Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: ARE YOU WALKING WITH GOD OR WALKING ALONE?

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Remain blessed brethren. How can a man born of a woman be faster than God? This is a serious question and I must ask it.
2.          Jesus Christ was called a good man, but he said “No, call me not a good man for no one is good but the Father that sent me.”

3.          How can a man born of a woman be greater than God? Job knew the secret; he said that there is no righteous man that sinneth not. Then how can a man born of a woman be good?
4.          This is why we must follow this message strictly. If you do not know the point of your perfection in Christ, you are lost. You must know; one, the point of your salvation in Christ, the point of your justification in Christ, the point of your righteousness in Christ, the point of your perfection in Christ.
5.          Only One person is perfect and that’s God. No other person is perfect but God. Nobody is righteous but God. Nobody is holy but God.
6.          Hear me very well; God is the only Saviour, without Him there is no saviour.
7.          If you do not understand these truths definitely you are lost. If you don’t know what it means to be clothed in God’s own righteousness, it then means you don’t know what it means to be clothed in His own perfection.
8.           God is our righteousness. God is our salvation. God is our redemption.
9.          God is our holiness. God is our perfection. He is even our justification and sanctification. Understand these basic truths. God made the whole thing clear; it is His will that we may know Him that is true and we are in Him that is true even in the Son of Man, this is (He is) the true God and Eternal Life
10.      Without Christ you are completely lost. That is why if any is found outside Christ he has no part in the life that God gives. Christ in you the hope of glory.
11.      You won’t dare talk about this perfection, perfection, perfection. Even under the Law, the Law maketh nothing perfect.
12.      In other words, nobody was perfect as a result of his deeds under the Law. Nobody’s obedience to the Law’s demands ever makes him perfect but the bringing in of a better covenant established on better promises. Amen.

You must know your point of perfect and salvation. You must know all these things. If you watch Noah, Noah did nothing than walking with God. Noah walked with God and then that became his perfection. Is it not true?
2.          Noah walked with God and was declared perfect. You see God proclaimed him perfect for walking with Him.
3.          That was why Jesus Christ made it clear, “He that is not with me is against me. He that is not gathering is scattering.”
4.           Do you know what it takes to walk with somebody? To follow the person’s footstep, follow him closely. If Noah had been murmuring and complaining, do you think he would have continued walking with God?
5.          The same thing happened to Abraham. The perfection of Abraham was no other thing than, that he was able to bring his family to the fear of the Lord. He withheld nothing, he obeyed God even to the point of sacrificing his only son.
6.          He didn’t complain, he didn’t murmur. In other words, he walked with God.
7.          What can you say about Job? Job questioned God in diverse ways but was declared perfect in that he walked with God.
8.          If you watch Zachariah and Elizabeth as recorded in the book of St. Luke, husband and wife. They did nothing only that they walked with God.
9.          Are you walking with God? Are you walking with God or are you walking in alone?
10.      When you are murmuring, complaining, and grumbling, you have already stopped your journey. You pegged your journey, God didn’t peg it. Be very very careful, many did not understand this message. Go home and think about it. Are you walking with God? Walking with God means following His footsteps.
11.      Not going ahead of Him, not trailing very much behind. No!
12.      Last Sunday was another Sunday. Last Sunday, anybody who came to fellowship whom the Spirit of God helped learnt many things.
13.      Our eyes opened, since yesterday many people were calling me on phone. Our brethren were calling me, giving thanks to God because of what we read here on Sunday.
14.      Those that were not here when it was read, in short it went round the whole world yesterday. The whole world is now reading it in our website.
15.      That message that went out here last Sunday is being read in the website now. Those that went to the cyber cafe and those that have handsets that can browse, and those that have laptop that is connected were calling me on phone glorifying God.
16.      The time has come and now is the time when any message that goes out from here today by tomorrow it has circulated the whole world and it is by the grace of God not by the power of man.
17.      All that went through that message, fear gripped all of them. It is a wonderful thing; it is marvelous in our eyes that those who do not believe before, now believe.
18.      The things we read out here have been written even before the Bible. It is not fables, it is thorough investigation. Somebody volunteered; somebody who was there when Joseph married his wife.
19.      He was there when Jesus was born; he was among those that were being respected in the land of the Jews. You don’t play with his report. He judged and was also a notable judge and a high priest in the land of Israel in his own day, that is Caiaphas.
20.      They don’t play with him. Evidence showed that he used his handwriting to prepare the report, carried the case to Herod and Herod went through and sent it back to him. Thousands of years passed before it was done.
21.      From all our investigation, it became clear that people are just using Jesus Christ for politics. There is not even one that believed him. There is also not even one person that is following his footsteps and there is not even one that is holding his teachings. There is also not even one that possesses his character.
22.      This is to show you that those who are carrying Bible about are those that are on their way to hellfire. Bible is for those that are going to hell.
23.      There is not even one that is worshiping him. Only William Branham was the one that was able to worship Him. All the other heads of the denominational Churches till today both the End time could not worship Him. They are still collecting Tithe, they still emphasizing on the need to keep the Mosaic Laws. Is there any denominational Church that does not teach it?
24.      Any Church you like enter, there are some Churches that said that their own righteousness is to pay Tithe, and even incorporate it in their song. Amen.

You see, that same Sunday this issue was being discussed here, it happened in my presence, not a story. People ran out from their houses, I also came out, lo and behold it was three women from Assembles of God Church that were returning from their Church.
2.          These were women that saw me where we were washing vehicle and was preaching to me where I was standing near the vehicle some time ago.
3.          I remarked them and on that Sunday God wanted it to happen before us and they started preaching again right from where they came, down to our street.
4.          The next thing was that they left the preaching and started quarreling among themselves. The three of them started quarreling. From quarreling they started pointing at one another, from there they dropped the Bible on the road and fight set in. On the road!
5.          Those whom they were preaching to were the people that were separating them. I am not surprised, a Deeper life Church pastor, I know the young man far back 1983 to 1987 when he was just an ordinary member before he became a worker; from there he continued being promoted.
6.          He was working where we produce chemical before he was disengaged. He was then made a pastor. When you see him, if you look at the way he carries the Bible and the way he speaks gently, you will think that an angel has appeared.
7.          I came back home one day, my daughter, Oluebube told me that he came looking for me to give me report for me to go to where he worked to see the problem that came up there because of his passport.
8.          He was narrating and narrating to them. From there he started telling them how he became a pastor and the Son of Man replied him back.
9.          He got provoked and replied the man’s son saying, ‘lkenna this is not just what we will say alone with mouth, we will demonstrate it with hands man to man.”
10.      This was happening in the market at Ochanja! That they will do it man to man there, in the market there at Ochanja. He said to the young man, “If you mess up now I will pin you down here’.
11.      Before you know it the matter reached the police. The father of the young man used his vehicle to pursue him in order to catch him.
12.      He ran down to my house and was begging me to go and tell the man that he was not serious with the statement he made that he will pin his son. That he just said it so that his son will become afraid. So he knows what it means to pin somebody.
13.      What am I saying? Do not allow Bible to deceive you. Do you know what makes me happy? What makes me happy is this, do you see this Bible, God will take his people home in no distant time because it will happen before our eyes, we will not die again.
14.      We will come back in the form of human beings, use our eyes to see these people where they are still turning the pages of the Bible, preaching.
15.      What is more, in the midst of this tribulation they would be told that God has taken the saints. They will tell you to shut up your mouth, was it not written in the Bible those things that will happen before it will take place? The day it will happen and how it will happen.
16.      Don’t you know, when Jesus Christ came did anybody know? Only those that where ordained knew it. Do you know that this Caiaphas that executed this judgment, Herod, Pilate, and the high priests, all of them were in the temple opening the scriptures looking for what the prophets prophesied and the signs of his coming.
17.      Do you know that Herod gathered people by himself, but he was told that the Messiah had been seen at Bethlehem, he said that was not true: “Come; search the scripture to find out the signs of His coming.”
18.       The person they were talking about was already in the temple teaching. He was already twelve years yet they couldn’t recognize him. The next thing they heard was, that “He has come he has gone!”
19.      That was how it happened during the time of John the Baptist. They were also waiting for Elijah, what they heard was that, “he has come he has gone!” This is how they will stay.
20.      What is killing them? It is because there is an interpretation they are giving it.
21.      They do not know that the word of God is of no private interpretation. God is the perfect interpreter of His Word.  Amen.

When it was prophesied that Elijah would first come to prepare the way, since Elijah was taken away without seeing death; no grave was constructed, he had gone to heaven.
2.          The heaven they believe had happened, that was why they have fourth heaven, fifth heaven and seventh heaven.
3.          Their eyes are focused on the sky. They do not know when God used His Angel in the form of human being, came to Zachariah and the woman got pregnant and was delivered of a child. The child she was delivered of became John the Baptist and became that Elijah they were expecting.
4.          If Jesus Christ had not come, there was no Jew, there was no priest, no prophet would have known that Elijah had come and gone.
5.          It was when they came to him and called him Rabbi, ‘the prophets said that before the Messiah will come that Elijah will first come.’
6.          In other words they were doubting that Jesus was the Messiah, that he was not the Messiah because Elijah had not yet come. “How can the Messiah come before Elijah will come?”
7.          But Jesus Christ answered them saying, “Yes what the prophets said was truth, Elijah has come and you did to him what was done to the other prophets.”
8.          Then they said within themselves, “May be John the Baptist is Elijah.” He said to them, “Believe it if you can, John the Baptist is the very Elijah.”
9.          Do you think that it is easy to believe? Some people among them said, “Now it has become clear to us that this man is a liar! How can Elijah come and we know it not? When did he come down from heaven? Is he not coming from heaven? When did he come down?”
10.       This was how they asked, go to all denomination that it was prophesied that Son of Man shall come, He will come in the Clouds of heaven.
11.      Note it, it was not prophesied that He would come from the sky. He cometh in the Clouds. What received Him? The Cloud received Him. He cometh in the Clouds, not he cometh from. He cometh in the Clouds of Heaven!
12.      In other words the Cloud will envelope Him. Amplified Bible explained it clearer and it said, “He will be revealed in the Clouds of heaven.”
13.      That is, He will be revealed in the Clouds of heaven. God is revealed. When he asked them, who do people say I am? They gave their answers and He asked them, “Who then do you say I am?”
14.      Peter gave his answer and Christ told him, “Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but my Father Who is in heaven revealed it to you.”
15.      God is revealed. If He is not revealed, you will not know. If the masquerade did not remove the head of the mask you wouldn’t know who is wearing the masquerade.
16.      If you were not there when an Ijele masquerade was worn, if it did not remove its head you,” can never know who is inside the Ijele.
17.      You can never know who is inside a masquerade through the legs, it is either you were there when the masquerade was worn or something happened the person wearing it decided to show you his face, If it is not so you won’t know. This is how God is.
18.      Caiaphas said that Jesus Christ made some statements that were difficult to understand and explained them by Himself. One of those statements is: “Every bush is fire, every rock a fountain of water, every star a Pillar of Fire and every Cloud leads to God.”
19.      Every Cloud leads to God. If you want to look for God, be diligent to watch out for One that will be revealed in the Cloud. That is the only thing the Jews will see and  pause.
20.      The day Miriam and Aaron were called to come before the Lord the next day so that God would declare who was righteous, immediately they appeared and Moses came out, what took place?
21.       The Cloud enveloped Moses and a voice went out from the Cloud. No matter the way they looked at Solomon in the flesh, immediately he stepped into the Temple, the Cloud came down.
22.      That he married one million wives and one million concubines and follow them to worship all the idols in his compound, that is your cup of tea.
23.      But to Jehovah that is the tabernacle. Any other person that comes into the temple will come and go but immediately Solomon enters, the Cloud will come down. God do not put His children into confusion in whatever He does.
24.      Whatever God does is very plain and straightforward to all His sons and daughters. Misplacing it and misinterpreting it, that is the handwork of people that are outside.
25.      No elect can misinterpret it or misplace whatever God does in his day. It registers in the heart. Anybody that was in Jerusalem last Sunday and paid attention right from the beginning till the end and went home, thought about it and still remains the same should not disturb himself again. You should not disturb yourself again.
26.      The problem we are having in this Faith is that those you think that they know God do not know God. If you can remember the signs and wonders God displayed here to reveal Himself, He said that He wants to banish unbelief. To put an end to unbelief.
27.      What is more, naked manifestation of unbelief is murmuring, the second is complaining, the third is grumbling. Once it starts in you, you will start to demonstrate.
28.      Who are you demonstrating against, is it God? And from that time the word of God will mean nothing to you and you will think that you are doing God.
29.      As a mother or a father, if your child misbehaves and you chastise him or her, and he or she turns, makes eye for you and begins to murmur and enter the house, will you feel happy? Will you keep quiet?
30.      Sometimes out of anger you will use something to hit the child. But you do it to God. You do it to God, but you punish your child for doing it to you because you have authority. But you do it to God and think that you are free. Think about where you are.
31.      If anybody tells you that because you have arrived at the Gate that you have entered, tell the person that it is not true that you have not entered because anything can happen.
32.      Accident can occur where you are now. To enter the labor room, does it mean you will come out with a child?
33.      You must have wisdom, do not allow the devil to deceive you that where you are now that you have put on immortality. You have not put on immortality, instead you are about to put it on.
34.      If you have wisdom and you have not put it on, you will rest at nothing, and If God discovers that if you put it on you will start challenging him, He won’t allow you to wear it.
35.      If a man discovers that if he buys a car for his wife she will form the habit of travelling to different places even more than him, he will close the chapter of buying car for her. If he has already bought one he will sell it, heaven will not fall.
36.      If God discovers that if you put on immortality, you will constitute a problem for Him, then forget about it, you will never put it on. You will be there watching those that put it on. At the end you go home and begin to demonstrate like Cain.
37.      Your demonstration is useless. Your demonstration is absolutely useless. Bear this word I want to tell you today in your mind, your unbelief can never make God not to be what He is. Your unbelief removes nothing from God and it adds nothing to God.
38.      Let it be clear to you that no human being has ever helped God to achieve His purpose and no human being will help God to achieve His purpose.
39.      In other words, God can do all things, He can do without you. You are not indispensable! There is nothing you will be to the point that God will say if not because of you, na lie!
40.      Bear it in mind; there are people that are far better than you even in this faith that are no more in our midst, but all meant nothing to God. Bear this in mind.
41.      Re-examine yourself any time message is going out, so that you will know where it affects you.
42.      The word is not directed to the tree but to human beings. That you don’t know this or that, don’t you know what is happening in your heart.
43.      Don’t you know the one you have done? Don’t you know the one you are about to do? Will you say that you don’t know yourself? Even the mad man knows himself. One that is disobeying knows that he is disobeying.
44.      Do not show remorse on the outside allow the remorse to reach your heart. If the remorse did not come from your heart, change will never come. Remorse comes from the heart.
45.      Don’t follow God until you are sure you have made up your mind to walk with Him. Don’t ever attempt following Him until you have made up your mind to walk with Him. Finish.
46.      This message that went out this evening went gently but many did not understand it. Your perfection is to walk with God; your perfection is to obey the word of God. Your obedience to the truth is your perfection. No more, no less.
47.      If anybody should tell you that, if you remain stubborn and continue to challenge God then tomorrow you become perfect, who made you to be perfect?

48.      You are perfect in stubbornness. Finish! God will do everything for us but He will never set us free from unbelief.  Amen.