Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide: BRIDAL WATCH Volume 6

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Our heavenly Father, this is our story, this is our song, this is the meditation of our hearts, for there is nothing we can do without you. To you and to you alone we have come, for we have no other place to go to but to you. If you do not meet our needs, who else will meet them? For you know what is best for us at all times.

2.           In you, all our demands are met, even the satisfaction of our souls. That is why, Oh God, we have come this day. Because you bid us to come, for we are the flock of Thy pasture, the workmanship of Thy hands.
3.           If you destroy us in Your anger, Your purpose for creating us would be defeated. Even the heathens will laugh at You saying; “You brought them out from the land of bondage, you severed them from all denomination, You made them a separate and peculiar people and You lack the ability to take them to paradise as promised.”
4.           Father please, for the sake of what heathens would say, for the sake of Your Name, save us to the utmost; ignore all our human inadequacies, all our human imperfection, shortcomings which we manifest on a daily basis for if you are to count on them, nobody will stand before you.
5.           Always, Oh God, consider us through the sacrificial blood that was placed there for the atonement of our sins; for the propitiation of our iniquities, for our reconciliation back to mercy even when we were yet unborn. You made it an eternal sacrifice. Hence, no other sacrifice is needed.
6.           Consider us Oh God under the cover of that blood. As many of us as obtained favour from you before the world began and had our names written in your own Book Of Life and that Lamb was slain, the blood was used for the atonement, hide us under that blood.
7.           Remember Oh God, as we stand before you, we proclaim ourselves holy in your hands for You have made us holy in Your eyes. As many as you bid to come and they responded, You justified, declared them not guilty, discharged and acquitted us.
8.           In short Lord, we believe completely that in Christ who we have believed to the saving of our souls, we are justified completely from all those iniquities, shortcomings which we could not have been justified under the laws of Moses, under the blood of Animals for greater than the blood of Abel was shed on our behalf.
9.           Father, therein we stand and exercised our liberty in Christ. In any way we have wrongly exercised it, Father, overlook it. For we believe that in Christ, we are completely absolved from every shortcoming.
10.        Lord, we bow down before you and reverence You because of who you are. No man is holy except one you have made holy in Your own eyes. No one is righteous except one You have declared righteous in your own eyes. Who are these people? Only but those that stand before You, who You bid to come and they responded, for whose sake Oh Lord, you paid the price. Here we are.
11.        There is no other place that would be conducive for us to find ourselves. Let your eternal purpose which you purposed in yourself after the counsel of your own will concerning us before the world began be fulfilled in our lives. Make your Name mighty and great in every Local Assembly where you have chosen to place Your name worldwide.
12.        In every family, in every spot where they gather as individuals, one by one, two by two, Father Divine, be there for them. We are looking forward to the day You promised to unite us from all the ends of the earth. Until we become partakers of that great day, our joy in serving You is still incomplete.
13.        That is why we are earnestly waiting patiently, Oh God, following obeying, trusting that your word of promise can never be annulled by any situation. The promise went forth before the law, and the law that came after can never annul the promise. Law or no law may your promise stand. For in you they are yea and Amen. It is impossible for you to tell lies. Having made this promise, we will remain waiting while we are here in this flesh. In the grave, we will remain waiting, for we believe that on that day, as many as died in You must come back to life and be partakers of this promise. May this faith keep us alive. May this faith never disappoint us.
14.         Father, we thank You. Create no room for the Devil to tempt our hearts away from You. Build a strong hedge around all the dwelling places of Your children, around all the places of worship. Make it impossible for the enemy to penetrate to do them harm.
15.        All the vessels You will use today, Father, to encourage us by Your word, May they be vessels of honour in Your hand. For You cannot do without human vessels.
16.        Peradventure, there are seducing spirits that entered here in form of human beings with intent to do us harm, to seduce our hearts away from the truth, Father, make this place very uncomfortable for them. Make all your gatherings under the sun very uncomfortable for them. Join all You created with Your hands against them until they would be frustrated.
17.        For You said that there will be no peace for any wicked man. Let there be no peace for the wicked and let the righteous shine like the stars of heaven according to Thy word.
18.        By the time we shall be leaving here today, may we have good reasons to glorify Your name and say, “Surely, the Lord touched our hearts positively”. Are there some stony and impenetrable hearts that belong to You? Are there some stubborn and stiff-necked people, reckless, difficult to control, Lord, I hand them over to Your care this hour.
19.        Break their stony hearts; break that their nature and implant your real nature in them that they will become beneficiaries of your bountiful mercies and be saved with us in the end. Lord, we bow down and say, “Thank you” for hearing our prayers through Christ our Lord we pray.

The cloud is in the camp. Reverence God. You do not need a prophet to tell you that we are under the cloud. We give God the whole glory and praise.
2.           We are forging ahead in Christ; we are watching events unfolding every day. We see prophecies fulfilling. Even the heathens that are acquainted with our New Year Message have confirmed that really God is fulfilling His word. His promises. His prophecies are gradually coming to pass, yet we are still in the first phase of the second quarter of the year 2016. Too many things have taken place so far.
3.           Nations are breaking, nations are suffering untold hardship. The hearts of many are failing them because of fear. No place to hide.
4.           There is no nation under the sun that is exempted from what we are passing through. God said it is going to be a global problem. When I woke up this morning, I just reminded My wife of our late friend who was a brother, Malachi Osuagwu.
5.           Each time he mounted the pulpit, when there was nothing on ground, he never ceased from shouting from what he read, “Ozone layer is being eaten up, ozone layer…”
6.           I said, “How I wish Malachi is alive and be a partaker and a recipient of the intensity of heat at the tail end of April that should be real raining period.” And God told us, “Do not expect early rain”, that it would come late.
7.           When it started showering, He said, “It is a deceitful rain, people would rush into farming, there is still heat. We are going to experience severe heat, intense heat that will scotch whatever they will plant.”
8.           Whether you are struggling or not struggling, whether physical activity or not, you will discover that you will start sweating from the bathroom. You are taking your bath and at the same time sweating.
9.           Any regrets? We were told ahead of time. It is not taking us unawares. It is part of the vials God said He will pour upon mankind. And they are going to hear unusual music, for God is going to beat the drum for them to dance. The year of disaster.
10.        As many as are interested or have the passion of reading newspapers, listening to world news, either CNN, Aljazeera, Arise, not NTA. NTA contains absolutely nothing. It is a political studio.
11.        The whole stations in Nigeria, I only approve of two: TVC Nigeria and Silver Bird. 10 o’clock news, Silver Bird.
12.        However, if you want to enjoy Channels Television, make sure you tune in at the right time and that’s 8 o’clock. If you tune in before 8, it would be, “Politics Today”, which nobody is interested in anymore. Anybody that is showing interest in politics is a fool.
13.        Politics has disappointed Nigeria. Everything has failed this nation; even globally, politics is failing America as I am talking to you now.
14.        America is boiling right now. They would be going to the polls by December this year. The primaries so far conducted by their political parties all ended in chaos. We better watch.
15.        What is more, the rift between Russia and America is deepening every day. Remember God said we should keep our eyes on the king of the North. That whether we like it or not, the king of the North (Russia) must attack USA.
16.        And any day it starts, that is the Third World War. For America and Russia are now all out to pull the entire world into the third world war which is the Armageddon.
17.        Israel is equally in the picture disagreeing with Russia sharply. Israel is equally observing their Passover this time with tight security, because of last week incidence of bus bomb blast.
18.        And Russia was seriously suspected to be responsible for the planting of the bomb inside that bus that consumed human lives.
19.        Remember that this year; God said that the killing of human beings would be too rampant, for men would no longer have value for life. That they will slaughter their fellow human beings as if they are slaughtering animals.
20.        He said, “You will see people waking up one morning only to besiege their fellow human beings; wipe off communities.” And before our eyes, we see them happening. Amen.

Now, before we read the message “No hiding Place,” I want to address you on the situation. Please pardon Me. it may be offensive. You know, God is a Muslim. Do we have the message, “No Hiding Place?” I would like to read something.
2.           No hiding place was preached on the 23rd of March, 2003. At the household of God Onitsha.
3.           “No Hiding Place” Page 122 verse 25. “Since you believe and you are sure that this generation is ending on a disastrous note,…
4.           Brethren, do you believe that? Yes Sir. Do you believe that? Yes Sir. Is it scriptural? Yes Sir. Ok.
5.           Since you believe and you are sure that this generation is ending on a disastrous note,…
6.           This year is labeled the year of disaster and God said, the moment it sets in, it can never rescind again, rather it would be increasing until we would see the climax.
7.           The Watchman is asking you a direct question: “What efforts are you making to safeguard your family, your parents, friends and well -wishers or are you just folding your hands and saying, “Let God determine my fate?”
8.           The cloud is in the camp. I know that victory is along the way.
9.           Looking at the whole thing, I know that victory is along the way…the war will not last long.
10.         The war will not last long. So, there is going to be a war. But it will not last long.
11.        America predicted that it will last long; Britain predicted that it will last long, but I am saying that it will not last long because I am interested in it. It will not last long. If it lasts long, no flesh will be saved.
12.        Is it not scriptural? If the Lord of Hosts does not shorten that period because of the elect, no flesh shall be saved. But it is going to be the severest war. And after that, there will not be anything like that, and there has never been anything like that.
13.        And I told you, it is going to last for ten days only. But the ten days will be like a millennium. You know what a millennium is. The ten days would be to the human race here as if it is a millennium.
14.         That is why you must pay attention to Me. I am not trying to frighten you, not to frighten anybody. I have never deceived you and I will never deceive you.
15.        Verse 27. If the Lord of hosts does not shorten the period, surely, no flesh will be saved and He is going to shorten the period of the war for the sake of the elect…
16.        Have you heard it?  Because we are still here. The only property God has on earth is this Bridal Faith. The prophet even said it, that the only property God has on earth is the Church; and by the Church, he was referring to this particular one that believes in His word, that is being led by the Spoken Word.
17.        For He was looking for a person, a group of people He will lead by His word. Hence, He said, “They will do nothing except at His word.”
18.         This was where Adam and Eve failed. For they could not do anything at His Word. God is found in His Word. He does not operate outside His Word. He is His Word, He is the Word made flesh in every generation. Even the book of Revelation said, “He had a name written which is His Name, the Word of God”.
19.        Thus, you can never separate God from His Word. When the word of God is spoken, God has spoken. 
20.        Verse 28. Because we are still here, God is going to do something; the Lord must wage it and then determine the thing on once-and-for-all basis.
21.        Determine what? The thing on a once-and-for-all basis. Which means, there has never been such a thing and after that, there will NEVER be. Is it not scriptural? 
22.        Victory will come to who? God. God Himself would step in; He would do the fighting of the battle. You cannot fight, that is why He said, “The battle is mine, the battle does not belong to you”.
23.        That is the battle of Gog and Magog. The battle of Gog and Magog. That is the battle of the great deceiver of the world and then the King of the North who will join hands with the king of Assyria, the present Syria. He will not only supply arms, he will supply personnel, he will supply everything, he will fight in the air and on the land.
24.        And in the end, victory will come to God, whether you believe it or not. The East must win the West. What? The East must win the West.
25.        If you watch the setup of the battle, it is now clear. It is the East versus the West. America is supporting the West, Russia is supporting the East. The East is NATO, the West is UN. The West is UN, the East is NATO.
26.        The super leader of the East is Russia. The super leader of the West is America. And that is why, Nigeria has craftily cemented its stand before the whole world as an Islamic country. We have ceased from being a secular state whether you like it or not.
27.        It does not mean that Christians will not be in Nigeria. Christians will be in Nigeria, they will be in the minority. And already they have been in the minority.
28.        Let Me tell you. The last census gave us the correct figure. Nigeria is made up of 75 percent Muslims, 20 percent Christians.  Then the remaining 5 percent were people that never belong to the Muslims or Christians. They were free thinkers, pagans and people of all walks of life.
29.        You do not need a prophet to tell you that I am a Geographer. I know that 85 percent of our landmass is occupied by Muslims. I equally know the history of this nation, that we are not citizens, we are subjects and that is why citizens commit crimes, they are insulated from the law, but subjects must be prosecuted, whether they like it or not. For you to be a subject and avoid prosecution, you must be affiliated to Sokoto Caliphate, which is Othman Dan Fodio, the owner of this garden called Nigeria.
30.        He is My father. You do not know what I mean by My father. Until I explain it, don’t shout. My duty is to tell you the truth.
31.        Let Me tell you something. If you sit down quietly, think, “How many people did God create in the beginning?” He created Adam, lastly He created Eve. From Eve and Adam came up other human beings. Trace all of them; you trace them back to God. Trace all of them; you trace them back to Adam and Eve; from Adam and Eve, back to God, renegade or not renegade. Am I making sense?
32.        Please pause a little there. Because the first woman was manmade woman imposed on a manmade man who had no experience, so, they were treated as equals. They fumbled; their products came from their loins.
33.        Adam never came from the loins of God. Adam was molded as an image resembling the Father who breathed into it the breath of life. He became a living soul.
34.        Then from Adam, a miniature human being was fashioned out to meet the PHYSICAL requirements of Adam, NOT SPIRITUAL.  That is why there is nothing spiritual in a woman. There is nothing spiritual in every woman.
35.        Even the nature of a woman, everything in a woman, her ministry, her office, everything, check all of them, they are all physical, they are all material. They are strictly restricted, banned from handling spiritual matters.
36.        That is why they would be saved through their domestic work and child bearing if they continue to obey us and subject themselves to the rulership of their husbands who are their saviors, who will speak for them, who will answer for them.
37.        It is because of this that women that are not married, about eight or nine or twenty, they would be clamouring for a man whose name they will bear to save them from the reproach of unmarried estate. Is it not scripture? It is.
38.        That is why a man has no restriction on the number of women he would marry or concubine but women have restriction.
39.        Please, pay attention; I am not speaking on marriage. I am talking about this all-important matter.
40.        When Abraham came up, Abraham married the first wife Sarah. Sarah’s consent was sought before Sarah was brought to Abraham. Now, because of delay in conception, pressure was mounted on the woman, not the man. The man was at ease but the woman was the one that was greatly troubled as it has always been the case.
41.        Her heart started suggesting things that never existed, imagining things even the relations of Abraham never had in mind. They never conjectured it in their mind for one day. “After seven or eight years, my husband placed somebody, they would say he married a man and no longer a woman. My mother-in-law is hating me, even his relations. God! God! After my husband, who takes his heritage? Who will succeed my husband?”
42.        While the man was quiet, the woman mounted undue pressure on her side, became highly restive as it is even till this day.
43.        It was the restiveness of the woman that made the man, at least, to permit her to do that which she felt would make her happy?
44.        “Madam, is this what I will grant and you will feel happy and comfortable with me?”
45.        She said, “yes.”“Ok, do it the way you want.” Then she brought her maid and gave the husband. Abraham never for one day touched that girl. The thought of even going to bed with her never came into Abraham until, the wife was the one, because he was permitted.
46.        “Madam, your wish is now my command. Do it the way you want.” And she did it the way she wanted. She was the one that even found fault.
47.        Now, what am I trying to say? Abraham was compelled to marry a second wife. As they journeyed along, expecting children, Abraham felt that the only way he could fulfill God’s promise that his children would be like the sand of the ocean shore was to take as many wives as he could and even concubines. He went for the third wife called Keturah.
48.        Now, who can tell Me the religion, the faith of the children of Keturah. You can talk about Isaac, you can talk of Ishmael. What of the sons of Keturah? What is their religion?
49.        Do you want to tell Me that God excluded them? Excluding them means that the promise failed. But at the end of the day, no matter the religion, no matter the name, all of them must be traced back to one man, Abraham. They are of the same father but with many mothers. They are members of one family, sharing everything in common.
50.        Why must one prosecute the other? What if at the end, the father will come up and say, “You! yes, I know where you went; I know where you went. Because there was no other person with you, you established a language, and established a god for yourself. For there was none with you there. This one went the other way, at last, all of you have come back.
51.        Now, this one wey come from the north, na me get am. From the West, na me get am. From the blues, na me get am. My first son, stop warring. I do not want to hear any noise again. Na me get am.”
52.        All of them are traceable to one man. Even in normal life situation, you do not know the number of children that belong to a man until the day he dies. You will see some that will fly in wearing his real picture.
53.        People that know how it transpired will tell you how the man sojourned in the foreign land, married to one woman who had three children unknown to the community but known to the people where he sojourned. All of them will come down.
54.        If in your family, you have not received people born of your father outside, it is a sure sign that your family was very poor. If your father was not poor, there is no record of any king who had the money in those days, that would deny of having children here and there, randomly. All of them belong to the man.
55.        God is a Great God. The Owner of the whole Universe. You do not know. He said it in the Bible, “On that day, you will see them coming from the East, from the West, from the North, from the South, all wearing white garment.
56.        And the angels will be asking, “Who are these people?” The Jews will be protesting, who claim God to be an original and only heritage they will not share with any gentile nation. And God will say, “Shut up, whether Jew or Gentile, na me get all of you. See their Mama, na Me marry am. Look at what happened, from there, look at the nation.”
57.        What can you say about Edom? What can you say about Moab? Now, since you cannot talk about the children of Keturah, let Me stop there. The cloud is in the camp. I do not want to go there again. Amen.
No Place to Hide”. The East must surely win the war against the West.
2.           The East must win the West, for God is a native of the East…
3.           Pay attention. God is a native of what? The East.
4.           …and the West has remained God’s greatest enemies.
5.           The West has remained God’s greatest enemies.  
6.           God is found in the East and not in the West. That is why I am not a Christian.
7.            Have you heard why I am not a Christian? Ok. I am a child of God. I am the Eastern Star. 
8.           I am a Child of God posted here for a purpose…
9.           Posted here for a purpose, as the Great Eastern Star shining in the Gentile world for the sake of the elect to get you reconciled, for you wandered away.
10.        If I am not sent, you will not come. I came and then released the word; the word magnetized all that belong to Me, for no man can come to Me except the Father brings him to Me. I know My sheep, My sheep knoweth Me, My sheep heareth My voice and I call them by their names.
11.        They would never perish for I will give them eternal life. Neither would anything block them out of My hand, for My Father who giveth them to Me is stronger than any seducing spirit, any tempter, any opposing power. If you belong to this category, be happy. And how do you prove it?
12.        There is an inner force, inner drive, inner passion that can never calm down. It is always bubbling. It is always bubbling. When the tempest rises, the inner force raises a standard, immediately the situation is stemmed, the word automatically controls it, places the tempest where it belongs to. Yes.
13.        …I am a Child of God posted here for a purpose, but I know My homeland…
14.         I know My home land.
15.        My homeland is in the East and not the West. Then you begin to appreciate why I have always justified the Muslims. GOD IS A MUSLIM, BELIEVE IT IF YOU CAN…
16.        Believe it if you can. But where you cannot, it is not a crime, leave it there. 
17.        Thus, any attack on Muslims is an attack on God. It is hard to believe.
18.        It is what? Hard to believe. Remember, whatever that is highly celebrated by human beings has always been an abomination before God. Remember that truth has always been hidden in a despised place. 
19.        Now, let me ask you a question:  if you are asked to trace the old time religion, the religion of Moses, where will you go to? East or West?
20.        Can you go to the West to get the religion of Moses? No Sir. The original Faith. I mean that the Angel that was in the Church in the wilderness; when you are asked to trace the Church in the wilderness, will you go to the West? We know where it is.
21.        We know the Angel that was there. We know the Rock that was following, supplying everything, and He changeth not. We know how He migrated to this place.
22.        If He went to America, He went for His own. If He went to Russia, He went for His own. Just like He went to accursed city, Jericho for one man. If He came to Nigeria, He came for His own.
23.        He will tour the whole world, only to fish out His own, that they might be one, united in the Godhead.  
24.        Who knows the old time religion of today? Is it the West or the East? It is from the East. Is that not true?
25.        Did He promise to send His angels to the four corners of the earth to gather every elect? Is it scriptural? Yes Sir. When are you expecting it? The message has gone to every nation fishing out the elect.
26.        Because He said that this message of the kingdom must be preached in every tongue, in every language, in every nation in the world and then the end shall come.
27.        The message of God goes to the elect only. Apart from the elect, nobody would recognize the message.  The cloud is here.
28.        The great rabbis all came from the East;…
29.        Not even one came from the West. Not even one. Mention them. If there have been any, please tell us. No great teacher has ever emerged from the West.
30.        No rabbi has ever come from the West…
31.        If you know any, tell us. 
32.        …and no rabbi will ever come from the West.
33.        And no Rabbi will ever, because the West is the home of impersonation, the home of counterfeit.
34.        …You can only see impersonations in the West. Whatever you see in the West is mere impersonation; the original is always in the East. Even Abraham is a native of Iraq.
35.        Brethren, is it not clear? Is Abraham not a native of Babylon? Is Babylon not Mesopotamia? Is Mesopotamia not the present day Iraq? If your father is from Mbaise, are you not an Mbaise man?
36.        What is the religion of Iraq, as they inherited from the father Abraham? Tell Me, apart from that Abraham’s group, is there any other group that slaughters lamb, uses lamb, sacrificing on the hills? No Sir.
37.        Are you not in the faith of Abraham? And the Bible said, “If you belong to Christ, you are Abraham’s descendants and heirs according to the faith.
38.        Faith of who? Faith of Abraham. Are you not worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? We do not make this public. We limit it to ourselves so that you bridle your tongue.
39.        For by nature, whatever people cannot understand or they do not know, they cast aspersions on it. Have you ever seen Me wagging My tongue when you make such dogmatic aspersions on matters I know that are unclear to you? I look at you and feign ignorance, for I know when your derogatory remarks are directed towards Me.
40.        My people do not know Me. if you have known Me to this point, show by raising your hand. Look at, not even one hand. Is this a new message? Why have you not known Me? You can never hear this in any religious group. The cloud is in the camp.
41.        If I am deceiving you, the Creator of heavens and earth would not have been appearing from time to time for confirmation. If I deceive you, what is My gain?
42.        Tell Me what I would gain by deceiving you? Because somebody must stand to gain something, if he will deceive a people. But tell Me, if I will deceive you, what will I gain? Absolutely nothing. By this message even, am I trying to make Myself popular? Never! For this type of message can never make a man popular, rather it will cause people to avoid him. It attracts all manner of criticism. It even attracts persecution, cruel misunderstanding.
43.        Yet, I am undaunted, immoveable, for I know who I am. Forget about My simplicity, it is My nature.
44.        Of course, you should know that a real Muslim is a simple man. Even their millionaires, very simple, easily approachable. They do not make noise. But in the West, everybody would like to be “His Royal Majesty, Eze Gburugburu, Ochiri Ozua, Ome nke Okwuru, Nkeanya fury kwe, Obu Enuigwenaalan’isi. Kabi-eshi.
45.         But it is not so with the East. With the small cap over his head, with small mat, he condescends to men of low estate, to the point of not sitting on plastic chair to worship God. He considers it even a great evil, he sits on the ground A to Z. He believes that the way up is down.
46.        But the West loves celebrated seats. When they are not provided, the individuals would use their money to provide such with their names inscribed. They would build synagogues, temple, cathedral, inscribe their names there as people that constructed it for the Church and community, and will be expecting coronation of all sorts. Knight of this, knight of this, nobody would like to take servant/subject.
47.        It is not an expository. This is a message I handled over the years, 2003.  Is it not scriptural? Is it not historical? Who can doubt it?
48.        Now, if we proceeded from Abraham, if we have Abraham as our father, where is our descent? Where is our home? Who was promised heaven?
49.        The first man that was promised heaven was Abraham and his descendants. If you are not a descendant of Abraham, that which God promised to Abraham will not get to you. For it is in Abraham that all the nations of the earth shall be blessed. Am I making sense? So, the nations of the earth must bow down to the God of Abraham. And the God of Abraham has a native land.
50.        Song: Oh My home, when shall I see My home, when shall I see My native land, I will never forget my home.
51.        Bishop Ukpong, are you not happier in your home than in Jos? Even if you are dying of starvation there, you are highly welcome. The peace, the warmness, the friendliness you have been witnessing since you have been in Afikpo, you never witnessed a tenth in Jos. No place is like home.
52.        If you are asked to go your home now, where would you go? Would you go to Rome? Would you go to Egypt? Tell Me where you would go. Are you going to Jerusalem? Jerusalem is a part of the Middle East. The contention is Israel, that Israel cannot be a nation in Jewish world. That Israel should not be recognized as a Jewish nation among the Jews. And Israel, you know, is a man’s name which culminated into a group of people that was recognize as a nation in error.
53.         Israel was born out of international politics. I know that everybody is amazed. Before 1960, we were British citizens, did it change our language? Did it change our culture and everything? Did we travel to London? Did we make London our permanent home? We were in Nigeria answering British. We were in Nigeria bagging British Degrees, British Certificate under London GCE. Amen. So please, it does not mean that I will build Mosque for you.
54.        For the Lord of Hosts does not live in building made with hands. I am the present building and I am here with you. You are highly accommodated.
55.        The cloud is in the camp. If you do not believe that the cloud is in the camp, I will send you outside, you will feel the warm weather.
56.        Even Abraham is a native of Iraq. Don’t you know that it is the home of our fathers that is being attacked?
57.        Brethren, when America came all out to destroy Iraq, I felt bad. I condemned them. I told you, in the end, that this man, George Bush must regret it. That it was an attack directed to a region in the name of politics. For what they were looking for was not in Iraq.
58.        At the end of the day, what happened? They tendered apology. American senate brought George Bush to book, that he led America into avery expensive war against Iraq for no just cause.
59.        It is retaliation that Osama Bin Laden decided to act, to keep our hope afloat. And since that time, the struggle has been there. And we are using every kind of form to get the message across. I will tell you the latest today.  
60.        The enemies are attacking My home for I am a native of Iraq. You know that there are many things we dare not say; maybe, you do not believe that God is found in despised places.
61.        God is found in despised places. How many believes that? 
62.        Which religion is despised today?
63.        Which religion is despised today? Pay attention everybody. Which religion is despised today? Can you answer the question?
64.        Is anyone despising the so-called Christianity? It is enjoying world acclaim now.
65.        It is enjoying world acclaim, world recognition.
66.        However, once you mention Islam, people become scared.
67.         Is it not true? If you have not witnessed it, look at even the derogatory remarks people use on the Hausa brothers that fetch water for us, cut our finger nails, help in mending our dresses at the cheapest cost. Look at the way we regard them.
68.        We do not even use Mallam which means Mr, in a respectful way. We do not even use Aboki. Aboki is my friend. We do not use it in a respectful way. We use it as if we are trying to ridicule them. Just like you call somebody Onuku. Onuku means “My friend”. Onuku means, “My friend”.
69.        Go to Benue, Onuku means, “My friend”. But here, when you call somebody Onuku, he will run mad. But when you call somebody Onuku there, he will embrace you. Oh Onuku!
70.        Elder Ben Mbah, what is Onuku? Onuku means, “My friend”. Brother JohnAbah, what is the meaning of Onuku in Idoma? Onuku means, “My friend”. It is just like I was telling you, in Mexico, “The creator” means, “Utu”. To God be the glory.
71.        Whenever you mention this religion, everybody is scared. Some will associate you to one set or another because of ignorance and wrong influence. Another one is indoctrination
72.        However, once you mention Islam, people become scared. They call it every kind of name. What if at the end, you discover that I am an Ishmaelite. What if you discover that I have nothing to do with Sarah, but belong to Hagar? What will you say? If I am of Esau, of what use is Jacob?
73.        If Esau can be saved, what will hinder God from saving Ishmael? Maybe, you do not know that Sarah represents the Law while Hagar represents freedom. Is it Bible? Maybe, you do not know that Hagar was a Gentile and Sarah was a Jew. Who will receive the wrath of God? Is it the Jews or the Gentiles? The Jews! Is it not Bible?
74.        Stop there; do not bother yourselves. These are side comments we can make anytime, but for you to come for justification of what I am saying, come closer and I will drill you there.
75.        You know, I never intended to read this. I was trying to say few things but this thing struck Me as a revelation, that I should scratch it a little. With this little nuggets, I think you can trace your home now.
76.         If I allow you to go home, you know where you will go. You cannot join others where they are wrong. And for the majority to accept you to be right, it is not easy.
77.        Now, we are still forging ahead. I am trying to address the global situation, to keep you abreast of the hour, that God said, “Keep your eyes on the King of the North.”
78.        Looking at the way we are sitting down, you might be thinking that nothing is happening. Things are really happening in diverse places at different forms. Do not allow Nigeria situation to over blind you into believing that the problem is limited to Nigeria. No. but remember there is going to be a very big problem that will spark off soon. The long awaited third world war where our translation is tied to. Amen.

As we keep on watching, as we keep on dragging our feet, the Lord will keep on unfolding many things. I said that the present administration in the country is meant at enthroning Islam. It is the mission of Buhari. God told us before he came. Is it not true?
2.           When he was not prepared to come, God announced it. Then, when he came, he made three unsuccessful attempts, the fourth time, he arrived, and the Lord told us everything ahead of time.
3.            He said, “No, he has volunteered to come out in politics, that he will never go back. He will be there with this mission: to introduce the whole Nigeria to Islam.”
4.           Now, he came, he did not renew anything. The membership of OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) has been there. It was an idea muted out long, long time ago between Babangida and all the Northern leaders.
5.           The whole military leaders assigned to it except Dimka Amadi and Theophilus Danjuma, for which cause Theophilus Danjumais about to be probed. Buhari has vowed a vow to probe Danjima and the man who is blowing the trumpet for him and that is Aliko Dangote.
6.            Aliko Dangote has no money. His wealth cannot be traced to any country. Aliko Dangote is Theophilus Danjuma’s house boy. He is floating through Danjima’s riches.
7.           Theophilus Danjuma remains the only ex-general who was not a Head of State for one, that owns twenty six oil wells. And exports to foreign countries forty five percent of our crude on a daily basis. The richest man in the whole world. If you doubt Me, go and buy the Daily Nation of today, you will see the headline.
8.           Last week, all papers carried it, “ICPC through with their investigation about their wealth”. Remember that Theophilus Danjuma, Aliko Dangote and Bukola Saraki, they featured prominently in the Panama Scandal. The tax invasion scandal which costs over 35 trillion dollars which they must account for.
9.           Thus, whether they are in prison or not, they are indebted to Nigeria and Panama to that point: 35 trillion US dollars.
10.        Yes, let Me tell you something. Trust God. When God is out to judge a nation, He leaves no corner untouched. The untouchable people will be touchable and He must raise a man with lion’s heart who will courageously do it with the support of Islamic Coalition.
11.        He knew that America, being flexible in their decisions, must come out to support anti-corruption fight midway because America is hosting and housing, banking almost 80 percent of the loot. America and Switzerland. For that reason, the president decided to enlist Nigeria in the Islamic coalition and I am in support.
12.        This is the coalition where their “yes” is “yes”, their “no” is “no”. And immediately that is done with membership of OIC, the two mandatory required things to be an Islamic nation have been fulfilled. Automatically, Nigeria has become a member of the Arab League.
13.        Now, what is Nigerian’s position in the UN? It is the position of any other Arab country in the UN. By this, the country that vowed never to invest anything in Nigeria has now become one of our anticipated investor, and that is Russia.
14.        Another country that vowed against Nigeria has decided to invest not only in Nigeria but in the troubled states: Bornu, Yobe, Yola, Bauchi and North central and that’s China. For China does not belong to the West. China is a part of the East.
15.        Russia is now coming here to power our Railways, power our Electricity, power everything. Then, where is the position of America in Nigeria? America is gradually fizzling out. It is because of this world’s stand that made the man Mr.
16.        Trump in his campaign, he is not closing his mouth, he said that if he is elected into power, that all Nigerians must leave America with immediate effect. That all Islamic embassies must be closed, that there will not be a single Mosque there.
17.        Because America by its decision, has regarded Nigeria as an enemy and who spearheaded this move that is overthrowing America? Barak Obama, being a Muslim!
18.        Go back to that message; you will hear what God said. He said, “God decided to bring him in,” a black man in the white house according to prophecy. This is contained in “God in Despised Places”.
19.        He said, “Watch what he will do. He knows how to enthrone Islamic religion in America. He knows the role he is going to play.” So, that was why, when Israel was all out talking, Obama boldly came to the world press and said, “Netanyahu, would you close your mouth! How are you sure that Christians would control the next world? This your Jesus and Christianity, try and go to the streets of Iraq and say it, you will see what will happen to you.
20.        If you are a Christian, believe it, I am a Muslim. But by our positions, we should know how we should talk. Often times, we keep quiet when people infringe on our right because of our positions. Once I leave this government house (White House), of course, you know, I am still what I am.”
21.        And now he is leaving the White House, having achieved his mission. The Giant of Africa is now leading the minorities in Africa to the super nations.
22.        All the super nations in Africa are all Islamic; Libya is Islamic; Morocco is Islamic, Northern Sudan, Islamic. Check all of them. Egypt is Islamic. Christians are in the minority. Check all of them. Even Cameroon here, Northern Cameroon is Islamic.
23.        Now in Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, the whole of Northern Nigeria, you know it embraces some places in the West. Do not forget the fact that the father of the Western region “Oduduwa” was a Muslim and he is still a Muslim. That is why John Oyegun is quoting it. The man that ruled Lagos, the agboro man. That is Tinubu. Up till today, he is still making the Yorubas to know their descent. That is not all. Of course, you know that ninety nine (99%) percent of Bayelsa’s are Muslims.
24.        There is something that will take place any time from now. Whenever it comes here, do not talk anyhow. Have you wondered why the Fulani cattle rearers, when they wipe off communities, kill individuals, rape women, abduct people randomly, government pays little or no attention?
25.        No one has ever been arrested, detained or arraigned before any court but if the Christians in retaliation dare attack any of them, that community will be whisked off by either the soldiers, the police. Before we know it, they are clammed into jail.
26.        Check Enugu State, Awgu. Check Anambra State. Check even Ondo State, Ekiti and other places, even in Imo State. Everywhere, nobody tries them.
27.        Now, let Me give you another instance. Do you know that it is a criminal offence if you are seen handling a single or double barrel without license? Government will arrest you; bring you before the court for unlawful possession of fire arm.
28.        But these people are carrying AK 47 which can never be licensed for any individual. Now, who supplies AK 47? Who supplies the bullets? And they do not hide them; they carry them along on the road with their cattle. Is there any law legalizing that Fulani cattle rearers should be carrying such sophisticated arms? The answer is “No.”
29.        Now, our president is a born Fulani. That one is not enough. The truth of the matter is this: They are regarded as citizens of this nation called Nigeria. Every other person is regarded as a subject. Laws are made for subjects and not for citizens.
30.        In the message I read here some years back, I told you clearly, the message of Queen Elizabeth the second, while handing over to Nnamdi Azikiwe before the comity of nations, she said, “Let it be known to the whole world this day that this geographical area called Nigeria will receive this power, this mantle from me, the Queen of England, this day and I have given this mantle to the president who will sit as the president under parliamentary arrangement, to no other person than Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. He will be there as the president, but the head of Administration would be Tafawa Balewa. He decides everything pertaining to Nigeria.
31.        But Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe would be there as the political head. And from henceforth, let it be known to all and sundry that the Northern majority must bear rule over the Southern minority. Any attempt to wrestle power out of the North, must bring chaos and must be strictly avoided.
32.        Thirty minutes after the address, Tafawa Balewa mounted the podium and addressed the world. He said, “Let the entire comity of nations that have gathered in this place hear me. I speak as the Prime Minister of this great nation, Nigeria. It should be known to all and sundry that this nation is the vineyard of our forefather, Othman Dan Fodio. Every other person here is sojourning here with us as tenants while we are landlords and so shall it be”. There was a loud ovation.
33.        Only Obafemi Awolowo reacted. Akintola told him to keep quiet, that they would settle it in the Eastern and western assemblies. It was the attempt to settle it that caused unrest in the West which led to the cancellation of census results. This is why each time cancellation of census results is heard in the West, our minds will go back to what happened before.
34.        So, please since the nations in the whole world clapped hands and UN endorsed it, we are tenants, we are not landlords. I am not referring to you; I am referring to the rest of Nigerians. We are in Nigeria but we are not Nigerians.
35.        I am posted here for a purpose. You are the purpose for which cause I am here. I am here to get you reconciled to God. That is why I came with the message of reconciliation, opening your eyes that you may know the truth.
36.        If you like, get offended. No apologies for speaking the truth. I know the way. I know where I am going. I know what I am doing, I am making no mistake.
37.        Have you wondered why in spite of all the troubles in the Northern States, we have never lost anybody? Nobody has ever been a victim. Even when buildings around brethren were burnt down, their buildings remained insulated. Instead of burning it down, even their neighbours who are our brothers will even rally round them and even help them.
38.        Let Me tell you. Brethren in the North receive favour from the Northerners more than from our people here. Our people here hate us and they hate our God. The Northerners love us, they love our disposition, they love our God.
39.        They even believe that we are not Christians. So, when you say you are not a Christian, you must have a good defense. Can you defend your statement from now? Can you defend it from the Bible? From history, can you defend it?
40.        Let Me tell you, say it wherever you go, somebody would be astonished, somebody would wonder, where did you get this type of knowledge? Who taught you this? Amen.

I do not want to over-flood this matter. Now, many people have been talking in newspapers and radios both electronic and print media, the CAN president with other groups of people warning the president to be careful of Islamizing this nation; to be careful about religious war that may likely come out of his decisions to make it mandatory that people would identify with his so called Islam.
2.            Pay attention. What I am going to say is something that is on. This matter was raised in 2015 in the National Assembly. That is, the National Cattle Grazing Commission Bill. This bill was sponsored by a Muslim in the National Assembly in 2015.
3.           They threw the bill out for lack of merit. And that senator lost the chance of going back there. As a result of the menace of the Fulani Cattle rearers in Nigeria which we have been witnessing since January this year, assuming unprecedented height, unacceptable height to the point that Nigeria today has been forced by America and some of their Allies to label the Fulani Cattle rearers, “Insurgent Group” and fight them as insurgents.
4.           The Federal government, instead of buying that idea, they came up with a bill sponsored by government house; “Aso Rock Bill”. This Aso Rock Bill makes provisions, one, for immediate relief.
5.            Two, for permanent relief. The immediate relief is this; Federal Government included in the 2016 Appropriation Bill (Budget) a huge chunk of money to be spent in the importation of foreign grass from Brazil to take care of the Fulani Cattle which Buhari’s ranch is one of them.
6.           The question arises; “Should a nation that is heterogeneous use federal Government meager resources to import animal feed to a section of farmers to sponsor farmers, because that is their own occupation. By occupation, they are Cattle rearers.
7.           Here, by occupation, we are farmers. There are different types of farming ranging from pastoral, subsistence to extensive farming, and so on. Now, should the government use federal government money to import feeds in the name of grasses from Brazil to take care of people’s farm land which is Cattle rearing.
8.           The people that are in the minority and Nigeria would spend according to them 1.23 trillion from our National Budget. And Buhari said they should approve it. This is what is delaying the Appropriation Bill. It is for this same reason that they fought. They nearly killed themselves.
9.           One senator Abaribe opposed it vehemently and fight ensued. He carried the man who was talking, floored him on the ground, used Agbada to wrap his head.
10.        All the Southern senators, because in that house, the house got divided between North and South. The South-South, the South-West, all of them were included in the South, then the rest belong to the North.
11.        Now, the second is this. This bill is about to be passed. And it is being given secret hearing. It has passed the first stage, second stage. And on these two stages, they were handled when Bukola Saraki was in the court.
12.        When Ekweremmadu was attending to foreigners together with the vice president, the clerk of the House recorded the proceedings, the first day, the second day. We are waiting for the final.
13.        Ekweremmadu came up with it and people were blaming him. They said, he was always absent in their meetings. That was why he was not there on the two sections when the thing sailed through, remaining one. See the trick.
14.        Now, the second part of the bill reads thus; “All State Governments throughout Nigeria and local governments throughout Nigeria must provide grazing lands for the Cattle Reaers and their Cattle.
15.        In other words, if you come to Anambra State, the State will provide one under the State. The twenty one Local Governments will provide twenty one areas. Then, who pays the owners of the land? Where shall we cultivate our own crops when we have no land because of over-population?
16.        Now, remember, in every grazing area, there must be a Mosque. In every grazing ground, there must be a Mosque. Just as it is now, there is no police Headquarter without a Mosque; there is no federal school without a Mosque.
17.        With the proliferation of all these Cattle grazing grounds and the owners armed with AK-47, with their Mosques, have we not spread Islam to the South? Is it not in line with MKO’s agenda? This is MKO’s Abiola’s agenda which is in keeping with Othman Dan Fodio’s commission, that Islam must be blazed to Southern coast.
18.        Then, if somebody feel’s offended tomorrow and wants to trouble this nation by making unnecessary noise, you have no place to run to. They are already in your Local Government. You make noise; they will pick you one after the other. And if they suspect anything, overnight, the whole of the inhabitants of that area will become grass.
19.        That goes to fulfill the words one prominent Northerner used on Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1965, when Odumegwu Ojukwu came up with Biafran agenda. He was invited to Radio Nigeria Kaduna for a comment.
20.        There, he said, that the whole world has it even now. He said, “When we declare Republic of Biafra, we know we are going to fight a ghastly war. I wish to make it clear that even the grasses would fight for Biafra.”
21.        And the man said “Ok. Dim, if you mobilize the grass to fight for Biafra, we must mobilize our Cattles in the North to eat up the grass. Then, we in the North will mobilize our cattle to eat up the grasses”.
22.        And when he mobilized the grasses, the Northern mobilized their cattle and Biafra was frustrated. And Buhari came up to say, “I do not want to hear that name, Biafra”.
23.        Even the Supreme Court gave order that Nnamdi Kanu should be released. The man in the press interview warned them and said, “Nobody should release him, for he committed felonious crimes. Do you know the gravity of what he did? He should be there.” That’s My man.
24.        Now, can you see the message God gave you, that insurgence will assume another dimension? That was last year.
25.        This year, He said, you are bound to see a new insurgent group. Read your New Year Message. He said, already, Biafra is an insurgent group, Boko Haram is there, but you are going to witness a new insurgent group that will kill people randomly like rats.
26.        He said, “People would wake up one morning, only to be beheaded by their fellow human beings.” Before we know it, Benue was visited. Jos was visited; Nasarawa was visited, then down the line.
27.        Now, we have too many ways of evangelizing a nation. This is evangelism carried out in another form. When I knew I could not go to Czechoslovakia, I decided to use the print and electronic media, I used Internet.
28.        Through Internet, I have overcome the whole world. I have even-rounded the whole world. I have filled the whole world with My doctrine. Thus, the most silent, most dreaded conveyor of Islamic message today is the Fulani Cattle Rearers.
29.        We can never do without meat. We need the cow from the North. Like Sister Ebele. Whether we like it or not, we indulge in too many ceremonies that need cow. We would like them to come nearer so that the cow will be cheaper.
30.        By bringing them nearer, we bring their religion nearer. By eating the meat, we eat everything associated with the meat. More so, when they have started converting our daughters and marrying them, so that we would start becoming in-laws. Yes. Convert and marry. Impregnate and marry.
31.        Be watchful. Say nothing. NTA said, “If you see something, say something”. But if you see something, close your mouth, for many things are coming. Amen.

Please pay attention, let me keep you abreast of world events. The much that are relevant to the hour, that are in standing with our Faith.
32.        Events from our news desk. This was endorsed today, 24th April, 2016, and the caption is, “US ARMY GENERAL: NEXT TIME RUSSIAN JETS BUZZ US SHIPS, IT MAY NOT END WELL FOR THEM: Russia should be warned that its dangerous flybys of US ships and planes could be met by force, President Barack Obama's nominee as the next NATO and US European Command commander said Thursday.
33.        "Sir, I believe that should be known -- yes," Army Gen. Curtis M. "Mike" Scaparrotti said when asked by Sen. John McCain whether Russia should be told that the US would take action if American lives were endangered. Pursuing the same line of questioning, Sen. Joe Donnelly, an Indiana Democrat, asked Scaparrotti whether the Russians should be told that "next time it doesn't end well for you." The general responded that "we should engage them and make clear what's acceptable. Once we make that known, we have to enforce it. "I think they're pushing the envelope in terms of our resolve," Scaparrotti added. "It's absolutely reckless, it's unjustified and it's dangerous."
34.        As NATO commander, he said one of his first actions would be to review the rules of engagement for US and allied forces in the region. On Monday, two Russian Su-24 fighters made numerous, close-range and low-altitude passes while the US guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook was conducting landing drills with helicopters in the Baltic Sea. On Tuesday, a Russian helicopter circled around the Cook seven times at a low altitude. About 40 minutes later, two Su-24s made 11 close-range and low-altitude passes. Secretary of State John Kerry later said that the sailors of the Cook would have been justified in shooting down the Russian fighters.
35.        "It's unprofessional, and under the rules of engagement that could have been a shoot down, so people need to understand that this is serious business, and the United States is not going to be intimidated on the high seas," Kerry said in an interview on CNN Espanol.
36.        Scaparrotti, now commander of US Forces Korea, was testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee at what could be called a historic confirmation hearing. Seated next to him at the witness table was Air Force Gen. Lori Robinson, currently commander of Pacific Air Forces, who has been nominated as the next commander of US Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). If confirmed, Robinson would become the first woman to command a combatant command.
37.        Rod McGuirk/AP PhotoGen. Lori Robinson, the commander of the Pacific Air Forces, talks to reporters Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia. Both Robinson and Scaparrotti appeared headed to easy confirmation. "I look forward to moving your nominations through the US Senate," said McCain, an Arizona Republican and the SASC chairman.
38.        Another news items here is captioned; RUSSIAN ENVOY TO NATO WARNS US OVER BALTIC SEA INCIDENT INVOLVING DESTROYER: Published April 21, 2016.
39.        Russia's ambassador to NATO accused the U.S. Wednesday of trying to intimidate Moscow by sailing a Navy destroyer in the Baltic Sea, and vowed Russia would respond to future incidents with "all necessary measures."
40.        Alexander Grushko spoke following a meeting of the NATO-Russia council in Brussels, the first in nearly two years. The meeting, which involved Grushko and ambassadors from NATO's 28 member states, ran over its allotted time by about 90 minutes, but produced no major breakthroughs.
41.        "It's better to talk than not to talk," Grushko told reporters, before adding that relationships between NATO and Russia would not improve "without real steps on NATO's side to downgrade military activity in the area adjacent to the Russian Federation."
42.        Reuters reported that U.S. ambassador to NATO Douglas Lute pressed Grushko about the April 11 incident in which two Russian Su-24 attack aircraft buzzed the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea. The destroyer was conducting flight operations with a Polish helicopter when the jets came within 1,000 yards of the destroyer at a height of 100 feet. The following day, a Russian jet came within just 30 feet of the destroyer. 
43.        Total Armed Forces Personnel in Russia: "We were in international waters," Lute told Grushko before reiterating that the incident had been dangerous, Reuters reported. U.S. officials told Fox News last week that they believed the incident breached a 1972 agreement meant to prevent such near-misses from occurring.
44.        Grushko insisted that the Russian aircraft "were acting fully in line" with international agreements. Grushko told reporters the USS Cook's presence in the Baltic was a NATO attempt "to exercise military pressure on Russia", then added, "we will take all necessary measures, precautions, to compensate for these attempts to use military force." 
45.        Secretary of State John Kerry said last week that under U.S. rules of engagement, the Cook could have opened fire on the planes. The Russian jets did not appear to be armed at the time. The NATO-Russia Council was founded in 2002 as a forum for consultations between the former Cold War foes, but before Wednesday, had last met in June 2014, when the Kremlin's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine sent relations with the West into a tailspin. NATO has suspended practical cooperation with Russia because of the Crimean annexation and what it views as Russia's support for the armed insurgency in eastern Ukraine.
46.        "NATO and Russia have profound and persistent differences," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who chaired the council, told reporters afterward. "Today's meeting didn't change that." That is the end of that news item.
47.        Another one say, “NETANYAHU TELLS PUTIN GOLAN HEIGHTS WILL REMAIN UNDER ISRAELI CONTROL: By Damien Sharkov On 4/22/16 at 3:07 PM. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin that retaining the disputed Golan Heights under Israeli control is a “red line” for his country.
48.        Netanyahu spoke to Putin, on Thursday, during a visit to Moscow, the main point of which he claimed was to strengthen security through cooperation between the two countries, especially with the war in nearby Syria in mind.
49.        A stretch of land in south-western Syria, the Golan Heights were seized by Israel in 1967. They have been under Israeli control since then, despite failed bids by Damascus to restore control over the territory. Peace talks and diplomatic pushes to scale back the Israeli occupation have been put on hold since the advent of the Syrian Civil War in 2011.
50.        Netanyahu is now issuing a warning to one of the Syrian government’s strongest allies, Putin, that Israel is not currently considering a withdrawal from Golan.
51.        “We will not go back to the days when they fired at our communities and at our children from atop the Heights,” Netanyahu told Putin, Israeli daily newspaper Jerusalem Post reports. “Therefore, with or without a [Syrian] agreement, the Golan Heights will remain under Israeli sovereignty,” he said.
52.        Netanyahu told Putin that his country was affected by the war in Syria and hinted that he wished to avoid any misunderstanding between Russian and Israeli forces that may result in an incident, such as Turkey’s decision to down a Russian jet, allegedly in its airspace in November. But the Israeli leader said there were issues which were non-negotiable for his country.
53.        “Israel has clear redlines for our self-defense,” he said. “First of all, we are acting to the best of our ability to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Secondly, we are working to prevent the establishment of an additional terrorist front against us from the Golan Heights. These are our red lines, and we will continue to maintain them.”
54.        The two leaders have now met three times since September, hinting at growing cooperation between the two countries. Meanwhile ties between both leaders and U.S. President Barack Obama appear to have weakened.
56.        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Russia’s latest military moves in Syria have sharpened divisions within the U.S. administration over whether Russian President Vladimir Putin genuinely backs a U.N.-led initiative to end the civil war or is using the negotiations to mask renewed military support for Syrian President Bashar Assad.
57.        Russia has repositioned artillery near the disputed city of Aleppo, several U.S. officials told Reuters. Despite withdrawing some fixed-wing aircraft in March, Russia has also bolstered its forces in Syria with advanced helicopter gunships, and renewed airstrikes against moderate opposition groups, said U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.
58.        The Russian reassertion of military backing has prompted some U.S. officials to warn that a failure to respond would be seen by Moscow as a fresh sign of American timidity. That, they say, could encourage Russia to escalate challenges to U.S. and allied militaries through more provocative Russian air and naval maneuvers.
59.        They also contend that a U.S. failure to respond would further damage Washington’s relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states seeking to oust Assad, and with Turkey, which has been firing artillery at Islamic State targets in Syria.
60.        The answer, they argue, is stepped-up U.S. support for moderate Syrian rebel factions with more anti-tank missiles and grenade launchers sent through third countries.
61.        Another one. The last one; “ISRAEL BLOCKS OFF GAZA STRIP AND WEST BANK FOR PASSOVERThat is all. Amen.
The message we are to consider now is, “My People do not Know Me”. This message was preached on the 29th of April, 2001, by Apostle Peter Odoemena. The Son of Man, the Lord God Almighty.
2.           The worst crime in humanity is imposing something that is foreign to you. The whites disarmed you of your culture and handed over their culture to you. Now, you are a foreigner to their own land and also a foreigner to your own land.
3.           Christianity is the worst religious movement that has caused the greatest harm to humanity because it is manmade.
4.           Chapter 7. My people do not know me. If they had known me, they would have given me my due Honour and Reverence. They won’t be supposing that the Godhead is like a duck or air; when the Godhead has revealed Himself in our midst.
5.           As at that time, yet we could not see the Godhead.
6.           We continue. But there is one man I know; I know him for one thing – Genesis, chapter 18. I know him for one thing: He is a nice man. If I know you, how do I know you? I read from verse 17 through 19:
7.           “And the Lord said, shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do, seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in Him?
8.           For weeks now, this name Abraham has been featuring. Abraham has been featuring. Abraham featured even this morning. A native of Iraq. The father of the faithful.
9.           If I should call that type of Church my darling Church, if you have performed like them, you would have at least won that trophy. I have tried Opi Church like I have tried other Churches. I saw one “thing” in Opi Church: They have the “fear of the Lord.”
10.        They are ready to do all things according to my Instruction. If it is not the way I instructed, they will never try it. As at that time. That was before. I get am before, na I be say you don miss the thing. That was Opi before. Opi fell away from their first love.  
11.        So, if it documented that Opi is my darling Church, it is God that documented it. It is the Holy Spirit because, whatever that is in the Epistle is inspired by God, and the Spirit of God can never tell lies.
12.        Do not say, “Because I am the darling Church, now I am saved.” See it as a challenge because Satan is bound to “try” you from now to know whether you will maintain your position as “darling” in this Faith. Underline.
14.        Check, any woman that is having problems in this Faith, behind her, watch, a man that is planted there must be a man of God, whose voice means nothing to the wife.
15.        Bro Orjiakor, you look so smart, you are spiritual, you delight in the things of God, but your wife is not above you. Why not pull down the “building” and start a new foundation? “It is what you use in bringing idol, that’s what the idol will be looking for. If you start sacrificing fowl to an idol, it will be looking for fowl all the time.
16.        The same way also, if you start sacrificing goat to an idol, it will be looking for goat all the time. You carried love too far and that is what you are suffering. If you make shipwreck of your “calling” at last, it must be because you carried love too far.
17.        You never knew that love is corrective, and to be compassionate is to do the will of God.
18.        You are coming of age and you are becoming weaker every day. Those things you did before, you can’t expect yourself to be doing them again. You over-pampered your wife and that is what you are suffering now.
19.        Instead of seeing the thing as a blessing, she saw it as weakness on your side. If she didn’t see it as weakness, she would have recognized my Authority in you.
20.        My authority in you.
21.        I will like a situation where every woman will at least obey the voice of the husband, and if there is anything that is error, allow Ministers to correct, or allow me to correct it. I think this should help some families.
22.        You know, it is not out of place for you to hear from some women, especially Ministers’ wives, “My husband doesn’t take correction, my husband doesn’t take correction.”
23.        Who is correcting who? “You are now Mr. incorrigible. Will I run away because of you? I will talk to you, I am your wife.” Shut up your mouth, I am your husband.
24.        (Brother Onyema Njom echoed from his seat, “We are the image of God”. The Son of Man replied, “The image of God. Onyema, you will go to that pulpit one day. You have preached enough from that seat. I must surely take you to the pulpit one day. And when you come down, your wife will mount and confirm your message).
25.        Which correction? Your own or that of the Elders of the Church?
26.        Who is faulting that man? Is it God? It is the woman. Why faulting the man? She wants to exercise authority so that the man would be scared of her. The man would be scared of her question.
27.        Or the correction from the Son of Man? Which correction? Who found the fault, the Church or the wife? Let me tell you: If you come to me and say, “My husband doesn’t accept correction,” you are not even a wife; you are a man. I say, you are a man.
28.        If you believe it, say “Amen”.
29.        No matter who you are, you are a man. Does a woman correct her husband?
30.        One day the Church would begin to correct Christ. When Christ is the head of the Church, the livewire of the Church, one day the Church would begin to correct Christ. And that is the relationship between the man and his wife. My husband does not take correction. You have masculine domineering nature, and you should be feared.
31.        Who gave you the authority to correct your husband? Who told you that what he did was wrong? Do you know those that are good and those that are bad?
32.        Who taught you that these things are bad? You suddenly start talking about what you don’t know, what you are not sure of. This is a dangerous spirit in women. Always feeling that their husband is on the wrong side; yet, do you know what is wrong?
33.        Is it true? Sustained by my experience.
34.        A sister was testifying and I joined that testimony so as to get the best out of it. She said, “Brother, in fact, I don’t know what is wrong with my husband. Let me tell you, do you know one thing; some heathens came to the house and I gave them kola.
35.        So, that heathen started praying and my husband bowed down. While the man was praying, my children reported to me, I rushed immediately and when I saw him, I started pushing him and talking to him to distract his attention, so that he won’t pray with him.” 
36.        That Sister is here even now.
37.        Let me tell you, do you know one thing; some heathens came to the house and I gave them kola. So, that heathen started praying and my husband bowed down. While the man was praying, my children reported to me, I rushed immediately and when I saw him, I started pushing him and talking to him to distract his attention, so that he won’t pray with him.”
38.        Sister Chinyere, you are nodding your head because of what you are hearing. Bro. John, make sure you know your stand. The heart of Sister Chinyere is not the way you are seeing her face. What I had just said is truth; because if not for this Faith, she would have pulled you out. Am I telling lie? Those that are having her type of stature, if you are not careful, they will cause you to backslide. So, Sister Chinyere, learn to cry. I say, learn to cry, instead of walking like tiger.
39.         Instead of walking like what? Tigress. And she was sitting down there hearing this message. Fear God!
40.        Sister Ojiakor, if you are not saved today in this Thanksgiving Meeting, don’t trouble yourself again. Help your husband to serve his God. If you understand this, say, “Amen.”
41.        Do you know what it takes to help your husband to serve his God? If you know the meaning, you should not say, “Amen”.
42.        The right thing is, serve the God of your husband with him, not helping him to serve his God. Many are helping us to serve our God. Which means our God is not their God. Do not help me to serve My God. Let My God be your God and we serve Him together.
44.        Let me see whether Opi Church can provoke others to jealousy.
45.        This problem I am tackling here is found in Jerusalem, although it is the Home of God, it is the Home of Rebellion also.
46.        It is the home of what? Rebellion. Abi na lie? No local assembly has ever rebelled against this Faith more than Onitsha. Check the record from the beginning. All the rebellious ministers emanated from Onitsha.
47.        Only very few emanated from Jos with influence from Onitsha. For Onitsha was spearheading the coup, to topple this Faith because of their crave for leadership. Another spirit is the spirit of envy and jealousy.
48.        The home of selfishness. The home of selfishness. Abi na lie? That is why they are not progressing. A selfish man does not progress.
49.        A selfish Church can never progress. So, selfishness is iniquity, the spirit of the last days. Men shall be selfish, lovers of themselves.
50.        Talk of Onitsha, what fooled them was that they were bragging that they were the First Wife. They never knew that I never intended to “wed” them. I kept Onitsha as a “concubine,” but I am married to Opi.
51.        Don’t laugh. Let me tell you what I mean: Do you know that the house of a concubine is more entertaining than the house of the real wife?
52.        It is truth.
53.        A concubine will provide every type of comfort so that the man will not go away, but the wife will “relax” that she is the “sole possessor,” and that the man will be coming home, and she will equally be waiting.
54.        Nobody entertains a man more than the concubine, because she is always trying to edge out the wife. So, when you see Onitsha saying, “o mma ma, o mma ma, o mma ma, o mma ma; I am dancing with my concubine.
55.        And that is their revival.
56.        See the basis of your boasting. If there is any other thing you are boasting of outside this, it is an empty boast. Your boast should be that you truly understand and know the Lord. You know that He is God of Justice. 
57.        So, anybody that is glorying outside this; if you are glorying with your beauty, your wealth, your wisdom, your academics, you are wasting your time. Your glory should be centered on one thing: That you truly know and understand the Lord.
58.         You can know the Lord without understanding Him. But you cannot understand the Lord without knowing Him. I hope somebody is paying attention.
59.         Sure! You can know God without understanding Him, but you cannot understand God without knowing Him.
60.        You can know the Lord without understanding Him but you cannot understand the Lord without knowing Him.
61.        Pure truth. It is just like love. You can spend without loving, but you can never love without spending. You can spend without loving, but you can never love without spending.
62.        The two must go together. Make sure you know and understand the Lord. When you have these two things, rejoice exceedingly.
63.        Watch Opi Church, with their numerous Ministers, they have Teachers, they have Apostles, Evangelists, they have a Bishop, yet they co-ordinate perfectly.
67.         When Opi’s eyes wandered away from God’s commendation, they became prey in the hands of the devil. God allowed the devil to control them in every aspect. And up till today, their position is shaking.
69.        Verse 10. But we see this man from time to time arguing with people in His workshop; some even accusing Him of being a liar. He promised them to come and collect their job, and now they have come and He said the job is not ready because every professional carpenter is a liar.
70.        Brother Ikechebere, every professional carpenter is a liar.
71.        In short, every workman is a liar. Whether male or female. Once you are a workman, you are a liar. A workman would tell you that he is coming, na lie.
72.        Many of them said He has a devil and He is mad. Why do you pay attention to what He is saying? “When he said these things, the Jewish leaders were again divided in their opinions about him. Some of them said: He has a demon or else is crazy.
73.        Why listen to a man like that? Others said, this doesn’t sound to us like a man possessed by a demon! Can a demon open the eyes of blind men?” (LB) “You Samaritan! Foreigner! Devil! The Jewish snarled, didn’t we say all along you were possessed by a demon.” John 8:48 (LB)
74.        “The Jews answered Him, are we not right when we say, you are a Samaritan and that you have a demon (that you are under the power of an evil spirit).” John 8:48 (AMP)
75.        My people do not know Me. my people do not know Me.
76.        You have to pray very hard for God to remove “doubt,” which is a “sign” of “unbelief” from you completely.
77.        You have to do what? You have to pray very hard for God to remove “doubt,” which is a “sign” of “unbelief” from you completely.
78.        Those that harbor the spirit of doubt are those that do not even trust in themselves. When you lack self-trust, you find it difficult to trust others. God is even far. And one that does not trust himself cannot trust others. He can never feel free with human beings. He or she is in self-bondage. Self-bondage.
79.        Any God that does not exist physically does not exist. He is imaginary. If God is a spirit, then, we wearing His image will also remain spirits.
80.        Because we are human beings, God also became a human being. Where do we look for Him? In the midst of human beings. Who will believe our report?
81.        We want to go a little further: “Then the Jews sought him at the feast and said, where is he? And there was much murmuring among the people concerning him; for some said, He is a good man. Others said, Nay; He deceiveth the people. Howbeit no man spake openly of him for fear of the Jews.”
82.        John 7:11 — 13 (KJV) “Therefore said the Pharisees, this man is not of God because he keepeth not the Sabbath day.
83.        Others said, how can a man that is a sinner do such miracles? And there was a division among them. Then again called they the man, that was blind and said unto him, give God the praise; we know that this man is a sinner.
84.         “John 9:16 — 24 (KJV). “The Jews answered him saying, for a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy,’ and because that thou being a man, makest thyself God.” John 10:33 (KJV).
85.        God is great. Show them scriptures.
86.        Verse 9: We go a little further Brethren. Now these people that are speaking this way, when they see people worshipping this man, people that are bowing down before Him, how do you think they will react?
87.        They will run mad: “No, no don’t do that. You are giving God’s glory to a man. You are worshipping a human being.
88.        The Bible said, ‘Don’t worship a human being for no man should take His place.’ God will not share His glory with any man, this man is not God. Get out of this man! Leave this man!”
89.        And that got to show that Jesus Christ was not a human being.
90.        That’s the bone of contention. Has it happened before? If it happened before and they rejected Him and finally crucified Him; in the Second Advent, how many will receive Him?
91.        Only people that were predestinated for that purpose. If you were not predestined for the revelation of the Son of Man in your day, surely, you will call Him devil. If you were not foreordained by God’s pre-knowledge and numbered among those He called the Elect, surely, you go by the way of other people. Pure truth.
92.        From the Law, the Prophets, the Psalms, He will read all Scriptures, expound them that are written concerning Him.
93.        So from that Holy Scriptures, they will know that this is the Very One that was prophesied by the prophets. We have not only seen the sign, we have seen the correct evidence, which is the more sure word of prophecy. We are not following the sign alone. We have seen and acknowledged the more sure word of prophecy.
94.        Teaching contrary to the Scribes. This is the much we will take for today. May the good Lord whom we serve engrave what you have heard today on the table of your hearts; make His words indelible in your hearts so that you can worship Him rightly.

95.        The essence of revisiting ancient messages is to help you correct your mistakes that are likely to halt you at the gate. For anything can happen any time from now. Mistakes that can hinder you from putting on the immortal body. Remain blessed. Selah.