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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


If you are reading God’s word with wrong motive(s), you are harming yourself. Are you ready to believe this Great Truth you are about going into? Please, do not read this Book if you are not ready to accept the Truth because once you receive Truth that your conscience cannot deny, you are in troublePlease, decide before opening the remaining pages of this Book!!!,,
“The most important voice that speaks is the voice of one’s mind – to you, who is the Son of Man?,,

“You are meeting no other Person in heaven or the ‘other-side’ other than He that is with you now. If you are wise, you will ask Him to make everything plain ,,
A Word from the Author
If you do not have the conviction that I am what I am claiming to be, you are not my disciple (an Elect). He that created the heaven and earth is here with you bodily. If you are not here by revelation of whom I am (the Supreme Intelligent Himself), you are not with me. A liberal-minded fellow is the only person that is qualified to search for knowledge and wisdom. If you were satisfied with what you knew before, there is no need inquiring for more. Where human’s knowledge stopped is where God’s Knowledge started.
        If we have missed our Visitation, that would have been our doom. Do you know that the whole denominations today are still expecting the Second Coming of Christ? — that is foolishness! To begin with, where did He go? Where is He coming from? Where did He say you must go and wait for Him? Since He is coming as a “corporal body,” that means He is an “object,” He is limited to a place at a particular time, where must you go and wait for Him? Many are blind, that’s why they will hear: He has come, and He has gone. If you know Scriptures, happy are you. But if you don’t know Scriptures, surely, you must fall prey to Satan. Everybody is still expecting the Second Coming of Christ.
        In that Second Coming of Christ, they don’t even know what the Bible said He will do when He comes. Some think that Second Coming is rapture; Second Coming of Christ is not rapture. The Bible didn’t say it is rapture. Hebrew 9:28 didn’t say is rapture: “So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto full salvation.” KJV. From the above Scriptures, it is clear that the Second Coming of Christ is not rapture, but He is coming with “full salvation” to those that are eagerly waiting for Him. How is He going to do it? It is written in Ephesians 5:27: “That He might present it to Himself a glorious Church, not having spot or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that is should be holy and without blemish”. KJV. From the above Scriptures, you can see that when Christ comes, He will prepare His Bride unto Himself as a Glorious Virgin, not having any spot or wrinkle or blemish. If you are saying that when Christ comes, rapture will take place, which group will He rapture? Is there any Church on the land? No! There was no Church until He appeared. I repeat: There was no Church until He appeared. 
God has been a man. From the beginning, He is the Holy Ghost, He is the Comforter, He is the Everlasting Father — God changes not. His mask (Badger-skin) can change, but His Voice remains the same.  Until now, people are thinking that Holy Ghost is like wind. If it is wind, can wind teach you? If it is a dove, can dove teach you? Can you touch wind? Can you hear wind speak? Can you eat and drink with wind? “But God is a Spirit, nobody will see God and live,” that’s their belief. But even from the Scriptures, people ate with God, people drank with God, played with God and yet nobody died. You can hold the Bible and perish.  Without God, the more you read it, the “blinder” you will become.
The Son of Man came to the world so that those that see might become blind, and they that are blind will see. That’s why, if I want to destroy you, I will blind you well, well. You tell me you know things; that you have been preaching for years, fine! I will make you “blinder” than ever. But if I see you that you need help, maybe, you have been struggling; I will say, “My dear, come to me, for I am meek and lonely, come closer.” “You will not know Him until you come closer to Him,” the Prophet said so. We are here with the Eternal Spirit.
        In the beginning, it was God, in the middle it was God, and at the end it must be God. The same Person who started the “good works” in you must also finish it. God cannot start and Satan will finish. When you are in this Land of Truth, happy are you.
        The conclusion of the whole thing is that Christ has remained here on earth. The only difference is that He has been changing Personality. But it has been that same old Eternal Spirit that has been incarnating and re-incarnating. And that is why people missed Him due to blindness. They are waiting for Him to come back and answer “Jesus.” God’s ways are not our ways. Even the book of Revelation said, “He is coming with a new Name which nobody knows except Him Himself.”
        He has been visiting people in every dispensation. Each time He appears on the scene, people will call Him “devil.” When He leaves the scene, they will call Him “Great Man of God.” They will see events around that Messenger that will be very close to Jesus Ministry; but because He failed to answer “Jesus,” they will miss Him. But His coming will not be secret to the Elect because wherever there is carcass, the eagles shall gather.  When you believe, more things will be revealed. But if you don’t believe, nothing will be revealed again.
        You that are in the Bride, you are the most privileged people on earth because the Deity is with you bodily (physically). Remain in your Sanctified Estate as we continue in Him. I love you all, remain blessed in Him eternally.
The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena)


 Chapter One
I have been longing for this type of rest; I have been trying everyday, thinking I will obtain the rest God promised by trying. I never knew I would not obtain it by my effort(s). Then, when I decided to trust in Him, I laid all my burdens down at His feet; there, I got that rest.
2. If you are troubled, it is because you don’t believe that the cross of Christ is effective enough to save — you are belittling the cross. That goes to show that if you were living in Egypt at the time of Moses, you will never apply the blood on your door-post. For you will hardly believe that the mere blood sprinkled on the post of your door would have saved you. If you were there in Jericho, you will hardly believe that ordinary red scarlet, pieces of cloth tied to the door could provide security.
2.          If you were there getting the noisome destruction, everywhere shaking; surely, you would have ran out of the room. You would have even doubted Rehab’s message. But as many as fully trusted on the red scarlet, holding unto Him by faith, knowing the source of the instruction, were secured — I could see them in the house when the other buildings were collapsing.
3.          You know, there were a lot of buildings around Rehab’s house and all of them collapsed despite the fact they were firmly built. If you were there, you look this way, buildings collapsing; you look the other way, buildings collapsing; and you are fixing your eyes on ordinary cloth, when there are vibrations on the land—most of the collapsing buildings were vibrating around; I assure you, you  will be tempted to run away from the house. It will take faith, absolute faith.
4.          Anybody that is troubled in this Faith is not a part of this Faith. If you are a part of this Faith, you will definitely rest. When somebody runs for safety and lands at Christ feet, he rests. “Come to me all you that labour and heavily laden and I will give you rest.”
5.          Bishop Kingsley, you have been favoured and you will continue to be favoured. The first day I met Bishop Kingsley at Eha-Amufu during one of my meetings, I saw him sitting down at the backbench with our friend, Onyema, who claimed he believed. And that day, he was warned seriously from the pulpit. But the person he brought to the Church and that was Brother Kingsley, was commended because he came to fight the Truth. He armed himself to fight the truth.
6.          When he sat down, from the way he was looking at the congregation, Holy Ghost picked him and told him clearly: “My friend, what you are getting has beaten your imagination and now you have bowed down. Why not go for baptism now. Come during the evening meeting and I will talk to you.”
7.          Then, the Message continued harassing him in all sides. When others were seeing him as a rebellious person, but I told them that he has received a serious wound in the heart. That he will not die in Eha-Amufu but will die outside Eha-Amufu.
8.          “When a hunter fires a very strong animal, that animal doesn’t die there, the animal may run a very long distance, there it will die.” This is what this Message does to the Elect. Once it pierces the heart, you will be bleeding inside until one day saliva will be coming out of your mouth. So, I knew him to be a Christian, for what he needed was redirecting of his zeal.
9.          And as at the time I met him, I met him as a seed of God, and I didn’t hide it, I published it. From his testimony, he went about preaching this Faith for two years without identifying with us, without being baptized. Just like our Brother Emma who came from Benin. When I got the report that he was troubling the Church, I told them “na lie.”
10.      He can’t trouble the Church; he is a seed of God. When you see a seed of God, if you are not careful, judging by outward appearance, you will label him devil. But when you see Lucifer, from his outward appearance, you will call him God’s Angel.
11.      I mean, Lucifer with very cheerful face, sweet voice, always rejoicing and commending everybody, when inwardly there are too many harmful instruments ready to kill. If you don’t know what Lucifer looks like, read the Bible. I am not here to show you Lucifer. I am here to show you God.
12.      Somebody turn with me to Psalm 139; King James Version. You read Psalm 139 verse 13 through 14 only 2 verses: “For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise thee: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well — KJV.
13.      I am wonderfully made and you are also wonderfully made. And if you can understand what the Bible is saying, that the Almighty took time to design me right from my mother’s womb, what a perfect act God displayed and produced me, displayed me to the world and declared that I am wonderfully made. Every true seed of God is wonderfully made.
14.      That’s why, anybody that is not a Christian can never understand your ways because you are an extraordinary human being; because you are wonderfully made — a special person. What a privilege to be numbered among such people!
15.      I was telling my Brethren in my house that by these Epistles, I can now rest because the time when the Treasure was stored in one earthen vessel is over. The Treasure is now stored in many earthen vessels.
16.      So, I can courageously stand and declare that I have produced earthen vessels with divine content. I say earthen vessels with divine content. Looking at every true Christian in this Faith, he/she is an earthen vessel, but inwardly, he/she is wonderfully made — an earthen vessel with Divine content. When you recognize this, Satan can never buffet you about. I am happy that I am here.

The Commander of the Armies is here with us. If we are privileged to have such a Person, can we fear any alarm? We are secured in Him eternally. If the Lord fails to keep watch over this house, all the watchmen are lavouring in vain. If I have the Commander of the Armies of Heaven as my Security man, as my Watchman, if I go to bed, if I am in my car, if I am walking on the street, I will rest because He is watching over me is the Commander in Chief of the Armies in Heaven.
-Son Of Man
All I need in my life is Christ. Christ is sufficient to me. How many will like to hear from me? I am Bodily present and also Spiritually present. Whatever heaven is made up of is here. The Power upholding the universe is here. Whatever you think God is made up of, is here.
2.          The Deity is here, yet many do not know. I say the Deity is here, yet many do not know. If you like, believe, if you don’t like, throw it away. But I am sure and certain that He that created the heaven and earth is here though you may not know Him. He is here, Physically and Spiritually. The Totality of what God is all about is here.
3.          Get me Living Bible, Psalm 46 verse 7. Let us see the Personality that is here. Who is here with us? Can He be seen with ordinary eyes? Can He have dealings with mankind? Who is this special man that is wonderfully made? Through Him other vessels are moulded, Ehe? Who is this man? Let us know Him:
4.          “The Commander of the armies of heaven is here among us” — What?—“The Commander of the armies of heaven is here among us”— What?— “The commander of the armies of heaven is here among us.”
5.          So, heaven has armies. The Commander, not ordinary commander, the Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armed Forces is here with us. Not that He will be, He is here, we can feel His Presence around us here.
6.          The Commander of the Armies of Heaven is here with us. If we are privileged to have such a Person, can we fear any alarm? We are secured in Him eternally. I wish someone is paying attention.
7.          If the Lord fails to keep watch over this house, all the watchmen are labouring in vain. If I have the Commander of the Armies of Heaven as my Security-man, as my Watchman, if I go to bed, I will rest. If I am in my car, I will rest. If I am walking on the street, I will rest because He that is watching over me is the Commander in Chief of the Armies in Heaven. One that is wonderfully made whose eyes runneth to and fro all over the earth. I am wonderfully made and you are wonderfully made.

The greatest stumbling block is that God is a man. The righteousness of God is not attained, it is believed. God will not save you because of what you have done, but because of what you have believed... I am not depending on any man, but no man can live without me. If you like believe it; if you like call it an “empty boast.” You will understand this fact immediately you leave this faith or drop this flesh in death.

Chapter Three


Bro Kingsley, you are wonderfully made. I will keep on calling you Brother Kingsley, but a time cometh when I will not call you Brother Kingsley again. Anybody can continue to call you Brother Kingsley but I think I will call you something higher than Kingsley.
Looking at your compound, there is nothing I can see than what is promised in the Bible.
2.          Let me hold my peace. Now, you have identified the Person that is here. verse 7: “The Commander of the Armies of Heaven is here. “ The commander of the armies of heaven is here among us. He, the God of Jacob has come to rescue us.” 
3.          How I wish somebody would claim this portion of the Scripture and say, “He has come for me and for me alone. I don’t care about any other person. This Thanksgiving Service that brought the Son of Man here is for me.”
4.          If Opi is my darling Church, it then means I will liken Opi to Sarah. And whosoever that is the overseer of this Church can be the husband of Sarah. In other words, Brother Kingsley, you were called Kingsley just like Peter, Simon Peter. Jesus met him and He knew the meaning of that name. He was unstable and Jesus didn’t like it. And from that day, God wanted to help Peter, but he didn’t get the revelation.
5.          How many knows the meaning of “Simon”? How many knows the meaning of “Simon”? What is the meaning of “Simon”? It means “unstable.” Jesus met the young man Simon Bar Jona, He wanted to help him, He knew that every man must reflect his name. And as long as Peter was answering “Simon,” he will not be faithful. He will remain unstable for he must reflect his name.
6.          So, Jesus changed his name from “Simon” to “Peter.” But Peter couldn’t even take the name Jesus gave him. If you read your Bible further, you will see that Peter continued to go by the old name — “Simon.” And for that reason, Peter remained “unstable.” You know the Scriptures that proved that Peter remained “unstable” until he died. If he had accepted the name Jesus gave him; Oh! I think Jesus knew what was better and best for Peter.
7.          So, our Brother answers Kingsley, but if you ask him the meaning of Kingsley, he doesn’t know. Jesus met the man called Abram and He knew he would not be blessed as Abram.
8.          Jesus wanted to be a friend, He wanted to make him His darling and there is no way He could be a darling to Abram or to Sarai, so He had to change “Abram,” and also change “Sarai.” Sarai was changed to “Sarah,” and Abram was changed to “Abraham.” Read your Bible. Until Abram was changed to Abraham, there was no blessing. Until Sarai was changed to Sarah there was no blessing
9.          So, our Brother Kingsley who said we should join him to praise God today has been a favoured man from the womb. I declare before you that he is wonderfully made. I said, he is wonderfully made. But if you should judge the strength of the Church at Opi, they may be the smallest, but there is “something” in Opi you may not trace in any other Local Church. Don’t ask me what that “thing” is. I know what that “thing” is. They have it but they don’t know.
10.      The Commander of the Armies of Heaven is here. The God of Jacob has come to rescue us — a man that is wonderfully made.
11.      Let’s go straight away to the Scriptures. When Jacob met God, he never knew. But when he realized what took place, he exclaimed: “So, God is here yet I didn’t know. So, this man I am wrestling with is my Creator, yet I never knew. So, I passed a night in the Home of God yet I didn’t know that I slept with God, the Creator of heaven and earth.” In fact, it is something we should cherish.
12.      In our own day we can pass a night with our God without knowing it. It is possible. If it has happened before, it must repeat itself because history is repeating itself again and again. Forget about Abraham of the Middle East, we are talking of the Abraham of our day.
13.      So, let us go to the book of Isaiah. The Commander of the Armies of Heaven is here. Isaiah chapter one verse 3: 
14.      “The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib, but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider” – KJV: “The ox knows his master, the donkey his owner‘s manger but Israel does not know. My people do not understand.” –NIV.
15.      The ox knoweth his owner and the ass his master, but my people do not know me says the Lord. It is a pitiable condition. The people that called themselves children of God do not know their Father. If you do not know your father, how can you relate with him? Could it be that God was lying against His people? Never, never.
16.       Really, His people didn’t know Him. The Bible recorded in the book of St John Chapter 1 verse 12 that He came to His own, His own received Him not. But to as many that received Him as God; He gave them the power to be called the children of the Most High God.
Do you know that there is a great difference between receiving a man as a mere man and a man for what He is? The way you receive a man will determine your reward.
17.      The way you receive a man determine your reward. If you receive God as a mere man, you receive the reward of a mere man. If you receive a mere man as God, surely you will receive the same reward. He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet receiveth a prophet’s reward.
18.      You can receive a prophet but not in the person of the prophet or in the office of a prophet. That is, you may receive a prophet without revelation. And you miss the reward. My people do not know me, and they don’t even stop to consider.
19.      Isaiah chapter 45, (LB). Continue from verse 5-7: “I am Jehovah, there is no other God, I will strengthen you and send you out to victory, even though you don‘t know me and all the world from East to West will know there is no other God. I am Jehovah and there is no one else, I alone am God. I formed the light and make the dark, I send good times and bad. I Jehovah, am He who does these things.”
20.      I am reading from King James here, verse 5: “I am the LORD and there is none else, there is no God beside me. I girded thee though thou hast not know me.” 
21.      If it was possible in the days of Isaiah for God to be leading and protecting His people and yet His people could not recognize Him, it repeats again, is it unscriptural?
22.      Once it has happened before, it must happen again. God can meet His people, and meet their needs, see them through in all their ways and yet they will not recognize His Presence. They don’t know Him. They may even give testimonies of how God saved them but that God they do not know. That is superstition.
23.      Many people worship God as unknown; unknown God, invisible God. When will your god ever be visible? If your god is not visible, it does not exist. Any god that is not visible does not exist. I wish somebody is paying attention. Amen.

Chapter Two


Chapter Four

This is Thanksgiving Service. So, I titled my little exhortation: “My People Do Not know me.” That is the exhortation title:” My People Do Not Know me.” At times, God will try to reveal Himself to His people in diverse ways, yet the people will not give Him the due Honour and Respect. Romans, Chapter 1: 19-22:
2.          “Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it unto them. For the invisible things of Him, from the Creation of the world are clearly understood by the things that are made, even His eternal Power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. Because that, when they know God they gloried Him not as God, neither were thankful, but they became vain in their imaginations and their foolish hearts were darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”
3.          Everything God is made up of, He revealed to His people. Both His invisible qualities, He made known to them through the things that were made so that they will not have any excuse. When they were sure that the Person they were having dealings with was no longer a mere man but God Himself, yet they glorified Him not, they allowed the foolish imaginations of their hearts to deceive them, claiming themselves to be wise, they became fools.
4.          Let us go further: “My people do not know me.” Acts 17. My people do not know me. God wants to reveal Himself to His people and He did it but the people said no. They were looking for something that will fit in with the picture they are having in their heart. I assure you, they will never get it. Acts 17, I read from verse 29 through 31:
5.          “For as much then as are the offspring of God, ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man‘s device. And the times of ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent. Because He hath appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness by that Man He hath ordained: whereof He hath given assurance unto all men in that He hath raised Him from the dead.”
6.          God revealed himself to His people, made Himself plain to them. Instead of thanking God, glorifying Him for making Himself manifest unto them, the Bible said, “They continued to walk after the foolish imaginations of their heart, supposing God to be an art, a man devised, which he used either gold or silver or wood to carve out.”
7.          In other words, instead of man to accept the revealed God in his day, he continued to walk after his own imaginations, worshipping “imaginary god.”
8.          The reason why people do not accept the revealed God in our day is because He does not conform to the picture they have in their heart. There is a picture of God they have in their hearts, and whosoever manifests and is contrary to the one they have already pictured in their hearts, surely they will stumble out of the way.
9.          This is the problem many people are having, especially Sister Orjiakor and her likes. With the mouth they praise God, they can dance before God; they are doing it so that people will not know them, giving the impression that they are still one of us, but their hearts are too far away from the Faith. And there is no way God can meet the demands of their soul. “My people do not know me.”
10.      And the Bible said, “The time of ignorance God overlooked.” But now calling on everybody to repent, change your mind about God. Drop all preconceived ideas of God; how you think this God looked like in your heart, for He can never be that way. He has revealed to His children everything about Him and they are sure and certain that they have met the Great Jehovah, the Commander of the Armies of Heaven. No more, no less.
11.      Do you know that you can be here and be anointed with another spirit? Whatever we preach here, you receive the opposite. It is possible, because that is where you have yielded your spirit.
12.      “My people do not know me.” But there must be somebody that knows me very well. So don’t say,  “Opi is darling, Opi is my darling Church; find out what makes Opi darling Church.
13.      I love all the Churches, but I have special love for the Church at Opi; the Church that was born out of tribulation. If you know the history of this Church, you know that Satan has not allowed this Church to rest from the very beginning. It has been a very big war.
14.      If it has not been the Lord, there would be no way for this Church. We would have said, “There was a Church at Opi.” But gallantly, the men stood behind the Sacred Pulpit, stood behind the Word of God, and then resisted every temptation, gave the enemy equal warfare and then he (Satan) fled. I will show you why Opi is my darling Church. Continue to follow me, find out whether my people actually know me.
15.      “My people do not know me.” It has always been a problem in every dispensation. Each time God comes to His people, they will label Him devil, but His enemies will call Him God. The greatest enemy of God is drawn from among God’s people. They won’t say they are enemies, they will pretend to be friends, but they are enemies. I hope nobody will fulfil that dangerous statement. “My people do not know me.”
16.      But the time of that ignorance is overlooked— when people were supposing Him to look like this or like that. Now He has made Himself plain. Anybody that continues to suppose that God is like that, that is unbelief. Accept Him as He is. If a man introduces himself to you and you don’t believe his introduction, do you know him more than himself?
17.      Some even behave as if they have seen God before. Do you know that nobody has seen God before but the Son who has been with Him and in the fullness of time, the Son revealed the Father. I said, “In the fullness of time, the Son revealed the Father.” Let me continue.
18.      This God, which some people worship as imaginary God, the Bible said that He is the commander of the armies of the host of heaven. He is here with us yet we don’t know Him. There were people that recognized Him in their day. So that we stop supposing Him to be like this or like that:
19.      For delivered unto you first of all that which I received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures; And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to scriptures; And that He was seen of Cephas, then of the twelve; after that, he was seen of above five hundred brethren at once, of whom the greater part remain unto this present, but some are fallen asleep. After that, he was seen of James; then of all the Apostles. And last of all, He was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.” 1st Cor. 15:3-8: (KJV)
20.      This God that is with us, He liveth forever. St. Paul is now bearing witness that as far as he was concerned, over five hundred Christians Brethren with the rest of the Apostles, saw Him. He is not an “imaginary God.” I say He is not an imaginary God. None of them could go about thinking that The Godhead is like so, so and so, for they saw Him and had dealings with Him. Nobody could come to any of them to seduce their hearts away into thinking that God is like a giant, is red or black or lean; they knew Him.
21.      Do you know God to that extent? Has God even become real to you? Some of you are still waiting for God that will come on the last day, and when He comes, all eyes will see Him, as if He has not come before.
22.      We continue searching Scriptures because everything will happen according to the Scriptures. St. Paul was quoting Scriptures; according to Scriptures, according to Scriptures, according to scriptures. But somebody that is out of the way will be quoting according to what his father said; will be quoting according to what he thinks in his heart. “But I think, but in my own opinion. If I am to say, I should say like this.” It is your right. “My people do not know me.”
23.      Second Peter chapter one. “My people do not know me.” I am reading from verse 16 through 18:
24.      “For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitness of His Majesty. For He received from God the father, honour and glory, when there came such a voice to Him from the excellent glory. This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. And this Voice, which came from heaven, we heard, when we were with Him in the Holy Mount.”
25.      When we were with Him. To these people that were there as eyewitnesses, were they seeing an imaginary God? God was real to them. I want to say that in every dispensation, God has always remained real to His people. If God is not real to you, you are follow, follow. You don’t belong to God. You are not of God; you are numbered among the mixed multitude.
26.      If God doesn’t make Himself real to His people, how can He be worshipped? It will be very difficult. We were with Him in the mount when that excellent Voice roared. I don’t think He was anything short of a human being.
27.      In the book of 1st John chapter three from verse one; the Bible says, “When we shall see Him, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.” In the book of Hebrews Chapter two verse 16, the Bible says, “He didn’t come as an angel but as a human being, for only as a human being can He be the Saviour.”
28.      So, to such people that have the revelation, they won’t go about thinking that the Godhead is like this or like that. Every other person can be deceived but not the Elect

Chapter Five

Do you know that every Elect has the nature of God? If you are here and you think you are one of the Elect of God and you don’t have God’s nature, close your mouth!! I say, shut up your mouth!!
2.          No true seed of God goes about saying, “I think I am of God.” If you are thinking you are of God, you are fooling yourself. You must be sure and certain that you belong to God; you are a child of God. Just like your salvation, your salvation must be real to you, even your conscience bearing you witness.
3.          This Church is looking at me fearfully, very fearfully. “My people do not know me.”
4.          Acts of Apostles, chapter three. I want to help you by putting you in remembrance of these facts so that you know that the God you are worshipping is not different from the one those people worshipped. If the God they worshipped was real to them, why should your own be imaginary? Why do you suppose that your own God will look like this or like that? Here in the Acts of Apostles, the Bible recorded:
5.          “And we are witnesses” – another powerful statement. I say another powerful statement. Peter recorded he was there with him in the mount as witness, and he is telling you that we are not following cunningly devised fables, but were eyewitnesses. Here in the Acts of Apostles, the Bible recorded, and we are witnesses of all these things:
6.          We are witnesses of all these things which he did both in the land of the Jews and Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree: Him God raised up the third day: and showed Him openly not to all the people, but unto witnesses chosen before of God even to us who did eat and drink with him after He rose from the dead.”
7.          Can a man eat and drink with an imaginary God? If you have not come to the revelation where you can publicly declare that you have seen God, you have touched Him, you have heard Him speak, you have been privileged to drink and eat with him; your revelation is open to question. Your Salvation is still questionable. — “My people do not know me.”
8.          People could eat and drink with their maker and yet remain blind, remain blind. That is how people seal their doom. Pray that that type of blindness will leave you today — God raised Him, and display it openly. Many people saw Him, but not as God, but the children of God saw Him as God.
9.          When Jesus was walking about, a lot of people that saw Him and saluted Him never knew He was the Messiah.“My people do not know me.”
10.      If they have known me, they won’t be fooling themselves thinking that they can trick me. They won’t be fooling themselves when they come to me, giving the impression than they believe me, that they are my disciples, when they are not. I know you, yet do not know me. Ezekiel, 33:30-33. (LB) “My people do not know me.”
11.      “Son of Dust, your people are whispering behind your back” – Son of Man, Son of Dust, your people are whispering behind your back. Son of Man, Son of dust, your people are whispering behind your back. What are they saying? They talk about you in their houses and whisper about you at the door saying, ‘ehee’. Some funny, let’s go near ... so, they come as though they are sincere – they come as though they are sincere. Amen.
Chapter Six

I love Opi Church. I say, I love Opi. There is no hypocrisy in that Church.
I say, there is no hypocrisy in that Church. If there is any mistake they have made, it has been an honest mistake that is common among all human beings. When they say yes, they mean yes.
2.          Opi is my darling Church. Why? They worship God more in my absence than in my presence, which is highly commendable in the sight of God. But other Churches pay “eye service” to the Son of Man. Once I appear in their midst, everybody becomes a holy angel. But immediately I leave them, they will come out from their cocoons again.
3.          Can you imagine a woman that prepares snail, prepares snail for cooking; the shell has been removed, the thing has been washed. You look at the snail, it is ready for cooking, and the woman goes out, before she comes back, you see the snail crawling again. Won’t the woman be afraid? The woman will be looking at it fearfully.
4.          That’s why I fear some Churches, but I am always at home at Opi, my spirit is always at home. That’s why I have never come here without displaying a sign. Once I step into this place, there must be a rainfall. It is one of the blessings from God. Because, their faith will join with my faith, even at the time when there is no sign of rain.
5.          I remember sometime in March 1998, the day Bro. James wedded his wife. We all gathered in this hall and it was very hot and there was no where to get water. They were buying water at a very high price. I pitied the Brethren, the way they were shuttling with their motorcycle and their bicycle touched me. I called Bishop Kingsley; I said, “Sir, how many buckets of water will they fetch that will serve the whole Church? You need water.” He said, “Sir, thank you for recognizing this.” I said, “Get ready, you will get enough water, you won’t buy water again. But do you have a place where the water will be collected?” He said they had enough. I said that’s all I need.
6.          I entered my room. I came from that place, and went back again. I entered and said to my wife, “Darling, there is going to be rain now. Go and tell them at the kitchen to collect enough water.” In the next 15 minutes, heaven came down. I say, heaven came down. The way it came down was the way it snapped water that was very scarce before our meeting. We enjoyed our meeting.
7.          The same thing happened last night, I announced it; Opi has been very cold. Today is very hot, and the way Bro. Goddy brought water to me, I didn’t like it. Then I called Bro. Goddy the Pastor; I said, “Sir, you need water for this occasion.” He said, “Yes.” I said, “What of that pavement where you used to collect water somewhere in the school, is it still in order?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Okay, go.”
8.          I said to my wife again, “Darling, I think it is better we have rain. She said, “No, it will spoil something.” I said, “No, it will not spoil anything. ‘ E no go spoil anything’.” So, Bro Goddy laughed and left. Less than 15 minutes, rain came and everywhere was cool and we got enough water.
9.          Another Church that is closest to Opi, I think is Nsukka. They are growing in the faith. They are growing in faith. I am telling you the truth, because Bro. Elijah had a dream where the Son of Man came to Nsukka, and immediately He came, that was the day the first rain fell at Nsukka. He narrated his dream, and as God could have it; and as Nsukka was very hot, I wanted some water.
10.      Sister Chinyere said that somebody went to fetch water somewhere. The person stayed for too long, until somebody was sent to go and find out what was wrong. “Ahaa! How many buckets shall we get from this type of arrangement? I think we need water. We need water.” S
11.      o, I carried my chair outside. Holding the gadder, I was gazing at the sky. Few minutes from that time, the thing made like this, and then there was a heavy pour. That was the first rain at Nsukka this year.
12.      The following day, I saw people labouring while they were planting as I was on my way to Enugu-Ezike. So, while I was coming back; see, I thank God for what He is doing, I was laughing at those farmers. One young man I halted; I said, “This rain is not for planting. You will get enough sunshine to dry this one. The rain you will use for planting is on the way. And when it starts, it will rain two, three times in that week, but not this one.” So, the boy continued farming.
It is your faith that will give you everything. Something took place in Onitsha just some few days ago. It was our Brother’s faith that brought him back to life, because he has already passed away, and that would have been a very big reproach to the whole Church.
14.      By faith, something nobody could believe came out of him at the Command of the Lord; something that gave doctors tough time – I saw the whole thing. We still have it in the bottle till today. Our Brother is alive and healthy. If you want to see it, come to Onitsha.
15.      I thank God for what is happening. Bro Orjiakor, there is one statement I am waiting for now: The bane of every man of God has remained his inability to conquer his wife. Your ability to conquer your wife is your success. I don’t mean beating her, I mean resisting her voice.
16.      The voice of every woman carries a force, and if you don’t yield to that voice, you may be thinking you are wounding her conscience. That’s how Satan works in a man. It started in the Garden of Eden. Who caused Adam to sin? – It is Eve.
17.      How did she do it? She didn’t take God serious. She was the one that brought the False Doctrine and introduced it to Adam.
18.      Who caused Ahab to sin? It was the wife that came with all the gods of her land, pretending to be one with Ahab. She hid the god(s) of her father in her heart – check the Bible down the line.
19.      Women, They have always caused trouble in the life of every man of God. If you do not cause your wife to obey you; once she obeys you, she has obeyed me. If she refuses you, she has refused me. If she despises you, she has despised me. So, she cannot win my love, my salvation cannot be for her because she rejected the Voice of her salvation.
20.      So, don’t be on a “yielding side.” Any day you come to me again and say, “My wife said, my wife said;” that is the day I will banish you from my Presence. Because, by now, you must have known the nature of the Person you are dealing with.
21.      Do you think there is no wisdom in what God did? When Lot saw that the wife has already drawn a line against herself, Lot held on to his two daughters and vanished.
22.      They continued searching the Scriptures because they don’t know God. People of God could come to God thinking they can make fun with God: “Let’s ask Him to tell us what God is saying. Let’s pretend as if, let’s give the impression that we are believing. Let’s share testimonies so that He will think we are also in the Faith.” Is God interested in that nonsense? He that searcheth the heart knows everything before they utter it out. He knows the material you are made of. Amen

Chapter Seven

My people do not know me. If they had known me, they would have given me my due Honour and Reverence. They won’t be supposing that the Godhead is like a duck or air; when the Godhead has revealed Himself in our midst. We continue. But there is one man I know; I know him for one thing – Genesis, chapter 18. I know him for one thing: He is a nice man. If I know you, how do I know you? I read from verse 17 through 19:
2.          “And the Lord said, shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do, seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in Him? For I know him (I know Abraham) that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment, that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.”
3.          I know Abraham; why should I hide my mind from the man I have already loved? I know him. I love him for one thing: He is able to command his children and his household even after him to obey me, I know him. He doesn’t play with my Word. He enforces my Word.
4.          If I should call that type of Church my darling Church, if you have performed like them, you would have at least won that trophy. I have tried Opi Church like I have tried other Churches. I saw one “thing” in Opi Church: They have the “fear of the Lord.” They are ready to do all things according to my Instruction. If it is not the way I instructed, they will never try it. And once I roar, you see them fall prostrate. If every Church will be like that, there will be no problem at all.
5.          Everywhere you hear Bishop Kingsley, Bishop Kingsley, You can hardly hear about Pastor Goddy. This will show you the type of understanding and the type of relation they have in the Church. But in other places, everybody wants to be identified— that’s rubbish!!
6.          Opi is indeed my darling Church. I know Brother Kingsley, I know his zeal, and I know his efforts. He is able to command his children, his household even after him to obey me.
7.          I continue searching Scriptures. Look at another quality. Genesis 15, I read from verse 6: “And he believed in the Lord: and He counted it to him for righteousness.”
8.          In a Message William Branham preached, titled: “Believing God.” He said that believing doesn’t mean giving Him money or giving Him food and drinks, or giving Him a mansion; he said, “Believing Him means walking according to His Word. Even if His Word is against your lifestyle, because it proceedeth out of the mouth of your Lord, you must obey to the latter.” How many can boast of obeying the Word of their Lord to the latter? I mean as a Local Church, without somebody contending?
9.           Maybe you don’t know that there is an Apostle in the Church at Opi, yet very humble and quiet; maybe you don’t know that. But let me tell you: Opi is my darling Church. If you don’t know what Christianity is all about, go to Opi Church and they will teach you Christianity.
10.      That was why when Nsukka Church rose thinking they will make themselves “something.” As many as were not guilty, I emptied all of them into Opi Church. All that needed salvation from Nsukka; I directed all of them to the “place” salvation is. Christianity with bitterness is politics; it is not Christianity –call it Christianity in the paper, and not Christianity in the heart. Though you call me “Son of Man;” you call me “Daddy,” you call me “my Lord;” I will agree for that is what I Am, but not to you. You are calling me those “things” because that is what others are calling me. That’s what I am to those that believed me, to those that walk according to my Word. I am God to those that believe me; I am devil to those that do not believe me.
11.      Believing means walking according to my Rule. You are not under the Laws of Moses but you are under the Laws of Peter Odoemena. Whether you like it or not, you are all my Disciples indeed. If you walk according to my Word, I will delight in you.
12.      Somebody may be asking, “If Opi Church is your darling Church, why don’t you go there to spend your weekend? But you visit other Churches more than you visit Opi.” Yes! There is no problem there that will warrant my attention. I am fully represented. They are walking according to my Rules, and nothing pleases me more than that. Seeing that my children are walking according to the “standard” I have set for the Churches, it gives me joy, it reduces my headache.
13.      If I don’t explain these things, you may think that somebody may be using one thing or the other to drag me away. But if I should tell you how the whole thing happened, how many will believe? Nobody knew that Opi is (anything) darling Church, until Bishop Kingsley came to Onitsha.
14.      We were very much concerned about what the Epistle said concerning Onitsha Church. But when he said that thing that the Holy Ghost wrote down: “Opi Is My Darling Church,” we found it difficult to take him serious.
15.      So, I have to rush to the Epistle. I brought my own book, went to the Opi column and read it. Lo and behold, it was true. Only those that were around when I was writing the Epistle can testify how the Epistle was written.
16.      So, if it documented that Opi is my darling Church, it is God that documented it. It is the Holy Spirit because, whatever that is in the Epistle is inspired by God, and the Spirit of God can never tell lies. Do not say, “Because I am the darling Church, now I am saved.” See it as a challenge because Satan is bound to “try” you from now to know whether you will maintain your position as “darling” in this Faith.
17.      So, when you receive the Holy Spirit, that is the time you face war. Abraham believed God, he trusted God, relied on Him, confided in Him, and that was his righteousness.
18.      Look at another Church that is the Church at Enugu. They have young Pastor there; they have a Bishop who is well experienced. But from time to time, the Pastor will not be in the Church and the Bishop will not even know his whereabouts. Can you say there is harmony? Is there any respect? But it can never happen in Opi Church. No Brother steps out without the knowledge of the Bishop.
19.      No Brother steps out without the knowledge of the Pastor, even the Apostle. But it is not so in other Churches. At times, some will come to Onitsha, while we will be talking, another person will come from the same Church. I will say, “Aha! Aha! You are here also? When did you come?” This means that, that one didn’t know when his Brother left for Onitsha – it is just running around, walking as if there is no leadership.
20.      The essence of this thanksgiving is to thank God for what He has done for Opi Church, so that others will emulate good things. Don’t be jealous over good things, but emulate good things.
21.      I was talking to some Brethren last night concerning Bishop Kingsley’s wife. I said, “This is a Christian indeed, for I remembered the first time I saw her, how rebellious she was. I used the Word of God to trim her. I measured Pastor Kingsley, standard of his Christian faith by his ability in continuing to work on his wife from where I stopped.” I only gave him “matchet,” well sharpened.
22.      I started the work and handed it over to him; and today his wife is an ideal wife of a Minister. It is not hypocrisy. I say It is not hypocrisy. Her simplicity, her humility in everything is manifest. Even Brethren living around were witness – it is astonishing. The same way, we marvelled yesterday when we saw Sister Charity.
23.      If your husband is still sighing from day to day, and regretting coming in contact with you; and your wife is regretting coming in contact with you, please don’t take the matter light. Sit down and address the problem. I say, address the problem. Until you find a “lasting solution,” don’t give up. What I have given to you is enough to shape every true seed of God until the person becomes “Express Image of God.”
24.      Opi is my darling Church. My people do not know me, but Opi Church knows me. The same way, I know them; the same way, they know me. I am not flattering them. I don’t flatter any Church. I don’t flatter any individual. I tell you the truth about me, no more, no less.
25.      The type of truth I can tell you about me: the type of truth Brother Ejike heard last night with Brother John Bass as a witness, and Brother Philip; how I wish you will pass the same Message to your wife in the presence of Bro. John Bass, because you didn’t come with tape recorder. Your marriage is not up to two months, I mean your wedding.
26.      But if you can play the few words that came out before I joined you and compare it with events around your wife, you will start appreciating what God is doing. For God seeth things afar off. Amen.