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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               

THE COMFORTER “The Revelation of the Promised Comforter”

Any moment from now, I am going back to my Father from where I came from. I have been with Him from the very beginning; you were with Him from the very beginning also. You try to enquire where the Father is, you have seen the Father, you have known Him even henceforth. Believe it if you can
-The Son of Man
VOL 2 PP.6
   The traditional religion believes in Amadioha and also believes in the Almighty God. The Christian Faith believes that there is Jesus and also believes that there is Almighty God. The Muslim Faith believes that there is Mohammed and also believes that there is Almighty God. To you in this Faith, do you believe that there is the Son of Man and there is Almighty God? You have to answer the question yourself.

The Revelation of the Promised Comforter”  Preached on 22nd August, 2010 By   APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN
From time to time, we must go back to those statements that were prophetically made so that even the ancient ones will know exactly where they are standing. Once you lose the conviction of what it is, the wind will carry you away.
2.         If you come to the point where you think you are indispensable, that we cannot do without you or your family, that is the time the Lord will humiliate you out of the Faith. When you come to the point where you think you have gotten enough revelation, at least you can stand on your feet alone without shaking, the Lord alone will bundle you out, humiliate you out and the journey (the Faith) will surely continue.
3.         Man and woman, no matter what you think you are, no matter the position you are occupying, somebody can perform better than you there. As a result, be very careful.
4.         From the very beginning, we have been fighting wars within and without. However, the fiercest one has always been the ones we fight within. The battles without do not trouble Me; it is the battles within. Some may be asking why is it that of all the Messages, there is not even one that met my purpose except the Message entitled “Lo, I Am with You Always,” from volume one to three.
5.         Pastors, whenever the Message is going on, collect what you will use to pastor your flock. As a Pastor, you are in-charge of your own Local Assembly; other ministers are helping ministers to you. Other ministers are to help you do your work very well. In other words, other ministers cannot represent you if you are a Pastor. We are God’s special messengers.
6.         I have told you before that each time God comes back to revisit what He said in time past, He aims at making you to understand something; for He has always been in the business of repeating those things over and over. Some of those big names were excommunicated, while others are still part of the Faith. Remember that Apostles were involved; that we are still holding unto this Faith is God’s special grace.
7.         This Faith does not respect any man by virtue of his post or calling in the Body of Christ. Remember also that it is a Faith that sprang up on its own. This Faith sprang up on its own; it is different from others.
8.         William Branham said that Christ must be in the Church in human form in the last days dishing out His words, but the Scripture will declare who He is. The Scriptures will introduce you to Christ. The moment He is introduced, no more, no less; He goes his way.
9.       When John introduced Jesus the Christ, that was his mission. His disciples left John and followed Jesus. Is it not true? You search the Scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life, but these are things that testify of Me. Nevertheless, you refuse to come to Me that I may give you what you are looking for.
10.     You turn the pages of the Scriptures day and night; you search and scrutinize, you evaluate because you suppose that eternal life can be found in the Bible. No! The Bible introduces you to He that holds eternal life. However, you refuse to come to Him that you may have that eternal life; instead, you hold unto the Bible, thinking that you are holding eternal life. Holding the Bible and missing God, holding the Bible and missing eternal life; this has been the guilt of man in all the ages.
11.     Can somebody hold the Bible, ignore the Giver of life and get that eternal life? It is impossible! Nevertheless, the Giver of that life says, “No man can come to Me except the Father brings him to Me.” Anybody can hold the Bible, you have the right to carry it or read it, but not everybody has the right to come to Him (the Giver of life).
12.     If God has met you in your own day, opening your eyes of understanding and your eyes of revelation to recognise Him and then place the Bible where it belongs to, you are a happy fellow. The Bible will only help us to know Him, not helping us to get eternal life.
13.     I will show you what the Bible said by way of putting you in remembrance. Remember that God is nothing but His Word. That Word is in Christ. The Word is in the Bride but the attraction is out there in the world. John was the attraction in his day; people rushed to the wilderness to see the man wearing white garment and they went there in hundreds and thousands, but there was One Whom they knew not, standing in their midst—a man.
14.     Have you wondered why Jesus the Christ in His own day constantly warned people not to reveal who He was and whatever that took place between them? It is a sure sign that from the very beginning, He never came to save everybody. He was never sent to save everybody. At every age, God has never saved everybody. Has He? No. Then how can He save everybody today? He can never save everybody.
15.     I want to rehearse few things in this Message, which were given to you from the very beginning; that is, that which you have known. Note, many things you did not catch before, try to catch them now.
16.     Note, I have warned time without number that ministers should come with their Bible every fellowship day, because from time to time, I must show you what happened in the past; for whatever that happened and documented afore time was documented for your learning. Is it not true?
17.     Those things written in the Scriptures happened afore time, documented as a reference to you so that when God begins to do those things again, we will acknowledge that what He did in time past is what He is repeating today that men will fear before Him.
18.     The book of Psalms chapter 15:1-2: “A Psalm of David. LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.” King James Version.
19.     Lord, who may go and find refuge and shelter in your tabernacle? – he that leaves a blameless life and is fully sincere.” Living Bible.
20.     Lord, who may entre your temple, who may worship on Zion, your sacred place? – A person who obeys God in everything and always does what is right.” Good News.
21.     Have you seen who is qualified to come before God? What is Zion? Go to the Messages entitled “Revelation of the Church” and “You Are the Pillars of the Kingdom.” You have come to Mount Zion; you are all sitting in heavenly places in Christ. If you do not know where Zion is, you do not know where God’s Throne is.
22.     The Throne of God is where God is standing. That is God’s Temple and it is no other place but Zion and that is the Church.

23.     Something is right because God says it is right; something is wrong because God says it is wrong. Is there any other reason? That thing may be wrong in your eyes, but before God, it is right. It may not agree with your own philosophy. This is because if you are a heathen, a pagan, a tempter, you will only believe those things that agree with your philosophy. However, anything that does not agree with your philosophy, you will reject it.
24.     Always remember that God’s ways run contrary to man’s ways. God’s ways run contrary to human philosophy. It is not the way you see it that counts, but the way God sees it. What is the Messenger of God saying concerning that attitude?
25.     Remember that Jesus the Christ was the Messenger of His own age and He came to the Jews and said, “It was said of them of old, but I now say unto you….” Thereby setting that which was said of old aside; for once there is a new Covenant, there must be a change of everything.
26.     Things that were truth before may not be the truth for the hour, simply because they have expired. Without God, nobody knows what is right and what is wrong.
27.     Do you know that whatever people esteem very highly has always been an abomination in the sight of God? How many believe that? But that, which they disvalue, that, which they call nothing is great in the sight of God; for what God calls great, people call small. What people call small, God calls great.
28.     Therefore, be careful about the spirit of “it does not matter”. It does not matter because God says it does not matter; but if God says it matters a lot, who are you?
29.     Who is qualified? Who may enter the Temple of the Most High God and worship in Zion? Who is adequate to get there? It is that man or woman, that child that has made up his or her mind to obey God in all things.
30.     Jesus the Christ said, “You call me Master, Lord and that is what I am, but my words you do not obey. God made me Master and Lord over you”.
31.     The book of Psalms chapter 15: 2 again: “A person who obeys God in everything and always does what is right.” Good News Bible.
32.     Who is qualified to worship in Zion, the Throne of God? It is somebody whose words are true and not one whose words are full of falsehood and blasphemy; someone who finds it difficult to obey the Lord. Why do you come to God when you are not willing to obey? Trust in God and obey Him; that is the only way you can be happy with God. If you do not trust and obey, sorrow must fill your heart. Sorrow will not depart from your family. Nobody disobeys God and gets away with it.
33.     The book of Acts chapter 17:24-27: “He made the world and everything in it and since he is the Lord of heaven and earth, He doesn’t live in manmade temple…”Living Bible.
34.     Who is not far from any of us? God! Who will find Him? Only those that seek Him; yet, He is not far from any of us. God is far from the wicked but He is very close to those that walk uprightly. God is far from the wicked, but He is very, very close to those that obey Him, whose hearts are pure, without falsehood, those who seek Him with all their hearts. He is very much around them.
35.     Remember, I am showing you the accounts of things that happened in time past, how they served and worship God. This is your own day! The messengers that documented these Scriptures were not your messengers. Is it not true?
36.     If Jesus the Christ in His day, being the God of that day was far from His enemies, but to those disciples that were loyal to Him, was He far from them? God was too far from the prophets of Baal; but to Elijah, was He far? God was too far from the Philistines, was He far from Moses? Was He far from the elders of Israel as long as they were faithful to Him? I am coming to your own day gradually; simply follow Me.

37.     Remember, we are talking about the Temple. Recall the message, “Building the True Temple of God”. God does not live in a temple built with hands; He lives in you. Apart from that, you cannot worship Him. If God is not in you, coming to Him means coming for condemnation. God sees your coming before Him as a temptation. He looks inside the congregation.
38.     In Jesus’ day, he spotted one without a garment. Others were putting on spiritual garments. Before him, they were white, but he spotted one in another type of garment. In the days of Job, they gathered; it took God to spot out one who mingled among them. He said, “My friend, where did you come from?” For God knows all that belong to Him. He calls them by their names and they hear His Voice. Is it not true?
39.     A good shepherd must know his sheep and recognize them by their names. He calls them by their names and they know him; once he passes by, you see them following. However, if a stranger should come, they cannot recognize him.
40.     I will begin to punish ministers for not coming to fellowship with the different translations of the Bible; because you do not know why I am going this way. You heard me shouting weeding time, weeding time; I am about to weed out all unprofitable ministers from this Faith. I am about weeding out all causes of disobedience in this Faith. I want to narrow down the totality of this Ministry to the size God said it should.
41.     I have been over compassionate to many. I am about to weed families—father, mother and children—out of this Faith so that this Bride of Christ will produce what God intended to. Mixed-multitude is making my work very difficult and it is delaying the Journey more than necessary. When an important message is preached, they (strangers) will bring in the tradition and customs of their forefathers that contradict the truth, which we received from God.
42.     When we received a warning even from the Great Sermon that you should stop listening to statements, words, stories that contradict the truth you know. In Saint Paul’s day, in the days of the Apostles, there were such people; they did not give them even recognition.
43.     There are too many Roman Catholics in this Faith. You know it is a spirit. Too many have not divorced even their earthly religions; rather, they want to mix things up in this Faith, trying to cause disaffection in the Bride, upsetting the faith of the Brethren.
44.     Saint Paul said such people who said that they were not against the things of also obey the Law of Moses. To them, if that is not done they will not obey. He asked them to shut their mouths. In this Faith also, they do not hide under the Law of Moses; they do not mention it. They hide under the traditions of their fathers, the customs of their villages and also want to continue in their village traditions. You do that, you are lost. Such people are devils.
45.     They have come into this Faith to upset the faith of the children of God and must leave this congregation of the Saints. Such people have concluded within themselves that come what may, they will not abandon this Faith, nor leave by themselves; but any day they are excommunicated, that they will never come back.
46.     Now I want to excommunicate all of them so that they will not come back again. If you are with Me say Amen.
47.     I told you I am initiating a work, when I shall come to an end, all eyes will see, every tongue will say, “Is this reason God took us back? No wonder”. Begin to tighten up your belts very well.
48.     The book of first Corinthians chapter 3:16-18: “Do you not know and understand that you, Church at Corinth, are God’s temple collectively as a Church and also individually? If anyone does hurt to God’s temple or corrupts it with fable doctrine or destroys it, God will do hurt to him and bring him to the corruption of death and destroy him.” Amplified.
49.      The Lion does not roar in vain; does He? Has He roared in vain before? I am showing you what was documented aforetime. Have you seen what you can do to corrupt God’s temple? You are the temple of God. We are the temple of God collectively as a Church. Anybody that brings into this Faith or anybody in one way or the other that injects false doctrine, automatically, corrupts the whole Family.
50.     God does not want us to perish. Anybody that brings in a teaching into the Faith contrary to that which God had already handed over to us, vindicated with the Power of the Holy Spirit with supernatural signs, confirming that God is behind it; he is corrupting this Body of Christ.
51.     William Branham said, “Wherever the Word of God is put right (unadulterated), God will surely vindicate it with the sign of supernatural, which nobody or people can impersonate.”
52.     Hence, we are standing in this most holy Faith, telling the whole world that we are holding the vindicated Message. Can God, after initiating this Faith, He called Me, ordained Me, vindicated Me before many witnesses and brought you to this height, only in one second, He will cause Me to deceive you that have believed in Him? Can God permit that? 
53.     Put your hand in the Bible; is it there? Never, never! Instead of God doing that, He will parcel Me into the grave and then raise another person who will continue with the truth.
54.     Jesus the Christ came to His disciples and said, “He that called me is still with me. The Father has never left me for I do those things that please Him.”
55.     Be very careful about grievous wolves. They are in this Faith, men and women. They are in our midst to upset your faith; they are in this Faith to trouble you. They are in our midst to spying into the secrets of your living and these are the people that betray you before the heathens. They give the impression that they are with you when they are working secretly against you, understudying you. They are in our midst! You call them your Brothers and Sisters but they are not.
56.     I will show you your true Brothers and Sister in this Message.

57.     The book of Matthew chapter 16:11-12: “How is it that you don’t understand that I was not talking to you about bread? Guard yourself from the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees. Then, the disciples understood that he was not warning them to guard themselves from the yeast used in bread, but from the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Goodnews Bible.
58.     He warned them to be careful about the yeast (leaven) of the Pharisees and they thought He was talking about bread, which they were eating. Jesus the Christ, the Anointed One, the Messenger, the Messiah who held the Word of the hour of that day discerned what they were saying within themselves: “How dare you think that I am telling you to be careful about the leaven of the Pharisees,” which is nothing but their false doctrine. 
59.     How do you know my sheep? Jesus the Christ pointed it out in the book of Mark chapter 7.  He said, “You know how to set aside the Word of God that you may uphold the customs and traditions of your people, that is a Pharisee.”
60.      A Pharisee is no other person but one that has a clever way of setting aside the Word of God that he may uphold the customs and traditions of his people.  Jesus went further to say, “You know how to make the Word of God of none effect, by setting aside the Word of God that you may obey your customs and traditions.”
61.     These are the Pharisees among us. They walk quietly in appearance; they look like gentle men but very delicate. Sometimes, you think that they do not know anything. Nobody is as pious as a Jesuit. If you watch a Jesuit, you can hardly believe that he is destructive. If he comes into in this Faith, he can stay with us even for thirty years. Call him whatever you want to call him; it is not his business because he is understudying you. He will do a secret work, undermining you.
62.     Watch a Pharisee; you cannot know him by outward appearance. Who is that Pharisee? He can be a man; she can be a woman, but deep in him or her, he or she has already concluded that he or she will never leave this Faith: “If you like, call me Devil, but any day you excommunicate me, I will not come back”. Get ready, you are going out.
63.     What is the essence of understudying the grace you are enjoying? He intends to put us back to bondage, so that we can become transgressors; for if we begin to rebuild that, which we have already pulled down, we make ourselves to go astray and the Lord will banish us from His Presence.
64.     He knows what we will do and God will not be happy with us. They have a secret way of doing it. When you see them, you begin to think they are with us. They can stand and dance; praise God and you will think we are together. You will think we are one but we are not one!
65.     Can God cry wolf where there is no wolf? Be very careful. In no distant time, those people shall be revealed. Those that are wise will gently leave, but the foolish ones will wait for the worst and they will get the worst. As long as God lives and I live, no make-believer will abide in this most Holy Faith; no conditional believer will abide in this most Holy Faith henceforth.
66.     God said that you should be careful about the leaven of the Pharisees.
67.     The book of Luke chapter 2:1: “As at that time, Israel was not to pattern…to be taken through out the Roman Empire.” Living Bible.
68.     This remark in this Scripture was where I took off when I began to show you “The Revelation of the Church” where you are regarded as the pillars. Moreover, this Church where you are pillars, which took off from this very day, the Messiah started talking about it, preserving it and planning it for you ahead of time. When it finally materialized, that is where we are now.
69.     This is that same Church that will continue until the end of the world. This is the Church the Prophet said would accomplish that which Jesus could not accomplish, because his days were very short. Moreover, this is the place where evil men and women are trying to frustrate this noble work that is committed into your hands as pillars of the Kingdom.
70.     What if some of the people God is seeing as Pharisees are among those that are claiming to be pillars of the kingdom? Don’t you know that we are taking a risk then? Is it not true? I will say few words around them with time; may God help you to understand me. Who is your Brother; who is your Sister? Who is the very pillar of the kingdom?
71.     The book of Psalms chapter 199:63-64: “Anyone is my brother who fears and loves the Lord and obeys Him.”
72.     Anyone is my Brother who fears the Lord and obeys Him; anyone is my Sister who fears the Lord and obeys Him. There is no other person you can call your Brother or Sister. The same way, anyone is my father, anyone is my mother who fears the Lord and obeys Him.
73.     When the Pharisees came to Jesus the Christ as God of that day, He was in the earthly tabernacle, they asked Him, “My friend, why are you here? Your parents and relations are outside looking for you”. He turned to them and said, “Who are my parents? Who are my brothers and sisters? They are these people that are paying attention to the Word of God, not those asking about me”. Can you catch the revelation?
74.     It is upon this revelation that the Voice of God in our day said, “You have no father or mother except in Christ. You have no brother or sister except in Christ. You have no friend except in Christ.” For anybody you are pinning your hope on outside Christ must surely disappoint you. You must surely end it in sorrow, pain and anguish.
75.     Take for instance; our Brother, Apostle Monday of Lagos who is now in Lagos Kirikiri Prison because of the accident he had where somebody died. Can you believe me that up till this very hour, his parents have not shown up? His relations have not shown up.
76.     The person who should come has refused to come; I mean his biological parents, brothers and sisters, including his relations living in Lagos; those people that were with him (apart from Brethren) the day he did his traditional wedding. They came from Benin and excluded us. Up till today, they are not yet there.
77.     When it comes to feasting, eating and drinking, benefiting from the man, they will come around, scaring everybody away. When trouble comes, they will run away. The only people that have been with him from that day, going to the Police Station, to the courtroom and to the prison have remained his Family, that is, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Then, what and what are the positions of those people you call your parents?
78.     Who are mockers of your God and your Faith? Who scuff at you? If your parents are not in this Faith, they are mockers of God. They are mockers of this Faith. That is why, when calamity befalls you, they will laugh you to scorn. If it is not true, know that I am not from God.
79.     In addition, when they know that they cannot come into the Faith, they now sponsor their children, their sons and daughters to come into the Faith and corrupt this faith. Go and tell them that they have been spotted! God has spotted you out and your mission for being in our midst all these years no matter how quiet in appearance, how innocent your face may look; nobody has a holy face more than the Devil.
80.     If you watched the action or the attitude of Jesus the Christ before the elders He met in the temple where they were doing their merchandise, if you watched his reaction and the character of the real Pharisees and Sadducees among them, how they moved holy, holy before the Ark of God in their own gowns, quietly walking, who would you have said that lacked the Holy Ghost? You would have called Jesus a mad man who did not have the Holy Ghost.
81.     However, look at how pious they were; yet, they were the physical devils that were sent to undermine the Ministry of the Lord’s children in that day. In addition, each time they heard that people came to Him, they would like to know how many Pharisees that had believed.
82.     Now, I am coming to your day gradually, using the Prophet Jesus. Jesus was an Apostle, a Prophet, a Bishop and also a Deacon, for it will take a Deacon to stop the merchandise going on in the temple. Therefore, He was a policeman.
83.     He said, “I have many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now. Nevertheless, wait, do not be troubled. When HE, the Holy Ghost shall come…”
84.     Remember that you have no brother outside this Faith, no father, no mother, no relation. You will not believe what I am saying until the day calamity will befall you. Man’s greatest enemy must be members of his own family. That is where I pity Brother I.K. Obasanya everyday. I wonder how he feels each time he goes home only to hear words of blasphemy that emanate from his house against this Most Holy Faith.
85.     Anything that is acting against your Faith is acting against your God. Faith is nothing but what you believe and what you believe decides the life you will live. I am not surprised. Before Christ arrested us, we were heathens like they are. We joined hands with them in doing whatever they were doing, but they are surprised because we have escaped. If you will abandon Christ and go back to them, they will still reject you; yet, your problem will be compounded.
86.     Go to them and ask for help, the condition they will give you is that you must come out of this Faith. Bishop John went to his relations asking them to accompany him to his in-laws’ house, they gave him a condition saying, “You rejected us because of your Faith. If you can come to us, pay your dues and become a member of our family again, we shall follow. However, if you are not ready to do it, go alone.”
87.     Assuming he came with a cow and slaughtered the cow, without inviting them, they would have invited themselves. I remember the day I paid him homage with some Brethren. Immediately they saw cartons of beer that were offloaded from the vehicle; they saw coolers of food; we never invited them. Anybody that passed would say, “Hello everybody!” When they saw that some were sitting down freely, the rest rushed in uninvited. They finished our food and our drinks. They never cared whether it belonged to the living or not.
88.     Now, sorrow has come, they are now giving conditions. Did they give condition when they were enjoying our food and drinks with us? One even came and said, “I saw all the vehicles parked here and I decided to come to know what is going on here. Eh! It is something good,” and he sat down.
89.     If you are still blind to what is happening around you up till this very point, your blindness will lead you to the grave. Arise, all the children of God; shake off all the shakeable things around you! Amen.

When Saint Paul was preaching the Gospel, it got to a point where some began to think that he was just dinning and eating because of what he was getting from the people. They said, “Paul, how can you tell us that you are just speaking in vain? No one will believe you.” Some were shouting because he was feeling comfortable.
2.          First Corinthians chapter 9:14-19” “Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.
3.          But I have used none of these things: neither have I written these things, that it should be so done unto me: for it were better for me to die, than that any man should make my glorying void.
4.          For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!
5.          For if I do this thing willingly, I have a reward: but if against my will, a dispensation of the gospel is committed unto me.
6.          What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of Christ without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel.
7.          For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.” King James Version.
8.          St. Paul said, “I am preaching with obligation.” Necessity was laid on him, which he could not dodge. What he met in his own day was a strict obligation whether he liked it or not. Necessity was laid on him to preach without charging. He was ready to die. Nobody paid him for preaching the word; although he had the right, but he never used it, simply because it was an obligation God entrusted to him.
9.          Whatever anybody did to support that ministry that day was voluntarily done, not that St. Paul charged anybody. However, there were bad men in that same age, in that same Church. People were there undermining all the records of Paul, doing a wicked work.
10.      When St. Paul finished explaining himself, his ministry, that he was preaching not because he liked preaching, not that He volunteered it gladly. It was an imposition upon him from God. He was picked out contrary to his desires, contrary to his nature. He has all the qualifications a human being will have to pay that would make him to be like men in everything.
11.      After explaining out these things, there were still snipers, mockers, there were still Pharisees looking holy, pious and quiet, working secretly among the Brethren biasing their minds even against Saint Paul and his ministry.
12.      Was Saint Paul referring to outsiders? These people were in the Church. “How come you preach for nothing,” look at the way they are describing the message—a crafty fellow, subtle fellow, subtle mind. They were saying it among themselves, even in their secret discussion, while some were saying it in their hearts saying, “He must have made money from us somewhere.” In other words, he was sharing false witness.
13.      It was as if St. Paul was looking out before men that he was making profit by preaching the Gospel to them.
14.      There was a message I handed in the time past I entitled “Testify Against Me.” The same way I approve firmly that you should testify against me I am not in custody of your money, not even one naira. I am not a surety to your account, whether Onitsha or the missionary account. Enquire, my signature is not there. The little money we get from the books goes back to the books. Whatever that was in custody of Pastor Thomas all goes back to publication.
15.      What is more, from that little money also we have helped many Brethren. From time to time, I will hear that a Brother is about to be ejected from his house and Onitsha will say they have no money; I will order Pastor Thomas to go and settle the debt. Before you know it, a problem will arise somewhere, and the money would be sourced from the publication fund. Some even borrowed but they will not pay, while some withheld the much that has been given to them to give us for the very publication, hence, we are crying.
16.      That was why I shunned Onitsha; I said the money we have in the publication is not for Onitsha alone. Moreover, nobody is supporting it for that is where we had been maintaining our equipments; buying of new ones, we also clear all the expenses that are incurred in publishing the book from that same purse. Yet majority of you are still owing us. This is the much I can say.
17.      Talk of any other area of your money, for every contribution you make, it goes for the purpose which you made it. Take for instance, we raised an alarm concerning the terrible state of our missionary vehicle; we estimated that the cost for overhauling it would be two hundred and fifty thousand Naira. After the contribution, we recorded all that we got and in all, we got one hundred and twenty thousand Naira. That was from all the Local Assemblies. Who brought that remaining one hundred and thirty thousand Naira? It is a big question we must answer.
18.      I was discussing with Bishop David recently over the shortcomings of a Brother who is just stupid. I said to Bishop David that some Brethren are stupid; I am not poor as they think. I have never been poor and I will never be poor. Many expected Me to pack down to the village when I was ejected from the civil service, but they marvelled when they saw that I remained in the township and even undertook my projects undisturbed.
19.      The vehicle Apostle Orjiakor bought and brought to Onitsha became a burden to Me after many, many months. Because it was tagged missionary car, Bishop Ebenezer wrote a letter to all the Local Assemblies in this Faith including Onitsha. How many Local Assembly responded?
20.      When I heard about it, I spoke against it and that was the end. They folded their arms because they were of the opinion that since it was our Brother that brought it, he should have put it in a good condition so that it would not be a burden. When the burden was too much, I had to send it back. I have spent almost half of the cost and yet the end could not be seen. That is why I never consulted any of you before sending it back.
21.      Nevertheless, to your greatest surprise, you saw another car newer and bigger than that one that was returned. Up till today many of you have been wondering: “Who knows, maybe Son of Man has exhausted our money. Who knows!”
22.      Tell me, which money? Of all the letters you wrote back to Me on how you would help out the Son of Man, even stopping Me from taking up an employment somewhere, how many Local Assembly including Onitsha honoured their own? How many Local Assembly responded? Even till this moment this Message is being documented, no Local Assembly has responded; ministers can testify.
23.      How much do you think you can give Me to help Me clear my bills? I have my children in the university. I have many ongoing projects. I am building according to my dreams which you do not know. I have many obligations. How much do you think you will give Me that will make me comfortable? I know many of you have been expecting explanations from Me concerning the new vehicle; the same way you had been expecting explanations about the flat boot Mercedes I bought few years back.
24.      You had better relax your minds. He that sent the Son of Man takes good care of everything; that is the much you will know. Before your eyes, I will own a jeep one day without consulting anybody. I am not what you think I am. If you want to fulfil your ministry in Christ with Me, disabuse your mind from such thoughts.
25.      When I gave you the Message entitled “The Good Shepherd,” which was even documented in “Family Menu” volume one and some other Messages; I said that in that Message lies the secret of your prosperity, but many thought I was begging them. Begging you for what! Even whatever you say you offer Me goes back to you.
26.      If you bring rice to my house, the rice goes back to your families. If you bring garri, it goes back to you. You bring palm oil, it goes back to you. Whatever you think you bring to my house, it goes back to you. Common bread you bring to my house goes back to your families. Thus, if you are being fooled like they were fooled in the days of Paul, maybe they saw Paul flourishing very well, they began to think: “If not what he is getting from the preaching and the missionary outreach…”
27.      This is one of the reasons I made it clear to all that I will never visit any Local Assembly in the name of missionary trip or preaching tours until I am back to my former time, financially. This is because I do fund all the ministers that go with Me, take care of them, transport them and even give to the Local Assemblies where I visit. I give them money to host Me.
28.      I look at some of you; I examine myself, and I laughed. For God sent Me to give you the Message entitled “Repositioning Yourself for a Better Tomorrow.” I removed my suit, came out from civil service, removed my tie and then became one of you to suffer with you. I became an apprentice before all you, but it is difficult for many of you to do. I became an apprentice, loading and offloading goods at Upper Iweka.
29.      Am I bearing false witness? Didn’t it happen before your eyes? I am not trying to count myself out. No! I am still laying foundation; for I believe a man can never come to the fullest of his attainment in life until he has entered the grave. As a result, bear it in mind that the whole Local Assemblies put together, even if all of you will contribute one thousand naira each, if every member will contribute one thousand each, you cannot buy that new car I have just acquired.
30.      Fulfil your obligations towards your ministry, go and have your rest. Do not say you are serving Peter Odoemena or aim at sponsoring Him. Fulfil your own obligations, go home and have your rest. There are too many Pharisees among you in this Faith, who are looking like reverend fathers in our midst only to undermine you.
31.      These Pharisees, they are the people that do not want to see the truth that is in message entitled “The Good Shepherd”. What is more, once you disobey it, do not think of buying that car. That car came to Me as a result of my philanthropy. If you are generous to human beings, God will be generous to you; for the same measure you measure unto your fellow human beings, the same way God will measure unto you. If you do not know what I am saying, it is just like forgiveness.
32.      The secret of receiving forgiveness is in forgiving others. If you do not forgive others and you ask for forgiveness, you are wasting your time. If you are not generous, you are not liberally minded, you do not obey the Word of God, you are wrestling with the Word; get ready, you are frustrating your life.
33.      Frustrating the work of God means frustrating yourself. That is why God must be obeyed as an individual by individual’s revelation; for God will bless you as an individual according to your level of love and obedience. If you love God, you must obey His Words.
34.      When we went to Mbaise in Imo State, I told you clearly, “As many that obey will build mansions bigger than that one at Mbaise”. It has started happening already. Those that obeyed have started seeing the package, not only in their hometowns but even in the township where they are living. If not that I am withholding some people from investing in certain areas, they would have started shaking the town.
35.      Ask Egbema Brethren, they know that I am not bearing false witness. I do not care whether that business is a dustbin. From that dustbin, God will do something people will not believe. When they look at your shop, they can hardly believe that that is what is supporting your life. I am saying that it is not you that is doing it; it is God that is doing it.
36.      In time past, I even went as far as taking an oath for you to see how honest I am with you. After all, there is no other place I am living other than 20 Benjamin Street, Onitsha. Besides, nobody has ever allowed his house open more than the Son of Man; there is nobody in this Faith that has opened his door for both the Brethren and even outsiders more than the Son of Man.
37.      Anybody that steps into my house, one minute, he is at the backyard, next to the toilet. Before you know it, he is in the children’s room, from there to the bedroom. If my wife is in the bedroom, they follow her down there. I do not frown at it. After all, I have no skeleton in my cupboard. I even like it for you to see how neat I am or how dirty I am. I want you to know whether I am preaching one thing and doing another thing. At least, you will see that one.
38.      Be very careful about those you see around you, those visiting you, polluting your mind against the truth, and hindering you from moving ahead. For what is hindering you is happening in you. You will remain there until you become a slave to your fellow Brethren. This is because the moment you live a frustrated life, automatically, you become a troublemaker.
39.      I am not the Son of Man to all of you. I am the Son of Man to those that obey my Words. If you do not obey, I am not even your Brother. You are not my Brother either; you are not my Sister either; in short, you are my enemy. Anywhere I see you; I know that I have seen my enemy for you do not obey God. I am not surprised at what is happening, for God knew it ahead of time. Amen.
The book of St. John chapter 14:17-18: “Even the Spirit of Truth which the world will not receive because it seeth it not…”
2.          Even the Spirit of Truth which the world will not receive because the world do not see Him, they do not believe He can be seen. The Spirit of Truth is a human being visible with human eyes. He is moving about, but the world cannot see Him.
3.          Even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeth it not neither knoweth him but you know him for he dewelleth with you and shall be in you….”
4.           How can you receive something you cannot see and you do not know? However, you hear Him, you know Him for He is dwelling with you and shall also be with you. That is if you receive Him, if you acknowledge Him,  He will now be in you.  The world cannot receive Him.  He is not sent to the world.  Nothing is as clear as this.         
5.          Jesus was the one that made these remarks: “I will show you this Spirit of Truth. I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. Yet a little while and the world seeth me no more, but you will see me because I know you. You shall also know me. A little while the world will not see me, but you will see me. Because I live and you will live also.” 
6.          Who was making the statements? It was Jesus the Prophet, prophesying of the coming event. He was about to go away and they were wondering, then He said, “Is it because I am going away? Do not be troubled for I will never leave you comfortless. I will come again; I will be with you. You will see me as a spirit being whom the world will not receive.”
7.          The world can never receive Him because they cannot see Him and they do not know Him, but you know Him. You see Him; He is the One dwelling with you and shall be in you. I do not know if there is any part clearer than this. Who is your Comforter today?
8.          St. John chapter 16:7: “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth…”  
9.          Remember that when He was alive, He was the truth and life; that He wanted to take an oath, before He left the scene. Remember also that He cometh IN A NEW NAME. Have you forgotten everything that happened around Him? This is a prophetic sign of today. If you cannot catch it, you are lost.
10.      This is the reason people misbehave themselves for they do not know He that is in their midst. They do not know the Spirit that is talking to them. When you offend the Father, you are forgiven; you offend the Son, you are forgiven; but when He the Spirit of Truth shall come, whosoever that will cause Him to be offended will never be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come.
11.      That is why He said, “I am giving you this Man. He is one of you; my Name is upon Him. I am going before Him. He is going before you and I am going before Him. He is not an ordinary Angel; He is an Angel of Judgment. He will never be returning until He has judged the whole world. Do not provoke Him to anger, for He will never, never pardon your transgression. Don’t ever attempt provoking Him to anger, for He will never spare you.”
12.      Remember, He was about to give way. He first of all said, “I have many things I would have told you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when “He” (a man) the Spirit of Truth shall come, He shall lead you to the knowledge of all truths.” Is it not true?
13.      William Branham said that you should wait for Him (the Spirit of Truth) in the Church. Wait for Him where? Wait for Him in the Church for He will be there to continue the work which Jesus could not accomplish for his days were short.
14.      In other words, the same spirit that was in him now came back as the Comforter. If he had left us without a Covenant, who would have lived up? Everybody would have got lost. If you do not catch up with this revelation, your life is in danger. This is the basis of all impediments—our inability to catch up with this revelation.
15.      If He was not promised, we will doubt His appearance. Even the place they should wait for Him was prophesied. Even before William Branham the Prophet came, those things had already been documented; for Prophet William Branham helped us to know the exact place and how He would look like, so that when we shall see Him, we will not mistake Him for another thing.
16.      BELIEVE IT IF YOU HAVE THE HEART, THE MAN THAT IS SPEAKING TO YOU, APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA, THE SON OF MAN IS THE MAN WITH UNMISTAKABLE IDENTITIES. He is a Man with an unmistakable identities. If you had strictly followed the voice of the Prophet, by now, you would have been firmly established. Nobody will be telling you to hear Me on this matter.
17.      The Voice: “This is my well beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him,” would have been a thing of the past. William Branham gave you everything: the picture, the colour of the skin, where to expect Him, and where the Bride should wait.
18.      On the day of Pentecost, they were told to tarry in Jerusalem. Is it not true? On the Ascension Day, were they not told to go to Mount Olive? Is it not true? But in your own day, he told you where you must wait for Him. Others are looking at the sky thinking that God’s way is at the sky. But look at where the prophet said He will come from.
19.      The book of St. John chapter 16:7: “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth, it is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you.”
20.       The Comforter will never, never come since there can never be two messengers on the scene at the same time. One must give way for the other. There was a message I entitled “Relay Race.” The baton I am holding is the original baton. I am running last, but I am coming first. That is why, what I am preaching is an incomparable Message.
21.      There is no Message to compare with what you are holding. It is away from all. It cuts across all religious barriers; it cuts across all faiths. Sometimes, it looks like a traditional Faith. A little while, you look at it; it looks like Pentecostal. Sometimes, it looks like Catholic. Sometimes it looks like worldly faith. Sometimes, it looks like Apostolic. The more you look, the less you see. That is why it is nothing but a Faith of many colours.
22.      The point you are looking at the Faith determines what you will call it. On the other hand, this Faith has come to make itself everything to see whether some people might be saved. Why is it wearing many colours? The Commission is to pick all the loose ends. This is the Commission. Therefore, it is wearing many, many uniforms, for every passed age had a uniform that was handed over to it or the messenger of that age. Whatever he (the Messenger of that day) omitted, this man (the Comforter) will pick it up.
23.      When we handled last Pentecost, I told you that I would never perform feet washing with you again. I will not eat that bread with you again until you will say, “Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord.” That is why in the days of Jesus the Christ they said, “Repent and  be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and your sins will be forgiven you.”
25.      Others are doing things of the old order; it is unnecessary. Jesus said, “You ask me and I ask of the Father; I will give it unto you, but a time cometh when you shall request of me and I will no longer say I will refer the Father unto you for that will be unnecessary.” For the Father was no other person than the same person.
26.      When they then came to the revelation that he that was answering the Son was also the father, referring them to the Father became unnecessary. However, anybody He wants to stumble out, anybody He does not want his stay in the Faith, He will give him “cost of discipleship.”
27.      If God wants to take you, He will say, “Follow Me.” If He does not want to take you, He will give you cost of discipleship.
28.      Check your Scriptures; all that were given cost of discipleship, did they come back? No. What happened? They varnished from there, for He knew that He did not come for them. Nevertheless, to as many He wanted to save, He came to them and said, “Follow Me”.
29.      For instance, in the Scripture He said, “Nathaniel, you will see greater things ahead; follow me.” Even when Zacchaeus wanted to do restitution, He told Zacchaeus, “I don’t want that nonsense. Today, salvation has come to your house.”
30.      Restitution was a part of the Law. Zacchaeus wanted to do it according to the Laws’ demands and those Laws were not made for us. We are not obliged to that nonsense anymore.
31.      The book of St. John chapter 16:7: “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth, it is expedient that I go away; for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you. But if I depart, I will send him unto you and when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment: of sin because I go to my father.Living Bible.
32.      “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” King James Version.
33.      And when “HE,” see, the Comforter is a human being. When He is come, He will reprove the world of sin or unbelief. This is the same spirit which the world cannot receive for they are not seeing Him neither do they know Him. He will reprove the world of unbelief.
34.      Look at this Scripture: “…and when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment: of sin because I go to my father.” You see what the Comforter will do when He is come.
35.      Instead of acknowledging Him that time, which was by faith, they established their own, which they could boast of attaining through their self-striving to obey the Law.
36.      “…Of righteousness because I go to my father and ye see me no more; of judgment because the prince of the world is judged. I have yet many things to say unto you but you cannot bear them now.
37.      Can you bear them now? How I wish He asked them this question saying, “Gentlemen, I have many things I wanted to tell you, but I perceive you cannot bear them; but can you bear them?”
38.      Now, to you in this generation, can you bear them? You are shouting and screaming because the price was paid for you.
39.      Remember the Voice, “I will declare, I will declare, I will declare.” “Will they believe? Why are you so certain?” “It is because I have taught them.”
40.      Do you think that you would have believed if I had given these things to you earlier than now? Do you think you could have borne the burden? You were able to bear the burden because in grace it is no longer a burden because you have been taught. I took my time to teach you. Some of you walked contrary to the rules and regulations you have been observing from your youth; even walking contrary to your nature.
41.      William Branham said, “God must sniff away all human nature so that God can dwell in a man.” God must sniff away all human nature before His Spirit can abide in a man. Can a human nature be sniffed away? That is why the Spirit of God cannot abide with you. Of a truth, Roman Catholics, Pharisees and Pentecostals are still in our midst. Your human nature cannot be sniffed away because by nature, every human being is a hypocrite. Nobody is as hypocritical as a Pharisee.
42.      Jesus called them “Pharisees.” They look good outwardly, but inwardly, they are grievous wolves. They look very quiet and pious in appearance, while they are grievous wolves inside.
43.      Hypocrites! They are always delighting themselves in giving people burdens they themselves cannot bear and they will not do anything to help them. They are always mocking the righteous, even when they are living the life of disobedience. Hypocrites! Pharisees! They commit crime secretly; they can condemn people that commit their own openly.
44.      Pharisees! You think they are with us, no! In Jesus’ day, He represented the Spirit of Truth in His own day. The same thing was applicable to the Prophets, for they were Spirit of Truth in their various days and not another day.
45.      That was why when St. Paul appeared in his own day, he represented the Spirit of Truth for that day then he gave way. He did not accomplish everything for the Church continued. Then another messenger appeared; he became the Spirit of Truth for that day whom the world could not receive. It continued until Prophet Branham appeared. After the Prophet cometh the Elohim, God on two feet, the totality of all things. He is the One Whom the world has been waiting for with a perfection message that will produce righteousness on Earth.
46.      “…I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of Truth is come, he will guide you unto all truths for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak and he will show you things to come…”
47.      Was Jesus referring to himself? Jesus said that when the Son of Man shall come, that there will not be faith. However, it will take the Son of Man to begin to create that faith. When He, the Son of Man, the Elohim, The Spirit of Truth came, the first Message He preached was Mixed-multitude, the second Message was “Jerusalem to Jericho.”
48.      The Message entitled “Jerusalem to Jericho” is the highlight of this ministry, the Bridal Faith. This is the highlight, the beginning and ending of this ministry, for there was no faith on the land when He came. We started with “Mixed-multitude,” which was preached in the year 1992.
49.      “…He shall glorify me for he shall receive of mine and shall show it unto you. All things that the father has are mine; therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you.”
50.      A little while ye shall not see me again, and a little while ye shall see me because I go back to the Father. I have yet too many things to tell you but you cannot bear them now.
51.      Even the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him, for he dwelleth with you and shall be in you.
52.      What? Can you see? Do you know the Spirit of Truth? Have you ever seen the Spirit of Truth? I am asking a question. I want an answer. Have you seen the Spirit of Truth? Can you rightly wake up and say I know where to locate the Spirit of Truth? Anybody that has come into contact with this Faith must surely acknowledge that this Faith is the truth from God.
53.      In addition, whatever that might be the spirit behind it must be the Spirit of Truth. Whosoever that is the Pioneer, the Messenger that came with this Message must be the Spirit of Truth. Without this Faith, we are lost. In other words, this Man must be our Comforter. He is sent to come and comfort us; otherwise, He would have laboured in vain. Yet, this world does not know Him. He is in the world and the world does not know Him.
54.      All the messengers were in the world and the world they came to never knew them. A time must come when He is never known or acknowledge by the world until He has left the scene. Until then, only the people He is sent to—the real Elects—will rally round Him. They know Him, they dwell with Him, He lives in their hearts.
55.      That is why they try as much as they can to maintain the vine—branch relationship; making sure that their relationship with that Sovereign Spirit is never strained at any time. It must remain friendly at all times for that is their only source of comfort.
56.      The moment you detach from Him, you will become restless. You will become hostile and lose confidence in yourself. You will lose your bearing; evil will befall you. You will lose your security. In every little thing, you are angered; you can never be happy with yourself because you are disconnected.
57.      Nevertheless, any day you reconnect, your joy will come back. Your dried lips will begin to look lively again. How do you notice it? This is an experience.
58.      Here is a little testimony. Our Pastor Christian, when he was a bachelor and also a minister, he was fooled. He and some other people were taken to Aguleri in Anambra East Local Government Area in Anambra State, where they wanted to make money by all means. They look our Pastor to their various shrines; every Sunday, he would sneak away. Nobody would know where he was off to. One day, while the prayer line was on in the Fellowship, the Lord called him, held his hand and unveiled everything. He (the Lord) said, “My friend, whose hands are you holding? Who are these people you are bowing down to? What is in this pot that lies on this ground?” Our Pastor kept quiet.
59.      He wept bitterly and opened up with confession that some people accosted him many weeks ago and we called the pot a “Pontus pot.” That was what 419 (fraud) was at that stage. They lured him inside the bush and nobody knew about it. He came to Fellowship; God caught him and revealed the whole thing. As we journeyed along, it fell on our former Bishop Okey Nwamkpa and his wife at Amazu Oil.
60.      The Voice went forth; the wife was about four months pregnant then. The Voice said, “Why have you done this: fooling your husband who is a man of God unto believing that this and this happened?” She knelt down. “Go and tell him.”
61.      The husband appeared. He (the Voice) said, “My friend, why have you told a lie to the whole Church? Why have you carried all the testimonies about? You had better make this wrong right. Go and see your wife.” She remained crying upstairs until daybreak.
62.      We have many witnesses even in the Faith till now. Sister Ngozi was there that day. I do not want to talk about her own because she is still in our midst, but ask her to know if she has forgotten her own. Look at Brother John and Brother Mike, ask them to know if they have forgotten theirs. We are sustained by our experiences. Is there anybody in this Faith who is not without experience? There is nobody unless that fellow never followed from the very beginning. 
63.      Apostle Kelechi made a prayer saying, “God, I do not want to share other people’s testimonies. If you are the One, that Sovereign Spirit, do something to me personally. Reveal something, which only I, Brother Kelechi will know about it;  something I have not shared with any human being; I will believe you.”
64.      He made it privately. Nobody knew he made such a prayer. One day, he came to the pulpit to interpret the Message. God turned to him and said, “My friend, so you are equally guilty of this thing. Look at the hiding; look at the place; see what happened.”
65.      Our Brother cried ewooh! Even Bishop Ebenezer, nobody knows when his journey will be over. It was noised abroad. One came all the way from Lagos, a minister in the End Time ministry with fake identity card in his pocket.
66.      The Voice went forth and his name appeared. I said, “My friend stand up! Your pastor is a criminal and you have all contacted the spirit. In your pocket is a fake I.D. card, which he gave you to dupe people especially in your own area.”
67.      The man got up; brought out the thing and began to tell everybody about it. He said, “Oh! How I wish my wife was here.”
68.      To us, God has visited His people. To our enemies a wizard appeared in Onitsha who will see people afar off and begin to tell them what they did even before they were born.
69.      To the Elect, Jesus the Christ was the Messiah; to His enemies, He was the chief of the devils, the very Beelzebub.
70.      Even the Spirit of Truth whom the world can never receive because they do not see Him, they do not know Him; and I asked you a question: have you seen the Spirit of Truth? Do you know the Spirit of Truth? Can you rightly point people to the Spirit of Truth, to the very HIM, THE COMFORTER; hence you can now say, “I am not alone. My Saviour is my Comforter; I am not alone?”
71.      I am asking you these questions because when the blind man received his sight, he was excommunicated from the fellowship of the Jews. Who excommunicated him? The Jews. They threw him away from their congregation because it was an abomination for anybody to believe in that Name, let alone saying that miracle happened there.
72.      That is why when they pushed him out, Christ met him. Until you are excommunicated from your former association fully, spiritually, and physically, Christ will not save you. As long as you are still remaining with that same old spirit, Christ will never save you.
73.      Just like St. Paul rightly told  them, “As long as you keep on obeying the Law of Moses and combining the Jewish Laws, Christ will never save you.”
74.      Jesus the Christ appeared to the young man and asked him, “Do you know the person that opened your eyes?” He said, “Oh! a man.” “So what did he do?” “He healeth,” he answered. “But have you seen Him?” He said no. “Do you know Him?” He said no? “Will you like to follow Him?” He said, “Of cause, if I see Him, I will follow Him.”
75.      Jesus the Christ then said, “He that is talking to you is the One. He that is asking you these questions, He is the One that opened your eyes.” The man jumped up with joy and praised Him immediately. Without delay, he followed Him and turned his back against his people, the Jews.
76.      The Pharisees wanted him to remain beggarly for they had taken delight in giving him money every day. But this man wanted to see with his eyes so that he could labour and become like his fellows. Anybody that is alienating you from Christ wants you to live a beggarly life.
77.      You say you have known the truth that you have seen the Comforter; that you have seen the One that was promised to come, the Spirit of Truth Whom the world cannot receive because they cannot see Him but if the world can see Him, maybe they will believe.
78.      The world is feeling the influence. When He comes around them, they love having dealings with Him; they enjoy His services. They even noise it abroad that there is none like this Man. In other words, if He should reveal Himself, they may receive Him. However, this cannot be done outside this Kingdom (the Bridal Faith).
79.      Unto you is given to understand this wisdom, but the rest outside this Faith, they are still gazing at the sky, thinking that God’s living place is the sky. They will hear, “He has come; He has gone.”
80.      Why is He in your midst? He is in your midst to seal, to mark every Elect with the mark of God which is the true Token. He knows those that are in Him and those that are not in Him. In Him you are marked, while He is marking them, the Anti-Christ is also marking his own. It is going side by side.
82.      He is that same Spirit the world cannot receive because they cannot see Him but you see Him, you know Him for He is abiding with you. He is dwelling with you. You have no excuse to give.
83.      “A little while, the world will not see Me but you will see Me for I am coming again to dwell with you.” While they were confused about the way He will come, He said, “Pray not that I go not away. Do not pray that I should not go away for if I do not go away; He that will come will not come. Look at the way I will come: I am coming to you as the Comforter. I am coming again as a Spirit the world will not receive. You will know me.”
84.      Then, He gave them a sign. Those things He could not do because time was short. Those things He could not say because they could not bear them that time, He will reveal all.
85.      If you do not catch up with this revelation for this last time, forget about it. I have been touching on it from the very beginning. The first Message was entitled “Holy Ghost and Necessity for Holy Ghost Baptism.” For the first time, you heard that Holy Ghost is a human being.
86.      If you cannot catch up with this revelation now, let it be known to you that you have missed it all. Amen.

God is interested in our welfare. He wants us to enjoy life. If you watch the lilies in the forest, the birds in the air, the fishes in the ocean, the wild animals in the forest, watch the stars in the Heavens, the clouds of Heavens, the moon, the day and night; watch seasons—the rainy season, the dry season, the harmattan—you consider all these things the Lord has made; pause a little and think.
2.          You look at the land that is producing what you are eating, you watch the numerous things that the Lord has made; pause a little. You can see that God designed everything to make sure that man is a happy being on Earth; that man should live on Earth a life without murmuring, without complaining, without struggling; a life free from all troubles—a life completely free from problems.
3.          However, we are suffering because man turned his intelligence upside down; and they are still doing it up till now. As long as you are still turning your wisdom upside down, there will be a difference between you and others; everything around you must be different.
4.          God designed it that man should walk on his two feet, but majority are walking with their heads. What a hateful way of walking! In other words, man is in dungeon for he is enduring life. He is not enjoying life because he is walking with his head, instead of his legs; what a sorrowful picture! What a pitiable and agonizing situation man placed himself!
5.          Youths, rejoice exceedingly. If you are determined to succeed, I have equipped you very well. By God’s grace, if we work round the clock, with your co-operation, that is turning around to help yourselves—for you are not helping us—good packages will continue to come your way as we journey in this Faith.
6.          Brethren, for your sake alone, I have prepared good packages for you, which will extend even to our children yet to come. I bet you, tomorrow, you will be smiling. Tomorrow will be filled with smiles. God does not want us to wear gloomy faces; but we are causing our gloomy faces because when you neglect that which you ought to do, you can never be what you want to be.
7.          You must leave where you are for you to be where you want. You cannot sit down on a chair and at the same time lift it up. You must vacate where you are for you to be where you want to be. As long as you are not prepared to vacate, nothing will vacate you.
8.          Note it, as long as you are not prepared to vacate where you are, you can never be where you want to be; you will only be visualizing it in you. It will remain a dream or a mere wishful thinking. On the other hand, if you can vacate that place where you are now, automatically, you must be where you want to be.
9.          Let me say it to you, using the same words of Jesus to Peter. Ministers in the Bridal Faith, any day, any time you are converted, any day you are convinced that I have never deceived your ears or your hearts, any day you are convinced that what I have handed over to you were what I received from Him, strengthen your Brethren. Any day you are converted, any day you line-up with the Messages, any day this Message becomes flesh in you, strengthen your Brethren.
10.      Remember, limiting yourself to what is documented in the Bible or limiting yourself to Jesus excludes you completely from those things Jesus could not tell them because they could not bear them. Then, he handed them over to He (the Spirit of Truth) that will come after him (Jesus) who will lead them into all truths.
11.      In other words, Jesus never gave them all truths; for that reason, all truths were never documented in the Bible.
12.      Remember that a scroll was written within and without; it was sealed within and without. The Angel Messenger of the Laodicea Church Age, Prophet William Marion Branham revealed the Seven Seals within, but the Seven Seals without, he did not touch them. Rather, he said like it was recorded in the book of Revelation chapter 10:7 “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophet.” King James Version.
13.      He came to reveal who God is and he told you that the Scriptures would hand you to Him; finish! The mystery of God should be revealed as He disclosed unto His servant the Prophet. Revelations do not come to Pastors. Revelations do not come to Evangelists, Bishops or Teachers. Revelations only come to the Apostles and Prophets, no more, no less.
14.      Remember that St. Paul said, “These things were not revealed unto your fathers.” They were not made known unto them, but they are being revealed to the Apostles and the Prophets. We are talking about what is written without.
15.      Stopping where Jesus stopped cuts you from what the Spirit of Truth will say. This is because, before Jesus the Christ left, He said this to His disciples: “I have many things I should have told you, but you cannot bear them now. Howbeit, when HE, the Spirit of Truth shall come, He shall lead you into all truths.”
16.      You must know where you are and why people cannot come into this Faith. Nobody can come into this most Holy Faith except the Father brings him into this Faith. If the Father does not bring you into this Faith, you cannot come to Me. You can never come to Me except the Father brings you to Me and whosoever that comes to Me, I will in no wise cast away.
17.      Whosoever the Father has given to Me, no Jupiter, no spirit, no force can snatch him out of my hands; for the Father who brought him to Me is mightier than any force, than any spirit, than any being. Who is that fellow that can snatch him away from Me? It then means that that fellow or force is mightier than God; but is there anybody mightier than God? No.
18.      That is why a powerful hand is upholding every true seed of God in this Faith . If you are numbered among God’s own Elects, the power sustaining you is by far greater than you. The hand upholding you is greater than you.
19.      Whatsoever I am going to document in this second part of the Message marks the end of the teachings entitled “The Comforter.” This is because I looked and saw a sorrowful picture. I saw loading mobs, who are in our midst for selfish gain; they cannot see that the end is here. It is all in vain. Amen.

Before I show you the Scriptures in order to help you understand few things, I just want to revisit the past from the very beginning: how your fathers (not my father), served their gods from the onset.
2.          I told you that man is created as a worshipping being. When there was no Bible, no Koran, no written documents, when even the art of reading and writing had not been invented, man has been worshipping.
3.          Remember that the art of reading and writing are inventions created by human beings. Take for instance, the art of passing information from one place to another through writing originated from Egypt. That is why the first writing in the whole world, which originated from Egypt was called “Hieroglyph,” a picture writing symbol used to denote an object, concept, or sound.  
4.          The next nation that got advanced and civilised is Babylon. Remember that when you talk about the origin of civilization, two nations that will come to mind will be Egypt and Babylon. Egypt and Babylon are the cradles of CIVILIZATION. If the art of writing (hieroglyph) started in Egypt, remember that Babylon invented theirs called the “Cuneiform,” a mode of writing using wedge-shaped strokes, inscribed mainly on clay.
5.          Moreover, if you watch, apart from these two great nations, you can hardly hear about any other nation that made a great impact in the religions of the whole world. Once you mention religion, two nations will come to your mind, and they are Egypt and Babylon.
6.          Please, take note. Do not be an ingrate, that is, one that will pay your friend back with evil for good. The Scripture made it clear that God said, “Out of Egypt I called my Son.” Can you remember this Scripture? Is it scriptural?
7.          The book of Matthew chapter 2:14-15: “When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt:
8.          And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son.” King James Version.
9.          Now, how can the Son be in Egypt and the Father is in Heaven? Wherever the Father is, that is where the Son is also. Wherever the Father comes from, that is where the Son comes from also. Am I making sense? Remember that Egypt is in Africa. In other words, Africa is the home of God; believe it if you can!
10.      If you go to the history of Moses, of all the rivers, streams and waters, there was not one that was convenient for Moses to be dropped in except River Nile. Moses was kept in a basket to avoid strangling him to death as was the order of that time.
11.      Then, the River Nile carried Moses; he floated on the river and no other person could fetch water at that time Moses was floating except the daughter of Pharaoh. What is more, She had no child and she desired the child (Moses). In addition, no other person was found to take care of Moses except the Jewish woman who was jobless, who could do the work of a babysitter. When that woman was fetched, lo and behold, the woman turned out to be the real mother of Moses.
12.      Can you see a divine connection? Is it not wonderful? It is wonderful. It is no secret.
13.      Note, there in Egypt, things started happening. The power of God was not made known to the world except through Egypt. Through Egypt the fame of God spread all over the world. Then the question arises: Why must it be Egypt?
14.      You know the history; you know the connection between God and Egypt. I have laid a little background there.
15.      In the days of Jesus the Christ, in the days of Herod the king, there was a proclamation that children born two years and under should be killed, just to get rid of the Messiah called Jesus Christ. Can you get the message?
16.      Then, the Word of the Lord came unto the parents saying, “Take him out of this city tonight; go to no other city except Egypt.” For there was no other place he could be protected, except in his hometown.
17.      The book of Matthew chapter 2:13-14: “And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.
18.      When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt.” King James Version.
19.       Remember that they were foreigner. Egypt was His hometown and there, He sojourned. Nobody heard about Him again until He was twelve years of age. Am I making sense? Hold it there. Back to Moses again.
20.      The Lord said that He sent His people to Egypt to go and learn the art and magic of Egypt after which they came back. The Lord found no other place convenient where His people could learn those arts except in Egypt. As they journeyed along, civilization increased.
21.      The civilization in Babylon became extra-ordinarily higher than that of Egypt with its accompanying wisdom; more so, when King Nebuchadnezzar used his wisdom to construct a hanging garden in Babylon. A hanging garden was constructed and God saw such a marvellous wisdom.
22.      In the days of the priests—Nehemiah, Ezra and the rest of them—it pleased the Lord to send His people to Babylon. He said, “I have sent you to Babylon to go and learn the wisdom of Babylon.” Again, it was the time God made Nebuchadnezzar king all over the whole world.
23.      In the time of Egypt, Pharaoh was king all over the whole Earth. Hence, he could say, “Who is that God of yours whom I do not know?”
24.      Today, worldly or Pentecostal preachers cast aspersions on Egypt and Babylon, the land that protected them, the land that even blessed them and kept them alive. You could hear them say for any bad thing, “It is Babylon; it is Egypt.”
25.      What do you know about Babylon? What do you know about Egypt? It is just like people that open their mouths now to speak about Lot’s children. You can only talk about Lot impregnating his two daughters because he was drunk; but it was not drunkenness that caused it. No! It was God’s intention to produce two different nations, namely: Moab and Edom.
26.      Remember, “Who is this man coming from Edom wearing dyed garment? Despise me not because I am black for the sun has acted on me”. 
27.      The book of Isaiah chapter 63:1 “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, traveling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.” King James Version.
28.      It is like you have read in the Scriptures, “Jacob have I loved; Esau have I hated”, and Esau is Edom.
29.      The book of Malachi chapter 1:2-3: “I have loved you, saith the LORD. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob's brother? saith the LORD: yet I loved Jacob,
30.      And I hated Esau, and laid his mountains and his heritage waste for the dragons of the wilderness.” King James Version.
31.      Note that Esau is Edom. Is it not scriptural? Have you forgotten?
32.      The book of Genesis chapter 36:1 “Now these are the generations of Esau, who is Edom.” King James Version.
33.      For clearer understanding, go back to the Message entitled “God in Despised Places.”
34.      What is my aim for showing you all these? I want you to see that God is a paradox—the more you look; the less you see. Do not open your mouth too wide, because there are many things you do not know.
35.      Behind every action of man is God. In the beginning, did God create the Devil? Of the creatures God created in the Garden of Eden, was there any one He called Devil? The truth is that the Devil was not created; the Devil was made.
36.      Who made the Devil? Some say it is a “woman”, but I say no! Do not say woman. God created human beings; then, human beings created the Devil. Can you catch the message?
37.      It was man’s crafty ways to excuse himself from blames that brought about the existence of the Devil. Man was seeking a way out; even today, it is man’s honest attempt to free himself from his hopeless conditions that placed him to what he calls the “Devil”.
38.      Now, because man has created the Devil and words are creative, what man created using his mouth built an aura around him (man). In other words, the Devil has come to stay. By the Spoken Word, God created both imaginable and unimaginable things. The same way, by the spoken word, man formed the Devil. The Devil became a being; today, the Devil is either you or I.
39.      Words are flowing back to the very beginning; have you noticed it? Look at the relationship between Egypt and Babylon; one, the cradles of civilization; two, the home of God; three, the place where God took refuge.
40.      This is the explanation: The home of God is Egypt; and the place where He took refuge was Babylon. When God left His hometown and sojourned in a strange land, they wanted to kill Him. He ran back to His hometown called Egypt.
41.      If you watch Egypt and Babylon, they are all within the Mediterranean areas. They enjoy the Mediterranean climates. Is it not true? If you watch the fruits of Egypt and those of Babylon, they are the same. All that you use in your salad food are imported from Egypt and Babylon. They are found on the Mediterranean land; which is within the Mediterranean climates. The weather is neither hot nor cold; it is a very calm weather, and that is where you call the Garden of Eden.
42.      The Nile is in Egypt; the Euphrates is in Babylon. The Red Sea separates Egypt from the rest followed by the Mediterranean Sea; the Euphrates is in Babylon.
43.      Do not worry; you will understand Me as we continue. I am giving you both the historical and the geographical backgrounds. If you do not know the geographical spread of a city, you will not know how to look for that city. Amen.

Now, we go back to how your fathers worshipped their gods. Man was created as a worshipping being, let Me say by INTUITION.
2.          When the art of reading and writing were not yet invented, man already had the knowledge of God within him. Man had already started bowing down to something he could not see. He started imaging how that thing would look like. Then, man invented for himself, gods since he longed to see somebody he could respect, somebody he could even pay back for his goodness and protections. Hence, too many festivals emerged.
3.          Festivals were designated as a means where men could show appreciations to their god; hence, they looked at their bumper harvests every harvest season, and they said, “No, the god of harvest must surely be praised for this!” That is the origin of New Yam Festival. No matter the time it is done in Igboland, every nation has her own period.
4.          In the areas or regions where they do not cultivate root crops (e.g yam and cassava) but grains (e.g rice and maize), they still give glory unto the queen of heavens. They say she prospers their grains in order to produce better harvests. They considered the moon, the stars and said, “Oh! The god of the moon is worthy to be given thanks.”
5.          As a result, they established a god for the moon. They considered the stars, and then established a god for the star. They saw the way lightening flashes from one end of the Earth to another end of the Earth, they marvelled at that and said there must be god of thunder.
6.          They considered the river; the thing was very marvellous to them and they said, “The god of the river who has put a boundary so that water will not overflow and drown us all must be appeased.”
7.          You will see the origin of too many gods. when they considered the sun they said, “No, this is too much! We will appease the god of the sun.” Thus, everything has a god that is attached to it.
8.          This is the origin of proliferation of too many gods, not only in Rome; it is equally seen in your own area. They considered their lives, the lives of their children, they said that there must be a god that protected those lives and they established that one.
9.          They considered their businesses; they said that there must be a god in charge of their businesses. In general, they monitored developments around these gods. If any area of their lives was not performing well, they would attribute the non-performance to the crime the land committed against that god.
10.      Any aspect of their lives—whether social, marital, agricultural—that was not doing well, they would conclude that they had offended the god in charge of that area.
11.      Any year they failed to get bumper harvest, it was their general belief that the god of harvest had been offended. Hence, their crops had refused to bring their increase. They would gather; reason together and come out with a way they would go and appease the god of harvest. They would buy many things, call the people together and present it to the god of harvest. It was called their sin offerings.
12.      Then, if peradventure the next season, they got bumper harvest, they would attribute it to the atonement they made to a particular god. They would conclude that it was the sacrifice they made to that god, that is, the atonement they made for their sins to appease that god. To them, the god has started blessing the land.
13.      That year, instead of bringing offerings for sins, they would bring offerings for thanksgiving. It would be celebrations and no longer mourning or sorrowing.
14.      Please, I want your understanding spiritually and carnally also.
15.      If you study the Bible very well, you will see that Israel was prevalent with too many ceremonies such as New Moon Festival, New Yam Festival, this festival and that festival until God said, “I am tired of all these festivals all this while.”
16.      If you watch Israel, by tradition, they offer different sin offerings. Every iniquity had its own offerings. These things happened according to their own tradition and they inherited them from their fathers. Their fathers later gave those things unto their children as ordinances to keep.
17.      This is to say that traditions have become laws to the extent that if anybody infringes on any of them, punishment must follow. It is the people’s beliefs that guide their lives and their activities.
18.      Please, follow me strictly; I am handling something. If you miss my background, you will miss it all; for I am rounding off this Message entitled “The Comforter.” Once you miss this background message, you will complicate it all.
19.      Note, anytime something they did not like happens, if an evil omen befalls them, maybe their youths started dying or their pregnant wives started experiencing premature deliveries or miscarriages, accidents began to occur; that is if unhealthy developments were noticed, note what normally takes place. They would conclude within themselves that they had committed iniquity against the gods they believed could cause those things. Hence, the community would gather with too many things—as they would agree on—to offer to those gods in order for the gods to roll away their anger.
20.      These things are still in vogue; they are still presently being practised in many villages, even in our own Igbo land till this very day.
21.      What am I doing? I want you to see the condition under which you were born; I want you to see what your fathers inherited, which later became their ordinances and they were observing them with their accompanying rituals. Worshipping such gods was accompanied with rituals. There is no way you could worship those gods without rituals being involved.
22.      You must go with goat, ram, coin or paper money; sometimes, pieces of cloth, sometimes, you are required to get some parts of your body or bring sand from your footprint. The things required are those things that have no place in the real worship of the real God, but these are what human beings made for themselves.
23.      That is why the Scriptures said, “Can a man make for himself gods? Yet, such are no gods, for the idols of nations are woods, silver, golden ornaments, things they imagined for themselves and these are the things that bring destructions to them by forsaking the real God.”
24.      They give allegiance to gods that are no God; gods that cannot protect them. That is why the Scriptures went further to say that those who worship idols are like the idols they worship, for there is no life in those things. To such idol worshippers, there is one thing common among them: as far as they are concerned, there is nothing called natural occurrence. They do not recognise natural occurrences. For anything to occur, that thing must be traced to a cause. They held on to that belief.
25.      Even, when Jesus the Christ appeared; they came to Him and said, “A building just collapsed there and killed many people. What can you say about it?” He said, “Do you suppose that you are more righteous than those people that were trapped in that building?” It was because they believed that for calamity to befall anybody, that person must have offended the god of the land or offended the god responsible for protecting him.
26.      Jesus the Christ met them with that same mind and imagination, which prompted Him to say, “Do you suppose you are more righteous than they were? Or do you suppose that they were trapped there because of their sins? I want to tell you, if you do not repent, you shall in like wise perish.”
27.      Another set came to report a similar case saying, “Herod has used human beings to make sacrifice to his gods.” He asked them, “Do you suppose you are more righteous than the people he used for his sacrifice? Of cause not. I want to tell you that if you do not repent, you shall in like wise perish.”
28.      Why did He say that to them? He said it because it was in their own notion and belief that those people Herod used for his sacrifice deserved it since they must have offended the god of the land, the god that offered them protection, in one way or the other.
29.      He met another set of people who came to Him and said, “Rabbi, we have seen great things you have been doing in this city. Look at this man, he is deaf and dumb, and also blind; what could be responsible for this? Could it be his own sin or the sin of his parents?”
30.      Jesus the the Christ looked at them, shook his head and said, “He committed no sin; neither did his parents commit any sin. Rather, he is in this way that the Name of God be glorified.”
31.      Note, each time calamities befall our fathers when they knew not God, they made for themselves many gods.  
32.      By intuition man knows that there is a Supreme Being but the way He is, he does not know. How He (the Supreme Being) works, man does not know. By his own imagination, he started making something real.
33.      Remember that Aaron was able to make a golden calf. When Aaron made the golden calf, he called the people to go and behold their god who brought them out of the land of Egypt. Therefore, that idea of making a god with gold and silver did not start today.
34.      Remember that what Aaron used in making it was the ornaments he recovered from the women. He then melted and moulded that calf. In other words, that heart, that mind was still in Aaron; he had not forgotten the act of worshipping  god the way his fathers did it. The spirit was still there, the mind was still there.
35.      Thus, things were happening to Aaron according to what he inherited from his fathers. Was the molten calf introduced to the people by Moses? No. What Moses introduced to the people was it not the Supreme God, Who spoke with them and ate with them?
36.      Could the moulded image of calf talk? No. Could it eat and drink with the people? No. Yet, the people delighted in it because that was how their fathers knew god; all of them joined hands with Aaron in running round the moulded calf they called god. They made joyful sound for the molten calf.
37.      This was the origin of all these things. Because their people worshipped a calf as god, the eating of calf was prohibited in their own area. It was a great abomination for the people of their own tribe to eat the meat of a calf.
38.      Note it. You eat snail, I eat snail also. Many people do eat snail, but it is an abomination in some areas. Why? It is because they worship snail as their god. I eat goat meat, but there are some places in Nnewi in Anambra State of Nigeria where they do not eat goat meat. Even the giant rat, Nnewi people do not eat it because they worship it as god, it is a taboo for any body to kill it.
39.      What about the snake everybody see everyday? It is called viper, short in nature. If you kill it in Idemmili Local Government Area in Anambra State of Nigeria, you will bury it like a human being because it is their god.
40.      I am tracing something. Watch that thing which is a taboo in your hometown, in your family or your kindred, that is automatically what your people gave their allegiance to as their god, even till this day. Some even do not eat some vegetables.
41.      There is one vegetable we call ukpo they use it like they use the thing they call achi; do you know that some people do not eat it? Some do not eat cocoyam; it is an abomination to some. Some do not eat ukazi; they do not even bring it into their houses.
42.      Some reverence the little tuber we call ona; it is reverenced by some people in Igbo land. They kneel down before it.  I want you to see the great favour you have received from Christ. If Christ never appeared and opened your eyes, you would have been like they are, worshipping idols; worshipping dumb, dumb things.
43.      Man used his wicked heart and his mouth to inject powers into something that has no power. Yes! Man used his mouth to give common snail power, something my wife can easily use to prepare a very delicious meal for me; that is what one that calls himself a sensible human being will carry a cock and sacrifice to as his God.
44.      I do not know how best to make this Message sink deep into your heart for you to understand what Christ has really done for you by opening your eyes of understanding. 
45.      While they were trying to bring God into focus, they started developing those things. Remember, they turned their intelligence upside down and from that time, things started working against them. No idol worshipper ever prospers; go and cross check.
46.      Majority of them, their children are useless, their children turn hooligans, unprofitable and good for nothing. They may be numerous because they marry many wives, produce numerous children that are chaffs. Yes! Because they have nothing to offer to their children than what they have already done. They espouse their children to their different gods and they pay obeisance to them. 
47.      Do you know that some people especially in the riverside areas worship rivers to the point that even now, some believe in many things concerning the water. You see the River Niger we bathe in and even drink from, many people are worshipping it. Some carry sacrifices and pour them into the River Niger every night and every morning. Go to some place at Upper Iweka in Onitsha, you will still see goats that are tired hands and feet; you will see some eggs left in a saucer (plate or bowl) placed at the junctions with some coins and old Naira notes.
48.      Sometimes, when I see these things, I laugh. Even in Onitsha—the home of idolatry in Igbo land—they carry live cow and drop it into the River Niger. The moment they vacate, the Hausa people will come and carry the cow; slaughter the cow and sell it in the Main Market. Sometimes, they do slaughter a cow which they will never use any pot to cook. All of them will gather opposite Union Bank building at Ose Market beside the Main Market and roast it on fire. What will they do with it after roasting it? They will eat the meat until the whole cow finishes. Whatever that is left, they will pour it into the River Niger.
49.      Very early in the morning on Sunday, go there, you will see some women sitting there already. They are dedicated to their god and that god does not make a move since Onitsha existed or was discovered as a village, or as a town, that god is still there opposite Union Bank building at Ose Market beside the Main Market. They call it Ani Onitsha which literally means the Land of Onitsha.
50.      Go and check. Women are still there now with too many things they spread there even now, in this 21st century.
51.      If Christ never appeared, up till today, twins would have remained abomination in your villages; is that not true? This is because they do not believe in anything natural gift. Thus, if a woman delivers twins, they see it as an abomination.
52.      Initially, they were killing both the woman and her twins; later, they said that only the last one that came out among the two kids would be killed. They would spare the woman, spare the first child and kill the second child. They said it was an abomination; that either the man or the woman committed a crime against the god of the land for which cause the woman delivered twins. This spirits are still at work in all idol worshippers and their children even to this moment.
53.      When we are saying “get rid of your community spirit,” you think it is a small thing. Do you know that it was not easy for Aaron to get rid of his own? Do you know how many years he stayed in Egypt? Was he not the one that saw God face-to-face? God made him a prophet. Was Aaron not working hand in hand with Moses? Didn’t he see the glory of God? Was he not among the seventy elders that saw God and dinned with Him? Yet, idolatry was in him.
54.      No wonder God later remembered it, called him to the mountain, presented the judgment to Aaron saying, “Aaron, now is your own cup full. So, so and so years ago, you moulded an image and introduced it to my people to worship as their god, thereby committing great iniquity against Me. Now, can you tell Me why you did it?” God postponed killing him because they were on course, that is, on a journey.
55.      Finally, when they had already settled down; God said, “Aaron, your cup is now full. I will strip you of all your garments and the whole Israel will see your nakedness. In your place, your son Eliza will take over the priesthood.”
56.      You see how the priesthood departed from Aaron. God made him naked on the mountain; everybody saw Aaron on top of the mountain naked. Before their eyes, the Lord smote him dead.
57.       All the same, if you can remember what happened in the wilderness when Moses said, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Aaron was the first to run to his side and the rest killed themselves at the command of Moses. Yet, Moses knew very deep in him that it was not well with Aaron; for the Lord was the One who commanded Moses to carry on with him since there was no other person suitable to do the job he was doing. As a result, God used him; after, He then destroyed him.
58.      The idols of the nations are silver, gold and wood, ornament and things like that, made with human hands. Can the Almighty God be in such things made with human hands? The Almighty God is the Creator of Heavens and Earth.
59.      Now, another thing I want you to understand is this: in all those calamities they were passing through, for which cause they were pouring their libations and sin offerings, your fathers never attributed anything to the Devil; they never said the Devil was punishing them. Rather they said that the god in whom they believed was the one punishing them for being wicked to that god.
60.      Therefore, to them, Devil did not exist. To them, anybody called the Devil never existed for every calamity that befalls them was attributed to their disobedience to the god in charge of that thing.
61.      If the rain delays longer than necessary, they believe they had committed a crime against the god of the rain, for which cause the god of the rain has refused to give them rain. Whatever might be their sin offerings or libations would be gathered together and offered to the god of the rain; note, not to the Devil.
62.      For all the crimes they committed, there was not even one they attributed to anything called Devil because they never believed they were worshiping anything called Devil, and there was no idol they erected and called it Devil. Whatever they erected was good in their eyes. As a result, their disobedience to that—according to their own judgment—would bounce back on them. In other words, for their disobedience, there must be repercussions.
63.      It was the knowledge of the written word; that is the knowledge of the Scripture that brought the existence of the Devil into focus. Without the Scripture, nobody would have known whatever encounter Adam and Eve had with God and with anybody called Devil in the Garden of Eden. It is what was documented that painted the picture of the Devil, which anybody could see and identify. Whether it is real or not is not what I want to say.
64.      Even in that picture, there is no evidence of any place, in the Old Testament, where people offended God and the Devil punished them for offending God. There is no place like that in the Bible; rather, you will see places where people broke their allegiance with God by establishing something that is not God and God would call it idolatry for He said, “Only I shall you worship. You shall not make anything god in resemblance of anything in Heaven or on Earth or beneath anything anywhere at all. You should not do it and you should not bow down to them.”
65.      When Saint Paul appeared on the scene, he said, “You suppose that the idols of the nations are this and that; but today, God has come into plain view.”
66.      The time when you supposed that God was like silver or this or that is over for God is not like those things and can never be like those things. Amen.

When a man turns rebellious to authority or leadership, he becomes a Lucifer. The moment a man turns rebellious to family order, to instructions and to leadership, he becomes a Lucifer.
2.          What is rebellion or who is a rebel? A rebel is nothing but one who is walking disorderly and contrary to the established order in the government, in the office or in the home. He is one who resists instruction, who thwarts instruction to his own advantage. That is a rebel. Is it not true?
3.          During the Civil War, the Biafran soldiers were calling the Nigerian soldiers rebels and the Nigerian soldiers were calling Biafran soldiers rebels. Who rebelled against the other? They said that Lieutenant Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu rebelled against General Yakubu Gowon’s administration and then seceded from the rest of Nigeria, trying to carve out a nation called Biafra. Is it not true? Thus, Nigeria had to send out her soldiers to crush the rebellion.
4.          Lieutenant Colonel Buka Suka Dimka and his people, that is Brigadier General Bisalla and the rest came together, took counsel together to overthrow the government in power. They then succeeded in killing the then Head of State, General Murtala Mohammed, but the rest of the Nigerian soldiers said no to that Military incaution. They marshalled out troops and then crushed the rebellion.
5.          In the days of Babangida’ administration, Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar marshalled out some Majors to remove Babangida from the office, but the troops that were loyal to this nation and the then Head of State said no to that type of rebellion, marshalled out troops and they crushed the rebellion lead by Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar. 
6.          Can you now understand the meaning of rebellion? When you are walking in a way suggesting that you are trying to undermine a regimented administration or an already established administration for selfish gain, you are a rebel.
7.          If you go to the Message entitled, “Coping with A Rebellious Child,” it said, “Do you have a rebel in your house? If you call your son or your daughter a rebel, what do you have in mind? If your child is not agreeing with you, if he is resenting all your honest moves, your son is turning rebellious; he is a rebel,” finish. Have I defined it very well?
8.          Now, making another thing to look like the Supreme God, or making a god with your hand after the imagination of your own heart and owing your allegiance to it, or consulting something else other than God makes you a rebel. 
9.          If you watch Asa, the King, God said, “Is it because there is no God in Israel that you could go and consult mediums and sorcerers? Oh! King Asa, you must surely die,” and the man died. Who killed him? Was it the Devil? No. Why did God kill him? He was trying to introduce something that was not cherished by God and that thing that was no God is what is called the Devil. 
10.      Man’s attempt to exonerate himself from blame has always produced the Devil because he is looking for somebody who will carry his blames and his excuses, instead of accepting his mistakes so that he can be corrected.
11.      In your honest attempt to escape from being corrected or blamed, you now established the Devil from your conscious and also unconscious actions. We have conscious actions and we equally have unconscious actions. Every action that is not premeditated is an unconscious action, while any action that is premeditated and thought of is a conscious action. I am not talking about the subconscious mind. Leave it there. I am talking about the realities of life.
12.      Anything God never created does not exist. Whatever you do see as structures in the world are inventions. Man invented those things, simply because God created man; man then invented many things. That is why we call them inventions by man. Like you are having your G.S.M handsets, a man invented it. A human being invented aeroplane, ships, televisions, wristwatches, cars, mats, pens and even your shoes. No matter how gigantic or small that thing might be, they were all invented by human beings.
13.      All the fabrics you put on, they were latter inventions before now. What man was putting on as cloths were animal skins they developed from hide and skin to the one we call akwete. Do you know what akwete is? This is the type of cloth that was made through the use of threads made of palm wool. We have developed more than our forefathers; yet we have not gotten rid of the spirit of idolatry from our minds.
14.      Look at the extent we have gone. Yet, idolatry still holds sway in the hearts of many that are claiming to be members of this most Holy Faith. Some of you still have the ugly believe that what you are passing through, when traced, is as a result of the evils of your fathers and things like that. Some still have the stupid believe that what they are passing through is as a result of the idols of their town their fathers offended or they offended. You think that way, you are an idolater!
15.      If there is anybody you have offended, he is not an idol; rather, you have offended the Supreme God. Thus, when you are looking for the remedy, go back to God Whom you offended. This is why people run to and fro; yet they do not find the remedy because they are walking after the imaginations of their own hearts which is based on what they inherited from their fathers, which has been working in them even till today.
16.      If I do not touch on this matter, you will not be truly liberated. What is more, until you are fully liberated, you can never come home fully. To those that doubt what I am saying, if you believe the Scripture, I more.

17.      Concerning the angel called Lucifer, he was a human being; an angel that was working with Almighty God. He was the second in command and the account about him said that he was loyal and faithful until iniquity was found in him. Is it not true? From the very beginning, he was working with Almighty God harmoniously; leadership was made easy. I mean that Major Gideon Gwaza Orkar was working with our former Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida until iniquity was found in him.
18.      Brigadier General Bisalla who was the honourable Minister of Defence was working with General Muritala Mohammed until iniquity was found in him. What was the iniquity that was found in him? He started manifesting signs of disloyalty. How? What the Head of State could do, he said he could do better.
19.      He was saying it in himself before the idea of picking people like Lieutenant Colonel B. S Dimka that would work with him started. He started poisoning the hearts of people, using the key and important officers, promising them that he would save them, promising them the positions he would give to them if they would succeed, because it was a bloody adventure embarked upon by a desperado who never knew his limits. He thought that it was a pleasurable path to the throne but he never knew that it would fire back.
20.      Iniquity was found in him (Lucifer) because of an evil thought against leadership that cropped up in his mind. All along, he had been a highly cherished minister or messenger, an angel working in harmony with the Almighty, but one day he said, “I will ascend to the highest throne.” The Scriptures noted it: “You said in your heart that you will ascend to the highest throne.” In other words, what the Almighty God does, Lucifer felt he can do it even better.
21.      Watch Absalom who was the son of David. He was very loyal; he was even pledged to be on the throne after his father, David, but he could not wait. One day, iniquity was found in him. How did iniquity come in? It was through evil thought. The thought of ascending to the throne of the father while his father was still alive came into him. He started devising the means of attaining it by biasing the minds of the people he met in the land.
22.      Every judgment they handed, he would say, “Ah! In short, if I were placed in this throne, I would have given you a fair judgment. Nevertheless, do not worry, one day, I will be there; there and then, you will see what is called fair judgment. Don’t mind them.”
23.      He waited and waited. When those things could not come to pass as he planned, he used force. What happened? He committed suicide; he hanged himself. His father marshalled out troops, Joab and his army went after him and then came back with his head. Was Absalom a devil from the beginning? Was he a Lucifer from the beginning?
24.      Stop belabouring the Devil. Stop attributing your wicked acts to the Devil, for the Devil does not exist. You are the existing devils. Your heart is either the Throne of God or the throne of the Devil, depending on who you want in there, or what you make it to be. Anyone you want to occupy your heart is the one that will do so. That is why the thought of every man governs his attitude in life.
25.      Don’t you know that it has remained the thought of your parents that governed their attitudes? If you are godly, all your actions must be godly. Equally, if you are ungodly, all your actions must be ungodly. You cannot expect a positive result from a negative action; can it happen? No. If your action is negative, the result must be negative. The same way, if your thought is negative, your character must be negative. The manifestation is always the interpretation; make no mistake about it.
26.      Any day a human being is prepared and courageous to accept his faults come what may, and be ready to make right where it requires, the world will see a perfect order. However, man is not prepared to make right, instead, he will choose to die in his wickedness than to make a U-turn.
27.      It is this knowledge of the Devil that brought about the rampant growth of wickedness in the world. Therefore, that attitude of blaming the Devil, instead of man stopping it by blaming himself, he will rather blame what is nowhere to be found—blaming it on an imaginary Devil influencing his attitude somewhere.
28.      Nothing influences your actions but the thoughts of your heart. Even in the New Testament, it was clearly written, “No temptation that will come to you, which has never been coming to them and they have been escaping it.”
29.      What is temptation? When a man is drawn away by his desires and he is thus enticed. Did the Scriptures say when the Devil comes to you and begins to speak to you? No! You are drawn away by your own desire! You are enticed, and then you fall into the trap. Was it not a man’s desire to see God that brought about the carving of wood, silver, gold and all lots of graven images?
30.      Do not allow any man to fool you or to beguile you into believing things or something that is created by yourself to rule you. Your thoughts rule you. You are being ruled by the thoughts of your heart, whether they are good or bad. The bad side of your thoughts is what you call Devil; while the good side of your thoughts is called God.

31.      Forget about what various religions are saying. Do you believe that religion varies? Just as custom varies from people to people, place to place, so also religion varies. The Christian religion is not a universal religion. Is it? No. Do all nations in the world practice Christianity? Do all nations in the world practice Islam? Anyone you believe is the one you will practice. These documented religions are very popular. Note the word I used, “documented” religion.
32.      Yes! Religion has documents and in Christianity as a Movement, we have over one million factions with different practices. Even the Bible, there is no uniform Bible in the world. Bible varies according to the authors; there are two many modern Bibles today. Every denomination has its own Bible version.
33.      Chris Oyakhilome has his own version of the Bible, which he called Rhapsody of Reality. It is now in the market. Reinhard Bonnke, the German Christian evangelist, has his own. America as a nation equally has hers, which they call American Version. The one you call the British version, which is the King James Version is not a universal Bible. I do not want to talk about the editions; they vary as their various titles vary also.
34.      Note, whether traditional religion or Orthodox religion; by Orthodox, I mean documented religion (Catholic or Anglican), one thing is common with all of them: they are all religion of morals. They emphasis on morals. As filthy as they are, they still lay emphasis on morals. That is why all religions—including the traditional religions—are filled with dos and don’ts; that is, rules and regulations.
35.      When Christ came, He did not only get rid of idolatry, He also threw away religion based on morals. This is hard to believe.
36.      The Pharisees, the Herodian, the Scribes, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrins and the rest of them laid greater emphasis on morals. However, when Jesus the Christ appeared and de-emphasized on morals, but emphasized on faith which means unmerited favour, they became offended.
37.      One of the charges they brought against Jesus the Christ was that He was raising people with low morals. In your own day, God said, “Any man with high morals should keep it to himself for it has no relevance in the Salvation which Christ offers.”
38.      You must know the difference between the two; that is why we are not Christians and we do no behave like Christians. We are neither Christians nor beasts. We are sensible people with the Spirit of God in us. We know what is good and right. We know what constitutes evil in the sight of God and what constitutes good in the sight of God as well.
39.      What people think they will do to attract God’s attention is what will bring them to God’s condemnation. What they think will bring condemnation to them is what will bring God’s justification to them.
40.      All religions have their prescribed ways of attaining Salvation; they prescribed it and copyrighted it. There is no copyrighted formula for God’s Salvation; otherwise, you can purchase Salvation from the market.
41.      The same way, there is no copyrighted formula for success; otherwise, every man must succeed. Why do millions scramble for success but only few succeed? It is because success has no copy written formula that can be documented and be purchased from the market.
42.      You see why you are blessed. Youths, take note. God knows all that are His. Not all that claim to belong to Him are His. He knows all that belong to Him. That is why we labour everyday, dishing out His Word, for that is the only food that attracts us.
43.      If I have pigeons that have flown away and I want to bring then back, I must spray the food they love. Once I spray the food they love, even without whistling, you will see them flying back and before you know it, they will go back to their cages.
44.      Watch one thing common with the pigeons, they hate staying in singles. If you have only two pigeons, and you have a neighbour that has about five pigeons, one day, you will look for your two pigeons and you will not see them. They will migrate to that place where there are many pigeons. When you get there, you will be hearing their sound as they play about—all of them rejoicing.
45.       At another time, you will see up to 20 pigeons in your house. The two that flew away will then attract plenty to your house. You will see them perch on the roofs and different places like that rejoicing together. You can never see them stay in singles.
46.      On the other hand, it is not so with fowls. No fowl can go with one another in-group like that. A rebellious fowl does not sleep in the house; rather, it makes a roost on top of the tree, then all rebellious fowls will follow. All rebellious fowls hate coming into the house; they will prefer making their roosts on the orange trees, mango trees in the compound, suffering the rain, sunshine and cold weather, taking the risks instead of staying inside.
47.      I hope somebody is catching me somewhere.
48.      Tamed and obedient fowls live in the house, enjoying the warmth of the home, but rebellious ones pitch tents on top of the trees around the house. Are they fowls? Yes.
49.      What am I saying, worshiping God goes beyond the religions and beliefs of your fathers, which lay greater emphasis on morals even when they themselves are immoral. Some of them are very bloody and approved bloody sacrifices; do you believe that? Some religions, up till today, use human beings in their rituals; is it not true?
50.      There are places where they can never practice their New Yam Festival without an innocent man dying, even till today. There are religions that still emphasis on morals, yet commit great and heinous crimes. They emphasis on morals when they indulge in misdirecting their youths to do all kinds of evil things without restraints; a sure sign that their thoughts are continually evil.
51.      When somebody suffers a setback, they will rejoice and attribute it to one thing or the other where they will benefit. Go to the forest and come back telling them that you saw a Devil; they will gather themselves together and invite you, telling you that your mother died 20 years ago, that it was the spirit of your mother that you saw. For that sake, you must bring one goat, one fowl, one this and that, even N10, 000.00 to appease the spirit.
52.      However, go to the forest, come back and tell them that you saw God and God said they should repent, you will hear, “Get out of here!” Tell them thus, “God said you should turn away from your idols. I saw God; He said I should tell you this.” All you will get is: “My friend, shut up your mouth! Where did you see God? Can one see God with the naked eyes?  By the way, who has ever seen God?”
53.      A pagan never believes that he is deceived; he holds on tenaciously to his aged long tradition and that is all. Anybody can easily change, but a pagan can never and will never change.
54.      Who is a pagan? A pagan is one who is strictly dedicated to things that are no God to the point that one can no longer restrain oneself from them. A pagan is one that is accustomed to doing evil—that is a pagan. He is the very Lucifer you have in your house; he is accustomed to walking contrary to the Will of God. He is accustomed to establishing customs God never established.
55.      While God is pulling down, he is building up, adding strength to things that have no strength by intimidating people into believing that what they are passing through is as a result of their disobedience to those things, which do not exist.
56.      You use your mouth to add strength to idols, but idols have no strength. An idol is what human beings made for themselves.
57.      This was the message I handled in my village some years back, and the whole community broke into two; they said that I would die that same year, but as you can see, I am still alive. I was not married that time. When I look at young men in the Faith today, I pity them all. If you cannot worship God zealously in your youth, and you think miracle will happen in your old age, you have completely fooled yourself.
58.      When they gathered in my house recently, I began to share the testimony on how I took off as a youth, how the thought of marriage came into my life when I did not even have the money or seen even the woman to be my wife. I told them the extend I went in preparing myself, preparing my mind for marriage, strictly preparing myself ahead of time, that marriage never came to me as a surprise.
59.      Nobody imposed a wife on me. Nobody compelled me to marry. I knew all things concerning marriage before I entered into it. I told them how I was bent on preserving useful materials, which I knew would help the wife I was going to marry to know what marriage is all about. I also made them know the picture I painted even when I had no idea that I would be blessed with a child.
60.      However, today, if marriage is not imposed on some people, they marry by accident: no preparation, no planning and that is why your marriages are shaking. If not for this Faith, many of you would have been living like bachelors and spinsters, yet you will have children; I mean that many of you would have tasted marriage and then parted. You would have experimented marriage and parted.
61.      If not for the Almighty God in human form that embraced us along the way; note, we did not embrace Him, rather He embraced us. We did not seek Him; He sought and found us. He is the founder of a people that do not desire Him. God is served by faith and grace and not by any other thing.
62.      Thus, if there is any other thing you are attaching to it, better detach it immediately. Amen.

The book of St. John chapter 16:7-8: “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.
2.          And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.” King James Version.
3.          It is very, very necessary that I go away; do not pray that I should not go away. For if I do not go away, the Comforter will not come. When the Comforter is come, note the phrase “when He is come;” is the Comforter a wind? Anytime the Comforter will come, will He be wind? Will He be fire? Will He be smoke? No, for He is a human being. Note, the Scripture says, “When He (the Comforter) will come,” unless English has lost its meaning, but it has not.
4.          Remember you were British citizens in time past; if others cannot understand grammar, you can understand the grammar. When He will come; note, the “Head of State” is not the name of a human being. Is it? For instance, if I say, “when the Head of State will come,” of course you know he is going to be a human being; but his name is not “the Head of State.” For the Head of State is a title reflecting the office he occupies.
5.          Look at the word He is using: “When He (the Comforter) will come, He will reprove the world of sin,” just like He is doing now.
6.          What is sin? Sin is unbelief, which means not believing in the true God. That is unbelief—not continuing in the true God, not believing in the God that is revealed in your day. How will God know that you have believed? The only way you do the work of God, which is believing the word of God is by believing in Him whom He has sent.
7.          I spoke to the Elders recently and they understood Me before the Spirit rested on Apostle Kelechi and lead him to talk. It was not my mind to speak; I made a statement and he captured it immediately.
8.          There in the wilderness or in Egypt or in Canaan, if anybody who was there with Moses wanted to know the mind of God concerning him, how would he have known it? If you want to know what God is saying concerning you, how He is looking at you, what you are to Him, how do you know it? You will pay attention to what Moses is saying.
9.          The way Moses sees you is the way God sees you. Whatever Moses is saying concerning you is what God is saying concerning you. Your relationship with Moses and his words is your relationship with God.
10.      Then, the Apostle picked it and said, “Yes, see Dathan, Korah, and Abiram; Moses said, “If something that has never happened before will happen now at my word, at my command, know that the Lord has spoken to me; but if it does not happen, believe me not. Immediately, he closed his mouth, the land opened and swallowed them.”
11.      That was the first earthquake in the history of mankind. Who caused the earthquake? Moses. Who was that God that caused the earthquake? Moses. Who spoke things that never existed into existence? Moses. Who judged Dathan, Korah, and Abiram? Moses.
12.      Watch Elisha and Gehazi. Elisha, at his word, cured a centurion by name Naaman of Assyria. He offered gift of sacrifice, gift of appreciation to Elisha, but Elisha said no. However, the servant, Gehazi went behind him, outside his instruction and went to Naaman the Syrian. Gehazi got to Naaman and said, “I have come in the name of my master; he has sent me to come and collect these offerings.”
13.      While he was holding the thing thinking that the master knew nothing about it, the master, Elisha told him what took place. He told him what he did and then said to Gehazi, “Because you have done this wicked and abominable thing, even in my name, ye shall suffer leprosy from this day.”
14.      Automatically, Gehazi became leprous. Who was the one that spoke? Elisha. What was he to Gehazi? God. You saw Elisha, but that was God; who saw Gehazi even when he went there alone? God! Who judged Gehazi? God! Using who? The God of that day who is Elisha.
15.      Who said, “If I am what I am, let fire come down and devour all of you that have come here to kill me?” Who said it? It was that same Elisha and fire came down. Who proclaimed, “If I am what I am, may all of you that have come to arrest me be blind”, and all of them really became blind? He lead them to his house, fed them very well, opened their eyes and then told them to go.
16.      Watch saint Paul, when he was angry because of a lady who was claiming to be something she was not, the man of God was confronted and he walked up to her and said, “be blind for a season;” automatically, the lady became blind.
17.      I am not talking about resurrection this time, nor will I talk about healing for these are the things people delight in: resurrection, healing and miracle; but they forget this side: that the God of Mercy is also the God of Judgment. Who was that God that was standing in the temple when Ananias came in dancing hypocoristically to the altar saying: “Come join me let us praise the Lord! Let us praise the Lord!”
18.      As he was singing and dancing, God (Peter) was by the side watching. At the end of everything, he said, “Ah! Ah! My friend, is that all?” Ananias replied, “That is all; you know me now. I do not joke with worshiping of God or the things of God.” Then God (Peter) said, “Eeh! Has it come to the point of ridiculing God even at the altar? Well, deacons, get your shovels ready because he has lied before God. You are dead.” Ananias slumped down and died.
19.      Tell me, was it not under grace? It was under grace. They buried him and the wife, Sapphira came, danced and danced to the altar. The same person asked the question: “Why did you conspire with your husband to give falsely?” She replied, “No, he gave all; he could not have cheated; we gave all we had.”
20.      Then Peter (God) said, “Eeh! Ok, thank you; but the same people that buried your husband right now will bury you.” What happened? She fell down and died. Who judged the case? God in person of Peter.
21.      Who is the resurrection and life? Is it not God? God is the resurrection and life. Who caused Dorcas to rise up? Any way, let us not go further. Amen.

When He, the Comforter, the Last Hope you have shall come—when you miss the first opportunity and second time comes, if you miss it too, blame yourself. Your evil can bring evil to you if you continue in the evil.
2.         One was healed because it was a natural occurrence; but the other one He said, “I have made you whole; your faith in me has made you whole. Go and sin no more lest the worst thing will befall you.” In other words, what brought about his condition was his sin: “but by believing in Me you are made whole. Nevertheless, go and sin no more lest the worst thing befalls you again.”
3.         Who punished him for that iniquity? God! Who made him whole? God! It was not his faith in the Devil that made him whole; it was his faith in Christ that made him whole. It was his iniquity, which he committed against God that caused his problem, but when he turned his faith to Christ, he was made whole with a warning: “Go and sin no more, lest the worst thing befalls you.”
4.         You can never commit sin against the Devil; No! You commit sin against God.
5.         The book of John chapter 16:7: “Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” King James Version.
6.         If I (Jesus) depart, I will send Him (the Comforter) unto you. Brethren, He that was promised to come, was He not a man? Note what the Scripture said, “I will send Him.” The promised Comforter was not Virgin Mary; no! for Virgin Mary was a woman. She is a female. The Scripture clearly said, “If I depart, I will send HIM unto you.”
7.         The book of John chapter 16:8-9:“And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:
8.         Of sin, because they believe not on me.” King James Version.
9.         When He (Jesus the Christ) noticed what they were doing, even some said they had believed in God, but could not believe in Him, He was not happy. He said, “You believe in my Father, believe also in me, for I and my Father are one. If you have seen me, you have seen my Father. If you are looking for my Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth outside me, you will see nobody. Trace Him to its finality; the whole thing will culminate in me that is talking to you now.”
10.      That is why, to the blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, He said, “He that is talking to you is the man; HE, whom you are standing in front of is the man.” To the Jews He said, “If you do not believe that I am HE, you must surely die in your unbelief, in your stiff neck.”
11.      I am using what you know, which is documented to establish your faith so that you will believe those things that are written without.
12.      The book of John chapter 16:10-13: “Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more;
13.      Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.
14.      I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.
15.      Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.” King James Version.
16.      Can you see? When HE, the Spirit of Truth; the same promised Comforter shall come, He will guide you into all truths, written within and without. Remember that when Jesus the Christ came, they were claiming absolute knowledge of everything when they basically knew nothing. When Jesus the Christ started quoting the Scriptures they were holding, they were astonished.
17.      He turned to them and said, “You have not known the scripture nor the power of God, for if you had believed Moses, you would have believed in me also. Nevertheless, you were paying lip service to Moses; the same lip service you are paying to my teachings. If you had believed, to believe in me would be made very simple, for I proceeded from the Father.” 
18.      Verse 13: “…for HE shall not speak of himself, for whatever he shall see and hear, that he shall proclaim unto you.” King James Version.
19.      Remember what happened in our midst when He said, “I will declare, I will declare.” Who spoke to Him? Who could Moses be communicating with concerning Dathan, Korah and Abiram? Did they know? Did they hear? Yes.
20.      When Peter had already finished with God over Ananias and the wife, did they know? No. They thought they could come and play away their plans, but they did not know that their matter had been concluded and set for that day to bring it to fulfilment. They were the essence of the worship that day, for God used it as a trap to trap them; for the judgment that lingered had already been concluded. God was simply waiting for the execution of the judgment and He executed it righteously.
21.      Is there any unrighteousness with God? Even if God will wipe off this generation, He is still righteous. Even if God will destroy this nation, God will still remain the Righteous One for there is no unrighteousness in God.
22.      Verse 13 again: “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.” King James Version.
23.       Now, those things to come, are they written in the Bible? Those things He shall hear, are they written in the Bible? That knowledge of all the truths, which they could not bear because of their little faith; He then reserved them for the Comforter anytime He will come, are they written in the Bible? No. He is the One that will present those things.
24.      There are too many things that are not written in the Scriptures, but they are in the mind of God, and at the appointed time, God will put them into the mouth of His mouthpiece for that age and He will proclaim it.
25.      Look at something that had not happened before, He put it into the mouth of Moses to say it; because God was in that statement, it came to pass. When you are talking to God, you must know who God is, for those that know their God must do exploits. All the same, do you know your God? Do you give your allegiance to things that are no God?
26.      Remember that your fathers claimed they knew their God; they claimed they knew the god they were serving. They present yam with goats to their gods from time to time; when they break cola, they share the cola and give to their gods a part of the cola. When they get food, they fling it round their heads and then pour it out, is it not true? That is the god that is keeping them.
27.      In every family, you see the thing being hung in front of the house; they call it evil protector that is preventing evil from coming into the compound. These are the things you see them reverence even in Anambra, at Enugu and everywhere—homes of idolatry. What is more, these are the people that will come and challenge a true seed of God. It is because you are mingling with them.
28.      You must hate the idols of your fathers; separate yourselves from all those wild profligacy and then God will accept you. God will accept you if you do that. That is why many of you cannot receive blessings from God; why? You have never come home; you have never settled yourself in Christ. Some are trying to settle but some are too far away; yet, they are still coming to fellowship, hearing the WORD. I will tell you what is taking place.
29.      The book of St. John chapter 16: 24: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” King James Version.
30.      Note, “Hitherto” means “before Now.” Up till this time, you have not made a single request in my Name. If you know who I am, up till this very point in time, if you know who you have been having dealings with, you have only made request in my Name when you are in danger.
31.      We have been hearing testimonies of people that ran into difficulties, while people were shouting the name Jesus and things like that, they simply bowed down and mentioned the Name of their God, the Supreme Intelligence, Who is in human form and that saved their lives and the lives of those that were in the vehicle.
32.      Up till this very moment, it even happened in the days of Jesus the Christ as at that moment. You see why He was introducing Himself to them! Now, He is introducing the Comforter to you; He introduced Himself to the people in His day and introduced the people to their Comforter in their day. You are going to see the place as we continue; that is, the Name of the Person He is handing over to or handed over to, is the Comforter, who had not come then, who will come after him (Jesus).
33.      Now, another Name of that Person is the Spirit of Truth, Who will guide you into the knowledge of all truths. Remember that we are in the last days when God is turning the faith of the fathers to their children; else, He will smith the world with a curse. Does it agree with the prophets? The answer is yes.
34.      When John came, he turned the faith of the children unto their fathers; but today, the faith of the fathers are being turned to the faith of the children, that is why Papa Uwakwe is in this Faith. Papa Uwakwe is not living in his own age, but in the days of his own children, simply because he is a seed of God. If he is not a seed of God, no matter what is promised him, he will like to die in his old traditional religion, which had already faded into nullity now.
35.      If what Papa Uwakwe was professing as an Anglican or as a member of Assemblies of God, which led him into going overseas or trips to pilgrimages and things like that, which made him fellowship with the Whites has faded away into nullity, what can you say about what your fathers are still holding? All the primitive beliefs they upheld from the days they were born, they are still holding them till now.
36.      If those religions that came with a glorious life around have faded away to nullity, then how real and genuine are those things your fathers are still upholding even as their virtues? How real and genuine are those things your fathers are holding tenaciously, which are great abominations before the Almighty God?
37.      Instead of you to fight against those things to see whether you can disarm your parents of those things if peradventure they can be saved, you secretly joined them and even betray your belief. Many of you secretly joined them, agreeing with them and betraying your Faith; hence, you are all traitors.
38.      Traitors! Knowing the truth, yet, restraining from standing for the truth and you are asking for God’s blessings. How can God support you when you are working against Him? You are working against God! You are sponsoring a coup against God. You are rebellious and yet you want Him to bless you. Can God bless a rebellious child? No.
39.      What type of blessing did Absalom receive from David as a rebellious child? You know the type of blessing he got. What am I saying before now and up till this very moment is that you have never requested for anything in my Name. It has been very difficult for you.
40.      The book of St. John chapter 16: 24 again: “Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.” King James Version.
41.      Ask in my Name, you shall receive; that your joy will be full. How can you ask in my Name when you have not believed in Me? You do not even believe that I, Apostle Peter Odoemena is the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth that is guiding you into the knowledge of all truths. You do not even believe that I am HE, that I proceeded from the Father. How can you? You cannot ask the favour of somebody you do not believe in.
42.      Have you seen the genesis of your calamities? God reproving you of sin, which is unbelief for you have not believed in God; believing in Him means believing in Him Whom He has sent. Has God sent anybody to you? Are you sure God sent Him? Any vindication? If yes, why have you not believed Him? It is because you are all holding on to your traditional beliefs that were passed unto you by your primitive fathers.
43.      That is what is hindering you and they are clashing with the truth from God. That is why your lives can never stabilize; your businesses are fluctuating; your families are equally fluctuating and your children are living unpredictable lives because God is far away from the wicked.
44.      Jesus the Christ spoke to them to the point that He asked them a question saying, “Have you now believed?” They said, “Lord, we believe.”
45.      William Branham said that the greatest battle every messenger of God has ever fought is this: to cause his followers to believe that God is speaking to them through him; to cause his followers to believe that God sent him.
46.      When God sent Branham, He said, “If you can cause the people to believe you, even cancer can never stand in your way.” Is it not documented into the sermon books?
47.      What was the battle Jesus fought? It was to cause the Jews to believe that He was their Messiah so that they would take off their minds from their relationship with Him for they knew His father, they knew His mother, they knew His compound, they knew His brothers and sisters. Accepting Him as their Saviour, Messiah, God and everything became intensively difficult.
48.      No deception is of the truth. Get rid of over familiarity. Tell me any Prophet that descended from the sky whom you think had no descent (genealogy) and I will mention the name of the father and mother whom you do not know. All the Messengers, all the Prophets (they were God), that appeared at different ages, they all emanated from descents. They were men born of men and women including John the Baptist.
49.      Yet, Jesus the Christ could say, “Of all men born of women, there was none greater than John, except the greatest in Heaven.” He went further to say, “Listen to me, He that is standing in your midst is by far greater than John the Baptist,” for John the Baptist did not partake of Christ’s Salvation; he was saved by faith, not in Christ, but the faith he established in HE that visited him, which made him to carry out the assignment.
50.      Who was the man, Angel Gabriel? He claimed the faith; he had trust and confidence in that Angel that spoke to him whose name was Gabriel, that He never deceived him. But concerning Christ the Jesus, no! John never partook of His Salvation, for even John doubted Him after introducing Him to the people. What happened? When John the Baptist was in prison, he later sent his disciples to go and inquire of Jesus the Christ whether He was the One to come or should they expect another.
51.      Greater than John the Baptist are in this most Holy Faith. I repeat: Greater than John the Baptist are in this most Holy Faith. John the Baptist never sat in heavenly places; he only worshipped God after the old order, after the traditions of his fathers, the Jews. I do not know if someone is catching this Message.
52.      Do you know that Jesus the Christ was born a Jew and He lived under the Jewish Laws only to preach Salvation by grace to those that will hear and believe?
53.      From the beginning of Creation, it has been a fact and a fight for a God-sent man to cause the people he is sent to in their respective ages to believe that they (the men of God) were actually sent by God. If they believed that God sent Noah, the entire world in his age would have entered the ark and God knew the world would not believe. Thus, He gave Noah the assignment to make a small ark; the size of the ark became another stumbling block.
54.      God knew that even Lot’s in-laws would not believe. He said, “Ok, I will hold unto my peace; I will not destroy it till you come. Go and speak to the people; go and tell your in-laws to get out of this city.” When Lot got to them and told them everything, they laughed him to scorn.
55.      Watch all the Messengers or Prophets God sent, that was God visiting the people in the name of the Prophets. How many were received by the people they were sent to? How many were acknowledged to have been sent by God? It was only when calamity befalls them that they would recognize the mistake they made. They started repeating the words of the people that visited them, which they could not believe.
56.      In other words, it has been happening since the world began. Your own dispensation cannot be exempted. Remember that this Spirit is the very Spirit the world cannot believe. The world cannot receive Him, for they cannot see Him, neither do they know Him; but you know Him.
57.      The Spirit, according to the Scriptures will guide you. This Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, which you are expecting; the Scripture said that the world will not receive Him for the world does not know Him. However, you know him.
58.      He said, “A little while, the world will see Me not, but you will see Me for while I live, you shall live also.” He said that when He shall come, He shall be with you and live among you. Was Jesus not picked from among people? Was John the Baptist not picked from among people? Tell Me any prophet that was not chosen from among people. None of them came or fell down from the sky.
59.      William Branham knew about it when he said that they were gazing at the sky thinking that God’s meaning is of the sky. Before they knew it, they heard, “He has come; He has gone.”
60.      Once more, I, the Almighty is riding the trail again. I have been on the scene for many years now riding the same trail, repeating things; you see Scriptures repeating over and over before your eyes. Many are busy searching the Scriptures to know what the Prophets said shall happen when He shall come the second time. They do not know that He has been feasting with His Elects for years now.
61.      The same thing that happened in the Bible where King Herod commanded them to search the Scriptures so that they could find out what the Prophets said would happen when the Messiah would come, not knowing that the Messiah he was searching the Scriptures for had already attended a marriage feast in Canaan. He had already officiated at the age of 12 years in the marriage feast in Canaan. Not only being dedicated to the temple, He had already started teaching priests and doctors in the temple; yet, some were still searching: “Look here, search and see, look ,look, they said, they said, ‘As the lightening flashes from one end to the other, all eyes will see Him.’”
62.      Well, keep on expecting the day you will see Him until you will hear, “He has come; He has gone.”

63.      St. John chapter 16:24 (amplified version): “But now ask and keep on asking and you will receive that your joy, gladness may be full and complete.”
64.      If you believe it say Amen! They were asking from the Father: “Father, Father;” nobody recognized Him (the Son). Every time they knelt down, all you would hear was, “Father in Heaven, Father this and that, in Jesus name I pray;” and He was pitying them.
65.      Note, He first of all promised that a day was coming when He would no longer speak to you in parables or proverbs, but He said, “I would rather speak to you in plain language, which everybody will understand;” and this is the time.
66.      For the last time, if you want to believe, believe now; you do not want to believe better do not believe now. If you do not want to believe, do away with it for it does not make you a sinner or a devil.
67.      St. John chapter 16:24 (Good News Bible): “Until now, you have not asked for anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your happiness may be complete.”
68.       Before, you were using the Name of the Father, attaching my Name; you were asking the Father in the name of Jesus. Is it not documented in the Bible? “Look at what you were doing before and you were getting nothing, because you have not recognized me; you have not recognized that I am sent to you. You have not recognized that I have the power to give you all things.”
69.      “…You haven’t tried it before, but begin now ask using my name.”
70.      Ask using what? Who was talking? The carpenter, Mary’s boy, a local man.
71.      Brethren, do you think it is easy? This is a stumbling block. People can now believe it because Jesus the Christ is no longer on the scene, but that time He was on the scene, how many believed? If they had believed, do you think He would have been talking to them that way? “So, all these years I have been talking to you; you are still asking the Father, even in my name. You use my name. So, my name is now an envelope, which you use to address to the Father?”
72.      This is Deeper Life knowledge, which says that Jesus is an envelope and God, the Father is the letter. That is rubbish. They were using Jesus as an envelope; they were addressing everything to the Father using the name of Jesus on top of the envelope simply because he said; “Whatever you have asked the Father in my Name, He will grant it to you.”
73.      However, He says now, “Never do it again. Henceforth, that which you have not tried before, try it now that you may know that I am He that gives joy and gladness so that your happiness in serving the Lord might be full.”
74.      Even as I have said it in this Message, many still doubt. If the Elders have believed in Me fully, many things would have been happening in your midst, but the sins of the Elders have chained the hands of God from acting. For that reason, Brother Joshua, do not come to the Fellowship of the Saints again. Goddy Tobechukwu, do not come to the Fellowship of the Saints again.
75.      Brethren, phone Goddy Tobechukwu wherever he is and tell him that he should stay there. He should not make the mistake of coming into this household. Bishops and Pastors, take note.
76.      The book of St. John chapter 16:25 : “These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall show you plainly of the Father.” King James Version.
77.      Hallejauh! However, I shall show you plainly who the Father is.
78.      The book of St. John chapter 16:25 : (Amplified Version): “I have told you these things in parables, veiled language, allegories, dark sayings, but the hour is now coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures of speech but I shall tell you about the father in plain words and openly without reserves.”
79.      Note it: without reserves. This is the end of the review. He started with the Holy Spirit being a man, and He is ending it in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth being a man. The same Message that sparked off at the beginning of this Ministry is the same Message that is summarizing it.
80.      Somebody told Me in End Time ministry that they have received Holy Ghost and I said this is Pentecostal spirit, which William Branham borrowed even that time. How can he receive the Holy Ghost when he does not know Him? Some say God is knocking at the door of you heart, if you can open, God will enter.
81.      The moment you receive the man sent by God, that settles everything for He is the Holy Ghost Himself. Who knows that this Message is a Holy Ghost? This Message is the Holy Ghost that will take you home. Do you believe it? Then, can there be a Message without a Messenger. The Message and the Messenger are one for the Message is within the Messenger. You cannot accept the Message and avoid the Messenger. It is impossible. Accepting the Messenger means accepting all and all.
82.      The giver and the gift, which one is greater? If you want to get everything that is in the gift, what do you do? Accept whatever he (the giver) is made up of; that was why the man said we should allow Peter to move up and down. He gave him a room in a bid to privatize him. He personalized him, so that he would become his family property, but the prophet did not want it that way.
83.      I know many of you; I know even your families. I am not trying to boast. I know your wives. Anywhere you are, begin to sing praises to my wife. I have never seen a woman like her before.
84.      This Ministry is better committed into the hands of bachelors. It is not easy for a man that is married with children to carry this Ministry; it will take only God. Have you wondered why, of all Prophets, many things were said concerning them but little or nothing was heard about their wives?
85.      Glory be to God that you could read about Prophet Elijah, Prophet Joshua and the rest of them. You could read even about their children, but little or nothing was heard about their wives.
86.      Look at Moses, even the role Moses’ wife played, nobody recorded anything about it; yet, they came as close as recording the father in-law’s roles towards Moses. Am I making sense?
87.      Many do not even know that Moses was married and that he had children. He married the daughter of Jethro. Instead of taking care of his family, he committed the upkeep of his family into the hands of the heathens, to enable him run the affairs of the children of God, as if his family was not a part of God’s Salvation. In the end what happened? He lost his wife.
88.      There are many of you in this Faith I know very well, which if God had entrusted this Ministry into your cares, your wives would not have allowed the thing to come out. They would have personalized you, locked you up in the bedroom so that nobody would have access to you.
89.      What I am telling you is truth, for most of your wives are highly suspicious and jealous. They can never see you sitting down with a Sister and then they concentrate with the Message again. They can never see you even in their absence sitting down in the parlour with a Sister. If that happens, that house will be set ablaze that day.
90.      Even husbands in this Faith cannot bear the sight of a Brother sitting with your wives in their absence; that is, you just come back home and see a Brother sitting down in the parlour with your wife, talking things you do not know. If that happens, she will begin to answer queries upon queries from you until she will die. If what I am saying is not true, testify against Me.
91.      You are receiving this Message on a platter of gold—pure platter of gold. You see, I have come to believe that when God calls a man, He also calls the wife. God gives him somebody who will be a blessing to that calling and not a curse. How many of you can stand at the pulpit and check the excesses of your wives, go home courageously, eat and drink without tendering  apologies to your wives? How many of you in this Faith can do that?
92.      That evil is residing in your families is because husbands lack the courage to check that evil and corrupting tendencies emanating from their wives. Some of you do not love your wives. I do not owe you any apology. Some of you are weaker than Solomon. You worship your wives and that is why your families can never stabilize. You can never see progress.
93.      You ask Me what makes you an idolater; you are an idolater because you are worshipping your wife. You are not loving your wife instead, you are worshipping your wife. This is because you do not correct your wife if she does evil even in your presence. Moreover, if any other person dares to correct her, that person becomes her enemy. Is it not true? If you are found of this, you are a traitor to your Brother or your Sister.
94.      Before now, I have been talking to all of you in parables and proverbs using corrective speeches. William Branham called it TYPOLOGY; that is, typing something; but a day is coming and now is that day, when I am no longer talking to you using figures of speech, parables or proverbs. Now, I will be speaking to you in plain language, introducing Who the Father is to you without any reservation.
95.      If you want to believe, you had better do so now. However, if you do not want to believe, that is your own cup of tea. It does not concern Me. I have done my duty towards you; finish!
96.      “…at that day, you shall ask in my name and I should say not unto you that I will pray unto the father for you.”
97.      Have you seen it? The moment this is done, you will begin to ask everything in my Name and I dare not say that I must present your case to the Father for that will be unnecessary. You will never hear, “The Lord spoke to my Lord.” The Lord will no longer speak to my Lord or the Lord speaking to the Lord; never, never for that will be unnecessary.
98.      In Good News Version, it says, “I do not say that I will ask him on your behalf.” You will present your petitions over my signature.
99.      Look, the Naira notes we use in Nigeria has somebody’s signature.
100.    Henceforth, you will present your petitions or requests and I, the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena will sign it.
101.   When you present money, what they are looking for is the signature. You can forge everything, but you cannot forge the signatures very easily. In other words, write whatever that might be your applications and every other thing, only one signature is required, which is that of the Son of Man. Amen.

Then, you will present your petitions over my signature and I won’t need to ask the father to grant you this signature, for the father himself loves you dearly because you love me and you also believe in me.” (Amplified Version).
2.          Watch the way they put it in the Scripture, “For the Father Himself loves you so dearly because you love me.”
3.          Do you love Me? Do you believe in Me? No! You are liars! You are blatant and naked liars. You do not love Me; you do not believe in Me. Even the Messages I have given to you, how many have you obeyed?
4.          What does it mean to love God? Loving God means abiding and obeying His teachings. Was it not written, “If you love me, keep my WORDS?” Is it not true? How can you say you love me, but you do not obey my words? You find fault with my WORD and with Me. You gossip with Me; you speak evil words against Me; you discredit even my Word.
5.          If it will be possible, you will go as far as you can to cause people not to believe in Me. Is it not true? Then, it is condemnation unto you.
6.          Now, you want to know the Father; the Father has appeared at last to tell you where you are standing in Him, that is, your position in Me.
7.          You see why I said that until I have finished with this matter, let no man ever open the Message entitled “Inner Voice” to scratch the Message documented on page 178  with the title that reads thus: “You have said Many Terrible Things against Me.” For you must know Who I am before you can understand what the Message entitled “The Good Shepherd” is all about.
8.          Why I said nobody should scratch “The Good Shepherd” is because I am the One that will do it. I wanted to do it before now, but I held my peace lest you say I am a beggar, that I am begging you food and some other things.
9.          Nevertheless, I believe I am in a more comfortable position now to speak on that matter. The biggest thing you can buy for me is a car. Now, what type of car can you buy for Me, because I am riding the highest even without your general contributions
10.       Can you boast of feeding Me? If you are the ones paying for my house rent, by now, I would have packed away. This is true. If you have been the ones sustaining my stay in Onitsha, by now, I would have been in the village. My children would have come out of colleges and universities.
11.      I believe I am in a better position now to talk than before. You hate Me and you hate your lives. Simply accept that to be true. The Message I preach to you as I received it from the Father, when many of you come to Me, instead of believing, you will bombard Me with many useless questions.
12.      Some even come craftily, trying to find faults. They do not come to Me to learn anything good; they come to Me, setting traps to know whether I will fall into them.
13.      No Local Assembly can claim that they love or believe the Son of Man. They all pay lip services to my Messages and that is why I told you in the Message entitled “How Do You Know God?” that you should pray hard so as to escape it in your own day, for it is not easy.
14.      You said you love Me; that is fine. If you love Me, why is my Message not effective in your lives? Why do you sabotage my Messages, which of course are not mine but those of He that sent Me? You will confirm them to be truth; you will balance them with the Bible, with nature and everything; you will see their fulfilments in your individual life; yet, you do not obey.
15.      You do not only stop there; you make sure that others do not believe also. That was the spirit of the Pharisees; they did not believe Jesus the Christ and they made it impossible for any other person to believe Him. They even made a proclamation that if anybody should show interest in His message, such a person should be put out of their synagogue.
16.      You come before Me, jumping up and down, claiming you are believed but you go home and cancel the whole thing. You even go from house to house, blackmailing, gossiping, Scandalizing, Saying things that never existed, all for base gain. You do not know that one day, the Father will appear before you and you will go with Him through His Judgement and that is where you are standing now.
17.      Go back to the Message preached by William Branham, which was entitled “The Indictment.”
18.      Christ in your hands. This is your own day; you are the Pilates of your own day; you are the Herods of today; you are the Caiaphas of today, a cross to bear.
19.      In the days of the Prophets, Jeremiah said, “The Lord presented facts before them and then asked them to testify against Him”. Even in their faces, they could not stand the shame; they had to cover their faces in shame. It would have been better if you had believed, like Sir. Igwe who saw things afar off, after a teaching, he resigned saying that you had collectively called down a big masquerade you cannot worship and if you were not careful, he will destroy all of us for disloyalty. After that, he took his family and ran away because of fear.
20.      I will use the last word Joshua said to his people, “Choose for yourselves this day the god you will worship; as for me and my family, we have chosen the God of Israel that created Abraham;” no more, no less. In return, the people said, “That God you have chosen is also our God.”
21.      Then Joshua said, “No! You cannot worship Him, for He will destroy all of you. I know you; you are stiff-necked people, filled with impenitent spirit.”
22.      Do you know that even some demonstrate against the Faith in my presence? It is not only acting impressions intending to buy my favour, but trying to justify themselves. They still demonstrate angrily, some demonstrate violently even in my presence.
23.      I cannot forget the day a man and his wife almost fought in my presence in Benjamin Street and the Elders held them apart. If they had known whose presence they were fighting, they would not have tried it.
24.      Saint Paul predicted it this way in his own age, “If they had recognized the hour of his visitation, they would have repented”.
25.      Your silence will be given discreet interpretations. I have been sojourning with you since the year 1992 till this day, how many years now? It is about 18 years ago; a child born 18 years ago should be in the university by now and should be regarded as an adult.
26.      In the past I spoke to you as people that never understood, but now you understand and I speak to you as people that understand.
27.      You thought you were rebelling against Me, but the matter is now open. No parable, no figures of speech, no reservation, no allergies; only plain language.
28.      The Bible said, “For the Father loves you dearly”, even when you never loved Him. If He does not love you, He will never care for you; He will not be sacrificing His life for you anyhow.”
29.      This is the highest form of love. A young man was asking Me a question, “You are giving all these to people free of charge, what then is your reward? If they go to Heaven, will they go with you? What if they are fake, what will be your reward?
30.      I said, “My friend, your question is immaterial for now; thank you”. I never wanted them to know Me, but you have known Me. You even know why I am labouring.
31.      If you go back to my Message entitled, “Superlative Puritanism,” you will know where I am gathering my information. Another is “The Misguided Monarch,” a monarch that was misguided.
32.      There is nothing that will hinder Me from being purified if you must live, for Jesus the Christ was purified. Anybody that loves HE that is sent and believes within himself/herself that the Father sent Him, or that He is the representative of the Father, in likewise, the Father will love that person.
33.      How can you love the president of your country and then hate his representative who has come in his name to deliver the message that comes from the president? Yet, you claim that you are loyal and faithful to the president, that you love him. No! You are undermining his administration; you are not ruling with him.
34.      When you obey God, you rule with God. Is it not true? When you obey God, you are ruling with Him, you are in control, you are in the Supreme Council, the decision making body.
35.      The book of St. John chapter 16:28: “I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.
36.      The Father Himself tenderly loves you because you have loved me and believed I came from the Father for your sake, no more, no less.
37.      Verses 29-30: “His disciples said unto him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb.
38.      Now are we sure that thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee: by this we believe that thou camest forth from God.” King James Version.
39.      This Spirit of Truth is One Whom the world cannot receive because they cannot see Him, but you know Him, for He is with you, and abides with you
40.      Now, do you now know that Spirit of Truth? Can you now say you know the Comforter who was brought into the world for your sake, that will guide you into the knowledge of all truth? Can you rightly point somebody to Him?
41.      Remember what happened on the way to Emmaus. From the Scripture, he expounded this understanding; He read all things that were written concerning Him. When there eyes were opened, they knew Him and recognize Him as their Messiah. Is it not scriptural?
42.      Now, have your eyes been opened like the Samaritan woman who said to his people, “Come and see the man that has revealed to me even my heart. I perceived he is no other person than the promised Messiah; if another messiah will come, will he do more than this?”
43.      When they came, they said, “We have believed, not because she told us, but because we have seen and we have believed.”
44.      Have you now seen? Have you now believed? That is why there was a warning ahead of time that you should not conclude yet. Do not call Me Devil, do not call Me God until we come to the end, but make sure you do not commit unpardonable sin.
45.      The Father loves you; the Father will love you and will continue to love you. If He did not love you, He would have departed since. The Father loves you because you love Me and you obey Me. You believe that I proceeded from the Father; a branch that grew out of his own, a Paradox, a wonder.
46.      Can somebody now say, “Now have you spoken to us in plain language? Now the veil of opposition and darkness has been removed from my eyes.”
47.      Can you say like Saint Paul who said on his way to Damascus, that scales had fallen away from his eyes when he noticed that the person he was persecuting was his Maker, his Creator?
48.      “Once, I thought of Christ that way, merely as a human being like I myself; how differently I feel now.”
49.      To those that are on their ways to perdition, we are the abomination of the age, but to those that know Christ, we are the costliest perfume with the best aroma. Tomorrow will tell the world where you belong. This is where I draw the curtain on this teaching entitled “The Comforter,”
50.      I have reviewed it with the best of honest intentions, not gaining undue advantage over you, but to espouse you to the wholesome truth as I received it from my Father.
51.      Henceforth, ask thou whatever you may in My Name and it shall be granted unto you that you may know that I am HE, that besides Me, there is no other, that your joy in serving the Lord might be full.
52.      The revealed Name should not be used in the public prayer or in a song. That revealed Name is your security.
53.      Finally, make sure that you are on your line of duty, trusting, confiding and obeying in everything at all times, for God can bless you in everything, but He will never bless you in disobedience.

54.      Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.