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Thursday, 8 September 2011


William Branham
William Branham
1. God was veiled in a man, they couldn’t understand that God was veiled in a man as he always has been; He was in a human temple. Now, be real careful. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God veiled, hiding himself from the world, veiled in a human being …. The Greeks could not see him because he was hid from them in a human. God veiled in the form of a man, hidden himself from their view. They could only see a man, but the predestined ones saw God, one saw a man, the other saw God. It was God veiled in human being. Both of them were right, but your faith is that which you can’t see but believe anyway. He was in that flesh and that flesh was veil. (Unveiling of God, 1964, pp. 15).FOR ALL THAT’S LEFT

Come out of Babylon, come out of this confusion, come out of these systems and serve the living God. Let this great ANGEL of the COVENANT, Jesus Christ in the form of God, thought it not robbery to become equal with God. Now, he is a pillar of fire in the same form that he was back there bringing that first exodus, bringing the second exodus AND HERE HE IS WITH THE THIRD EXODUS.
24. Remember Israel walked day and night by the pillar of fire. When that pillar of fire moved, they moved with it. And remember it was a fire at night and a cloud at day. So it might come day or night, any time. But wherever it was, there was a propitiation made that they could not fail to see it. It was light at night and a cloud in the daytime, and they followed it, ye sir.

The same thing Martin Luther saw it, what did he do? He came out of Catholicism, but what did they do? They built a little fence around, said, “We are Lutherans, this is it”. Then Wesley saw it moving away from their, He went, what did he do? Built a little fence around it, said “this is it”. What did the light do? Move right on again.

Pentecost saw it, what’d they do? Moved out of the Wesleyan and Nazarenes and so forth, what did they do? They built a little fence around, called “We’re oneness” and “we are trinity” and “we’re the united” and all this, what did he do?
See, we cannot do that. We have got to follow everyday, every hour of the day, every step of the way, we’ve got to be led by the Lord Jesus Christ. If we don’t, we take an organisational life. AND A LIFE THAT DOESN’T FOLLOW CHRIST DAILY IS NOT WORTHY. (Is Your Life Worthy of the Gospel? June 30, 1963, Jefferson Ville Ind. pp. 16, parag. 72-76).

The first exodus, what did he do? He brought them out of a natural land to a natural land. The second exodus, he brought them out from a spiritual condition into a spiritual baptism of the Holy Ghost. NOW, HE IS BRINGING THEM FROM A SPIRITUAL BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST RIGHT BACK INTO THE ETERNAL LAND OF THE MILLENNIUM AND THE GREAT . Same pillar of fire by the same anointed system, the same God doing the same thing. And the same work declared the first one, declared the second one. THE SAME WORD THAT DECLARED THE SECOND ONE HAS DECLARED THE THIRD ONE AND HERE WE SEE IT AMONG US. Come out! Oh, come out of this chaos, come to the living God, come to the word “and the word was made flesh, dwelling among us”. Come out and serve the living God while we bow our heads. (Vol. 2, No. 21, The Third Exodus, June 30, 1965, Jefferson Ville, Ind. pp. 44-46)

2. Through the ages, he has revealed himself by his prophets and they were not really prophets, they were gods. He said so. What they spoken was God’s word. They were the flesh in which God was veiled. So, it was that God formed in a man called a prophet. The word of the Lord came to this man. So it was not the prophet for the prophet was a veil. But the word was God. He was the word of God in the form of a man. He did not change his nature, only his form. In this way, God reveals himself to his people in all the ages. (Unveiling of God, 1964, pp. 13).

3. Now, Christ is our Moses, He was veiled in human flesh and he is the same yesterday, today and forever. He was veiled in the tabernacle by badger skin and this time, he is veiled in a man. He is still Christ the promised word for this age, veiled in human flesh. The word is God, the anointing is a person. Therefore, Moses was Christ for his day, for he was the redeemer, anointed one. The promised word for this age must also be veiled. Sin loving members (unbelievers) of the church cannot see it because of the human veil (Unveiling of God, 1964, pp. 27).

4. God in this last day rigged these traditions away and brought the word for this age into plain view and still they do not know it. It is just so simple …. Now, the sin loving members (unbelievers) and those traditionalists, religious people could not see that because he was a man. Human flesh hid God. Now, if he had been a great pillar of fire and had came down and showed them what He was, they might have been believed that. But you see, revealed himself like promised Moses so He could by-pass all those smart wise people (Unveiling of God, 1964, pp. 28).

5. The Gentile Church has also been blinded by the ecclesiastical veil even when after it has been torn off to reveal. How are they blinded? By veiling the word in a human being. This is exactly what Israel failed to see … God being veiled in a human being is what blinded Israel. The gentiles today are just as blind as Israel was because of the veil. To one it was blind and to the other it will reveal the truth. It will close the eyes of some and will open the eyes of others …. Now, we see Him, the word manifesting himself. Why is it hidden out there? Because it is veiled in human flesh. We are inside Christ. Now, as then, all true believers see him openly manifested (Unveiling of Christ, 1964, pp. 33).

6. Last sign, God stands in the form of a man, last thing before rapture (Q & A, 8/23/64).

7. It has prophesied the things that are to take place with his truly anointed church. For they will have the word. THEY WILL BE A WORD BRIDE, here it is today just as it was then. (The Anointed Ones at the End Time, pp. 21).

8. We were predestined of God for this hour, the word of God manifested itself right through us and we live in the presence of God by the word of promise. (The Ester Seal, pp. 39).

9. The SON OF MAN has already come from glory and is revealing himself for the past few years to his church in mercy, showing them his great presence, doing the same thing when he was here on earth. Revealing himself like he did to Abraham before the destructions. He has come down in mercy, revealing himself to the church. It is being laughed at and scoffed at. The next thing he is revealing himself in judgement of the world and nations that forget God and sinned away there day of grace. (Will the Church go Through the Tribulations? 01/09/58).

10. Notice, when the word was in Moses, he was God in flesh, when it was in Jesus, it was God in flesh. See, only thing he done was change his mask not his word, not his nature. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He only changes his form. He changed from Noah to Moses. He changed from Moses to David, from David to Joseph on down till he came into the fullness of the godhead bodily, see! It is still the same God. Amen, amen. I hope that gets through, see! It is the same God but he just takes another veil. Now Moses was the word that day because the word was given to him for that day. Moses, Joseph was the word in his day, portraying Christ exactly. Each one of them was the word. And when Jesus came, he was the word in its fullness because the whole plan of redemption (was) laid in him. (Unveiling of God Vol. 9 No. 1, pp. 21).

11. The word made flesh, hallelujah. The word operating in human flesh, by physical signs, by material signs, by scriptural signs, perfectly to bring you to a perfect faith for a perfect rapture. (Perfect faith, pp. 28).

12. But the word keep what he has said and he is trying to find that person (singular) that he can vindicate himself through…. Now, that doesn’t mean that he has to do it to everybody. In the time Moses lead the children of Israel, there was one, that was Moses. The rest of them (plural) just followed the message. (He that is in You, pp. 27).

13. Now, I want you to know this is sure. And you that listen to this tape, you might have thought today that I was trying to say that about myself being that I was packing this message. I have no more to do with that nothing, no more than just a voice, and my voice, even against my better judgement…. I wanted to be a trapper. But it’s the will of my father that I declare to do, and am determined to do. I wasn’t one that appeared down on the river. I was only standing there when He appeared. I am not the one that performs these things and foretells these things that happen as perfect as they are. I’m only one that’s near when he does it. I was only a ‘VOICE’ that he used to say it. It wasn’t what I knew, it’s what just surrendered myself to. That he spoke through. It isn’t me. It wasn’t the seventh angel, oh no. it was a manifestation of the SON OF MAN. It wasn’t the angel. His message: it was the mystery that God unfolded. It’s not a man. It’s God. The angel was not the Son of Man, he (angel) was a messenger from the SON OF MAN. THE SON OF MAN IS CHRIST. He is the one you are feeding on. You are not feeding on a man. A man, his words will fail, but you are feeding on the unfailing body word of the SON OF MAN. (The Anointed Ones at the End Time July 7, 1965, Jefferson Villa, Indiana, USA pp. 63, paragraph 269).

14. Notice! How beautiful this is brought in here now only…. Notice, the anointed ones … be able … the true elected, predestinated, Ephesians 5:1 or 1:5 rather will … ordained, elected, they are the only ones that it will not deceive. Notice! The anointed prophets will be false. AND THERE AMONG THEM WILL BE TRUE ANOINTED. How you (are) going to tell it? BY THE WORD: like we have in shadow. Do you see it say Amen (congregation reply “Amen” - Ed) See? Notice, the anointed ones, ONLY THE WORD WILL SEPARATE THEM, NOT THE SIGNS. Oh no! they will do the same signs, but the word’s what separated them? Sure? They all prophesied: they all done this, that, and the other, sure just the same Jesus said they do the same thing: but the word what separated them, notice NOT SIGN. (The Anointed Ones at the End Time, July 7, 1965, Jefferson Villa, Indiana, USA pp. 39, paragraph 166-167).

15. Notice, revelation 10:3-4 Seven thunders… seven thunders. And then notice 10:3-4 and then what? An Oath from that mighty Angel that time was finished. When these thunders, you see, brought forth their voices, then the angel… just think of it – an Angel CLOTHED IN A CLOUD, AND A RAINBOW COVERED OVER HIS HEAD. (Well, you know who that is). Put one foot on the land and on the sea and lift up his hand and swore that when those seven thunders uttered their voices that time would be no more. If the ministry of the mysteries of God are finished – what if that is those seven mysteries coming forth! In a HUMBLE LITTLE CHURCH like ours, that the Almighty has come and regarded the low estate of his people. You say, well, I don’t think so. It might not be, but what if it is, then time has run out. Did you think it, be serious, it may be later than we think. Those stars falling into their constellation back yonder. That Angel coming and said as John was sent to wind up the old testament and to bring forth the introduction of Christ, your message will wind up the loose ends and will introduce the messiah, just before his coming – the message of the last days.

Notice, the mighty angel swore with an Oath that time would be no more. Now, I don’t want to keep you too long. Just think of this a minute now. Now listen, this angel came down from heaven, see the other seven angels of the seven churches were earthly messengers, but this Angel – all the message is finished. The seventh Angel wines up the whole thing. This angel comes not to the earth. He isn’t a man from the earth. As the messengers to the church ages: that is finished – but this angel brings the next announcement. (and an angel means a messenger) and HE COMES DOWN FROM HEAVEN CLOTHED IN THAT PILLAR OF LIGHT – CLOUD, WITH A RAINBOW OVER HIS HEAD AND RAINBOW IS A COVENANT: IT WAS CHRIST WITH ONE FOOT ON LAND AND ONE ON THE SEE AND SWORE THAT TIME WOULD BE NO MORE. Where are we at sirs? What is all of these about? I am asking you. The other angels were messengers – man of the earth. But this angel … this said to the angels of the church of Laodicea: to the angel of the church of Ephesus – messengers of the earth see? Man: messengers, prophets and so forth to the church. But this one didn’t come from the earth: he came down from heaven because the mystery is all finished and when the mystery is finished, the angel said time shall be no more and the seven thunders throwed their voices out. What if it is something to let us know how to enter into rupturing faith; is it? (will we run and leap over walls.) is there something fixing to happen, and this old marred, vile bodies are going to be changed? Can I live to see it oh Lord? Is it so close that I will see it? Is this the generation? Sirs, my brethren, what time is it? Where are we at? Let’s look at the watch – the calendar – to see what date we are living in. Israel is in Palestine in her homeland. The end signs – the six point Star of David, of 2000 years ago. (Yeah nearly 2500 years ago) the oldest flag is flying. Israel is back in her homeland, when the fig tree puts forts its buds, this generation shall not die – shall not do what? Die; pass out, pass away until all things are fulfilled. (Sirs, is this the time? Dec., 30th 1962, Braham’s tabernacle, Jefferson Villa, Indiana, USA).

16. I believe the church is standing on the threshold of the greatest vindication of omnipresence that the world has ever known. (Five Junctions of Time, 22/1/56)17. “God reveals himself to an individual and quickly He becomes DEITY in the inside of him”. (Come Hither Quickly).

18. Give me a church that’s so completely anointed with God till their every action the move is “Thus saith the Lord, walk in the shekinah glory – I will show you a messiah anointed one of God, standing upon the earth. (Who do You say this is? pp. 25, 27/12/64).

19. “THE SON OF MAN WILL BE REVEALED IN A BODY OF FLESH, you people, the church, just exactly like it was before the days of Sodom, a called out group away from all of them, setting out, believing the promise of God”. (Work is faith Expressed, pp. 44, 26/11/65).

20. This hour that we are living in was predicted, everything just happened just exactly the way it was. Then, when … what is it? It is the SOPKEN WORD, WHICH IS VINDICATED BY GOD, makes it the light of the hour (see?) just like the sun is. (Shalom, pp. 39, 12/04/64).

21. The Son of Man has already come from glory and is revealing himself for the past few years to his church in mercy, showing them his great presence, doing the same things that he did when he was here on earth, revealing himself like he did to Abraham before destruction. He has come now in mercy, revealing himself to the church; it’s being scoffed at and laughed at and scoffed at. The next time He reveals Himself, it’ll be in judgement on the world and the nation – that’s forgot God and sinned their way of grace – their day of grace, rather away”. (Called Out 09/01/58).

22. There is one little sheep out here somewhere and he will not be satisfy until that one comes in the fold. By the help of God and by a vision, and thus saith the Lord, I am returning across the sea. THAT LAST LITTLE SHEEP MAY BE A BLACK ONE, down there, for all that I know… WHERE THEY DON’T EVEN THINK THEY HAVE A SOUL, BUT GOD KNOWS DIFFERENT. (The Ester Seal, pp. 40, 4/10/65, Phoenix Arizona).

23. Elijah the one of the greatest prophets of the age only done four things supernatural in all his life of eighty some years, and Elisha with a double portion done eight and we have seen thou sands times thousands with our own eyes. LOOK AT THE ANGEL OF THE LORD IN A PILLAR OF FIRE. Scientific research taken it to the world knowing that they are going to be judged by it …. Where did that pillar of fire lead them? Now, remember Moses was not that pillar of fire, He was the anointed leader under that pillar of fire, and the pillar of fire only vindicated his message with signs and wonders. And that pillar of fire led them to the land that God promised them. Where he himself would be made flesh among them some day, is that right? What did they do? Murmured and squirmered and everything else to show it was under the blood of an ordinary lamb. But this time – Glory be to God – THE PILLAR THAT WE SEE AMONG US, THE PILLAR OF FIRE WILL LEAD US TO THE MILLENNIUM, where he will return to his people in that great millennium reign after this exodus, where we will live eternally with Him. He always has the word of father, always proves that it’s right…