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Friday, 9 September 2011


The Supreme Being, the Supreme Lawgiver, one that controls the whole universe exists; and that is Brother Peter Odoemena (the Son of Man).  Believe it if you can
1st January, 2009.
It is true I am an ordinary human being in appearance. 
Whosoever God sends in every dispensation is God’s tabernacle.He is God’s dwelling place; he is where God is hiding. He must always be a human being.
He cannot be walking with wings because God is dwelling in him, no! He remains a mere human being in appearance, but he is a supernatural human being the other way round, in that He can change situations
The Supernatural Cloud Reveales The Son of Man
The Son Of Man Clothed in 
Pillar  of  Cloud  According to
 Revelation 10 Vs 1 - 10
Almighty God that created the heavens and the earth, we reverence your Name because it has pleased you that we should be here to continue to listen to your Word.
2. Oh God, continue from where you stopped in us. Until faith is lifted up in us do not stop.
3. Open up our eyes of understanding that we may behold your majesty physically and spiritually so that our hearts will be gladdened by the time we will go home.
4.  Give no room for Satan to operate among us tonight through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.
Remain blessed Brethren. Please come close to where you know you can hear me very well. Allow the latecomers to stay behind. I am not using a megaphone.
2.            This is rainy season. We do not need any prophet to tell us what we should be doing by now.
3.            Every fellowship day, you have to take it as a decision individually to rush down here once the weather gives you a little brightness.
4.            You do not wait to see the sign of the rain so that you will have excuses to give.
5.            Tonight is a very important night also. These people that are coming in now, I will stop you there if you do not hurry up.  You know that your movement is disturbing Me. Others coming to this side should stay behind. Our time is 4:30pm.
6.            If for any reason we come a minute late and we keep quiet it is because we want to keep quiet.
7.            There was a time we were meeting 3:00 pm, yet people were coming. As many as were not coming here when we were attending fellowship at 3:30, fix it at 6. 00pm in the evening, they will not come.
8.            On Sunday you see them coming here to make a great noise. We will continue from where we stopped on Tuesday; Tuesday was just an introductory part of the message. The rain disturbed us so much.
9.            Time was not on our side also because we started the fellowship late. But, today, God helping us the weather remaining bright like this we will exhaust the second part. I have three series of messages to handle at a stretch.
10.         If there will be Sunday and I remain in this flesh, God helping us, I intend to start early hours of the morning. As early as 8 o’clock, I will be on this pulpit. And if I come to the pulpit, whoever that comes after me is late.
11.         He will fellowship from outside until I get down from this pulpit. There may not be praises. There may not be any other thing. We come here; we face the business of the day after which if there be time, we will praise God.
12.         If I come up here by 8 o’clock in the morning, God helping Me whoever that comes a minute late is late except those that are coming from other Local Assemblies.
13.         But once it is Onitsha here, whether you are coming from Ogidi or Awka I do not care. Brethren that normally come here from Nsukka, Aba and so on, do you know the time they normally leave their beds?
14.          For somebody to come all the way from Obiakpu-Egbema to be here by 9 o’clock, sometimes 8:30, do you know when he left his bed? 
15.         So, anybody from Anambra State has no excuse to give even if he comes from Ihiala. He has no excuse.
16.         So, we are continuing from where we stopped. I thank God for giving us this bright weather. Amen.


A good number of you are conversant with the development going on worldwide. If you do not listen to the radio, try to read newspapers. Get yourself acquainted with what is happening.
2.            Like I told you before, the Lord told His people that He will deliver them from the hands of the Egyptians when they must have stayed there for 400 years.
3.            Then foolish people pinned Him down at 400, but the Lord went beyond 400 years. At exactly 430 years, He brought them back.
4.            So, the time He brought them back had no meaning. He brought them back after the stipulated time. “After” can be one day, one minute; it can be 20 years. What we know is that it is “after.”
5.            The same thing applies to this Faith. Believe it if you can.
6.            The only end-time prophet that saw the Gentile programme was Prophet Hosea. Prophet Hosea saw everything about the Gentiles.
7.            The Gentiles and everything about the Gentiles must come to an end according to God’s own purpose “after two days.” The third day, He will establish us and we will live in His Presence.
8.            I told you that going by the Egyptian calendar, the Roman calendar, the Hebrew calendar and every other calendar, that we are no more living in our day. We are living in the Lord’s Day. I told you that clearly.
9.            Every minute we find ourselves living here on Earth, we are living in God’s own period. We have exhausted ours.
10.         It is just like the people of Israel staying 400 years in Egypt.
11.         The Lord marked those 400 years. The period He said they would stay had expired. Then, after a day, a minute, 20 years etc, belongs to the Lord.
12.         Therefore, once they clocked 400 years, every sensible person will be making preparations, forsaking any other thing that never mattered, waiting for the day that the announcement will be made.
13.         Remember that the Angel that God has assigned to us in these last days is coming with an announcement. Once He makes the announcement, everybody will just follow. That is all.
14.         When is He going to make the announcement? At the Lord’s command. It can be this year; it can be next year. It can be tomorrow morning. It can be any time.
15.         I believe in that calendar so much; that the Lord will establish us and we will live in His Presence forever and ever after two days. Hence, our two days have gone. We are now in His own programme; in His own day. 
17.         No other notice shall be given to you. God is not going to give you another sign. Everything is finished. What is left is the translation of your mortal body and then the judgement of God which is the destruction of the world.
18.         I am the last sign God has given to this planet Earth. When you talk about Israel or no Israel, you are simply meeting at the millennium. That is your meeting point. Talk about their programme, God finished with them before coming to you.
19.         So, we have to be very careful. Listen to the radios; everybody is afraid; everybody is panicking.
20.         Few days ago, the pope was granted audience by radio Europe to address the whole world. He addressed the whole world calling for aids, appealing to the UN to come to their rescue. The whole of Europe is now in trouble.
21.         I believe what they called new fire was the cause; it is the Lord that ignited the fire.
22.         About this time in the history of Europe, they should be expecting great snow. Unfortunately, instead of experiencing snow, they are experiencing such a terrible heat as has never been experienced in the history of mankind to the point that buildings are suddenly been gutted by fire because of the intense heat.
23.         Do you not listen to radios? The thing has been happening for the past three weeks and the fire has become unquenchable. The UN has sent fire-fighting officials; many countries have come to their rescue, no way. It is prominently ravaging Portugal, Spain and Italy, at least for now. You know Italy is the home of the pope.
24.         Many vehicles and human beings have been destroyed. According to radio news, two days ago, nineteen people were burnt to death. While they were walking on the street, an unknown wind carried fire from nowhere and engulfed them. Remember that the fire God promised would ravage the Earth will come from the face of the Almighty.

Remember I told you few days ago what I believe about God destroying the world and judging nations; that God knows that these countries exist; that the day He judged Jericho, He never judged any other nation.
26.         Well, maybe God is going to vindicate something before I preach it. Just bear it in mind. God can wipe off Nigeria and leave just a remnant; nothing will happen to Ghana; nothing will happen to Togo. God will proclaim judgement to nations, to individuals, to families. Just underline it before I will talk on that matter.
27.         We are now resting in the Promise of the Almighty God. Have it in mind that the Lord is still keeping with His calendar. Let no man fool you.
28.         He that promised them that after 400 years, He would bring them back, also promised us even through the mouth of Prophet Hosea that after two days, He will establish us and we shall live in His Presence forever. And two days are over. We are now in His own day.
29.         Remember that in our own day, we were allowed to exhaust all. According to prophetic statements, a day in the eyes of the Lord is like a thousand years. That is why I laugh at some people that say they know Scriptures who wanted to strangle Me because they expected rapture to occur by the year 2000 and it did not happen.
30.         Have you exhausted your one day? I mean, has the Lord saved you in the one day He promised to establish you? The third day belongs to the Lord and He is going to establish the Gentiles, the Jews; everybody on the third day. So, we keep on watching.
31.         If fire has started ravaging some nations right now, then what do you think?
32.         According to BBC report, they said the heat for now is between 50 and 55 degrees Celsius.
33.         As at last week, they recorded 40, which is beyond human survival. Then why are they surviving now? Instead of snow, they see drizzles.
34.         In other words, the snow melts in the air and then comes back as mere drizzles; something like light showers, yet the thing does not cool down the temperature. It keeps on rising steadily.
35.         You can imagine the type of heat that can set a building ablaze. Try to visualize it. What is responsible for it? It has no source.
36.         There is another place also where they are experiencing great flood. Many communities have packed away from the place. The flood is coming from nowhere. The thing is just coming out from the ground and has pushed so many communities away. Many things are happening.
37.         There is going to be an epidemic any time from now. Watch out, cholera and typhoid will ravage Nigeria. And we are responsible for that.
38.         I have surveyed Nigeria and I say we are in trouble. Whatever we are drinking as water is not even worthy to be taken by a human being. We do not have anything called “pure water” in Nigeria.
39.         Remember that the Southerners should boast of having some good water, but now, whatever we call water is polluted. And because of poverty, nobody is thinking of how to refine water again.
40.         Here in Anambra State, we are in trouble. We have taken every manner of impurity into our bodies. Any time from now, you shall be seeing many things which health officials cannot even control.
41.         Any problem from water can hardly be controlled. We do not have the money; we do not have the materials; we do not even have the manpower that can control all these things.
42.         Typhoid will soon break out together with Cholera because of impure water.
43.         There are certain laboratory associations that are doing something about it ahead of time with the help of UNICEF and WHO at Abuja; but, I am sure they are wasting their time.
44.         We have streams, we have rivers, but they are not pure. And we do not have the money to establish treatment of the facilities where they can be treated.
45.         This thing we call bore-hole water is not pure water. In short, it is only God that is sustaining us. It is complete hard water. There are pore spaces in the soil. Anything that goes into the soil will penetrate into the bedrock which flows.
46.         The soakaway that was flushed at Enugu can come down to Anambra State within a matter of weeks. And then your bore-hole will just pump the thing out for you.
47.         All the gutters end up in your bore-hole. These are the things you are drinking; human faeces, animals that died—impurities.
48.         If you want to know what you are drinking, take a cup of water, buy a white handkerchief, cover the cup with the handkerchief and filter it a little. The impurities you will see on the handkerchief cannot be washed off with bleach.
49.         Watch the tumbler you used. You will find out that it looks oily. All these things you buy which you call pure water; call it “Paani;” call it whatever; they are not pure. They just write NAFDAC registration numbers so that they will not be disturbed.
50.         I know what they are doing. NAFDAC Officials just go there from time to time to collect their own machine—let us all perish.
51.         If they do not give the share to the NAFDAC Officials, the following day, they will swoop in on them and they will go in the air.
52.         Even what you call fake drugs; they are fake because the people refused to bribe them. If they had accepted their conditions, they will be selling their drugs. We know what is happening.
53.         Every man uses any opportunity he has in Nigeria to make money not to serve the nation. You can go to hell; it does not concern them. Amen.

Please take note.  In this Ministry of the Spoken Word, I told you that the Message will come from the Almighty God because it is His Ministry.  It is not the Ministry of a man. Moses never formulated anything.  Moses solely relied on the Almighty God who was putting His Words into Moses’ mouth to speak to His people – the Spoken Word.                                       – The Son of Man


I have told you clearly in the part one of this Message the essence of God coming down in a Cloud; in a Pillar of Fire; in a Thick Smoke; in Thick Darkness and in the form of a Rainbow.
2.            We surveyed the Scriptures a little and saw that these things are the manifestations of God in all the Ages which have never been impersonated and can never be impersonated.
3.            If it has been possible for Satan to impersonate any of these things, surely we would have witnessed one. Maybe one would have been recorded before we were born: how Satan came down and impersonated himself in the form of God. No, Satan cannot use any of these attributes.
4.            Whenever you see those natural signs, they depict nothing but the Presence of God.
5.            In addition, whenever you see the Cloud, the Fire or Smoke, they are coming down to reveal a man. And that man becomes God’s Sanctuary.

I told you that whenever you see the Cloud coming down, there is going to be an Exodus; God is going to make a move and that move must be a strange move. Whosoever that is going to lead has not gone that way before; whether a man or a group of people, they have not gone that way before.
7.            I told you what you will benefit by following the Cloud for whosoever that is being led by the Cloud can never miss the way; you can never miss your bearing because it is God Himself controlling. It is God leading in front.
8.            We saw God volunteering to lead Moses and His people the way they would go. We saw God taking the lead, the Pillar of Cloud going ahead of time in the day and at night, the Pillar of Fire
9.            He abode with them supplying them the Light they needed for God has always remained the Light of the world.
10.         God is Christ. That was Christ revealing Himself in the wilderness.
11.         The moment I create faith in you to understand exactly where I am heading, I will cut it off. We will go to other things.
12.         Exodus chapter 19, verse 5: “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine.” 
13.         Please, note that phrase: “Keep my covenant." This is because after this particular message, I will be speaking to you on COVENANT. After COVENANT, I will speak to you on CHRIST, the Anointed One.
14.         These messages are interwoven. I will finish them up before I will go into another area.
15.         If you miss these background messages I am handing out now, surely you must disjoint yourself along the way. And this will show you the necessity of taking the Messages serious.
16.         Do not follow Brother Odoemena; follow the Cloud.

Exodus chapter 19, verse 6 through 9: “And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.
18.          And Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before their faces all these words which the LORD commanded him.
19.          And all the people answered together, and said, All that the LORD hath spoken we will do. And Moses returned the words of the people unto the LORD.
20.          And the LORD said unto Moses, Lo, I come unto thee in a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak with thee, and believe thee forever.” 
21.         Take note of this place.
22.         Exodus chapter 19, verse 9: “And Moses told the words of the people unto the Lord.”
23.         We are here for something. The Lord is saying, “Lo, I come to thee in a Thick Cloud,” for what reasons?
24.         “That the people may hear when I speak with thee and believe thee for ever.”
25.         Have you heard it? So, many people were in the Fellowship the day we heard a nice conversation between the Lord and the Lord; I mean the Lord speaking to the Lord.
27.         I remember that day when we heard: “I will declare.” “Will they believe?” He said, “They will believe.” “Are you sure?” He said, “I am sure.” “Why do you say so?” “This is because I have taught them.”
28.         A conversation can ensue between the Lord and a man. You see, there can be a prophet and the Lord will talk to him in dreams. But if there be Moses, God will talk to him mouth-to-mouth and face-to-face. And then the people were there to hear God talking to Moses.
29.         Why? One, for them to know that God has actually commissioned Moses. Moses was not an impersonator; two, for the people to believe Moses forever; not believing him today and denying him tomorrow.
30.         Before many witnesses, the Lord vindicated that He was the One that chose Moses for such a great assignment. And He was with him so that people could believe that God can speak to a man. Then the man will pass the information to them.
31.         Thank God, they had earlier concluded that whatever the Lord would speak to them through Moses, they would obey.
32.         Verse 9 again: “And the LORD said unto Moses, Lo, I come unto thee in a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak with thee, and believe thee forever. And Moses told the words of the people unto the LORD.”
33.         Now, if the people heard when God was talking to Moses this way, was there any need for Moses to pass the information to them again? Now, when you hear: “God will speak, people will hear,” it was just a conversation between God and Moses.
34.         It was after the whole thing that Moses went to the congregation of the people of Israel and told them what the Lord said.
35.         Moses carried the message to the congregation of God’s people: “Look at what the Lord told me”. They were there. They could hear Moses make some statements, answer a few questions and some things like that. Did you get the message?
36.         If God talks to Me now, you will not hear it. I can talk to Him and you will not know what I am saying. Then, at the end of it all, if He commands Me to tell you, I will tell you. If He commands Me to keep it to Myself, I will do so. That is how God leads people along.
37.         The most important thing you must know there is why God came down in a Thick Cloud. So, God did not come down in vain. He had a reason why He decided to come down in a Thick Cloud before many witnesses. Then He started talking to Moses so that they will believe Moses forever.

Verse 10: “And the LORD said unto Moses, Go unto the people, and sanctify them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their clothes.”
39.         Let them wash their clothes. So, God is a neat God.
40.         Verse 12 through 14: “And thou shalt set bounds unto the people round about, saying, Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount, or touch the border of it: whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death:
41.         There shall not a hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live: when the trumpet soundeth long, they shall come up to the mount.
42.         And Moses went down from the mount unto the people.”
43.         And Moses went down from the mount unto the people. So, the people were not at the mount with Moses. Have you seen it? The essence of God coming down in a Thick Cloud for them to witness it is to make sure that the people will not doubt the words of Moses.
44.         Why? They knew God’s nature. They knew it that God always descends in a Thick Cloud. It was not strange to them. They were conversant with that. That is why it is not easy to lead or deceive a Jew. Jewish people do not follow anybody that says he is this or that anyhow.
45.         For you to tell them that God has sent you to come and talk to them, you must get them convinced. Moreover, the only thing they need from you is to call down the Thick Cloud, the Thick Smoke, the Pillar of Fire or the Rainbow. If they do not hear or see these things, you are wasting your time.
That was why in Jesus’ day, they asked Him that question: “What sign will you give us to convince us; we require a sign from you?”
47.         And Jesus being the Almighty who had already intended to do that which pleased Him, said, “Well, since you are requiring a sign from me; you do not believe. You will see no other sign except the sign of Jonah.” and that stumbled them very well.
48.         Why did He give them that sign? This was because the prophet had already given them the sign they must watch out for and the sign fulfilled and they did not believe it.
49.         Jesus did not come anyhow. His coming was prophesied by the prophet God gave them and they were given a sign: “Behold, I show you a sign, a virgin shall conceive.” Then the prophecy came to pass and the people did not believe it.
50.         “And then you come to me expecting another sign. What other sign are you expecting?”
51.         Just like in this generation, have we been given a sign? Yes, for sure, as Jonah was a sign to Nineveh. A man has always been a sign.
52.         Jonah was a prophet sent to Nineveh as their last sign. If they had doubted Jonah, that would have been the end, but when they believed Jonah, they repented.
53.         “As Jonah was the last sign to Nineveh so shall the Son of Man be a sign to this generation.” It is a future tense: “so shall.”

Was he referring to himself? In other words, this generation should expect no other sign than the sign of the Son of Man. But people are looking up towards the sky when he guided them perfectly: “When the Son of Man shall come, He shall be revealed in the Cloud of Heaven. No man knoweth the Son, but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal Himself.”
55.         Thus, if the Son does not want to reveal Himself to you, you are wasting your time. Anybody can come claiming to be the Son of Man, but anytime the Son of Man comes, all the children of God, all the Elect who are conversant with the Word of God, who believe God seriously will always look for the sign of the Cloud for He shall be revealed in a Cloud.
56.         There can be son of man somewhere; people will come claiming that they are the Son of Man, we will not believe until we see the Cloud. Until we see that one that is revealed in a Cloud, we will not accept; we will not acknowledge anything less than that. That is all. We were told ahead of time. So, we watch out for that.
57.         Is he the Son of Man he is claiming to be? Yes, everybody will remain a claimer until the thing is settled and it will take the Almighty to settle the argument.
58.         Once that thing comes down, every mouth will close. The argument stops. The matter will be settled. Every Elect will just rally round.

Follow the Cloud for it can never misguide you and no man can ever impersonate it. It must be from the Almighty God as a sign of God’s presence. That is all.
60.         Why God vindicated Moses is to create fear in them so that they do not sin against Him; to cause the people to believe Moses forever as a man sent by God; as their own God, their last hope, their own sign. Your duty is to rally round him.
61.         It shall come to pass if any refuses to listen to Moses, maybe because of his or her relationship with him, such a person shall be removed from among their brethren straight away.
62.         If because of over-familiarity you behave like Aaron or Miriam, the Lord will judge you. If peradventure, tomorrow, you start murmuring against him, you are murmuring against God. The Lord must surely judge you. You start grumbling and grudging, the Lord must surely judge you.
63.         “Why do you set yourself on the throne as judge over Moses? Do you not know that people have done it already? When you find fault with Moses, you have judged Moses. You have already condemned Moses before you speak evil of him.” That was what happened and the Lord judged them in the wilderness and then finished them up over there. That settled the matter.
64.         Remember that it is a spiritual journey. That is why God has quenched the ministry of some people in this Faith and some that have gone out.
65.         Bear in mind there was a day the statement went out of my mouth that a lot of people in this Faith had already known that the Lord has quenched their ministries; that they are not making any progress again.
66.         There in the wilderness, they died physically, but in this Faith, they will die spiritually. How many heard it? I said many things that day that hovered around some individuals prominently among the ministers.
67.         I thank God.

From now, I will not be taking it lightly with the Pastors in Onitsha. Moreover, pray that I will not declare you My enemy. Once you see Me rising up against you, it is either I am about to throw you away or do something in you which you will never forget in life.
69.         Pastors must brace up immediately. If I have a problem, the problem I have is the inability of the Pastors to control the flock with the Word they are receiving from Me. You are to pastor them with what you are receiving from Me and not with wine or any other thing; I am not against wine. There is time for everything.
70.         You must know the sound of the trumpet; know whether it is calling for war or for peace. I am going somewhere but I have over-delayed because of the troubles all of you caused Me. I said all of you because you gave attention to fables. Some that are not in the Faith are better than many of you.
71.         I mean some that have abandoned this Faith are better than so many of you in the Faith.

Exodus chapter 14 from verse 23 through 24: “And the Egyptians pursued, and went in after them to the midst of the sea, even all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his horsemen.
73.          And it came to pass, that in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians.”
74.         The Lord looked unto the Egyptians. Remember the story. This was an exodus; God was leading His people away from Egypt and when they got to the Red Sea, a problem arose there.
75.         The worse was on either sides: the Red Sea was in front, Pharaoh’s men were behind. There was no remedy in sight. Moses spoke the Word of the Lord to them.
76.         He said, “Standstill and you will see the salvation of the Lord come through, for this Pharaoh and the army you are seeing behind you, you shall see them no more.” Moses said this because the people were panicking.
77.         They started blaming Moses for bringing them out. They said, “You could have allowed us to perish in Egypt than to bring us out into this wilderness and allow us to be destroyed by Pharaoh and his army; oh no, we are doomed!”
78.         Moses said, “No. Lord, if you are behind me; if you are part of this journey, do something.”
79.         The Lord replied to Moses, “What are you holding in your hand? What was the sign I gave you? Stretch it forth.” When he heard the Voice of the Lord, it was a private discussion. He was armed to the teeth.
80.         He made a proclamation: “Standstill everybody; do not panic and you will see the salvation of the Lord come through. This Pharaoh and his army you are seeing behind today, you will see them no more.”
81.         He stretched forth the rod towards the Red Sea and the Scripture said: “The Red Sea parted.” That is the power of the Lord. That is the God I am serving.
To prove that the Cloud was there, something had to happen. The Lord was there.
83.         The following morning, the Lord looked through the Cloud. In other words, God was hiding in the Cloud and the Cloud was in Moses. Moses was a Vessel tabernacling the Cloud.
84.         If God wants to see you, He will see you through the Vessel where He is dwelling now.
85.         All these years we have been kissing, caressing and touching one another, never did we know that this man has something enveloping Him. Look at the photograph hanging on the wall of Onitsha Fellowship hall, the Cloud is in front. Yes. Did you get the message?
86.         It is just like a laminated card. So, you can have dealings with a laminated person, yet you do not know that the person is laminated because of the human veil.
87.         The human veil is the laminating material that laminated God. God could see from the Cloud.
88.         God saw the Egyptians coming from the Cloud. Immediately He saw them, He made a proclamation. If He could see the Egyptians, it equally shows that He also saw His people panicking from where? He saw them panicking through the Cloud.
89.         This was because the Cloud was leading; it was in front. And the Cloud was Moses himself for Moses was always in front.  The people knew no other person but Moses. They did not say, “God, you have killed us.” It was Moses they kept mentioning all along.
90.         Follow the Cloud for God is always hiding in the Cloud. And you know what the Cloud is all about.
91.         Exodus chapter 14 from verse 24: “And it came to pass, that in the morning watch the LORD looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians,”—and the Lord troubled the host of the Egyptians not Moses—“ and took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel; for the LORD fighteth for them against the Egyptians.
92.         I do not want to go too far. If you go further, you will see how God destroyed them. But understand where God was hiding; from where He was watching.
93.         I told you that Satan has never operated there and will never operate there. Amen.