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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               



I am He, The King of Peace, The King of Righteousness, The Righteous High Priest, having no beginning of days and ending of days, One that lives forever, who can never die. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
 MOMENT OF TRUTH—a time everybody will tell him or herself the Truth. Our colours in this Faith have been made manifest. There is nobody in
 this Faith that is wearing false colour again. Whatever you are wearing now is your original colour because this is “harvest” time.

From your colour we can give you your name, no mistake, for we can never say that this sheep is like a goat or that this goat is like a sheep. A sheep has become manifest, a goat has become manifest, no matter how long it has been “so journeying” with us. This is true.
          –The Son of Man

Please notice. Now, get the Message proper. I am coming to the Message proper.
1.              I am taking my text from that same place I will also take my topic. It is not a new Message as such, but it is aimed at halting the fight so that you can continue to grow in Grace and also in the Faith, having learnt a lesson from your experience.
2.              I am not looking to the time. If you are here from another Local Church, I pity you; I never invited you. We are not doing any party here. We did not invite you. We can stay here until morning.
3.              If you feel that we are over staying, carry your Bible and go away. Amen.

First John 2:21: “I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.” (KJV).
2.            I am preaching to you not because you are ignorant or you do not know the truth.
3.            The topic is: NO DECEPTION IS OF THE TRUTH. Saint John used writing, but I am using preaching. I am preaching to you not because you do not know the truth, or that you are ignorant of it, no. I know you perceive the truth, you know what truth is all about and you are sure and certain. You know very well also that no falsehood, no deception, no lie is of the truth.
4.            First, Pilate asked what truth was and Jesus was the Word of God, the Anointed One in His day. Pilate asked Him what the truth was and He answered Pilate saying, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one cometh to the father but by me.”
5.            In other words, God is Truth. If God is Truth, then no deception, no falsehood, no lie is from God. Whenever you see these things—lie, deception, falsehood, cunningness, hypocrisy—please, conclude that these things do not come from God, for God is Truth.
6.            What is deception? Deception is something that is craftily designed to resemble the original with the intent to deceive.
7.            Deception is something that was craftily designed to look as if the hand of God is in it. It is a Message that is craftily designed, craftily presented as if it is inspired of the Holy Spirit, but the intent is to deceive, to divert the faith of the children of God away from their God.
8.            Nothing like that can ever come from God. God is disassociating Himself from such things. Therefore, from now, children of God should be on the alert. I am trying to prepare you so that you can see the appearances of these things and know how you can take your stand; because by and by, all that the Bible predicted will come out in the last days, surely, we are going to meet them.
9.             Whatever the Bible said we should expect in the last days, surely, they must try to come into this Church to try the faith of some. Already, the entire world is under the power and control of Satan.
10.         If Satan wants to bring falsehood, will he test falsehood with the world? Already, the entire world is in falsehood. Can you say that Satan is coming to deceive the world again? No! The world is already in his pocket.
11.         He used the world to tempt Jesus: “If only you can bow down before me, I will give you the whole world.” Jesus said, “Get you behind me you Satan.”
12.         Jesus equally said that the entire world is under the power and control of Satan except this Church. Therefore, whatsoever Jesus said must come out in the last days from Satan must be in the Church. In other words, Satan is going to use the Church as his testing ground.

If you hear that false prophets will appear, false teachings, false Christs, false this and that, it is in this Faith. It is in that true Church that Satan will bring such people with damnable qualities to test the faith of the children of God.
14.           Do you know that God permitted false prophets to appear in Israel to prophesy, “Thus sayeth the Lord,” to try the loyalty of the people? God even allowed what the people prophesied to come to pass testing the loyalty of His people.
15.       Watch, He told them saying, “I will permit these things to come to pass, to test your loyalty, but one thing you must watch out is where they will take you to. If they point you to another god than Me, do not pay attention.” 
16.       Therefore, they can say, “Let there be rain” and rain will come. “Let there be fire,” fire will come, all are “Thus sayeth the Lord.”
17.            However if they say let us go to Kibosh or Atherston or Baal to bow down there, the people of Israel will say no. then they would know that the prophecy was allowed of God to test their loyalty to Him.
18.            God, will first manifest Himself to you, give you His doctrines and impart His Faith in you. when He is satisfied that He has done enough  work in you, He will give chance a little and then permit the enemy to come and try you with things that are contrary to your faith in order to know whether you believe Him or not.
19.           Therefore, whatever the Bible predicted that would take place in the last days, do not expect them to be tempted in the world. Expect them in your midst, the true Church.
20.           I do not talk about Pentecostals again. You know where they belong. They are already in his pocket.
21.          There is only one living Carcass and I am sure and certain that the number in this Faith is too great to be saved. I am sure and certain that we have agents of Pentecostals to spy into the secret of our liberty.
22.       Every piece of information about us, they relay to the Pentecostals. Whatever we preach and believe, many that come to our fellowship, hear us and go away are not members of this Faith.
23.       Many of them are agents, I call them saboteur, sambalat and Tobiah in the camp. Do we fear them? When we notice them, we keep them where they belong.
24.       No lie or deception is of the truth. They are not from God; they are from he that is against God.

Ephesians 1:19-23: “And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,
26.        Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,
27.        Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:
28.        And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the Church,
29.        Which is his body, the fullness of him that filleth all in all.” (KJV).
30.       In order words, the Church is the dwelling place of the Deity. The Deity is in the Church. The Universal Head, the Supreme Head of the Church (the Body) is not any other place but in the Church.
31.       Therefore, He is not somewhere else governing the affairs of His Church. Remember, the government of the Church is upon His shoulder.
32.       Please, take note. This man, who we can see, behold His glory, touch His hands, eat and dine with Him, has been made Head of all things.
33.       He is the Supreme Universal Head of the Church. He is the one that is talking to us in these last days whose voice is not only shaking the heavens but also the earth. The Bible is saying that no lie, no deception, no falsehood is from Him. Nothing false, lie, deception is from Him.
34.       If He must tell lies, to who will He tell lies? Is He accountable to man? Does He fear flesh? What will then prompt Him to tell lies? Because what prompts telling of lies is fear of man, fear of punishment. When you have something to dodge, you will tell lies. This One who is the Supreme Head and Authority over His Church, has He anything to hide from any man?
35.       Have you any power to take anything from Him? What you take is what He gives you. Does He fear any face? Who are you then? Why should He tell you lies?
36.       He knows what is best for the Church. He organizes the Church to suit His Divine purpose, not to suit any of you in the Faith. Carefully, He knows the type of material He is using to shape this Body—The Bridal Faith—where He dwells.

Let Me tell you what I mean. If we can dwell together in this Faith in peace without backbiting and quarrelling, without complaining, I mean, things that are being seen and heard of in counterfeit Churches, if they are completely absent in this Faith, surely, we have become a brand new people altogether.
38.        We have become a nation away from other nations. We are now in the world of our own, which is exactly what the Son of Man has been labouring to achieve – to have a Church that is free from murmuring, complaining, bitterness and fighting. A spotless and blameless Church.
39.       If you are behaving this way in my presence, how can I leave you and go out? You will destroy yourselves. Nevertheless, why can’t we achieve it? It is because we have become unbelievers to all that we hear.
40.       If we have been obeying whom God has sent, surely, by now, we should have been like Him.
41.       I want you to come to a point where you will rebuke your Brother or Sister and stop there.
42.       Do you know that God will approve you if you rebuke or correct your Brother or Sister, but He will disapprove you if you go about murmuring and complaining about your Brother or Sister? Murmuring and complaining—check the Bible—God hates these two ugly things. They are not associated with the children of God. It is the habit of strangers in the wilderness—the people that started murmuring and complaining were mixed-multitude.
43.       In the New Testament, it was the same way.
44.       However, if we should form a glorious Church, we should be united in the heart. Should I call you “Brother” or “Sister;” I mean it from my heart. If you do anything wrong, I will talk to you and say, “This thing you are doing will not help you; stop it.” I will stop there.
45.       Not when you see a Brother or Sister in error, instead of going to correct him or her, you conclude already, “He will misunderstand me; she will misunderstand me.” Since he or she will misunderstand you, why not keep it to yourself? You start going from house to house.
46.       It is a sure sign that you are not a child of God, for there is no fear in love. Although you claim you love her, you do not love her with gossip. Sister, you claim you love your Brother, you do not love him. If there is love of God, there will not be fear; there will be respect. Respect is not fear. I am trying to make you rapturable.
47.       Let me ask you this question; suppose one of us is in Sokoto, maybe Brother James Elum—permit me to use him—is in Sokoto for a purpose; he is managing, being the only child of God there—the only Church. Moreover, it happens that Brother Onyema hates Brother James.
48.       One day, Brother Onyema finds himself in Sokoto for a business or any other thing and he is stranded. Perhaps, while coming out from the park, the first person he runs into is Brother James; can you imagine what will take place?
49.       As you are now, maybe you have not been to Taiwan before, while going for business, you are not relaxed. Immediately you land at the airport to think of what you will do, lo and behold, the next person you will see is a Brother (Brother Joshua). You say, “Who am I seeing” will you run away? Can you imagine what will take place?

Let me tell you, our greatest problem is that we have never settled down and think deep into the purpose of God in establishing this Church. Bible said that why God established the Church was to gather all His children in Diaspora so that through Christ, they can enter God’s Kingdom, which is the Church of Christ.
51.       Without this Church, I will never know that Sister Vin is my Sister. I will never know that I came from the same father with Brother Vin. Do not allow marriage to fool you. From the beginning, children of God have been marrying their Sisters.
52.       What Abraham married was his sister. There was one woman and one man (Adam and Eve). All the male children of God married their sisters, for there was no other creature except all that came from the lineage of Adam and Eve.
53.       When God created Adam and Eve, did He create any other person? The male children of Adam that married, from where did they get their wives? Abraham’s wife, Sarah, who was she? Wasn’t she Abraham’s Sister? Whom did Jacob marry? Were they not his maternal cousins? Was not Leban Jacob’s cousin.
54.       You have not understood what God is doing. Any day you understand what God is doing, you will fear God.
55.       I want to tell you something. This town called Onitsha is a woman and this woman has parents. Do you understand me?
56.       If you check all of us in this Faith, naturally speaking, you will find out that we all came from the same person. When you ask this person where he hails from, he will tell you; his father will tell you who he married, if you continue tracing it down, you will find out that we all came from the same person.
57.       However, this time around, God has placed something by which He will know all that came from the lineage of Isaac. As many that came from the lineage of Isaac, they are the people that have all that God promised Abraham.
58.        What did God use to bring them back? He used His Word. God first sent out His Word. Adam heard the same Word heard by Abraham. All that will hear this Word and believe in it must all come from one person.
59.       Please, come closer to Me spiritually.
60.       I am saying that we should be blamed. There is wisdom in God making His family a small family, allowing us to stay in splinter groups. Here on Earth, there are people that have families, who have people in their homes more than this Church.
61.       There is one family in my place where a man married about twenty-seven wives. His children are greater in number than the number here. I am telling you the truth. The children of Nwaturuocha at Mbaise are greater than the number in this Church. He married twenty-seven wives.
62.       Not only that; if you go to Oguta, B.U Nzeribe’s father married thirty-two wives. His children are all here and there. Some of his children like Dr. Ifeanyi have refused to answer Nzeribe. Doctor Ifeanyi is a Rev. Father; he opened a Church at the bank of the river. Ifeanyi Anozie is a member of B.U. Nzeribe’s family. His grandfather is Nzeribe.

What I am saying is that the purpose of God establishing His Church is to make sure that all His children will come back. When you come back, you will realize really that anybody you see in this Faith is your Brother or Sister indeed. If there is nothing in you bearing you witness that I am your Brother, know that you are Cain.
64.       If there is nothing in you, convincing you that the person on the same seat with you is your Brother or Sister, you are Cain. You do not know the purpose of God bringing us into the Faith.
65.       God brought me into this Faith for me to know my Brothers and my Sisters. If I am not your Brother, I cannot be your redeemer. There is no way I can be your redeemer, because your interest will not be my interest; I cannot protect you.
66.       Today, I am your kinsman redeemer. Now, if we can recognize that we are members of one Body, one Family, Brothers and Sisters, why should there be something God hates in our midst?
67.       Now we have recognized the essence of coming into the Faith – it is not to see one another’s face alone.
68.       If we really want to be with God eternally, He has given us conditions; He has told us things that should not be mentioned in our midst. He said, “Let there be no schism among you; let there be no murmuring, evil speaking or backbiting or gossip.” These things should not be associated with you.

How can we say that we want to have eternal life, we want to stay with God, but we will permit those things in our hearts to drop? All these hidden traits, we have the power to drop them. We imported all of them, we are killing ourselves deliberately. God does not inspire any of them; they are all coming in from outside. None of them is in-born in us.
70.       Thus, I have the power to take a decision and say, “From today, I will not have any thought against anybody that is called a human being, whether Brother or no Brother.”
71.       A human being takes the decision. The only way to be pure from it, free from it is when you see somebody in evil, point it to him. That is all.
72.       Point it out, do not be a party to it. Moreover, the only way you will keep yourself from being a party to evil is to condemn that evil before whosoever that is doing it. If you do not condemn evil before somebody that is doing it, before you will know it, you will be helping the person in doing it.
73.       When you condemn the evil, the person will not come to you again, asking you to come and join him or her in doing that evil: “I do not like this, what you are doing is bad; it is not in line with our teaching. God is against it; take off your hand there!” That is all; you go your way.
74.       Another way is to warn those people that will come to you with “flippering” tongues—flippancy! Their tongues are wagging about like the tongues of snakes: “Sister, have you heard what is reigning now, Brother have you heard what is on board?” Get out! I do not know. I did not hear anything and I do not want to hear.
75.       Next time, he/she will not come to you with such story again. If he comes, you will have ordinary Fellowship.
76.       Let me go down; you will see what the Church is all about. The Universal and Supreme Head of the Church is with is us. The Bible said so; He is with us.
77.       Since He is with us, we should live a life higher than the lives of the Pharisees. Amen.

Revelation 3:15-16: “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
79.        So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” (KJV).
80.       If He is with us, why are some people lukewarm? They are lukewarm in their approaches to their Brethren. You cannot see that warm and sweet embrace, warm and sweet godly embrace, fellowship and reception.
81.       There are many ways of receiving your Brethren. If your heart is not at peace with your brethren, find out why and then, settle it; you will have peace.  Do not try to dodge it when you are already in problem. Now you are having problem, solve it. 
82.       You can stay in your bed or you may be in your parlour and a Brother knocks, once you hear his voice, you run into your bedroom pretending that you are sleeping, another way of dodging him. You are worse than an infidel.
83.       If you are a real Christian and there is love in your heart, you should come out and say, “Brother, God bless you. You are welcome”. If he opens the topic, you may tell him thus, “Brother, please, come next time; I am very weak. I want to have a little rest”. That is truth.
84.       If really you want to have your rest, go to bed and rest, it does not make you a sinner; you are plain to your Brother. He will understand; he will come next time as agreed.
85.       However, for you to run to the bed quickly and pretend to be sleeping and while you are sleeping, you are sending somebody to go and tell him that you are sleeping, it is betraying. Before you will know it, the little maid or child will go there and betray you, “Daddy said I should tell you that he is sleeping.”
86.       It is a devilish way of avoiding your Brother or Sister, but why should you avoid your Brethren? It is better you develop courage and be bold enough. If there is anything wrong between you and your Brother or Sister, use the opportunity to sit the person down.
87.       Say, “Sister, I have been trying to see you; God has brought you here. I have noticed so, so and so wrong things in you and now, I want to talk to you. Please check these characters. It is not good”. If the Brother or Sister is a Christian, he or she will say, “God bless you sir or ma” and then fellowship is restored.
88.         I have told you time without number and I am still repeating that fellowship takes place in the spirit. As long as your spirit is not right with one another, fellowship stops. In other words, you can have fellowship in the flesh and deny yourself fellowship in the spirit.
89.         Moreover, the only fellowship that God recognizes is the fellowship in the spirit. If your heart is not right with me and you pretend as if it is right, you are wounding yourself; I say you are wounding yourself, because God is calling you a hypocrite.
90.       Your Brother is having dealings with you with open heart not knowing that you are already harbouring evil. Put it in the other way, you are the one that is condemned in the sight of God; you are condemned.
91.       I am trying to point out these things because I know translation is around the corner. He that was prophesied to be coming is already here.
92.       Brother Kelechi, remember what went forth at Isialangwa Elders’ meeting. He said, “My prediction in the month of February about 15th, 16th, and 20th, is to expect Him. If my prediction comes to pass, know that He is the one to receive Him there”.

There also, the Voice went forth and said, “Now, another person is coming who will visit Nigeria and He is making His own trip within the first two months of the year 2001 to cement the anti-Christ’s move”. We heard these Voices at Isialangwa.
94.       Brother Kelechi, can you remember that when I got there in my last trip, I mounted the pulpit?
95.       Yesterday, I heard that the person I was making his prediction, will be coming up on the throne on February 16 to lead Israel and he is being feared in the land, a no-nonsense man.
96.       As I was listening to the radio yesterday, I heard somebody talking from Nnewi; pleading for money that they would be receiving Archbishop Kari in Nigeria. Around that time, between the same time and 15th also, that he would even come to Onitsha to have ceremonies at All Saints and so on.
97.        Do you remember what happened before? The Pope came in the year 1982, but this time around, Pope came last year; this one is coming as I predicted – one coming after the Pope to cement relationship.
98.       Moreover, he is coming at a time when the two have agreed and they have lit one common candle. They said it is a candle of UNITY. What do we expect?
99.       Let me tell you something. Let me go to my Message. I will not tell you anything. Let us continue with the message, it will help us. Pardon me there; I say pardon me there. Amen.

Who has ever obtained favour from the Lord through fasting and praying? The answer is nobody. God is helping you because He wants to help you.

If God is delivering you from trouble, it is not because you prayed or you asked God to deliver you or you wept, it is because God wants to. If God does not want to help you, cry from now to the next generation, God will not help you.

Have this one thing in your heart: no man commands God. God does what He wants to do at His own time and no man challenges His action(s).

Every action of God is good in His sight. To you, it may be grievous but to God it is excellent. God is excellent in all His ways and His actions are perfect in His sight.                      –The Son of Man


Revelation 3:15-16: “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
2.            So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.” (KJV)
3.            Bat! (Usu)! It does not belong to the family of aerial or the family of terrestrial. You are not a child of God and you are not a child of the Devil.  Anything agreed upon by the children of God, you are there; anything heathens agree on, you are there; Pentecostals gather, you are there; you have no discrimination at all. Any God that has no discrimination is not good to be worshipped.
4.             God Almighty is discriminatory. Jehovah the mighty man in battle, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is discriminatory. He Himself gave His children an order never to marry from some nations, never to enter into agreement or have any dealings with some nations.
5.            “You should know that you are my own nation, my own lineage, you are very precious, you are holy, precious high priests; you have been selected out for you to be my own”. That is all.

ome of us in the Faith do not discriminate, no barrier, no demarcation. Everything is alright. It is because you do not know the God you worship, because if you know the name of a song, you will dance to its tune.
7.            You saw a dancing group and joined them, yet you did not know the name of the dancing group. Every group has rules in the dancing. There are rules and regulations governing the members. Sometimes, the rule might be that you should not visit anybody (even your relations) when you are going for a ceremony.
8.            If anybody wants to see you, the person should come to the place where you are gathering. Any day you want to see them, you will make out time and visit them not when your dancing group is in session. If you try it, you will be excommunicated, because you have broken the rules and regulations guiding the dancing group. That is how the Church of Christ is.
9.            If you see us in the Fellowship, praise us: “This Church is very nice, there is no Church like this Church”, and you jumped in, received baptism anyhow, you must be drowned.
10.       I compare you to a novice in swimming, who sees a little child that lives in the riverine area with his parents, jumping into the water from the tree without getting drowned. The novice becomes surprised and concludes the river is shallow. He climbs a tree and jumps into the river—pia!—expecting his foot to touch the bottom of the river, he must get drowned.
11.       This is what I have seen happening in this Church. I am not playing. Some people saw many of us in the Faith and concluded, “Is there anything there? If this person can worship God, how much more myself, I can worship God. Are you not human beings like me? I will join you”.
12.        Do you know where the person was born into? Do you know where the person came from? You just jumped into the river and you will feel like someone that is tied to a big stone; you will keep on sinking.

Please, take note. I know your records; I know your works. You are neither cold nor hot. What are you? I hope we do not have too many “Dorothys” in this Faith, do we?
14.       It was last week that I knew the meaning of “Dorothy”. You know, the Holy Ghost can talk through the kitchen. From that day, I said, “I will not call any of my daughters Dorothy oh! The Holy Ghost has given me the meaning of Dorothy.
15.       My wife said that the baby was as dormant as Dorothy; I felt that the name Dorothy meant “dormant.” So, it is not a good name. My mind then went to all that I knew answering Dorothy and all of them are normally dormant (doralatii).
16.       If you are bearing Dorothy, please, pardon Me. I am not trying to ridicule you, but it is now that I have known the meaning of Dorothy. You are not cold; you are not warm; you are Dorothy.
17.       You are not a Christian; you are not a Muslim; you are not a pagan; what are you? You are a BAT. You are not an aerial animal; you are not a terrestrial animal.
18.       You are a bird that has teeth with rat’s legs. You can fly and you can run on the ground. The person must be feared.
19.       I likened such a person to electric fish, and you know what the Lord is doing.

I want to give you this illustration, though you know it: the Kingdom of Heaven is likened to a man, who is fishing. He throws the net into the sea, pulls the net out with every kind of fish and other things that resemble fish. When the net is pulled out from the water, you will see every kind of animal including snake.
21.       According to the Bible, the man, being a good fisherman settles down to do the selection. He takes good fishes away and then, those things that resemble fish (orbich, fish with teeth, crab and other sea animals), the Bible says, “He will cast them back into the sea”. In other words, that is what is happening.
22.       I know, I have given you a command to go to the streets and highways and gather everybody for me. However, I will be testing them by giving them wedding garments to know how many that will be brave enough to cloth themselves in those new apparels. Inside that same place was spotted a man whom did not put his own on.
23.       God is doing something now. I have gathered too many fishes from the sea and I am making my selection—to take good fishes.

The purpose of my labour in the sea, night and day, is because of good fishes and not because of harmful things like snakes, crabs, and electric fish that has teeth. Electric fish is not good fish.
25.       There is another dangerous fish which is not electric fish. That one is called “orbich” and it equally has teeth. It can bite somebody to death. Any fish with teeth should be feared; yet, they are all in the sea.
26.       You are neither cold nor hot; it is better you become one. Show me your colour for me to know whether I can help you or manage you. Stop suppressing your feelings. Come out; vent it out. Exhibit your character, for we are going to a place where there will be nothing like suppression of feelings. If you do not exhibit your character, I will misjudge you because I will judge you by my discernment.
27.        I know I will not discern wrongly; I will get you perfectly. Since you do not want to come out, you cherish that habit; I will allow you to continue with it, but not in Paradise. You will continue with it, but not in Paradise.
28.          Had you wanted it to be removed, you would have exhibited it or even screamed. If you fall inside a pit and raise your hand, you will be pulled out.
29.         However, if you find yourself in a pit and lie down, somebody brings a ladder, you refuse to climb up; somebody lowers his hand to pull you up and you dodge his hand, everybody will allow you to be there. Maybe you like the pit.
30.          For the fact that you are neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth; I will count you out.
31.          The Spirit of God was talking expressly to the Church. If you go further towards the end of the place we read, it says, “Let him that has ears hear what the spirit is saying to the Churches”.
32.          On the other hand, this is not a Message to the world; it is believed that, as many as should be in the Church must be saveable Christians and they must be hot.
33.          If you are neither hot nor cold, you are in-between; in other words, your stand is not known. God is saying, “From the Church, I will cast you out”.
34.         “Instead of staying in the Faith and perish, I had better leave this Faith, go out and enjoy the world well, well. I had better go back to my former association. Whatever I see there, I will take it.”
35.          Is it not a painful thing that somebody can be in this Faith, where others are being saved and yet he is lost? You get drowned in the same sea that saves others. You are in the water, yet, the foam from the soap is entering your eyes, why? God forbid.
36.         Do you know that some people do not believe what we are preaching? They are in this Faith, yet they do not believe that what we are preaching is Truth.
37.         They do not believe that immortality is real and I want to convince you that ON THAT DAY, God will take those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for salvation—people that take God by His Word. Amen.

Whatever you are hearing, whatever you are seeing, whatever you are passing through, God had already told us about all those things ahead of time, so we are not shaking one bit. Even if it remains one person in this Faith, God must be worshipped as a Human Being. It is because we have preached it, believed it, that is why we are being troubled, buffeted about.  That is why we are being treated as criminals.

Thus, for our experiences to compare favourably like this, we know that we are on the right track. By this, we know that we are on the right track. We are not shaking. Let heaven fall.

As many of us who made everlasting Covenant with Him, and are sure and certain that we are not deceived, this is His ordained way from the beginning of the world.
–The Son of Man

Now we are continuing. No deception is of the truth. Anybody that is living a lukewarm life is deceiving himself. There is no truth in his life. If you are not a child of God and you are not a child of Devil, what are you then?
2.            The Message we are preaching is either true or false. If you have discovered that what we are holding is the truth and nothing but the truth, then what stops you from obeying? I mean, what stops you from obeying the Message from your heart, from your conscience, that it might be well with you?
3.            First John 3:24: “And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that he abideth in us, by the Spirit which he hath given us.” (KJV).
4.            All, who keep God’s instructions, who obeys God’s orders and follow God’s plans, they not only live, they also continue to live. It is a continuous exercise, not being a true worshipper of God today and a pagan tomorrow.
5.            They live in Christ and they continue daily to live in Christ nothing separates them from Christ.
6.            Note the two words: They STAY in Christ, ABIDE in Christ and Christ stays with them and abides in them. They allow Christ to be a home to them and they are a home of Christ.

Please, note these key words: stay, abide and finally, home. Have you made Christ your home? Has Christ come to stay even in your life?
8.            Let me tell you what I mean. When God was passing by, He saw many families, but He anchored in Abraham’s home. Remember that before then, Abraham only met God in a dream; check the Bible.
9.             Before that incident, Abraham had never seen God as a human being. He had never seen God face-to-face. All God’s encounter with him was in dreams. Even the Message to depart from his hometown was given to Abraham in a dream.
11.       That was why our former Sister Maureen ran to Me because she wanted to help herself. I know that many of you have different experiences. If your hidden dreams should be counted, they are numerous.
12.        Look at how you help yourselves. Anyone that wakes up from his own dream—even if it is in the midnight—he kneels down at the side of his bed and prays. He will do that alone so that nobody will know.
13.       Some hardly move out in the morning after such experiences the previous night. If you ask him whether he will ever go out today, he will say, “Yes, but that will be later”.
14.       He is struggling with his experience in the dream, because he knows the person that met him, and what the person told him.
15.       However, the other person came and said that she came to express herself, that the face she saw in her dream was that of the Son of Man. In addition, He was scolding her throughout. Thus, she decided to come and enquire if she did anything wrong to Me, which provoked Me to anger.
16.       I said, “Yes, did you see mummy recently? She said, “no." I told her that my anger was very much on her. “I made a great mistake by recommending you to a Brother for marriage; I did not know that you were foolish, I said.
17.       You have your dreams at one time or the other. The ones that are read out in the Fellowship are the ones that affect the Church or the ones that affect some of our Brethren.
18.       However, those that come to you directly, warning you strictly, even telling you to give way, you dodge them deliberately. Besides, they are the same set of people. I know many of you who received such warnings and cancelled your engagements for one week, because they knew they were in danger.
19.        Nonetheless, I could not have taken such measures without venting out. Many of you, especially, some Elders are too subtle. When they come to Me individually, and I say something around a Brother or a Sister, the Elder will go straight to the person and tell him: “There is danger; look at what Brother said about you oh; and He will do it”.
20.       By then everybody will recollect himself. I am telling you the truth. It occurs among you and you know yourselves. Should I start to call names?
21.       There is one that they told recently and he ran to my house saying that he came for us to reason on the matter.
22.       I said, “Yes, I said it with all my heart and I have started displaying some signs showing that I have come out fully. Moreover, I want to do it in a place where only you and Me will be, no other person will be there. I want to settle this matter on the highway. I will finish it there so that everybody will rest”.

After paying deaf ears to several warnings, it will get to a point I call “once and for all”.
24.       That is why I spoke to Bishop Okoh saying, “Look, I take measures that affect Me; it is true that it affects Me, but I like it”. I like am well, well. I do not want to be an obstacle to God; maybe, He has come to help me.
25.       I do not care about the relationship between you and I; if I want to save you, I will save you. If it will take Me using all the forces in this world, I will do it.
26.        Do you know the type of person that I will like to save? It is the person that people have written off. If the world has written you off, I want to convince the whole world that with Me, all things are possible.
27.       I know what prevents many from going to evangelism. You know that if your old friends see you with the Bible (sermon book), they will ask you, “When did this one start? Even you have entered Church? Eh! There is no type of human being that is not found in this Church of yours”.
28.       Many of you that are carrying Bible, you cannot open your mouths because of fear. You know yourselves, but I want to prove those people wrong.
29.                       God knows everything about me and He is now talking to me directly. By saying “me”, I am representing you
(put your name there). The Word of God is saying that I should make God my home and equally make myself the home of God.
30.       God should always feel very free staying and abiding with me. Inversely, I should equally feel free to stay with Him and abide with Him.
31.       I will believe in Him, dwell in Him and I will continue that way. It is not a matter of believing God today and disbelieving Him tomorrow, no!
32.       Have you made Christ your home? Can you boast of Christ dwelling with you and staying with you?
33.       When we perceive His presence around us, by this, we can conclude rightly with the power of the Holy Spirit He has given to us that we are in the right relationship with God.
34.       If you claim you are a child of God, you cannot know when your relationship with God is cordial, friendly and when it is strained, it then means you are not a child of God. You have not tested of the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Truth.
35.       Do you think that I am handling this Message evangelically? No! I want to pastor you this day and I will keep on pastoring you until I put an end to that war.

John 15:10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father's commandments, and abide in his love. (KJV).
37.       If you keep my commandments and obey my instructions, you will continue to live in my love. When you are keeping my commands and you are obeying my instructions, I will continue to be in love with you, just as I obey my Father’s commands, obey His instructions and abide in His Love. If I have been disobedient, He would have removed His Spirit from me long, long time ago.
38.       He would have raised another badger skin where He would dwell and then my obituary would be published.
39.       The secret of abiding with God is abiding in His Love. Abiding in His Love means nothing but obeying His instructions. That is all. You cannot be disobedient and still claim to have the Love of God.
40.       Once you are disobedient and rebellious, God will run away from you, because you are living against yourself. Although you will be coming to Church clapping your hands and praising God, your praises are abomination before God. This is because no deception is from God.
41.       Anybody that is living in disobedience, not abiding in God’s Love, you are disobeying God’s instructions, you are stubborn and rebellious, though you go to Fellowship everyday, sacrificing the sacrifice of your lips, whatever you are doing is useless-nonsense.

Even if you give your body to be burnt in the Fellowship, it profits you nothing.
43.       I am preaching neither because I have mouth nor because I can read the Bible. I am preaching because I have a target and if that target is not achieved, I will go away miserable. I am aiming at presenting everybody in this Faith before He that sent Me, unblamable in His sight. It is not my desire to drop even one, for there is not even one in this Faith that has not given Me headache.
44.       The only thing, I will gain in the end is that after the preaching, I will see you in the Kingdom. I will rejoice that I have not laboured in vain. This is the only thing that brought Me preaching to you.
45.       Even in your disobedience, I still do my best to bring you back to your right senses, because I know that you are ignorant of the place you are heading to. You do not know what is awaiting you there; it has not entered your mind.
46.       You have not dreamt of it and it has not been revealed to you. I know what is there, if I do not know what is there, I do not think I would be labouring for it, no. I will not be aiming at going there.
47.        I know what is there. I have been there. I know what I forfeited coming back here to put on this hopeless flesh again, to trail on this particular frail. Don’t you know that trailing here means death?
48.       I am just like one that is nailed to the cross again. It is not easy to trail here; it is not easy. It killed many prophets. Nobody has trailed this place without hurting his soul.
49.       A man was querying the preaching of the Second Coming of Jesus. He said, “Is Jesus coming back? The initial one He came, did he go back safely?”
50.       While I was discussing with my wife, she said that the man was open-mouthed. The man was asking what Jesus will come back to do or say; that the only thing Jesus can do is to sit at the right hand side of God and be interceding for us. “Is He coming back? Was He safe in the First Advent”?
51.       Really, the man was not safe, but He has been here; He did not go anywhere. The only thing was that He was removed from the world: “A little while the world will see me no more, but you will always see me for I will always be with you”.

John 12:31-32 “Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out.
53.       And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” (KJV).
54.       The time for the judgment of this world has come; and the time when Satan shall be thrown out into the world is already here. When I am lifted up, I will draw many unto myself.
55.       I do not know any other time we should expect the judgment of this world if not now, for the Bible has recorded that the accumulated judgment of God will break upon the head of this generation. It said that this generation must be held responsible for all the blood of the children of God that has been shed on Earth starting from the time of Abel in the Garden of Eden up to our day.
56.       Moreover, I want to tell you that if there is any time the Son of God has been exalted, it is now. Persecution has never allowed the Church to exalt Him.
57.       Really, when He will be exalted, He will not be exalted alone. By exaltation here, I mean, when He will be glorified.
58.        If the judgment of God is about to break upon the head of this generation, will the Church remain in the unglorified condition? The Church must be glorified before the wrath of God. The wrath of God is the judgment of God upon the children of disobedience.
59.       Again, this will take place immediately the Church is glorified. The Church being glorified means the Son of Man being glorified. When the Voice went forth, it said, “I have glorified you, and I will glorify you again”.
60.       I want you to understand that the Son of Man in our midst has been glorified before many witnesses, the Shekinah Glory came down. This time around, He is going to be glorified again.
61.       I do not need to talk much there, but simply believe it that the Bible said that the accumulated judgment of God will break upon the heads of people in this generation. This generation must be held responsible for all the children of God that were killed here starting from the time of Abel in the Garden of Eden.
62.       In other word, we are to wind up the history of Christianity. If we have come to the end of the age, what else do we expect? We expect the glorification of the Church and the judgment of God.
63.       Moreover, only one event will bring these two things together. One single event will happen and you will see the fulfilment, because, that same day the Church is taken away, the wrath of God will descend.
64.       Therefore, nobody will be left here to enjoy the riches of the Earth again. Amen.