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I am the Fountain of the Living Water. Whosoever shall come to Me and drink,
shall never go thirsty again, but have everlasting life. Believe it if you can... — The Son of Man.               


Preached on 26th JUNE, 2011 At the Household of God Onitsha By APOSTLE PETER  ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “Truth has no substitute” at BRIDAL FAITH MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

I am not only crowned a King, I am crowned King of kings and the Lord of lords. Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
 (from the Message: I am Back)
I am your Mercy Seat, if I set you free, you are free indeed. If I declare you guilty, carry your case to anywhere, you must be pronounced guilty for God cannot contradict His Messenger. No matter the problem, once it gets to Moses, that is final.
 You are looking for the Ark of God in the wooden form, you do not know that Christ is the Ark. I say Christ is the Ark for He is the fulfilment of the Law and of the Prophet..
 (I AM YOUR MERCY SEAT. PAGES 121& 122; VS 39  & 40.

Remain blessed in Him eternally. While we wait patiently for the promised day; it shall be one day known unto the Lord. In addition, that day can never over stay by a single second.
2.            Thus, we are trusting in the Lord, that He that started the good work in us will surely complete it. If you know you are the one that started the good work in your life, let us know.
3.            To God be the glory for the great things He has done, so loving  that He gave us His Son who yielded His life as an atonement for sin and opened the life gate that all may go in.
4.            Praise the Lord, let the Earth hear His Voice! I thank God that I can see your faces looking bright once again. Say no to anything that will make your face look gloomy. Anything, I do not care what that thing is all about, rejoice exceedingly every minute of the day because God knows who you are, He knows what you are thinking in your heart, and your thinking can never solve that problem.
5.            See, I never knew the day I entered my mother’s womb. Though I may know everything on Earth, but I can never say precisely the time I entered my mother’s womb. There is only but one Person that knows the hour I entered: He noted it, the hour I came out He equally noted it. He had already programmed my journey on Earth before I ever appeared: everything about me, He has everything about my calendar.
6.            Do you know that history is written after events? However, it is the Almighty that writes history before events. Why? He knows the end from the very beginning.
7.            Take a step forward or backward, He knows where you are landing. There is no word that will proceed out of your mouth, which He does not even know ahead of time. For a word is nothing but a thought expressed. So when the word existed in your heart as a thought, He knew it before it was expressed.
8.            Why should I be gloomy? Why should I feel sad? He knows how I will journey here on Earth. He knows the day my journey here on Earth will come to an end, and how it will come. To you, it can be a surprise or a shocker, to Him; it is the fulfilment of His perfect will for me.
9.            If you are a child of God, underline it: anything God has never permitted can never come to you. The Devil can never have access to you, unless IT HAS been permitted by God to HAPPEN. Moreover, He that permits the Devil will tell the Devil the extent he will go, and the Devil must surely obey; he can never cross that extent.
10.         Can’t you consider the man Job? Satan obtained permission from God to test Job and God gave him (Devil ) that permission, and also directed him very well with specific instructions, giving him the limit where he could not cross.
11.         God said, “Do everything you want to do, but don’t ever touch his soul.”
12.         Remember before he came for permission, Satan has been at work around Job, and Job knew it not for he depended on the atoning sacrifice, which he was making continually on a daily basis. For that was what God demanded from him, and there was no way the Devil could operate to his knowledge, for he was sealed. There was a very big hedge around him.
13.         Thus, on a daily basis, the Devil stopped at the hedge. After some time, the Devil came back to God and said, “Is it not because you built a strong hedge around him, that you are boasting with him, that he will serve you till eternity, faithfully and loyally? Now remove the hedge and permit me to go. Remove the hedge, and then permit me.”
14.         God looked round and said, “Okay, I have removed the hedge, you are now permitted but don’t touch his soul.”
15.         What am I saying? Sometimes, the Lord will remove His Hedge around you, and permit the flowing in of diversE troubles, triALs and temptations.
16.         However, He will give specific instruction, make sure you do not tamper with his soul. Besides, he has the number of days, weeks, months, years it will last. For it will not last forever. The trial of Job, was it an eternal trial? It was a temporary trial. See whatever you are passing through is a temporary triAl, temporary suffering because your life here on Earth is temporary. Temporary, is not permanent yet. Amen.
17.         See, because we have valued life on Earth more than eternal life, that is why any little thing you begin to panic. No wonder Celestine Okwu said, “Pleasures of life have killed us! Everybody will begin to panic that he or she does not want to die now.”
18.         As a result, do not be gloomy. I do not care what the situation looks like, be glad at all times. Rejoice exceedingly, arming yourself with the truth that “He that is with you, is by far greater, mightier than he that is opposing you.” In all situations, you are never alone.
19.          “I will never leave you as orphans. Call upon Me in the time of trouble, and I will answer you, and you will praise my Name,” saith the Lord God Almighty.
20.         “Call upon Me in time of trouble and I will answer. Call upon Me in the time of sorrow, in the time of difficulty, in the time of distress, in the time of sickness, in any situation and I will answer you. Then you will praise My Name,” ” says the Lord.
21.         Jesus Christ admonished his people and said, “Knock and it shall be opened. Seek, and ye shall find. Ask, and ye shall receive.” He said, “ If you ask anything in my name, henceforth, ask and it shall be given to you that your joy might be full.”
22.         Paul speaking the same thing, said that the eyes of the Lord is upon the righteous for good and not for evil. What is that good thing you think God will withhold from you? Tell me what that good thing is all about? There is no sacrifice God can never make to make sure we feel happy.
23.         He that could not spare the Lord Jesus Christ, but gave him to die for your sake and for my sake, tell me what you think He can withhold which He can now value more than the life He sacrificed on the Cross.
24.         That is why the Scripture said, “No good thing shall the Lord withhold, from those that walk uprightly. Ye shall never lack anything good for it is the promise of God.”
25.         David proved it, the Prophets proved it. All our forefathers proved it. I am here to confirm that it is true. Go there, lions will lack, birds of the air will lack, every other person will lack but those that put their trust and confidence in the Lord, those that reverence the Lord shall never lack anything good.
26.         Remember that every good and honest gift cometh from God. Why should you worry, why should you complain, why should you murmur? Why should you wear gloomy face? I can trouble myself over everything, but not of something that comes from God directly.
27.         Anything I know that will come from God directly, I do not trouble myself over it. I simply wait for it. For I know, there is an appointed day for it. It shall come my way and I will join others in praising the Lord. Our problem is that we are always in a haste. We are impatient with God, for we want to receive our own commendations that we have tried.
28.         Well, if your labour can make it for you, go ahead! Nevertheless, I will show you too many that have laboured more than you yet ended it at nothing. The same way, I will show you those that laboured a little, they entrusted their lives into the hands of God, and He bettered their lots. Yes! If God blesses me, I have a testimony, but if I achieve anything I have no testimony.
29.         Trust in the Lord at all times. Reverence Him, let nothing disturb you  especially where we are now. We have read the Scriptures; we have seen histories and things like that. Never have we come to the time where prophecies are fulfilling like they are fulfilling today.
30.         Moreover, we have never come to this type of situation where God reveals even the secrets of the hearts to human beings as He is doing in these last days.  Amen.

The New York senate in America, that is the House of Senate in New York America, they met and passed the same-sex marriages bill into law. Making it the sixth state in America that passed that bill into law. The bill now permits a man to marry a man, a woman to marry a woman and wed in the marriage registry. This bill was passed into law on 25th June, 2011.
2.            Where are we at? Remember the Pope has endorsed it; the whole of Europe has endorsed it. The same way they endorsed homosexualism, Pope being number one that endorsed and adopted it. Where are we at?
3.            This day, Obama addressed the whole world on the problem between America, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A big problem is there right now. In Afghanistan, the suicide bombers are not resting. They are bombing all police barracks, army barracks, government structures and things like that.
4.            Where are we at? They bombed their medical centre, killing over twenty people, wounding over hundred people. In Pakistan also, the Taliban equally wrecked havoc there using grenades and killed many innocent children and women.
5.            What is more, Barak Obama, the President of America said that America will no longer fold her arm and see Al-Qaeda network destroy the reputation of America worldwide. That they have given the whole world the impression that America is strongly against Islamic Faith. As a result, because of the great threat, which they are facing now from Pakistan, Obama has decided to marshal out land troops, that they are going to march fire for fire with Pakistan.
6.            Turkey has warned America that, that could mean the end of the world. That no country in the whole world can boast of having piles of nuclear weapons more than Pakistan. That is why India is afraid of them, and America is trying all these years to maintain friendly ties. That any attack on Pakistan, marks the end of the world.
7.            The America scientist also said that there is no need waiting. That if attacking Pakistan means the end of the world, that it will be better. That what the astronauts are expecting to touch the Earth anytime from now, what is about to shatter the whole Earth, is here.
8.            Anybody that read Friday newspaper, “Compass” will equally see the same thing there—something that will shatter the whole Earth.
9.            I am saying that the entire world is panicking. For they know that disaster is on the way. Destruction is on the way. What is more, UN, (United Nations), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), America, Arab League, they joined forces together on Wednesday, 22nd June 2011 and gave Israel a mandate to sign the pact declaring Palestinian State. The deadline is September 30th, or Israel will face the consequence if they fail to sign. How many heard this news? It is in the Internet, it is everywhere.
10.         When you go to the Internet, do not only end it in looking for your results or things like that. For something that can halt your career is along the way. When you go to the Internet try to surf information that are related to your Faith. Browse events in the Middle East and know what is happening.
11.         What is more, we are not talking about Syria again, it will not stop again. We do not talk of Libya, in spite of the heavy bombing and heavy air strikes by NATO, the man vowed a vow he will never surrender. Yemen said over their dead body.
12.         Everywhere speaks doom. Down here in Nigeria, how safe are we? When our law enforcement agents are also afraid. I mean the people that should provide security to the nation are equally afraid. Who then can stand and say, “I am hundred percent (100%) secure”? Nigeria is beefing up security everyday.
13.         Remember that the enemy is wiser than the people he is attacking. Do you know why I blame Nigeria? They have never come out with the truth for one day. How can you hold security meeting and disclose the outcome of the meeting to the press? In addition, the press will now make everything public, and this will enable your attackers to develop another strategy.
14.         What am I saying, everybody appears to be confused. However, I have told you that security is of the Lord. For if God fails to secure you, all the watchmen around you are wasting their time.
15.         Why should you be sad? Why should you be gloomy when you are almost resting in paradise?
16.         Have I not told you THAT what you are passing through now is your last labour PAIN; the next step is your delivery into paradise. My days are numbered; your days are also numbered.
17.         When the tide is gathering around us, the flight is near. For every development draws us closer to the appointed day. We are moving forward, we are not moving backward. For God said, the moment it starts, it will never stop again. It will increase in tempo, sporadically, until it will engulf everywhere. Moreover, you can see, instead of stopping, it is progressing.
18.         As long as it is moving forward, we are also moving closer, for the events are pulling us along. Our flight is going to be in the troublous times.
19.         We have calculated the date, we have calculated everything, we have prayed, we have seen the thing. Note, not like Harold Camping. Our own is one million miles away from his own.
20.         We have seen it. We have done the arithmetic very well. We have prayed, we have enquired, and we are sure for it is tied to a great event that will turn the eyes of the world away. In addition, that great event is fast approaching.

21.         There are three things that fool people in this Faith. Number one of them is Brother and Sister. Number two is “remain blessed.” Number three is “I go to fellowship! If God has found fault with me, He would have excommunicated me. For the fact, that I am still going to fellowship and He is seeing me everyday, He has not excommunicated me, or indicted me, is He afraid of me?”
22.         For that reason, any other person is a false accuser. Such a person is not led by God. In other words, coming to fellowship can fool you.
23.         “Remain blessed,” can fool you. The same way, “Brother, Sister,” can fool you. You can take glory in all these things and still perish. That is why I gave you a Message titled “Who Is My Brother, Who Is My Sister?” HE OR SHE is one that takes delight in the word of God, and obeys the word. That is your Brother that is your Sister. One that takes side with God, Knowing that God can never be in error, he is always on the lords side. That is your Brother, that is your Sister.
24.         That is why the Prophet warned us saying, “If you are going in a way, in the Message He titled “The Perfect Guide,” you get to a point along the way and your guide says, “Let us go to the right” and you say no, maybe because you think you know more than your guide that it must be the left, and you go to the left, you are completely lost. For if you had known the way, there was no need assigning you to a guide.
25.         Can you correct something you do not know? For a student to correct the teacher, he must have known the subject matter more than the teacher.
26.         Check, when the people of Israel made the attempt to correct God, God gave them the Law, they now understood the Law, and felt they have the perfect interpretation of the Law more than God.
27.         Hence, they decided to use the Law on God. Who suffered? They perished! That is why, it will take God to expand your understanding, that you might know the real meaning of the Scriptures. For any Message that is preached in this Faith by any minister, Deacon Sebastian has his own version. He has his own personal version, that is, his own personal interpretation. In addition, the aim is to distract the attention of people around him that they will not believe it.
28.         Any day you delve into your own personal version of the word of God, you have denominated. You have left the faith; you are no longer in the faith of Christ. You are now in your own manmade faith.
29.         That is why, the moment people reject God’s own plan of salvation, they must initiate their own human plans. The way they see it, the way it should be, not the way it is, but the way they want it to be; but it will never, never, never be that way. For any way that seemeth right in the eyes of a man, the end thereof is destruction. In addition, the dying man does not like to die alone.

30.         I have to repeat the warning you have in your Great Sermon which says, “Be very careful that you are not sitting in the same pew with an Elder who is out of the way of truth. Or else, he will bias your mind. You will no longer believe the Gospel of Christ.”
31.         Be very careful about an Elder, who has fallen away from the Faith, and he is still sitting down in the fellowship. Go to the Great Sermon for God said, “There are many of them in this Bridal Faith.” The only thing that is holding them back is that they have not seen another place to go or what they are enjoying from the brethren is holding them back from leaving us. These are the two things holding them. Go back to the Great Sermon and you will see it there. It was a prophetic message.
32.         Anybody who prays a prayer saying, “God, reveal my condition and this and that to me through dream,” to begin with, the person has fallen away from the Faith of Christ. The perfect mind of God is made known to His children, through the Spoken Word. The mind of God concerning you is revealed by His Word.
33.         Through the preaching of the Word, which is God’s mirror, you and I will begin to see ourselves featuring naked in God’s mirror. For nothing reveals who you are, your nature, even the thoughts of your hearts order than the Word of God. For it is quick, powerful, shaper than any double-edged dagger. God said it is shaper than surgical blade. It tears you asunder, rakes out the thought, the motives, the imagination of the hearts. Making everything plain.
34.         However, when you neglect it, wave it aside; you will now begin to pray that God will come to you through dreams which signifies your judgment.
35.         There are many revelations from God, but the greatest is the revelation of the Word. For in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Even in the book of Revelation, He had a Name written: THE WORD OF GOD.
36.         Today, we are feasting in the Word, for the Word has been made flesh. The Word has become flesh. When the Word has become flesh, and He reveals you, reveals me, and you wave it aside and say, “Speak to me through dream!” Some will say, “I do not believe what others are saying. Is he afraid of me? Until he speaks to me and calls me by my name, I will not take it.” Wait for it. He will call you, but not to save you again.
37.         If I bring you to the pulpit, I have my reasons. I thank God that Pastor Christian featured in the pulpit today, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Yes, I believe it. For God can never allow anybody to come to the pulpit to deceive His flock. I was at my seat paying attention while our Pastor was preaching.
38.         Do not be fooled that you heard me showing or talking to them, at a time you think I am asleep, that is the time I monitor things better than you think. You might be thinking that I am talking with you, until I begin to quarrel with somebody who is talking from there. Then you will know that my ears are there. My mind is there. Glory be to God in the highest.
39.         Brother Longinus Alua brought a magazine the “Paraglet.” Paraglet, it is a magazine an extract from magazine called Para-let supposedly a Catholic magazine. It contains an interview that was granted a Reverend Father.
40.         I am not in doubt about these things; neither did they form my Message. We all know that, there is no group under the sky that preserves history more than Roman Catholics. If you want to know the authenticity of any history, go to them. They have the monks, the Jesuits that specialise in preserving ancient information.
41.         Whatever they have discovered at last makes me to laugh. Look at the title, “Jesus was never a white man revealed at last.” Note they said, “Revealed at last.” To an infant in this Faith, I mean a young child in this Faith that is three years, or two; this thing the Catholics have discovered at last is something we have already set aside. If anybody should come now with a new revelation, saying it is great, saying God is a human being, how will you look at that revelation?
42.          I am saying that this latest discovery by the Catholics appears to them to be the greatest revelation of the generation.
43.         Here are some excerpts from the magazine: “Many Jew scholars knew and accept the fact that Jesus came out of Africa. There are close cultural affinities between the Igbos and Jews of the Bible. However, is not true at all. The Church has not officially thought that Jesus and Mary are whites.”
44.         Note, it says that the Church has not officially thought that Mary and Jesus are white. However, somebody who said he was a Bishop among us or who was a Bishop among us, when he left this Faith after many years, he published his own poster and every other flyers saying in that poster: “How can a sensible man believe that God is a black man? How can God, Almighty God be a black man? Even how can God be a human being? The Creator of the Universe.”
45.         Thus, Roman Catholics are now better than the person. Yet, this is a man that calls pope the anti-Christ and he does not believe that God is a human being. Satan will rise up in this generation to condemn this generation. To many Catholics that are still in our midst, I know you will rejoice now.
46.         When I talk strongly against Catholic, you feel offended. But when I begin to praise them from the good side they will be happy. I am harbouring Catholics here, it is a spirit. It is not written on anybody’s face. You can be a Catholic and you are here.
47.         A Deeper Life Church evangelist came to my street, and said he was preaching the Word of God unadulterated. He was telling people that anybody who marries wives should regard only but one as his true wife; that is the one he took to the altar of the Lord and wedded her. That even if that one is the tenth one and she is the first that he used for his wedding, that, that is the only approved wife. That the rest are harlots in his house and should be driven away.
48.         I said, “What! If that is the case, what of Jacob who was called Israel, the father of our faith?” For we are serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
49.         Remember that God permitted Jacob to take two at the same time. I mean marry two at the same time; the same father, the same mother. including the maids and so on. Is it not true? Brethren, are we serving another God? Brother Sebastian, I know you may have something to say there.
50.          “The artistic impression we see in our morals...” Brethren have I not told you to disregard every artistic impression for they are Roman Catholic origin. Do not ever take the picture they are painting about Jesus, painting about Almighty God; sometimes they paint angels having two hands, two legs and two wings.
51.         Just like Kumuyi who has never departed from Catholic, who said that the Arch Angel, the Mighty Angel will fly round the whole world, with a big trumpet in the mouth. He drew it in his tracks, the coming of the Lord. Drew a big Angel with wings, hands and feet with trumpet flying in the air. That is the man that says that 666 is a computer. That it is manufactured in Brussels. That it will give people the number on their shoulders, on the faces and things like that.
52.         How I wish I will have the opportunity, don’t worry one day I will go to Main Market, buy some plain polo and take it to Pastor Christian, write 666 front and back with a cap with the inscription 666 on it. I will be marching on the street so that everybody will run away from me.
53.         What is more, he was giving a testimony how he saw a vehicle with a registration number 666, that the man was blind. That he never knew he has taken the mark of the beast.
54.         I said, “What! What of student identification number? In other words, if your registration number is 666, you have taken the mark. Brethren we are too far away from where they are. You see why it is absolutely impossible to deceive the elect. Why? They have been taught by God. They have Him in person for their Teacher.
55.         Brother Victor Ugwu, are you in Rome or Italy? Better go back to Rome! Sabbath is part of Rome, so you can go to Nnobi and join hands with the son of your former master.
56.          “...The artistic impression we see in our morals...” Sabbath is Roman Catholic. Roman Catholics is the Church of rituals, the religion of rituals. Is it not true? Apart from this Bridal Faith, every other religious group is a congregation of ritualists. They make sacrifices that differ one to another.
57.         How many knows that tithe is a sacrifice? If you pay tithe, you are obligatory to keep the rest of the Sabbath Laws. When you pay tithe and refuse the rest, you are guilty of all. The Bride of Christ Ministery is the only Faith that is free from all forms of ritual, no other forms of ritual, no other sacrifice, it is finish.
58.         You only believe and you enter into the Rest. For we that have believed have enter into that Rest. We are waiting. If we have not entered into that rest, by now we would have been labouring. We are no longer labouring; we are praising God for what He has already accomplished.
59.         The artistic impression we see in our moral, and Holy pictures are just artistic impression that lay no claims of no historical accuracy...”
60.         Brethren I hope you are paying attention? Am I the writer? This is reverend father Ernest, a PHD holder and also a Holy Ghost father CSSP. An interview granted him. This excerpt is from Roman Catholic magazine not from the Bridal Magazine. Can they deceive themselves? The answer is yes! For we are living in the last days where people are being greatly deceived and they are also deceiving others.
61.         “...The artistic impression you see in our morals, the Holy pictures are just that, artist impression that lay no claims of no historical accuracy. The idea of African Jesus and Mary does not affect any Church teaching on Jesus and Mary” The African Jesus is still the saviour of the world...”
62.         Note, it says that the African Jesus is still the saviour of the world and the book of Hebrews 13: 8 says, “He is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Till eternity He will remain African. This is what I want to establish. By the time it was revealed to you, did you read this magazine? This is one of the things that are commonly believed among us for which cause we are labelled heretics.
63.         Today, the stone the builders rejected, in no distance time, sooner than we think, shall be regarded as the chief corner stone of the building.
64.         Go back to the Message title “Building the True Temple of The Lord That is Not Made of Hands.”
65.         You see, this is their greatest discovery, their greatest revelation. They have just discovered it now. Is like many years ago when our former Apostle Joseph sent in something that he downloaded from the Internet. One American philosopher, at the end of his research, he said that he discovered that Jehovah of the Old Testament is Jesus Christ of the New Testament, and we were laughing.
66.         To Americans, it was a great discovery. However, to us in this Faith, even infants it was not new. It pays to know that you are in the truth. Let the heavens fall, everything can be destroyed, truth can never be destroyed. We can do nothing against the truth. Amen.

Before I invite the preacher, Pastor Dan you please come here with your glass. Read the book of Selah. The little I want to refresh everybody’s mind with “The Book of Selah.”
2.            The book of Selah, how many have seen it? You have not seen it but you know the content. The book of Selah contains in your publication title “The Holy Goto, The Book of Selah.”
3.            “The Book of Selah,” chapter one: “If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? And every messenger of God in every age...
4.            How can man relate with Him? You have seen Him, you have heard Him speak, you have touched Him with your hands, you have ate and drank with Him, you have slept with Him. If He is not a human being, can this testimonies follow people that saw Him?
5.            You can see everything, can you see air? Has anybody seen air with his eyes? You can see smoke, but you can only feel air. You can never say you have touched air; “I have ate and drank with air, I have heard air speak.” Impossible!
6.            If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? And every messenger of God in every age has always been God-man...” Remember that Jesus of Africa is God-man, the Saviour of the world, the Creator of the world.
7.            Remember we are not talking about Jesus; we are talking about Christ in Jesus. Jesus was not in the world before the world began, but Christ was in the world before the world began.
8.            Remember it was Christ in him (Jesus) that made him God. For Christ to be made visible, Christ has to dwell in a bagger skin so that human beings can now see Him.
9.            You want to see Christ? See the vessel where Christ is tabernacling, the Temple that is templing God.
10.         And every messenger of God in every age has always been God-man. As God to save...”
11.         This is the dual nature of every messenger of God.
12.          “As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him...
13.         Note, as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him. That is, to stumble them, to cause them not to believe. The dual nature of God. That is why William Branham said, “Whatever you want to see in Christ is what you will see. If you want to see a mere man, you will see a mere man. You want to see God you will see God. It depends on what you want to see.
14.         If you want to see a criminal, you will see it. You want to see a mad man, you will see it. You want to see a righteous man, you will see it. It depends on what you are looking for.  
15.         William Branham said, “When you come to God looking for fault, you will see million and trillion of faults. But when you come to God looking for salvation, automatically you are saved.” It depends on what you want to see.
16.         When you come to a man of God expecting to see his fault, you will see many. However, when you come to see Christ, you must surely see Christ. It depends on the one you are looking for. Are you looking for his faults or for Christ in Him? The answer lies with you.
17.         When the Jews came watching him (Jesus Christ); I say they watched him. Anywhere he went, they watched him. Every statement he makes, they interpret it. What happened? They concluded that he had a Devil, he was mad, he was a drunkard, he was a fornicator, that he was this and that.
18.         Nevertheless, when Mary Magdalene came, and other idiots, looking for Christ, like people say they would like to see Christ, what happened? They saw Christ! But the rest saw a mad man, a useless fellow, one possessed of the Devil or chief of the Devil. It depends on what you are looking for. For whatever you are looking for is what you must see, and that is what you must get.
Reasoning the word of God produces unbelief
19.         God said, “Incline your heart unto Me and I will grant you the desires of your heart.”
20.         When you incline your heart unto God, all your desires must be met. However, when you are not inclining your heart to God, but you are watching to find fault; there is no way He can meet your needs anymore. Your condition will even be worse.
21.         I am showing you some things from “The Book of Selah.” …And every messenger of God in every age has always been God-man. As to God to save...” Nzubechi is wondering where she was when this publication came out, must you get all? Apostle Kelechi do you have it? No! Since you do not have it, how can she have it?
22.         “…As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and reject Him. But in Him is the Almighty hidden...
23.         Despise Him and reject Him, it is your right. Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden. Do you believe it? The Jews despised Jesus, they rejected him, yet, in him was the Almighty hidden. They despise David, they rejected David, yet in him was the Almighty that destroyed King Goliath, the warrior that was mightier than all flesh in his day.
24.         Brethren, they rejected the Prophets of old, they despised them, they imprisoned some of them, they killed them but in their dispensation, in them was the Almighty hidden.
25.         “The Book of Selah,” how many would like to have a copy? What have you done with the ones you are holding?
26.         Despise Him, reject Him, treat Him with contempt, ridicule Him if you can, mock Him, scoff Him, laugh at Him, set His Word at nought, it is your right. However, in Him is the Almighty hidden.
27.         William Branham said, “In Him is the shewbread which we are feeding on.” He is the shewbread, the Word of life, the Bread of Life, which we have been feeding on from the year 1992 till this day, yet we have not exhausted it.
28.         Where is it Hidden? In Him that is greatly despised, rejected, laughed at, mocked, and set aside.
29.         The man that led in that profession the day the Church at Egbema was commissioned was the former Bishop who said, “He is the Messiah, whole heartedly speaking. If you like call Him a liar, call Him a madman, call Him a thief, He remains the Messiah, this is final truth;” where is he today?
30.         We are not standing by our strength, for too many that proclaimed this truth are not in the Faith till today. We are in this Faith, not by our power, not by our might but by the special Grace of God, unmerited favour.
31.         I am not the one holding the Rock but the Rock holds me. I am standing on the Rock which is God Almighty. Every other ground is sinking sand.
32.         “…And every messenger of God in every age has always been God-man, as God to save and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and reject Him. Yet in Him is the Almighty hidden.
33.         It maybe the hour now that this great Person that we are expecting to rise on the scene may rise on the scene. Maybe this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word, has laid a foundation. And if it has, I will be leaving you for good.” This is William Branham speaking. Note, “Maybe this ministry,”  (referring to William Branham’s ministry) You do not need to query me for I know what I am doing.
34.         “…There won’t be two of us here at the same time. If it is, He will increase and I will decrease. I don’t know, but I have been privileged by God to look and see what it was unfold to that much, now that is the truth. We have got a ministry coming; that it is just like the life of Christ. What does that ministry identify? The coming of the Lord. God is going to place His Church, sons and daughters of God. God, let me live to see it is my prayer.
35.         So close, I can just feel it with my hands almost. It is right there. That is what I long to see. Faith is perfection; the ministry has to come to his perfection, when it produces Christ again in natural...
36.         The ministry has come to perfection when it produces Christ again in natural among human beings.
37.         Faith is perfection. The ministry has come to his perfection when it produces Christ again in natural.
38.         God’s nature is your only ticket to Paradise, for if you do not have God’s nature, you are not one with God.
39.         The people and the Word had got to be one. Jesus and the Word was the same, he was the Word. And when Jesus lived in human being ,that makes him and the Word the same. Your life tells what you are.”
40.         Chapter two: “God made incredible promises, there is nothing credible about God’s promises...” Underline it. God makes unbelievable promises. There is nothing, believable that can be associated with God’s promises.
41.         God promises are believed and not reasoned...
42.         God’s promises are believed and not reasoned. They are not interpreted. You do not interpret God’s promise. Where do you begin to interpret it? God’s promises are believed, they are not reasoned. If you reason, you become another Sarah who reasoned and said, “How can this happen seeing I have no more desire for a man and I am stricken in age.” Elizabeth reasoned, “I have become old and my Husband has become old, how can this happen?”
43.         Reasoning the word of God produces unbelief.
44.         Brother Sebastian take note. You say, “I have been hearing this all these years. You people can be afraid, not a person like me. We are the owners of this Faith. Do you want me to tell you about the Son of Man? You want me to tell you about the Faith, that is, tell you how it all started?”
45.         Let me tell you, you may know all these things, yet you perish. Nevertheless, the truth is that you know nothing about it. For the Son of Man is the one, that even allowed you to be in the fellowship at Ugwumba. I was the one that asked them to call you when you are singing praises for SDP as their youth leader or singer. I was not a minister that time, and they brought you, with your brocade; white upon white. After which you ran away again, I went for you at Obosi.
46.         If I had listened to what Mama Fani said about you, you will never smell this most holy Faith. However, I said, “Let the love of God project.” Thus, you do not know the Son of Man; neither do you know the origin of the Ministry.
47.         It is just like our former Bishop Okey would say that I should remember he was the first minister that called me to the pulpit to preach. I said, “Thank you very much! But you were not the first minister I have ever come in contact with,” that is true also.
48.         “Were you the one that put the Words of God into my mouth? Were you the one that gave Me the Message I preached, which the Holy Ghost vindicated? You could call me to the pulpit but will you give me the message to preach?”
49.         The Jews called Jesus to the pulpit in the temple, and gave him the scroll. Did they tell him what to say? No. He opened the scroll and read the portion that was written concerning him, closed it, handed it over to them and began to talk to them. They were astonished and amazed at his teachings and they said, “Where did he get this wisdom, seeing he is unlearned, he didn’t go to school?”
50.         If you call me to the pulpit, you have not done anything. The glory will go to the person who gave me the Message. Even if you do not call me, the message must get out for God’s gift finds its own way. Is it not true?

51.          This is the Book of Selah. It is not a new Message, I am only putting you in remembrance. Now, does it agree with what we read from the Catholic magazine? For you to see that this information you have heard, you received, long time ago is even the foundation of your Faith.
52.         From the time they have started believing that God is a human being, you do not need a Prophet to tell you where you are. This their last revelation was something they fought against, they imprisoned and killed many people because of it. Now they have believed it, be very careful. Where are we at? Be ready at all times.
53.         Remember when you see the Orthodox Churches, the Anglicans, Sabbatharians and Catholics going Pentecostal, organizing crusades, seminars, healing and deliverances like the Pentecostals, know it is finished. It is the last revival which is end time revival, the latter rain that saves nobody.
54.         In the Message titled, “Mixed Multitude” volume three (3), God said, “One of these days I will withhold miracles, signs and wonders, healings from among us, and then you will be feeding on My Word.” He said that time that you will be hearing that there is revival in so, so and so place. That a great man of God has appeared in so, so and so place. Look at what is happening, it is miracle extravaganza. They will say, “it is earthquake, it is fire, it is wind,” God said, “Don’t ever go there!” God permitted it to test your loyalty.
55.         That is “Mixed Multitude” part three. I will begin to talk to you on the Message titled from Jerusalem to Jericho. Then you will know that it is not in vain. There is another Message titled “Choosing a Good Path.”
56.         The Book of Selah, “…God’s promises are believed and not reasoned...” God promises are believed and not reasoned. The promise of entering into Paradise, can it be reasoned? No! You simply believe it.
57.         Now to create faith in you, for you to believe it, God placed signs using natural events, using political events, things eyes can see, ears can hear, he tied those events to the promise that cannot be reasoned so that when you see these things happening, you believe that the Promise will also come to pass.
58.         It pays to serve the Lord where He has chosen to place His Name. Number one reason is this: He will do whatever He has promised He will do for His Name sake. Whatever we are enjoying even today from the hand of God is not by merit, He is doing it for His Name sake, for He has placed His Name upon us.
59.         God’s promises are believed and not reasoned. Reasoning the word of God brings unbelief...
60.         Note it, reasoning the word of God brings unbelief, produces unbelief: “How can this happen?” All things are possible to them that believe. However, one that does not believe, nothing is possible for he does not believe. Before you finish your statement he will say, “It cannot work.” It can work for others, but it will not work for that person for he has used His heart and his mouth to settle the matter, by concluding it will not work. How can it work for you?
61.         “…believing God’s promises means believing something you cannot defend...
62.         Brethren why not say Amen! The Book of Selah!
63.         Believing God’s promises means believing something you cannot defend. For sometimes, the Promise may be a new thing that has never happened in the history of mankind. Thus, there is no laid down example which you can use as your point of argument to convince somebody that it can happen.
64.         Nevertheless, what can you say about a phenomenon that has already taken place at various times and God said He wants it to happen again? Catching away of the Saints is not a new thing; it has happened to many individuals, but it is now going to happen collectively.
65.         That which caught the individual away will also catch us away as individuals also: one by one, two by two. Believing God’s promises means believing something you cannot defend. If you have been defending God’s promises in the past, stop now!
66.         Believing God’s promises means believing something you cannot defend. You are living in an age that is going to terminate abruptly...
67.         Note it, you are living in an age that is going to terminate abruptly, without any other notice. No other sign. The book of Selah was produced many, many years ago.
68.         “...You are living in an age that is going to terminate abruptly. In all the years that are allotted to this generation, God has only but one day...
69.         Note, God has only but one day. In all the years allotted to this generation, God has only but one day. The Bible says, “It shall be one day known unto the Lord.”
70.         In all the years allotted to this generation, God has only but one day. And in the twenty-four hours of that day, He has only but one hour. And in that hour, He has only but a minute. And in that minute, a second and a twinkling of an eye...
71.         Brethren why not say Amen! In a twinkling of an eye! One second! “Wait let me take soup from the pot of soup,” No! “Give me more garri,” na lie! If your hands is in the soup that is the place it will be, if it is in your mouth that is the place it will be. What of somebody that is taking his bath naked in the bathroom, you say that place is even good?
72.         Really! Who said that place is even good? You will go America for you to go to the Church they called the naked Church where they are naked worshiping God: both you and your family, everybody, even the pastor. That day it will be wonderful. When they will start to dance, everybody will dance his own style.
73.         Glory be to God in the highest. The promise is one second, in a twinkling of an eye. At a second you knoweth not, just like we are feeding under the Clouds of Heaven even now for we are covered in His Presence in the fellowship, by the Clouds of Heaven. It is not raining, it is not sunshine. It is for you and I. You are sweating, I am sweating. It is not cooled, is not too hot, yet it is raining season. Amen.