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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


THE KINSMAN REDEEMER Preached on 15TH MAY 2011 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute” ©BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE
Behold, your Father — the Son of Man — has all knowledge. He that is teaching you has all knowledge, and you will have all knowledge if only you will believe and obey.     -Son of Man
If you belong to us, belonging to God means you have that implicit faith, unshakable faith, immoveable conviction that He,
whose Voice you are hearing this very hour is no other than the very ELOHIM! That is exactly what we are saying. I mean that standing in your midst is the Source of whatever you are expecting. In other words, without Him, nothing happens. If He locks the gate, no human being will open it; if He opens it, no human being will close it. Go up, go down; you will be pointed to this Faith: “Look at Him there!” People run helter-skelter as if He (God) is far from them. Yes, He is far from you because you are a wicked fellow.APPEARED, PP 29 VS 4-7)
 God is far from the wicked. If you are numbered among the wicked, God is far from you. –Son of Man. –––Son of Man. (UNTO YOU GOD FIRST
!. Let me say welcome to all of you that went to Aguleri for the burial of our late Deacon Joshua. 
2. The good news is that all our Brethren that went there got to their homes very safely, the Lord granted all of us journey mercy, no evil report whatsoever. In all we ate and drank over there nobody complained of having running stomach for the Lord took control of all situations.
3. I also thank God that I was able to be there live. In fact, I learnt a lot, my ears were stuffed. Aguleri people spoke to Me concerning our late Brother Joshua and his family in general, confirming I was right in all that I said concerning his son Uche. 
4. I will still speak to the family again. Do not blame his brother Ndubisi, he is not responsible for what he is doing there. It is an aura surrounding the family, a very big aura surrounding the family and it will require the mightiest hand of God to save the family. 
5. Even till today, foolishly, blindly they surrounded themselves with shrines. Let me hold it there. I will make it public when I might have spoken to the eldest man in that family if there be a tomorrow. 
6. I do not know about your own family.  If we didn’t go there nobody would have believed that all the period Deacon Joshua used to absent himself from fellowship, sometimes for one month, saying he is living at Otuocha, that he went home that they were holding meetings, that as the head of the family his presence was highly needed. All these things that they were claiming were all lies. Nobody knows him even in his own kindred, nobody knows him in that village, only few individuals. Some never know that he is still alive. The same way also they do not know about his younger brother Christian. In fact, they  were shocked at what they saw. 
7. One of them even spoke to Brother Kennedy who came from Lagos, a Police Officer, saying that they never knew that their son acquired great wealth and built mansions in Onitsha. That the village could see all these people that have gathered are the people that are feeding from their son, that he used his resources to take care of us but he could not bring anything home. 
8. Do you blame them? No for he was given a king’s burial. One that spoke to us, an old man, said that never in the history of Aguleri has they witnessed a burial like this. That this is first among equals. He said it is unparallel but something disturbed him: he said that I hid the identity of my group and of myself, that he would like to know the name of our group and also know me personally; then I gave him one of our books. 
9. It pays to travel out from time to time. Where Pastor Dan went to buy something, a man there was also saying the same thing. Pastor Dan has to open his mouth to defend our Faith. 
10. The man said he appreciated everything about our Church that this Church is the best he has ever come across but there is a problem: that it appears as if we restrict our members from visiting their hometowns, and we also restrict them to participate in whatever their people were doing, so Pastor Dan opened his mouth there to defend our belief.
11. Another one confronted Pastor Thomas and the driver, all was the same report. Then the question arises: where could be the place where this man used to go and spent weeks, sometime months, only to tell us that he went to his hometown because he said is the head of the family, that there is nothing in the family they could decide without him and I will ask him to go and covered him up? 
12. Well, I thank God that salvation is not based on those things, otherwise he is totally lost, despite of the king’s burial, he is totally lost but I thank God for the Grace of God that bringeth  salvation which appeared in our day and we embraced it. 
13. If the reason why you are in this Faith is for us to give you a befitting burial, we welcome you fully. We may give  you the one even more befitting than the one we gave Deacon Joshua.  At the end you get lost, so let the living learn a lesson from the dead.
14. I have to thank all of you that participated in one way or the other for the success of that burial ceremony especially our  Brothers and Sisters who went there ahead of time. They did a wonderful  work, so we appreciate everything they did there and we will still remain appreciating. 
15. The Sisters that did the cooking, you really did a good work and you could see that people were scrambling for your food. Even the heathen started eating right from the previous night. 
16. On then other hand, if you didn’t eat, please bear with us for there was a very big error there for it never came from us. Whoever that went without food should hold Sister Joshua guilty. We provided more than enough and the Sisters only cooked the ones she brought out. 
17. When Pastor Thomas went there to carry things back with the driver we hired, he was shocked to see the remnant of the  food that was not cooked and Sister asked him to carry it together with the vehicle and he said no, that it wasn’t why I sent him. 
18. We made adequate preparation and my greatest joy is that there was no encroachment. I entrusted everything cooking, buying of items, everything, to Sister Joshua hundred percent (100%), also permitted her to pick any Sister she chose. I never dictated anything and no Sister dictated anything either. Everything, the money was entrusted into her hands; the liberty was given to her. 
19. We only purchased casket, paid the mortuary bills, purchased wine and water, full stop. Thus, if there was anybody who came back without food, please do not be angry, count it not against  us, be patient enough, maybe when Sister Joshua comes back she can prepare a delicious one, specially made for you. It is not out of place! If I will command her to do it from the pulpit, she will do it; so do not  be angry because maybe you never ate or you never drank a bottle of wine but be thankful to God that everything went well, the heathen that came eat to there satisfaction. 
20. About fifty percent (50%) of food prepared there was consumed by the people from Nteje and not Aguleri people. 
21. Aguleri people were in the minority but the people that exploited the food we prepared came from Nteje. 
22. From that night, immediately I stepped my feet into that compound with the corpse, we have not even lie the corpse in state and the first message came. 
23. Sister said that I should be asked whether she should begin to serve food to the people that came from her hometown that they were many.
24. I said, “What! Is this your own tradition? I know in Anambra here, you do not eat nor drink until the corpse is buried. We are just coming back from the mortuary, could it be that they came  because of food or what?” 
25. Finally I said, “Okay,” lest Sister be offended, “Sister, serve them,” and the villagers from Aguleri were not happy. 
26. When I got to the graveside the people there were complaining bitterly for they were not happy, we are the people I mean to be received first. 
27. Well, I do not count it against them. What is more, I noted one thing also. I wanted to talk but there was nobody I could complain to. The six
(6) elders that represented the family, immediately we carried the casket to the grave, they vanished, so there was nobody I could talk to. 
28. Yes, it was unfair! We were unfairly treated, nobody ever saluted us from the family. From the time we came to the time  we left nobody received us, nobody offered us kolanut, nobody represented the family to say “we are grateful to you” or “you are welcome.”
29. We were the people that offered them kola, offered them drinks, offered them food as if they were strangers and they continued to give Me sanctions especially from their so-called Akunecheyin people. They continued making one demand after the other and we  supplied all. We gave them their money, yet they refused to beat their drum. 
30. I thank God for the man who came with the turntable, yet he exploited us. He was alone as we thought they were two but he tricked our Brother and carried a carton of beer and a crate of soft drink— only one person carrying all these! Is it not exploitation?  He carried cooler of food—only one person—and one bottle of hot drink. He carried all these things and hid them inside the shrine, came back, sat down with us and started eating our own food with us. 
31. If you have opened that little curtain they used in covering that shrine, you will see our crates and our food inside the shrine. I have never seen such a people like that before, I have never seen such a people, such a family were nobody could come out and say “welcome” or even help in receiving the casket. How I wish Sister Joshua is in this  fellowship. 
32. See, Sisters take note. We do not know whose turn next. Her action betrayed her. When we carried the casket to the village we lie our Brother
in state, opened the casket and allowed everybody to see it starting from the villagers to the relations. Finally, I let the entire Brethren to see it. In other words, I allowed that casket to be there for a very long time and I never hindered anybody from nearing the casket. 
33. Note that it surprised me while Apostle Kelechi was on the pulpit preaching, the casket was already at the Village Square. He was preaching along side with Apostle Ojiakor 
34. Suddenly Brother Uche came to me and said, “Daddy, my mummy said I should come and tell you that she did not see her husband’s corpse. 
35. I said, “What! A casket that remained open for over two hours and it was lying in the front of the kitchen there where she was staying and she couldn’t see it?”
36. I said, “Okay, go and tell her that she would see  him on the resurrection morning.” 
37. What am I saying Brethren, it will be very stupid of Me when preaching was already on, you come and open the casket again for her to see the corpse, where was she? She was very busy instead of sitting down as somebody that lost her husband, she was busy supervising everything in the kitchen, in the store, everywhere and that was  somebody I warned seriously that it is the greatest abomination for a woman that lost her husband to be moving up and down. 
38. I told her, “Sit down! We have enough Sisters who will do the work,” but she couldn’t obey. The time we brought the casket down there she has not taken her bath.
39. While the preaching was on, she sent another message asking whether she should stay inside or come to the fellowship. 
40. I said that she should stay inside. She understood  the message.  Before I knew it she came out because the tone was clear
41. I thank God. I have come back. You can now begin to appreciate why I said, “Let us hasten action and bury our Brother, then face the matter at stake.” Amen.
1. If you want to know where we are now, please take note of this Message. We are no longer talking about burial, no! We are talking about the Judgment Day, we are talking about God’s Vengeance upon the Earth, we are talking about the revelation of God’s anger which is the same day with the day of catching away of the Saints for the two are tied together. 
2. Note it, that self-same day, Lot escaped from the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, fire and brimstone rained down from Heaven that self same minute. 
3. The moment the Saints vanish the wrath of God takes over which will span for many months until the Earth will be finally consumed in the anger of the Lord. 
4. Too many students of the Bible, philosophers and theologians, according to them, over ten decades now who engaged in a very big research work have started making their predictions and the closest date of all the predicted dates for the departure of the Saints and the Judgment of God to descend on Earth is about six days from 15th  May 2011, which I say I will never contend with. 
5. I will never condemn the man and I will not say no  or yes, but I warned you not to fix any date and do not have your eyes on any date or time. However, do not throw away those predictions  for the tendency is there for such people who were able to know the day Elijah left to emerge in our own day. 
6. How many know that Elijah’s Ministry is a part of this Bridal Ministry? The ministry of Elijah ushered in the Ministry of Christ. The second Elijah appeared, am I making sense at all? If you do not know the second Elijah you would not know about the second Christ. 
7. If you do not believe that William Branham was John the Baptist, you do not believe in God and you are not even in this Faith. I hope somebody is following! 
8. If the date of the departure of first Elijah was predicted, and the people that predicted it got it right, be very careful about this second Elijah. Remember his own was predicted, did it fail? We are talking about Christ now. There is time for everything; so God has fixed time for everything, we will know the date and the time. 
9. Remember the Message which I preached in Jerusalem titled “The Pains of Labour and the Joy of Delivery.” The Lord God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret to His Servants the Prophets. 
10. Too many things have been revealed, all in line with the hour. 
11. Believe it if you can; I am the one that liveth, I was dead and behold I am alive forever more. Come unto me all ye nations and be saved for I am the One that liveth and I was dead. Somebody say amen, Amen!
12. If the Lord has revealed the hour we are in to you, please do not use it to embarrass people. By embarrassment I mean, if there is a dream, a vision or whatever, maybe catching away of the Saints took place in that dream and from the way you saw it everybody got translated except one or two persons who you recognize their faces in the dream, do not go to them to tell them that you had a dream where the catching away of the Saints took place and everybody was translated except them; for that might be embarrassing and at the same time very much disturbing. 
13. That is why I want to say it again though I have been hammering on that, that if peradventure you are blessed with supernatural visitation, whether in dreams and things like that, please do not go to any other person to narrate it except Apostle Kelechi who knows how to bring it to Me. Do not go to any other person if he is not around, simply come to me. Do not go to your husband, do not go to your wife,  do not go to your Pastors, do not go to any other person. 
14. If you happen to be among the Brothers that I banned not to narrate or tell anybody the experience we had, that is, an encounter we had with a mad man so to say, in keeping with my warning, keep it to yourself! 
15. If you happen to be one or two or among those who heard about it, not from our Brethren who were there, who were warned never to speak
but you heard it from a heathen who was privileged to be there and heard what the mad man was saying, out of fear he began to tell people about it. If it happens you are numbered among those people that heard it from that heathen who was a witness in the encounter, keep it to yourself. Do not use it as an item for preaching. That is the much I want to say there.
16. There is no mad man in his evil spirit possessed condition that cannot identify Christ any time Christ appears. Any time Christ appears, all human beings may be blind to it but not a mad man. 
17. I know many of you know what I am saying. Even Jesus banned his followers never to tell people what they saw. Before he went to the street the thing has already been noised abroad. 
18. At Isialangwa where we went to bury the mother of Pastor Paul Ogwuzie, a mad man also identified Christ in the midst of the crowd and he began to make noise saying, “See Him, is it not Him? Look at Him.” 
19. I remember some years ago when we were going to Aba, I was going in the company of Apostle Kelechi and Brother Ben Okezue. We were going to Isialangwa and the bus had a stopover at Owerenta. We went to buy some loaves of bread and the shop we entered, we never knew the person that was lying down there was a mad man. 
20. Immediately we entered, the man sprang up on his feet—somebody who was asleep—and he began to make noise. 
21. The Scripture says that the Devil believed and trembled. You believe God is a human being, the Devil believed God to be a human being. You believe that God is one of us the Devil also believed it. 
22. What am I saying, I never knew that a heathen was around, though too many people were there too. I never knew that the man that was there was paying attention to the encounter. Truly speaking I never knew he was paying attention not until a Sister came to me on Friday evening when we come back. What is more, she was even around when we were there and narrated her own experience and that has saved Brothers real trouble from Me. 
23. It has saved the Brothers I warned not to reveal it from receiving my wrath. If I have heard the thing from other source  I would have believed that no other person (s) revealed that thing other  than those Brothers I warned. You see how God works! I would have killed  them in vain or accuse them of an offence they never committed. 
24. I am saying that that thing we were trying to keep secret, a heathen leaked it and the fear of that thing forced him to come and sit down while the preaching is going on. 
25. A mad man asked me a very important question. He gazed at Me and called Me Son of Man. The mad man said, “Why are you still here? So you are still here on Earth, you do not want to go  back? So you have refused to go back! You mean you will not go back again?” 
26. I summoned him to come closer but he said no. I said, “Shake my hand!” He said, “I won’t greet you, I wont greet you!” so the heathen who was there at the right time began to spread it among the people that they never knew who visited the land, that a supernatural Being has visited Aguleri and from that time he started calling me the first God, the Creator, the first great God from the beginning, the Almighty.
27. Well, he has believed what the mad man said but that is no salvation for salvation goes beyond that. 
28. As we wait at the gate; there was a woman that made a hell of noise who came from Enugu looking like Sister Okoh with her eyeglass. She was with us for a very long time before she joined politics and till today she still holds onto the Faith. What is more, she almost became violent to those who said she has abandoned the Faith. I hope  you all saw her confirming the Message more than any other person.
29. While she was with us we knew her for one thing: she has the same gift Sister Grace of Utu has. She has the gift of vision for she can see and identify supernatural things human eyes can hardly  see just like Sister Grace of Utuh. 
30. You know we forget too easily. Before Sister Grace  told us her experience one year like that after the death of our late Brother Eze, you remember there was a little girl who ran from the front seat to the mother,
gripped the mother and said, “See the father of Miracle sitting down there! Look at him! A dead man is sitting in the Church!”
31. What is more, Sister Grace was not in the fellowship when this happened. After about an hour later Sister Grace came to fellowship and summoned us saying that she was surprised, that near the cashew tree which was very close to the fellowship hall that she saw late Brother Eze and even greeted him but he was quiet. She never knew what has taking place in the fellowship. 
32. If there was anything that woman we met at Aguleri told any of you about her experiences in Aguleri, keep it to yourself for it will help your Faith. I believed it though she did not tell me but she told people around her that at a time when the Deacons filed and they were demonstrating, the undertakers were also dancing, this woman said that with her eyes she saw Deacon Joshua dancing with the Deacons at the back. 
33. She was asked to describe Deacon Joshua; apart from the poster we printed carrying the picture of Deacon Joshua she never knew Deacon Joshua and she described Deacon Joshua perfectly well. 
34. I will not talk about late Brother Ferdinand and many others like that. If you believe that the spirit does not die until the day God will destroy both the human beings and the spirits that  sinned against Him, until then, spirits still remain alive. We have too many cases like that, where we have chats with people not knowing that they are already in the mortuary. 
35. We have even carried some of them in our vehicles in form of a human being only for them to vanish in the vehicle. Well, I thank God for what is happening. If you do not know about this Faith, pray that God will visit you privately. 
36. There was a young man, I love him but I do not  know why he is very much afraid of Me and that is Mr. Anyanwu from Isialangwa. Something God showed him that could have helped his faith ended in putting a type of fear that drove him away. 
37. Well, I cannot forget my last experience with him. He saw Me on the way and parked his vehicle. I asked him to come out so that we could salute; well, he laughed and laughed, then I said, “My friend, you do not  want to shake me again?” He said, “Sir, you know I am always afraid. I do not want to die yet!” 
38. You see, could it be all of you in this fellowship are spirits yet you do not know. You might be spirit yet you do not know. I know what will deceive many people that day. You have heard about the new body which God promised you, can you tell Me the new cloth He  promised He will use in covering you? Some might be thinking He will cloth all of us with white garment. What if He will not touch your garment? 
39. Well, the Prophet said, “If it is His perfect Will tonight as I am preaching this Word, these your mortal bodies will be changed in a twinkling of an eye,” your faces will remain as usual. Because if you are black you cannot be white, your faces will remain as usual, your dresses as usual but you are now indestructible human beings. You know it is a big mystery. 
40. To God be the glory. We have arrived there. We are now watching events. Henceforth, do not  ever forsake the gathering of the Saints. If not for one thing, I would have extended the time of our fellowship for the sake of our children who are in their school but knowing the truth, there is no need extending it. 
42. Why the noise? I am not talking about this week, I  am giving you reasons why I will not extend the time of fellowship longer than necessary on Wednesday for that will mean over staying or stopping our children from going to school on a Wednesday, but I am sure and certain that I am going home with those that will be found in Me on a first day of the week. 
43. However, the preparation starts on the seventh day’s night. The night of the seventh day, I call it the night of preparation, early hours of the morning of the first day it will be all glory, all praise, all adoration. Amen.
44. What is more, it is sooner than we think! This height were we are now, we have never come to the uniformity of Faith, the uniformity of revelation, we have never attained it from the beginning of the Ministry if not now. 
45. Let me tell you the whole truth, the Bride will never go higher than what is happening now. This is your highest form, this is the highest spiritual attainment, the highest you can attain is where you are now and the next thing is Christ’s glory. No more, no less. 
46. Besides, this height you are now, you are the highest of all creatures. Spiritually speaking, you are the highest! Nobody is even coming near you but you may not know. 
47. Glory be to God for it is sooner than we think! Let us strive to be found in peace with ourselves, peace in the Holy Spirit, peace with our fellow human beings. The journey is almost ended for it shall be one day known unto the Lord. Amen.
Remain blessed Brethren. We are very grateful to God who has brought us this far. It is God who has brought us this far, it is God who has brought us to the height where we are now and He is the One that tells us this very moment in His own sight that this is the highest point where His people can attain. 
2. There was a vision a Sister brought to me after we came back from Aguleri on Friday. She said that she took her bath and lied down on her bed; she was not sleeping though she was weak, so it seemed sleep was coming to overtake her but she was awake. As she was meditating on the words the Son of Man said, that God has given us all indications for us to know whether we are from Him or not. It was on that meditation that all of a sudden the Son of Man appeared before her. 
3. She said that there was a great light and the Son of Man was divided into two halves and everybody started entering into Him. After everybody has entered, the whole thing closed and she heard a voice that said, “It is only one person will be in rapture and that is Christ.” then the thing vanished. 
4. Here is another dream which Sister Chime had. Sister Chime had a dream where all of us gathered, that is, everybody  gathered. Then, the whole thing had taken place. Brethren gathered together in the fellowship, there was a great joy. People were rejoicing. At that moment Sister Odoemena and her children all came in. Then Sister Chiamaka said, “Even the day Daddy said that this thing will happen was  not the day it happened.” 
5. When she was saying that, Sister Odoemena said that she should close her mouth so that people will not know what is happening. Sister Chime said, “Didn’t Daddy tell us to get ready before that day?” That we should get ready at all times. Immediately, she saw people from outside, including heathens coming and begging, pleading with the Son of Man to save them; but He said, “Wait, My people first!” Sister said that it was only few Brethren that were left, they were four in number and they were all youth. Then the vision left her.
6. This thing happened the day we went to Mbano in Imo State; that was the day the dream was brought to me. We thank God this hour. 
7. Philippians 4:4-9 (LB). ”Always be full of joy in the Lord …”
8. Always be full of joy in the Lord as we wait at the gate. 
9. “Always be full of joy in the Lord; I say it again,  rejoice! Let everyone see that you are unselfish and considerate in all you do." LB...”
10. Let everyone see it as an individual that you are unselfish and considerate in all you do now as we wait at the gate. Do not be selfish, do not only consider yourself let everybody see you as individual that you are unselfish and you are considerate in everything you do now as we wait at the gate. 
11. Verse 5-8: “Remember that the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs, and don't forget to thank him for his answers. 
12. If you do this, you will experience God's peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.  13. And now, brothers, as I close this letter, let me say this one more thing: Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right…"
14. Now that we are at the gate, fix your thought on those things that are true and right. 
15. “…Think about things that are pure and loving.” Only things that are pure, full of love; for instance, if you look at your Brother or Sister, find out those things that are pure and lovely in him or her, fix your mind on that. 
16. Now we are at the gate, God says that the countdown is 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,
2, 1. Let me tell you, the one (1) in the countdown is still fast decreasing that where we are standing in the beginning is not where we are now. It is fast decreasing—from 1 to zero point and it is still decreasing.
17. “Think about things that are pure and lovely…” God says that now that we are standing at the gate, that I, Brother Kelechi will make sure that you see me as one who is not selfish, as one that is considerate, as one that is or can be easily entreated. That I should think about you in line with those things that are lovely, that are pure, that are good; note it, God says that only those things that I see that are good which Christ has put in you are what I will dwell on now that we stand at the gate. 
18. "...Think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others. Think about all you can praise God for and be glad about." KJV.
19. Dwell on the fine and good things that are in other brethren. Who are those St. Paul is talking to, is it to the world? No! He is talking to the Philippian Church, people that believed him in his day. 
20. Now God is saying, now we are standing at the gate and the one we are standing upon is fast decreasing, that I should dwell on those things that are very good in you. What is that thing that is good? Christ in you, you dwell in peace.