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Peter Odoemena The Son of Man 
 Let me tell you; He that is teaching you has no need of someone teaching Him because He is the source of knowledge and wisdom; the beginning and the end. In Him lies the totality of what God is made up of. Believe it if you can…
- Son of Man

There is injustice everywhere and we are looking forward to the day when the Righteous Judge will take the mantle of leadership and of course, you know Him.
He will never be discouraged;
neither will He stop until He has judgeD the whole Earth righteously. God must judge the world in righteousness by only one man. I REPEAT, by only one man.
God does not judge anybody, but has committed judgment into the hands of His dear son for He is the SON OF MAN.
THE BASIS OF OUR REJOICING IN CHRIST Page 61-62, verses 17-19)

Remain blessed brethren. If you are happy and you know it say Amen. Whenever I remember that God is all in all to me, it always gives me joy. When I remember the Bride, I am over joyed. Thus, I always thank God for His mercy upon us.
2.           This is the hour nobody should be told to come closer, because the Lord is holding the power that is shaking the hour. What is more, the power that is shaking the hour is not in any other place than in the midst of the Bride of Christ. I am sure and certain of that.
3.           Brethren, I want you to remember that it is God that is dictating the Move. If you watch how He is bringing forth these Messages He gave to us long, long time ago, God Himself is bringing them to us right now in order to open our eyes to see what He has dropped among us long time ago.
4.           In the book titled “This Generation in Prophecy,” when He was speaking concerning Israel, it came to a point where He said that it is not YET THE MATTER AT STAKE. However, this time around, He brought it out, forwarded it, lo and behold; it became the matter at stake. He told us very clearly that our eyes should never go out from Israel. We should fix our eyes on Israel, especially the whole Middle East.
5.           “How Ready Are You for Your Flight,” page 152 verse 57-68: “You are a happy people. Do you know that you are the children of the Prophets? That is why you are understanding what is happening.
6.           If you meet your friends outside, try to explain these things, the more you explain the less they will understand. For they do not have the spirit. They are not children of the Prophets. In other words, what God is doing is incomprehensible to them, they cannot comprehend it.
7.           Do you know that you and I are the only people that monitor events Prophetically? You are the wise people of this generation, the people that fix their eyes on the star, for in every dispensation a STAR is sent to guide the people of God home.
8.           In our own day, a STAR has appeared, a STAR has been sent. Without that STAR you would not know the fulfilment of Prophetic Scripture. By this we know we are on the right track.
9.           SHOUT IT LOUD AND CLEAR, PUBLISH IT FAR AND WIDE, ON THE MOUNTAIN TOPS THAT YOU ARE A CHOSEN GENERATION. God’s own purchased possession. Hell is too far from where I am. I am not sent to come and raise candidates for Hell. No, no, no, and it will never happen.
10.        When you know where you are and the personality you are following behind, you will always be glad 24 hours of the day. We do not come to Fellowship to play Church or religion, we are in the Fellowship for a strict business; we are on Earth as pilgrims, we are on a journey, we have travelled too far. We have crossed so many mountains, too many rivers and valleys, Oh no! To go back? No! The bridge has been broken long, long time ago. Amen.
11.        Where are WE AT?
12.        Jerusalem will be a heavy stone bothering the world and though all the nations of the Earth will unite in an attempt to move her; though all the nations of the Earth unite together under the United Nations in an attempt to move Jerusalem away from its position, they will never, never succeed. Will they unite? Yes. Will they gather? Yes. They shall gather but not by the Spirit of God. Will they take counsel together? Yes! But their counsel will come to nought for the Lord God has spoken and so shall it be
13.        God saw it, He knew they will come together as United Nations and make an attempt to move Jerusalem.
14.        Zachariah 12: 4 “On that day, says the Lord, I will cause every horse to panic and every rider to lose his nerve. I will watch over the people of Judah, but I will blind the horses of her enemies…”
15.        And do what? Blind all her enemies.
16.        We are going somewhere, we are going higher every day, we are matching higher every day.
17.        Where you are now is a comfortable place. That whatever that is left, whatever that remains, you and I will not accomplish it. BUT Almighty God alone will accomplish what is left.
18.        Tell me, is there anything you can do now? No! Is it not over? It is! It is finished says the Lord; my work is finished says the Lord. My labour is finished says the Lord. There is nothing we can do again. Our duty is to wait and see events unfolding on a daily basis. Besides, while they are unfolding, one day, one minute, one second, the chapter, the page, the line that was written concerning us will unfold. Amen.” 
19.        I am trying to let us know what God told us concerning the hour we are living in. When He was speaking to us concerning how ready we are towards our flight, He told us that where we are right now is already a comfortable place, where it is no longer in the hands of man to accomplish anything other than the Almighty Himself.
20.        Besides, when you are watching events right now, if you hear the news around the globe and events that are transpiring, you will see that what God is telling us is fulfilling on a daily basis. There is no way any man’s hand can be in it for it is God Himself that will bring them to pass—nobody is fulfilling them. The same way, He also told us that one day, one minute, one second that particular chapter, that particular page that is written concerning us, where the Spoken Word has something concerning us will be unfolded in one day.    
21.        He told us that in no distant time, these things we are seeing here and there happening will now be things of the past.
22.        Romans 8 : 22-25, “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit , the redemption of our body.
23.        For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.” KJV.
24.        Brethren, we are waiting, looking forward to something we have not gotten in ourselves, something you do not even have now, and that is the thing we are waiting.
25.        If we are waiting on God for something that has not happened yet, it will help us to wait for it patiently. If we are waiting for something that has not happened yet, it will give us the courage; it will give us the strength to continue waiting. One thing is certain there: He that promised is faithful, He that we are walking with, He is the One that will bring everything to come to pass. He that is in our midst, He is the only One that will speak and it will happen. For that reason, we will have every courage to wait patiently.
26.        If it is today we are all waiting, we will wait for it. If it is tomorrow, we will wait for it. As far as it is in His Word, we will wait for it. Brethren, take note of the above Scripture very well. We are waiting for something that will soon be unfolded as God promised us.
27.        As we wait at the Gate, do not ever neglect it. It is very much in line. We are waiting for something that is very real to God; and because of that He promised us of it. This is the reason why we must have confidence and wait patiently. Wait patiently, do not be in a hurry, do not be faster than your God.
28.        “The Book of Prophecies (Revelation) Fulfilling” Vol. 2 page 169, “Thank God He that called us is still with us, looking at this congregation, let me be Godly sincere to you and to myself, It has dawned on me now to make THIS PROCLAMATION that this Bridal Faith, as far as I am standing here, especially those that are in this Church this MOMENT ARE made up of sixty percent (60%) elects and forty percent (40%) Catholics.
29.        That is why there is no revival in this camp. All that the mAn of God is saying are flying away from them. Some are boiling inside while some are wondering whether it could be true. Some are even judging him. sixty percent (60%) are nodding their heads in approval and praising God. forty percent, if they will come back to this CHURCH again, they are hypocrites for we have TROD on their ‘no go area’.
30.        We have identified them, and they are no longer happy. HOWEVER, the Cloud is HAPPY.
31.        Nature speaks louder than any other thing. We are feasting under His Canopy, for this is the hour.
32.        let me tell you the person that has already betrayed this Faith is among us. This Faith is already betrayed. The Son of Man is already betrayed, not that he is going to be betrayed, no. he is already betrayed.
33.        If you belong to me, you are already betrayed. The person that betrayed you is already in your midst. One day, you will hear another language and you will marvel: “are you sure? that is what they are saying!’
34.        Who are the people making this statement? those that are still among us, claiming to belong to this faith, That is what they are saying. They are in this Church, made up of forty percent (40%) I mean now, now as i am standing here.
35.        However, can we because of these people shy away from what we are saying or decline from the truth? Never! Never!
36.        They are the very fire extinguishers. I remember the first Voice: ‘Obadiah, go and tell your master that I am here.’
37.        If you betray the Son of Man, you have not betrayed anybody. I am already in the picture worldwide. If I am afraid of death, why am I trailing on this dangerous ground? Why am I not compromising with the heathens? Think twice! The earlier you address the truth in its entirety the better.
38.        You know that this truth cannot be stopped; it is living like God is living. People used to clamour and say that they are serving a living God and when it comes to the point where they should be proved, though they claim they are serving the living God they will deny it. But to us, the Bride of Christ, we are ready for what we believe for the truth of Christ reacheth unto the Clouds, standing erect above any man, we will be filing without fear or favour, we stand firm with the truth no matter the brother by your side, no matter the sister by your side.
39.        God told us this year when He was talking about the life in the Kingdom in one of the Messages, He said that what is beclouding our minds is this, “brother,” “brother,” “sister,” “sister.” Who can believe it that forty percent are Catholics. If you call Catholic, some people will say Catholic means somebody that is going to Roman Catholic Church. Note, every religion you can talk of, go and search it very well, what they are manifesting is Catholic Faith. Whether you call it Pentecostal, or you call them pagans, call them heathens, call them Muslim they are all displaying Catholic Faith.
40.        My wife was testifying to me of one woman who was telling the other woman that her husband uses to go to India for a business and when he comes back there is a testimony he uses to give them, and that testimony goes like this: “This particular Catholic you are hearing with your ears in Nigeria, they are preaching it very well in this side of the world. But over there, if you know whatever is called paganism, that is Catholic in its fullness. They carry every type of idol, they do every kind of charm, they do everything you can mention of.”
41.        He said, “No other religion tries them because they are the highest. They can slaughter you at any moment in time. Come their way they will finish you.” He said that people are afraid of them in that part of the world because they are completely heathenish more than we think of. That is why when they come here and look at the Catholics, they will begin to marvel. Is it true? Is it two types? Is it not that same Catholic there that they are now painting this side? It will mean another thing.
42.        Whether they paint it or not, it is still the same meaning. Even if you are in this Faith, for some that are in this Faith kept their chaplets in their hearts. Some believe that “Hail Mary” is worthy to believe more than God.
43.        Jesus the Christ said, “Every bush is fire, every rock is a fountain of water, every star is a Pillar of Fire, and every Cloud leads you to God.” Do you see what made people, whenever you mention Heaven they would look up to the sky? If they want to see where God is, they will look at the sky but that is not exactly what it is. It is not that sky, The Pillar of Cloud is the Cloud we are talking about—the one that followed the children of Israel behind and in the front. That great Pillar of Cloud is also found in our midst.
44.        Why do we rejoice exceedingly? It is because we have Him in person, even as our Teacher. This Cloud that has been spoken of long, long time ago, that is what shows that God is in our midst. We did not know it was written like that, that the in dispensation of time, this time around, God brought it low even to the point that our physical eyes could behold the Cloud that leads to God.
45.        Note, what reveals God is the Cloud. When we remember that Voice that gathered us that day, the Voice said, “Come next Sunday with whatever camera you have—whether you will hire one or your own—to see He that has been having dealings with you all these years.”
46.        Thus, even if we take the photograph on ordinary days, we might not understand it. But for that particular invitation, for that particular proclamation “come and see exactly that Person that has been having dealings with you all these years,” note, He did not say “only that day,” but all these years.
47.        What happened? When we came, lo and behold, we saw it that, that Voice that invited us that day which we got in our own lens was declared even in the archaeological parchment, for this (the Cloud) is the thing that depicts God, where God dwells.
48.        We should be a happy people. That is why I read that place that says where we are now is a comfortable place. Romans chapter 8 says that if we are waiting for something that has not yet happened and you know who promised it, we will surely wait for it patiently and confidently.
49.        If we do not know Who promised it, that means we are waiting in vain but we are not waiting in vain—just like it was written in the Message titled “The Book Of Prophecies Fulfilling.” If we do not know what are fulfilling, we will not also know that one He promised us.
50.        “How Ready Are You for your flight?” page 108 verse 19-20:“Where I am now, where you are now is where Hell is too far from all of us. We have crossed the Living veil. Yes sir! I have crossed the living veil where His glory never fades. I have crossed the living veil where the glory never fails. I am resting in the Presence of the Lord. We have crossed the Living VEIL; Hell is too far away from us.”
51.        The basis of our rejoicing in Christ is that He has carried us beyond Hell.  The Son of Man is the BRIDGE, the LINKING that takes you across the valley, across the mountain, across Hell and you are now over to the other side. From His Messages so far you can see that whichever bridge He crosses, He breaks it. Now we are on the other side and we are waiting where the Scripture wrote concerning us. Where is that? In the Word!
52.       “How Ready Are You for your flight?” page 108 verse 21, Where I am now, is where Hell is too far away from Me. Let me tell you, if I offend God now the highest thing God will do is to kill Me and bury Me with His own hand, and He will bury Me away from your eyes. He will never put Me to Hell…”
53.        Brethren take note of it: WHEREVER I AM, THERE YOU WILL BE ALSO. Is this the promise: “Hell is far behind me. Hell is behind all of you that have believed this Faith.” Who is saying this? He that is in the Cloud, the Resurrected Body.
54.        Wherever I am, there you shall be also; these are the things that will make you ready for your flight. You can hear that God said that we no longer gather to preach “go and do that, go and do this,” no. We are now telling ourselves the present stage where the Word of God is fulfilling and what we are expecting.
55.      “How Ready Are You For Your Flight” page 123 verse 61-62 “Where we are now, is a very comfortable ground to all that have arrived here with Me.
56.      The Message said what? A very comfortable ground to all that have arrived here with me. But as many as are still on their way, who have not arrived here with me they are not yet comfortable.
57.        Note it very well, anybody that has not arrived here, it is not a comfortable place for him. But to them that have arrived the same place with Him, we have a comfortable place. Since He has crossed Hell and He says that all of us that are right here in the Faith with Him, have also crossed the same Hell, therefore it is a comfortable ground.
58.         But as many that are still on their way, who have not arrived here with Him, they are not yet comfortable.
59.      Page 124 verse 65, Where we are now, we are no longer talking about mysteries or revelations, We are now watching events unfold, watching out for the unfolding of events on a daily basis.’
60.      We are now doing what? What are we doing now? Watching events unfolding on a daily basis. We do not talk of mysteries or revelations, or great sermons again. EVERYTHING IS ALL OVER. WE ARE WATCHING DEVELOPMENTS AS PREDICTED, UNTIL FINALLY THE GREATEST EVENT, THE FINAL OF ALL FINALS, THE FLASHING RED LIGHT, IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE, YOU AND I ARE TRANSFORMED.
61.        Yes! 7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0. Where we are, see what makes it a comfortable stage, no great preaching again, no mystery, no fasting, no praying, nothing, nothing. Everyday ‘thank you,’ everyday ‘Chineke thanks sir.” Amen.

We thank God for the journey so far. We have come to a point where nobody is persuaded to serve the Lord again. This is the time when real sons and daughters of God, learned or unlearned, blind, lame, deaf will serve the Lord in spirit and in truth for we now operate more by intuition.
2.           The intuitive knowledge of God makes it impossible for a child of God to be deceived. The knowledge of the Law was intuitively captured by Jesus Christ, and people around Him were astonished. As unlearned as He was, He has a deeper understanding of the Law more than them.
3.           Caiaphas said, “Comparatively speaking, HE WAS A STARK ILLITERATE.” Comparatively means when compared to people around Him in His age and His low level of education, that He was nowhere to be found. Hence they marvelled at His wisdom. We thank God for what He is doing.
4.           Note, Jesus the Christ prophesied saying, “One of you eating with me here will betray me.” Foolishly, instead of understanding Him, they started enquiring, saying: “Lord is it I?” It is not a wise question. The best thing they would have done was to narrow down the prophecy to themselves individually by asking themselves, knowing that the prophecy must to come to pass for He that spoke was not a liar. He knew all men even how changeable they could be.
5.            The correct question should have been, “I know He must be betrayed by one of us because He has said it, but why must it be me?”
6.           I know that forty percent of brethren in this faith are Catholics and they are restless in this Faith, they are just managing to be in our midst. I say forty percent, what a large number! It is not making noise, it is not shouting. The correct attitude should be, “am I in the number? Am I a Catholic?” 
7.           For you to know whether you are a Catholic or not, you must know what a Catholic means. We are dealing with spirits. God deals with the people of Israel physically, but He deals with the Gentiles spiritually. Try to understand it.
8.           Catholicism is a spirit that is controlling the whole Universe. If you like believe it, if you like say no to it. I do not care the group you belong to, as far as you are not found in the bridal faith, as far as you are not found in Christ, you are a Catholic. What is more, you must be restless with the Message of the Son of Man. It is a spirit.
9.           Many of you are in our midst simply waiting for time. Some students among you, some of them are waiting to complete their studies and they will fly away. I know that very well. Many are giving the impression that they are with us, because of external reasons. But we know you and you know yourselves.
10.        When a reference is made to you, you know. Even if your name is not mentioned, you know you are the one. When Jesus the Christ said, “One of you will betray me;” do you want to tell me that Judas did not know that he was the one? He knew he was the one! Even as at that time, the money was in his pocket while he was asking question because others were asking question, “Master, is it I?” He joined by asking, “Is it I?” You do not ask me whether you are a Catholic or not or the indices by which you will know whether you are a Catholic or not. The indices are there.

11.        Here is the Characteristics of A Catholic: number one, they are stubborn to the truth, they are rebellious to the truth, they are arrogant, they are filled with pride. Once you are a Catholic, the moment the Message is going FORTH, once it touches on your side you will be rebelling on your sEAt.
12.        You may not open your mouth but you are rebelling there on your sEAt, you are quarrelling there, a sure sign that you are stubborn. BESIDES, the moment you get home, the preacher will become the topic for discussion: How he hates you, how he loves some people and hates others. How he is always finds fault with you, it is because you are seeing the preacher, you are not seeing God—that is a Catholic.
13.        Watch Catholics, they quarrel right inside their Church. They quarrel among themselves, they quarrel with their Reverend Fathers and the clergies. The moment the clergy says it is all over for the day, they begin to battle from their fellowship down home. And this is equivalent in all the Churches, because they have not believed God.
14.        Your attitude towards this faith will tell everybody who you are. He that is not with me is against me, he that is not gathering is scattering. You cannot be obedient AND at the same time rebellious. can you be obedient and stubborn AT THE SAME TIME? Can you be obedient and arrogant AT THE SAME TIME? Obedient and stiff-necked AT THE SAME TIME. Can you be obedient AND at the same time finding fault with God and with His word? These are the attributes of A Catholic.
15.        Give out a Message in the Fellowship bothering on the training of the children, the moment they get home, the spirit of Catholicism must manifest. If the man is a spiritual man, THAT IS, a seed of God, all his efforts to drive the Message home into the children must meet with stiff opposition by the wife. The wife must surely rise against it. for every statement the man makes, his wife knows how to counter it. She has her own version and must compel the children to follow that version, or else there will be no peace in the home. That is a Catholic spirit.
16.         What is the meaning of Catholic? Catholic means a woman that dominates the men, a woman with masculine domineering nature. In the book of Revelation, God identified that Babylon as a whore, the mother of all harlots, and called her a woman, then finally called her Church.
17.        You must know where you belong to; it operates in a man, it operate in a woman. If a woman is a seed of God and the husband is not, Every effort the woman will make to make sure that the word of God is implemented must be resisted by the husband.
18.        That is why God said that He has driven away unbelief from among us as a congregation; for nobody can stand in this Faith and say that he does not believe. That the unbelief you must war against is the one in your house, which is between you and your wife and it is spreading in your family among your children.
19.        if you are not a man enough, you can hardly notice when the spirit of Catholicism has ENGULFED your family. The moment you begin to see your children resisting your word, murmuring and complaining, grumbling each time you pass out instruction, notice the attitude of your wife that time, that will show you THAT your wife is in control and not you.
20.        as long as your wife grumbles against you, demonstrates against your word, complains even in the presence of the children, nothing stops the children from following her.
21.        Many, many things are happening in many families; do not allow our appearances in the fellowship to fool you. Do not allow darling, darling, loving, loving, the hope everlasting; it is your right to call your wife whatever you want to call her. You could call your husband “forever,” or “everlasting,” it is your right. The matter at stake goes beyond that. They are mere gimmicks, they are mere empty statements. They are aimed at winning the favour of the man so that he can be exploited both spiritually and physically.
22.        The worst exploitation is spiritual exploitation. When a man is placed in a position where he will BE SEEN and NOT HEARD, where he will be afraid even addressing the family for fear of the wife revolting publicly, he wants to save his face from the neighbourhood. Then evil will increase and mount on top of each other, till the entire children in that family will be seeing the man as a passive man who is only good at providing food and maybe some other material comforts for them, but the woman is in charge.
23.        a woman can only be approved in the sight of God to be in charge if she is godly. once she is godly, she is subject to the words of her husband. For that is number one sign by which you will know a godly woman. Even if the man is in error, she will not demonstrate, she knows how to approach her husband in a very meek and humble way, respectfully, and the man senses will come back.
24.        However, as long as she is a Catholic, the stubbornness in her, the arrogance and pride will combine together to make her extremely despondent. And in her despondency, she becomes violent; she will never make any meaningful contribution to the family again. Besides, she must win all the confidence of all the children because she is in control.
25.        A man that is not spiritual can hardly notice when the wife is nullifying his word in the lives of his children. It starts from nullifying instruction like, “Darling, buy slippers for Amaka today.” If she does not say yes, she will buy sandal, for she refused, “Why must it be slippers? Amaka is too old to wear slippers! We can buy something higher, she needs something better.”
26.        In other words she is presenting the husband to be stingy to the children. If the man is not careful, you will begin to hear caustic remarks: “If it is somebody else now, you will bring out money. But now it has come to your own daughter you now know it must be slippers,” and the man will keep quiet. You see him becoming calm and cold.
27.        Not that he does not know what to do, but he does not want to be heard within the neighbourhoods. He thinks that the only way of winning his respect is by keeping quiet. When you keep quiet, you cause the evil to increase.
28.        anywhere you see this spirit in operation, that is a Catholic family, a PROUD family, a haughty family, A family that draws example after ungodly EXAMPLE. If anything should be your example, it should not be anything evil. Do not ever defend your evil action with evil example by pointing somebody or to me.
29.        Let me use my family as an example. That I am talking against something and you begin to use another family nearby to defend your ungodly action, “What of this family? Don’t you see their children? Don’t you see the woman? Don’t you see that we are the only people that are poor,” and this and that? In other words, I should be like them.
30.        When it comes to nullifying the word of God, a Catholic begins to use ungodly families as examples to cement her unbelief. Because you can hardly hear “I do not believe, no.” There are many ways of manifesting unbelief.
31.        Catholicism is a spirit that is dominating the whole world. Watch, in any group, call somebody to pray, the moment he finishes his praying, as long as it is noticed that he does not belong to that Catholic organization, all the members of the Catholic Church there must to do something to confirm to you that the prayer of that man was incomplete or was not acceptable. Indirectly challenging the prayer. It is a spirit that can hardly be suppressed.
32.        That is the way it operates in a Catholic home, where one is a child of God, and the other is not. You can hardly see spiritual harmony; you can hardly see physical harmony. I wish to stress it though I have been hammering on it: once there is physical disagreement, there must be spiritual disagreement. OR ONCE THERE IS SPIRITUAL DISAGREEMENT, THERE MUST BE PHYSICAL DISAGREEMENT.
33.        I can never disagree with you spiritually and agree with you physically. Na lie! We may suppress feelings so that we can stay together, yet we still hold on to our beliefs. If I suppress my feelings, have I changed my mind? No! I am still holding unto my ground.
34.        Let me tell you the whole truths I have discoverED so far, since unbelief haS been narrowED down to families, Any man that does not know whether the wife is a believer or not is not in this faith. THIS SAME WAY, any woman that does not know whether the husband is a believer or not is not in this faith.
35.        the truth is THIS, a believer is an unbeliever to an unbeliever. THAT IS TO SAY THAT a believer of this faith is a devil before an unbeliever.
36.        Thus, when you begin to hear devil, devil, when you know you are standing upon the revelation of this truth, the devil she is referring to, the devil he is referring to is not the one that is out there, it is the one that is inside the ark. “I don’t know how the devil entered this house,” there is no devil he or she is referring to. He or she knows what he or she is saying. Amen.

Do you know why God loved and appreciated Abraham? He was able to cause the family to obey the Lord even at a very old age. Abraham was able not only to convince his sons who were adults; he was also able to cause his sons to convince their wives. Abraham was in the ark with his family; Noah was in the ark with his family. Are you in the ark with youR entire family? Or are you assuming you are in the ark?
2.           Do not assume anything, do not presume. Don’t you know the nature of your family? Don’t you know the spirit that is operating in your family? Don’t you know the battle you are fighting in your family? Has the battle been won? Who appears to be winning the battle? To begin with, who are you battling with? For every battle must be DEFINED. What is the cause of that war? The war has not ended until the rebellion is crushed.
3.           Up till this moment this particular message is being preached, Libya is forming a new government while the old government is still fighting on. Hence nobody has been declared a winner in Libya. As long as Muammar Gaddafi is alive, government officials around him, who are loyal to him are still fighting till this moment this message is being preached. Has the war ended? If the new government will make the mistake and stop fighting, truly speaking, these boys will cover the city again and nullify all their efforts.
4.           In other words, the battle is defined; it is a battle between forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi and forces loyal to the new transitional government.
5.           In your family, define the battle. Is there any war there? Who and who are warring? What is the bone of contention? There must be a battle ground. What is that battle ground? It has a name. Until this battle is foUGHT and won, no remedy yet.
6.           Many are bound to lose their dear oneS to the fowls of the air. Make no pretences about this matter. If you are intelligent, you must rest at nothing until you are sure that all the members of your families have lined up with this truth, only then shall they be saved. For God will do everything for us, but He will never save us in unbelief.
7.           Catholicism is a spirit that is controlling the whole world. The spirit of the last days is the spirit of Catholicism. It is a very powerful spirit. Don’t you know that we are living in the age of women domination?
8.           Every woman wants to rule, there is no problem about that. Every woman wants to be something. If it is possible women can marry men; men no longer marry women. Women now have final say, men are now observers. They can only be consulted when it comes to bringing out money to finance the plans they have hatched out.
9.           Looking at the whole situation, men now offer suggestions while women draw conclusions: “This is what I have said and it must be done that way! If it does not happen this way, everybody will hear our voices. If you do not want our neighbours to hear us, better keep quiet. In short I do not need your money, if I call you for money do not bring it. This is what must be done! Wait until I get to the market!”
10.        You see, talking about men and women having joint account now, I know you will kill Me, some will place everlasting curse on the Son of Man now, now, now. If I should mention it now some women hearing me now will place a curse on Me. While some will ask the question, “Which joint account? How much has he brought into the account? Or will I make my own joint with him? He is supporting joint account, he does not bring in money.”
11.        Note, the worst thing that will happen to a woman is to control her finances without the authority of her husband. you are already in Hell and will soon transfer into an everlasting one. You have started your movement towards Hell.
12.        We are living in an age where women like to own property that will be called by their names even without the knowledge of their husbands. If you ask them, they will tell you they are investing their money for their children as if the man is a foreigner. In other words, the man is a loafer, or he has no plan for his children. That is the impression. 
13.        there is a reason why we are waiting at the gate. we are waiting at the gate to streamline all crooked paths. A lot of women have become tigresses flexing their muscles for they are getting support from their children whom they have already spoilt.
14.        Let me just ask this question, women pause a little. We are in the age of education. If your child requests money from his father, and his father tells him to be patient with him that there is no money now or queries him for the one he gave him, how he has already managed to waste the money for he knows how much he gave him. In other words, the man has indirectly refused, he has his good reasons.
15.        Remember this illustration went forth many years ago. Then your child begins to demonstrate against his father, you as a mother, you noticed that your child is demonstrating, then you went out, gave him a sign and then bundles the money into his hands with instruction that he should not allow the father to know. or you give a sign because we are living in the age of operation of bank account. You say, “Okay go back, I will send the money in your account but do not allow your father to know.”
16.        What type of impression are you giving your child concerning your husband? You have already divided the family. You have labelled the father wicked, the family is finished. The children are all gone.
17.        I remember the day Holy Ghost spoke on this matter; He said, “I was trying to encourage the parents to live their lives within moderations. Let your moderation be seen by all men.” Warning you to be very, very careful of creating a precedent you cannot sustain—that iss stop laying destructive foundation for your children, by teaching them to begin to live exotic lifestyles at tender ages, when they are still unproductive.
18.        Take for instance, a student who is under the care and control of his parents, maybe because you are blessed financially and you do not know what else you can use the money to do, than to lavish it. Then your child begins to live his life with a pair of shoe worth about thirty thousand Naira, or twenty five thousand Naira. When he graduates or when he becomes a man, I mean begin to visualise it. He will be aiming at wearing the one of one-twenty thousand Naira.
19.        What if he does not have a job that will give him that money? Automatically he will start practising kidnapping. Why? Because you have already spoilt your child by initiating him or her into such a dangerous cult called exotic western life style, expensive lifestyle. You begin to teach your children to live lives above your own income. You put on sandals worth two thousand five hundred Naira, your son will wear the one worth eight thousand Naira, your daughter will wear the one of thirty thousand Naira.
20.        If you should speak, your wife will say “that is what is in vogue” and then you keep quiet. You do not know that you are raising canon fodders; you are preparing your family for eternal damnation.
21.        A child that takes delight in living sumptuous life can never develop spiritually. The pleasures of this life will erode him away completely. If there be any element of godliness in that fellow, that exotic lifestyle, pleasurable lifestyle must eat away everything. This is the problem we are having.
22.        You are at liberty in Christ, not at liberty to nullify the Word of God. But at liberty to make the Word of God effective, liberty to do good and not liberty to do evil. You are not in the ark with your wife and children until you have lined up with the word of God that is revealED to you in your day for your salvation.
23.        In every nation, in every tribe or language, whosoever that fears and honours the Lord, to obey His Word, the same is made acceptable unto Him. Is it not in the book of Acts of the Apostles?
24.        Thus, it is not what you think, but what He (God) says. If your children do not honour, fear and obey the Lord, they can never be made acceptable to God. If your wife does not honour and obey the Lord, she can never be made acceptable to God. if you do not honour and obey the Lord, you can never be made acceptable to God for God cannot change His plan because of you.
25.        your salvation is based on THE implicit obedienCE to the word of God that is revealED to you for your salvation.
26.        If when God commanded Noah and his family to go into the ark and they refused to enter, do you think they would have been saved? No!
27.        What is obedienCE? ObedienCE means doing everything at His word. Watch all the children of God, both IN THE old and new testamentS, When they have accomplished it, they came to the messiah saying, “we have done everything at thy word.” this should be the voice of the mother and the children. The father is Christ, the mother is the Church, the children are the members.
28.        Note it, “Master, Lord we have done everything at Thy Word.” Go to the Message titled “When The Sparks Fly In Your Marital Relationship Explained,” it says that there can never be peace in any family where the wife finds it very difficult to obey the voice of the husband, to carry out his instructions quickly and quietly without murmuring, complaining and grumbling.
29.         If your wife finds it difficult to carry out your instruction, before you know it your children will follow. I am talking on the necessity for all families to be saved. What is difficult in lining UP with your husband? what is difficult there? line up with your husband, agree with your husband at all times, this is the only way you can be saved.
30.        When Lot’s wife disobeyed the word of the husband, what happened? Was she saved? No! Did that hinder Lot from being saved? No. Thus, the wife’s unbelief never hindered the husband from marching on.
31.        Let me tell you the truth, you know why I am pleading with you on this matter especially men, if your wife is found in unbelief, if you are not careful and wise, she will lure you into unbelief. You begin to grumble and murmur even against God’s chastisement. Before you know it, when God speaks as it affects you, instead of saying “Amen” praising God, you begin to think and investigate to know who must have reported to the Son of Man.
32.        From that day you no longer believe that God knows everything about you—even the darkest place where you are. He hears your conversation, even what you muttered in your heart. What then is unbelief?
33.        You see why surprises are likely to happen. When God said “big names” can hardly make it, He means big families also. For there can never be a big name without a big family.
34.        As a result, be very careful that you do not carry your big name to Hell. Be very careful that you do not carry your big office to Hell.
35.        God is not saving you because of the office you occupy. He is saving you because of your obedienCE to the truth. Maybe you do not know that, it is your obedienCE to the truth that sanctifies you. the truth is that, you wife, you have no right to own your money while your husband is alive. YouR husband is the sole authority, who authorises the spending and then you do the execution.
36.        In the office, there is always an officer authorising expenditure. Then the accountant will now execute it as authorised by the officer authorising expenditure. What is more, nobody authorises expenditure except the controller of that office. He does not hold the cash, but he is responsible to the money. He must know where the money is expended. He approves the money for stationary, he approves for the plan of office equipment, he approves of act of expenses and something like that. He approves all of them, then the accountant paid the money out as approved.
37.        The woman in the family is the accountant, who executes the expenditure as approved by the husband. For the husband is the only controller who knows the priority areaS. Otherwise, the woman can mishandle that money especially at this very hard time.
38.        women are known for one thing, they spend their money on what they wantED and NOT what they needED. They want everything, but they need few. Money must be spent according to the order of the preference in the family. THAT IS, first thing first.
39.        Women are fond of turning things upside down, only to discover that the money has been exhausted. By the time they come to the place where the money should have been spent, the purse is now empty. If you should ask her a question on the matter, you will get a reply: “Am I marrying myself? Did you marry me because of my money? I have right over my money! I must spend it the way I want.”
40.        Okay, no problem. Hell is there, you are answerable to all these things. Any matter that bothered on the doctrine of this Faith places you in danger of being called to question if you go contrary to it.
41.        When God said you should NOT place yourself where He will ask you why, He is indirectly telling you to make sure you obey at all times. For if you refuse to obey, you must be QUERIED.
42.        I do not care what that reason might be like, whether the man will collect the money or not, tell him about it and he will tell you where you  will spend it. You simply say, “Daddy, look at the money.” Finish! Then you wait for instruction.
43.        If you do not have somebody you are accountable to, you are marrying yourself, you are not even a wife. In short you are not even worthy to be a widow, you are not worthy of being a wife, you are not also worthy to be a spinster—you are not a female. This is a very serious matter that should be addressed immediately by all the families.
44.        The whole rebellion and stubbornness that are being experienced in your families are products of your wives holding money they should not own. And it makes them to weigh unnecessary power around themselves.
45.        God earlier warned that we should be very, very careful that we do not arrogate to ourselves powers we do not possess.
46.        Be very careful that you do not arrogate to yourselVES, authorities you do not possess. You must know your limits, women know your limits, husbands know your limits, children know your limits.
47.        It is worthwhile for women to direct their children to their father to present their requestS. If they come to you as your children presenting their requestS, you have two options: either to carry THEIR requestS to your husband or direct them to present their requestS to their father. In return, their father will invite your attention, give you instructions to go and solve thEsE problems and approve the amount.
48.        Please, if I have hurt you bear with Me for I want you to get saved. My wife can never come to Me to show Me items she purchased for the children when I never approved of them. Even she does not present, rather, my children present the items to Me, thanking Me, telling Me, “Daddy, see what mummy bought for us from the market today.” I will say, “Go and thank your mummy, she has done noble.” Can you see it!
49.        Their mother directed them to their father; their father now redirected them to their mother. For their mother knew that their father approve and provided for it, she has now executed it as the executive officer. Is it not our Message? Every woman is the executive officer of the family. For it is the woman that instruct the entire children to implement the directive of the father. The duty of the woman is nothing but the enforcement of the words of her husband. For the moment the woman nullifies the word of the husband, she makes it ineffective in the lives of the children. If she does not obey, she will go to all length that nobody obeys. This is the height of wickedness in the family and should be fought with all malice if you really want your entire family to be there.
50.        Our brother came to Me and we were discussing on a vital issue. He said, “Sir, I told my family something under anointing that as we wait at the Gate, that it has become clear that what all of us are doing which is hindering rapture from occurring is resitting the papers we failed, as a student can never graduate with carryovers. Hence, God cannot rapture us when we have not passed the necessary tests.” Do you believe that?
51.        Truly speaking we are resitting many subjects: many, many things that were not clear to us are becoming clearer now. In other words, that time we failed the test. As a result, we are rewriting our carryovers, while some people were completely missing. Some were absent, and all of us are graduating together in one day. How can you graduate with carryover? Some are resitting two courses, some three courses, some four courses, some five courses, some are rewriting all. We have to face the stark reality.
52.        If the entire family must be saved at the end, the entire family must obey the word of God together. This is the standard He has set for us. no more, no less.
53.        Abraham and his family obeyed together, Lot and his family obeyed together, Noah and family obeyed together. God has never saved an unbeliever before and He will not start with you. Catholicism is at work, fight it in your family until you have crushed the rebellion, until you have subjected that rebellion under your footstool and you have exercised authority in your home.
54.        Husbands, things must go the way you want them, or nothing will happen. For you must be held responsible in the end. When a woman fails, it is not noticeable. However, when a man fails, it is being noised abroad. This is the help.
55.        An enemy that is discovered is half the victory. Once you have known your enemy, you have won your battle halfway. Recognise your enemy, define the battle line. Pinpoint the bone of contention. Finish!
56.        If it is your children, pinpoint it for the children can do nothing without their mother. But they can do many things without their father.
57.        A brother came to me one day telling me that he knows nothing about the whereabouts of his son and he has been crying and the wife crying also. I said, “Do not listen to your wife, it is crocodile tears. She knows where her son is for they are even communicating.”
58.        The following day, the same brother called me and said, “Daddy, live forever! What you said is truth. Even that same day, my wife even communicated with my son and two of them saw, live.” Not telephone but live.
59.        Once children commit evil, the place of comfort becomes their mother. Once children commit crime, the only comfort place they have is their mother. This is very common. Mothers know how to protect their children in error: “Do not touch him again!”They may even fight anybody that tries to correct them or rebuke them, there you will know what she believes: “Leave him alone! Has he done what nobody has ever done? What of those that  argue here and there? It is everywhere.”
60.        You see, that is the person you think you are walking with, she has turned round to fight you. Flog the person; you will incur her trouble immediately. This is why many families must be cut off from Paradise. God will not cut you off; your unbelief will cut you off.
61.        If I am a believer and my wife is a believer also, tell me what will stop our children from believing what we believed? Where will they learn that unbelief? Definitely nowhere! Our children do not learn unbelief outside; they learn it from the house. They learn rebellion from the house, stubbornness from the house, they learn evil speaking from the house.
62.        If your wife is fond of talking to you carelessly, your children must know how to talk to you carelessly. Do not worry, they are coming up. When they are too tender, and you talk and you see them holding their heads, their eyes will be on their mother and they will be communicating.
63.        A day will come, when that communication will stop. They begin to confront you face-to-face before their mother, and condemn all your efforts. Condemn every project you are embarking on, telling you they have better plans than what you have. For women love material comfort more than spiritual comfort.
64.        Let us be very careful, unless we do not desire that our children will be with us in Paradise. If that is our desire that we should be with them in Paradise, we should do everything within our power to cause the entire family to obey God.
65.        If I agree with my wife, our children will have no problem. Whatever I hate she will hate also. Whatever I tolerate she will tolerate it too. When I bring out a plan she will say amen. No more no less. Tell Me, where will the children learn that evil? Definitely nowhere!
66.        However, if I speak and she grumbles and murmurs, for every statement I make, she will punctuate it. If I try to exercise authority by giving it as an instruction, I will receive a derogatory remark: “That is your own cup of tea,” in front of the children, a wife telling the husband “that one na your own cup of tea, na you saka.” Watch the language; before you know it the children will begin to practice it among themselves. Rebellion will start among them; they will start disrespecting one another.
67.        The younger one will be telling the elderly one, “na your cup of tea, na you saka.” It has started, the mother will hear it, the wife will hear it, it has started already. It is gaining ground; it is the language of the mother. It is now at work in the family, “Na your own cup of tea! Na you saka! If you know who you are talking to touch the person!” Before you know it, the elderly one will talk to the younger one, he returns with insult. He will beat him, he will flex his muscles: “Touch me now, touch me now.”
68.        Enough of darling, darling. You are not darling until you have “darling” yourself into the kingdom of God. You are not “forever,” until you are forever in Paradise. You are not husband and wife, until you are husband and wife in Paradise. Amen.

When I say the spirit of Catholicism is at work, many did not catch it. They were just making a hell of noise, having their eyes at Holy Trinity Cathedral or Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, when God is referring to you!
2.           Note, we are not talking about that cathedral, we are talking about you. As a result, let us be careful. Where we are now is a delicate ground, anything can happen anytime from now. Those that listened to news, you were thrilled to hear that Israel has released more than six hundred Palestinians held captives, and Palestinians has in turn released over two hundred Israelis they held captives.
3.           The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is meeting to review the affairs in the Middle East as it affects Israel and Palestine, Syria, Yemen and the rest of them. Then to know why instead of coming to terms, Israel and Palestine have chosen to war. No more discussions or negotiations and things like that.
4.           Another multi issue is to decide the faith of America as the policeman of the world when America is not a member of the UN. Who gave America that authority to exercise veto power in a body she is not a member?  
5.           Then after the meeting, the world will know what UN will say concerning Israel and Palestine. Please take note of it. If you like go and put your house in order, if you do not like, set it aside.
6.           As long as God lives and I live, the controller of every family is the man. as long as he is alive, He is the president WHILE the wife is the vice president. He is the officer approving expenditures WHILE the wife expendS the money. The man arrestS the affairs of the family WHILE the woman executeS THEM. The man is the director WHILE the woman is the executor. If it is not so in your family, you are not running your family in line with the faith of the Son of Man.
7.           If it is so in your family, you are running your family outside the faith of Christ. if the Son of Man SAID you should control your money, you must know what he said. Controlling your money means spending your money with the approval of your husband, he approves the expenditure. You have no right to begin to spend because the money belongs to you, do not try it!
8.           You have no right to embark on any investment which your husband has not given his conSENT to in pretence that you are investing for your children. Do you know that some do not even believe that their husbandS will WRITE their recommendation lEtters before God? Many do not believe that.. You will believe it when it is too late.
9.           While we are still waiting, watching the way people are reacting to the first Message they would have credited it to Pastor Christian instead of crediting it to God. Thus, what we heard from him was not his Message but the Message from God. When you believe it is from God, it must work effectively in you. When you see it as the words of Pastor Christian Dike, a mere man, it becomes useless to you. Thus, take note of it.
10.        You must go back and put your house in order if you want your entire family to be saved.
11.        You see, it pays to revisit a Message. Please do not joke with what is documented in our Messages. If a Message comes out and it favours the man, and he is rejoicing, the woman will become angry. Do you understand what I am saying? Who does not know that truth favours men more than women? Truth favours the men but despises the women. For millions of years the entire world has believed lies. For one to appear speaking the truth, he is leading a revolution.  
12.        Check these things, whether government, or dominion, or thrones, Churches and mosques, notice it, women are leading. That is why we are living in a woman’s world. Women are dictating and it is becoming normal and acceptable. This is pure truth.
13.        The only little group that is resisting is this Bridal group, and it is a fight and a fact. It has been a fight and a fact to stop women from leading.
14.        William Branham said, “When you want to know the spirit that is in operation controlling any Church, gathering, city, nation, watch the women there.”
15.        Are the women not in charge of preaching today? They are now leading in evangelisms, they are leading in politics, they are leading everywhere. It is only in this Faith that God is saying no, that women must belong to the group where God placed them. Man, be a man and take your position. Woman, be a woman and take your position. Do not swap your positions or else you will cause trouble.
16.        Wherever there is trouble in the family, it is there because the man is stopping the woman from ruling.  The man is saying no, this is what is causing the trouble. If we are sincere, let us accept it. No other thing that is causing the trouble, the man is saying “I will never be a slave, I will not support you to rule; I will rule even if I am blind, poor, lame, miserable, I am the ruler.” But the woman wants to rule anyhow, but God is saying no! what killed others can never kill us.
17.        Are you surprised that every religion on Earth today is Jezebel’s religion? Watch the people that are spearheading in all the Churches, they are found among the women. They are promoters of Church activities. That is why I have warned you, if you enter any Church and notice that women are in the majority, begin to run. Do not give it a second thought
18.        It will take a daughter of God to have peace with this Faith. Otherwise, the greatest hater of this Faith remains the women. Women hate this faith. any woman that appreciates this faith, mark her. any woman that is at rest, at home in her heart with this faith, trace it very well, SHE is a daughter of God. But the rest have no peace. They are managing to stay.
19.        Note, we are not attacking anybody; we are only attacking deceits and falsehoods. We are stamping out deceits and falsehoods. That is the bane of our society. Try to understand what this faith is saying to you and be ready to implement it for your own good.
20.        The essence of giving you the Messages in print form is to reduce your burden. When you are now sitting down in your family, you open it, show your wife that this thing is documented for her and for you if you both want eternal life, so that if she starts demonstrating against it, you will close your mouth and know that she is a Catholic and she must go where her mother is. Amen.

Christ has appeared to take us to the Promised Land. Apart from the Bridal Faith, every other group is worshipping an imaginary God. They are worshipping God by their feelings and imaginations. We are the only people that can stand and tell them that we have seen Him, we have touched Him, we have heard Him speak. It has come to pass, that the people of God must have God in person for their Teacher.
2.           William Branham said, “Until you see him face to face, you talk to Him and He talks back to you, do not deceive yourself, you are not saved.”
3.           Remember we are winding up the whole history. We have come to the end of all things; the entire world has been privileged to see the Son of Man from one end of the Earth to another coming with power and great glory in the Clouds of Heaven.
4.           The same Clouds of Heaven that received Him, the same Clouds of Heaven have revealed Him. William Branham said that when He shall appear you will know Him for one thing; the Cloud will reveal who He is.
5.           Jesus the Christ made such a powerful statement that astonished even Caiaphas and many others in His day, “every bush is fire, every rock is a fountain of water, every star is a pillar of fire, every Cloud leads to God.” The devil has impersonated everything, but he has never impersonated the Cloud.
6.           Cloud and Darkness are round about Him, we can see it. There is no need trying to think whether it is like this or like that. Saint Paul knew what he said. He met the Romans who were idolaters, who were supposing God was like something else. They thought He was like graven image of one thing or the other, Saint Paul said, “You suppose that the Deity is like four-footed animal, bird or this or that, no! He is not like that for all His visible and invisible attributes have been revealed to you so you do not think that God head is like this or like that. Everything about Him has been made visible to you, so you are without excuse.”
7.           Isaiah gave a correct picture of what He is, he compared it to idols. “The gods of the nations are idols, they have mouths they cannot speak, they have eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, legs that cannot move about, there is no breath in them. Whoever that worship such things, are like them. But our God has mouth, He speaks, He has eyes, He sees, He has legs, He moves about, He has hands; He can deliver, He is a human being.”
8.           Whoever that has all these qualities, all these attributes is a human being. David the Psalmist said that He that gave us eyes, doesn’t He have eyes? He has mouth, can’t He speak? Hence, He is a human being. No matter the way you look at it, how did you identify Him? When we knew nothing about all these things, He decided to help our unbelief by stooping low to tell us about the big Masquerade. At the end of which He said, “Come with your camera,” after that He said, “Follow the Cloud, follow the Cloud.”
9.           Jesus the Christ said that every Cloud leads to God. The Prophet said, “The Cloud reveals Him.” The Scriptures said, “He is revealed in the Clouds of Heaven.” The Prophet said, “The Clouds and the Darkness surround Him,” and by this we know we are not deceived.
10.        Then when this thing happened, He summoned us for a Covenant of His people, we sealed a Covenant with Him. Not the type our fathers made, this is now our own Covenant with Him which we can call the bridal Covenant with God which is sealed in the Son of Man. For the Son of Man is sent as a sign of the Covenant, between God and His people in this generation.
11.        When Jesus Christ was sent, He was sent for a sign of the Covenant between God and the people He met in His day, so it is with all the messengers from God.
12.        This is our day; we should recognise that which is meant for our peace. This is the day of our own visitation, He has visited us. There is no other group under the Heavens that can present evidence of God’s visitation among them. They can talk about miracles, signs and wonders; I am not in this most holy Faith to talk about them.
13.        If they talk about miracle, signs and wonders, I will boast of more. However, we do not talk about those things, we talk about God’s visitation. God’s Presence has been established in the Bride for which cause we are ready to die in the defence of our Faith.
14.        How can I deny something that is as clear as the day before my eyes? Something I will say even till eternity, that I was there. I was there, I heard the Voice that came from HIS EXCELLENT GLORY. I saw the Pillar of Fire in the night; I saw the Pillar of Cloud in the day.
15.        Have I not seen the two attributes? What remaineth? The same way, I will not only see, I will be a part of the caTching away of the saints. Since it has pleased Him to display His majesty, His splendour, His glory around us in my day, in my eyes, making me not only a witness but a partaker, I am also a partaker of the immortal body which is the final conclusion of the redemption mission.
16.        The final conclusion of the redemption mission of Christ on Earth is that the mortals that are in Him shall be clothed with immortality. That the dead in Christ shall rise, and together all of us will meet Him in the Clouds of Heaven. There we shall be until He has put an end to His enemies; then we shall come back with Him and reign upon the Earth in righteousness. Then it shall come to pass the prophecy that says: THE KINGDOM OF THE WORLD HAS BECOME THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS PEOPLE.
17.        Righteousness shall reign everywhere, the world will know no more war, no more trouble, no more death, no more sickness, no more famine, no more education, no more hurrYING about, no more fears, no MORE kidnapping, no MORE disagreement—that is the end of everything CALLED EVIL.   
18.        Saint Paul saw it: “Receive ye the end of your salvation which is the translation of your mortal bodies.”
19.        Without controversy, without contradiction I affirm in strong terms that He that is caTching you away is already with you. What you are waiting for is the day He will bring that voice to pass.
20.        I have glorified you, I will glorify you again. You are waiting for the day the Son of Man shall be finally glorified and you shall be glorified with Him. No more, no less.  
21.        Because we have suffered with Him, we shall also be glorified with Him. For the Scriptures says that if we suffer with Him, we shall be glorified with Him. Wherever He is, there we shall be. If He did not come, you do not know the way. You believe there is Paradise; do you know where it is? That is why He said, “Do not allow your hearts to be troubled, I go to prepare a place for you. I will come back to take you to myself. Wherever I am, there you shall be. Comfort yourselves with these words.”
22.        Has He come back? Yes! What is He doing? Preparing you, shaping you, so that when He is going, you will go with Him. And He will settle you at the promised place once and for all. You are here up till this day because He is still here. you are suffering, groaning in pains because He is still suffering and groaning in pain. Any day he CEASes to labour, you will CEASe to labour, Because whoever that enterS that rest CEASes TO labour.
23.        We have come to the point where youR duty is to examine yourself to know whether you are still holding on to the truth or whether you have muddleD things up. Just examine yourself, that is where we are now. Finally, THE examination of oneself in accordance with the faith.
24.        presently now, watch over your soul, watch over the thoughts of your hearts, watch over your actions. Like I told you, there are too many stones and sands that will not be washed off from the rice. After boiling it in the hot fire and wash it, some stubborn sands and stones will remain. Stubbornly, they will be emptied into the stomach. Then immortality will swallow them. Because they have refused to go out, they will be swallowed up in immortality.
25.        A brother was asking Me questions bothering on few things around him, and why people behave the way they behave? I did not want to drag the matter too long, I simply made a statement: “I know my sheep and my sheep knoweth Me. They hear my Voice, the voice of a stranger they can never follow. I am the door of the ship, by Me my sheep will enter and they will find pasture for their souls.” He understood Me immediately.
26.        I know my sheep, even on that day there will be surprises. It has already started. If you turn to the book of Ezekiel chapter 36, the promise is there that He is going to give us a new heart and a new spirit. Note, it is going to be a new heart of flesh and not of stone that will be receptive to God’s Word. By so doing, He has succeeded in making all things new.
27.        The moment He gives you a new heart and a new spirit, the rest of the sands and stones would have been swallowed.
28.        To those that have slept already, they are sown in corruption and they will be reaped in incorruption. Why? They belong to my flock. I know them and they know me. They hear my Voice and they follow Me. The voice of a stranger they can never follow, no matter how sweet the voice is, no matter what the voice promises them, they do not give attention at all.
29.        There is nothing you can promise a man that will make him to deny his family. Even a madman knows his father’s compound, do you believe that? What makes him mad then? I think a madman is mad because he cannot retain information, but this man retains information that makes him to recognise his father’s compound, even his father’s name, the names of the members of the family. What makes him a mad man? this one goes beyond madness.
30.        Glory be to God. God is the strength of His messengers. God is our strength! The joy of the Lord is our strength.  Amen.


Remain blessed brethren. We are very grateful to God who has in His own way purposed before the world began to save us. There is no other person that will complete this work of redemption if not He Himself. Besides, there is no other place He will appear, if not in one of the jungles in Africa.
2.           There is no other vessel in Africa or any nation in Africa, where He found favourable and adequate to pick a dress, if not here in Nigeria. There is no other tribe in Nigeria where He found favourable to dwell in if not in Igbo land.
3.           Coming into the Igboland, there is no other place if not in Mbaise. Thus, we are very grateful that these things are fulfilling before our eyes.
4.           Sometimes, I will sit down in my meditation seeing what is happening before us, I cast my mind back to what our forefather said concerning when God appeared to them and I see it the same way. You people could not believe it in those days, and today people cannot believe it aso. However, I found myself believing it, you see yourself believing it. You look around; you only see the finger of God. So we are very grateful.
5.           pay serious attention to the Messages, to the instructions which we are receiving inside the ark. If you do not know, know it very well THAT the gate of the ark has been locked by God Himself, what remains is THE finishing touch, Warning every one of us be very careful on how we conduct ourselves. That the door is locked, the window is still open, and the window is on the top of the Ark.
6.           If you are cast out through the window because of your wicked act, there is no other way you will come in, because immediately you are thrown out through the window, you are falling inside the water and water means the world and you are drown that day.
7.           See how God explained what being a CATHOLIC means, and we saw exactly what being a Catholic means. Talk about violence, they are there. Where we now, we are watching ourselves through the Words of God we have received. To show you that the only person that is doing all among us is no other Person but that great Eternal Spirit which no flesh can see. But it pleased Him to put on flesh in our own day, and He is the One doing the works in all dispensations to bring the redemption to complete. The man is busy doing it in our own day, He is our own brother, our Kinsman Redeemer.
8.           Revelation 14 : 14-20, “And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.
9.           And another angel came out of the temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in thy sickle, and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. And he that sat on the cloud thrust in his sickle on the earth; and the earth was reaped.
10.        And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, he also having a sharp sickle. And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.
11.        And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.” KJV.
12.        “Blow the Trumpet in Zion,” page 20 verse 24, “What is the matter at stake? I had a dream which I will narrate to you here in the fear of the Lord. This is my experience, I was in a dream yet it is real the voice came through my mouth saying “Arise, blow the trumpet in Zion. Tell my people and your people time is finish, the Bride has made herself ready. Thrust in the sickle and harvest the Earth.”
13.        “What is the matter at stake? I had a dream which I will narrate to you here in the fear of the Lord. This is my experience: I was in a dream, yet it is real. The Voice came through my mouth saying, ‘ARISE, BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION. TELL MY PEOPLE AND YOUR PEOPLE, TIME IS FINISHED. THE BRIDE HAS MADE HERSELF READY. THRUST IN THE SICKLE, HARVEST THE EARTH.’”  
14.        Revelation 14 : 14-17, “And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.” KJV.
15.         “Then the scene changed, and I saw a white cloud and someone sitting on it who looked like Jesus, who was called ‘The Son of Man’, with a crown of solid gold upon his head and a sharp sickle in his hand.
16.        Then an angel came from the temple and called out to him, ‘Begin to use the sickle, for the time has come for you to reap; the harvest is ripe on the earth.’ So the one sitting on the cloud swung his sickle over the earth, and the harvest was gathered in.” Rev 14:14, LB.”
17.         “Again I looked, and behold (I saw) a white Cloud, and sitting on the Cloud One resembling the Son of Man, with a crown of gold on His head and a sharp scythe (sickle) in His hand.
18.        And another angel came out of the temple sanctuary calling with a mighty voice to Him Who was sitting upon the Cloud, Put in Your scythe and reap, for the hour has arrived to gather the harvest, for the Earth’s crop is fully ripened.
19.        So He Who was sitting upon the Cloud swung His scythe (sickle) on the Earth, and the Earth’s crop was harvested.” Amplified.
20.        I want you to get something there: One that was sitting upon the Cloud with a sickle in His hand. The Living Bible says “one that resembles or looks like Jesus Christ Who calls Himself the Son of Man.” He was sitting on a Cloud and we know very well what the Cloud is all about and Who the Cloud is. For the Cloud always leads us to God!
21.        No other person can receive this dream concerning the harvest of the Earth if not the One sitting on a Cloud, clothed with the Cloud. For the Bride has made herself ready, and the harvest of the world is at hand.
22.        Because of the Bridal website, the whole world has seen the Son of Man coming in the Cloud of glory. Now, what is troubling them is this, the picture they have in their minds is what is deceiving them. Because they always have that picture that He (Christ) will be a white man, but here we are feasting with Him.
23.        He said that before He will reveal Himself to the world, He must have finished with the Bride. Here we are, that no other person will thrust in the sickle if not the Son of Man.
24.        Now, what should be our attitude? Because what the Prophet has said is fulfilling before our eyes. The same way these things are fulfilling, the same way the translation of our mortal body will take place one of these days. It is not far from where we are.
25.        I was telling Bishop Nnachor in my seat while the Message was on, “Do you see how the Message is moving?” I just picked up the Message titled ‘The Behaviours of Husbands and Wives Explained.’ I brought it out, look into it and said ‘let me leave it.’ That is where the Message is moving to, that is the present stage of the ministry.”
26.        Now, this moment, do you see how God veered off, entered into family life! All of a sudden He veered off, moved straight and came to family life, because He saw problem there. I was going through the archaeological parchment, they said that Jesus ministry was not to establish the kingdom of the world, it is just to purify ones heart. When I purify my heart, you purify your heart before you know it everybody’s heart is purified.
27.        Now see how God moved and stepped into families. it is only one that is sincere and fears God that will believe what God told us concerning our family.
28.        If husband and wife are having problem on our doctrines, as long as this Bridal Faith is concerned, any man or woman in this Bridal Faith who wishes to be in Paradise must be completely subject to the teachings God has handed to us concerning family life.
29.        Really, the behaviour of our children, their character outside which is not good is because in our houses, husbands and wives are not cordial. They do not believe the same thing; they do not have the same vision. The only people God will save is only those that give themselves Over to the Message.
30.        The Son of Man has thrust in the sickle; He has blown the Trumpet in Zion. We have seen what is happening, the rate at which everything is fulfilling is so much amazing in our eyes. For everything is running faster, including nature. You will see the morning breaking, before you know it night has come. If you are heading to do one thing or the other, before you know it night has come. Everything running faster. For God has purposed to cut everything short for the sake of the elect.
31.        We are in this most holy Faith to examine our lives, examine our souls to see whether we are really standing where God told us to stand.
32.      “The Book of Prophecies (Revelation) Fulfilling,” volume 2, page 188 verse 60: “When somebody has seen the truth, benefited from the truth, testify to the same truth before many witnesses and turned round to call it Devil, he has crossed the divide (an unpardonable sin). He is now in the region of the lost straight away.”
33.        You may even be in our midst, forget about those that left us for we are not talking about them. You might be in this Faith, in all the local Assemblies; The controversies in your families centreD on the interpretation you are givING this faith.
34.        When you say THAT you do not know what this faith is producing, that is now producing beastS, you have blasphemED this faith because you are the one that testified of the Lord’s doing, you saw His glory, you saw His splendour, you stood before the congregation and gave God praise, now you are saying the Faith is producing beasts, you are worse than Moses. Was it not the reason why God struck Moses?
35.        For Moses said, “Must I give you everything?” As if he was the one that was giving those things. However, God was the One, but he (Moses) was only representing God for he is speaking through His Word.
36.        God said, “I am giving you Moses who will go before you as God for my Name is upon him.” In keeping with that Word to honour and respect His Name, He descended in a Cloud around Moses. The Cloud was never seen anywhere outside Moses right from Egypt down to the wilderness.
37.        In the days of Solomon, anybody could call Solomon whatever he wanted to. Each time he stepped into the Temple, the Cloud will descend. When Moses was called a sinner by his own elder sister, Miriam, for she was given the gift of singing, his own elder brother, Aaron who was assigned to him to be a Prophet because Moses was a stammerer. The two found fault with Moses and accused him before the people of Israel, nothing happened until God asked them to come.
38.        Who was the God that asked them to come? Moses! He said, “Come to the door of the Temple about this time tomorrow and the Lord will declare who is holy among us.” They came, stood there and nothing happened. However, immediately Moses stepped in there, the Cloud came, and that settled every controversy.
39.        You see why this faith can never denominate. It is not Endtime Faith which is being run by the documented instrument. It is neither William Branham sermon books or the Bible. They have documented instrument.
40.        The Bridal Faith has no documented book for leadership. Leadership is divinely selected. That is why there is no election, no voting, no campaign, no politics.
41.         In the end time Message, for a pastor to be selected he must be voted in by the members of the Church. There must be at least one month campaign; they used to go from house to house, from local Assembly to local Assembly soliciting for voting. Why? It is humanly-oriented. It is the people-oriented leadership.
42.         Check all the denominations; they are all people-oriented. In the Pentecostal, the overseers have the final say. The spirit of prophecy is under the control of the Prophet, note it.
The instrument for leadership is divine
43.        The Son of Man said, “The anointing is still there in Apostle Kelechi because I am in front, I am the Source, he is holding the vehicle without engine, the engine is in front. Thus, Apostle Kelechi can never lose anointing and there is no way he can disconnect. Because after tightening the whole thing, I took the tools, entered my own vehicle and then moved. He cannot enter my own while I am in my own, but I can enter his own freely. If I like I can sleep there, but for my own the steering can never be shared. Not even my son. My son is not qualified to be in that steering; rather I can assign him to Brother Kelechi to carry him in that vehicle. Although he is an amateur, I hope you can catch the whole joke?
44.        Note it, God knows what He is doing. The instrument for leadership is divine. Why? This is not human organization; the Bridal Ministry is not a human organization, the Bridal Ministry is a divine organization. Note it. Although you are earthen vessels but you are Earthen vessels with divine content.
45.        In other words, your content automatically had made you divine. For it will take a divine individual to be firmly fitted in a divine organization. Anybody who is not divinely fitted in this Faith must surely go or must be abandoned here. If you are finding fault with this faith, attacking this faith, you are blaspheming it saying that it is producing beasts or producing devils, it is a sure sign that you are not a member of this faith.
46.        If you were there when Jesus Christ appeared, you would have been among the people who said He was leading people with very low morals. You would have been among the people that would have accused Him of taking pleasure in moving with international prostitutes, that is harlots, drunkards, criminals and things like that.
47.        For William Branham said, ‘Do not say that if you were there you would not have performed that way.’ Note it, whatever you are today is what you would have been if you were with Moses in the wilderness. If you were with Jesus Christ out there in His day, whatever you are manifesting now is what you would have manifested there then. If you are finding fault with Him today, you would have found fault with Him there for you are the same you. They were saying to Jesus Christ that if they were there, they would not have joined hands in killing God’s Prophets and Apostles.
48.        Jesus said, ‘Shut up! do not say so. Are you not the people killing Prophets today, kill Apostles today? You have even done worse than your fathers.’
49.         Thus, be very careful. I am not telling you to suppress your feelings or put a hold on your tongue. Please speak! It is your right. I say speak, if you like blow it as a trumpet not only in Zion but outside Zion. It is your right. You can say whatever you like; God will do that which is good. If you say it, will it change God from being what He is? No!
50.        Hence when we are talking about these people that have believed this Faith in the beginning or romanced with this Faith, benefitted from this Faith, testified of the goodness of this Faith and turned round to blaspheme it, they have crossed the divide point of no return. They have been allotted a place in the region of the lost for they have committed unpardonable sin. It will never be pardonede in this world nor in the world to come.
51.        Jesus said, ‘When the Spirit of Truth shall come, be very careful. If you sin against the Father, you will be forgiven, if you sin against the Son you will be forgiven, but when you sin against the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth Who will guide you into the knowledge of all truths, when He shall come, if you speak a word against Him you will never be pardoned in this world nor in the world to come.’ And the promised Comforter is with the Bride, the Spirit of Truth is with the Bride, He has led us into the knowledge of all truths.
52.        Things that were not revealed to us because we were too tender that time, have been made known to us in this end time; to say one word against it, when you must have testified of the Lord’s goodness, praised God before witnesses and you turned round, use the same tongue, the same mouth to blaspheme it, get ready. In other words, you are only in this Faith to receive physical comfort; your case is a closed case.
53.        That is why from time to time the Son of Man will tell you to go back to the Message titled “The Inner Voice” which is the conclusion of the whole judgment. For everything about God with the Gentiles is spiritual.
54.        A brother was in the pulpit on a Wednesday fellowship saying, “God said, ‘I am sending Him before you as an Angel of judgment, be very careful, do not provoke Him to anger for He will never, never pardon your transgression.’
55.        The brother then said, ‘Is the Son of Man doing it today again?’ The brother said that the Son of Man is no longer doing it and brethren said yes. The Elders that know Him, I talk to you Elders because you know Him that existed from the very beginning. You know Him that is True, you know Him, and you have overcome the Evil One.
56.        You see, the Elders said no that He is still doing it even now, and will do it till eternity. He can set aside everything, not the Word of His mouth. He (God) told Moses, ‘Because of your plea concerning them, I will not kill them here; nevertheless as I have sworn in my Name they shall never enter my Rest. I won’t kill them here, from nineteen years and above that murmured and complained against Me, stirred up trouble against Me, they will never enter my Rest.’
57.        When they left that place, few kilometres to the Promised Land He slaughter all of them. Note it, Heaven and Earth shall pass away but God must abide by His commission. God said right from Amazu Oil in 1993, he repeated it again in the Message titled ‘countdown 1994.’ He said, ‘for you to succeed in this ministry, fix your eyes on the commission of the person He has sent. For you to succeed fix your eyes, your mind on His commission.’
58.        For God is going to judge Him according to His commission. Every man of God in every dispensation has been judged according to the commission that God gave Him. The Son of Man in our midst is not an exemption, and for every commission there must be words that commissioned Him. That was the words which He sworn to in His oath of allegiance, which He sworn to in secret with Him that called Him. You only heard I will declare, but did you hear what He was asking Him? Thank you.”
59.        Thus when somebody has seen the truth, benefitted from the truth, testified to the same truth before many witnesses and turned round to call it devil, he has crossed the divide and it is an unpardonable sin, he is now in the region of the lost. 
60.        You may not use your mouth to call what God is doing in our midst devilish, but by your action, by your character you have called it devilish and you have crossed the divide. That is why God said that this is the hour of self-examination with the Message you have received. As a brother in this Bridal Faith, or as a sister, as a minister for ministers will receive double punishment if they rebel against the Spirit of Truth.
61.        The Son of Man said, “Elders in this Faith that are still alive spiritually, testify against Me. There is a Message titled ‘Testify Against Me.’ We are yet to get it from the library. Any day we get it we will publish it.
62.        I will make a statement that was heard among us some years ago, if you were here when the statement went forth, confirm it.  Many years ago under a very high anointing, God warned us concerning rebellious instinct in man and He said, ‘I have taken notice of the rebellious instinct in all of you. I am waiting for the time the cup of the Amorite will be full for God take records of iniquities.’ That is the title of that Message: ‘God Takes Record of Iniquities.’
63.        He said, ‘I will carry all of you on, taking note of your evils and your blasphemies against this Faith. I am waiting for you at the end. You must give account; you are answerable to Me concerning your actions and utterances, at the end of the road, that is exactly where I am waiting for all of you.’”
64.        You may not speak out a word, but by your action you have crossed the line of divide. For what we are doing now is a finishing touch on the saints of God, keeping everybody in the position where God wants the person to be.
65.      “Translation is for the Perfect,” page 86 verse 20, “In other words, we are placing the final seal on the elect and then judgment starts, and that judgment is going to be perfect. You know somebody can die and still remain in the Church. Somebody can decay and he is still in our midst, is it Scripture? Yes!”
66.        We are placing the final seal on the elect, by the words of His mouth and what you are seeing happening among us, the prophecies coming to pass, He is setting the elect on their footstool, placing them on their final seal that they are perfect. But all that are unbelievers, it is a stumbling block, stumbling them out of the way. This is the hour we must be very, very sincere and be careful about ourselves.
69.      Thus, we are watching and waiting, instead of going about talking and chatting, use a day or a night to know actually what you are going to give to some people.
71.        God said that it will be in the midst of the trouble that the translation will take place. We will see the trouble coming; the trouble will start very well. But in the midst of the trouble, the translation will take place.
72.        Now, we have the opportunity to be in the fellowship, you think we are playing; well, let us continue playing. You see this play we are playing, let me just give you a little story concerning this playing we are playing.
73.        Kanu Nwankwo was interviewed by the white men on how he managed to know how to play football; and he said that he started on the main road at the backyard, then from primary school to secondary school. He said that he and his colleagues used to play on the main road and in the field. Sometimes on the day of sanitation, they will block the main road and start playing.
74.        Some of his colleagues used to join him that time, but see where he is today, while some of his colleagues that used to play football with him on the main road then, some of them are in the village. I do not know whether you understand what I mean?
75.        That street football he was playing on the main road, he played and found himself in one of the clubs in Nigeria. He played as a player and found himself in the Super Eagles, and from there he was known in the whole world as a football player – making a living from it. However, those that saw it as a common street football, none of them attained Kanu Nwankwo’s status in the football world.
76.        The same way, you see this Bridal Ministry that God came down among us with the Pillar of Cloud to reveal Himself, you think it is a play, play thing, it is a foolish thing, one of these days, before your very eyes you will see all that put their trust in the Son of Man with all their faith in Him clothed with immortal body, while you will be dropped. We use natural things to type spiritual things. You call it play, yes! Let it be like that.  
77.        God is our Chief Designer. He designs everything, makes everything work the way He wants.
78.      “I Am the Chief Designer,” page 122 verse 6: “Who knows what it takes to put the Church, the Bride, the Body of Christ in the rapturing order? The Son of Man. Then who are you disbelieving His Message? Once you disbelieve His Message, or begin to give it your own interpretation, you have denied yourself of that rapture. This means you have rejected His own way, and have now initiated your own way which will now lead you to disaster and disappointment.”
79.        That is what your own desire and initiation will lead to. Just like when Saint Paul was saying, “Talk about the zeal the Jews have the zeal but they do not want to summit themselves unto God for God has a way of counting people righteous in Him.”
80.        The same way in this Bridal Faith, God has a way to justify us in the Christ revealed in our own day, which we know as the Son of Man. Have you paused and think? Pause and think, all the preachers in the whole world, those you know, none of them has spoken like this before. Jesus the Christ gathered people and told them, “There is only one God and that God is Me.” It was beyond their imaginations, that Jesus Christ was that Supreme God.
81.        William Branham did not say that he was God for one day, he only said, “I am a Prophet, I am John the Baptist, I am the Elijah that foreran the coming of Christ.” He went further to say, “One day I will leave the scene and He that will come will come.”
82.        What is more, William Branham was praying to live to see His (Christ’s) day. Has William Branham not left the scene?
83.        Brethren, my joy is that God kept me alive to see these things fulfilling before my eyes. Of a truth if we keep on meditating this Faith, keep these words in our mind, on that day we will be a partaker of this great event which all the Prophets have been waiting as it is fulfilling in our day.
84.        Thank you, let us remain in our sanctified estate, and remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.