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Israel and Palestine in Prophecy (SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT)


I am your “Mercy Seat.” But I know that one day I will change position and sit on the “Judgment Seat.” “He” that has brought you so far is the same “One” you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other person other than “He” that is with you now.

From the Message: FORGIVENESS pg 3.

This year is the year of the faithful. The Lord is coming fully to prove your faith before the Translation. For the timetable God gave us, remaineth where it is. The Son of Man will not tamper with it.
From now everybody should be very, very careful. You take precaution from now because anything can happen. A woman billed to deliver on the ninth month, can deliver on the first day of the ninth month yet, it is nine months.
Do not take this matter too far for the referee is about to collect the ball. The match had already been decided but He is only waiting for a little thing. What is that little thing? Many are claiming to be faithful. We want to know those that are faithful and those that are not.
Does it mean that you are going to write a test? No! How is the test coming to us this year? I do not know. If you must survive the test, I want to give you one thing that will be at the back of your mind.
Sometimes, God tests the faithful with something that can hardly be mentioned.
–The Son of Man

Remain blessed brethren. We owe God a great debt of gratitude for sustaining our lives till this very day. What is more, we believe His word that He has promised us, that if we remain faithful He will remain faithful to us, for God is ever faithful to His promises.
2.           He had already decreed it in His word saying, “Because I live, ye shall live also”. Thus, I believe that as long as God is alive, you and I will remain alive in Him, because His Word said that, “In Him we live, in Him we move, in Him we freely have our being”.
3.           In other words, without him we can do nothing.  Our greatest joy is that it is not a story any more, that He is tabernacling in our midst. We can say like the early apostles that we saw Him with our eyes, we heard Him speak, we touched Him, handled Him, ate and drank with Him and proved that He is life eternal.
4.           It was out of conviction that St. Peter made that statement, “To whom do we go to, seeing that you alone have the word of eternal life, and we are sure and convinced”.
5.           Ask me what Peter saw—a mere man! Peter never saw the Shekinah Cloud; he was not in the wilderness. Peter never saw anything like supernatural occurrence if not the calming down of the tempest. The next thing he saw was on the Mount of Transfiguration.
6.           Apart from these two, what he saw was a Bright Cloud and the word that calmed the tempest. The rest were mere miracles: “Thou that are blind, go and wash thy eyes in the river of …,” and the blind began to see, the lepers were cured. These are common—very, very common.
7.           We are not in His Presence because He heals the sick; He opens the physical eyes of the blind. We are in His Presence because of something greater than that. To God be the glory now and forevermore.
8.           “Pass me not oh gentle savior, hear my humble cry; while on others thou art calling. Do not pass me by”. This should be your prayer this morning, this week, this year. “Thou my everlasting portion, more than friends or life to me, all along my pilgrim journey, Savior let me walk with Thee. Close to thee, close to thee, close to thee, close to thee, all along, my pilgrim journey, savior let me walk with thee.
9.           Draw me nearer, nearer to thee, Lord! Draw me nearer, nearer to thee. My songs every day, Father, draw me nearer! Draw me nearer, nearer to thee”.
10.        These should be our songs this year; it should be the meditations of our hearts, that we walk close to him. That He should draw us closer by his side, for in Him we can have the victory.
11.        For without God helping you, you can never know anything called spiritual victory. You can have physical victory and call yourself over-comer maybe because you can feed yourself, pay your house rent, I mean, sojourn in your own house and freely move about, yet spiritually you are under a great squeeze.
12.        This year is one of the toughest years in the history of all the elect of God worldwide. You will enjoy material prosperity with spiritual squeeze whether you like it or not. This is where it calls for real spiritual discernment. If you don’t have the discerning spirit, the pleasures of this life must surely sweep you off the track.
13.        Remember that it was on  Sunday 5th January that I gave out the message titled, “This is the year of the faithful”, and it is this year 2014. I want to tell you that from that day till now, things are happening. I made you to understand that God is going to use everything to test your faithfulness to Him, except something that does not exist.
14.        And if you know that thing which does not exist, well, mention it! When you read the scripture that said that no temptation that cometh to you, that is common to all men, but in every temptation, God maketh for you a way of escape.
15.        Was Jesus the Christ tempted as we are being tempted today? The answer is yes. Brother Kelechi, you can look around, you can see brethren that came from troublous areas. Brother Loveday is in the fellowship, Brother Obinna is in the fellowship, from a troublous place.
16.        For four consecutive days now, there has been unceasing shooting, killing, assassination. They are burning down buildings, they are killing people randomly. The police are not able to keep that place quiet. And I know who is behind the whole thing. Glory be to God in the highest!
17.        Begin to put yourself in the shoes of the brethren. They defied the threat of death and they are in the fellowship. When you were talking to me concerning Pastor Promise message, to me it was a message of a coward.
18.        You know what it takes to be a coward. A coward dies before his death. A coward dies many times before his death. Step out this year and see what faith will do for you. Faith is always saying, “I am able, nothing is on the way. Even if something is there, it is not for me, it is for them. It doesn’t concern me”.
19.        Faith breaks through all odds. Look at another person from the troubled zone. Goodnews to you that over a week now, getting to two weeks, His royal majesty, Eze Celestine Oduah has been in detention. I won’t tell you why.
20.        But what is my joy, the word went forth at Mbaise before he was detained. It is in the message “Warnings from the Throne of Grace”. I was sanitizing my parlour on Saturday, ignorantly I ran into a tape that was lying somewhere hidden under the chairs, I picked it, lo and behold it was dated, 19th August, 2012.
21.        I read the contents, it said, praises, songs from Pastor Dan, and then lengthy songs and praises from the Son of Man, finally, warnings from the Son of Man to Elder Celestine Oduah and the youths at Egbema. Whatever might be the warnings I don’t know but I proclaimed to the elders that, for God to have allowed me to dip my hand under the seats and touched nothing but this tape, this could be the tape that contains the warning he flouted for which cause he is in detention.
22.        For I remembered the warning that time, when the youths at Egbema were trying to join hands with some of their relations who were fighting the cultists, and the Lord said, steer clear from there.
23.        Be neutral, do not support any party. Let them kill themselves, for it will take sinners to kill sinners. What is more, the Lord enjoined the youths to strive to make sure they get gainful employment in the oil firms around, instead of forming pressure groups to extort money from them, which is ungodly.
24.        To Elder Oduah, he was warned seriously. Even when the warning got to him. I remember that it was as a result of the warning that he was restored to the faith. He got this warning when he was excommunicated. Don’t worry; I will bring the whole thing out in print. Egbema will have their copies.
25.        For the Lord knew why He directed my hands under the seats and I could find nothing but this cassette, dated 19th August 2012, “Warning to Elder Oduah.” He is in detention for over two weeks.   
26.        The highest grace God will give you, the highest mercy you can receive from God is to remind you of the instruction He gave you which you flouted, for which cause you landed into trouble. And the remedy lies in going back there.
27.        Go and amend it. Otherwise, you will never see the light of the day. What happened in my house on Saturday morning was an eye opener to Brother Emma Iwuno. I mean, the only living witness that was around when I handled a family matter that was very delicate.
28.        And things unfolded. The people were astonished. Even the man, who came, confirmed the whole truth before his younger brother and was warning the younger brother, because I was pointing the brother to him, while the younger brother was running away from him.
29.        Something opened up that could wipe off the whole family overnight. And the Lord said that He would peg it if only they will comply with my instruction. The man said that he would obey to the letter; he would carry the instructions back to the village and compel them to obey, for that is the only way out. Because that could wreck up something that happened before you were born and you only heard it from your father, I mean, he has the remedy.
30.        Glory be to God in the highest! Here in Onitsha, we are getting our own share. The elders that were with me last year, especially within the months of November and December, you are my witnesses. Even last week, some were with me.
31.        I don’t threaten anybody. If I talk to you even harshly and you think I am threatening you, it is because you lack the understanding. Why should I threaten you? What is the matter between you and I? What are we struggling for? I am telling you the truth. I am telling you what may happen to you, I am not threatening you.
32.        If you are intelligent, you begin to amend your ways. But if you are unintelligent, something grievous will happen to you. I am happy to announce it because it will favour our Sister Shedrack and her family more than any other.
33.        All you women that take delight in defending your husband when they are in error; I want to say that your lives are at stake. You are taking the greatest risk ever. Don’t ever open your mouth to say your husband never committed the offence for which he is being accused.
34.        That he did not tell you doesn’t mean that he did not commit the crime. He might decide to hide it away from you. Take note. When you are defending your husband, be very careful lest you put your life at risk. The same way, don’t defend your wife, don’t defend your husband. If you must defend, defend yourself for you can only talk about yourself.
35.        The mind is like a bag, everybody is wearing his or her own. The monkey said that she can only give account of the child still in the womb, but talk of the one she is carrying at the back, no; for she may not know when it will pluck orange, and people will be looking for their orange, only for her to swear for the child. That she can never do it.
36.        You can only talk about yourself. You know what you have done; you know what you have not done. You know what is in your heart, but you can never tell what is in another person’s heart. It will take God to reveal it.
37.        What is more, don’t ever come to the point where you think that what your husband is telling you is the whole truth about the matter, or what your wife is telling you contain truth. Sometimes, they tell lies to wriggle out of trouble. But at last the trouble will still come.
38.        I am warning all and sundry to take note. About the month of November last year, I was provoked so much to the point that I summoned the elders concerning Brother Shed. Repeatedly, elders called him and warned him. Even Pastor Thomas summoned him to his own house and spoke to him.
39.        Finally, when I noticed that he has hardened his heart against the truth, I spoke angrily. I said, “Brother Shed, take note of this my statement, I am not drunk. From this morning, if you do not take my word seriously, I bet you, you are going to spend the latter days of your life in prison, for that is the only way you can be saved.”
40.        He looked up and looked down and that was the day I banned him from approaching the pulpit: “If you want to worship God, worship with your wife on your bench. Don’t ever near this pulpit again for you are polluting a revered place.” From that day he has never approached the pulpit again.
41.        Last week, I was not happy with him again. For he treated me as he has been doing. I thought he repented after hearing the message on Sunday, then he hardened his heart again which provoked me to making that statement.
42.        I said, “Brother Shed, listen to me very well, you have acknowledged that you commit crimes worthy of imprisonment almost every day, but I bet you, pray very hard that you will not be imprisoned this year. That prison is likely to be this year, 2014. Take it from me this morning and leave my house.”
43.        Another person that is likely to go to prison is his servant Clement, because whatever the master is doing, the servant is also aware of it. We are in the fellowship rejoicing but Brother Shed is in the prison, he has been in police detention since Saturday. As early as 6 o’clock in the morning, they took him away.
44.        The police was already waiting for him, carried him into the cell. The wife came to me, I told elders that were around that there is trouble. See Clement, see the wife, there is trouble. And they came, there was trouble.
45.        I said, “Your husband has committed crime and he is in the cell, she said yes. But she was defending the husband, talking randomly.
46.        I challenged all of them including Brother Clement with one statement; “Please, be quiet. Go back to the police and ask them the offence. Look for the man that invited the police, if money is not involved, know that I am not from God.
47.        The wife shouted, “Daddy, nothing like that!” I said, “Shut up madam, I am the One talking. If you investigate this matter and your husband never duped somebody, know that I never proceeded from God.”
48.        Brother Clement, what was your finding? You see he said that was money problem. Didn’t he collect money from people without doing the work since last year? He thought everybody would be the Son of Man who will forfeit everything so that peace will reign.
49.        Madam Shedrach, you have heard it! You have heard the truth at last and you have heard how much your husband collected. That one is just a minor one; there are bigger ones coming.
50.        Remember, I have called your husband a notorious criminal before many people. And remember before you, your husband acknowledged that your second son is his carbon copy. Remember that. Amen.

If you are unfaithful, this year is your year. If you are faithful, this year is also your year. For the Lord is going to create a demarcation between the faithful and the unfaithful.
2.           To the unfaithful, the Lord said that they will regret knowing who the Son of Man is. They will place a curse on the day they came into contact with the Son of Man, because of what they must surely pass through. But to the faithful, He said, “Your joy will have no limit.”
3.           Kneel down, before you open your mouth, the Lord will answer. Call upon Him in the time of trouble, He will come. Make an honest mistake, he will help you out. But when you deliberately flout instruction, He takes it as a challenge.
4.           We have proved the faith of one at Egbema, one at Onitsha, and they are languishing in the prison custody. You are my witnesses that after the privatization of Power Holdings (NEPA), that I mounted the pulpit and mentioned the names of our brethren, three of them in Jerusalem.
5.           I said, “Brother Shedrach Onah, Brother Vincent the deacon, Mike Udor, henceforth steer clear from all NEPA installations or Power holdings installations. Let nobody ever tempt you into carrying ladder to climb any pole or to dabble into anything called meter. You did it in time past because it was a public utility owned by federal government. But today, an individual has used his money to buy it aiming at making profit.
6.           “It is now a personal property. If you are not one of his appointed contractors, limit yourselves to “D and I” (domestic and industrial wiring). Don’t ever tamper with any of their satellite installations or else you are going to bag twenty one years imprisonment without option of fine. No lawyer will defend you.”
7.           Now that they are changing the meters from the old one to the new one owned by the contractors, it is an eye opener.
8.           Brother Shed is in the cell because all the old people that were doing that illegal business with him have been shown the way out, and the new ones are not ready to forfeit their jobs. Even the old ones that were privileged to be reabsorbed under new conditions are now under new employer.
9.           Remember that I told you that the worst thing that can happen to a criminal is when his advocate becomes his judge. No more plea. I am talking to all of you by way of reminding you.
10.        It has come to my notice that Deacon Vin is equally involved in the racket, meter racket. This information got to me in my house. He was there with other elders. I am making it public because any time from now he may be whisked away with Mike Udor.
11.        Both the thief and the person that accepts the stolen property are criminals. That you purchased a stolen property from the criminal, you are also a criminal. For if you didn’t buy it, the criminal will stop stealing. If a car snatcher runs round the city with a stolen vehicle and nobody prizes it, he must dump it somewhere and he will never be tempted to snatch any vehicle again.
12.        Most of the meters you were using to make your money were stolen meters. Some were diverted meters from one zone to another. When it was discovered, power holdings recoded meters according to districts; so that Obosi meter cannot work in Onitsha, 3-3 meter can never work in Onitsha, Onitsha meter cannot work in Ogidi.
13.        Criminals went and stole them and some of you hijacked the thing thinking you will do business. How do you notice a stolen pre-paid meter from one district to another? Mount it in your house, with the little credit it comes with, you will get light. Go and buy fresh credit, it will never enter because the code is different.
14.        Some carry from Enugu to Anambra and install, go and load it, it will never enter. You try to decode it, you cause more harm, for you cannot decode it. I have given you indicator by which you know when you have received a stolen meter.
15.        Deacon Vin, take note. Mike Udor, take note.  I have earlier mentioned three names even before the hammer started falling on you. Note it, before calamity will befall anybody in this Faith, the Son of Man had warned that person at one time or the other, either privately or publicly from the sacred pulpit. Even mentioning the person’s name.
18.        To those whose cases are still pending, I will rather advice you to begin to make peace immediately. Number one step towards making peace is, return the whole money intact.
19.        When you return the whole money intact, begin now to ask for mercy. Tell them the truth, that you never knew that the meter was stolen. “Look at how you got it” And then steer clear henceforth.
20.        If there be any property of power holdings in your possession because you were hired by the former contractors of power holding namely, Nwangwu, the man that owns Sabrod, please return all to Sabrod. If you want to be a new contractor under the new arrangement, consult me.
21.        I have access even to the chairman and managing director of the company. I will know how to link you up legally and officially if you have the requirement. But where you don’t have the requirement, you may be a sub-contractor to a major contractor. Be satisfied with what you have.
22.        Brother Frank, you have not escaped. What will put you into trouble is transformer. Remember in the new arrangement, no individual has any right to purchase anything called transformer for Emeka Ofor. Transformer will only be imported in the South- East by his approved contractors, and they all have their satellite wards.
23.        Thus, be very careful, otherwise, transformer will land you into jail. Limit yourselves to your capacities. This is my advice to those who are willing to pay attention, but where you are not willing to pay attention, I will say, “May the good Lord bless you”.
24.        When the trouble comes, make sure you don’t knock at my door. Any matter I had earlier warned against, even if it concerns your health; I warned you concerning your health or situations around you, the way it is revealed to me as your watchman who is incharge of you twenty four hours, who will give account of you before the almighty God and you flout it because you feel you know better than me, any time the trouble comes from that thing which I pointed at, make sure you don’t call my line and don’t attempt coming to 20 Benjamin Street.
25.        Of course, you know you will be disappointed. Anybody may be too sympathetic to allow you into his house over silly conditions, not the Son of Man. I am the only One that specializes in ordering people out of my house” “My friend leave my house, close my door; any day you see me at your door, lock me out.”
26.        For I don’t believe I can come to you for anything at all. I don’t believe that. I don’t need you, but you can never do without me. It is a must! Thus, if you are offended that I said, “Don’t ever cross my door,” place your own ban, and then begin to cast your mind back: how many times you have seen me knocking at your door since you came into contact with me.
27.         I am sounding this warning to Onitsha and to those that are fellowshipping in Jerusalem today. Take this good message home; it is for your own good. If it is concerning your family problem, and you remembered what I have said concerning it, that is your victory.
28.        Anything contrary to it must surely make your condition worse. Just like Goddy Tobechukwu, I spoke to him before the elders on Saturday, and I spoke to him in a manner I have never spoken to him since I knew Goddy Tobechukwu since 1990. If he should scrutinize his age very well, he is elderly to me. Goddy is elderly to the Son of Man by age. I am sure of that. Either by one year or two, but his smallish stature grossly over masked his age.
29.        The same way I spoke to Shedrack Onah, I said, “My friend, your wife may not know your age but I know your record. By this year, you are fifty five years of age. I am your senior by one year,” and he acknowledged it. For we were together from our youth. We know our record.
30.        If at the age of fifty five, he is still foolish and unreasonable, having a very big family to control, when will this foolishness depart from him? It is said that a fool at forty is a fool forever, what do we say concerning a fool at fifty-five?
31.        If a fool at forty is a fool forever, brethren, I am asking a question, what shall we call one that is a fool or one that is still manifesting signs of foolishness even at the age of fifty-five? A man that is running a large family who is supposed to be a president of Nigeria, behaving foolishly at fifty-five, I want to tell you, the foolishness can never depart until he enters the grave.
32.        More so, when he receives godly instructions everyday and sets all of them at naught, tell me how your life can be better? That’s how I know one that has the fear of God. When God speaks on that matter, that is the end of the whole thing. He capitalizes on “thus saith the Lord,” finish. “This is what I have heard from the mouth of the Son of Man” and that settles the matter.
33.        No matter how you try to make the person to change his mind, he will resist it because he knows the awful consequences. Experience has proved to me that those that lure people into trouble do not help them when the trouble comes.
34.        That person making you to harden your heart against instruction, against the truth, when the trouble comes, he will still be the first that will come to you to sympathize with you, the person will also be the one that will carry your name everywhere telling people whether they have heard what is happening. Amen.

This is the year of the faithful. To as many as are faithful and they know they are faithful, starting from the first day of this year, they have started seeing signs of the reward of faithfulness around them, around their children, around their families, around their work places.
2.           What I am telling you is the truth. The person is also saying in his heart, God, let this continue this way. God, let it continue this way, it is because something good has started happening. It is said that a good day starts with brightening in the morning. Anybody that cell is used to say welcome to this year, is it a good thing for him this year?
3.           When others are worshipping God, he is at the cell joking with prisoners. Using burial to start the year, is it a good thing? Using sickness to start the year is it a good thing? Look around you, watch around your family, you must see things showing that the word of God has started fulfilling to those who are faithful, because all things are possible to all that believe.
4.           If you know that most difficult person, very hard to approach, mark it this year, just remain faithful, I am telling you that the Lord will surely grant you the favour of your enemies this year. You will see them coming before you prostrating, confessing, apologizing.
5.           Just note it, because the glory of God will be so much upon you that such people cannot stand to look to your face. People that did you evil for years and you never knew will come to you and say, “Now we know that God is behind you, for we have tried everything, it has become clear to us that really the hand of God is behind you, for if it is not God, we know where you would have been by now”.
6.           One came to somebody and said that he came to thank God, and that he want to say that it is God that can kill him, and not a human being. That there is no manmade concoction that can kill him. Do you know what he has tried? Igwe Amobi, didn’t you understand this statement?
7.           If it is applicable to the Son of Man, you might be saying that it is because He is God, but it is applicable to all of you. The only person that is moving about without an enemy is one that is moving in spirit form not in human form.
8.           Once you are in human form, there must be somebody who wouldn’t like to see you, not because you are wealthy or because you are poor.
9.           You may be living from hand to mouth but because you are still alive, the person is not happy. If he hears of any good blessings from God around you, he will feel like setting the whole house ablaze.
10.         How do you know such people? They are everywhere around you. If a good thing happens to you, they will never come to join you but let calamity befall you, they will be number one to call you by the phone and come in person to comfort you.
11.        Let a good thing happen to you, you will never see them around, they will never make any call. But let something evil befall you, your phone will never rest, they will tell you how much they love you. They only show their love in the time of calamity, but when God is prospering you and blessing your family; watch them, you will become enemies. “Why must it be you? Why is he showing this favour on you?”
12.        There is no human being without enemies, but this year, all the faithful will fulfill the scripture that says, “We are more than conquerors through Christ that have strengthened us. We are more than overcomers, we are going to be more than victorious.”
13.        For Christ said because I overcome, you must surely overcome. I don’t care the way the temptation, the trials may come, let it come as a flood, one after the other, the Lord Himself will lift up a standard against it, so that at the end you will say, “The Lord is my deliverer, I fear no evil”.
14.        This is the year of the faithful. Yes, faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God. This is the year you will exercise your faith upon the spoken word, upon the promise for the mouth of the Lord has spoken and He will never cancel it.
15.        This is the year we will lift up our hands and say, “To God belongeth the victory, the glory, the honour, the praise, the thanksgiving, the adoration, the worship, the majesty now even till eternity. This is the year. This is the year that is promised to the faithful, that He will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies.
16.        This is the year that is promised that all of them will be under your footstool, you will trample upon them, they will be on the run, they will be in the hiding. They cannot afford to see your face for the glory of God is risen upon all the elect of God. Therefore, I say to all the faithful, “Arise and shine, arise and shine for the glory of God is risen upon you”.
17.        This is the year of the faithful. This is the year, if you are faithful to what is committed into your hand; you must surely posses the gates of your enemies. I bet you that. Fear nothing! Fear them not by day and by night! Fear them not.
18.        Why should the enemies rage and the nations imagine vain things? Fear them not for the Lord is with you to guide you in the way you should go. This is the year every true elect of God will say, “The Lord is my strength and shield”.
19.        The Lord is my strength and shield. This is the year, simply put your trust in God, have confidence in him, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken and he will never cancel it. Forget about your old experiences, because things are going to go in a very unusual way this year. Forget about the usual experiences, it is going to be unusual.
20.        If you are walking along the old track, you have missed it all. Walk on the new track, walk on the new way. This is the new way for 2014, that the righteous shall live by faith not by works, not by feeling, not by senses, you will live by faith.
21.         If God is with us, who can be against us? He has lifted up his hands in righteousness and He will never draw it back. The Lord God has spoken. Who can annul it? Tell me, who can cancel it? who is that fellow?
22.        No spirit can cancel it because God watches over his word to perform it. And the word that goes out of his mouth in righteousness can never come back to him void, unless the purpose for which he sent the word is fulfilled. This is the year of the faithful.
23.        To the unfaithful, well, I pity you. You are unfaithful because you know what you are supposed to do and you refuse to do it for reasons best known to you.
24.        Last year, we were subjected to write our examinations of life. Yes, that is what it should be. Watch, in every school, in every aspect of life, students must write examinations for them to be promoted to the next level. Nobody is promoted to the next level with poor performance.
25.        There must be the examination of life which everybody must write, and the Marker is me. I am on the scene to mark your scripts, and you cannot bribe me. You can be sure that your score is perfect, your score is according to your performance.
26.        This year is a year of reward. He rewards every person according as his or her works shall be, whether it be good or bad. Is it out of the promise? Go back to the message titled, “Reward”.
27.        Note these messages, “Reward” and then “The two sides of resurrection”. We have the resurrection of the wicked, equally we have the resurrection of the righteous. Even Jesus the Christ preached it, the prophets foretold it and the Son of Man came as a confirmation that what God said is true.
28.        Is it not true? That the Son of Man appeared to confirm that the word of God is true, finish. I am on the scene to confirm the promise that was made unto the fathers which you are now beneficiaries because He appointed you heirs according to the promise.
29.        Law or no law the promise standeth sure. You think I don’t know where I am standing? No, it is because you don’t know me. When you know me, any day you wake up and know that the Son of Man is still kicking, you are very much relaxed. Even if you don’t call His line, something in you will tell you that this man is still existing, not only existing, He is still kicking, vibrating.
30.        Wherever you are, you feel on top of the world. Because you know you are still in the programme. But any day you look for Him and He is not around, too many people will be missing with Him that day. If you are not among those that are missing with Him, well, you are under the woe.  You are now under the woe.
31.        Blessed are those that will be partakers of the Translation. Let me put it in my own language, it has always been my prayer, that God should number me and my family among the first fruit that will be clothed with immortal bodies.
32.        Blessed are those that shall be partakers of the first fruits of immortality, for the second death has no power over them. Once you are clothed with immortality, you have crossed hellfire, you have crossed destruction, you are now indestructible like God. You are now the destroyer yourself. You become the destroyer, who will destroy not only the world but the very Satan.  
33.        I enjoin all of you to graciously abide in Him this year and see whether God will not make a name for Himself. Test the Lord this year, try Him faithfully, the Lord must surely prove His Name worthy in every family that is faithful to Him.
34.        Cast your mind back whether the Lord has ever disappointed the faithful. Has He ever done it? Will he start with you? But if you are unfaithful, you are constantly afraid.
35.        You are afraid of today, you are afraid of tomorrow. You have no peace even as I am talking now, something in you is shaking because you know that your stand with the Son of Man is still questionable, that you have too many dots, questions around you which you are yet to settle. However, if you have settled all these things, you are relaxed. Amen.

36.        Good news to all of you. About this time last Sunday, I was in Jerusalem giving you your programmes, your time table, telling you my mission on earth, that I have little or nothing to do with the Bride, that my attention is in the Middle East.
37.        I highlighted everything you should expect. Little did we know that while I was talking, that the Pope was in St. Peter’s Basilica saying word for word what I was saying in Jerusalem, and giving out his programme for his coming to the Middle East this year, the date which I told you he was yet to give.
38.        He gave it last Sunday, and He is going to the Middle East namely, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Palestine between 21st May and 26th May 2014. Last Sunday was 5th.
39.        I was in Jerusalem about that same time announcing it, the Pope was there also dishing it out, and everywhere is tensed. For the world knows precisely what the visit is all about. The concluding print out said, “Jerusalem, a burden to the whole world,” and even quoted Zachariah chapter 12 verse 3: For the controversial city has become Jerusalem.
40.        Israel is saying that it is not a negotiable piece of land; Palestine is saying they will not accept anything less than east Jerusalem, and the Pope is interested in going there to posses the land for Roman Catholics.
41.        He was very, very specific. And then once the pact is signed, the whole Christian world which is Roman Catholic will now shift from Rome to Jerusalem. And I know he will convince this man, Benyamin Netanyahu. Why is he going to convince him?
42.        Good news to you, Ariel Sharon, the former Prime Minister (2001-2006), died Saturday night. The former Prime Minister of Israel died last night and this man was the defence minister, who had been resisting every attempt by Netanyahu to concede to the pressure mounted on him by the U.S. For every decision must be cleared by him, and the man died last night.
43.        Please take note of what is happening. Events are made clear by prophecy. We are waiting and we are watching who will ascend the throne of the defence minister in Israel and have the authority, the boldness and courage this man exhibited from 1996 when they fought the battle with Lebanon and he was the centurion that led Israel to war, and had been resisting America, resisting United Nations, and now he had given way through death.
44.        What next? Who has the courage to tell Pope Francis no. Who will tell Netanyahu, “Don’t attempt it”? The die is cast. We are watching events as they unfold on a daily basis. Amen.

Don’t forget the fact that the Lord said concerning the Gentiles, that He is going to ferret out, He is going to sanitize on a daily basis all criminals, all lairs, all that practice deceit. All causes of offence in the Bride must be ferreted out on a daily basis.
2.           You see, God started a daily sanitization of His family from Sunday 5th January 2014. Thus, don’t ever think as I am standing in your midst, all of you have been co-opted into the Salvation Ark. Don’t ever think that way.
3.           Sanitization is a continuous process. What is more, the Lord said that it is not a time you will say, Son of Man pray for me, I don’t know what is happening in me, no, pray for yourself. The SON OF MAN will not look at you and say, “Brother Lucky get out, Sister Ononye get out!”
4.           No, no, no. The Lord knows how to trouble you and trouble you out. Nobody will help Him to sanitize the camp. If anybody will take it as his responsibility, some people might label him a wicked fellow.
5.           However, your sin must surely find you out, your unbelief must find you out, your unfaithfulness must find you out and brethren will say, so he is like this all these years and we knoweth it not.
6.           I won’t speak much about Elder Oduah. Going by the report reaching me, he may stay longer than necessary in detention, if he will not be imprisoned for life.
7.           Let me say it, I am convinced that he has a hand on the troubles over there. In my own language, he is the chief of the terrorists in Egbema. That’s my own language, that’s the way I will put it.
8.           I thank God Brother Victor Egbema has escaped by running away from that place to Onitsha, if Brother Victor Egbema had gone back to Omon Odu-ogunze as he was suggesting, he would have been involved, because Umuoji remains the only place where a traditional chief appointed and ordained by a traditional ruler (a king) printed a letterhead, established a palace and had the courage to write “his royal majesty, Eze so, so and so.”
9.           How many “Ezes” (kings) do they have? How many “his royal majesties” were given a certificate of office? Only one. The rest are chiefs under his royal majesty.
10.        But for there to be a royal majesty approved by the State, given certificate by the State, recognized by the State and community with his palace, and another majesty under him having the same title and a palace, it is a coup.
11.        Not only establishing the office, but even with Brother Victor as the secretary, until Brother Victor resigned and ran away. What is more, he appears to wear greater influence than the traditional ruler himself because he carries the youths along, and the youths offers him illegal security, illegal escort.
12.        Even the real traditional ruler doesn’t have the boldness to talk to him anyhow for fear of the irate youths that surround him. Remember I gave my warnings long, long time ago concerning this matter. The prime minister of Onitsha which is Onowu can never for one day arrogate to himself “his royal highness, the Obi of Onitsha.”
13.        Can he? It remains the greatest abomination on the land. He remains Onowu. Odu remains Odu. There can never be his royal majesty, two or three in one autonomous community. It is never and never and never. Call evil, evil.
14.        God is against any rebellion against a constituted authority. For there is no authority except from God. If you are desiring to be the king in your community, do not oust the existing one. Wait for your turn.
15.        Our faith said, “Let nobody ever attempt arrogating to himself or to herself powers he or she does not possess because it put people into trouble.
16.        I wonder how the law enforcement agents at Owerri would be looking at him introducing himself as “his royal majesty”. And they will use their phone to call his royal majesty to talk about another his royal majesty in detention. No, no, no.
17.        Please, learn from the mistakes of others. Do not wait until you make the same mistake. If somebody is being corrected for taking a wrong step, don’t ever aim at taking the same wrong step thinking that God will correct you, God may permit you to continue in that wrong step.
18.        We are in His Presence today to fellowship with Him as we have always been doing and He is here. Today we are rejoicing exceedingly as many as watched the video of last Sunday, we were convinced beyond reasonable doubts, not that we doubted in the past that all the photograph we have been receiving are supernatural.
19.        Because I banned you from taking photographs last Sunday, it hindered you from capturing what we captured. Until you see the video yourself, I will hold my peace. That there could be darkness in the fellowship by 1 o’clock, captured with video. This one is not handset.
20.        That we could be covered with the Cloud, not ordinary Cloud but moving Cloud. We saw many, many things. Brother Victor Nnachor, thank you immensely for the work well done. I know it was stressful but you did a wonderful work. And it appears to be the best you have ever produced.
21.         Truly speaking, very clear, very loud, very neat, it fed us last night and I was over-joyed to notice that even when I proclaimed that the Cloud is here, everywhere became dark.
22.        I mean, it is heartwarming. Nothing gives joy more than being convinced that you are walking with God. Not that God set you aside and you are hearing what God is doing, but you are part of what God is doing, it gives joy more than any other thing.
23.        If one is dying, he will have something to die for. We thank God for the journey so far. We are taking off from a very lively note this year. I don’t wish that somebody will deliberately constitute an obstacle. If you are constituting it, you are doing it to your own self destruction. I am not joking on this matter.
24.        I warned craft men in our midst and I am still warning them. Do your work honestly and you will win the respect of your customers; because one good turn deserves another.
25.        If you are subtle, your subtlety will not only endanger your life, but will also endanger the life of your occupation, endanger your family. The same question I ask myself, I am also asking others.
26.        Osadebe said and I quote, “If your salary does not satisfy you, is it over-time that will be enough for you?” And I am asking: If the food you ate do not satisfy you, is the one by the side of your teeth that will satisfy you?
27.        All these handwork men that are using toothpick to remove the remains in their teeth, expecting to be fed with it, since you ever freed from your master, you have not even for one day used truth in working, always cheating your fellow man.
28.        You will first of all, collect money and eat, then work, you refuse, you start giving long story, but when you came to take money, there was no long story; since you started eating dubious money, how many investment have you made?
29.        Have you become better than the person you duped? Are you not still hungry? Do you ever think before you do something? Do you think that Igbos are not wise that said that “whatever that comes out by the side of the pot, must end at the side of the mouth”.
30.        Look around yourself and ask yourself a question. It is just like Sister Shed that is defending her husband, when her husband’s name was mentioned; she said that he will tell her where he keeps the money. That she hears about that money but that she does not see it.
31.        Sister Shed, since your husband started duping people, has your condition changed positively more than before? That which you have been doing for years and see that it has no gain, why do you go ahead doing it?
32.        It is the same to Sister Philip, whenever she is called before her husband she will say that God is her witness, that she does not know where the husband is keeping the money.
33.        That she is saying the much she knows, and instead of the foolish man to take correction, he will start threatening on how he will kill somebody.
34.        When you are committing evil and your wife is warning you, instead of you taking it, you start threatening on how to kill her, are you not the most foolish man on earth? That she should put her mouth inside or else, that this case will kill her.
35.        Which case will kill her? Is it because that she told you to remove your hand from stealing, remove your hand from evil, and you tell her to close her mouth that this case will kill her. Saying it even before me, not that somebody was asked to tell me. Any repentance in that person?
36.         To check whether he has repented, he was given another money and he still ate it. Yet his condition is getting worse. All of you that are behaving that way, let me tell you, number one step whereby you will know that the hand of God has started working against you is, naturally, physically, you are going to become blind.
37.        You will attend a burial where somebody else will tell you the person being buried. One proverb said that if you take a blind person to burial, that you should as well tell him the person being buried so that he won’t start mourning the living.
38.        You will be told what is happening around you, as a punishment, first step. You will remain one place, work, no way; move around, no way. Your eyes will not see naira and kobo again. If somebody gives you money, he will tell you that this is fifty naira, so that you go to buy groundnut and think that you are holding hundred naira not knowing that it is fifty naira. Is it not scriptural?
39.        First punishment the apostle gave intransigent people was to command them to be blind. In the days of Elisha the prophet, first punishment was that his opponents will be blind and they all became blind. The next was that fire will come down from heaven and devour them all.
40.        Did it happen? Blindness is a sign from God. Please, if you are numbered among the elect, walk with God this year without fear of any amazement. When you are living the life of obedience, is there anything to fear again? It is when you are sure that you are living the life of disobedience that you are always afraid, because something in you is still condemning you.
41.        There is no fear in love, for perfect love drives away all fears. And to love is to keep God’s love. You can never say you love God and flout his word. You are telling lies. There is no other way, there is no other measurement. If you have the fear of God in your heart, God can never speak to you twice on any matter.
42.        If God is hammering over and over and over on a matter to you, number one, you are stubborn, number two, you are stiff-necked, three, you are hardhearted, four, you are wicked. The Lord is saying so, so that when he will destroy you, He will be justified.
43.        He is placing your card before your eyes. Because you have seen what human eyes should not see. You have no reason. We better be careful this year. God is not threatening anybody, rather God is warning all of us. You can go back to the message titled, “Warnings from God”.
44.        Warnings from God. God cannot destroy you without first of all warning you, and he that is often warned, reproved and he hardens his heart, what will he meet? Sudden destruction and without mercy.
45.        Warning from God is a sign of mercy; it is a sign of love. What if He decides to destroy us without warning us, will anybody sue Him?
46.        Let me tell you what I mean. I don’t pray I will do that. I will only do that to those that deserve it. Once I lock up my bowels of mercy against you, hire atomic bomb, fill the whole of my community with riches and label the riches, Son of Man, there is nothing in this life nor in the life to come that will make you to obtain mercy from me, because my bowels of mercy have been sealed. Is it scriptural Brother Kelechi?

We thank Almighty God for His love and care towards all of us. To those that are faithful, God is still showering His promise upon them. To those that are unfaithful, He also promised His wrath upon them.
2.           Thus, you are left to do what you should do. I always tell brethren that if God had allowed tree to walk about, any time they see the government in the process of creating a new road starts marking them, no tree will remain on that area where the road will cross.
3.           All of them will run away. But because they have no leg to walk about, they will remain there pending when the government will come and uproot them.
4.           To the unfaithful who may think that God cannot do anything, already He has started doing it. You ought to learn a lesson from what happened to your predecessors.
5.           We thank God who has been our help all this while. In the message titled “The year of the Faithful,” God pointed out three books, which if we really want to be faithful, God is full of mercy and compassionate.
6.           When He was talking to the people of Israel in their day, after outlining the Laws and curses that will follow those that will not obey, He pleaded with them saying, “Please, choose the way of life, leave the other way that will bring death”.
7.           When God spoke to us in the message titled “The year of the Faithful,” He came to a point He mentioned three messages. He said, “As many of you who want to be faithful this 2014, that want to enter paradise, look for the messages, ‘The Inner Voice, for all that God wants you to do is there.”
8.           Another message is “God’s Nature is Your Ticket to Paradise.” The third one is “You Are the Pillars of the Kingdom.” He said that it contains all that you need to be faithful until you enter Paradise.
9.           Many may not remember or cast their minds back when He said that he is going to test us with everything in life, except that which is not in existence. Hence, we are very grateful to God.
10.        We have looked into this message, “The Inner Voice,” chapter one. We are now in chapter two which says, “You are the Ambassadors Of Christ On Earth”.
11.        It will take the faithful to be an ambassador of God. It is just like the President Jonathan is on the throne of Nigeria; he cannot use somebody that is against him to be an ambassador to America. Can he do that? Or to any other country to represent Nigeria there, it cannot happen.
12.        He must take people who are loyal to him, loyal to his instructions, loyal to the rules and regulations governing Nigeria. The same is applicable between God and us.
13.        I want you to pay strict attention to what Almighty God has told us to go back to “The Inner Voice,”, and from the chapter we have studied, we have seen reasons why God sent us to the book.
14.        What is more, before now, we take the fellowship as a discussion, a chatting galore; hence people no longer know what the fellowship is all about. The discussion they started in their homes, they will complete it in the fellowship. No respect again! They forgot what their eyes have seen.
15.        If not for the case of Egbema and that of Brother Chinwendu where God said that if He (God) does not come Himself and handle the matter, that it will rock the foundation of the Bridal Ministry, many would have been lost. God said that it would take God Himself to talk.
16.        What is more, God told us earlier on to make sure we come to fellowship early, that He will be the first to be in the fellowship and sort out things for Himself before fellowship will start.
17.        Before our eyes, God came and stood behind the sacred desk in Jerusalem. And by the help of a handset, He moved the hand of one of our brothers to snap (take a shot) and we saw God standing in His position in the pulpit.
18.         Brother Amankem didn’t show it to anybody apart from Pastor Thomas and after he hid it because of fear. After the whole thing that Sunday being the 19th day of August 2012; on Monday, we could see what happened. Hence, the Son of Man invited all of us back the following Sunday to come and see He who handled the case.
19.        We could see God standing on the sacred pulpit. Remember it was the day the Son of Man came late to fellowship, physically. Thus, you ought to know He Who is speaking to you, that we are not in this most holy Faith for play, for we do not play. We mean business.
20.        Let us consider this message, “You are the Ambassadors of Christ on Earth”. This message is for the faithful, for they are the people that are ambassadors of Christ, called here on earth.
21.        The meeting point of all children of God has always been in Christ (the Anointed One of every age)…”
22.        Note, the meeting point of all God’s people, all the faithful ones has remained in Christ that is revealed in your own day. The difference between the Bride and all other faiths in the world is because we only have Christ that is revealed in our own day. We talk about Christ that is revealed in our own day (the Anointed one) while others are pinning their hopes on the imaginary Christ who they do not know whether he appeared or not.
23.        I want you to be very, very careful this year. Careful in the sense that you pin your hope in Christ and Christ alone, who is the Only Person that can help you.
24.        While we were studying chapter one of the “Inner Voice”, we came across a place where God said, “I want you to know that He that went to Calvary and died for your sin is the person in your midst speaking to you now. For He is your Redemption, your Sanctification, your Righteousness.”
25.        Note, that “The Inner Voice” contains most of the messages in this faith. Whenever you come across any message that is quoted, what do you do? Put it down, for God has a reason why He didn’t send us to go and read the whole messages, rather He picked these three messages, knowing that other messages are also contained in this “Inner Voice”.
26.        “…Family menu volume one page 11. A person who stands out and feels very different from the people of the community in which he lives is often viewed with distrust and suspicion…”
27.        As we are here now, you are not a native of a place where you are living, you are not a bonafide member of that community, you are a stranger to that place you are living in. You feel different, People there will be looking to you with distrust, they will be suspecting you because you are not a member of their community.
28.        Page 36 verse 1, “Few weeks ago I show you a newspaper where a man appeared in Lagos claiming to be a man that came down from the moon, everything about him looks very much unusual.
29.        His carousal attracted everybody around him, for they saw him as a strange being, thus they were viewing the man with anxiety, with lot and lots of unstable and also distrust. More so, when he was making spurious claim that he came down from the moon…”
30.        Just as we are now, you see somebody saying that he came down from the moon, his life different, his dressing different; every of his doing different, it will attract a lot of people. Now our message is saying that if such a person appears, people around will stand in awe (mixture of wonder and fear).
31.        “…If a foreigner comes inside a city, immigration officers will leave no stone unturned while verifying the identity of the foreigner and his mission in their country.
32.        If after their whole investigations, assessments, it is concluded that the foreigner has an impure motive, a destructive mission for coming into their country, automatically, he is repatriated and declared persona non granta (unwelcome or unacceptable person); an undesirable element…”
33.        Watch this year 2014, as many that failed to be ambassadors of Christ here on earth will be declared undesirable elements by the Anointed One (Christ revealed in the midst of the Bride).
34.        I am saying that unusual human beings are mixing with usual human beings on earth. Unnatural human beings now mingle with natural beings on earth.
35.        Natural human being feels suspicious about supernatural human beings. The supernatural sojourn with the naturals. Whom am I referring to aliens, pilgrims, strangers, ambassadors of heaven? They are in this faith…
36.        Are you the pilgrim? Are you the stranger? Are you the aliens? Are you the ambassador of heaven? What is more, the only place you can get them is in the Bridal Faith. Outside this Bridal Faith, there is no place you can get ambassadors of Christ.
37.        “…If that man never stepped his feet on earth, you would not have identified who you are for you have already strayed away over the years…”
38.         The man we are talking about is no other person than Apostle Peter Odoemena ((blessed be to His Holy Name). If He did not step His feet here on earth for your sake and my sake, we wouldn’t have known who we are, for we have strayed away many, many years ago, given to dumb idols, given out to religion.
39.        …you have been wondering like sheep without a shepherd in the wilderness. In other to bring you back, God had to send a shepherd because it is only in Christ that all the children of God that are scattered all over the world are united and restored…”
40.        You see why God doesn’t want to see any hypocrite, liars, those that are not faithful to this faith. God told us in a message titled, “Those that do not have our faith;” that there are people that do not have our faith. They are just sitting down in our midst because they have seen how freely we are, how loving we are.
41.        Because of what Christ has achieved in our lives, they settled down, not that eternal life is the major thing that brought them into this faith. For that they do not have our faith. When our faith is saying that we must be faithful to God from now until we enter Paradise, they don’t know what we are talking about.
42.        “…The meeting point of all children of God has always been in Christ (the anointed one of every age)…”
43.        This is your day, this is your age, have you met in Christ? That is the point. It is just like when the Son of Man was speaking to us, He made a statement saying that any day you wake up and you know that the Son of Man is around, to the elect, they will be jumping above the air.
44.        But any day you look for Him and didn’t see Him, He has vanished and He must vanish with some people, those that are faithful to Him, to His teachings and doctrines.
45.        Thus, He said, if you are not among them, you are waiting for the woe. Thus, the wrath of God will descend upon the children of disobedience. Which means that as long as you are not among those that would be translated, you are among THE CHILDREN OF DISOBEDIENCE.
46.        “…Remember that what God did before is what he is repeating over and over again. ‘In the beginning,’ that is Genesis account, ‘God’s children came down from heaven and then started messing themselves up here on earth because they lost sight of who they were…’”
47.         Immediately you lose sight of who you are, you start messing yourself up, man and woman. This Bridal Faith where God brought all of us in, it is not a right but it is a privilege God has given to us—an unmerited favour is given to us. Why can’t you ask yourself a question, why is it that the people that go through our messages in the websites and some going through our publications, they will confirm the whole thing to be truth, but come in with us and  worship this God, imposable!
48.        It is just like when we got to Mbaise last year December 2013, the M.C praised this Faith very well, our in-laws equally praised the Faith very well, what is more, no matter how you praise this Faith, you cannot come in unless He (Christ) brings you in.
49.        Besides, He gave us this privilege of coming into this Faith, that we may obtain Eternal Life that is in Him. In order to make us ambassadors here on earth, as Christ is the Saviour, He brought us unto Himself to make us saviours.
50.        As Christ is God, He brought us into this most holy Faith to make us gods. Is it not scriptural, that “ye are gods”? It is when you lose sight of whom you are, that you will start messing yourself up.
51.        I remembered some years ago, I met the Son of Man in His house and we were discussing about this Faith. He (God, Apostle Peter Odoemena— blessed be to His Holy Name) said, “Brother Kelechi, listen to me. Can you see what God did to us in this Faith, that wherever we go, people can now hear us, listen to us and obey our instruction? People can listen to us, obey us, casting their whole souls and minds on us for Eternal Life sake. And that is why we cannot misbehave ourselves anyhow.
52.        “If you can by revelation see where God placed you, of a truth, you must try anything you can to be faithful to God by putting your confidence in Him.”
53.        Remember we are not reading “The Inner Voice); rather, we are studying it. Hence, we can stay in one page for the whole year. That is why in the message “Self-control Explained,” He said, “Let me tell you, your membership in this Bridal Message is not visible.”
54.         Some are members of this Faith simply because they come here every Sunday, every Wednesday and participate in whatever we are doing. These are fine and commendable. But the weightier matter, they left without putting their confidence there. They develop blind eyes to the weightier matter.
55.        Go to the message, “Only Facts Are Convincing,” God said there, “You have the right to come into this Bridal Faith, sit down, clap hands, jump up and sing praises with us, but to be in that stature of Christ, you don’t have the right to be there until God puts you there. And there is no other God that will put you there if not this God that is speaking to us, whose original body we have been privileged to see with our eyes.
56.        Thus, when He puts you there, there is an oath of secrecy you will take which I, Brother Kelechi will not be a witness when you will be taking your own, neither will you be a witness to my own. Nobody, even husband and wife cannot be witnesses to each other.
57.        You cannot be a witness to your own children neither will your children be witnesses to you when you are taking that oath of office, of being a body of Christ.
58.        Only you and God will know the oath of secrecy. While others will be jumping up on the fine, fine things. You come into this Faith, sit down and make friends, rejoice, eat and drink, that is all you know about. But the weightier matter, the most important thing that made the Son of Man that come down on Earth and sojourned with us here all these years, you develop blind eyes to it. You become ignorant of eternal life.
59.        The messages and teachings He has been giving to us all these years are to make us to be very, very perfect. Don’t you know that you came into this world to pass through trials, test in the flesh?
60.        As long as you will be faithful to all these things, you are the people that are qualified to be translated just like God told us in the message, “The Investigative Judgment Of God Before the Translation of the Saints,” that as many as have passed through this Investigative Judgment, they are the people that are qualified to be translated.
61.        Maybe you don’t know that all these years, we have been passing through investigative judgment, we are passing through judgment. Why is it necessary for God to judge us now and not to judge us with the world? He wants to judge us now, set us free as many as will pay attention to His Words. He will set you free so that that day He will not judge you with the world.
62.        For that day, no human being under heaven can obtain mercy from the Judgment Throne, because the Lamb (The Mercy Seat, God in human form, the Advocate) that is cooling the temper of God is no more there. For the scripture made us to see that the Lamb is Christ; and Christ is the Lamb that is cooling the anger of God on earth.
63.        Just as you have the radiator in the vehicle cooling the engine, so is Christ. In any dispensation that Christ did not appear, there is no soul that will be saved in that dispensation. In any city Christ did not step in, no soul will be saved in that city.
64.        Didn’t we see it in the scripture when St. Paul was going out on his missionary trip, he came to a city and wanted to stay, Christ said, “No, don’t stay in this city for I don’t have a soul here.” Because Christ was not revealed there, no soul there that will be saved.
65.        Christ is revealed where He knows that there are souls that will receive him; for the fact that there were souls who walked with God even from the beginning, God told Paul not to stay there and Paul went away.
66.        Getting to another city, there was a lot of persecutions and troubles there until he wanted to run away, but the Voice said, “No, stay here, for I have plenty of souls here. Once I reveal myself here, they will believe.”
67.        Thus, if you are sons and daughters of God, you are God’s representatives. This physical place will not be your permanent abode. This place we are living now is not our permanent ground.
68.        That’s why if you go to the book of Hebrews chapter 11, where Paul wrote down “heroes of the faith”, he said, “All of them sojourning here with their Great Faith, they are looking for a city whose Builder and Maker is God. They were looking for a permanent abode (Paradise). That is why they are not even interested in whatever the world is doing, or in whatever that is going on in the world, rather they were only interested in what God is doing.”
69.         In this our own day, the Son of Man, The Anointed One, The Supreme Intelligence appeared and kept on telling us that this Earth (flesh) is not our permanent abode. That this aged-long Promise of Righteousness and Freedom made by God from time immemorial, which people have laughed at, scorned would fulfill one of these days; if you are sons and daughters of God, “if”—conditional.
71.        The way you are doing your own meditation, doing your own thinking, doing your own supplication is the way the Son of Man is doing His own on behalf of the Bride.
72.        This is your own time. Faithfulness unto the Lord will lead you to Paradise. If our brethren that have received warnings from God paid attention, I don’t think that what befell them would have befallen them.
73.         We have a message titled, “When God is Out to Warn His People, He is also out to Punish Every Disobedience”. The moment God is giving you warning in love, in mercy, He is also all out to punish you when you disobey. When you close your eyes and continue in disobedience, He will punish you. Amen.


Remember we are studying the “Inner Voice”. The inner voice is the voice of your heart, the voice of your conscience which I, Apostle Kelechi cannot hear but only the anointed one in our midst, the Christ of all the ages revealed in our midst will hear.
2.            It is the inner voice that you use to communicate with God. When you are communicating with yourself, you won’t know that he is standing behind you hearing you. If you know that God hears everything you say, you will be very, very careful about your inner voice.
3.           Now, if we are sons and daughters of God which we claim we are, you are God’s representatives in all ramifications. THOUGH OUR FACES ARE DIFFERENT, THOUGH OUR HEARTS ARE DIFFERENT, BUT OUR CHARACTERS MUST BE ONE, OUR VISION MUST BE ONE: the judgment I pass here on a matter by the auction of the Holy Ghost is the same judgment you will pass on a matter by the same auction of the Holy Spirit.
4.           For there is one thing common to all God’s children in all the ages, and that is the Spirit of Christ in them. Whether you are tall or short, fat or thin, it means nothing. It is Christ there that matters. I want you to know this important matter.
5.           You can belong to any denomination, nobody will monitor you in your actions or behaviour, whatever you want to do, you are free to do it, because the scripture made us to know that we are God’s children, sons and daughters of God, and every other person around us is under the power and control of Satan.
6.           Thus, as long as you are in those denomination, cast your minds back, behaved any way you like, nobody monitored you, nobody was against you, but once you step your feet into this Bridal Faith, you become the cynosure of all eyes. The sachet water you buy from a sachet water seller will be scrutinized to know whether it is pure-water that you are drinking.
7.           There is nothing they will not look into. You will become the cynosure of all eyes. Whatever you do, they will speak. You see why we ought to be very, very careful!
8.           If our Brother Shed is in the world and not in this Faith, he will know how to walk his way out. However, as long as you are in this Faith and you continue in your wicked ways, and God is hammering on you, get ready, if you don’t want to change, you will fall into God’s hand. God will set trap for you where you will fall into. If God should set a trap for you, can you jump it?
9.           The Inner Voice, page 41 verse 12, “If you are sons and daughters of God, you are God’s representatives; this place (physical earth) is not your permanent ground. For now, you are aliens, you are visitors. Thus, you have become the cynosure of all eyes: you have customs and traditions…”
10.        Do we have customs and traditions? Have we not received those customs and traditions? In the message, Family Menu Vol. 2, God said, “Have you received a culture, a tradition, a custom in this Bridal Faith which nothing can influence out from you? Have this Bridal Faith, this teachings we have received inculcated God’s nature in you, no matter where you find yourself, even in the university and any other field of life, there is no atmosphere that can change your nature. It is not all about preaching it, but to live the life.
11.        “…You have customs and traditions different  from that of the people around you…”
12.        Yes, the people around us have their own way of behavior. The business we are doing, many of them are doing the same business. Some of us are civil servants, the same to them.
13.        They have the custom of embezzling the fund entrusted into their hands, but when God places you there, you have a different custom to protect, you have tradition that is different from their own; and your eyes must be upon that tradition.                        
14.        It is upon this bedrock that Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego refused to bow down to the image of the King Nebuchadnezzar, for they were not Babylonians; they are Jews whose fathers worship the Living God. Hence, the teaching was inculcated in them.
15.        Though they were taken to Babylon to stay there for seventy years, they still remained faithful. Thus, they could tell the king that “even if our God will not save us, we are not ready to change our custom and tradition, for our custom and tradition forbids us to bow down to anything idol.” The thing provoked the king.  
16.        “…You have customs and tradition different from that of the people around you; what they hate is what you love, what you love is what they hate…”
17.        Now, ask yourself this question: In your offices, in your business areas, you will see how people take delight in cheating people, to you, do you hate it? If what they love is what you hate, have you manifested it before their eyes?
18.        It must come to a point where they will tell you that you are foolish and blind. I remember far back in 1989 to 1990 when I was serving my master, a man from Ichi-Nnewi, he deals on canvas, the type Hausas wear to rear their cattle. A day came, the man filled a teller, gave me money to go and deposit in the bank so that the other servant who will travel to Lagos that night may be able to withdraw it when he gets there to buy goods.
19.        Remember, it was 1989. What is more, after filling the teller, he counted the money together with his brother and asked me to go and deposit the money; getting to the bank, I counted the money and realized that the money is over by three thousand naira. When I came back, his wife was around, I gave him the money, he watched it and was amazed.
20.        What is more, he told his wife that this money was lost, and there was no way he can find out. Do you know what his brother told me? He said that I was foolish and blind, that this money came to me and I refused it.
21.        What am I going to take three thousand naira to do? As at 1989. You all know what three thousand naira was as at then. What would I use three thousand naira to do? More so, when I knew that he borrowed the money from somewhere.
22.        What am I saying; we have customs and traditions different from other people around. It is as a result of lack of being obedient to our customs and traditions that made people not to know who we are.
23.        If you are obedient to the custom and tradition of the bridal faith, you will be a cynosure of all eyes around you. Both in your offices, even if you are put into a river, the spirits will notice you, because you have custom and tradition different from theirs. The way you behave is deferent from the way they behave.
24.        Now see what God said. See it this way, that at any point in time you love what the world love, you will become God’s enemy, because whatever they love must be against God. What do you love? What do you hate?
25.        Inasmuch as you are in our midst in this most holy Faith, you see God hammering on some brethren that have handwork, they are insincere, they are not truthful.
26.        I remembered some years ago when God handed that teaching, He used Pastor Dan as an example. He said that as a Pastor is selling drugs, that he cannot expect us to purchase all the drugs he sells, that if he is not faithful, his customers will run away, but if he is faithful, those customers will continue coming purchasing those goods from him. How much drug do we buy?
27.        I wonder how some handwork brethren behave, when you call a heathen to do a work, two of you will bargain the price before he will do it. But to our brethren, a work of one hundred naira, they may be given two hundred naira for the job, by right, they should refund one hundred after the work, but you will find out that at the end, they won’t do the work, they won’t refund the money. We have a custom; we have a tradition that is deferent from that of the people around us.
28.        From the time God arrested me, what I love before is now what I hate; what I hated before is now what I cherish…”
29.        The question arises, has God arrested you? That’s the question. The Son of Man is telling us that from the time God arrested him, from the time the Supreme Being decided to tabernacle in that body, to use him for the salvation of our lives, to use him for the perfection of our lives, to use him to sanctify us so that you and I will be able to have a place among those that are sanctified by the faith of Christ.
30.        Has he arrested you? If He has arrested you, your character must prove that what you love before is what you hate now, for God and the world go in opposite direction.
31.        “…So, there is difference in me. If there is no difference in you, you have not fully surrendered to his leadership…”
32.        This is where the problem lies. You have not met Christ or you have not fully surrendered to his leadership. These are the two things. If there is no difference in your life now, the same way you were known before is the same way you are known now.”
33.        There is one man in Old Market Road, when his light had problem, and I told him that I will call my brother to come and do it, he asked me, “Is it Shedrach?” I said no. He said, “If it is Shedrach, don’t call him, for I know him very well.” This was happening last year or last two years.
34.        He said, “I know him very well, he can promise you the world, but he won’t fulfill any.” Every human being must know you, even Satan must know who you are. You must come to a point where your obedience and loyalty in Christ must be recognized by Satan himself, just like he recognized Paul’s own and Jesus’ own.
35.        When the Seven Sons of Sceva came and met the person they were living with and said, “We charge you in the name of Jesus who Paul preached, come out of this man! Those spirits asked him, where do you come from? Who are you? May I know you? Jesus, I know him; Paul, I know him, who are you then?” The mad man hit them and wounded them, they ran away, naked.
36.        Have you surrendered completely to the leadership of Christ? We are not talking of Christ of yester years; we are talking of Christ of today, the revealed Christ, the Elohim of our own day.
37.        The man that told us, when I want to magnify myself among my people, I will show them my original body; and He has shown it to us because He has magnified Himself among us.
38.        Yes, you heard the scripture saying that when Satan comes as a flood, God would raise a standard against him. What is that standard if not the word of God? It is the word of God in you that would be raised when the devil is coming to you like a flood. God will raise a standard making it impossible for the flood to cross over. That’s the word of God.
39.        Remember we are still studying the Inner Voice. In the time of William Branham, he defined an ungodly woman as one that does not know God. Thus, he said that she is the best instrument in the hand of Satan.
40.        The Son of Man also came and told us that an ungodly woman is a religious woman. If you see an ungodly woman mentioning God, you will even disqualify yourself from knowing God. When it comes like this, you as sister in this Faith, you ought to pause, and ask yourself whether you are an ungodly woman or godly woman. 
41.        When the book of the law got lost, the people of Israel went into idolatry. One day, the book was found and was read in the house of God, all that knew the truth from the very onset fell flat, covered themselves with sackcloth, cried and cried and cried for such a horrible departure from the truth.”
42.        It is a pity that many of us, after feeling sorry over their evil deeds, still forget it and go ahead doing the same thing. It is very wrong. You think you are mocking God, not knowing that you are mocking yourself.
43.        Immediately the book of law which was lost got found, the whole people who knew the truth started weeping, the repentance that came from the debt of their heart made God to show mercy on them. But today, you can hardly see one that can change his or her mind right from the in-depth of his heart.
44.        Hence, you do not know that God looks into the heart. A broken heart, the Bible said that God can never overlook. In any situation you may find yourself, God is watching the heart; God is interested to hear the voice of the inner heart, not the voice of your mouth that physically deceives human beings.
45.        God is the wisest being on earth. He made the heart so that it can communicate with him. He made the mind that only He (God) will know what Apostle Kelechi is having in mind every second of the day. In the heart is the issue of life. Equally, in the heart is also the issue of death.
46.        When you yield yourself to this voice you are hearing all these years, you obey and hearken to it, that is Life Eternal. But any day you take it as a play, don’t worry; the day God will use you to play is coming, closer than you think. It is not up to a step and the whole thing would come to an end.
47.        We were in the fellowship on Sunday 5th January 2014, when God was telling us how He has finished with the Gentiles, that His programme is now in the Middle East. The same time, the Beast (the Pope) was there (in Rome) telling them what he is going to do in Jerusalem. The programme, everything is set.
48.        When God is out to fulfill his promise, anything that will be a stumbling block on His way, He would remove them by way of death, show them the way out and allow His people, who He has already ordained even before the world began, that will foster the fulfillment of the word to take position immediately for him to carry out His promise. Amen.
49.        The Inner Voice, page 43, verse 17, “You see why God gave what we need to us, unfortunately who is blind but my servants, instead of watching over the word, watching over the flock they began to show canal love to their wives…”
50.        This is where we are having problem for Almighty God told us that to be compassionate is to do the will of God. Loving your wife is making sure that the word of God stands firm in your heart and in the heart of your wife and in the hearts of your children. That is real love. 
51.        Carnal love would make you to disobey God’s words and bring you under God’s condemnation. Everything carnal has been opposed to God. As we are in these last days waiting for the clothing of our immortal body, God told us that we should continue in whatever we are doing in the fear of God.
52.        If you want to go to school, do it in the fear of God. If the fear of God is not there, it is carnal! Is it true? You want to build a house? Do it in the fear of God. If the fear of God is not there, it is carnal! You want to marry? Marry in the fear of God. If the fear of God is not there, it is carnal!
53.        What is more, a carnal-minded fellow can never be faithful to God. It is highly impossible because you cannot get any step from carnality where you can stand and say please. Thus, you must drop it.
54.        You see why God gave what we need to us, unfortunately who is blind but my servants, instead of watching over the word, watching over the flock they began to show canal love to their wives.
55.        They started turning the word of God upside down, attempting to placate the implacable, attempting to please one that can never be pleased…”
56.        A carnal man, a carnal woman, an ungodly woman can never be pleased. You can never please an ungodly woman until you enter grave. You can never please an ungodly woman, one that has no fear of God, a religionist. Before you say anything, she has quoted the scripture, quoted our messages just to consolidate herself in unbelief.
57.        This particular place is talking about ungodly women. You see why God told us to go back to inner voice? These things are happening in the heart. The voice in the mind is speaking all these things and God heard it and brought it out in the language we will hear, telling us what is taking place in our heart, the inner voice.
58.        You have your own, I have my own. You should fear God who understands the language of our heart. You cannot even hear the language of the little children, but God understands their language. See how God made this inner voice, that you can deny slapping me when you slapped me.
59.        What is more, the inner voice will continue ringing bell in you, you did it, you did it. Nobody will be hearing it, but your heart will be telling you that you did this thing. That is the voice of your conscience, the inner voice. Amen.



The Inner Voice,” page 46, chapter three: “Grace Abused.” That is, unmerited favour abused, privilege abused. Remember we are considering The Inner Voice. No true child of God can ever walk by sight.
2.           No true child of God walks by sight but by divine revelation. If you are not led by the word of God, you are not a child of God…”
3.            If you go to the message titled, “Fellowship,” “seven steps to realizing the promises of God” preached in the year 2008, one of the booklets titled “Fellowship”, God said and I quote: “If whatever that is motivating your action is not as a result of complete obedience to the word of God which you have heard,” he said that it is useless-nonsense.
4.           If you go to the message titled, “The Conclusion of the Whole Matter,” He said that if you do good, you will give God an account why you did good. He equally said that every human being must worship God whether you are Muslim or Hebrew, it means nothing.
5.           Whatever that you did that is good, you must give an account of doing that which is good. And if it is not as a result of the word of God which you heard, you are condemned. I am doing this because God instructed me to do it, because of the fear of God in me, I will do it; besides, I am a child of God.
6.           “…I said in the beginning of this message that it is easier to fall in love than to stay in love. It does not take a millennium to create a relationship…”
7.            Does it? Let me use Pastor Rotimi for example. When Pastor Rotimi got a new house, we were discussing on phone and he said, “Apostle, this house is too large for me to stay.” I said, yes, don’t worry, one day, it will not be too large for you again.”
8.           After the traditional marriage, he called me and while we were discussing, I asked him, “Is the house still large?” He laughed and said, “No, the house is not large again.”
9.           Now watch, it didn’t take up to two months to create a relationship in marriage and until the whole thing matures, God said that you cannot take a millennium to create a relationship or change of mind.
10.        In the message titled, “Born Again Concept”, it says, “It is a matter of changing your mind that moment. You can hear the Son of Man saying now, now, now, as you are standing—born again concept—it is a matter of changing your mind, changing your view: ‘I am sorry,’ at that same time; you change your mind for the better.”
11.        It is only God that made us to know what born again is all about. In denomination, the way they talk about born again, they speak as if you will enter into your mother’s womb and come out again. They talk nonsense about it.
12.        That is why, in this message, God considers what is taking place in your heart. The moment you change your mind towards the mind of God, you have met God’s requirement concerning you. That’s why the scripture said, that when your ways please God, he will cause your enemies to live at peace with you. The moment your way pleases God, God must surely cause your enemies to live at peace with you.
13.        Do you know your enemies? You don’t know them. However, when your way pleases God, God will place His fear in you and the fear will get to them that they will live in peace with you.
14.        When Jacob was coming back from his in-laws’ house, he placed his cattle in order, placed the maid of Leah in front with the cattle; and the maid of Rachael in the front. Then Rachael, Joseph, Benjamin, he placed them at the back, beside him, saying, “Peradventure, the enemies consume them. By the time they would finish killing those in the front, these people would remain for me.”
15.        They continued moving and the scripture said that the fear of Jehovah rested upon Jacob that no human being ventured to harm him. Those days are not like today, for during those days; a nation could rise up one morning, overcome another nation and kill them. Even Esau he was afraid of, came and he gave Esau gift, Esau refused and was weeping and crying for not seeing him for many years.
16.        Esau was weeping and crying, saying, “My Brother, I have not seen you for years!” Because Jacob sent messengers with gifts to tell Esau that he is coming. What is more, Esau rejected it and said, “I am blessed, I have a lot, but for seeing you means I have seen an angel.”
17.        The fear of God upon the faithful. If you are faithful now, remain so until we enter Paradise. The opening of this message said that if you are not faithful in the days past, now is your hour. Hook up with God. As you are there right now, hook up with God. It is not far from you, right there in your heart, the inner voice.
18.        Let us decide. Take the decision, a strong decision, putting confidence in Christ revealed in your day. He is the One that will do it. He said, “When I see the willingness in you, I must give you a helping hand.”
19.        “…The only Person that has stayed in love unquestionably has remained the Almighty God…”
20.        When you put your confidence in Him, He would help you to remain faithful, He would help you to remain steadfast in love.
21.        “…It is easier to fall in love with God than to stay in love with God. To stay in love with God means staying in His Word, staying in His instruction…”
22.         Like He said in the beginning of this message. If He has given you instruction on what to do, whether concerning your health or any other thing as it concerns you, and you feel that you have better knowledge and understanding than what He has told you, anytime trouble ensues from there, keep it to yourself.
23.        Stay in his command at all times, for that is staying in love. Staying in love with God means obedience to his words. The same way, to be faithful this year 2014, means faithfulness to his word.
24.        Being faithful in his instruction. That thing he said you should not do as it concerns you as individual or collectively as the Bride, make sure you pay heed to it. That means you are faithful till eternity.
25.        Women that claim they love their husbands, a relationship that was created in one second: “I love you, darling, darling;” how can they boast of staying in love with their husbands? How many can proclaim before God that she has stayed in love with her husband.
26.        Remember what I said, staying in love with God means abiding in his word, abiding in His Instruction, abiding in His Command at all times. How many can boast of doing that in this faith. You see why God told us to come to this message? These messages we are studying now, if you have paid attention, you will see why God pointed us to this message.
27.        How faithful are we? How many can boast of doing that in this faith? Staying in obedience to God’s word. If your answer is nobody, it goes to prove to you that you are not staying in love. You have only fallen in love and not staying in love. For nothing is as painful as staying in love.
28.        Love compels one to do something he ought not to do. When you are in love with someone, it compels you to do what you do not want to do. For instance, David and his soldiers fought war to capture this Jerusalem that is disturbing the world today, then, it was the Jebusites that owned Jerusalem.
29.        There was a well inside Jerusalem, the war was so fierce, it came to a point David shouted, “I am thirsty, I want the water that is inside the well in Jerusalem!”
30.        Three young men came out—and because of the love they had for David, the man after God’s own heart; though the war was fierce, these three men came out and said, “As far as the king has said that he wants to drink the water in Jerusalem, we must bring the water for him.”
31.        Love compelled them to enter where all of them were afraid to go to. Thus, three of them moved, fighting and killing until they got there and brought the water to David.
32.        What is more, David saw the water and said, “Oh, this is the blood of these men; woe to me if I should drink it”. He lifted it up to God and poured it away as a sacrifice unto God, and that made them to win the battle.
33.        Love can compel you to do what you don’t want to do in obedience to the word of God. And the greatest love that is shown to mankind is God. God in person of Brother Peter Odoemena ( (blessed be to His Holy Name), to show us such love, and that’s why God had to compel us to be obedient to the core.
34.        Faithfulness unto God this year. Love compels one to do what he ought not to do. You can go to the message preached December 2012, titled “The Qualities of Love.”  You will see what God said there, what love can do if you have the love of God.
35.        The love of God is greater than any love a man can have on a woman or the love a woman can have on a man. That was the love that existed between David and Jonathan, that made David to weep when he heard that Jonathan died in the war, he said, “His love for me surpasses the love of a woman in a man or a man in a woman.”
36.        You cannot use that love to compare the love Jonathan had for David. How many are staying in love with their husbands. This question goes to my wives. When we read and studied this message, you see what God said. You as the husband would see it as you are the one God is talking to. Do not refer it to any other brother near you.
37.        When you personalize the message, see it the way God is saying it, it would be very easy for you to wriggle out of your problem, for it is a ladder given to us.
38.        God has placed a ladder in this 2014 to as many as want to be faithful until they enter Paradise, to climb the ladder. The ladder which God has given to us is the “Inner Voice,” “You Are the Pillars of the Kingdom,” and “God’s Nature Is Your Ticket to Paradise”. We should not take these messages for play.
41.        When God was talking to us in the message, “This is the Year of the Faithful,” He said, “Make a decision this year, make it and see whether God will not help you.”
42.        Love compelled Esther to see the king on a prohibited day. She took the risk. Hence, when Esther went in, the king’s men rushed to kill her and the king raised his hand up and they went back.
43.        “…Love compels one to do something he ought not to do. How many are staying in love with their husbands? How many are staying in love with God (Christ)?”
44.         If you are really in this faith of Christ, you will know that when we mention Christ, it is not Christ in Jesus, not Christ in Peter, Paul, not Christ in Moses, not Christ in Branham, not Christ in Wesley, but Christ in the person of Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be to His Holy Name), revealed in our own day, in whose words spoken to me made me to have the eyes to see the original body (the whitest robed Being)of the Deity on 19th August 2012. If He did not speak that way, there is nothing that will make us to see it that way.
45.        But you have all fallen in love with God. I hope we are not merely in this Faith creating relationship and companionship…”
46.         Are we merely in this faith to create relationship and companionship, that when we die, we forget about it? We are not in this Faith merely to create relationship and companionship, so that if we die, we go away, no.
47.        Our main aim of being in Christ is that after this life (material/matter life), we all would be cleared in Paradise. That is why He said that we must be faithful, sincere, truthful to one another.
48.        So please, take note of what I am saying. If it affects you, praise God…
49.        If what God is saying affects you, He said, do what? Praise God, rejoice, for it is a sign of love, that God does not want me and you to perish.  For He is going to present the Bride to Himself, a pure virgin without spot or wrinkle. That the angels would say, “Did this people live here on earth?”
50.        “…If in a place where you are living and your conducts are not under close observation with your neighbours, if your neighbours are not suspicious about you, you are a counterfeit in our midst.”
51.        Wherever you are living, in your office, in your market place, in your business site, in your schools and colleges, your conduct, your character is not brought under close observation of your neighbours that they suspect you at every second of the day, what manner of persons you are, God said that you are a counterfeit in the midst of the Bride.
52.        Note it, our Faith is not hidden. Immediately you put it into practise, it would burst like fire in the time of harmattan. Like we are in dry season, any little fire set on grasses, you will see how the whole thing would flame and become a big fire immediately; thereby putting the animals and everything around in danger.
53.        Do not argue with anybody; do not politicize this faith with anybody. If you are making politics with this faith they will not know what you believe. You are a politician among us. When you put this faith into action, fear will grip all around you. Hence, you will be under suspicion. What manner of person is this? What manner of woman is this? What does he mean on this?
54.        The moment you begin to practice the teachings you received in this most holy Faith in your office, in your market place, in your yard, wherever you find yourself, surely your conducts will come under close examination. Many strange things will be happening there, everybody will feel suspicious about you.
55.        More especially when they say, ‘Let us pray,’ and you do not join them, they say in Jesus name, and you say, ‘I do not believe in that, he is not my messenger;’ they will ask you, ‘Please, which Church do you attend? Are you sure you are not in a cult?’”
56.        This is the problem many of us are having. The problem many of us are having is that they cannot stand to differentiate Christ from Adam, Christ from Paul, Christ from the man Jesus.
57.        You must come to a point where you will stand and know the meaning of Christ. Know what Christ did in John the Baptist and stopped. Know what Christ did in the person of Jesus and stopped, know what Christ did in person of all the messengers and stopped; and know the climax of it in the days of the Son of Man.
58.        You must come to the point where you will know that. When you know it, you are balanced: One in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks; giving them the inspiration of what they should say in their different ages. Such a person, William Branham saw and was weeping and crying, “Let me live to see Him in my day”.
59.        Hence William Branham said, “When He (The Black Sheep) shall appear, He would tie scriptures together. For He is the Word made flesh.”
60.        If you are in this Bridal Faith, watch this particular Faith: when they say in the name of Jesus and you say, you do not believe that, they will be watching you, because when God was in Jesus, nobody believed him that time.
61.        You come to a point you will explain to them, that the days of Jesus are over; they will be looking at you, they will be watching you: “So, you don’t believe in Jesus?” You say yes that they cannot see Jesus again on earth for his days are all over, then you will come under their suspicion and scrutiny.
62.        However, when you are making politics of this faith, they will just be laughing. When they want to make politics or somebody that will make them laugh, they will come to you and raise a topic where you will start talking which has nothing to do with the faith.
64.        Sadly, some individuals may become prejudiced against a family, race, tribe or nationality because of the conduct of a single foreigner in their neighbourhood.  Just like what Shed did, immediately I told that my neighbor that since your light meter is having problem, I will contact one of my brothers in the faith, he said, is it Shedrack?
65.        Though the man has all his papers intact, made the necessary payments and have gone to NEPA for a new meter and they posted him, it is a mistake that if I had called Shed, he would have collected another money from the man and yet he won’t do anything.
66.        I called deacon Vin and deacon Vin told him to hold the bills that any time they start issuing the meter that he will take the meter there and they give him a new one.
67.        You see, that’s why we should be faithful to God, for once we are faithful to God, we will be faithful to one another. It is like I am here now, you know the type of business I am doing if I am not faithful, there is no brother here that will commit money to my hand to sew curtain for him.
68.        However, if I am faithful to them, before you know it, they will even point people to me even the one that would give me much money. We ought to be faithful to God. It is the fear of God that will compel me to be faithful to my brothers and to all human beings.
69.        Everybody should go to the message titled, “What is the hope of a hypocrite?” Look for it, it is in print. Because that thing you got through cheating, you must vomit all, and after which your stomach will be empty.
70.        There was a woman who works in Indian Embassy in America, she committed something and because of that America arrested her, imprisoned her and repatriated her.
71.        When India heard it, they were angry with America, and for that, they had to scrutinize Americans working in their embassy, who they left before because of the immunity they had. America started asking why India should do that, and India told America that they are not happy with what America did. Just because of one single action.
72.         You see why we must be very, very careful? If I am walking with you and my character is not good, the people around you will see it that the same thing I am doing is the same thing you are doing.
73.        When God is warning in mercy and in love, He is also out to judge, when you continue in your disobedience.” Amen.
The Inner Voice, page 50 verse 10, “Why is all these of serious concern to a child of God? How should it affect his or her own way of life? First of all, I want you to see yourself as a child of God…”
2.           If all this while God is speaking to us and you do not know who you are whatever he is saying will bypass you like wind.
3.           What am I saying, if you didn’t see yourself first that you are a child of God; you must recognize yourself first that you are a child of God. It is only in this Faith that somebody can boldly say, “I am a child of God”.
4.           However, to other people, when they are asked whether he is a child of God, they will say, by the grace of God. So, if I am asked whether I am the son of Papa Uwakwe, I will tell you by the grace?
5.           Was the world created by Grace? “...First of all, I want you to see yourself as a child of God…”
6.            God said that we should first of all see ourselves as children of God. “…Secondly, as a child of God you are likened to a city that is seated on a mountain that cannot be hidden…”
7.            When Jesus was talking in his own day, he said that nobody lights a lantern and places it under the table. You must place it on the table. It is said that any tree that surfaces on the water does not sink a ship. A tree or a wood that is seen on the surface of the water, where it is seen, can it sink a ship?
8.           “…Thirdly, as a cynosure of all eyes because you are a foreigner with a strange behaviour...”
9.            Everybody now looks at you, both young and old, sensible and mad, human being and spirits now watch you.
10.        “…Lastly, that you are surrounded by a large crowd of witnesses with different aims and objectives. In this world, true children of God are aliens and temporary residents for they are earnestly and desperately looking forward to a permanent abiding place devoid of violence, hardship, sorrow, pain, death, etc…”
11.         This is where every true child of God ought to fix his or her eyes. This is the Promised Paradise where He will take all of us to. That is why God Himself came down to lead us there (Paradise).
12.        The scripture says that Jesus saw the glory that is on the way, he decided to bear the suffering. Look at how God described the world we are looking forth to.
13.        This world that we are looking forward to, this world that we are expected to live in where we will be permanently is not meant for angels to control, rather, this future world will be controlled by the Son of Man and all that are obedient to his teachings. That is why He said that as long as you are faithful this year, you will be faithful till Paradise. 
14.        “…And this is the promised “Paradise” of God where God Himself will rule His children the world over in righteousness and peace…”
15.         That is why He said that no cause of offence will ever enter Paradise. That he will not repeat the mistake he did before, telling Noah to put good animals seven, seven and the bad ones, two, two. As long as you are not good, you can never smell Paradise. What will make you to be righteous? Your obedience to the word which God has spoken to you.
16.        “…This promise has been ridiculed into oblivion by many because to them it has over delayed…”
17.        Let me use for example, this year, the world will play the world cup. The date has been fixed. One day, they will start it, so they will be playing it until the final day, the cup would be brought out for the whole world to see. All the players will be having their eyes there. The whole nations would be admiring the cup. The whole thing is about to be decided.
18.        Before now, all of us were worshipping imaginary God, but today look at the trophy. “I am here courtesy of the Father.” Thus, He said, “Go to the Church at Nkpor,” when it never existed.
19.        It gives me joy that nobody that collected tithe in the end-time is still in this most holy Faith. All that are in this Faith paid the Tithe, but they did not eat the Tithe. They paid robbers of the temple, but they never for one day ate the Tithe.
20.        All that ate the tithe are no longer in this Faith, the Lord ferreted them out. They received their rewards and died away. Pastor Dan, you heard about it but you didn’t eat it. Anybody that God loves, He starts early in protecting him. It was as a result of not paying tithe that I had problem with reverend B.A Onyeanwusi of Baptist Church.
21.        Brother Shed was recording tithe but he was not paying. He was the one marking card for people that paid, but he was not paying because he was the choir master. The inner voice. You are Christ ambassadors.
22.        …Believe it if you can, there is a hidden purpose why the Sovereign  God demands worship from all His children scattered all over the world and whoever obeys will not forever regret it!..”
23.         This secret purpose will be revealed in Paradise, when we shall put on immortality like God. Like the vision was seen those days, where everybody was scrambling for fruit, and there was fruits everywhere, the Son of Man was telling us to leave it that it is all for us.
24.        Thus, this hidden purpose which the Sovereign God demands that we should worship Him, as many of us that will be faithful till paradise, will not regret it.  
25.        “…When genuine Disciples of Christ tried to think and act in harmony and in conformity with the teaching of Christ (the Anointed One, the Messiah), unbelievers or renegades or those who make only pretence of practicing His teachings may look down on them as though they are undesirable foreigners…”
26.        This is where the problem lies. How can we be aiming at something and you turn round accusing me falsely? People that are fond of this are unfaithful ones. You pretend as if you are obeying when you are not obeying.
27.        See what God said, “Are you the genuine disciple of Christ? Do you try to think and act in harmony and in conformity of the teachings of Christ the anointed one in your midst, the Messiah? When you do it, do not mind the unbelievers around you.”
28.        There is an adage that says, “He that is above his fellows must get ready to receive the arrows of their inferiority.” Who doesn’t know a ripped coin? A righteous man is an abomination to the ungodly.
29.        There is a message that God preached, he said, do not be mindful of the success of people but try and know how to get the success. When you see your fellow sister living in peace in her family, though she is married like you, having children as you have, if you ask her the secret behind it, she would tell you that it is as a result of her total obedience to the word of God concerning marriage.
30.        When you do same, there must be peace. The message we are hearing said that a wise woman will always control the madness of her husband. No matter how mad the man can be, because you are wise, you will control him.
31.        Why God allowed a man to marry is so that the woman can control the excesses of the man. The reason why people tie rope to one masquerade called Okwomma is so that he will not be violent. The woman is the rope used to tie a man.
32.        I remembered when we were doing the traditional marriage of my daughter, a time came when I lost control; what is more, my wife rushed at me and held me, “You are not the one getting married! Sit down!”
33.         Every wife is the rope that is tied to the man, when he wants to act, the wife will pull him back.  Because the day a man is born, violence is born. Have you seen why God referred us to the message titled THE INNER VOICE?
34.        That is why if a man acts too much, he will be given a wife. Any man that is given a wife and he continues in rough life, that man is not married; he is living with a woman who is rough also. I am telling you the truth.
35.        Any woman that is rough is not a wife, she is a lady—two rough people living together. I am telling you the truth. We were in my house one day; one of my children turned and asked my wife, “Mummy, why is it that you don’t behave like Daddy?”
36.        My wife asked her, “Do you want me to act like Daddy? Don’t you know there will be trouble? If Daddy is rough, I should be gentle so that there will be peace.”
37.        You see, if you are rough and your wife is equally rough, there will be trouble in the home. That is why in the family of Brother Goddy Tobechukwu there can never be peace there until we enter Paradise.
38.        Yes, Brother Goddy is living with a girlfriend and not a wife. Brother Goddy, you are married to your girlfriend and not your wife and from the beginning till now, we never supported it. If you want to marry, marry a sister you love, don’t marry your girlfriend; because lie is used in friendship, while truth is used in marriage.
39.        Brother Goddy used stolen money to buy a motorcycle, sew suit, pretended he had money, bought rice and drinks for Ngozi, the next thing was that Ngozi went to the house and got pregnant.
40.        If we keep quiet, at times we speak out. Let nobody ever blame their foolish behaviours on this faith. It is the part of the end-time, it happened in 1990, not his faith. We know the age of this Bridal Faith. Let nobody ever accuse this faith.
41.        Brother Goddy Tobechukwu has been rough before the Son of Man entered in 1990. Those still alive today, am I telling lies? Brother Goddy, am I telling lies? He said no.
42.        Sister Moses, that was the time you were wearing blue skirt, very hard to understand, we didn’t know whether you were a Pentecostal, we didn’t know where you belonged to.
43.        Once Malachy Osuagwu comes to the pulpit, you see her walking away. In short, we had fellowship with mad people! If you mention Sister Esther, she would hit her head on the wall. Brother Ojiakor, you really walked with mad people. We really suffered.
44.        If you mention Chinyere Nwanyanwu, she will shout “Jesus eh!” No church or ministry produced mad men and women more than end time message. End time madness, end time mess. Both male and female were criminals, 419 (fraudsters) without any reasonable and viable means of livelihood, walking from house to house.
45.        That is what killed Pastor Christian Dike. If he is asked to leave it, he refuse, if one removes his suit, he would carry, you remove your cap, he would carry, walking about stealing. Every time, if he is not locked in the cell, he will be locked in the house of J. Nwankwu.
46.        He started collecting money without working. Apostle Kelechi, am I telling lies? He said No sir. There was a time he was locked up at GRA Onitsha where he stole money, collecting money without doing the job.
47.        A time came some women traced him to this place, he collected money for uniform and spent it without doing the job. That he is not doing well in this faith is because of what he inherited from end-time message. The spirit is still in him till tomorrow: he ate tithe, he duped people and he is still duping till now, and it has been difficult for him to put the word of God into practice.
48.        All that God has been telling him, he has been finding it difficult to obey even one. He will have another thing in mind, and be saying another thing. Continue staying here! If God is talking about changing of mind, you will be here saying Amen.
49.        Do you think that when you say Amen, it means that you have believed? If you say Amen to what we are saying, it doesn’t mean that you believe. You are saying Amen so that people around you will not suspect you of unbelief. But unbelief is a matter of the heart.
50.        Remember, we have come to the end of all things; nothing shall be hidden anymore, for the foundation of everything must be revealed. If the building is shaking, the foundation is rocked.
51.        No matter whatever these counterfeit children of God may think about you, don’t ever listen to them, close your ears. Do not ever try to nurse it in your heart.
52.        See yourself that it is you and God only in this age. See it that it is for your sake that God was revealed. Not for the sake of your wife or your children but for your sake. If they want to believe, it is left for them, if they don’t want to believe, up to them.
53.        “…The views of these counterfeit children of God that have mixed up with you in your congregations or that of the unbelieving ones around you should not make you as a child of God to begin to feel ashamed or doubtful of your conviction with your professed faith in Christ…”
54.        Once you pay attention to what they will be saying around you, before you know it, if you are not careful, you will start been biased in mind. Don’t ever open your ear to listen to them.
55.        Our message said; “Don’t even give them a second chance, so that the truth of the gospel might continue. Don’t ever listen to them even if for one second!”
56.        “…The views of these counterfeit children of God that have mixed up with you in your congregations or that of the unbelieving ones around you should not make you as a child of God to begin to feel ashamed or doubtful of your conviction with your professed faith in Christ…”
57.        More especially now that you have seen different vindications, that it is no longer a story. Amen.