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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on SUNDAY, 9TH SEPTEMBER, 2007. By THE SON OF MAN (Apostle Peter Odoemena) At THE HOUSEHOLD OF GOD Onitsha
There is nothing good in Me that can attract the World; a Man of sorrow, a Man that is misunderstood by all—except the Elect. Many shall be offended by Me, but blessed is he or she that will not be offended by Me. The greatest Gift God has given to this generation is the Son of Man. 
Any spirit you yield to is the spirit that will possess you. Believe it if you can
–The Son of Man
9th November, 2008.
Decision is the power of life. God enjoined us in time past to make decisions we know we can keep for decision is the power of life.
The reason why many of us are not making any headway in this Faith is because, we have never for one day kept to our decisions. We have never been faithful to the decisions we have taken—concerning this Faith.
Not even one person in this Faith even kept to his vows before the Lord.    –The Son of Man

From the Message: DECISION.

By The Son of Man
(Apostle Peter Odoemena)

Today is a day of activities in this Fellowship, because we have rolled into the D-day. There is a burial ceremony coming up on Thursday this week, and all of us are involved.
2. Today is the last day we can collectively discuss it. Wednesday will be implementation day. Brethren in Onitsha will gather to map out their own program—how they will convey out Brethren there to and fro.
3. But in the interest of all, it is better we discuss it collectively today seeing that too many people are in Fellowship today from other Local Assemblies. Amen


I am really grateful to God for the way He has been moving now, touching My life.
2. God doesn’t bless hearers of the Word; He blesses only doers of the Word. We shouldn’t be preachers or hearers only; God demands total obedience from all of us —whether we like or not.
3. We must obey the Words we are hearing, if we must get the rewards. Remember, there is always a reward for obedience. At the same time there is always a reward for disobedience.
4. When you disobey, well, you have disappointed yourself. But when you obey, you have done yourself more good than harm.
5. It pays to obey the Lord. When you hear the Word, go home and think about it. Find out whether what you heard is true or false; discover for yourself whether you are deceived or whether God really loves you by coming your way with such a revelation of Truth you cannot come across anywhere.
It is unfortunate that God is found by those that do not look for Him. People that spend their might, power, money and time running round the globe looking for God do not see God. But people that do not look for God, before you know it, He will come their way and it passeth human understanding.
7. I believe the Scripture that says: “The ways of God are too high and passeth human understanding.” We will only understand the little He wants us to, but there is nobody that can boast of having a conclusive knowledge of God. No! You just know a little about God, the little He wants you to know about Him—finish.

But in all, to what extent have you obeyed His Words. Whatever trouble you are in today, you can trace it to your disobedience to His words, for once you disobey you must land yourself into trouble.
9. If you are a child of God, if God is mindful of you, that goes to show that you are a child of God.
13. If when you go into error and He punishes you there, it is a sure sign that you are a seed of God. But if you go into error and nothing happens, please, do not brag. It is a sign that you are not in Him.
10. All children of God must face the chastisement from God if they err.
11. To the people of Israel, He told them in the book of Amos 3:1; “Of all the people  on Earth, only you have I chosen to be my own, for that reason, if you sin against Me, I must surely punish you.”
12. While St. Paul was talking to his people in his own day, he said, “Rejoice when you are chastised of the Lord for that is God’s mark of ownership on you. For in the same manner a father chastises whosoever he loves, the same way God corrects, even with hot displeasure, His own children.”
13. Thus, if you are left without chastisement like others, he said, “Let it be known to you that you are not a child of God.”
14. Watch all the criminals and everybody walking about, God is not worried about them. They are not even disturbing His peace, because they are not in His program. He has fixed a day He will judge all of them in righteousness.
15. Nevertheless, as for us in this Faith, we are being judged constantly, daily, so that we will not be judged again on “that day” when He shall stand on His Throne to judge the whole world.
16. I don’t need to touch on this matter too much now. Let Me go to the Message I want to flash. It is a “brief exhortation.” I know you are in the Fellowship, full of expectations that the Son of Man promised to re-enact the Message on investment today. And for that reason, there is a full capacity in the Camp. You have done a very nice thing.
17. You will hear the Message the day I want—not the day you want. Let us line up with those aspects of the Messages that will help us reflect the true nature of God. Amen.


You see, I really thank God for what He has been doing in my life. If my picture is different from my being, who should be blamed? Is it my Being or the photographer?  
2. If my photograph is different from my being, who should be blamed? Is it possible? It has happened and it is still happening
3. Let Me use my experience recently for example.
4. I found it difficult to believe them that day it happened. It was announced that it is compulsory that everybody should register during the registration of voters exercise.
5. As a result of this, I hardened My heart. When they said it would affect the little children in the schools and colleges, I took the pains to go to Woliwo-layout in Onitsha to register.
6. However, something funny happened there: I sat down and took my photograph; they printed the thing out, it became the picture of a woman. I laughed at them.
7. I called the lady and said, “Look, you better stop this funny thing.” I presented the thing to her. I said, “I don’t have this hair; the face is not mine. Maybe you slotted in somebody’s picture.” So, I refused to take it.
8. Accordingly, the thing attracted the attention of those sitting there. She wanted to be stubborn; then the supervisor took over—a man. He removed that photograph, asked Me to sit down again and I sat down.
9. He adjusted the thing and then printed it out; the picture became very faint and the face was that of a woman.
10. I said, “Sir, do I look like a woman? Looking at this hair, is it my hair although it is very faint.”
11. So, angrily, I collected it; I still have it till today. It is for a purpose, but when I left that place, I came back to my senses, then I began to laugh.
12. But in the real sense, there is nothing wrong with my Being. The machine painted a false picture of who I am. I don’t have any semblance of a woman and it will be hard for Me to believe that useless picture.

If we represent the image of God, first, know it that God is a being. What it implies is that we must have the nature and attributes of God, whether man or woman, because we all possess the Spirit of God; and then if we are not being controlled by the Spirit of God, we are counterfeits; we are claiming what we are not.
14. God is not looking for preachers or hearers, God is looking for one man, one woman that will stand boldly before the crowd and manifest the fullness of the attributes of the Deity.
15. Investment! Investment!! Investment!!! How can you begin to invest? Where is the money to invest? Your recklessness has not allowed you to save money. Your lazy habit is another problem you are having. God wants you to start living a harmonious life before we talk about this investment.
16. It is very easy to introduce you to things that will help you make money, but remember that investment is not all about money.  
17. Hence, when you hear investment, don’t think about money only. There are too many other things we will consider with time.
18. I spoke about obstacles to success a week ago in the Message titled: STRIVE TO BE A STAR, and we all saw it as Truth.
19. Let us try to possess good personalities first of all before we begin to think of what else we shall achieve in life. Amen.CHAPTER THREE

I want to speak to you on one Message. The title of the Message is: TAKE MY YOKE UPON YOURSELF.
2. You know it is a frightening topic so to say.  How can you take the yoke of the Son of Man? Don’t begin to pry into the content. Be patient with Me.
3. While our Brother was speaking under the anointing last Wednesday, this topic stood before Me. When I heard under Holy Ghost anointing, how some people react to Fellowship, worship and activities in the Fellowship, suggesting that they are tired, and the question that is asked is: “Tired of what?”
4. Is it tired of coming to the Fellowship, or tired of worshiping God or tired of sponsoring project(s) we have embarked on? Tired of what? And he answered the question under the same anointing that the truth of the matter is this; “You are tired of worshiping God because to begin with, you are not from God, you cannot worship God.”
5. It’s like trying to pattern yourself after something you are not. Nobody can join the Family of God but all that make up the Family are members of the Family born in that Family.
6. A stranger cannot be comfortable in another man’s family, for no place is better than your home.
7. That is why we believe what the Bible says that it is only in Christ—the Anointed One, the Messiah-that all the children of God that are scattered all over the World are joined together.
8. That is why in Christ, there is no Hausa, no Niger Delta no Yoruba no Igbo, no Itsekiri, they are one. But take away Christ; you will see Nigeria and Biafra, Benue and Taraba or Taraba and Ijukon. You will see every kind of thing there. Am I making sense?
9. Please follow Me strictly.
10. “If you are tired of worshiping God,” he went further to say, “Now, you have enough strength to go out into the World to practice wild life. It is a sure sign that you are not tired of living a wild life—uncontrolled life. You want to live anyhow.”
11. If you are a married woman, you will be married but free. If you are a child born in a family, as long as your parents are alive, you must respect them. Their words must have meaning to you. There are certain things you dare not practice before them unless you want to incur their wrath.
12. Hence, if you are not tired of living a wild life like people in the World and, something brought you into the Faith, you will not be comfortable in this Faith because the desire to continue in that wild life is still in you. In addition, you are not a child of God to begin with.
13. No matter how a goat struggles to pattern after a sheep, it will not succeed. Even if a dog will be sleeping together with pig, the dog cannot metamorphose into a pig. They are two different species, so it is with every human being in the World.
14. You cannot worship God unless you are from God. You cannot be comfortable with God; you cannot be at peace with God, unless from the very beginning of your life, you were from God.
15. Whatever a snake produces must be a snake; whatever a dog produces must be a dog. Whatever a Devil produces must be a devil. Whatever God produces must be god.
What is fooling mankind is this: false knowledge they acquired through video films and photographs and useless Pentecostals and religious preaching that do not contain any truth, where Satan is painted black with a very long tail, sometimes with horn, looking destructive in appearance, looking very fearful. Sometimes it is painted like a snake with human head.
17. That is why from time to time, when they want to paint the picture of mermaid, they would just paint a picture of a snake with the head of a very beautiful woman. Sometimes, with the tail embedded in water. These are the pictures painted after the imagination of their hearts with the intention to deceive people.
18. The truth of the matter is this, if you go by the Scriptures, whoever that Satan might be, is like God Himself: excellent in beauty, elegant in structure, fair to look at. He commanded integrity, honour and respect. His word was very district. That created room for him to compete favourably with God.
19. Hear Me very well, for somebody to come up to challenge a Head of State in the throne: he must be a gallant soldier, well known, well dressed and fearless.
20. He must be one that commands respect in the Army, whose voice must be obeyed by the majority.
21. If we go by the historical account, when Satan rebelled, three quarters of the angels went with him. Was he an ordinary angel? He was like God Himself and he said, “Whatever you can do, I can do it better.”

So, if I am the image of God, a human being is the image of Satan. That is why, when you go to bed and see Apostle Kelechi pursuing you; you say God has blessed you. You don’t know why Apostle Kelechi was pursuing you. You won’t say the Devil is pursuing you; you will never attach anything evil to it.
23. However, if you should go to bed and see a big dog or lion pursuing you, it has become an attack: Attack! Attack!! Attack!!!  Why you have already been deceived before going to bed into believing that Satan is not a human being.
24. Jesus knew all these things and that is why He said and I quote, “He that is of God heareth my Word but you hear me not because you are not from God and the Word of God cannot have a resting place in your heart. I know my sheep and my sheep know me. I call them by their names and they respond. To the voice of a stranger, they will never pay attention.”
25. Who is that stranger? The opposing man or woman is the stranger. If you are not in the negative, you are in the positive and vise versa. He that is not with me is against me; he that is not gathering is scattering.
26. How do I know God? By their fruits, you shall know them. What am I saying?
27. How you must know a seed of God and a seed of Satan: a seed of God does not struggle to obey God. Magnet attracts iron, but it can never attract plastic. No matter how beautiful a plastic is, magnet cannot attract it. No matter how an iron rusts, magnet must attract it. Am I making sense?
28. The most handsome, the most beautiful, the most eloquent, the most prominent, the most popular, the most influential might be ordinary plastic, while the roughest might be the original seed. By their fruit, you shall know them.
29. A true seed of God doesn’t struggle to obey the Word of God, because every Message from God is natural. Everything about God is natural. God is natural; everything about Satan is artificial, because he specializes in counterfeit. He specializes in what? – Counterfeit. 
30. Whatever he sees God do, he will try to imitate it immediately. He will try to present the counterfeit, because he wants to create a deceitful impression so that he can draw some people to himself. Only those that belong to him will go to him; the rest won’t. Let it be known to you.
31. Even God told our father Abraham and Sarah, “Do not be discouraged because you are few in number for so I have purposed it”. In addition, in every generation, God’s people have remained very few.
32. When Jesus came, He said, “Many are called; but few are chosen.”  He went further to say that the path that leadeth to peace, the path that leadeth to righteousness; the path that leadeth to God is very narrow. Only few find it, but broad is the way that leads to destruction. Almost everybody will be pleased to go that way.
Have you wondered why no matter how we place this Message, no matter how we lower even the standard, nobody comes into this Faith? No matter what you promise them, they will not be in this Faith.
34. Even among the little, little girls that are in the Faith, it is because our boys have promised them marriage. I mean that sons of God have promised daughters of men marriage.
35. That is why they are sitting down amongst us. I know all of them; they know that I know them. They have their minds on marriage. As long as they are sitting in our midst because of marriage, their true nature will not manifest. Wait until dowry is paid and they change from “girlfriends” to “wives;” you will see their original nature.
36. This is what will drive many away from this Faith. Yes! I know more than that!
37. When I touched on this matter in Nassarawa, they thought I was playing. Immediately I left them, God confirmed it. I cannot stop them from bringing in their girlfriends; maybe by so doing, one of them may turn out to be a daughter of God.
38. I know that if one comes into the Faith, if she is a daughter of God, on hearing this Message, the first thing she will do is to cancel the marriage agreement. That’s the first step she will take.
39. “Man, thank you for bringing me into this Faith, but for marriage, put it aside until further notice. Let me settle down with this Message first. God brought me into the Faith because of my soul,” is what she will say if she is a seed of God.
40. Hear me very well, go out and promise them marriage, some sincere ones will tell you plane truth that they will follow you into this Faith to enable your “Church people” to wed them, but after that, that she will go away. Two of you will live together; you will worship wherever you will, she will worship wherever she wishes.
41. It is only then you will know that the person you are marrying knows the laws more than you. You will begin to hear, “After all, there is freedom of worship in Nigeria, there is freedom of association. How can you cage my liberty?” These languages will begin to come out. Then you will begin to know your class immediately.
42. In this Age we are living in, God said, “Do not underrate any lady on the basis of her stature or family background.” Don’t underrate any one. They can do unimaginable things; they know how to go about it, especially in this era we are where men are now reluctant to marry.
43. Men are now reluctant to marry and ladies have noticed it. Hence, once they see any man that comes their way—with flickering torches, flickering their torchlights, suggesting that he could be husband tomorrow—they will have a firm grip over that man. They will grip him immediately, so tightly that there will be no way out.
44. I overheard a girl telling a boy something. I was in my corridor and they were passing by. They were disagreeing over a serious matter. At a point, they halted. It was around nine-thirty in the evening.
45. The girl turned and said, “My friend, what are you talking? Is it because your mother said you should not marry me that made you to say that you will not marry me? In short, let me tell you the truth, you cannot escape it! Run to anywhere you like.” I shivered on my seat.
46. Who knows how long they have moved together? Who knows what the woman saw in the lady that made her to discourage the son from continuing? We had better be very careful; this World is very dangerous—very, very dangerous, where ladies do not spare any man. They don’t spare.
47. Some will boldly tell you, “What I need is marriage not friendship. If you are coming to me for marriage, you had better declare it so that I will take you to my people. But for friendship, I have had enough in the past. I am tired. If you can’t take me home, don’t come my way again.”
48. These are sincere ones. They know what they are going for. And there is no other better place they can go than a place like this Faith where we have sincere men who will like to keep to their words.
49. Therefore, men, be careful, women be careful.

I am still hammering on something. A child of God doesn’t struggle to obey God. I want to give you a natural illustration.  
51. If I, as a shepherd, should ask my sheep that I will collect wool from her tomorrow, will the sheep be panicking? Will the sheep be struggling to produce wool so that I will collect wool from her tomorrow? Will the sheep be running up and down to enable it produce wool? The answer is NO. Wool is the nature of sheep. Whether alive or dead, wool is there.
52. If you see anybody that is struggling to obey any of our Messages, that person is a stranger in the Household of God. He is artificial; he is counterfeit, but he is trying to pattern after the original. He is a make-up.
53. These are the people that events reveal. Circumstances reveal them from time to time that they are not part of us, that they are those mixed-multitude (the characteristic of every movement).
54. Let us use the experiences of the children of God in the wilderness as recorded in the Bible, in the book of Exodus for example.
55. You see, how many people left Egypt? They were less than five thousand that left Egypt. As they journeyed along, crossing villages, more people were interested in them. They were joining the movement.
56. As they continued, people were joining, some were going out, some were coming in. some were dropping. They were going like that. By the time they got to Canaan, they were over two million. The mixed-multitude became greater in number than the original seeds.
57. But what is the truth? The chaff and the seed can never stay together. One must be removed for destruction; the other will be removed for preservation.
58. If you are struggling to obey any of the Messages, I don’t care what that Message looks like, if any of our Messages seems too hard for you to obey, quit struggling. It is not meant for you.
59. God’s Words are directed to God’s children and only those that are from God will hear and understand, but to others, it will sound like a parable—the more they hear, the less they will understand.
60. I cannot begin to trouble my child to pattern after me. If I am the father of that child, whether the child likes it or not, you will see that the child will line up after me.
Blood is thicker than water. I repeat, blood is thicker than water.
62. There was one experience that happened in my house recently, and my wife started shouting at them.
63. She said, “So, all of you have started patterning after your Dad— A to Z.” I looked at her and said, “You no see am, blood has started manifesting. Watch their languages, watch their stand, and watch them in their inquisitive nature.”
64. She asked, “So, you are patterning after your Dad?” They said, “Don’t you know He is our father?”
65. In short, every mother in this Faith is in trouble. The children have understood the Message; so you are now in trouble.
66. We were talking about dressing and every other thing, Chibuikem breezed in and said, “Mummy, what are you talking? How can Daddy fly out His shirt? Don’t you know that He is the Son of Man? As the Son of Man, He cannot fly His shirt.”
67. Wisdom breezed in and said, “It is improper dressing for one to fly ones shirt.” After that, Chukwudi flew in and said, “Daddy is well dressed. Mum, what are you talking? Mum, let me tell you, Daddy is the Son of Man and He must tuck in.”
68. Chibuikem—not yet satisfied—turned again, “Mummy, are you saying that Daddy didn’t dress well or what? Mummy, let me tell you, are you insulting Daddy?” She said, “No, we are just having a discussion.”
69. He continued, “If I marry my wife, if she opens her mouth to insult me, I will slap her.”
70. Mummy turned again and said, “What? If you slap her and she packs away?” He replied, “I will be the one that will throw her properties out of the house—she is not a good wife—and then marry another one that will respect and honour me. When I speak, she will obey.”
71. Brethren, I chilled. I said, “Darling, over to you.   
They have known the Message; they have started desiring good, good things.”
72. You see why the Message said, “Pastor Thomas, Sister Vin, catch them young.”
73. When you are in the family altar, what do you teach them? You see, they don’t need any pressure on them to pattern after the Message.
74. I am saying that this Message is nature, purely nature.
75. If the Messages you are receiving are different from your human nature, you are not a seed of God. Amen.


Take my Yoke. My yoke is light. Jesus told His disciples, “Take my yoke upon you for my yoke is very light.”
2. Let us make few comparisons—natural comparisons this time.
3. Please, follow Me strictly.
4. The cheapest God to worship is the true God. It is highly expensive to worship a false god.
5. Let me begin to examine those gods. Let us use Roman Catholic for example.
6. If I hurt your feelings because you are a Roman Catholic in this Faith, bear with Me. I don’t know a better way of conveying it than that way.
7. If you are a Roman Catholic and you are really a true Roman Catholic, no matter the location of your Church—come rain, come sunshine—you must be there every morning Mass. You must observe all their holidays and obligations.
8. Any day they say you must refrain from meat, you must do it. You must observe all the rituals and you must belong to one or two associations in the Church.
9. Again, for every association, there are financial involvements. They pay every morning Mass by way of offering. They pay in the evening. Enquire from all the Roman Catholics how much they pay every week.
10. Every week, they sponsor one project or another for there can never be any Roman Catholic without project. If they are not sinking borehole, they are building industry. Besides, every association there must develop a transport industry. You must generate money.
11. In Anglican, it is the same thing.  
12. Now, come to the Pentecostals. How many in this Faith can be faithful in any Pentecostal Church? The cheapest ritual there is, is one-tenth. How many of you in this Faith can pay tithe in the Pentecostal? How many of you in this Faith can do that?
13. Apart from the tithe, all their pastors and ministers are placed on salaries and, whether you like it or not, you must bring money for the payment of their salaries. You must buy vehicles for them, pay their house rents, feed their families, and pay school fees for their children.
14. How many of you can do it? Yet, they are worshipping a false god. Then, you will be making unnecessary vows, unnecessary pledges.
15. How many of you can afford to worship in Cherubim and Seraphim or Sabbath? You will pay one-tenth there, you will observe all the rituals and their “sadaka” every Saturday. It is turn by turn.
16. If you have a new baby, you will borrow money to dedicate that baby because of the things you must buy.
17. Now, let us leave that area.
If you want to become a Muslim, do you think it is easy? That is the costliest worship I know. Are you getting Me?
19. This is because, if you are not careful there, the Alhaji in charge of your zone will render you useless because, all of you living around him will be accountable to him. He is your banker. All the money you are getting goes to him. You worship him even.
20. Furthermore, as a Moslem, nobody recognizes you until you have the privilege of going to Mecca.
21. Can you go to Mecca? Can you observe their fasting and praying? You cannot. 
22. Please follow Me strictly.
Let us come to the worshiping of idol. To worship an idol, is it easy? If you are an idol worshipper, I do not know where to place you.
24. From time to time, you are going to the shrine with a cow, a goat, a ram—you carry cock, you carry pussycat and carry dog, because the shrine may demand one thing or the other from time to time.
25. Besides that, money is greatly involved. In addition, as a member of the shrine, once the gong is beaten, “gome, gome, gome,” you must land there and you can never break any of their rules and regulations. Any one you break, you will pay with your life. You will either die or run mad.
26. At the moment, if you are tired of worshipping the true God, it implies that you now have the strength to worship the false god. Is that what you want Me to believe? 
27. I am striking something. Let me hammer it down to your hearts because I have tolerated enough from too many people in this Faith.

The cheapest life anybody can live is in Christ. The cheapest and simplest life you can live on Earth is found in Christ.
29. There is nobody in this Faith—forget about what you think you are—that has the capacity to compete favourably with people outside in the World.
30. When you leave this Faith and enter into the World, you don’t have the capacity, you don’t have the money. If you say you don’t want to worship God, you don’t want to worship the Devil, you want to live anyhow. Then, you must live up-to-date.
Let me tell you, these weavons you imposed on yourselves, I didn’t approve it for you, but I noticed you have loved it too much. What you are using is old model. None of you can afford the reigning weavons.
32. Look at, even the old ones you are using, some are smelling, because you don’t have the money to be retouching it every two days especially during the rainy-season.
33. Some of you use waterproof to cover yours. There is a better thing you can use to cover your hair other than five-naira waterproof, but you don’t have the money.
34. Watch what you are using to make guy, to sew as your dresses, that is what your money can buy for you. That is exactly your standard; you don’t have the money to buy expensive apparel. You cannot afford it; can you get Me—both male and female in this Faith?
35. Let me hit the nail on the head. The truth of the matter is this: you don’t have the capacity, but there is something you think you have?
You want to offer your bodies for sale so that men will give you money; you will now dress yourselves and then look like people in the World.
37. The question arises: How long will it last? If you are tired of worshipping God, you must also be tired of that life one day. You won’t live it long because, looking at you in this Faith, if men will climb on you for two weeks, you will become “old baskets.”
38. Let us face facts in the fear of God. There is nobody in this Faith that can withstand that pressure.
39. All of you are complaining of waist pains, head pains and leg pains; let me tell, if men raise your legs for one week, many will die in the bed.
40. Thus, Brothers in this Faith, don’t hold them again! Allow them to go! Let them go and taste it and then make the money let us see. Enough is enough! You are tired of what?
41. There is nobody in this Faith that can afford to be a prostitute. The toughest work in the World is prostitution. Even, some of you in this Faith cannot satisfy your husbands in the bed, let alone two, three, or seven men meeting you in one day for you to make money. You will die that day!
42. I say let us face facts in the fear of God. Enough is enough!—pretending to be what you are not.
43. You don’t know how ugly you are until you dress and go out. Then you will know that you are a very old layer—I say an old layer.
If you think you are reigning, you are reigning only in this Faith. You cannot reign outside; you don’t have anything that will make you reign outside. If you like, go and buy cup—plastic cup— put your breast there; hold them up. Push it higher and higher, nobody will see it outside. Are you getting what I am saying?
45. Beautiful ladies are on the scene. Fine, fine things are on the scene, “pointed breasts” are on the scene. What is more, they know how to beautify themselves. Nobody in this Faith can beautify and look beautiful.
46. One approached Me recently with wet-lips. Her own was like that of vulture. I began to talk to her and said, “Sister, this mouth you are raising like a pig, this thing is too much. Go and wipe it off!”
47. Let me tell you, begin to praise God for giving you a place like this Faith—man and woman alike.

If you are a man in this Faith, you are living in peace because of this Faith, for without this Faith, you cannot maintain your wife. Without this Faith, all of you—Brothers in this Faith—nobody has the capacity to maintain a woman.
49. Your wife is very cheap, easy to handle because she has passed through the training of God. She now knows how to live “within moderation.”
50. Enough is enough! Don’t tell Me you are tired – tired of what? If you know that thing you have the strength to do, go and do it!
51. I have told you before, if you know that sin that is scaring you away, go and do it. Your body will rest.
52. A time came when pursuing women became the order of the day. Today, many of you are tired; nobody is making a noise again. You are now facing the stark realities of life.
53. Women now look useless to you; men look useless to women because you have been allowed to have your “free feel” of it and you have now realized that there is nothing there, just purely natural affair. Finish!
54. It adds nothing to your personality; it removes nothing and doesn’t solve your problem one bit. Rather, it can compound your problems. It can cause you sorrow; It can cause you pain.
55. We had better face the truth in the fear of God.
Take my yoke for my yoke is light. God has not imposed any rigors on anybody. We don’t have any register in this Faith where we monitor your contributions and things like that. Neither do we have anything you can say this is what we are embarking on.
57. Look at the burial we have announced. Check Local Assemblies that have responded, even those that responded, the highest amount is ten thousand naira: Nassarawa, ten thousand naira; Aba, ten thousand naira; Lagos, ten thousand naira; I just laughed. It is as if they held meeting. Even, Egbema brought seven thousand naira.
58. Brethren, please, allow the Son of Man to have rest. If you are really sons and daughters of God, if you are really what you are claiming you are, without anybody telling you, the spirit in you will tell you that you have found your resting place.
All that belong to God—those who wandered away—the moment God came their ways, they called that place there final bus stop. This is because when you meet God, you will then have rest.
60. If you meet God and you are still struggling to live like God, you are a counterfeit child; you are a bastard.
61. Watch the spirit that is operating in you, and watch where it is leading you. If it is leading you away from the Reality, it is not from God. The Reality is this; God gathered His children.
62. From the Scriptures, watch the people He gathered; when eminent personalities—who were invited—refused to come, He sent out the labourers to go out into the streets and high-ways, market places to fetch every kind of person they could see.
63. That is why they came into the Faith, some of them became agbero; some became prostitutes; some are mad people.
64. Let Me tell you; the Bridal Ministry has reflected every nature here on Earth. In our honest attempt to “fish,” we fished mad people into the Faith. We have fished criminals, hardened ones, into this Ministry. Every kind of person has been fished into this Ministry— male and female.
65. Some are still in the Faith; some have left; some have died. But some died as children of God. Some left because from the beginning, they were not part of this move.
67. All that belong to Me—the Son of Man—must come to Me. All that belong to Me MUST come to Me. Do you get Me? If anybody leaves Me, he is leaving because from the very onset, he is not a part of Me. From the very onset, he is not a part of this Family.

No matter how mad a man is in the market, he knows his father; he knows his compound. Go to Main Market, you will see a lot of mad people.
69. When a mad man speaks on the way, you will know the place he came from. Enquire from the man.
70. If he likes smoking, buy him cigarette. Make him happy because a mad man can be happy, befriend him a little while. Enter into discussion with him, he will tell you his father’s name; he will tell you his village. He will tell you why he is mad.
71. Have you ever seen a mad man that tore money into pieces? A mad man will beg you money even violently. Out of fear, you can give him the money. Before your eyes, he will pocket it well. No mad man buys anything on credit. That is their nature.
72. Whatever a mad man wants to buy, he will hold the money in his hand, collect it and pay and then walk away. What makes him mad then?
73. Brethren, fear and  honour the Lord!
The strength of the children is their father. When I say children, I include the mother of the family.
75. If you are asked to number your children, your wife is number one. If you are really a father, your first daughter is your wife. I don’t like the way you responded.
76. Some are behaving as if I told lies. If you are really a man over your family, your first daughter is your wife. Am I making sense there?
77.  So, if you are asked to count the number of children you have, number one is your wife; then you will begin to outline the rest. Forget about people that hire maids and helpmates. They don’t know the value of a daughter.
78. If you are living with them in the name of your wife, you don’t know the value of a daughter.
79. I frowned one day. My wife reported Chiamaka to Me about what she put on and was trying to follow her to the market. She ordered her back.
80. I said, “Chiamaka has not recognized her position. Chiamaka does not know that she is a daughter; she loves dressing like a maid. Please, recondition her mind.”
81. You know, sometimes children born in the family may loose consciousness of whom they are and their positions. Mothers, please, your first job is to cause your children to recognize their positions in the family—their son-ship, their daughter-ship. In whatever they are doing, impress it on them.
82. If a maid has stayed in your house for too long, before you know it, your children will be patterning after your maid. If the maid goes away, because she has influenced their behaviours, you will begin to see some of the traits of the maid in them.
83. When you are talking to them, they are shivering; they are afraid of coming to you to present their problems, because they do not know whom they are. But once they recognize it, they can boldly come to you as their mother: “Mum, look at what we need; Daddy, look at what we need.”
84. And then, whether the thing is there or not, the joy is always there if you have my nature.
85. There  is one thing that occurs to Me once my wife or my children make their request, I will be quiet for a while. I won’t say yes or know. My quietness might be misunderstood—I am sorry for revealing it here—I kept it all along as my secret.
86. You know, under anointing, the preacher has no secret.
87. Thus, once I pause, I won’t say yes; I won’t say no. That place where I am standing is where I am standing. Sometimes, I will turn my back. Deep in Me, I am rejoicing. The money to fulfill it might not be there but I am overjoyed within that I have people that can depend on Me.
88. So, I am of a value to some people. If I am not around, somebody will feel my absence. In order words, I am not only making a contact, I am also making an impact, that if I stay away, the bed will be too wide for my wife to sleep.
89. Once I stay away, my impact must be felt. Automatically, the bed will be extremely wide, wider than before, making sleep almost impossible. That’s number one.
90. The home will be partly cold and hot. But once I breeze in, you will see that I am the Holy Ghost. I am the Wind of Pentecost. I am the Revival! The wind will start blowing and there will be revival everywhere, even if I come home without anything.
91. If it is not so to you, if it is not so in our family, pause, something is wrong. Amen.

Take my yoke; it is the lightest yoke you can carry. How much do you pay to come to Fellowship? How many Ministers do you pay? Do you pay school fees for our children? Tell Me!
2. How much are we paying at G.T.C as rent? When we attempted to get a permanent place, how much did you contribute? In all we have been doing, even burials, how much have you contributed? Who has ever punished you for not contributing at all? Who is interested?
3. Then, how comes that useless noise of one saying, “I am tired?” Tired of what? Tired of living?
4. ONCE YOU ARE A SEED OF GOD, AND YOU ARE TIRED OF THIS FAITH, YOU ARE TIRED OF LIVING; YOU DESIRE GRAVE! That’s all, because my life is incomplete without this Faith. For this Faith is nothing but God Himself.
5. How can I exist without God?
6. If I should go to Pentecostals and feel free there, that is where I belong.
7. If you are not comfortable in this Faith, if this Ministry does not give you joy, stop coming from today! This Faith is not for you. It is an imposition on you. Maybe your husband gave it to you as a condition; your wife gave it to you as a condition. Maybe your master (if you are an apprentice), gave it to you as a condition.
8. Do you want to tell Me that Bishop David is foolish; that Bishop Elijah is foolish, that Brother Usman is foolish?
9. Bro. David is from Nassarawa State. You mean to tell Me that he didn’t see Churches on the way? From Nassarawa down to Onitsha, that Bishop David didn’t see Churches? He saw more than ten thousand Churches.
10. Look at Brother Usman from Gwagwalada; that is where he came from. Do you mean he didn’t see Churches and Mosques?
11. Look at Elijah the Bishop from Zonkwa in Kaduna State. You mean to tell Me that he didn’t see Churches and Mosques?
12. Every true seed of God is always looking for a place where God Himself has chosen to place His Name and that is where he places his sacrifices and worships. Finish!

Why the noise? It is because we kept quiet. We pretended all this while, but from now, no more pretence. Let us face real facts in the fear of the God.
14. Nobody in this Faith is even qualified to have a second husband. Try it if you can.
15. Since Sister Agubalu volunteered to have another husband, how many men priced her? Nobody will price her except a man who is suffering from stroke, who will be looking for a woman that will serve him food.
16. I mean, the son of the man may hire a woman who will come and help in the servicing of the father; that is all.
17. We had better be realistic if we want to say the truth oh! I don’t mean to insult anybody, but I want to use those in the Fellowship as my examples. I won’t use anybody from outside; I will use you and use myself.
18. You are the objects of my examples.
19. Tell Me where your beauty is? You think you are beautiful; you are very ugly. You are only beautiful in our eyes. 
20. The beauty concept is this: as a daughter of God, as a son of God, it is generally believed—even in your poor estate—that you are more beautiful than the person outside. You are more handsome than the person outside for you are “covered with the Glory of God.”
21. That’s why we still maintain that the worst among us is better than the best outside. That is the concept. If that has entered your head, and you think you are something, I will show you professors; I will show you medical doctors that are not living with their husbands.
22. They left their husbands thinking they were beautiful, thinking that a man could marry them; they ended it at nothing. The highest they did was to become pregnant and raise more children on their own. Men couldn’t volunteer for them, because before they left their husbands, they don whor whor  well, well.
23. They don whor whor and even if they open beer parlour, nobody will drink. If you like, open a restaurant; nobody will eat. If you move, the person will examine you. The same thing is applied to men.
24. From time to time, I begin to hear some nasty threats: “If you disturb me, I will push you out!”
25. You are marrying her because she is a gift to you. If you are married in this Faith, you collected a gift. Nobody in this Faith has the capacity to marry from outside. Until eternity, you may not raise the money to fulfill the list they will give you.
26. When many of you cannot pay your house rents, where will you get the money to marry second wife? Stop making a noise; you had better come low. I say, come down. Face the stark reality.
27. I know my limitations; my wife knows her limitations. She knows when I am kidding; I know when she is kidding. The way you think the World is, that is not the way it is.
28. People are advancing in knowledge. They are advancing in everything.
29. You see, it is unfortunate that you don’t even discuss with enlightened people. It is because of the class of people you mingle with, that is the class of people that imbue their opinions in your minds and you come to the Fellowship to make a noise.       
30. There is nobody in the Faith (woman), that can afford to live on her own, not even one. If you like, go and try it. To begin with, no landlord will give you a house. If he gives you a house and you disturb the family, he will drive you away.
31. That’s why it is impossible to get a permanent place for Sister Rose, because it will take one who knows her Faith to accommodate her. Apart from somebody who knows her Faith, she must have problems with all the landlords.
Let us face the stark realties. When you know you have come to God as your Lord and Saviour, your all and all, the truth is that you calm down – whether you are a man or a woman. With all your hearts, surrender to the Message of God for your peace, for your comfort, for your advancement.
33. It is only in Christ that we will achieve our greatness. If Christ didn’t come our ways, we would have become stupendous ignoramuses. Without Christ, we would have lost our bearings.
34. Many of you that are married today—man or woman—it’s courtesy of this Faith. And if you are having relative peace in your family, it is because of this Faith. Outside this Faith, there is no peace in any family for it is only in the Message of the Son of Man that you have the absolute knowledge of what life entails.
35. It’s only in the Message of the Son of Man that you will begin to see life in its entirety, and in this Faith, it is very easy for you to adjust. But in the Pentecostals, nobody adjusts anything. Everybody is rigid.
36. The flexibility of the Message of the Son of Man makes it very, very easy for believers to reposition themselves, their minds to meet the prevailing circumstances around them.
37. That is why this is the only Faith that prepares your mind so that when you come to a situation where only courage stands between you and disaster, you are not shaking in mind.
38. I hope I am not making a mistake?
39. If you have never come to a point where only courage stands between you and disaster, you have never experienced anything in life. You look at your front, discouragement, at the back, discouragement, left and right, no help in sight; the only thing you can see is courage separating you and disaster.
40. That’s why every true seed of God is an achiever, an achiever because God has empowered all of you with the knowledge you need, with the information you need to live a victorious life; and then fulfill your ambition with joy.
41. If we are looking refreshed today, it is not because of what we are eating or what we are drinking. We are looking refreshed because of the peace of mind we are having. Whether money is there or not, we are at peace with our families; we are at peace with everybody.
42. My wife will understand me that money is not there; I will understand her that she needs those things, only that there is no money today. If there is no money today, it doesn’t make me poor. The money may be there tomorrow.
43. And with this hope, I am sustained, I am afloat; I will never sink.
44. If I cannot make it today, it doesn’t mean I won’t make it forever. Once there is life, as I continue in God, I will make it. With that determination, no disappointment.
45. So, let me not hear that statement, “My wife is tired, my brother is tired”. If you are tired, stop! Don’t come to Fellowship again!
46. On this note, I say thank you and Remain Blessed in Him eternally.