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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 25th July, 2010 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN © BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE
I am the highest Court. Nobody crosses over to the “other side” without passing through my Court. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man

The traditional religion believes in Amadioha and also believes in the Almighty God. The Christian faith believes that there is Jesus and also believes that there is Almighty God. The Moslem faith believes that there is Mohammed and also believes that there is Almighty God.
To you in this Faith, do you believe that there is the Son of Man and there is Almighty God? You have to answer the question yourself.
        What is the Name of God? Is there any name God approved that He should be called? Does God have a universal Name? –Son of Man. (BEWARE OF ESOTERIC LANGUAGE VOL. ONE. PG 74, VS 1-3)
THE INNER VOICE What forms your Message wherever you go? Is it the Messenger or the Message? APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA


Wherever you are, hook up with God. There is no friend like Him. He has called us His friends; He has called us His beloved sons and daughters. Why should God live and see us weeping; see us groaning in pain, in agony and in anguish? No good thing will the Lord withhold from those that walk uprightly. Even if you were not walking uprightly in the past, this is your hour. Take a decision that henceforth, you will walk uprightly before the Lord so that He will not withhold any good thing from you.
2.         You have been struggling alone for a very long time. That is why your efforts have not been crowned with success. From now stop struggling, hand the matter over to God. Take that burden to the Lord and leave it there. Take that problem to the Lord and leave it there. If He does not solve that problem, nobody will solve it. If He does not calm down that condition, nothing will ever calm it down. If He does not arrest that situation, nothing on Earth can ever arrest that situation.
3.         When God steps into a situation, the difference becomes clear. Why not say, “God, step into my life situation now; step into my family situation now.” Hook up with the Lord there. “You are My friends,” saith the Lord Almighty, “I have not called you my enemies and a friend withholds nothing from his friends.” You are his friends if you obey His Words. But if you disobey, you make yourself God’s enemy. When you obey and the Lord refuses to bless you, He will remain guilty. Has He promised you anything and He has not done it?
4.         The Lord said that you shall decree a deal and He will establish it for you. Why not make a decree concerning that matter? Hook up with the Lord. The way you want it is the way it is going to happen. Make it a decree. Give it a sanction. Make a proclamation on that matter and hook up with God this very moment. Why not try God there. I say try God there. Hold Him at His promise, for God can never fail in His promise.
5.         Hook up with God. Do not pretend that all is well with you. Look inwards very well. Students that seek admissions into higher institutions, hook up with God. This is the time to break through; it is the time to call upon the Name of the Lord.
6.         Are you having crisis? Crisis in one way or the other, call Christ in the time of crises.
7.         Where are you standing? Are you standing on the Solid Rock? Or are you still in doubt? Are you still limping between two opinions as to whether Christ is real or not?
8.         A double-minded fellow obtaineth nothing from the Lord. Are your affairs resting steadfastly on Christ Who is the Solid Rock? Outside Christ, there is no other safe ground for any child of God. Outside Christ, there is no other safe ground for any human being. If you are standing on any other ground, if you are expecting help from any other source, surely, you must be disappointed, but Christ will never disappoint you. Hook up with God this very hour. Make sure your anchor is holding.  
9.         In times like this, you need an Anchor; you need a Helper; you need a Saviour. In times like this, you need a Comforter for you cannot make it alone.
10.     Till eternity, He (The Almighty) remains the Most High God that reigneth and He reigneth forever and ever. He will reign and He will remain the Most High God. This Faith is the only place of our rest, the place where we come face-to-face with God to hear Him speak.
11.     The Apostles of old said that they were privileged to sit down with Him, hear from Him and even shook hands with Him. What is more, they also drank with Him. God does not change. Whatever He was that time, that He is today; and that is what He will remain forever. What He did before, that He is repeating in our day so that history will continue to repeat itself again and again, so that the entire world will stand in awe before the Lord.
12.     I thank God that I am not only a witness, but equally a beneficiary. I merge My testimony with that of the Apostles that I have been privileged to see Him with My eyes; touched Him with My hands, ate and drank with Him, and even slept on the same bed with Him. What a wonderful privilege! It is a privilege; it is not a right. It is grace; it is an unmerited favour.  He blinded some, yet He opened the eyes of some; and I am numbered among those whose eyes He opened.
13.     He called some His enemies, and also called some His friends. But I am numbered among His friends. What else do I need? Firstly, He (God) has given you the greatest gift in this generation. If you do not know what that gift is all about, pity yourself. Anyway, it is not a compulsory gift to everybody.
14.     Secondly, you have the right to accept a gift; you also have the right to reject it. It is a gift, we are not paying for it. We did not ask for it. Out of His good pleasure, He offered it to us free. Thus, if you reject it, there is no problem. You accept it; equally, there is no problem. Glory be to God in the highest.

I want to speak to you by way of putting you in remembrance of the things you have forgotten. We have carried out lots and lots of reviews, all aiming at placing us where we belong. Let Me tell you something. I have always said it wherever I go, that it is easier to fall in love than to stay in love. He that went to the Cross and purchased your salvation there, the same is also on the scene, in your midst for your redemption, for your perfection and righteousness.
16.     There is no other spirit except the Spirit of Christ. From the beginning of the world till the end of the world, it will remain the same Sovereign Spirit of Christ, for without that Spirit there is no salvation; without that Spirit there is no redemption, no holiness and no perfection. Oh! Glory be to God.
17.     Let Me tell you the truth; if what we are enjoying in our midst, in the Bride Ministry is not the Promise that was promised by God, let it be known to you that we are all deceived. If there was no promise of One coming to wrap up the whole programme with the Gentiles; if there was no Promise of God coming in human form, standing on Earth in the last days; if there was no Promise of the BLACK SHEEP in one of the jungles in Africa, Who will stand revealing Himself in the midst of the Church in the last days, then we are deceived.
18.     The Prophet said, “The Church world will not see Him. Do not ever look for Him among the clergy of that day for He is not coming as a clergyman.”
19.      If what we are enjoying is not the Promise and was not promised ahead of time, let it be known to you that we are wasting our time in this Faith. Note that wherever the Promise is fulfilled, God is bound to vindicate it with a sign of the supernatural which has always been the presence of God. 
20.     Immediately Jesus the Christ was born, the supernatural sign vindicated Him. Each time a prophet appears, a supernatural sign vindicates him. In our own day, the Promise has come to pass and the Almighty also vindicated it.
21.     When William Branham was alive, he said, “We are standing on the threshold of One that is about to come into the Church.”
22.     The Church is now standing on the threshold to receive His coming. What we are receiving is the Promise of the Father. Spread the Goodnews far and wide that the Comforter is in the Bridal Faith. If Christ is not your Comforter, well, you have a problem you cannot solve.
23.     Glory be to God in the highest. We give God the Glory for everything.

Who Is In Control of Your Family?” Is the title of our new publication. Do you know why God preserved His Word in print? This is done so that we will not forget the Word of God and perish because once you forget the Word of God, you are likely to err and when you err, death will strike.
25.     A family is good because the wife in that family is good or the wives in that family are good. There is no situation a good wife cannot control. There is no mad man that is beyond the control of a good wife, no matter the madness of the man.
26.     A woman that has the Spirit of God knows how to bring the man under control.  The reason why God gave a man a wife is to check some of the excesses that are in the man. If that woman recognizes her position, she will check those excesses.
27.     I have never handled a teaching that says that if you tie wrapper with your blouse, you become a daughter of God. Even if you wear maxi (an ankle-length coat, skirt, or dress) or a Jewish uniform or caftan or even cover your face like the wives of Alhajis in the Northern States, a sinner is still a sinner.
28.     Note, I have never preached any Message or handed down any teaching that stipulated that any woman that is dressed in wrapper, blouse  from head to toe, from chest down to the feet and so on has already become a saint in the House of God. I am not ignorant concerning the devices of the Devil. I know that the Devil can masquerade himself as an angel of righteousness in the form of a man or a woman.
29.     If the Devil is not afraid of going to the high places preaching, saying that he is preaching the Word of God; if the Devil is not afraid of the pulpit or of the Bible; if the Devil can gather things here and there, then there is nothing the Devil cannot impersonate except anything that is supernatural.
30.     When it comes to supernatural occurrences, the Devil specializes in performing magic. But God specializes in performing miracles; they are two different things.
31.     In the land of Egypt, in the days of Moses, God performed miracles in the hand of Moses. Pharaoh performed magic in the hand of his magicians. For every original, there must be a counterfeit. As a result, your own dressing can be counterfeit dressing. As long as you have not been dressed (clothed) by the Word of God, whatever you are covering up, you are covering it up as a suppression of feeling. You are doing it so that we will close our mouths.
32.     Such people will say, “Since this is what you are now saying, okay, let us do it for them and see whether we can have rest!” Furthermore, as long as you have not gotten the revelation, there is no apparel in your box you can take and put on once. You can tie up to seven different apparels before you make your choice. The truth is that any apparel you lift up, you will condemn it; you lift another one up, you will condemn it.
33.     Even, to prove that you are not happy, you will go for the ones you abandoned many years ago, the ones your husband refused that you will not wear them or the ones that have expired in outlook. Watch, you will try to put such apparels on as a demonstration to your husband that those are the ones you now have.
34.     “Since they said we should wear wrapper henceforth to fellowship, get ready to buy one for me! I cannot wear these old ones again.” This is the Devil in human form.
35.     Remember, the Devil comes in the form of a spirit; the Devil comes in the form of anointing. Once you are clothed with the Spirit of God, which is the Message of the hour, the Word for the hour, false anointing will never perch on you.  If the Word is not for the hour, it is not from God.
36.     Once you are clothed within, your choices are made easy. But as long as you are barren inside, it will reflect outside.
37.     Watch all that strayed away, that are not clothed within with the Spirit of truth, they have been groaning in grudging since married women were commanded to put on wrapper to fellowship; they have been groaning in pains. They have been murmuring and complaining. In the kitchen, they are murmuring; in the room, they are murmuring; on the street they are murmuring, even their telephone conversations with one another, they are complaining: “Hei! This wrapper, this wrapper has become a burden!” It has become like the praying and fasting of the Jews; the praying and fasting of the Jews made them look very sad. While they were praying and fasting they were complaining and murmuring. They were looking at the time because it was a burden.
38.     Tell me, how can obedience to the truth become a burden? It is a burden to one that is not a seed of God, while some precious ones who knew their worth have been praising God for calling them back from Jericho to Jerusalem. They have been lamenting, weeping, agonizing because they allowed themselves to be influenced away by sycophants.
39.     Who is a sycophant in this Faith? A sycophant in this Faith is one that does not know the rudiments of the Faith; one that cannot understand the symphony. He thinks we are in the Faith for jamboree, He thinks we are in the Faith for social interaction or for a show off. No! You have missed the whole idea! We are sensible mad people.
40.     Yes, do not query Me for every spiritual man is mad. Besides, when they (the Apostles) were addicted to the Word in the Acts of the Apostles, people said they were mad. When you are drunk with the Word of God, addicted to the Word, you become a mad man to people around you. Thus, do not fool Me with wearing of wrapper. I am looking for something greater than putting on of wrapper; I am for the weightier matter.
41.     Let Me pour the oil of Gilead on you and see whether you will be refreshed once again. I believe in every situation there is always a balm from Gilead. The balm of Gilead is always there.
42.     You know the essence of balm? Anywhere you are having a severe pain, what do you apply? You apply balms like Freedom balm and Aboniki balm. But now it is not going to be balm of “Nerve and Bonelike Freedom and Aboniki balm because the pain cannot be stopped using ordinary Nerve and Bone liniment. What will stop the pain? It is the oil of Gilead (the balm of Gilead); that is what I will rub all of you on your waist so that when you tie wrapper, it will not pain you again.

Remove that padded jump up skirt and blouse. Then put on padded brassieres as mothers, and not padded skirt and blouse. When they were saying: “Padded, padded,” I thought they were talking of the type Sister Joshua put on to fellowship recently. She did so with Sister Shedrack. They padded theirs.
44.     Sometimes, I begin to wonder whether what we were seeing are their hips. Or they added foam to make their body look like Tiger. More to the point, they do not even examine themselves in the mirror before coming out. Truly speaking, if they had examined themselves in the mirror before coming out, they would never step out with that nonsense. It is a condemnable dress that is not even worthy to be taken into your kitchen. It makes people look down on you.
45.     Yes! A mother should not babify herself. If you are a mother, assume your position as a mother and then earn your respect. You should be proud of what you are.
46.     There was a Message I handled many years ago because of the recklessness of some people in our midst. I handled that Message at Isialangwa and titled it: THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD.
47.     There is joy in motherhood; the same way, there is joy in fatherhood. As a result, take note of what I am saying. If you are masquerading in our midst as a mother, God knows and you know also. You may put on twenty wrappers together, cover your hair with it, make it up and down dress or the one  called “Keep Onitsha Clean;” in there (in you), if Christ is not there, the whole dressing on you is Devilish. Before God, you are naked; you are poor and miserable.
48.      I have noticed that Deacons do not take note of some reckless Sisters who even chew gum while in fellowship. Ministers, henceforth, if you notice chewing of gum in anybody’s mouth, the person should swallow it. The time when you chew gum and then place it under our seats is over.
49.     Mothers will chew gum; when they want to go, they will hide it under our seats. Watch all our seats; you will see gum under them, gum chewed by mothers. Why are you chewing gum? Are you a goat? It takes a goat to chew gum (to regurgitate). In addition, if you want to sleep, we will provide a mat for you. Go behind and sleep. When we dismiss we will wake you up.
50.     I know now that I have said it those that have glasses will bring all of them out from now during fellowship because the most deceitful way to sleep is by putting on glasses.

There is one thing I saw in the Message titled CHECK POINT which I want to show you in this Message.
52.     CHECK POINT, page 13: “The House of God is the House of worship. I decided to stay outside with Brother Kelechi to allow you some time to continue making a hell of noise inside. Our Message said that this place is a place of worship. If you want to chat, go outside.
53.     The moment you step into this house called by His Name, you reverence it; your attitude must change.
54.     In the days of St. Paul, he warned Timothy; he strictly warned the members that they should know how to conduct themselves in the House of God, which is the Church of God, the Ground and Pillar of Truth.
55.     Before he gave the warning, he must have perceived danger or he must have witnessed some people walking disorderly, misbehaving themselves in the House of God. The House of God is the House of Prayer. It is not the house of chatting.
56.     William Branham said, ‘If you have the Holy Spirit in you, you should be in the Fellowship thirty minutes before the time. Once you step into the House of God, bend down there, kneel down there or stand up there, pray; be sure that you prayed through so that you will be a part of the Fellowship.’
57.     But many of you will just come to fellowship with bundles of flesh and be ‘talking’ like parrot; the talking you started at home, you will complete it in the fellowship. I wonder what we teach our children. I do not know what they are learning from us. I am telling you God’s truth!
I never wanted to be in the pulpit; but these children inspired Me to be in the podium. Truly speaking, it is not on my mind to be in the pulpit; but when I enquired from the Pastor, I became certain…”
58.     Did you notice how the Message opened? Are we abiding by this rule? Are we obeying this rule? Have we not strayed away from this rule? Pastors in charge of this Assembly, are you not observant? Ministers, Deacons, are we still observing this rule? Have we not strayed away from it? Have we not turned this Ground and Pillar of Truth that is called by the Name of God into a household of chatting? We have turned it From the House of prayer to the house of chatting.
59.     You cannot pray in your house; also, you cannot pray in the House of God. Will you now be telling Me that you pray enough in your offices? You pray enough in your work places; in your schools and colleges. Tell Me, is there any other place that can provide you with the enabling environment for prayers if not in the House of God?
60.     But when you come into the fellowship with bundles of flesh, unbridled tongues and uncircumcised hearts, you are bound to behave anyhow. Talking will ensue, chatting will ensue, useless gatherings will ensue. Have you not lost the vision why we are in the fellowship of the saints? We are in the fellowship of the saints for what I call EFFECTIVE WORSHIP.
61.     Effective worship, not ineffective worship; worship that influences our characters, worship that touches our lives positively. That is what I call effective worship. Any worship that is not touching your soul is not checking your life for the better. It is not lifting your spirit up. It is ineffective worship; a canal worship. Amen.

The meeting point of all children of God has always been
in Christ (The Anointed One of every age).
-Son of Man

FAMILY MENU volume one, page 11: “A person who stands out and feels very different from the people of the community in which he lives is often viewed with distrust and suspicion.”
2.         Few weeks ago, I showed you a newspaper where a man appeared in Lagos claiming to be a man that came down from the moon, everything about him looking very much unusual. His carousal attracted everybody around him for they saw him as a strange being. Thus, they were viewing the man with anxiety and with lots and lots of misgivings and also distrust. More so, when he was making a spurious claim that he came down from the moon.
3.         Now, our Message is saying that if such a person appears people around must stand in awe (mixture of wonder and fear). Too many things will run across their minds while watching the person standing. They will like to know his mission on Earth. They will like to know why he dresses the way he dress, even his food will be scrutinized, his living place must be scrutinized, everything around him must be brought under strict scrutiny.
4.         If a foreigner comes inside a city, Immigration Officers will leave no stone unturned while verifying the identity of the foreigner and his mission in their country. If after their whole investigations, assessments, it is concluded that the foreigner has an impure motive, a destructive mission for coming into their country, automatically, he is repatriated and declared persona non grata (unwelcome or unacceptable person); an undesirable element.
5.         If an albino steps into the fellowship now, somebody that we have never seen before, do you think that he will not attract our attention? He will attract our attention.  Everybody will like to know about the fellow. For he is an unusual fellow in our midst.
6.         I am saying that unusual human beings are mixing with usual human beings on Earth; Unnatural human beings now mingling with natural human beings on Earth, natural human being feels suspicious about supernatural human being, the supernatural sojourning with the naturals. Who am I referring to aliens, pilgrims, strangers, ambassadors, of heaven? They are in this Faith.
7.         If that man never stepped his feet on Earth, you would not have identified who you are for you have already strayed away over the years, you have been wondering like sheep without a shepherd in the wilderness. In order to bring you back, God had to send a Shepherd because it is only in Christ that all the children of God that are scattered all over the world are united and restored.
8.         The meeting point of all children of God has always been in Christ (the Anointed One of every age).
9.         Go back to the Message titled: “The Identification of Christ in All the Ages” and “Evening Time Evangelism” preached by William Branham.
10.     Watch where they have rallied round. Do you know that it is only in the Name of the Lord that all the children of God shall gather? Are you numbered among the pilgrims, strangers, aliens and ambassadors of Christ?
11.     Remember that what God did before is what He is repeating over and over again. “In the beginning,” that is Genesis account, “God’s children came down from Heaven and then started messing themselves up here on Earth because they lost sight of who they were. God stepped into His program and destroyed those that deceived the children of God and then started a new generation.”
12.     If you are sons and daughters of God, you are God’s representative; this place (physical Earth) is not your permanent ground. For now, you are aliens, you are visitors. Thus, you have become the cynosure of all eyes: you have customs and traditions different from that of the people around you; what they hate is what you love, what you love is what they hate.
13.     From the time God arrested Me, what I loved before is now what I hate; what I hated before is now what I cherish, so there is a difference in me. If there is no difference in you, you have not met Christ or you have not fully surrendered to His leadership.
14.     Something you loved before has vanished away, something you hated before has come to stay. That is why we keep on praying that the Word of God will have its dwelling place in us so that we will not sin against Him.

Let Me tell you, virtuous women since God commanded them to come to fellowship in wrapper, have been behaving as if scales fell of from their eyes, ancient women in our midst even cried out and said: “How are the mighty fallen, tell it not in Gath, publish it not on the streets of the heathens lest the uncircumcised will ever rejoice.”
16.     When the book of the Law got lost, the people of Israel went into idolatry. One day, the book was found and was read in the House of God, all that knew the truth from the very onset fell flat, covered themselves with sackcloth, cried and cried and cried for such a horrible departure from the truth.
17.     You see why God gave what we need to us, unfortunately who is blind but my servants, instead of watching over the Word, watching over the flock they began to show canal love to their wives. They started turning the Word of God upside down, attempting to placate the implacable, attempting to please one that can never be pleased, one that can only be pleased temporarily when the oil is still fresh in the mouth but the moment the oil dries off they will remember whom they are.
18.     Tell Me what you will offer a woman that will make her to remain loving till eternity? The reason why women weep when their husbands die is because they have lost the help they are getting from him, and not because they were true to their love. When a man loses his job, he feels sad because that is the source of his income, and not that the work is a good one but at least because of the thing that is coming out from there. Amen.