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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


I am the Divine Source, the True Deity, the Infinite Being, the Cause of all causes and of all effects; One Who governs the whole Cosmos.
Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
From the Message: LEADERSHIP (PP.3)

To you who claim to be in this Faith, my question is: Have you settled this contention that God is a Man in your heart? Because until you settle it as an individual, you have not entered into the Faith of the Son of Man. Because he that must come to God must first believe that He is, and He exists. Have you settled this controversy in your own heart as a Brother, as a Sister? Because it is upon this settlement of this controversy—believing that God is a Man—that your covenant is sealed. That is where your salvation lies. That is your eternal security.  
Thus, if you do not know the “point” where you are saved, I have revealed it to you now.
The righteousness of God is “revealed” from generation to generation to those that fear and honour the Lord. The righteousness of God is not “attained,” it is “revealed.” Unless it is revealed, you will not work towards it. God will not save you because of what you have done, but because of what you have believed.               –The Son of Man.



Remain blessed in Christ eternally. I greet you in the Name of God Almighty Whom we serve in spirit and in truth; Who out of His infinite mercy, love and care has protected our lives till this very moment.
2.          If it has not been the Lord Who is sustaining us all these years, many of us would have become victims of death. Many of us would have joined our ancestors long, long time ago.
3.          However, in His love and mercy, He has been caring for and protecting us. Not because of any good thing we have done, not because we are better than people around us. He has been showering all these blessings upon us because He wanted to.
4.          It has been His eternal purpose which He purposed in Himself even before the world began; that in the dispensation of time, while gathering all things in Christ, you and I will be among those beings He has gathered for Himself in Christ.
5.          Yes! You are not the one doing whatever that is happening in your life, it is all in Christ alone. Yes! It is Him that does everything for His own good pleasure. We are nothing but the workmanship of His hand. Thus, we are the clay while He remains the Potter. He knows His divine purpose for creating us, and He is fully sure that His purpose for creating us will never be accomplished if He permits us to go down to the world of the dead.
6.          Because His purpose will be defeated if He sends us to the grave, for in the grave everything about man lies silent and will only will be reactivated on the day of resurrection.
7.          No man can serve God in the grave, so those that are in the world of the dead do not serve God. Although He is the God of the living and at the same time God of the dead, but it takes the living alone to serve and worship Him.
8.          Thus, in Him we live, in Him we move, IN HIM WE HAVE OUR BEING and He is the only Source of our existence. That is why whatever denies us worship has already killed us. I believe in one thing, deny me of everything but do not deny me of worshiping the Lord.
9.          You see, recently, I was lamenting seriously when my name could not be published among those that will be screened between Friday and Saturday at Awka I was wondering what the world would have looked like for Me to be conspicuously absent from the gathering of the saints in the first day of the week we have chosen, because it takes the people to choose the day they will worship their God. If you do not know that, know it now.
10.      The old timers know the truth about this matter. Our gathering together as sons and daughters of God in worship on the first day of the week is not a commandment from God. It is not in keeping with the legal or religious document instructing people to gather for worship on the first day of the week, no. I am not ignorant of the fact that it was a proclamation by Rome in the day of Emperor Caesar, commanding the world over to worship God on the first day of the week.
11.      That was when Rome was controlling the world, and I am still saying that Rome is still in control even till this very moment. Yes, till this very moment, Rome is still in control of all the affairs of the world. Many do not know that Rome houses the riches of the Earth. The wealth of all the countries and nations in the whole world are stored in Rome.
12.      I am saying that we are gathering in God’s Presence on the first day of the week as a day we as sons and daughters of God, serving God in this part of the world chose for ourselves to be our own convenient day. Because of the nature of our environment and the nature of our work, we decided to choose the first day of the week as a convenient day for us to gather and worship our God.
13.      In the same way we chose Wednesday for mid-week gathering. There is no law that stipulated it. Consequently, our gathering in God’s Presence is not in keeping with the commandment of Rome, or the written Laws of the Jews. No!
14.      Concerning the Jews, they worship on the Sabbath day. They worship on the seventh day of the week, which is Saturday up till this very moment.
15.      If you go to the Old Testament, they (the Jews) were given two days in a week: the first day of the week and the last day which is the seventh day of the week (that is Sunday and Saturday).
16.      Thus, Rome chose the first day for the worship of their god called Mars—one of the Roman deities called the god of war. They equally chose the last day for their ceremony in the honor of their god who they called Jupiter—according to the Romans, this god is the ruler of the gods, the son of the god Saturn whom he overthrew.
17.        Note, the Romans presented all the planets as gods. They have the god they called the Nereus—known as the sea god. What is more, the worst king that ruled Rome took his name from Nereus—that is Emperor Nero, who ordered the first inquisition, where Saints of God were massacred.
18.      I want you to know that our gathering in the fellowship has nothing to do with any law or commandment from either God Almighty or written Laws of the nation. It is a day we decided to set aside, we agreed among ourselves, and with the Spirit of God in us, that it must be on every Sunday. Take note of that.  
19.      Even St. Paul made it clearer, telling those that followed his teachings and every nation, every tribe—note, by nations or tribe, I mean Church or local assembly—that they have the right to fix their own day of worship. In view of that, we do not condemn you for worshiping on a Saturday, or on Monday or Tuesday or thereabout. What will condemn you is not the day you worship but your mode of worship and to whom the worship is directed to. What is your mode of worship? Who is your worship directed to? These are the things you watch out for.
20.      I got a little pamphlet from one of our friends in Germany, that is the old man, Reverend Ewald Frank of Germany, who was a Pentecostal having his own Church, before he embraced the ministry of Prophet William Branham, in one of the Prophet’s crusades in America, after which he came back and started reforming his Church. In all, he is still standing on the same old platform.
21.      The concluding statement there is that he was saying that he was not a denomination, being that he has not printed any hymnbook, which to him, it is a sign of denomination.
22.      You see, if any Church or Local Assembly has their own hymnbook, to him it is what he understands denomination to be. Then I begin to wonder whether this man knows the truth about what salvation is all about.
23.      Note, he is of the old order. No matter how he holds the Bible, reads the Bible, he knows only that which is written within but he does not know that which is written without.
24.      However, the Revelator was Christ. The recipient of the revelation was John. He saw the small book written within and without, sealed with seven seals within and seven seals without. Besides, there was none worthy to open the seals; but when the Lamb came and opened the seals, people started reading what is written within. What is written within is aimed at creating faith in you to believe what is written without. For what is written without is the Spoken Word which is the Original Seed.  
25.      The written word cannot help you to be raptured OR TRANSLATED. The written word will tell you what transpired in the past BUT the spoken word will tell you what is happening now and what is going to happen from now. THUS THE WRITTEN WORD IS NOT THE ORIGINAL SEED. THE ORIGINAL SEED IS THE SPOKEN WORD.
26.       The Word must be spoken before it will be documented. Even if it is not voiced out, it existed in the heart as a thought.
27.      Please take note of what I am saying. I talk about Ewald Frank because he has a very devilish influence on too many people that are in End Time Message and outside the End Time group.
28.      Thus, if you are fond of reading his periodicals, you are running a big risk. Note it, no matter how you look at his publications, it will take the Holy Spirit to show you that the man erred, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God, for all his write-ups are saddled with disjointed Scriptures he disjointed, using even half a verse. He divided a verse into two pieces, using part of a verse to interpret a passage—a crafty man.
29.      If you go further, you will notice that he is a protagonist (a leading figure or supporter) of TITHE PAYMENT. His greatest doctrine is payment of tithe. He does not joke with it. You must pay tithe to him.
30.      Why? He does not have any occupation. He feeds from the proceeds he gets from his Church. To crown it all, the Church is his property. He is the general overseer. He is the pope of that Church. He runs it as Ewald Frank’s Ministry Incorporated; just Like T.L Osborn’s Ministry Incorporated, Kenneth Copeland’s Ministries, Billy Graham’s ministries, Oral Roberts’ ministries, Kenneth Hagin’s ministry, Andy Murray’s ministry.
31.      In other words, these ministries are their personal properties; they incorporate them for themselves and their families.
32.      Do not ever allow the Devil to fool you, William Branham equally registered his own ministry which he, his wife and his children were Board of Trustees. What is more, he went about collecting tithes and offerings from those that believed him—even those that did not believe him.
33.      For instance, he collected tithe from Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican, everywhere. That was why, far back 1965 before he died, he had already deposited eleven million US Dollars in a fixed deposit, in the bank in America that will mature in the year 2000, yet he was preaching rapture to take place by the year 1967. When he died, the money became a problem to the family, and shattered the family till today.
34.      Billy Joseph, Billy Paul, all his daughters, his wife Rebecca, Sarah Smith and the rest of them, they all went to court and heads started rolling until they got my publication. They even wrote to Me, I have Rebekah’s document, Sarah De Corado’s document, Sarah Smith’s document, Billy Joseph Branham’s document, Billy Paul Branham’s document—I have all their documents pleading for prayers that I should intervene in their family’s problem.
35.      Immediately their father died, they scattered and that is the end of it all. Whatever that is left there is just a mess.
36.      Now it is this America statement of controlling Churches that inspired Nigerians and many other people like Richard Gan of Singapore to start floating Churches, Church becomes a very nice business where they could make lots and lots of money which some of them use in erecting international universities—preachers now became millionaires.
37.      If there is anybody that preaches and he does not have money, he is no longer regarded as a man of God because they transferred American capitalistic system of running their industries and even their government to other parts of the world.
38.      Let nobody ever fool you, the most expensive government in the world is a democratic government. This is why Nigeria is having troubles. Nigeria has adopted a democratic system of government at a time when the economy cannot bear the cost.
39.      To crown it all, the inhabitants of Nigeria are not yet ripe to practice democracy, for democracy can never thrive in a corrupt society. Democracy can tolerate everything but it can never tolerate corruption. For you to practice democracy, you must be prepared to democratize yourself, democratize the citizenry by making all of them to be liberally-minded. Not when you are extremely conservative and purely parliamentary because of your rebellious mind.
40.      When everybody wants to rule, everybody wants to be heard or listened to, it is no longer democracy.
41.      Thus, whatever that is happening, whoever that takes you to tithe or payment of tithe; has destroyed your faith before Christ. He has nullified the death of Christ. Salvation is not for the person.
42.      For if you pay tithe, you are obligatory whether you like it or not to observe the rest of the other Jewish Laws, ceremonies and principles. Besides, even if you observe all of them one hundred percent religiously, you are totally lost for Christ can never save you. Then the question arises: What use is the Law and observance of the rules and regulations that cannot give you life?
43.      That is why St. Paul said, “With the Law I die many times, but immediately I turned to Christ, I got life from the Presence of God”. Thus, if you have not known why we are in this most holy Faith, better know it.
44.      If today or anytime in the future, an unrighteous proclamation or decree goes forth that any Church or group of people that does not gathered on the first day of the week should be persecuted even unto death; the moment that unrighteous proclamation is made, we must abandon the first day of the week worship.
45.      For we are empowered never to subscribe to any unrighteous decree, because to God it is an unrighteous decree. We must pick a new day immediately, that we would be gathering to worship God in our own way.
46.      Yes, I know that people are entitled to their beliefs, I know that very well. We are equally among those people that are entitled to our own beliefs.
47.      HENCE, it is not what you belieVE or what you do not belieVE, but what counts is believing the truth. There is no human being that does not believe one thing or the other, even the heathenS believe many things.
48.      NOTE IT AGAIN, IT Is not what you believe that counts, but what counts is believing the truth.
49.      what you believe, is it truth or falsehood? Even if it is truth, is it present or past truth? Is it truth meant for you in your own day or truth that was meant for the people of old Which you now recycled AND carried forward SIMPLY because you feLT there are some elements of the teachings or doctrines that are favoUrable to you?
50.      Take for instance, the Law, no matter how you look at the Law, it favours the wicked and disfavours the LIBERALLY MINDED.
51.      This is pure truth. Besides, you must know about it because a wicked fellow likes to punish his fellow human beings. Yes, a wicked fellow is a faultfinder. Nobody can do right except him—that is wickedness, always feels holier than the people around him feel.
52.      What is more, nobody has ever kept the Law, no matter how small that Law may be. You see why the Law favours the wicked?
53.      He that upholds the Law is the person that flaunts the same Law. He can never arrest himself. However, if he sees somebody who flaunts it one bit, he arrests that person instantly there. That was why when they arrested Jesus Christ for breaking the Laws of the Jews, they ganged up against Him because of the matter, their eyes were red as they were ready to kill Him.
54.      Note what happened, Jesus Christ asked them a question when they accused Him: “Moses gave you these Laws and none of you obey them, why join hands to kill me for not obeying your laws? Is my own disobedience different from your own? You were the people that were given these Laws, and it is evidently clear to everybody that none of you obey these Laws. Now I have appeared, refusing to obey these Laws, teaching people not to obey them for I know there is no life in obeying them; now you are trying to kill me, are you not hypocrites?”
55.      Watch all the lawmakers and people that preach the necessity of keeping the Jewish Laws, you will discover that they are hypocrites. That is why Jesus Christ said, Be very careful of the lifestyle of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy, for they love fasting and praying, they love making long prayers in open places as a show that they really believe God. But it is all false!”
56.      If you serve them food, they will pray for thirty minutes. In every corner, on the streets, in the high ways, in the vehicles, they live a life of pretense, for good deeds are not theirs. Step on the toe of one that behaves like a Pharisee, I mean in that vehicle after he has finished his preaching and prayer, you will receive a slap on the face. They are hypocrites and liars.
57.      As a result, do not ever follow their ways, do not listen to them. They preach only the areas that favoured them, that will help them to collect money from their members and enrich themselves.
58.      Can you imagine a preacher here in Nigeria, by name Chris Oyakilome, a smart criminal from Benin City, publicly telling Nigerians when he was defending his case in Lagos where he duped one of his members, a cashier that is serving in Sheraton Hotel. He duped her six million Naira, and the Nigeria police arrested him, arraigned him before the court.
59.      He said that the lady actually sent the money into his bank account, that he mailed it to God. Then the Police asked him to supply the email address that will lead to God in Heaven.
60.      People are shameless; they tell lies with straight faces, yet it is easier to believe a lie than the truth. I do not know why people love believing lies so easily than the truth! Amen.

CHOOSE the Son of Man, thE eternal life
NOTE, Apart from the true elect of God, that have the inbuilt Urim AND thummim; NOTE, i say “inbuilt,” it is not man-made, it is not tokumbo, you canNOT manufacture it. it is inbuilt, it is inherent, it is one of the attributes of every elect OF GOD. He (AN ELECT OF GOD) has something that SIEVES every statement and places every statement where it belongs to.
2.           That is why, in these last days, once you see deceitful minds, deceitful workers of darkness at work, deceiving people, and they themselves being deceived, I am not surprise. The only people that will be insulated from the deceit of the end time remains the true elect of God, the rest must be deceived. That is why you see them in thousands and in millions.
3.           You watch what happened in All Saints Cathedral in Awka Road, Onitsha recently, you will cry. However, I thank God that Christ never died in vain.
4.           If Christ never appeared in your day, you would have been one of them. If Christ never appeared in your day, nothing would have hindered you from being one of them; whether in the Anglican or Catholic or Sabbath or Presbyterian or Baptist, or anything you may call it. Or you might be floating in your own private Church.
5.           This is calling time. You hear somebody saying, “I have a calling.” Men have calling, women equally have calling. Men having message, women equally having message everywhere, this is the time.
6.           If you talk to a woman about it, she will ask you to shut up. She will say, “Nobody will hinder me from my ministry which I have received from Jesus Christ. I know Jesus, Jesus gave me this ministry, nobody can stop me!” You turn to the man, he will rain fire, quote Scriptures, telling you what happened to Jeroboam: “When somebody wanted to stop him his hand dried up.” He will tell you this just to frighten you.
7.           Nevertheless, to be compassionate is to do the Will of God, and this truth I am revealing now is the Will of God for you, even your sanctification. This is the will of God for YOU, THAT you may know Him that is truTH and you are in Him that is truTH: this is the Son of Man, this is eternal life.
8.           The Scriptures said, “That you may know Him that is truth and we are in Him, even in Christ; this is life eternal.”
9.           When you are in Christ, you are in the Sent One, that is, the eternal life. Nobody is saved outside Christ, for outside Him there is no salvation.
10.        Outside Noah before the flood (deluge) of that day, there was no salvation. Better understand this truth.
11.        To be in denomination is not having bridal hymnbook or song book and this and that. No! Men wrote those numbers (songs) as they were inspired.
12.        What is more, one of the men that concluded those songs happened to be an Angel Messenger of a Church Age, by the name John Wesley—the Messenger to the SARDISEAN CHURCH AGE, the sixth Church Age. In other words, where Martin Luther—the messenger to the THYATIREAN CHURCH AGE, the fifth Church age—stopped, John Wesley concluded it.
13.        After concluding it, being an American, where he officiated properly, he now documented it as his own songs which he used. Then, the person that made it public was an American Evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody. Evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody made it public and then published it into a hymnbook titled, “Sacred Songs and Solos”, before it was republished as “Ancient and Modern”.
14.        Then people began to lift those inspirational numbers and sang them in the light of revelation of their day. For they—the angel messengers of the Seven Church Ages—were all working under the shadow, foreshadowing the good thing (the Word made flesh, Christ on two feet) to come.
15.        Now that the good thing—the Elohim in human form, the Resurrected Body—has come, HE IS THE TRUTH BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE PRESENT, and it is that which is meant for your own day. Now that the Goodnews (Christ) has come, He is to sit between the past and the present and give you that which is meant for your own day.
16.        How can I begin to say God in three persons, blessed Trinity? I will not do that. Moreover, I want you to know that these Messengers of the Seven Church Ages were all Trinitarians.
17.        Do you know that it was towards the end of his ministry that Saint Paul came back to this knowledge, and then established the Deity in one man? Before then, he was praying to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; then, the Father of all spirits.
20.        Pilate asked Jesus the Christ a question in his day, “What is truth?” Jesus the Christ said, “I am the truth, the way and the life. No man cometh to the Father except by me.”
21.        Thus, when you depart from the truth, you have denominated. As long as you are holding the truth in your day, believing the God (Christ) of your day, you are in His programme. He is backing you up.
23.        If you read the book of Genesis chapter 6, Noah found grace in the eyes of God. That was the only thing that saved him. Noah walked with God and became perfect. Why? Was it because of his works? No! He only found grace in the eyes of God, the same way Moses gave the Jews the Law and was pleading with God for His grace. Just look at that.
24.        Remember that from the very beginning, it was not His Will to give them any Law. It was because of their hardheartedness, because they were stiff-necked, because of their impenetrable hearts, the Bible said, “He gave them Laws that could not give life”, which means the Law became a punishment for their willful disobedience to the truth.
25.        When you obey, grace will project. When Jeremiah saw it as a Prophet, he lamented. When he saw the people trying to kill him so that they will uphold their traditions and laws, he lamented and said, “My people and thy people, our fathers inherited lies and falsehoods wherein there is no profit. Our fathers inherited lies and falsehood wherein there is no life, no profit.”
26.        If you do not believe that when Christ appears He will contradict all that were revered, that were before Him, you will not believe the Son of Man to have come from God.
27.        The reason why Jesus Christ was crucified was because He contradicted the Laws of the Jews.
28.        When Jesus appeared as Christ, He watched the Jews, watched what they were doing, to the minority that followed Him, He made a very powerful statement, “I want to tell all of you, all that came before me were liars and thieves;” which means that until Christ came, all that came were liars and thieves, whether you call their names Prophet Moses, Abraham, this and that, they were all liars?
29.        Are you surprised why they are still in their graves? Though He did not punish them, they are waiting for the day when Christ SHALL BE REVEALED. For without Christ appearing, they are all perishing in their graves. No resurrection, no perfection FOR THEY WILL BE CLOTHED IN GOD’S OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PERFECTION. THIS IS THE TRUTH OF THE WHOLE MATTER ABOUT SALVATION.
30.        If the Law was a shadow of something good to come, then the shadow is not real, the shadow is a mirage.  
31.        I am trusting God that He knows what He is doing. Let Me sound this warning, do not listen to the ancient prophets, the old prophets that will tell you that they are with Branham, they were with this and that, they ate and drank with Branham; that is false testimony, for William Branham is in the grave. He is not coming out to tell us that what they are telling us is true or false. If you must believe, believe your personal experience.
32.        What have you experienced in this Faith? From what you have experienced so far, where do you place this Faith? Anywhere you place this Faith is where you have placed your life. That is where you have placed your eternal destiny. For your eternal destiny is hidden in the faith of the Son of Man. No more, no less.
33.      Note, for you that useD to come from outside (OTHER LOCAL ASSEMBLies), if you want to benefit from the Son of Man’S Breakfast, be IN JERUSALEM earlier than usual; Otherwise you are missing my breakfast. You may get my benediction but you miss my breakfast.
34.      What is more, I believe THAT the breakfast is the most important food in the house. When you miss breakfast continually, you are in danger OF suffering from ulcer. DenY yourself of night food, afternoon food, you will never suffer ulcer.
35.      HOWEVER, when you denY yourself of breakfast continually, sureLY, you are calling for ulcer. Natural things type spiritual THINGS! Amen.

Believe it if you can, GOD IS THE PERFECT INTERPRETER OF HIS WORD. When He makes a statement, He knows how He wants to bring it to pass. Do you believe that? Thus, when God makes a statement concerning the future, your duty is to watch and pray, and then see the way He is going to bring it to pass.
2.           What is more, God has never brought anything to fulfillment without using human beings to initiate it. For God’s programme to remain feasible there must be an initiator. God can never initiate a move without a human being. From the day God created human beings, He has been using them as the only device which He uses to foster His programme. In other words, He is not using any mechanical device but human beings. He knows how to initiate something into existence.
3.           Do not be among those despisers, for God said that there will be despisers who will not recognize the work He is doing in their day, and they will fall and be broken. Do not follow these despisers, for I do a work in your day which I even explained, yet they will not believe. To confirm it using the Apostles also, Jesus Christ even said it, “I will do a new thing which even before they will happen, I will declare it to you.”
4.           He went further to say, “I will do a new thing, which even if it is explained to you, you will not believe.” Who is He referring to? The Jewish Pharisees, Scribes and the Sanhedrins. Follow Me spiritually.
5.           When Jesus Christ came, He told them clearly, “No man has ever ascended to Heaven but He that came down from there.” Note it, He said that nobody is there except He that came down from above, that is, from Heaven. He left His Throne and has now identified with human beings on Earth.
6.           Now the question arose, where lies the claim that Elijah went to Heaven? For if He went to Heaven, he was there before Mary, the mother of Jesus was born, before Joseph was born. From the time Elijah went to Heaven—according to the records—and the time Jesus Christ was born, it was recorded to be more than two thousand years.
7.           Furthermore, if nobody was in Heaven except Jesus Christ who came down from Heaven, maybe Elijah missed the way to Heaven. Maybe he is hanging somewhere; maybe the people do not know where he went to. They searched for him but they did not see him. After about some years they now concluded, “Since we could not see the corpse; we now believe that given that he is a man of God, he is now in Heaven.”
8.           Let Me cite another instance, before Elijah, there was a record of Enoch who did not see death. If nobody is there in Heaven except He that came down from there, and it is recorded that Enoch went to Heaven, who now told lies?
9.           You say that Jesus Christ could not lie, so Enoch did not get there. Fine! Wait a little. Follow Me spiritually.
10.        Jesus Christ, while He was on the Cross of Calvary, undergoing torture because of the iniquity which He (Christ) committed; if you know the meaning of sin, if you know the definition of sin, the Bible said that He was made a sinner, He Who knew no sin. Note, He knew no sin for He was not under the Law. However, they used what He met to proclaim Him a sinner.
11.        Having been born as a Jew under the Jewish Laws, it was expected of Him to be loyal and obedient to the Laws which He met.
12.        What is sin? Sin means infraction of the Law, sin means breaking of God’s Law—that is what sin is all about.
13.        When you break the Law of Moses, you are a sinner. The reason why He (Jesus the Christ) was killed was not because I, Odoemena broke the Law, it was the Law He broke that was used against Him. However, grace has already justified Him.
14.        Why did He submit to death? He submitted to death to enable the Law to be set aside. If the Law was not set aside through His death on the Cross of Calvary, all of us would have remained in bondage. Note, this is the point where we called Him, Jesus Christ our Saviour. We now stand upon the foundation which He has laid and say NO to all figments of the Law, no matter where it is seen, no matter how small it looks like.
15.        Whether you see it in the Old Testament or in the New Testament, it has no other name, the name is Law and it will utterly be disregarded—place it where it belongs to.
16.        If you mix counterfeit with genuine money and take the whole thing to a wise fellow, he will separate the money, place the counterfeit money on one side and the real money on the other side.
17.        If you buy a bag of rice from a rice seller, do you pour it into the pot just like that without removing the sands? Will you throw away the whole bag of the rice simply because there are sands inside it? What do you do? You say you will sieve it! Fine.
18.        Even if you sieve it, it is not enough for there are some stubborn stones and sands which you will use your teeth to crack, and there are some stubborn ones also which you will swallow.
19.        What am I saying, SIN HAS been swallowed! the setting aside of the law swallowed sin in immortality. Immortality has swallowed all human weaknesses, inadequacies, shortcomings and imperfectionS.
20.        You must know exactly what we are teaching; if you cannot understand the symphony of this message, it is because you are not of Me. My sheep heareth my voice and they followed Me, the voice of a stranger they will never follow.
21.        I told you my experience. One day I went to a barbing saloon, there was a little problem for they were arguing and arguing, then I was led to open my mouth. I spoke and spoke, spoke at length and they were all astonished. People were coming to the barbing saloon and they were coming anyhow, they filled the whole place.
22.        One was screaming, “Pastor, Pastor, Pastor,” and I continued. They were happy. At the end of the whole thing, I left a book behind. The book was “How People Miss God in All the Ages.” I left the place as I told the own of the barbing saloon, “Your customer will be going through this book. Besides, I have equipped them with more Messages.
23.        You see, a boy came there to barb his hair as he got the opportunity to listen to Me. I was about to go when the boy greeted Me. Considering his age, he looked too young for Me to know him.
24.        He said, “Sir, I am a native of Ngokpala in Imo State.” I said, “My friend, Ngokpala? I schooled at Ngokpala. Which part of Ngokpala?” He said that it was needless to tell Me the part. He said, “My mother came from Umuokoye.”
25.        I said, “Your own mother? Turn your face let me see you. It seems I know this face.” Then I began to think of the family he belongs to. I said, “My friend, which part of Umuokoye?” He said, “My mother came from Umudike.”
26.        I asked him, “Do you know Me?” He said no. I asked again, “Have you seen Me before?” He said no. Then I mentioned all the members of the family that are in Onitsha, and asked, “Which one are you living with?” He mentioned one.
27.        I went further, “What prompted you to introduce yourself to Me seeing that you do not know Me?” He said, “Sir, what you said here thrilled my heart so much. Thank God my younger brother is here also.” He said he is the son of Elizabeth Nwoko, a sister to Maurice Nwoko and the rest of them. I know the lady Elizabeth; I never knew she married at Ngokpala.
28.        Like I said earlier, I asked the boy, “What prompted you amidst these people to introduce yourself to Me?” He said, “Sir, I was thrilled with what you said here. I have heard this Message. What you are saying in this barbing saloon, I have heard all: how you condemned these denominations. Even these Scriptures you quoted, I have heard them all.”
29.        “Where did you hear them?” I asked. He replied, “I heard them right inside the Main Market where I was serving as an apprentice.” “Which line?” I asked. He said that he was in the stationary line with somebody there also which was senior to him, that the person resembles me. That he was preaching this Message in the line, that he was dealing on stationary.
30.        I said, “When did you see him last?” He said that it was over seven years now. “Do you know his name?” I asked further. He said that he has forgotten the name.
31.        I said, “Is it not Kirian?” He said that it was him. He said, “He has some other members in that stationary, and he preaches this Message very hard. We know it is truth, but we cannot abandon our Churches.”
32.        Leave that side. Can you imagine that this boy heard this Message about seven years ago, and when this Voice re-echoed in the barbing saloon, he also heard it and recognized the Voice; and then remembered the vessel and that was our former Apostle in this Faith, my younger brother, Kirian who is now in Warri.
33.        Let me tell you something, William Branham said and I believe it: “If you shoot a strong animal, it does not die on the spot. It carries the bullet off, as long as the bullet is there on the body, the animal will surely die.”
34.        You may shoot the person in Onitsha and he will die in Kano or Kaduna or America. Unless you did not get him at a very bad point. You do not know how many people you have shot with this message at a very bad junction.
35.        It is not easy to deny any truth which ones conscience can never deny. With the mouth you can resist a message; with the conscience you approve it. Moreover, to wrestle with any message which your conscience cannot deny the truth thereof is death. Amen.

Note, GOD IS THE PERFECT INTERPRETER OF HIS WORD. I want to say something, whether I am involved or not, the truth of God reacheth unto the Clouds. Let Me show you a Scripture.
2.           Psalms 97:1-2, “The LORD reigneth; let the Earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof.
3.           Clouds and darkness are round about him…” KJV.
4.           What is round about Him? What is round about God? Cloud and what? Darkness! Look up to the Clouds.
5.           Check the Scriptures from Genesis to revelation, you can never see any verse or chapter or passage even impression, maybe suggesting that the Cloud and Darkness has ever surrounded the Devil.
6.           The Devil can cause fire to come down, but the Cloud and Darkness can never surround the Devil. The Devil can never be seen in Thick Darkness. For God is always insulated in the dark, that is, in a Thick Darkness. He (God) is always enveloped in a Thick Darkness.
7.           Note, I said earlier that I want to say something, whether I am involved or not, the truth of God reacheth unto the Cloud. Now, I continue.
8.           Jesus came down and said, “Nobody has ever been to that place and came down. I came from Heaven and I am going back to Heaven;” and the people He was talking to were the people that saw the mother pregnant, they were there when the mother delivered.
9.           They saw him growing in stature and in knowledge. They can tell everything around Him, they knew all his brothers and sisters all around them: “How can he now tell us that he came down from Heaven? He must be out of his mind!”
10.        You see why REASONING the Word of God produces unbelief. If you reason the Word of God, you must turn out not believing Him. Anybody who never believes that He came down from Heaven, what is he? An unbeliever!
11.        He (Christ) was sent from Heaven to do the Will of the Father Who sent Him, and they were wondering how the boy could be making such unbelievable statements and claims that were very hard to verify. Yet, it was not a false claim, it was the truth.
12.        Remember, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. Do you believe that? He is the Lord and he changeth not. What He did before, that is what He is doing today, that He will do again and again that people will fear before Him.
13.        We are riding on. Note, He came down from Heaven. To the Jews He said again, “I am the living bread that came from Heaven.” Immediately, their minds went back to the bread their fathers ate in the wilderness.
14.        They said, “You were that bread, which Moses prayed for and our God brought down from Heaven, our fathers ate that bread in the wilderness; so you are the one. So, you have become bread?”
15.        He now turned to them and said, “Listen, your fathers ate that bread in the wilderness and they perished. But the bread that I will give you is the one that will give you everlasting life.” They said, “If it is so, give it to us.”
16.        All they were trying to do was to reprove Him. They started calling Him a liar.
17.         Note, to the woman of Samaria, she reasoned why she should not believe. Remember the encounter at the well, and how He ended it telling the woman, “Your fathers worshipped at the mountain, you were pointed to the mountain. But I want to tell you, a time cometh, now is the time; your fathers will not worship there again neither in Jerusalem but they that will worship God in spirit and in truth.”
18.        By so doing, He declared worship in Jerusalem null and void, and worship on the mountain null and void. He nullified the worship of the Gentiles; nullified the worship of the Jews and then established His own worship which is spiritual and not carnal.
19.        The Law is carnal but I am spiritual. How can you use a carnal law to judge a spiritual man? A spiritual man judgeth all things and He, no man will judge. 
20.        You will notice one thing common in all the laws of the nations, as I told you earlier, the laws of all the countries in the whole world took their origins from the Laws of the Jews. Furthermore, they are all MORAL LAWS that have no part in the life that Christ gives.
21.        What fooled the Jews? Was it not their obedience to the Law?
22.        You see, a fine gentleman came to Jesus the Christ and was asking what he will do to get saved, Jesus Christ asked whether he is no longer a Pharisee: “Don’t you know what the Laws of Moses demand? Thou shall not kill, thou shall not fornicate, thou shall not commit adultery.” The man said, “All these I have kept from my childhood.”
23.        Then Jesus Christ said, “Why are you looking for salvation again? Since you have kept all these Laws, they are enough to save you!” Jesus Christ continued, “Anyway, now, go and sell whatever you have, give it to the poor, come and follow me.”
24.        Then the question arose, even if he did that, will that save him? No for it was also carnal. Jesus Christ was also telling him another side of the doctrine of the Jews which centers on “corporal work of mercy.” Whether you do this or do that, they are just corporal works of mercy and have no part in the life that Christ gives. When you do that, you have attained Church righteousness.
25.        We have Church righteousness, which can be attained by observing all the rules and regulations of the Church; and the highest rank you will get is becoming a knight. Knight of the order of saint so, so and so—for not only observing but helping people to observe them. Like they buried the late Bishop Onyemelukwe, all that belong to the order of the knights of Saint Christopher, knights of Saint Paul, they were busy organizing, carrying food, carrying drinks about.
26.        You see they have attained their own righteousness. If you ask their members, they will say, “That brother does his best at all times. He does not joke with God at all. Things of the Church give him sleepless nights.
27.        And really things of the Church give him sleepless nights—very zealous; having the zeal of God but without knowledge, that is a Jew, that is a Pharisee. Concerning the zeal, he scores zero. Concerning knowledge, he also scores zero.
28.        Do not go about what St. Paul was telling the Romans: “It shall come to pass, whoever that shall call the Name of the Lord, shall be saved.” That is what he said on that day.
29.        I want to ask you, how can they call upon him who they do not believe, how can they call upon him who they do not know? How can they call upon Him whom they have not believed? How can they know Him (God) if nobody is sent? If Christ is identified by His characteristics, how can you know? Unless somebody is sent who will guide you to Him.
30.        What if somebody you do not know comes, how do you know? It will take somebody who is acquainted with Him to tell you: “This is the man we are looking for.”
31.        If Jesus Christ will come here and sit down where you are now, surely, nobody will know Him. It will take somebody that is acquainted with Him to tell you that He is the one sitting beside you. For the picture you have depends on the one you have seen, for there are many artistic impressions of Jesus Christ, yet none of them is real. Thus, recognizing the person you are waiting for depends on the picture you are holding.
32.        Let me say like the Scriptures say, “He cometh in a new Name which nobody will know except the person which it is given.”
33.        Matthew 11 : 27, “All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.” KJV.
34.        If you are not chosen, you will miss the whole thing.
35.        Jesus Christ, when He came, He was grossly misunderstood, misinterpreted and became the most suspicious human being that has appeared on Earth.
36.        Well, I want you to understand something; He is the interpreter of His own Word. He knows how to bring His Word to fulfillment, nobody helps Him on that. In other to bring His Word to pass in any dispensation, He puts in place something that never existed before for His own purpose alone.
37.        Watch, Scriptures are written with many, many quotations concerning His coming, and what He will do: “For He that is coming, when He comes He will be raptured away.” It is not so, it is misinterpretation.
38.        Some think He is coming to the entire world at the same time, but it is not so. He knows how to do His own thing, nobody directs Him.
39.        It is written: “As the light flashes across the Earth, from the East to the West so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.” There is no way lighting can flash from one end of the Earth to another; it can never rain throughout the whole world at the same time. Besides, there can never be day and night in the whole world at the same time.
40.        There are differences in weather, differences in climate, and differences in seasons. While we are about to experience our hot season in Nigeria, some are going to experience their rainy season. Some are experiencing their winter, while some are experiencing summer and things like that.
41.        While we are saying good morning in Nigeria, some are saying good night, some are also saying good afternoon, some are asaying good morning. Some are already dozing in the bed. That is why He gave the indication: “Two will be in the bed, one will be taken and the other will be left behind,” that is in the night. “Two will be in the field, one will be taken and the other will be left behind,” that is in the day.
42.        For they that work, work in the day, while those that sleep, sleep in the night. Some will be in the mill grinding, that is evening. You do your grinding in the evening; one will be taken and the other left behind.
43.        Note, we were wondering, since the entire world cannot have the same climate and season, and God has said that as lightening that flashes from one end of the Earth to the other end of the Earth, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. Foolish people delved into foolish, reckless and destructive interpretation.
44.        Our Prophet said, “Christ will be revealed to the world in the last days, He must reveal Himself in His Church, you must be there for you to see Him.”
45.        Then when He appeared, He found them in the ways of their fathers. It became a war shaping them, restructuring them, making them fit for the Kingdom.
46.        In this His second coming, He is not dealing with sin anymore; He has come with FULL AND COMPLETE SALVATION to those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for Him. He is not dealing with sin, no.
47.        He (Christ, the Resurrected Body) said, “I will finish my work with you and seal you in. By the time I will be revealing Myself to the world, the entire work of REDEMPTION is over.”
48.        In other words, until the work is over, He will not be made known to the whole world. Thus, He started thinking on how He could reveal Himself to the whole world at the same time, how the world will see Him. He started giving them the interpretation, preachers begin to preach. He kept quiet. He remembered the Commission: “When He shall appear in His Church, He will not be found among the clergy of that day for He is not coming as a clergyman. Thus, do not look for Him among the clergy for He is not there.”
49.        What is more, in His Second Advent, He will never be identified with the clergy of that day, for the clergy were the people that arrested and killed Him.
50.        A clergy man is a priest according to the order of their Church. The priests arrested and killed Him. Clergymen today, are they not called the priests?
51.        before our eyes, He reasonED within Himself, He consulted nobody, He started leading us, carRYing us, immediately, He announceD, “it is all over. the bride can never go higher than where she is. I have brought you where He said I should bring you. Stay here! Nothing is left than the TRANSlation of your mortal bodIES which will happen in a twinkling of an eye, ThAT moment the saints in Christ will resurrect.”
52.        all that died in Christ, that moment they are coming out from their graves, whenever they are, that same second, that same hour, your mortal bodies will be clothed with immortalITY in a twinkling of an eye even as I am talking now. This is salvation in mercy, salvation in completeness and in Joy. With joy we will embrace Him there.
53.         Note, He said, “It is finished. Stand here while I lock the Ark, but the window will remain open. Let nobody ever apply any dangerous equipment on this Ark, do not perforate this Ark, remain here. You are now inside the inner room; let Me reveal Myself to the whole world at the same time.”
54.        Without consultation, wherever there is life, wherever there is air, wherever there is light under the sky, the Son of Man is there this VERY MOMENT.
55.        Hear me very WELL; He said the world will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory. NOTE, Not coming “from,” coming “in.”
56.        Amplify version of the Bible said that the world will see THE SON OF MAN REVEALED IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN AND THEY WILL TREMBLE.
57.        However, before then, the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached to all the nations of the Earth for a witness against this generation. then the end will come. THE END HAS COME!
58.        Note it, the end has come. All the messages, teachings, doctrines I received from the Father pertaining to salvation have gone round the countries in the whole world. They now have access to these Messages and doctrines, and every true elect the world over, must be positionally placed where he will see his own day Saviour and Message.
59.        I reserved nothing; God has published it through the establishment of the website. Through the website Christ has penetrated every family in the whole world.
60.        I am happy to announce to you that many countries so far that have accessed the website, majority of them come from Israel where God is known to be revealed in the Clouds of Heaven. It is finished!
61.        On this note I say remain in your sanctified estate and remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.