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 I have told you time without number that nobody should panic in this Faith. Be rest assured, TIME WILL VINDICATE WHO I AM. Whether you like it or not, as long as God liveth and I live, every tongue must confess it that: TRULY THE ELOHIM

–The Son of Man
From the Message: Wedding Update.

You are the children of the Kingdom; do not panic. As far as I live and God liveth, nobody who abides in the Faith of the Son of Man with every amount of Godly sincerity, devoid of hypocrisy, will ever regret it at the end. After all, I have signed My life in. I am in front. Whatever might be the disaster, I am in front. My whole family is there. If I am not sure, why should I be in front and put My whole family there?
You are My friends. How can I afford to see you languishing in Hellfire? No, your faces are very good and intimate. I will even love us to continue to drink our wine over there.
The wedding supper of the Lamb is coming up any moment from now. We are almost there.

WE ARE ALMOST THERE Page 30-31, verses 46-49)

Remain blessed brethren. God is worthy to be worshiped and only eternity will be enough. This temporal hit and run worship we normally do, at times I feel somehow about it because when I cast my mind back, surely, I see a lot of things that make me to say Shalom to God Almighty.
2.                     If you do not know what the Lord is doing in your day, come and see Me. If you recognize what the Lord is doing in your day, you will be the happiest Brother, you will be the happiest Sister in the Church of Christ. In other words, nothing shall by any means offend you for greater are they that know and love God. You can KNOW the Lord and you do not love Him but we KNOW Him and we LOVE Him.
3.                     Remember, the Bible said that nothing shall by any means offend them. What will offend me? Nothing. After all, I have the fullness of the Elohim, hence eternity is secured. Nothing else but the Paradise. What is my problem again? Nothing!
4.                     This is the moment of worship. I have to cast my mind back. I will share my Testimony with you in this Message. If I knew long, long time ago that He died for Me, I do not think I would have been labouring till now. If I knew long, long time ago that the price was paid for me, and not at all for the people of Israel, I do not think I would have been labouring till now. You know a time came when we were thinking that SALVATION was for the Israelites alone. Hence we say “Jesus of Israel.” Which means it does not concern Nigeria. If not for this most holy Faith, I do not know that there was a Covenant, a promise that was extended to Nigeria. We thank God.
5.                     There was a time we never know that Israel was in this world. We say, “God of Israel, God of Israel,” but He is God of Onitsha, God of Nigeria, God of Igboland. We never knew that He that created the Heavens and the Earth included us in His programme and we thought were joining the Israelites in glorifying their God. However, today, we have identified the God of Nigeria. Is the Great Christ, the Lord of Hosts. That’s all. I thank God for that.
6.                     Now that my eyes have been opened, I cannot be pushed about to and fro, and I cannot be shaken because I am standing on a strong foundation. Many a time you think I am mad, yet I am a sensible madman. You know, we have sensible mad people. This is my time.
7.                     I will praise God in my own way. Do not stop Me. If you are tired of worshipping the Lord, stay on your own and leave Me alone! At least I have secured permission.
8.                     Now, let us go into Scriptures. Surely I want to preach my New Year Message.
9.                     Psalms 63: 3, Because thy loving-kindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.” KJV.  
10.                  Note, it says that Thy loving-kindness is better than life, for that reason, my lips must surely praise you. Amen. The loving-kindness of the Lord is better than life. Nothing will withhold my lips from praising Him. If His loving-kindness has not been extended to you, pray that it would be extended to you this moment. As for Me, I am enjoying it, I have been enjoying it and I will continue to enjoy it till eternity. He is good to me and to my family and all that believe in Him.
11.                  Psalms 100: 2-4, “Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.
Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.
12.                  Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” KJV.
13.                  First Thessalonians 5 : 15-18, “See that none render evil for evil unto any man ; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.
14.                  Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” KJV.
15.                  Note, concerning you, concerning me. Are you going to exclude yourself?
16.                  Now, the Indian Prime Minister reacted very violently warning America that any further interference in their territory will be regarded as a threat on their security and that they will not give them even a second. That they must match force with force.
17.                  They said, “America, be warned.” Within 24-hours they sent the American ambassador in India packing and America retaliated, sent the Indian ambassador in America back to India. Already the first shooting started four days ago in Gaza Strip and they said it is “Operation capture Palestine.” Then the Israeli Prime Minister and the Defence Minister teamed up together and said, “This is the end of the world.”
18.                  They said that this is the end of this generation. He said, “If the Arab League will go further in our (Israel) territory,” he said, “this is the end of this generation.”
19.                  Now America is warning, Britain is warning, Japan is equally sending warning to the Arab League to be very mindful of that precaution because, surely, it will be the end of this generation.
20.                  Brethren, we are watching, we are waiting.
21.                  I told you that this camp meeting will be a different one altogether. That we are going to see many different faces we have never seen before, who are coming to enjoy grace. Because at Kadesh-barnea, it is the only place you can see little water in the desert. That very place is the stream of life; surely every created animal must be there. Wild beast must be there, because by right nobody wants to die. For the reason that they do not want to die, they will rush there to get a little water. That does not make their character to be removed.
22.                  If a lion comes there and meets another animal drinking, surely its colour will come out. If a lion gets to the wilderness to drink water and sees a lamb coming, will it be silent? No! It will drink water and also hold the lamb because it is a lion. The water to drink is not the matter, for once it takes the water it regains its strength.
23.                  Thus, when I saw the Church jubilating; I know that all that were dancing about do not belong to us. However, we gathered all kinds of things both weeds and corns, both wheat and tares. A little while, it was as if there was a little noise somewhere, because they were feasting. Then I asked why all these noises, they said that they put Ghana record. So such a spirit is still inside some people.
24.                  Thus, be very careful that you would not be in the number of the mixed-multitude in the camp —that thing that will make you to use kaikai as food saying that you are dancing Ghana music. You better go to the street and run mad. I do not believe that, that is grace. Many things are hidden in grace which you do not know. If I should preach grace the way I know it and believe it many of you will not be in this Faith.
25.                  You may think that I am trying to put you in bondage but I keep on warning and advising, if you are wise follow my footsteps. If you are wise, line up behind Me; but if you are wiser than Me go ahead for I will call you back again. You know you are wiser, you now understand grace, God Is dealing with you very well. If the Holy Ghost is in you more than any other Brother or Sister, go ahead. As for Me, I will never cease from talking to you, pointing you to where the Lord said we should stand. If you are numbered among the group that will take kaikai (hot drink) to clear their eyes, surely, I know something is wrong with you.
26.                  Jesus Christ in His day went about drinking liquor, I believe it is liquor, it is hot drink. I believe it but nobody was intoxicated, He was never drunk. He was very sensible. Too much of everything is bad.  
27.                  What is more, I have to confess that there are some people that also gladdened my heart, whose efforts are also commendable during the camp meeting. I was very, very happy with those brethen. At the same time I have to appreciate, otherwise you stamp (label) me an ungrateful servant. I have to extend my appreciation to the Elders of this Church for their efforts in making this meeting a success and also making me feel comfortable.
28.                  We are to teach other local Churches what the Message of Grace is all about, we are not to corrupt them. We are to help them to understand what the Spirit is saying.
29.                  You know when somebody is on the pulpit and I am sitting down I think I pay more attention than any other person, I can understand, from your words, I will discern what is happening. I did not know what was preached until along the way I understood the Message, so I joined it with the previous one, but I cannot join you to say hurrah yet, but I will even alert you that there is death in the pot.
30.                  How can there be death in the pot and I will shout hurrah? Do not allow Satan to cheat you for he has come in already. You may say, “I thought he said that he will join us to say hurrah. Where again is the death in the pot?”
31.                  Many of us are walking as if God is not alive, as if God is not watching what we are doing and what we are saying. Some young men in this Faith are not behaving very well at all. They feel that there is no need coming to the Church well-dressed, giving the impression that all is well when you know you are bad.
32.                  If this Message cannot take us home, surely we are perishing. If this Message cannot produce the best in you, nothing will ever produce the best in you. The best in a man or a woman comes out when the person is at liberty.
33.                  The Law does not produce the best, what the Law will produce is anger, wrath, hatred, malice, quarrelling, complaining, blaming, confusion but liberty will produce the best in a brother, in a sister, that is freedom. However, if you think we have lowered down the standard of the Message, you are fooling yourself.
34.                  It pains me that some are still living the life of a prostitute at home. The other time I told you before the camp meeting that if my warning is not being taken seriously I will call names.
35.                  Do not think I have forgotten it, I may even call names this day, the highest thing you will do is to get your pistol and wait for me on the way, shoot me and it will be placed on record that you killed the Son of Man in our day. It would be a glorious record.  
36.                  Young men talk to yourselves, when you gather together talk to yourselves; some of you are not behaving well and you have no excuse.
37.                  Recently, I had a wonderful time in my house. Brother Nathaniel and family came to me and we had a very nice time, we discussed on family matters and then the Lord heard our prayers and saved them from the fear of a treated sickness, I can say that is natural.
38.                  During the camp meeting Brother Nathaniel nearly fainted in the secretariat, he told me something and I did not agree with him in spite of my efforts to fortify him, he found it very difficult to believe and I said, “Okay, seeing that you do not have the Faith to believe what I have said, after the meeting come with your entire household. Do not leave anybody behind; let me prove it before you.”
39.                  I made the provisions through his in-laws and they came on Friday, met me at the right time, then I took them somewhere and in about three hours, I resolved the matter and we glorified the Lord. The family started smiling. What they were dreading, I told him ahead of time that even in the next generation; it will not be mentioned in their family. Because they saw and they believed. But when they could not see it, it was difficult for them to believe. I believe that the greatest physician is Christ.
40.                  You do not blame medical doctors that go to school to study what human beings put down in writing—do not blame them for what they are telling you is what they have studied from their books, but Christ Who formed man, He is the perfect physician that can tell you what is wrong with man. You tell the doctor that it is this and that, from what you have told him and what he has seen, he will draw his arithmetic, he will predict and then apply diagnoses.
41.                  However, if Christ is around, He will tell you that it is not so, thus look at, look at, look at and it fulfilled in our eyes. Many people were there, everybody was rejoicing. The Genotype was AA, to the next world there would be nothing like AS or SS on the small infants, but I told him the cause of the sickness and there is no medicine in this world that can cure it except one thing, which is Christ.
42.                  Moreover, since he has believed, we are waiting and watching, in no distant time the child will be presented in the house of God for testimony. No drug, nothing. Simply obey, carry it out.
43.                  You know it is too hard to believe that you bring a case that you think is a horrible case and somebody says, “No, no, no just separate the child from the mother, that is all. Come to the sanctuary and glorify God.” You know it will take courage to say Amen. After all, no kobo is charged.
44.                  We are watching and we are waiting, we are trusting the Lord that this year will be better than last year in the sense that I am expecting that the Lord will fulfill His promise to the Church, I am tired of staying here, very much tired hearing horrible, horrible reports even horrible, horrible deaths, I feel like leaving this scene, I am telling you God’s truth.
45.                  There is nothing any human being can enjoy in this world again. We have seen the way politics is going. I thank God that the whole thing is happening in my day.

Brethren let Me just speak to you briefly on a topic titled “The Year of my Redeemed Is Come.”  It is part of my Message for the New Year. I want to touch it a little. If you are wise, please rally round this Message for it goes beyond grace.
2.                    There is a popular Scripture you know very well and that is Saint Luke chapter 17 where Jesus the Christ said, “As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah (Lot’s day), people were eating and drinking, wedding and given unto marriage, then the Lord struck, they never noticed it.”
3.                   If you watch the way this Message has been going round, the way we are receiving it, if we are not careful we will fulfill that Scripture: eating and drinking, making merriments, marrying and being given unto marriage; we think we are no longer expecting rapture (translation of our mortal body) again; many are no longer serious about the rapturing of the saints. I do not believe the Lord will rapture you when you are living anyhow, I do not believe that.
4.                   Note it, God is not the author of confusion. God will like to rapture a Church that is sober, a Church that is sensible in everything. However, if you want to continue in your reckless behavior all in the name of grace, well, go ahead, in the end you will say “had I known.” After all, there is a Masterpiece before us.
5.                   Do you know why I blame many of you? I blame you because you have not for one day sat down to enquire about the Faith you are in and how this Faith came down.  There is One (The Almighty) providing whatever you are enjoying. You never in your house got it, it was not brought to you on the way, hence if you are wise enough, all you have to do is to stay behind the Guide who is the Masterpiece.
6.                   The instruction says: “Let us walk close to the Guide.” I think there is wisdom in walking close to the Guide. Nevertheless, when you start to interpret grace in your own way; surely you overtake the Holy Spirit and get lost.
7.                   Note, I believe in ETERNAL SECURITY to the extent that is revealed to Me. I do not know the extent that it was revealed to you. The extent that it was revealed to Me showed Me that people’s names will be blotted out in the end from the Book of Life.
8.                   Talk of their names being there in the Book of Life, sure, their names are there but in the end it will be blotted out. Is there any Scripture for that? Can we back it up with the Scriptures?
9.                   Moses pleaded for his people in the wilderness and said, “Take my life in their place.” Then God said, “Surely, I will not do that. But whoever that continues to sin against Me him shall I blot his name out from the Book of Life.”  Thus, He that wrote your name has the power to blot it out.
10.                In other words, if you do not want your name to be blotted out in the end, please line up with the Guide. You are not left without a Shepherd. There is One, Who is watching over you. If He is shouting and shouting, and shouting, find out why He is shouting.
11.                If you harden your heart and close your ears, surely you are perishing. If you enjoy grace in the flesh, you get lost at the end. That day I will say, “I told you but you did not take my word seriously.”
12.                I want to see this Church in a sober mood this year. We have entertained ourselves enough. I think we are tired of that entertainment. If you are not tired of that entertainment, you had better go to the Grace of God Church. Let us bend down and PREPARE ourselves FOR WHAT IS AHEAD OF US. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ANYTIME FROM NOW.
13.                Do not allow the letters in the Scriptures to fool you. Some are expecting three-and-half-year tribulation and some are expecting seven-year tribulation, some are expecting Armageddon, some are expecting grace liberation. Well, that is where you have kept your eyes, but as for Me; I do not have time for that nonsense.
14.                I know the Lord has revealed to Me what is ahead of time. The only thing I am expecting is the catching away of the saints, and at that same day the wrath of God will descend upon the children of disobedience. Nobody will be left here on this Earth to enjoy anything again.
15.                Get Me right, when the saints will be taken away, nobody will be left in Onitsha to enjoy Main Market or to enjoy the buildings you are seeing around. Sorrow will fill every home that is left here on Earth. The trouble will be so great that nobody will remember Main Market; nobody will even remember his bank account.  That is the consolation of the saints.
16.                If the Lord will take me away, and human beings will be left in Onitsha to enjoy life, I will say, “Do not take me away. I want to enjoy those things with them.” However, if you read your Scriptures, happy are you if you understand them.
17.                Isaiah 63 : 4, “For the day of vengeance is in my heart and the year of my redeemed is come.” KJV.
18.                “The Year of My Redeemed Is Come,” this is my topic. Last year, the sons and daughters of God manifested. This year is another year altogether with a different programme.
19.                Now, how are they going to be redeemed? They are going to be redeemed in the midst of trouble. The Bride is going to be redeemed in the midst of trouble. There is going to be the catching away of the saints in troublous time, and there can never be any other period that God is going to do it except this period we have rolled into, where there has been a statement here that there is trouble in the Universe.
20.                There is no country that is at peace now for the hand of the Lord is behind the programme. In spite of the preaching by the Pope of Roman Catholic Church, going from country to country preaching peace, peace, peace, yet peace has eluded the world.
21.                This year, I will call it the year of the redeemed of the Lord. We cannot be saved, manifested without Somebody leading us to Paradise one day where we shall be presented to the rest of host of the Angels of God as the redeemed of the Lord. Hence, I will call it the hour of the presentation of the Bride.
22.                The year of my redeemed is come. There is no event taking place in the world which anybody can lay hand and say, “This is the fulfillment of this prophecy.” There has never been anything spectacular in the Christendom either in the Jewish nation or in the Gentile world, where anybody can lay hand on and say, “This prophecy, this dream has fulfilled this particular event.” Not even one.
23.                As a result, if there is any time this prophecy is going to be fulfilled, it is now. I am expecting the fulfillment of this prophecy.
24.                I want to show you another prophecy also; if we are in the year of the redeemed, or if the year of the redeemed is come, and we have acknowledged it, you are sure and certain about it, surely it is going to help us in our attitude.
25.                There are certain characters nobody would warn us against again. It then means we are just likened to making a journey that is too far. YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR TIME AND TIE YOUR LUGGAGE TOGETHER. Remember that I told you that this Message of Justification by Faith or the Grace of God will not last for too long.
26.                Because this is the ministry for which I am sent. It is the quickest ministry; a quick work would the Lord make on Earth. After which He is going to cut it short in righteousness, if not, no flesh shall be saved.
27.                Note it, this (the Ministry of the Son of Man) is the shortest ministry. God has decided to cut it short in righteousness fulfilling the Scripture: A quick work would the Lord do on Earth and He shall cut it short in righteousness. If He does not make it quick, cut it short, surely Satan will mess up the whole world.
28.                Looking at how all of you have been going about this Grace Message, if you are to be permitted to continue with these ideas, surely you will reproduce Satan’s Eden instead of God’s Eden. God Who is ever mindful of His Word and Who is ever behind His Word surely must fulfill it. There must be One on the scene, a Watchman that will signal it. He will announce it ahead of time, warning everybody to be very careful: “Cut off every carnal occasion, be sober now. Something is about to take place.” There must be One on the scene Who is in the bosom of the Father that will signal this alarm. If you are alert, please take note of this Message.
29.                The year of my redeemed is come. I have told you and I will still repeat it that there has never been any occurrence here on Earth either among the Jews or the Gentiles which anybody could lay hand on and say, “This has fulfilled this promise or prophecy,”—not even one place.
30.                There are certain prophecies you can just stand up and say, “This one fulfilled it, this one fulfilled it in the days of so, so and so,” but not this one.
31.                If God is going to rapture His people away according to His promise, He must do it in a year. there must be a year that thing must happen, there must be a month that thing will happen, there must be a week, there must be a day, there must be a time THE thing must happen. If we recognize the year, that is number one victory. Then we will now enquire of the month. I do not believe that the catching away of the saints will be a sudden event to the Bride.
32.                No woman is taken by surprise in her wedding ceremony; there is no bridegroom that takes his bride by surprise in a wedding ceremony. It is carefully planned, notice of the wedding given, invitation thrown out or given out.
33.                The Lord can take the world by surprise but not the Church. Who will be taken by surprise in the Church? It is one that is not paying attention, it is one that is not walking very close to the Guide because it may not even be announced in the preaching. It may be done by way of discussion; it may come by one way or the other. It can be a family affair. 
34.                The year of my redeemed is come, then what is expected of us within the period? Somebody saw this period ahead of time. The Lord God’s year of vengeance, the same year, the Lord will redeem His elect, the same year the Lord will avenge of His enemies—they that refused the Gospel of Christ.
35.                Note the two things there, let me repeat it, “For the day of vengeance is in my heart and the year of my redeemed is come.”
36.                Note, the year of vengeance is in my heart. The year, note that two things are there: First, THE DAY OF MY VENGEANCE, while the other one is THE YEAR OF MY REDEEMED. That day of vengeance is in God’s heart. The year of His redeemed is already come.
37.                 Will the Lord punish the Godly in the midst of the ungodly? He said no! He said, “Let it be an abomination unto me if I should punish a righteous man in the midst of wicked people, I will not do that.” If the Lord will punish the godly in the midst of the ungodly it then means He is going to forfeit His Word, nevertheless, He knows how to preserve the righteous until the day of His redemption.
38.                If you look at Sodom and Gomorrah, the Lord first of all severed Lot and his two daughters away. He hid them away under the Rock and destroyed all the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah. In the days of Noah, the Lord Himself hid Noah and his family away and destroyed every other person.
39.                Because Rehab and all that were in her house believed, the Lord severed Rehab, the members of her family and destroyed the rest in Jericho. In the generation of Jerusalem the same thing. According to the prediction of the Lord, in AD 70, the Lord told us very clearly that the Lord first of all warned His people that when they shall see the Army of Rome round about the holy city, that they should flee to the mountain and our Prophet told us that those that harkened to that Voice, all of them escaped the destruction but as many as did not pay heed to the Voice of the time, that tarried in Jerusalem, they were destroyed with the city.
40.                I am saying also that the Lord has already prepared a place in the wilderness for the Church where she would be trained by Angel for three-and-half-year.
41.                Do you know that there is going to be a man child and the Dragon that is running about the woman is looking for that man child? Once the child comes He vanishes away but the mother is staying in the wilderness where she would be fed by the host of angels day and night for three-and-half-year until the Lord has completed His destruction.
42.                If it is not Scriptural please correct Me. The day of vengeance is in the heart of the Lord, no man knoweth it. Because He is going to make a swift judgement upon this Earth any moment from now. The Lord is going to take the world by surprise, note it, not Nigeria, I mean the whole world. The Lord is going to take the whole world by surprise. He has purposed it in His heart, locked it up in Himself for no man knoweth that day. However, talk of the year of the redeemed, it is already come. The redeemed will be taken away before the destruction.  
43.                Let me just tell you what I mean. Go to the book of Psalms chapter 50 verse 1-6, “For my day has come for Me to avenge.” The Bible said, “Do not avenge for vengeance belongeth to the Lord.”
44.                Is there any Scripture showing that God is going to avenge His enemies? We can see souls at the altar crying, saying, “How long Father Will you avenge?” The Lord is going to avenge of His elect and the year of God’s redeemed is here. The year of our redemption is come up.
45.                Not is going to come, we are already in it. The time to save my people, let me ask you, are we not God’s people? We are. Are we not sheep that are hidden in midst of wolfs? Are we not dwelling in the midst of our enemies?
46.                Look around us here, who can believe it, just a handpicked minority—the jewels of the Earth. GO OUT AND PREACH THAT GOD IS A MAN AND HE IS PRESENTLY HERE ON EARTH, everybody will become hostile. Since the Lord said that the time has come, who will stop it? Can a man stop it? Every Scripture that is being read in this Church, is read at the appointed time. Every prophecy has appointed time it will come to pass; and when that time comes there must be an appointed vessel ordained for the purpose of bringing it to pass. Note, the Anointed One of that day has to declare it.
47.                I promised I must talk to the world but it must be in Onitsha Church. I will use this Message to lay a background, top it with another background so that when I will speak on “Marriage And Divorce,” you will now consider whether your husband is more important than the matter at stake, whether your wife is more important than the matter at stake, whether your children will be more important than the matter at stake. You chose the one you like.
48.                There is nothing I will not reveal in this matter for I will reveal the whole thing, making it so open, so clear, so that nobody will come to Me to ask me questions. Because it is going to usher us into the Spoken Word.
49.                WHEN YOU HEAR, “BROTHER SAID, ‘EVERYBODY COME THIS WAY,’” ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS MOVE FROM YOUR HOUSE AND GO THAT WAY. You do not need to come to Benjamin to verify that one because you know the Vessel that is talking to you, MAYBE BY THE TIME YOU WILL COME TO BENJAMIN I HAVE ALREADY GONE. Amen.