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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


FORGIVENESS Preached on 6th January, 2008 by The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD Onitsha
I am your “Mercy Seat.” But I know that one day I will change position and sit on the “Judgment Seat.” “He” that has brought you so far is the same “One” you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other person other than “He” that is with you now. Believe it if you can…

— The Son of Man
The entrance of the Word of God in your heart rekindles the right attitude in you.
-Son of Man

We come just as we are, hiding nothing from you; for we believe we are naked before you. Father, we have come here O God with our hearts filled with praises, thanksgiving and appreciation for your goodness and mercy to us, for your protections, for your divine provisions we have been enjoying all these years.
2. Lord, we give you all the praise and glory for ushering us into the year 2008 with lively expectations. Thank you for giving us the privilege to enter this year with you. Thank you for starting the year with us; Father, on a very nice note, the good works you have started in our lives may you never relent O God, continue to work in us, continue to work within us, around us until your purpose for creating us is fulfilled. Do not allow our enemies to obstruct, Father, even in your works in our lives, may we, Father Divine, receive all the promises as we heard from your mouth on the first day of this year.
3. Fulfill your promises while we are alive so that our joy in serving you might be fulfilled, that the heathens will see and believe that we are not deceived, that we are not following cunningly devised fables that within, really; Jehovah the God of all flesh is really among us. 
for. Perform your oath which you sworn by your Name that in blessing, you are going to bless us, in prospering, you are going to prosper us. That whosoever shall curse us shall remain accursed person forever. And whosoever that shall cast a spell upon your people, that it shall not be well with the person even till eternity.
5. Perform this Oath and let your Name be glorified. Be with all that are here this day, be with all that are called by your Name, who for one reason or the other  are not here today, bless them wherever they may be, protect them wherever they may be, are there some on the high-ways; Lord see them through. In every Local Assembly that is called by your Name, visit them this morning Father with your lovely visit.
6. Let your love project towards your children, stretch forth your healing Hands, heal all that are sick in the Camp, young and old, restore every backslider, rekindle the love in the Fellowship, confirm your love towards your children this day.
Father Divine, create no room for the enemy to operate against us. Have your way in our lives; saturate the heart of all your children with love this year, not ordinary love, but love without hypocrisy.
7. In the same manner O Lord, I pray that you make all your Ministers flaming fires, that they will stand as your representatives here on earth, preaching your Word without respect of persons. Reward all that are faithful to you according to your Word.
8. This day, make it a glorious and wonderful day, a day of joy and happiness, a day we shall say once again the Lord has started a good work in our lives. Take all the praise, take all the glory, honor and adoration, for we believe you have answered us. Hence, have your way in our lives, have your way in the Bride of Christ Ministry, through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Remain blessed Brethren. If there is joy in your heart, express it. I want to see the happiest fellow in this Family today. Last Tuesday, we just agreed to start the New Year with God, and something that took place here on that day is something that had not taken place here even when we were under the Law. I cast my mind back, right from the year 1992 up to this very day, what happened here that day had not happened in the history of this Faith. In time past, we used to gather in a Camp Meeting, sometimes, it last for ten days. However, one thing that is clear or common in our meetings is that we normally round off our meetings in the morning of January 1st.
2. We will have our night-vigil on 31st of December, though we are stationed here, by 1st January, we will be going home with our bags and our children. Whatever prayers we made before that morning, that sustained us, so we never find it necessary, even gathering on January 1st to preach any Message, we called it “dismissal day.”
3. Brethren, am I bearing false witness? But this year 2008, well; it wasn’t like that. I really thank God for everything. If I should give glory to a human being, the glory should go to my wife, God is my witness. This thought never entered my mind – that we should gather on that first day, being Tuesday. I was having my eyes on Wednesday, the usual Fellowship day and that will even take place in the evening.
4. I knew I would be travel to Mbaise on the 31st of December for a meeting they invited me, not knowing the day I would be back. But hopefully, I thought I would be back by Wednesday morning. As I reasoned with my wife, she said, “Daddy, it has become ‘traditional’ for you to gather Brethren in our house every first day of January. I said, “Yes, but this ‘tradition’ will not hold this year because I wouldn’t be around.” She said, “If you will accept my suggestion, why not accept to change your mind on the matter?” I said, “Do you mean commanding you to host our Brethren in my house, in my absence?” She said, “No. I am saying that you could as well reason with the Pastors and then tell Brethren to gather on Tuesday morning in the Fellowship. Let us thank God for keeping us alive. If we shall remain alive till that day, that it is worthwhile.” I reasoned, I prayed over it, I concluded that this advice is from God.
5. Follow me gradually. I was strong spiritually, not because of that Fellowship, but because I was going for a “warfare.” You know that a cripple can never be a victim of an announced war.  Therefore, recognizing that I was going to face a community, I only told her and those that were with me that I must go with SEVEN UNIFORMS.
6. By the time the SEVEN UNIFORMS will be changed, I will be back, fear not, don’t bother, but for Tuesday, I will give a charge: “All the Brethren that will be at home here in Onitsha, they should gather in the morning. However, gathering without my presence, many might feel disappointed, so I will keep away my trip from all of them. I will only disclose it to some Ministers who will keep it as a secret.” So I disclosed it to our Pastors and to Brother Kelechi, announced the meeting here, it was greeted with a very loud acceptance. I called it victory number one.
7. Yes, whatever God does is captured by revelation by all His children because no true seed of God calleth anything from God accursed. We don’t preach to the children of God, No, we don’t persuade them, because they are a part of what God is doing. Every true seed of God is a part of what God is doing in his day. So, on that day, I decided to make my choice of the Brethren that will accompany me in the trip. I had earlier informed Brother Onyema Eze and Brother Stephen, because they were with me from the very beginning, they attended that meeting with me, they saw how everything went.
8. So, I decided to take two of them so that they will witness “the final of all finals.” That morning, I alerted my wife that I was going back to Mbaise for a war that will give God glory, honour and praise. That she should go to Fellowship on time with my whole family. I told her, “Even if nobody is there, be there with all of them (my children), lift up your hands and praise God on my behalf and on behalf of our family.”
9. Let me tell you, God is worthy to be praised. If you look into your family and all of you are alive, even if you have no money, even if you have nothing, begin now to praise God.
10. That you survived the year 2007, let me tell you, it is Amazing Grace. There is no family that did not have their own fair share of the trials. The trials were too much, too many temptations, too many obstacles, there is no family amongst the heathens; do you know that many suffered great losses both in their businesses, in their domestic lives? Life in the year 2007 was extremely unbearable to many.
11. That we all survived, it is enough reason why we should gather on 1st January to praise God. Because I believe with all my heart that it was the mighty Hand of God that sustained us, otherwise, the enemy would have messed us up. Many of you in this Faith today, if you never died, your children would have been incomplete, you would have lost some of your children, or your husbands and wives. Many of you would have gone mad; some would have suffered stroke or hypertension, I am telling you the truth.
12. The year 2007 was not an easy one, even amongst the heathens; unless you don’t interact   very well with your neighbors. Look around, throughout December, how many people could boast of changing their car? Because every December,   you normally see “L,”  “L,”  “L,” (learner) everywhere; but instead of seeing “L,” you see gallons upon gallons on top of vehicles, people selling the ones they were riding and walking on foot. Landlords even threatened to eject many for owing house rents. Some couldn’t pay school fees for their children.
13. Let me tell you, we owe God a lot. I don’t want to talk about myself because my own is a peculiar case because, “I am wonderfully made.” I had my own share of the trials. It got to a point where it became clear to me that it was only a step between me and death that I began to enquire from the Almighty God whether the time for my return is due.
14. Don’t worry, on the day I would have my thanksgiving here, you will hear my own experience; both the ones you know because you saw them, and the ones I passed through without disclosing them, lest your hearts will begin to fail you. That I am still here today preaching and supporting you, I say praise your God. I say praise your God. AMEN.
Once a man embraces the truth, his life no longer remains the same. His vision changes, his philosophy of life changes. He becomes a totally different person within. Outwardly, he looks the same but inwardly, a remarkable change has taken place.
-Son of Man
Let me tell you, I am standing here on “a renewed contract,” I said “a renewed contract.” My “first assignment” had gone away, why? He looked round according to Him, He could not find even one. He weighed everybody on the balance, He couldn’t pick one that could take “the position,” and He reasoned with me.
2. Nevertheless, to keep His Word, He paid the price. I said He Himself paid the price and asked me to continue on “a new contract” which shall soon be unfolded to the Bride. It shall soon be unfolded. If you like, call it the Son of Man on His “second missionary journey,” my first contract is over.
3. I am now in “a new contract.” After all, you knew about it many, many years ago that the whole thing would round off at 50 – Pastor Dan, are you sure you are here? If you want to go to London, follow that woman!
4. I am the happiest man in this Faith. Let me tell you, what I am saying is not new to my family, my wife captured it, some of my children captured it; they enquired from me and from you. If you were diligent and intelligent, you will even read it from your Messages here over and over, but some missed it.
5. You know one thing with God, when a Voice goes out, only the person that is involved or concerned knows when the thing has touched him or her or has touched his or her own side. Names might be called here, the only name you will recognized is your own, talk of others,  you don’t know about them, but once your name is mentioned here, the minister may not know, you will hear it.
6. This is 2008, first Sunday of the year. Brethren were calling me from here and there, telling me that they will like to be here today. I told them that there won’t be New Year Message, if that is the reason why they are coming, that we are going to have our normal Fellowship. They said, “Okay, that is to say that they won’t come.” I said, “Praise be to God.”
7. Then I asked myself a question, “When have we started negotiating whether we will go to Jerusalem for Fellowship or not?” Fellowship is attended by divine revelation. You don’t negotiate with me before coming to Onitsha, the only thing that contained in my Message is this: “if you know your heart is not right with the Son of Man, don’t ever come to Onitsha for Fellowship, stay away until you make it right.”
8. But for you to begin to enquire from me before you will come to Onitsha, how do I tell you to come? If I tell you to come, I am soliciting for membership, it then means I need you. As long as I live and God liveth, I don’t need any human being.
10. I remembered what I told Brethren at Mbaise, the first time I reminded them of it, this time around, I said, “Look at me, I am standing like Jesus upon the earth. When they came to arrest Him (Jesus), Peter pulled his sword, cut off somebody’s ear; He said, ‘Put your sword in your sheath, this is not what the hour calls for. If it is a matter of fighting with swords, machetes, and things like that, I will tell my Father and He will send the hosts of heaven and they will fight for me. But it is not like that.’” Everywhere was calm. 
11. I went further and said, “Brethren, if this matter is a canal matter, I have everything. I will stand here in my family and then give charge. I will just give charge and no building will stand in this community. And I will pick as many as I want to pick, nothing will happen, then my Name will be noised everywhere.”
12. I reminded them of what happened at Opi, and that is why father Abraham is bragging till today. He told his people that God has conferred him with authority even to kill and nothing will happen. When they went to Eha-ndiagu, he slapped a pregnant woman, pushed her down, and then repeated that statement before the heathens. 
13. The youths were provoked; two of them pulled their pistols, one fired on Ikenna, another one fired on the younger brother, Brother Alexander, the one that is in the University, the pharmacist. What was their shock? The pistols opened “tua-tua,” Brethren remained unhurt and then they started beating them left and right; father Abraham now charged. The report came to me, I recalled everybody. On their way home, the jeep somersaulted; they used their hands and carried it up again.
14. When he reached the compound, I called him to order: “You have the right to kill, and nothing will happen, but don’t kill anyhow.” They started telling me what happened, I said, “Yes, I insulated all of you before you left here.” If “bakassi” and all those nonsenses could boast of little things human beings prepared with their hands; I told you that those things, they are “prototype” of the “original,” that the “original” is in Christ.
15. Only those that have tried spirits will tell you where you are. If you have not tried spirits, if you have not ascended to spiritual level, you won’t know where you are. That is why, after trying you in different ways, in your yards, in your work places, they will come to a conclusion that you are not going to anything Church; that it is occult because, they have tried you all round. As many as were with me yesterday, you heard Brother Emma’s testimony concerning the young man that called him when he was packing away. After being insulted by Paul Anah,  the boy called him and revealed to him something Brother Emma never knew, the way people were seeing him and his family.
16. Look at Brother Ben Mba, look at his family, of all the four women that are living in that yard, the only children they are having are those they brought to the yard, all the children they had in that yard, they died in that yard. Only Brother Ben and his family had children in that yard. They are raising them in that yard, and all of them ganged-up and said his family belonged to an occult. Amen.
The most unfortunate thing that will happen to a man is to live one million years without Christ. It is better to die a day old than to stay one thousand years without Christ. Any man that dies without Christ, the day he was born was cursed.
-Son of Man

God told us ahead of time, “If you are serving any god that can never protect you, resign.” The reason why people go to idols is for protection. The reason why people serve gods is for protection, no more, no less.
2. So I am declaring that: IF YOU THINK IT IS A BIG BURDEN TO SERVE THE LIVING GOD, THE LIVING AND TRUE GOD, IF YOU THINK IT IS A BURDEN, THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE IT, THAT THE DEMANDS ARE TOO MUCH FOR YOU, WHY NOT TRY THE DEVIL? Try the Devil. If serving God is too much for you, please, please, try the Devil. If knowledge is useless, try ignorance.
3. If you think the police are not doing a good work, try the use of thugs. If you feel that worshiping God is expensive or very burdensome, try the Devil. If you cannot worship God, and you cannot worship the Devil, that goes to show that to begin with, you are not a human being. For if you are a human being, you must worship one, nature abhors vacuum: you either belong to God or you belong to Devil.   
4. Some said, “What of the ‘Free Thinkers?’” No thought is free. No human being has ever lived that type of life – where he is thinking not — is it possible? Even infants among us, you see these little children here, they are thinking about something. If they are not thinking about something, they will not be playing or holding something.
5. Therefore, this year, I don’t need to unfold the package now, but let it be known to you that the Son of Man is on “a new mission,” “a new contract,” a new mission on earth which shall be unfolded with time. Just write it on the table of your hearts.
6. Does it mean that you throw the past away? If you did not understand the past, you will miss the present. Your past experiences will help you more than any other thing in ushering you to the new experience. Let me tell you, I am not the first person; every man sent by God here on earth for a mission of salvation, his ministry has always been standing with two “polls,” the first “poll” and the second “poll.” In Paul’s assignment, he had the first missionary journey and he had the second missionary journey.
7. Jesus had the first “poll,” he had the second “poll,” so it is to all the Prophets. However, I never knew that God could renew the contact, because the price was such that I could not pay. So, I hardened my heart, and then He paid the price; not the way I was thinking but the way that astonished me. I will disclose it with time, it may not be this year, let us go on.
8. If you are in this Faith, please take this quote from Sister Thomas, who is the wife of our Pastor in this Faith also. After hearing series of reviewed Messages, she placed herself in the balance, came to her husband one morning, and declared: “Daddy, I have searched everything as it pertains to my personal life in relation to the Faith of Christ, and my conclusion is this: ‘it is better for me to obey the Word of God than to demonstrate against it.’”
9. Now, life has come to her from this revelation. Yes! Nobody has ever worked out God’s righteousness in anger.  What you can use to work out God’s righteousness is through humility and love. I said, now, life has come to her. You can now begin to expect the best from her because no human being revealed this to her. She captured it by revelation after weighing herself all round, she never conferred with flesh and blood. Besides, that Message that touched her, everybody heard it. I said everybody heard it. Glory be to God.
10. I want to be in the pulpit today not because I want, but because He commanded me to be here. For that, I told our Pastor to do a work and then finish on time so as to grant me enough time to be here to open the year with you on a very sound note. All that has the vision on what is happening in other Local Assemblies; nobody should tell them to be here today. The greatest mistake anybody will make from now is to enquire from me whether he will come to Fellowship in Onitsha. If you want to come, come! If you don’t want to come, don’t come. If you want to know what will happen before you begin to come, well, nothing will be told to you, nobody will tell you anything. We come by Faith believing that God is here to speak to us live, and to meet our needs.
11. If I have the revelation of who God is, nobody will tell me the necessity of worshipping in Onitsha. If I should be enquiring of any other thing, it is about the movements of the Son of Man, no more no less. As long as I am sure He is around, that is all I need. But on Tuesday, Aba monitored and they were told we were at Mbaise, so they said they would not come, but they didn’t know that He that fixed the meeting had already made up His mind to be in the meeting.
13. When I say that evil communication spoils good character; some people think it is when you mingle with human beings only. You may be sitting down here, even while I am talking here, your mind is somewhere else communicating with other spirits, something will be distracting your attention from where you are. At the end of the day, nothing will happen in your life. That goes to show that your life is in danger.
14. Yes! Nothing will take your attention away from God if not the enemy of God, for he doesn’t want you to live. He wants to destroy you, so he will make you blind, deflect your knowledge, place you as number one prey. Amen.


Please, pay attention this morning. Before I will come back to the pulpit, I want to read few things by way of putting you in remembrance. Pastor Dan will read. First of all, you read the back page. Secondly, you read from page one to page forty-two only. Don’t cross page forty-two (42), and then invite me to the pulpit.    
1. You pay attention, we are reading from the Message titled, “AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS VOL. 1,” preached on 24th December, the year 2000. I just want to read this few places to enable him collect offerings, share testimonies, sing praises to God and then invite me to the pulpit. Once I come down from the pulpit, we will dismiss. I don’t want anybody to reason or discuss what I am going to say today. I want us to go home with all we are going to hear. If you want to discuss it, discuss it with yourself alone. Are you getting me?
2. I know that many sitting down here are not free, many are here with fear. Some are here hoping that their names would be mentioned and they will be asked to go, because I said not all that were here last year will continue with us this year, and we are sending many away not because of anything they have done, but because we don’t want them here anymore. Moreover, this is the first Sunday of the year.
3. So please, relax your mind everybody. Even, if God says He is going to kill you because of your iniquity – something you know you shouldn’t do and you go ahead doing it, that is iniquity. If He says He is going to kill you and you fall down before Him in repentance, changing your mind, I bet you, He will withdraw the punishment.
4. If God says He is going to punish a nation for their wrongdoing, if they will turn away from their wicked ways and then be restored to God again, I believe, God will withdraw the punishment. He is known for that. Is it unscriptural?  No! No! It is everywhere in the Scripture: “Seek ye the Lord while He may be found; call upon Him while He is near; let the wicked forsake his ways; and the unrighteous his thoughts, let him turn to the Lord for He will abundantly pardon.” So, sit down in your seats, no disturbance whatsoever, allow the few things our Pastor will read to touch you. Amen.

Ask Me the greatest preaching that has the greatest impression, and I will tell you that it is My lifestyle. My daily character preaches the greatest sermon. Your life, your character preaches the greatest sermon.
-Son of Man

Blessed be the Name of the Lord forever and ever. I am very grateful to God on your behalf. Whether you have come here to serve the Lord or you have come here to spy into the secret of the liberty of the children of God; whether you are sent in here by God or you are sent in here by the enemy of God, I am happy that you are here.
2. Where is that “flying star,” Yemi? She is not here, nobody knows me here more than that girl.  There won’t be any interpretation for now. If you cannot understand me, bother not. That is your ministers responsibility to break down the Message in the level and language everybody will understand.    
3. It’s because God has His children all over the world with different cultures, traditions and languages, that’s why I’m speaking to everybody in English language trusting that with the level of knowledge we have attained, translating it into our various vernaculars will not be a problem to your Ministers in particular, more especially now I have decided to document most of this Messages in book form.
4. I want to repeat the statement I made: “Nobody here can claim knowledge of me more than that flying saucer, Yemi.” She is not here because of any of you, she is here because of me, are you getting me? I know those that are here because of some of you, but she is expressly sent here for the sake of the Son of Man, and from the very day she came into contact with me, I identified it and I wanted her to give herself a name which she has given at last.
5. Last Tuesday, I allowed you to hear from her, not from the Son of Man, how she found her way into Onitsha. Nobody is responsible for her coming to Onitsha and from her confessions to me, this particular congregation by her calculation is the thirteenth (13th) congregation she has visited in Onitsha in particular. Moreover, she told me that she is not alone, that they are very many.
6. That goes to confirm the confession of one lady that wanted to seduce Brother Mike in those days. I think her name is Vicky, she stayed in Deeper Life for over nine years, studied them; she was sent there for those that are claiming to be serving the Lord and Brother Mike became a victim. I saw it ahead of time, I warned Brother Mike. That fateful night, Bro. Mike will not forget it at Mercy Specialist Hospital, I called her by her name and she hated me even till today. I don’t know whether she is still alive or not. I don’t know.
7. The following day, she went to her work place, made horrible confessions, and revealed many, many hidden things, which she collected from the spirit world, took people to where she hid all of them and confessed that she was sent for Brother Mike.
8. When you see any lady here, don’t begin to jump up and down. When you meet a lady on the street, don’t begin to jump up and down. In the same manner, when you see a man, don’t begin to jump up and down. Not all that looked like human beings are human beings. Remember you have rolled into a new era in the history of mankind. Amen.

If you cannot be controlled by the Word of God, you are not a seed of God, for the Word you are hearing, they are spirit and they are life. The Message you are hearing is life itself. The Bible said that Christ was in the world and He Himself is the Message. When you reject the Message, you have rejected Christ, for Christ is the Message which we preach.
-Son of Man

This is a beginning of my “new contract” with the Almighty. This is the beginning of a new era in the Ministry of the Bride of Christ. Therefore, any moment from now, we are going to negotiate “a bend” and at every “bend” we have negotiated in this Faith, our Boat has always dangled in such a way that many people fell off from that Boat. Thus, if there is anytime you have to be careful, it is now. Don’t say, “Son of Man save me,” you must be your own saviour this time, you must save yourself from this awkward generation.
2. Nevertheless, before you can save yourself, you must recognize who you are: “man, know thyself,” “woman, know thyself.” A saviour is not needed where there is no danger. A saviour is unnecessary where life is not in danger; where situation is not very precarious, a saviour is unnecessary. You must recognize the hour you are in to be extremely precarious before you have need of a Saviour.
So please, I repeat my salutation to all of you. I am very much pleased with everybody no matter where you come from. Remember, in the days of Jesus the Christ here on earth, they knew Him, some disclosed who He was, some wanted to call Him by His name, He bid them not to say so, for reasons best known to Him.
4. I am not going to move the way you expected me before coming, but the way I know will benefit you is the way I will take off. At the beginning, I can stand here and tell you how the Ministry took off. I can stand here, the first Message that heralded this Ministry was titled: LIFE AFTER PENTECOST AMONG THE BELIEVERS,” part 1, part 2 and part 3.
5. The second Message was another Message titled: “HOLY GHOST AND NECESSITY FOR HOLY GHOST BAPTISM,” which I preached for two consecutive days. And that was the Message that brought down the whole powers in heaven and on earth; forces met together to confirm the Message to be true.
6. For the first time, people could hear that Holy Ghost is a Human Being that could talk, that could hear; that could move about; and no longer the unseen Spirit as they used to think or feel. In addition, the Almighty confirmed it on the spot. You know, there is no way I can usher you into this new move without rehearsing almost A to Z of the previous experiences. There is no way any government can present a budget without carrying out a review of the previous budget – the journey so far.

So please, give me a little attention if you want to benefit from today’s Service. I know you really want to benefit. I pity Local Assemblies that are blind. This New Year, I also pity individuals that are blind, prominently among them is Nsukka, followed by Enugu. They have no excuse to give; Eha-Amufu, Enugu-Ezike, in short, all the Local Assemblies in the Southeast; they have no reason why they should not be here. Phoning whether you will be here today is completely irrelevant, for worshipping of God is not negotiable; has it ever been negotiated between God and human beings?
8. Men have always been set at liberty, if you want to worship, worship. But when you don’t want to worship, don’t hinder others. If God is God; I mean the True and Living God, Let us worship Him. If He is not, let us abandon Him. In the Morning hours, I spoke to you a little; reminding you of the nuggets you heard in time past, that whomever that thinks that knowledge is unnecessary should try ignorance. You feel academic attainment is useless, you should try illiteracy, which I have told you that it is a self-inflicted injury, for nobody is as foolish as an illiterate, you can be a PHD holder, yet, an illiterate.
9. If you feel that knowledge is useless, try ignorance. You want to condemn the police, the security agents completely, try the use of thugs and see whether they can be better.
10. You are having the feeling that worshiping God has become a big burden to you, a burden you cannot bear, you have not seen reasons why you should be troubled with that, please don’t bother yourself, please try the Devil. If you cannot worship the Living and True God, you see it as very burdensome, please try the Devil. Maybe that which you are looking for which you couldn’t find in God, the Devil may provide it. If God cannot offer you comfort, if you are not very comfortable with God, try the Devil. Maybe he will offer you the required comfort from the package, which by right shouldn’t be designated to you.

12. When the Lord brought them out of Egypt down in the wilderness, He said, “A new covenant I am making with you this day, not like the ones I made with your fathers when I brought them out of the land of bondage, but a new covenant I am instituting with you this day.” When Jesus came, another covenant appeared also, down on the line. So in this new agreement, which shall soon be unfolded, which is not by your merits, I still want to look back to see people that have benefited from it; I have not seen one, but I say, “Fathers had the promise and their children had the fulfillment.”
13. However, He has now decided that you that have received the promise will receive the fulfillment because I am still here. But before now, it has not been so. Remember that we are benefiting from all that was promised Abraham, Abraham never benefited.
14. Check all the Prophets, the promise went to them, their children received the fulfillment, whether good or bad. When God promised to kill Ahab, Ahab repented and the Lord said, “No, I have said I will wipe off your family, no human being will remain in your family, but I will not do it while you are still alive. But any day you join your ancestors, no human being will be left in your family, that my word will come to pass.” Immediately Ahab died, the Lord wiped off his generation. Amen.

For a life to be worthy, it must be brought to check. Anybody whose activities cannot be brought to check must end it all in disaster. That is why I have told you time without number that any human being on earth that does not have one he could fear and respect must live a useless life. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
-Son of Man

Today is the first day of the week, the first Sunday of the year 2008, a day we have chosen not because the Lord commanded, not because it is the day the whole world gathered but because it is the day we decided to gather as a Family in the Name of our own God.
2. Before I will speak to you on the Message for today, don’t call it Message for the New Year. A New Year is not a New Year until a new thing begins to happen. Further, for you to notice when a new thing starts in your life, in your family, you must be cognizant of what you looked like before the new thing started.
3. If you do not know what you were yesterday, you will not know what you are today. You must exactly know what you were before this year started, for you now to begin to appreciate the impact of the New Year in your personal life, in your domestic life, in your business life and in every aspect of life. Amen.
4. I will like this congregation to be as quiet as you are now, and be like this each time you see me here because I will be featuring here anytime I want to meet you directly, otherwise, I will be meeting you at the “other side of the scene.” There are many ways God will meet you this year. God will meet you in different ways this year. He can meet you “face to face.” He can meet you in your dream. He can meet you live on the way, I mean real life. You just see Him, stretch forth your hands to say, “Remain blessed,” He will just vanish.
5. He can come into your house and you will see Him enter, every other person around will not see Him. You may even rush out to welcome Him, until people will be thinking you are mad. You are not mad, you saw something. He might visit you through your children, you see your children rejoicing and rushing forward, only for you to join them and be disappointed.
6. Anyway, I have told you that I don’t want to unfold the new package. Nevertheless, put it down in your heart that this is the beginning of a new era in the history of the Bride of Christ worldwide. God is all out to change the records of His children for good and not for evil. I say God is all out, He is not leaving anything that makes Him God behind, for He knows what the hour calls for. Remember, when the trouble became too much in Egypt, the Lord said, “I have noted all your sorrows and afflictions, I have seen your travails in Egypt, I the Lord have come to rescue you.” 
7. Did He send anybody? The Lord Himself went there, and with His mighty Hands, He rescued His people. That is why He is the Mighty Saviour. Besides Him, there is no other Saviour. if God doesn’t save you, all your efforts will fail you; for the help of men is vain. You have limit you cannot cross, but God has no limit. Everyman, every woman in this Faith has limited power, But God doesn’t have limited power.
8. That is why when people make noise, I laugh at them.  You are making noise because you think you have the power to make noise, you don’t know that somebody behind you has the power to stop you, stop your noise making, stop you there. I mean, remove you from the program, eyes will see you no more, and nothing will happen.
9. While we were rehearsing the Message “AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS” this morning, the aim was to raise some levels of consciousness in some individuals; and they will begin to appreciate how this Ministry took off. That we are not here by accident, nobody is here by accident. Whether you are here from God or from the Devil, you are not here by accident.
10. God knows why you are here, God knows your mission and He knows the extent you can go. Will He halt you? Yes! The moment your visitation here becomes injurious to Brethren, He halts you.  “How is He going to halt you?” Don’t ask me that question, Amen. If you are fond of embracing every Tom, Dick and Harry, you are calling every Tom, Dick and Harry, Brother, Sister, please be very careful from this year.
11. Too many forces are here. I repeat: too many forces are here, but until you place yourself in the right spirit, you will not discern those forces; you might be living with those forces that may be acting against you. You can hardly know the extent of injury you are causing to yourself, if I tell you the number of people that have been sent here because of the Son of Man, you can hardly believe it.
12. How many know that the entire world, both spiritual and physical have been looking for me? How many know that? So you cannot sneak in here. Moreover, when such spirit comes here, of all the Ministers, they will like to come straight to me. 13. They will even claim to be my favorite; they will come with any amount of gifts. Whatever they will use to make sure they come to number 20 Benjamin so that they can have “face to face” conversation with me, they will do it.
14. Even if I direct them to other Ministers, they will accept that they will go, but they will not go. And the Ministers that normally fall victims are useless ones, but I hope nobody will be useless this year? Amen.

I am leading you in Love. I want you to work with Me in Love. And when you work with one another in Love, Leadership is made easy. From Love, all of us will enter into immortality.
-Son of Man
Let me go back to the Message “AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS”. I will read something by way of putting you in remembrance before I will give you the Message. The Message is not a lengthy one, it is not a Message you have not heard or perceived. It is a Message that is already in you. “AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS,” page 63. Warning: Please, let nobody ever go to my table to pick any book henceforth. If you need any book, tell me; if I have, I will give you, if I don’t have; no problem.
2. “AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS,” page 63: “Dreams—Be careful, Watch, Take Note of Dreams.” When that Voice said that all these tongues and prophesies, they have come to a halt for God has come back to His natural and original way of meeting His people, that God will now speak to you from His Word, the Spoken Word. He will speak to you directly in dreams; He will reveal to you things through visions of night and trances of the day; peradventure you come in contact with any of them, don’t try to interpret, for some of them may put you into fear. For we have a God that interprets dreams.
3. Don’t build any Message around dreams; for sometimes, dreams can come in figures, I mean that dreams can be figurative. Assuming you dreamt and you saw a masquerade, it can mean too my things. You dreamt and you saw yourself being pursued by a dog, that dog can mean many things; it can equally speak to you appearing in human form with faces you may not know. Don’t begin to interpret, lest you put yourself and many into bondage, bring your dreams to God. If God do not interpret dreams, nobody else can do that.
4. “AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS,” page 63:  “Dreams—Be careful, Watch, Take Note of Dreams:   You see this heart, it is very, very deceitful, desperately wicked; nobody can know what is in it; it requires God. That’s why, when the Sword of God which is the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit pierces the heart asunder, the contents of the heart are emptied; you see people getting troubled on their seats, some going to the altar, some weeping.
5. Today is my battle with Ministers because once the Ministers are right, the entire Church will be right. Do not think that I am clamping on the Church, No, how can I clamp down on the Church when you are the ones guilty? You Ministers are guilty you have to accept it.
6.  See what the Lord is doing. Bro. Ebenezer had a dream: It was a vehicle that was moving. Looking at the body of the vehicle, it was too old but the engine was very strong. So, the vehicle, the driver was sound, the engine sound, but the body was looking somehow weak and feeble. So, when they got to a rough road, lo and behold, only Brethren filled the vehicle. Because of the way the vehicle was just ‘meandering’ on the rocks, Brother Ebenezer jumped down. Immediately he jumped down, the dream vanished.
7. He came here, gave us that dream in writing. After reading the dream, he fell to the altar holding this Sacred Pulpit. That is where we got our language, say: ‘God show me mercy for no man is above false anointing.’ And we all prayed for him. Can you remember? Now, no matter how we prayed, Bro. Ebenezer first of all consulted Me and I told him, ‘Go and find out what is happening in you because this is where the problem lies.’
8. It is what happens in a man that takes him out of the Faith. There is always something that happens inside somebody which you cannot see. Only the person knows what he is passing through. It is suppressed. He can laugh, he can drink, he can have everything, but when he gets back to his house, the thing is there. These are the things that stifle out the Holy Spirit in a man. And these are the things that take people out of the Faith. Holy Ghost called those things Hidden Agenda – Hidden agenda. Amen. You know, he heart is very deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it? The Bible said so.
9. You see this heart; it is very, very deceitful, desperately wicked. Nobody can know what is in it, it requires God. That’s why, when the Sword of God which is the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit, as double edged Sword, pierces the heart asunder. From the Word, the contents of the heart are emptied. You see people getting troubled on their seats, some going to the altar, some weeping.
10.  So, I gave that little encouragement, our Brother went through, searched his conscience, searched his heart and then he saw there was a problem somewhere, he had to correct it. I think that is why he is still here.
11. Within that period, there was another dream we had. I don’t know the Sister or Brother that had that dream. And that dream, we read it where they saw Bishop Okey Paul dividing the Church into two – sheep and goat, and he was leading one group (goat group); myself and Bro. Kelechi were in one group(sheep group). But there was something in that group he was leading: The group he was leading was made up of excommunicated people. When it was read, Bishop Okey rushed to the pulpit here and knelt down. How many were here that time? Am I bearing false witness? Now, if that dream is from God and Bro. Okey didn’t do his ‘homework’ very well, surely before your eyes, it will come to pass.
12. What I see is that dream coming to pass already, I mean right now, I see it fulfilling now. Not that I am wishing him evil; it is fulfilling because he didn’t do what he supposed to do.
13. There were some other dreams we had that time. Now, I want to mention another dream also. Brother Joe ‘New-parts’ had a dream some years ago. I am going to mention this dream because he knows about it very well, and it troubled him to the point that he narrated it to almost all that came his way, but he didn’t do his ‘home work’ well, but you have to watch for it. He had that dream himself in his own house.
14. He said he was in the Church one day with the whole Brethren, and there came a very ‘heavy woman’ into the Church. He said the woman, to his surprise abandoned every other person, and then was facing him. While he wondered to know why the woman was facing him, the woman opened her mouth and ‘swallowed’ him, and the dream left.
15. After he had the dream, the dream troubled him for many years. Please, please, I am not mad this morning. If you are a Christian, I am a Christian. Do you love God? I love God. Do you want to go to heaven? I want to go to heaven. I am here not to destroy but I am here to save.    
16. We have so many other dreams. There is one I wrote something concerning Sister Nkechi. Because I know that the Lord who started this ‘work’ is the One that will complete it. I remembered I gave a warning. I told you here that everybody should be very careful, if you are not very careful, watchful, the way you started in this Ministry is the way you are going to end it. That was the day I was indicting Brother Kelechi. I said, ‘Bro Kelechi, remember the problem you had in the beginning. Pray that it will not re-occur in the end.’ That was the way I picked on Bishop Okey Paul also. I said, ‘Bishop Okey Paul, remember in the beginning you denied Me, you denied this Faith before many witnesses, even at a time the situation calls for defence, you denied Me, you denied this Faith.’
17. I said, ‘Be very careful that you do not deny this faith in the end and also deny Me. Remember what happened that time, instead of amending it, you went to erase the MAGNETIC TAPE where what you said was recorded and then caused more havoc. Even if you succeeded in erasing it, you have not erased it from the Book of Records of the Almighty God. It remains there.’
18. Please, we have had so many dreams concerning ourselves here, there are too many concerning Me which you all know also, but I thank God that I’m still marching on. I am still marching on; not without troubles, not without problems, but I have always identified my problem at every given time. And I’ve always addressed my problem. I have never attributed my problem to any man. Once it comes my way, I will settle down and face it, I don’t blame Brother A or Brother B or Sister this and that for causing trouble, no! Why? It is because I recognized my problem, and I go to God immediately until I am through.
19.  An ‘evil wind’ is blowing in the Church at Onitsha and that ‘evil wind’ will only blow away those that are destined to be blown away. Because the Lord will shake the Camp so that every shakeable thing will go out, so that those things that are not shakeable can now stand. 
20.  Nnamdi Ogbogu and the wife and Mrs. Ike, if you can remember very well, there was a problem between Nnamdi Ogbogu, Mrs. Ike, our late Sister Elizabeth, Mrs. Nnamdi Ogbogu, Sister Nkechi and our former Sister Njom Bene. You know the problem, it lingered, the Elders handled it, and I was not among the Elders. It was recorded in the magnetic tape; the tape is still in the library till today. Even, Sister Nkechi presented her book; she recorded it in her book, which she read here in the Church on the same issue. Am I bearing false witness? Now, I want to say something.
21. You remember they were excommunicated. Few days after that excommunication, there was a dream where there was a vehicle that loaded members of the Church and they were chanting praises as the vehicle continued moving. While the vehicle was moving, all of a sudden, it negotiated a sharp bend. So, while the vehicle negotiated, Nnamdi fell off, the wife fell off, Mrs. Ike fell off, that was three, the dream vanished. When you watch this Faith, which we were crossing from the Law to Grace, I told you we are negotiating a ‘curve,’ a sharp curve and not all will follow.
22. You will bear Me witness that it was exactly at that sharp curve that three of them fell off. Now, they are saying that God has left us. Today, God is with them. Somebody also is going to say God has left us. Somebody is going to join them. It is a revival. Every revival must produce twins. So, they have been leaving, they have been coming but I thank God, those that are destined to live to share the testimony unto the end, surely must live. But I thank God who has always vowed a vow that He keeps His eyes on the remnant.
23.  So, follow God strictly. At times, we behave as if God is no longer mindful of His statements, no. There is nothing God is doing now that is not being revealed ahead of time in one way or the other. Only we have ‘forgetful spirits’ as human beings. If we can remember all these dreams, there are too many of them I have shared with Apostle Kelechi. The dreams he had, which even there are some I said, ‘keep it to yourself.’ Said, ‘I want to write;’ Said, ‘Don’t write, just keep watch and don’t talk.’ There are some I shared with him, I said, ‘I am sharing these dreams with you because that is what I ought to, but keep it to yourself, don’t voice it out.’ Even if it is not a dream, I have the right to call anybody I want and hiss (whisper) something into his ears, even my own secret plan. I don’t think Moses can withhold anything from Joshua more especially at a time he’s about to give way, so there is nothing secret here which I’ve not known.
24. The problem we have is that we think that the same God who is leading from the very beginning is no longer leading. Look at Brother Mike, he is my own Brother; he was the one that God used to help some people’s faith. There was an incidence that occurred that time, it was wrecked up: He went to his bed inside his bedroom with his wife and then spoke against Me. The same way they spoke the matter, the same way the Lord just played it in the loudspeaker. I monitored everything A to Z. I came and reported it to their Pastors; they summoned them, all of them knelt down and said it is true.”
 25. Something that was spoken in the bedroom, in the midnight; a conversation between a man and his wife. it was from that particular incident that our former Evangelist Bon Duka preached a Message titled: “God Is A Silence Listener To Every Secret Conversation He Drew Anointing From What Took Place.” This is “grace” period, some will grace away their salvation, this is a time God has permitted your nature to appear, for we now worship God naturally, no longer by acquired knowledge. We worship God naturally, because “grace” has appeared; for whatsoever your nature is to be made manifest. Amen.

Dont wait for your Sister to plead for forgiveness. Dont wait for your Brother to plead for forgiveness, be number one to erase it. Dont say, I hate this Brother, or I hate this Sister. No! Dont look at my behaviour, look at the Promise. Dont look at your Brothers behaviour, look at the Promise. Dont look at your Sisters behaviour, look at the Promise. Fix your eyes on the promises of God.  
-Son of Man
“AS I THOUGHT ON MY WAYS,” page 74 verse 20: “There are too many of you here I fear, especially among the new ones” – especially among who? Among the new ones. Who and who are among the new ones? Those that were born in the wilderness. I mean, those that entered this Faith because they heard “grace, grace, God’s grace,” let us continue:
2. “There are too many of you here I fear, especially among the new ones. I fear you because you were not in the beginning. I call you children begotten in the wilderness.”
3. Yes sir! Our duty is to keep on pampering you. Our duty is to do what? Keep on pampering you. Did He say “training you?” Pampering you, our duty is to keep on pampering you, to see whether we can pamper you  into paradise at last. We cannot subject you to the rigors we passed through. When we see your behavior, we know it is due to inexperience, we pamper you. Let’s continue from where we stopped:
4. “If we should clamp down on you to give you ‘cost of discipleship,’” –To give you what? “Cost of discipleship.” How many passed through it? If you know you passed through “cost of discipleship,” show by rising your hand, don’t be afraid. Can you look round? In short, I want to do the counting, Deacon Vin and Deacon Sam, do the counting for me. Come inside if you are raising your hand. This is a serious matter; I want to know those that passed through “cost of discipleship.” Do you know what the cost is? Raise your hand. If your are raising your hand, your hand must be above your head. “Cost of discipleship,”
5. Brother Peter, were you with us that time? Why are you raising your hand? You don’t know what we meant by “cost of discipleship” – when it was a criminal act, an abomination, for one to have more than one hour sleep in the night. That more than an hour sleep, to a Christian, is a luxury; you are living in the flesh. So, you go to bed by 1 o’clock and you wake-up by 2 o’clock and remain praying until 7 o’clock. When it was an abomination for you to wake-up and without taking your bath with your children,  you open your family altar by 4 o’clock, even infants, you wake-up by, everybody will take their bath, you appear clean and then open your family altar, which will stop by 6:30am; when it was an abomination for you to eat two times in a day, because you are living in the flesh if you do that.
6. Do you know what “cost of discipleship” is all about? Many don’t know exactly what they passed through. When we resigned from our parents, resigned from every living human being and then we were ready to die.
7. How many passed through the Message, “PASSING THROUGH FIRE” and the Message went through fire, and another one, “READY TO DIE,” then the other Message, “SPIRITUAL PARALYSES,” before God handed down the Message “A MISGUIDED MONARCH;” and that Monarch left immediately. For every Message, there is a confirmation.
8. You think we are mumu, we are not mumu, we are pampering many but they don’t know, they think we are weak, we are not weak, but we can never clampdown on you. For we know your problem is inexperience, you have no experience with God. But as many has have experienced God from the very beginning, even their families tell you that they have many experiences with God, for that fear is still in them. Watch people that do not know what the “fear of God” is all about, if I tell you to fear God, why should you fear God?  They don’t have reason while they should fear God.
9. But we that witnessed the death of Brother Okezue in the Camp, witnessed the death of Mrs. Bon Duka, where evil spirit left somebody and strucked her down, and she died; we that witnessed “Mama Obosi” corpse, I mean, down there at Obosi, Mama was laying dead – that is Mama Fanny Nwakobi. Everybody gathered, from nowhere, nobody gave us the news, we saw the vision, rushed to Obosi with Bon Duka. Before their eyes, I stepped into the room, saw her, before their eyes even the daughter from Germany, they were talking of mortuary, I came out from the room holding Mama in the hand, handed mama to Obosi and then left.
10. They said, “Spirit has visited the family,” everybody was scared. It happened even before your eyes. That is why when Paul left, one man was condemning Paul Anah before Brethren, saying, “If there was no other thing, I was there when the Son of Man resurrected the daughter, Chika.” That Paul has made the greatest mistake, saying, “Was He (Son of Man) not the man that came to Paul Anah and woke the daughter, Chika from the dead?”
11. The man said he was there. That that Man (The Son of Man) came in with Bible and olive oil in His hand and woke Chika up from the dead. That man told Brother Emma that Paul Anah has received the greatest condemnation. Bro. Emma was testifying yesterday that the man is not in the Faith. He said that the man saw Pastor Dan and was calling Pastor Dan the Son of Man because it happened before many witnesses. Paul Anah never invited me, Bro Shed just told me what happened, I called Bro Kelechi, we never knew the place, Bro Shed took us there, you know the experiences. They were in many hospitals until the doctors rejected the girl – Doctor Igwe rejected, the Yoruba doctor rejected, General Hospital rejected – and the girl has stayed without eating for four good weeks and was looking like dry bone.
12.  I remembered the way Paul Anah was living in pain, everybody crying and weeping. And Paul Anah had already locked up the door against the girl waiting for her to breathe the last breath; that was the point where we came. Nobody called me; it was Brother Shed that told us what happened. I took the olive oil, called Bro Kelechi, “Let’s go, maybe the Lord has decided to save this family. Let me show Paul a sign.” As of that time, Paul saw nothing but “grace.”
13. We stepped in there, everybody gathered, including the heathens. His relations were there. I chased everybody away, locked up the door. I was only there with Apostle Kelechi, all left. Whatsoever happened inside, only I and Bro Kelechi can tell, but what they saw was what never happened before. I came out with the girl in my hand, handed her over to the mother and said, “Go and feed her.” And this is the end till today.
14. Till today, if you see the girl, you can hardly believe your eyes; that is one out of the hundreds we have witnessed. But that is not the Ministry of the Son of Man, call it  “engrachia”  treatment – that is not my Ministry. Jesus didn’t come to wake the dead, no! You know the Ministry of the Son of Man, but this ones are the side benefits. 
15. Thus, you didn’t judge the Ministry of the Son of Man from there. The Son of Man’s Ministry is the Spoken Word Ministry. And you know what He has come to do: to gather all the loose ends and present Christ to the world walking on two feet. Why not put your hands together!
16. There are living witnesses. What can you say about Ifeanyi the son of Bro Shed whose case was even concluded? But the worst thing you must pray against is this:  pray that that serious problem will not befall you when the Son of Man is not in the right mood. For any time I am upset, anybody that has problem at that time has really been visited by a serious problem. You come at a time when I will not look at your face or consider anything, just at the door, I tell you, “Go back, go to any hospital of your choice, thank you.” I will lock up the door, finish.
17. That was how Bro John Ekwueme lost his son and blamed it on Okechukwu Nwankpa, and that is true because he upset me and I couldn’t see the baby. I never touched the baby. Even, they never crossed my door, yet it was a very light thing. A very, very light thing. It pained me after, but it was a lesson. The same way, Brother Goddy  Tobechukwu lost his own because Bro Goddy Tobechukwu had earlier provoked me by abandoning his family, abandoning the child  and was maltreating the wife beyond measure. Then the trouble came when you could not pay attention to my Word.
18. The wife brought that corpse to me, I asked her to go to any hospital of her choice, and not here. I didn’t touch the baby, she placed her on the ground, the baby was breathing but I didn’t touch. But when Brother Shed brought his own, Ifeanyi was gasping. Thank God, Sister Chika is here; before me, he died more than four times. The mother noticed and then landed in the parlor rolling. I drove two of them away, carried the baby. Immediately I carried the baby, I brought her back and said, “Take this baby Sister Chika, I will tell her what to do.”  I think Ifeanyi is still alive till this very moment running about lively.
19. There are many cases I cannot remember, the beneficiaries are here, some have left. Even, that Okey Nwankpa died at
Npkor Omuoji Road
after sanitation one day. Bro. Chime, you were there, Brother Christian, you were there with the family. Bro. Sam, you were also there. The news came to me, his mouth was open like that, he couldn’t close it, his eyes open and fixed to the sky. The breath was going out. Members of the yard were astonished.
20. After the sanitation, I came in with my motorcycle, reached for the olive oil; I looked at him, I said, “No, this will bring reproach to this Faith, especially this Pentecostal called C.C.,” and I heard they have  already started asking us to call upon our God. Instead of taking his neighbour to hospital, he said, “Now, call upon your God.” I looked at the man (Okey Nwankpa),  anointed him, placed my hand on him and said, “Hold me,” but there was no life in the  hands. I raised the hand three times and strength came. I held him, pulled him up and said, “Stand on your feet, go and take your bath.” That is all. Till today, that thing has never occurred. Even the wife also, it was the wife’s case that brought me into their bedroom for the first time.
21. Where will I start? We are living witnesses, we are also beneficiaries in one way or the other, you have benefited. Are you getting me? Look at Bro. Joe there; you know his case. If the Lord had not called Bro. Joe, till today, the wife would have remained pregnant. But the Lord saw the thing, called Bro. Joe, called the Pastors and said, “Please come, what the Sister is carrying is not a human being. Go to a General Hospital and tell the doctor that I said that he should open the womb and bring this thing out. Talk of delivering, don’t talk about delivery. What will come out of the womb will tell you exactly whom I am.”
22. They went to the doctor, Sister was there, and she arranged for one Doctor Onyejinbe. They took her to the theater; there was no labour nor labour sign. The thing had already crossed ten months plus. When they opened and brought the thing out, Bro Joe ran away, Sister ran away; everybody, they were watching the thing from a distance. Who could see what the womb trapped? I think it will take the Almighty. Amen.