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Friday, 9 September 2011


I am The Eternity, The Infinity, The Perfect Justice, The Infallible Rectitude, The Immutable Love, The Creator, The Guardian, The Preserver, The Supreme Governor, The Supreme Judge. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
        I have tried my best to make you understand that God alone is Holy and Righteous.

When a Holy God comes into a family, mountain, Church, etc; that place becomes holy.
Just like a man that is blessed of God, whatever he touches is blessed but a man that is cursed of God, whatever he touches is cursed.
It is in this forthcoming branch that all God’s people must put their faith and trust if they really want to be righteous in God’s sight.

 –The Son of Man
(THE GREAT SERMON “The Righteous Branch—Mystery to the Bride of Christ”)



Let us bow down our heads a little and see whether there will be a consolation somewhere.
2.          Almighty and everlasting Father, thou creator of Heaven and Earth and the fullness thereof, thou great Jehovah, the great I AM.
3.          Father, we have come to You just as we are, hiding nothing from you. We have come that you may open our eyes of understanding because You have told us that all we need if we must do thy will, is to have the needed illumination.
4.          That is why Father, we have come here that You may illuminate our hearts and our eyes; that we may recognize—oh God—what manner of love you have for us; and now Father, if we have found favour in your eyes, open our eyes that we  may see and believe your Covenant.
5.          Father, I am standing in your Authority pleading that you guide Me safely till the end. May You never permit Me to mislead your people or to give them any false assurance or impression.
6.          Heavenly Father, may your truth and nothing but the truth proceed from my lips; through Christ our Lord.
7.          May you never give Satan any room to operate among us. Take all the glory, through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Remain blessed Brethren. I do not need to tell you to come closer to where you can hear me. If you want to come closer, come closer. You want to stay outside, up to you. All I know is that I will voice out to the extent my voice will carry me because the angle I am going tonight, I do not think I have ever gone that angle before.
8.          We have been tracing something for the past three weeks now and I believe all that have been following sincerely, by now, they must have come to the conclusion that really, it is God and His people.
9.          I preached the Message titled: GOD AND HIS PEOPLE, about the year, 1993. Firstly, at Omagba, in the house of our former Pastor.
10.      Finally, I came to the pulpit and then concluded the Message: GOD AND HIS PEOPLE.
11.      Brother Vincent, You could have allowed them to be there. Do you ask a wise child to come out from the heat of the sun? Nobody tells the dumb that there is war. If he does not hear the sound of the weapons, he will see those running for their dear lives.
12.      So tonight is one of the great nights also. Great in the sense that the Lord will take us to a new path.
13.      Where is Nwobi? Because he felt bad after reading Scriptures last Tuesday.
14.      Do you know what will be your righteousness in the Lord? The seed of the Lord is not in your heart. If God will look at your behaviours at Nkpor, He will close His eyes against all of you there. I mean all that are living there, but God wants to show you something.
15.      Bro Chigozie, for over one week you have not appeared in the Fellowship; are you coming to see whether we are still gathering or not? Are you in fellowship with us?
16.      How do I believe that you are in fellowship, when your Pastor could not account for your where about? You said you sent a Message to Maureen?
17.      Somebody has already bailed you from Enugu. I am not even receiving that of your Sister Maureen; somebody has already bailed you from Enugu. That is your saviour.
18.      Before you phoned Me, I had already purposed on how to deal with you and you were lucky that same day you telephoned, telling me all that happened there and regretting that he was not there immediately; I know he is there now. Okay, you are welcome.
19.      If there is any time anybody should be absent from fellowship it is not now, because once you miss fellowship you disconnect. You just disconnect because our fellowship is becoming sweeter. The companionship is becoming sweeter everyday; deeper, deeper things are being revealed. This we could not receive in the beginning, why are they coming now?
20.      How I wish you will write that Sermon down; when you get home today you read it.
21.      Note it down; I want you to read it; I will ask you questions from there. You come here on Sunday before any other thing, I will stand in the pulpit and ask questions randomly to know those that will obey and those that will not obey; and if you fail that question, you leave the congregation. Amen.


Remember all I have been doing all the while, is to lay a formidable foundation for a Message that will come at a time I do not know. My aim is to prepare you very well.
2.          Nevertheless, no matter how I say, “To prepare you,” remember I am referring to the Elect of God. If you are not numbered among the Elect, the more I speak, the more provoked you will be. I am telling you the truth.
3.          There is something in you, that will keep on provoking you until you leave this Faith; because this Faith is not for you. You are trying to force yourself into it.
4.          I have the right—if I am a father—to adopt any child I wish to adopt; that is if I need a child by adoption. But until I do that, whosoever the child might be, has no right to impose him or herself on me. The right belongs to me; that is if I have need of that. Therefore, this is God’s Family.
5.          I believe God must adopt some people into this Family. I believe that while trying to save His people, He is going to save those that love His people. Not all, but few.
6.          Understand me very well.
7.          If God wants to save my family and I have some maidservants that are very dear to me, that have rendered acceptable services to me, it will be the height of injustice for me not to include them among the people that will be in my salvation note.
8.          When God asked Abraham to go to the land He would show him; Abraham had only but his wife. The command went to Abraham and his wife alone.
9.          Abraham had no child as at that time but he had about one hundred and twenty (120) maidservants. Men and women alike.
10.      While he was moving, he took all of them along. Did God query him? God never queried him. So, I think I have the right to say, “Stay here” or “Do not stay here.”
11.      I do not mean the roof of the Household of God, Onitsha Fellowship hall. The roof does not belong to me. It belongs to government authorities.
12.      However, there is a place where we are sitting down that is higher than the Fellowship hall roof. When you hear that we are sitting in “Heavenly places,” the roof of the Fellowship hall is not the Heavenly places.
13.      I know where am standing, and I know where all of you are sitting. If you are only looking at the benches in the Fellowship hall, you have missed the mark already. There is One greater than you that is sitting with you on that quay. And then He decided to make you His co-equals.
14.      It is a privilege, it is not a right. Amen.

       Please, Saints of God, notice where God promised to dwell whenever He will come back, and what that place shall be called. God was and still is jealous for Zion with great jealousy and with great fury this was why He promised to return to Zion and to dwell in Jerusalem. This Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth.
       The Church of God is called Mount Zion, God’s Holy Mountain, Heavenly Jerusalem, because God is living in Heaven, with the Earth as His footstool, and also the Pillar and Ground of Truth. The Church is God’s True Temple.
The Prophets were not making references to the natural Jerusalem at all, but were seeing the Church afar off.
  –The Son of Man
(THE GREAT SERMON “The Righteous Branch—Mystery to the Bride of Christ”)

I want to consider something here. All these weeks, we have been tracing the Cloud, Pillar of Cloud, The Pillar of Fire, The Pillar of Darkness, The Rainbow and every other thing. The Messages have been going the way they have been going.
2.          FOLLOW THE CLOUD. If you notice that you can never separate Moses from the Cloud, neither can you separate Jesus from the Sovereign Spirit that descended upon Him and abode; if you want to pull that Spirit out from Jesus the Christ, you will not succeed. If you want to bring a separation—you want to place a demarcation between the two—you know it will be very, very difficult.
3.          Thus, if I notice that I cannot do that, and as long as I know that He has swallowed that Sovereign Spirit, it is crowned in Him. So, the Father then lives in Him. The Father was in Him as He was in the Father also; fine, I will be happy and it is another way of asking me to look up to Him.
4.          Once I am looking at the man, where God has tabernacled, I am looking at God; and God is seeing me through Him. So God is seeing me through the Cloud.
5.          The Message has brought us to the identification of Christ. We could see Christ, we could see Jesus. I repeat: we could see Christ and we could see Jesus.
6.          What is more, the Sovereign Spirit I am referring to is no other person but Christ Himself; the Elohim, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the only Being that existed when the world was without form.
7.          It was Christ that moved around the surface of the Earth. Everything in Heaven and on Earth created—man-made, anything you can call it—they are all the handwork of Christ.
8.          Hence, when I say God, God, God, understand Me along the line.
9.          If I pray through Christ, understand Me along the line. Jesus was the Christ of His day and anybody living in that day that never acknowledged Jesus to be the Christ was lost. That was the very anti-Christ of that day.
10.      Then Christ became a human being, in the person of Jesus; not that he has been Sovereign Spirit all the while.
11.      There in the Garden of Eden, He revealed Himself as a man. As He continued, He continued revealing Himself as a human being.
12.      But one thing was uncertain: a time came when He wanted to show us something; He needed a righteous High Priest and there was none for there could not be any righteous in the sight of God, except God Himself. Thus, God decided to show a perfect pattern of what He needed.
13.      He needed a righteous High Priest, there was none, nobody could answer high priest, much less of being holy or righteous. So it behoved on Him to appear; God Himself stepped down and became a human being and then took over the office of the Priesthood. 
14.      He was the first person that officiated. That is why He is the High Priest of our confession. He appeared as a Righteous High Priest with the name Melchizedek—the man that has no beginning of days, no ending of days; no genealogy, no father, no mother, and he liveth forever.
15.      Where is He? Since He did not die and does not even have genealogy, where did He come from? He just appeared, met Abraham on his way from the battle. Abraham gave Him one-tenth of the spoil.  He gave Abraham fish and bread, then He blessed Abraham—that was the man I am talking of.
16.      That was the same man that met Joshua in the wilderness. He came from nowhere and fulfilled His Word, “Go to war, I will go before thee and I will drive your enemies as you proceed.” He appeared there, and drove away their enemies.
17.      Joshua saw Him as a man of war; well dressed. “Are you for us or against us?” A human being.
18.      When He introduced Himself as the Army General, the Commander in Chief of the Lord’s Army, Joshua bowed down and dropped everything. That is a human being. Yet, that is God.
19.      We are privileged to have Him in our midst. He could reveal Himself in any form. No matter the form He reveals Himself, He is the same God; He is the same Elohim.

Brethren, we are benefiting a lot in this Ministry. We have been over-taught according to Bishop Igwe of Owerri.
21.      At a time when we knew little or nothing, he said, “Brethren, we have been over-taught. I wonder what Brother will be saying by now. It is more than being ‘over-taught’ now.”
22.      You see, why am I saying these things? God has made every other association or group useless-nonsense.
23.      We buried our late colleague recently and I attended the burial ceremony together with my wife.
24.      There, we saw the white garment people, the Sabbatarians. They were there with their band and everything from the General Superintendent (with his bushy-hair) to the least. I could see nothing but the representation of Moses. With his beards looking like a madman—real madman.
25.      His teeth were yellow; his eyes red. All of them with their little, little cap—the Yaweh Yeshwakua.
26.      You see, something there was amazing to Me. When they wanted to pray their so-called seven times “I Yaa chaa, chaa, chaa” and so on; the same person gave a command: “If you know you are a woman and your head is not covered with handkerchief or something, tie something upon your head,” this and that.
27.      I was watching them. “If you are a man, you remove your cap; I want to pray.” But all of them were having caps.
28.      All were having their caps, and I noticed one amazing thing there also. You see, I spoke to my colleague; when they said, “Let us pray,” and his eyes shut, for he believes nothing.
29.      He is a pagan. Although he professes Anglican Faith, but he is a pagan. He bowed down, closed his eyes.
30.      I said, “My friend, you are taking a great risk. Don’t you see the people that own the prayer?”
31.       The people that own the prayer, everybody was looking around; the man that was praying was looking around, his people were walking up and down and my colleague bent down and closed his eyes.
32.      I said, “Look, you will die here oh! Are you wiser than the owners of the prayer who opened their eyes and they are watching as they are talking,” they are just talking.
33.      So, the man opened his eyes and lifted up his head. He said, “My in-law, it is true oh.” I said, “You would have continued closing your eyes until you die here. Do you know their rules? Have you attended this type of Church before? When you see people like this, you better know how to behave.”
34.      Impulsively, one of my colleagues from Akwa Ibom ran away. He said, “This people na juju people oh.”
35.      Brethren, we have been over-taught. Their so-called “greatest preacher” opened the book of Revelation chapter 6. Till last night, my wife continued asking Me why the man was reading the nonsense?”
36.      If you heard how they were interpreting Revelation chapter 6, and what they were saying about the white horse and the man on top of the white horse and horse without arrow, in short, we have been over-taught.
37.      A little while, they rolled into their so-called Law. He said that people hate the Law because they are unable to keep their Sabbath Laws. That God made it clear that no man or woman should sleep together in one bed. If you do that, you are defiled.
38.      “How can you allow your wife during menses to come into your room? You are defiled,” he said. They were saying many, many things about God.

I said, “E-e eh! Thank God for sending Christ! I thank God for opening my eyes to recognize that I have been liberated long, long time ago.”
40.      You know, people are behaving like James of America. James got State Pardon, he was asked to go, and he could not accept it. When prisoners were going back to the cell, he joined them.
41.      The price had been paid before you were born; God finished everything about it, but nobody has ever accepted it. Moreover, pardon is no pardon until it is accepted.
42.      That is why we have provoked a lot of envy in some people, we have possessed our possession. We have recognized who we are; the same way, we have recognized the gracious grace God placed before everybody at the Cross of Calvary, where the penalty for sin was paid. There, we obtained our freedom.
43.      You see, we have recognized it. That is why Satan cannot push us again. That is why we are envied. We are blessed—happy to be envied.
44.      We have seen Christ. I thought we would have traced Christ down to His finality, but there was no time for that. Nevertheless, I created faith in you, so that you could see Christ as no other person but the Anointed One.
45.      Once Christ appears, He is the Messiah; He is the Saviour, the Redeemer. He is your all and all. Amen.


Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Now, we go into COVENANT. I want to close the chapter on COVENANT because God can never do without covenant.
2.          You know what Covenant is; Covenant is even greater than agreement. I said, Covenant is greater than agreement.
3.          If you have any dictionary that says that Covenant is agreement, it is an elementary definition. COVENANT IS EVEN GREATER THAN OATH. I said, Covenant is higher than oath.
4.          Covenant is something that has to do with life. I said it has to do with life. Your life is tied to it; my life is also tied to it. That is a Covenant. Something you cannot break anyhow.
5.          I am going to speak on that so that you will combine your experiences on the day we started these Messages, and that will help you. Even if you go to Korea tomorrow, you are at liberty. You want to go to Russia; you have no problem in your life because you have recognized who you are. That is exactly what God is doing.
6.          Remember in the beginning, He told us something. Do not allow your mind to get out from that thing: “I am not sent to come and raise a large congregation. I am sent to come and raise ‘individuals.’”
7.          Anywhere you find yourself, you are rest assured; you are secured. EVEN IF YOU DIE IN THIS FLESH, you have no problem; you do not panic at all.
8.          Jehovah can never save a people without having a Covenant with them. In every situation, no matter the nation, no matter the way you look at it, God can never save any man without making a Covenant with that person.
9.          In addition, I want you to understand the words “Perpetual,” “everlasting” and “forever.”
10.      When God says He is going to make a perpetual Covenant or an everlasting covenant, please note it. He keeps watch over that word “everlasting”—that everlasting portions to the people and God alone, the people to whom the Covenant was made.
11.      Sometimes you can read about Covenant between God and other people, you try to attribute it to yourself, or you try to claim it. You are making the greatest mistake. In the end, you must be disappointed because you were not included in that Covenant. I hope you are taking note of this?

God must always remember His Covenants from everlasting to everlasting. Any day God will wake up Abraham, God will wake up Abraham in line with the Covenant He made with him. When God is going to judge Abraham, He will judge Abraham in line with the Covenant He made with him.
13.      If there is no covenant, there will not be covenant-breaker.
14.      In the last days, there must appear on Earth covenant-breakers. I hope you are taking note of this?
15.      Any day God will wake up Noah from sleep, God will also wake up Noah’s Covenant with God.
16.      I am using personalities. Each personality represented a generation.
17.      Noah represented a generation; Abraham represented a generation; Jacob represented a generation. I hope it is clear.
18.      Do not look at generation from number of years. Look at a generation of a people from the time the man appears until the man gets away from the scene. Once that man gets away from the scene and another person comes, that one is another generation in the sight of God.
19.      William Braham had his own generation or you call it his own dispensation.
20.      Immediately William Branham gave way and somebody else appeared, he was no longer living in Branham’s generation.
21.      I am trying to say that I am no longer living in Paul’s generation. Saint Paul’s generation is over. I am not even living in Wesley’s generation; I am not living in Pentecost generation. Those were past, past generations; this is our own generation.
22.      If you like, you can call it “The Generation of the Son of Man.” I said if you like; call it “The Generation of the Son of Man.” That is all. If you want to make it very simple and very understandable, that will help you. Amen.
The Bow of Covenant is with us. I do not mean the Ark of Covenant; I mean the Bow of Covenant.

Since the world began, the Bow of Covenant has always superintended God’s people, so He remains our General Superintendent and that has been the sign, which people have seen in every age and acknowledged that the Presence of God is among them.

When they will see the Bow of Covenant, then God will remember all His promises. He does not see Me, He does not see you, He sees the Bow of His Covenant for we are all wrapped in that Bow.
-      The Son of Man

Psalm 25 verse 14: “The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will show them his covenant.” (KJV).
2.          “The secrets of the sweet satisfying companionship of the Lord, have they who fear and worship him and he will show them his covenant, and reveal to them its deep inner meaning.” (Amplified).
3.          This is my text. All I am going to say will revolve around this text. If you do not understand the text, every other Scripture I will show you will look strange. You will miss the whole idea.
4.          First of all, Take note of the words. “The secret of the sweet satisfying companionship of the Lord have they who fear and worship Him.” Not everybody. Only those that fear and worship the Lord. This secret belongs to them.
5.          If you do not fear and worship the Lord, you will never know this secret and the Lord will go further because it is an association.
6.          Companionship makes friendship. The Lord will go further to reveal to them His Covenant; He will show them His Covenant. After showing them the Covenant, He will reveal to them the deep inner meaning of the Covenant.
7.          Do not look at this Message from another angle; you have never gone this way before. Remember I am not taking you by surprise. I may even stop at this verse and digress.
8.          This little Message may take Me sometime (up to two weeks) because I have never handled it (in the pulpit), though, I have been promising it so that you can be assured many steps.
9.          The Covenant of the Lord belongeth to Him and His people.
10.      Brethren, I am included in God’s Covenant.
11.      When you know the Covenant of the Lord in your day, happy are you; you will now discover whether you are included in the Covenant or not. If you are included in the Covenant, then you will discover that the Covenant is an everlasting Covenant.
12.      Thus, God will now save you because of who you are; He will save you because of the Covenant He has made with you.
13.      Do you have covenant with somebody the first day you meet him? Before you have covenant with somebody, you must have gone far with the person.
14.      You see why God has been opening the door, pushing out the mixed-multitude to lead them away because He is about to make a Covenant, not according to the one He made at Amazu, that one has expired; that was the one He made with your fathers in time past.
15.      A new Covenant is even going to be made any moment from now to His people. Not according to the one you made before. Remember it is an EXODUS.
16.      Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence Him.  With them alone He shares the secret of His Voice.
17.      Friendship with God is only reserved for those that reverence the Lord, not for everybody. You can wake up and say, “God is my friend, I am a friend of God!” Na lie. Has God said so? You are just claiming; it is the right of everybody to claim that.
18.      Glory be to God in the highest.

We are to examine certain things: THE GOD OF COVENANT. That God in all His dealings with mankind has always ended it up in making a Covenant with them.
20.      In addition, every Covenant with God and the people has always remained a perpetual or an everlasting Covenant. Once the Covenant is made, all God’s promises to the people with which He made the Covenant, God will no longer be seeing them from any other angle but from the angle of the Covenant.
21.      Hence, if you want God to perform; you are going to keep your own side of the Covenant, God will keep His own side. If either party breaks the Covenant, that party is in trouble. Did you get the message?
22.      You will begin now to appreciate why God has never made this Covenant before now. If He had made this Covenant before now, many would have broken it.
23.      “Now, He gives you the opportunity to go away; carry your family and go away; call us what you want to call us. And if you do not want to go away, whether you are mixed-multitude or not, and you remained in the Faith, I am shutting the door against you. Because truly speaking I am going to seal it up with a Covenant, so that you will not have a second chance.”
24.      I announced it, I gave sufficient room, and I pleaded with everybody.
25.      Even till this very day, if you are still sitting down in this Faith, and you are not prepared to enter into this Covenant with God, please go away now so that you may have an opportunity. Because once I seal it up, no way, it is finished, and you will not have a second chance. Any day you break it, you are gone.
26.      This is the only way I know I can trim down the crowd, and by this Covenant, I can now take as much as my boat can carry.

I thank God that this thing (the appearance of the rainbow) that is happening is a sure sign. Any moment from now, watch out for what is going to happen, the Lord will show you a sign of a Rainbow. Once you see traces like this and you see something like sun, the next thing you will see is the appearance of a Rainbow.
28.      Genesis chapter 9 verse 12: “And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations.”
29.      It is for perpetual, which is for endless generation. I am very happy. I cannot remember the time we held a gathering like this; it has been a very long time. But why must it be this day?
30.      I say I am very, very happy. It is a nice weather; it is in line with what we are hearing now, it is in line.
31.      I remember there was a day I spoke on THE BOW OF HIS COVENANT. That same hour, a big rainbow appeared in the sky. Our Brethren ran outside and they saw a very big rainbow. From the Fellowship hall also, they went out, they saw the thing and they rushed inside and said, “Brother, this is God.”
32.      God has a way of backing up His message. Do not look outside, look inside. If you want to look outside, you are free, you can go outside and watch the sky and so on. I am not preaching the sky but what I am preaching is already with Me. I said it is already with me.

Who does not know what the Rainbow is all about?
34.      Genesis chapter 9 verse 13: “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”
35.      Once you see something like that, open your ears widely, God is sealing up something. I am saying that God is sealing up a testimony; He wants to seal up the testimony between the Heaven and the Earth. He said, “Close the book, seal off the testimony.”
36.      Verse 14: “And it shall come to pass, when I bring a Cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:”
37.      The Rainbow is always hidden in the Cloud.
38.      Once you see the Cloud, the supernatural Cloud, you see it upon the Earth, something is inside it.
39.      I have been telling you that I do not reveal these things because I am involved. I reveal these things because I know it is true. Satan can impersonate everything—check your records—Satan has never impersonated it and will never impersonate it. This is God’s supernatural attribute.
40.      Once you see the Cloud upon the Earth—remember you are standing upon the Earth—Rainbow is hidden inside the Cloud; the two go together, the Cloud reveals the Rainbow; all of them will reveal a Man. What are they going to reveal? Nothing but Christ, Follow the Cloud.
Could it be that we are winding up the whole program? Maybe we are winding up the whole thing because we can see the first Covenant God made. Where are we standing now? I can say that time is no more. Everything is finished.
42.      When you see God—since the history of mankind, check the Scriptures. That Covenant God made after the destruction of the first world has never been repeated again. God restricted that Covenant and the sign; no man has ever appeared bearing that thing until this end time.
43.      Why must it be at this very point where even every creature knows that we are at the end of everything, when people are now crying that the world is finished?
44.      Everything has already come to an end; now, why is God coming back with the same original sign of the Covenant which He made between Heaven and Earth concerning all creatures on Earth?
45.      Where do you think we are standing now? Surely, you must know we are at the end.
46.      When you go back to the Prophets, when did the Prophets say Christ would appear on the Earth? Even the greatest prophet that lived before Bible was compiled (wrote), said, “I know my Redeemer liveth. He shall come on the last day and stand upon the Earth.”
47.      Where are we Brethren? We are at the end of time. You see why I have told you, “Do not jump up and down, stay where I kept you that the battle must be decided in peace.”
48.      This is the Valley Of Decision, the House of Refuge, the Galilee of the Gentiles. I do not say those things because I am involved. I point you to those things because I know they are truth.
49.      You can begin to appreciate why I close my eyes and ask people to go away. If you feel I am deceiving you, go away. You feel you are being fooled, go away. Nobody is caging you     in this Faith.
50.      Anywhere you know you can get the needed Salvation, please go. Anywhere you know you can feel comfortable, please go.
51.      If there is any time anybody should be absent from fellowship it is not now, because once you miss fellowship now you disconnect. You just disconnect because our fellowship in the Faith is becoming sweeter. The companionship now is becoming sweeter everyday; deeper, deeper things are being revealed. Things we could not receive in the beginning, why are they coming now?
52.      Remember that when Lucifer was pushed out from that place, children of God rejoiced exceedingly; but now is the salvation of ours for the accusers of our Brethren have been driven away.
53.      On Sundays, visitors are free to be in the Fellowship, but Tuesday; Thursday, no visitor should be in the Fellowship.
54.      If you want to know the deeper things of the hour, Tuesday; Thursday, I will be sounding, I will be blowing my trumpet in the fellowship. But on Sundays, I will be preaching the Sermon; but in the Fellowship on Tuesday and Thursday, I do not preach Sermon.

Genesis chapter 19 verse 12: “I will earnestly remember my covenant.” (Amplified Version).
56.      That is all I want to get.
57.      I wanted us to see this Amplified Version, so that you can believe that what I am saying is truth. When you say, “Bow, Bow; somebody might go home and say, “Aah aah! The other one said Rainbow; this one said Bow.”
58.      Yes. Now and then, you will think that the Bow we are referring to is the one we use to see in the sky. We are talking of the Rainbow—God’s sign of Covenant.
59.      William Branham guided you on this matter. He said, “Any moment from now, I will leave the scene, look at what will appear: He will appear in the Cloud with a Rainbow over His head.”
60.      They go together. So, the Rainbow is hidden in the Cloud. He said, “It is no other person but Christ.” Did he mention any other person’s name?
61.      Moreover, Christ means nothing but the Anointed One—the Saviour.
62.       “Are you the one that is to come or do we look for another?” That is why Herod said, “Please, search, let us hear what the prophets said about the coming of the Christ.” Not Jesus, but the Christ.
63.      So, we must be privileged to know people that will see and believe that Jesus was the Christ and that Jesus did not continue after God finished with him, but Christ continued.

Saviours have been appearing. God has never left us without Saviours, and the glory of God has been magnified in Christ in the last days revealed from glory to glory. And I can say that the fullness of Godhead from the beginning to the end is tabernacling among the Bride.
65.      Whatever God does, He does it as a result of the Covenant. Remember it is a perpetual Covenant, an everlasting Covenant; that when you are following the Cloud, the Rainbow is there, you are not missing your way.
66.     Should any man try in any form to talk blah, blah, blah, you know how to approach the matter: “Sir, how can you get us convinced, for we are sure and certain that this moment no other person is revealed? What can you show us? Is there any new Message? If there is a new Message, who has confirmed it?” Amen.
God has presented Christ as the Mercy Seat. He said the Mercy Seat changed from wood to a human being. Moreover, you know what Christ is all about?
From the day Christ became a human being, a human being became the Mercy Seat. What was presented to us was Christ our Mercy Seat. It is only in Christ that you obtain mercy; you obtain salvation; you obtain forgiveness; you obtain everything.
What is Christ? The Anointed One; the Messiah. There can never be a dispensation without Christ. Christ has been coming and will continue to come.                                      –The Son of Man
----------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER THREE

I gave you a little topic titled: MOMENT OF DECISION, and I believe some have decided by now. If you are suffering from indecision up till this moment, I pity you. You are not even worthy to hear my Voice because my Voice will send you away from my Presence.
2.          Genesis chapter 17 verse 4: “As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations.” (KJV).
3.          The God of Covenant. Note it, “God and Abraham.” Once God sends a man, the only thing you must look out for is the Covenant. Like I have told you before, I am still telling you. God has now made a Covenant with Abraham and all that believed Abraham, have become partakers of the Covenant.
4.          In every dispensation, one holds the Covenant of God. God can never make a Covenant with His people without presenting a man representing the people; so, Abraham represented his people. Did you get the message?
5.          And the Covenant was sealed between God and Abraham; and that God and Abraham mean Abraham’s descendants.
6.          Remember that Abraham appeared before Moses. So, as we continue, we will still go into “Moses’ regime or Moses’ generation.” The regime of Abraham is about to be over.
7.          First of all, we saw the regime of God and Noah; and that regime of God and Noah started with Adam. The same regime of Adam ended in Noah; then Abraham took off.
8.          Once you see Moses, Abraham’s generation is over; another person is on the scene with another Covenant that will bind him, his people and God. I do not know whether you get the message.

Exodus chapter 31 verse 16: “Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant.”
10.      I am trying to tell you what “perpetual” means in the sight of God. God has made an everlasting Covenant; in the beginning after destroying the first world; that He will never destroy the world with flood again neither will He destroy anything created upon the Earth with flood; that is the emphasis.
11.      He did not say with fire. Thus, He can use fire to ravage the whole Earth. He is God but to use flood, no. and He sealed the Covenant using Cloud and Rainbow.
12.      The same Covenant continued and the Lord committed the Covenant into the hand of Abraham. He said, “I am making a perpetual Covenant,” and this perpetual Covenant, if we want to go a little further, let us see verse 5 of the book of Genesis chapter 17:
13.      “Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.” (KJV).
14.      Remember something happened that day. God, after sealing the Covenant renamed Abram to Abraham; there was a change in his name automatically and the promise had gone forth, perpetually, God will always remember the covenant.
15.      Whenever God remembers the Covenant He made with Abraham, God will remain guilty until He fulfils it. As long as Abraham kept his own part of the Covenant, God will remain guilty. Whatever Covenant God made with His people, until He fulfils it, God remains guilty.
16.      Can God forget a people? Can He forget His promise? Sure and certain. To avoid forgetting, He places a sign so that whenever He sees that sign, He sees the sign of the Covenant; He will remember what He promised. When He sees the sign of the Covenant, He will remember what He promised.

In the days of the people of Israel under Governor Moses, God made another perpetual Covenant: that they must observe the keeping of the Sabbath throughout all their generation, whether they liked it or not.
18.      Till today, they are still Sabbatarians. Anybody who is a Nigerian and he is practicing what Israelites are practicing, is he not a foolish man? Did this Covenant include the Gentiles?
19.      When you see somebody talking blah, blah, blah, trying to show you Sabbath as a perpetual Covenant; trying to condemn you for not observing Sabbath, you know where the person is coming from.
20.      What is more, once you mention Sabbath, you have mentioned all the commandments and laws of Moses that are associated with the Sabbath.
21.      The Lord never abolished Sabbath and left any other. The reason why Jesus appeared was to put an end to Sabbath and other legal quotes, for that was the only thing that created enmity between the Jews and the Gentiles. When the enmity was removed in Christ, the war ended.
22.      Hence, anybody that is coming to you, raking up the old system; raking up Moses’ write-ups, presenting it to you; were you included in the Covenant God gave to Moses?
23.      Simply tell the person: “It is not my portion, I reject it. It is not my Covenant.” Even, that Covenant has expired long time ago. Many new Covenants have been made. Say, “My friend, I disagree with  you, it is not my Covenant; I was not included in that Covenant.”
24.      I have told you that most of the things people use to yoke you, do not concern you. And sometimes, you kill yourself for something that does not concern you. People that want to be popular preachers; they want to present themselves to the whole world so that they will clap hands for them; that they are joining hands with the government agencies to make everything here look nice and proper.
25.      You do not teach a duck how to swim. Every true seed of God has something in him that checks him. I can never tell a child of God, “Do not tell lies. Do not do this. Do not do that.” How can I tell you that? You know more than that; it is not the attribute of God.
26.      That is why when you watch them, the more they keep those things, the more they are rolling into them. The thing is even increasing everyday to show you that what they are preaching is useless-nonsense. It does not check the indulgence of the flesh at all.
27.      That is one of the things that made us to lose one of our colleagues. In this 21st century, an educated young man, permitted himself to be dumped in a Sabbath prayer house, excluding him from government hospitals until his case got complicated. And I was wondering.
28.      Look at foolishness; their own fasting and praying, it is not compulsory that you will do them. You pay money so that somebody will do them for you. After the whole thing, they may examine it in their own way to know whether it is through or not. If it is not through, you repeat and pay money again.
29.      What is the instrument they use to know whether my fasting and praying have gone through? There is nothing human being will not fabricate—all in the name of Jesus.
30.      Anyway, I believe no sensible fellow will be there; anybody you see there has something hidden which he does not want  to reveal. Amen.

This generation should expect no other sign than the sign of the Son of Man. But people are looking up towards the sky when he guided them perfectly: “When the Son of Man shall come, He shall be revealed in the Cloud of Heaven. No man knoweth the Son, but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal Himself.”
Thus, if the Son does not want to reveal Himself to you, you are wasting your time. Anybody can come claiming to be the Son of Man, but anytime the Son of Man comes, all the children of God, all the Elect who are conversant with the Word of God, who believe God seriously will always look for the sign of the Cloud for He shall be revealed in a Cloud.        –The Son of Man