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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


EVERY PROPHECY IS TIED TO TIME…Preached on 2nd January, 2011 at Household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena (The Son of man) at Bridal Faith Ministry World Wide
As you remain in the Message you have received steadfast, unmovable, surely, “That Glorious Day,” you will never say, “Had I known.” You will never regret getting yourself acquainted with Brother Peter Odoemena . On that Day when this life is over, then you will know that I am HE!

Christ is sufficient to Me. How many will like to hear from Me? I am Bodily present and also Spiritually present. Whatever Heaven is made up of is in your midst. The Power upholding the Universe is in your midst. Whatever you think God is made up of, is in your midst.
The Deity is in your midst, yet many do not know. If you like, believe, if you do not like, throw it away. But I am sureand certain that He that created the Heavens and Earth is in your midst though you may not know Him. He is in your midst, Physically and Spiritually. The Totality of what God is all about is among you. Son of Man. (MY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ME. PP. 24-25)


Many do not know why they should worship God. Worship is the nature of all God’s children; it is number one attribute of a child of God. To a child of God, in his dream, anywhere God appears before him, he must bow down.  In the day, he must bow down. Before he does anything, he must bow down, for he recognizes that there is a Being above him, who guides and protects him. Even at a time he falls asleep, He (God) is there watching over him.
2.         God said that if He the Almighty God does not keep watch over city, all the watchmen are labouring in vain. We are sure about it; more so, when we are convinced that He that watches over His people does not sleep, neither does He slumber.  It gives us joy to know that we are a part of Him.
3.         If you have that supernatural attribute of worship, it is a sure sign that you are a part of God, but where you do not have it, you are not a part of God.  Everything about worshipping the Lord will be a disturbance to you. Sometimes, it will be disturbance you cannot afford to bear. You will be having many other things to do other than worshiping God. However, to every true seed of God, the moment he remembers worship, especially a day that has been collectively set aside by God’s children to present themselves before God, he or she is always overjoyed.
4.         Look at David, a man after God’s own heart.  The joy of the Lord consumed him so much, the love of God consumed his heart so much that he was desiring even to dwell in the House of God all the days of his life and even went as far as vowing that even if he could not find any place in God, that he should be allowed to be used as a doormat in the House of God, in the Presence of God. 
5.         Do you know that the steward that is serving President Goodluck Jonathan is by far highly esteemed than the managing director of the biggest industry in Nigeria? This is because he is always in the presence of the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Whether people believe it or not, many people will file in line, filling forms in order to see the president and they may not see him at the end of everything. They may end it seeing some other people they may be directed to, but this one does not need any permission. Whether there is security official or no security official, he enters the house and eats anything at will.  It is a privilege that is not given to everybody.
6.         What can you say about the President’s driver?  Or do you think that he is the best driver in Nigeria?  He may not be the best driver in Nigeria, but he is privileged to drive the number one citizen. For that reason, he becomes the number one driver. It is a privilege and not a right.  He is not even there by qualification. There might be others more experienced than him, but ELECTION placed him there. Election can put you there.
7.         Somebody may not be adequate even to be a counsellor in his community, but Election can make him the governor of the State. Election placed Goodluck Jonathan as the Nigerian president. Is he the best politician in Nigeria? No. Is he the best doctorate degree holder in Nigeria? No. However, Election has placed him there. Is he there by merit? Did he work for it? Election placed him there. If you do not know the meaning of Election, please, begin to narrow it down.
8.         Let me tell you what I mean; every Messenger God has used since the world began for the Salvation work or any mission at all, God has never Elected the person because he was qualified to do this or that. Nobody has ever worked his way into it.
9.         It has always been God’s own Election: “This is the type of vehicle I am going to make use of today. Of all the fleets of vehicles, this is the one I will use. Of all the one thousand drivers that are lined up, Brother Nwobodo, come and take this key. We are going to Port Harcourt.” Other drivers will be watching; he will go there and start the car. Then, the Man (God) will gently enter the car.
10.     God has list of individuals the world over in this last age we are living. The Lord looked around, He saw that we are in the age of the Fourth Kingdom; and the Fourth Kingdom is being governed and controlled by the fourth beast (Rome). This Fourth Kingdom is the strongest kingdom of all the kingdoms; and the fourth beast is the most powerful of all the beasts. He has the greatest power to control the strongest kingdom.
11.     Now, the Lord did a homework. Messengers have been sent to deal with this beast. Seven vindicated Messengers have appeared, all to deal with this very awesome beast, to put an end to his dominion and kingdom. These Seven Messengers could not achieve it; they only scratched it. Remember that Jesus was born during the reign of this same kingdom and mighty beast.
12.     In the day Jesus was born, the name of the beast that was on the throne was Emperor Augustus Caesar. It continued; Jesus gave it a blow. It caused him to be arrested and killed, but God was not killed.
13.     Remember that for this Fourth Kingdom to reign and dominate, this Fourth Kingdom eliminated the three previous kingdoms. It is this Fourth Kingdom that fought and conquered the First Kingdom, the Second Kingdom and the Third Kingdom. Whatever that was left in the First Kingdom, he destroyed. Whatever that was left in the Second Kingdom, he also destroyed and whatever that was left in the Third Kingdom, he destroyed as well.
14.     Do I begin to mention the kingdoms? Don’t you know them again? What is more, you know the various beasts that appeared, controlling those Kingdoms, starting from Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) to Media and Persia where Alexander the Great featured. We saw the man called Napoleon. We even saw the attempts Hitler made; we saw the great kingdom emerging in Europe. We now saw Constantine of Constantinople from where power was transferred to the Popes.
15.     It is no longer emperor. The throne of the emperor became the throne of the papacy and it was during the reign of the papacy that Almighty God established His own Kingdom on Earth, which is the Church. The fight is now between the Church and the Church, Church verses Church. It is no longer nation versus nation. It is now Christ versus papacy, God’s organization versus man’s system or organization.
16.     Why is this Fourth Kingdom very strong?  It is because it obtained her power from the State.  The State gave it power; that is why all the kingdoms of the nations of the Earth are solidly behind Rome. They gave him that power, instead of God.  There, it started speaking great blasphemy against God; and the State gave him (the Pope) power to persecute and kill anybody that will not abide in his governance. That is the basis of inquisition.
17.     It continued till today, but Prophet Daniel who saw the beginning and ending of the Gentile Dispensation made it clear to all of us that somebody appeared; He appeared from the Clouds of Heavens to deal treacherously with this beast; and according to the book of Revelation, out of His mouth proceeds a great sword (the Word) with which He will smite the beast.
18.     You see a Kingdom that is without hands warring against a super kingdom that has everything; and with the sword of His mouth, He made an open spectacle of the beast, put an end to His dominion; got him crushed and finally He was rewarded by the Ancient of Days. For none was able to deal treacherously and decisively with the Fourth Kingdom if not He that came down from Heaven, in the Cloud.
19.     No other person had the power to do it. Before He came, this great beast had subdued all the nations for power was given to him to have dominion and control over all kindred, tribes, tongues, languages and nations and has forced all the kings, rulers, all the inhabitants of the Earth to commit fornication in the sight of God, which is the greatest abomination in the sight of God; and none is qualified to come and redeem the Elect. It will take God to come to their defence.
20.     Somebody asked Me a question recently. He said, “My friend, why do you answer the Son of Man? Are you Jesus Christ?” I said, “Well, I am not Jesus Christ; I am the Son of Man”.
21.     He said, “How can you be Son of Man and Jesus also the Son of Man? Are you equal with Jesus?” I said, “I am higher than Jesus.”
22.     He laughed. I then asked, “The Son of Man that came from the Cloud to put an end to the reign and throne of the Fourth Kingdom, which Daniel saw, was that Jesus Christ? If that was Jesus Christ, why are we still dominated? Why is the beast still in control even till this very hour? Then, if Jesus was Son of Man, who then was the One that was revealed to John in the Island of Patmos when Jesus had come and gone? Could it be that same Jesus?”
23.     He shook his head and said, “Sir, nobody can answer your question. Let me go.”
24.     Is it not elementary question?  I am saying that we are almost at the end of everything.  Rome is fighting for the last time and God is doing His last minute deliverance. What is He doing? God is using His Word to create enmity in the hearts of His children against all forms of Romanism wherever they are found, against anything that is antichrist sign or symptom.
25.     God is creating strong enmity in your hearts, making you to hate that “human system,” which makes the Word of God of non-effect with perfect hatred.  We are hating it; we are regarding it the same way a woman regards her menstrual cloth. No true seed of God can bow down to any shrine now. No seed of God can ever do that; no seed of God in this Faith can carry chaplet or scapular.
26.     For instance, Pastor Dan was testifying to me the other day how he saw our former brother Hillary with a big chaplet on his neck. Pastor Dan could not recognise him anymore; then, he started to make open confession before our Pastor, telling him how he had been dodging Pastor Dan. Looking at the young man, he looks like a mad man. He is the chairman of wheelbarrow pushers at Bridgehead Onitsha.
27.     According to his encounter with Pastor, when he asked him about the chaplet on his neck, he said, “Pastor, forget about this thing; I do not mean it. Any day I want to serve God, any day I have made up my mind to serve God, I am coming back to the Church. You see all of us outside; we know we are wrong; we are not holding anything. You see this chaplet, I do not go there. That is what I use to fool them.” We really thank God.
28.     At another time, I saw our former brother Linus from Abagana. I could not recognise him again. The day I saw him, he was the one that called me. When he called me, I thought a mad man was approaching me; so, I was adjusting. He was putting on bathroom slippers with his eyes red, with bushy hair. Then I began to enquire, “My friend, I don’t know you”. He said, “I know you will not know me; you know I am like a madman”.
29.     I asked, “Who are you?” he replied, “I am Linus, your brother from Abagana”.  I asked him about his family and he said that I should forget about his family for now. He said I should ask him whether he had eaten first. I asked, “What are you doing?” “As you can see, I am a motor conductor, but you see, this is weather, this is weather. All of you are looking good. God is doing you fine,” he responded. In short, I was shocked.
30.     At another time, I was going to Awka. The vehicle I boarded got to Oyeagu and refused to continue. We were asked to wait for another vehicle. While I was standing, I saw somebody in jean shorts, looking very dirty, putting safari on top of the shorts. Even the safari was torn in many places with many pockets. The hair on his face alone was frightening, bushy hair. He was looking very smallish.
31.     The face appeared to be familiar. He was looking at me, but he was not steady. Something told me that this must be somebody in my heart. Courageously, I touched him and said, “My friend your face is very familiar.” He said, “Your own is more familiar.”
32.     I said again, “My friend, your voice sounds familiar,” and he said, “The same with your own”. I said, “I should know you”. He said that I knew him. I said, “But you are looking very old. Are you not our former Brother Jude?” He said, “I am not former; I am still Brother Jude!”
33.     I have never seen such a picture around us and may the Lord never permit me to see such a thing in our midst. Frankly speaking, if you see him on the way, I do not know what to use to describe him.
34.     I then asked him where they gather for fellowship. He told me that everybody was gathering in his own house. Then I said, “You are the pastor.” He said, “I am pastoring myself together with my family”. I then said, “thank you”; and we parted.
35.     When I entered the vehicle, my mind was still fixed on the young man. I remembered the shouts he made the day Abagana was judged in the night. He was in his room and he said, “Abagana brethren, we are in trouble! God has spoken and He cannot reverse it.”
36.     I really thank God for what He is doing in our midst. He that started the good works in us has taken us thus far and where we are now and the Promised Land is a little distance away. However, there is a little obstacle separating us from that place. I believe He will help us to jump it.

37.     Brother Shadrach, I asked you a question and you thought I was kidding and the question is back in Me again. Will Lot’s wife manifest in your house again in the year 2011? You said no, that that one had been taken good care of in the year 2010. Note your word. This is a new year, the year 2011. We do not know how long we are going to stay here on Earth. We do not know whether it will be one day, two days or more than.
38.     If you have not discovered where the problem started from, solving it becomes impossible. You must know the name and cause of any sickness before you can provide the final remedy. For now, you are addressing the symptoms of the sickness, but God wants you to address the cause for there is no sickness without a cause.
39.     If you are suffering from headache and you take Paracetamol, you are suppressing the effects only for one or two minutes. As long as the cause is still in you, the headache must surely come back to you.
40.     Try to find out the cause. Where you have not discovered it, you are wasting your time. Man’s anger can never work out God’s righteousness. Your wife is sitting down in our midst in anger; she is demonstrating. She is not worshiping. If you use force, intimidation and harassment to push her to fellowship or make her to come to fellowship on time, she may obey today, but tomorrow she may not obey you. Find out why.
41.     Sister Shadrach, shedding tears in your eyes is not what is needed. Nobody is forced to worship God. Worshiping God is a matter of choice. If the choice of God your husband has made does not agree with your own, you have no right to continue with him anyhow.  The highest thing you can do is to say no to that God. When you say no to that God because you are an unbeliever, the unbelieving partner can now depart. If you cannot cope with the unbelieving partner, you will now depart and in that condition, the Brother or Sister is not under obligation.
42.     Your exit can create room for somebody else, who may be better. His exit may also provide you with one who maybe better. However, if you were truly married from the very beginning, it then means, before the world began, you were one. You were one, but you manifested as human beings, seeing two of you loving one another without any consideration.
43.     It is not because of money or beauty or handsome. You just know you are in love. It started from eternity; it manifested with time; it is also going back into eternity. Nothing can separate it because the two WALKED from eternity, manifested with TIME and rolled back into eternal. If it is not so, danger is still knocking somewhere. 
44.     If your wife has started crying this second day of the month of January, of the year 2011 when we should be rejoicing in the Presence of God, well, I do not know what to say.
45.     I remember what you told us that you predicted that Lot’s wife would manifest in your house. Brother Victor, you were my witness; and Lot’s wife actually manifested. Many people were there. I recorded it that day; and today, I asked you the question; you answered it publicly. If what you said is truth, it then means that you are using cane. You can only take a horse to the river but there is no amount of flogging that can cause that horse to drink water.
46.     You should not show any interest unless you are concerned, but the worst thing that will happen to you this day is if you give us the impression that your wife is an unbeliever and by the end of it all, we begin to see your wife as a believer and you as the very unbeliever. You know it will be disastrous because it means you have borne a false witness against her.
47.     What if we discover that two of you are unbelievers?  That goes to show that all your children will be sons and daughters of Belial. Your children MUST be sons and daughters of Belial because the Bible said that children that are born to unbelieving families are pagans, heathens and children of Belial.

48.     We have a very good reason why we should come to God and worship him. When the Pastor opened the fellowship, he began to extol the quantities of God: His mercies, His protections, His guidance, His healing, His deliverances, His comfort, everything that he could remember. I said yes! God has done more than the things we can speak with our mouth.
49.     Many of us tasted death, but the Lord said no. At one time or the other, many, many things happened, but God came to your refuge. No matter the hardship, nobody died of starvation. The Lord has always been making a way for His people, even when the situation looks very hopeless.
50.     I know the problem of Brother Shadrach and family. It is the problem of insincerity of purpose. No more, no less. If he is sincere and put his family in order, nothing in this life nor in the life to come will ever make his wife to think of displaying any items for sale on the worship day like Sunday.
51.     When the Brethren will be in the fellowship, having fellowship, she will display her goods in the stall, commanding the children to go and take care of the stall. On Wednesday, when Brethren will be vacating from their shops, running to the Presence of God, she will balance in her stall with all the touts around that place in the name of making money.
52.     God said that every fellowship day, the money He (God) has allotted to you in your business that day must surely come from morning till the hour of fellowship. All these mixed-multitudes that are in the Faith with us, they do not know that it came to a point in this Ministry when we were having daily fellowship and we were making it everyday at 3pm. Civil servants were not exempted. I was attending it everyday. From 3pm, sometimes, we would pass the night in the fellowship.
53.     Do you know one thing that happened that time? Many of us could not boast of having a refrigerator and whatever we prepared as food, even if we stayed two days in the fellowship, the Lord Himself preserved the food. Our soup never went sour for one day, because we did not warm it. Again, our houses were never destroyed by fire.
54.     I remember one day government pulled down houses and destroyed many things even in the neighbourhoods, but all our own were secured. Many things that happened in the city that time, we did not know. What is more, each time we dismissed fellowship and we were going home, we would see corpses lying everywhere on the road.
55.     For instance, one day, there was a big riot in the city; we never knew they were shooting people for we could not hear gunshots until in the evening when we were going home after fellowship.  Onitsha was like a deserted place. We began to see burnt tyres, burnt houses and corpses. We got home, everybody ran into his house. We were the only people walking on the streets. Yet, the law enforcement agents never molested us.
56.     Nobody has ever been molested by the Police for coming from fellowship late in the night; and anytime they stop you, once you open your mouth, they will ask you to go. It is because you have not believed in God as your Provider. As many that have believed in God as their Provider, they have noticed something: Any day that looks very hopeless, they look round and there is nothing they can lay hands on to be able to feed for that day, that is the day they will feed and have leftover.
57.     That problem that involves money and you do not know where to go, everywhere looks hopeless, many have discovered it; once you carry the matter to God in prayer by faith, how the money will come, you will not know.
58.     It pays to prove God. If you have not proved God, you have not started worshiping God. This is the problem you are having; you are worldly; you are out of God’s programme as long as you are still considering your immediate situation. Anybody who is not a seed of God is only conscious about his present condition. He cannot see tomorrow and he cannot even go back and begin to rehearse how God has met his problems in time past.
59.     Besides, such people, even if they are blessed, they will mismanage it. The moment you are a seed of God, and it has come to you by revelation that you proceeded from God before the world began; and your name was there before the world began, nothing gives you joy more than fellowship. Staying away from fellowship keeps you restless. You will never feel you are alive until you have seen somebody who will tell you what happened in the fellowship. As long as you have not heard the testimony of how the fellowship went, you will remain restless. You will be running from one Brother to another; not for food or drink. No! You want to hook up.
60.     However, one who is not a seed of God, even if he stays away from fellowship for one million days, it makes no meaning to him or her. He will even prefer that time, for he prefers the pleasures in the world to worshiping God.

61.     Note, if you are not happy today, it means you were not happy yesterday, because the joy of yesterday is still fresh. It is still motivating, catalyzing and quickening. We are in fellowship by the quickening power of yesterday’s joy. However, if you are not happy today; it is because you were not in the fellowship. You were bodily present. Maybe you are among those that are in the region of the lost; maybe you are one of those that are in the prison custody waiting for the day you will be destroyed.
62.     The joy of yesterday’s fellowship is the joy of our Salvation, for through yesterday’s ministration, we saw ourselves in picture. We could say bye, bye to the Devil and Christmas, for we have known who we are and what we are made up of. We have also known the reason why all things are going the way they are going, for this joy will not be quenched because the same God is with us.
63.     The same God brought us up; the same God prepared us. The same God carried us thus far!  If it is not so with you, your experience is doubtful. Your experience is questionable. By the same Spirit are we all baptized into one Body. All children of God have the same spirit for they share the same testimony.
64.     Yes, you are responding because you are feeling the same way I am feeling. In my house, testimonies on the first fellowship of the first Sunday of the year 2011 nearly hindered us from eating food. Food was on the dinning table; but when I wanted to eat the food, my wife would come up saying they were outside having revival.
65.     I said, “You were making noise, but the action was inside not outside”. She said, “No, the action was outside also”. I said, “No. God was inside.” She said no that God was outside and not inside. I shook my head and said, “No. The real revival was inside for nobody has revival outside God. She said no that she did not agree with me. She said that we had no space inside, but outside, that they had a lot of spaces.
66.     I laughed and said, “You had a lot of spaces outside but the Lord was not there. You were hearing the noise of God, but God was not there. You were there outside feeling the influence of God, but we were inside the fellowship in His Presence. Nevertheless, you should have squeezed yourselves inside anyhow for nobody can be saved outside the Ark for nobody can be saved outside the Ark.”
67.     I paused and continued again, “Revival outside the Ark is not a good revival. No matter how hot the Ark is, jump inside it anyhow. Find your way inside anyhow.” She said that they were cooking for us. I said, “But nobody has ever been saved through cooking.”
68.     Remember the good man of the house; he provided the house, provided cooking materials, but he was not a part of the food. So, choose the good path, for Martha chose to cook and serve the Lord, while Mary chose to sit down at the Lord’s feet.
69.     Now, we have argued and debated. Who has won the argument? We won! Now the Saints are filled with an overwhelming joy. Satan can never dwell where this type of joy exists. We are not drunk seeing us rejoicing as people out there can get drunk in the morning, but we are being pushed about like mad people by the Spoken Word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Holy Spirit.
70.     When the Spirit is in the camp, you will see the wind pulling everybody. It is a revelation. When revelation strikes you, you are no longer the same.
71.     I remember Friday night, during the ministers’ meeting, during the midnight romance with the Son of Man, the revealed Christ together with the ministers. It got to a point when almost all the ministers were standing up and they were pulling closer and closer, until they blocked everywhere and I continued drawing back. They continued following because the Word was pulling them along, which is the Super Magnet. It cannot magnet a plastic.
72.     No matter how beautiful a plastic may be, magnet can never take plastic because it is synthetic. Plastic is fair to look at, but there is no life inside; but look at that iron that looks rough and rusty; it must be attracted to the magnet. Amen.