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Thursday, 8 September 2011


I am the oldest man on Earth. I have reincarnated several times. I remain the only Being that can tell you how old the world is, believe it if you can…
-Son of Man

Let me tell you, we are going to fulfil this, we are possessing this Earth but not with this nonsense mortal flesh.     
  –The Son of Man

You follow my instructions nothing will stop you from taking off. What will stop you is unbelief. That is the only reason why they (our fathers) could not enter the PromiseLand; it was as a result of unbelief.
He (God) brought them out from Egypt, in the wilderness; He destroyed all that believed not. Does your life reflect your Faith? What you are hearing from God, does it bear witness in your heart that at least up to this very moment, you have no sign of unbelief in your heart, you have no rebellion in your heart, you have no doubt? Rebellion is very easy.
God is looking for a true heart and not a false heart that will come to God with his lips when his heart is far away from God. With the heart he strangles God, with the mouth he praises God, rendering services, but with the heart he strangles God.
            –The Son of Man.
(DOES YOUR LIFE REFLECT THIS FAITH?, Page 34-37, verses 13,14,19)

We thank God for what He is doing in our day more especially the appearance of the Son of Man. The Son of Man has appeared but He will not take us home immediately for He has a work to do. Maybe we do not know the meaning of Son of Man; I say maybe! If we know the meaning of Son of Man, then we can now look for His ministry.
2.            Believe it if you can, the Son of Man has a ministry. The Bible said, “God judgeth no man but has committed judgement into the hands of His dear Son, the Son of Man. Thus, Christ, the Son of Man forgives all manner of sins, that it might be known and believed that the Son of Man has the power to forgive all sins.”
3.             In the ministry of the Son of Man, when He appears on the scene, the Bible said that He is going to separate the goat from the sheep. The Bible did not say that immediately the Son of Man appears that He is going to take us home into Heaven; no, there is no Scripture like that. However, the moment He finishes His ministry, in a twinkling of an eye, in a moment, all that belong to the sheep will get transformed immediately.
4.            First of all, the work of separation must be over and then He will mark His own and number them. Once He finishes the whole thing, in a twinkling of an eye, just in a moment, what you will see is fiaaaah! The mortal will put on immortality on that spot! Because in Him is the resurrection.
5.            Note it, resurrection will take place and the world will not know it. What if the resurrection has taken place already, who knows? Because they are supernatural beings wearing human flesh.
6.            There is one peculiar thing about that flesh: it can appear and disappear. Anybody putting on flesh that can appear and disappear, he does not have the need of any accommodation. When he disappears, he vanishes into the air. When he wants to appear again, he will appear from the air without showing you any sign.
7.            Just like you can close your doors and windows now, if he wants to have fellowship with you, he will just say “Peace be with you,” and before your very eyes he vanishes. Vanish in the sense that you cannot behold his presence, but he is right there with you. I do not know whether you are getting what I am saying?
8.            You look for him, he is not there, but he is there with you—he is very much there. Immediately he vanishes, he vanishes into the air but he is there and you are talking and talking and talking, not knowing that he is monitoring you there, though you may not see him, but when he wants to put on flesh, he will put on his garment for he will not jump through the window, no, you just see a man standing.
9.            When Philip disappeared, did anybody see him climbing into Heaven? Philip disappeared before the eyes of the Jews and then reappeared again. The same person that disappeared the same reappeared, he did not jump down from Heaven, he remained a human being and continued walking about.
10.         The Philip I am talking of is no other than the Philip that had daughters. In other words, he married. How blind you are yet tomorrow you will want Me to demonstrate rapture. I do not know how rapture can be demonstrated rather than this illustration I have given.
11.         Let me tell you, we are going to fulfill this, we are possessing this Earth but not with this nonsense mortal flesh. I want to address ourselves here before it will be too late. What we are doing now is finishing touches.
12.         By the year 1993 the Lord told us that we must complete the building, that we should not accept any help from the heathens, no help from anybody that is not in our midst. Now the work has finished, the work is over, the way it started is the way it will end. Hence, if it started with communion it must end with communion. That is all it will take. Jesus Christ ministry ended with Communion.   
13.         Deuteronomy 10:10 – 17, “And I stayed in the mount, according to the first time, forty days and forty nights; and the LORD hearkened unto me at that time also, and the LORD would not destroy thee.” KJV.
14.         “As I said before, I stayed on the mountain before the Lord for forty days and nights the second time, just as I had the first, and the Lord again yielded to my pleas and didn't destroy you.” LB.
15.         We are cursed if we hear and disobey. Thus, as we continue in the Word of God,  obeying, the Lord will keep on blessing us.
16.         Remember the Lord told His people, “I am with you as long as you are continuing in Me. But any day you stop obeying I will depart.” Thus, the Lord is with us as long as you are fearing and honouring His Word. However, any day you dishonor and disobey, the Lord will depart from you.
17.         Now Israel, what does the Lord your God require from you? Nothing but to obey, hear, fear, honour, respect and worship Him with all your heart, with your entire mind.
18.         What is the Lord requiring from us the Elect? Obedience. I preached a Message titled “Self-Circumcision” or “The Hour of Self Circumcision” during ministers’ meeting. I do not know how far ministers have propagated that Message in their local Churches. Maybe they just went home and then packed the Message in the bag and closed their mouth.
19.         In my own family I preached the Message titled “A True Circumcision”. We know what Circumcision is all about. Circumcision is nothing but cutting off some excess flesh, that is all. There is no other interpretation you can give it.
20.         Now, spiritually speaking, the people of Israel were meant to circumcise on the eight-day, though a little while, it became a ritual to them, they were using it as an excuse. Once somebody is physically circumcised, that automatically becomes a license to answer an Israelite, to answer a Jew, to answer Abraham’s seed, but a time came when the Lord brought a plumb-line.
21.         He said that it is no longer enough to go about boasting that you have become an Israelite because you are circumcised on the eight-day. He said, “You must show me another evidence, then what I require from you is that you obey, you follow my instructions, keep my ordinances as I handed it down to you. For that reason circumcise the foreskin of your heart and not the foreskin of your flesh.” Circumcise the foreskin of your heart and your mind and stop being stubborn, stop being stiff-necked and hard-hearted. Stubbornness is idolatry, the Bible said so
22.         Stubbornness is idolatry, if you are a stubborn brother or stubborn sister, you are not even qualified to answer brother or sister. The correct name you should answer is a pagan. Because an idolater is a pagan, an idol worshipper. If you are stubborn to God’s instructions, to God’s Word, you find it difficult to obey, you find it difficult to humble yourself down, you cannot do something without murmuring and complaining, you are like Saul.
23.         The Bible said that obedience is better than sacrifice. You must first of all obey before you can render sacrifice. Not when you are living in stubbornness, not when you are living in idolatry, not when you worship in naked unbelief, then you still come to fellowship to worship, therefore adding iniquity upon iniquity.
24.         The mixed-multitude must leave us! This is the last shaking of the Bride. Almighty God told us that there is something that is going to expose all of them. He said, “Watch, their cup is full, they will no longer abide in the congregation of my people. I am going to expose them publicly. Shamefully, I will throw them out and they will never come back again.”
25.         That is why all that the Lord exposed thus far, they are outside. If you will open your heart you will see that I am innocent of their blood. There is not even one that you would meet and say I never encouraged him in different ways. But it happened that the Word of God might come to pass.
26.         Far be it from God for Him to tell lies, for God can never tell lies at all. Hence, this time circumcision is the circumcision of your heart and your mind that is what the Bible said.  
27.         I wonder how many idolaters we have in the camp. Do not worry, I will show you Scriptures that will help you to understand Me. God is speaking to His people Israel.
28.         Remember what the Bible said in the book of Amos 3:1-2:“Hear this word that the LORD hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying,
29.         You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.” KJV.
30.         Of all the people on the Earth, all the nations of the Earth, God has chosen only but one nation, that is Israel. Now God is proclaiming doom to the people He has chosen. Almighty God proclaiming doom, God is not mindful of what is happening to other denominations again. Among all the denominations carrying Bible, we have only but one particular nation God has chosen to appear before them and to make an everlasting Covenant with them.
31.         Remember that, that particular nation is made up of many tribes. How I wish you will understand Me spiritually.
32.         Israel as a nation, Israel as a Church is made up of so many local Assemblies, is made up of so many local Churches, but in all they formed the Common Wealth of Israel. Other denominations outside Israel, God provided them with supervisory councilors that will supervise them in whatever they want to do, but this Israel is a chosen nation, a chosen race unto God; God’s own particular nation.
33.         God owns Israel and will never share the rulership of Israel with any other human being. Forever, Israel must practice Theocracy, in Israel Theocracy must reign. God must rule His people to the core whether they like it or not.
34.         That is why when the Lord was speaking to us during the time we were having problem, He said, “Whether you like it or not, I must be God over you. Israel, there is no need of becoming stubborn for I must be God before you.”
35.         Watch what is happening, God is now accusing His people, proclaiming doom: “Of all the nations here on Earth, all the people on the land, only you have I chosen and called my own people. I have chosen you for that reason.
36.         That is the reason why I must punish you for all your sins because I did not choose you by merit. I must punish you for Israel bragged with Jehovah.”
37.         Now, He has turned round against them. To other nations of the world, God has a date He is going to destroy them for they are not in God’s program. Whether they do righteousness or not, God is not mindful of them, that is not God’s concern. God is only concerned with Israel.
38.         Like I keep on telling you, married men here like Me, if you see some young men or adulterous men bringing in married women, seducing them to the bed, committing adultery with them, does that worry you? Is it your business? No.
39.         However, what if you will see your own wife, will you complain? Yes, so it is with God. God is the husbandman to Israel. Other women can be committing adultery even in His presence, God is not interested. But any day a man will run around Israel, God’s eyes will become red, the woman will not go unpunished because that should be the betrayal of confidence He reposed in her.
40.         Can you imagine the Creator of the whole Heavens and Earth choosing you as a nation, choosing you as a Church, choosing you as His own people, what a very big honour! Is it by your might, is it by your power that the Shekinah Presence of God, what people have seen in every age, jumped down, and said that God has come down, something that has not been witnessed anywhere in the world since the world began, appeared in your midst? That the Shekinah presence of God has never appeared in any nation except Israel.
41.         In the whole denominations even till today if He (God) appeared somewhere, if He would have revealed Himself somewhere, papers would have carried it. Television station would have carried it including radios and periodicals. If it has happened somewhere in Nigeria, somebody would have run round Nigeria with it, the world would have heard about it. Millionaires would have been sponsoring it, maybe using the man to make money.
42.         I wish your eyes should be opened this moment so that you will understand how precious you are in the sight of God, why God is not taking our things light at all because nothing offends God most more than causing His Name to be blasphemed among the heathens. When you cause heathens to be speaking evil of God, God will be offended to the core, because nothing offends a man more than when his wife is discrediting him before pagans.
43.         I am satisfied with Jehovah, what did the Lord required from you? Circumcision of your mind, you have to circumcise your hearts. In other words, every sin has a center of thought. The center of reason starts from the mind, from the mind it will enter the heart, from the heart it will manifest outside, and God said that you must circumcise your mind, your thoughts, circumcise your heart and be no more stubborn. Stop stubbornness, the Bible said stop!
44.         Deut 10: 12 – 17: “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you except to listen carefully to all he says to you, and to obey for your own good the commandments I am giving you today, and to love him, and to worship him with all your hearts and souls? Earth and highest heaven belong to the Lord your God.
45.          And yet he rejoiced in your fathers and loved them so much that he chose you, their children, to be above every other nation, as is evident today.
46.         Therefore, cleanse your sinful hearts and stop your stubbornness. Jehovah your God is God of gods and Lord of lords. He is the great and mighty God, the God of terror who shows no partiality and takes no bribes.” LB.
47.          Stop stubbornness, stop idolatry in the camp. I do not know how many of you that are like that in the camp. Married women, I am talking to you, married men I am talking to you also. You can be a man of God and yet you are an idolater. You are stubborn but it comes to your wife you become red, you do not know that a man can be an unbeliever, a man can become an idolater in the camp and you became guilty of the Message.
48.         William Braham did not tell us to say Amen to Messages you cannot practice, because when you say Amen you are in support. However, when you fail to put it into practice God will hold you guilty forever which is correct. Note, Amen means “so be it Lord,” that is you are in agreement with it, that is all.
49.         How can you tell me you are in agreement and you still work contrary, complaining bitterly, gossiping, murmuring, backbiting, grudging, Christians favourite sins. To them it does not matter, but you do not know that because of that nonsense that God opened the land and it swallowed many families, yet when it comes to your turn you want God to change. Turn the pages of your Bible, you will see that God changeth not for He is the same today, tomorrow and forever, Amen.
50.         When it comes to your turn, you want God to change. I said, God help me, for without God we are perishing. Without Divine intervention, we will perish. Many of us in this Faith echoed Amen to Messages we do not believe, Message we have not even practiced for one day. In other words, we have brought a Masquerade that is higher than us. If this Masquerade is higher than us I wonder why we started mocking Him and we rallied together in our different tribes!
51.         You say, “We are tired of this confusion; God come for we are tired of this land, when would this confusion on the land end? We are tired of this confusion on the land; we are settled in the Bride which is the evidence!
52.         A little while that Masquerade came down and looked at us, now everybody is on the run because the Masquerade that came down was not the one you were desiring, we thought we could receive a very good dancing Masquerade, but you brought down a Masquerade that will come with whip (bulallah), that would not even spare the man that He has voked into. You never knew this type of Masquerade you were calling.
53.         I think this is our problem. When you were in denominations you were telling God, “I do not want to perish, wherever I sit, God I do not want to perish. God show me, God reveal yourself to me.” Now that God has come down no way of escape. It is applicable to you also.
54.         No human being wants to perish. That God you have been saying, “God help me,” now God has come down, you are now on the run, you could not cope up with the same God they prayed down, for God came down and the people started dying one after the other. God that could have saved them started killing them. It is happening in this Church. THE MOST UNFORTUNATE THING THAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IS TO MISS RAPTURE.
55.         You missed the things of the world, you equally missed Heaven, God said, “Among all men, you will be the most miserable.”
56.         I thank God for what is happening now. I thank God so much because no matter how we preach, we cannot change the colour of your attitude, that is my consolation. Amen.


The Lord is the God of terror that shows no partiality and can never take bribe. For that reason, the Bible said, “Cleanse your sinful heart immediately”.
euteronomy 10: 12 – 13: “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you except to listen carefully to all he says to you, and to obey for your own good the commandments I am giving you today, and to love him, and to worship him with all your hearts and souls?” LB.
2.             Note it, that is what it says to you. What does the Lord your God require from you people of God Israel? When we say Israel, remember that Judah is a tribe in Israel, Benjamin is there, Reuben is there, Manasseh is there. Even Israel is incomplete without Manasseh and Ephraim because they are in God’s program.
3.            How I wish God will help our little understanding there. Did the Bible said obey for God’s own good? Note what I am telling you, and obey all for your own good. Can God go to Hell? Can God perish? Is God looking for immortality? Immortality is in Him already, God is comfortable but many a time you want us to start begging you: Why are you behaving this way?” I wonder. “Why are you coming late?”
4.            From today nobody should go from house to house to beg his brother or sister to obey this Message, simply go to the pulpit, flash the Message, go to your room, do not even monitor whether they are obeying or not. Every time, the sheep must follow their leader. Any sheep that is not following the footstep of the shepherd is not a true sheep; it is a hybrid, an agro-sheep. I will tell you why I am against “hybrid religion.”
5.            We have hybrid religion, there is hybrid religion and what will be produced will be hybrid children of God, they are everywhere—people that can never pay attention to the Word of God. The Word of God means little or nothing to them. They can flout it and still go about parading themselves as children of God—hybrid children of God, agric children of God because God has not opened their eyes to see Him as a Consuming Fire, God that taketh no bribe and there is no partiality in Him.
6.            There is no partiality in God and He does not accept bribe. I wonder what you were trying to do; maybe you were trying to bribe God in the time past. What can you use as your bribe? Will you use money, will you use your beautiful women? What can you hold unto? God does not know “bottom power”; bottom power is not for God.
7.            He that created the Heavens and the Earth created women. If He had wanted one thousand of them, they would have created them. Thus, there is no woman that can bribe and influence God. No money influence, no wealth influence, nothing for both the rich and the poor must all perish. What I am telling you is truth.
8.            Do not worry, I will show you another passage of the Bible.
9.            Proverbs 11:4: “Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.” KJV.
10.         Our riches are useless nonsense for you can never use them to influence God. If riches can influence God, Nebuchadnezzar would have influenced God, after all he was rich until he built the hanging garden, yet Daniel saw it and said, “Bye bye with your food. I do not want this type of food you are offering me.”
11.         Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego came there, they were all gathered and told, “Well, we have come down to prepare a delicious dish, the type the king would eat, you feed them with it.” They said, “Away with it! We are satisfied, that is all we want from you but concerning this king’s food, away with it! On that day when all things will be made manifest, parade us with those people you fed with king’s food.”
12.         What really happened? The difference became clear because man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out the mouth of God.
13.         Proverbs 21:30, “No one, regardless of how shrewd or well-advised he is, can stand against the Lord.” LB.
14.         Human wisdom, brilliance, insight cannot save them if the Lord is against them.
15.          It is hard to say Amen again for human wisdom, brilliance, insight, smartness, and cleverness are useless nonsense the moment Almighty God is against the man. You that want to play smartness, you want to outsmart your preacher, you want to outsmart the Apostle, you have done very good, you have the wisdom enough to turn the pages of the Bible upside down, do things the way you want, cover up very well, you have done very well, but be very careful for if God is against you, even if you are having PhD, even if you are a professor, they are of no use if God is against you.
16.         In other words, if you are wise you make sure you do those things that will never make God to be against you. Make sure you live your life in a way God will never be provoked to turn against you. Since He can never take bribe from you, your beauty cannot influence Him, your riches can never save you that day—your beauty is useless nonsense, that is where I love God.
17.         Can you imagine a man of God coming to Jezebel, the first woman that put on makeup, she went and decorated herself well, opened up her laps thinking that the man of God had an interest in such nonsense, before she knew it what happened? Commandment went forth, say, “Go and destroy the beast, feel no pity.” From that moment, no man escaped.  Did her beauty save her? The influence of the husband was useless-nonsense.
18.         All those smartness, let me put on lipstick, put on this and even go with pants, where did they land the woman? No rather, He showed no word of pity because God was strongly against her.
19.         Watch Ahab, in warfront, Ahab disguised himself, put on ordinary army dress, allowed Jehoshaphat to go with the king’s dress, he smartly rushed into the warfront so that nobody will spot him out because death was hanging on his neck, but the hand of the Lord was against him. What happened? An unknown arrow came from nowhere, went straight and pierced him because the hand of the Lord has turned against him.
20.         What of Jeroboam who asked the wife to disguise herself and go to the Prophet of God? Though the Prophet was blind but the Prophet called out the woman’s name, what happened? Because the hand of the Lord was against Jeroboam, did you get the Message?
21.         Check the Bible very well, there is nothing you think you have, or something in you, which you think you can use to fool everybody that can play any role before God if God is against you.
22.         I do not know why you aligned yourself this way and the Spirit is moving you this side maybe you are all hypocrites thinking that you can bribe God. There is nothing you can do to fool God, God’s decision is perfect.
23.         Hear Me now if you want to escape. God is not looking at your faces for they mean nothing to Him. God has destroyed more beautiful faces than your own without any second thought, no consideration; God just finished all of them. Do you know how beautiful the women of Sodom are? Precious things, fine things.
24.         Check Noah’s day, the Bible said they were extremely beautiful in that day. You can imagine when somebody is extremely beautiful, you can imagine, go to Egypt see how the Lord disgraced all of them. If you want to escape, circumcise the foreskin of your mind now, I am not saying tomorrow.
25.         No wonder a brother was writing a serious letter to one young man who was delaying his salvation, he said, “Well, time is not the matter but the matter is that your life has no duplicate. What if we leave you now and you die?” If the man is sensible he would have turned round and say, “Gently baptize me with water and I will go,” then any other thing can follow.
26.         See what I am saying, I am giving you direct command from the Throne of God that you should do it now immediately, no second thought, no reason, no consultation, do not say “I will see the Apostle on the matter,” no; no negotiation, decide it now or never! This is the greatest miracle that has taken place in this meeting. Somebody in this camp meeting should circumcise his mind, his heart and stop being stubborn, stop being stiff-necked.
27.         The Lord is the God of terror that shows no partiality and can never take bribe. For that reason, the Bible said, “Cleanse your sinful heart immediately, today is a day of purging. If you do not purge your heart when others are purging, woe is you.” The Bible said that woe is the circumcised, that is not circumcised, that will not be circumcised until the day the uncircumcised will fall into the Lord’s wrath—somebody who had the opportunity to be circumcised, and he refused.
28.         However, when the heathens will be circumcised then you will be in the number. That means great tribulation because circumcision should be done at a very tender age, when you want to be circumcised at a very old age, you will do that yourself no man will do that for you. You will just receive command like Abraham to use a knife to circumcise yourself, circumcise Ishmael at a very old age, then you will know how grievous it is to be circumcise at a very old age—how grievous, how painful it will be. 
29.         When you see your people paying the price, pay your own immediately. This is one of the reasons why Sister Faith is suffering at Onitsha. She thought we were just stark illiterates, nonentities, she never believed us to be serious and she never took us seriously. All the Messages we have preached then, she believes she was hearing one higher than that maybe from those so-called Christian groups.
30.         She believed that there could be one somewhere greater than this one we are preaching. That is why she finds it very difficult to come into unity because she had another God. Now that she has realised her folly, it has become too late for her. All that ran the race with her are in fact completing their own race but she is trailing behind. That is why any newcomer that joins will meet her there.
31.         There is no day this voice will stop on your head simply because you have not cleaned your heart for one day, you are stubborn, you are stiff-necked, how do you think that Lord will save you when you are playing smartness, you are playing cunniness, you have wisdom enough you can outsmart all of us.
32.         Look at where it is landing you now, you are running when it is too late, when your mates have gone far. If you doubt Me, if you find your feet in Jerusalem, know that I do not know where I came from.
33.         Brethren that come with me, can she find her feet there? If it is possible, you better go to Zonkwua or Gwodogwodo, maybe you wait for Me there. Any day I will come there, you know I will start from the elementary stage, there you begin hooking up, but talk of bringing you to Jerusalem, which already is the pyramid; do you know what the pyramid is?
34.         Even if we can succeed in bringing Abuja Church up to that height, we have done a marvelous work. It will require the mighty hand of God, I have never seen anything that can push you there, I have never seen any sign yet, nevertheless we are going to the Lord’s Table to trim down the crowd proper. The whole fornicators will manifest there, the whole liars will manifest there, stubborn people will manifest, stiff-necked people will manifest then.
35.         It happened at Enugu, the Lord came down and trimmed Enugu Church, trimmed it down to a family Church and few individuals that came from outside. All that meant nothing in Enugu Church, the Lord excluded all of them. All that claimed that they were MMY, LLP, LLS the Lord excluded all of them—not even one was even having a PHD, not even one was having degree, when they came, Brother Kelechi, was it well with them?
36.           When the mixed-multitude were removed, the Voice came down and people were amazed. That is God’s doing.
37.         God is capable of using infants to judge matters like this. Kosi, from the very beginning till now Voices (the Voices of God) are still roaring on your head, you cannot get a fact off your little sister there. If you doubt me, I will go with you, place you there and you will see that you are a heathen. They will be looking at you as a pagan because you want to play smartness. Can any person outsmart God?
38.         Now, let me just help your faith a little. Anytime your sin become hateful in the sight of Almighty God, you are doomed. God can make some years of allowances for you, bearing you but it will not last forever. The moment your action becomes hateful and deceitful in the sight of God, you are gone; gone and never return again. God will turn against you immediately and from that day He will destroy you.
39.         If God wants to destroy you, He will release an anointing like the one He released concerning Saul. God released a particular anointing to Saul that controlled the habit of Saul until Saul killed himself. Saul committed suicide and that is why when I had the dream early hours of the morning, the dream frightened Me and I had to send Brother Kelechi outside said, “Please, if you see Igwe there, tell him that he is an elder before the Church, that he will not be restored without my Epistle. It is not the matter of using ordinary wave of hands because when the Holy Ghost excommunicated all of them I rushed in, I showed mercy, brought them back to the Church and they thought foolishly.”
40.         You see, people are blind. A times, instead of glorifying God, they gave it a wrong interpretation. Some people even saw it that the Apostle came to correct his office as if there was anything wrong in the said prophecy. There was nothing wrong in that prophecy. After all, you came prophesying, you came acknowledging, confessing your evil deeds but God showed mercy, and  instead of saying “God, thank You for bringing us back, thank You for saving us,” and then continue in righteousness, you took it that God just sent the Apostle to correct an erroneous prophecy—that is what he put it as.
41.         With all his heart, Igwe never believed the prophecy that excommunicated him. He believed a little and disbelieved a little. Note it, half obedience is it obedience? No, partial obedience is no obedience.
42.         How do I believe God? If the prophecy concerning me is truth and I believe it, all that will follow, I will acknowledge all because they are coming from one source for you cannot tell me that this one is true but the other one I circled it. Was it not from the same vessel? It is from the same source. Was it not at the same time? Man has problem.
43.         God is saying that we must cleanse our sinful hearts today because today is the day of salvation, now is acceptable hour. You may not have tomorrow. I do not know why I am sounding the way I am sounding, yet I have not started preaching, I am just laying a background of what I want to say.
44.         If you catch this background, it will help you, but if you miss this background of the Message you will not understand as I proceed. Let it not surprise you.
45.         Job 32:22, “For I know not to give flattering titles; in so doing my maker would soon take me away.” KJV.
46.         If I insult you in the Name of the Lord, I will insult you so that you will live. Do not say, “Brother, don’t you know that this place is insultive? Let it be insultive so that you will live. Do not think I pamper you, flatter you say, “Oh precious sister, you are doing your best! Serious brother, you have suffered!”
47.         You are not doing anything yet until God recognizes your righteousness, until God recognizes your hard work for your hard work is useless-nonsense. Your problem is that you conclude you are doing so much when the Lord had not recognized your work but you think you are doing too much, hence Almighty God has marked you zero already—even more than zero. Maybe you are scoring zero minus.
48.         Hence, if you must score one percent, you must cross zero and go to the positive side. Who tells you that you are doing too much, that you are trying? If that commendation is what you have been hearing, Brother Odoemena is not in this Church to give you such commendation. You must give Me the evidence; show Me the reason why I must give you such commendations.
49.         However, as far as I am concerned I have not seen any sign yet. What I am seeing is just formal—formal people going to a formal Church like others.
50.         I am looking for one that will be the Word made manifest. Somebody I will see and behold a child of God, whether man or woman, young or old, that is all. Like I go about looking for ideal bridal family, where people will enter and say, “Of a truth, God is here.” Not because they are eating rice and beans or eating salad, drinking kunu, eating meat—they are useless-nonsense.
51.         If you are not careful, too much eating will kill you in this house. Changing different diets and yet you are not adding any weight, just like the one Nebuchadnezzar was changing for his maids yet the more tiny they are growing.
52.         God has given us supernatural diet, supernatural manna, fresh manna, and that is the hidden manna. That is the meal the Bride requires to live—hidden manna. Nevertheless, you do not have the hidden manna until you overcome something. There is something you must overcome. Overcome this stubbornness, stiff-neckedness, hard-heartedness, overcome murmuring and carelessness, overcome wishful lust. When you overcome the world, then you will have the ticket to partake of the hidden manna. Amen.


You cannot bring the food meant for the children and then throw it to the dogs. Who is a dog? He that can never appreciate a good thing, the Bible clearly wrote it in the book of Philippians 3:1-2 for it says “Beware of dogs.” Wicked dogs, that is what I call them, dangerous men and women in the Church, dangerous dogs.
2.            They beguile the people of God with physical circumcision saying, “You can never be a true child of God until you bring your penis and we circumcise it,” and God said, “What I want is not canal circumcision, what I need is circumcision of the heart, cleanse your evil heart, be no more mischief maker, be no more wicked look out, watch out, sort them out.”
3.            Wicked men and women in the Church that has become incorrigible, you cannot correct them anymore; they are tired of following this ideal way God has laid for us. Leave the Church, they are not leaving, stay in the Church and remain alive, no way. God must sort all of you out!
4.            If you are not willing to repent this moment, I am going to place an everlasting curse in this Church if you are not careful. You think I am happy coming to this Fellowship from time to time only to speak on one thing when others are growing? Each time I will come here, I will be rebuking sin, when will I stop rebuking sin in this Prophetic Revelation and save you into Prophetic sight, of what we are dying for?
5.            However, any day I come to this Church, I will keep on rebuking sin because somebody is walking contrary and it is influencing the whole Church. Let us join hands together and spot out that mischief believer. All hands must be on deck, it is not only the Pastors’ work alone.
6.            If it is Brother Abu, we join hands and throw him out. You are not too important in the House of God. God can do without you, God can do without your family, God never started with you. When God started the Church, were you there? Did He consult you? Anybody that is the victim of these things, who is manifesting this dog character; God must sort all of you out.
7.            Do you know what a dog is? A dog is a shameless fornicator, which can fornicate in an open field; fornication does not only mean man lying down with his fellow man, you can even fornicate in your heart, you can even fornicate with different religions.
8.            You can even fornicate with periodicals; Pentecostal flyers are all in your drawers, from time to time you consult Pentecostal magazines, Pentecostal handouts, you are a fornicator, you are not satisfied with the God of Israel, that is why you are going to the Moabites to consult their gods, get the petty little gods and bring them in, stuck them together and then say the whole Church will be set ablaze, you are fornicators.
9.            Even if you did not say Amen, God has already said Amen. I am not flattering anybody; hence if you think Brother has come to flatter everybody, I am not here to flatter anybody. Even to the family where God has tabernacled even if you do not feed us, glory be to God. If after talking to you and you close all your pots and drove us away, thank God for that.
10.         Dogs in the Church, wicked people in the Church, the Bible called them wicked men, mischief makers in the family, because the forum “Church” is the family of God. Dogs in the Church, influencing evil habits everyday in the Church, introducing dangerous habits, dangerous characters, thwarting the doctrine of Christ, trying to water down the Message to suit them.
11.         There are many ways you will become disobedient, stubborn and stiff-necked to the Message. If the Pastor preaches Holy Ghost anointed Message, you will not raise your hand and say “you do not believe,” rather you will go home and then start consulting your wife and your children. If you say, “Yes, today’s Message na wa oo.” He will say, “No mind the thing, anything the man see, e go talk. Well, as for me not everything wey come I go take, I will take the ones I like and throw away the ones I want to throw away. After all, every man knows himself.”
12.         That goes to show that you are the dog that God is calling in this Church, you are the dog that do not like any good thing and your wife will join you, say, “It is because I discussed with sister the other time, what is his own business there? Is that how the thing happened? Do not mind them, do not allow it to bother you.”
13.         Then you have watered down the whole Message, after, you come together to become children of God again. What is a dog? A dog is the only animal that will eat something and go and vomit it. After, it will go back again to eat it.
14.         What is happening? After watering down the whole Message in your heart, in your house, in your kitchen when you are washing your plates in your closest place, you will still come to fellowship again, pastor will still hammer the Message again, then before you know it, you will be saying “Amen, all are Bible! Amen.” The same thing you vomited the same thing you are eating again. Wickedness in the camp, mischief makers, such dogs that can never appreciate any good thing.
15.         We must join hands and spot all of them out starting from brother Stephen Nwufo to his wife, to his children, maidservants, to all our sisters that is living in this house, everybody. Whosoever that is manifesting that dog character, chain that dog very well.
16.         Where do you cast out the Devil? Inside the pot. This time around it is operation show no mercy.
17.         A time came when the Voice of God roared saying, “Everybody, draw your sword, slew your brother.” Did he say slew your enemy? No, why? Because the Voice went forth: “Who is on the Lord’s side.” Anybody man or woman that is not taking side with the Word made flesh will be God’s greatest enemy. Anywhere we see him we must declare him away. Then we declared eternal war against them, like the Lord vowed a vow to make war with the Amalekites forever and ever. Anywhere God sees any Amalekite he will declare war against him.
18.         Spot those dogs for they are not our friends anymore. I do not care the kind of rank you are filling in this Church. If you like be a bishop, be  an Apostle, be a Prophet, I do not care as long as you are a dog, you must leave. God has nothing to do with dogs.
19.         Nobody has ever used a dog to offer sacrifice in the Church. Go and check your Bible, nobody has ever used dog to offer sacrifice to Almighty God, just as beautiful as a living dog is, you give God dog as a burnt offering, God will run away, but heathens know that their gods require dog. Heathens use dogs to appease their gods. Yes, some people even use dog for a big ceremony. When the Yoruba people want to do their Ogun festival, dogs will finish in that town that week, they will use them to appease their gods. Some that do New Yam Festival, they use their dogs but our God has nothing to do with dogs.
20.         If we see any dog inside this Church, we must declare a real war, perpetual war for we must drive that dog afar off where we can never see that dog again.
21.         I do not know why I am against dog, it started from beginning. The first day I came to this family, I was outside and I asked a question: Do you have dogs here? Anywhere I see beware of dogs, I do not even make friends there because I hate staying outside and then ask you to come and hold your dog.
22.         That is why I went to one man one day, the man did not know the manner of person that was coming and the dog was making a hell of noise, and I said, “Hold this dog!” They thought I was playing. The dog started running towards me, they said, “No, do not run,” I said, “No, leave it.” I waited, with all my weight both the jaw, the kit, the eyes, everything came out, they said, “You have killed our dog.” I said, “I told you to hold your dog, I owe you no apology,” and I turned back.
23.         They said, “After killing our dog you said you will not come again, you will come.” Then I said, “If you want to see Me in your house, do not buy dog for I hate dogs. They are not human friends.”
24.         If you are a dog in this Church, we can never call you our friend in this Church for you will remain our enemy in this most holy Church.
25.         I am still laying a background, it is not part of the Message. I do not know why I am going this way I am going. Maybe tomorrow we will understand. I never know maybe after the Lord will reveal it. I do not know why the Spirit is going the way it is going.
26.         There must be a dog in this Church, or there must be some dogs in this Church, otherwise that word (dog) will not come out. There must be dogs in this Church. Anywhere you are hiding, you know your character very well, and you know the character of a dog. You have heard the Messages, compare them.
27.         If you know you are a dog, why not go to one corner and say, “God, You are the only Person that can turn a dog into a sheep.” However, no human being can do that. If a dog can be converted, that will be supernatural and that supernatural will only come from the Almighty God. If a man can do it, a man can equally turn a woman to a man. However, no man can do that. If such thing can happen, it must be from the Maker, the Creator of Heavens and Earth.
28.         God help us in this Church. We are still continuing, let us go back to that Message. Until the purpose is achieved, I will never preach my Message.
29.         Deuteronomy 8:12 – 17, “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you except to listen carefully to all he says to you, and to obey for your own good the commandments I am giving you today, and to love him, and to worship him with all your hearts and souls? Earth and highest heaven belong to the Lord your God.
30.         And yet he rejoiced in your fathers and loved them so much that he chose you, their children, to be above every other nation, as is evident today. Therefore, cleanse your sinful hearts and stop your stubbornness.” LB.
31.         The Word of God was telling you in the beginning to cleanse your sinful hearts and be not stiff-necked again. Cleanse your sinful hearts and be no more stubborn, circumcise your heart very well, tell yourself the truth.
32.         The most unfortunate thing that will happen in this Church is to put Me to test, and let us try, that is, for you to throw the Message back to Me, let somebody try it, bend down and throw it back, bend down, murmur inside and threw it back. That is the most unfortunate thing that will happen in this Church, you will know the reason why I forfeited everything only to be here.
33.         I am not regretting one thing because, the soul of one person is even more important to Me than silver and gold. Just try Me, I know you know Me very well, you have heard many things. Then I will tell you that the Apostle of yesterday is not the Apostle of today. I will show you here, now, now—not let Me go and come back, it is here now, now; that the Apostle you saw yesterday is not the Apostle that is talking to you now.
34.         I am not boasting, if you say I am boasting, you bend down and throw the Message back and it flashes back on Me, then I will place an everlasting sign on you immediately—straight away, so that you will know that God is God, you will fear God.
35.         If you are not careful, the Holy Ghost will smite somebody dead, a corpse will be carried out in this meeting. I ordered somebody to go and send my Message to you because I saw a very dangerous dream concerning you.
36.         I came out from my room, then went inside to brush my teeth. It was in the dream yet very real to Me. Immediately I turned to the left I saw Igwe hanging on that guava tree, used his cloth, then tied it on his neck and to that tree. I touched his legs, the man was dead.
37.         Then I ran inside and called Brother Stephen and said, “Brother look, this man has shown his wickedness to this extent, how do we manage this thing? We cannot bury him. If we bury him we will incur the wrath of the government. If we go and invite police now, they will think that we have killed this man and placed him there. What shall we do now? If we take him to the hospital, if they examine him, they will say he was strangled, they will accuse us.”
38.         This is what I was demonstrating in that dream and the dream left Me. Then I opened my eyes and saw Brother Kelechi, and said, “Brother Kelechi, please go outside, check whether Igwe is still there.” He went, came back and said that he is there.
39.         I asked, “Is he still alive?” He said yes. I said, “Brother, Look at the dream I heard even now. You know I do not know how to dream dreams, I do not know the difference between dreams and visions.”
40.         After telling him the dreams we called Brother Okey, I said, “Please, two of you go outside and tell him to go to his house. If he will reconcile, there must be an Epistle, reconciling book for I would not like him to be hanging around this place, it is becoming offensive to Me.”
41.         If the man would have died today, who knows what Satan would have done in this place. Satan might have influenced him while we are gathering here, he was outside in the motor park thinking of how to commit suicide; who knows what will happen where he is living? We have to pray that God should not put it in his mind to write a note saying that the Church killed him and then hanged himself in his house.
42.         What am I saying? It is scriptural, Judas did it. Judas ran away from the gathering of the saints and then hung himself. Is it not scriptural? Thus, there is nothing we can see today that we cannot balance it in the Bible. If it happens now, it has happened before.
43.         When Judas was excommunicated from the gathering of the saints, he went and hanged himself because he knew he could not have rest again and there was no other place where he could get life eternal.
44.         Let me tell you, Judas was a wise man. Judas concluded that instead of joining the Pharisees, instead of going back to his vomit, it is better he die. That was what he did. If the Pharisees’ religion were alright, Judas would have joined them, after all he collected money from them, but the money he collected from them meant nothing to him, that is why he threw it away and still hung himself instead of associating with them.

45.         Now Israel what does your God, your Lord require from you? It is to listen to Him very carefully and to obey all that He is telling you. Are you waiting for the day God will come down from Heaven and say, “I am God; I want to talk to you now, pay attention,” has it happened before?”
46.         In every age—check your Bible, check your history—God has never jumped down from Heaven to address human being. God has always used His own servants, whom He has approved even before the world was formed. Approved ministers, God will use them to speak to His people. If you despise them, you are despising God, you neglect their voice you neglect the Voice of God.
47.         The God of your day must be a human being anointed with the Spirit of Almighty God to proclaim to you the mind of God concerning you. Turn it down, you are turning down your eternal life, there is no other way God can talk to you again.
48.         I was talking to a young man for I met him where I went to buy something in one mini shop. He was saying that God is my Revelator; wherever I see Him, that is where I will worship Him.
49.         I just went closer and said, “Sir, I am very much interested in this your discussion. Which denomination do you belong to? He said Anglican Communion, and then he said, “What of you?” I said, “Well, I am a free thinker.” He said what? I said again, “I am a free thinker, I do not belong to any group, but I know the truth when somebody speaks it.”
50.          I continued, “Well, you said that God is known by revelation?” He said glory be to God. Then I opened my mouth to speak. I said, “Now, if that God reveals Himself in the Word , then anything that is outside the Word is of man.” He said yes.
51.         I went further, “Okay, have you not seen anything in the Anglican Communion that is contrary to the Bible? Have you not seen in many places where the Bible condemns the system of Anglican Church both universal and local?” He said yes that he had seen a lot.
52.         I said, “Okay, you have seen a lot of things in the Anglican Communion that contradicts the Bible, what are you still doing there? Can you be there and still be against them?” There was no reply.
53.         I continued, “Well, I still have another time to come and visit you,” the man said, “Well, I will think about what you said, I will pray.” I said, “The Bible said in second Corinthians 2:4 that you should come out of among them and be ye separate.”
54.         The man got offended and said, “But you refused to tell me your denomination.” I said that denomination is not the matter now but it is the revelation of the Word. He said, “Well, I will go home and pray to God concerning the revelation.”
55.         I said, “You are mad. You said God reveals Himself in the Word and this Word you call God Himself has revealed to you that you must separate, and you said you will go home to consult God, which God again? You said that the Word of God is God, now God has spoken His mind concerning resurrection, you said ‘let me go home and pray. Pray to which God again now?”
56.          You know blindness, it is even happening in this Church. Brother Solomon are you taking note of what I am saying? ANYTHING GOD HAS REVEALED IN HIS WORD YOU NEED NOT TO PRAY AGAIN. IF YOU ARE PRAYING AGAIN CONCERNING IT, YOU ARE AN IDOLATER BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE TWO GODS. In other words, you do not believe the Word of prophecy you are hearing now to be the Word of God—that is what it shows. You have another god somewhere.
57.         God help us in this meeting, Satan is warring against this meeting from all angles, since we stepped into Abuja, Satan has never been happy. He has been warring using different kinds of antiques but God is wide awake. I am telling you the truth.
58.         Don’t you know that Satan can use nature to tempt us? He can use man-made electricity to tempt us, he can use diverse temptations. Since I started coming to this house I have never been a witness to all this numerous phone calls as if we are running supermarket here.
59.         Do not worry, God knows why it should be in the parlour. The mind of God is revealed in His Word, as long as you know that the Lord God shows no partiality in judgment. In other words, God judges every man by one standard; it agrees with the Holy Bible. God judges every man by one standard, man or womanalike. What is that standard? The Message He has handed down in your midst. The Message God has revealed in our age is the standard of the judgement of our age.
60.         God cannot judge you with the Message of Martin Luther, God will not judge you with William Branham’s Message.
61.         If you know this happy are you. Saint Paul said, “If I preach circumcision, why am I persecuted? If I join the Pharisees to preach circumcision, what makes me a special messenger from God then?
62.         Now God who called me separated me from my mother’s womb, gave me a Message for the uncircumcised, that I should go and tell them that they should believe God, just as they are. If I preach circumcision, why am I being panel beaten, why are they saying that I am preaching against the Law of Moses?”
63.         What am I saying, if I am preaching Tithe, everybody will believe Me, Let me tell you, Endtime Message and Pentecostals are saying no only because I am preaching against Tithe and women ministry. If I am preaching Tithe, all end timers would be there, they will be exchanging warm hand of fellowship, saying “Shalom brother, ride on, ride on, we are marching over there.
64.         If I am preaching Tithe why am I facing persecution? In other words, I am not of a Tithe ministry. THE MINISTRY OF THE OLD GENERATION IS OVER.
65.         When the Voice spoke, I believe it to be the Almighty God. It said, “My Servant, rise up for I want to tell you something for the time has come for Me to do a great work in this age, for the ministry of the old generation is over. A new ministry, that is in your hand right now, look at it, hold it, that is all, and that is the judgement of the age.” If you like believe; if you like do not believe.
66.         To argue with Paul over the revelation is useless-nonsense for Paul was not even mindful of the persecution he is facing. Only one thing brought him out of persecution: because he preached against circumcision, they said he has now refused the Law of Moses and he is teaching people to disbelieve Moses, he is trying to make himself something. What was the crime Paul committed? That he could not obey Moses, because if Christ would have preached in support of Moses, there could not have been any trouble.
67.         Nobody would have persecuted Jesus Christ if Jesus Christ had instructed the people to obey Sabbath, there would not have been trouble, nobody could have persecuted Jesus Christ but because he transgressed the Law.
68.         Anytime Christ appears on the scene, He must transgress the Law that is holding His people of that age captive because He is called to come and set the captives free.
69.         In every age, there is always a portion of the Law that the people carry over, which will hold all Abraham seeds of that age captive. Then it requires the Messiah to come and break the bond, then set them free. Besides, when He came and touched on that, persecution arose, for they blasphemed Him, called Him all manner of evil names, all to discredit Him but they will never succeed.
70.         Before they will realize that it is their Messiah, it is all over, then they will regret it. I wonder whether I will preach the Message I promised concerning this error here which must be corrected immediately, it does not require a second chance
71.         I said that you should be diligent to look at the state of your flock, immediately, do it at once.
72.         Favourable condition or no favourable condition like lack of electricity, the Word of God must be preached. Bible writers never used electric light to write it. We did not use electric light to write “Hard Truth.” We did not use electric light to write “Cry out against the System.” Amen.

Galatians 6:16 – 17: “And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God. From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” KJV
2.            “May God's mercy and peace be upon all of you who live by this principle and upon those everywhere who are really God's own.
3.            From now on please don't argue with me about these things, for I carry on my body the scars of the whippings and wounds from Jesus' enemies that mark me as his slave.” LB.
4.             And mercy upon the Israel of God, as many that walk according to this Godly principle, circumcision of the heart and not of the flesh, circumcision of the mind and not the flesh.
5.            All that will obey this Message, the Bible said that the mercy of the Lord will be to all of them, may His Grace abide unto you, the Israel of God.
6.            This Israel of God, is it referring to the Jewish nation? This Israel of God in Galatians, note that Galatians was a Church in Asia Minor. Asia Minor is not a Jewish land, it is a Gentile land. When we say the Gentile world, Nigeria is a Gentile nation. If you do not know, know it. Any nation outside the Jews is a Gentile.
7.            We were concluded in unbelief with the Gentiles because from the beginning we manifested it, when we said no to Muslim, that we could not go any longer, that we could not join hands to fight the people in foreign land, we decided to settle with heathens and the Lord concluded us as idolaters. Now, the hour has come when we shall cross over to the other side where we shall have our inheritance. God is referring to the Israel of God which you are one of them.
8.            The true Israel of God is the Church; the Church has nothing to do with physical circumcision but spiritual circumcision: circumcision of the heart, circumcision of the mind, cleanse your heart and be no more stubborn to God’s Word. The Church of God is the Israel of God. In other words, the Church of God is God’s own nation. Is it not scriptural?
9.            You are a holy people, royal nation, and peculiar people. Do you know what the Bible calls the Church, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people unto God? What is Israel? Is Israel not a peculiar nation, royal priesthood unto God? The Scriptures cannot be broken. Remember we are not here alone, Haggai’s children are here with us. Keturah’s children are also with us. Because when we were dispersed to all over the world, Keturah’s children were not left alone.
10.         When Israel was scattered did He spare the children of Keturah, the children of Haggai, that is the Ishmaelites? They all were scattered with us. Wherever we ran to, the Moabites also ran there, Ishmaelites also ran with us. All that occupied that land, all were on the run—so they scattered. When you look at their colours to know whether they are Israelites, they are not.
11.          I am saying that not all that are saying they are black or white belong to Israel. In other words, not all of you in this most holy Faith are children of God. Who is that person that is not a child of God? I do not know but they know that they are not children of God. I said I do not know if I should call you a heathen, you will say, “Brother, why discouraging me?” But you know whether you are a child of God or not.
12.         If you do not know whether you are a child of God or not, you are a reprobate. You have been given over to reprobate spirit. Let me back it up immediately, you know the popular Scripture that says, “Not all Israelites are Israelites.”
13.         Romans 2:28-29, “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:
14.         But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” KJV.
15.         People that were claiming to be real Jews because their parents were Jews. Your parents can be Jews yet you are not a Jew. Your parents can be children of God yet you are not a child of God. Your father, your mother, or your grandfather, your mother’s mother or your lineage can be a Jew and yet you are not a Jew.
16.         Your circumcision means nothing: “I am circumcised on 8th day,” both at the evidence, that does not make you a real Jew. You are a Jew in the flesh but you are not a true Jew, because both the generation of Haggai, Moab, Judah they are all circumcised. That does not make them real Jews; they are outside God’s programme.
17.         If you understand this place say Amen! A real Jew is one whose heart is always right with God. A real child of God, a real Israelite is one whose heart is always right with God. If your heart is not right with God in this most holy Faith, although you are circumcised like us in this Faith, although you are carrying Bible, although you are sitting down in Bridal Ministry Church at Abuja, you are not a real Israelite. God does not know you, God’s ownership. We say no for you.
18.         God will not mark you, God will not Ok your ticket, you are just an escort, an agboro. You know what agboro is all about? All this touts in the motor parks, they know the vehicles and where the vehicles are going to but they will never go with the vehicle: “Enter, enter, Abuja just five hundred Naira.” When the driver takes off, they stay back waiting for another vehicle.
19.         Maybe we are not getting this Message. God is not looking for a full Church with one thousand persons who carry Bible, the Message for membership sake, God is saying no to that. God is looking for a family with a changed mind, changed character—that is exactly what I am saying. Individuals with changed mind, changed heart, changed character.
20.         If you are in this Faith and you have vowed a vow that you will never change, you are a fool because the Bible said, “Though you put a fool in a mortar, pound him well, yet his foolishness will not depart and no man can change the nature of an Ethiopia, his colour remaineth the same.
21.         God is looking for men and women, brethren with changed heart; they are the people of His choice.
22.         For example, when I met this kind of plaiting of hair at Nsukka, I asked brethren, “Are they part of us?” They said no but I said, “looking at their mode of dressing, they are by far greater than our sisters, they are pretty well even more than our sisters, plaited their hair in a very nice and Godly way.” I think it is a custom in that land, looking at them you will conclude that they are one of us.
23.         As a result, if you think that plaiting of hair is what makes you a child of God, you are making throttle neck, you are flipping your eyes from one side to another, you are perishing. God is looking for something more than that. When God is judging you I will show you where He is judging you from. When He is judging me, I will equally show you where He is judging me from. It is one standard of judgement. No partiality in His judgement, no partiality, no bribe.
24.         Whosoever that has that change will get praise from God. God Almighty. Even if he does not get it from a human being, Almighty God will give the person praise. That is what we are all fighting for.
25.         I do not want human commendation for man’s commendation is full of flattery. When you come into a house, sister will be serving you with precious food, then Sister Ruth will not commit sin again, “Precious sister, loving sister,” no other person is like that. Close your mouth, do you know what she is suffering inside because the fight is inside and not outside.
26.         Some say, “I have never seen a brother like Brother Stephen Nwufo.” Close your mouth. You say, “When you come brother will receive you,” shut up your mouth, do you know what the brother is passing through inside?
27.         Shut up your mouth, do you know what is happening inside the man? If you are to score a human being, you score him one million percent when God has not given him one percent. Amen.

I told some Brethren that I did not come to fool you people. Even while making the statement Brother Paul Anah took the statement not serious, could it be a careless statement from his mouth and really I do not know how to fabricate all this. See, it appears Brother Vin is too far from Me now.
2.            Why should he be too far from me now? My own co-neighbour, somebody that is accountable to me on a daily basis and I went to his position, I found him wanting, I said, “I will give him a memo that will keep him sleepless until he repairs that vehicle, memo that will stop cooking in your family. I will give him just a memo, issue him with a show cost immediately, do you know what a show cost is? I will give him show cost.
3.            What am I saying, Romans 2:28 – 29, “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” KJV.
4.            You are not in the rapture; you are not a child of God because you have no denomination, because you know you are in the Bridal Ministry and you are in the Church at Abuja, Church at Onitsha, Church at Jos, that does not make you a child of God for you can be there and still perish. You can be there and still miss eternal life.
5.            Anybody has the right to be there, everybody has the right to come into the Kingdom of God but not everybody has the right to come into the Kingdom of Heaven. They are two different kingdoms. As a human being you have the right to come into the Kingdom of God, after all we baptized somebody into the Kingdom of God, baptism adds you to fellowship—that is all.
6.            Disobedience to God’s Word takes you away from fellowship, do you know that? Baptism will add you to the fellowship, non-continuance with the Word will take you out of fellowship.
7.            Disobedience is rebellion in the sight of God. It is idolatry, and the Bible said that it is witchcraft. I do not know how many witches and wizards we have in this Church.
8.            Let me tell you, somebody can bewitch a Church. Look at Galatian Church, a time came when that Church got bewitched. Go to the Message titled “A Bewitched Church,” preached sometime in 1994. A Church can be bewitched. When the Church is bewitched, it will be full of wars, full of troubles, full of complaining, full of murmuring, grudging yet the Bible is still there. They will still gather in the fellowship, that Church is bewitched.
9.            When the Church is bewitched they will not recognize when they started with righteousness and end in wickedness. They will not notice when they started with God and they are ending with the Devil, yet they are still gathering: people gathering, devils gathering also.
10.         I am looking forward to seeing a Church like Lokoja Church, because the smaller the number, the more precious. They know themselves, they can sleep in a bush, they can sleep in the garden, they can sleep under a roof, they can worship God under an Oak tree, they know themselves.
11.         When they said, “Brother, let us go together,” all of them are moving together, the world will not know what is happening, they can hardly see Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego on the land again holding God’s righteousness.
12.         If one is trying to err, the other will say, “Brother, what are you trying to do yourself? Why compromise with the world, are you tired? But when you come and number 10,12,13,15 and more, one is still coming. Before you know it, they will come with all their gods to trouble the whole Church. The Church will become jack filled, the only revival will be in worship. When they hear, “Let us praise the Lord,” revival will come. Everybody will now be revived.
13.         After praises, you see all of them dozing, there will be somebody holding the Bible, a minister, ministering and she will be dozing, do you know that she is bewitching? Wickedness. Sleep while I am standing now, and I will help you to go.
14.         When I told a young man to start sleeping at Onitsha, he thought I was joking, did he succeed? He remained sleeping from 9 O’clock in the morning to 4pm in the evening. When the Church closed and we were about to go, he said, “God bless you brother, come in, we are going,” and he said, “Welcome” and he is a minister holding the Bible—seasoned minister. Is he in our midst today? No.
15.         Telling us that God is God. When he went to the table to take the Lord’s body in an unrighteousness, before he got to the table, he said he heard an audible voice saying, “Linus, do not ever try it, I will expose you.” He said that he hardened his heart to try it anyhow. What happened? Before many brethren, in daylight he was caught in fornication.
16.         Another young man also rose up and said that he heard a Voice that asked him where he was going, he ignored it and wanted to go further. On getting to the table, the hands said no, he glorified God while he was leaving, later he came confessing that we are doing miracle in this Faith, is he in our midst today? How did he end? He ended it in the hotel with prostitutes. That is why God exposed him. Many of you knew him.
17.         The mechanic who was always in my house ironing my cloths, he was doing work as John the beloved is doing now. I warned him no way. When he got money, his heart was lifted up, because I gave him a trial he failed, he did not know how to make it right, collected Fifteen thousand Naira from Me and messed it up like that, all in the name of repairing vehicle.
18.         I never collected any receipt from him, he never accounted to Me up till now. He later came back to tell me, I said my friend I do not want it again. Another person came and carried the vehicle, dropped the engine down again, I do not want it relax serve God make sure there is no hypocrisy in your heart.
19.         If we are not careful we will be cheating ourselves but, if we are careful, God will save us. If I notice that my smartness, my brilliance, my wisdom, that my knowledge which I am being puffed up with, that they are useless nonsense for God is against me, why should I behave in a way that will make God to be against me?
20.         Since I know that God can never treat me with partiality, no preferential treatment and there is no man that can bribe Him, there is nothing I can use to bribe God; fasting and praying means nothing to God, do you know that? “God, let me fast for seven days and seven nights throughout,” you are dying there.
21.         Look at Igwe, there is no amount of fasting and praying that will save him in that situation. The more he prays, the more it becomes worse. Nobody has ever found God outside His camp. If God wanted to show him mercy, He would have told him to go into the camp under the Pillar of Cloud, and then we use the Word to check his excesses.
22.         All that actually went out by excommunication, said they were praying outside, go and verify it, not even one met God outside but they still have their testimonies that the day they met God was the day they received a Message from the Church either through the Apostle or through a brother, because once you are out of the Church, evil anointing will come more and more until Satan will be preaching to you, you do not know what is killing the man, let not your eyes go to the Pastor of the Church at Abuja, I am the one that is saying it.
23.         He has confessed it again, who and who were in the Pentecost meeting in 1995 when the Holy Ghost smote Brother Ben Okezue? Note, I have witnesses everywhere. Glory be to God for He has confided in us and has told us it was that same thing, that same thing of 1995 which nobody mentioned but he just came to the altar with Ifeanyi Eze that time. He said it is that same trouble, that trouble has not left him. Then what is that trouble?
24.         He wrote Me a letter in 1995, came in person in the same 1995 and told Me that he has received a very bad anointing and the anointing is telling him that I am taking too much, that he did not know how the Spirit of Bon Diuka entered him—that Evangelist that made shipwreck. He said that while he was meditating on that, a little while he got another anointing.
25.         He said that since they cannot fight the Apostle, they now decided to kill him. He said that from that day, he decided to kill the Apostle but when he realized the havoc that it would bring; now he decided to pray. While he was praying the anointing is coming upon him more and more that he should not wait, that he should go and kill the man—that is the only thing he will do.
26.         The thing continued troubling him until he came down to Onitsha. I said, “My friend, since it is happening in you, now meet God, say, “God remove this anointing,” but make sure you do not stretch forth your hand against him. One, you will not succeed, two the blood of an innocent man would be upon you, and I prayed for him before he left.”
27.         A little while we gathered on that Pentecost day, you all that were there, I was preaching concerning Communion, all of a sudden Ben came out, nobody invited anybody, no case was mentioned, while he was coming out, Ifeanyi Eze followed, Igwe followed, then the Message was halted. It said, “Church of God, let us know the reason why these gentlemen are lined up. Gentlemen, what can we do for you? Why are you standing here? Any problem?”Was it not how it happened?
28.         Then we gave Ben Okezue the microphone, he went and started something which the Church is not even interested in: how he did this, how he did that out of provocation because the Lord’s Table has already been made and I have already put on my nature fully for that Communion. Out of provocation, I stretched forth my hand and collected the microphone from him.
29.         Immediately I turned my back, what happened? He fell down. Then I gave it to Igwe. Already Brother Ifeanyi Eze was lying portrait on the ground. He said that immediately that thing happened, he concluded that he is going also, he said he would not like to fall down and die such a death, he would like to lie down and die. Even Igwe himself, he almost collapsed. That day, could he address the Church?
30.         At the end of it all, God pardoned all of them including Brother Ben Okezue; all of them recieved pardon, that is God’s mercy, real God’s mercy.
31.         I am saying that same spirit has come back again. I remember I asked him a question before the whole congregation that day. When he started talking, I said, “My friend, what do you mean? You are my co-worker; I have been going places with you both in the North and in the East of the country, where have I offended you? We have been sleeping together, having everything in common, why are you so anointed to kill me—not even to harm but to kill. Do you actually know where the anointing is coming from? What evil have I done against you? Simply that I am taking too much, what am I taking too much? Is it preaching? After all, you are an Evangelist.”
32.         I do not know but he is telling us today that it is the same anointing that has come and that is what he is suffering now, that he is praying, and he used one word before Brother Okey, he said, “I almost fulfilled it,” He said, “I” Brother Okey, was it not what he told you? “I almost fulfilled it.” He said that he almost fulfilled all. Who knows what is happening inside him?
33.         The heart is deceitful. Christ could be walking among you there not knowing that you are very bad but one thing is certain, He knows all He has chosen, there is no mistake in God’s selection. If God in the attempt to save John and He selects Judas, he did that under anointing that he might fulfill Scripture meant for him. All of us in this Faith must fulfill Scriptures meant for us, do you know that?
34.         Woe is he that should stretch forth his hands against the Son of Man. What do you think my blood would look like? People are not afraid, anybody Satan wants to destroy he will take him to the highest realm, he will tell him stay there, “Look at what great thing you have done.” You only succeed in making a name that murdered the Apostle of Christ in your day, it will be a very wonderful record for you, I do not think you will get any other thing higher than that.
35.         Jeremiah warned the people of Israel, he said, “Repent thus said the Lord from your wicked ways, cleanse your heart and be no more stubborn and stiff-necked.” What happened next? The people ganged up against Jeremiah, he said, “Yes, I know you are plotting to kill me but I have to warn you, be very careful. If you stretch forth your hands to kill me, you will incur the wrath of God upon the land of Israel.”
36.         Hence I am still saying the same, did it stop the Message? Death means nothing to Me, I am already a dead man. My death is going to be very ceremonious to Me, but to you it is sorrow, but to Me it would be glorious. If I depart from this flesh now, I will enter my Heavenly Paradise from there, one way but I know no man will kill Me, but I have the right to lay down my life, I have the right to take it but God must use somebody to fulfill the Word, that is all I need.
37.         Did anybody kill Jesus Christ? The Bible said that He laid down His life and took His life back but Judas never knew that. Judas only fulfilled the Scripture and allowed himself to be used. To that brother, what will he gain if he will kill Me now and on the third day; he will see Me sitting in his parlour? If he just killed Me that day, then go home and rejoice, which pulpit are you going to use to preach to the whole world? Because my blood will hunt you about, you will not see rest again in the pulpit. My blood will speak, open the Bible, my blood will flow down, prepare food, my blood will be there because the land is polluted. I do not know whether you are catching what I am saying?
38.         If you kill me because of preaching the Gospel of Christ, you will remain guilty forever. I am trying to show you where the anointing is coming, thus that voice that told us, “No sympathy for Esau,” that word is here.
39.         I know if I do not tell you all these confessions he has made even this moment before us which has already started a day past, somebody having sorrow maybe if he dies outside now, you might think that he came to take over his Church, because I excommunicated his brother is not the reason why he tried me.        
40.         I am saying even if he dies now, the hand of God is in it. Once beaten twice shy even if he dies now, has God not given him enough time to repent from 1995 to 1997? For the mere fact that he is still eating with me, fellowshipping with me, going places with me, is it not enough condemnation?
41.         The most unfortunate thing that will happen to a man is to think evil against a man that thinks good of him. Somebody you know that is always thinking good about you, you just go to bed to think evil against him, that is the most unfortunate thing that will happen. You better end it in your bed, do not even practice it for if you dare put it into action, surely Heaven will make a noise, and the Earth will quake.
42.         What am I saying, we are the true Israel of God, and God is saying that mere showing this outward showmanship of plaiting hair and walking in a very humble and quiet way, making a hell of noise, carrying Bible or canal identification of local Churches is not enough. God is looking for people with changed mind and changed heart, and they are the true Israel of God, they are the true people of God, they are candidates for rapture.
43.         Hearing what you are hearing, you are not the first people that have heard it. In time past men of old heard it, but they could not receive it by faith. They believed it carelessly, did it profit them anything?
44.         Sister Faith, I am talking to you now. If after hearing all you are hearing and it could not profit you anything, what will be your reward? if I will take you back to Jerusalem, your fellow sisters will run away from you, nobody will come near you, they will call you devil’s incarnate, what I am telling you is truth. It is applicable to you, Sister Kosi.
45.         If I should take you home now, and give evil reports concerning you now and say, “Look at what you are manifesting at Abuja,” let it be known to you that your mother and every sister will run away from you. Because they will believe that my report about you is truth, because I am not bias, my heart is clear towards all of you.
46.         You all are my daughters; I do not have special love for any of you. I have equal love for all my children—that is my life. I know they will run away from you because I have taught them to obey Scriptures: MARK THEM THAT WALK CONTRARY TO THE TEACHINGS AND DOCTRINE WHICH WE HAVE RECEIVED AND AVOID THEM.
47.         There was a time your mother was walking contrary being somebody that was in my house, my wife avoided her, my children avoided her, I avoided her even in the office. If she will dare come to my house to make a noise, somebody will go and collect the Message from her and say bye bye, until she repented fully, change her mind and her heart. Even that your Sister Chikube will run away from you because I have taught them and they have believed.
48.         Let me tell you something, you will have a lot of reasonable excuses to manifest unbelief if what I preach in Jerusalem is different from what I preach in other local Churches. However, I am still affirming that what I preach in Jerusalem is what I preach in all the local Assemblies. I do not have two doctrines. Thus if you cannot obey it where you are, you cannot obey it in Jerusalem.
49.         Unless there is a Church that has left this Faith and they are now preaching heresy then you can go there, feel comfortable and become Holy Ghost filled sister.
50.         When I indicted my own daughter Sister Ifeoma at Onitsha, at a time, she almost ran away. Instead of repenting fully, she manufactured hypocrisy and remained in it until she got married. On the day of her wedding, others were saying, “Brother Martin you got gold,” I said, “Shut up! Brother Martin did not buy gold. Who produced that gold? Brother Martin stand up, let me tell you, you did not buy gold. Anybody giving you the impression that you purchased gold is a foolish man, the person is deceiving you. You married an unconverted heart who has been in our midst waiting for marriage. Therefore, you are going to do a quick work in her.”
51.         When she got there, did she find her feet? No. Because when she got to Jos, she met the same Gospel, she found it very hard to obey at Onitsha, the same Gospel she met in Jos, even your own wife, Brother Ben Adiukwu, you were told that you were marrying a heathen as at that time, that you should not just go home carrying her like that. Glory be to God.
52.         You say, “I married her from Jerusalem, she was rooted and grounded,” and while they were going, they did not know that they were foolish, they ran to Jos thinking that the people were sub-standard, they never know that they have able ministers that grounded them over there, that was why they look at the Church, they could not leave them, that they converted to something nobody could approach, they coveted prophecy, they coveted this and that but the plumb-line came and proved all of them nonsense.
53.         If there is anytime they repented it is now. From now you can expect the best coming out of them. You can stay here and then behave like pussy cat, nod your head, move your eyes round the Church as if you are believing, use your eyes to count the number of bachelors in the Church.
54.         Do not worry, no problem. Bachelors that want to marry, get ready we would help you to marry. Then after marriage, we would talk to you that there is no mistake in marriage for a man marries his character.
55.         When he was coming to fellowship we never knew he was coming to look for a wife. Then he bought one, he came to buy one: “I saw one sister in Okey’s house,” I said, “Which sister? He said, “I heard that he stays in your house.” “Israel, which house? You want to buy that one? Okay go and buy her,” and he went and bought one.
56.         If you have money you can buy one here, they are all of age, there is no small girl here, no small sister, anyone you like Brother Elijah, buy one, who else? Brother Solomon buy one. I will share all of them now; buy one. Who else, I have marked all of them for sale except Sister Rose Ekwe and two other sisters.
57.         If you know you are of age and you have money, buy one. Brother Lambert, any day money comes into your hand, buy one. Brother Abraham, you have money, you buy one, that is all. Then the Church will have rest, so that when you are coming to Church, you come with your own wife. Then when we say Amen, you say Amen.
58.         Let me tell you something, the most unfortunate thing that will happen to you is to think of marriage when you are not converted. If you dare enter into marriage when you are not fully converted, that is your obituary. We that are married, there are certain areas you would get to and say, “How I wish I am not married!” There are many things I cannot do because I am married. If I am not married, do you think if I come out anyhow, I would be thinking of going back. I may even spend up to four months outside, anywhere I go that would be my home.
59.         There was a vision I heard before, the vision of Caravan but it is too late now. If the end provided it in the very beginning no more.
60.         One 911 with caravan carrying my wife and the children, anywhere we get to, we park in the field, preach seven days, leave that town and then continue. I won’t have any property on the land, that one is enough for me.
61.         Why am I hammering on this change of mind and change of heart? God, because He operates in the heart and not in the flesh, for the flesh profits nothing. God operates in the heart. God judges the heart, the inward motives and plans.
62.         Your face may be okay, angelic and fine but inwardly you are just a grievous wolf, full of dead wounds, rotten, rotten things, that is why your character is not in order. Men and women I am talking to you.
63.         The greatest thing Satan will do now is to deceive you into sharing the Message, “The Message that went from the Apostle’s mouth, oh sisters got it hot!” If sisters got it hot, brothers you got it cool.” “You see, Brother did not spare them. When he gets to sisters side, he will call their names, hammer them.” Then when he gets to brothers side, what happens?
64.         After using your hearts to distribute the Message that it was Sister Ruth, Sister Kosi, this Brother, this Sister, what is your own? You go home empty-handed because you have become the “word distributor,” after distributing, you are empty. However, if you are wise, when the Word is going forth discerning your heart, you are placing your heart in that Word and using the Word to judge your actions and motives, to judge what is happening around you, why you cannot live a consistent believer’s life, why you cannot overcome certain things.
65.         Why are they rolling you on the ground? God has provided you with a remedy. When it happened at Nsukka, there was a song that says, “The Comforter has come. I said, “Actually the Comforter has come. And really the Comforter came there and comforted their hearts.”
66.         “Oh turn ye to the strong hope, ye prisoners of hope,” that is exactly what Isaiah said. Maybe before I started this Message you were hopeless, you started doubting your son-ship, your daughter-ship, your elect-ship, concerning your salvation, you are confused, you did not know what to do anymore. You have searched the Scriptures, you have searched your conscience yet you are still trembling. God has come to give you hope but the hope is incomplete until you accept it.
67.         Saying Amen is not enough, there has never been anytime you said no. I have never come here and when I preached a Message you said no, that you do not believe. You always punctuate all of them with shouting and Amen. It is better you close your mouth and then let me believe that you have believed by your manifestations because the manifestation is always the interpretation. Amen.