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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 6th December, 2007 by The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GODONITSHA
I present you with this Book, one of the most valuable things you can have in this life. Here is wisdom; this is the Divine Law; this is the lively WORD of God, your point of salvation in Christ
 I am HE. I am sent for your salvation. I am also sent for the destruction of the world. Believe it if you can

I am not a religious Being, and I will never be. I know where I came from. Introducing myself to you is something I can never do in a language or a straight forward statement. All these years, starting from your religion to your Bible, from everything you know, things you didn’t know, I have been aiming at introducing Myself to your hearts so that you will begin to appreciate the Personality that is talking to you. And you stop likening Me to those you knew in time past. They are as far from Me as the sky is far from the earth.       
–Son of Man

Dear God (The Son of Man),
            You are already blessed. My visit I your house on the 27th of December 2007 has actually revealed a lot to me. Your instruction that I should read “MY PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ME” has lifted my consciousness and opened my mind to inner reflections. Very fulfilling. Based on this experience, I have this little statement(s) to make.
            Throughout history, truth has been considered a form of dementia, and those who have turned away from fantasy and fixed their eyes on reality were\are judged insane. BUT ARE THEY? WHAT IS SANITY AFTER ALL?
            The powers of truth is very great, as even those who, preferring fantasy hate it and seek to pollute and destroy it, are in the last resort forced to acknowledge it.

            The word of God is truth carried on the wings of love, not slogans carried on the thrust of power.
            With the incarnation came the man and the addition of a new spiritual dimension to the cosmic scene. The universe provides a stage; son of man is the piece of action now.
            The messages of the Son of Man ranges between the sublimest mysticism, who refuse to accept the truth he preaches.
            The secret of who he is hidden, not in the circumstances of his existence, in the people with whom he gathers and the history, superstitions, fashions and ideologies of our time, but in these lofty, so pure and so simple teachings. It is those luminous words of his that always quake the consciousness of man and not those high fluting languages that tend to confuse and market people’s souls. 
            Whenever we want to adulate men, we say they are godlike and those concerned are always happy because of the praises but when they are told that God is a man, they always frown at the statement. They should not be man to be godlike but spirits.
            Whenever God appears as a man, it is always in lineaments of the least among men (A Stumbling Block).      
            The dynamic of a morality is love, not law and its realization in the eternity, not in time. None the less there had to be law ( law of the son of man) and without law, there can be no order, and without order, no virtue but law is the measure of our human imperfection as virtue is its image.
            Humility is not just virtuous but the very condition of all virtue and that in abasing themselves men attain the highest heights as in glorifying themselves. They sink to the lowest depth. A child of God should always be releasing a tidal wave of humility to conform with the quality of God-man in our midst.
            If we, the student of the path, could love selflessly forever, put aside once and for all things that can hinder our spiritual progress along the path plus other black demons of the will, why then the revelation of the man in our midst won’t be made clearer to us.
            Again, we should acquire humility that would enable us to grasp our own imperfection and so conceive and aspire after perfection so that the revelation of worshiping God will ever flood our consciousness and then our laughter (the saints) will drawn the trumpets of the great; our nakedness will mock the splendour of captains, kings and presidents; our foolishness (if any) will confute the wit and wisdom of the learned.
            We know that the Devil represents the contrary principle, destructive rather than creative, malevolent rather than beneficent, pulling downward as gravity does instead of pressing upwards as trees and plants do when they grow and reach so resolutely and beautifully after the light.
            So, help us to withstand him because what he (Satan) actually wants is to involve us in the exigencies of power (politics) there by neutralizing the gospel of reality which we have received and leaving us still at his mercy.
            This little write-up was influenced by the book you asked to read.
You will ever remain blessed.
                                                            Your Son,
                                                                         Bishop Okoh.

A Word from the Author
If your lantern has gone off, get match and light it again. Even if a situation arises where we do not gather together again, we will not starve of the Word of God. The Message of our day referred us to history and gave us our Scripture. If any problem arises, simply go back to the Great Sermon. 
God has been appearing in every Church Age. There is no record that two Prophets appeared in one Age. The advent of a Messenger marks the beginning of a dispensation. Once he appears, “new things” will be said that will “contradict” what the former Prophet said. Many are still trailing behind the Message of their day.
If we stop Fellowship for one day and you fall away from the Faith, be it known to you that you have never been in the Faith for one day. When you stay away from home and clinch unto God, you will gain more.
Where there is vision, there must be conviction. If you have no vision on why we must gather together every Wednesday and Sunday, be it known to you that you have no vision concerning the Faith.
If you have no vision about your Family, that means you are not convinced, it is not your Family. What is your vision concerning your life? Your vision about life will determine how you will live this life—conviction is divine.
What is your vision concerning this Faith? You must leave where you were in order for you to be where you want to be. That place you want to be, is it by God’s way or purpose, or where God wants you to be? Is God in agreement with you to be there? When a man is being guided by his “wishful thoughts,” he falls out of the Faith.
Believe it if you can, faith is nothing but your belief. What forms your faith is your belief. You may be in the group that say, “Say what you want to say, I have decided to live the way I want to live.”  Please, re-examine your faith!
Many nurtured the feeling to leave the Faith, but they discovered that immediately they leave the Faith, they will not land on a safer ground. It is better for one to fail in the reality (original) than to succeed in the counterfeit. For counterfeit will not last. Counterfeit has no foundation, but the original has foundation.
Be very careful that you have the right vision. Your vision is based on your conviction. You may claim that God gave you that vision, but in the end, what follows will show us whether God is your Guide on that vision.
What does it profit you to be in this Faith and train your children? What does it profit you to spend your money transporting yourself to Fellowship? You cannot answer these questions until you weigh your conviction concerning this Faith, until you re-examine your faith in the Faith of Christ.
The moment you leave where you are without God’s Guidance, you must land in the dustbin. Nobody moves forward without God.
After revealing the “point of your salvation in Christ” in this Expository you are holding now, we will then know whether you have gathered enough strength to continue in the Faith.
I believe in leading because those that are being led today must be leaders tomorrow. It is not doing any thing that matters, but, does God support it? If God is behind you, your victory is a MUST!
Success is a vision. He that has no vision does not succeed in life. The same way, he that has no vision and conviction does not succeed in this Faith of Christ. Always pray that God will give you these things: vision, wisdom, and conviction.
A man with vision must be confronted by many obstacles (“marry” this with what you are passing through in this Faith). Why do you want to be where you want to be? Nobody comes into this Faith and go away without gaining something.
Let your ambition to succeed in this life, in this Faith of Christ rise above all criticisms, gossips, scandals, blackmails, etc. success cannot come without brazing through or crushing through all these obstacles’.
Allow your success to defend you and your action(s). Do not allow your failure to defend you, but your success. On your way to success, see every obstacle as an enemy as you march on. When you succeed, all eyes will see the reason(s) why you took the action(s) you took. When you succeed, people will worship you.
Change your vision about the way you come to Fellowship. Without this Faith, all our children would have been hooligans. Watch those that are not following, a glance at their family, you will know that they are just “follow, follow.”
 If you come to the Fellowship of the Saint hypocritically, the Lord will disarm you immediately you leave the Fellowship Hall.
You can never misbehave until you pay deaf ears to my Message. Disobey this Message; you must land where you will be hated to the core. Every child of God feels restless any day he or she disobeys the Word of God.
The Fellowship of the Saint is the only place we can be to renew our strength. Watch all the denominations, they fellowship using monotonous activities, and yet they are not tired or weakened. Monotonous activities will only weaken one that has no conviction.
There is individual revelation and there is collective revelation. The same way, there is individual anointing and there is collective (Congregational) anointing. Congregational anointing is always higher than individual anointing. God releases anointing in the Fellowship of the Saints higher than those He releases in our individual homes.
God permits examination to come our way every day to test us. You can never achieve anything outside God.
Today, IT MAY BE A STORY, BUT TOMORROW, IT MIGHT BE A REALITY. Remain in your Sanctified Estate as we continue in Him. I love you all, remain blessed in Him eternally.

The Son of Man (Apostle Peter Odoemena)

(The Revelation of Your Salvation Point)

Chapter One
Are you really in this Faith? What is your conviction? When you go to the Message, “Maintaining a healthy relationship,” that Message said, “We should refrain our tongue from evil so that we can be perfect before God.”
2. I am greatly comforted that God knew ahead of time before we rolled into this period we are in; all we have been encountering in this Faith.
3. The Message “Courage as a Tonic,” said that the greatest encouragement is self-encouragement. That if you are listening to all that people are saying or you want to please everybody, it says that you can never achieve success in this life.
4. Moreover, nobody has ever succeeded in carrying everybody along, obtaining the love of everybody. It has never happened; and it will never happen. While some are talking good of you, others are talking evil of you — everybody cannot talk good of you at the same time. 
5. There are certain things that we pass through in this life that might encourage us in this Faith, when we read the Message, “The Revelation of Latent Powers,” we saw many things that happened in that Message/Faith. Too many Voices, many of them reminded us of what we are passing through; that God is behind everything we are passing through, whether good or bad.
6. If we are sons and daughters of God, the Devil has no hand in whatever we are passing through. I mean Satan cannot buffet us about. In any condition you find yourself, do not ever attribute it to Satan. It is the Almighty God action around you, trying to work out His Own Purpose for you.
7. He told us, and the Bible even confirmed it that He knows what is best for us at all times. He knows when we need sorrow and He will give us that sorrow.  He knows when we need joy and He will give us joy. Not what you want, but what you need. You may have your want but God knows what you need – it is not the way you want it that it will happen, but the way God wants. Because we are mere “instruments” in His Hands, we are just the “clay” and He is the “Potter.”
8.  You cannot challenge the Potter or tell Him how He should mould you. You are just in His Hands to mould you the way He wants, finish! You cannot challenge it. Whatever God has permitted is what will come your way. Whatever God never permitted will not come your way.
9. Let Me give you an example: If the whole world will gather and declare that you are dying today, both in their prayers, concoctions, ammunitions; and God said you are not dying today, nothing will happen to you. But, if God says you are dying today, let the whole world gather around you with everything they like, you are dying. If God said it, it is guaranteed, nothing can change it. But if God has not supported it, human beings are wasting their time. Your enemies are wasting their time.
11. Bear that in mind, if you are not a child of God, anything can kill you, ordinary water can kill you. The same way, ordinary wind can kill you.
12. So please, relax your mind. Now, let Me remind you of a very important thing: Whatever you are passing through in this flesh as we continue in this Faith; do not complain, do not murmur. Do not begin to investigate why. First of all fall back on the Message you have just received. If you passed through primary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and then extended to secondary school, sometimes, you may forget the experiences you passed through in primary school. However, events will make it to come out again. You go to secondary school up to SS3, and then you jump to the university, those experiences you gathered from primary 1 to SS3, they are all in you. You may be summoned anytime to come and handle primary school people. You will use your experience to handle it.
13. Therefore, it is believed that any class you have passed through, you are capable of handling that class. If you really passed through that class intelligently, when you get to university, you might be surprised that some of the things that appeared in that institution especially during your “first year,” are things you passed through at the secondary level. The same way in the secondary level, you begin to experience things you passed through in the primary level. That goes to show that you ought to know those things. If you do not know them, you will be running helter-skelter, hiring people to come and help you out; so it is with this Faith. Amen.

The Son of Man is being revealed in the body of flesh to Bride, a called out people, the people who believed the Promise. Because if you believe, there is going to be a performance of that which is promised. But as many as do not believe, can God perform His Word? Never, never! There is no way He can perform.
          For whosoever that believeth, all things are possible. We have believed, and we will continue to believe. As long as it agrees with the Prophets and Apostles, it agrees with the Message, we will keep on believing. There are too many things we have believed here which people think they are not in the Bible, but we know they are in the Bible, for they are written in-between the lines. Some of them are even understood by divine inspiration.
          When revelation strikes a man, his vision widens. When you are in Fellowship constantly you will be renewed. No wonder the Bible said, forsake not the gathering of the Saints, as is the manner of some. There is something in Fellowship. If you are a true child of God, and you stay away from Fellowship for one day, you will be loosing weight.
An excerpt from: Lo, I Am With You Always.

Chapter Two
God did not make any mistake taking us through the Bible, which is the Christian religious book. In addition, He took us through the Bible in a very strict way or the strictest way ever known since the history of humankind. We were too strict under the Law that we hated our lives, hated our relations. We had no friends, we desired death more than life, we went to the extremes, and for that reason, people living around us, our so-called Christians, they could not admit us, they called us devils.
2.  You were with us under the Law, did they accept us? – Were we not referred to as devils? They even told us in our faces that we are “deceived,” that we have “missed” the way. They said that we were too strict. Am I bearing false witness?
3.         After some time, we rolled into the Grace of God that bringeth Salvation. We were like them, did they love us. Did they welcome us? No! They still criticized us.
4.         We went to “Revelations,” yet they did not welcome us. We went to “Mysteries;” they did not welcome us even when we revealed the “Mystery of the Mark of the Beast.” They welcomed the Message but rejected us.
5.         Now that we have rolled in the “reality of life,” exposing life and all its demands in its entirety. They have embraced all our Messages so far; they are glorifying God on our behalf, writing us encouraging letters, using our Messages to strengthen their families, children; using our Messages even to “beef-up” their businesses. They are thanking God on behalf of this Message, yet their “testimonies” concerning us have not changed one bit. Before them, we are still devils. Am I bearing false witness?
6.         Has anybody returned any of the books (Messages) to you? Starting from “Family Menu;” are they not glorifying God? Have you seen a copy lying on the street? They are still demanding the book even till today. Yet, nobody has ever accepted you as a child of God. To them, you are still a reprobate. Have you wondered why?
7.         There is only but one “bone of contention” in every dispensation. What is your guilt? What is your offence? What is the crime you have committed for which tongues are wagging? Only one offence: you are worshiping a Man as God. You are preaching that God is a Human Being. Is there any other thing? They say you are deceived, “How can you say that God is a Human Being? How can you worship your fellow Human Being and say you are worshiping God? You are deceived. You are devils. It is a secret cult.” If you have not heard it, it then means you are not with us.
8.         Moreover, I want you to fall back on the Message. If you were with us from the very beginning or if you joined us along the way and you have been desirous of knowing the Truth about the Faith you are in, how it started and how it was going to wrap up, then by now you would have cleared “all doubts.” As we continue with the Scriptures, we continue sharing the Truth. It became clear that the “contention” in every age has always been one thing: God is a Man.
9.         In the days of Moses, it was not easy. Even when the people said they heard it from the Almighty God, saying that He was sending him before them as God and his brother Aaron as a prophet; they said they heard it from Almighty God, and they all “echoed” Amen. In addition, they said, “All that Moses is going to tell us, we shall do. If anybody shall walk contrary, he shall be put to death.” And all of them said Amen. A little while, Aaron rose up, Moses’ brother. Miriam rose up, Moses’ sister; I mean biological brother and sister. Aaron and Miriam rose up against Moses, and the Lord judged them. They became quiet a little while.
10.        Dathan, Korah and Abiram rose up. They said that Moses was taking too much, that he was making himself God. That it was too much for them to bear. What happened? The land opened and swallowed three of them. Aaron and Miriam began to “demonstrate” against Moses: that he has killed servants of God. So, it continued.
11.        Check all the Prophets; they never had it easy. Some were chased away from their community. Some were thrown into the bush, even for proclaiming “Thus Saith the Lord.” Some were even betrayed by their people. Some people went to the king and said, “O king, look at this man, he is prophesying against you and against our nation;” intending to win the favour of the king, because he was a prophet in their eyes. However, before God he was standing as God.
12.        William Branham said that they called them “Prophets,” but they were God in human form.– See how people “miss” God in all the Ages.
13.        They were seeing mere David: a small boy who killed Goliath with only his catapult. That was not David, that was Christ Himself. But they were seeing the “badger skin” (flesh) called David; so it was with all the Prophets.
15.        Each time a prophet appears on the scene, God has appeared on the scene. That is why you can never see them “two” at the same time. So, watch what happened at that time Jesus appeared: They said, “Of a truth, concerning all the good works He has been doing, we condemn Him not. But for being a man and proclaiming yourself God, this is blasphemy. He must die. Concerning your good works, there is no problem about that. But for being a man and maketh thyself God, you must die.”
16.        But Jesus turned to them saying, “What does the Scripture say concerning you? Is it not written in your Scripture that those that receive the Word of God are gods? And the Scriptures cannot tell lies. Why then, if you are gods and receive the Word of God, why then do you say a Man that is sent by God and sealed, that he blasphemeth. You err not knowing the Scriptures nor the Power of God.” They still maintained: “you must die.”
17.        When it came to St Paul, St Paul said, “I want to declare this wonderful truth to you that God is a Man. And it is because I have preached that God is a man, that is why I am being persecuted and imprisoned even till today. But the Word of God is not in bondage. Because I have preached that God is a Man, that is why I am in jail and persecuted.” Is it not in Scriptures? Have you not read them? Maybe you have forgotten.
18.        You better be very careful. God has been a Man in all the ages. And this has been a wonderful Truth that has caused the shedding of innocent bloods. It has caused some to be imprisoned. And if God is the same yesterday, today and forever, hear Me very well: there has never been any dispensation where God appeared and preached this Message, and the believer got away with it.
19.        Talk of your character, everywhere you go, people admire you. Some say, “You are good administrators.” Some say, “You are filled with love; the Love of God is being made manifest among you.” They admitted you everywhere. But for preaching that God is a Man, forget about who the person is. For believing that God is a Man and preaching it, you have spoiled the whole thing.
20.        You are not a Christian because all Christians believe that God is a Spirit. It then means St. Paul was not a Christian. Jesus was not a Christian. The Prophets were not Christians. They were not even children of God – better understand where you are.
21.        If you do not know where you are, you are likely to deny your Faith in Christ. We have to go back to the Message, The Great Sermon: on the day the Great Sermon was dedicated here, the Voice said, “This is yesterday, today and forever. If you come to a point where you appear to be confused, go back the Great Sermon. Go back to the Great Sermon, and then you will gather strength.”
22.        There is no other “bone of contention.” If you know any other thing, stand up and mention it before Me. If you know any other thing why people call you devil, why they don’t accept you if you know any other thing, stand up and tell Me.
23.        Do not be hypocrites. Now, if you are sure and certain that whatever troubles you are passing through in the hands of your fellow human beings is because you believe and preach that God is a Man revealed among you, then you are on the “right track.” Jesus was revealed from among human beings, for John said, “Among you is One – one of you, your own relation whom you do not know. I do not know Him, but for the purpose of making Him known, I am sent into the wilderness, baptising. And I am given a sign: on whomsoever I shall see this sign; He is the one. That I have seen, I have proclaimed.”
24.        Was Paul not drawn from among human being? You know his conversation in time past; how he greatly persecuted the Church. How he was zealous of the Jewish Law. On the way to Damascus, God met him, and then commissioned him. Amen.

 Have You Forgotten Your Experiences?
What is your own experience? As many of us that were here when He walked in our midst, we heard His footfall but we could not see the Face. Then the Voice went forth, “Come next week and you will see ‘He’ that has been dealing with you all these years, to banish unbelief.” Before our eyes, living witnesses, our Brethren rose up during prayer meeting that same Sunday morning; that they saw visions. Some of them have left us while some are still with us till today. Prominent among them is Bishop Ebenezer and our Brother Ernest Agada, and our former Brother Charles–these three saw the vision.
26.        When they narrated their visions, we said Amen. We went into praises, photographs were taken. But during the prayer line, the Apostle said, “You wasted your films, for you took your photographs without instruction. From now hence-forth, exhaust your films.”
27.When the films were developed, eyes saw the whole thing. They saw what marvelled all human beings—perfectly as the visions described. Therefore, the Glory of God appeared on the Vessel He has chosen for Himself, to bear His Name in our own day, in line with the Prophets. It has been God’s ordained way, and nobody can change it; for God is not a politician.
28.        If we were to make our choice, we could have resorted to voting. But God said, “I have made My Choice from among you and My Choice is final. Many of you are not happy because My Choice is not your choice.” The Voice said, ‘Have I no right to make My Choice from among you? What is your problem?” and that prophecy, we heard it from our former Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu. It is in tape till today. Who are you? Who are you to challenge God’s Word?
29. You have forgotten your experiences, and that is why you are dangling in your Faith. Any little thing that happens, some people will begin to shake as if God is no longer with them.
30.        From the beginning, are you sure you are in God and God in you? In the Message, “Sustained by my Experience,” your experience will sustain you if you have the right experiences. But if you have the wrong experience, it cannot sustain you, for nothing wrong can ever sustain a human being. What sustains is the right experience.
31.        If you were in Christ from the very beginning, you will remain in Christ forever. But if you are not in Him from the very beginning, you can never enter along the way. 

Remember the Voice
f you go to the Message, “Mixed Multitudes,” God gave us an illustration of this journey. He said, “The journey is like a pilgrim journey, a journey through the wilderness. You are bound to pass through many countries and villages. And any country you pass through, the tendency is there for too many people to join you. Some will be going away; some will be joining until you get to the end.” But watch, in the beginning, God knows the people that took off. He did not call everybody. He numbered them. As they journeyed along, anybody can join.
33.        God is still having His Eyes on the numbered set of people, those He promised to lead Home. He did not promise to lead everybody Home. He promised those people He chose for Himself from the very beginning.
34.        “I will lead you Home. I will not disappoint you. I will be with you till the end.” The Promise went to a set of people. He said, “I am taking you and your descendants, your off - springs, the promise is unto you.
35.        If God makes a Promise to Israel, it is not for the Moabites. It is not for the Amorites or the Hivittes, or the Hittites. They have the right to join them, but they are not beneficiaries. Along the way, they must stumble out. Amen.

We thank God who has given us the Great Christ, who has given us the Earnest of the Spirit, where by we can boldly say, “We now have the Mind of Christ.” And if we have the Mind of Christ, which is the essence of the preaching of the gospel, we would not find it difficult at all in understanding the Will of God for us. With the Mind of God in us, it will be very easy for us to identify God wherever we meet Him.
If you do not have the picture of a Man in your mind, you do not know Him. You have never seen Him, you don’t even know whether He is White or Black, and you are waiting for Him, it will take somebody who is acquainted with Him to introduce Him to you, otherwise, He can pass by your side without you recognising Him.
And this has been the problem of our Age. Whatever impression we have in our mind, I call them “artistic impression” of  God.
An excerpt from: God in Despised Places

Chapter Three
Now, I want to show you something: Does your experiences compare favourably with that of your ancestors? He said, “Abraham, when I called you, you were few in number. Do not be surprised, let it not be amazing that I called you, and you are few. Let it not demoralize you. I have promised to make you a Great Nation.”
2.         And watch the children of God, in the Message, “Many are Called but few are Chosen,” it said, “In every dispensation, God’s children have remained very few.” The Bible called it a handpicked minority – a handpicked minority. You know what handpicked means: picking something randomly. Go to Onitsha, you pick one or two, you go to Owerri, you pick one, you go to Abuja, pick one or two. Handpicked! You are in the minority. Now watch one attribute of children of God, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, although they are in the minority, they still cause waves. 
3.         In the days of the Prophets, they were in the minority, yet causing waves everywhere. They were accused of troubling the whole world. If you watch in Jesus’ day, He had the fewest disciples because when He preached His Message, majority left Him. Only a few remained. Watch that few, they caused waves. They attracted the attention of everybody. People were troubled, making trouble because of this minority. They were unknown, though they were known everywhere. In their minority, they were shaking the world in their day.
4.         Watch in the days of St Paul, how many of them believed the Faith? Only few of them. But in their day, the whole world had their eyes on them. They were monitoring them the same way they were monitoring Jesus. When Jesus went to the mountain, they were monitoring Him. – Everywhere!
5.         Paul appeared with his few disciples. Remember he was Christ of that day. He was the Messenger of that day. He was the Anointed One, the Messiah. That is why he said, “If you don’t believe our Message, you have counted yourself unworthy of the everlasting life.”
6.         They were few in their day, yet they were monitoring them. They were accused of turning the world up side down. Yet, they referred to them as sect. a sect (cult), a small group, they were in the minority and they were called a sect and they were calling St Paul the ringleader, the ringleader of the sect. Brethren, am I bearing false witness? Is it not Scriptural?  We had historical evidence and the greatest historical fact we can lay hand on is the Bible. Without the Bible, nobody would have known God. The Scripture introduced us to God.
7. Without the Scriptures, God would not have been revealed. The Scripture threw light on what God was all about. These are historical facts. There was a time called “the days of William Branham.”
8.         Now is your day. This is your own day. You have appeared as Christ, like they appeared as Christ in Paul’s day. Are you not in the minority?
9.         There are some Local Assemblies that were not up to five, yet the people in that community were monitoring them. Go to Enugu-ezike; go to Umuokanne, so they are monitoring them. Go to Ihite-odara in Imo State, where they are monitoring Bishop Isaac and his family. Whatever they do, everybody will like to know. When they go out, they will like to know where they are going. When they come in, when they hold even family meetings, people will try to know what they are discussing because they are always afraid. Why are they monitoring them? Why are they afraid, yet they are in the minority.
10.        Are you not in the minority? Are you not causing waves everywhere? Are you not troubling all denominations? There is no Church or denomination that does not want to know what you believe, what you are doing, even in your private homes. Your neighbours go to Church but they want to know what this your Church is all about. To them, your own is different. If it is not your experience, you are a counterfeit.
11.        If this is not your own experience, I say you are what? A counterfeit. You are following us for following sake. Even in your business, they want to know how you are doing it. – Even in the food you eat. They drink beer, but if you carry beer, your own is no longer beer. They carry pure water; if you carry pure water, your own is not pure water again.
12.        God said, “If your experiences in this Faith do not compare favourably with that of your predecessors (the Apostles), know that you have missed the way. If they loved them, they would love you. If they accepted them, they would accept you. But if they hated them, they must hate you. That if they killed them, they must kill you.” Did you not hear it? Is it not even documented in your  Great Sermon?
13.        Now, what am I saying? You are in the minority. Here we think we are not known but we are known everywhere.

An Encounter with a Photographer
I was not here the day our Pastor wedded but I heard what happened. Therefore, I decided to go to the photographer who handled the “picturing” and “videoing” of the wedding. He doesn’t know Me. Therefore, I pretended that I attended the wedding of our Pastor. I was there talking as if I was one of the people that officiated.
15.        Initially, I came in to talk as one that is coming to tell the man about a big business somewhere. I was told earlier that he said he knew Me. I said, “Ok, I don’t know that man.”
16.        However, when I got there, the man did not know Me. He welcomed Me as his good friend, this, and that. So, through business interactions, I started asking about the wedding we attended at GTC. I learnt that he covered the thing that day.
17.        “Were you there?” I said, “Yes, I was there.” I said, “I belong to that place.” He said, “Ehn! Are you one of them? They say that God is a Human Being. There is one man called Son of Man; they said He is God.” The photographer went further saying, “Do you believe that’? I said, “I believe more than that. They said you know their Leader.” He said, “Eh, there is one man, fair in complexion that used to come to the restaurant here.” I said, “My friend, you don’t know Him. I am the One.” So, I left. I just left him immediately.
18.        So, when I turned back, he was still standing looking at Me. You see the bone of contention – that God is a Man. Amen.
Can God be Black? Yes, God is Black! Can God be Red? Yes, God can be Red. Can God wear dyed garment? Surely, yes! He is wearing dyed garment right now! What God is putting on today is “dyed garment”. I repeat: “God is putting on a “dyed skin” right now.” Sir, God is wearing “dyed garment” right now. That is why we are rejoicing.
Now, listen to this fact: Both He that sanctifies and they that are sanctified, the same are one; for which cause He is not ashamed calling them His Brethren. So, you are my Brethren. 
If you say God is a Spirit, can spirit be your Brother? Can wind be your Brother? Can fire be your Brother? 
You must have the “revelation” of what you believe. I am very happy with this FAITH now because I want you to come to a certain height where you won’t hear nwu nwu nwu (murmuring). Because where I am pushing you to now is where you will stay and fly away. Because, as you keep on having this Heavenly Faith, Heavenly Revelation, you will be moving in the air and kick and kick. 
 An excerpt from: God in Despised Places

Chapter Four
Please, understand what this Faith is all about. We cannot for any reason – because of persecution or evils of the tongue, deny what our eyes, our hand, our mouth proclaimed before many witnesses. The Almighty Himself must be vindicated with supernatural signs – and you want Me to deny it. Not even in the world to come. You must know what you really believe, know what is causing the trouble and then find out whether what is causing the trouble is true or false.
2.         Can anybody use the Bible to disprove Me that God is not a Human Being? Before we begin to talk about the Personality in our day, let us establish whether God is a Man or not. Bring out the Bible, bring out every other evidence. If we prove that God is a Man, then it becomes easier to point you to the Personality.
3.         God has always veiled Himself in a Man, not counting it robbery, according to the Scriptures. You must know where you are standing. They that know their God must do exploits. The God that veiled Himself in a Man and He will be using the agency of man – not agent of any mechanical device. Where is the Agency He is using to today? Is there no vindicated Agency?
4.         We have to be very, very careful. Know where you are standing. This Faith has been dripping with blood. It has been dripping with blood. That is why the fearful and the unbelieving are not qualified to be in this Faith. You see why God said that this Faith is not for everybody. It is not for everybody. It is for those designated to be there.
5.         If you are not ordained for this Message, any wind can blow you out. Common rumour can blow you out. I say common rumour. You know what rumour is. I mean senseless talking that contains no truth; because from the very beginning, you have no foundation. You have no root. You are floating.
6.         If you are floating, you are not one of us. Every true child of God must be rooted and grounded. This is the hour where you prove who you are. Watch those that go out because they were indicted for their wrong deeds. They go out because right from the very beginning, they were not part of us. If they were part of us, they would have stayed. Is it not Scriptural? In the days of Saint Paul, he said, “They left us because right from the very beginning, they were not part of us, for if they were part of us, they would have stayed, come what may.” As for Me, come rain, come sunshine, I cannot resign from this Faith because this is where I am born. Is that not true?
7.         If you are born in this Family of Christ, you are born in this Faith; you cannot resign because this Faith is a part of you. There is no this Faith without you and there is no you without this Faith. Therefore, you are inseparable. That was why St. Paul said, “What shall separate us from God? Is it persecution, no, tribulation, no, sufferings, no. Not even death. Not even in the world to come.”
8.         Be very careful that you are not mingling with strangers that are filled here, unbelievers among us. God identified them long, long time age. Even in the Message, “Son of Man, Our Link to the Truth,” He said, “You mean unbelievers within?” He said, “Yes, there are too many of them. They are even found among the ministers, unbelievers within.” God identified them in the very beginning.
9.        In every dispensation, God will reveal Himself to the point where people will come to Him, talk to Him and He will talk to them back face to face. That was why He said that you must have Moses’ experience – MEETING GOD AT THE OTHER SIDE.
10.        Know where you are standing, if you are floating; maybe you came in here for marriage, a Brother picked you and you became an “emergency believer” because of marriage, and many things will be troubling you.
11.        Try to know where you are standing, have the conviction that God must be worshipped by conviction. That whosoever that is introducing you to God must be prepared to get you “convinced,” otherwise, he should close his mouth, for you have no right to follow “imaginary things.” Your faith must be real. 
12.        If your faith is not real, it is abstract, it does not exist. If you believe that God is invisible, that God cannot be seen, it then means you believed nothing. Even the Bible said that we will see Him, and we shall be like Him.

People That Saw God Visible As A Man
People had been seeing God since the world began. When Nathaniel saw Jesus, he said, “I have seen the Messiah.” Peter saw Him, many saw Him, ate and drank with Him. Was Jesus invisible? Yet He was God. What of St Paul, who was Christ in his day, was he invisible? But you are looking for invisible God among the visible gods. You have missed the whole thing.
14.        God can be visible; Moses saw God, Abraham saw God, Adam saw God, Eve saw God. I mean that Eve saw God. God asked Eve question, “Why did you behave this way?” Eve said, “It was the serpent.” There was a conversation between two of them. The wind did not ask Eve question. Eve saw God. 
15.        Women have been seeing God, men had been seeing God, and infants saw God. God said, “Do not stop these little children from coming to Me. Do not stop them from coming to Me. To such people is the kingdom belong.” Is it not true? Infants saw God. But your fathers said that God is “indivisible.”
16.        Are you truly in this Faith? Are you really in this Faith? Are you truly in the Faith of the Son of Man? If you are not in the Faith of the Son of Man, you are in the “religious faith” (Churchgoer).  For religion makes God invisible; and there is no experience in an “imaginary God.” But if you think that you have experience, where is that experience? Where have you anchored your faith? Is your faith making it almost impossible for anybody to deceive you with confounded rumours, corked tales?
17.        Where is your faith anchored? If you do not have an anchor, the wind will be carrying you about. So, this Faith is not for everybody. Amen.

Check Your Experiences So Far
Check you experiences so far, if people are calling you evil because your life is not good, you need to repent. But what was my joy when I went to Nsugbe? My in-laws are still praising this Faith; I mean they are still praising you, what they have seen in you. My mother in-law continued to talk about our Love until she died. And it is said that God said that by manifestation of Love that the children of God are made manifest. She continued confessing it until she died.
19.        Anywhere we go, people will be talking about us— our unity, our love, our mutual understanding, good, good qualities. But concerning our beliefs, they said no!
20.        When you come out to preach; watch anywhere Jesus came to preach, they normally set a trap by trying to catch them by their words, “Let us know what He will say.” Anyone that is good, they will say Amen. They keep on saying Amen, and Amen. But when it comes to: “God is a Human Being,” they will say, “Ehn! Holy Ghost fire!”
21.        You will be hearing, “The Bible said, ‘no other Name will be given among all men whereby we can be saved.” It is Jesus o! But look at what they are saying o! Heey! Society come and see!” Amen.
22.        Watch Jesus, they believed everything. The moment He said, “If you do not believe that I am He,” (Remember He was not only talking about the Father). They asked for the Father, and He said, “Thomas, how long will I be with you yet you do not know Me?” He turned to Philip who was saying, “Show me the father. Show me the father.” He (Jesus) said to him, “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.” Then to the Jews He said, “If you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.” They shouted, “Hey! This little boy, Mary’s boy, Mary said that Holy Ghost impregnated her. Hey Joseph heeye! Hey! Joseph, this is a taboo in the land of the Jews! This little boy (Jesus) said is God. That He is that God we are looking for!” 
23.        Watch, this has been the “bone of contention” up till now. Amen.

God revealed Himself to His people, made Himself plain to them. Instead of thanking God, glorifying Him for making Himself manifest unto them, they continued to walk after the foolish imaginations of their heart, supposing God to be an art, a man devised, which he used either gold or silver or wood to carve out.
Instead of man to accept the revealed God in his day, he continued to walk after his own imaginations, worshipping “imaginary God.”
The reason why people do not accept the revealed God in our day is because He does not conform to the picture they have in their hearts. There is a picture of God they have in their hearts, and whosoever manifests and is contrary to the one they have already pictured in their hearts, surely they will stumble out of the way.
This is the problem many people are having, with their mouth they praise God, they can dance before God; they are doing it so that people will not know them, giving the impression that they are still one of us, but their hearts are too far away from the Faith. And there is no way God can meet the demands of their soul. 
 An excerpt from: My People Do Not Know Me

Chapter Five
To you who claimed to be in this Faith, my question is: Have you settled this contention (that God is a Man) in your heart? Have you settled this dispute in your heart? Because until you settle it as an individual (remember, worship is a personal thing), you have not entered into the Faith of the Son of Man. Because he that must come to God must first believe that He is, and He exists.            It is not a story.
2.         He that must come to God must first believe that He is, and He exists. Is it not Scripture? Now, to you claiming to be Son of Man’s disciple, have you settled this controversy in your own heart as a Brother, as a Sister? Because it is upon this settlement of this controversy (believing that God is a Man), your covenant is sealed. That is where your salvation lies. That is your eternal security (remember that there is a big difference between eternal security and social security).
3.     This teaching is not meant for everybody. It is only for those that are here. For God said that He will no longer tolerate people that are here half-heartedly. The real children reach agreement with God here.
4.           This is your reward. So, if you do not know the “point” where you are saved, I have revealed it to you now. If you do not know where your righteousness lies, I have revealed your righteousness.
5.         The righteousness of God is “revealed” from generation to generation to those that fear and honour the Lord. The righteousness of God is not “attained,” it is “revealed.” Unless it is revealed, you will not work towards it. God will not save you because of what you have done, but because of what you have believed.
6.         I repeat: God will not save you because of what you have done but because of what you have believed. If the persecution you are passing through, the cruel misunderstanding, cruel misjudging is not as a result of this “controversy,” something is wrong. You are suffering in vain.
7.         Watch your people, they will collect money from you, they will need your services, everything. But once it comes to this your Faith, you are enemies.
8.         St. Paul said in his own day that he loved all of them and they loved him, but concerning the Faith, that they are what? Enemies! Is it not Scriptural? Am I talking of another Faith? I am talking about faith in Christ, faith in Christ. If you are not regarded as enemies, and you go outside of this Faith, you have missed the way. You can drink, you can pursue women, do everything; they are doing it, it is not compromise, you are still holding unto your faith. What is still your faith? GOD IS A MAN. GOD EXISTS.
9.         Branham said that if you have not come to a point where you will talk to Him and He will talk to you back face to face, that you are not saved. 

Signs to Prove Whether You Are In This Faith or Not
Now let Me show you signs that will prove to you whether you are in this Faith or not. One of our Messages said, “You can trace yourself back home. You can trace yourself back to where you belong.” Look at how you would know it: if while this Message is going on, you are feeling troubled, you are restless, it means this Message is not for you.  You are not for the Message. Then the Son of Man is not sent for you. But if while this Message is going on, and it is “confirming” some of these things which has been happening in you as an individual, but you are afraid of saying those things lest people will misunderstand you. But when the Message is going on, those things happening in you are being confirmed, it is a sure sign that from the beginning, you are a part of the Elohim. That the Message had just appeared to reveal who you are.”
11.        Another sign is that if this Message is for you, you are a seed of God. That sign is this: in all the denominations you have been to, you were uncomfortable with them. You couldn’t believe all they were saying. But you were just saying Amen from your lips so that they will not look at you as a strange being, waiting for the time when the truth will appear. Then you would know that you are for this Message and this Message is for you. The same way also, if you are here and you are just managing, you are managing with us so that your family will see peace. When we preach here, you find it difficult to say Amen. But you use your lips, lest we call you an unbeliever. To begin with, it (this Message) is not for you.
12.        If you watch, there are too many “wheel barrows” – “wheel-barrow believers,” circumstantial believers, conditional believers – some of them were impregnated by our Brothers, and because of pregnancy they came here. Every Fellowship day, they will not come. When they want to come, they will come late. When they come, they will not pay attention. They will be walking up and down, or they will come and stay outside at the corridor. While the Message is going on, they are making a strange noise, because their husbands are troubling them. If they are men, their wives are troubling them.
13.        Yes! God said, “A Moabite can marry a Jewess.” A man who is not a child of God can mate (crossbreed) with a child of God. If it happens, whatever be the virtue of that man will be as a result of the woman pushing (“wheel barrowing”) the man. But if the man is a child of God and married an ordinary woman, daughter of the world, it is a big problem also. The man will be pushing the woman: no zeal, no joy of Fellowship, no joy of salvation because, before you will have the joy of your salvation, you must have salvation first. When you have salvation, then the joy will come, so that if anything tampers with the joy, you will notice it at a glance.
14.        Watch these people (wheelbarrow believers), the only joy they have here is only when we have entertainments.  Apart from entertainments, once we begin to preach the Word, they become uncomfortable. You see them hiding in the bush, getting troubled. When they go to urinate, they won’t come back again. They can go out and be discussing. What is pursuing them? – The Word! They do not want to hear the Word. But when we want to sing “o! mmamma,” they can dance till daybreak. Amen.

Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armed Forces is here with us
The Commander, not ordinary commander; the Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armed Forces is here with us. Not that He will be, He is here, we can feel His Presence around us here.
The Commander of the Armies of Heaven is here with us. If we are privileged to have such a Person, can we fear any alarm? We are secured in Him eternally. 
If the Lord fails to keep watch over this house, all the watchmen are labouring in vain. If I have the Commander of the Armies of Heaven as my Security-man, as my Watchman, if I go to bed, I will rest. If I am in my car, I will rest. If I am walking on the street, I will rest because He that is watching over me is the Commander in Chief of the Armies in Heaven.
One that is wonderfully made whose eyes runneth to and fro all over the earth. I am wonderfully made and you are wonderfully made. An excerpt from: My People Do Not Know Me

Chapter Six 74,67
What is your conviction about the Faith? What is the point of your conviction? I have revealed the point of your salvation (see chapter five). I have revealed your righteousness. Have you been salvaged? You see why it is necessary for you to know when you are saved. The time and day you were saved, you will know it. Any day this experience happens to you, you must know the date. The day you cleared the doubt you have in you, the day you are settled, you know how it happened. And you can quote the Message. You know the time. Whether it is evening Message, or Sunday Message, you know the day, the hour.
2.         This is a controversy that must be settled by every individual; that God is a Man. The greatest stumbling block in all the ages.   The greatest stumbling block of all the ages: GOD IS A MAN.
3.         St Paul said, “Because I have preached that God is seen, that God is a Human Being, that’s why I am in jail, I am treated as a criminal.” Even till today, are we not being treated as criminals? Why? We believed that God is a Man.
4.         Now, since this is our own experience, and it compared favourably with that of those that ran the race before us – St Paul, Branham, Jesus, the Apostles, even Moses; what can we say about our Faith? “This is the way, walk ye in it.”
5.         If you do not have this Faith in you settled, you are not convinced. When you come to Fellowship, you will be feeling that you are coming here to do us a favour; especially to the Son of Man (because you think that He just started a Church and began to solicit for membership). That your coming in here is benefiting the Son of Man. That any day you stop coming, the Son of Man will be missing something (you are living in illusion).
6.         But if you are truly convinced about this Faith, any day you come to Fellowship, you will not be seeing any other Sister in the Fellowship; you will not see any other Brother in the Fellowship but yourself. Fellowship becomes you and your God alone (personal).
7.         If you have not settled it, your mouth will still be complaining: “Anything I do, Ministers will complain. Look at the way Sister is eying me. This Sister does not want to see me. Look at this Brother, look at the dressing.” It is because you have not settled this thing. You are still coming here to do human beings a favour (eye service).
8.         To you, human beings are exploiting you.  It means you have not settled. Any day you are settled in the Fellowship, you cannot see Papa Uwakwe. You will only be seeing Christ. It is Brother Odoemena and Christ. It is Pastor Christian and Christ. It is Sister and Christ. — I do not care about you because I do not know whether you are saved or not. Let it be known to you. Amen.
Nothing can withhold that which God Himself has purposed to hand out to somebody. If anybody is withholding it, it is God Himself. Not any other condition but God Himself. Maybe He is watching over you, He knows the appointed time for everything.
If God wants you to become rich today, He fixes a “particular age” where He will come your way. Where those riches will benefit God, benefit you and benefit mankind.
He knows very well the right age you will attain and that blessing will come so that it would not be “abused.”
But before then, you may be passing through fire, from one thing to another in your honest effort to achieve it.
Nobody achieves something God has set for him. Whatever God has set out for somebody, nobody struggles again to achieve it. 
 Blessings from God are not achieved. When you want to count on your achievements; discount blessings from God.
No child of God achieves anything, but every child of God is blessed by God.
An excerpt from: The Image of God
Chapter Seven
St Paul went further and said, “Not all has our Faith.” In the Christian Faith, everybody has it. But in this Bridal Faith, does everybody have our Faith? Not everybody has our Faith. Our Faith is for a selected people. Our Faith is not a universal Faith. It is not an ecumenical Faith – come together, we are one. No! We are not one. We can be one in every group, but not in this Faith.
2.         You must know where you belong. You must know the point of your salvation. See, if you did not pass through the Bible, these amazing things would not have been made manifest. God is using that thing to point you ahead to something that is coming ahead. So that when it shall begin to come, you will know that He had already told you. Is it not what you are hearing now?
3.         Whatever you are hearing, whatever you are seeing, whatever you are passing through, God had already told us about all those things ahead of time, so we are not shaking one bit. Even if it remains one person here, God must be worshipped as a Human Being. It is because we have preached it, believed it, that is why we are being troubled, buffeted about.  That is why we are being treated as criminals.
4.         Therefore, for our experiences to compare favourably like this, we know that we are on the right track. By this, we know that we are on the right track. We are not shaking. Let heaven fall. If God never established us in this Truth from the beginning, at this point where temptations and trials are coming; tests from God to test our belief.
5.         As many of us who made everlasting covenant with Him, and are sure and certain that we are not deceived, this is His ordained way from the beginning of the world. Our experiences compared favourable with that of our predecessors.
6.         In the days of Martin Luther, he was brought before the court and asked to defend his Faith. He smiled. He said, “Look at my age, look at my hair, you can see grey hair. Look at my eyes, you can see grey hair. How do you think I would deny something that is as clear as the day, which my ancestors even stood for, which is the only Message that has been vindicated?”
7.         Outside this Faith, God has never vindicated any other message. This is the only Message that has vindication from the Almighty God. Outside this Faith, no vindication anywhere, people only gather to tell stories.
8.         But here, we don’t tell stories. We established the Truth in hearts of all. We only allow God to judge. So, don’t allow rumour, unfounded stories being peddle everywhere by wicked people. I mean sycophants and nonentities, make-ups, hawkers that have been following us all these years; do not allow those stories to enter into your ear. Place them where they belong.
9.         Janes and Jambres have manifested and God saw all of them. Do you know that God told us that we should expect drastic opposition? That people must oppose us, but they will not have anything. Let them come up with the Bible, come up with anything they think they have, finish!
God Is A Human Being
Since our experiences tailor very well, we have the boldness to proclaim everywhere we go that God is a Human Being. “How can God be invisible? Then you are making the Bible a liar,” that is what they will say. But the Bible is filled with people that saw God: Moses saw God, Abraham saw God, Adam saw God, Eve saw God, all the Prophets saw God, the Elders of Israel saw God, and children of the Prophets saw God.
11.        Jesus was God. Many saw Jesus. Somebody dragged Him to the cross. Somebody judged Him. Yet, they don’t want to believe that God is a Man. What is the problem with people? Not all have our Faith because this Faith is not for everybody; it is for handpicked minority whom God selected before the world began.
12.        Do you know that when Jesus resurrected according to the Scriptures, He was not seen by everybody? The people that were predestined for that purpose, according to the Scriptures, only saw Him. You have to know what you believe.
13.        Where you are standing, how I wish Bro Philip could give Me this Message, so that Bro Nnamdi can bring it out for Me: “By This, We Know That Thou Art The Man Of God, And The Word Of Thy Mouth Is According To The Truth.”

Man by nature concludes very quickly that whatever takes away his burden is God. He does not care what that thing looks like, as long as his burden is no longer there, then that thing is God. God is worthy to be obeyed, worshipped and adored — and that is why man misses the whole thing.
However, few of us (not all of us) that are in the reality have attained a measure of permanence in our life style, habit, culture, and in everything that is inborn in us. Since we are no longer troubled or tossed back and forth, we are settled. No matter how the wind blows, no matter how the tempest rises, no matter the circumstances of life, we are settled. Why? We are in the Reality and not in the actuality. Actuality is mere emotion, a sensation that creates euphoria. It is religion!
An excerpt from: Only Facts Are Convincing

Chapter Eight
Do not listen to strangers, foreigners in this household, mixed-multitudes, mixed-multitudes that just saw the Glory of God and they thought that the world was coming to an end. All of them trooped in, but today where are they?
2.         You do not know what God is doing. I show you one little thing, God said it. How you will know whether this Message is from God. God said that the Bridal Ministry is the continuation of the Apostolic Ministry. It is in one of our Messages: The Bridal Ministry is the continuation of the Apostolic Ministry, to gather the loose ends (things not fully taught, or left out or not revealed by past Messengers of God)
3.         William Braham said that it was the completion of the whole Work of God on earth and then run off the program.
4.         Listen to Me, when Jesus came, it was very hard for the people to believe Him. He did not go to school. His Ministry took off with lawyers, doctors, philosophers and He was teaching them. They were like His students to a point that people marvelled, teaching lawyers and doctors and philosophers, physicist and so on.
5.         They were astonished and they said, “Where did He got this type of knowledge seeing that He did not go to school? These people were coming, bombarding Him with questions and He formed His initial disciples. As they were going on, they started withdrawing, one by one until He made away with learned people from A-Z. Not even one of them was left. Then He ordered His apostles and disciples to go to the street and highways to get people from there. “For blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.”
6.         He gathered all the nonentities and liberals, and these became the last set and He handed over the Kingdom to them. Can you see it? For God has chosen the despised things of the world, the rejected things to confirm the Word. He asked them where then is their wisdom? For God has declared their wisdom “useless nonsense.”
7.         Watch this Ministry, when this Ministry started at that early stage, we had many lawyers, doctors high court judges, doctorate degree holders (what a perfect connection!). In all my meetings in all the universities, come and see professors and doctors.
8.         When I got to Enugu, our former Bishop Umezuluike fetched four High Court Judges, including retired judges and lawyers in Enugu High Court. They were all astonished from time to time. I got to Abuja, Doctor Stephen Nwufo (see the Message, “Knowing the Personality We Are Having Dealings With”), PHD holder, even became a pastor. Who was teaching them? One that did not go school, and they were asking this question: “I think you said He (the Son of Man) did not go to university. Where did He got this type of knowledge?” “This Man is Bible encyclopaedia,” said one Justice Umeh in Enugu.
9.         One judge from Igbariam, a town in Anambra State, who was at Enugu said, “He is reading and quoting the Bible as if He is the Author.” The man said that he belongs to sixteen secret societies.
10.        Then, it appeared as if the Message of the Son of Man was meant for the rich, the highly placed in the society. Before your eyes, one by one, they started leaving. One by one, until all of them left. Can you see it? (It has always been like that from the beginning, check history).
11.        Then God preached the Message “God in Despised places” which picked all the riffraffs, picked everybody — prostitutes, mechanics, Agberos, never-do-wells, everybody.
12.        He began His cleansing work. He began His cleansing work by His Word, and began to establish them one by one, one by one. Today, people that were written off had become notable individuals.
13.        You see the Wisdom of God. If God had used those doctors and lawyers, He would have done nothing. It would have been believed that He picked a refined set of people. So, His Power wouldn’t have been made manifest, but He picked an unrefined set of people and washed them clean.
14.        Look at where you are standing now; standing in heavenly places with Christ the Anointed One, the Messiah. Is it not wonderful? Is it not astonishing? What am I saying, does this Bridal Ministry compare with the Ministry of Jesus Christ, does it agree? The answer is YES!
15.        Spiritually, you are there. Prophetically, you are there. By Revelation, you are there. Reality of life, you are there. In all aspects of life, you are there. Then, why should the heathens rage? Why should the heathens rage and the nations imagine vain things?
16.        Why are you shaking in the mind? Every little trial, many of you will begin to shake. Some will begin to lose their convictions. Were you convinced from the beginning? Are you sure that you were convinced? Know whether you are saved or not, because your salvation depends on what you believe.
            17.        If you shall believe this Message, according to God, it shall be your righteousness. If you believe the Message of the Son of Man, it shall be your righteousness before God.
18.        You must believe in Him who God has sent, and whomever God sends, speaks the Word of God.  God lives in Him without measure. Amen.  
                              THE REALITY OF GOD
Whatever that is called God, many of you are alien to Him. You are foreign to Him.
All these Ages or dispensations, as much as we can historically lay hand on, they all made honest attempt at least, to be acquainted with whoever that God is, but in this last days, the Almighty God Himself is trying to bring Himself into focus.
That which has been abstract (the invisible God), wants to become Real. He proposed it that way. He never for one day took council with any man or discussed it with any man. Not that He is doing it for the first time or the last time, it has been His Manner.
There has never come a dispensation without God coming out real. But the problem is this: He has not courageously named Himself. He has not for one day courageously step into His Office and stamp Authority there so as to attract “direct interaction;” that has been the problem all this while.  An excerpt from: The Revelation of Latent Powers
        Chapter Nine
God gave us the Great Sermon and the Epistles, and told us that from time to time, we must go back to those things; that you are in the university does not stop you from going back to those things you were taught from primary to secondary school— they are all in you.  
2.         We have to rehearse some of those Glorious Messages we passed through. God told us all these things ahead of time so that when we begin to encounter them, we will remember that He had earlier told us. So, if you encounter something you passed through in your secondary days in your university, is it improper? Never, never! 
3.         Even when you graduate from the university, you are bound to encounter them from time to time. That is really what this Faith is all about – God started from the scratch. If He didn’t start from the scratch, many of us would have left this Faith by now. More especially, when we meet Bible carriers, we won’t know from where to start.
4.         But now, if any one talks nonsense, we can ask him to come forward with his argument. If he really knows that he has sound argument to present, he should come forward, but how many has come forward? Nobody! Rather, they are “warning” their members to steer clear from us.
5.         Listen to Me: I want to stress it here, if you are tired of this Faith, if you know the way you find your way into this place, in the same manner, quietly go away. If while the Message is being preached and you are feeling troubled, the Message is not for you and this place is not also for you.
6.         But if while the Message is going on, you are very comfortable, it is confirming something you know that has been perplexing your mind; but you lack the boldness to speak it out for fear of being misunderstood by people, then this Message is for you. 
7.         So, this Message or the Bridal Ministry is not meant for everybody. As you go through this Message from the first chapter, you saw the “point of your justification in Christ,” you saw the “point of your salvation” and it become clear that only few are saved.
8.         Since all these years we have been preaching and preaching, only very few have “attained salvation” in Christ. Only few have attained God’s righteousness, which is revealed from generation to generation.
9.         These things were made clear from the beginning chapters of this book, because your “salvation” depends on “what you believe,” and once you believe that Great Truth (God is a Man), it shall be unto your righteousness and salvation, but when you deny that Great Truth because of persecution or what people will say, you have denied Christ.
10.        Once you deny that Christ is a Human Being, you have denied the Deity, for whosoever that must come to Him must believe that “He is HE and He exists.”
11.        Before we begin to point to you whoever God has sent in your day, I mean the Personality bearing the Name of God in your day, you must first of all believe that God is a Human Being.
12.        This is the only thing that you will say and people will tell you that you belong to a secret cult. They will tell you to run for your life. “How can you believe that God is a Human Being? Who has ever believed such nonsense? This is anti-Christ.” But the Bible said, “Anybody that does not believe God to be a Human Being, is the very anti-Christ,” is it not Scriptural?
13.        In the book of 1st John, it says, “If you do not believe God to be a Human Being, you are the very Anti-Christ.”
14.        If you believe that God is not visible, you are an anti-Christ, for God is visible. God is not invisible, God is visible. From the day He created the first human being, He stood before them and they were having their conversation (read the book of Genesis chapter one). There is no shaking! Adam discussed with God, Eve discussed with God.
15.        Even from the Garden of Eden, God could ask them questions: “Adam why did you behave this way? Eve who taught you this nonsense?” And all of them answered these questions, yet nobody died. Paul knew what he was saying in his day, he armed Timothy. He said to him, “Without controversy, great is the Mystery of Godliness for God appeared in human form.”
16.        John also said, “And Christ became a Human Being and dweleth among us.” The same John revealed God from among human beings. So please, if you are tired of this Faith, there is no need troubling yourself, if you have tried and tried, and there is no way you can fit in, simply tell yourself the truth ( I am not made for this truth), withdraw “jeje”( gently).
17.        Since 25th of November till today, you look around; you could not see Johnson and his family; peradventure they have withdrawn. They are tired. Look around, you could not see many others. Suppressing your feelings cannot help. If you think that your coming here profits the Son of Man anything, you have made the greatest mistake. If you come here, it profits Me nothing. If you don’t come in, it profits Me nothing. After all, I can do without you, but you cannot do without Me. You need Me, but I don’t need you. If you call it an “empty boast,” well, that is up to you. Time will vindicate who I am. I repeat: Time will vindicate who I am. So, if you are tired, there is no need disturbing your peace. Let no man force his wife to be here and let no wife ever force her husband to be here (worship is a matter of conviction and it is personal). Simply volunteer yourself either to serve the Lord or withdraw. Amen.
Many of you have been operating at “human levels.” That is why I quarrel with every one of you that comes near me. And there is nothing you can do to change it because you are operating at “human level.” You have not tried to lift yourself to “super-conscious height” where “self” will stop.
 Because you are operating at “self level,” that is why there are troubles. You are not upset and you will not be upset until you stop at where you are that is “human level.”
Any day you are upset, you are still “human.” Any day you are distressed beyond your control, you are still “human.” Why do I shout on you? I shout on you because I think I have raised you to a certain level. But when I begin to see something different, I will either become “dumb” or “violent,” for violence is all that is needed that time to stop you.

An excerpt from: The Revelation of Latent Powers
Chapter Ten
For some time now, I have been talking much because of the problem our former Brother Mode caused Me. While I was busy at Mbaise battling with the heathens, Mode was at Onitsha creating troubles for Me simply because he was forced by my parents to take his wife down to Onitsha and take care of her; then he became hostile to everybody.
2.         While God was justifying Me at Mbaise, Mode was going from house to house telling them that I used my cousin for ritual; that I belong to a secret cult. That we call it Church, that it is not Church, that if it is Church, why do we hate anybody that doesn’t belong to us. He was saying “great blasphemy” against us and went further even to accuse Me falsely that I took his destiny.
3.         You see what “frustration” can cause. He went further to say that he went to a prayer house and the woman in charge of that prayer house told him that somebody has taken his destiny, that he is taking Me to a shrine where I will take an oath that I didn’t take his destiny.
4.         You see, I summoned his brothers, Pastor Dan and many others were there and they were mad with him because they know him. I was the one that held them back.  He threatened to kill Me and do this and that— that’s the statement of a frustrated man.
5.         And as a frustrated fellow; the first convert he made was Johnson and his family. They said our former Brother Chigozie phoned them, telling them that Okey Painter told them that Mode told him all these things. So, he and Mode ran to Mode’s house to start fellowship.
6.         Moreover, Mode told Me clearly that he was born a Catholic and he has gone back to Catholic. He said that he never took us serious for one day, that I have surrounded myself with my Brethren; that I have taken them to replace all the Odoemena’s. That during the “traditional wedding” of my daughter, Ijeoma, that nobody from Odoemena family was found in the kitchen. That I used my so-called Brothers and Sisters to fill the kitchen and that was why he vowed that he will never eat their food, that he will only eat the food prepared by “Umuokpu women.” Pastor Dan heard all these things.
7.         You see the type of nonsense? I don’t know how many of you that received this nonsense without a package? And you are my witnesses. If I don’t surround myself with my Brethren, who else will I surround myself with? If he live when Jesus said in His own day, “Those people that are here they are my father, my mother and my Brethren;” I then wondered what he would have said then.
8.         You see, he quoted our Message; he said, “After all, we believe that once somebody leaves this Faith, he will go back to his former association.” He went further again saying he has gone back to his old association. That when he was about marrying his wife, instead of Me accompanying him, I sent a message that he (Mode) started with the heathens and should continue with the heathens. For this reason, he has separated from Me.” These are the “nonsenses” he vomited from his mouth.
9.         Is there any intelligent person that can listen to this? The answer is no, unless the person is like him?  Then I gave him his own message which his brother even confirmed with his senior sister: that from now, he is regarded as a “fugitive” because he was asked to take his wife to his house and take care of her.
10.        He stood before Elders and cursed his parents. He called them every kinds of evil name. I said, “My friend, if you can curse your parents, who am I then that you cannot curse? If you had respected them, you would have respected Me. But since you could curse them publicly, I cannot be offended.” Finish!
11.        So, may be you receive this (nonsense) without a package, well, it is your right to join them also. If you belong to those who believe that we are an “occult members” because we believe God to be a Human Being, and that we preached Salvation by Grace, please leave us.
  12.      A Sister confided in Me and told Me that people around her used to tell her that we belong to occult. Then I asked her, “Is it a new thing? In the days of St Paul, was he not regarded as the ring-leader of a sect (cult)? Even Jesus, was He not regarded as the most troublesome man that ever lived, who was worthy of death?”
13.        So, from the very beginning of this Ministry, has the world ever accepted us for one day? Even the Scripture said, “If we belong to the world, they would have accepted us. But because we don’t belong to the world, that’s why the world rejected us for a servant can never be greater than his master.” Is that not true?
14.        If these things do not happen, how can the scripture be fulfilled? If our Bishop who “pastored” us for 13 years could blaspheme us because we excommunicated him, who will not blaspheme? Once you put somebody out of the congregation or a meeting of individuals, he is bound to say something. What matters is not what you are saying, what matters is the truth.
15.        So, they have been accusing us from the very beginning. Even those that stayed with us for years  said that we used human blood for communion. You are my witnesses. How many cups of blood do you drank here as communion? This is born out of envy, jealousy and hatred.
16.        Why are they angry each time we sent them out? It is because they know that they have forfeited all things. Just like Judas said, “What else can he have.” Even Saul said it, what else can he have but the Kingdom.
   17.     Many of them are bound to hang themselves because of this Faith. Even if it remains one person here with conviction, it is better than one million here that have no conviction.
18.        If you go by the record of those that troubled us here, they have never been consistent for one day. If you wreck up Mode’s case, he has never been consistence for one day.  If he stays two weeks in the Faith, he will stay three months outside. It is just like Johnson and his family, they come any day they want to, and any day they don’t want to come, they stay at home because nothing is holding them.
19.        Look at the people they went to report to, they thought the people will buy their views, but they indicted them. Chigozie finished them and even came to Me to report them, that anybody could talk rubbish but not because of this Faith. That they all have their “personal problems,” that it was their personal problems that pushed them out, that he can never blaspheme this Faith.
20.        He went further to say that nothing is wrong with the Faith, but something is wrong with the individuals. So, if you are having problem, go and solve your problem and leave this Faith alone.
21.        If you are here for marriage, any day you get married, go away because, if you are here for marriage and you succeeded in getting married, and you refuse to go away, you will be busy finding fault, looking for something you will lay your hand on and excuse yourself.
22.        I am really very grateful to God because it never started today. Since the beginning of this Ministry, we have been passing through trouble times, yet we remain undaunted, immoveable because we know who established us. There are some that will make noise and I will listen to them. But there are some that will make noise, only people like them will listen to them.
23.        You see, this Sister Endwell told Me that people used to tell her that she doesn’t know what is happening inside, that if she wants to know more, she should try to hook-up with big people inside the Church that they are using some people to favour others. That they made some poor and use their wealth to make others rich. That she should go inside. You see the nonsense.
24.        I said “Okay Sister; penetrate, in short allow yourself to be swallowed by a big Brother so that you can see all that is in his belly. When a fool talks, it became very clear. While God is saying that your destiny lies in your hands, the enemy is saying that he can fold his hands and become whatever God wants him to be.
25.        Look at the statement that made everybody to laugh at him: that in all his labour, that I have not laboured more than him, that he makes money more than Me, that he has found out that all his labour were entering into Me. What the old woman told him was that all his labour and money were entering into Me.
26.        I said, “Okay, when you carry prostitute, you give them your money, and the prostitute will bring the money to Me. When you eat and drink, all of them will come into my stomach.”
27.        I said, “When a fool talks, it is very clear.”  Hear Me very well: your destiny lies in your hands. Life is nothing but what you make it. Even the Bibles made it clear, it said that if you are sleeping during planting season, during harvest season, you will be empty handed.
28.        If when others are labouring to become reasonable human beings and you are idling away your time, by and by poverty must strike you. Success is not earned but worked for. Success is a reward for hard work. No student has ever folded his book and earned distinction.  No student has ever folded his book, married his bed and got up and receives distinction. Has it ever happened?
29.        God has never driven riches in a barrow into a man’s house. But men worked to become rich. When a prostitute wastes her resources, she will start telling people that mermaid spirit gulped all her money. No mermaid spirit anywhere collected her money, she wasted her money.
30.        From the time of old till today, God’s people have always recognized Him, and His people don’t have “bla-bla” mouth. If you watch people that are troubling us, they are nonentities in the Faith, sycophants! Some of them line up at the corridor carrying their babies. They can hardly pay attention to what we are saying, male and female among them.
31.        There is not even one that can balance even this controversial preaching which says that God is a Man. There is not even one among them that can balance it because whatever you believe and you cannot establish it, you can be shaking away from it. That goes to show that you are believing nothing.
32.        Some are in this Faith because of others testimonies, but they have no individual testimony. They have nothing to share. Just like where we went at far away Isiuochi (a village) in Abia State. We went to a place I had never stepped my feet before. I have been to Isiochi several times but I have never extended my feet to that place. It’s very, very far, and problem ensued there. They were looking up to us and we opened our mouth to talk, the entire family felt the Presence of God. Peace reigned everywhere.
33.        Without controversy, the Mystery of God was revealed. The Traditional Ruler, His Royal Majesty, Eze Mba, immediately captured the Message. The wife that has been disturbing captured the Message. Her daughters that were grown-ups, one with her child, captured the Message—everywhere was calm.
34.        I said, “Bro. Kelechi; you can see why our vehicle spoiled, for if this vehicle never spoiled, there is nothing anybody could have promised Me that will compel Me to be there more than ten minutes. I said glory be to God who has carried this Message across many spirits. Because we came to a place where they said that there is a powerful spirit and that spirit is a woman. 
35.        It was said that she (that spirit) has been troubling the whole village. That spirit spread her leg across, and all the inhabitants will be passing through her laps. No wonder our vehicle spoiled. We really enjoyed that place.
36.        The enjoyment we are talking about is the gospel we preached there. We were privileged to see our Brother Polycarp Eze, but the stress within which was caused by our vehicle that spoiled could not allow us to have Fellowship with him, but we really enjoyed his presence.
There is A Price to Pay. This awareness, this Revelation Of Marvellous Powers that will transform you from human to super-human level, from conscious to super-conscious level, must cost you something. This is how nature endorses it.
Are you seeking peace, there is a price you must pay. If you are seeking peace and you are not ready to pay the price, the peace will not come. Are you seeking trouble, there is a price to pay. For the trouble will never come until you pay the price.
          Are you seeking progress, there is a price to pay. You want your children to be useful; there is a price to pay. You want to pass your examination; there is a price to pay.
There is nothing you can get without paying the price. I won’t begin to mention the prices. They vary according to your desire. What you are desiring will determine the price you will pay.
 Many are desiring successes, but they are not willing to pay the price. They just want to fold their arms and allow the thing to come any how; never, never.
An excerpt from: The Revelation of Latent Powers

Chapter Eleven
If you are not convinced that you are in the right path, please, please, withdraw after today. Don’t comeback again. We are too many. We are not denominations that are calling for membership. God does not solicit for membership.
2.         If you are double minded, it then means that you are an unbeliever, please, withdraw. If you are fearful, please withdraw. If you are newly married and you want to enjoy your honey moon, please, withdraw. I repeat: If you are fearful, please withdraw. If you are really married and you want enjoy your honeymoon, please withdraw.
3.         This place is not made for everybody. It is for hand-picked minority who are drawn from different locality.
4.         I made comparism for you to know that this Faith is a continuation of Apostolic Ministry as we were told from the beginning that the Bridal Ministry, with the aim of gathering all the loose ends, if our experience do not compare favourably with the experience of the Apostles, it goes to show that we have missed the way. And as we journey along, we begin to see what we are passing through.
5.         I told you how Christ Ministry took off. It took off with doctors and lawyers, magistrate, and judges, philosophers. He gathered them, taught them till all of them were astonished and were wondering where He got the wisdom seeing that He did not go to school.
6.         People taught that He came for the elites, the learned people, but gradually as He journeyed, He never asked anybody to leave, gradually they started leaving one by one. Lawyers left when they heard, “Woe unto you lawyers, woe unto you judges.”
7.         Gradually, judges left, magistrate left, doctors left except Doctor Luke. Lawyers left except Barrister Phinas. They continued leaving, He looked round, but some still remained.
8.         Then, He gave them a stumbling Message, “Except you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you will never have life in you.” And they said this is a very difficult and unbearable saying. Who can believe this? And the last batch left. To the minority, He said to them, “Won’t you go away with them?” And they said, “To whom should we go to, seeing that it is in you alone that has the eternal life. And we are sure and certain.” Then He pulled them along. He now left those Pharisee, the lawyers, the scribes and Sadducees. 
9.         All that Jesus preached in His day as Christ was to establish Christ as a Human Being. No more, no less. And He was not pointing people to another person than to Himself. Hallelujah.
10.        Do you know that if you believe that God is a Human Being, the Devil believed it also? But he could not abide, that’s the only truth. The children of God believed it and abide, but the Devil believe it but could not abide. Satan will testify against this generation. So, believing God to be a Man is very easy to the children of God, but it is very unbearable, difficult to the children of the Devil. Amen.
11.        So, He continued and continued, He came to them, starting from the disciples. He asked them a question, “Who do men say I am?” They were fumbling with that question. The same way, we fumbled because we received a similar question, “Who do you say I am?”
12.        Until we rolled into the Message, “Revelation of the Man in the Mask.” The Masquerade, the Great Masquerade which culminated into the revelation of the Deity, from that day, unbelief was banished in the heart of the Elect “only.” When we are making references to this Message, we are not referring to everybody; you can be a “believer” but not an “Elect.” Am I making sense at all? If you are a believer, the Devil is also a believer but, the Devil can never be an Elect.
13.        In this world, everybody must be deceived except the Elect. For God said that it is impossible to deceive the Elect, why? Because, they had been with God from the foundation of the world. If we didn’t go through the foundation, the enemy will be buffeting us anyhow.  So, get settled.
14.        When Christ went further, He said to Philip, “For how long will you be with me, yet you do not know me?” To Thomas, He said, “If you have seen me, you have seen my Father, therefore stop asking: show us the Father, show us the father.”
15.        But to doctors, lawyers, and Pharisees, He said, “Except you believe that I am He, you will never see life.” They said, “Hei! This is all we had been expecting from you all these years.” Because they set a trap intending to catch Him by His teachings. What is He teaching, and how many Pharisees and Sadducees believed Him?
16.        They asked Him questions, “Mr Man, you said that you are the Almighty God, look at our grey hair, you mean we will be worshiping you? So, if we don’t believe you this small boy, it means we all will perish? This is the greatest blasphemy, you must surely die. Mr God Almighty, you must die, not an ordinary death but a criminal death, we must crucify you.”
17.        That’s why they said, “Of all the good things you have done, we have not condemned you, but for being a man and maketh thyself God, you must surely die.”   Why not say praise God! You really belong to the true Faith.
18.        From the Creation of the world, this has been the “bone of contention” and this bone of contention is where your righteousness lies, that’s where your salvation lies. That’s where your perfection lies, that’s where your redemption lies, and that’s where your healing lies— everything. The totality, that’s where they all lies, this is the greatest “stumbling block” of all the ages.
19.        You see why Saint Paul said, “Even this believing is not of our own making. It is the Grace of God. Lest any man should boast for God has given us a believing heart to believe the truth.”
20.        If you belong to the Elect, believing God to be Man is “Akamu” (easy) case. There is nothing difficult there. But if you don’t belong to the Elect, it is an unbearable saying, which attracts death penalty.
21.        Even Jesus in reply, said to them, “Lawyers and Pharisee, pay attention to me. What are you holding in your hands, is that not the Law? What does the Law say concerning this matter for which you are accusing me?  Those that received the Word of God, what does the Law call them? Gods! Why then are you saying I blaspheme it? A human being whom God sent and sealed and yet the Scriptures cannot tell lies. Why do you say I am blaspheming it? If you believe the Scriptures, you did well, but if you don’t believe, you have not believed anything.” Hallelujah.

Knowing the Supreme Intelligence
The whole world believes that there is God.  The things we see, which no human being placed in their order, which science and development have not even tampered with goes to affirm that God still exist. But how He exists, the sublime nature of God is where we are now. 
Why is it that some waters can flow while some cannot flow? Why is it that the colours of the waters are not the same? Some are green, some are red, some are blue, while some are colourless.
Since you have come to my College, get ready. I will keep on raising questions upon questions until your head will shatter because whoever that will answer these questions must be the brain behind all these things.
Who placed the seasons in their order?  
Who made the dry season and the rainy season? Who made the time for planting and the time for reaping? Who programmed the life of the child in the womb? He is the only person that will tell you the position, the sex of the child and everything about that child.

An excerpt from: The Revelation of Latent Powers
Chapter Twelve
This is the time you will re-examine your faith. You think we don’t know where we are standing? We have not forgotten all the elementary and secondary works, neither have we forgotten the ones taught at university level. We are all Doctorate Degree Holders.
2.         We are now researching into something. We are now researching into the realities of life, neglecting the common salvation, which we all have received, and we cannot stop there. You must receive the end of your faith, even your salvation which is the end of your faith. We are marching unto perfection, and we know very well that if we are liberated everywhere without financial liberation, we have not attained any liberation and we won’t have peace in the flesh.
3.         God is facing the realities of life, which I call “The Essence of Material Existence.” we have left the Spiritual Realm. We are now in the Material Realm. This Material Realm has to deal with “intellect,” while the Spiritual Realm has to deal with “intuition.” Whether you go to school or not doesn’t matter. 
4.         The Material Realm which is the Physical Realm has nothing to do with spirituality. It has to do with the level of knowledge, the level of exposure, the level of intellect. The higher you develop your intellect, the more you are to grow materially, and somebody has to teach you that. But the other aspect of it (Spiritual Realm) has to deal with intuition. Hallelujah.
5.         It does not require going to school or going to Bible study. No! It is natural and divinely placed in there. You have to know the realities of life. I don’t need to ask you to go to the university; that you have to be a graduate before you can go to heaven or hell. No! The aim is to better your lot there (to improve your condition materially). It has to deal with your intellect. Materialism is a matter of intellectual development. There is no spirituality there.  
6.         I don’t beg anybody to stay here for you are even a torn on my flesh if you stay here. Because once you stay here, I am indebted to you, and the more I am indebted to you until I meet your desire. But once you leave Me, your trouble will also leave Me.
7.         So, I am talking to you on the need to update yourself and keep pace with the Age, I am talking to you on the Material Realm so that you won’t lag-behind. 
Why You Have To Update Yourself
If I am asking you to develop yourself intellectually or to update your knowledge, it is for your own good. Watch all that have refused to abide by this Message, they are trailing behind, watch the type of choice they are making and watch what has been informing their choices, they will still find it very difficult to escape from the primitive orientation and this is what brings about frustration.
9.         It is purely intellectual for you to be taught that there are works done yester years; that not every profession meets the need of the Hour. Even in the academic section, not every course in the university are learned to meet the challenging needs of a growing nation.  Emphases are being laid on “entrepreneurship training.”
10.        You don’t go to the university intending to come out and start looking for job. I am saying that “emphases” are now on “job creation.” When you finish school, you come out and “create” a job for yourself and not to work for anybody, earning salaries monthly. No! Don’t earn salaries; rather, “place” yourself to a place where you will be an “employer” and not an “employee,” and this can be achieved through “intellectual development” which will introduce you to the Material Realm. There is no spirituality there. If I tell you to eat so that you will live, is it spiritual? No, it is material. Amen.

Security: the reality
If you are real child of God, you can never walk against your conscience.
          Some are hiding in the Faith because of social security. Many do not know that social security is different from eternal security.
          Make sure you are not hiding here for social security. Every social security is a false security. Find out whether you are in the Bridal Faith. Find out whether you are keeping pace with the Ministry. Keeping pace with the Ministry means: in every aspect, you are not found wanting.
Many are here because of social security. But the security we are saying is more than that (it is eternal security)
Three things God hate from the very beginning
1. Land dispute           
2. Corpse dispute
3. Convert and marry
Chapter Thirteen
We own God a lot because He has been giving us Messages that is touching our lives positively, reminding us of what we had been taught in the time past.
2.         With this Expository, God has touched the hearts of his children. Like He told us that from time to time, we should go back to the Great Sermon; because that is where we attained our “common salvation.” And He made a demarcation between that common salvation and where we are now.
3.         That’s why; there is nothing we can do that will make the world to be pleased with us. Why? Because we are a peculiar people. If the world knows God, they would have known us. Because they didn’t know God, they will never know us.
4.         As long as we are in this Faith, we are not a part of the world; we must find things very difficult, the world must hate us to the core. That’s the mark of our calling in Christ. Everyday, we are adding to our experience and great things are happening. God is always confirming His Words in diverse ways.
5.         My problem is that we are too many in this Faith, we have many counterfeits in this Faith, and that is why I said you should go to the Great Sermon from time to time, so that we can know where we belong. What is troubling us is among us. They are those people that crept into our Faith unaware. They are conditional believers, circumstantial members. It was the condition they find themselves that compelled them to be here.
6.         It has become very clear that God doesn’t need any counterfeit here. God wants us to stand alone, and it became very clear that why people are dangling with the Faith is because, from the very beginning, they were not part of us.
7.         Some are in the Faith hanging on other people’s testimony. They have no personal testimony. When we reveal to them the Message, “Sustained By My Experience,” they have no atom of the experience at all that can sustain them.
8.         God said that He is going to deal with you according to the level of your faith. As you can see, God has made us to know that we have many believers but few children of God. If you say that you are a believer and you believe that God is a Man, you have not believed anything yet, because we know that Devil even believes that.
9.         But if you said that God is not a Human Being, it then means that Devil will testify against you, that you don’t believe your God for Satan himself believed and proclaim God to be a Human Being. For the Scriptures said in the book of John as we read that if you do not believe God to be a Human Being, you are the very anti-Christ that was proclaimed to come, and now we are having many of them around us who do not believe that God is a Human Being. And the Scriptures cannot be broken.
10.        It is not following God that matters but God recognising that you are following Him is the most important thing. Does God know that you are following Him? If the matter is no, It then means that you are wasting your time. God even revealed to us that there are some in the Faith who are helping others to serve their God, but they have no part in that God.
11.        He said, “Examine yourself to find out whether you are not helping others to serve their God, only for you to recognise later that you have no part in that God. You have to cross-check all these things. Every man must know where he belongs.
12.        Watch all that have been troubling us, they are those that started troubling us from the beginning, a sure sign that from the very beginning they were ordained to this present condemnation. Every Message preached in this Holy Faith must condemn them. Nothing will justify them because, if the world does not justify you, you stand condemned. I we really thank God.
13.        Hear me very well, if you are a hypocrite, your people will find it very difficult to identify with this Faith. Therefore, try as much as you can to close rank with your Maker.
14.        God really wants to bless us, but we are filled with unbelief (which has remained the greatest obstacle hindering God’s blessings). God also made it clear that He never came for everybody. And that He is not talking to everybody, neither is He saving everybody.
15.        You have the right to eat of His Bread and Fish, the partakers of His Miracle, that’s where you will end up, but concerning His Promise, you can never be a partaker, that one is sealed under an Oath. And the Lord Himself took the Oath. And He used His own Name and sealed that Oath.
16.        So, you can see that it is inevitable Oath. We give God all the glory, all the praise, who has sustained us up till this moment.
17.        God is calling the present stage of the ministry “the Intellectual Stage” or the “Material Realm” (see chapter twelve) which you can get through education or exposure or information but the spiritual side, He called it the “Intuitive Stage” which you do not require to go to school in order to get it.
18.        So, I can labour myself to update your standard of living through education, I cannot labour to update your spiritual maturity, all I have to do is to give you the Word and It anchors there, because from the very beginning, you were predestined to that very Purpose. Finish! For the whole work of salvation finished before the world began. Amen.
19.        If I am a Devil today, was there any time I was God?  Under the Law, I was Lucifer, Grace I was anti-Christ, under the Revelation I was Beelzebub. I have been a Satan to the world from the very beginning. If you say I have left the Faith, was there anytime I was in the Faith? Because I must be in the Faith before I leave the Faith?
20.        If you are really a part of God, there can never be a disagreement between you and God. Anytime there is disagreement in you with your spirit, bear it in mind that you are not a part of God. Remember the Message, “Spiritual Harmony.” If the spirit is not harmonising with the Word you are receiving, you are not a part of the Word, and the Word is not part of you.
21.        A poor man looks at success suspiciously for the most suspicious person on the earth is an illiterate who has no academic attainment. It pays to know who you are and the God you worship.
22.        If you say that God should bless you, do not expect God to bless you; for you must place yourself at a position where God can recognise and bless you. Watch all that are passing through difficult time among us, they know there problems, they all knew there problems.
23.        That’s why the Bible said that those that passed through the Old and New Testament have double blessings.
24.        The problem many are having is that most of them flew in during the Grace period, and they do not know the background of this Ministry. That’s why they are messing it up.
25.        I remembered I charged Ministers here, I told them that any new comer that comes here should first be handed down the Great Sermon to read all through before he or she can stand as a full member.
26.        Do not allow your children to worship God with fear. I mean, do not intimidate, harass or compel them to be in the gathering of the Saints. Rather, teach them the way and they will understand.
27.        We know those that own the Faith and those the Faith owns. We are not in this Faith to make noise. When I say we, we, we, I am talking about those that have made “everlasting covenant” with God.

I have decided to effect some changes for good and not for evil with effect from now.
29.        Bro. Amankem who is our Teacher will have additional responsibility. He is to be in charge of the Tape Ministry. He replaces Bro Philip who was faithful from the beginning and later became unfaithful due to coveteouness which is idolatry. He wasn’t faithful over God’s house that was entrusted into his care and he cannot give account of our equipments that was entrusted into his custody.
30.        Secondly, publish it far and wide, the Tape Ministry has been removed from Oba to Ogidi. It is now installed in the house of our Brother Amobi, whose position in the Body will be made known very soon.
31.        The ark of God is now in the house of Obedidon. If you are faithful over God’s own house, God will be faithful over your house also.
32.        Also, I want you to know that the publication is now stationed at Bishop Nnachor’s place with Brother Nnamdi as the overseer. I have to move it from Brother IK Obasanyan’s place, not that he was not performing, but because of what happened in time past when his relations came and cart-away some of his property when he was not around.
33.        So, to prevent such happening to our publishing equipments, I have decided to move it. He (Bro. IK) is still a member of the publication department. He is to work hand in hand with Bro. Nnamdi.
34.        Therefore Brethren, remain steadfast in Him as we continue in Him. Thank you, and remain blessed in Him eternally.