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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


    I am He; I can lay down My Life and pick it. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
Marital life is a ministry. Because marriage is a ministry, somebody is “bound to make a shipwreck” of his marital ministry-man or woman. Some are likely to make full proof of their ministries. Strive to make full proof of your marital life. If you see your marital relationship with your wife as a “ministry” and your wife sees it as her ministry, both of you will strive earnestly to do everything within your power to make full proof of your ministries, making sure that nobody will look down on you.

-Son of Man
(When The Sparks Fly In Your Marital Life)


Father, we thank you for bringing us to Your Presence this day, to teach us your Word. Teaching is meant for adults and not for infants.
2.         This morning, we pray that your Glory will come. Veil yourself in a flesh and meet the expectations of your people. Bless both young and old, may no one go home disappointed.
From this Message oh God, may your Name be glorified in Christ mighty Name.
2.          Almighty God you are the Author of marriage, no man has any right to approach this Teaching. Many people fear this Teaching and this is the downfall of any nation because, marriage was polluted by human beings when they listened to devil’s instruction.
3.          The world is polluted because the world is filled with families. The Church is made up of families also; the only way Satan can creep into the Church is through families. Therefore Lord, all you want us to know concerning marriage as you ordained it from the beginning, Lord, teach us this day.
4.          Where we have been going in error, correct it this day that after this Teaching, our marriage life, oh God, we will enjoy it. We will enjoy even the fruits of our marriages. That this Church will be strengthened the more, in Christ’s Name we pray, Amen.

Let the Pastor come in. While we remain standing, where is the Pastor of the Church? Who is the Usher? Brother Solo, who is the Usher? You can be seated a little.
2.          To you, the about to wed couples, we will tell you the day we are going to wed you; it is your duty to go and invite your friends and your in-laws if you want. The reason why we want your in-laws is for them to come and confirm that you married your wife legally. You have fulfilled every customary rite, every traditional rite, which means you are no more indebted to them.
3.          So, before many witnesses: your father in-law, your mother in-law, all their relations, they will all come and carry that lady and hand her over to you.
4.          First of all, they will hand her over to the Pastor; the Pastor will take the lady and hand her over to you.
5.          From that day, you now have customary, traditional and legal rights over that woman. You can sleep with that woman in the presence of her father, no sin, no guilt is imputed; you can sleep with her in the presence of her mother, in the presence of her senior Brothers and Sisters, yet no guilt is imputed.
6.          Are you married in this Faith? When you go to your in-laws with your wife, do you allow your wife to sleep in the same bed with her mother so that they will never say you are defiling their daughter? You do not do it.
7.          Do they feel offended because you are sleeping in their presence with their daughter? No. Why? Because you have legal right, it is now public.
8.          Even with these little comments, I know you know where I am heading to. The Bible said that the two were naked; they were not ashamed of one another. The two were naked, yet they were not ashamed. The moment a female becomes an adult, she can never be naked before her father again. Yet, that is her father. But her own husband will bath her. Amen.


Brethren, be in the Spirit. Young men, do not envy the married ones, do not be jealous. That is Christian growth from bachelorhood to manhood.
2.          If you are still a bachelor, you are still a bomboy. You do not know what life is saying. You do not know what life is, you are still a boy. You have not seen anything. You have not passed sleepless nights. You have never spent what you never planned for.
3.          Because, when you never planned to spend money, you may come back, you look at your wife, you see the woman groaning in pains. You may consider that pain very little, you see the thing increasing—how do you know that it is increasing?
4.          She will never allow you to have rest and when she mentions the sort of pain it is—if a man is passing through that pain, nobody will know. But because there is somebody that cares, she must try to show that she is in pains.
5.          But she wants to attract attention. Even when you tell her that you can feel it, she will insist that you touch it; and you will touch it. What is more, the moment you touch it, that will become a balm that will cure the pain.
6.          Brethren, I am feeling Him in Me, I am touching the foundation of the world. How I wish our Brethren were wedding this day. Their parents would have come to this altar and tell God how they got married this day. It is for us now.
7.          Marriage teachings stabilize the Church, so that if you are a Brother, you will know your stand in the Church, lest you take the Word of God in vain.
8.          If you are married, you know you are married; equally, if you are not married, you know you are not married.
9.          So, the idea of a Brother coming, he knows very well that he is married, but peradventure his wife ran away and then he comes one day and say, “In my dream, I saw a lady with a very nice dress and the voice said, ‘This is your wife;’” that is rubbish.
10.      You know, you do not marry twice. You have only but one option: you either go back and settle with her or forget about it, forget about other women forever.
11.      In the beginning, God ordained it so. That is why when we bring them in, we nurture them a little, we give them a little milk, a little solid food. When they are stabilized, they become adults in our Faith. We will bring the bone, we put it inside their mouths and say, “Brother, this is our stand, this is the Message of the hour; Sister, this is our stand, this is the Message of the hour.” Amen.

Marriage teaching is for adults. If you come into the Faith because of marriage and you say it very hard to marry in this condition, to marry in this Faith, you will jump out.
13.      Then we know that from the beginning you were not part of us. You are a “conditional” believer: “If only I can see a beautiful lady in their midst, that is all.”
14.      Those that married, you will regret marrying after this Message. If I will go to that extent—both men and women—some women will say, “If I knew to this extent before I married, I would have taken a decision.” Some men will say, “If it is possible, I will put my wife away.” While some bachelors will say, “If it is like this, then, it is useless to marry.”
15.      Marriage is for adults. No wonder the Holy Ghost said, “Put your interpreter away. He is not qualified to interpret this message. Leave everything in tape.”
16.      All is from the Holy Ghost and the Voice continued, “Go and bring your Pastor, fetch him. Even if he is sick, he will be healed because something great is coming out.”
17.      We are going into something. After this Message, all bachelors in this Faith, you will be looking at women with corner, corner eyes.
18.      All that are married, your salvation will be a challenge to you. Our Brother came here, he said he saw a revelation, the voice said that the only thing that will prevent you from rapture is your wife. This your marriage, that is condemnation.
19.      Which means, Brother will be praying now, “If not this marriage, if not this marriage.” God, if you permit it,  a lot of women in this Faith will feel within themselves that if not marriage and household things, that they would have been growing higher in the spirit; which means you are telling God, “If not this marriage, if not this man.”

Okay, what is virginity? We will know what God said about virginity in this Message so that you do not go about testing women like people were doing in End-Time Message; but the Bride does not do that.
21.      We marry virgins; we do not go about testing virgins. We believe in marrying virgins.
22.      People that are blind to the Scriptures, they do not know what the Bible said.
23.      If a woman marries and she is very young and her husband dies, the Bible said that she should remarry; and when she is remarrying, she is remarrying as a virgin. In addition, any Brother in our midst marrying her is marrying her as a virgin because as a believing Sister, she is forbidden from marrying an unbeliever. And that Brother that is marrying her is marrying her as “chassis.”
24.      Why? As long as our Brother lives, as long as Sister is alive, our Brother has never seen her nakedness even for one day. So, to that woman, our Brother is a virgin. To our Brother, our Sister remains a virgin. But to her dead husband, she is no longer a virgin.
25.      How I wish we are wedding these people this day. I will tell you why they are not putting their veil. You will know why they are not putting their veil; because already, we have recognized them as husband and wife. They also have recognized themselves as husband and wife. We have seen the evidence.
26.      Besides, to crown it all, they have seen their nakedness. In order words, our Brother has removed our Sister’s veil.
27.      What makes Babangida to kneel down is just to remove the veil of a sixteen-year-old girl. Why is a lady feeling proud to a man? It is because the man has never removed her veil. However, any day the man removes the woman’s veil, that woman becomes nothing in his sight, because her veil has been removed.

Marriage teaching is for adults. So, I am going to speak in types. I may go into parables for the adults to understand Me, and not for babies.
29.      Marriage make Me older, yes! Because when I am speaking on marriage matters, God will take Me to 1810, that was the year I married. I was here that time.
30.      I am a primitive man; I am not a modern man. I was here when women started putting on patali, the skirt they now boast with now, in those days; women were using it as patali with big rope. But you see today, they can just make it, you see them walking with it with their nose in the air, with flickering eyes because they are puffed up because of the underwear.
31.      If you are in our midst and you are putting on skirt, what you are putting on is underwear. This is truth, whether you like it or not.
32.      Any time my wife is putting on skirt, she is putting on underwear. I am sure of what I am saying. Whether you say Amen or not, Holy Ghost has already said Amen.
33.      They do not put patali alone then. They will put knickers, after knickers, they will put patali, after patali, they will tie their wrapper.
34.      When preparing themselves, that first layer, they do not leave it like that. On the first layer of wrapper, they will use Cordon; tie that one again, plus the other Cordons that are holding the patali.
35.      In addition, when they tie the Krondon very tightly, they will make that one to look like another skirt. What are they preventing? They are preventing somebody from unveiling them. They are making it impossible for a strange man to unveil them.
36.      In those days, women were beating men, even in market places—beat hell out of a man. When a man proves very stubborn, a woman will come out, grab that man and beat the hell out of him.
37.      If you want to weaken a woman, unveil her nakedness, she will be feeling ashamed. But when the man is sure she is fortified, that no matter how he tries, he will find it extremely difficult to unveil her. If you tear the first layer, the underwear is there; tear the second layer, the underwear is there; tear the third layer, the underwear is there; tear the wrapper, the knickers is there also.
38.      That is why the Bible said that when a man rapes a woman and there is no evidence on how the woman struggled to escape being raped, then both of them should be stoned to death. Why? Because it is impossible for a man to rape a woman that time. Then, a woman cannot be raped because she is always fortified.
39.      How our Sisters ought to dress today? by fortifying themselves very well for the days we are living are evil. The women fortified themselves in those days. Is it not a challenge to our women today? Instead of that, they will wear “welcome.” What is “welcome?” It means, “Come in.”
40.      Let me explain what I mean. When they put on this underwear, they will open it. Their laps will come out, whatever they are putting inside will come out, the shape of their body will come out; that is an invitation to tender: “Come in, chance dey inside.
41.      Somebody was putting on that thing and I called her. I said, “Let me tell you one thing; the devil hates you so much. Why do you make this type of dress? It is very offensive. Look at what you are putting on.” She said, “Leave me alone! After all, I am not married.”
42.      Which means she has LICENSE to live anyhow, because she is not under somebody’s authority.
43.      Brethren, have the revelation. Are you in this Faith under somebody’s authority? You are not on your own anymore, you are now under your husband’s authority, you must walk under restriction, and your movement is restricted from this day.
44.      You do not dress anyhow. You do not dress anyhow because you want to dress that way. You do not talk anyhow because you want to talk that way. No. You are under obligation for as long as the man lives, you are under the laws of the man; until he dies, then you are set free.
45.      I know many will be offended at Me. I am not speaking on MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE. But I am going to introduce my topic.
46.      But from this Message, I think I will be tempted to drop the Message titled: ELECTION for a little while and then continue with MARRIAGE until I will end it at “Marriage and Divorce.”
47.      The way the Holy Ghost put it down in the Holy Bible, I cement them together so that our marriage love will be cemented together.

After ministering on marriage in Brother Obadiah’s family, Brother Obadiah came testifying. He said, “After about thirty-five years of marriage,” he continued, “we have started our honeymoon.”
49.      Because there is something “marriage teaching” does in a family. What if after teaching now and you see yourself making a mistake in your marriage? Then the question arises: “What must I do to correct it?”
50.      The reason why people run away from it is because there is a restitution you cannot make. If you steal somebody’s property, as long as that man is living, any day you feel condemned about that your action, you will send that property you stole back, and then have a free mind.
51.      But when you commit fornication, is there any way you can restore it? Can you restore it? Nevertheless, the scar lives there forever. The Bible said that fornication scars last forever.
52.      That is why without saying one word now, the first man that defiled you is clear to you. Equally, the first woman that defiled you as a man is clear now. How it started, how it ended is clear now, even if that person is dead.
53.      Why is it there? You can forget many things, but the scar is there. Even if the man, the woman is married, any day you see her, even if she is moving with her husband, you will be using corner, corner eyes, two of you will laugh a little. Even if she is in the vehicle, and you are trekking on foot, sweating, she will see you.
54.      That is why the Bible said that the only way to run away from fornication is, never go to that part where you know that woman stays. Don’t go to that part.
55.      If that woman is leaving in Abagana, locate her house; find another way you will be passing through. Do not go near her house. Any day you go there, she must be tempted to remind you of those old days.
56.      That is why it is very easy for them to tell you even in the market place, “Have you forgotten me finally?” At that comment, the whole thing will flash.

Brethren, marriage teaching is a very nice teaching. So, let us go to the book of Genesis, because marriage started from the beginning.
58.      Let me tell you, marriage never started with you. God ordained it and then established it in the Garden of Eden. How can God allow me to marry if God never married? Our God married.
59.      Until you are able to identify the wife of God, you cannot identify her children.
60.      When I am talking on marriage, I want our Brethren to fix their eyes on Him because marriage is the origin of the Church. If you do not know the wife of Christ, you cannot know the children of Christ.
61.      If you do not know Christ, you cannot know His wife. That is why introduction is necessary because wedding is introduction of your wife to your group. It is a public advertisement of who your wife so that anywhere they see her, people will say, “This is Sister Anthony.” Anywhere they see Brother, they will say, “This is the husband of that madam.”
62.      What if you never told us? We will be calling the woman your friend or your visitor. Somebody may slap her in your presence not knowing that you are the husband. Yet, the person is from your group.
63.      You may not understand what I am saying until you go to Roman Catholic. They do not know when somebody is not present. Anybody that is not present during your wedding in Roman Catholic, it will only take amazing grace to save your wife.
64.      A member of your Church may fight her even in the bus—slap her very well. Why? Because he or she was not present during your wedding. That was the day of introduction.
65.      But on the day of marriage, you do not introduce your wife. Introduction is done by your in-laws to your relations and family. But to your friends and well-wishers, that will be done in the Church if you are a child of God.
66.      However, if you are a heathen, you will gather your friends to tell them: “Gather in my house today, I am bringing down my wife today! And all of them will come in.
67.      I can see Brother Igne in those days when they were going for such things, he will carry one bottle of wine and some cartons of beer to support the occasion: “We are going to support it.”
68.      I am seeing them with their bottle with an over flown gown—big, big cloth. We are supporting the thing. Watch all of them, they will play Oliver de Coque music.
69.      Every man that attended the wedding will like to dance with that woman (the bride) in order to give her fifty Naira, and the man will be watching. His wife becomes a masquerade, a prostitute for money sake.
70.      Some, while dancing with her will say, “Come now, take it.” The woman will be feeling like fainting because she is tired, yet every man wants to dance with her. Some will be touching her, while the man will be watching.
71.      They will say, “It is age grade,” what type of “age grade?” You see, she becomes a public woman. Some will be giving her invitation; even, some of her boy friends will make use of that  opportunity to touch and dance with her because that will be the last meeting: See, take one thousand in the evening tomorrow.”
72.      Brethren, be very careful, we are children of God and not disciples. Amen.


Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 through 24: “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him.
2.          And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.
3.          And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him.
4.          And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;
5.          And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
6.          And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.
7.          Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (KJV).
8.          Matthew The Pharisees chapter 19 verse 3 through 6: “also came unto him, tempting him, and saying unto him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause?
9.          And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,
10.      And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh.
11.      Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” (KJV).
12.      I am going to handle this Message: MARRIAGE—THE OLDEST INSTITUTION ORDAINED BY GOD in a form of a teaching
13.     God created every thing from the beginning—male and female—and all of them were rejoicing with one another.
14.     A pigeon can never rejoice with a man, a goat can never rejoice with a dog. Ordinary fowl can never rejoice with a dog.
15.     But when a goat comes in contact with a goat, they will rejoice, you see them dancing around, you see them playing around. They can now have fellowship. When a dog comes into contact with a dog, you see them dancing around, you see them rejoicing.
16.     You see a pigeon, if you dare make the mistake of buying a pigeon; know that the money spent was in vain. Any day the pigeon sees other pigeons somewhere, no more. It will just join the group there. Why? Because that is the only place it can have fellowship; because it must play with its own kind. It cannot play with you, because you are not a pigeon, you are a human being.
17.      Adam looked at the whole creation, all of them were enjoying life and they were having good days, having fellowship one with another. I do not know whether you understand what I mean by having fellowship, having mutual love among themselves.
18.      Watch a pigeon when it goes out, it will pick some seeds; come to the male pigeon and drops the seed there. That is an invitation. When that male pigeon picks that seed, something happens next. The female pigeon will fly off; equally, the male pigeon will just fly off and follow the female one.
19.     The female pigeon will introduce the male pigeon to that particular place it picked that seed. There, two of them will feed, after feeding they will go back.
20.     You can see nature, The female pigeon saw a good thing and brought it home, invited the male one to the scene of the whole thing, that was what the Samaritan woman did.
21.     She saw a good thing; she saw the Messiah Who told her all that she did. She said, “I will not hear this thing alone, if it would be good for me, it will be good for my relations. For all of us have been longing to see this Messiah. Now that I have seen Him, let me go and bring them.” She went and invited them.

Marriage, the oldest institution ordained by God in the world.
23.     “Marriage is of the world,” if marriage is of the world, then marriage is canal.
24.     The Bible said that Adam looked at the whole creation, all of them were enjoying life, having fellowship one with another, but Adam was alone, there was nobody to comfort him. Lion could not comfort Adam; goat could not comfort Adam. Nothing ever created was able to comfort Adam.
25.     Adam was thinking that God must be a wicked God bringing him alone, for he (Adam) was the only different stature in the field, the only different animal in every creature. “Must I look after these people alone?” He started thinking about it.
26.     God who seeth and knoweth the secret of the heart, said within Himself because, what is written in the Bible was what God thought in His mind. When God said it out, it became a word, Adam was not there. Adam never heard God saying it. Moses was not there. But the mind of God is written down.
27.     What God thought concerning Adam is written down. God never had conversation with any being. Adam was not present. God was alone, after considering the man—because God was coming down every evening to have fellowship with Adam.
28.     But when God was not there Adam remained alone, other creatures were having fellowship, Adam remained alone. Adam started thinking about it. God was not alone, God was there having fellowship with the Hosts of Heaven, by then God have Heavenly angels that ministered unto Him.
29.     So, God was not alone, God has fellowship in Heaven and continued the fellowship on Earth.
30.     In order to continue His fellowship on Earth, He created Adam. The Earth is created for man not Heaven. The whole purpose of God for creating man is to worship Him.
31.      Thus, Adam was alone. God caught his thought and He said to Himself: “It is not good for this man to a stay here alone. I am going to make a helpmate who will meet his needs.”
32.     The Bible said that God came down; He never held any discussion with Adam. He did not say, “Adam, let us reason together. Now you are of age, will you like Me to create somebody like you, who will be with you?” God was not just in that business because He doeth as He willeth according to His good pleasure.
33.     The Bible said that He caused Adam to sleep; He gave him the same injection doctors give people today in order to enable Him carry out His operation.
34.     The First surgical operation was performed by God and there is no way He can perform that surgical operation without causing Adam to sleep and become unconscious. That was exactly what God did to Adam.
35.     When Adam was sleeping and became unconscious, God carefully opened the ribs, brought out one of them, and formed something with it that was almost like Adam. The same way He made female organs of those animals He formed, the same He did to that which resembles Adam, so that Adam can now have his same in the field.
36.     What was God’s purpose? That Adam will have a helpmate for his needs. What was Adam’s condition? One; Adam was labouring to look after all those things created. When he comes back, Adam must seek for his own food. He must seek for his own dress—everything Adam requires in life, Adam must labour to get it.
37.     Adam was alone. When he prepares good food, he eats it alone. He prepares bad one, he will equally eat it alone. Hence, it is Adam and Adam alone.

A bachelor is in trouble. That is why if not for his friends that are around, malaria can strangle him to death. That is why God provided a Church for bachelors where they can have spiritual Brothers and Sisters, spiritual wives that will provide help to them in the time of need, otherwise, they would have died.
39.     Watch a bachelor; he is the dirtiest man on Earth. A bachelor is the dirtiest man on Earth because the troubles of this life will not allow him to settle down. He can wash everything he has but he can never wash his stockings. That is why the stockings of bachelors always smell.
40.     Do not blame them; they are in trouble. After labouring, they become tired. To prepare the food becomes a problem. At times, when they start cooking yam, they will carry one Fanta drink and a little bread. A little while, because of tiredness, sleep will carry them. The whole thing (food being cooked) will burn off in the stove.
41.     When they want to cook, when they are awake, watch them, the type of hunger that is in them can never give them time to allow the food to be cooked well, they will bring the pot, carry everything plus ingredients into the pot at the same time, and place the whole thing on fire.
42.     While it is boiling, they have started eating; before the thing will come down, they have finished the whole thing half-cooked. You will see him sweating and he will be saying, “This hunger don torture me today.”
43.     When he is sick, to buy chloroquine tablet becomes a problem. If not for the help of neighbours, he will die there.
44.     At night, he will be groaning in pains alone. In the morning, he will tell you, “If not for God, I never thought I would have come out, I nearly died. What happened to me last night nearly strangled me. I cried and cried, I thought people were hearing.” What if the helpmate was around, what do you think will happen?

That is why if you see some men, any man that is married is a baby-man. Every married man is a baby-man. Every married woman is a baby-woman.
46.     That is why when you see a man with little headache, watch him, he will behave as if the headache is too much. He will go somewhere in the corner of the room; place hand on his head just to attract the attention of the woman. And the woman will be panicking: “I do not want this man to die ooh! What will you eat? You want to drink tea? Let me bring medicine.” She will run around.
47.     Watch that man, he will say, “I do not like that food in the house.” And the woman will say, “Which one will you eat? Just mention it and I will prepare it immediately.” “I do not think I can try that one,” the man will say. “Let me prepare vegetable soup,” the woman will plead. “Bring the one wey dey house.”
48.     He will be recommending and recommending, because he has someone to recommend to, and he feels relaxed. His duty is to bring the money and send the woman out. Whatever the woman is encountering in the kitchen, that is her business. Why? Because he has a helpmate.
49.     Those things he could have been doing alone, God provided somebody that will be doing it so that he will now face his own duties.
50.     God said, “A man would die if he continues in these troubles alone.” But unfortunately today, people marry so that their problems will be relieved. But after marrying, they discover that they have increased their problems.
51.     It appears God is placing a curse on a man. Marriage is not a curse. Marriage is a blessing but it is only on one condition.
52.     Watch the Bible, Holy Ghost told us the mind of God concerning man. That a man cannot live alone. It requires somebody to help him in all his conditions—a comforter who will comfort him in the time of trouble; the balm of Gilead, who will anoint his body in the time of sickness.
53.     Nothing heals a man than when he feels the presence of his wife around him. Even if death is there, seeing the wife around gives that man comfort.
54.     What I am telling you is truth. It is because of the presence of a woman that a man can stay in the bed in a hospital for seven months without agreeing with death. Because death is agreement. But seeing her love, the man will still tell God, “God, save me from this condition for her sake, otherwise let me go.”
55.     The reason why some of us are still alive is the love we have for our wives and our children. The same thing is keeping some women here, otherwise; some of them would have desired to die long ago.
56.     When they look at their husbands, look at the condition around them, they say, “God save me.”

The Bible said that when this man was asleep, God performed operation, lifted up that rib and formed an adult woman—the same height, the same stature with Adam. A matured woman, not a baby.
58.     After creating the woman, God said, “Take her, she would be your wife. Name her whatever you want to name her.”
59.     Instead of naming her, Adam said, “Ehen! I have been longing for that, day and night, praying, meditating that God, if it will be possible, I do not want to be here alone. Give me my own flesh like you gave other animals that I may have fellowship and comfort. And God did it.” Adam rejoiced.
60.     The Bible said, Adam was naked, Eve was naked. They were not ashamed, why? The veil has not been uncovered.
61.     If you are taking your bath or you are changing your dress, peradventure or accidentally, somebody comes in unknowingly and sees your nakedness, you do not feel ashamed. Whether man or woman, you do not feel ashamed.
62.     The person will just say, “I am sorry,” close the door and go away—that is all. When you see the person on the street, you will still brag. Which means your veil is not yet unveiled. You are still covered.
63.     But the moment the veil is removed, you know what I mean—be in the spirit—the woman becomes weak.
64.     That is why a woman that is facing torture—I am speaking hard to adults—a woman may be struggling against rape, fighting and fighting seriously to prevent that she is not raped, the moment the man succeeds in inserting his body into her body, she becomes powerless. Why? Because her veil is removed.
65.     Her dresses can be torn into pieces, yet she will not stop fighting.

This is marriage, if you like burn in the spirit, burn with lust, Holy Ghost will push you out as a sinner in the camp. To whom will God teach knowledge? It is those that are weaned from their mother’s breasts. We call things by their names. It makes us happy. My duty is to tell you the whole truth as God revealed it to Me.
67.     Now, watch these two. While they were going in the wilderness in that Eden, having fellowship, sleeping together, none of them was ashamed.
68.     I thank God for this Message. I have living witnesses in this Faith.
69.     In olden days, women and men were going about naked, even at the age of sixteen and twenty-one years; when they must have developed every feature of adolescence—they were dancing together in every village—the thought of fornicating never came to their minds one day.
70.     Some of them were sleeping together without defiling themselves. we have a witness in our midst. You could see somebody in elementary six, yet going about naked.
71.     Some women got married, yet were naked for the days they were married and they were not ashamed.
72.     Today, see the level of evil in the society. Brethren, I am preaching old-fashioned Message to bring out old-fashioned life back on the land, for God is old; God should be worshiped the old way. No modern God, no modern way.
73.     All that must be godly must go in the old way. If you belong to God and you are a Brother or Sister in this Church, and you cannot withstand the sight of your Brother’s nakedness without having ill feeling, to begin with you have not escaped the corruption that is in this world through lust.
74.     The Bible said that the grace which bringeth salvation to all mankind has appeared to all men teaching us to avoid worldly lust and all uncleanliness. That we should live soberly, righteously, holy in this present world.
75.     What is grace of God? It is the Word of God. The Word of God that bringeth salvation has appeared to all men telling us the mind of God concerning His people.
76.     What is the Word of God? Christ the Son of God that came into the world to take away your old nature, to put His own nature in you who is created after holiness and true righteousness.
77.     That is why, if you do not know what it means to have Christ as your Lord and Saviour— the Pentecostals will tell you to receive Christ as your Saviour and you may be wondering: “How can I receive Christ?” That becomes the problem.
78.     Can a human being come into human being’s life. They were blind preachers, they lack the revelation. Grace of God is the Word of God. The Word of God is Christ Himself.
79.     Once you take in the Word of God, live by the Word of God, your life will bear witness that you are of God. Because, all that God condemned, you must condemn them. All that God delights in, you must love them.
80.     Yes! Christ will bring old-fashioned life back on Earth. Because the Word of God is old fashioned to bring back old-fashioned life back one Earth.

Let me go back to my Message. Watch Adam and Eve, the two were together and they were not ashamed, they have no ill feelings. Adam never said, “You are very beautiful. How I admire you, how I love you;” no, Adam did not see that woman beyond companion and helpmate. That was all and all to Adam. Beyond that, Adam did not know.
82.     Even when God came down and told them, “Increase and multiply, fill the Earth,” they said Amen; yet they waited: “God must tell us how we are going to do it.”
83.     Has Adam produced issue before? So, somebody must tell them how to do it.
84.     But somebody spying into the secret of God came and did it before the appointed time. And they did it contrary to God’s Command. They were not punished because they did it; they were punished because they never obtained authority from God.
85.     Nobody taught them that. The Devil taught them. That was why God was offended. That is why today; fornication remained the oldest sin in the world and the bane of every society.
86.     The oldest sin in the world is fornication. The only sin nobody teaches anybody is fornication. That is why little, little infants, when they are naked and running about on the sand—even today, you see them practicing it, the oldest sin.

If you are in this Faith, and that old nature is still in you, you are a vulture. You never benefited from the coming of Christ. You are the enemy of the WORD (Christ). Because the essence of the WORD coming is to take away that old nature so that He will put His new nature in you which is created after true holiness and righteousness.
88.     As long as God lives, every man on Earth MUST come before God and give account of whatever he has done in this flesh—whether it be good or evil.
89.     If you have done anything, good; on that day, God will ask you, “My friend, on so, so and so date, you did, so, so and so. Why did you do it?”
90.     Why is God asking you question concerning your good deeds? God wants to know whether you did it because you feared His Judgment or whether you were doing it morally so that people will call you a good man.
91.     If you were doing it morally to become a gentleman, that becomes your self-righteousness. However, if you were doing it because of the fear of God, you do not want to go into God’s Judgment, that it is your righteousness—a true righteousness. That is where your faith in Christ anchors.
92.     As long as we are here, we are tempted by the Devil every day to commit sin—that is not sin. To be tempted is not sin, but when you give yourself to that temptation, you have committed sin. Jesus Christ was temped like us.
93.     Brethren watch, when you are tempted to commit sin, a thought will come into your mind as a child of God: “Well, I have the opportunity to do this but I do not want to enter into God’s Judgment because God is a consuming fire. I will not do it.” That is a child of God.
94.     St. Paul said, “I have the power to do everything but all things are not convenient for me because I am a child of God.”
95.     Let me tell you, I am a human being, a full-grown man; I can commit fornication if I want. But for God’s sake, as a child of God, it is not convenient for me.
96.     I can tell lies to make money, I can make quick money overnight; let me tell you, I am in a position here to buy three vehicles in one week, that is, if I want to make it like the world. My Ministry (the Federal Ministry of Labour) cannot query me; nobody will query me because I am commanding industries in Anambra State.
97.     Only two establishments can buy vehicles for me. I know what I will do and they will buy it for me. But it is not convenient for me because I am a child of God, that the Gospel be not reproached. That the Name of God be not blasphemed.
98.     That is why Jesus Christ said, “For your sake I sanctified myself.” St. Paul equally said, “Because of you we live a holy life so that the generations to come will not say they emulated bad habits from us. You are all witnesses; God is also a witness on how holy, unblameable we presented ourselves before you.”
99.     I can do all things, but all things are not convenient to me as a Christian because I have the fear of God in me. I do not want to enter into God’s Judgment, for God is a consuming fire and He is not a respecter of persons.
100. Thus, for every good thing you do, you have done a very nice thing; you must give account on why you have done it.

If you have been buying Brother many things for Brother to love you, to call you a good Brother or Sister, I condemn you not. But on THAT DAY, God will tell you, “Your faith was misplaced, you were doing it to receive glory from man and you received it on Earth. You cannot receive it in Heaven. It is self-righteousness.” That is why true love must motivate your action.
102. What is true love? The true love I know is obedience to the Word of God, for Christ said, “If you love Me, keep my Word.”
103. How can you say you love Me; I tell you what to do, you say, “No, no, no, no.” You go your own way. You are a wicked child because sin is wickedness. Iniquity is wickedness.
104. That is why Bible said that iniquity is reigning in the hearts of men.
105. In this evil generation, what is iniquity? Iniquity is something you know is bad, something you know it is not convenient for you to do—even as a human being, you are not supposed to do it— but you went ahead doing it. You are challenging God’s authority, that is iniquity. You must pay for it; God will never leave you like that.
106. That is why the Bible said, “Satan was blameless until iniquity was found in him.” He knew he should not have rebelled against God, yet he went ahead doing it. He did not stop there; he went ahead preaching it to have converts to himself. Then he led to captivity as many as listened to his message—they followed him.
107. The same way today, many are led into captivity by listening to Satan’s teachings instead of listening to what the Word is saying
108. I am speaking on the  Message titled: MARRIAGE, THE OLDEST INSTITUTION ORDAINED BY GOD.
109. Brethren, I am only doing the introduction now, so that by the time I finish this Message, you will live a happy married life. But here,  I will only give you the introduction.
110. I will introduce the  Message, thrill your heart a little, when I notice it is becoming sweet, I will stop it so that you will come back next time without being offended.
111.  For that reason, I will not offend anyone but let the Holy Ghost cause you to be offended. Amen.