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Chapter One
Be seated everybody. Little children go to your class with your teachers. Pastor Thomas and Sister Vin, catch them young. Teach them in the level and language they will understand. Use everyday examples. To God be the Glory.
2. As adults, we are going to have our teaching class and I will like all of you to be quietly seated. Pastor Christian, I hope nobody indicated his interest to teach today? Pardon! Bro Ik, please bear with us. You should be informing me ahead of time, lest I disorganize your program.
 3. My whole Idea is to strengthen you spiritually and physically. Just like the Bible said that you should be strengthened in the inner mind.
4. You see, once you are educated in the right way of life, it will be impossible for any man to enslave you. As long as you are not educated, you can be easily enslaved by your fellow man. Even situations can enslave you. But once you are educated, you begin to appreciate the Message that says, “The integrity of a man, the greatness of a man, is not measured by where he stands in the time of comfort and peace but is measured by where he stands in the time of challenges and adversities.” I hope I am making sense there?
5. The greatness of a man, the integrity of a man, the personality of a man, is not measured by where he stands in the time of peace and comfort when everything seems to be very orderly. No! It is measured by where a man stands in the time of challenges and adversities. When enemies surround you, when challenges confront you, your stand will tell us what your personality, integrity, greatness is all about.
6. We received a Message that said, “Circumstances Will Reveal You.” Circumstances that confront you will tell us who you are, for you cannot remain hiding forever.” If you don’t want us to know who you are, situations that confront you will tell us who you are. This is true.
7. The Message SELF-CONTROL EXPLAINED says, “Until you are confronted by serious situations, we will not know what your unconscious actions will look like and we will not know the extent you can control those unconscious reactions.”
8. So, I said, after the whole thing, you might be wondering to see the person saying that he never knew that such a thing could still be found in him. He might have been a teacher for years but he never knew that he had not yet conquered it. So, situations will tell us the things you have conquered and the things you are yet to conquer. Amen.
9. So, that Message ran across My Mind last week. It was Saturday last week, a week yesterday.
10. We were just in my house discussing few things. God made it possible that there were no other people there than elders and one of our Brothers saw somebody who was indebted to him for a very long time. He hurriedly halted him, rushed down there to meet the man. We were watching. Everywhere was calm anyway.
11. So, after some time, he came up. He forgot himself because he was very annoyed. He opened his mouth to tell us about the man; how the man owned him dept for some years now and has refused to pay.
12. He said and I quote, “This man should thank his God that I met him where I should not have met him. If I had met him at the right place, in short, he would have paid the money today.”
13. I said, “Eehn! What if the man has no money?” He said, “He should thank his God! In short, he should thank his God that this is not the right place where I should have met him.” I said, “Is it because it is in front of my yard?” He said, “In short, he should thank his God. If it were in the market place that I met him, I would have held him. He must have paid me that money.”
14. I said, “Eehn! So, even if he has no money, he must pay it or else he will see something!”
15. I looked at the Elders and they looked at themselves, we laughed within. I did not want to speak on that matter on Sunday.
16. Last Sunday was a very nice day. I saw too many people from other Local Assemblies here. I held my peace. I have looked around. If Brethren will be coming from other Local Assemblies, probably they will be coming late.
17. The Elders that were with Me, I think you can cast your minds back. You see, the Brother never knew that such a thing was still in him and I said to Myself, “If he had reacted this way in My presence and the presence of all these Elders; even in My own house, only God will imagine the level of havoc he would have caused if he had met this man at the ‘right place’.”
18. I said, “What could have been responsible for this?” You see, I began to wonder that there is always a peculiar moment when a man will forget who he is. I call it an unguided moment. It was an unguided moment.
19. He forgot who he is. He forgot that he had a personality to protect; an integrity to protect. He forgot that whatever might be his action is influencing somebody around him either rightly or wrongly. In fact, his status meant nothing to him. Why? He was unguided at that hour.
20. Why was he not guided? Why should there be that unguided hour? If there are Messages I will rather hammer on, I will hammer on two Messages: “Unguided Moments in a Man’s Life and Its Effects.” I say, “Unguided Moments in a Man’s Life and Its Effects.”
21. If there is anything we should guide against, we should guide against unguided moments where we may make some unguided utterances, unguided reactions that will leave much to be desired; that will leave some experiences that will be very difficult to be wiped off Unguided moments.
22. Another problem I have treated is Temper. I will treat “Anger as a Small Madness”.
23. I said I will treat “Anger as a Small Madness” because our Brother was very much annoyed and he ran mad. It was the madness in him that prompted him to begin to make some mad utterances. And while he was talking, his eyes were shaking, the eye lids were blinking, his muscles flexed.
24. He was feeling like excusing himself from us so that he could go after the man, as if that was the money that has been sustaining him all these years. As if somebody has died because of the man’s inability to pay the money all these years, since 2004. No! It is stupidity! I will call it stupidity!
25. I will talk to you one of these days, but grant Me more time. Let Me watch the Messages I have given to you so far.
26. Let Me watch the fruits that are coming out from you.
27. What you need is not a new Message, and you cannot get any new Messages until you have convinced Me that you have believed, accepted and practiced the ones you have received so far. To God be the glory. Amen.


Chapter Two

Do you know that there is virtue in Quietness? If you think that talking too much will make people listen to you, you have erred exceedingly. It will even make people to look down upon you. Before you know it, you become a talkative.
2. I have many of them living around Me in My yard. Now, the family can engage themselves in talking from morning to morning, and today, they don’t command any respect again.
3. That you are talking too much does not mean you are making a point. You are rather exposing your stupidity.
4. Hear me very well. Sisters take note. You can be polite and firm. Not showing a smiling face. If I say, be polite, did I say show your smiling face? No! All I am saying is that you can respect somebody and still press your matter home.
5. If you are approaching a personality like Me, no matter what your point might be, if I do not see any respect in you, you are stupid before Me. You can hardly press your matter beyond where you are because I have drawn a line in My heart against you that you are stupid.
6. If you think there is virtue in talking too much, in making noise or in exhibiting your anger before somebody as a means of pressing your matter home, you are out of your senses.
7. Do you know that an angry person is a disorganized person? An angry person is a disorganized person. When he wants to say A, he will say B. He will say things he doesn’t mean to say, and to understand him becomes very difficult because he is disorganized.
8. You can be polite; you can be respectful and still press your matter home. A real sensible human being by nature pays attention to one that approaches him politely.
9. But once you come with your eyes sharp, your mouth sharp, the man thinks you are coming to intimidate him or that you think you can intimidate him.
10. Even if he is guilty of the matter you want to press home, your approach has rendered it useless. He justifies himself there immediately and make up his mind that let the heavens fall.
11. The same way, it is between man and man. If you are a man, when you are approaching your fellow man, you have to be polite.
12. When you are polite, you have created room for somebody to listen to you. Even if he has no chance, your politeness will give him time more than you expected from him. He will even create that time because you approached him in a polite manner.
13. Nobody has ever approached anybody politely and received harsh reaction.
14. If you pretend to be polite when you are not, your voice will expose you because, before you know it, what started as a discussion will become an argument.
15. Discussion means when you talk, you close your mouth and you allow me to talk because we are discussing.
16. But argument means trying to win the other side. You want to come out a winner. Surely, you will spoil the whole thing. You cannot engage somebody in an argument and be polite for there can never be a polite argument.
17. Even in the Law Court, from time to time, you see the judge calling the lawyers to order. Because they are arguing their case, one is trying to win the other; their voices will be rising with tempers high. It will take a learned judge to call them to order. Sometimes, he will force one to tender apology or withdraw his statement. Amen.
18. If you are polite, to see your fault becomes very easy man or woman. But as long as you are not polite, you can never discover where you have erred because your spirit is hot.
19. If you are really polite, to withdraw your statement is very easy. It will be easy for you to say “I am sorry, I withdraw my statement.”
20. If you are polite, accepting or permitting withdrawal becomes very easy.
21. But if you are not polite, you will capitalize on that “I am sorry” to register another case because accepting that he is guilty has become a crime against him which you can now capitalize on to register more cases. That shows that you are stupid. You don’t know what it means to be polite.
22.  God wants us to be polite in all our approaches to issues in all our human relations. Let us be polite; let’s respect one another’s views. You respect my views, I respect your views. Let us learn to reason instead of arguing. I repeat: Let us learn to reason instead of arguing.
23. Even the Scriptures said that we should refrain from that which causes argument for that will lead us to more ungodliness. For there can never be an argument without something evil coming out of it because everybody is trying to justify his stand and that is not needed from one who is polite.
24. I can resist your word with politeness and you will be happy that I said no because of the approach. “‘Bishop Ebenezer, ooh! Sir, please, I don’t think I can do this. Please bear with me sir, I cannot do it.” Don’t press it further. Brother Ebenezer will just go home very happy. He will not talk evil of me because of my approach.
25. But how many can do that and still remain human beings. We feel we forfeit our personalities if we can come low to that point. No! It will make you great; I say it will make you great. Whether the person will understand you or not, it will make you great.
26. Among ourselves, where we received it as a teaching, that is what should be our attitude to one another. The person outside our faith may not understand me; but why shouldn’t you understand me? How can I suffer within and without?
27. If there should be a misconception, it should be with people outside because they did not know what I stand for. But it shouldn’t be among us.
28. Remember, if we cultivate this attitude among ourselves sooner than we think, it will become our habit. Before we know it, we will be exhibiting it outside and that is the only instrument you can use to disarm your enemy.
29. The most powerful instrument you can use to disarm your enemy is by being polite. Amen.
30. Do you know that if you are polite, if you know the meaning of politeness, you will be the first to forgive your opponent? You don’t expect the man that wronged you to forgive you first. You are the one that will forgive him first because when you forgive your opponents, you set yourself free. Do you believe that? Forgive your opponents and you set yourself free.
31. You see, I continue to say it wherever I go that anybody who is attempting to take away the liberty of his enemies or opponents is taking the greatest risk of his or her life. Why? Because you will be losing the liberty of your friends at the same time. Man’s attempt in checking the liberty of his opponents has always resulted in losing the liberty of his friends.
32. So, that is why you must set your enemies free and you will consolidate the freedom of your friends.
33. If after staying in this type of Ministry, and we still misbehave we need to be flogged.
34. What is the aim of God? God wants to raise us as exemplary citizens. Citizens of the Kingdom of God should be exemplary in behaviour, exemplary in every matter pertaining to life and godliness as your teachings are completely away from all.
35. You can find everything in the world but it is difficult to find a polite person. It is not easy to come by a rare treasure.
36. The Scripture said, “Do not be easily provoked.” You can not be easily provoked if you are polite. But if you are not, you are provocation yourself. Wherever you are found, you speak or represent provocation. Amen.

Therefore, if there is friction in the engine, if a functional engine is working iron to iron, the engine is bound to knock. It is showing a sign that the engine requires oiling. You have to oil it. Lubricate the engine and you reduce the friction; the tendency of the engine knocking.
38. Husband and wife living together are like working engine. They shouldn’t work iron-to-iron otherwise the engine will knock. You should lubricate it from time to time. Amen.
39. Every working engine needs to be checked. Before you start the engine, you check the oil; check the water; if these things are okay, no problem. As long as the oil pump is okay, no problem.
40. Who knows the oil pump God placed in a man? The heart of a human being is an oil pump. It has inlet and outlet. As many of you that have read a little Biology, you will notice that the heart of a human being has valves the inlet valves and the outlet valves.
41. So, you will notice that the heart of a human being has compressors. The compressors will compress and push the blood up. Are you getting what I am saying? And then veins will begin their work. The arteries will collect; the veins will distribute.
42. Therefore, man is a functional engine. I am saying that the oil and water will do nothing until the pumps are okay.
43. Every action of a man emanates from the heart. No action of a man emanates from the brain. The heart sends the information to the brain because the brain is a kind of sensor or sensory neuron that will transmit information. The heart will transmit that information to the brain and it registers there then muscles are flexed.
44. I am saying that we must make sure that the oil and the water are well distributed so that there wouldn’t be friction.
45. If you can apply this Message, apply the wisdom in this Message in your daily life, your daily interaction with one another, there can never be any friction anywhere. There can never be any situation you cannot surmount.

Chapter Three
Last Sunday, you were all here, about this time, I addressed you concerning evil men and women that crept into the Camp to do havoc and I warned seriously that if there be such people here, they should find themselves out.
2. If God had not intervened, we would have lost our little son last Sunday. You all saw the boy. Praise God that the boy is here also today.
3. But I really thank God who specializes in keeping His Words and overlooking the transgression. Are you hearing me?
4. Friction would have cost the life of the baby because the husband and wife could not agree even in my presence, and I was wondering whether such a thing could be found here even in such a deadly situation.
5. At a point, I decided to keep them all away and look at life alone. What I am after is about saving the life of the little boy. Please, Brother Kelechi, bring the child to Me.
6. As for the couples, when you get home, try and settle the matter within yourselves. As for Me to meddle into this nonsense, I will never try it.
7. Watch Me, I will never meddle into family wahala in this Faith again. My reason is this: I have given you all things that will make your families paradise on earth.
8. If I discover that you are suffering from typhoid and malaria, my duty is to give you the appropriate medicine. I can never force you to swallow them. And immediately I applied that wisdom, love projected. The corpse began to make some movements. Finally till today, we still have the boy moving about.
9. But I have to praise the courage of the child’s parents because I cannot talk about their evil side without talking about their good side.
10. You see, our Sister developed such courage that is very hard to be seen in an ordinary fellow. It was courage that moved her to carry the corpse to My house. When she came to My house with the baby, I examined the boy and saw that everywhere was stiff; the only life left was in the eyes. The legs were bent, the hands were broken, and the spines were stiff. The whole body was stiff. From the chest to the lower abdomen; were as stiff as iron and at the same time, the weight of the boy was very heavy.
11. I anointed the baby a little, rushed into the bedroom, dressed-up hurriedly and ordered everybody to enter the vehicle that the case will not be handled in my house, that it will be handled here in the Fellowship.
12. I thank God; God never disappointed us down here. The mother continued with her faith, overlooked the baby and continued in her worship dancing and praising God.
13. I saw the child not less than ten times that day. I was moving up and down when the father came. In spite of the embarrassment in everything he witnessed, there was one statement he made because we left very late because of that child.
14. I said, “Go and reason with your wife, agree and then you can go to general hospital.” He said, “Sir, I am not going to the general hospital. I am going home with my wife. We will agree and we will still bring the child back to you.”
15. Because I wanted to clear all obstacles, I called our Brother, Dr. Orjiakor. We told him what we had witnessed. All the questions he asked there were all negative negative A to Z.
16. He said, “If this is the case, I don’t know any other thing. Then it is spiritual because all that doctors will suspect were all absent in the baby.”
17. So, everybody; we have to praise God, but we have to make sure we are in the right relationship with one another at all times. There shouldn’t be any unguided hour in your life because that unguided hour is the hour the enemy is looking for.
18. You have to be alert spiritually and physically so that you can not be easily swept away by the craftiness of the enemy.
19. Once Satan succeeds in sowing discord amongst Brethren, any kind of havoc can be wreaked among us. But as long as we are in harmony, in strict agreement, spiritually and physically, fully representing the interest of one another; fully protecting the interest of one another.
20. Please note the two words I have used, REPRESENTING and PROTECTING, not REPRESENTING and DESTROYING.
21. You can represent me and still destroy me but I say represent me and also protect me.
22. Once we are representing and protecting one another, closing ranks with one another, the enemy can never see anywhere he can begin to accuse us or to act against us. It is impossible.
23. William Branham said, “Because we have let down the bar, every kind of animal has come into the farm to wreak havoc in the field.”
24. What is the essence of fencing your farm? It is to keep predators away from the field. So also it is with life too.
25. You have to be filled with the Word of God to the point that in every situation, the Word of God in you will lift up a standard. Hallelujah!
26. When I say the spirit of God lifting a standard, I mean the Word of God in you.
27. After all, the Words you are hearing from Me, they are Spirits and they are Life. So, be filled with the Spirit of God. Constantly meditate on the Word.
28. Whatever that comes around you, don’t speak quickly. Examine that thing seriously in the light of the Messages you have received and then take your position immediately. Amen.

Chapter Four
I have looked into life situations and I have seen too many things around human beings. I have seen that nothing poses obstruction to human life more than negative thinking.
2. I repeat: nothing poses obstruction in a man’s life more than negative thinking. 
3. A negative thinker incurs more enemies than friends.
4. But watch progressive people, easy-going people, well-faring men and women, they are all that think positively. They overcome obstacles by their positive ways of seeing things.
5. Yes, I don’t care what that thing looks like. Yes! I believe that the trial that comes to me today is God’s triumph tomorrow. For that reason, I have to be positive about life.
6. Think positive; act positive, and you will never have any regrets. I believe it because man’s disappointment is God’s opportunity. I say, Man’s disappointment is not a failure before God; rather, it is an opportunity. Yes!
7. So, I really thank God that we are still marching on. You have need of politeness. You have need of respect. You have received the Message ‘Temper and Pride: Obstacles to Human Development.
8. The secret of abiding in that Message lies in recognizing the virtue in politeness, the virtue in respect. Even if you are higher than that person, respect the person for it adds to your personality. I say it adds to your personality.
9. Your disposition makes you friendly. I say your disposition makes you friendly. Your disposition also puts you on the winning side.
10. One that is not thinking positively is also suspicious of his environment. If you do not think positively, you are suspicious. Once you are suspicious, you can never have rest. Even if there is nothing to suspect, you will create one yourself. That goes to show that you are not looking at life positively.
11. Let us begin to look at life from the positive angle and then drive away all human extremisms. Every human being should have patience. Let our extremism be God’s opportunity to perform. Amen.
12. So, hearing is our duty, believing is our duty, accepting is our duty, practicing is our duty but the glory goes to God.
13. For example, let Me use a man who came to me one day. He said that I should not tell the wife that he visited Me. He praised the Messages, praised the Faith and praised everything.
14. He said, “Son of Man, you see, I love my wife. Do you know why I permitted her to be coming to your Fellowship? Since I married her, she has attended too many Churches and each time I tried to stop her, it will cause problem.
15. In spite of all the Churches she has attended, her life remained the same always challenging and fighting me. She can hardly hear from me. Sometimes, she will just run away from the house and stay where I don’t know sometimes for weeks.
16. But I have noticed something serious since she came into your Faith. I had been watching her character.
17. But it appears the Holy Ghost in your Message arrested her. Neighbors no longer hear us talk or quarrel again. If I ask her to sit down now, she will just sit down. You see, I can now control her.
18. In fact, I have come here just to praise you. Continue in The Work! I can now come back from work, eat, drink and have rest.
19. In fact, if there is any problem in my house now, I am the cause. She is no longer the cause. That is why I have come to tell you that I am very happy concerning the present behaviour of my wife. But do not tell her that I came.”
20. I said, “Okay, she will not hear this, but one day, try to visit us here.” He said that he would have loved to come only that there are too many activities in town and many of them are always on Sundays and he wouldn’t like to miss any of them.
21. I said okay. He then said, “Son of Man, do you have another bottle of beer there?” I said, “You are free to take.” He said, “I love you and your people.”
22. Is it funny? No! Forget about the funny side. I say, forget about the funny side.
23. Every mad man has a little sense. Are you getting what I am saying? Some are born mad. Situations make some mad. Fellow human beings make some mad.
24. Nobody is born wicked. Human beings make human beings wicked. When you press a man to the wall, he must bounce back. This is the reason why God gathered us here so that nobody will make the attempt of pressing his Brother or Sister to the wall so that we will begin to see our limits as human beings for we have our limitations.
25. There are things we dare not think of, let alone practice because we are sons and daughters of God, representing His interest, protecting His interest.
26. What destroyed the Churches today is the character of their members. What rendered the name “Jesus” useless is the characters of those that mention it. What rendered the Bible useless is the character of those carrying the Bible.
27. If this place is good, the credit goes to you. It is a report that you are good. If this Faith is bad, you are bad for you are the Faith. You are this Place.
28. The same way it is in every home. No home is bad without the human beings there. No home is good without the human beings there.
29. In other words, it is in the power of our hands to collectively agree that our homes must be paradise on earth. It is also in the power of our hands to agree to make our homes hell on earth.
30. So, heaven and hell are in the power of man to create because heaven is an atmosphere, the same way, hell is also an atmosphere. Are you getting what I am saying? Peace is an atmosphere, so also, violence is an atmosphere.
31. On this note Brethren, I say, bye for now. Remain Blessed.
32. I invite Apostle Kelechi to the pulpit. Give him your undivided attention. This is just my good morning to everybody. It does form a part of your Sunday school. I don’t know how I could be here without saying welcome to all of you.
33. So, with these few Words, I welcome you to the fullness of the Sunday school. Give him your rapt attention and the Lord will use him to move here. You will go home blessed. Thank you for listening.
34. Remain Blessed In Him Eternally.