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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 28th January, 2001 by THE SON OF MAN (APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA) At The HOUSEHOLD OF GOD Onitsha

I am the living manner. The moment you are with Me, you can never go hunger. Once you are with Me, you are secured. Believe it if you can…
-The Son of Man
January 1st, 2009

There is only but one that holds the Word of the age. There is only but ONE THAT HOLDS THE WORD of the age—one holding the vindicated Message.
If the Word that comes to you is actually the Word of God for that day, for that age, God must surely vindicate it. But if it is not, the Lord will not vindicate it.
What you are holding, is it a vindicated Message? The word you have been hearing, has that word been vindicated? For a word is a man; a man has always been the Message.

-The Son of Man


We have come before your presence to praise and to worship your most Holy name.
2. We have come just as we are, hiding nothing from you. Search us and try us this morning.
3. Are there any wicked ways in us, please, pardon and forgive us through Christ our Lord.
4. We are presenting ourselves before you this morning, pleading, oh king of glory, that you sanctify us now till eternity through Christ our Lord.
5. Turn your face towards us for good and not for evil. Save us to the utmost oh Lord; having called us together in your family, may you never destroy us at the end through Christ our Lord.
6. Our hearts are filled with joy each time we come before you, for we believe your thoughts towards us are thoughts of good and not of evil, even to give us a prospected end. We are pleading with you this morning to move mysteriously in the midst of the congregation.
7. May you never forsake anybody here while you move in our midst. May the entrance of your Word in our hearts give us life today through Christ our Lord.
8. Are there some that are sick somewhere, or some that travelled like Brother Thomas, whom we have been expecting since yesterday, we are pleading with you, Lord, to see him and such other people through, through Christ our Lord.
9. Our Lord and our God, we are expecting blessings from you today. Gladden our hearts, oh God. May we never go home discouraged; rather, may we go home encouraged.
10. are there some that are here discouraged already, please Lord, lift them up from their conditions. Are there some that have lost every hope, father, please, create new hope in them. Let there be nobody that will go home sad today, except, oh God, one, that is here for another purpose other than eternal life.
11. Every plan of the wicked one against us here, Lord, collectively, we cancel all such plans in the Name of Christ our Lord.
12. We believe that your glory will cover every soul in your Church. At the same time, may your Holy Spirit lift up a standard against Satan and all his devices.
13. I am standing here, oh God, before the Church, father, in your name, I am standing in the righteousness of the Lord for I am a man born and shared in iniquity and I can do nothing without you. I am depending on you this day to pass through me, oh God and bless your people.
14. Father, help me to place your Word right that the purpose may be achieved in the Church. I thank you Lord in all things, trusting that you will see me through. Give me the boldness and the utterances; give me strength to stand here.
15. I do not know how long I am going to stay, even if it is going to be for one minute or thirty minutes, may all that will hear believe. May all that will hear, oh God, perceive.
16. Lord, may your mighty spirit move in their lives. May it never be a story to anybody. Thank you Lord for answering, through Christ our Lord, we have prayed. Amen.

1.      While I was discussing with Bishop Isaac and wife yesterday, we got to the foundation of the Church at Owerri, because somebody must have an anchor. When the wind blows, you hold on to your anchor. There is something in what transpired the day you were baptized; there must be something that happened in you, which you experienced.
2.      If nothing transpired in your baptism, please, go back for another baptism, because you were baptized without conviction.
3.      Our lengthy discussion got to our Brother Orji, whom God entered inside his bedroom, picked all the discussions he had with his wife and exposed all in the Church.
4.      The man came back from Abakaliki in the night; he had discussions with nobody else except his wife. All they discussed in bed were exposed in the Church
5.      He became extremely afraid; he called his wife and told her that, it was no more a human being, that it was God. Before we knew what was happening, he brought out his television and destroyed it with his own hands. Bro. Joe, you were present that day; you helped in burning the television.
6.      Were we the ones that destroyed it?  I Thank God that his own house was separate. We were not living in the same house with him. He was living there with his family. All they discussed in the bed from night till dawn were brought before him.
7.      If not because he knew the type of wife he married, he would have accused her of sneaking out in the night. I equally thank God that his wife did not know me. She knew nobody among us; we met her and her husband the same day.
9.      f you do not know any song, do not hum it with me. Do not just hum because you love the song. You may not know it but I pray that you will know it.
10.  Sister Ngozi, come and sing this number for us. Give her that microphone. Let us hear your tone. You know, once you (women) begin to bear children, your voices automatically get blocked. You can hardly see mothers giving special numbers here again.
11.  All of you that were struggling for special numbers in those days, where are you? What has happened to your voices?
12.  I have been expecting a day Sister mike will come and sing a special number for us, because you are resurrection yourself.
13.  You are beyond death (anwu anwu). I told Brother Mike that when immortality will be discussed, his wife will not talk of that again. She has already put on her own immortality.
14.  Therefore, if people are spending sleepless night for immortality, it is not for you (Sister Mike). You have tested death; you have known what death looks like. I am telling you the truth.
15.  Anybody who has tasted death should know that he has put on his own immortality at least for that period.
15. Sister Vin, get ready; you will give me a number there, (she sings). Ever ready! You see, the voice is not artificial; this is gift from above, yes!
16. What has stopped special numbers in this Church from mothers, even from fathers? The Church is built upon fathers and mothers.

If there is a bachelor here, he is not a member of our Church. If there is a spinster here, she is not yet a member of Onitsha Church, for we don’t know where the wind will carry her to.
18. A bachelor does not know the compound of his in-law. Therefore, we do not know where the wind of marriage will carry you to. 19. Some Brothers, because of what is happening here, (because I am tightening every aspect of this Church) – every loose end – some may decide to decamp and run to another Local Assembly.

20. If you run away from here, you will meet me there. Therefore, you had better stay here and we will settle the matter than to run away. Do not ever think of running away, you will worsen it.

Brother John is not in the right mood. He is trying to adjust. I know when he is in a happy state; I know when his countenance is not in order and I appreciate it.
22. If I should see him laughing every time, I know he is a fool. A married man does not laugh every day.
23. Unless he does not want to be saved; if he must tell himself the truth, there must be a time laughter will cease. The face will become like bone.
24. It is for good and not for evil; It's to put things in order, but it doesn’t touch the soul. It just ends in the face; It is proper.

Since Friday, I have been meditating over something, watching the position of things; I became over joyed.
26. I was over joyed because, I am like a child that accompanied his mother to a place and they stayed for a long time. One day, he was told to prepare that they would be leaving the following day for home.
27. For the fact that home was mentioned, he was no longer hungry more especially when he saw the preparations proving that they were really going home. That is my condition now.
28. That is my condition. I do not know about yours, because I have seen enough preparations that have been made and I have become convinced that I am going to be bid welcome.

I know I was ill last week, but today, I am healthy, but you are sick there. I do not want to have anything after the Message, except those that may like to see me.
30. Therefore, we want to give our offering, because I know that once Elijah mounts the pulpit, Ahab and Jezebel will be in trouble. You know, they are enemies.

31. Once Elijah appears on the scene, every Ahab is in trouble, every Jezebel is in trouble, but the people of God will rejoice. This is because they know whom Elijah is.
32. This Message is eternal life; we know what this Message is. Christ is the Message, the anointed one to fulfil Malachi 4 – restoration of all things. And He is also the Holy Ghost, who will lead us home.

Today is a wonderful day; it is very bright in my life. Your offerings are sanctified in the name of Christ, because He that makes everything holy is here.
34. If He is not here, He has failed His Word, because we are more than two and three here, and we have gathered in His name. So, we are not asking Him to come.
35. He has already taken His place. In addition, before Him, everything is holy. I want to sing one number before I tell you why I am here.
36. Don’t think your pastor invited me here. You invited me. If you would like me to come your way again, show by raising your hands
37. It then means you love your lives; then, you are wonderful people.
38. Bro Vin, something is wrong. Please, after today, I will not use single directional microphone in this Church again. Instead, I will sit down. This Church is too old to use this nonsense. I want all-directional microphone that will pick voices. It is for your own good.
39. I think it is the highest instrument we can buy here. How much does it cost? The money you have in your offering today is enough to buy it.
40. It is not every time I will be quarrelling with microphone. It is not good. It even helps your tape recording. Poor microphone produces poor sound.

lease, take note. There is a dangerous thing I have noticed in this Church. I have noticed that some people have developed such a wonderful faith, which I call “Lip faith”. This Lip faith makes them not to jot anything when Message is going on. They have concluded that all they know is that they believe in the Son of Man.
42. “Whatever you want to say, go ahead saying it, my faith is not shaking. If Messages are being preached, they are for other people and not for me. I have anchored my faith. That is a lip faith. I say, it is a lip faith.


Chapter One

I am never afraid whenever I come here for I know He did not invite me to destroy me and I am not His enemy. He cannot invite His enemy to His party; I am His friend.
2.              Even if you are having something in your boot, the highest thing you will do is to drop it. That’s all, then you will be happy.
3.  I am His friend; He cannot destroy me, but He can rebuke me, chastise me and still embrace me to convince me that our friendship still holds.
4.  He cannot love me today and throw me away tomorrow. As long as I am willing to follow and I am willing to take corrections, we will get along; we will get along.
5.  You know, Satan is not happy with this Church, the only triumphant Church on earth. At times, Satan will come, shake and shake, but the foundation remains firm.
6.    Let me tell you something that happens on a tree that has many branches, when a strong wind blows and pushes the branches up and down, the land will be shaken a little, the soil becomes softer and the roots will penetrate deeper.
7.  When the storm stops, the roots have sunk deeper and the tree is now stronger than ever, stronger than the time the wind never blew.

8.  There is no way I can come here without praising God, because He has done so much for me. I owe Him a lot in this flesh; I have many reasons why I should praise God. The life I live today is not mine, but it is Christ that lives and rules in me. I am telling you God’s truth.
9.  If you know that God is good, nobody will force you to praise Him. Really, God is good. If you have not proved and experienced the goodness of God, come to me and believe my testimony.
10.          There is something God does, if you are wise, you will hold on to that. When the wind blows fiercely, you grip it tightly. If you are holding nothing, when a little wind blows, it will carry you outside.

11.          I was meditating while I was writing the Message early hours this morning, the song came close to my ears, though, it has been my favourite. I said, “Really, this is what will end the war”. That is the only thing that will end the war.
12. When two persons are fighting, the war will not end until one dies. Where no one wants to die, and they do not want the war to end, there will be trouble. Many will suffer.
13. Whosoever that wants to end the war must do something.
14. One, he must acknowledge that God is good. If God is good and you have been wrestling all these while, but now you have noticed that today, he is stronger than Jacob than that time, what will you do?
15. Jacob taught Him the lesson; He went and trained more, came back and then flexed muscles against Jacob. Jacob has been trying all this while to throw Him on the ground, no way. So, this man has gathered enough strength.
16. If Jacob wants the war to end, he must do something. If he changes tactics, God will change tactics. Any way you change, God knows how to get you.
17. You know, Satan is fond of changing tactics – “Since it is this way, okay, I will employ the other way”. You will not succeed; before you ever plan it, He has seen it. He will just go there and wait for you.
18. Therefore, this song is what will end this war. For some time now, the war has been on; it has lingered more than necessary and one party must surrender. What will end it is this song – (Holy Spirit, I am on my knee). This is what will end it. Amen.

Over-familiarity they say brings contempt. I say this true to a foolish man. If because you are familiar with your parents you do not respect them, are you not foolish?
By the manifestation of truth, over-familiarity, the simplicity of Christ in every dispensation has always corrupted the minds of His followers.
Do not allow yourself be corrupted by the simplicity that is in the Anointed One. It has always been like that since the world began. Whoever that bears God’s Name in every dispensation has always been drawn from among the people of that day.
31. Nobody has ever descended from the sky bearing His Name. All were drawn from among the people of that day.

Chapter Two

The only medicine to cure anger is “please, forgive me”. If He should remain angry with us, His purpose for creating us will be destroyed. His purpose for establishing His kingdom, surely, will be defeated.
2. In other words, we have to halt the matter; we have to halt the fight.

From Friday till this morning, I have been meditating. A Message flashed in my mind. That Message was “CAN A MAN STRIVE WITH HIS MAKER”.
4. I considered the content of that Message; I evaluated it with our condition. I said, “God, we are sorry for we have been acting in ignorance. It is our stupidity”.
5. Another Message came to my memory; I went and carried my jotter. That Message was titled, “HOW DO YOU KNOW GOD”. I felt very much sorry.
6. While I was meditating, another Message came across my mind. It was titled “MY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ME”.
7. Moreover, as the Messages continued coming, the contents were flashing across my mind. I said, “Lord, pardon your people. Of a truth, they claim they know you, but they don’t know you”.
8. Finally, I meditated on another Message, - “CAN THE GENTILES SUCCEED WHERE THE JEWS FAILED?” And the answer was no. it said, “What killed the Jews must kill the Gentiles, but what was the problem with the Jews?” the Holy Ghost answered, “Over familiarity”.
9. We can go back to our jotters and crosscheck this Message – HOLDING THE BIBLE AND MISSING GOD. Holding the Bible in your hand, reading the Bible and missing God, is it not a havoc?
10. It is a tragedy that somebody can hold the Bible, read the Bible, claim he believes the Bible, while holding the Bible, God passes by his way. He fails to recognise God. What causes it? – over familiarity.

Remember, He came to His own, not to strangers. His own received Him not. Then, He cast the lot to the Gentiles and He made it optional - as many as will receive Him, to them He will give the power to be partakers of the adoption.
12. Therefore, adoption is based on receiving Him; to them, he gives the power to become the sons and daughters of God. You can now see that the adoption of the Gentiles is based on believing Him.
13. In other words, you cannot reject Him and still be adopted. Remember, He came to His own; He was not a stranger to His own. They knew Him; they knew His residence. Hence, they could say, “The prophet said, when Christ shall come, nobody will know where He will be coming from and nobody will know where He is living; but for this man, we know Him; we know His parents and where He came from. We also know where He is living”.
14. The Bible said, “For that reason, they believed Him not.” Why couldn’t they believe Him to be the Messiah? Over-familiarity.
15. They were believing that a messiah would come, but not that one. The one they were expecting was prophesied by the prophet, that when He should come, nobody would know where He was coming from or where He would be living.
16. However, this one has come contrary to what was written in the scripture. So, you can hold the Bible and miss His visitation. He can come your way and you miss Him. I hope we will not miss Him in our day; I hope we will not miss Him.

This morning, Brethren, I want to end the fight, because I have seen you becoming weaker and weaker, while God is becoming stronger and stronger.
18. I thank God for He that is in our midst can never be discouraged, neither will He faint until He has succeeded in bringing judgement to the whole Earth and eyes shall see it. That is His commission.
19. In other words, if you become stubborn, you are making Him stronger, because He has come for a purpose. He has come for full salvation; nothing stands on His way – nothing!
20. Today, I want to end the war; I want to call for testimony. I told you that after this Message, everybody will go home.

From the Scriptures, the Laws were not meant to save but to kill. Of what use is the Law that cannot give life to its practitioners? That was the reason why God abrogated the Law so that the people could be saved.
This is what Satan uses as his tool to accuse you. God has destroyed it and made an open spectacle of it.

The Message you give the Church is what they will take. Any spirit you keep on mentioning in the Church, the Church can never grow above it.

Chapter Three
Today, I want to say few words to the Church, because for sometime now, it has been very hot here, and because it has been very hot, too many people are getting discouraged. It should not be so at all.
2. Before I go into the Message proper, I want to lay a little foundation in peace. I am going to make use of Amplified version of the Bible. Brother Chikwe will hold that; Brother Charles will hold living Bible.
3. Do not mislead or misdirect me. Make sure you read exactly where I quote; do not cross; do not stop halfway.
4. If you don’t finish where I have quoted, don’t sit down. Brother Pat will hold King James Version. If there is New International Version of the Bible, give it to Brother Nwobi.
5. I want to pass my little information across loud and clear so that any minister coming to the pulpit again, from now, will know exactly where we are.
6. I do not want any interpreter for us to go early, but I am charging the whole ministers here to stop bringing their own Messages. Rather, revise the Message we have received already.

Again, in this Local Church, when you are rehearsing and revising a Message, do it in Igbo or use an interpreter to help those that cannot understand English Language.
7. It is unfortunate to note that many ministers do not follow the rhythm of the Message.
8. They can hardly notice when the Message has deviated.
9. If the Message started with the restructuring of the Church, back to the order, and as we continued, it deviated to marriage, it is now believed that any minister coming to the pulpit will be speaking alongside with the Message on marriage, because we have left Church area.
10. If the Message has been rebuking the Church on a particular thing, rebuking some Brothers and some Sisters, warning everybody on a particular thing and as we continued, the Holy Spirit through the leading Angel or servant veers off, it then means He has finished with that area. Find out where the spirit is and what He is saying to the Church.
11. Prepare your message as a continuity from it. Do not just prepare a message, taking the Church back to where we came from by bringing us back to the old rebuke and indictment of which we have repented. It will even come to a point where it will become mere repetition, because it is not achieving any other purpose. Amen.
False Brethren come to Church and sit down as believers, but they do not believe anything we preach. This is why you hear from time to time that somebody has left the Faith accusing us of many sins.
But do not be disturbed by these baseless and useless accusations. It is a sure sign that they do not have the Spirit of God. As long as we are depending on God, He will defend us for He will speak for us the same way He spoke for Joshua the High Priest, when the accuser of the Brethren accused him of many sins.
Who can accuse the person, whom God has counted holy and righteous and has justified?                                        -THE SON OF MAN

Chapter Four
Now, I have noticed in this Church that ministers are toeing in old life and what it has produced is no longer tolerable.
2. Almost all the ministers that use the pulpit will be barking and shouting on one thing until the fear that is in the heart of the people is no longer the fear of God.
3. The fear that is in the people is the fear of men, which is generated by vain repetition. You keep on shouting, barking, calling names, accusing them of not believing the Son of Man, not believing His Message, belittling Him, this and that every now and then.
4. Any other minister that comes up says the same thing. Before you know it, people will be behaving somehow.
5. It is not because they have the fear of God, but because they have the fear of men. They don’t want their names to be flashing at the pulpit again.
6. The person will be saying, “Since what is needed is to reverence and worship or even kiss the feet of the Son of Man everywhere, I will be doing it so that there will be peace.
8. That is not the fear of God. “Anywhere I see any minister, I will fall prostrate on the ground so that there will be peace”. It is not the fear of God; it is the fear of men.
9. I have discerned this Church and I have noticed that many people now have the fear of men, instead of the fear of God. And if I don’t check it by stopping this fight, surely, we will end at nothing, many will be disappointed.

I do not want you to fear me, but I want you to fear God; do not believe me, but believe God. Do not reverence me, but reverence God, because I trust that by now, you must have known who God is. Anything that is not done by revelation is sin.
11. Whatever that is not done by revelation is not done by faith, because faith is revelation; it is sin.
12. Your fear, your reverence, adoration, worship must be by faith and revelation. It must be by revelation in the sense that from your experience from the Word of God, you have discovered for yourself. You are sure and certain that whatever you are doing is what is necessary.
13. You are not doing it because any man is compelling you to do that. You are not doing it so that people can see you and praise you; you are doing it because you know it is what is required of you. You are sure; you are certain. As many as have come to this standard, they are the people I call “mature Christians”.
14. They are the people that do not walk by sight. They are not aiming at pleasing Brother or Sister; they aim at pleasing God. Once God is pleased, they don’t care about what others are saying; and this is the duty of every true Christian.
15. He is always trying to be in the right relationship with his maker, his God. It is his obligation. Once he notices that he is on the wrong side, at the preaching of the word, you will see him taking correction and he is doing it by revelation.
16. He is doing it by revelation in the sense that he has already discovered his error. He has discovered where He has erred. Now, he has taken measures to correct it for he knows what God needs from him. He will be doing it with joy; I say he will be doing that thing with joy.
17. It is only then that he will begin to appreciate whosoever God has used to correct him. It is only then that he will begin to appreciate God’s love for him. Otherwise, he will hate even what God is doing and will put everything to fight.
18. He will equally come to a point where he will be having the feeling that every person in the Fellowship now hates him. This is because he is being compelled to do something he doesn’t want to do. He has no revelation.
19. If I do not check the way ministers are now hammering and shouting on a particular thing as if the hearers are deaf, it wll be disastrous.  No hearer is deaf, if he has not obeyed, it is either that he doesn’t want to obey or he has not gotten the revelation.
20. He doesn’t know the reason why he should obey; it is not yet clear to him. He does not know why he should behave that way.

That is why I expect ministers to come here and try their best to show the Church the necessity for obedience to the Word of God, that is revealed at every point in time.
22. What the Holy Ghost is now hammering on is not what the Holy Ghost hammered on three weeks ago for we cannot continue on one thing as if we are talking to stones that are inactive.
23. However, you are living stones; you are active. I do not want us to build a situation where we shall set up Monitoring Units. I say, setting up Monitoring Units to monitor Brethren here and there so as to give feedback to somebody somewhere. No!
24. We have only one person that monitors us with tender jealousy - that is the Holy Ghost in our midst. That is why the Bible said in the book of James that He monitors us with tender jealousy.
25. Yes! That Holy Ghost is God, for God Himself has already told us that He has not withdrawn that statement. He said, “remember, I am a jealous God, you should not have any other god beside me”.
26. Moreover, if God is not jealous, He would have permitted us to worship another thing or whatever that pleases us. Hence, to show you how jealous He is, He placed a blanket bar you cannot cross.
27. “If you dare leave me and bow down to any other person, I liken you to a wife that is not faithful to her husband, who is having her husband and she is still having affairs with the world”, I said, “with the world”

You do not know the implication of vain repetition. The same way, it's because of the way the Roman Catholics exalted the so-called Virgin Mary of theirs together with chaplet that made their highest indulgence to become chaplet.
29. When they hold the chaplet, they think they are holding God in their hands. The pope does not play with it.
30. The highest gift people can give to anybody in Roman Catholic is chaplet. Instead of the one with five digits, he will give you the one with twenty-five digits - the longest chaplet, which has twenty-five digits of ten. 
31. By the time you will say “Hail Mary” up to twenty-five times, even if your sin is like a gigantic building, Mary will forgive you.
32. That is rubbish because they built a wrong influence around the woman as if what they were saying was truth. Now, they have built their faith around Mary.
33. The reverential fear they have for Mary is reflected by what they say about Mary. Watch all their apparitions; have they ever seen Jesus with the apparitions? Have they seen Joseph? Why must it be Mary at Umunya or Mary at Enugu-Ukwu? It is Mary everywhere until you now see a lady impersonating things.
34. Every Easter period, they will say that blood comes out from her ribs, that her hands are bleeding and so on. Was Mary crucified on the cross? Was her ribs pierced? Satan is helping them! Satan has meeting with them. Amen.

If the Word of God that comes out from His mouth is not true, who then will speak the truth?
Thus, we must take the Word of God serious. God has now shown us exactly what we are. Now we can have what I call “cherished hope” in Him.
Hence, if I am dying today, I am dying in hope. If I am living today, I am living in hope. I have no part in what is happening here in the world. I am in my own world altogether.
If we belong to one country, one family, we must have one tradition and one character. Whatever I hate, you must hate also. Whatever I cherish, you must cherish also. Thus, if I am at liberty, I am only at liberty among you.
–The Son of Man

Chapter Five

We will read scriptures today. We will keep on reading until we are tired and at the end of today’s Message, I expect us to go home happy. This is because we want to rise up today and where we rise up will tell us who pushed us down. He that is superior to us subjected us to a begging corner.
2. Whatever He was telling us, we would say, we believe, “I believe”. Do this, “I will do”, because He has broken our bones into pieces. And now He wants us to rise up; we will be stronger than we were before He pushed us down.
3. If you want to make a metal amenable, you have to soften it with strong heat. Then, you can hit it with a strong hammer and shape it. There was great heat in the Church; the aim was to make the Church shape-able.

Bear with me this hour. If not that God has called me for the preaching of this Gospel, even from my mother’s womb, I would have abandoned this preaching for a long time now. The reason is that, of a truth, from time to time, I apprise myself and say, “What do I gain in this preaching? What is my gain?
5. What is motivating me into preaching?” And I concluded that there is nothing motivating me but love. This love is the love of God. God saw everybody on Earth; He picked me, decided to tabernacle in me, using me to enrich others. I said, “I must reciprocate”.
6. Furthermore, I have noticed that the more I try to withdraw, the more I see you forcing me into it. What do I gain in this preaching? Do I take pleasure in preaching? What is good in preaching?
7. If I am earning salary from preaching, the salary will be an inducement. If at the end of the day, after preaching and going home, you will give me a very big envelop containing some money or I go home with tubers of yam, goat and every other thing you use in dedicating your babies, before you wed, I give you my demands and so on. All those things should have been motivating me into preaching.
8. Surely, I will be preaching to please you so that you will keep on coming.
9. Nevertheless, no matter how harsh I sound you are still coming, because you are not the one that called me. I am not preaching to please you.
10. I am telling you the whole truth, whether you believe it or not. There is a stronger force behind me; the same also, the same force is behind you compelling you to be coming even when I want you to go away.
11. Even when you go home and vow that you will not come again, before you know it, on Fellowship day, you will see yourself dressing up. You will see yourself coming down here, but you were the one that said, “I won't go again; if it means going to hell fire, let me go to hell”. Before you will know it, on a Fellowship day, you find yourself sitting down here again. Do you think you are the one that is doing it?
12. You are not the one; there is a powerful force more than you that is compelling you to be here.

Now, all the while you have been coming here, what do you gain? There are places you will go, at least, you will gain recognition. Nobody recognises you here. There are places you will go and get some business contracts; we are very poor here. There is nothing you are dealing in that we can patronise you financially.
14. If we want to patronise you, we are putting you into trouble, because we will carry your goods without making any payment. When we will pay, we will be paying on instalment bases, half and half until you will be tired. You will even be forced to stop us from bringing the money. What I am telling is truth.
15. Consequently, there is nothing that makes this Faith visible as to attract anybody. Therefore, I now believe that there is no beauty in Him that we might behold Him.
16. However, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing bringing anybody here except eternal life. This is what I have concluded. If I am wrong, pardon me.
17. I have looked into the Sisters and Brothers; I cannot rightly say that you are here because of marriage. This is because I know that there are some places you can see sharp and rich boys that have made money in the society by all means, who can pick them as wives. I have seen many of them.
18. I have equally seen places where there are wealthy ladies, that can even volunteer to pay there own dowry, buy you cars, if possible, provided you are willing to marry her.
19. There are some women that are prepared to furnish your flat and pay your rent provided you will volunteer to marry them, but we do not have such people.
20. More so, you have forsaken those ladies; you don’t want to go there. It means you are happy to be here even in your poverty.
21. There are places where they can pamper you and praise you. Even when they know that you are living in sin, they will still hold you in the high esteem. Nevertheless, here, you are being spoken to very harshly. Yet, you still come here. That goes to show that there is a higher force compelling you.

ecognising this to be truth, there is no need coming here to fool ourselves again. Let us now agree as a Church and face the stark realities of our Faith. I have reviewed these things so that everybody will see the matter as clear as the day.
23. From now, you will start appreciating one another - that my Sister is coming here because she doesn’t want to perish; my Brother is coming here because he doesn’t want to perish. And since all of us have one motive, that we don’t want to perish, let us now close ranks collectively with one mind and face the stark reality.
24. Anything that is contrary, we will collectively say no to it. In other words, we as a Church will collectively preserve this Faith in its purity. I do not want to perish; you do not want to perish. You saw other places, you did not want to be there.
25. This is where you want to be. It is not you yourself taking the decision, but God doing it in you.

I have my consolation that looking into the Church; we have everything the Bible says should be in the Church. We have aged men; we have aged women. The time has gone when we were having only young men and women.
27. We now have well-respected aged men, well-respected aged women. They are no longer boys.
28. If what we are preaching is wrong, they would have discovered it. God, who deals with old men would have revealed it to them. Therefore, we have everything God prescribed must be in His Church.
29. The presence of these aged men and women should even be an encouragement to the youths. Look by your side; you will see aged men, aged women; they are no longer boys.
30. If what we are doing here is just childish, they will no longer be here. I said, they will no longer be here. Therefore, their presence is a big encouragement to me and to people like me. Please, follow me gradually; once I finish my background, I will give you your Message; few minutes, you will go. Amen.

Chapter One

Let me go straight to the Bible.
2. Gal. chapter 1:1 – Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead) (KJV)
3. Please, note: the word means “special messenger”, an Apostle, a special messenger sent by GOD, NOT BY MAN. Once you have a sent one in your midst, a special person you are a blessed group.
4. This is because, it is only then you can do the works of God. It is only then that you can fulfil the will of God.
5. The will of God for you in your day is made known to you through Him whom God has sent. For the only way you will know you have believed God is to believe in Him whom He has sent. If you reject Him, you have rejected He that sent Him.

However, underline one factor: He is a special person, not an ordinary man. He may be your own Brother of the same father and mother.
7. He may equally be a member of your family. Please, take off your eyes from that relationship. This special messenger from God may be your husband; he may be your younger Brother.
8. He may even be your father. Please, if you want to benefit from his ministry, take off your eyes from those areas. If you do not take off your eyes from your relationship with Him and see Him from the angle of His ministry, surely, you will perish in this ministry. Why should you perish? Over-familiarity.
9. If you do not take off your eyes completely from his fleshly relationship with you, you will end it in having your testimony, “He is my Brother, a member of my family from my town. He is my townsman”. This is where you will end and that will be your own righteousness, which is contrary to the revealed righteousness of God.
10. Pay attention. This special messenger has His wife, Brothers, Sisters and so on. Who are these people? As many as will hear and obey Him, they are His Brothers; they are His Sisters.
11. He is the only one through whom the will of God is revealed. He is the only one through whom the mind of God is made known, a special messenger sent by God for your own comfort and benefit.
12. In every dispensation, God always send a man, a special messenger. When He comes, He picks messengers that will work with Him. He has the authority to make His choice of those that will work with Him.
13. He is just like the head of a state. Once He is voted into power, He has the authority to appoint ministers that will work with Him. Did you get the Message?
14. Whosoever He wants, He appoints ministers. I am lowering the thing so that you can catch me somewhere. Amen.

In this Faith, we know how we started.

When we were in the End-time Message, we saw so many so-called apostles here and there. Even in this Faith, we saw so many men troubling us saying they were apostles at one time or the other and we proved them to be liars, for they were holding nothing.

They were merely coming to us to trouble us with sermon books repeating what was written in the sermon books.
An Apostle is a Sent One, sent by Almighty God with a Message, for whomever God sends, has God’s Message.
–The Son of Man

Chapter Two
Gal. chapter 1:15 - 16: 
2. But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace,
3. To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood.
4. A sent man, a special messenger from God requires nobody’s counsel. He does everything after the counsel of He that sent Him. He does not confide with flesh and blood before He does anything. He relies completely on He that sent him, whom you cannot see; and whosoever that sent Him is always in Him and with Him.

Wherever He is, there, the person that sent Him is. I am saying that the messenger from God becomes a transporter, transporting whosoever that sends Him about.
6. That is why Jesus could say, “He that sent me is still with me, for the father has not left me, for I always do those things that Please Him”.
Saint Paul was called when he was in his mother’s womb for the preaching of this gospel truth. He was not the only person. That is why the Bible said, “So the Lord commanded us”.
8. In our own dispensation, which is not Saint Paul’s dispensation, if we are permitted to write a new Bible, surely, the Bible will be incomplete without me writing how I was called, commissioned and my Message also. It is applicable to other messengers that appeared before Saint Paul.
9. However, the Bible is written to create faith in you, to believe in whosoever God has sent. It is for you to believe that God does not change His plan in sending people. Before He sends anybody, He must have chosen the person from his mother’s womb.

Because a special messenger is called from his mother’s womb, he preaches as an obligation, whether he likes it or not.
11. Jeremiah was taken from his mother’s womb. When the people were revolting against his Message, he wanted to abandon it, but there was no way, no way!
12. That was because he was not the one doing it. There was a greater power, a greater force controlling him even to go contrary to his nature.
13. When I was talking to my family, I said, “Glory be to God who did not permit me to be born in Onitsha. If I had been born a native of Onitsha, nothing would ever take me to Church. I would not have gone to Church, because I love tradition more than any other thing.
14. There was one big drum they used to carry, I mean the longest one that had bass. I love that one too much. Anywhere I see them beating their drums during burial ceremonies, I could hardly go out; I would watch the thing from A to Z.
15. More so, if I had been a traditionalist, unless the Lord would do a miracle, it would have been difficult for me to go to Church. I compared my experiences with what I had some years ago.

Now, I want to read some scriptures.
17. Gal 6: 17: From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus. (KJV)
18.  I will still come back to chapter one.
19. Gal 1: 10 – 11 For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
20. But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man. (KJV)
21. Because St. Paul made that statement that nobody should trouble him again, you do not need any prophet to tell you that he must have passed through too many troubles. A time came when the people he was preaching to started accusing him.
22. “If he is not gaining in this preaching, why touring about? Can somebody labour for something where there is no profit? He must have been gaining something out of his touring”.
23. People were saying those things concerning him. The people he was ministering to were not appreciative. From time to time, some were even doubting his calling. From time to time, they were equally demanding signs of apostleship from him.

After settling his commission with them, he said, “From now henceforth, let no man trouble me again as per my calling, my apostolic authority, for I bear in my body the marks of Christ. Persecutions and trials that come to me, cruel mockery and ridicule, are they not enough to tell you that I am an Apostle?”

Check all I have been preaching all these years, have I been preaching to please men or to please God? If a human being called me, ordained me and is paying me salary, I will be preaching to please him. If you are catering for me, I will be preaching to please you.
26. However, for the fact that I have not for one day tried to please you, but to please God, is it not a sure sign that I am here aiming at pleasing He that sent me?

It is true; I am an ordinary human being in appearance. Whosoever God sends in every dispensation is God’s tabernacle. He is God’s dwelling place; he is where God is hiding. He must always be a human being. I say, he must always be a human being.
28. He cannot be walking with wings because God is dwelling in him, no! He remains a mere human being in appearance, but he is a supernatural human being the other way round, in that He can change situations.

He has the creative power of God in His mouth, for he is God’s mouthpiece. He does not use anything “human weapon” to win His battle.

2 Cor. 10 : 3 – 5 (KJV) For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:
31. (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds)
32. Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.
33. As a sure sign that he is from God, when he is waging war in a battlefield, he does not use any human instrument.
34. He uses nothing but the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. That is what He uses in winning all his battles, capturing rebels and bringing them back to the camp. He uses the same weapon to cause men to obey God.
35. By the power of the Word, He removes whatsoever that is hindering people from seeing God, recognising God and giving God his due respect as well as honour. He removes whatsoever that is causing it by the power of the Word.

In other words, what He uses as his weapon of warfare in shaping every member of the Church is the Word of God. If the Word of God cannot transform your life, nothing will ever transform your life. If the Word of God cannot check your excesses, you have no part in God; you are a beast.
37. If you hear the Word of God and remain intransigent, you still remain renegade, it is a sure sign that you did not hear the Word of God. Moreover, you did not hear it because you were not of God, for whosoever that is of God hears God.
38. If you cannot hear the Word of God, understand (find out the meaning of) the Word of God that is preached to you, it is a sure sign that you are not from God.
39. Every true elect of God hears the Word of God and discerns the Word of God. Once he finds himself in error as revealed by the Word, you see him falling prostrate on the floor. In the Old Testament, he would put on sackcloth.

Whosoever God sends in your day is the God of your day. Once he finds fault with you, God has found fault with you; when you are pleasing him, you are pleasing the person that sent Him. If your relationship with him is strained, forget about eternal life for your relationship with God is strained
41. If you dare pull on his shirt, you are pulling on God’s shirt. When you mock Him, you are mocking God; you ridicule him, you are ridiculing God; you ignore him, you are ignoring God. You will not see another God than He that is sent for God himself dwells in him whom He has sent.
42. Anybody that pulled on the shirt of Moses in the wilderness, who did he pull on? When Saul pulled on Samuel’s shirt, who did he pull on? When Jeroboam stretched his hand against the young prophet, who did he stretch his hand against? Check your Bible.
43. God has never changed. Let me tell you something:
44. Do you know why it is a criminal offence to pull on police uniform or army uniform? It is because, what you respect is not the police officer. What you are respecting is the uniform.
45. The police officer is representing the nation. The only dignity a police officer has is the uniform. Therefore, if you dare pull on a police officer’s uniform, it is a crime against the State. You will be imprisoned for life.

He is not sent by man; He is sent by God and God alone. He is not fulfilling any man’s purpose, but He is fulfilling the purpose of God. He is the only one that is in the bosom of the father, the only person that is in the mind of the father.
47. I am gradually driving down my Message by laying a foundation. Amen.

From the foundation of the world, God’s people have remained very few. When Cain killed his brother Abel, the Scripture recorded that worshipping of God stopped until Seth was born.
Although many people claim God as their Father, we should be sure and certain that not all belong to God. These people that claim God to be their Father are in the majority and the majority has never pleased God and can never please God.
God does not love people or reveal Himself to people because they are great in number. God has always identify Himself with the minority since the world began.
When this revelation strikes you, whoever that leaves this Faith will mean nothing to you and you will no longer think that God is not with you because you are few in the Faith.
The son of man

Chapter Three
Isaiah 10:22 – 23: For though thy people, Israel, be as the sand of the sea, yet a remnant of them shall return: the consumption decreed shall overflow with righteousness. (KJV)
2. For the Lord GOD of hosts shall make consumption, even determined, in the midst of all the land.
3. Rom. 9:27 - Isaiah also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved. (KJV)
4. I want to gather all together.
5. Isaiah 1:9 - Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, (of survivors) we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like Gomorrah. (AMP)
6. Rom 9:29 And as Isaiah said before, Except the Lord of Sabbath had left us a seed, we had been as Sodom, and been made like unto Gomorrah. (KJV)
7. Rom. 11:5 - Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace. (KJV)
8. Please, take note. You know what Israel of God is all about. From the onset, the Bible says, “Though the number of people of Israel be like the sand in the seashore, only a remnant shall be saved”.
9. The prophet confirmed it and went further to say, “if the Lord had not left us with a remnant, we should have been like Sodom and Gomorrah”.
10. He went further to tell us still that, “If the Lord had not left us a seed from where He reproduces, we would have become like Sodom and Gomorrah”. 

I keep on telling you that there was a time this faith was in one vessel. I mean that the vessel was carrying this Faith about. There was nobody again, but today, it is now in many earthen vessels.
12. Therefore, from that one seed, the Faith has been reproduced. If the Lord had never preserved that one seed, a branch, if that one was not preserved, how do you think this Faith would have come back?

Moreover, this must be a branch from David, from where this Faith is now reproducing. This seed that was left, who is he? This seed, from where others are propagated and reproduced, who is he? If you read your scriptures, the Bible tells whom he is. I said the Bible tells whom he is.
14. In every dispensation, no matter how apostasy reigns in that land, there must be a seed left, from where the true Faith will be propagated.
15. In Paul’s day, there was a seed; in the days of Uranus, there was a seed. In the days of Martine, there was a seed; in the days of Columba, there was a seed. In the days of Luther, Wesley, William Braham, there was a seed.
16. Now is your day. When William Braham died, he left a seed; things were messed up and the seed that was left was not even a part of Braham. Did you notice it? If the Lord had not preserved that seed, do you think this Faith would have been reproduced?
17. You see scriptures fulfilling in your eyes everyday.

Again, up till this day, the Lord has left us with a small believing minority chosen and selected by God’s amazing grace and unmerited favour.
19. Now, you have seen that the scripture does not contradict itself. Jesus said that only few would make it, but warned that we should strive to enter.
20. In addition, from the run-down of all the scriptures, there has never been any indication that the whole world will enter paradise. There is not even an indication.
21. In other words, you have been chosen by God’s grace. you have found yourself here through unmerited favour. You do not hear from another person. Rather, you hear directly from the seed, from where the Faith is reproduced.
22. Should you perish at last, who will you blame? To show you that he is the seed, when the original voice (the parchment) was picked from somewhere, the voice that is echoing here agreed with the voice that echoed there.

What more, we traced that nobody had ever been able to reproduce the wholesome doctrine for fear of persecution, until He, who should come in the last days to gather all the loose-ends, appeared. Gathering all the “loose ends” means correcting all the errors and restoring the fullness of the gospel back, aiming at presenting a perfect Church.
24. Until he appeared, others preached (scratched it), persecution came upon them, and they compromised. If there had been one that stood gallantly to that original voice, rapture would have taken place long, long time ago.
25. Therefore, when He saw that there was not even one that had the courage, the boldness to preach it and stand by it, He decided to come and wind up the whole thing by HIMSELF. This is confirmation of His Word that He is the author and finisher of our Faith; and without Him, we can do nothing.
26. This is to confirm that it has been HIM doing the work in us after the counsel of His own will. In the end, no flesh glories in His presence.

Therefore, today, we are Pleased to have this believing minority.
28. Do you think this is the only number that has heard this Message in Anambra State? However, in the whole of Anambra State, this is the much that have believed, even in Delta State and too many other places.
29. You see them in little, little pockets confirming the scriptures. If you go to the book of Esther 3:8 – 9, it says:
30. “And Haman said unto king Ahasuerus, There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of thy kingdom; and their laws are diverse from all people; neither keep they the king's laws: therefore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them.
31. If it pleases the king, let it be written that they may be destroyed: and I will pay ten thousand talents of silver to the hands of those that have the charge of the business, to bring it into the king's treasuries”. (KJV)
32. Haman now approached the King about the matter. “there is a certain race of people scattered through all the provinces of royal kingdom”, he began, “And there laws are different from those of other nations, and they refused to obey the King’s law; therefore, it is not in the king’s interest to let them live
33. If it pleases the king, issue a decree that they be destroyed, and I will pay twenty thousand dollars into the royal treasury for expenses involved in this purge”. (Living Bible)   
34. The man, who was making the statement, was referring to the people of Israel, God’s own people. If we are God’s people today and such statements are not made, something is wrong; I say, something is wrong. Amen.

An Apostle is God’s Message. Once He appears on the scene, people will open their ears wide, for God is about to do a new thing.

But if that man appears on the scene only to continue with what we had already known, can we take him serious? What is the essence of God sending a man only to repeat what we have been conversant with? That is rubbish!

That is why today, when we sit people down, they think we are talking nonsense.  You do not know what you are holding until you go out. Your problem is that many of you have become too fat; you do not want to fight wars again. You are trying to avoid death. Please, confront death; you will not die until your time comes.
–The Son of Man.

Chapter Four

Isaiah 29:13 - Wherefore the Lord said, For as much as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men. (KJV)
2. I told you why I decided to halt the fight. If I do not halt it, and allow the ministers to come here and be hammering that repeatedly, the fear of God will be completely missing. The fear of man will replace the fear of God.
3. When Brethren will be coming to Fellowship, right from their houses, they will be praying – “Who knows the one they will tell me today? Since they hate my face, they do not want to see me. I do not know what I will do to please them again. God, I am in your hands”.
4. You see, it is a dangerous prayer. The fear of God has now left; it is now the fear of men. Again, some will be running while coming, because they know they are late. They are running so that deacons will not flog them. If we use cane to make people come to Fellowship early, the fear of God has left.
5. However, whenever people come to the revelation that it is sinful for them to come late to Fellowship, the problem is solved. If we use anything, other than the weapon of war fare approved by God, to achieve a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the Church, let it be known to you that It's artificial. It is artificial!
40. It is impersonation of the original; it is not from God. It does not last; it is man-made. It is devilish. A spiritual conducive atmosphere in the Church is achieved by the influence of the Word of God in the lives of the Brethren.
41. I mean that the unity, the oneness, the peace and the composure we enjoy in the Church (the Fellowship), if it is not generated by the effect of the Word of God in our individual life, let it be known to you that the whole thing is make-up. It is devilish; it leads us to hell. God cannot be pleased with us.
42. In other words, God is only pleased in a spiritual environment that is calm and peaceful achieved by the influence of the Word of God in the lives of members of the Church.
43. Every true child of God will now come to Fellowship by revelation. We will go home to practice all we have heard from the special messenger or messengers God is using to bless His children. By revelation, you will see them putting all these things in practice without consulting anybody.
44. This time around, it is practiced with joy for there is nobody compelling any Brother or Sister, but the Word of God compelling everybody to obey. It is only then that we can be called real and genuine Christians.
45. Nevertheless, if we are being harassed from the pulpit, policed about in our homes and business places, setting up monitoring units here and there, let it be known to you that the whole thing is superficial. It is useless nonsense; it is mere religion; it is not God’s ways.
46. That was exactly the state of Israel. They came to a point when they were having reverential fear before one another. People misunderstood the whole thing, thinking that they had repented, - “They are now coming with fear into the house of God. They now reverence men of God, the priests, and etc.”
47. Nevertheless, God saw the whole thing from another angle. God said, “No, nothing has taken place in their lives. They are coming to me saying God bless you sir with their lips. They are coming to me with their lips with unrepentant hearts.
48. “Those evil decisions are still there, for they have just craftily changed methods. They have changed their systems. They now employ them where they think no eyes will see them, but God sees them”.
49. Everything is now being done and perfected in secret, but that is foolishness. The all-seeing eyes of God catch all these things
50. Then, He brought judgement against the people. What you now have is reverential fear of men; you do not want to be indicted or rebuked. You do not want to be flogged by the deacons; then, you will be coming to Church on time.
51. Any day they drop the whip, you will come late. It will even come to a point, when you are coming and you notice they are standing at the door, holding the whip, you will go outside and carry a block, which you will use as your seat.
52. You will be saying within you, “I don’t want to come inside; else, they will flog me. I don’t want anybody to disgrace me”.
53. Then, you will establish your own Fellowship hall outside the Fellowship centre. “After all, I have been hearing from outside”.
54. Therefore, it is a dangerous thing for people to come into the Fellowship with the fear of men instead of the fear of God. It is very delicate; it does not produce salvation.

There is a way I watch the Church. If the Lord has rebuked us here and we are really sure and certain that the warning is from God and we are happy for receiving the warning, it will better our lives as children of God.
56. Let me tell you what I mean: no matter how harsh or hot a Message is in the Fellowship, believe that God is the one inspiring His people and all their actions.
57. If a Sister is used to embracing a Brother worldly after Fellowship and the Message went forth. From that day the Message went forth, the Sister started running away from the Brother, from the very beginning, that embrace was not godly.
58. There was an evil intention that was hidden. It is applicable to Brothers towards Brothers and Sisters towards Sisters. I believe that if I cherish God’s warning and I am happy over it, my love will grow stronger for you. This time around, it is godly love for what God is removing are things that are not godly.
59. If I become your enemy because of something that is not good, which should not be associated with God’s children and He (God) has seen it between you and me, He now wants it to stop, you hate me or I hate you because God has removed that thing, to begin with, we did not accept God’s advice. It is a sure sign that we have rejected God’s advice; we did not take it.
60. If we have taken it, it is this time around that we will appreciate each other. I said, it is this time that we can show godly concern for one another.
61. Should our relationship become strained, let it be known to you that there was no truth in whatsoever that we were calling love of Brethren, which we thought we were practicing before.

Correction from God cements brotherly kindness, it cements brotherly affection and love. Correction from God is always aimed at making us to become better children of God, not to generate hatred or malice or cruelty.  If these things are generated in us because we are being corrected by God, it is a sure sign that we rejected that correction.
63. At last, what will follow is reverential fear of men. You will be hearing, “Brother, God bless you” or Sister, God bless you from a distance. If it is possible, some will even say “hello” by the wave of hand.
64. You cannot see brotherly affection and kindness; you cannot see the real love of God. In all, you will see reverential fear of men.
65. This time around, God noticed it and He said, “Oh! You are even worse than before. It is better you run away from me and continue in your wickedness than for you to come near me pretending that you love me, pretending that all is well when your heart is too far away from me”. If it is not checked now by God bringing us to our knees, we will destroy ourselves.

When this dream came to me, I saw it as a fulfilled dream. It is fulfilled in the sense that I first of all excluded women and the little children.
67. Immediately I excluded them, I drew my circle on fifteenth. So, when the dream came to me I looked at the Brother and ordered him out. I brought him the second time and told him to read it by himself after which, I told him to tear it out and give it to me. That is how we ended it; there was no much discussion.
68. He planned to go somewhere with his family; he went to bed that night and this dream came. He became confused.
69. If you notice for some time now, I am not lavishing my time again. We have rolled into the last part of the ministry.
70. When I was talking to some Brethren, I told them clearly, before God will talk to a people by dream, they have neglected the written word and the spoken Word. Then, it comes by dream after which judgement follows.
71. Before God will start dealing with His own people through dream, His people must have neglected the written word and the spoken Word. Finally, it comes by dream after which judgement follows.
72. Dream is a personal affair that is happening between you and your God in a subconscious state so that he will be justified when He will be passing judgement against you.
73. If you are observant, for sometime now, you will see that we are back to Amazu, that there has not been anything God permitted to hide in Him. Even things that were hidden and seen, God himself is going there and He is revealing it to the people.

We had better be careful now. Once ministers come here to continuously hammer on one thing, repeating one thing frequently, it does not achieve any purpose again, because a word is enough for the wise.
75. A true seed of God would not like to be warned twice on an issue. If It gets to a point where every minister will be talking on one thing, calling one name from time to time because  of the person’s evil habit, the person will develop “thick wall” against such indictments.
76. “They have hated me. I know, I am the only person they have seen in the Church. Anyone that goes to the pulpit, if he does not call my name, his ministration will be incomplete”.
77. For that, calling his or her name will never mean anything to him or her. Let me tell you, it is a delicate thing to call your name in the Church for something that is evil, because you do not know the extent these Messages go.
78. These Messages go round the nation. If we engrave your name because of evil, when you repent, others will not know. Moreover, any day they will be coming into contact with you, they will be fearing you. Some that do not know you, when they come here, they will ask questions, “Who is this person?”
79. They have heard your names being mentioned in tapes, they now want to know you in person so as to avoid you. However, they will not know when you have repented.
80.  Somebody that is disgraced publicly in the market square for an allegation of robbery, if he is later proved innocent when the market must have dismissed, will you call those that have gone home back?
81. That is why you must be very careful. Do not ever go home, bragging that “Today, Holy Ghost called my name” for something that is evil. Every Sunday and midweek Fellowships, your name must be mentioned repeatedly. It is not good! You are spoiling your record.
82. God said He is going to do a wonderful thing in our midst because too many of us have hardened our hearts and now have the fear of men instead of the fear of God. And that is being generated by vain repetition without knowing the meaning as well as the interpretation. Amen.

Can God forsake His people and they do not know? The answer is YES. Once God leaves the people, the enemy occupies.
Any day you begin to see people flooding into this Faith, God has departed. As long as God is still here, this Message will remain the greatest stumbling block to anyone that is not a seed of God.
No matter how I lower the standard, anybody who is not a seed of God can never abide for God knows how to stumble the person out.
God can because of the person enact something that never existed before just to throw him out.
Remember, the Son of Man is not into the astronaut age; but, internet age that has compressed the world into a small village. That is where we are now. We are moving faster than the internet.                          -THE SON OF MAN

Chapter Five

So, please, do not have the fear of men, but have the fear of God because the fear of God is what helps you to obey God. Without the fear of God, nobody can obey God. Until you see God as one that can destroy you even in a second, he that could use the power of the spoken Word to command a young man to be blind instantly there for a season and he became blind, if He commanded the man to die, would he not have died?
2. They knew the authority He had, James and John said, “Permit us; we will call fire from heaven to devour these mocking children”. But today, the son of man has not come to destroy but to save.

That is why I have been patient with many. I am very, very patient with many. This is because I know a day is appointed, when all wickedness shall be brought to judgement. Therefore, there is no need judging you now. For now, I am for your salvation in the Church.
4. Nevertheless, a day is coming, when this voice will be roaring outside for judgement. Now, it is roaring inside. Even if it is judgement, it starts in the house of God. After judging the Church, He then goes outside.
5. I believe, the essence of judging the Church is to perfect the Church, to get rid of all things that offend Him, that the Church may be presented perfect and unblamable in His sight. When He finishes with the Church, He goes outside.
6. Isaiah 58:2  Yet they seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God. (KJV)
7. Have you seen what vain repetition produces? – reverential fear of men instead of fear of God. You see people entering the Church piously in appearance, religiously, very quiet; they appear to be humble. Those that talk too much will bridle their tongues, because they do not want anybody’s trouble.
8. Why are they coming to Church from time to time? They can hardly afford to stay at home; they love temple worship. When they come in here, they forget their sorrows; they clap hands and dance; they love our worship; that is why they will be coming. Such condition is very bad.
9. When people find themselves in this type of condition – a make-up or worked up atmosphere – achieved by rebuke and continuous indictment, continuous harassment, surely they cannot work out the righteousness of God. You will come to a point, clearly you will notice that anger and malice are hidden in the hearts of men.
10. However, they are still worshipping in the temple; God did not like it at all. Therefore, He caused the prophet to voice it out. Can we permit what happened there to happen here? God forbid!

Therefore, from today, you must be coming here by revelation; Faith and love of God will compel you. When I say ‘love of God”, I mean love of Brethren. If you hate your Brother or your Sister, you are a murderer.
12. Furthermore, no murderer has a place in the kingdom of God. If there is a Brother or a Sister you hate in the house of God, you do not want to associate with him or her in anyway, it is a sure sign that you are mapped out of the kingdom of God.
13. This is because when you go to that kingdom of God, there must be oneness. Will you ask God to push your Brother out of that place? Since you hate that Brother or Sister, have you come to me asking me to stop him or her from coming to Fellowship?
14. You should have come to me and say, “Brother, I don’t want to see this Brother or Sister in the Fellowship; stop him or her”. For the fact that you did not come to me making such a request, that goes to show that you have evil intention.

If you cannot dwell in unity in the Fellowship, you cannot dwell together in unity in the kingdom of God. Therefore, the best thing is to stop you from entering. Should you come to me pointing at a Brother or a Sister, whom you do not love, you do not want to associate with him or her, you tell me everything about the person, and nothing will ever make you to go with that Brother or Sister, it is fine; you have made my job very easy.
16. I will simply turn to the page that contains your name, use my red pen and run across it. You are not qualified to be in my kingdom; this kingdom belongs to me. I am to say who should be here and who should not be here.
18. Since you have now grown wings, you now want to tell me that I made a mistake in bringing this one in; now, I will judge the matter righteously – “Give me a red pen; where is his or her name?” I will cross down the thing; I will not tell you.
19. Though I know I have cancelled your name, I will not tell you that I have cancelled it. You can keep on coming.
20. I noticed that many of you have already harboured hatred and grudges against your Brethren. I gave you up to ten minutes to go out and make things right before you cast your offering. Many thought I was not watching as many that were putting their hands there.
21. Surely, I know that those who came there hypocritically in the defiance of that voice tried to tell me that I made a mistake, that I should be foolish by giving such a command.

Some were not having any thing against anybody but me; that is the one I love. Instead of having anything against any Brother or Sister in our midst, please, have it against me. I have told you that if you want to provoke me to anger, trouble anybody in the Fellowship.
23. If you trouble me, you have troubled nobody; therefore, it is better for you to trouble me than to trouble any of the people that have believed in me. Then, you will see my eyes.  If you have any evil to talk, do not talk about any of these people that have believed in me; talk against me!
24. Do you want to fight? Fight me; whatever you want to do, do it. If you want to publish books against me, do it!
25. Nevertheless, do not put any of the names of these people in the Fellowship, because if you are troubling them by calling their names one by one, you want me to destroy them. You want to incur my wrath against them.
26. However, when you leave them and face me, it is fine. When the people came out in Acts 14, they saw Barnabas and the rest, they never touched any. Rather, they went after Paul, the special messenger.
27. When they came to Jesus, He asked them a question,”Who are you looking for?” they said, “Jesus of Nazareth”. He said, “Ok, do me one favour, do not touch these little things; see me; take me. After all, I am the controversial being; whatever indecency, whatever mockery, whatever blasphemy, should be directed to me. Do me whatever you want, but leave these little ones alone”.

Direct all your hatred to me, because I know how to handle it. Any attack that is directed to me is just like an attack that is directed to the wind. It is an attack directed to the wind. Can someone battle with the wind?
29. If you   have been following me from the very beginning, you will know the same Voice is still re-echoing. Nothing has ever moved me, because I know what you will call me and you cannot call me more than what you are permitted to call me.
30. In addition, what you call me is what I am to you because I am a very big elephant. I say, I am a very big elephant! Therefore, your description of me depends on the area you are touching me.
31. “Behold, Elephant is like a big tree”, maybe you are holding me on the trunk. You hold one of the hands and you are asked, “What does an elephant look like?” you will say, “It looks like a pipe”.  Is an elephant a pipe? Is it like a pipe? It depends on where you are holding.
32. Therefore, direct all your attacks and evil speaking to me but love one another. Hate me and love one another. When you love one another, you love me.

There is no way you can love me and hate your Brethren. You cannot come to me and say, “I love you; you are my daddy; you are this and that”; and then I say, “Do you love this Brother?” you say, “No!” you do not love me.
34. Herein is love perfected because we love the Brethren. This is love being made manifest – that we lay down our lives for our Brethren. I know you can lay down your life for me, but it is nothing; you have not done anything; it is not recognised.
35. However, if you lay it down for one of the Brethren, then, it becomes brotherly love. If you have loved me, you have loved nobody; there is no way you can prove to me that you love me. There is nothing you can do to prove to me that you love me.
36. Even if you believe me, you have not loved me, because you MUST believe me. You are believing me for your own good; but now, if you want to convince me that you love me, you must love your Brethren.

The truth is this: as far as this Faith is concerned, as many as belong to God, they are of God. There is not even one that is not trying and praying that he should have an opportunity to do me a favour in one way or the other. I am telling you the truth.
38. Even if you do me that favour, you have done nothing. Therefore, I measure your favour to me by your favour towards your fellow Brethren.

You see these people, the Bible says, “They are always anxious to go to Fellowship, always eager to hear the Words of God, but they do not keep any”.
40. When you see them writing in their jotters, “cha”, “cha”, “cha”, you will think they really mean it. They are only writing those areas that favour them. I tell you if you search their jotters, there are some that will write some statements and they will put names the minister never called.
41. They will write a statement and then put some names in bracket, which the minister never called. If you search their jotters, many are guilty of it.
42. If a statement is made concerning them, they will not write it down; but if a statement is made concerning somebody else, they will write it, write the person’s name and the date to make sure it is not forgotten.
43. They love coming to Church; they love hearing preaching from the servants of God; they love temple worship, yet, they are not children of God. Their hearts are still filled with evil. Some people approach God with their lips; their hearts are still polluted and filthy. I say, very much filthy.
44. You love coming to Church piously; you are Pharisees. Outwardly, you look holy; inwardly, you are devilish. You better be Christ inwardly and devilish outwardly, which is impossible. You cannot have Christ inside and have Devil outside, NO!

So, from today, let us stop claiming what we are not. Let us face the stack realities of our Faith. Find out why you are here. Find out why you waste transport fare, waste your time and come here. I believe it goes beyond brotherly handshake.
46. It goes beyond seeing one another. If you know the purpose why you are here, bend down and mean business. Do not fool yourself again; the time of ignorance, God overlooked. Amen.
You may say that if you were there at the time when the man Jesus Christ was teaching that He was the Messiah, the Comforter, the Almighty God, the very Christ Himself, that you could have believed Him, but I disagree with you. The reason is because your attitude to the revealed Word—Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Christ of your day—in the midst of the Bride today would have been your attitude that time.

Chapter Six

Acts 7:15 So Jacob went down into Egypt, and died, he, and our fathers (KJV).
2. Make time and read this Acts of Apostle from verse one. You will read the correct account of the people of God from the day they went to Egypt up to the day they came back, even till the death of the Lord Jesus and his resurrection. I mean as it was recorded by Saint Stephen.
3. This will help you to have clear-cut vision of the type of Faith you are in. If after reading this true history that was summarised in that little chapter and something in you did not stir you up for real Fellowship with one another, let it be known to you that God never brought you here.
4. You saw people walking down here and you followed them. This is because you will see the attitude of Brethren when Stephen was stoned to death. You will see what took place there. That was a devout Christian that died honestly for what he believed.
5. Watch his reaction before he gave up the ghost. Stephen even went as far as indicting the people saying, “You stiff-necked people your fore-fathers, who were always resisting the Holy Ghost. Always putting on the out ward form of religion, drawing near to God in flesh, but their hearts were too far away”.
6. The Bible said that the people were provoked; Stephen was confirming that their attitudes had not changed.
7. I am bringing out something: that human beings have remained the same.

Do not say, if I were there in the days of that man, I would not have taken part in killing him”, no. if you know your attitude today in the Fellowship, that would have been your attitude if you were there.
9. If you are troubling this ministry, you are resistant to the preaching of the servant of God, let me tell you, if you were there in the wilderness, you would have troubled Moses, because HE that was in Moses is HE that is here.
10. Whosoever that was ministering through Stephen and they killed the body called Stephen, the same is ministering today to you using the body called Peter Odoemena.
11. I am saying that the same spirit that anointed Moses in the wilderness, which people rebelled against, was the same spirit that anointed Joshua. The same spirit anointed Elijah, Elisha, all the prophets, all the apostles and the same spirit is the one ministering to you now.
12. What is more, your attitude today was your attitude then; if you know the way you are reacting to His Message, that was the way you would have also reacted, because HE that is talking to you was HE that would have spoken to you there.
13. Moreover, He would have pointed you to no other place than the place you are being pointed to now. Every true Message from God has always pointed people to God’s kingdom.
14. May be you do not know that Jesus pointed people to his kingdom. The Apostles pointed people to His kingdom; and today, we are stressing on His kingdom.
15. Now, do not say, “If I was present, if I lived in those days, I would not have joined the people in doing that type of horrible thing. “Na lie”, what you are doing today is worse than what they did; and what you are doing today is exactly what you would have done then. 

Human beings have not changed. In every dispensation, every revival has always produced “lip-service Christians” – people that call themselves children of God, but pay lip services to the Messages of God. They come to Church early; whatever you request in the Church, they do it, but their hearts are far away from transformation.
17. They have not welcomed the Word of God into their hearts, which is capable of transforming their lives. After hearing the Word of God and your life is not changed, what is the essence of hearing the Word of God. It is better you do not hear it at all.
18. On this note I say, remain blessed.