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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 9th January, 2010 At The Household Of God Onitsha By Apostle Peter Odoemena (The Son of Man) 

           I am the only Being that can tell you yesterday, today and tomorrow. Believe it if you have the heart. heart. — THE SON OF MAN THE SON OF MAN  
From: YOU MUST REAP WHAT YOU SOW (Page 3. 22d October, 2006)
We have finished our own two days; we are now living in God’s own remaining one-day….The time we are living in is in the hand of the Almighty God.
He will dictate how everything must go and He will stop the age at the appointed time, which He has kept secret to Himself.He has kept it secret to Himself, no man knows that one. There is no angel that has grown to that stage. It is a secret, a top secret kept in the Mind of Almighty God. 
–Son of MAN
 -Excerpted from the Message: DISPUTE AMONG THE BRETHREN, Pages 145 & 146. Verses 37, 41 &42. (26
1. Do not forget all that we were taught in the ministers’ meeting. Besides, at the end of the meeting we were given enough time which I called “the interactive time with the Son of Man.” I attended all your questions because I never wanted anyone of you to go home in doubt basically, those that came from the Northern States, especially Jos. They can remember vividly all that I told them to expect. I warned seriously that nobody should make the mistake of thinking that the troubles in Jos have ended.
2. Of course, you remember the name of the year 2011. I said that the year 2011 is a BLOODY YEAR, can you remember? The year 2011 is a very hopeless and useless year: a year of discouragement, a year of gloominess, a year of sadness, a year of poverty, a year of increase in crime and every kind of evil thing, a year of unrest, a year that is very, very unpredictable. I told you all to expect within the period we are in now. 
3. In addition, I told you that the hand of the Lord is upon the world for trouble and not for peace. 4. Note, as the exiled Jews are going back to their homeland, the same way the exiled Gentiles are coming back to their homeland because, this is home-coming-week. All that exiled from the Bride, whose names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the world began, they must come at the same time. 
5. The same way, those exiled from the nation of Israel at the command of the Lord, they also are coming back because it is only in returning and waiting that you shall be saved.
6. To God be the glory. We heard of the tornado that took place in the Sahara Desert and shoot up at its peak, tossed up in millions and millions of miles high. Moreover, the news says that there has never been such a thing since the history of mankind. Also, red alert has been sent across the whole nations of the Earth that too many nations will be  badly affected. Those living in the East according to the report will get the impact within 48 hours; to the South-South and the rest, between the 48 hours and 90 hours they will begin to feel the impact. 
7. What is more, it came with its own sicknesses and diseases namely: blindness; severe asthma and cough, heart problems, spinal meningitis etc.  
8. According to the report, the diseases cannot be controlled so the whole nations are shivering at this moment. Something that has never happened in the world before is happening now in Africa. 9. One of the giants of Africa, one of the largest countries in Africa is going to the poll now not to Elect a president, but to vote in support or against the unity of Sudan: whether the Christians should pull away from the Muslims or
not. Those that are supporting the separation of the Christians from the Muslims, each of the two different countries will cast their vote in spite of the efforts made by the United Nations (UN) to stop the voting, this day Sudan is going to vote.
10. What if Sudan will succeed? It then means that there will be Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan, that is, one Muslim state the other one a Christian state. The president will be two presidents. It then means 9 Cameroon that opted for it long, long time ago but  it was not given to her will be the second: Northern Cameroon and Southern Cameroon. Then what is the fate of Ivory Coast where the problem is already taking hundreds of lives. 
11. Ivory Coast is controlled by the Muslims where Alassane Quattara is The president, and Laurent Gbagbo from the South being a Christian who has been in power for the past ten years is not willing to vacate the presidential office because he is being supported by America. 
12. America imposed on herself “the policeman of the world.” Nobody voted America to be the policeman of the world but America claimed to be playing a neutral role when it is not true. No country is as partisan as America. America is the greatest enemy of Islam whether the world will believe it or not.
13. Please take note of what is taking place. Sudan is a having a problem. Since the year 2003 till now, over 4,000 people have been lost. Their soldiers lost their lives there all in name of peace keeping force and today the dice is cast: Africa Union (AU) could not control it, can you see! 
14. UN could not control it, who then will control it? I believe the hand of God is there for the past four days now, the President of North Korea has never seen peace. America packed troops to Southern Korea and has been sending missiles to North Korea. Remember, North Korea is a Muslim state while South Korea is a Christian state backed up by America. America is known for one thing: divide and rule system of government. Anywhere America has her interest; she does not hide it at all.
15. Note, the entire pacific that is North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) are not in support of what is happening between North and South Korea. China, a country in East Asia, the world’s largest country by population and one of the largest by area that has a common boundary with 10 North Korea, has pulled out of the useless agreement. Japan has pulled out, Russia has pulled out also because of America’s presence in Southern Korea. I want to show you the picture of the world first,  then let us know where that peace is lying now.
16. Presently even as at this moment, Barack Obama is not comfortable with Iran, because of their nuclear installation program and Iran has said that “no going back” because when we talk about war disarmament, you will notice that America is disarming the whole nations  in the world of war weapons including nuclear weapons while at the same time she is pilling the greatest arm because America wants to rule the whole world by all means. But can she succeed? Of course no. 
17. The problem in Israel is being fuelled by America.  Recently, Afghanistan and Pakistan both carried arms again. America is equally inciting trouble in Nigeria. Presently, only God can see the role America is playing in Nigeria. America has labelled Nigeria a “terrorist state.” America is still telling our President to be careful that Nigeria is harbouring agents of al-Qaida network (note, Al-Qaeda is an international terrorist network, founded by Osama bin Laden).
18. Moreover, America is predicting that there will be more bombings, That strategic places must be bombed.
19. Now America made one nasty statement that the Northerners are trying to oust the circular president to install a  despotic Islamic president who will enforce Islam in Nigeria. That is the problem America is inciting and we know its end; it is ending somewhere. Also, look at what is happening in Iran, Israel: Israel is not dancing to America’s tune anymore; neither is Iran dancing to America’s tune again.  11 20. Iraq is waking up from their slumber once again, all indirectly to teach America and the entire world a lesson. The entire world is sitting on a time bomb that will explode anytime from now. 
21. Here in Nigeria on 8th  January, 2011 afternoon, Jos was plagued with another trouble. Our Pastor Paul in Jos called us in that afternoon telling us that a luxury bus that loaded from Lagos to Jos was waylaid on the way to Jos and all the passengers on board were killed, only five narrowly escaped. The corpses and the bus were set ablaze and that ignited trouble in the whole city again. What is more, most of the victims happened to be Igbos. You see, everybody is running helter-skelter in Jos.
22. Report reaching Me from Bauchi has confirmed that Bauchi is on fire, Gombe is on fire also and I am not surprised hearing that because from Bauchi to Jos is just a stroll drive, that is, it is not far. Also, from Bauchi to Gombe is 100 kilometers and these are Islamic territories. 
23. What can you say about Kano and the extremists in Sokoto? What can you say about those areas? The truth of the matter is this; the hand of the Lord is upon the whole world for evil and not for good, bringing His promises to pass.
24. I was rehearsing the Prophetic utterances we heard  during the ministers’ meeting which says: “Blow the Trumpet in Zion.” For that reason, when you see these developments around you, what do they speak to you as an individual? How do we see these things happen more especially when you have already been told to expect those things, and they are happening before our eyes. 
25. We received a Message titled “God’s Prophecies Are  Tied to Time” Many, many things are happening. The stone that started rolling in Benue halted somewhere after killing hundreds and hundreds of people. The
magma that was flowing from the rock has sealed many farm lands and 12 destroying many water. Water has ceased to flow and it is a sign also. Something that has never happened since the history of mankind is happening now. Before our eyes, human beings do not seem to understand what is taking place. GOD WILL JUDGE THE BRIDAL FAITH ACCORDING TO MY MESSAGE
26. Remember in the ministers’ meeting I told you that I have never fooled you, I will never attempt in fooling you by giving you any fake impression at all. Besides, even if I try to do so, the Almighty God can never permit Me to do it. He cannot allow me to lead you thus far, only to come and mislead you at this very crucial dying minutes. You know He will never permit that. Instead of permitting it, He will parcel Me into the grave and then bring somebody else who will paddle His people to the end.
27. While we are striving to put our houses in order, we have to reexamine our various stands with too many issues because God made it clear that He will deal with Israel as a nation and will deal with the Gentiles as a Church. As a Church, you, the individual believer, you are the temple of God, made without hands where God dwells. I am a temple of God made without hands where God dwells.
28. If you and I should defile this temple or corrupt it by false doctrines, God must give us over to corruption and to destruction. I am the temple, you are the temple and the Lord said we all are built up together as a holy habitation unto God. Thus, the Prophet made it clear that God does not deal with the Gentiles as a group, but deals with the Gentiles as individuals. He does not recognize you as a father or a mother or a husband or a wife, no, you have to fight your way.
29. I was talking to my family, telling them the relationship between the children of God and Almighty God Himself. In the family, it is the responsibility of every child to walk himself or herself into the parents, or also walk himself or herself out of the parents. You can walk yourself into
your parents, equally, you can also walk yourself out of your parents. 
30. When you walk yourself into your parents, you will become their delight, but when you walk yourself out of your parents, you receive a curse. As a result, it is you who will walk yourself into God and you will become the apple of God’s eyes, that is, you will become God’s delight the same way you can walk yourself out of Christ like Brother Sab walked himself out and his family followed. His family does not know anything called Wednesday fellowship. 
31. Wednesday fellowship, it is not for Brother Sab and family the Deacon. I will still visit the case of the wife and the children as we journey along. The same is applicable to the rest that are walking contrary to our Faith claiming to be part of the Body. The time they claim that thing is over. You are my disciple if you walk according to my precepts, but  when you are walking contrary to my precepts and still claim to be God’s disciple, you are an impersonator. Even your conscience will bear witness that you are not walking in line with the Faith. 
32. Note, if your conscience does not find fault with you when you are on the wrong side, to begin with you have no part in God. When a child of God strays away from God he will remain restless until he walks back. 
33. Watch Israel, when they walked away from God, they  could not find peace within and without. If you are the camp preacher and you stay away from fellowship, or you have fend for yourself and  your family more than any other family you will justify your exit.
34. I want to tell you, the more you stray away from God, the poorer you become. God maketh a man rich and He adds no sorrow to it. I know what your labour will fetch you. In other words, we are  trying our best to make sure we walk according to His precepts, which the Apostles laid down for us  to follow. For when God is judging, He will judge us with what He has handed over to us. Believe it if you have the heart, GOD WILL JUDGE THE BRIDAL FAITH ACCORDING TO MY MESSAGE. In addition,  he that is not with me is against me. 
35. Do not think God is coming to judge you with another thing, no, He will judge you according to what He has given to you. If you were not taught, it is a different thing, but you are being taught and with your mouth you have confirmed that the Message is truth. From the Scriptures, you have verified it even; nature also bears witness to the truth. What is happening in our midst is the truth; definitely we are without excuse more especially when we are almost at the end. Amen. 15
In the Message titled “Blow the Trumpet in Zion,” the Voice said, “In the midst of the trouble the saints shall be translated.” Do you know what the event is all about? It is the Voice that said it is in the midst of the trouble, and that made us to understand that what we should  expect is not peace but trouble. 
2. Do you know how many years the trouble will last? No! It can be one year, it can be one day, it can be three years, it can be evening time but in the midst of the trouble, whether it is going to last for one year, or for two years, or for three years, did God say so? But in midst of the trouble. Therefore, the catching away of the Saints will not take place if not in the midst of the trouble. 
3. Even William Branham the Prophet said so in the message titled “Persecuted but Not Forsaken.” In that Message he says “The squeeze is around. It is in the midst of the squeeze that the Bride shall be taken away.” In other words, in the midst of the tribulations when they shall be returning to their homeland, those that ran the race before us at the end of the day shall be shouting, “Who are these people coming?” and the Voice said, “These are those I redeemed from the great tribulations.’ Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and by the blood they are sanctified. 
4. Thus, you cannot take your flight when everywhere is calm. It must be in the midst of the trouble.
5. Note, I have started hearing murmuring among you. Some saying that the Son of Man said that they should not go to school, that they should not do whatever they want to do, that they are going to rapture in the month of April. 
6. Tell me, have I made such a statement? NO! Not even in secret. I have rather said that you should continue in whatever you are doing, whatever you are doing, do it in Christ. Your work will not hinder you, your studies will not hinder you, your marriage will not hinder you, make sure you do all in the fear and honour of the Lord. 
7. I told everybody, “Don’t ever fix any date or time, though you will be hearing the preachers fix date and time, remember they do not belong to this Faith, they are not your messenger. 
8. You must pay heed to the Voice of your messenger. Until He has spoken, nobody has spoken. Many of you are savaging for yourselves preachers, having itching ears. You have started keeping for yourselves Prophets, and the Prophetic newspaper, so-called Prophetic periodical, which will deceive you.
9. These things are secrets kept with the Father of us all which shall be made known to us all on that very day. The manifestation is the interpretation. When He speaks, you will know. If He says “Let there be light,” it does not require any interpretation. All you have to get is to get light and there must be light for the mouth of God  has spoken. I have started hearing murmuring here and there again.
10. Teachers have started emerging from among the Bride. Prophets and visioners: “I saw a vision, I had a dream,” many have started using their personal dreams to make “thus says the Lord.” Personal dreams have
become “thus says the Lord.” Dreams are dreams; if dreams are real, well I believe that the lame will be riding on horses. 
11. Dreams must be placed where they belong. Dreams are what come to you in your subconscious mind, keep it there. It is not thus says the Lord. If it fulfills, fine; if it does not fulfill, fine. Dreams can come in figures and it can come in types. Do not ever fix a day, a week, a month, or a year it will happen rather be ready at all times.
12. If I wait this year and my mortal body is not translated, I will continue to wait next year. In the end, will it be changed? Yes! One day it must be changed for the mouth of the Lord has spoken. God is going to judge the entire world. 
13. The people that propagated dates, time and things like that, I am not against them, wherever they are getting the anointing, I am not against them but I will stand against you any day you begin to turn your ears way from me, and begin to listen to other Prophets, visioners, teachers who will turn your hearts away from the truth. 
14. First Thessalonica 5: 1-3: “But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.
15. 2 For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
16.3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” KJV.
17.Did the Scripture fix any date there? Please take note of the Scriptures very well. Some people will be taken unaware, because they are groping in darkness: “Concerning the time and date, you have no need that I should write to you again, as though you are living in the dark.” 
18. Who is living in the dark? It is somebody that has  not been taught,
somebody that has not been prepared, somebody whose eyes of understanding have not been opened. Somebody who has not recognized the truth as of that time is living in the dark. However, you my brethren, you are not ignorant, you are not in the dark for I have told you the whole truth and God has vindicated it.
19. If catching away of the saints will happen now, will it be a surprise to any of you? If your mortal body that can die now, if it is changed in a twinkling of an eye, will you feel surprise? Why? You have been taught, and you know it is God’s promise and you have placed yourself in the right position to inherit it. If you inherit eternal life, will you be surprise? If you are surprise, what is the essence of your coming into this Faith? 
20. Nevertheless, there are people outside who do not know anything about this matter. You talk about the judgment of the wicked before God, they are only following their own Prophets and teachers and their teachings but the way of the truth they know not. 
21. What you know concerning the hour you are in, prophetically, they do not know, thus they are still living in the dark, but you are the children of the light for there is no way that day can take you unaware. 
22. When you are ready to write your examination, and you have done your revision very well, any time the lecturer comes with the test or examination paper makes little or no meaning to you because you have taken your time to prepare yourself. You are ready. 
23. When a student is well prepared, he wishes the examination will come in the next minute, but a student that is not prepared will only be praying seriously that the examination should be postponed  indefinitely; just like a lazy student, praying that every examination result should be cancelled. However, an intelligent student will pray that the result should be released. 
24. Wicked people in the world that pray that God should continue to carry along the entire world anyhow, the world without end, but righteous people, who are vexed everyday, who are troubled everyday by the level of evil in the society are crying. If it is possible they will compel God, to finish with everything even now. They are exhausted, they are tired. You see the difference between one that is in the light and one that is in the dark. Yet no date is fixed.
25. That Christ is going to come as thief at any time, is an illustration that a thief will come without giving you any notice, but not in all cases. oday, brave robbers will even write to their victims, giving them the time and they will strike. 
26. To the world, this great event will come to them like a thief that comes at night, but to the Bride, to the Elect, everything shall be known to them. It is going to be secret announcement, a secret announcement.
27. We have heard too many things concerning this matter, but no date has been fixed, no year, no week. Concerning the newspaper, I told you that one Harold Camping of California has already fixed  his own date which is going round the whole globe. One Professor Uzoma of Nigeria has fixed his own date also, he picked the year 2012 and it is being dramatized everywhere. The other person picked the year 2011 and went as far as picking date, months and things like that.
28. In addition, I told you that if you are intelligent, you should ignore all these things. If they happen, fine; if they do not happen, fine. Fix your ears and your eyes on the Messenger God has assigned to you. If you do not do that, you are likely to miss it. 
29. Of all the dates all these preachers have predicted, has the Son of Man confirmed one? Where lies the reasons of folding your hands that you will not work again, some sisters even say that they will not be pregnant again and then the matter narrowed down fully. It is very clear that many on that day will be disappointed. If somebody in Onitsha will be disappointed, who will make it in another Local Assemblies; where all their ministers are hypocrites, their families hypocrites, where all their tables are full of vomits.
30. Begin to think about it, will these things come to  pass? Yes, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken. Concerning the promises of the endtime, things that will culminate into the end of the world, all the prophetical statements God made in the book of Habakkuk chapter 2 from verse 1-2; I
will keep on radiating on this matter until it has settled in your hearts.  
31.  Habakkuk 2: 1-2:  “I will climb my watchtower now and wait to see what answer the Lord will give to my complaint. and the Lord said to me write my answer on a billboard in large and clear so that any one can read it at a glance and rush to tell the other  but this thing I  plan will not happen right away, slowly, steadily, but surely the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled if it seems slow, do not despair for this thing will surely come to pass just be patient they will not be overdue a single day”  (LB). 
32. Now slowly and steadily, the moment the end time events set in, no going back. It will be one after the other; it will be increasing until the last day. 
33. In Egypt, immediately the hand of God rested upon Egypt to deliver His people, trouble set in, it became slowly and steadily. One after the other, finally, what He started struck and the people left. End time events are with us already. Watch the way crimes are increasing, Earthquakes, troubles of all kinds, they set in gradually, and it continue to increase in tempo, the last one will be God’s final judgment on the Earth and then the saints will rest with God for ever and ever.
34. Watch, by the year 1970, in the history of this country called Nigeria, she recorded the first violent crime. The first armed robber was captured in Lagos, in the person of Oyenusi after which the second was Babatunde and then while they were being fired, they made their proclamations that the seed they planted in Nigeria will not be wiped off  till eternity. This is the origin of armed robbery in Nigeria. Until that time, violent robbery was unknown, but today, look at where we are, see where we are, it is applicable to every other type of crime.
35. Who will see end time events and recognize what is  happening? It is only the Elects, nobody can recognize end time events if not the Elect, the rest will be blind to it. The Elect will bring everything back to the prophetic
word because things happen according to prophecies.  
36. Acts of the Apostles 17: 30-31 says that God has appointed a day in which He is going to judge the world in righteousness by Christ.” In other words, it is going to be a day. Tell me,  who appointed it? God! Did He say it is going to be in January, March, April or May? When is it going to happen? A day!
37. To make sure you are not taken unawares, He gather all of us preparing us against that day, so that we will not be partakers of His wrath. We are in this Faith, receiving His instructions, which are capable of helping us to escape. Without these Godly instructions, we must be victims of His judgment, victims of the wrath of God. That is why if you perish in the end you blame yourself and not God.
38. End time events, Zechariah saw it. Zechariah 14 : 7-9: “But it shall be one day…” but it shall be what? One day! “Which shall be known to the LORD, it shall be known by whom? The Lord! Oh no! But it shall be one day which is kept secret. That day He has decided to judge the world in righteousness by my message, IT SHALL BE ONE DAY. 
39.But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light. 23
40.And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the former sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and in winter shall it be.
41. And the LORD shall be king over all the Earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.” KJV. Zechariah 14 : 7-9.
42. But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD, not day nor night, brethren can you understand what I am saying? REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU, THAT WHEN I SAW THE THING, I SAW IT BETWEEN THE HOURS 2:30 AND 3:30 AM, it is not morning it is not night but it shall be a day. 
43. When the Prophet saw it, he said, “It shall happen at a time when they
are in a deep sleep, but it is not morning, it is not night. By the time they will wake up they will look around, the Bride is gone.” 
44. In Egypt, it did not happen in the night, it did not happen in the day, it happened between the night and the day. Events are  made clear by prophecy. Will it happen? Yes! How many days? ONE DAY! It shall be one day appointed by God.
45. When I recognized these facts, I do not care what is happening, my soul is at rest. ONE DAY, I WILL COME TO THE END OF ALL THESE TROUBLES. 
46.“But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light.
47.And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem; half of them toward the former sea, and half of them toward the hinder sea: in summer and in winter shall it be.
48. And the LORD shall be king over all the Earth...” 49. Who shall be KING over all the Earth? The Lord. Did we see such a thing in Daniel? Who shall be KING in that day? In that day when every thing shall be over, the Lord Himself shall be KING over all the Earth, over all the kindred, tongues, languages, over everything. He must have put an instant end to rebellion then. He shall put an end to the works of wickedness of the Earth. 
50. “…in that day shall there be one LORD and his name one.” KJV. Zechariah 14 : 7-9.
51. In that that day, it shall be one Lord over all the nations, and His Name one. Remember who was brought before the Ancient of Days, that was confirmed with power and dominion to have rule and governance, given a kingdom that cannot be broken, whose kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting. 
52. All these end time prophetic phenomenons, they have already started, they are with us, they are continuing on a daily basis, you are only very
much concerned with the ones happening around your own area, there are too many happening in other countries in the world. There is no day God’s promises are not fulfilling very rapidly, before you know it that appointed day, for it shall be one day and the Lord has appointed a day in which He is going to judge the world in righteousness. 
53. Who is that person that will doubt it? Who will say it will not come to pass? 
54. We are almost there. What I am against is fixing a date, that is, saying it is tomorrow or next year, I am against that. Be ready at all times. Watch and be sober, making sure that that day does not come to you by surprise. Return and wait, finish. 
55. When you return, you wait. You do not return and begin to wander up and down again. If you have returned, sit down and  wait for it. Even if it delays, wait for it.
56. “Yet there will be continuous day! Only the lord knows how this could happen. There will be no normal day and night, for at evening time it will still be light. On that day life-giving waters will flow out from Jerusalem, half toward the Dead Sea and half toward the Mediterranean, flowing continuously in both summer and winter. 
57. And the Lord will be King over all the Earth. On that day there will be one Lord-his name alone will be worshiped.” LB, Zechariah 14 : 7-9.
58. We thank God for all these prophetic statements. You will do well to understand them and stand upon them. Amen.
Remember that I told you that many, many things will continue to happen, because we are at the end time. Thus, if somebody comes your way with news that is flying everywhere, it is no longer new to you; you are not in the dark. If you have been following the Messages of the Son of Man from the beginning, no man can deceive you on this matter anymore. Can God send two messengers at a time? Not at all. No sir. 
2. Harold Camping of America who fixed a date never said he is a messenger, he never said he is a Prophet, rather he said that he is a teacher and he has money enough to run a program, even to establish a website, translate whatever he is propagating into many languages. 
3. Look, I condemn him not, it is his right. Too many have appeared in that vein saying many things, in the end they died, their death fizzled out and God’s program continued. 
4. “The Lord our God will do nothing but revealeth his will to the servants the Prophet.” Can the Lord do anything in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah without Abraham knowing it? 
5. Well, if Harold Camping of America claims to be angel messenger to California, it then means the America Pentecostal never produced any at all or there is going to be a second Pentecost for America. America spurned her Pentecost even in the days of William Branham. Even this California, LosAngeles, William Branham never spared them—California, Los-Angeles. Amen.
6. I do not need to go back to that Message. However, one thing is sure: the Lord is going to judge the world of unrighteousness. One day, He will put an end to human wickedness on Earth. That same day He will begin that judgment, the Elect of God that have remained faithful in the Word of His Vessel shall slip into their new bodies and they will be like God, dwell with God till eternity.
7. Again, to Harold Camping of America, whatever he wants to preach it is his right. Let no man ever deceive you into picking any date, that it is going to be May 21 or August 7 or January 10 or the year 2011. What if it does not happen in the year 2011? Will God cease to be Almighty? 
8. Well, it shall be one day that is known by the Lord our God. This thing was promised even in the Message titled FAMILY MENU, God kept it in Himself as an eternal secret which He knows what will be your attitude if these things are revealed. Concerning the day and the time, you have no need. What is your responsibility? Be ready at all  times, holding on to the Word of His patience, holding on to the profession  of your Faith without wavering until the end.
9. Believing without doubt, that it shall be one day. The Lord has fixed a day in which He will judge the world. No sinner will go unpunished; the righteous must be rewarded with eternal life while the unrighteous will be rewarded with eternal contempt and damnation. 
10. One day, and that one day can be any number of years. When Zachariah appeared and said that it shall be one day, do you know how many thousands of years have elapsed? However, he knew it that it shall be one day. 
11. Habakkuk says that if it delays wait for it, for it will be gradually, steadily, but it can never overdue by a single day. In other words, it shall be one day.