God, heavenly beings. That time, if you read further, they fused together as husbands and wives as they chose, even till today; and these are the set of people that introduced violence upon the Earth. 
26. I just want to show you something. Today, since the world began, apart from Noah’s day, there has never been any other generation that is filled with violence like this generation. Can’t you see widespread of violence? Is there any country that is not filled with violence ranging from violent robbery, violent actions, kidnappings, killings to extortions? There are violent events like suicide bombing, divorce cases everywhere. You say, “Brother, is divorce also violence?” I say yes! Divorce is an act of violence. 
27. Violence has filled the heart of everybody. The Lord went further to say that the hearts of men were continually evil; that they set their hearts to doing evil continually without restraints. There was lawlessness everywhere. People took laws into their hands, no more respect for constituted authority. Break down of law and order was the characteristic features of Noah’s day. 
28. Today, no matter what you preach, I want to make it clear that nobody is repenting again. They are only going to the Church, but nobody is repenting. The abomination that maketh desolate is  sitting on the high places verywhere. 
29. Look at another characteristic features of Noah’s day. They were marrying and being given to marriage. They were eating and drinking. They were having their parties; they were building their houses. They were making merchandises. Those things occupied their hearts as their daily activities, making it impossible for them to know when Noah and his family really entered the Ark. 
30. Today, there is competition in building. Every kind of merchandise is with us. Even in the so-called Churches, they are no longer preaching the true Gospel of Christ, rather, they are preaching the gospel of the Devil. THEY ARE LAYING EMPHASIS ON MATERIAL ACQUISITION. They now establish schools and colleges, universities, even  building hotels, guesthouses, all to make money. They even engage in transport business, Agriculture and everything they can think of. Some  establish industries, every kind of industry. 
31. Then the question arises: was it the commission Christ gave them to establish? Every ministry that is established is aimed at making money. Look at the state of Noah’s day. Now, let us go to Genesis chapter nineteen; let us consider the days of Lot also.
32. Genesis chapter 19:1-2, GNB):  “When the two angels came to Sodom that evening, Lot was sitting at the city gate. As soon as he saw them, he got up and went to meet them. He bowed down before them and said, ‘Sirs, I am here to serve you, please come to my house. You shall wash your feet and stay the night …’” 
33. Note, the two angels were human beings and they were men. He (Lot) said, “Sirs, come in let me serve you food. You are looking weak and wearied.” 
34. Please note, they were human beings sent to human beings in Sodom and Gomorrah to announce their destruction because of their evils. 
35. Verse 2 through 5: “…Sirs, I am here to serve you. Please, come to my house. You can wash your feet and stay the night. In the morning, you can get up early and go on your way. But they answered, ‘No, we will spend a night here.’ He kept on urging them and finally, they went with him into his house. Lot ordered his servants to bake some bread and prepare a fine meal for the guests. When it was ready, they ate it.
36. Before the guests went to bed, men of Sodom surrounded the house. All the men of the city, young and old were there. They called out to Lot and asked, ‘Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us.’ The men of Sodom wanted to have sex with them.”(Gen 19:2-5, GNB). 
37. Note it, the men of Sodom wanted to have sexual intercourse with their fellow men. 
38. Verse 6 through 9: “…Lot went outside and closed the door behind him. He said to the men, ‘Friends, I beg you, don’t do such a wicked thing! 
39. Look, I have two daughters who are still virgins. Let me bring them out to you and you can do whatever you want with them, but don’t do anything to these men. They are guests in my house and I must protect them”, but they said, “Get out of our way you foreigner. Who are you to tell us what to do? Out of our way, or we will put you worse than them.’ 
40. But they said, Get out of our way, or we will treat you worse than them.’ They pushed Lot back and moved up to break down the door.” (Gen 19:6-9, GNB).
41. Can you see! They pushed Lot back intending to break down the door, both young and old. Watch the kind of life they were living for which cause God condemned them. 
42. Verse 10:  “But the two men inside reached out and pulled Lot into the house and shut the door.” (Gen 19:10, GNB).
43. The two men reached out, pulled Lot into the house  and then used their hands to shut the door. Yes! Something happened, let us see what it was. 
44. Verse 11:  “Then, they struck all the men outside with blindness.”  (Gen 19:11, GNB).
45. They struck all the men outside with what? – BLINDNESS. It was just like Elijah did, Elisha did it also. Paul did it too. Who were those two Angels that could strike the people with blindness so that they would be groping? They (the people of Sodom and Gomorrah) did not know where the door was anymore, when they (the Angels) had already pulled Lot into the house and sealed up the door the same way God locked the Ark of Salvation in the days of Noah, when he had already pulled Noah and his family inside. He struck the rest outside with blindness.  
46. Isaiah said that God Himself made those outside blind; seeing, they will see without understanding. When Jesus the Christ met them, He met them as blind people. 
47. Verse 11 through 13:  “Then, they struck all the men outside with blindness so that they could not find the door. 
48. The two men said to Lot, ‘If you have any one else here – sons-in-law or any other relative living in the city, get them out of here because we are going to destroy this place. The LORD has heard the terrible accusations against these people and has sent us to destroy Sodom.’”  (Gen 19:11-13, GNB).  
49. The Lord had heard terrible accusations against this city and has sent us to completely destroy it. Note, can you see what was called fornication, the sin they committed? They were tired of having sexual intercourse with women. Men had nothing to do with women any longer, sexually. They were then going after their fellow men. Moreover, the anger of the Lord was kindled against them. 
50. Romans chapter 1: 21-27:  “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
51. And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
52. Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
53. And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.” (KJV).
54. They built for themselves idols and started bowing down to them, manmade gods, because when they knew God, they could not glorify Him neither were they thankful. They could not retain the knowledge of God in their hearts. God now allowed them to become vain in their imaginations and they started bowing down to creeping things, images made in the likeness of men, animals or fishes, things like that. 
55. “Because they do this, God has given them over to shameful passions. Even the women perverted the natural use of their sex by unnatural act. In the same way, the men gave up natural relations with women. The men gave up natural relationship with women…” (Romans 1: 26-27, GNB).
56. Now, sexual relationship between a man and a woman, is it natural or unnatural? It is natural. Is it perversion or original? It is original. Is it God’s purpose or against God’s purpose? It is God’s purpose. That is why I said you should pay real attention at the onset. You know I am crazy; you know I am mad. 
57. Verse 27 through 32:  “In the same way, men gave up natural sexual relationships with women and burn with passion for each other. Men do shameful things with each other; and as a result they bring upon themselves punishments they deserved for their wrongdoings. 
58. Because those people refused to keep in mind the true knowledge about God, he has given them over to corrupted mind, so that they do things that they should not do. 
59. They are filled with all kinds of wickedness, evil, greed, and vice; they are full of jealousy, murder, fighting, deceit and malice. They gossip and speak evil of one another. They are hateful to God, insolent,  proud, and boastful; they think of more ways to do evil; they disobey their parents; they have no conscience; they do not keep their promises, and they show no kindness or pity for others. 
60. They know that God’s law says that people who live in this way deserve death. Yet, not only do they continue to do these very things, but they even approve of others who do them.” (Romans 1: 27-32, GNB).
61. “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
62. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.”(Romans 1: 26-28, KJV).
63. You see, because they could not retain God, which is truth in their knowledge, God now gave them over to reprobate mind in order to act against nature, to act against God. This is because God is made visible through nature. 
64. St. Paul said in his day while talking to his people, “Does not nature even teach you that if a woman has long hair, it is a thing of pride, but if a man has it, it becomes a shameful thing?” This means that God vindicates Himself through nature. 
65. No matter how I put on wig, my stature will betray me. Even if I use paw-paw to form my breast, it will never dangle. It cannot dangle. Let me use the whole foam in the world to pad my buttocks, they cannot make any movement. My stature will still betray me because nature reveals the difference between “A” and “B”. 
66. The time for jesting and joking is over; be very serious with the Salvation of your soul. The time for sentiment, the time for jumping up and down is completely over. My life is at stake; the Salvation of your soul is at stake also. I am sounding the Trumpet in Zion. Time is finished; no more pampering of the truth.
67. If we pamper people with the truth, we will produce Sodom and Gomorrah.  THE WHOLE EARTH IS FILLED WITH VIOLENCE 
68. Verse 29: “Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder,  debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers….” (KJV). 
69. Have you seen the word fornication for which cause God condemned them as it was written also in the Old Testament, “They gave themselves over to fornication?” In addition, the interpretation became very clear that they left the natural use of their body. Instead of men going after women, they turned it into men to men and women to women.  They became inventors of evil things, implacable. 
70. If you want to be ignorant, be ignorant. If you want to be wise, be wise. As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall be REVEALED. 
71. Today, homosexuality has been approved and legalised in almost all the countries in the world. It is in practice even in countries that have not passed it into law. It is in practice even in Onitsha. Married men practise it; married women practise it. Spinsters practise it; young boys practice it as well. I am bearing witness of the truth. 
72. If any has escaped it, it is in this Faith. Outside this Faith, you will see too many horrible things. Even some of your sons and daughters in our midst, if they are not strictly taught and disciplined, surely, they must be victims. 
73. Spinsters in this Faith, you do read these things even in the newspapers. Anybody that is conversant with periodic newspapers, don’t you see them? They are even displayed in films. Boys and girls that act films, mothers and fathers that act films, they display all these things, even to the general public. People make money with sin.
74. Those of you that know about the Nollywood (the Nigerian movie industry), these films that are produced by the Nollywood, don’t they practice it? Are you not aware that even the whole world are invited to vote for the sexiest man and the sexiest woman? Don’t you see women now dress in nude? Men also dress in nude. Or am I bearing false witness? 
75. What is more, they make a hell of money, violent films everywhere. People are now lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. People now call evil entertainment. This was exactly the picture in Lot’s day when men and women, young and old could gather at Lot’s house demanding that the two men should come out for them to have sexual intercourse with their fellow men in the presence of women, youth, even spinsters; this is total moral decay! 
76. When you read the Scriptures, read with pure understanding. Brethren, I am afraid. 
77. In the year 1977, Nigeria had the list of the first “expo” in the history of this nation. By “expo”, I mean examination malpractice. Today, examination malpractice means nothing. Today, mercenaries now write examinations for people. People can stay at home and obtain degrees. Certificates are placed for sale. Scores in examinations are purchased with money. Am I making sense at all? 
78. We now have places they call “special centres.” Lecturers now collect money; they are tired of sleeping with female students to offer them scores. What they now want is money. 
79. There is no type of cultism that is not in practice today. Cultism has degenerated even to the primary school children level. The whole Earth is filled with violence. 
80. Now, watching the way things are going, if the Lord will permit us to stay on Earth till ten years, tell Me, is there any flesh that will be saved? Today, any evil that comes will settle with us: Armed robbery came and settled; ritual murder came and settled. Exam malpractice came and settled. Kidnapping came and settled. Suicide bombing has come and it has settled too. Every kind of evil comes and settles with us. Now, homosexuality and lesbianism have come also and they have settled. 
81. People are inventing evils every day. Through the use of television, many evils that are invented have been seen. They have even invented an instrument that resembles the male organ, which women that do not want males at all can use to satisfy themselves sexually. Men can also purchase their own, those who do not want anything to do with women, which they can use to satisfy themselves even without women. 
82. There is nothing that has not been invented. Stealing of children is now called adoption. It is everywhere. There is no more Hannah who can pray. There is no more Elizabeth who can pray, no! Everybody is all impatience. When God gives male children to some, they will be looking for females. He gives them females; they will be looking for males. 
83. Watch the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, watch the days of Noah; all that manifested in the two generations, God said that the evil of these two generations must merge together and manifest in the generation, which the Son of Man shall be revealed. In other words, if there be another generation where the Son of Man is revealed, which is not this one, the whole world will query it. Again, that means that God is not behind it. 
84. If the Son of Man had appeared in A.D. 70, when these things were unknown, that would have been the false Son of Man. If He had appeared in the days of Jesus when these evils were unknown, when the world was still at the primitive stage, when there was no education as it is today, that would have been false Son of Man. 
85. There is no age the Son of Man shall be revealed as predicted by Jesus the Christ than the age when the evils that characterised Noah’s day and Lot’s day will be visible, made manifest and abiding as our age now. Tell me which other generation if not this one. For the Son of Man to be revealed in this particular generation when all these things have manifested, what can you say about it? The end has come. Time is finished; time is no more. Amen. If you are in a classroom and during examination you are given a question paper to write on, and the time says one hour thirty minutes; and from the stop clock, once it reaches one hour thirty minutes, you have exhausted your time that is allotted for that paper.   From that time, any other second is the examiner’s second/time. If he allows you extra ten minutes or thirty minutes, it is not your time. You are now using his time and he can stop you at any second.   It can be at a time you want to write the answer or you want to punctuate something — you will hear: “Pens up! If you write again, I will cancel your paper!”  He will say, “Stand up, leave your paper there, your two hands up,” no more. You will remain like that.  Now, the supervisor will be collecting your papers whether you wrote the answer or not, whether you were trying to punctuate or not, it is useless. — SON OF MAN. (YOU ARE MY FRIENDS, PP. 26, VS 8-11).
1. Daniel chapter 12:1 (LB): “At that time, Michael the mighty Angel…” No, do not worry. I will come to that one, the man that will fight for you, the man that will give you the victory when the squeeze will be on you greatly. Already, you are feeling the impact of that squeeze spiritually now. You are also feeling it physically, but I will show you something. 
2. "But Daniel, keep this prophecy a secret; seal it up so that it will not be understood until the end times, when travel and education shall be vastly increased!" (Dan 12:4, LB).
3. Did you get it? “Seal it up so that it will not be understood until the end time, when travelling and education shall grossly increase”. Oh! No! Who can tell Me the age Daniel appeared and saw the end of the world? In addition, God said, “Keep it as a secret. Do not disclose it to anybody until the time of the end when knowledge shall vastly increase.” 
4. Today, has knowledge not increased? You can go to America and come back today. You can stay in Russia and shoot a rocket that will land in Nigeria. Has knowledge not increased? Look at this simple one: you can use your handset now and travel to the whole world in one place. Did your father see these things? 
5. There is no more library; you can go to the Internet and download every information you want. By this, has knowledge not increased? You can stay either in your office or home and import shiploads of goods from overseas. Has knowledge not increased? What can you say about education? 
6. Let me use my son as an instance; at this tender age of his, he is already in secondary school, class three. However,  in my own time, I was sixteen-year-old when I enlisted in secondary school. Look at such a lad (boy) in class three now at his age. If it were then, he would have been in kindergarten for his hand can never touch his eyes  by crossing it over his head. 
7. Your child of four years now can speak English more than you. He can even read, understand and ask you curious questions that can beat your imagination. Knowledge is increasing, that is, the  knowledge of good and evil. 
8. A newspaper has it that a fourteen-year-old girl is making boy friends in the school when most of us, even at the age of twenty years were still virgins at the secondary level. Till we passed out, we remained virgins. In the olden days, unmarried adult women and adult men could go to the same stream naked, sleep in the same bed naked, no passion for each other, nothing suspicious around them. However, today, infants have known what their parents know and even more. They are haters of good, incontinent, incorrigible, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. 
9. Watch, when travelling will vastly increase; do you  know that before now, travelling abroad was for those who wanted to  go there and study? Besides, it was meant for all that were educated, but today, stark illiterates shuttle worldwide. The whites are here; the blacks are there too. People are running up and down like that. Travelling increased everywhere. 
10. Daniel saw it as something that will happen and you will begin to know that the end of everything has come. He heard the Almighty saying, “Shut it up. Make it a secret. Don’t ever reveal it until the time of the end”. 
11. “But he said, "Go now, Daniel, for what I have said is not to be understood until the time of the end.” (Dan 12:9, LB).  12. Many shall be purified by great trials. Yes! Great trials shall purify your faith for persecution makes you to tighten up your belt. Many shall be drawn closest to God through trials for you will have no other hope than God; no other hope except God. Check, if God does not cut this age short for the sake of the Elects we will all join. Everybody will join, no place shall be left. 
13. Already, I have started hearing the language among you in this Faith: “Whatever they are doing, we will join them and do it, for the ones that fit them will fit us too since it the reigning thing now.” Yet, God said that a wise man does not join the majority when they are wrong. There is no good way of doing a wrong thing. May God be my witness forever because I have and I am still sounding the Trumpet in Zion. I am blowing it for the time is finished. 
14. “Many shall be purified by great trials and persecutions. But the wicked shall continue in their wickedness, and none of them will understand. Only those who are willing to learn will know what it means." (Dan 12:10, LB).
15. Let us see the second book of Timothy, there is something there. It said, “Oh! Timothy, know surely clear that in the last days, in the time of the end, perilous things shall come that it will be very difficult to be a child of God. It will be very difficult to obey God. It will even be very difficult for women to reason with their husbands. For people to walk harmoniously will be very difficult. To live in peace with one another will equally be very difficult. People will love only themselves and their money. 
16. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
17. Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
18. Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” (2 Tim. 3:1-5, KJV). 
19. These are the things you will see happening and you will know that time is finished. Who will escape from these things? Only those that are ready to learn with understanding, those that will understand the hour we are in, for people will be proud and boastful, sneering at God, very disobedient to their parents and filled with evil.  They will snub at the righteous. Anybody that professes godliness will be sneered at. They will be called all manner of names; they will even be caricatured. They now make fun of Almighty God, using God to act films. 
20. There is no manner of way God has not been ridiculed, even in their song making. To them, God is moneymaking venture. You can see what is happening even today. You see, that is what is happening in the whole streets these days–Babylon religion. 
21. "For people will love only themselves and their money; they will be proud and boastful, sneering at God, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful to them, and thoroughly bad. 
22. They will be hard-headed and never give in to others; they will be constant liars and troublemakers and will think nothing of immorality. They will be rough and cruel, and sneer at those who try to be good. 
23. They will betray their friends; they will be hotheaded, puffed up with pride, and prefer good times to worshiping God." (2 Tim 3:2-4, LB). 24. Yes! Why can’t they since they see worshipping of God as a waste of time? “Old boy, let us go and watch some films. I do not want anybody to disturb me with so and so preaching: ‘repent, Jesus said, Jesus said.’ I am tired of hearing all those things.” 
25. “They will go to church, yes, but they won't really believe anything they hear." (2 Tim 3:5, LB). 
26. Hey! They will like to go to Church, but they will never, never believe anything they will hear. Brethren, have you seen that these people are not only heathens outside? Do they go to Church? Yes. In addition, the Scriptures said that when you shall see these abominations that maketh desolate standing in the holy place, do what? You should escape for your life. Time is finished. 
27. If you look at the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud; there you will see the Watchman, the Son of Man in the Pillar of Cloud. There, He raised His hands towards the Heavens and announced it that time is finished and the Lord came down in the Pillar of Cloud, in the Pillar of Light, in the form of a Rainbow to vindicate the Voice, “Time is finished,” and now again the Voice said, “Blow the Trumpet in Zion. Tell my people and your people, time is finished. The Bride hath made herself ready. Thrust in the sickle, harvest the Earth; the month of Nisan shall not pass away. I will direct the attention of the world to that event and in the midst of the trouble, the Saints shall be translated.” 
28. The Scriptures said, “They will go to Church, but they will not really believe anything they are hearing or anything they will hear, but do not be fooled by people that think that way.” Do not associate with them; mark them and avoid them completely. 
29. Look at the Voice. He said, “Continue with the Message you heard from the very beginning if you want to be saved, knowing that the persons that gave you the Messages are trusted messengers from God who stand before God and speak as people that will give account before God; who never pampered you with the truth.”  EVENTS ARE MADE CLEAR BY PROPHECY 
30. God is recalling His own from the whole nations, the Jews that scattered all over the world. They started coming back many years ago. The Late President of Israel, Ehud Barak intensified the movement to make sure they were all settled in their homeland. He could not accomplish it before he died and until the last fellow is rehabilitated, the Lord will not turn His eyes fully to them. 
31. I am saying that very soon, the wild Olive branch shall be cut off. The Gentiles are the wild Olive branch. The original Olive tree remains the Jews. The hardness of heart, the rebellion of the Jews is temporal. Their unbelief is not permanent at all.  
32. Now, their (Israel) current Prime Minister (President), Benjamin Netanyahu has made a proclamation worldwide and before he made the proclamation, for many years now, Israel has devoted her time to building mansions in trillions for the rehabilitation of the returnees from all the countries where they are scattered and they are coming back on a daily basis. When they come, all they need to do is to say their lineage, ancient men will trace it by searching the history, how they belong there, and they will be resettled. 
33. It is on now and the last date given to them is 31st December 2010. However, before now, everything about Salvation to  the Gentile world was closed. It is no longer for whosever willeth; it is now for those whose names were written in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world. 
34. We are now in the days of Noah, in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah for the final onslaught. Whatever might be the transgression of the Jews will be taken away in one second when the Lord shall turn His face towards them. It is easier for them to recognize God than for you to recognize God. God is about bringing the final reconciliation of the Jews; and right now, there is no Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom.  Israel has amalgamated. It is now one United Kingdom with one Prime Minister (President) according to the prophecy of the Prophets. Events are made clear by prophecy. 
35. Now, to you that are in this Faith, I have a warning, and that warning is a scriptural warning. 
36. Jude 1:6-7: “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.
37. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” (KJV). 
38. God is now using them as examples. Can there be angels that left their former estates? Many have left their former estates, even in this Bridal Faith, but were they angels in the beginning? Yes! Who has reserved them for the Day of Judgment? – God. 
39. You see why as many of them that know the Scriptures, they have realized their condition and they have known what is awaiting them. This is why they are calling for the head of the Son of Man everyday; for they know that they have lost it all. For they have even used their mouth to seal their doom by blaspheming the Holy Ghost. Were they angels before? Yes, they left their former estates; and God said—using Sodom and Gomorrah as example—now what are you seeing in the world today, signs of the end, for God appointed a time when He will let the Evil One loose to have dominion.  40. Revelation 13: 7-8: “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
41. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (KJV).
42. Why not say Amen! The rest of the inhabitants of the Earth are now under the power and control of this Evil One. Check all the Churches; they have merged with the world. They have merged with politics; they have gone religious so worse, thinking that God is behind them. They mention God with their mouth, but their hearts are far away from Him. 
43. William Branham said, “At the end, the revival will be everywhere and people will think they are getting saved; they do not know that it is Satan at work, gathering them for the slaughter, for it is end time revival that saves nobody.” 
44. The Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the Churches many years ago. Then, the Devil took over all the Churches straight away and then poured out his anointing over all flesh in the world, and  then worshiping of God became a ridiculous thing. It became a way of making money, a way of achieving cheap popularity. Every kind of evil is now associated with worshiping God. 
45. The Day of the Lord has now come at last and who will escape? It is only those that are spiritually alert, only those whose names were written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. They are the only people that will be prepared by the Word of God unspotted from the world or things of the world. Any other person must be spotted. 
46. I am saying that this is the hour of temptation, the hour of trial. The aim of the Devil is to distract your attention from God so that you will be spotted, but why not say, “No, I reject it. Though  the entire world will be spotted, may the grace of God preserve me unspotted;” and God knowing fully well that if we go by the deeds of the Law, there is no way we will never be spotted, ahead of time, He ushered us into this unmerited favour wherein we are now living by His grace. Thus, we are sustained by His grace as we continue in having Faith in Him. That day (the Day of the Lord) is already with us. 
47. First Thessalonians 5:1—“But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.” (KJV).
48. You see! But of the times and the seasons, you have no need that I should write unto you, why? You are not blind, you are not in the dark. You are children of the Light; you have the timetable in your hands. Noah had the timetable in his hands; Lot had the timetable; Rehab had the timetable, the Jews in the days of Titus, they had their timetable in their hands. 
49. Verse 2 -3:  “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (1 Thess. 5:2-3, KJV). 
50. Today a proclamation has gone forth, that in all the nations of the Earth, there will be no more military rule. Anywhere there is any military incaution, the United Nations will go there and force the person to step down. Anywhere there is any sign of war, the United Nation will go there and stop it. Generally, it is now peace, peace all over the world. If it had not been so, by now a military junta would have collected leadership from President Goodluck Jonathan, but for fear of the United Nations, everybody is calm.  51. When they shall say peace, peace; peace and safety,  worldwide movement, sudden destruction will set in and they will not escape it. Today, we do not talk of ecumenism again for it is everywhere. 
52. Look at Academic Staff Union of Universities in Nigeria. They could not resolve their problem with all the governors in the South East so that students will go back to school, until the matter was taken to the palace of the traditional ruler in Onitsha, under the chairmanship of His Royal Highness, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka, the Obi of Onitsha, the Agbogidi One, the chairman of Anambra State Traditional Rulers Council. He presided over the meeting. Then, all religious leaders came, including Archbishop Paul Nwachukwu, the Archbishop of all the Pentecostals, so it was written in the newspaper: Archbishop of all the Pentecostals. He has bishops under him; so, he cannot be a bishop, he is now the Archbishop just like Archbishop Idahosa. 
53. All of them came and prevailed on the lecturers, then gave them charge to resume academic work on Monday, 22nd  November, 2010. 
54. Look at where we are. I do not want to talk about Ecumenism. You know more than that; you know about “Mark of the Beast.” You know about that one. You either have the “Mark of Christ” or the “Mark of the Beast.” These are spiritual marks that are going hand in hand at the same time. 
55. When the Devil is marking his own people, God is also marking His own people; and you know the very antichrist. All other people are subject to him, because the very antichrist is the head of the World Council of Churches (WCC), which is the world umbrella of the whole religious association world over
56. Concerning the time, you have no need that I write unto you, for you yourself know very well that the Day of the Lord cometh as a thief in the night. Have I not explained this matter over the years? 
57. “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.” (1 Thess. 5:4-5, KJV).
58. If you go further, the Scripture said that God has  never called us to obtain his wrath but to obtain Salvation through Christ. 
59. Paul was talking to his people in his day through our Lord Jesus Christ who was the Angel Messenger to that Church Age. We  are not in that Church Age. That same Spirit that spoke that day in Jesus, the same Spirit is back in the Body of Christ, echoing the same thing, for if that same Spirit that caused Jesus to resurrect will be in you, it will quicken your mortal body, for all the messengers of God in all the past dispensations had always spoken in the Spirit of Christ. They have the Spirit of Christ in them. 
60. That day cannot take you unawares, because you are  watchful. To Daniel, it was not a surprise. To Noah, it was not a surprise. To Lot, it was clearly announced. To Rehab, it was announced; in Jerusalem, it was announced. 
61. This is your day; that the Jews are going back to their homeland, is it a surprise to them? It is a surprise to the Gentiles, but it is not a surprise to them, for they know the promise was unto them and to their children and to them that are afar off, as many as the Lord our God shall call; and I am telling you that the Salvation Boat is filled. Nobody is coming in again, because from now, the wicked is going on his wickedness, there is nothing restraining people from evil anymore. 
62. The time when threat of Hell or threat of God’s anger hinders people from doing evil is over. The time when people hear the name of Jesus and they tremble is over; the time when the Devil hears the name of Jesus and runs away is over; the Devil is no longer afraid of that name Jesus more than any other thing. Nobody uses the name of Jesus to frighten the Devil again and you cannot use the name of Jesus to instil fear in your children; they can volunteer to go to Hell. 
63. If God does not intervene and allow us to continue anyhow, hollering and rolling up and down, in the next ten years, you and I must join. Definitely, no flesh will escape; and God said that because of the Elects, those He has chosen for Salvation, He has decided to cut the days short in righteousness, and it pleases God that you and I will be in the number chosen for Gods Salvation, despised and rejected people like we are.  
64. There is nothing good in us, criminals like us, prostitutes like us, drunkards like us, rebellious people like us, He has counted worthy putting us into His Salvation Boat, into His Ark of Safety. Is it not wonderful? This is what Grace has achieved for us. That which Israel could not achieve by obeying the Law, Election purchase it for the Jews, while Grace purchased it for the Gentiles. Why not say Amen! 
65. Concerning Election, Israel is the beloved of the father. Concerning race, you and I are the chosen ones of God; you are the chosen people for I just want to show you that: “God is a Black man,” and even convince you from what we are saying here that He is from Africa.  Thus, if God is hiding in Teman, you know that God was indirectly telling you He was hiding in Edom. God is found in Esau. Remember, Edom means Esau. Yet, “Jacob I love, Esau I hated that My divine purpose and election might stand sure.”  Jacob came in by Election, and Esau came in by Adoption.— the Son of Man. GOD IN  DESPISED
PLACES, PP. 166. whom the Saviour came. You are a blessed generation, a holy generation for your sake the Saviour is sent. Selah.
66. Martin Luther preached in his day and said, “… the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist…” Was Martin Luther a messenger of the Church Age? Yes. 
67. Charles H. Spurgeon said, “We must warn with judicious boldness those who are inclined towards the errors of Rome; we must…tell them of the black doings of Popery."
68. John Knox said, “The pope should be recognized as the very antichrist."
69. John Wesley said, “He is in an emphatical sense, the Man of Sin, as he increases all manner of sin above measure."
70. John Calvin said, “…we call the Roman pontiff Antichrist."Thomas Cranmer said, “Wherefore it followeth Rome to be the seat or antichrist, and the pope to be very antichrist himself."
71. You can see the pictures of the messengers as we saw them in their various books. You can clearly see that we are not the ones that said it. You can see the very messenger that said it. 
72. Thus, if you are still in doubt, go back to the Scripture and clear your doubt. It is the “Mark of the Beast;” many have received the mark. It is spiritual. Many are waiting to see 666 on their foreheads, but the Scripture said, “This stands for the name of a man”. As a result, you cannot see anything 666; it is a spiritual mark. It is an ecumenical mark; it is a religious mark; and you know where they winded it up, they winded it up in TRINITY. 
73. If you are a Trinitarian, it is up to you. Are you  offended when you hear Me speak, when you hear my Voice are you offended, when you hear Me preach, do you get offended? It is your right. If you feel I am deceiving
you, pray concerning Me; tell God to cause Me to repent, but if you feel I am the Watchman appointed by God to warn you in Zion, telling you that time is finished, that I proceeded from God, happy are you. Amen. SIMPLY BELIEVE IN GOD Let Me tell you; you are all blind. Why am I making this known to you? It is because I have come to My last days. Begin now to adjust your minds; begin now to adjust your steps.    Brethren, pay heed to all you have been hearing knowing that the time is not on your side anymore. We have exhausted our own period.   If you watch the way the Spoken Word is coming to pass this time around, nobody will tell you to begin to adjust yourself for God had earlier told you that the power that is holding you is the Spoken Word. With the Word, God created the world. With the same Spoken Word, God destroyed all the cities He destroyed in time past.   IT IS A MATTER OF ONE MORNING GOD WILL JUST WAKE UP AND SAY, “MY SON, MAKE A PUBLIC PROCLAMATION. DECLARE: ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD,’” AND THAT IS THE END. —  SON OF MAN. (RECOGNIZE AND ACCEPT YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES, PP. 164-165). 4
1. How many know the year “The Last Trumpet” was written and circulated? Does it sound current today? Does it sound like an expired Message? Now, the ridiculous Message is here again. 
2. Let me say this thing. Each time I mount the pulpit, either in Onitsha or elsewhere, each time I mount the pulpit even in my  family altar, there has always been a statement that normally proceeds out of my mouth.  It is just like when you come to Me with your troubles and things like that, I am known for one thing. In your dream and everyday life, before you finish talking, the word will go forth: “Relax your mind,” and once that word goes forth (that is, “relax your mind”), you feel relaxed. 
3. If we are Pentecostals we would have printed a sticker titled “Relax Your Mind.” How many have known Me for that? You see, almost everybody unless you have never come into contact with Me. Moreover, once I speak it, the tempest will calm down to them that believe in Me. However, as many as do not believe in Me, they are still questioning too many things around Me and about Me. You know they gain nothing from Me. 
4. Once doubt comes in, faith varnishes. Simply believe in God. Now each time I mount the pulpit in my family or in the Church, “Remain blessed brethren”. In my family, I normally make one statement as my good morning to all of them. That statement is this: “To God be the Glory”. If you have known Me for opening every statement with or my salutation to all of you with “To God be the glory”, if you have known Me for that, you are acquainted with Me on that statement, indicate by raising your hand. “To God be the glory.” 
5. If you have come across something recently or heard about something recently and the title and everything around it is, “To God be the glory” and the voice sounds like the Voice of the Son of Man whether in writing or in clear terms, indicate by raising your hand. 
6. Glory be to God in the highest, to God be the glory. Amen. 
7. I will not ask you where you saw it or where you might have hookedup with it, but the Voice is the same. There are many things that cannot change, but number one thing that cannot change is His Voice. 
8. This trumpet should be blown in Zion, not in the cities of Jerusalem. Till eternity, I will continue to love you all with the  love of God for welcoming Me in this adulterous, perverse and crooked generation, for believing that I am He, for pining your hope in Me, believing that God really sent Me. You first believed not because I have said, but because by revelation, by nature, by His grace, by His Spirit, you are sure, convinced that God really sent Me, that I proceeded from the Father, you are a blessed people; I love you with the love of God, But God loves you more. 
9. Remain in your sanctified estate. I want to assure you, no slave in your house that is purchased with money, no maid that is loyal and faithful to you, no friend, no visitor that really loves you, firm and truthful to you will ever smell of Hellfire. 
10. Have I finished the Message? Have I exhausted the Message, I mean Messages relating to the hour? The answer is definitely no. If what you have heard from the Message titled “This Generation in Prophecy” was documented about 11 years ago, and before your eyes they are fulfilling everyday, is it not a pointer, a moral booster, that he that spoke about  11 years ago on these matters and they are coming to pass today, the same spoke about the one you are hearing now, that all other hanging prophecies are about to be fulfilled. 
11. I am not crazy; I am your Brother in the same tribulation. I need eternal life more than any of you. I am not speaking to you as one that has already attained eternal life, but one thing I do is forgetting the past and pressing on to the future and I would not like to see a situation, after helping you to be saved I myself to be a cast away. 
12. For that reason, I am in the forefront of the race with you, for a true Leader stays in the front. If I have been somewhere pointing you to this road, you have reasons to doubt Me, but because I am in the front, absorbing all the shocks, the whole discouragement  has been on Me, the whole scandals, mockery, blasphemes, hatreds, every kind of thing has been
on Me for your sake, and for the sake of Christ, still none of these things can ever deter Me. They do not discourage Me, for I see them as a mark of my calling in Christ. I am poised to fulfilling this ministry God has committed into my hands and end it with joy. 
13. I know how to keep  you in your sanctified estate. The worst thing that will happen is keeping you lazy doing nothing at all; if I had kept all of you waiting without keeping you busy, by now, you must have fallen away from the Faith of Christ. 
14. The day does not break fast to an idle man, somebody who is doing nothing, the day appears to be very much longer, but one that is very busy, two days seem like one day in his eyes. He wakes up in the morning, if it will be possible, he will pray that God would prolong the day to enable him accomplish his mission, but to one that is idle the clock does not even move at all. Am I making sense at all? 
15. In recognition of these facts, I reasoned with the Spirit of God in Me, that the best way in keeping you until now, so that you will not be too anxious about the time is by giving you motivational Messagees, material education, motivational upliftment; and whatever that is material is temporal. I decided to do it so that you will not feel feeble or cheated before the people around you; and within the short period I started these material teachings, motivational teachings, the height you have attained materially in possession of earthly things and the desire of your heart even now will tell you that if I had permitted this from the very beginning, you would have outclassed the whole world in material acquisition. 
16. However, I know more than you, that wherever a man’s treasure is, there, his heart will be. All of you would have abandoned this Faith. Material things of this world, which has no lasting value, which only offers you temporal joy, temporal happiness would have tied you down here on Earth. They would have blinded your eyes to seeing the truth from the Almighty God that there is nothing in this world that guarantees permanence, which can save us from the hands of God, or that can give us eternal life. 
17. However, if we are not careful, material possessions can pin us down here on Earth and make the promised everlasting life, the promised everlasting habitation from God to completely elude us. 
18. Recognising that to be a fact, I allowed you to do whatever you wanted to do in the fear of the Lord, something I never dreamt of and I knew it was the desire of your hearts. I allowed you to be going to school, even at a time when there are no job opportunities for you, when your certificate cannot offer you even your meal ticket. I allowed all these things to keep you busy so that you will not be looking at the clock from time to time and I made sure that I built a strong hedge around you, making sure that you do not fly away from the camp of God’s children. 
19. I made sure that you would stay within the boundary where God’s love could reach and bless you. I set the Bible aside for a while and made it a mere reference book, but I never permitted you to destroy the Bible. I only made it a reference point. Up till this day, I still order a copy of a fresh Bible and Pastor Thomas can testify before all of you. I have all the translations; I have never discarded any one. 
20. I used it to weed out all strangers that were very much in love with the Bible. I highlighted many things, intending to trim down the crowd. Even in the Message titled “Son of Man: Our Link to the Truth,” in the introduction, I made it clear that I have carried forward all the relevant passages of the Bible that are helpful to you and for I to accomplish this task of Salvation to mankind. 
21. I equally told you that the Bible contains useful information and historical evidence that are capable of helping and defending you in the Faith of the Son of Man, for without the Bible, you would not have believed in Me, for the Bible spoke concerning Me. 
22. Now, to make sure that you remain steadfast in the  Faith, I took the lead. Are you building a house, upstairs of bungalow? I do more. Are you interested in taking good care of your family without living beggarly life? I do more. Do you desire qualitative education for your children or for your wife, even for yourself? I do more, knowing full well that as you continue in Me and in the fear of the Lord, these things will not hinder you from attaining translation on that great day. 
23. For that reason, I became a shinning example as you can bear witness. The people built that time. They ate and drank, married and were given in marriage. Today, we are doing everything, but the difference is that we are not tied to those things. We handle them as strangers on Earth, knowing that wherever we get to and translation occurs, these things will be regarded as wasted materials. 
24. In order to keep us united and in the Faith as well, spiritual understanding reserves that we must be busy everyday doing something beneficial to us for material existence. I recognised the fact that making you to stay idle and wait, resigning from your occupations only to wait for the translation, which will come only at the appointed day according to the Acts of Apostles will not be the best thing for you. 
25. God said He has appointed the day in which He will judge the world by His Son Whom He has appointed heir of all things and that day is not for you to know as at that time. What is required of you is for you to be ready at all times whether it be by day or by noon or by  night, that ye shall be found clothed in His righteousness so that you will not be found naked on that day. 
26. Being clothed does not mean putting on material dressings. You can dress in the most expensive and valuable material, yet, you are barren; you are naked and miserable, yet, you know it not. 
27. “Woe is he, woe is she that is clothed by a dressing, but not by my Spirit,” thus saith the Lord God Almighty. 
28. To be clothed with the correct apparel is nothing, but the Spirit of God; and the words I speak unto you, they are that self-same Spirit and they are dressing. If there be any that is clothed with any  other thing and not the Spirit of God, he/she is barren, unfruitful, naked, poor and miserable in the sight of the Lord. 
29. I can see too many in this Faith clothed with the right apparel. When you go through the picture of the woman, that is the picture of the Bride as you could see in the back cover of our Messages: “Cry out against the System,” “Hard Truth,” “The Last Trumpet,” “Behold  the Man of Sin” and “This Generation in Prophecy,” You can see the picture of the Bride of Christ fully dressed in bridal costume, which is nothing, but the Word of God that is revealed in her day. 
30. Any other clothing outside that Word of God that is revealed to you in your day is a strange dressing and cannot be recognised by the Almighty God. You are still naked, poor, barren, unfruitful and unsaved. The trumpet has been sounded in Zion. 
31. I have blown the trumpet in Zion. The time is no more; let he that sleepeth in spirit wake up for the time is far spent. Let he that has been walking in darkness come out from all the deeds and works of darkness and be ushered into the light of His glory, for time has finished. The Bride has made herself ready. Any moment from now, the Lord of harvest will thrust in the sickle and harvest the “Precious Jewels of the  Earth.” The month of Nisan shall not pass away, for I will divert the attention of the world to the event and in the midst of the trouble, the saints shall be translated. There is no more Salvation for the Gentiles except the Elects. 
32. I will affirm it here before all and sundry that the day of your redemption is near. It draws faster than you think. 
33. ONE OF THESE DAYS, YOU WILL HEAR, “IT IS ALL OVER.”  The unsaved will morn and gnash their teeth, for they will enter into the wrath of the Almighty God, when their flesh shall be rotten, maggot will eat out their eyes even while they are still alive. They shall go to the stream to fetch water; the stream will turn into blood. The heat of the sun, the intensity of the heat will blister their body. Diseases, pestilences will wear them out. 
34. They will run to the mountains and the mountains will be running. They will run to the oceans, rivers and streams, they will be running. Fire will give out all it burnt from the time of Adam till today. The rivers will vomit all that got drowned in them from the time of Adam till date. Human beings that ate their fellow human beings and they passed their faeces upon the Earth will see those people back again on that day. 
35. All that died in Christ together with the Saints that are still alive dressed in His righteousness by His grace, will be walking upon the face of the Earth as spectators, as observers, bringing to  pass the long awaited fulfilment of the prophecy from the Almighty God through the mouth of the Prophets that the righteous shall match on the ashes of the wicked; and the Lord God Almighty shall rule the world in righteousness together with His Saints. That is full and complete Salvation of the Saints. 
36. Upon this Promise I rest my case. Let he that has an ear to hear, hear; let he that has the understanding, understand what  the Spirit of God has announced to the Bride of Christ worldwide. 
37. Your Salvation draweth nearer now than when you first believed. Purify your heart; purify your heart. Purge yourselves of evil conscience. Make sure you have the conscience void of offence before God  and before man. Let nothing offend you. This is hour of trials and temptations. 
38. Watch and pray that you enter not into diverse temptations. Look up to the Lord, your Saviour, your Redeemer in the time of trouble, the only God, the Creator of Heavens and Earth, the great Jehovah that created the whole Universe, Who is able to keep you and sustain you from falling against that day; and He is capable of leading you to the end.  39. Verily, verily I say unto you, rely not on your powers, rely not on your strength. Boast not on your wealth or on your buildings. Boast not with your friends or anything else. Depend on the Lord God Almighty. Depend on His grace; depend on His mercies. Do not depend on what you can do, for without Him, you will achieve basically nothing. The help of man is vain. 
40. Look unto Him all the end of the Earth and be ye saved, for He is the Lord God Almighty, your Saviour and beside Him, there is no other saviour. 
41. “Arise! Blow the trumpet in Zion. Say to your people and my people, ‘Time is no more’. The Bride has made herself ready. Thrust in the sickle; harvest the Earth. The month of Nisan shall not pass away. I will divert the attention of the whole world to the event. In the midst of the trouble, the saints shall be translated”. Comfort ye one another with these same words. 
42. May the God of Holy Who called you to Salvation and not to receive His wrath save you and your family, your friends and well-wishers to the utmost for His Name’s sake. This is my earnest prayer. 
43. Pray for Me that He that has called Me, ordained Me, to bring you home will save Me from the cruel hands of my enemies and by His grace, in no distant time, the Lord Himself will wipe away tears from your eyes. Your sorrows, your fears, your anguishes and pains will be seen no more, for the joy that awaits you is by far greater than the trouble you have passed through so far. 
44. Comfort ye one another with these words. I love you, but God loves you more. To God be the glory for great things He has done. If you love God, the greatest offering you can give is your soul, your life. When you have not given yourself to God, every other offering is useless. 
45. Offer yourself unto God as a living sacrifice, holy, pure and acceptable in his sight. It is your duty as a child of God. 
46. Are you offended by anybody? Be the first to forgive, for the simplest way of getting forgiveness from your Father lies in forgiving one another. There is no guilt you cannot forgive. There is no offence you cannot overlook. 
47. When you pray, forgive all that have offended you. Forgive one another that the Father in Heaven will not lay any blame or charge against you. Be at peace with all men. Whatever it seemeth,  count not the cost. Strive to be at peace with all mankind. 
48. May the Lord of Heavens and Earth keep you from falling, deliver you from diverse trials and temptations until the day when your Salvation shall be made complete in Him. This is my fervent prayer for all of you. 
49. To God be the glory forever and ever; Amen. Shall we all say Amen! So be it Lord. 
50. Remain blessed in Him eternally for His Name’s sake. Amen.